Jan 8 Two Scoops Raiding Guild LFM Two Scoops is a raiding guild looking for more DPS and Healers in order to fill our core raiding group. We are 7/7 H Emerald Nightmare and 2/3 Trial of Valor. Our weekly raid nights are Friday and Saturday from 9-12 PM Eastern Time. Players that show potential will be helped and item level takes a backseat to skill. As well as a WoW raiding guild, we are a group of close friends who dabble in a large range of games. If you are interested in joining or if you want more information, reply here or message us in game at Pluto#11579 or FrisbeeToss#11958.Kiracite0 Jan 8
Jan 8 865 Restro Shaman looking for guild 865 (next week when research finishes) restro shaman looking for guild. Friend transferred here recently but is a higher end raider so won't be trying to join same guild. Would prefer to come to this sever to join a new guild. Looking for 2 or 3 night raiding guild, that does not raid on Fridays, have other commitments on that day. Ideal times would be after 4pm PST. Limited raiding experience on this toon / this xpac. Have cleared Heroic Nightmare. Been playing for years and do understand the game, researching fights, min/maxing and not standing in poop. Thanks for looking! Btag is Kerrigan#1685Ulee7 Jan 8
Jan 7 Been Waiting a Long Time for This achievement Me and my friend are trying to get glory of the ice crown citadel achievement but cant manage to do it, is there anyone that could help us?Wolvershock2 Jan 7
Jan 6 [A] Mail Enhancement 2/3H need DPS and Heals Hey! We're Mail Enhancement. We're currently 2/3H ToV and 7/7H EN. We need more dps and heals for our core group for Nighthold in a couple of weeks! Our discord is always a blast and we never take things too seriously. We'd love to try Mythic raiding as well if we get the members. If you're looking for something laid back but still want to make progress, give us a shot. One of our members put it nicely "I really just want a place to shoot the !@#$ while we raid. And I found it." You can reply here or PM me in game! Thanks.Masazumi0 Jan 6
Jan 5 [A] <Minor Catastrophe Inc> Is Recruiting Minor Catastrophe Inc. is currently recruiting to fill our ranks before Heroic Nighthold. About Server: US – Lightbringer (PvE) Faction: Alliance Raid Times: Tuesday/Monday 7-10 pm PST Our group is primarily comprised of working professionals who have been raiding since Vanilla and are focused on having a good time while achieving Ahead of the Curve progression without a massive time commitment. Current Needs We are currently recruiting DPS (both ranged and melee) and 1 healer, but are always interested in skilled players of any class and spec. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to add me (Pandabar#1273) or Zigsa (Splitzer#1910) or send an in-game whisper or mail.Caridwen3 Jan 5
Jan 5 DK lf raiding guild, willing to switch class 861 Frost DK Looking for a guild that raids Mon and Weds, late night on weekends, or after 8:30 pst on Tues and Thurs. Willing to switch to a number of ranged dps alts, but would need help with gearing. Also, have an 845 holy paladin. Feel free to add me if interested anythyme#1493Barrelrolled1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Make WoW Great Again LF Heals & DPS We are a very new guild that is currently 7/7 heroic EN and looking to build a core team to push into Mythic EN but mostly building for NH. If you want to experience the thrill of guild first mythic kills then this is the group for you! We are more interested in skill level as opposed to your current gear score and are willing to help out players who show promise. Raid times are Tue and Wed at 8:30 pm server time (PST). If you're interested in learning more please reply here or message us in game @ Quizz#1428 or UtShoez#1724Itsquizz1 Jan 5
Jan 4 Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Lightbringer! Hope everyone enjoys the holidays with friends/family and of course guildies :)Blitzpaladin4 Jan 4
Jan 3 880 Spriest LF Guild - PM Pst 880 Ilvl 884 In bag 7/7H 1/7M 2/3H Looking for casual or semi hardcore raiding guild that is stable and active. Available any day of the week 8pm PST or later (10pm central) I am active, know my class, competitive, fun... Contact me Dae#1557Nobananas4 Jan 3
Jan 3 [A] Cats on Fire is Recruiting for Mythic + Cats on Fire is recruiting for Mythic + We are a growing guild that enjoys PVE and PVP content. We are in the process of building our second dedicated raid team. We currently are full clearing Kara and doing Mythic + runs in the 7-8 range. We are not an intense guild, just friends taking it easy and getting it done. The raid times for our second group are not set at the moment. We use Discord and enjoy talking with each other and having some fun. Currently we are looking for all classes, geared or not geared. We can gear you up and have some fun in the process. If you interested message me; Therwina, Althenia, or Battle Tag: Redtxf#1313Therwina0 Jan 3
Jan 2 [A] <Mail Enhancement> is looking for you! Hi there, Zwingley here with an important public service announcement! <Mail Enhancement> is recruiting! Currently we're looking to fill our ranks for mythic. Our philosophy is, "Bring the player, not the class". We're back after Christmas break and we're building up for NIghthold. We'll take anyone as long as you're willing to learn the fights and pull your weight. You can tell from our name that we like to goof off and joke around, but when it comes downing bosses, we know how to play serious and slay some dragons. If you're interested in our history: we formed just days before the expansion dropped as a group of friends who hadn't played WoW seriously since Cataclysm. A lot of us started out with very little raiding experience, but we smashed through heroic EN and at one point wound up being top 70 on the server! Not a huge accomplishment for some, but for us this was really cool, and I'm proud of every member of our guild for helping us get there. So yeah, whether you're a veteran player looking for a new home, or a fresh face looking for a challenge, you're more than welcome to join us! Feel free to hit me up on bnet at spammalanche#1851 for invites and more information. Hope to hear from you soon!Zwingley0 Jan 2
Jan 2 [A] <Of the Dream> 3/7M EN 2/3 H ToV <of the Dream> is recruiting all classes for mythic progression and high level M+ pushes. Flasks are provided for all progression raids. Tu/Th/Mon 6:30pm-9:30pm server. Casuals always welcome. We have been progressing since the start of legion and have hit a wall in getting a consisted 20man group for Mythic raids. We are in dire need of some Healers and DPS. If you are low item level we will work with you to gear up. Message any of the following: Guild Leader: Milad#1464 Raid Lead: Lotus#1120 Recruitment: BeserkZombie#1528Beserkzombie1 Jan 2
Dec 31 <Novus Lupi> LFM Heroic/Mythic Raiders Greetings! Thank you for taking an interest in <Novus Lupi> Guild History: <Novus Lupi> was originally created about a year ago on Korgath server, and has just recently transferred to US-Lightbringer in the hopes of making a fresh new start. Unhappy on our previous server, the guild transferred to find a new group of people to join our ranks. Our goal has been and always will be to help one another out and progress together as a team. Many of us have raiding experience and are looking to build our raid team back up from the transfer and progress into heroic and mythic Emerald Nightmare, ToV, Nighthold, and mythic + dungeons. Many of us love to PvP as well and we will be running plenty of rated BGs and arenas. In our guild we strive to make everyone feel welcome and at home. This being said, we have an absolute ZERO tolerance for elitist attitudes and negativity. Whether you're joining us to progress in raiding and running mythics, or just wanting a social and friendly guild to level in, we strive to keep the moral of our members high and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable. What We Expect From You: For Our Raiders: It is mandatory to study up on fights before the raid and to make sure you know the mechanics of each fight. Videos and links for fights will be posted on our Discord server as well as our Facebook page, so it is expected that each raider will do their part to watch/read the resources provided to them. We expect our raiders to show up 15 minutes prior to the raid start and be fully prepared. (having items needed for the raid and fully repaired gear). Our guild uses Discord for our primary means of voice comms. We have ZERO tolerance for elitist attitudes and raging during raids, and any players who rages will be removed promptly. We value teamwork, commitment and patience above top DPS. There will be wipes, and accepting and understanding this is a must for anyone wanting to join us. We are not looking for only the top rated raiders to join our team; anyone with a desire to commit to our schedule and progress with us will be given a chance. If you are new to raiding, we welcome you as well and will help anyone who is willing to learn, grow and progress. The most important thing we ask of all our members is to be kind, helpful and friendly. Our main goal is to have fun doing things together as a guild, and creating a fun, friendly environment is our top priority. We also ask that our members be involved in the guild and participate in guild activities. I promise, we make it fun! What You Can Expect From Us: The primary objective of our guild is to have fun and build comradery. Whether it be pushing into heroic and mythic raiding, pvp, leveling, or any number of things, having fun in a friendly and inviting atmosphere is key. We strive to fill our ranks with patient, mature players who are active and social when it comes to chatting and participating in guild events (you're going to see a lot of green text in your chat tab!). Our leadership is fair, patient and very helpful. If you want to raid and are committed to doing so and have the patience and drive to progress and grow together, then we'd love to have you. We are willing to put in the effort and time to help those who are serious about raiding. We only raid 3 nights a week, but we push to down bosses in a timely manner and take this very seriously. While we maintain a serious attitude when it comes to raiding, overall we are a very laidback and friendly bunch of people and love to maintain a strong social circle, even outside the guild. Our Raid Times/Days: Tue, Fri: 8pm-11pm EST Optional Sat, Sun: 7pm-10pm EST * We are very mindful and understanding of the fact that many of our members have busy schedules, and things do sometimes come up that interfere with raiding. Real life comes first, and as such sometimes raid times may have to be rescheduled to fit the needs of the members. * Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting all classes and roles for our raid team, and all types of players are welcome to join our guild. However we are especially in need of the following classes: ranged DPS: warlock, mage melee DPS: demon hunters, DPS DK, WW monk healers: MW monk, resto shaman, resto druid tank: we are currently not looking to add any tanks to our raid team, however any tanks are still welcome to join us! We are looking for more heroic ready raiders (860+). If you are interested in joining our heroic raid team, let us know! If you would like to join us and think our guild would be a good fit for you, then please feel free to contact us via Bnet or in game mail. Thank you! Derêzzed-Lightbringer - GM Btag: Lupa1214#11197 Hêlzvog-Lightbringer - Co GM Boomstenlaká-Lightbringer - Officer Btag: Rollwithsten#1192Derêzzed31 Dec 31
Dec 30 [A] Late Night Raiding LF DPS/Heals <Temporary Guild Name> is looking for more DPS and Healers to even out their Mythic group. We are a newer guild that has been rather successful with our late night, casual raiding group. We would like to add more people to the roster in order to start mythic content. We are in need of 4-6 new people to help round out our group. We are looking for ranged DPS in particular (lock, spriest, hunter), and a few more healers (shaman, monk). We are currently 7/7 H EN and 2/3 N ToV with a Helya kill on the way this coming week. Our raid times are Tues/Wed 10 PM - 1 AM ST, and we sometimes throw in a Sunday if we want to push content. We are generally casual, our peak hours are late at night for the most part, but we get the job done. If you are interested please contact any of the following for more information: Auròra, Sovellis, Blackmaane, Llava Euro, or Aurâ.Auròra18 Dec 30
Dec 30 New Toons/pvp & arena twink group?? Howdy y'all, I hope all of y'all are having a good day/weekend to all of my vets out there. I was just wondering if anyone on Lightbringer wanted or is interested in making a new toon with me and go ham on pvp & arena. I'm also going to be making a twink guild on this server as well, if you want more information please feel free to add me on BNet @ DarkRaider#1414Garrth0 Dec 30
Dec 30 {{A}} <Chaos Council> 2/7M and 3/3H <Chaos Council> 2/7M and 2/3H is looking for HEALERS and any DPS to add to our raid team. We raid on M/T/W 6:30 to 9:30 server time. PST for more info. We have been raiding together since HM (WoD) and been friends for much longer. We are in need of about 5 more extra bodies to have an all 20 man Mythic run. We are currently in need of any DPS class and 1 or 2 more healers. We are not particularly looking for ilvl, but more importantly, the person behind the class. Come be a part of our team, our small but close-knit group of players. Message me for more info. Thanks !Pinehearst3 Dec 30
Dec 29 Relapse Recruiting!!! GM of Alliance guild <Relapse> on the Lightbringer server. Currently looking for members to fill out our raid slots to go into mythic raiding. In need of desperate need of a Holy Paladin and another healer of any class along with ranged dps. Raid times are Mon-Wed 5-7:30 PM server times. Whisper myself or anyone else in the guild for more information!Kaisir0 Dec 29
Dec 29 LFGuild 9p-12a (server) raid schedule 2/10 M I work second shift so it's difficult to find a guild that fits my schedule. Prefer Tue/Wed/Thu but am flexible. 99%* attendance! I don't mind guild progress so long as everybody is willing to do thier best! I prefer enhance but am fine as resto. My experience as a core raid member ; BC: Kara-Hyjal WOTLK: Naxx-IC MOP: SOO Please refer to armory profile. Thank you! *nobody is perfectEnera0 Dec 29
Dec 25 Let It Snow Achievement (Lf Undead Rogue) I'm wondering if there are any undead rogues that could help me with completing the Merrymaker achievement. Please and thank you in advance =DAbrenuntio0 Dec 25
Dec 24 [A] <Moar Dots> - Open Recruitment <Moar Dots> Experienced leadership and recently reformed guild focusing on transitioning into a serious progression guild. All serious and dedicated players welcome as we rebuild our roster. In need of the following key roles: Resto Druid Holy Paladin Ranged DPS (All armor proficiency currently welcome) Currently raiding Monday through Wednesday 6pm - 9pm (PST) 7/7H EN 2/3N ToV Rules: 60% Attendence Be prepared (all consumables for progression content, flask-food-pots) Be on time Keep voice chat clear ML /roll MS>OS All inquiries please be directed to IGN: Gabbriele and/or SalarasGabbriele0 Dec 24
Dec 24 <B> Heroic/Mythic EN and TOV I got a late start to Legion due to my job but I am trying to catch up by purchasing a Heroic or Mythic carry for my Holy Paladin for Emerald Dream and potentially ToV. I would prefer Master Loot if possible and am open to discuss pricing for either Heroic or Mythic. In game gold of course. I'm on holidays visiting family so the best way to contact me this week is through here. I'll be on WoW in the evenings while on Holiday. Battle tag: Skobuffs#1166Advised0 Dec 24
Dec 23 870 Lock LF guild/transfer **UPDATE** No longer looking to raid with my lock....switching back to my mage, who has been my main toon since Wrath. Mage is a bit behind the curve, getting a late start in Legion; currently only lvl 855, but a few H EN farm runs for gear and he'd be upwards of 865 and viable to any progression group. What I'm looking for: A laid-back, non-drama guild which has fun when raiding, but also can be serious when it comes time for progression or when learning a new fight. I am available most nights between 9:30 PM EST (6:30 PM server) and 1:00 AM EST (10:00 PM server). What I'm NOT looking for: --Guilds that solely look at numbers for 'parsing.' I'm not looking for some guild that expects you to pull insane DPS numbers (those 'elitist' guilds). Check your ego at the door.... --I prefer to play Alliance, so all those Horde guilds out there that read this post, thanks but no thanks. My btag is trollbait#11446; feel free to add me and we can chat more in-game. Thanks and best of luck to your guild/group.Mórtimer8 Dec 23
Dec 23 A - Novus Sanctum 7/7H 3/3N LFM What we need: Looking for two ranged dps for our progression team. All quality players will be considered! We love raiding and provide two teams for our guild, both Progression with a goal of moving into mythic (Tues/Thurs 6PM PST) and Casual whose goal is to be the more relaxed fun run raid ( Wed/Fri 6PM PST ). Who we are: Novus Sanctum consists of a variety of players ranging in age and from various backgrounds. Many of us have been, at one point of time, in top tier guilds on various games. We still love raiding but have realized there are many aspects to gaming in WoW! We also love to theory craft, debate and talk about practically everything gaming and non gaming related. We are currently 7/7 H, 3/3 N and plan to get into mythic raiding soon. Basically we enjoy every aspect of the game as a guild. We offer a home where you won't be afraid to ask questions, curse a little (or a lot sometimes) and enjoy your gaming experience how YOU want to. We're a guild of friends and want you to feel as if you're home. We all enjoy chatting in vent while we raid/group and it's easier to create and maintain friendships that persist through multiple games. Contact us: If you are currently looking for a guild and we match what you would like, feel free to stop by the website ( or if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the officers: Emereí, Libration, Niakaya, Calikk, AppleseedsNiakiya6 Dec 23
Dec 23 [A] <Law and Order> Social, Casual guild We are a few RL friends looking to add some quality people! Planning to raid wednesday nights 6-9 server (8-11 Central) No experience? No problem! Need gear? We'll help! All classes and roles welcome! Add my Btag Kaptainfive#1519 or hop on our discord if you have any questions!Dazshadar0 Dec 23
Dec 22 Mapple Dee - New Guild Looking to Raid! Hello!! I have been in search for a weekend Raiding guild a LONG time! Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find the perfect time slot, so I have decided to start a fresh guild and tackle raiding from the bottom up! What I am looking for: All classes and roles to raid Friday and Monday 7pm Server - 9:30pm Server (pacific time). Since this is a fresh guild, I am in need of everything! In need of: 2 Tanks 2 -3 Healers A crap load of dps! haha We will be starting Emerald Nightmare and Trials of Valor Fresh. Skill level and experience is not important if you are COMMITTED, patient, and most of respectful to others. I want to establish an easy going environment with the mentality that we are all friends! Raiding and downing bosses with friends is the best part of progression! I am looking for people that is in it for the long haul! If you're up for it, pls add me to btag and we can start raiding together! luvcakes#1298. Thanks!!!Franchescà2 Dec 22
Dec 22 <Honorable benchawarmers> LFM We are a new guild who are laid back and looking to add some more fun people to our ranks, we are in need of more ranged dps for our raid group as well as 1-2 more melee dps We are going to be raiding tues/thurs 7-9 PM ST with an optional friday 7-9 PM clean up day. We are aiming to possibly kill heroic raids but not do mythic. Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome whether your a raider, mythic+ or just someone who wants to play the auction house or lvl and play alts it doesnt matter as long as you having fun, Hope to hear from you soon my battle tag is wrandran#1438 or just drop a message in hereDalamon14 Dec 22
Dec 22 880 retPally + 881 demoLock Looking for Guild My friend and I are on a smaller server, and are looking to transfer to a larger server to find a group with raiding times that better meet our schedules. We are both 5/7M and 3/3H TOV. We are looking for a guild that: raids on weekdays from around 5:30P.M. - 9:00P.M. Server time Is at least 5/7M If you have any questions, please respond to this post or whisper me in game.Brianz2 Dec 22
Dec 22 Where did the population go? I originally made a character on this server back in WoD and it was pretty populated. Now it seems super dead. World quests are dead throughout the day.Saryu2 Dec 22
Dec 21 [A] Make WoW Great Again lf dps & heals Make WoW Great Again is a new guild that is looking to blast through heroic and get into mythic asap. We are a tight group that is looking to add a few players to our ranks to get started on Heroic EN and ToV. Our current team has experience in clearing all current content and we expect to clear Heroics very quickly. Raid times will be Tuesdays at 8 (server time) and Wednesdays at 9 (server time) for at least two hours on both nights. We are currently in need of 2 healers and all dps. If you're interested please send me a msg in game on "ItsQuizz". "Its gonna be yuge"Itsquizz1 Dec 21
Dec 21 870 Guardian Druid LF Casual Raid LF 2 nights/week guild that starts at 9pm PST or later. Could potentially make 8pm work but I can't do anything earlier than that. Have a lot of M+ experience in Legion and raiding experience in previous expansions going all the way back to vanilla. If you need a tank, hit me up: OhMyItsAPie#1205Beartron8 Dec 21
Dec 20 [A] Chaotic Tendency 7/7 Heroic 1/3 Heroic <Chaotic Tendency> Recentley Transfered from Mannoroth is 7/7 Heroic 1/3 Heroic is looking to rebuild DPS both Ranged and Melee as well as a Holy Priest for Heroic ToV and Mythic EN We raid Tue-Wed + Sunday 6-8 PST. <Chaotic Tendency> Who are we? We are a group of individuals that like to have a good time while trying to experience the content Blizzard has to provide on the harder difficulties. We are mostly a friends and family guild, however we are looking to move away from this for more players to fill core spots. We would like to eventually get into Mythic Raiding. We are looking to add true core member that fit in and want to stay and progress. We are not looking to gear out one of your alts. Everyone in the guild is 21+ Where do we rank? Tier 17 we went 10/10 Heroic pre nerf Tier 18 we went 13/13 Heroic pre nerf Currently we are 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare Pre Nerf Currently we are 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Pre Nerf Currently we are 3/3 Normal Trial of Valor Currently we are 1/3 Heroic Trial of Valor What do we need? 3 Ranged DPS 2 Melee DPS 1 Healer (Pref Holy Priest) We sit at about 11-15 players and we want to get it up to a consistent 20 for Mythic What do we provide? Guild repairs for raiding Raiding Enchants Mumble Guild Forums When do we raid? Tuesday - 6-8 Server PST Wednesday - 6-8 Server PST Sunday - 6-8 Server PST Hit me up in game Xaikavar Demon Hunter - Lightbringer Or on my battle tag Xaikar#1548Xaikavar2 Dec 20
Dec 20 [A] <of the Dream> LFM Raiders Mythic <of the Dream> 1/7M is recruiting all classes for mythic progression and high level M+ pushes. Flasks/pots provided for all progression raids. Tu/Th/Mon 6:30-9:30 server. Casuals always welcome. PST for more infoBeserkzombie6 Dec 20
Dec 20 [H]<Group Therapy> LFM Group Therapy is a small guild of friends who have been grouping and raiding with each other for years. We are looking for a few more casual, talented players to bolster our ranks, help each other with quests, and explore dungeons. Our characters are around 850 to 860 ilvl and currently exploring Karazhan on Saturdays at 9 PM PST. We are open to scheduling another dedicated night/event that works for new members. We are a casual, low key guild. We want to enjoy the game; not stress about it. Please message me if you are interested in joining our group therapy sessions.Riann0 Dec 20
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Thursday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 18 Selling Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount Hi Lightbringer! You might remember our services in the past with either the Uldum (Grey Riding Camel) Mount or maybe you've done Gold Exchanges with us before. Well many friends I've helped so far suggested I do the same for the *ULTRA RARE* Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount! So here I am! I'm a huge mount collector and I've gotten to 361 mounts total (World 25th I believe). I've obtained every time lost mount (Voidtalon, Poseidus, Aeonaxx, etc...) and I've been studying this mount since it was first known. My team and I have invested lots of time and farming to figure out the kinks and I'm here to help you get it. THE PROCESS: We have multiple toons on multiple accounts parked at spawn locations on certain servers waiting for these crystals to come up. Once it is found, we go through clicking the crystals and finding all 5. Once the fifth is found, we go through and invite the next person in line to group (highest bid offer) to come click the rest of the crystals and obtain their mount. And that's it! You've got the simple and easy part! HOW MUCH?: Well, just like Camels, we are on a private bidding system. People message us with their offers and we categorize them into our sheet from highest to lowest. When a crystal is found, the highest offer is contacted and invited to group. If they are not online at the time, it moves to the next person on the list (this happens pretty often). So when referring to how much, you ask yourself, how much is the mount worth to you? Sometimes this spawns once a week, sometimes none at all (that we know of). Who know's what changes they will make to CRZ and sharding so we are taking advantage of this now before any changes are made. P.S. (WE ACCEPT GOLD ONLY) :P WHEN DO I PAY? For us to avoid getting scammed by "bidders", I will only accept full payment once a crystal is found. You will be contacted and payment will be made on the spot before invite is sent out to you or locations are revealed to you. So please be ready as this is a timed event and anyone is able to go click the crystals and unlock the mount. If you take too long to answer or pay gold, the next person in line will be invited to group! Just like with camels, we accept gold on all (US - OCEANIC - LATIN) Servers, either faction. Unfortunately in order to actually receive the mount, you will need to be on an Alliance character to be grouped with us (minimum level 100 - to survive any damage that might come from mobs). But we will accept payment on horde toons (our horde alts from different servers). WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU? I have offered similar services in the past and have gotten only awesome reviews. You can view them all from our Grey Riding Camel sales at I wouldn't do anything to risk my rep or account. I've been playing since Vanilla and continue to keep good terms with everyone! If that's not enough for you then sorry! :) If you're interested feel free to contact me in game (Orthe-Proudmoore) or invite me on battlenet (Ortholomus#1621). You can also check out the site our team created ( for any further information. Mention you were Like before, we offer a referral system. You will get 10% of the payment that was made if transaction is completed. So tell your friends and guildies! Good luck everyone! And thank you!Ortholomus0 Dec 18
Dec 18 Looking for guild for that runs older raids Hi all, I'm an old vanilla player recently returned to the game and got my character to level 85. I'm wondering if there are any guilds consisting of people in this level range (80-100) that run the raids from the previous expansions as they level up. Of course I want to level up, but I also want to experience some of this content that I missed while I was gone. Thanks, - Bnet CoffeeFirst#1649Theojin1 Dec 18
Dec 17 (A) 885+ DH LFG Mythic RAIDING Fri-Wkend My exp -7/7N and 7/7 H 1/7 M EN -3/3 N and 3/3 H TOV -Have achievement completing 10+ mythic dungeon with remaining time and have done 12 mythic+ -Have done nightbane -My artifact wp is lvl 39 I would like to join a core group for mythic EN anytime from fri-sunday. I am not interested in leaving my guild (they are just inactive in raiding in this expan). I have the commitment to show up and perform with flask, pot, food. So if you dont mind allowing me to join your raiding despite not being in the guild it would be much appreciated! You do not need to worry about me being in a situation to leave you for my guild bc they are inactive. So the time I raid with yor guild will be going toward progression. Thank youIlovesoju7 Dec 17
Dec 16 <Senpai> 7/7H 2/3N Casual Progression <Senpai> Formed by a group of friends with server first experience during Wrath and Cata is looking for more members! All players are welcome, including casuals and hardcore player alike! Raids and mythic+ dungeons are ran regularly! 7/7H EN 2/3N ToV Raid times are Tues/Weds 6-8:30 Server. Currently recruiting DPS of all kinds and a Healer for raids. Message me in game or add me on bnet, cole#1886 and send me a message if you're interested! Can also contact Delaphine or Pumkinspicy in game.Trëës1 Dec 16
Dec 16 Recruitment By Realm to simplify What I am trying to do is I go to the newbie area in my realm and try to get a character to join my guild and by doing so invite a couple of my characters I have into my guild and therein lies the problem as it turns out that the starting area in each realm is the same and open to all realms as every time I tried to invite any one they all are denied or can not be found because they are from a different realm and I wonder why this is as it puts a handicap on the ability of guild operation in progress and besides or as well as a guild bank why can there not be an account bank for people that have more than character and or at least a way we could invite characters we control to our own guild for the sake of us being able to internally share resources between characters we control or is this deemed to simple.Grimmsr1 Dec 16
Dec 16 selling crimson deathcharger Crimson deathcharger 94k and tabard of light 93.5k reply on here if interested or send me a btag request @ Doomwarrior#1869Wideski0 Dec 16
Dec 15 <A> Hollow Point Marshmallows - Recruiting Hi boys and girls! I know the holiday season has come upon us and folks are not raiding or doing what not thinking about all the cookies to be consumed and presents to be wrapped etc. ( I am not eating turkey again damn it!). Hollow Point Marshmallows is recruiting a few nice adult types who can DPS, Heal or maybe Off Tank. We, like everyone else are about to consume cookies and wrapped presents soon but we normally raid 9 until 11 EST, Mon, Tues and Thurs. HPM has been around as a guild for over 6 years in one game or another. Have a look at our web site at: So if you are looking for a Heroic level guild that raids in a relaxed atmosphere but gets it done Hollow Point Marshmallows maybe the guild for you. We are an adult guild so if you still believe in Santa we won't be the guild for you. I know it is harsh but your invisible friend Santa should not be talked about in public that stuff can get you locked away. So get your over stuffed holiday butt over to look at the web site and kill monsters with us.Fixee1 Dec 15
Dec 15 Recruitment by realm Recruitment by realmGrimmsr0 Dec 15
Dec 15 Tank/Healer LF Heroic Raiding Guild Tank/Healer looking for a Heroic Raiding Guild Avalible from 5:00pm-8:00pm server any day of the week Both 873+ ilvl. Both of us are Druids.Tallyhoe3 Dec 15
Dec 15 881 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Raiding Group Hello all, and first off thank you for reading. I am looking for a Mythic Raiding group to join. While I am not looking to switch guilds and am looking for a place in a group that needs a tank. I do not care about the current progression of the raid group. I am looking for that challenge of playing mythic content. Current guild does not have the numbers to try mythic version. I am on east coast time and normally work between 0800 to 1800. I would be available MWF and Sat/Sun outside of my work hours. I took a break after Cata and came back right before legion dropped. Have completed +11 mythic dungeons within time limit and skilled in the tank role. Just starting on Healing OS but will not be available until I get decent artifact relics. Also, for what it is worth I am a pretty chill player and just like to raid and have fun. Thanks again for reading.Drunemeton1 Dec 15
Dec 15 880 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild 1 sec ago Hello I've been playing WoW on and off again since Vanilla and been loving this expansion. Ever since it came out, I've been doing lots of mythic + (10,11) and tons of pug raids, but I am looking for a mythic raiding guild to challenge myself even more. I am available every week day from 7:00pm PST onward Would love to find a guild that believes in a positive progression raid environment. CheersDezex0 Dec 15
Dec 14 [A] Sargeras <Syzygy> 7/7M 2/3M Recruiting -Who we are A raiding community that thrives on improvement. -Who we seek Players who want to work hard, learn from mistakes, and become stronger. Players who treat others with respect and enjoy helping them. -What we pledge To constantly make our environment one where good players can get better, where any problems will be addressed and eventually removed. If there are underperforming core players, we will not condone toxicity, but will either help them improve or else replace. -What we expect Discord, mic required. Positive attitude, friendly, respectful to others. Team player. Be as geared as you can, an expert on your chosen class, and have knowledge of all fight mechanics. Communication: Tell people what you’re happy with, and tell Liji or officers what you’re unhappy with. 95~100% attendance during progression for core members. Any absences notified early. If sudden crises happens… we trust you to do what you can and hope you’re ok! -What you should expect Loot council for all items. Objective is to attain fastest progression possible, so reliability, performance, and diligence are main considerations. The players who contribute the most to killing the boss will be brought in. Performance and class abilities are main considerations. Raid Times (CST/Sargeras Server Time) - 12 hours a week usually Monday-Thursday 8 ~ 11 PM - Recruitment Needs Tanks: None for now, but will be looking for one new tank for Nighthold. Healers: Paladin (very high) Disc (very high) Shaman (high) Holy (medium) Monk (medium) Dps: Hunter (high) Mage (high) Priest (high) Warlock (high) Warrior (high) DH (medium) Enhance (medium) We are not closed to any class. Our philosophy is to always look for better and stronger players, as well as for core raiders to always feel there is a challenge to stay competitive. If you are clearly more of an asset than other players, you will replace them. If you are interested, please get in touch with us on our recruitment discord at, message Liji directly with her discord tag liji#3895, or contact any of our raiders/officers in game, and they'll direct you at who you need to speak to. Our website is and you can watch our raid leader/guild master stream whenever we raid at Dec 14
Dec 14 <Duplicity> 5/7M 2/3H LFM Late Night PST <Duplicity> Is a gaming community that is currently fielding 2 strong Heroic/Mythic Teams! We believe in fast efficient progression revolving around the prospect of building a strong team environment across all our members. Team Duplicity: 5/7M Progressing Mythic 2/3H Progression Recruiting: Shadow Priest (Medium) Arms/Fury Warrior (High) Warlock (HIGH) Schedule: Tuesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Can be extended an hour for progression. Wednesday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST Thursday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Can be extended an hour for progression. Saturday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Optional night Mythic+ runs Sunday: 8:30pm to 11:30pm PST - Optional night Mythic+ runs Expectations: 870 ilvl+, 300k+ DPS 80th Percentile Average Parses 100% Raid Attendance Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools DBM RC Loot Council Weakauras 2 *If you do not have parses we will not review your application* Team MakeAWeeb: 7/7H Progressing Heroic Recruiting: Accepting all exceptional applications Schedule: Tuesday: 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST Thursday: 7:30pm to 10:30pm PST Expectations: 860+ ilvl 100% Raid Attendance Addons: Exorsus Raid Tools DBM Recount/Skada With us fielding 2 teams we have some basic guild rules that go along with keeping our teams running effectively. -All members are REQUIREDto make Monthly donations to their teams Guild Bank Tabs. -All members are REQUIREDto sign up on their teams Guild Calendar Invites. -All members are REQUIREDto register and apply to the Guild Website and use it actively. Contact Information: Website: Team Duplicity: RL: Kobk#11715 Team Weeb: RL: Bmosmash (btag coming soon) *Contact any member for more contact information*Luchine22 Dec 14
Dec 14 A <No Moral Compass> recruiting for heroic We are looking for more dpsers and healers for heroic raiding and other good stuff, we have been playing for a few years. Moved to lightbringer last year, we cleared everything on heroic in wod, looking to do the same in legion. We finished clearing normals now looking for a fee more dps and another healer to fill in the last few spots. Looking for non druid or paladin dps, and non warlock ranged, everything is welcome. Even melee raid days are tuesday, Thursday sunday*optional From 5-8 server time. Thanks for your interest.Opa20 Dec 14
Dec 14 Recruiting For A Casual Raid Are you tired of having to spend all your time grinding gear? Or raiding 4 nights or 25 hours a week? Maybe it's time to join a Laid back 2 night 4 hours total raid. Come see Content, and not have to deal with all the drama of being a Casual. We're a group of former Hardcore Raiders that either don't have time, or can't make a hardcore schedule due to Real life. We have cleared EN 7/7 Heroic, and ToV on Normal and working on Heroic. This is a place where you can enjoy raiding with out the Douches and Dicks Criticizing your toon, Artifact Lv and or time spent on the game. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 Server (Pacific Time). Currently have no Dks, Warriors, Hunters, S Priest. But will take any competitive dps for raiding. If you're interested or need anymore Info just post,whisper me in game or add me To BattleNet. Gematria#1916Nomadîc1 Dec 14