Nov 17, 2013 [A] 1/14H 10M <Frozen> LF Resto/Boom Druid Frozen is a 10 man raiding guild with a very solid group of players. We just lost one of our core healers to real life. We are currently 1/14H, but we're pretty confident that with the right druid, we will have more in no time. In ToT we were 5/13H (we wanted more, but were limited mostly due to losing someone and needing to recruit a solid DPS mid-tier). As our third healer, you'll do some healing, some dps'ing. This is a team with very low drama. Any team that tells you they NEVER have conflict is lying, but when we have had issues arise, we've also had swift resolution. Our primary focus is on getting the most out of raiding two nights a week. If you contact me, I'll invite you to talk to other raiders in the team to verify whether I'm full of sh*t or not. Raid Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays (and a very rare Sunday) Raid Times: 7:45 PM to 11:15 PM Central (also happens to be server time) KORGATH is an excellent server with high population, thriving AH economy, plentiful PVP, "LF Flex" etc. Someone is always looking for something, be it an ICC run or filling out a heroic raid night. The opportunities are excellent. SO, ENOUGH ABOUT ME, LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU! You are an experienced raider who likes to play but doesn't want to make it a job. You know your role inside and out. You have experience in this tier (14/14 N) or pretty damn close to it. You might have extensive raiding history (some of our raiders like to wax on about the "good ol' days" of 40 mans). Gear level is not nearly as important as your experience and ability to learn quickly; however, you definitely have your cloak. HOW DO I JOIN THIS AMAZING TEAM? Contact me on here or by RealID: Sakuura#1436.Sakuura0 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 WAR ENSEMBLE (Lvl 25) LFM Casual and Raiders WARENSEMBLE-KORGATH.COM SEE BELOW FOR DETAILSKorryn1 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 S: Belt of the Night Sky/White Cloud Belt (H) Yes, I have 21 celestial cloth (I used spirit(s) of war to push more out). I have the patterns to make either of the new 553 ilvl cloth belts (and legs, but I'd need a few more spirits of war). Stats are as follows (for people who don't want to look them up): White Cloud Belt: 2319 stamina, 1386 intellect, 966 spirit, 925 haste, 2 red sockets w/ +120 intellect socket bonus; Belt of the Night Sky: 2319 stamina, 1386 intellect, 966 hit rating, 925 haste, 2 red sockets w/ + 120 intellect socket bonus. Once again this is a horde auction. HOWEVER, for a solid price I will list them on the neutral AH for alliance players. It takes a much larger cut of my profit (like 20% I think) so I'd rather not unless it was a great offer. Anyhow, I am at work now, so I figured I would test the waters to see what kind of offers people made before I got home and listed them on the AH. To put it in perspective, the only auction of either belts is currently a 150k BO on the DPS one. I don't expect anything in that range. Thanks for your time, I'll get back to people who offer ASAP.Yaaz2 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 16, 2013 8/14H <Didactic> 25man recruiting DPS + heals We are looking for Exceptional DPS and a Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk to continue our push into heroic progression. Please be at least 555 ilvl, have logs, have your legendary cloak and be knowledgeable about your class. Next week we are working on Heroic Malkorok. Here is our information: [A] <Didactic> 8/14H T,W,Th–7-11 CST ================= About Us ================= Didactic is an Alliance 25-man raiding guild, located on the server Korgath, which is a PVP, high population server. We are a long standing guild of over 7 years that started on the server Lethon and moved to Korgath during Cata. We are a progression oriented guild and expect the best out of our raiders each week. Our raiders are often ranked on WoL parses and take pride in their raiding abilities. ================= Current Information ================= Raid progression: 8/14 SoO Heroic Raid nights: 7-11 Sever time (Central). Tues, Wed, Thurs. Must be able to attend all raid nights. Just to make it easy for you: Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/Didactic Wow-heroes: http://www.wow-heroes.com/guild/us/Korgath/didactic/ World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/250468/ ================= Current Needs ================= We are always looking for solid players of any class, but especially looking for DPS and heals from any classes (555+): 1 Frost/Unholy DK 1 Druid (feral) 1 Hunter 1 Mage 1 Monk (MW) 1 Paladin (ret) 1 Rogue 1 Warrior (arms/fury) 1 Shaman (ele/enh/resto) ================= Contact Information ================= Visit our website: http://www.didacticguild.com/ You can, but do not need to, fill out an application there. On Korgath, Contact me or any of the officers: Polishprince Knifewalker Timka Pràystàtion Catiline Or goldmtrx#1287 -Catiline Contact Timka on Korgath or battletag - Lisa#1760. Polishprince Real ID polishprynce@gmail.com Please place character name/current server/main spec in the friend request note.Catiline0 Nov 16, 2013
Nov 16, 2013 [A] Autotuned Like Tpain Recruiting We are a newer guild of veteran raiders recruiting our last few spots for Pandaria Raiding. Our experience varies from current content (one player at 6/14 heroic SOO) all the way back to MC. We would prefer the following: Rogue, Hunter, Boomkin (with a Resto OS), and a Disc Priest. Our Raid times are M-W 8-11 CST. We are looking for dedicated people, either raid ready or gearing up to raid. Message anyone online for more info.Zurey0 Nov 16, 2013
Nov 15, 2013 [A]- House Sole- Needing Tank for 10man House Sole is needing a tank for our main 10man raid. Our raid days/times are Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 8pm-10:30pm. We are currently 14/14 in Seige of Orgrimmar, starting on Heroic modes now. This particular 10man group has consisted of more or less the same members since the early days of WotLK and have accomplished much since then. What we are looking for is a tank who can play their class, is reliable, and someone who is looking for a new home. Whisper Fiddlesnaarf ingame for any questions, apply at Housesole.com, or feel free to ask here.Fiddlesnaarf0 Nov 15, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 (L25) [H] RG1 LFM Tank 550+ 14/14 xp 18+ <Ex Inferno> (L25) is a PvX-Faction guild, which means we have guilds on both Horde & Alliance. We have a thriving community with over 150+ active members. (That's not accounts mind you active members) We have 6x Raids currently, and are building our 7th (total) on Alliance. 4x Raids on Horde and 3x on Alliance. We pride ourselves on having a great, fun, vibrant community. Weekly guild meetings, PvP & Raiding and casuals are allowed too. We are looking for someone to replace our Main Tank in SoO for Heroic Progression. You ideally will be 550+ item level or better. Have 14/14 regular experience and can raid on the following nights: Sun/Mon/Wed 7:30-10:30 server. exinferno.com/apply If interested apply and we'll get back with you!Sick0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 [A] 557 Disc 14/14 1/14hc LF non-tu/th guild Current raid group is disbanding so I'm looking to continue raiding somewhere else. Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Mogr/advanced Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/284323/ Battletag: Mogra#1769Mogr0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Players from top US/Oceanic guilds recruiting <Crimson Ashes> a newly formed team made up of returning officers/raiders from top world guilds is now recruiting. Gear is not an issue, but skill and past achievements are essential. Currently recruiting for Siege of Orgrimmar progression. All of our current raiders have at least experienced raiding at a top 100 level and are determined to push back to this scene during WoD. Contact doowee#1845 for more information.Asamsin1 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 [A] Ex Inferno RG3 Recruiting <Ex Inferno> Raid group 3 is now recruiting for it's 3rd 10 man raid on alliance. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00-11:00 server. The raid is led by a 14/14 exp. leader in SoO. Currently all positions are open for SKILLED and decently geared players, however, we are mostly in need of DPS, Melee and Range. Please contact me, Megatrôn, or Abumheis in game if you are interested/want more information. Thanks!Megatrôn0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Query on pugging scene? Hi all I am thinking to move this toon to a US server. How is the pugging scene here? I will not be able to raid on a fixed schedule with my current job requirements but I would love to run some pug flex/normal here and there… Unfortunately there are not a lot of pugs happening on my server. Thus I would like to ask you guys the faithfuls of this server :) If there is a lot of pugs happening for flex / rbgs / everything under heaven… I have been looking for servers based on ally population and this server seems to be similar or at most 50% higher in population which is my ideal pop rate.. Would be vibrant but not too crowded (aka stormrage/sargeras!). Let me know your insights. Thanks in advance LightreignLightreign0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 552 crouge looking for soO normal 552 combat rogue, looking for normal raid soO. Preferably not having to join the guild that is doing it.Warwickes0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Howdy howdy. Trying to find more players. Hello there Korgath. I just hit 90 today on this DK I am posting this under. I also play a Warrior, Druid and Mage. I do pretty much everything there is to do in WoW for fun, but, my main focus is PVP and has been since WoW launch. I am super undergeared on this DK because I just hit 90 this morning, but I thought I would post here anyway. Recently a LOT of my WoW friends stopped playing leaving me alone usually or with one other guy. I am trying to find more people to play on a regular basis with doing mostly pvp. A lot of random BGs to get gear at the moment and after that as well just because I love BGs for fun. Also do as many old raids and such as I can every week. Just looking for friendly not terrible but not rank 1 players to start playing with. I use Raidcall or Skype for voice chat. Reply here or talk to me in game to play, or add my Battletag Aaronisbutt#1156. Any gear and class is welcome just have a general understanding of how to use your abilities and don't be all serious. I play for fun and am just looking to expand my social circle because WoW is more fun with more players. I am by NO NO NO means some great DK. I am learning the class steadily but just made the character a couple weeks ago. That all being said, especially about just starting DK I would like to add that I am also trying to find some fairly skilled UH and Frost DKs to help me learn more about the specs and different tricks and tips to improve my play. (I prefer UH because it is the most fun spec in WoW IMO) thank you in advance for any types of tips or help you may offer me. My in game character names are Omganja (Warrior) Ibasstomouth (Mage) Dubferalouch (Druid) and Lowtrick (Death Knight) all Korgath Alliance for now. I hope to see some new players come from this post. See you all around, and thank you.Lowtrick0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Thinking of re-subbing how is korgath now Thinking of coming back to the game and I have a few toons on Korgath. I am mainly interested in pvp and was curious as to how the wpvp was, if there are any pvp guilds active, and how was there queue times and win/loss ratios for horde. I remember last I played I waited 10 minute queues to lose nearly all my matches, kinda sucked. Hopefully I can get some good news, I am itching to play again. ~cheers~Shockula1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 [H] Buying Heavy Junkboxes Please CoD them to me with your price. Looking to pay around 15g each. I will need around 1400.Zvvl0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 Flex for fun on Saturdays with <Nox Oriens> Join us for our Saturday night fun in flex raiding. <Nox Oriens> 7/14 H is letting our hair down a bit with some off night flex raiding for mount acheivements and just plain fun. We do this regularly at 9 pm server on Saturdays. We tend to have the tanking covered, but bring your damage dealers or healers. Alt characters are okay if appropriate for the content. Contact Shadowdi/Shadowformed or Nzete/Nyama for further information or to put your name down for a slot.Nzete0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 530 Assassin Rogue LF Raid guild It been awhile since I took a long break before Siege of Orgrimmar came out. Right now I just got back on after what 4-5 months break? I want to get back into 25 man raiding guild not 10 man I prefer more challenge and more fun. I am pretty close to get my cloak on my Rogue but not so close yet. I can raid anytime from Sunday-Thursday not Friday and Saturday. Things you should know before is that I am hard of hearing WoW player but that doesn't stop me from playing or raiding because I've have always been a hardcore raider I was in decent raiding guild that has cleared heroics contents during Wrath and cleared TBC content upto Mu'ru pre-nerf. I did started to become a casual player during Cataclysm and MoP due life going on around me but right now I can get back into raiding what I have always love doing progress and continue explore more adventure in the game. Thanks.Alrightz0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 <Violet Tragan> alliance recruiting <Violet Tragan> is recruiting raiders 13/14 SoO. We also run old content. Looking for mage, monk/druid healer but will accept other candidates, as well as social members. Raid times and days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday(Flex) 7:45pm-11 server Any questions or to join contact me in-game on Antibody or add my battletag: Antibody999#1189Antibody0 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 ilvl 528 fury war LF raiding guild Just got back to WoW after a few months break and looking to get back into raiding. I am able to raid sun,tues,wed, and thurs nights. please message me in game! appreciate you time!Hadeed0 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 [A] 1/14H 10M <Frozen> LF Resto Shaman PLEASE RESTO SHAMAN, I NEED YOUR MAD HOTS AND DEEP MASTERY! UNH! *cough* WHO WE ARE Frozen is a 10 man raiding guild with a very solid group of players. We just lost our resto shaman to real life. We are currently 1/14H, but we're pretty confident that with the right resto shaman, we will have 3/14H this week. In ToT we were 5/13H (we wanted more, but were limited mostly due to losing someone and needing to recruit a solid DPS mid-tier). We would ideally like someone available by our next raid on Tuesday, November 5. This is a team with very low drama. Any team that tells you they NEVER have conflict is lying, but when we have had issues arise, we've also had swift resolution. Our primary focus is on getting the most out of raiding two nights a week. If you contact me, I'll invite you to talk to other raiders in the team to verify whether I'm full of sh*t or not. Raid Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays (and a very rare Sunday) Raid Times: 7:45 PM to 11:15 PM Server (aka Central) SO, ENOUGH ABOUT ME, LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU! You are an experienced raider who likes to play but doesn't want to make it a job. You know your role inside and out. You have experience in this tier (14/14 N) or pretty damn close to it. You might have extensive raiding history (some of our raiders like to wax on about the "good ol' days" of 40 mans). Gear level is not nearly as important as your experience and ability to learn quickly; however, you definitely have your cloak. HOW DO I JOIN THIS AMAZING TEAM? Contact me here or by RealID: Sakuura#1436. Let the healing rain fall!Sakuura4 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 553 Monk Tank LF Normal SoO As the title says. Just got laid off and have a lot of free time, can make any raid times. I know all fights, have full consumables, very reliable etc etc. LF pug or any guild in need of a geared and good tank, will probably apply to some guilds in the near future but i figured i'd post here first!Apfel3 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 (A)<Dark Tendencies> 4/14H recruiting for G2 <Dark Tendencies>(25) 4/14h is looking to fill spots for our G2 10 man raid team. Raid times are Fridays and Sundays 7-10:30pm sever. If interested please in game message me or contact Djdekes27#1955 looking for the following roles to be filled by dedicated and reliable raiders with a 530 ilvl at minimum. Healers: MW Monk (p), Resto Druid (p), Hpal or Priest Tanks: Blood Dk (p), BM monk (p) Prot Pally or Prot Warrior Rdps: Mage (p), Hunter (p), Warlock (p) Mdps: Enhance Shaman (p), Rogue (p), Warrior or Feral Any questions please send me in game mail or comment below, Thank You All!Queephblast4 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 [A] 537 Prot Warrior LF SoO Raiding Looking for a good guild to tank an SoO raid team. I can raid Wed/Thurs all day, and usually late nights (I work late). I have full tanking experience on Flex, looking to get my foot in the door for normal raiding.Markos1 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 [A] Boomkin LF 1900-2200 Rbgs Boomy LF 1900-2200 rbgs. Seems to be getting harder and harder to find regular groups at that mmr. Hopefully this thread will find a few groups in need of a boomkin. Play most nights around 10est til 12 and weekends whenever. Have a lot of past 2k-2200xp, wont lose cuz of me, will be cuz we got beat. Battle tag is Kritzs#1978Dagortx0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 556/558 Warrior Dps LF Raid Guild! [A/H] Looking for a new Raid team prefer wed/thurs/sun times as I work night time sometimes during the other days not listed(I work til 10pm est so after 10 could still work), 10/14 normal experience with good experience on thok as well. Leave a comment or whisper me in game or by Btag - icycatz#1664 or even realid me - stalkyou1992@aol.com Even possibly willing to faction change if the raid times are good enough!Murkablo1 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 [H] Dead of Night [10] 14/14n 5/14 H SoO <Dead of Night> 14/14n 5/14H SoO is looking for a resto/boomkin druid or a holy pally/prot pally for heroic progression. Must be geared and very knowledgeable of your class/spec. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs 10:30pm-2:00AM server time. My battletag is Legend#1927 if you have any questions.Deadlegend14 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 [H] SoO Normal 10 LF more Doing a fresh run of normal Siege of Orgrimarr Link to openraid.us signup: http://openraid.us/r/142428 Invites will start immediately following my[Event: SoO Flex 4(Griz's Run)Thur] run which will be done between 8:30 and 9:00 CST (server time). Start Time: Thursday night, Nov. 7 @ approx 8:30-9:00 p. m. server. End Time: 11:30 p. m. or earlier Sign up to roster and in the comment please put class/spec/experience. I'll be armorying all sign ups. What I'm looking for: -EXPERIENCE (people who have at least Flex raid exp 14/14 and some normal mode experience) -540 ILVL minimum -MUMBLE downloaded -CONSUMABLES (have necessary flasks and potions--mogu, jade serpent, virmen's bite--if you don't have any, I will sell you mine--I'll provide food/noodle carts)Grizlèy0 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 WTS ALANI MOUNT 100k OBO. Please message or mail me offer if not online and i will get back to you. thank you =DOverninek1 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Alliance Holy Priest Lf Raiding Guild! I'm a 561 ilvl Holy priest w/ Legendary cloak and offset Shadow set w/ legendary looking for a new alliance guild to raid with. I prefer a guild that doesn't raid Friday/Saturday or Sunday, and that is at least on or killed Garrosh progression wise. Add me to friends or send me in game mail if interested! GraciasMegatrôn0 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Looking for new realm. Should I join Korgath? I want to join alliance side and start a new character at lvl 1. Is Korgath a good realm to start out on? I want to do light questing...I will be playing as a casual :).Dvorjak7 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 540 Frost Dk Looking for 10 man normal SoO Hello I am a human frost dk currently looking for a siege of ogrimmar raid group 10 man normals bi-weekly. I am a great contribution to raids and can pull off 125k+ dps at all times. I know all the mechanics as well as have communication methods via skype, ventrillo, and mumble. Willing to raid on weekends or weekdays! Anyways if anyone is able to accept me into their normal siege of ogrimmar raids It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Realid= Bolimear#1427Coldfever0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 10M raiding guild recruiting dps Inhibitor is recruiting an exceptional dps (as if anyone believes they AREN'T exceptional). We raid late night Mon-thurs 11:30 server to 1:30 am server, and we are currently 13/14, with a Garrosh kill on the way this week Requirements: Be 545 ilvl MIN Know 13/14 Normal (and have a good idea of normal Garrosh fight) Be ready to start heroic fights once Garrosh is down :D You can message one of our officers to apply or add my battletag; Fluxx#1695 P.S. If you have a healy offspec, you get bonus points and my firstborn.Losing0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 warrior LF pvp guild hi new to server,human warrior... asked for a pvp guild and a strictly raiding guild invited me i will leave them, as soon as i get a reply. Looking for a guild that is active with world pvp and arena/bg. and i have no problem helping with raids just love 2 pvp, also i have a headset and will get in vent. please replyDokthrak1 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Frost DK looking for a home... 540 Frost Death Knight looking for a guild that raids early morning. Any days are good. 11/14 Flex exp. Nothing higher simply because I can never raid with my current guild.Secdef0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Challenge Dungeons I am looking for 4 people would would like to complete the gold challenge modes for that sexy transmog gear. Please send me a message in game if you are interested in joining the teamSyre0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Looking for a Morn/Noon Raiding Guild Im a Resto/Ele shaman looking to get into a serious raiding position, i work nights so i haven't been able to raid and id really like to get back into the game. If anyone knows of a guild i could apply at that starts raids from 6:30am to 3:00pm id appreciate the help. Thanks.Shamiee3 Nov 1, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 [H] Second Attempt LFM for core 10man team 14 / 14 reg SoO in need of ranged, tank and a healer. Please know your class and how to raid :D . Tues, Wed, Thurs, 7 to 11 server time, we use mumble, provide flasks, feasts and repairs. Looking for reliable, skilled and motivated players. PST me or any officer in game for more info.Ondonnick0 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 [A] Selling Brawler's Harness Taking bids on the very difficult to obtain shirt, Brawler's Harness . Has been unavailable by normal means since cata, when the horde starting zone it is obtained in was changed and can only be passed to alliance through the neutral ah. It has a unique model not found on any other shirt. Bids start at 15k.Vaelseir1 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 WTB lvl23+ Inactive Guild WTB lvl 23+ Inactive Guild (Ally Side ), if any want have want to sell it pls add my tag HeyYou#1587Cynisavia0 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 539 Hunter and 536 Enhancement Shaman We are a married couple looking for a raid grp considering transfering to ally if core spots are set for us we are open to raid anytime after about 530ish pst we are 4/14 and 13/14 in flex let me know no if you are in need of these classes will only transfer to ally for core spotsReinsong1 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 [A] Nocturnum Recruiting for SoO Core Hey guys, Our group is currently looking for 520 ilvl of the following for our core SoO Normal squad. Along with SoO normal, we do flex and ToT for lower ilvls so if that peaks your interest then hit me up in game. Our current needs: Resto Shaman Resto Druid Mage, BDruid preferably or other RDps Rogue, Monk preferably or other MDps Please post on here on in game(Contact Runemyth or Vaydot), and let us know if you want in on our run. We are starting tomorrow at 7pm server time so be on a little before then to get invites. Thanks guys! Battletag: Greiner#1553Vaydot4 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 **Selling Rare Battle Pet - Living Fluid** As the post states I am selling the rare pet, Living Fluid. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=71199/ Please leave any offers here and I will respond asap to any offers that peak my interest. Thanks.Gantul0 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 WTB pet battle stones & pets! Hello! I took a brake from WoW and need to catch up on some of the newer pets. Also need pet stones. Will pay 500g each for soulbound breed stones, or 3000g for each Flawless BoE stone. Not going to pay high AH prices for pets, but will pay reasonable amount of gold, or will trade game time codes, Blizz store pet & mount codes. LaRaven#1620 Thanks! ~Lara WANTED! Pet Battle-Stones: (the soulbound ones, I trade you my green pet, you make them blue with your stone and trade back my pet.) - Need all cept undead. Raiding with Leashes pt. 2: - Netherspace Abyssal ToT pets: - Son of Animus - Living Fluid - Viscous Horror Fishing: - Tiny Blue Carp - Tiny Red Carp - Tiny White Carp TGC pets: If anyone has these please let me know! - Dragon Kite <--- really want this! - Rocket Chicken - Ethereal Soul-TraderLaravenn1 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 28, 2013 New to Korgath - Duo LF Guild [Alliance] Hello, My wife and I just transferred from Illidan-Horde in preparation for the next expansion. Our goal was to get away from insane 3-5 hour queue times as it was when MoP launched as well as find a server with somewhat decent Faction ratio. I have not seen an alliance on Illidan in years. Having said that, we are extremely excited to be here and looking for a guild to call home, below are some details about us and our character situation. We don't mind new guilds or care about the level of the guild. We are more concerned about having a well organized raid environment and generally fun/nice people within the guild. Our preferred raid times are 7pm - 11pm Server Time, Fri/Sat but can make weekdays if needed as well. Warrior (me) Only ilvl515 currently, I've recently returned to WoW as SoO came out and went back to making my Warrior my main. I've played and raided as a Warrior since Vanilla and consider it my main class. I can Tank or DPS equally well but prefer to DPS currently. Hunter (my wife) She has returned to WoW before 5.4 making her hunter her main, currently at 540 ilvl. Very competent player overall and dedicated. - We are dedicated players, don't miss raids or slack in the details (Consumables etc.) - We are loyal, we don't gquit easily and would much rather work hard with our guild - We are experienced raiders, while the current ilvl does not show it we are both experienced raiding regular and heroic progression through multiple expansions. - No drama, we cause zero drama - Easy to get along withXcöre0 Oct 28, 2013
Oct 28, 2013 LF Flex Guild 517 and growing with this toon. I am 9/14 Normal on main toon should be more this week. Im LF a casual FLex grp possibly back up tank for normal runs. Would love a grp that runs a 1 or 2 day flex Thurs/FRI/SUN or Monday. I have done all the fights available on LFR on this toon. Would be a big plus if guild ran other events, Likes some Heroic ToT and achiev runs. Horde or Ally.Deadily3 Oct 28, 2013
Oct 28, 2013 WTB lvl 25 Guild WTB lvl 25 Guild Ally side , if any want have want to sell it pls add my tag HeyYou#1587Alerunash0 Oct 28, 2013
Oct 27, 2013 (A) <Pixel> recruiting for 10m Normal **Northkorrea0 Oct 27, 2013
Oct 27, 2013 WTS Tabard of the Lightbringer Looking to sell Tabard of the Lightbringer for 115k. Please leave a notice here or in-game if interested.Shãnaynay1 Oct 27, 2013
Oct 27, 2013 (A) Plan B (10m) 4/14H LF Core DPS Sup, yo. Plan B is currently 4/14H SoO, and we're looking for a stellar DPS. This isn't for the bench or part-time; we want a solid, high-attendance core player. Specifically, we're looking for a player from one of following classes: Warlock (Yes, please) Rogue Druid (Feral OR Balance) Note: We'd love for you to have your legendary cloak and 550+ item level, but skill/prior experience trumps gear, in our view. (If you do not have your cloak, we want you to be decently close!) Our raid times are as follows: Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. (CST/Server, 9:30-12:30 EST) However, please be aware that these times may change in the near future to 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. (CST/Server, 8:30-12 EST, days remain the same). Why us? We're a fairly young guild, both in terms of player age and guild age. Many of us are in college or are in their mid- to late-twenties, so you can expect a lively Mumble every night--full of trash talk and gold gambling. Many of us have known each other since Burning Crusade and have played in top 100 US guilds along the way. With the release of MoP, an opportunity arose allowing us to play together again. Plan B's vision remains to be competitive while having fun and to not spend 15+ hours a week clearing content at a blistering pace. Thanks for your time! If you're interested, contact one of these people with a note explaining your intent: Zinge (Officer, Zinge#1728) Imabubble (Officer, Imaunicorn#1855) Kelgra (GM, Kelgra#1488)Zinge0 Oct 27, 2013
Oct 27, 2013 [H] 2930 Heal Priest LF Arena Partners title. let's talk. don't suck.Decisivewho0 Oct 27, 2013