Mar 1, 2013 Transferring PvP Hunter I am thinking of transferring here because I am tired of waiting in line to login on my current server. My play time is rare due to working full-time and being in nursing school. I am coming solely for PvP, so I am hopeful to find an arena/RBG team willing to take me in. I know my class well and will gladly prove my worth to the appropriate guild or team.Erickson1 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Did you tell tommy about the bagelmeal who told tommy about the bagelmealLataked0 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 @Horde in Thrallmar 2/28/13 u mad doe?Roadsoda1 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 [H] Anyone interested in MSV Sun/Mon? Like the title says I have 16/16N experience on my priest, anyone need a healer for a MSV/HoF pug before tuesday?Elpaladini0 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 (A) WTS Reins of the Thundering Ruby Serpent Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Finally got the shards Any reasonable offers send me a mail or pm thanksBrr0 Mar 1, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 LF Horde QUICK GOLD Want to make a 200g profit in less than 5 minutes? Well, here you go. Post a Buckled Harness on the Booty Bay AH in STV for 201g and it will be bought.Bawb1 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 [H] Anyone wanna push rating before 5.2? Hello! I am semi decent frost DK looking for a healer and DPS interested in doing some 3's before the season ends. Don't really care what the comp is! Feel free to PST or in game me. Thanks!Hybrida0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Recruiting tank, hunter/lock We Do It All is a level 25 guild that is currently looking to fill 3 spots in our core. Must be 485+ and knowledgeable of all fights. Raiding times are Tues/Thurs/Fri 8server- around midnight.Kissmytotem1 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 Looking for a hard core PVE guild.. I am looking for a pve guild that needs core raiders. i have been doing pve for 8 years and have mv experience. i am looking to transfer to a new server for pve only looking for a guild that raids more thain one day a week.. if you are in need of a core raider i have 10 90's two of them are raid ready.. my shammy and my rouge.. if you have a lot and are a mature guild message me..Shamshocked0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 28, 2013 [A] Judges recruiting one-night a week raider Hey everyone, Our guild runs Wednesday night's 6 server to 9 server. We cleared all of Mogu'shan a few months back, but then lost some of our members and have struggled to fill our ranks since then. Haven't made much progress in HoF due to personnel issues but we are looking to recruit a strong committed team. Everyone is welcome, alts from other guilds, new players, anyone committed to progressing with the group is what we're looking for. We will take the time to gear up and help anyone who wants to be part of the team. We're relaxed and good-natured players and looking for like minded people who enjoy clearing the content at a more relaxed pace. Please send a tell in game to Holyaegis, Varayan, or Ironleaf. All the best, -VarayanVarayan0 Feb 28, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 496 Rogue LF Home for 5.2 Guild recently fell apart so now i'm looking for a place to raid in 5.2 and beyond. I have 2/16H this tier and have been raiding since BC. I am able to raid anytime from 8pm-12am server. I have excellent attendance, don't stand in poo, and put out solid dps. I don't mind faction changing. Feel free to post or contact me in-game if interested.Shanknasty2 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Menzies is...... #1Sorrowness3 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 27, 2013 Congratz to Archinator for Raffle Winnings Big UP's!!!!!!!! to Archinator he was selected in a random raffle for an Imperial Silkworm pet. please enjoy your new found friend!!!!Menzies1 Feb 27, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 [A] Death and Taxes 5/6H MV 3/6H HoF LFM 5.2 Death and Taxes is a guild filled with rich history. Although recent history suggests that much of the flair of DnT is gone, however, that flair still exists in the character of our raiders. Our raid atmosphere is very chill and a lot of comedic moments occur, but at the same time, we get bosses down when we focus on progression. Our loot system is Loot Council because we believe that system is the only one that truly works for optimal min/maxing and progression, especially for ten man groups. A lot of people, particularly from Korgath, thought Death and Taxes died long ago. This couldn't be further from the truth. We've learned over the years that Death and Taxes isn't just a World of Warcraft guild. We're a bunch of gamers who just happened to be brought together intitially through WoW. A group of gamers who've had clans/guilds/team/etc in games like Starcraft, Dota, Battlefield, SWTOR, Warhammer, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and many more. Our motto transformed into "Death and Taxes: We play games." RAID SCHEDULE Mon-Thurs during progression 7:30server to 11:00 server ***OUR CURRENT RAID NEEDS *** 1 shield tank (pref pally or warr) 1 healer (open to any at the moment due to high raid versatility) 1 Mage or Lock WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING SKILLED PLAYERS THAT CAN FILL ANY ROLE....if you're good, you have a spot. Join an active community that spreads to other mmo's and genres today! For more information, contact Austerity#1346 in game or post an app under the WoW section of our website, dtguilds.com.Austerity1 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 [H] <Delirium> is recruiting 2 DPS. (7/16H) <Delirium> Korgath Current Progression: 6/6 Normal MV 5/6 Heroic MV 6/6 Normal HoF 3/6 Heroic HoF 4/4 Normal Terrace of Endless Springs We're a 10 man raiding guild that focus on heroic progression. We raid 2 days/6 hours per week, but we get things done faster or equivalent to those who raid 3-4 days a week. Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed from 9:30pm-12:30am Server Time Past Progression: FL: 6/7 Heroic DS: 8/8 Heroic We are not recruiting for any bench raiders, all spots are for CORE raider status. Recruiting: It is preferred that you have heroic progression experience. Warlock: HIGH Rogue: HIGH Mage: HIGH Hunter: HIGH Monk (DPS): HIGH Our current core raiders have been raiding together for nearly 1 year. To Apply: You can reply below or add Smushy#1336 and send: your real id/battletag, class, past/current heroic progression, and parses/logs.Smushy20 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 [A] <Ritual> (lvl 25) recruiting mature ppl Hello ppl, its been a few months since I last played and was given the guild to try recruit and rebuild our player base that are mature adults who would like to raid casually or always have guildies to run heroics on a regular basis. A little about me: I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am currently a student at one of our awesome film schools. Sadly this takes a lot of my time during the week but I get to relax on the weekends. I want to try recruit for a 10 man raid team for weekends but our guild is open to all as long as you maintain a mature demeanor and have respect for others. If you interested in joining please send me a tell in-game. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/korgath/Ritual/ Thank youRobzombi0 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 LF guild selling 16/16HM clear Any guilds here selling 16/16HM runs? I'm interested in the titles and FoS associated with the kills pre-5.2 and whatever gear that drops that I could make use.Landruid0 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 LF Guild doing 10 Man Normal and RBG's Is there a guild on this server that is regularly running 10 Man Normal and RBG's? It seems that there is a lot of only PVE and only PVP guilds and the majority of the PVE guilds are through heroic content. Perhaps there is a guild that is working on their alts progression or a 2nd/3rd team that need to run 10 man Normal? CheersIrishmonk0 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 25, 2013 WTB(GHOST IRON ORE)( GOLDEN LOTUS)(GEMS)BULK! Hi Korgath Im in the process of buying BULK ( Ghost Iron Ore) ( Golden Lotus ) ( Mop GEMS( RARE ONLY) There is ABSOLUTELY NO LIMIT ON HOW MUCH OF THESE ITEMS YOU SEND ME! GHOST IRON ORE PRICE- PRICE= 40g PER STACK !! ( BEST PRICE AROUND ) GOLDEN LOTUS PRICE- PRICE= 35g PER LOTUS or 700g PER STACK! GEM PRICES- - Rare Orange= 30g Per - Rare Green= 30g per -Rare Purple=20g per -Rare Yellow=10g per I WANT THESE COLORS AND THESE COLORS ONLY! BULK OF ALL OF THEM How do you give it to me?: Just simply Message Superme in game or C.O.D to Superme. Im online 8 hours+ a day, and Will buy almost instantly when you message or C.O.D Me Im looking for Long time suppliers, People that will send me ORE/LOTUS/GEMS every day or every other day. Literally NO LIMIT! I have TONS of Gold to spend on ORE/LOTUS/GEMS. COD It away, Don't have to ask questions. Will instantly buy! If you have any ORE, LOTUS, OR GEMS Send away!Superme0 Feb 25, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 [A] Brood Awakening LF Balance Druid (4/6HM) Greetings, <Brood Awakening> is a guild that freshly transferred from the far off (and tiny) realm of Lightninghoof. We have made Korgath our new home and intend to press progression faster in 5.2 than we were able to this tier. To that end, we are recruiting the following: Hunter We raid Tues/Thurs/Mon nights, 9-12 central (server). Our current progression is 4/6HM down, all normal content obviously cleared. In Cata, we were the #1 guild on our server but several in our core quit MoP when the outside-of-raid demands were too severe. We hope Korgath will prove to have more high-quality talent ready to step in to fill recruiting needs. If you are potentially interested, please contact me (or anyone else from BA) in game. Email during the week is encouraged as I can't exactly log in to WoW from my job: mythesis.lock@gmail.com Thanks for your time, and we look forward to great experiences here on the new server! Applications welcome via: http://www.brood-awakening.com/recruitment ~ MythesisMythesis2 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 24, 2013 [Dread] Selling guild meta achieve mount Selling invites to Dread for Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent from the achievement [Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider] for 10k. Send me a pm or mail ingame if youre interested.Boolei2 Feb 24, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 LF 2200+ healer for 3v3 in 5.2 As the title says we need a healer with at least 2200+ experience in 3's for the next patch. Comp will be war/hunt/x. What I lack in gear I make up for with experience, being a 2x ex gladiator, and having played over 2700 in 3's multiple seasons and with multiple comps. The hunter(Culu) is full tier 2 including wep with similar experience. Hit me up in game on Reihnz if interested.Reihnz1 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 New 10/16H<Yeah we in there>10M LF Heals/DPS We recently transfered to get ready for 5.2 and we are looking for another like minded individuals to tackle the next content Yeah we in there of US-Korgath Alliance, 10 man raiding Guild For the next 3 weeks prepping for Throne of Thunder, we are opening our doors to potential mergers that just recently lost their guilds. This group consists of Top USA/World players from previous guilds in the past that came together to just have a fun (but serious) raiding environment for MoP. The core of the group has only been together for little over a month and we have managed to down 10/16h. MSV: 6/6H HoF: 4/6H ToES: 4/4N Recruiting: Exceptional HEALS and DPS (HIGH PRIORITY) Regardless of what our needs are, we always except exceptional applicants and will make the necessary room for them. RAID TIMES: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8pm - 11pm CENTRAL We may pick up an additional raid day(typically Monday) depending on progression for any given week. <Yeah we in there> consists of people who have years of raiding experience in competitive guilds, and our goal is to create a fun yet professional raiding environment for people who enjoy raiding. We also encourage PVP outside of our raiding schedule because it enhances our raiders' situational awareness. We are looking for players who know their class in and out, while being humble and able to take constructive criticism from other players. We expect our raiders to not only perform up to par with their current gear level, but go above and beyond to be competitive. We would like to hold a 12 person raid roster. This allows for unforeseen absences and good competition for spots. We still require a high attendance rate to raid. Also, socials are welcome to join. We also put together alt runs every week, typically on Friday and Saturday nights. Contact us at: Godlike#1232 (my battletag, this is preferable) or get in touch with Squidbone ingameRankuno2 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 23, 2013 H 489 hunter & mage looking for weekend 10pm+ 489 hunter and mage both looking for a 10pm or later weekend raid guild (two different players btw) Malvicious#1424Malvicious0 Feb 23, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 (H) <Second Attempt> Needs Tanks/Heals/Caster <Second Attempt> is already an established raiding guild on Korgath (16/16, 4/16 HM). With 5.2 on the horizon, our guild has decided to form a second progression group to offer members with two time slots to choose from. The new raiding group will raid Saturday and Sunday from 8PM-12PM. Mumble (free to download) is required. 480+ ilvl, the group is interested in tackling heroics as soon as possible. Current Needs: Paladin/Warrior Tank One DPS (prefer hunter/mage) Message Obliviscere for more information or if you have questions.Obliviscere8 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 WTB TCG Loot Cards I'm mainly looking for the Spectral Tiger Cub and Bananas. I am willing to spend a lot of gold! Other cards that I would be interested in buying are: Most mini pets Ogre Pinata Foam Sword Rack Epic Purple Shirt The Flag of Ownership Goblin Gumbo Kettle Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit Non TCG items I'm looking for: Tyrael's Hilt (Mini Tyrael) Blue Murloc Egg (Murky) Murloc Costume Vanilla WoW Collector's edition BC WoW Collector's edition WotLK WoW Collector's edition SC2 Collector's edition I will only purchase these items with in-game gold on Korgath (Alliance or Horde)! Thanks!Akij14 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 [H] LF1M Tank or DPS W/Th 930pm (15/16) <Depravity> is LF1M for our casual Wed/Thurs 9:30pm ST roster. 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES. Just need a consistent, dependable tank or DPS to solidify the 10-man group. We have room for 1 tank or DPS. Preferred Tank: Death Knight or Warrior Preferred DPS: Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Hunter, or Warrior 480+ ilvl preferred. Vent server is provided and required. Loot is open roll to main specs over offspecs. SK will be used for tier tokens. Add Palisis#1918 or hit up Palisis or Bariun in-game if interested.Tainos21 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 [A] <Silent> 10 man 11/16 HM LF Mage [A] <Silent> Korgath-PVP server 10 man, 11/16 HM Recruiting a Mage OR Spriest... with close to the same progression. ilvl prefered 495ish or higher.. raids are Tues, Wed and Thurs 8:30-11:30p.m server time (Central Time) You can contact Laydie in game, battletag is Laydie#1354, or apply to www.guildsilentguildlaunch.com Please contact me for further details.Laydie0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 RIP Bignic Bignic passed away December. 26th, 2012. RIPPro4 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 [A] Death and Taxes LFM 5.2 Hey! We're searching for 2 talented raiders to join up with our Casual 10 man. Our goal is to clear all content on all difficulties playing no more than 2 nights a week. We are looking for players who were once at the top of raidings game but have succumb to the demands of real life yet still enjoy this game (raiding). Most importantly, are able to be consistant to our light raiding schedule. Raid Days: Tuesday: 6-9pm Server Time Sunday: 6-9pm Server Time Raid Position Openings: 1x Tank (Monk, Dk, Druid, War) 1x Dps w/ healer capabilities (Druid, Monk, Paladin) Or 1x Rogue (you have to be unreal) Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon!Nogg0 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 RAF Role Compositions Hey Folks, My fiance and I decided that we are going to do another RAF setup since the sale is still available. We've done this before on 2 additional accounts but this time around, I need some input. Normally, I try to optimize the fast RAF experience by factoring in ques with roles and quest leveling when we need a small bump to get into the next bracket of dungeons. Previoulsy, we have done Tank/Healer combos and take care of each of the classes that can do this between the both of us. Then we do double DPS. This time around I am thinking it will be different since we are on a different realm/battlegroup. Here's the question - given the state of random dungeon grinding, would tank/healer combos STILL make a good idea and double dps in the final sets OR could we possibly do a tank/dps or dps/healer combination and still get into fast ques. On our previous battlegroup, running double dps took like 20+ mins to get into a que - so we were stuck questing while waiting for ques. So with you folks who have been on this server/battlegroup for longer periods of time what do you think would make the most optimal setup given the ques times/days/and battlegroup? Thanks for your input!Tränquility1 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 R Sham or D.Priest LF weekend raid Saikka is my priest Bearboomtree is my main if you'd like to see my experience. Looking for Day raids or evening raids but I eat between 6-7 ST message me here or mail BearboomtreeAidia3 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 [H]Mayhem Looking for 2 DPS Mage & Boom/resto Progression grp stuck in HoF looking for 2 competent players for fill roles of two not so competent players. Priority goes to a boomkin with a resto offspec (very very rare will you heal) but we lost our mage to irl things as well. We can potentially pay for a race and or server transfer if you are seriously interested. The current grp is lacking the correct composition to progress farther. DPS is not an issue, currently the problem lies with the correct mix of ranged and melee that is giving us trouble. We have 3 tanks and 5 healers at our disposal with in guild but DPS on Korgath seems scarce. Requirements : Must be able to raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 server Sunday 8:30-11 server. 480+ iLVL HoF xp 3/6 (we no longer run MV as we are trying to push through HoF). Ventrilo with headset (no mic required but sometimes we want to hear the sexy person on the other end.) We can create a parse for you. Food buffs are free. Most pots are free. 500gold daily repair bill for raiders. All enchants and gems free to raiders. Crafted gear is free. Add Malvicious#1424 to your real ID to reach me. www.mayhemkorgath.guildlaunch.comMalvicious0 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 [A]<BFtA> is looking for members! Back From the Ashes is a laid back 10 person Alliance raiding guild looking for new members. We are looking for people who may not can raid weekly but from time to time as their playtime allows. We are an adult casual raiding guild that understands real life comes first and will do our best to work around that. Current raid times are two of T-W-R 6:45ish-11ish Server time. We are currently looking for a Tank and a Healer but will also accept any members looking to raid when they are able. Our Current setup is Mnk-Tank Pally-MDPS War-MDPS Mage-RDPS Shammy-RDPS Priest-RDPS Pally-Heals Druid-Heals Though we might swap that around a bit for 5.2 Due to work schedules/real life we often don't get to put in the raid times that other guilds do, but if you looking for something casual that still gets the job done, most of the time, please give us some thought. =) For more info contact Tevi or Newfoundland vis ingame message or mail.Tevi2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 WTS Swift Spectral Tiger Contact me here or in game. If looking for me in game might have a better chance finding me on character Hardqor.Pro2 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Pleasure Town has moved Pleasure Town has moved to Illidan to pursue PvE opportunities no longer available on this server. Though the guild remains on this server as well, all future PvE recruitment and groups will be made on the new server.Whorchata6 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 2 ally going to horde LF DK+PVP GUILD Hey guys, Me and a buddy (Herbless Resto Druid) are going to faction change horde side. We were looking to get a PVP guild to do some RBGs with/find potential arena partners. He also alts a lock which he will bring over. Ive got 1700 exp in 3s as disc on my priest and 1700 RBG exp as disc. If I focus disc I need to find a good rogue and mage for RMP. If I focus shadow the setup will be me, RDruid (Herbless), and DK. I also play a rogue Selenaslomez with 1800 3s exp and 1700 RBG exp (I always come late to these damn seasons but not this time!). Pro smoker + gouger + blinder + kicker + all around control freak. I will faction change this toon as well. Anyways hit me up on here hordeside pvpers. Or send an in-game mail. Herbless (Rdruid) plays from 7pm-??? weekdays and usually all day on the weekend. I go to school so I usually log on around the same time as well. We are gonna hit the start of season 13 hard by getting all the honor gear + RBGing in the first week. Also since 3s will be less relevant with the change to 2200 gear I am looking for a ginsu rogue and/or disc priest for 2s. I <3 Disc + Sub in 2s and want to play both positions. Anyways thanks for your time in reading this, For the horde! (sounds weird)Sarapwnlin6 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 [H] PvP Guild LFM <Ten Inchs Unbuffed> a dedicated PvP guild looking for potential prospects for current/upcoming seasons. With Thunder King ahead looking for select few.Holykushh1 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 19, 2013 LF Friends. [ally] Hi, I am Eightfold and I am attempting to reroll on Korgath to pvp and pve with better players than on my old dead server. The issue is I can't find anyone to lvl with and I am bored out of my mind.. please help. Thanks.Eightfold0 Feb 19, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 [A] Tuesday ALT runs, MSV full clear 10m normal 7:30pm-10:30pm server Tuesday nights In need of a few raiders. About half the raid is made of core raiders who are 10/16n. Not bad considering we raid less than 6 hours a week. Looking for a tank, non DK. prefer a tank with OS but not a must Looking for a couple healers, non priest. need one healer with OS Currently not looking for DPS. Requirements 470+ Fully gemmed/reforged/enchanted properly brink pots and flasks for the 3 hour run. Must have mumble over 21 prefered ***Not looking to teach fights and call out every little thing. You are expected to know the fights and how your role fits in. Must have a full clear on normal modes of MSV on one of your toons. ***Attetion Possible Tanks*** If you are on the fence with tanking I'd be willing to work with you to help you become a raid tank. I have raid tanked MOP with my Pally and Dk, I also have and 85 Warrior and 90 druid that I have tanked in the past, I can help almost all class's. Not much exp with monks. I'd really like to get another tank in the guild as a possible backup for our core group as well as tanking our ALT runs. We'll run heroics and LFR's to get you confortable with the tanking awareness then move you into the ALT runs. Plus our two tanks that raid in our Core group are exceptional, they can offer a ton of advice as well. Both will be dps roles in the ALT runs so we'll have tons of experience available to help you succeed. Message me in game Tossus, Ossus, Zorell, Mazar,Tossus2 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Muse Alliance 16/16 25m 7/16 10mH Recruiting! Muse is a level 25 25m raiding guild looking to fill out our roster for 5.2 raiding. We raid M-Th 9-12 server. We have the following positions open: Paladins: all specs Warlock Shaman: all specs Druid: Boomkin and Resto DeathKnight: Dps Please reply below or email any officers for consideration.Emberstorm1 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 [A] <Kshatriya> Recruiting for 10's Kshatriya is a newly formed guild looking to establish a tight-knit group of raiders for 10's. While experience is appreciated if you're a dedicated player willing to learn and listen you're more than welcome. We are currently recruiting all slots and our schedule is below. Any questions please PM Bharata in-game or hop on the guild website, register and fill out a recruitment form in the recruitment forum. Website: team-kshatriya.enjin.com/ Raid Times: Mon: 7pm-11pm Tues: 7pm-11pm *May change depending on progression/interestBharata1 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 495 Disc for MV/HoF Tonight 16/16 experience, know most heroic modes. I'm saved 4/6 MV (wanting to start at Elegon) and 1/6 HoF (wanting to start anywhere after Zor'lock). I have Mumble/Vent and I'm a competent player. Shoot me a message: Obliviscere#1706Obliviscere0 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 [H] Sequentia Recruiting 25 man for 5.2 Hey all, Sequentia is now looking to finish off the last few spots of our raids. We're specifically looking for warriors, mages, and warlocks but we're open to all classes. Our raid times are 7-11 Central Sunday - Tuesday. If you're interested in joining the ranks please apply at www.sequentia.guildportal.com or contact me in game. We're currently 8/16 Heroic and looking to make some long strides in 25 man come 5.2. Looking forward to hearing from you!! LickemLickem3 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 Wtt D3 gold for wow gold. Looking to trade away some of my D3 gold for wow gold, I got 150M in D3 to spare and would like to get 100k+ in wow.Pantara3 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 18, 2013 11pm+ start time Raids Anyone know of any horde guilds or 10m groups that run regularly late night? As the title says it would need to be 11pm or later CST.Ahdair0 Feb 18, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 WTS Geosynchronous World Spinner Looking to sell Geosynchronous World Spinner Undermine Journal https://theunderminejournal.com/item.php?item=87251 Pst or post offer Thanks Deltron #1994Moonpower1 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 [A] LF Gold Challenge Mode Group. Looking for a solid group to get these done with.Paarthurnax6 Feb 17, 2013