Jan 15, 2013 [A][Korgath] <Death and Taxes> LFM Greetings potential candidate We currently have the following immediate positions open: 1x Prot warrior/Prot Pally 1x Holy paladin/Resto Druid/ (all other talented classes are welcome to apply) Raid Days/Times Tuesday - (3 hours long) Sunday - (3 hours long) Death and Taxes has had a long history of being a top tier guild in world of warcraft and many other games, with 14 world firsts and 30 us firsts we understand what it takes to build a great team. That being said, we have moved on from the days of full week raid schedules and are looking to have a more casual, yet focused approach to raiding for MoP. If you feel you are a top caliber player looking for a raiding group with a bit more flexibility for real life, then this group is for you. Contact: Website: www.dtguilds.com If you post an online app, please submit it privately to Noggen. You may add me to battletag friends [Noggen#1511]. Please add your Char name and server in the comment box when you submit the request in game.Nogg0 Jan 15, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 [A] Death and Taxes 3/6H MV Now Recruiting Death and Taxes has been around since before the launch of vanilla World of Warcraft in 2004 and enjoyed our years of success. It hasn't been easy, but what keeps us coming back are each other. Having achieved 14 World Firsts and over 30 US Firsts, we know what it takes to be on the forefront of raiding content and what it takes to make a great team. A lot of people, particularly from Korgath, thought Death and Taxes died long ago. This couldn't be further from the truth. We've learned over the years that Death and Taxes isn't just a World of Warcraft guild. We're a bunch of gamers who just happened to be brought together intitially through WoW. A group of gamers who've had clans/guilds/team/etc in games like Starcraft, Dota, Battlefield, SWTOR, Warhammer, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and many more. Our motto transformed into "Death and Taxes: We play games." Our raiding atmosphere, even when racing for firsts, is very laid back. We enjoy horsing around on vent, hanging out before and after raids, socializing while playing the game. We understand the farming pixels is fun and rewarding, but the relationships you build are what keep us coming back. That being said, we also know when to crank it up and put our game faces on when a boss kill is imminent or a first needs to be achieved. RAID SCHEDULE Mon-Thurs during progression 6 server to 11 server (7est pm to 12est am) ***OUR CURRENT RAID NEEDS (core spots)*** 1 nonpaladin tank (pref Guardian druid) 1 mage 1 boomkin/resto druid WE ARE ACTIVELY RECRUITING SKILLED PLAYERS THAT CAN FILL ANY ROLE....if you're good, you have a spot. Join an active community that spreads to other mmo's and genres today! We are actively in search of a tank that can perform at a highly level and can make the scheduled raid times. For more information, pm or mail Austerity or Funbagz in game...Feel free to app on the guild website at dtguilds.com.Fimbul4 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 [A] 10 <Light Enough to Carry> Recruiting! <Light Enough to Carry> is currently recruiting for our main raid group. We're a xfer guild from horde side (prev <Were Addicted>). We are currently 1/6 heroic MV, 4/6 reg HoF, and 4/4 reg ToES. We're currently recruiting a Enhance shammy OR a Frost DK. We currently raid Tuesday Wednesday 10 to 12:30 server, and Sunday 9 to 12 server. Send in game tells or mail to Zera, Selenah, Amorisse, or Fragyourface.Zera1 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 WW monk lf PVP Just looking for some comps to experiment in 3s with. current comp is Mw monk WW monk Demo lock. Obviously a horrible comp and none of these classes compliment each others abilities. currently at 1700 but we just don't know anyone on the server to arena with. so if anyone is interested send me a mail. please don't respond if you don't have 1750 3's achieve.Jiraiyah0 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Mod Delete plz delete plzHaytred5 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 486 Hunter LF 25m Raiding guild Looking to come back to this server to find a more active raiding guild. Went over to a less populated server to raid with a friend after cata. Experience: Cata NM and HM, DS NM and HM's, and 4/6 MSV, 1/4 HoF Preferably looking for a 25m group. feel free to msg me here or in-game Battletag - Zinster#1113 Also, would be willing to transfer ASAP for a core spot. ThnxAcmoney1 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 [H] -Intent- Recruiting (9/16 Heroic) Intent of US-Korgath Horde, 10 man raiding Guild Currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. <Intent> (Level 25) consists of people who have years of raiding experience in competitive guilds, and our goal is to create a fun yet professional raiding environment for people who enjoy raiding. We also encourage PVP outside of our raiding schedule because it enhances our raiders' situational awareness. We are looking for players who know their class in and out, while being humble and able to take constructive criticism from other players. We expect our raiders to not only perform up to par with their current gear level, but go above and beyond to be competitive. We hold a 12 person raid roster. This allows for unforeseen absences and good competition for spots. We still require a high attendance rate to raid. Recruiting needs, specs being considered for multiple raid spots: Tues, Wed, Thurs 9:00pm-12:00am Ret Pally, Feral DPS, or Windwalker Monk We are always interested in enhancing our roster with top notch players, so apply regardless of the recruiting status if you feel you are exceptional. Also, socials are welcome to join. We also put together runs every week, typically on Friday and Saturday nights. Apply at intent-guild.com or speak to an officer in game: Skysec, Synii, Cheezberger, or Nazmina.Look forward to raiding with you!Cheezberger152 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 FelDrake looking to buy a the TCG feldrake mount. pst me in game or post prices here. Thank you.Voidmeep0 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 deleted deletedLeneas0 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 [A] Holy Paladin or Ele Sham LF Raiding Guild Hello Korgath! I am currently looking for a raiding guild for my 481 holy paladin or my 474 Ele/Resto shaman (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/skitt/simple). I just got back into WoW a few weeks ago and want to get a consistent raid schedule going. I have played on various toons since BC with my paladin being my main toon through most of it. I have healed on him since WOTLK. Currently, I am only 6/6 MSV (on sham) but I know the fights for HoF and ToES and learn quickly. I would prefer to play the shammy if possible. Most days of the week work for me. I will not be able to make Mondays or Thursdays. Feel free to whisper me in game for any more details.Skittadin0 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Selling Shadowmourne Vanities Hi, As the title says. I'm selling Tabard of the Lightbringer Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger Jaina's Locket Muradin's Favor Whisper or mail me in game your offers. :)Jackhammer0 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 [A]<Indignation> 10Man LF BloodDK/Hunter/Mage Indignation is a serious raiding guild, formed in search of solid, focused, and knowledgeable raiders who have experience in HM raiding, and plan to for the remainder of MoP. We will not settle for anything but our best, and expect the same from you. Raid Time Monday 9:00 - 12:00 PM (CST) Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00 PM (CST) Thursday 9:00 - 12:00 PM (CST) Recruitment: Blood Death Knight / Prot Paladin / Brewmaster Mage Hunter Warrior Please hit me up in-game, Thanks. (:Drjuevos30 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Tank LFG TOES 10M Tomorrow, Any Time subject line plzTravee0 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 7/16H -War Party- (10m) lf 1 DPS Core Guild Name: War Party Current Progression: 7/16[H] Server: Korgath (PvP) Website: worldofwarparty.com Battletag Contact: onedead#1920 Raid Times: Sun: 9pm-12am CST (7pm-10pm PST, 10pm-1am EST) Mon: 9pm-12am CST (Usually have this day off when things are on farm) Tue: 9pm-12am CST Wed: 9pm-12am CST We sometimes add extra days if the guild wants to work more on a particular encounter, these extra days are not mandatory. Current Needs: 1 DPS* Rogue -High Balance Druid - High Spriest - High Mage - High Fury Warrior - Medium Feral Druid - Medium Windwalker Monk - Medium *Must have Heroic experience, and a MINIMUM iLevel of 485 or logs with top 200 rankings required. Other experienced and skilled players of any class/spec are always encouraged to apply. About Us: War Party is an adult-based progression guild on the Korgath server. We are not a hardcore guild but we expect our raiders to maintain a high raid attendance rate and keep up to date on encounter and class knowledge. We also realize that WoW does not need to be a second job. Progression can happen without being elitists. We strive to maintain a roster of approximately 12-13 raiders to ensure a 100% guild only roster and class diversity as needed. No one is considered a "bench" player. Our officers are experienced raiders with many previous heroic modes under our belt and various leadership experience from other guilds/expansions. Here is what we expect from you: Encounter and class knowledge Competitiveness - you are not happy with being at the bottom of the meters and do what it takes to improve Good attitude - especially when the going gets tough Guild commitment - If you have jumped around a lot be prepared to answer questions about it. We are looking for people interested in being a part of our community, not just killing bosses with us. If you are interested in applying, please visit: worldofwarparty.com If you have any questions or would like to speak to us in game before applying, please feel free to contact Yig (GM) or Rai in game via tell or mail. Battletag: onedead#1920 Battletag: kelfrei#1397Rai5 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Fresh transfer Frost dk LF Heroic Raiding A little bit about myself: I just transferred off of Skywall, where my old guild fell apart this expansion and decided that they only ever wanted to do normals for this tier. I wasn't the GM, but i was the raid leader and I couldn't get my group to commit to the level I was looking for. I've always topped the charts in my group and I couldn't find a way to progress into further content without a transfer. (Other guilds weren't recruiting) At the moment, I'm at a 492 ilvl with only 10/16 normals completed( even though it kills me) And I'd love to really buckle down and push for heroics. As for availability.... name an hour and I'll be there. I am completely in control of my own schedule and provided we're not raiding at 5am, I can be there 95%+ of the time (Emergencies happen, that's life). I know my class inside and out, have a high situational awareness and a passion for success. Thanks for considering me :)Pwnsaucè2 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Priest, Warlock, Or Paly LF Guild Looking for a new guild if things fall apart on the raiding team currently on, (Alt posting, this toon does have a substantial amount of kills on earlier Cata content) Note: This is only if stuff goes down in the current guild I'm in on my other toon. Toons: 488 Warlock Afflic/Demo. 390 Disc/Holy/Shadow Priest. Time: Anything Past 5:00 PST. Can raid all days, preference of not raiding on Friday/Sat/Sun. Experience: Have raided in a 10 man and 25 man atmosphere, mainly 10 mans. T11: 12/12 1/12 10 man. 4/12 25 man. (Current Tier) T12: 7/7 2/7 10 man. 4/7 25 man. (Current Tier) T12: 5/7 Heroic 25 man (Dragon Soul) T13: 8/8 8/8 10 man. 8/8 25 man. (Current Tier) T14: 12/16 1/16 10 man. 4/16 25 man. (Current Tier) As of current among my toons I have over 650+ Dragon Soul Kills (Reg+Heroic), 400+ Firelands Kills (Reg+Heroic), and 400 T11 Kills (Reg+Heroic) Logs: 97k on Garajal LFR, no spirit realm -Affliction Warlock 90k on Feng LFR, -Affliciton Warlock 97k on WoE Reg, weeks ago -Affliction Warlock Proper Logs/etc On request for both toons. Priest is lacking in recent logs besides a new one I created. Had the wrong gear on for some of the fights though. Pally- 471 Healer.Gylo2 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Nope Kill this, please.Llarold1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 LF for people to help me out with a project. send me an ingame mail with the phrase "your the best sunnybonez"! or something along those lines and i will give you a like 10g(cod me in the mail) its for a video parody im working onSunnybonez3 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 late night guilds? looking for a guild that raids starting around 1 a.m. EST.Lovesmuffins0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 50% MS increase? For some reason me and my buddies MS on korgath has increased by about 50% ive went from 39MS to 80 MS all live in BC diffrent Internet providers so its not that , whats going on?Nataliâ0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 server offline? is the server offline or is it just me?Pinoywarrior11 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 Pchef down yet again. http://i.imgur.com/YdhKN.jpg Too easyEggimann4 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 Engineering 1-600 WTB a Engineering 1-600 kit feel free to mail me ingame or on here with a reply with your price.Hangingtree0 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 LF Purple Smoke Flare Heidi Ho! LF an Alliance side Engineer who has the Purple Smoke Flare Schematic. If that's you, please shoot me a note in-game and we'll work out the details from there. Thank you! -Dio -- .:d:. "Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Broad, wholesome and charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one tiny corner of Azeroth." -- Mark Twain (paraphrased)Dionys0 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 1-600 WTB 1-600 inscrip, pst me in game on Trues or Rocka, we'll talk price, thanks!Trues0 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 WTB Unearthed Bands Hi folks. Willing to pay 500g for a pair of [item="Unearthed Bands" /]. I've been farming but am unable to get them to drop. So for the time being. If you come across a pair. Easy 500g.Bustyoface0 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 LF 1950+ CR Rbgs im looking for an rbg group that is atleast 1950 ish + CR to push 2200. i am a 2100 exp player in arenas and 2097 in rbgs, im willing to xfer horde if there is a group. post here or contact me in game. Thanks.Reokuz0 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 [A] 10M <Iniquity> (6/16H) LF1 Healer <Iniquity> is currently looking for 1 healer preferred pally/druid but will look at all classes. Item level 470+. Raid times are thursday/sunday/monday 7pm-11pm server time. Our group had just started heroics and cleared MSV when we lost 2 of our core raiders, we just need one more healer to be back to a full roster. Contact Edp/BattleTag avienx#1332Edp0 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 3 exceptional raiders LF 10m raiding guild(A) My two friends and I are looking for a raiding guild with available core-spots at least 8/16 down NM. 2-3 nights a week around 8-9 server. Toons available: 476 guardian druid 475 shadowpriest 482 boomkin 484 prot warrior 476 disc priest. Please contact me in game (DanGloekler#1634) or respond to this post as we are looking to get started this coming tuesday.Halfsak1 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 WTS Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpen I have farmed the 10 skyshards required to pull Alani for the mount. Looking to sell it as I do not have the reps required to use it. skype:tenaciouzdTenaciouzd0 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 LF someone to run our lvl 16(A) guild! basically most of our members have stopped playing. We want someone to come in, take charge and start recruiting active people to lvl the guild and make it a fun enviroment for anyone. We have all professions max, guild bank tabs full of mats for lvling, raiding and pvp'n and 150k for repairs. Our remaining active players have 2k pvp exp. and 25m heroic raid experience. Send in-game mail to myself palapimp or any other member online for details or invite.Píus0 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 [A] [25] Recruiting Tanks, Heals, DPS! <Grown Ups> is recruiting for our 25-player raid team! We are recruiting to fill core slots in all roles (Tanks, Heals, and DPS). Learn more about us and our raid progression: http://www.grown-ups.us We are seeking mature gamers to join our established guild on US-Korgath (PVP). We raid Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 8:30-11:30PM (Central) We have flexible attendance policies in place to accommodate your professional and personal obligations. <Grown Ups> was established late in The Burning Crusade expansion, and has been raiding end-game content for more than four years. We're not just a flash in the pan! Our roster consists of skilled, adult players, who balance a passion for gaming with work and family. We will consider applications from exceptional players of any class or spec. Members are encouraged to have raid-competitive off-specs to increase our roster's flexibility. Visit our website (http://www.grown-ups.us) to learn more about our specific recruiting goals and raid progression! We boast an already diverse membership and we welcome mature applicants of any background. http://www.grown-ups.usSquiddums34 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Selling Mount and Pets! Currently selling: Mount: -Depleted Kyparium Rocket Pets: -Darkmoon Rabbit (unlearned) -Pandaren Fire Spirit (lvl1) -Pandaren Water Spirit (lvl1) -Firefly (lvl 10) -Flawless Battle Stone x 2 -Imperial Silkworm (rare quality lvl1) Also selling a pair of 496 imperial silk gloves Open to offers! Thanks for looking.Parnstor1 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 New PvPbased guild <Dishonorable Kill> is now recruiting! w are a laid back social pvp based guild looking for more members to fill its ranks. You can either message myself or Greetings for more info. You can also whisper any member online for an invite.Dânte0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 WTS Blue Quality Pets I would like to sell couple of pets. Elwynn Lamb Mechanopeep x 2 Tirisfal Batling Ammen Vale Lashling Please respond on this thread, or send an in-game mail to Ibankstuff (Horde) US-Korgath with your prices. I'm going for at least 3k+ each but I will discuss the reasonable prices if you don't like what I ask for. I will sell to Alliance or Horde alike. Thank you! (Editted 1/6/12 to add more pets)Darookie0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 <Nox Incurro> LF Mage for full time raid spot <Nox Incurro> on the US server Korgath is actively seeking a Mage to fill a full-time, core raiding spot, as well as other healing classes, ranged and melee dps to fill in and possibly advance to full time. We are a serious 10man raiding guild (Guild Level 25) with a strong and experienced core group in need of some more quality and committed players to help fill our ranks. The Schedule: We currently raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 3 hours per night from 8:00pm -11:00pm Central Time (server time). Current Progression: We are currently 6/6 Regular in Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear and will be beginning Terrace of Endless Spring next week. Our Loot System: As a guild, our general mindset when it comes to loot is that it is a means to an end, not THE end. Progression is our #1 priority and gear is a by-product of that success. That being said, we use a loot council system. We don't settle for loot drama, at all, period. What to Expect: Our guild has a strong set of core players, loyal and determined to reach our goals. The guild has been together and raiding since vanilla WoW (May 16, 2006) and isn't disappearing anytime soon. Our players put time into their own class, as well as the classes they raid around. Extensive knowledge of your class through research and development is a must. If you are looking for a starter raiding guild, this is not the place for you. The guild consists of adult players, adult language, and adult humor. If you are easily offended, can't take criticism or sarcasm lightly, or are just plain anti-social this probably isn't the right guild for you. More Info & How to Apply: If you think your up to the challenge and/or have additional questions you may contact either: Atrys (GM), Tereasa, Anataen or Tweezle via In-Game Mail or whisper on Korgath. I play everyday and I ensure you a quick response to any questions or concerns you may have.Tweezle3 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 [H] Natural Selection 10 Man - Recruiting DPS Good Evening Folks, Natural Selection is recruiting progression oriented Raiders who are looking to clear content on a 3day a week schedule. We raid from 11EST to 2am EST monday to wednesday.Our Raiding Roster has been together for some time and we are looking to fill our DPS ranks with Individuals who are looking to strive for the best and are willing to better themselves through research and competition. We are a Group of Adults who want to clear all the content in the expansion. We are Not an elietest Guild but we are Progression focused, We have our common back and forth banter in Teamspeak but when it comes to raids we focus to get Content down. Guild Repairs are Granted for all Raiders, Flasks and potions are required by the individual. Must be: Ilevel 473+ Raid ready, in gear and experience/knowledge Able to communicate, take responsibility, and handle criticism Server Korgath PVP Current Content: 6/6 MSV (1/6H) 4/6 HoF Currently Seeking: Warrior(dps),Balance Druid, Mage, Hunter to bolster our DPS lineup Raiding Mon to Wed 10pm to 1am Server If you have any Questions Please dont Hesitate to msg Tehlar Battletag Tom#1964 or Burningspray Battletag Burningspray#1137 Please Visit http://nsguild-korgath.wowstead.com/login to apply or communicate with us via WebsiteBurningspray2 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 LF Raiding Guild 474 item level and increasing rapidly, I know all fights and am very intuitive as well as willing to learn! I have raid experience from CATA but stopped playing WOW just before MOP and recently started playing again and would love to start raiding. Message me for more info!Adzepherrion0 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 [A]Fri/Sun 4/6HOF Team LF Spriest or Warlock Hey folks! Visit us at http://Sovereignwarcraft.com Currently 6/6 MSV, 4/6 HOF We're primarily looking for either one of the following to solidify the roster: 1) Shadow Priest with healing offspec 2) Ret Paladin with healing offspec or 3) Warlock Raid Times: Fri and Sunday night 7:30ST to 10:30ST We only raid twice a week so we expect to you to be on time, at your computer and focused at all times during raids. Hope to hear from you soon! If you wish to ask any questions in-game, whisper me (Charsiewbao) or Mazar/Ossus or Maximus/Glyalith.Charsiewbao20 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Door breaker If you an ally or horde with door breaker please pst or post it on neutral ah, looking for 2, discuss price later.Wãtever2 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 PVP activity Just wondering how active it is high end arena wise? Looking for somewhere to move, and restricted by aus latency.Doonx1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 OMG WORLD SERVER IS DOWN <-----OWNED BY WORLD SERVERSicdik1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Server crash?? *!%@!@@@* ! .. lolChuchnourish1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Ermagerd Kergerth crershed Ermagerd.Ericacartman1 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 All your server are belong to me.Giserem0 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 [A] <The Exiles> 10/16 LF Main Tank and DPS! Hi Everyone! <The Exiles> is currently recruiting for our 10-man progression team. Currently 6/6MV 4/6HoF Raid Times: Server time(ST) Tue: 7:00-11:00pm ST Wed: 7:30-11:30pm ST Thu: 7:00-11:00pm ST Seeking: HIGH - Main Tank- Warrior/Druid/Paladin/DK LOW - Off-tank- (possibly so our current OT can go back dps) not huge concern though HIGH - DPS- Shaman/Paladin/Warrior (But any class will be considered!) These are the main needs but ANY exceptional and proficient applicants are ALWAYS considered and wanted. For questions, please contact Jrgns, Gawfoda, Gizzel, or Thunderware Feel free to send in-game mail as well if not online. Thanks and hope to hear from y'all!Jrgns3 Jan 3, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 [H] 10 man <Orange Juice> is recruiting! <Orange Juice> is a 10 man level 25 raiding guild, we are currently 6/6 MV, and 2/6 HoF. We currently are looking for 3 good players which are, a good non warrior tank or boomkin, a good holy paladin, and a good shadow priest with a healing offspec. Raid times are tues,weds,and thurs 8pm server to 12am server. Reply here, whisper me in game or leave me an in game email and i will get back to you. My Battle Tag is Zezay#1784Dixxlam2 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 [H] Ex Inferno - Looking for Raiders! Dearest members of the Horde, This post is to inform the competent members of Korgath that Ex Inferno is looking for a raid ready Blood DK for tanking and two ranged DPS for the 10 man PvE experience! Requirements: - 460 ilvl - A good microphone - A positive attitude - Gear properly gemmed/enchanted/reforged Schedule: (All times server) Sunday: 7:45pm - 10pm Monday: 7:45pm - 10pm Wednesday: 7:45pm - 10pm If you meet these requirements and are looking to raid as early as Monday, please message Sickbeast for additional information. Website: http://exinferno.drupalgardens.com/Victions6 Jan 2, 2013
Jan 2, 2013 [A] <Silent> Recruiting for Raid 3 (10) Current Recruitment: 1x DK or Pally or Monk Tank must be 475+ WITH offspec DPS 1x Pally or Monk or Shaman Healer Must be 475+ About Us Our raid group consists of experienced, dedicated, mature and consistent raiders. We look to continue that trend by recruiting those who are like minded and patient. We are currently 6/6 MSV on normal difficulty. Rebuilding our raid group due to new raid schedule, and from losing people to impatience and lack of preformance, etc. Raid schedule is currently as follows: (All times are Server) Wednesday - 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM Friday - 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM Requirements: Mumble - We use mumble for our raids. Please have a headset and be able to communicate. High Attendance/Reliability - We have zero tolerance for people who have the tendency of being late or regularly missing the currently few raid days we have. Don't apply if for any reason our schedule is even the slightest problem. Attitude and Conduct - We have a positive, good-humoured, professional and mature atmosphere in our raid group. We don't want any immature delinquents. Good Raiding Skills/Knowledge - Be situationally aware, know your class and read up on it, know bosses strats and mechanics and be prepared to raid with consumeables. We are doing some rebuilding of our raid group, and therefor are in need of fairly geared applicants to step in, and be ready for progression as it has been delayed with unfavourable circumstances. With that in mind, we will be quick to judge on performance, and if it doesn't meet our standards, we won't have the time to wait for it to improve. Our loot system consists of people rolling 1000 MS / 100 OS. Patterns have dedicated crafters extras will be given to those who can use it via rolling 100. DE'd mats are put into the guild bank useable by ALL raiders in group 3 via myself or the assistant raid lead. We have access to all enchants/patterns Contact one of these people in-game if you are at all interested or require more information: Arieluma/Elurael, Laydie, Itazame.Elurael15 Jan 2, 2013