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2h [A] RKT - 4/11M - Tue/Wed - LF Strong DPS Resident Kabuki Theatre is currently looking for talented players to bolster our 2 night per week progression oriented raiding roster for Antorus the Burning Throne. General Information Faction: Alliance Raid Size: 20 man Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Times: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. PST Website: Current Progression 4/11M Antorus the Burning Throne 7/9M Tomb if Sargeras 8/10M Nighthold 7/7M The Emerald Nightmare 2/3M Trial of Valor Current Needs: - Hunter - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Shadow Priest - Rogue Qualifying Characteristics As a player: We are looking for talented players who know their class inside and out, have the ability to fully commit to our raiding schedule, are progression oriented, and understand what it means to work as a team. Attendance: We need people who can commit 2 nights, 6 hours total per raid week. If your work/school/personal schedule is or may be a conflict in the near future, please do not seek a trial position. We do not raid on major holidays and are understanding of extraneous circumstances, however, these should be far and few. Trial Process Trial membership is obtained by applying on our forums and waiting for an officer to reach out to you for an interview after reviewing your application. If this interview proves you to be a potential asset to the raiding team, a follow up interview may be required with the raid leader or other officers. If the candidate is in accord with all expectations, we will offer a trial position. Trials will be subject to constant rotations in and out of the raid and generally will have limited loot access until they've made it successfully to raider status. Trial period consists of 3 weeks and 100% attendance is required. Trial period may be extended at the discretion of the officer core. Loot Distribution We run a "Loot Council" distribution style system which considers attendance, performance, how considerable an upgrade is, and if the item is BiS or not. Loot is ultimately decided at the discretion of the officer core. For more information, or inquiries about joining us as a trial, please head to or reach out directly. BNET: Emerald#1525 BNET: Decaynyc#1679 BNET: Malcador#1499 Discord: Emerald#6746 Discord: Decaynyc#9301 Discord: Bruwslee#4008Emeraldchi30 2h
14h Psychøsis Recruiting We are always recruiting. Fun outgoing peeps who raid with fun attitudes. We run Mythic +, dungeons, old raids and we are currently 2/11 M Antorus. We would like to add some more crazy people to our home. Recruiting for all specs. Need an Off tank who can tank and dps. Hit me up if interested SmexieLexie#1915Nìghtshåde0 14h
20h (A) <No Moral Compass> Recruiting [A] No Moral Compass is looking for raiders to fill out our roster 11/11 N Antorus 8/11 No Moral Compass is a casual raiding guild with a relaxed atmosphere. We do not require anything of our raiders except to be chill and to be somewhat consistent with attendance. Our general mission in the raid is to clear heroic and achieve AOTC in each tier. We've accomplished that with EN, ToV, and Nighthold and ToS so come get your 11/11 and get your spot for the new raid. Raid nights Wed 5-8 PM Thurs 5-8 PM Currently recruiting Melee Dps Ranged Dps Please contact wakahiru#1986 or respond below. Thanks!Opa38 20h
1d <<A>> The Fallen Renegades *Lightbringer* LFM Welcome <<A>> The Fallen Renegades <<Lightbringer Server>> is now recruiting for core raiding spots! We just recently started raiding Aug 8th. The Fallen Renegades is a progression guild where our exceptions for our raiders are hardcore, but our game is not. Our creed is: ... ... Level 110 Ilvl 925+ for Raiding Legion DPS 700K+ for Raiding Legion HPS 700K+ for Raiding Legion We are looking for solid Committed Guild Members. I am looking for the following for our core raiding team: ... Raid Days/Times Tue/Wed/Thur 7p - 9p PST ... The Fallen Renegades looks at the guild as a whole to make sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of our abilities. We are not looking to rush into anything, in other words we plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime. We are not looking to keep up with the other guilds/servers we are just looking for great personalities, people who want to have fun, who will have commitment, patience, and not afraid of a little challenge. ... Last but not least and above all else we want to keep the fun in the game! After all this is exactly that -- A GAME! No drama or you will get auto Gkicked ...Yesabella32 1d
1d <A> Looking for Guild Looking for a guild that raids after 7pm server time, nights don't matter. I am still gearing up, so looking for a place that is still doing Antorus normal. I also have a 935 Ret Paladin; I'd prefer to heal on Resto Shaman but I just want to raid on a regular schedule. Last serious raiding I did was in MoP so I'm a little out of the game, but I make sure to know mechanics and study. I'm on at all hours of the day as well so looking for a very sociable guild to call home! Message me in game (my bnet is Tolaris#1957) or comment below, thanks!Grimholdt2 1d
2d [A] 3/11 H - <No Clue> progress with us Greetings Traveler! No Clue is looking for Heroic ready raiders & casual socialites to be a part of our upstart guild! We have a casual atmosphere outside of raids, but a serious tone for the 3 hours that we have you for raids! We tend to spend a lot of time in our Discord even during off time every day, this guild is more than just a raid team. In our raid group we expect a few things from our raiders: 1. Dedication: We expect raiders to attend our weekly raids and be on time. Special circumstances should be messaged to an officer ASAP; Sometimes things come up and we understand, just let us know. Put in some time on our off days to get gear so you can bring the numbers we need to clear bosses. 2. A willingness to learn: We understand that not everyone is an expert at raids; so long as you're willing to learn whatever you need to know to succeed in our raids, you're golden. 3. Attitude: A serious demeanor when raiding is all we ask for. Banter is alright, but don't get too toxic when it's on our time. We keep it lighthearted in our off time, but when we all enter the raid channel, it's time to get serious. Raid Times: Tuesday - 9:00 pm to 12:00 am PST Sunday - 9:00 pm to 12:00 am PST Preferred roles: -Ranged DPS (Mage/Boomkin/Ele/Spriest) -Healers (Druid/Shaman/Monk/Priest) -DPS with a healing offspec (at least 72 traits in both specs and able to switch as needed for raid team) - room for 1 rogue / 1 dps DH / Our Guild Master: LittleFleece#1849 Officer: Killobytes#1287 xPrecision#1301 Saltychip#1531Slaytonz0 2d
2d [A] <Novus Sanctum> 11/11H | LFM! We’re looking for a few good players to join our ranks. Raid Openings (Alliance only): Healer • Disc Priest or Holy Paladin (high priority) - 1 Melee DPS • Rogue - 2 • Demon Hunter - 1 • Death Knight - 1 • Paladin - 1 Ranged DPS • Warlock - 1 Raid Schedule and Times (PST, server time): • Tuesday: 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM • Thursday: 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM • Saturday (fun run): 5:45 PM - 8:30 PM Progression: 11/11N, 11/11H Antorus, AOTC in ALL Legion raids. Application: • Please fill out the application if you are interested in joining. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Dirk#1794 on battle net, Melyssana in-game, or Calikk#6354 on Discord. Our requirements: • Be knowledgeable about your class—know: optimal talents, stats, gear, gems, enchants, rotation • Be ilvl 930 • Have at least 75 points in Artifact Weapon (for Netherlight Crucible unlocks) • Have the appropriate addons and keep them up to date (DBM, ExRT, RCLootCouncil, Weak Auras, etc.) • Have a positive and constructive attitude We're mainly worried about the points into your weapon. We can gear you up to where you need to be pretty quickly but we can't level your weapon for you. So, as long as your weapon is in a pretty good spot and your gear isn't 825, hit Calikk or Melyssana up in-game. Why should you join Novus Sanctum? We are not only a progression raiding guild, we are a friendly home for everyone who joins. The atmosphere of the guild is friendly, helpful, supportive, and rewarding. When it's time for business to be handled in raid, we do it, but we have fun at the same time. We regularly run dungeons, Mythic+, and even old content if we get the urge. We would rather bring players who are willing to learn and execute mechanics even if their DPS might be a bit lower, than those who only care about the meters and nothing else. If you have any questions, contact our raid lead Melyssana or recruiter Calikk.Calikk2 2d
2d <Dysfunctional Society>Alliance Freshly formed leveling guild started by a buddy and I. Recently switch from horde to alliance because of the population on lightbringer. We're mainly focused on leveling with the new patch at the moment but if we get enough people we will start raiding Antorus. Currently we have some level 40 characters were playing on at the moment and mulling over the idea of doing so relaxed versions of Project 60. Not your typical recruitment post but if anyone is interested feel free to add/message me in game. Raymundo#1736Drakkur0 2d
2d <Ecksdee>1/11M | Tu/Th 8-11PST Need DPS We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-11 Server time. We are currently 11/11H and are looking for a few skilled dps to move into Mythic. *CURRENT NEEDS* Tanks - Filled Healers - ~ Melee DPS - Any Ranged DPS - Any, specifically Mage/Hunter/Druid Our goals as a raid are to experience WoW's raid content by smoothly progressing throughout each tier and enjoy ourselves by killing bosses with friends in the search for purples and prestige. That being said we try to hold accountability during raid and expect everyone to put forth a strong effort to perform both mechanically and damage/healing. For raid, during Mythic Progression we will provide feasts and flasks to all raiders and trials. Loot is distributed via a Loot Council consisting of several Officers, and a rotating raid member. Loot will be passed out at the discretion of the Loot Council, taking into consideration the following; attendance, current gear, importance of said item (specifically trinkets, tier, relic), and impact. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me on BNET: Syrup#1855 GM|RL: Mos - Syrup#1855Mos12 2d
3d [A] <Crit My Pants> (18+) LFM! <Crit My Pants> is a group of experienced raiders, just getting back into WoW. We are currently working our way through Antorus Normals; we plan on doing Heroic and eventually Mythic raids. We will be raiding on Tu/Th/Su(flex day) from 6:00 - 9:00pm Server, 9:00pm - 12:00am EST; On off days, we run Mythic + dungeons. We are currently recruiting for all classes, trying to build our core raid team up more. We do prefer individuals with past raid experience, but if you know your class well and think you can be a competent raider at Heroic and Mythic levels, we will give you a shot! Here's your time to shine! :D Raid requirements: 90% availability (by month) 11/12 days or 7/8 days without flex (on farm) iLVL: 930+/- Addons: DBM/Big Wigs Voice: Discord Show up on-time, properly geared/itemized for your spec and with all available gems/enchants; flasks & feasts will be provided. Contact Chix, in-game or toxicSan#1531 on bnet.Chix2 3d
3d [A] Notion | 9/9 & 9/11M | US #1 6 Hour/week! Guild: Notion @ Lightbringer (A) Prog: 9/9M ToS -- 9/11M ABT Raid: t/w 8-11 CST Loot: Personal #1 US 6 hour/week guild looking for a god tier dps! Come get CE in 6 hours/week and be a part of our WW#1 openly gay resto shaman / personal loot raid team! Exceptional players are also encouraged to apply! MSG me on discord attillaa#7112 Or, if you are not interested in joining, feel free to troll these streams: Log (disc priest & president of the pom squad for Josh@Method): Ben ("I was once a AAA hockey player, but now I'm fat", resto shaman): Thor (12 1/2 year old mm hunter - keep this chat PG): Psytoxic (Blood DK - he asked me to put a certain description in here, but I'm going to leave this blank until something insulting comes to my mind and then you will see it here): Bench (I'm not sure what spec he is, has never been in a raid): Attillaa24 3d
3d LF casual raiding guild I'm going to be transferring this lock to Lightbringer soon and would like a place to chill. My main lock is 11/11 N and 8/11 H Antorus so I do have some experience. I'm mainly looking for Wed/Fri/Sat preferably just one or two of those days. Edit - I'm EST so I'd prefer an 8-11pm EST or similar. Thanks!Lucrend5 3d
3d [A] <Immortal> 2/11 M Tues/Weds 6-8:30 [A] <Immortal> 2/11 M ABT Tues/Weds 6-8:30 Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-8:30 Server PST Lightbringer What we are looking for: Raiders that are well studied on their class, fully prepared to show up on time every time with the knowledge, consumables and attitude to get the job done as a team. High Attendance: Real Life happens but missing raids should be few and far between. If you don’t think you can make it 100% of the time then we’re probably not a good fit Attitude: Positive, Humble, and Team Oriented. If you often have personal conflicts, personality clashes or a generally elitist attitude, we’re probably not a good fit Performance: Have you checked your parses? Numbers aren’t everything but the first thing we are going to do is pull your sheet. We’d like to see some purple on a couple DPS check fights. More importantly though, can you stay alive? I like a purple parser that does mechanics more than a legend parser that gets hit by a beam on every other pull. Still Interested? Current Needs: - DPS Warrior - Boomy - Mage - Warlock We will always consider strong players even if not listed If you feel you are on par with our numbers and meet our current needs please see the contact information below or reply here. Loot Distribution: RC Loot Council. Attendance, performance and overall team benefit determine loot distribution. We do not play favorites here. Interview/Trial Process: Message an officer with your character name and any other relevant information. If it’s a good fit we’ll set up a quick Discord interview and hammer out specifics. Trial is generally 3 weeks. During that time you are eligible for loot however if it is a major upgrade for a full attendance raider that will take priority. If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact the following officers, Discord is honestly the easiest way: Discord: Jesta#1679 Dregus3#7418 Battle Tags: Jesta#1509 Dregus#1255Jestatip30 3d
3d The Trust 5/11 M Recruiting <The Trust> US - Alliance Lightbringer 7/7M - EN Cutting Edge 11/11M NH Cutting Edge 7/9M ToS *Currently 5/11 M Antorus We are an adult semi-hardcore raiding guild who strives to achieve Cutting Edge each new tier of content. We are currently in search of a few key classes to help fill out our Mythic progression roster. We are a guild who strives on bringing the player over the gear. Mechanically sound players are often chosen over “Parse Lords”. We strive to joke and have fun in between pulls, but get down to business when we are progressing. Raid Times: Tues,Weds,Thurs 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST Classes We Need: Boomkin - High Priority Ret Pally - High Priority WW Monk - High Priority Holy Pally Disc Priest Resto Druid - High Priority Loot Distribution: RC Loot Council Prospective members will be subject to a two-week trial period where their loot priority will be below that of main raiders. Once this period has expired, and membership is approved, all loot will be distributed equally. Contact Info: Any interested player can contact me via the following Bnet. Forswornn #1172Dïya0 3d
3d Arbiter All Mighty won't unban me I talked to the Looking For Group chat about Cutepurppaly, would not unban me from his guild. What the hell is going on?!?!?! >:( Blizz can u tell him that to get me back to his guild?Briantiaa1 3d
3d [H] Late Night Raiding Guild Are there any late night raiding guilds out there? I'm also kinda wondering if there's any horde guilds out there really lol as trade chat is pretty slow. Thanks!Hardcast2 3d
3d {A} <Censure> Recruiting {A} <Censure>- Lightbringer is recruiting for Heroic Antorus. Raids led by 10/11 Mythic Antorus experienced lead. We are a skilled team of raiders that like to have fun while progressing. We have an active discord and helpful members. Raid times are: Mondays 7-10PM Pacific Standard Time. Thursday 8-11PM Pacific Standard Time. Currently seeking one healer (preferably Priest or Monk). And DPS (all classes, specs). If you have any questions or would like to join us please contact me at: Karma#13239Sethira0 3d
4d Whats Trade chat for again? I realize this is an MMO. I also Realize people are going to be social in ever channel we have. I do not however appreciate having to listen to grown men and women act like total idiots in trade chat every day. I was trying to sell an item in trade. But, every time I went to post my item I doubt anyone could read it due tot he horrific traffic form these immature players. At some point the player ask a dumb question so I gave the correct answer and got my chat privilege suspended until GM review . So, you mean to tell me that these fellas can spam trade chat all day with all the BS they can muster form their tiny little brains but, Others who use the channel for what it was intended for are not allowed to comment. I'm really beginning to hate this game because the game it self isnt all that bad but I feel like im outgrowing the Immaturity involved. Your ignore list can only be so full ... I dont want to have to ignore everyone either. I pay the sub just like everyone else. .. Guess thats my fate though. To mind my business ans try to use the channel for real intentions but, Im worng for speaking up and get punished. No favortism there no sir ....Wülfê4 4d
4d (A) *Tempus Dominus* 1/11 M AtBT Recruiting Tempus Dominus (Lightbringer-US) Raid Times 5:30-8:30 server time (8:30-11:30 est) Heroic Tuesday & Wednesday (Normal/Alt run Thursday) Personal Loot ( Any unwanted items are rolled off ML ) Current Progression 11/11 H 1/11 Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne Tempus Dominus is a Progression raiding guild, with players that have known each other for several years, raiding together for a number of expansions, We always achieve AoTC each raid tier. We are looking for dedicated & experienced raiders with good Attendance to join us as we push through Heroic Antorus and into Mythic, as well as for the future. Raiders must be Normal/Heroic AtBT ready, knowledgeable of your class & spec, and have kept up with your Artifact Weapon. We will provide Food, Flasks and Guild Repairs for all Raiders Currently recruiting: Tank Healers ( Monk, H Pally or H Priest preffered ) Contact for more details.. GM Fuzzy#1494 Co - GM / RL Psychosiz#1816 Officer Agreb25#1353Fuzzý6 4d
5d 960 Sub Rogue LF late night Mythic Antorus Guild I can press buttons that do damage to the enemies - Raid time 10pm PST+ only - M, T, W, Th only - Prefer 5/11 progression 5d
5d [A] Returning group of 4-6 LFG Hello, We are a group of 4 to 6 players that lead a well established guild on Stormrage and decided that we were going to take a break after Nighthold. After a lengthy six month break, we are reforming and we're looking to start progression once again. With that being said, we want to be part of a team rather than run a team. Many of us have mythic raiding experience however, we're not seeking the commitment of 4+ days a week. We're looking for a guild that raids 1 to 2 nights a week in the evening and are looking for a guild that is at least 9/11H . If you raid on Sunday, that is a big bonus for us. We would prefer a guild that has a well established raid team and is missing those few people to complete their core. Here's a list of what we can bring to the table: Blood/Frost DK - 958 Blood / 954 Frost DK Druid - Feral w Guardian OS - 940 Feral Ret Paladin - 948 ret Fury - 941 Fury Warlock - 947 Affliction Lock Drop me your battle tag below so we can get in touch.Kratius1 5d
6d <Party All The Time> 6/11M Ranged required <Party All The Time> is a weekend raiding guild, 2 days(Friday & Saturday), 6 hours a week(7:30-10:30PM pst), with an optional heroic clear on Wednesday 7-10 pm PST. Progression in Legion: T21: Antorus, The Burning Throne 6/11M 11/11H T20: ToS 7/9M 9/9H T19: Nighthold 7/10M 10/10H Trial of Valor 2/3M Emerald Nightmare 7/7M We are currently in need of Quality DPS and Heals who can commit to a near 100% attendance and have high parses for their class. -Current Emphases on Boomkin/Lock/FDK What you can expect from us: -Flasks and pots provided -Experienced core of raiders with years of Heroic/Mythic exp -Communication with all raiders to what's expected of them on a fight per fight basis What we expect from you: -Care taken for the toon your looking to bring. ie: properly itemized/enchanted -General strats known before getting to progression bosses. -Attendance at 100% for the trail period and 90% + attendance after -Team focused attitude Loot is done via Loot Council. BIS stats/performance/Attendance/time on raid team are the factors that go into loot. The idea behind this is to put the loot in the hands of the players who will net out the most DPS/HPS/Mitigation, and allow us to clear the bosses more easily. Bosses WILL die again and loot WILL drop again. IF YOUR SOLE GOAL IS LOOT THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU. That being said, loot will be distributed as evenly as possible and not one person will gear miles ahead of another as that would be counter productive. Feel free to add us if interested! Reza#1890 (Raid Lead) lzzb#1772 (Guild Master)Saaeu8 6d
Jan 15 Bloodline Recruiting Bloodline - US - Lightbringer Bloodline, formerly Conclave of Conspiracy, is a group of friends that have been raiding together since Wrath. We have taken several breaks and continue to keep coming back. We all love the game and decided to just stay with it from now on. We are breathing new life into our original guild and changed the name so it would be more meaningful as to what we are here for. Bloodline is just that, our raiders, our players our family, we aren't a guild who just has a ton of faces, but one where everyone knows everyone, talks with everyone, farms, raids, dungeon and mythic+ runs with everyone. Bloodline is our legacy and all of our people belong to that bloodline. With that being said we are looking for players that are ready to join us and empower each other to make this legacy stronger. Recruiting We are currently open for recruiting but our most current need is for melee and ranged dps. Although any exceptional players are welcome. *Warrior *Rogue *WW Monk *Enhance Shaman *Elemental Shaman *Mage Raid Days and Times Bloodline is an East Coast raiding team. Our current raid times are Wednesdays and Fridays 8pm - 11pm Eastern Time or 5-8pm server time. We will attempt to have an alt run as we can on Sunday or Mondays if people are available and time permits. Guild Functions As mentioned before we are a tight knit group and enjoy running all kinds of content, ie. transmog runs, High Mythic+ Keystones, achievements, alt leveling, and even farming. Contact Us If you are interested in joining or have any questions, feel free to contact us at your convienence. Send an in game message to: Nèko BattleID - lolxero#1150 (è is alt code 138) Zavìk BattleID - Zavìk#1323 (ì is alt code 141)Zavìk6 Jan 15
Jan 15 << Two Camels in a Tiny Car >>Legion <TWO CAMELS IN A TINY CAR> 11/11 Heroic Antorus == LEGION WE have been called to battle. WE must journey into the very heart of the Burning Legion's stronghold to undertake a desperate mission. Succeed, and Azeroth may at last know peace; fail, and all will burn. Join the Camels and we shall.... PILLAGE AND PLUNDER , TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS FOR THE ALLIANCE FOR AZEROTH! WARNING :This may cause the following side effects : Delusions of invincibility , Hair loss, muscle spasms, uncontrollable ranting and eye twitching. This has not been FDA approved <Two Camels in a Tiny Car>...... what kind of guild name is that? We our a guild full of raiders that have been raiding together for a few years now. We treat each other like family and respect one another. When it comes time to raid we all log on knowing it's going to be 3 hours of FUN. We laugh, joke around, have music playing while we raid and kill bosses for lootz. We work well together on new bosses everyone can contribute to the strat. Like I said we ALL have been raiding for years. The age of members range from 20's to mid 50's in the guild so you will not find a PG rating in this guild, although we keep things respectful we do have some crazy funny people in here. NOTE : We do take a break from raiding in the summer for a few weeks which is voted on by the guild and during the Holidays about two weeks from Christmas straight through to New Years. We find this helps to keep "burn out " out of raiding, and allows our raider to spend that time with their family without worrying about missing raid night. How ever we will log on to do other things in game, plenty to do in Legion. Server: Lightbringer <PST> time zone (Normal- Medium/High Population) Faction: Alliance Current Progression: 7/7 Normal & 7/7 Heroic EN & 4/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 ToV Normal, 3/3 ToV Heroic, 10/10 Normal Night Hold , 10/10 Heroic Night Hold, 3 /10 Mythic NH, 9/9 N ToS, 9/9 H ToS, 3/9 M ToS, 11/11 N Antorus , 11 /11 H Antorus. Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday , Sunday 7:30 pm to10:30pm pst - 10:30pm to 1:30pm Est. Loot System: Round Robin with our own twist We use mumble and would like to interview new recruits! RECRUITING :OPEN = Now open to Healer and Dps, tanks as a OS for raid and Mythic+ guild runs. Two Camels in a Tiny Car Raiding History : We formed our guild a few weeks after the start of SoO = 14/14 Mythic, HM= 3/7 Mythic then BrF went live , BrF= 10/10 Heroic , 6/ 10 Mythic then, HfC= 13 /13 Heroic , 7/13 Mythic kills, EN 4/7 M, ToV 3/3 H, NH 3/10M, ToS 9/9 H, 3/9 M ToS, 11/11 N Antorus, 11/11 H Antorus. We always go to the new content and clear old content later in between raiding. Expectations Attendance: We ask for all raiders to be on for every raid day unless personal issues come up. Real life always comes before anything in-game. However, you must inform us on the guild forums or contact an officer in-game at least an hour before. A Sense of Humor: Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time. However, we all know our limits and what has gone too far. It should also be noted that this guild is not a PG-13 environment and mature language will be used often. Raid Basics: Players must have great raid awareness as well as have knowledge of the class and role they are bringing into the raid. Have the addons that are required to raid and work on their gear to keep it up to date with our raid content. What you can expect from us: Weekly Raids and Content: We provide end-game content for all our raiders. We currently push for the hardest content this game has to offer and we will try to include everyone as much as possible in the near future and upcoming expansion. We do the world bosses as a guild before raids. WE do world quest , 5 man Heroic and Mythic dungeons together and help with anything else you might be having trouble with. Suramar's world quest are a big pain as you may know and we go as a group to make it easier for our more squishy players. lol Enjoyable and Social Guild: We ALL remember what it was like to log on to your second home back in vanilla and BC. You looked forward to talking with your friends and logged on the game to see what was new with them, this is what we have here. We want people to have a great sense of humor and not take anything seriously. We do not accept any elitist attitude or people that cause drama. This guild is about having fun with a great group of people!! Get in contact with us Btag: GhostToast #11626 Btag: CoCoLattè #1866 In-game mail on Lightbringer /äzurrä61 Jan 15
Jan 13 No Options - LFM to start Mythic Thurs Looking for a few dedicated raiders to add to our roster for mythic Antorous, the Burning Throne raid. We hope to start mythic progression this Thursday, so we are looking for individuals with a desire to raid, a willingness to put the effort in to be prepared and maximize their character with a minimum of a 940 ilvl. Our guild strives to accomplish in two nights a week what many other guilds do in three or more. We have high expectations of our raiders in terms of preparedness, motivation, and constant drive for improvement. However, we focus to ensure that people are not overwhelmed with WoW and still have ample time for their jobs, lives, family, and friends. We also like to do mythic dungeons, achievements and the occasional alt raid. We are composed of many like-minded, mature, experienced players. Most of our members are working adults and college students. We look for our members to show respect and maturity, but we still love to have many laughs! Interested in joining or want to know more info about us? Recruiting: 1 healer & 2 to 3 dps Progression: ANT: 10/11 H TOS: 3/9M & 9/9H NH: 6/10M & 10/10H EN: 7/7M & 7/7H Raid times: Tues/Thurs nights 7 to 10 pm PST If you have, questions feel free to contact in game: Illidaribearieb, or Syonn Out of game please feel free to contact: Syon#1481Syonn2 Jan 13
Jan 12 Psychøsis Recruiting Psychøsis currently recruiting for Mythic Team.. LFM ranged DPS and Shammy Resto/Disc Priest Crazy and Fun people shooting bosses in the face and collecting loot. Currently 11/11 Heroic Antorus. Add SmexieLexie#1915 if interested in joining the guild. Will consider all recruits: casual and raider alike.Nìghtshåde1 Jan 12
Jan 12 [A] 1/11M Tues & Thurs 9pm-12pm PST LFM Antorus Progress: 1/11M Raid Nights: Tues & Thurs Raid Times: 9pm to 12pm (never over) Guild Name: <Beyond> (formerly <Bloodbath and Beyond>) What are you recruiting? Heals - one of our heals is one of our best DPS, another healer would let him Ranged - could use more warlocks & hunters particularly, but all considered Melee - we have like 8 melee sorry, reroll Are you doing Mythic Antorus? Yep. We're not in a progression race though, things will die when they don't require wiping all night on a new boss. Do you do Mythic 15+ dungeons? Yep, lots. We have all the tanks so groups are pretty easy to put together. Who are you? We're all retired hardcore raiders. We were a server first guild from WotLK through Draenor, now we're all grown-ups and have too much RL. We still like killing things together though. How old are you guys? We're all between 22 and 62, most are 30-35. What is your atmosphere like? You will be offended, we all are sometimes. There is a lot of weirdness. You will see things you cannot unsee. With that said, we don't tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. We also try to avoid political discussion (aside from light jabbing) since we have both Far Left and Far Right in guild. Our officers include minorities, women, LGBT+'s, and both ends of the political spectrum. Voice? Yep, Twitch Client (formerly Curse Voice). How do I contact you? Type /who Beyond in game and message any of our raiders. If they think you seem cool they will /ginvite.Yvaelle2 Jan 12
Jan 12 [A]<Reluctance> 3/11M Antorus [A] <Reluctance> is a semi hardcore guild with a lot of experience. Some of us have known each other 10+ years. We are active in WoW, Diablo, Overwatch and various other MMO games. We are looking to add dedicated and reliable players to our core to polish off our mythic roster and push mythic content. Our raid schedule is: Wednesday 8:30-11:30pm EST Progression Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST Progression Sunday 8:30-11:30pm EST Non progression night (Optional Attendance) Current recruiting needs: DPS: Druid Hunter Monk Priest Rogue Shaman Warrior (Open to discussion on classes not listed) Healer: RShaman Mist Tank: Open to discussion To Discuss add: Cbar#1556Wbar14 Jan 12
Jan 10 Shadow Priest Looking for Guild Hello Lightbringer, I'm new(ish) to this server looking for a guild to raid with. I'm hoping I can jump into a raid team to farm Normal Antorus and power through Heroic. My schedule is a bit finicky, but I'm looking for a team that raids pretty much any night, but around 8pm to 11pm PST. Thanks!Shrill3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Returning (vanilla) player So I stopped playing right before TBC hit... obviously a lot has changed. I've been back a bit over a month. Started with some friends on another server, but they basically don't really play the same time as me, usually do their own thing even when they are on, and the server has become a bit of a gank fest while I'm testing out characters and what I'd like to play. I've played a few classes, haven't really found my niche just yet. (Currently a frost DK and rather enjoy it so far). But I've mostly been sticking to DPS as I feel extremely hampered by my noobness. I like the tanks, but I am too new and unfamiliar with things to be reliable (and since I'm not a twink alt I'm pretty far below most gear wise). I've learned the ropes of a couple of the legion dungeons, but that's about as far as I've made it solo. Even the old content I used to know like the back of my hand has mostly all changed (not that it's relevant anymore anyways). Mostly looking to see if there's a guild around that is casual, but still actually does things... and is also willing to show the ropes to someone who may as well be a brand new player.Ketaysha3 Jan 10
Jan 10 <A> Hollow Point Marshmallow recruiting! Well, the time has come, again, for the Hollow Point Marshmallows to go on a recruiting drive. We recently had some core members move on, and that has opened holes in our roster. We are a casual raiding group, spending 3 nights a week doing our very best to kill the biggest baddies on Azeroth and, now, Argus. We try not to just raid, enjoying Mythic + content and achievement runs, as well. It is easy to get focused on raiding, though, isn't it? So much shiny loot and stuff, amirite? That means we have to go to the nearest raid instance on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 PM to 11 PM Eastern time, and do our level best to kill everything in sight. We aren't in a hurry to blow through the content, so we aren't the fastest progression team you ever saw, but we're committed, good natured, and enjoy the attempts almost as much as the kills. We could really use some melee, and a couple of DPS with healing or tanking off specs. And you should be aware that our Discord channel isn't always family friendly. You might hear things that would have HR investigating, but we planted the HR administrator under that big tree behind the garrison, which cut down on the paperwork. If you're interested, even to chat, feel free to reach out to Scorchbunny, Michad, or Slushida. You can also add Thunderbunny#1568 to your Btag, if you're so inclined.Scorchbunny4 Jan 10
Jan 9 Alliance Reroll Forming - Join us! Hello Lightbringer players! Wanted to share that I have a new alliance reroll guild forming. I know that this is not for every one but wanted to spread the word. You can learn more from our official post here. You can join our discussions in our Discord - Good luck in your Azeroth adventures! Lilasea DuskwalkerLilasea6 Jan 9
Jan 9 [A] <No Skill> Recruiting for Mythic Antorus [US][Alliance][Lightbringer] No Skill Raid Schedule: Mon/Tues/Wed 5-9PM PST (8-12EST) <No Skill> is a progression oriented raiding guild consisting mostly of players who have known each other for multiple years, but are welcoming to new faces. As a guild we only started raiding during Legion, but we have a core of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated players looking to make a strong push in Antorus. Progression: 11/11H Antorus 6/11M Antorus We've recently transferred to Lightbringer for a more competitive environment, and are looking to be a top level guild on the server. We can compensate in game for a transfer once a trial period of 2 weeks is completed. Our most immediate needs are exceptional Ranged DPS, priority on hunters, mages, boomkins and spriests. However, if you believe you are a skilled player and are looking for a new home to finish the expansion in, we welcome you to apply! The trial period is two weeks. During this time, we will evaluate you on performance, drive, and how well you fit in with our group. As per usual, punctuality, reliability, and a positive attitude are expected and required. Apply at: (Google Survey). Feel free to ask any questions you may have here. You can also add Felix#1209 or Valeor#1843Cyclrin9 Jan 9
Jan 8 [A] <LivingParadox> is now recruiting! A <LivingParadox> is now recruiting! Who are we? <LivingParadox>(11/11N,6/11H) is a tight knit group located on Lightbringer-US looking to expand our ranks and make some serious progression on a 2 night a week raid schedule. We look to get AOTC each raid tier as quickly as possible. We would like to expand our ranks so we can start efficently pushing through Mythic content with a well rounded roster. What do we expect from you? Maintain at least 90% raid attendance. Attention to raid mechanics over DPS numbers is our number one priority. Come prepared with proper Pots (flask will be provided). You should be familiar with your class and should be able to perform at high of a level as possible due to our 2 raids a week schedule. Every raider in the guild pulls their own weight!! We are serious about progression and want to be as successful as possible! Raid Times Saturday 9:00pm CST - 12:00am CST Sunday 9:00pm CST - 12:00am CST **We also have alt runs on Friday night from 9:00pm CST - 12:00am CST NEEDS High-Tank Medium-Exceptional DPS Medium-Exceptional Heals Apply here and well get back with you ASAP!! Please Contact Robonator#1292 if you have any questions in regards to the application process.Hottypancake1 Jan 8
Jan 7 <Lose Your Life> | LF DPS 2/11 M Antorus <Lose Your Life> is a progression-oriented Heroic & Mythic difficulty team with a tightly knit community. Our objective is to clear Heroic AOTC each tier and work our way into Mythic at a practical pace. At the end of the day, the most important thing to us is that we enjoy clearing content together. We also enjoy running M+ each week and have incentives for those who finish a +15 or higher. We play other games such as Diablo III and Overwatch during our downtime. Raid info & Current Progression: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 pm - 12:00 EST | (Time Zone Conversion 8:00 PM-11:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST) We use Discord for communication and EPGP for loot. 2/11 M Antorus 11/11 H Antorus AotC 5/9 M ToS 9/9 H ToS AotC AOTC for EN and Nighthold | 5/10 M NH 7/7 M EN Who we're looking for: Reliable players with similar progression goals who are looking for a long-term home. Ilvl 935+, 70+ points in main weapon and experience in a raid environment Tanks - Flex positions only Healers - Flex positions only Ranged - Warlock or Mage Melee - Death Knight, Warrior, or Paladin Apply at and we will get in touch with you to set up a cross-realm try out with us. All classes are considered even if not listed, don't be afraid to apply if you think we are the team for you. For more information or questions about us reach out to Bnet - Sugar#1437, Darann#1686, or Dorgenedge#1701 Discord - Sugar#9702, Darann#3829 or Brohammad#4116Brohammad62 Jan 7
Jan 6 [A] <Wicked Claw> LF DK and MDPS Faction: Alliance We're looking for a DK (tank off spec bonus) and Melee DPS for our core team. This is an old guild dating back to 2008. Most of us are working professionals or college students. We consider ourselves casual raiders who enjoy working up to Heroic raiding content. We do not raid Mythic. Heroic Raid * Saturday/Sunday 6:30pm-9:00pm server time. * Min DPS is 800K for the early bosses and 900K+ for the last 2 bosses. * Knowing mechanics is implied if you're raiding Heroic. We don't explain the fights. * feasts/flasks/potions are provided. * Loot is Personal with the exceptions of BOE's. BOE's go to the guild to pay for flasks, feasts and such. Normal Raid (optional) * Thursdays, 7:00-9:00pm server time. * Alts with min 600K DPS are invited to join. * Everyone is responsible for their food, flasks, potions, enchants, and gems. * Loot is Personal including BOEs. * Weekly commitment is not required. Join when you can. Additional Info We use Discord for raids, dungeons, or just to hang out. Respect is a must at all times. If interested, please post here or reach out to Yosana (esm#1206), Furian, or Zoobi.Zoobi4 Jan 6
Jan 6 Top Hat Mafia recruiting Top Hat Mafia recruiting 1 tank and some ranged dps for our Friday and Sunday night raids. Currently 11/11 normal but looking to move into heroics with the right pieces that will show up consistently. Good group with family and older people, vulgar language in discord with music blaring during the raid. If you are interested whisper anyone online.Timeblood0 Jan 6
Jan 5 946 frost mage lfg 6:30-9:30 weekends Hi,looking for a guild that needs a frost mage for antorus progression,am 11/11n and 3/11h.Johnisme1 Jan 5
Jan 4 got kicked out of my guild Last night when I was doing a mythic + in my guild and this morning he kicked me out for no reason. That include my alts as well! Is there a way I can get back to my old guild?Briantiaa1 Jan 4
Jan 4 946 Holy-Paladin LFG 4pm-9pm time range Looking for friendly heroic adult guild that ranked in top 50, currently 4/11H. Start time 4pm to 6pm server, end time no later than 9pm server. Weekdays 2 or 3 days t/w/thur/mon Thanks! DeathDealer#1568ás3 Jan 4
Jan 4 selling Argus <Party All The Time> AOTC on personal loot tonight @9PM server. Pst for more info lzzb#1772Lzzb0 Jan 4
Jan 1 [H] Metal Moolitia - Recruiting Raiders *Delete* We have relocated to Area 52.Fenrisbear5 Jan 1
Dec 31 Looking for well rounded Guild Looking for a well rounded Guild, as the guild I am in now is starting to disband due to lack of GM being on. I can only raid on weekends and after 9pm server time. I have been playing on and off since release so yes I am older, so a mature guild is at the top of my list. I am also looking for a guild that is social and likes to help others quest, level up and has Social Events for Achievements and things like that. Tired of the guilds with 200+ members, yet no one ever helps! If you have a guild that fits,, please send me a whisper. Thanks in Advance!!!!Moobutter1 Dec 31
Dec 29 946 Blood dk LF horde Guild LF social Horde guild, dabbled in some antorus raiding in my last guild. Took a small amount of time off to deal with a few personal issues that had come up. Looking to get back into tanking antorus. 75 artifact traits for blood and unholy and 73 traits in frost weapon. Looking for a raid time between 5ish server and no later than 9 server, preferably weekend but I can work in a day or so during the week if needed. Most of the time I am running M+ Seeing if there are any friendly social horde raiding guilds before I switch this guy to alliance with my Prot pally. All my alts are horde minus my pally but I very rarely play them. Mainly stick to my dk. 946 iLvL and I currently have T21 2 piece. Can also dps as unholy very well but I enjoy tanking much more. Can message me here or in game. Raymundo#1736Drakkur1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Riader's Looking for new PVE Guild Hi! My name is Hakdorktal! You have noticed I have put Raider'(s) because me and my friend have wanted to join a normal raiding guild if people still do guild raiding at normal mode. We came back after a long break and wanted a new home. Time were usually available Weekends on: Saturday 7pm-10:00pm EST Sunday 5pm-10:pm EST WE MAY BE ON AT OTHER TIMES Yes I know here is our Item ilvl for our mains MAY CHANGE OVER COURSE OF TIME Mistweaver Monk Hakdorktal ilvl - 913 Tomito Windwalker monk ilvl - 934 Few more things you need to know: WE PLAY ON HORDE We are younger bellow 18 but we are not 5 so don't worry Server - Lightbringer US (for both characters)Hakdortkal0 Dec 29
Dec 28 LF relaxed guild Hey guys, Just came back to the expansion, left around the time the HOV raid had come out just didn't have the time to invest in my raiding guild. I've been part of server first raid guilds, and I am not looking for anything close to that anymore, just don't have the time. Wanting a group of people I can just hang out with and is able to clear normal content just so I can clear out my quest log lol. My play time is sporadic right now, my wife and I foster so that adds huge other dynamic to my availability but I can show up to set things usually as long as I know. I am definitely not going to be able to commit to x hours per week though or x raids per week so if that is a requirement I will not be the right fit.Lrdcollins2 Dec 28
Dec 28 [A] <Psychøsis> 1/11M Antorus LFM Psychøsis: Join the Madness!! Currently recruiting new and veteran players for our Core Raid Team. Need: Tanks and Heals for Mythic+'s For raids: Healers: None DPS: Ranged Raid Times : Tues, Wed, Sun from 5:30 to 8:30 server time Social laid back guild currently 1/11 M Antorus. If you are interested in joining or for more information, please contact an officer in guild or Btag us. Nìghtshåde @ SmexieLexie#1915 Lunallure @ allure#1447Shablám6 Dec 28
Dec 23 [A] KotA - Th/F 6PST - 11/11 N Antorus Do you like to have fun? Do you like to progress? Do you hate your guild for pushing you out of your raid because your class/spec doesn't do the DPS "needed"? We'll take you! Knights of the Alliance is an old guild that had been around since Vanilla. We rocked the server until Cata when alot of our raiders got deployed. However, we are back and kicking it again! In Legion, we have are currently heading into Normal Antorus and will be pushing into Heroic Antorus ASAP. We have achieved AotC in both Normal and Heroic in Nighthold and ToS. We are currently 11/11 in N-Antorus and 6/11 in H-Antorus. We are your local, friendly neighborhood guild that just happens to kick !@# when we do things together. There are a few things you need to know about us before you consider joining us - 1. If you are worried about being the first on a server, jumping into mythic immediately, or getting gear, we aren't the guild for you. There are plenty of elites $%^-*!@ guilds that will take you. Good luck in your endeavors. 2. The vast majority of us were in the military. As such, we swear, we talking crudely, and we are blunt. Suck it up. 3. This guild started off as a family guild, and we continue that in both reality and tradition. I have 2 older brothers who I raid with and my parents are also in guild. So with tradition, that means you will be made fun of if you join us. You will be called all sorts of names because it's fun to tear down your brothers. If that is going to hurt your feelings, we aren't the guild for you. 4. We are extemely laid back, especially on trash and bosses that we have on farm. And bosses that we are currently working on. And bosses that we are trying for the first time. Pretty much all of the time, we are laid back. You aren't going to be booted for accidently pulling. You should expect us cause general chaos and mayhem before, during, and after a pull. Have a sense of humor, people! It's a damn game! If this bothers you, don't bother writing me. If you have made it this far in my post, it's time to tell you the date and times of our raiding. Thursday and Friday 8-1030 CST, although Friday's may go over. We are looking for DPS and 1 healer - We are accepting pretty much any DPS, but we are specifically looking for a mage or 3 (we have none), a Shadow priest, an Enhancement shaman, DPS warriors, or elemental shamans. Finally, we don't care what class or spec you have. We prefer a wide variety of both, with an even mixture between melee and ranged. For us, it's about how to play your class and who you are as a person, rather than your spec and class. If you are interested, message me on my BNet ID - FallenAngel#1436Treincin4 Dec 23
Dec 23 <No Clue> - Recruiting RDPS <No Clue> - Lightbringer is recruiting RDPS for our Heroic Antorus Progression raid team. We are a friendly, close-knit guild that likes to have fun but get things done. 11/11 Normal Antorus. 1/11 Heroic Antorus. Raid times: Tuesday and Sunday 9PM - 12AM Pacific Standard Time. (Min. iLvl: 920) We run mythic +, alt raids and PvP (currently looking for a target caller). Casual players also welcome. If interested in joining us or for a trial please message: Littlefleece (Guild Master) - Littlefleece#1849 Cairne (Raid Leader) - Errly#1714 Hope to see you soon!Sethira0 Dec 23