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15m 859 Lock/855 DK Currently on Destromath and wanting to swap one of my chars. most likely my dk to Lightbringer. looking for a large guild interestted in primarily pve but also a little pvp. im tired of being on a dead server with 3 people online basically playing by myself all the time. Post or add me on bnet homiesquid#1304 if interested in having me. Thank you.Gnomed8 15m
1h Guild Officer/Leader Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild! Here is the Link to the discord: 1h
1h Guild Officer/Leader Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild! Here is the Link to the discord: 1h
2h [A] <Prime> 7/7H 2/3H Seeking DPS (melee) We have been running together for 6 years, due to a low pop server we recently made Lightbringer our new home. We are seeking additional DPS so we can start getting some Mythic kills. We raid Tuesday-Thursday from 5:45-8 PM server time. We are older players that can not play for hours every day, we try to get as much accomplished as possible in our 6 hour raid week. Needs: 3-4 Melee (Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Rouge, Warrior) 1-3 Ranged (Open to consider any class outside Priest) Healing offspec a plus Wsp Kárloz or Cathedienn for more information/questions, or visit http://prime-pve.shivtr.comHaslim2 2h
3h [A] <of the Dream> LFM Raiders Mythic <of the Dream> 1/7M is recruiting all classes for mythic progression and high level M+ pushes. Flasks/pots provided for all progression raids. Tu/Th/Mon 6:30-9:30 server. Casuals always welcome. PST for more infoBeserkzombie1 3h
3h Gotham 7/7h EN 3/3 tov N LFM Gotham is a casual raiding guild on Lightbringer (US). Looking for a couple dps and healer. We have been a guild since vanilla. There are no politics in our guild. Everyone is treated the same. If you're tired of gms thinking their better then you and being treated like a number and killing bosses at the same time then Gotham is the right place for you. We all just have fun and kill !@#$. Currently we have 11 on our roster and are looking for a few more to join the fun. Heroic TOV is next on the agenda. Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 server (PST). Kara Sunday (optional) Needs: Lock(s) Boomkin WW monk MW monk Ret pally Mage Dps DH Will consider other healers and dpsSchmittyl1 3h
3h <Novus Lupi> LFM Heroic/Mythic Raiders Greetings! Thank you for taking an interest in <Novus Lupi> Guild History: <Novus Lupi> was originally created about a year ago on Korgath server, and has just recently transferred to US-Lightbringer in the hopes of making a fresh new start. Unhappy on our previous server, the guild transferred to find a new group of people to join our ranks. Our goal has been and always will be to help one another out and progress together as a team. Many of us have raiding experience and are looking to build our raid team back up from the transfer and progress into heroic and mythic Emerald Nightmare, ToV, Nighthold, and mythic + dungeons. Many of us love to PvP as well and we will be running plenty of rated BGs and arenas. In our guild we strive to make everyone feel welcome and at home. This being said, we have an absolute ZERO tolerance for elitist attitudes and negativity. Whether you're joining us to progress in raiding and running mythics, or just wanting a social and friendly guild to level in, we strive to keep the moral of our members high and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. What We Expect From You: For Our Raiders: It is mandatory to study up on fights before the raid and to make sure you know the mechanics of each fight. Videos and links for fights will be posted on our Discord server as well as our Facebook page, so it is expected that each raider will do their part to watch/read the resources provided to them. We expect our raiders to show up 15 minutes prior to the raid start and be fully prepared. (having items needed for the raid and fully repaired gear). Our guild uses Discord for our primary means of voice comms. We have ZERO tolerance for elitist attitudes and raging during raids, and any players who rages will be removed promptly. We value teamwork, commitment and patience above top DPS. There will be wipes, and accepting and understanding this is a must for anyone wanting to join us. We are not looking for only the top rated raiders to join our team; anyone with a desire to commit to our schedule and progress with us will be given a chance. If you are new to raiding, we welcome you as well and will help anyone who is willing to learn, grow and progress. The most important thing we ask of all our members is to be kind, helpful and friendly. Our main goal is to have fun doing things together as a guild, and creating a fun, friendly environment is our top priority. We also ask that our members be involved in the guild and participate in guild activities. I promise, we make it fun! What You Can Expect From Us: The primary objective of our guild is to have fun and build comradery. Whether it be pushing into heroic and mythic raiding, pvp, leveling, or any number of things, having fun in a friendly and inviting atmosphere is key. We strive to fill our ranks with patient, mature players who are active and social when it comes to chatting and participating in guild events (you're going to see a lot of green text in your chat tab!). Our leadership is fair, patient and very helpful. If you want to raid and are committed to doing so and have the patience and drive to progress and grow together, then we'd love to have you. We are willing to put in the effort and time to help those who are serious about raiding. We only raid 3 nights a week, but we push to down bosses in a timely manner and take this very seriously. While we maintain a serious attitude when it comes to raiding, overall we are a very laidback and friendly bunch of people and love to maintain a strong social circle, even outside the guild. Our Raid Times/Days: Tue, Fri: 8pm-11pm EST Optional Sat, Sun: 7pm-10pm EST * We are very mindful and understanding of the fact that many of our members have busy schedules, and things do sometimes come up that interfere with raiding. Real life comes first, and as such sometimes raid times may have to be rescheduled to fit the needs of the members. * Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting all classes and roles for our raid team, and all types of players are welcome to join our guild. However we are especially in need of the following classes: ranged DPS: warlock, mage melee DPS: demon hunters, DPS DK, WW monk healers: MW monk, resto shaman, resto druid tank: we are currently not looking to add any tanks to our raid team, however any tanks are still welcome to join us! We are looking for more heroic ready raiders (860+). If you are interested in joining our heroic raid team, let us know! If you would like to join us and think our guild would be a good fit for you, then please feel free to contact us via Bnet or in game mail. Thank you! Derêzzed-Lightbringer - GM Btag: Lupa1214#11197 Hêlzvog-Lightbringer - Co GM Boomstenlaká-Lightbringer - Officer Btag: Rollwithsten#1192Derêzzed21 3h
7h [A] <Credo in Lege> 7/7H EN 3/3 N ToV LFM We are a casual raiding guild that is looking to bolster our ranks. Our progression raids are twice a week, with a regular Sunday Alt run. We strive to keep the WoW experience enjoyable by our members. We keep the raid atmosphere more laid back, but our goal is to clear heroic raid tier before the next tier is released. Raid times are: Tue/Thur 6-8 server (Alt run Sunday 5 server). Current needs: Highest area of need is ranged DPS (Mage and Hunter are highest needs). We could also use another healer (Paladin, Priest, or Monk). To find out more or ask questions about our guild feel free to contact me btag Anville#1647.Anville0 7h
12h <Duplicity> 5/7M 2/3H LFM Late Night PST <Duplicity> Is a gaming community that is currently fielding 2 strong Heroic/Mythic Teams! We believe in fast efficient progression revolving around the prospect of building a strong team environment across all our members. Team Duplicity: 5/7M Progressing Mythic 2/3H Progression Recruiting: Shadow Priest (Medium) Arms/Fury Warrior (High) Warlock (HIGH) Schedule: Tuesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Can be extended an hour for progression. Wednesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST Thursday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Can be extended an hour for progression. Saturday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Optional night Mythic+ runs Sunday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Optional night Mythic+ runs Expectations: 870 ilvl+, 300k+ DPS 80th Percentile Average Parses 100% Raid Attendance Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools DBM RC Loot Council Weakauras 2 *If you do not have parses we will not review your application* Team MakeAWeeb: 7/7H Progressing Heroic Recruiting: Accepting all exceptional applications Schedule: Tuesday: 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST Thursday: 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST Expectations: 860+ ilvl 100% Raid Attendance Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools DBM Recount/Skada With us fielding 2 teams we have some basic guild rules that go along with keeping our teams running effectively. -All members are REQUIREDto make Monthly donations to their teams Guild Bank Tabs. -All members are REQUIREDto sign up on their teams Guild Calendar Invites. -All members are REQUIREDto register and apply to the Guild Website and use it actively. Contact Information: Website: Team Duplicity: RL: Kobk#11715 Team Weeb: RL: Bmosmash (btag coming soon) *Contact any member for more contact information*Luchine21 12h
16h [A]<Antipathy> 5/7M recruiting tank & DPS About us We are a guild who transferred to WOW from another MMO. We are a highly successful guild with steady leadership. We like to make quick progression through content while having fun doing it. We have a highly active, mature TS. We like to not take things too seriously, but still kill bosses :) However, we do expect people to come prepared, know their class, do mechanics, and pull high numbers. Progression 5/7 M EN 2/3 H TOV Raid times Tu/Wed/Thu 6-9PM server We also run guild keystone mythics throughout the week Seeking - 1 main tank - High-attendance DPS (prefer ranged. some melee okay.) We are always open to other applicants! Expectations Bring consumables, know your class, and bring a sense of humor. Learn quickly and complete mechanics. Everyone makes mistakes, so long as you are improving nbd. High attendance preferred and required for the mythic core group, but casual raiders welcome for H/N flex. TS3 and mic preferred 850+ ilevel Loot Personal loot - less drama, no hassle. If something is not an upgrade for you then have your guildies who need it roll. Contact Tegwyn - Emilie#1159Tegwÿn20 16h
16h [A] Exiled Alliance 7/7M 3/3H LFM RDPS Exiled Alliance is currently recruiting raiders for Legion Mythic Raiding on Lightbringer. Region: North America Faction: Alliance Realm: Lightbringer Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday (An extra raid day (Thursday) is added for the first three weeks of a new tier to help push the content quicker. The times are the same as our normal raid days listed below). Raid Times: 6:00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m Server Time (Pacific Standard Time). About: Exiled Alliance is a guild that strives to be the best, while still maintaining a relatively light raid schedule. The members who make up our guild take pride in being part of an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and able to have fun while competing at a Cutting Edge, Mythic level. Many of our members have been a part of US top 10 guilds and have performed on the hardcore scene. We take many of the facets and tangibles from hardcore raiding and incorporate it into our lighter schedule. The enticing aspect of this guild is being able to raid on a light schedule and be able to see all the Mythic content while playing with some top quality players who have a great time. That being said, the strength of the raid group and guild as a whole is the collective sum of its members. Each individual member is held to the same standards with regard to functioning within the raid and guild. Holding each individual to this same standard, with personal responsibility and accountability is what makes our foundation so strong. We are only interested in recruiting people who understand and adopt this mentality. If your conduct or performance becomes a detriment to our raid and guild, it is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We provide repairs, flasks, pots, food, enchants, gems, and runes for our raiders. All raid supplies and mats are provided to help alleviate the burden of cost of progression raiding. We own a Mumble server, and use this for our raids and other guild activities. Use of this is mandatory. Information of said server will be provided. Having a working headset and mic, and the ability to communicate when necessary is mandatory. Expectations: We're looking for competent raiders who can attend the aforementioned raid times; people with appropriate gear for the content and, more importantly, the ability to perform the mechanics required to progress into Mythic content. People who show up to raids prepared by knowing mechanics, studying the fights, and have awareness and adaptability with respect to each and every encounter. People who have have experienced high end Mythic raiding in the past, and are eager and willing to progress throughout the raid content in Legion. We are actively looking for raiders who know the optimal aspects of their class, and all of its relevant specs, and can play them at a Mythic level. People who research the fights, logs, sims and do all the necessary "homework" of Mythic raiding. Again, we also require stability from raiders, attending the scheduled raid times is mandatory. Loot System: We use a loot council with regard to loot. We distribute it based on attendance, attitude, performance, and how it would best suit the raid. Loot is a tool to help with progression, so putting the loot in the proper place to facilitate that is paramount. We also consider each individual raiders recent upgrades, as well as individual upgrade value in each specific situation, to provide an equal distribution of loot for our raid team. We also want to assure the most dedicated, consistent, and optimally performing players have the loot they need to help drive the progression further. Current Needs: Currently, healing and tanking applications are closed. For DPS, we are seeking exceptional Melee (Enhancement) OR Ranged DPS applicants (Mage/Warlock/Hunter/Shadow Priest) who meet the aforementioned criteria. All exceptional applicants will be considered. Trial Process: Our trial process generally lasts around three weeks of raiding with us. The trial period may vary from applicant to applicant, based on how well or how smoothly things are going. Trials are expected to be knowledgeable of the content and encounters, as well as have all the necessary enchants, gems, raid materials and supplies to fully optimize themselves within our raid group. Trials are welcome to loot, with priority going to main raid members foremost. If you feel you cannot make our scheduled raid times, or cannot meet our criteria, please apply elsewhere. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to post here, but you can also message one of the following people with recruiting applications, questions and concerns: BlitzCorp#1913 (Raid Leader, Director of Sales) Ghosty#1481 (Co-Raid Leader, Recruitment Officer) Sky#1879 (Guild Master, Raid Officer) To apply, please visit our website, at 16h
18h The Coalition 1/3M 7/7M LF Ranged DPS The Coalition of US-Lightbringer (PST-PVE) 1/3M 7/7M The Guild has been together for 11 years and still has a lot of members from Vanilla. We offer a progressive minded raid while having a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We joke around, have a good time but still get stuff done. Raid Times: Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10-30pm PST Sometimes have an optional heroic clear on the weekends. Loot would be distributed by a loot council, based upon performance, need, and attendance. A lot of the raid consumables are provided by the guild to help with the burden of raiding. At this time we provide, Flasks, Food, Vantus Runes and Repairs. Try to help with Pots/Augments from time to time. We are looking for friendly team orientated individuals that will help put the guild first yet keep the fun gaming environment that we have. Ranged Hunter Shadow Priest Warlock Boomkin Mage We will always consider any exceptional application of any class or spec. Please post your apps on our website If you have any questions feel free to add me Xellos#1969 of Lunana#1345Lüná20 18h
21h Ret Paladin 867 7/7H LF Progression Guild 1. Times available & time zone: I'm available all days of the week and even more so on the weekends. Weekdays: 7:00 PM - 4 AM EST & Weekends: I can be on anytime. 2. Server preference: Lightbringer US (If I like the guild I can switch!) 3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: I've fully cleared EN up to 7/7H and done a bit of ToV. 6. Recent logs (if available): N/A 7. Contact info: Aurion#11594 8. Anything else: Human Ret. My artifact weapon is 30/34 (Most recent being Divine Tempest.) I have one Legendary [Chain of Thrayn]. I'm looking for a decent sized guild that progressing into Mythic. Not looking for a bad-tempered time, just a loving home for my Pally. If you need any additional information don't hesitate to message me anytime. I'm ready and willing to have a great time in Legion with serious raiding and looking forward to meeting my new guildies. Thanks for reading.Auríon7 21h
23h <Stands in Fire> Tu/Thr Casual Raiding Guild TL:DR: Casual raiding Guild (7/7 H EN, 2/3 N Hov) LF Healers with Ranged DPS off specs. Prefer Druids and Shaman. Yes, we’d love an Elemental Shaman. Expectations are that the player will be willing to play both specs when required but will likely be healing primarily. We’ve played together for a long time, come join our crew. We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 Server (Pacific Time Zone UTC – 8). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Stands in Fire (7/7 Heroic EN) is a casual, 2 night 3 hour (Tues/Thurs 5:30-8:30 Server, Pacific time zone UTC-8) a week raiding guild built on 10 years of World of Warcraft History. We’re built on a small group of people from across North America whom all have a shared desire: have fun playing World of Warcraft. We don’t expect people to push bleeding edge content, but do expect people to come prepared and ready to learn, improve, and contribute to a positive environment. 100% attendance is not necessary. We used to be hardcore but have seen the error of our ways. We’re currently looking for Healers with Ranged DPS offsepcs. The hope is to have enough healers that we can rotate into other roles should we wish to do so. We have a “core” of about 12~ raiders but our numbers have fluctuated as high as 20 since Legion launched. We’re looking forward to both normal and heroic Nighthold. The Longer Story: Stands in Fire started in Burning Crusade on Mal’Ganis (Alliance!). In times long ago our raid members came together to complete Black Temple and the Sunwell. During Wrath of the Lich King we expanded our ranks and became a hardcore raiding guild. Due to attrition, we transferred to Kel’Thuzad and merged with another guild as “Powerhouse”. Powerhouse was in the top 5 for progression for Alliance on Kel’Thuzad. We continued to raid in Cataclysm but with a much smaller team, embracing the 10 man raids with open arms. Though we didn’t raid in Mists or Warlords, our team has continued to remain friends over the years and thousands of kilometers that separate us. We’ve dabbled into other MMOs (RIP Wildstar, SW:TOR) but WoW has always called back to us. 10 years have passed since our guild originally formed and we’ve all slowly been transforming into adults. The Flexible raid system has been a god send for our group. Gone are the days of setting people on the side lines, or cancelling raids because of a lack of attendance. Legion called us back together again to Stand in Fire. As a group we consist of a bunch of raiders across North America. From Arizona to Massachusetts and up into the frigid north of Canada we’ve been gaming together in various forms for almost 10 years. Over that time we’ve had friends come and go, but together we’ve endeavoured to play together when wherever possible. Back in the day we were a bunch of elitist raiders but time has eroded us into decent human beings. As a guild and group of friends we all want the same thing: to push our characters into difficult raids and reap the sweet rewards. Our average age is probably in the mid-late 20s. We’ve been clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare for almost a month now, and are currently working on Helya. We have no desire or expectation to ever tackle Mythic raids as a guild, though if we could get a solid group of 20 people together we’d all be open for giving it a go. We have only a few expectations of our members: come prepared, be willing to learn and improve, and contribute to a positive raiding environment. We don’t expect anyone to have 100% attendance or cancel real life plans to kill internet dragons. Outside of raids we run M+ dungeons, PvP isn’t something we often tackle. If you’re interested in joining our group, please get in touch with me in-game or here. I look forward to Standing in Fire with you.Belithas15 23h
1d [A]Notion 4/7M Recruiting DPS Notion has raided together for over 8 years across 4 different servers while priding ourselves on our strong performance and laid back atmosphere. We have taken a slight step back in terms of competitiveness this expansion, and are raiding one night less than we have in the past. That being said, our goals still remain the same - to clear all available content in a timely manner while having a great time doing so. By joining Notion you join a tight-knit group of friends who love playing together. Along the years we have brought many people into the fold, most of whom continue to play with us in some form or another. You get a guild that has talented players, experienced officers and a drive to give its members access to any and all content they wish to see. We are currently recruiting DPS with an emphasis on ranged, and one healer. That being said, all players and roles will be considered. Our raid times are: Tuesday - 6pm - 9pm server (9pm-12pm eastern) Wednesday - 6pm - 9pm server (9pm-12pm eastern) Sunday - Clean up and Alt Raid Contact Sstorm (sstorm#1669), Pws, Ballslmao or Moistbulbus in game for more information.Sstorm14 1d
1d Arms/Prot warrior + Holy Priest LF new guild. Been playing on the server for a bit, and our current guild is not as progression oriented as we like. We are available for raids mostly late night, and would love some consistent Keystone runners.Rogtar4 1d
1d Raiders looking to move Currently on Silvermoon (A) and looking to move. We have lost several key roles due to RL situations and silvermoon is not good for recruitment. We have 7/7h and 3/3n cleared as a guild, but are forced to pug several spots each week. We want this to change. We would like to find somewhere that raids 2-3 nights a week, 7-10ish PST. Weekends are not ideal for all players, but at least 1/2 can commit to weekend raid nights. Again, this is the dedicated core of the guild and will have very high attendance. What we bring to the table. We have a core of 10 very solid raiders. Each of us has years of raiding experience. We push m+ 10 each week for the loot caches and constantly run m+ and kara outside of raiding times. We all want to improve and work hard to do so. What class and roles? Guardian druid(and rogue)- 1 Fire Mage- 1 Balance druid- 1 DK- 1 Ret pally- 1 Holy/prot pally- 1 Warlock- 1 disc/holy priest- 1 Hunter- 1 spriest- 1 We are all around 865+ ilvl. We also have many alts to fill other roles as well. There might be a few others that will want to come along, but i am not looking for raid spots for those players, only casual spots for those who wish to come along with us. Please contact me in game at Battletag Raklion#1133. I am on most evenings after 9 PM CST.Gnormgnome9 1d
1d Raider LF new raid team I am looking for a new raid team as my current guild has decided they don't want to raid anymore. I can do any time from 1-7:30pm server time Mon-Thurs. I am currently 3/7H, I can tank (865 dh), heal (862 Monk), melee dps (860 monk, and working on enhance shaman), or range dps (840ish Boomkin). I have the most experience this expansion with tanking, but I started my raiding career back in ICC as melee dps. I try to help my groups in progression with new strats or little things here and there that might help complete a certain encounter and I learn things quickly. Hit me up here or at Kittiez#1300Snoeshard2 1d
1d 7/7 H EN lvl 870 lock LF raiding guild 7/7 H EN; Looking for non-drama guild that raids 2 nights/week (preferred). Recently switched back to demonology and loving it. Availability is between 9:30 PM EST and 12:30 AM EST with weeknights > weekends. Also have fire mage alt who is level 852 and pretty much raid ready (mage has been main since days of WotLK). Please reply or send me message in-game (buckeyes#1809) if you have ranged DPS openings. Thanks and best of luck.Kasgren8 1d
1d [A] Ad Victoriam 7/7H 1/7M 1/3H LF ALL US - Lightbringer/Alliance WoW Progress site: About Ad Victoriam: Ad Victoriam was created at the start of Legion with a mindset to clear progression content. The guild has completed Heroic EN and has a strong interest in progressing into Mythic EN. We typically want people who are interested in raiding, but it doesn't limit to those who only want to do Mythic difficulty. Progression: Normal Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 1/7 Progression Normal Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 1/3 What you can expect from us as a guild: - Communication is key within the guild and we want to be as transparent as possible so no one is left behind. - Our goal is to clear the highest form of content availiable so you can expect us to always want to dive right in. - A sense of stability, if you're willing as well, and with that expect no uncertainty. - A friendly environment. This is a video game, we don't want to contrive drama and as such we strive to achieve an enjoyable and vibrant community. What we're looking for: - People interested in doing Mythic Keystones - People that are interested to raid in general. Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. - Seeing themselves playing the game for 2 months or more. We want consistency. - Will consider any Tank, Healer, or DPS If interested in Mythic Progression: - We'd like to have a 95% attedance rate during Heroic raids as it will allow us to strongly consider you as a candidate - Being prepared with appropriate Gear, Knowledge of Raid, Relevant Consumables Loot System for Mythic Raid: Guild Master Loot. We distribute the loot by MS>OS rolls. If you get a piece of gear and you roll on the second and you win the roll, we have you pass it to the next person. We would rather gear everyone at one time then 1 person at a time. Raid Schedule: Progression Thursday: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM PST Server Time Farm Friday: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM PST Server Time Progression Sunday: 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM PST Server Time How to apply: If you're interested in joining our guild, fill out this google form: OR Contact leadership for more information: Guild Master:IchibanDan#1803 Raid Leader:Jordan#14167 Officer:Novus#1534 Officer:Alan#11126 Officer:Peppers#1514Bigbôss1 1d
1d Heroic Emerald Nightmare Sales <The Coalition> 7/7M 3/3H Hi! Were starting up our sale runs again just like last xpac! These sale runs were super successful and in the end we did over 500 heroic/mythic HFC runs getting people mounts, gear, and kills. Right now we are offering Heroic EN runs on Saturdays at 7pst. You can purchase these runs with all loot reserved for your spec for 300k, or just kills with leftover loot that no one needs or personal loot for 200k. This second option is more for the people that care more about the actual achievements over loot from the bosses. There will also be a discount offered for anyone that wants to bring a friend to these runs (or even just a second toon of their own) just like we did in HFC. The discount will be situational based on what is purchased, but will normally be at least a 50k discount when purchased together. If interested please add Lunana#1345 to real ID and give me a whisper.Lüná5 1d
2d <Han Shot First> - {A} is Recruiting <Han Shot First> is a 7/7H Alliance progression raiding guild on Lightbringer. We are currently recruiting for our heroic raid team with an eye toward mythic. We are looking to fill out our roster with a few quality players. Our raid schedule is minimal but we get a lot done in that time. Raid Times: Wed / Sun 6pm to 9pm Server time (PST). We use Discord for our voice chat and EPGP for loot. Our Current needs are: Ranged dps – offspec heals is a plus, but not required. Melee dps - Full. Will consider players of exceptional skill. Heals - Full. Back up players welcome Tanks - Full. Back up players welcome. Social players or back ups, people that want to run mythic + and alt runs are welcome. What we're looking for: 1. Aptitude: Players that take the initiative to improve their performance by farming gear, reviewing logs, and practicing their class. We are willing to help those that show this drive, but there are no 'carries' in our raid team. 2. Dedicated individuals: That means being on time for raid, coming prepared with flasks/food/pots, doing your own research on a boss, and looking at logs after raid to see where you/we could improve. 3. Team Attitude: People who don't take things too seriously and understand that at the end of the day, this is a game. We want to be serious about our progression but raging, anger and hostility toward other members of the team is never tolerated. What we're offering: 1. Although the guild is relatively new on Lightbringer, we offer experienced leadership and a long history of raiding. We strive for a friendly yet disciplined environment that is fun while still getting results. 2. We are willing to help you with your dps, gear, rotation, etc., if you are willing to put in the time and effort. 3. A positive and team based guild environment. We are not a “family friendly” guild, therefore there is a lot of adult banter and give and take. However, this atmosphere is about hanging out and having fun together, not bringing people down. We work and succeed as a team and elitists and rage lords are quickly dealt with. We value aptitude AND attitude. If you feel you can be part of a team, have the drive to defeat content, and can work hard to consistently improve, then we may be the home for you. Your current gear is less important than your ability to take the initiative and work hard to help us succeed as a team. If <Han Shot First> sounds like the ideal community to you, feel free to contact me at Nuchie#1345 or my co-gm MrMace#1784Menopaws2 2d
2d [A] <MetaCortex> 5/7M Recruiting Heals Hello there, we are recruiting for Mythic raids. We are currently looking for a core Heals and always looking for skilled DPS, pref MW or RDruid but any healer is welcome to apply. ilvl does not matter as long as you are a seasoned and dedicated raider. But we are looking for atleast 865 ilvl Our raid times are Tue/Wed/Thu 7-9:30 server (PT). Invites start at 6:45 server. We require near perfect raid attendance! Raiding Environment Casual but disciplined. We only spend 7.5 hours a week so we like to make the most of it. No one is forced to play a certain class, play what you like, but you are expected to switch to your off-spec occasionally if the need arises. About us Most of our members are longtime players that moved with us from Alexstrasza to Lightbringer after failing to raid HFC consistently (dead server), on this server we quickly rose and managed to reach the top 10 rank before starting to wind down. We are planning to clear Mythic content in Legion. More about recruitment and loot rules on our official site: Best way to contact me is via B.tag: topapa#1200 EDIT: Post will be updated (often) to keep up with roster requirements.Amarånt27 2d
2d A Holy Pally LF Casual Raiding Guild Holly Paladin looking for a casual raiding guild , also running karazhan and Mythic dungeon runs. ilvl 863 Main spec Holly Off spec Protection Battlenet Tag Tevo#1443Cória5 2d
2d 870 Holy Priest LF Casual/Casual+ Raiding The last time I was a full-time raider was Throne of Thunder, but I am back to WoW and looking to raid with a friendly guild that wants to steadily progress. I have read through this tier's strats and done LFR, but we all know that does not count, so I do not know the fights very well yet...but I am a quick learner. I am active, enjoy doing Mythic+ dungeons and Kara. Please contact me here or in-game. Thanks! AndaarAndaar9 2d
2d A <The Lightsworn> 2/7(H)2/3(N) LFM The Lightsworn is Currently Recruiting DPS and Heals for a semi-casual raid team. We are Currently 2/7 Heroic in the Emerald Nightmare and 2/3 Normal in Trail of Valor. But we can't progress without your help! We are looking for any DPS and Heals that want to carry on this adventure with us. Please note: We do ask that people understand that standing in fire or any other bad stuff does kill you! Raid times: Wednesday and Thursday 8:30pm to 11pm pst. Recruiting: All Range and Melee DPS and Heals. (bonus to players that have a decent off spec) Loot: We are Currently running EPGP lootmaster. If this sounds something that is up your alley please don't hesitate to get a hold of me or anyone in your guild for questions. you can also add me on if you would like to get a hold of me there. RagingPaw#1373 Thank you for your time and hope to see you in game raiding along with us!Ragingpaw0 2d
2d <Honorable benchawarmers> LFM We are a new guild who are laid back and looking to add some more fun people to our ranks, we are in need of more ranged dps for our raid group as well as 1-2 more tanks we would prefer to get. 2 mages shadow preist hunter Blood DK and guardian druid or prot pally We are going to be raiding tues/thurs 7-9 PM ST with an optional friday 7-9 PM clean up day. We are aiming to possibly kill heroic raids but not do mythic. Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome whether your a raider, mythic+ or just someone who wants to play the auction house or lvl and play alts it doesnt matter as long as you having fun, Hope to hear from you soon my battle tag is wrandran#1438 or just drop a message in hereDalamon7 2d
2d A <No Moral Compass> recruiting for heroic We are looking for more dpsers and healers for heroic raiding and other good stuff, we have been playing for a few years. Moved to lightbringer last year, we cleared everything on heroic in wod, looking to do the same in legion. We finished clearing normals now looking for a fee more dps and another healer to fill in the last few spots. Looking for non druid or paladin dps, and non warlock ranged, everything is welcome. Even melee raid days are tuesday, Thursday sunday*optional From 5-8 server time. Thanks for your interest.Opa18 2d
2d <Relocated> 3/7M 2/3H LFM Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun 7:00PM-10:00PM ST Recruitment Needs: High DPS and HPal We are a friendly, mature, progression-minded guild that enjoys making progress and having fun at the same time. If you're an excellent raider who is Heroic ready, come talk to us. If you're an excellent raider who happens to need some gear, come talk to us. We'd love to raid with you and see if we're a good fit. In game, please contact Diggerydont, Viktorie, Jagrmanjensn, or Leabro.Miiwa1 2d
2d Functional 3/7M EN 1/3H ToV LF Healer/DPS Functional, an Alliance raiding guild is recruiting! :) When: Weds, Thurs, Mon, 7 - 10 PM Pacific (10 - 1 Eastern) Currently Recruiting: DPS: Rogue, Monk, Demon Hunter----Healer: Pally (other classes welcome to apply!) Guild Culture: Guild culture is extremely important to us. We wish to maintain a respectful environment for players from all different backgrounds. Because we want to be a community for all players, we do not allow sexist, racist, or homophobic chat in Vent or in Guild Chat. That said, our sense of humor can be adult (PG-13 to R). Please be mindful that the guild is not necessarily suited for young children. A word on our raids: We only raid 9 hours a week so we have very little downtime when we're raiding, no gratuitous afks or brbs. We don't start early and we don't end late. We like to start on time and end on time. Remember: Gear can be looted, skill can be learned, but personality cannot be transmogged!! Don't forget the mounts, we like to hunt down rare/hard to get mounts for the guild :D Learn More & Apply: Contact Us In Game: Nilophyte - Nilo#1910 (Guild Master, evenings) Isthi - Rina#1568 - (Anytime) Reesespbc - Coolwhip#1118 (daytime and evenings) Or send a tell to any online guild member for assistance!Isthi0 2d
2d [A] Late Night Raiding LF DPS/Heals <Temporary Guild Name> is looking for more DPS and Healers to even out their Mythic group. We are a newer guild that has been rather successful with our late night, casual raiding group. We would like to add more people to the roster in order to start mythic content. We are in need of 4-6 new people to help round out our group. We are looking for ranged DPS in particular (lock, spriest, hunter), and a few more healers (shaman, monk). We are currently 7/7 H EN and 2/3 N ToV with a Helya kill on the way this coming week. Our raid times are Tues/Wed 10 PM - 1 AM ST, and we sometimes throw in a Sunday if we want to push content. We are generally casual, our peak hours are late at night for the most part, but we get the job done. If you are interested please contact any of the following for more information: Auròra, Sovellis, Blackmaane, Llava Euro, or Aurâ.Auròra11 2d
3d <Tempered Steel> 7/7H 3/3N LFM <Tempered Steel> is looking for a few dedicated raiders to fill out our roster for mythic EN and ToV progression. We are currently raiding 6-9pm Server on Tues/Wed/Sat, Tues/Wed are designated for progression, while Saturdays are left for clean-up & Reg EN for leggos. We would consider a guild merger pending a collaborative trial run with a group in a similar position of progression and size. We currently have 10-12 of our best players for our core raid group, but are punished by scaling for our smaller comp and need equally raid-aware and strong players to start mythic progression. PM: Adamoth, Deprave, Swiperight, Veilsnith, or Geminara in game for more information/invites. HIGH PRIORITY: DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Mage, Spriest, Warr, DK Heals: Resto Druid, Holy Priest Tank: Bear *All roles considered.Deprave3 3d
3d <Inevitable> tues/thurs Evening everyone, thank you for taking your time to read my post =) Looking for members to join up for legion's release. went 13/13h 10/10h 7/7h in WoD Currently 7/7N EN, 7/7H EN 2/3 N ToV Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8:30pm pst We use Mumble as our primary voice chat We are a mature semi hardcore guild that likes to joke around but focuses on clearing content. Everyone in here is social and enjoys talking and bsing with each other as well as cracking jokes most of the raid. We have everything you need for a pleasant raiding experience and will help with what ever enchants/gems you might need. Send us a message if you're interested. If you're good, know your class well, dont stand in the bad and are willing to fill some spots, give us a try. Looking to fill raiding positions Tank - Full Ranged - Hunter, Ele shaman, Warlock(demo/destro), mage, Boomkin Healing - Holy paladin/Holy priest/Mistweaver Monk Melee - DK/Warrior If interested please contact: Ravager#1370 -or- xarados#1161 keiim#1641Tasany9 3d
3d 3/7M guild LF Raid lead. and RDPS Due to real life circumstances our current raid leader is having to step down. Guild: Entourage Server: US - Lightbringer (PVE) Faction: Alliance Voice: Discord Website: Progress 3/7 Mythic EN 2/3 Heroic ToV Things we need but not limited to Boomkin Warlock mage Raid Days: Sunday and Monday Raid Times: 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m Server Time (Pacific Standard Time). About Us: Most of us have played world of Warcraft from the inception, we are a bunch of veteran players who share the same passion and value about gaming. We are primarily a PVE guild, though who doesn't enjoy the occasional battleground. Many of us have known each other over the years and have become friends. We have hardcore raiders, semi-hardcore raiders, and casual players. We are currently recruiting all types of players, a mature attitude is a must, respect that your guild-mates are people not just names on a screen. Vision: While almost all of us are from hardcore Mythic progression guilds we are looking to build a large stress-free community that is focused on clearing the hardest content but at the same time have fun while doing so in a casual environment (This is the mmo "dream" right). Raid: We are focused on raiding as efficiently as possible with minimal hours/days spent. We are looking for like minded players that have the drive to succeed and a sense of humor. Raid expectations: - We expect you to adapt to new strategies and follow directions, but we also expect constructive contributions to the raid's progress. - Commitment to our raid times. Be on at least 15 minutes before raid time. - Know your class & research. We have constructive conversations about classes constantly. - Exceptional raid awareness - Have all raid mats and seals ready before raid. - Have researched all fights before we get there. - Have DBM installed and be ready to go! - A great attitude. Be able to learn from mistakes, and take constructive criticism. There will be wipes, there will be frustration at times and there will be learning curves, but we will down bosses. The ability to work as a team and have a few laughs while doing it is crucial. Feel free to contact any officers for more info: Labinac - Lightbringer - Guild Leader - Musei#1168 Anriaa - Lightbringer - Co-GM- Aritiel#1503Labinac3 3d
3d <Party All the Time> 3/7M Need RDPS <Party All The Time> is a weekend raiding guild, 2 days(Friday & Saturday), 6 hours a week(7-10PM pst)! Progression in Legion: Emerald Nightmare 3/7M 3/3N ToV We are currently in need of Quality DPS and Heals who can commit to a near 100%attendance and have high parses for their class. Classes Wanted: -Balance Druid -Warlock -Shadow Priest If you are another class not listed in recruitment needs don't hesitate to contact any of the officers. What you can expect from us: -Flasks and pots provided -Experienced core of raiders with years of Heroic/Mythic exp -Communication with all raiders to what's expected of them on a fight per fight basis What we expect from you: -Care taken for the toon your looking to bring. ie: properly itemized with all gear valor upgraded. -General strats known before getting to progression bosses. -Attendance at 100% for the trail period and 90% + attendance after -Team focused attitude Loot is done via Loot Council. BIS stats/performance/Attendance/time on raid team are the factors that go into loot. The idea behind this is to put the loot in the hands of the players who will net out the most DPS/HPS/Mitigation, and allow us to clear the bosses more easily. Bosses WILL die again and loot WILL drop again. IF YOUR SOLE GOAL IS LOOT THIS IS NOT THE GUILD FOR YOU. That being said, loot will be distributed as evenly as possible and not one person will gear miles ahead of another as that would be counter productive. Add me if interested. Reza#1890Saae4 3d
4d A - Novus Sanctum 7/7H 3/3N LFM What we need: Looking for two ranged dps for our progression team. All quality players will be considered! We love raiding and provide two teams for our guild, both Progression with a goal of moving into mythic (Tues/Thurs 6PM PST) and Casual whose goal is to be the more relaxed fun run raid ( Wed/Fri 6PM PST ). Who we are: Novus Sanctum consists of a variety of players ranging in age and from various backgrounds. Many of us have been, at one point of time, in top tier guilds on various games. We still love raiding but have realized there are many aspects to gaming in WoW! We also love to theory craft, debate and talk about practically everything gaming and non gaming related. We are currently 7/7 H, 3/3 N and plan to get into mythic raiding soon. Basically we enjoy every aspect of the game as a guild. We offer a home where you won't be afraid to ask questions, curse a little (or a lot sometimes) and enjoy your gaming experience how YOU want to. We're a guild of friends and want you to feel as if you're home. We all enjoy chatting in vent while we raid/group and it's easier to create and maintain friendships that persist through multiple games. Contact us: If you are currently looking for a guild and we match what you would like, feel free to stop by the website ( or if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the officers: Emereí, Libration, Niakaya, Calikk, AppleseedsNiakiya3 4d
4d <Senpai> 7/7H 2/3N Casual Progression <Senpai> Formed by a group of friends with server first experience during Wrath and Cata is looking for more members! All players are welcome, including casuals and hardcore player alike! Raids and mythic+ dungeons are ran regularly! 7/7H EN 2/3N ToV Raid times are Tues/Weds 6-8:30 Server. Currently recruiting DPS of all kinds and a Healer for raids. Message me in game or add me on bnet, cole#1886 and send me a message if you're interested! Can also contact Delaphine or Pumkinspicy in game.Trëës0 4d
4d [A] <Immortal> 7/7H 1/7M – Tues/Weds 6-8:30 [A] <Immortal> 7/7H 1/7M– Tues/Weds 6-8:30 – Casual Saturday Team History: Immortal is a guild that has been on the Lightbringer server since Beta. We’ve had several strong raid teams from C’thun to the Emerald Nightmare Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-8:30 Server PST – Casual raiding on Saturday at 6:00. About us: We strive to get a lot done on a limited raid schedule. Our main team raids only 5-6 hours weekly but we take that time seriously. We look to find that balance of fun and progression in a mature and productive raid environment. Raiders are to show up prepared with food, flasks, potions, enchantments and any other upgrades to improve performance. We run an additional team on Saturdays for a more casual setting as well as Mythic Dungeon groups daily. What we are looking for: Exceptional, dependable raiders to help us build a strong raid team and positive environment. Current Requirements: iLvl 860 - High Attendance is a must - 220k DPS Single Target on Ursoc- Knowledge and Adherence to Mechanics Current Needs Weekday Team: Please provide logs for expedited consideration - Shadow Priest - Mage (High Need) We will always consider high parsing DPS even if not listed We are now logging our runs and making them available to the public at Warcraft Logs. A Mythic Nythendra kill if you wish to see our raiding and communication style. If you feel you are on par with our numbers and meet our current needs please see the contact information below or reply here. If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact the following officers: Weekday: Jesta – Jesta#1509 Aeveti - SeaGump#1780 Zephi – Zephi#1673 Saturday: Labiah – Labiah#1132Jestatip17 4d
4d [A] Trial and Error 7/7H1/3H LF RDPS A Little Bit about T&E: US-Lightbringer - Trial and Error is the brainchild of some old-school raiders looking to create that small close-knit family guild that seems to be in small supply. Our leadership have been playing for almost 11 years and raiding on the hardcore mindset for most of the tiers. As time went on, we decided to "slow down" (HA!) and go at a more relaxed schedule, as we feel, raiding shouldn't take 5 days a week. We don't mind helping out new raiders, so long as they show a willingness to show up and learn. We run our guild as a meritocracy. Our Progression: 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 1/3H Trial of Valor What We're Looking For: We're looking for high-caliber people that are socially active within our guild, meaning folks that log on outside of raid times and want to interact with other guildmates on Discord or in guild chat. Here is a list of our needs: DPS - • Mage • Warlock • Boomkin • Elemental Shaman Even if you're not listed here, we are ALWAYS looking for competent, high-quality raiders to apply. Expectations For Our Raiders: • Raid times are Tuesday - Thursday, 6pm PST - 9pm PST • Properly geared (gems and enchants) • 100% attendence during trial runs (~90% if passed trial) Emergencies/vacations happen, but you must let officers know ahead of time. • Look up fights BEFORE raid. This is especially true if you have not downed/seen the fight ON THAT DIFFICULTY. • Extensive knowledge of your class and spec • A willingness and ability to play multiple dps specs depending on fights (especially for mages, rogues, warlocks, dk). • Willingness to play an alt if necessary. • Ability to follow directions. If you are told to stack, be sure to be stacked ASAP. Interrupts NEED to happen. Stun WHEN WE CALL. We do check abilities cast and we know if you didn't do what we ask. Required Addons: • RC Loot Council • GTFO • Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs • Recount or Skada • Angry Assignments What You Should Expect of Us: • Efficient raiding and pursuing into mythic raiding • Social raiding guild • Laid-back atmosphere • Flasks/Food/Pots are provided • Experienced Leadership • A bangin' guild tabard. Because we all know that's a high priority. Contact Us! If you're interested or if you have questions, you can contact anyone in the guild and they'll direct you to an officer. You can always check out our website at Officer Btags: Guild Master: Chandratani#1500 Raid Leader: jericho#1227 Assistant Raid Leader: Artymus#1635Ethereâl0 4d
4d *A* The Fallen Renegades LK4 More Welcome <<A>> The Fallen Renegades <<Lightbringer Server>> is now recruiting for Legion! The Fallen Renegades is a progression guild where our exceptions for our raiders are hardcore, but our game is not. Our creed is: ... We have started Raiding The Emerald Nightmare! ... Qualifications for Raiding Level 110 Ilvl 850 for Raiding Legion DPS 200K+ for Raiding Legion HPS 200K+ for Raiding Legion What we are Looking For ... Raid Days/Times Tue/Wed/Thur 7p - 9p PST ... The Fallen Renegades looks at the guild as a whole to make sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of our abilities. We are not looking to rush into anything, in other words we plan to do this on our own dime not the masses dime. We are not looking to keep up with the other guilds/servers we are just looking for great personalities, people who want to have fun, commitment, patience, and not afraid of a little challenge. Last but not lease and above all else we want to keep the fun in the game! After all this is exactly that -- A GAME! ... ...Yesabella44 4d
5d Veteran Player LFG Looking for a casual (mostly) guild that raids.. I haven't healed/dps'd since Blackrock in WoD so I may be a little rusty. Played since vanilla - mostly healing classes. Started as a resto druid in molten core 40m then bounced between dps characters, and ended up staying shaman since Pandaria. I'm 30, and would prefer an adult type guild just due to slipping the occasional wordyderd. Very adaptable, and willing to follow whatever rules, addons, etc that you require. I'm not entirely terrible, just rusty - I got tossed into Heroic Sha back in Siege without any instructions and did pretty well. So I assure you I will not stand in fire. Hit me up here, or bnet Atreuce#1294 Thanks! PS. I'm a dude. :DRosaleia2 5d
5d LF Large social guild that runs stuff I am not sure if these just don't exist or my current server is just too small. My husband and I run tank (DK- he also plays unholy) and heals (Disc) and are enjoying running mythic dungeons but would like to try to get higher in levels in mythic +. So far pugs have been fine but it would be nice to have some steady people to try the harder levels. It would also be nice if the guild actually talked or responded to me in guild chat. I don't talk a ton- and my husband almost none but the current guild we have tried to make work does not say one word to us and honestly that really does not make you feel welcome. We used to raid a few years ago but my husband's work schedule can cause him to miss a raid from time to time (1-2 times a month usually) and I am pretty busy until late at night with kiddos. Raiding from time to time would be fun but not a must for the guild we are looking to make our home. I also enjoy pvp a bit so if there were a few people in the guild that enjoyed casual battlegrounds/arenas that would be outstanding. Are there any guilds out there that meet this? Basically a large guild that actually talks and runs stuff outside of raids?Ginni3 5d
5d (A) 881+ DH LFG Mythic EN Fri-Wkend My exp -7/7 normal and heroic EN -3/3 TOV N -1/7 M EN -Have achievement completing 10+ mythic dungeon with remaining time -Have done nightbane -My artifact wp is lvl 35 I would like to join a core group for mythic EN anytime from fri-sunday. I am not interested in leaving my guild (they are just inactive in raiding in this expan). I have the commitment to show up and perform with flask, pot, food. So if you dont mind allowing me to join your raiding despite not being in the guild it would be much appreciated! You do not need to worry about me being in a situation to leave you for my guild bc they are inactive. So the time I raid with yor guild will be going toward progression. Thank youIlovesoju2 5d
5d <Soulless Remains> Recruiting <Soulless Remains> is a new guild looking for more members to build up our mythic/mythic+ teams. Building toward a Raid team. Need Tanks/DPS/Heals so if you are a fresh 110 or someone looking for a new home. We would love to have you with us. (All Classes and Levels Welcome) PST or send in-game mail to Arahodaril for info.Arahodaril0 5d
5d Friendly Guild Recruiting for Raids Top Hat Mafia started on Dentarg. We have been established for nearly 7 years. Friendly, patient, no pressure people who like to raid and we don't mind teaching you. New players welcome. Not into elitists. Please have Ventrilo. We are looking for 1 healer, 3 ranged DPS, and 1 melee DPS. Starting with Emerald Nightmare and moving forward! Raid nights are Friday and Saturday.Maypull0 5d
6d The Trust Seems to allow those that both harass other players, and those that actively make their guild look terrible; they basically responded with no care that a player continually harassed another and kept them in the guild. I cannot say specifically which member, however if you were to google the person character name you would find all kinds of pornographic material that that person is actively producing; further making the guild look bad that they keep someone like that within their guild.Pawasaki0 6d
6d [A] Cats on Fire is recruiting! Cats on FIre is recruiting!! MISS HAVING A WOW FAMILY? Do you miss the social aspect of WoW? Greetings! <Cats on Fire> is a casual social PVE/PvP focused Alliance guild on Lightbringer (US.) We are a group of friends seeking NEW friends to join our family! We have been around for approx 5+ years and want to keep on keepin on! :) What can we offer? We're your new BFFS! Leveling is tedious and quests can get mind numbingly boring. There's usually a few guildies online during the day.. mainly people start logging on in the evenings tho! If you're a social butterfly and need to unwind after a looong day and just want to have people around to crack jokes with, we can be your peoples. Enjoy PvPing? Great! A lot of our members enjoy BG's and Arenas! Do we raid? We're not too intense.. we're very casual. We are working on Kara Progression and Mythic + -- What are we looking for? FRIENDS! No Cliques here. The second you join us, you become ONE OF US and a part of our crazy family. Players of all levels are welcome, but know that we're a DRAMA free guild. P.S. We know our Calculus! Is it U + Me = Us? I hope it will be!! :) Check out this video! -- If you're interested in joining us or have questions, please whisper me in-game or add boxcarbinny#11476 to b.tag for further questions! :)Oopsydaisy4 6d
Dec 1 From Ashes looking for more raiders Hey All!! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our online family :) From Ashes is a group of people who do things the way a Guild should!! Here you are not a number of DPS/HPS. You are a person that we want to get to know and build lasting friendships with. Our Guild is based on being able to provide the best gaming experience possible to all our members regardless of skill level, time commitments, playstyles, multiple games, etc. That being said we STRIVE to achieve this, but nothing can be perfect!! We also DO taking our raiding seriously and expect everyone to carry their own weight and preform to a standard. What we are looking for at the moment is new members to add to our family. Whether it is PVP, Raiding, Mythic+ Dungeons, or Casual Play we have a place here for you. All we ask for in return is to be RELIABLE, COMMITTED, ACTIVE and CONSISTENT. If this all has you interested then please read on to the areas we are looking for to see if you'd be a good fit for us!! RAID TEAM We raid Tuesday and Thursdays 7pm to 10pm PST for progression and Saturday 7pm to 10pm for our casual or alt raid. Our current progression is 7/7 N EN and 5/7 H EN. We are looking for active members who will work as a team throughout the week to achieve Heroic AoTC for each raid and to push Mythic content as well. I am not recruiting specific comps for the raid, I am recruiting based on skill. For example i'll take more melee over ranged if the melee can do their job better. That being said I will list a few classes we would like to have in the team. preferred Mage, Demon Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Warrior(dps) PVP We have a few members that actively PVP in arenas but we are looking to branch into Rated BG's. We are not looking for anything specific with this team other than a desire to PVP and if you're new at it to learn :) Mythic+ Dungeons Currently our group can routinely down +7 or +8's. We are looking to actively get higher and higher with these throughout the week each week. We would like to get enough to run 3 groups to do these so if this is your thing we need you!! Casual play, Achieve runs, Mounts We are now settled well into Legion and are expanding back into old achieve runs for rare things, leveling alts together, etc etc. We make sure that we have events always going on for any level and will be returning to this soon. Multiple Games We have many members who play other games outside of WoW. While WoW is our main focus we also play League of Legends, Overwatch, HotS, etc. We are also doing a discord game night once a week where we do something similar to quiplash. If any of this seems like a good fit for you please feel free to message me in game for any additional info :) BNET- JmoneyMS#1405 IN GAME- Ascé (alt 130 for the é)Ascé9 Dec 1
Dec 1 (A) Daunting Wrath Recruiting ABOUT: Daunting Wrath is a brand new guild that was just formed a few month ago by a group of friends. We are currently 7/7 Normal and 2/7 Heroic in EN. We plan to do every form of content at our disposal and enjoy the game as it should be… with friends. As a Member of Daunting Wrath, we will provide you with guild repairs, pots, food and flasks. Expectations: We are looking for competent raiders who can attend the aforementioned raid times. We are expecting the raiders to be properly geared raider that have proper enchants on gear, flask and food. More importantly we are looking for people who can perform the mechanic required to progress though Heroic content and eventually mythic content. We also expect everyone within our raid team to properly research the fights beforehand and make sure their class is properly speced. We expect all our raiders to maintain close to 100% in attendance but we understand that life happens. Current needs: all positions are currently open Raid days: Tuesday and Wednesday 730pm-10pm server times Contact: robert#11629 Jb4ker#2795 Skylah#1997Adoranore1 Dec 1