Sep 8 Mage LF Raiding Good Evening All, I am currently looking for a Raiding guild. I will admit I have never taken this game to seriously, however I have come into a lot of free time to spend and I have been enjoying this game again. I would love the opportunity to progress through Legion with others and am willing to take the time and effort to move forward. Most raid times I am available for so that should never be an issue.Azayna2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Looking for guild / Raid team Hi, I'm an experienced raider I was 11/13 in mythic HFC I have been raiding since early wrath. I'm looking for a Social progression guild that will be running normal / heroic raids and possibly mythic when the time comes, As well as mythic dungeons. My main is a Havoc Dh this time around but I will be keeping my resto shaman geared when I have the time to finish leveling him. I'm looking for a guild that will work as a team to clear content and be respectful to it's members.Waynelock2 Sep 8
Sep 8 Deleted disregardDrenaline2 Sep 8
Sep 8 [A] Returning Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild Experienced HPally looking for a guild. I've done hard-mode Ulduar, ToC, and some ICC, as well as full heroic HM/BRF clears before taking a break. Left before HFC. Haven't done any consistent mythic raiding mostly due to previous guilds not feeling up to it, but I absolutely feel capable of handling it. Recently came back to find my guild practically disbanded and not interested in raiding. My greatest experiences in WoW were the hard-mode Ulduar fights, especially Mimiron. I'd love to get that feeling back and join up with a high level guild that can handle anything. I work full time 4 days a week (Wed-Sat) with somewhat early, but flexible hours. I can raid until about 1am EST most nights except Fridays, where my limit is a bit earlier. I'd prefer joining up with a group that raids Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday nights if possible, but I can deal with whatever times are necessary. At the moment I'm ilvl 810 and just starting heroic pugs. I'd like to get into mythics ASAP and get ready for some real raiding again. Haven't run into any real challenges so far and I'd like to change that! I plan on playing through this entire expansion considering it's the first one that's really caught my interest since WotLK. IGN: Healbotadin BNET: OMNI#1122Healbotadin1 Sep 8
Sep 8 <Centered> Sun/Mon/Tues Recruiting! <Centered> Is an Alliance guild that has been around since the early MC days. We are a friendly group of mature gamers who seek to maintain competitive progression in top-tier raiding while preserving our atmosphere of good-natured banter and camaraderie. We're looking for people who can handle complex mechanics while maintaining solid throughput, know their class and each of its specs well, and enjoy playing with a group of like-minded friends. We have a strong core that we are building around for Legion, and we are looking for more exceptional players who are interested in playing on a relatively light schedule to round out our roster. If you are interested, add one of our officers on battletag or visit our website listed at the bottom of the page. Raid Times: Tuesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server (Pacific Standard Time) Sunday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server (Pacific Standard Time) Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server (Pacific Standard Time) Current Recruitment Needs Heal team: Resto druid (medium) Holy pally (low) Resto shaman (low) Melee DPS team: Demon Hunter (medium) Rogue (medium) Death Knight (medium) Ranged DPS team: Shadow Priest (High) Mage (High) Warlock (High) Boomkin (High) Contact Information: Holyshockman - Recruitment Officer - Monkeys1500#1853 Kirielle - GM - Capstone#1874 Dartwo - Officer - Dartagnia#1403 Sep 8
Sep 8 Deleted Deleted.Kaiaka1 Sep 8
Sep 7 3 GOOD raiders LF mythic guild (eastern) Hi - me, my friend Gxz, and one other friends (DPS-or-tank) are looking for a mythic progression guild preferably raiding on eastern or earlier PT time (starting around 4-5 PT weeknights). We were both top players in <Guardians> during WoD. Gxz plans on streaming again and has a lot of VODs uploaded here - We should be BiS by the time raiding drops. Let me know if anyone is interested.Midgey1 Sep 7
Sep 7 <Horrific> LF raiders Yo! We are a newly formed guild created by about a dozen real life friends/family. So we are looking for dedicated, BUT relaxed raiders. More than half of us are veteran raiders. And have been around since vanilla. If you're looking for a wow family, that's us. Our raid times would be Sunday and Monday's EST Starting 8:00 PM~~~ (time subject to change) We will be using Discord for voice chat and strongly recommend that you download it. As we would like instant feedback and communication during raids. We only have a couple spots left for our core. We are looking for: 1 Tank (pref. Warrior or pally) 1-2 Ranged dps (pref. Mage) Currently not looking for anymore MELEE dps. We have a special opening for a flex player who is open to healing for a short amount of time and indefinitely switching to DPS. Most importantly our only rules: 1. NO raging. No exceptions. 2. Have fun and take a joke. 3. No ragingClasmus1 Sep 7
Sep 7 Prot War LF Mythic Raiding Guild Howdy! I'm a mainly prot. tank warrior who is returning to WoW for legion and looking for a guild looking to push through Mythic raids. Looking for raid times Sun-Thurs : any time between 4-10 server (11 server could be possible) Fri - Sat: Any timeSacredshield0 Sep 7
Sep 7 [A]Mage+Spriest LFGuild- Heroic raiding I'm a long-time (Vanilla-now, some on and off moments) raider looking for a guild with similar interests to my own. I want good progression with skilled players that can be easy going at the same time. I have a Mage and my wife has a Spriest that would like to raid together. Things I'm looking for; -Weekday night raids - Tues-Thurs nights ideally -Mature adults :) -Room for friends on the server for possible alt raids or runs, they may not be as committed but good company. They may follow me to the guild. -Mage + Spriest room (Wife and I) -Heroic raiding, mythic would be cool and I definitely want to do Mythic+ dungeons, looking forward to those! Thanks!Danck3 Sep 7
Sep 5 LF Raiding Guild My pal and I are looking for a raiding guild in legion. We mostly pvp but want to experience the other side of the game. We're both Geared up to the nips, so we're well prepared for legion launch!Dakkor4 Sep 5
Sep 5 (old post) (deleted)Sanarah2 Sep 5
Sep 5 [A] <Wicked Claw> casual guild is recruiting Guild: Wicked Claw Server: US - Lightbringer (PVE) Faction: Alliance We're a casual guild originally formed in 2007 in the Uldaman server. In April '16 we started expanding into Lightbringer. Our members: Most of our members are working professionals and are most active in the evening server time. Achievements in WOD: Guild Gold Challenge Mode Normal Activities: We enjoy 5 man Dungeons. We did Mythic guild runs almost every night in WOD for the BOA trinkets. Occasionally we raid old content as a guild for tmogs. Raids: In WOD we raided N-HFC and H-HFC. We would like to continue raiding in Legion. Our raid size at the end of WOD was between 10-12 players. We're looking for a few more players to raid in Legion. All class specs are welcome and it would be great to have 1-2 more healers. Loot rules: No reserves. Highest "Need" roll wins. Schedule: Fri & Sat 8pm-10:30pm server time If interested, reach out to Pemony (esm#1206)Pemony9 Sep 5
Sep 5 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate I am looking for any blacksmith able to craft these, and the Enchanted Thorium Leggings. I have all mats, and will tip well if anyone is able to make them for me. Send me a message in game in the evenings, or post here. Thanks!Noravalia0 Sep 5
Sep 4 lvl835 13/13M DK DPS/Tank LF Weekend Raiding As a note, if you need a tank on your RID/Friends List just for mythic/mythic+ runs, feel free to add me as well. Please take a look at my armory for all of my prior raiding feats such as numerous Cutting Edge feats and Server First feats from Wrath. I am currently Blood MS right now because being guildless and trying to gear as DPS is next to impossible with the queue times. I am working on my UH artifact concurrently, so it will be a relatively good place come raid time. My availability only allows for raiding on Fri/Sat/Sun. I may be able to work in one other day during the week, and that can be hashed out if you are interested in recruiting me. I need start times after 6pm PST during the week and then I can raid anytime on Saturday/Sunday. Feel free to hit me up with whatever questions/concerns you have.Symfony0 Sep 4
Sep 4 Selling ilvl 845 mail boots (crit/mastery) They're up on the AH right now. If you'd like to make an offer because you think they're too high, either message me in-game or make one here.Janchet1 Sep 4
Aug 31 <Pax's Smoke House> Recruitment <Pax's Smoke House> Is a small group of friends looking for a few experienced players to fill the ranks of our ranged dps and healers to raid with us in Legion. Must use voice chat and be okay raiding on Fri/Sat 6:30-9:30pm server time.Spinkx0 Aug 31
Aug 30 Looking for Raiders No Moral Compass Is recruiting for legion We have a few ex mythic raiders, looking to do more casual runs. We will raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 6-8. Currently we are looking for healers, and dps. add wakahiru#1986 for more info. Thanks! ^-^Wakahiru2 Aug 30
Aug 29 Late Night Semi-Casual Raiding Hello to all! I'm Demi, and our Guild Order of Chaos is recruiting raiders for legion. We are Alliance based on the Lightbringer (US) server. We are a semi-casual social and raiding guild looking for like-minded people. We put real life and FUN ahead of anything else. We take progression seriously, but we value fun, and people that are willing to learn and grow as players over those with the best numbers or gear. We are always finding fun in things that are otherwise incredibly boring (the moments in heroic dungeons are PRICELESS). Raid times are tentatively 11:30pm EST Friday and Saturday. Accepting all roles and specs. If you have any questions or would like to join us. Please message Riggnarok#1466 via battle net. Thanks for your time and HAVE FUN!!Demitriah1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Tues/Wed 9pm-12 (PST) raiding for Legion! We are building a new raid team in Inertia in preparation for Legion. We could use some more ranged dps - pretty full on melee. Raid Schedule will be: Tuesday and Wednesday 9pm-Mindnight, Server. We are looking for committed raiders who take pride in their performance, and have a team player attitude. Contact myself or another officer in-game for more information, or check out our website; Contact: Rainlily, Mccrip, Thisguyheals, Zapdos, Lizzieag More About Inertia Inertia is a group of progression seekers who enjoy tackling new content with a team of mature players who take pride in their performance and work well as a team. Most of us are 25yrs+ and have been playing WoW for a long time. We like to joke around and have a good time during raid, but are serious when its time for progression. The guild is generally very active as a whole, including groups working on achievements, mount runs, mythic dungeons, challenge modes and playing alts. We also plan to have a 2nd raid group that will focus on Normal/Heroic mode after our main group moves on to Mythic. There is always usually a group in Mumble to chatter with or play other games with when you are not playing WoW together. All together, Inertia is a great guild for any type of player, as we have plenty to offer all around the board!Rainlily37 Aug 29
Aug 28 <A> Ad Victoriam is Recruiting! Ad Victoriam is a progression focused Raiding guild looking for new core raid members. We are currently looking for DPS (Ranged and Melee) to fill our roster for Legion raiding! Friday/Sunday 8:30pm-11:30pm server time. Whisper anyone on to get in contact with an Officer(Jorbo or Phaethon) Tanks: Low Priority Healers:Low Priority DPS: HIgh Priority We really need Mail classes! Feel free to whisper Jorbo ingame or Jordan#14167 on bnet if you have questions!Jorbo0 Aug 28
Aug 28 [A] Looking for Guild Raids Heroic+ Hi, I'm looking for progression raiding in legion with a guild that aims to clear heroic and or mythic if they are up to the challenge. I'm looking for a guild that raids preferably no later than 6:00-9:00 PST but am willing to be a little flexible on that time-frame. My main is my rogue but during legion I will be playing some other classes (priest mage wlock etc). I'd prefer if the guild wasn't a super strict "play what we need or don't raid with us" kind of scenario; however, I also want there to be a will to clear heroic and at least maybe try mythic. There should be a schedule set for raids to do so. I should also mention I don't come from a hardcore raid background but I want to seriously get into raiding during legion, meaning I'm ready to put some time and effort into it and learn from mistakes.Azliltis0 Aug 28
Aug 27 A-El Psy Congroo recruiting El psy congroo US lightbringer Alliance! We are Heroic/Mythic raiding guild that has completed 10/13 Mythic bosses in HFC and completed all 8 gold challenge mode dungeons. Our guild split off near the end of WoD so we're looking for a whole new roster. We currently have 1 Tank, 1 DPS, and 2 Healers. Our ideal raid composition is approximately 10-15 people with 2 battle rezzes, preferably 2 Heroisms, and no more than 3-4 melee dps. Our current roster is: 1 Protection Warrior 1 Marksmanship/Survival Hunter 1 Restoration Shaman 1 Mistweaver Monk We don't have any strict requirements as to your class/spec, but the more diversity the better. Off-specs aren't required but are encouraged. Our raid time is Tuesday and Thursday night 7:30-10:30pm Pst with the possibility of being extended to 11:00pm pst if we are very close to a kill. We also will operate with group or personal loot. We HATE loot drama and loot councils never end up impartial. We love a good ole /roll and rngesus. We are also incredibly interested in mythic+ runs and will likely be doing multiple clears a week shooting for +15 While we want people to be competent, perform mechanics, and listen to instructions, we are overall a relatively loose guild that tries to have as much fun as possible while progressing. We enjoy dank memes and terrible jokes are encouraged during raid. We like to push hard content without drama/micromanaging. If you are interested at all you can contact us through our Bnet tags: Googleflax#1634 Krogan#1346 Malcior#1441Bmosmash0 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] International Daytime Guild LFM Cross Continental (XC) on Lightbringer-US is an international daytime / off-time Alliance guild. Daytime Raid Days: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays progression Tuesdays heroic HFC ALT/Casual run Daytime Raid Times: Server Time: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM Local Timezone Raid Times: U.S. Pacific – 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM U.S. Mountain – 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM U.S. Central – 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM U.S. Eastern – 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM Dublin, Edinburgh, London – 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM Berlin, Rome, Stockholm – 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Daytime Progression: HFC 13/13 normal, 13/13 heroic, 12/13 mythic We are looking for mele and ranged dps, preferably with a tanking or healing off-spec to progress together through heroic raid instances. <Cross Continental> is a fairly new guild (founded in fall 2014). We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we still like to get bosses down in a timely manner. We do take raiding seriously, but not at the cost of our fun and friends. We all have the same goal which is to enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere, explore the expansion, kill bosses and enjoy the social aspects which a guild brings. We all have enough stress at work, let’s make sure to keep our game-time as enjoyable as possible and drama-free! We are using personal loot for our regular runs and loot council for our progression runs. RCLoot Council add on is required. Casuals are welcome! If you’d like to explore the new expansion in a mature, fun and friendly atmosphere then please apply to our guild here: Our Code of Conduct can be found here as well, please take the time to read it before applying. Requirements: Please apply to our guild on Discord is required for communication Must download the add on RCLoot Council Mature and friendly attitude Your guild raiding main will be only raiding progression content with the guild (see our guild rules)Please get in touch with Wilier, Kelrik, Hersh or Rhaven in game.Troopingfay29 Aug 27
Aug 27 <A> Resto/Ele Shaman looking for raid guild Hey all, I'm returning to raiding after taking a break from WoD due to some real life stuff. Decided I want to raid on my Shaman, either heals or ranged DPS, I'm super flexible as needed. My available raiding nights are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, no earlier than 6:00 server time (8:00 CST) and no later than about 9:00 server (1:00 CST). A little about myself, I have been playing since WOTLK and have spent time in all roles in heroic (pre-mythic era) guilds, having main tanked and tank/raid healed at different times. Please add my Btag Tolaris#1957 or reply on here if you think you might have a home for me!Grimholdt0 Aug 27
Aug 26 Feminist Dwarves <Feminist Dwarves> Is reforming for Legion with high expectations for our raid progression as well as our raiders. Raid Days/Times: Server is PST time zone Tuesday: 6-9 server Wednesday: 6-9 server Thursday: 6-9 server *Must be on 20 minutes before* RECRUITMENT: All classes/Specs are currently open and will stay open. Currently in High need: 1 Healer RDPS We encourage new and old raiders too apply. Loot: Normal/Heroic: Main Spec vs off spec Mythic: Loot Council (could change in the future). REQUIREMENT TO JOIN: We require very little, but what we do require is a must. 1. Must be willing to Look up your class and accept help from others. 2. DBM/Bigwigs: THIS IS A MUST no matter what. 3. Discord: you must be able to hear us for loot rolls, fights, instructions, etc... 4. Willing to download any addon we ask you to download for a fight. ABOUT US: Feminist Dwarves is a semi-hardcore raiding guild made up of friends who raided with top server guilds on Turaylon and Area 52 that wanted to come together on a more casual raiding schedule but still clear content at all levels. Before taking the break we finished 13/13H If you have any questions or want more information dont be afraid to ask. If interested Add Kalivar#1575 also please note our guild name is suppose to be funny and there is no rule saying you have to be a dwarf to join. Thank you for your time <3Kalivar2 Aug 26
Aug 25 LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hunter Looking for an EST raiding guild for Legion. Looking to progress into mythic. I have already looked into all the fights using Fatboss Youtube channel. Night raiding preferred because of college and work. Please send PM or replyLittletusk0 Aug 25
Aug 25 [A] Mythic-tank LF Guild with DPS Buddy Hey guys, I'm looking for a guild to raid with in Legion. I've got every tanking class up to 100 thanks to this pre-patch, and while I'd prefer to go either Prot Warrior, Feral Druid or Blood DK, I am extremely open to learning whatever in the end. I've been raiding as a tank since Vanilla, and would like to think I'm not incompetent. I took a break at the end of WoD for some RL nonsense, but am now looking for a new guild to get back into raiding. My nights are pretty much consistently free after about 3:00 server. My preference for raiding is extremely towards tanking as a main spec, as it's what I really enjoy most in this game, but I'm always pretty committed to learning and gearing an offspec behind it. I've had a good amount of experience previously as both a raid leader and a guild officer, but am not actively looking for either role right now. My friend is also looking for a guild; his ideal is to DPS, preferably as either a Warrior or a Rogue, but he also says he'd be willing to tank, and willing to go ranged DPS. The only thing he's made it clear he is not willing to do is heal. His schedule is similarly extremely open in the evenings. He and I have been raiding together a long time, so he's similarly got a lot of experience as a raider. He hasn't done a lot in WoD, but he's looking to back into things. The two of us would prefer to raid together in Legion, and we're looking for a guild that's aiming for Mythic raids. We're both fairly experienced raiders that have been doing this for awhile. We're okay with newer guilds, but we'd prefer one with some level of organisation going in. We're not looking for casual or Heroic-only guilds. If anyone knows of any guilds that are looking for tanks and DPS, please let me know either here or in-game. My battletag is Gefflesby#1241. Thanks.Gefflesby1 Aug 25
Aug 25 Player Seeking Active Raiding Servers Hi, I used to play 6 years ago and quit around mid cata. I'm looking to get back into WoW with legion on the horizon. I was never hardcore into raiding despite wanting to, but never had the time/concentration to do it. My server wasn't very good for raiding either as it was low population and mostly unheard of. Now I'm scouting out potential servers to move to that look like they are better suited for the experience I'm looking for. I'm a little bit of a slow leveler part in due to the fact that I actually like to read quests (shocker I know) and get involved with the story. I don't know how active I'll be at the beginning in regards to raiding because of this, but as the expansion progresses I will surely want to do the endgame things. So how is the activity and trade/economy on this server? Would you say this is a good server to be in if I wanted a busier atmosphere than you would normally get on a low/medium pop server?Azliltis6 Aug 25
Aug 24 [A] 1/13 M Player LF Raiding Guild for Legion What I'm Looking For: Looking for a guild for my friend and I to join to raid in Legion. Good Raid Start Time: 8 PM EST (5 PM server time) Preferably 2-3 hours Days: Preferably 2-3 nights a week Progression Mindset: Looking for a guild that will clear Heroic and possibly get into Mythic My BTag: ShadowBlade#1676 My Classes: Main: Mage Alts: Warlock, Demon Hunter My Progression: Guild: [H] OK Who Pulled-Uldum/Antonidas (transferred to Hyjal and disbanded) HM: 7/7 H AOTC BRF: 10/10 H AOTC Heroic Blackhand Kill: Guild: [H] Post Apocalypse-Hyjal Server Rank 5 (schedule changed so I could no longer raid) 13/13 H AOTC 1/13 M (0.6% pull on Iron Reaver) Friend's BTag: popbojo#1582 Friend's Classes: Main: Hunter Alt: TBD My friend has not yet raided in wow as he is new to the game but he is a fast learner and although he has not raided in WoW he has raided in Destiny and completed the raids on the hardest difficulty. He will need to transfer but he should be transferred by the time raids come out.Mordük0 Aug 24
Aug 23 [A] M/W Guild LF 1-2 Heals for Legion! Hello friends! Crimson Crusaders is a guild on US-Lightbringer looking to recruit 1-2 more healers for Legion raiding! We raid Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:30pm-8:30pm server time (Pacific). We probably will not be jumping into raiding right away, we might give guildies a couple weeks to get used to and enjoy everything Legion has to offer. We welcome everyone, you don't have to raid with us to join our guild. If you are interested in raiding, we are a pretty casual group and are a big happy family. Don't expect to progress super quickly, we do like to take our time. We like to have fun rather than be stressed out, but we do progress. For HFC we were 13/13H, didn't have time to get into mythic. As of now, we could use a couple more healers. We have a druid and shaman lined up as of now. Please let me know if this sounds like something you'd enjoy! :) My battle tag is Kirsten#1799 if you'd like to add/message me, or just reply to this post, although I may forget to check this regularly, so adding me on bnet might be more efficient :D Thanks!Edelina1 Aug 23
Aug 23 Kirielle of Real Talk I want your name; I originally had a paladin by that name as my main on this server and would love to have it back. Let's talk!Lycaboss2 Aug 23
Aug 23 Husband and wife looking for a guild home Hi everyone, My hubby and I have recently returned to the game after a 5 year hiatus. We were Heroic Raiders playing main tank/heals in Wrath and did some Cata content before life threw us some curve balls. We returned about 2 months ago and rolled toons on Lightbringer. We are currently playing a priest and pally and are working on getting alts to max too. We are looking for a place to call home. We both enjoy progressive raiding as well as participating in the WOW community. We have made great friends through the game, unfortunately they have moved other places. We are looking to actively interact with our guildies, contribute to the success of the team, and continue to improve our gameplay every day! We love the game and would love to join your team!Aerogwen4 Aug 23
Aug 23 Ex-Top 200 Tank Seeking Raid Group Current Server: Sargeras - I prefer to stay here, but if the offer is good I will consider changing. Role: Tank (Prot War) Preference: I am okay with anything MC-HC. As long as we get the raid done before the next patch (Or close) Time: Anything later than 5 PM EST _________________ What I Can Bring: 100% Raid attendance. The only exception would be an emergency Self motivation and willing to help others Vocal Leader when needed Positive attitude that doesn't tilt. I have zero problem wiping for hours Accepting of criticism I know what it takes to be a top raider. I am willing to put in any amount of hours the guild needs of me_________________ Raid History: I went through most of my time as a healer in vanilla, but raiding all the way to Vanilla Naxx, which not many people did. We cleared only a few bosses, but I will always be proud of raiding the original Naxx. When BC came out I cleared everything up to Sunwell. Sunwell burned out my guild for the most part for multiple reasons. The bosses were releasing way too slow for starters. It was only 1 boss per week being added in and it was gated off. By the time we hit M'uru we already had to replace a few people and we got stuck on him for a very long time. I never killed KJ during current content as a result of this and started to mostly pvp for the remainder of BC. WotLK I switched to being a Tank full time. I played Feral during all of Wrath and raided with <Frigid> on Illidan the #2 Ally guild and overall #6 on the server (Ally existed on Illidan). We raided Ulduar together and got everything down including the heroics, but I wanted something bit more hardcore. I then started raiding with <Warpath> on Illidan - #3 on the server and #1 Alliance guild. I did this for repeat finishes of Ulduar as well as the initial clear of TotC. With TOGC right around the corner, I raided with Immortality on Skullcrusher. #1 on their server and I ended up joining them and we cleared all of TOGC in a very fast pace. We then continued to raid until ICC released where we did the first 2.5 wings all on heroic. We would have continued but a few players weren't getting along in the guild and multiple people ended up parting from the guild, myself included. From here I went and finished up all of ICC with close friends who had a raiding guild spot open. I did not raid much in Cata as I was mostly PVPing in this expansion up until DS. I did all of the heroics in DS up until Spine. I wasn't in a hardcore guild at this time was hitting a wall with the guild before moving on. From MoP and on I moved on to other games, since I didn't enjoy where the game was headed. ___________________ From this point on I started playing many other games Other gaming accomplishments: 2300 ELO season 1 League of Legends Diamond 1 80 LP Season 2 Multiple time Hearthstone Legend 4 World-Firsts DC Universe Online Rank 1 Masters Heroes of the Storm Multiple Server Firsts Final Fantasy XIV raiding - Top 10 NA Beat How To Kill A Raven (Hard Mode) in FFXIV 1.0 (Less than 12 groups cleared) Lastly, I am the leader of the largest Linkshell(guild) in FFXI. The Reddit Linkshell. We are well over 2,500 total members and growing more everyday. Hopefully this shows that I have leadership qualities and know how to work with a teamThese are not for bragging purposes, but to show that I put 100% into every game/thing I do including WoW ____________________ Current: I haven't been able to game much as of late. I was extremely sick and was in the hospital for quite some time. As soon as I started feeling a bit better, two of my loved ones ended up getting cancer and that took up most of my time, while still trying to better myself. Luckily things are starting to look up and right in time for Legion! I have been trying to play "Catch up" the best I can in getting gear. Profile: I haven't had a chance to step into non-LFR HFC because nobody really wants to take someone without achievements anymore, especially being a Tank. If requested I will do my best to learn all the fights. I know some guilds still value HFC greatly, so it isn't out of the question. Most of my time has been spent on the Legion beta/doing research since my return, as I wasn't able to get in many groups without previous experience. Also please note this isn't my first character. I have played different characters for different expansions and this one was made via level 90 boost. _______________ Appreciate the time and if there are any questions please let me know. Battletag: Tak1835Takiri0 Aug 23
Aug 23 *A* Moon Kingdom Hi all! Just started a new guild called Moon Kingdom, looking for members to fill our ranks as Legion rounds the corner, it is a social/casual guild that will look into raiding once we get enough people interested. We have a FB group, Discord and working on a website! Also looking for Officers and PvP/PvE leaders who would like to make this guild great! Thanks for reading and WoW on! <3Sahrena2 Aug 23
Aug 22 The Coalition: 13/13M Needs a Tank! The Coalition of US-Lightbringer (PST-PVE) The Guild has been together for 11 years and still has a lot of members from Vanilla. We offer a progressive minded raid while having a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. We joke around, have a good time but still get stuff done. Mythic HFC has long since been on farm and now we spend our time preparing for Legion on live and beta. We still do 2 sales runs as week and are having fun in the prepatch. Raid Times: Tues/Weds/Thurs 7-10-30pm PST While on HFC Farm we've been raiding Tues/Weds for the 2 sale runs with a casual alt raid on Thursday. Loot would be distributed by a loot council, based upon performance, need, attendance. Raid Consumables (Flasks, Pots, Food, Repairs) will be supplied by the guild to help the burden of raiding. We are looking for team oriented people who can play their class and not only their spec to help continue our success in Legion. Tanks Guardian Druid Protection Paladin Protection Warrior Range Balance Druid Shadow Priest Warlock We will always consider any exceptional application of any class or spec. Please post your apps on our website If you have any questions feel free to add me Xellos#1969 or Lunana#1345Lüná5 Aug 22
Aug 22 [A] LFG, NEW TO RAIDING Guardian Druid ilvl 698, Destruction Warlock ilvl 673, Havoc Demon Hunter ilvl 698 looking for a guild that I can learn how to raid and play end game with. Wanting to gear up and do mythic raids. Ive only raided with an old guild maybe 3 or 4 times before the guild broke up. Available to raid every day of the week. Stopped playing for over a year and ready to get back into it.Adrayla0 Aug 22
Aug 22 [A] LFG,New to raiding. Guardian Druid ilvl 698, Destruction Warlock ilvl 673, Havoc Demon Hunter ilvl 698 looking for a guild that I can learn how to raid and play end game with. Wanting to lead up to mythic raids. Ive only raided with an old guild maybe 3 or 4 times before the guild broke up. Available to raid every day of the week. Stopped playing for over a year and ready to get back into it.Altonic0 Aug 22
Aug 22 [A]Vengence DH Tank Looking for late night weekday raiding guild for Legion. I have 6+ years tanking as a warrior as well as various other classes. I have taken a break from raiding throughout WoD. I also have 3-5 years raid lead and officer experience. Looking to become a useful asset to a great guild in Legion.Evaeldiir0 Aug 22
Aug 20 [A] WTS Unobtainable pre-Cata shirts Some friends of mine just recently started playing on Lightbringer, so I'm looking to sell some shirts to get established here and prep for Legion. I've got: Rugged Trapper's Shirt ID 148 Primitive Mantle (Troll) ID 6314 Footpad's Shirt ID 49 Trapper's Shirt (Orc) ID 127 Recruit's Shirt (Draenei) ID 23473 Primitive Mantle (Orc) ID 154 Squire's Shirt (Dwarf) ID 6117 Add me at Mac#1975 with questions :) PS: Sorry for posting in trade, can't exactly post them on the AHSaltymac0 Aug 20
Aug 20 [A] <CRUCIBLE> Recruiting for Legion 13/13H ...Philoneus6 Aug 20
Aug 20 [A] <Behind The Curve> Heroic Flex Team LFM No longer recruting.Toxicutes1 Aug 20
Aug 19 [A]<Entourage> Recruiting For Legion Guild: Entourage Server: US - Lightbringer (PVE) Faction: Alliance Loot System: RC Loot Council Voice: Mumble Website: Raid Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Raid Times: 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m Server Time (Pacific Standard Time). About Us: Entourage is a newly formed guild comprised from veteran players across many servers. Most of us have played world of Warcraft from the inception, we are a bunch of veteran players who share the same passion and value about gaming. We are primarily a PVE guild, though who doesn't enjoy the occasional battleground. Many of us have known each other over the years and have become friends. We have hardcore raiders, semi-hardcore raiders, and casual players. We are currently recruiting all types of players, a mature attitude is a must, respect that your guild-mates are people not just names on a screen. Vision: While almost all of us are from hardcore Mythic progression guilds we are looking to build a large stress-free community that is focused on clearing the hardest content but at the same time have fun while doing so in a casual environment (This is the mmo "dream" right). Raid: We are focused on raiding as efficiently as possible with minimal hours/days spent. We are looking for like minded players that have the drive to succeed and are ready to become a part of our team as we push into Legion. Our raid leaders have 13/13 mythic experience, patience(far too underestimated value), and a sense of humor. Raid expectations: - We expect you to adapt to new strategies and follow directions, but we also expect constructive contributions to the raid's progress. - Commitment to our raid times. Be on at least 15 minutes before raid time. - Know your class & research. We have constructive conversations about classes constantly. - Exceptional raid awareness - Have all raid mats and seals ready before raid. - Have researched all fights before we get there. - Have DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weak Auras, RC Loot Council installed and be ready to go! - A great attitude. Be able to learn from mistakes, and take constructive criticism. There will be wipes, there will be frustration at times and there will be learning curves, the ability to work as a team and have a few laughs while doing it is crucial. Feel free to contact any officers for more info: Labinac-Lightbringer - Guild Leader - Musei#1168 Anriaa-Lightbringer - Co-Gm - Aritiel#1503 Fauxen - Lightbringer - Officer - Clockwork#12821Anriaa14 Aug 19
Aug 19 <Han Shot First> Wants you for Legion <Han Shot First> is an ally guild on Lightbringer looking for a quality HEALER and RANGED dps to optimize our raid team and prepare for legion. We're looking for like-minded raiders who show drive and determination that are looking for a raiding guild or just a guild to hang out in. At the end of the day, if you know your class and are open to achieving greatness or would like to discuss anything, definitely add me or our guild leader on bnet IdealBF#1566 & Nuchie#1345 What we can offer you: A friendly, professional, social environment to be yourself and have fun in this game. We're more than willing to help you if you're willing to put effort into helping yourself Excellent leadership Dedicated Discord server for raiding Raid Days & Times: Wednesdays & Sundays 6:00pm to 9:00pm server We have plenty of east coast players too, so don't be discouraged by those times. All members are expected to be fully prepared. Our goal is to clear the content that Blizzard makes available. If <Han Shot First> sounds like the ideal community to you, feel free to contact me or our guild leader at IdealBF#1566 & Nuchie#1345Hyrenn0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Friends looking for raiding guild in legion. Hello! My two friends and I are looking for a raiding guild to join in Legion. We are long time players looking for a new home. We prefer a casual, mature raiding guild. Two of us are healers (shaman and priest) with our third being a melee DPS (monk/warrior). We are looking for a group that raids Tuesday and Thursday 6:30PM PST or later. Thanks!Ryande5 Aug 19
Aug 19 Tank/DPS looking for Heroic raiding guild. Hey all, I have recently returned to WoW after not being able to play due to college. I have been playing WoW for about 10 years now, off and on. Raiding seriously in WotLK and a tiny bit in Cata as DPS. I have recently graduated college and have a full time job now in IT and I would like to come home and unwind with some cool people, joke around, but also get some stuff done. I wouldn't be able to raid until 7pm PST, but any day works for me. I have a few characters I could play in Legion, but I wanted to focus on tanking. I have a Bear, Prot Warrior, and Blood DK all ready to go, and some ranged DPS I could play again if need be. This is the first expansion where I will have a steady schedule and can commit to a raiding schedule, and I want to take full advantage of it. I research all the classes I play extensively and will prove to be a valuable raider. My battletag is Baysique#1144 if you want to chat.Baysick2 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A] Veteran Healing Priest LF Legion guild Hello! I've been playing Warcraft on and off since it's inception in 2004. I enjoy raiding very much and have lead raids in the past. I've also been the healing class lead for a couple of guilds. My availability is weekdays from 6pm-11pm Central (4-9 server). I could potentially raid on Sundays but would only be available every other Sunday. Hit me up! I'm an easy-going, laid back guy who madly loves to heal. -MikeAvae1 Aug 19
Aug 18 Looking for casual/hardcore raiding guild As the title says I'm looking for a raiding guild for legion. I plan to either main a prot pally or mage (whatever spec is best for raiding at the time). Previous mythic raid experience and easy to get along with. Willing to trial as well to prove my worth. Thanks for your timeSteldar3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Returning WOTLK Raider Hello Lightbringer, From Vanilla - WoTLK I played on mainly Lightbringer, and am curious if there are any guilds recruiting (ideally a mage for legions) an active player. I can prove that I am the same me as before if anyone remembers my tag (Gulah -> Unpolite when i started to become competitive). At my pinnacle I was raiding with Exodus when they were ranked #2 world, and prior to that ER when ranked #8, and feel I can be a valuable asset once I get caught up to speed on things. I'm not looking for world firsts anymore, but for a competent, decent community that raids. Not going to add to this already starting wall. If anyone would like to entertain the idea of bringing in a raider that used to be very competitive we can talk further. Thank you =) Edit : I should include I am east coast and work Mon-Friday ~7am-4pm ESTUnpolite1 Aug 18
Aug 18 <A> This guild is Totally Flipping Sweet! <Totally Flipping Sweet> is now recruiting all classes and specs for Legion! Who are we?: TFS is a new guild founded by a returning player (Hi! That's me!) who was looking for like-minded individuals to raid with. Our focus is on returning veteran players and those new to raiding. Maybe you skipped WoD (like me)? Maybe you're looking to transition from LFR to a regular raid group? We also welcome mentors and experienced players who find fun in helping novices improve their game. What are our goals?: Our goal is to form a cohesive raiding group to meet twice weekly, Tues and Thursday 6-8pm server (that's 8-10pm CST if you're in the Midwest like me). We cater to players who have real life commitments outside the game but still have things they want to achieve. That four hours of the week may be 75% of your free time and we want to make it count! We want to have fun and goof around as much as we can outside of raid times, but when it's time to raid we want people who are 100% focused and ready to team-up. What do we value?: Here's a short list of the values and behaviors we look for in a raider: -Commitment: beacause we have limited raid times, we need people to be there on time, ready to go, week after week. -Versatility: we want players who know their class, all specs, inside and out and can adapt to the raid needs in a pinch. -Maturity: this means treating other raiders with basic respect, but all extends to following raid leader instructions, staying on topic on voice chat, etc. -Courage: stepping outside your comfort zone to tackle new challenges, and having goals for personal growth in game. What are our expectations?: We expect raiders to: -Be raid ready (spec'd, geared, potions, etc.) -Know the fights (if you've only done LFR, read up guides for the Flex differences) -Follow directions (raid leaders will call out fights regularly, react accordingly) -Use voice chat (which medium to be determined) -Boss timer addons (DBM, BigWigs, etc.) Additional things we look for: -Willingness to help run dungeons early in the expansion -Willingness to mentor players who want to try new roles (DPS moving to tanking or healing for example) Who are we looking for?: You! Right now we are looking for all classes, all specs. Especially interested in players looking to branch out; if you are looking to learn a new role in a low stress raid environment, let me know! If any of this sounds up your alley, please add me and message me in game Tolaris#1957. See you on the Broken IslesToláris0 Aug 18