Jun 23 WTB Challenge Mode Gold Carry Add me in-game at Jerome#1844 to negotiate priceMlgnoskop1 Jun 23
Jun 16 WTB H Archi Kill Feel free to mail me in game or just post on here with your price. I work a weird schedule which means I haven't been able to raid basically all expansion.Jauris3 Jun 16
Jun 14 Looking to purchase 8/8 Gold CM Available anytime for anyone providing 8/8 Gold CM.... My btag Quin#6746Quinvexor0 Jun 14
Jun 14 735 Disc Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post! Just transferred back to Korgath since MoP and I'm looking to start raiding again after taking a break for a few months. Currently have 11/13 Mythic experience. I have progressed on Tyrant, I just wasn't there the next night when my guild killed it. I have maybe around 200+ pulls on Archimonde. Here's some logs from my time on Sargeras and Zul'jin. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1072721/latest#metric=hps https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11851254/latest#metric=hps If any of this sounds of interest, here's my btag: Zerolol#1794 Thanks!Mads4 Jun 14
Jun 13 (A) WTT Gold (tich or ED) for here or there WTT Gold (tich or ED) for here or there have some gold sitting on a lower level toon here and would like to pay my wow sub with it. *Update* - Already CompletedHyype1 Jun 13
Jun 13 [A] Morning raid team recruiting. Recruitment notice for the guild Light on Korgath US. Raid Times: AM TEAM: Wed 10:00am - 2:00pm server (8:00am - 12:00pm PST) (11:00am - 3:00pm EST) Thur 10:00am - 2:00pm server (8:00am - 12:00pm PST) (11:0m - 3:00pm EST) PM TEAM: Sun 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) Plans for a 2nd day for Legion. RBG/CMs/AltRaid Times: Tue 11:00am - 2:00pm server (Or when the realms are up from maintenance) Thur 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) TBC/WotLK Legacy Raids (70-80s Only) Monday 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) ------------------------------------------------------- Are you still having fun doing raids that came out months ago? Neither are we. But we do enjoy farming sh*t and hanging with guildies, doing achieves and being awesome. We progress. We never stop playing. We make it work. We are currently looking for the following: AM Team: Ranged DPS are badly needed! OPEN: Hunters, Mage, Lock, Spriest, Ele Shammy, Frost/UH DK. SEMI: Rshammy, Enh Shammy, Blood DK, Ret/Prot Pally, Fury War. CLOSED: D/Hpriest, RDruid, MW/BM Monk, Prot War PM Team: All Open Legacy: Open to all 60s, 70s, and 80s at this time. All PVPers are welcome, a LOT of us are doing 3s daily and RBGs daily. Bonus Points if you have a bumping personality and are comfortable with an OS (that goes for you too, pure DPS classes!!) -------------------------------------------------------- Guild History Light was originally a 25 man guild founded in the BC-era on Shadowmoon. We have had many changes during our raiding history, including leadership changes and a server transfer to Korgath. During MoP we had 3 Heroic/Mythic teams running and 2 Mythic teams in WoD. Despite realm population drops and changing to morning times we have been raiding every single week since. We also expanded into PVP running RBGs in 6.2 and have a large amount of past and present Glad players. -------------------------------------------------------- About us currently: The guild is in a transition process from being one of the top 5 raiding guilds on our realm to being a PVE and PVP "Semi-casual" oriented guild. We started running Morning times during HFC and have started another HFC team for night time raids late into the expansion. We do plan on adding another day for our night team when we have the people to run regularly. The main focus is prep for Legion and building a roster of players that can work together and get along with eachother. We have zero tolerance for drama and use big boy/girl rules. We want motivated and consistent players. The guild is much more laid back than prior tiers, our goal is to kick @$$ and have fun. Please contact Ludix/Krozix for any more information you may have. -------------------------------------------------------- Contact: AM Team officers: Munkeez and Krozix PM Team officers: Sixthsin and Ludix Legacy Team officers: Rupee and Chrozix Guild Master Btag: (Rh3v#1138)Ludix3 Jun 13
Jun 12 737 Paladin ret/prot Good Morning, I m looking for a long term home, and a good home. I am looking for a guild that is comprised of a solid group of people that understand life and families come first. I have been raiding since the end of BC, (wish I started playing earlier) and have served as an officer once or twice in that time. I raided on my enh shaman, I would like to go back to my paladin for Legion. Currently I'm 12/13m with a 6% wipe on Archi Looking for a 2-3 day raiding guild, that raids around 8-12 Sunday-Thursday. Willing and able to transfer Links: Paladin: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/uther/Nezastus/advanced My battle tag is sel#1538 Look forward to hearing from you. NezNezastus0 Jun 12
Jun 11 Movie meet up pics! hi im jimmy hung out with some dudes from Rage Pillage Murder along with my friend chris from my own guild. ...Jimmy0 Jun 11
Jun 10 WTB fel drake post price or send a wisp/mail in gameEyesfire0 Jun 10
Jun 10 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at ScotchandSoda.org, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10
Jun 8 Congrats to Ice Cream Citadel! Gratz on getting server 1st Mythic Archimonde, you guys!Dreadfury35 Jun 8
Jun 8 Last Hope 11/13M Wed/Sun Recruiting Schedule: Wed & Sun 8:30 CT - 10:30 CT Realm: Sargeras Current recruitment priority: DPS DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Balance Druid - High Demand Warrior, Monk, Elemental Shaman, Hunter - Possible spots available Shadow Priest, Ret Pally, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid - Low Healing Sorry, no additional healers are needed at this time. Tanking Sorry, no tanks are needed at this time. About joining the guild: We would ask that you server transfer after a trial if you love us and we love you. Please get ahold of our guild leader swerenfl#1545/Gluteas-Sargeras/Glutose-Sargeras, or you can get ahold of me Adhesyve#1668 or Adhesyve-Sargeras. You can also apply at lasthopeguild.com We are a 11/13 guild so we would ask if you’re applying that you have similar experience. About the guild: We have a very light schedule, but we have high output and expectations for the time we play. We’ve managed to get 11/13M on a 4 hour schedule, and with a couple more people we can get our 13/13M before pre-launch patch. The guild is pretty silly and fun in general with great raid leadership.Adhesyve0 Jun 8
Jun 5 Buy Silver CM Looking to buy Silver CM on my Boomkin. Anyone selling silver currently? I'm just looking to get mount. I don't need Gold.Dragonsilver0 Jun 5
Jun 4 WTB H Arch for alliance alt 25kGrommok1 Jun 4
Jun 4 [A]<Spire> 10/13M - Looking for More!! About Us: Current Progression: 10/13M Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday, 8:00pm-12:00am EST <Spire> of Korgath is a fairly young guild who is using this time to lay a foundation and recruit our core group to push Mythic content going into Legion. We are focusing on steady progression in raids while maintaining an adult oriented, “casual” raid schedule of only 8 hours a week. Because of this lighter schedule, and the desire to see actual progression, it is imperative that we recruit smart, driven raiders who will put their all in during our raid times. We strive to provide an environment in which serious, progression-minded players have the opportunity to advance in the "End Game" of WoW. We host a professional atmosphere where mature players have the opportunity to maximize their character's potential. Our aim is to enrich that environment with those seeking a long-term home in which to invest their time and energy. What We’re Looking For: **Immediate opening for a talented, skilled and committed Tank of any class** Rogue – High Death Knight - Medium Warrior - Medium Holy Paladin - Medium Shadow Priest - Low Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement) - Low If <Spire> sounds like the right fit for you please feel free to contact any of the below members for more information! Guild Master: Rothric (Pacman#1835) Officer: Sherai (Gairloch#1362) Recruitment Officer: Orsina (Orsina#1365) *Please do not contact officers or members during raid hours. Our raid time is very valuable to us and needs our full attention.* Orsina16 Jun 4
Jun 3 ICC 13/13M LF Healer!! Raid times: Tues, Wed, Thurs from 7-10PM Server time (8-11 EST). Currently, ICC is recruiting: Medium: 1 healer -------------------------- About us: Ice Cream Citadel (A) is recruiting for Mythic raiding! We are a guild with an experienced leadership and core that has completed 13/13M HFC and accomplished Cutting Edge for Mythic Blackhand. Our guild has achieved Korgath's realm first kills for Garrosh in SOO and Archimonde in HFC, and we are looking to maintain a high level of success for Legion. Our raid hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7pm-10pm ST (8pm-11pm EST). We have a relatively light raiding schedule at 9 hours a week, which we believe makes Mythic raiding very manageable. However, we approach raiding with a serious mentality and expect all our members to be well-prepared for our raids. Our guild also has a significant PvP presence. We are home to a few previous Gladiators and had several players 2500+ in 3s last season. We also had a 2200 RBG team, and our PvP-minded members will continue to have success alongside their PvE endeavors. What we expect out of our members: 1. Raid attendance: 80%+, meaning missing 2 days a month on average (we know and understand that emergencies happen.) 2. Have a thick skin: We don’t yell much but if you get offended by mild language or jokes this isn’t the guild for you. 3. Be able to handle yourself like an adult: If you have an issue with another member, unless their action is completely over the line, you should be able to resolve the situation with the person you took issue with. Officers will not step in to resolve minor interpersonal disputes. 4. Knowledge of your class: Know which spec is best for each fight and how to optimize your own dps. This includes pure DPS classes who can reasonably gear and learn their alternate specs such that they can switch among them based on the encounter (e.g., AoE spec v. ST spec). We are also looking for active PvPers and social members who would like to hang out with us! Apply at www.IceCreamCitadel.com (website still under construction). Contact Pennoyer (Penn#1891), Jakpot, Eleonas, or Fuski in-game if you have any questions!Pennoyer273 Jun 3
Jun 3 AWOKE VS MELEE HUNTER LOL!!!! ... !@#$ING LOLJimmy28 Jun 3
Jun 1 bozomojo This 100 tauren druid has been reported camping in duskwood for 10 plus hours a day just to kill lowbies. If this is not a form of greifing i do not know what is.could some one horde side see if this is just a bad player or some downie kid..Because I doubt he will respond on the forums.Tywìn27 Jun 1
May 28 WTB Gold Cmodes (All 8) Bal druid What title says.. Looking for Gold Cmodes, a carry i guess? but you decide :P Palmtree#1963 IF you have a group that sells and we can talk dates ( oo baby...)Owlgore1 May 28
May 26 Arcane Crystal Focusing Lens Anyone have one of these? I have been looking for the passed few days and I can't seem to find one in trade or on the AH. It's my last piece I need for the Trading Post Auctioneer so please hit me up in game if you have one to sell!Ardua2 May 26
May 26 Sambas spawn times he.. hello korgath.. this thread is to keep track of when the rare spawn named Sambas spawns and/or dies/is tamed.. i have read that the spawn is anywhere from 6-24 hours. Sambas is a lion that spawns in the twilight highlands, he is a rare spawn and has a unique model. Killing him only gives 25 gold and there is no achievement, so please do not kill him! let hunters tame him :D.. so if anyone really cares about mentioning if they have seen Sambas dead or alive, please post here :D and as of lately i have seen many hunters flying around his patrolling areas, best of luck to all the hunters trying to get him! keep track of what time it is if you see him and post it here!Kerrath14 May 26
May 24 12/13M LF Raiders for this tier and Legion!! Currently 12/13M HFC http://voxradixds.enjin.com/ We are always looking for experienced raiders to strengthen our team, but we are currently focused on recruiting the following. ¦ Currently Recruiting: Tanks- Only dps with tank os Healers- Resto shaman- High Resto druid- Medium Disc Priest- Low Mistweaver Monk- High Damage Mellee- Enhance shaman- High Ret Paladin- High Frost/Unholy deathknight- High Rogue anyspec- High Arms/Fury Warrior- Medium Wind Walker Monk- High Damage Ranged- Mage- Medium Lock- High Elemental shaman- Low Boomkin druid- High Shadow priest- High ¦ About Vox Radix: We are a semi-hardcore, progression oriented raiding guild on Korgath (CST) (US). Our main goal is to kill bosses on a three night schedule while maintaining a tight-knit team environment. We also accept applications for players that desire to be a part-time or back-up raider. While certain classes may not be listed we are always recruiting exceptional raiders of any class to help push progression. We prefer quality over quantity. We not only evaluate skill and motivation, but also the potential to mesh with the other personalities in our guild and maintain our tight-knit camaraderie. We want people who want to be there as much as we do. If logging on is a chore then it’s probably time for a break anyway. ¦ Schedule: Tuesday 8:00-12:00* Wednesday 8:00-12:00* Thursday 8:00-12:00* (6:00-9:00)[PST] (9:00-01:00) [EST] All raid times are server time (CST) * Each night could have an extra 30 minutes added to the end if we are close to downing a boss, at the raid's majority decision. ¦ Expectations of New Recruits: -The ability to attend our nights of raiding, being on time and staying through until the end. -We understand that gear does not necessarily make the player, but having gear on par or having as close to current content gear is required. -Knowledge of your class inside and out. Showcase your skill in what you do with knowledge of mechanics, gear, gemming, enchants, glyphs and professions. -Maintain a great attitude! No one wants to raid with someone who is pessimistic about everything. -Study encounters! Fights aren't always explained in raid, so you knowing the fight before you step into it helps greatly. -You must run Mumble! We like members who communicate with one another so having a mic is a big plus. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to contact us in-game on Korgath(US) Angelmichael- (Angelmichael#1552) Kione- GM (Kione#1278) Voltshot- Recruiting Officer (Voltar#1194) Or apply directly at http://voxradixds.enjin.com/Angelmich6 May 24
May 23 WTB 8/8 CM Gold carry Looking for a full Challenge Mode Gold carry. Btag BigD#1529 Hit me up with your price. TyDaniel9 May 23
May 22 <Ex Inferno> Who are we? Why join us? G'Day, I am one of Ex Inferno's Faction Development Officers (FDO) Alliance side, my toons name is Aspiemônk. Who is Ex Inferno? Ex Inferno is a worldwide social multi-gaming community providing a home for both hardcore raiders and casual players. At the end of the day we're here to have a good time. Our community spans the globe including but not limited to the Americas, Europe and Asia. Ex Inferno has both Alliance side & Horde side guilds on Korgath and Frostmourne. The name of the alliance side guild for Ex Inferno is Ëx Inferno with an alternate Ë character, horde side is Ex Inferno. What is our purpose as a community? Ex Inferno is here to provide the international gaming community with a home. A place where we can connect with like minded people where quality over quantity is respected while offering a vast social experience for all players across the globe. We pride ourselves in providing a fun, drama-free environment where it is easy to meet new people and enjoy the game to its fullest. Our motto is "Rise above the flames" and that is exactly what we strive for - always be better now than you were before. Where can you find us? Ex Inferno does not only have WoW Horde & Alliance based teams & guilds, we also cover a list of other games such as; Wild Star, H1Z1, ArcheAge, Star Wars:TOR, Minecraft, League of Legends, Guild Wars 2, Counter-Strike, Diablo3, Rift, Elder Scrolls Online, Marvel Heros, The Secret World, DC Universe Online, Star Citizen and the list continues to grow. Since we're a multi-faction community we have guilds on all factions of the games we play. Who are we looking for? We are looking for like minded individuals, small groups, raid teams, PvP teams and whole guilds. As long as you share in the ideals of our core values and beliefs and meet our recruitment guidelines, all are welcome and we would be honored to have you. Why join Ex Inferno? Team Speak server with your own Team channel Guild website/forum Guild bank access & guild repairs Access to a large and ever growing pool of players Progression Raiding & Intense PvP Multi-faction Guilds and Teams FDO's such as myself who are actively recruiting to fill the team ranks and grow the community, we are ready to assist you with your teams individual requirements. How does the chain of command work? Ex Infernos leader (Sick) maintains the chain of command across all the games and factions for the whole community, making sure the core values & beliefs (found on our website, Exinferno.com, click apply to have a read) of the guild are respected and holding the chain of command accountable to them and will not intervene in any area of the raid team. He also monitors the integrity and quality of our recruitment process. Each games faction Guild Master support their Team Leaders and Raid Assists in their guild, holding them and all members in their factions guild accountable to our core values & beliefs and will not intervene in any area of the raid team. Please take note! The current leadership structure of your team will be untouched and full control of your team will stay as you wish it ie. raid strats & tactics, loot rules, team composition & players, raid schedule times and days. Who recruits and how? Game faction Guild Masters with the assistance of the FDOs, Other game faction GMs and the guild leader, review and approve or decline applications and conduct interviews with prospective members adhering to stringent recruiting guidelines. This chain of command helps support and maintain the integrity and quality of the community across the globe. All are welcome to apply and all will go through the same recruitment process with no exceptions at any time. Are you Interested? If what Ex Inferno has to offer is of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact me or hop on our Team Speak server anytime look for someone with a coloured X. !Please note! If your raid team joins Ex Inferno you will need to choose from the available team colours eg. Grey, your team will then be known as Ex Infernos WoW Team Grey. To apply jump into Teamspeak @ exinferno.com no password and lets have a chat Contact Mistress Korgath GM (Alliance Korgath and TeamSpeak) Alliance FDO Aljonimo#6548 - Aspiemônk (Korgath), Aspieman (TeamSpeak) Alliance Korgath Team Lead Csalt (Alliance Korgath and TeamSpeak) Thankyou for taking the time to read this post and I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Aspiemônk aka Aljonimo Aspieman. /saluteAspiemônk6 May 22
May 19 Already taken care of. Ignore this thread. Already taken care of. Ignore this thread.Cmaw1 May 19
May 19 Kathiki I like that guy, he's a class act! And I really do believe him that he lives the type of lifestyle he claims he does.Strudle3 May 19
May 18 [H] WTB all Arcane Crystals and Dark Iron Ore Pst if i'm on or cod, Arcane Crystal - 300g each. Dark Iron Ore - 30g each. Also interested in buying all Ghost Iron Ore 4g each. ThanksWarriorgazzy1 May 18
May 14 Guilds with lots of active players? What's up guys? I'm just wondering which guilds on our realm have the most active players? I'm currently looking for a new guild to be social with and run some old, future, and current content with. The current guild I'm in only has 2 players on at a time at most, and it's pretty depressing lol.ßloodlord1 May 14
May 14 [H] The Alternative 11/13 M Lead *new* Well Met! **Note that our leads are 13/13 M and 11/13 M** The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 3 night a week raiding team. We're a newly formed guild looking to build our mythic raid roster to push through HFC and Legion. Progression; 13/13 Heroic, 1/13 Mythic HFC on our first week of raiding as a guild! We Raid: Tue/Thu as of right now. We will be raiding Tue/Wed/Thur come Legion. 5:00p-9:00p PST 6:00p-10:00p MST 7:00p-11:00p CST 8:00p-12:00a EST ---Open recruitment for Range dps/healing classes--- Specifics: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Disc Priest ANY Ranged DPS class 1 Melee dps who is willing to go tank when needed. • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app and get started with us. We look forward to seeing your app http://www.thealtern.enjin.com/ -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add us: duke#1285 (Main Recruiter) megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xandrii0 May 14
May 14 <A> Legion raid & rbg roster Recruiting dps and heals for Legion raid roster. Our raid days are Tue & Thurs and will likely remain 8pm-11pm, server. Also recruiting all for rbg team. We are an established guild filled with a diverse mix of good-spirited players. All players welcome. Message Fattyy or Dameliefde (ThatGrrl#1801), in-game, for more info.Dameliefde85 May 14
May 14 [H] Looking for raiding guild (ele shaman) been raiding since vanilla, cata, wotlk, skipped panda and now im back. Check my acheivement list if you want an idea of the acheivements i got as progression raider. almost none were made after the fact. 25 M preferedSensimilla1 May 14
May 13 Brotherhood 5/13M LF Weekend Raiders. Brotherhood (A) Korgath – US is recruiting a few solid raiders to flesh out our progression mythic raid team. Our current raid is composed of mostly veteran players, some of who came into Warlords late, wanting an end-of-expansion kill before Legion. We are by no means a hardcore guild, but our raid does have standards that are maintained. Showing up on time, making raid times unless noted before hand, and coming prepared with 125 food, flasks, potions, runes, and at least some knowledge of upcoming progression bosses are all expected of Brotherhood raiders, whether they are a recruit or an officer. Brotherhood is one of the only weekend raiding guilds on Korgath, raiding Fri/Sat/Sun 6-9 PM server/CST. All progression raiders are expected to have a minimum of: (1) a legendary ring, (2) some heroic raiding experience, (3) a good attitude and the right mindset for progression, and (4) the ability to attend 80% of raid times. A good sense of humor will also go a long ways, but is by no means a requirement. Most Recent Kills: Mythic High Council - March 19 Mythic Kilrogg - March 20 Tanks – 0 openings available All exceptional players will be considered. Healers – 0 openings available Our healing core is full, but any exceptional applicant will be considered. DPS – 3-4 openings available: 1 Unholy/Frost Death Knight 1 Frost/Arcane Mage 1 Shadow Priest 1 Warlock Brotherhood members in general are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Besides raiding, many of our members PvP, level alts, and run old content. Feel free to contact any one of the Real ID’s or character names listed below or simply reply to this post if you have any questions Brotherhood or our progression raid team. Shalalama#1952 Stevo#1759 Iron#1381Hollet62 May 13
May 12 <Immortality> 13/13H 3/13M LF Mythic Raiders <Immortality> on Korgath-US is a DAY ONE guild. We have been active since Nov 23, 2004 who still has the drive to push and progress through all Mythic content. We are looking to fill our roster with exceptional raiders to push progression, compete on meters and have fun while doing it. Many external activities keep us all well intertwined with each other. Its a game after all, and we love playing this game. Majority of us have been here since the beginning and still here having fun and increasing our pool of friends. ► What you can expect from us: Progression Organization Semi-Hardcore Atmosphere Comedic Atmosphere All around great time We don't want raiding to be a chore or a second job, we just want to have fun and progress. ► What we expect from you: Attendance Performance Up to date on your class and role Able to handle direction and suggestions We raid with a semi-hardcore mindset. Staying up to date on your roles and changes will help you progress and the guild progress. ► Raid Schedule: Monday: 8:00pm EST to 12:00am EST Tuesday: 8:00pm EST to 12:00am EST Wednesday: 8:00pm EST to 12:00am EST ► Classes with Immediate openings: We are not limited to the list below, we are ALWAYS accepting exceptional raiders to strengthen our core. Tank Non-DK Tank - HIGH NEED Melee DPS None Range DPS Mage - HIGH NEED Warlock Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest Hunter Healer Mistweaver Monk Resto Shaman ► Loot Loot is handled via Loot Council factored by Attendance and Performance. ** More information can be discussed via whispers and voice chat on Mumble. ** For immediate consideration, add Xylr#1992, Gameday#1686 or Krinard#1968 for more information! Or drop an application at our website, http://immortality-sc.enjin.comXylr12 May 12
May 11 739 monk tank and 738 Hpally LFG Hi, and thanks for reading. Two of us, (husband and wife) currently horde side looking for a new raiding home. We stepped down from raiding when our previous raid team was looking like it was going the way of the DoDo, took a nice break for a few weeks to regroup, and here we are. Looking for something preferably similar progress to us (11/13m and 10/13m respectively), and in the area of 7-10 PST weekdays. Slightly flex on days/times for the right fit, but pref to keep times within an hour or 2 of what we had. Looking for a great friendly group to finish WoD strong and head into Legion with the intention of doing progression and being competitive. Brewmaster monk has been tanking for the last couple expansions, with experience also as a healer on other toons when needed. Pally has been healing since Cataclysm, masquerading as a mage prior to that :) Both of us have always had exceptional attendance rates, coming prepared for all fights with a plan and consumables, and always willing to swap/rotate, depending upon the guild's needs. Other characters of note include a 720 resto/guardian druid, and a 720 resto/ele shaman for the monk, and a 721 disc priest for the pally. Also, transferring to Alliance is a non-issue. Again, we'd like to find a great long term home. Faction is negligible. If any of this is of interest, feel free to reply here or add me Sedestia#1763 Look forward to chatting!Soleirissa0 May 11
May 11 @Gabe - Horde Paladin Fam, I know you're out there. Where are you?!Shabbinor0 May 11
May 9 ★★★ EXP IV 13/13M NEEDS 730+ DPS/HEALS ★★★ If you ever accidentally drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let 'em go, because man, they're gone. Who Are We: Experiment IV is a mid-sized, semi-hardcore Alliance guild. We pride ourselves on having a great in game energy and synergy with all its members. We are a chill, social, respectful, team-focused, motivated, committed group of players. Requirements: Commitment Mythic Experience Positive Attitude Raid Schedule: Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm CST Tuesday 8:00- 11:00pm CST Wednesday 8:00 -11:00pm CST Currently Recruiting: ALL DPS Contact Info: http://experimentiv.enjin.com/pveapp or in game Guild Leader - Fantastica Contact: supervixen4#1854 Co Guild/Raid Leader - Fiiftycal Contact: dave#11704Fantastica285 May 9
May 7 715 Brew10/13M Exp LF Legion Mythic Raid team I am looking to tank for legion i spent WoD mainly on my Rogue. I will be willing to play any tank class in Legion as for now only have monk and pally over 700 ilvl monk has Ring pally does not. I am looking for a serious progression guild been in low or middle of the pack guilds most this xpac and looking for some serious progression. Can raid Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat between 5PM PST to 11PM PST I have alot of progression history dating back to when i started raiding seriously at the start of WotLK. I started playing about mid BC so i didnt do much more then T4 and ZA runs with my guildies. (Only listing raids i progressed while current) WotLK- Naxx 10/25 Cleared Uld 10 all HMs and 1 Light Cleared Uld 25 Cleared with 3 HMs TOGC25 4/5H ICC 10 11/11H 25 9/11H Cata- FL 6/7H prenerf DS 11/13 3rd buff MoP- ToT 4/13H prenerf SoO 14/14 mythic post 6.0 WoD- HM 7/7H 1/7M 10/10H BRF 10/13M HFC on my rogue If you have any questions for me Forsetti#1223 is my Btag Thanks :) hope to hear back from you!Drunknmonkn0 May 7
May 6 13/13 M Hunter Looking for guild for legion im looking for progress guild to join for legion willing to play any spec needed in legion also looking for Heroric/Mythic GDKP group as carry Logs on first kill Manny https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2GAvyzfgkchY1B6Q#fight=15&type=damage-done Archi https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3FbDAT1a7V2nzGBX#fight=10&type=damage-done will transfer server /factionMazal0 May 6
May 6 GRATS EXP IV RAIDERS 13/13 MYTHIC! Congrats to my awesome guild, finally after a long time, we downed Archie! Thank you to everyone that stuck it out with us through roster challenges at the end of a dry expansion and those countless wipes. You guys are the best, love your faces. TANKS: OrcharDK Rabbcub HEALS: Olivegarden Fûrÿ Dwiae DPS: Reknuz Lundqvist Parrs Xiderpures Iel Idotfast Aetherflame Exíle - Tenaris Worgen - Honourable Member from the Interwebs Eleonas - Honourable Member from ICC Twirannosaur - Honourable Member from ICC Honourable Mentions: Saix Synysterone Areg Kryzym Juxer Hyate Worldstarz Nicole And the Raid Lead Team you guys are SUPER: Fiiftycal Yahkin NotAustin Just had to shout out to my fam! Love you guys. xo FantasticaFantastica25 May 6
May 5 <A> 731 Disc Priest LF Mythic and new home Hey!! Thanks for your consideration! About me: I've pugged this entire expac and am a Korgath server top 10 Disc Priest for ilvl 729 ( equipped). Have logs on request. I play 4 healing classes, but Disc and MW monk are my favorite and most geared at this time. All have legendary rings. I come to raid prepared, with my own 125 food, flask, runes. I'm familiar with first 4 bosses mythic HFC but have not found pug groups to down more than Reaver at this time. I'm a very quick study. I strive for a 95+ percent attendance rate, as consistency is paramount for successful progression. I'm always early for raid and I understand the importance of constructive criticism. I can provide it as well as I am welcome to receive it. Times available & time zone: Prefer weekdays but will consider any day with raid times between 5-10pm CST Server preference: Any Faction preference: For the Alliance!!!!! Semi-hardcore preferred. Current progression/experience: 13/13HHFC - I often lead pug groups. 1/13 Mythic Contact info: Graÿce ( alt code 152) Btag- Cinque#1659 About you: Please be Mythic ready/Mythic capable. I prefer Raid leaders and environment that is calm, cool, and collected. No ragers.. progression can be frustrating and I want to be part of a group that values teamwork and camaraderie. If that sounds like your guild, hit me up in game or leave a response below!Graÿce1 May 5
May 4 Hodor. Hodor.Hodor7 May 4
May 4 CM Buddies Legion is approaching and me and my pal are looking for a few others to knock out CM gold with. It seems most people have already done them by this point in the game, so if there are any stragglers left out there we would be more than happy to set something up! Add me on Bnet gylogan#1554Meador1 May 4
May 1 Which one of you jokers mailed me 1k HAMMERS? This took me about fifteen minutes to delete. I had to use a macro to get rid of them. ...Jimmy8 May 1
Apr 30 Linkxz's Smithy Hi all. I have two blacksmiths (one horde, one alliance) and between the two of them, I can craft every item in the game, except for Icebane Breastplate (level 60 naxx frost resist chest, somehow was unlearned, but looks exactly like the level 80 Naxx frost resist piece) :S Anywho, I am announcing that I can make many unobtainable items, provided that you have the mats. These items can be made on Linkxz, my level 80 warrior on Korgath Horde. These items are: ~~~ARMOR~~~ Icebane Gauntlets (Rare frost resist gloves from Level 60 Naxx, Frozen Runes required!) Icebane Bracers (Not worth making) Full Runic Plate Set (Plate set: Legs, Chest, Helm, Gloves, and Boots) NOTE: Four of the pieces are currently obtainable in the game, but the chest is not available, unless a blacksmith has it learned. Full Ornate Mithril Set (Plate set: Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Boots, and Gloves) Full Bloodsoul Armor (Mail set: Shoulders, Chest, Gloves) Full Darksoul Armor (Plate set: Shoulders, Chest, Legs) Full Enchanted Thorium (Plate set: Helm, Chest, Legs) Fiery Plate Gauntlets (Plate gloves) Demon Forged Breastplate (Plate chest) Orcish War Leggings (Mail legs) Truesilver Gauntlets (Plate gloves) Truesilver Breastplate (Plate chest)~~~WEAPONS~~~ Blazing Rapier (One-hand sword) Dawn's Edge (One hand axe) Blight (Polearm) The Shatterer (One hand mace) Truesilver Champion (Two hand sword) Arcanite Champion (Two hand sword) Enchanted Battlehammer (One hand mace) Masterwork Stormhammer (One hand mace)If you wish to have ANY of the above otherwise UNOBTAINABLE weapons or armor crafted, add my battletag Linkzx#1386 Thanks for viewing my post, and if you have any friends interested in these items, spread the word! :)Linkzx3 Apr 30
Apr 30 [H] WTB all Arcane Crystals 300g/each C.O.D me if you have any, will take any amount. Thanks.Warriorgazzy0 Apr 30
Apr 29 It's Called KORGATH! K-O-R-G-A-T-H. That doesn't spell Kargath. That doesn't spell Bleeding Hollow. That doesn't spell Tichondrius. That doesn't spell Stormrage. That doesn't spell Sargeras, either. We don't flood your other servers' forums with guild recruitment spam. There's a cross-realm thread for that. Don't flood ours with your guild recruitment spam.Dreadfury3 Apr 29
Apr 28 (A-Korgath)The Mile High Club is recruiting! The Mile High Club is recruiting! Our members are friendly and a lot of fun. We expect people to perform at their best and have a positive attitude. We are a casual guild that enjoys raiding as a team and challenging ourselves to become better players. As we have come closer to the end of the expansion a lot of our raiders have not been on as much so we're seeking players who are still looking to progress! Raid times: • Progression- Saturday and Sunday @ 7pm realm time until 11pm Fun Runs- Fridays when there are interest Progression: • Heroic HFC 7/13 Raid Loot: • Loot Council – Simply put, we aim to award loot to the player who needs it most based on their character stats and spec, at a rate of one item per night per player unless no one else needs it for their main spec. Current Progression Recruitment Preferences: • Resto Shamans and Druids • DOT classes including Shadow Priests and Warlocks • Guardian Druid or any non-Paladin Tank • Exceptional applicants of all classes/specs will always be considered Applicants: Please contact any officers for more information or an invite! Contact: Heartbleed (GM), Haryndem (Raid Lead), Apocilyps (Officer), Prosi (Officer)Prosi1 Apr 28
Apr 25 LFM Seattle, Wa players If anyone is a seatown player post up. There's a few of us that frequently get beers together and be fun to meet more. Post up. We have a horde seatown channel.Badeline38 Apr 25
Apr 24 [A] Starting 2nd raid team! We are starting a 2nd raid team to accommodate our night time guildies. Raid Times: AM TEAM: Wed 10:00am - 2:00pm server (8:00am - 12:00pm PST) (11:00am - 3:00pm EST) Thur 10:00am - 2:00pm server (8:00am - 12:00pm PST) (11:0m - 3:00pm EST) PM TEAM: Tue 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) Wed 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) RBG/CMs/AltRaid Times: Tue 10:00am - 2:00pm server (Or when the realms are up from maintanance) Thur 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) TBC/WotLK Legacy Raids (70-80s Only) Monday 10:00pm - 1:00am server (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) (11:00pm - 2:00am EST) ------------------------------------------------------- Looking For: AM Team: OPEN: DPS & Healers SEMI: CLOSED: Tanks, Hunter, Mage PM Team: Open: All Closed: Hpally All PVPers are welcome, a LOT of us are doing 3s daily. Bonus Points if you have a bumping personality and are comfortable with an OS (that goes for you too, pure DPS classes!!) -------------------------------------------------------- Guild History Light was originally a 25 man guild founded in the BC-era on Shadowmoon. We have had many changes during our raiding history, including leadership changes and a server transfer to Korgath. During MoP we had 3 Heroic/Mythic teams running and 2 Mythic teams in WoD. Despite realm population drops and changing to morning times we have been raiding every single week since. We also expanded into PVP running RBGs in 6.2. -------------------------------------------------------- About us currently: The guild is in a transition process from being one of the top 5 raiding guilds on our realm to being a PVE and PVP "Semi-casual" oriented guild. We started running Morning times during HFC and have started another HFC team for night time raids late into the expansion. Are you still having fun doing raids that came out months ago? Neither are we. But we do enjoy farming sh*t and hanging with guildies, doing achieves and being awesome. We progress. We never stop playing. We make it work. We want motivated and consistent players. We want good solid players to round out our rosters. The guild is much more laid back than prior tiers, our goal is to kick @$$ and have fun. Please contact Ludix for any more information you may have. - Ludix/Rhev (Rh3v#1138)Ludix0 Apr 24
Apr 24 [A] Malevolence Fr/Sa 8:30P-12:30A CST 9/13M <Malevolence> is an Alliance progression raiding guild on Sargeras-US (PvP). Many of our members have been playing together since early 2006 in vanilla. We have collectively raided every expansion since then. Our goal is progression on a limited schedule and to provide a home for skilled players who no longer have the time or inclination to raid four or more nights a week. Many of our raiders have been in server first and top US guilds, but their schedules no longer allow for such a commitment. Our raid lead is 13/13 Mythic, and we plan to push progression as far as we can before the release of Legion. Raid Schedule Friday 8:30pm-12:30am CST Saturday 8:30pm-12:30am CST Sunday – optional farm, alt, or guild achievement runs Current Needs • Shaman - Restoration • Death Knight - Unholy/Frost • Paladin - Holy • Warlock • Warrior See our website for more details. Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. Preference will be shown to applicants with high-end raiding experience, high-end PvP experience, officer or leadership experience, and up-to-date gear. If you were a high-end player in the past and you are just recently returning to the game, we may be willing to work with you until you get caught up. Raider Responsibilities In order to facilitate a fun, competitive raiding environment for everyone, all raiders are expected to maintain certain standards and personal responsibilities. Those responsibilities are detailed below. 1: Be punctual. The raid begins at start time, so log in early for invites and to clear trash if needed. 2: Be prepared. Show up to raids with the best available consumables, enchants, and gems. You will be expected to already know boss encounters when entering the raid, so actively research them your own. Check the guild forums frequently for strategy updates and important announcements. 3: Strive to be competitive. Min/max your characters on a weekly basis by valor upgrading your gear and legendary rings as quickly as possible, do your naval missions for your Iron Fleet Treasure Chest , etc. Keep up with the latest information on your class and aim to fix your mistakes and improve your performance each week. 4: Conduct yourself in a mature, team-focused manner during events and raids. Work with the guild to make raiding an enjoyable experience for everyone. Self-focused, loot-focused, and immature behavior will not be tolerated. Don't argue with leaders, make snide comments, or complain during raids. If you have an issue, discuss it later with an Officer. 5: Have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. 6: Have TeamSpeak 3 installed, a working headset, and listen carefully. We can't afford to carry any dead weight, so pay attention during raids. Don't call out unnecessary things; leave voice chat clear for those making important calls. 7: Attendance! If for some reason you can't make it to a raid, always post a thread in the Attendance section in advance. Exceptions are made for emergencies. Be able to maintain near perfect attendance or higher during your trial period and 80% or higher attendance during your time as part of our core raid team. How to Apply If you think you'd be a good fit for us, visit our website, and fill out an application at: www.malevolence.us Feel free to contact me in-game via btag if you have any questions. Jaegur#1855Antihiro7 Apr 24