Jun 14, 2015 The Avengers is LFM Casual Raiders! The Avengers is a new social casual guild, that is currently doing Normal Highmaul, and looking for more fun loving and nice people to fill our roster! We raid a few times a week, currently on Wednesday, and Saturday, and currently gearing up as a group. Once we have more members on our raiding team, there will be more nights added to raid on, and of course more guild progression through the raids, (and more gear for the guildies!) We are looking for ALL roles atm, but especially DPS and healers. So if you are interested, add me and send me a whisper! You can add me via Battletag at CaTaStRoPhE#1243Cumberbatch0 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 Looking ro levelers/Dungeon runners just 69 last night. Looking for others that want to chain some dungeon runs tonight to try to make some XP out and help push to 90. If interested let me know or look for me in game!Arkaleus0 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 11pm-2am PST Late night Guild recruiting! Entropy-10/10H is based on Stormrage server looking to recruit west coast players for late night raiding! A solid core group of competitive raiders looking to expand into a 20-man mythic raiding guild. We are currently looking to fill a few key roles in preparation for conquering all Hellfire Citadel has to offer. So, if you are looking for a fun group that is also capable of high-level raiding then look no further. Please look over our raid times and classes we currently need.(Will accept any exceptional players of all classes) RELIABILITY and COMPETENCY are a must. You must be able to attend progression nights consistently and you must know your class well and boss mechanics. Raid Times Progression: Tuesday/Thursday 11-2am PST (Clean-up day on Monday as needed) Alts: Wednesday/Sunday 11-2am PST (CMs and random raids throughout the week) Looking For Rogue Warlock Hunter Pally(Ret) Priest(Shadow) Shaman(Enhance) If interested and want a trial, add btag Artizzy#1416 Pinned166#1322Chongkee2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 lf guild with 9 pm raid time. Have holy/ret pally and hunter.Mûrk0 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Any Alliance RPers?? Just curious if their is any groups or even guilds that RP on the Alliance side of the server.Decímus2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 682 Prot Paladin & 671 Resto Druid LF guild! Hello we are looking for a HBRF and further progression guild to join! We are available mon-thurs any time!! We have 8/10 HBRF experience still need to do BF and BH!! Please contact myself or Shiftiest for openings! Thank you!!! :)Kushadin2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A]<Hurt> 10/10H Recruiting DPS/Healers Hurt Highmaul - 7/7H 3/7M Blackrock - 10/10H Seeking the following 675+: Ranged DPS Healers (Non Priest, Druid a +) Raid Times: Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday 8- 11 Server Friday - Saturday [b]Alt Run 9 - 11 Server Loot is open rolled and everything from food to enchants and gems are provided by the guild bank. Hurt has a vibrant afternoon to very late at night group. Most of us have known each other for years and have been playing other games such as SWTOR, Diablo 3, League of Legends, etc on our off nights.Swdshousmfia8 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Goodbye <Victis Honor> and U LB folks Yep, it's me Xonthos AKA Ebonwraith, Hellfang and many MANY other alts on LB. I have haven't played WoW for a long time mainly for 2 reasons. Personal problems AKA "Family Drama"...not gonna get into that. The second reason was health issues. Seriously folks my RL HP was getting low and there wasn't a Priest, Healadin, or Shammy around to help out, so I had to go with RL modern medicine and you all know that THAT takes a heck of a lot longer. The upshot of this is while I was laying there losing both weight AND hair (Oh how I miss my hair!!) I began to think about all the stuff that I want to see and do the moment the Docs gave me the GTG. So I started making plans. I went out and bought a 1965 Mustang (Had one in High School) and had it restored and painted an awesome midnight blue, started making a list of all the places and should go and last week when the Doc FINALLY said that I was GTG I made the final purchases for my EPIC ROAD TRIP!!!!! By this weekend I will be cruising the highways and byways of America and having the time of my life doing it. Where will I go first? VEGAS...Duh!! maybe even check out area 51, or as close to it as you are allowed to go. From there Roswell NM (Who knows might see something floating around out there, might not). From there slowly work my way NE towards Main stopping wherever along the way because for the first time in my life I'm NOT in a hurry. I plan to stop in and see old friends and relatives along the way and have FUN while I'm unplugged from the all mighty Internet. I've had a blast playing this game since Vanilla WoW and met lots of nice people here on Lightbringer and in my Guild <Victis Honor> If anyof you happen to run across them in game, please direct them to this post for however long is stays up and let them know that Xonthos is OK. I'll miss all the folks in my Guild like Rahdu, Jazan, Bloodreaper, Sath, Torna, Bo and yes...even you Dread. I have had TONS of fun playing this game and would not trade a minute of it and the friendships that I have made here on Lightbrigher for anything. In closing, if you happen to see a bald guy driving a hot looking midnight blue '65 Mustang give him a hink and a wave. It'll most likely be me. Goodbye and God Bless you all.Xonthos1 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 WTB Mythic Iron Maiden Kill with loot Hello fellow Lightbringers!! I am looking to find a guild that is currently selling a mythic iron maiden kill with loot for this coming week (June 9th). Please let me know if any of you guilds that are selling it have an opening for me! Please add my btag: Dean#1509 And let me know the price you are charging for it. Thank you for your time and all the best, VViølet0 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 5/10 M Late Night LFM <Dark Union> of Lightbringer (A) is Actively Recruiting for Mythic BRF. The leadership of Dark Union has been playing together for several tiers now and has had great success at not only leading current content but also in progressing and staying competitive. We class ourselves as a progression oriented guild, wanting to put in the effort to see the end game content and have a good time doing it. What We Expect From Our Members: •We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated people who believe they have what it takes to progress with us. •Our members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of the raid. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others. Keeping up with the latest boss strategies and how to play your class is a requirement. •We require our raiders to maintain near perfect attendance. We understand that real life issues take priority, however if those issues consistently keep a player from attending raids or cause a player to be late on multiple occasions then we will have no choice but to replace that player. •All raiders must be able to communicate with mumble. •Everyone must have a basic understanding of EPGP, as we use this system to distribute loot. At the end of Mists of Pandaria, we finished with 14/14 Mythic. This placed us in the top 20 for Lightbringer. Raid Times: Our Raid Schedule is Group 1 Wed/Thus/Sun 1030pm to 130am Pst and group 2 Friday and Saturday 10:30PM to 1:30 AM Server(pst) with invites going out at 10:15 PM. Monday nights are used as a backup night at the same times. Currently we are 7/7 Heroic and progressing on Mythic content with 3/7 in HM. 10/10H, 5/10M in BRF Group 1 10/10H BRF Group 2 If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you. Guild Master: Havoc#1673 Officers azzurri#1493, Ksenia#1704, Skatter#1708Dârkhæls0 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 ███►▬═1/10M Phury LF DPS/HEALS ═▬◄███ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Guild - Phury Server - Stormrage (Very High Pop) Faction - Alliance Website: ▬▬╟Who we are Phury is semi-hardcore horde guild located on Stormrage (PvE). We have a very low stress and drama-free raid environment filled with adults who like to have fun playing games. We have a fantastic community at Phury where people spend a lot of time playing together on off-nights. Many members play several other games with one another,as well as RBG/PVP often.On any given night you will find lots of people hanging out on our mumble server. We believe that success requires minimal drama and equal dedication from every member. To us, excellent raid attendance, comprehensive knowledge of your class, and being motivated to play the best of your ability day in and day out are not optional, but required. Non raid days we are still very active and have a great community of people in the guild! Off nights consist of CM's, Dungeons, PvP, Metas,Heroic alt clears,etc and open this to all alts & casuals so if you're looking to be in a active/no drama/friendly guild then you're welcome as well. ▬▬╟CURRENT PROGRESSION 1/10 Mythic BRF 10/10 Heroic BRF ▬▬╟SCHEDULE Tues, Wednesday,Thursday,Sunday Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST invites go out around 30 minutes prior and pulling at 8pm sharp. ▬▬What are are looking for Recruitment is currently open to all classes/specs other then disc/holy priests and retribution paladins. *Only a couple spots left open ! ▬▬╟What we Offer you: •A fun and competitive environment full of people that want the same as you: Progression! •Guild Repairs during raid hours •A core spot in a very stable guild that has been around since BC •A community of awesome people ▬▬╟Our Expectations and Requirements: • You are a team player who is reliable, mature, and a non negative attitude. • Punctual and present for raid. • Know your class, and how to make the most of it. (Off-Spec competency for hybrid classes is HIGHLY recommended.) • Experienced in Heroic/Mythic raid content • Item Level 680 or higher. • Able to run Mumble (and talk to us on it!). ▬▬╟Contact Information Tang#1917 (GM) Thekidfresh#1211Druidtank2 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 4/10 M <Blood of the Old Gods> LF dps < Blood of the Old Gods > - Is a newly transferred Alliance guild looking for dedicated and skilled players for our core raiding spots in Mythic BRF. We came here from a low pop server (Lightninghoof-us) in hopes that we can continue progressing through Mythic. We are currently 10/10H and 4/10M BRF. Website: Faction: Alliance Server: Lightbringer, US Times: Friday-Sat 7-10pm pst and Sunday 6-9pm pst Needs: DPS - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Mage - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Hunter For further questions please post here or contact our recruitment officer: SoulSurviver#1642 We are currently seeking range dps but will consider any exceptional melee dps. So please feel free to app and come try us out. Thank you! :)Nee0 Jun 6, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 48 Hour gold challenge starting soon Hi, From someone on twitter: "48hr gold challenge. A wow token (or 12!?) for my friend, mom to an autism boy who can't afford her sub. Starts in 3hrs. NA-lightbringer(A)." We're going to start up characters and try to make gold so that she can get a WoW token in the next 48 hours. FYI: for if you see stuff about it in trade chat. Jun 6, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 {A} 5/10 Mythic LF Boomie/Hunter/Mage-2 Nites Note: Server = Stonemaul-US, Alliance Our raid team has been topping charts throughout MoP and is looking to continue to dominate PVE on our servers in Mythic WoD. Not only are we dedicated, loyal, skilled, and professional players - we also have a blast doing it. If you are looking for a progression focused group that also loves the game and fosters an epic team attitude, we may be a great fit for you if you have what it takes. (Liking bacon is always a plus). We are able to clear 5/10 Mythic in 2 hours. Check out our logs: For information in web format, check out our website: We plan on having a great time in Hellfire Citadel, so join now to guarantee your spot on an epic team. Mythic Bosses Dead = Hans and Frans, Flamebender, Gruul, Oregorger, Beastlord (Thogar at 36% after 20 pulls) Currently Recruiting (in priority order): - Boomkin - Hunter - Mage Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday at 7:30 CST (3 hour raid) We have the expectations and results of a high end raiding guild without the 3+ raid nights a week. If you are looking to progress quickly, enjoy time spent with a close knit group of solid raiders, and grab some loot along the way - come join us, we are what you have been searching for. Feel free to message me here or in game for more information (btag is Cindy#1821). I would love to talk and ensure we are a great fit for one another. Happy Raiding!Broccoliz0 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 3, 2015 <Dark Elite> N BRF guild is recuiting! We are currently trying to replace some of our core spots that have open up. Alot of our team is taking a break from the game and we need more members to keep the raid going. The guild is very laid back mainly people 18 and older, and military/family based. we raid friday and saturday 9pm to 11pm server time. we are looking for all classes(tanks/heals/dps) the raid days are up for change to fit the new recuits if need be that wanna raid but we will still raid at 9pm server no matter what. if interested pls leave a comment or message me in game thanks. NorgosNorgos5 Jun 3, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Merging for Mythic <Rise> is looking for a solid core group of 5-8 raiders who are looking to merge with another group for Mythic raiding. Your group must be Alliance, have 10/10 H BRF, be Proudmoore server-ready, have PVE gear of ilevel 685+ with max-enchants, and be able to use Mumble (not Vent). Remain very raid aware, skilled, and know your own class. We expect raid chat to remain clean and business-like, and expect a level of discipline that allows everyone to accomplish their role. Recruiting for Mythic, we need tanks, few DPS (Lock/WW/Enhance) and some non-priest healers (MW, Shaman, Druid). <Rise>is a Proudmoore Alliance Guild that formed from a long-time base of friends raiding and doing Rated Battlegrounds together since BC. The current Raid schedule is Tues/Thurs/Sat 6pm-9pm PST for BRF Raiding, 10/10H. Alt runs on Sunday at 6pm. We also run PVP Rated Battlegrounds Monday and Wednesday evenings, and higher level BGs after 9pm MST. Must have Ventrilo installed, and be willing to listen without drama or attitude. Additionally, we have a number of active Arena players, with 2s and 3s running Sat and Sun mornings 8am PST. Guild web site and applications are at, you must be registered with to use the site. (Applications are Required) <Rise> is a mature (21+) guild. We are LGBT friendly and have a strong commitment to respectful and considerate behavior.Bowjitzu1 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 (A) Forced Into This - LF DPS for Heroic BRF <Forced Into This> is a easy-going progression oriented raid team that has recently formed. In our short time together we have progressed to 7/10N & 6/10 H BRF and 7/7 H HM. We keep an adult environment while not taking ourselves too seriously as we endeavor to knock over raid bosses. Most of our make-up is from former hardcore-progression raiders that had a moment of clarity or just got tired of the yelling and screaming that occurred before-during-after pulls in that environment. We are looking to expand out lineup with some additional DPS to smooth out the boss fights in BRF. Would like a 660ish ilvl but that isn't a deal-breaker either. We are looking to recruit the player... Not what gear he has!!! We are not adverse to helping put some gear on folks, while expanding to around 17 - 20 players. We currently are running 13 - 16 players raid nights. We only have 2 rules... For the love of god have fun while playing... and absolutely NO loot shenanigans!!!! Raiding experience in BRF (or raiding period for that matter) is not required as the team will be providing that for you. With that being said... we will also provide an environment that will allow you to grow with the team and your toon while settling in. In other words... You wont have to worry about a pink-slip at the summoning stone if you die to something. Hell... RNG happens!!! I am sure there are folks out there that were born with a 1-shot Mythic Blackhand kill on their birth certificate but I haven't met them yet... so there is room in our raid for growth and a learning curve. Our raid schedule is as follows: TUES/WED - 1830 - 2100 PST Loot Rules While Pugging - MS/OS When our team is done fleshing out we will be moving to a EPGP or Loot Council system Our Current Line-up by Class Tanks - Blood DK & Blood DK Heals - Shaman, Druid, H Priest, Holy Pally/Druid (Boomkin) DPS - Warrior, Rogues, Pally, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Boomkin (Resto) If you think we might be a fit for you or are what you are looking for... Feel free to hit me up in game... Endoflinë (funky e alt0235) or add dwarfkiller#1223 to bnet friend to have a chat and see if you want to test drive us for a night to see what we are all about. Thanks for your time and I hope I just didn't waste it!!!Endoflinë8 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Axis - Lightbringer Axis, located on Lightbringer, is looking for members to start Heroic and Mythic progression. We are a small guild that is looking to expand. We maintain a friendly, fun and social atmosphere and are looking for team members that are also just wanting to level. Solid community of all levels. All classes and levels are welcome. Also looking for members that are in the upper levels of professions to help other members with their professions or needs. Non-Experienced and Experienced Raiders are welcome :) Looking for: 3-5 tanks 3-5 Healers 5-7 Ranged DPS 5-7 Melee DPS RAID Schedule (Server times): Mon, Tue & Wed – 4-7 pm If you think we're a guild you're interested in please contact Essences in-game or visit our Facebook page @ Axis Lightbringer BTag – Sardrala#1145Essences1 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 LoL to a certain level 47 warrior in Legendz I watched that exchange between you and a level 42 Pally in EoTS today. First how did you expect a 42 pally on Defense with a flag to do as much damage as you? Secondly who taught you that doing damage = wins? Just an update for you maybe you might experience a win with you 13 kills total soon.Eremirra2 Jun 1, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 LF JC that can cut these TBC gems Don Julio's Heart or Kailee's Rose Blood of Amber or Stone of Blades Rigid Star of Elune Reply here or send me a note in game if you can cut these.Vaerde0 Jun 1, 2015
May 30, 2015 [A]<Cross Continental> Daytime/Off-time guild <Cross Continental> Alliance on Lightbringer is an international daytime / off-time guild, based on OpenRaid. Our raid days are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11.30 AM CDT till 1.45 PM CDT. Currently HM 7/7 normal and 7/7 heroic, BRF 10/10 normal and 4/10 heroic. We are looking to fill the last empty dps (ilvl 660+) slots in order to build a team for the mythic progression. <Cross Continental> is a fairly new guild (founded in fall 2014). We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we still like to get bosses down in a timely manner. We do take raiding seriously, but not at the cost of our fun and friends. We all have the same goal which is to enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere, explore the expansion, kill bosses and enjoy the social aspects which a guild brings. We all have enough stress at work, let’s make sure to keep our game-time as enjoyable as possible and drama-free! We are using loot council for our progression runs. RCLoot Council add on is required. Tanks: DK: medium Druid: closed Monk: medium Paladin: medium Warrior: low Healers: Druid: closed Monk: high Paladin: low Priest: low Shaman: high Ranged: Druid: (boomie) high Hunter: low Lock: low Mage: high Priest: low Shaman: high Mele: DK: medium Druid: high Monk: high Paladin: high Rogue: high Shaman: high Warrior: medium Casuals are welcome! If you’d like to explore the new expansion in a mature, fun and friendly atmosphere then please apply to our guild on OpenRaid: Requirements: Must register on OpenRaid Mumble is required for communication Must download the add on RCLoot Council Mature and friendly attitude Your guild raiding main will be only raiding progression content with the guild (see our guild rules)Troopingfay2 May 30, 2015
May 29, 2015 HEROIC BRF CARRY Saturday at 6pm server. Mythic geared carry team, come get your loot for cheaper than the AH!! Add Fatal#1935 and PM to reserve your spot now!Fatal0 May 29, 2015
May 28, 2015 <Invective> Looking for a palli healer We are looking for a solid pali healer to round out healing core. We are 8/10 H BRF and looking to progress through the last 2 bosses. We are also looking for solid dps to round out raid team as well. Our raid times are Wed.-Thurs. 7:30-10:30.Please message me if interested. Montey14#1953Radeck0 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 [H]10/10H LF 7+ (Possible Merge) Tribe Gaming <Tribe Gaming> ( on US-Thrall is looking for approximately 7-8 fun and talented players to fill out our roster. We're a multi-gaming community that's been around for over 14 years, with chapters in various games. Our WoW Chapter is currently recruiting to continue through Warlords of Draenor raids, knocking out Heroic Blackhand and as many Mythics as possible. If you're looking for a place to have fun killing internet dragons with fellow gaming enthusiasts, we're a home for you. We operate on a schedule that's relatively light (7.5 hours/week), as we are mostly comprised of working adults. As far as raids go, all spots and loot are earned via performance and consistent attendance. If you were to show up consistently, perform well, and stay out of the fire, you'd earn a solid spot on our raid team. We're taking individual applicants, but are also open to a guild merge. We currently can only take one more tank, and maybe another healer. Server: US-Thrall - Horde Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7:30pm - 10pm CST Current Progress: 1/7M HM, 10/10H BRF (Blackhand down to 7%) Website: Apply or learn more at Contact: Kroddish (Kroddish#1931) or Ferryn (Smashfiend#1663) Learn more here: Please hit me up in-game or PM me on our website with any questions. I'd love to talk to you, hope to hear from you!Kroddish0 May 28, 2015
May 27, 2015 <NullRef> 8/10H recruiting TANK - Heroic BRF <NullRef> is looking for a tank interested in progressing in Heroic BRF. We offer free guild repairs, have mumble, and a drama free environment. We're currently 8/10 Heroic and looking to progress further. Our main tank is a warrior, so we would prefer a non-plate tank, but we're open to exceptional tanks of any class. We're looking for a new tank as our current tank's new job is affecting their raid schedule, and so will be shifting into a backup tank role. We raid Tuesdays 6.30pm-9pm server (PST) and Fridays 6.30pm-11pm server (PST) Most of the officers have been together a long time, some since the start of BC and we've stuck together because we enjoy the easy company, friendly banter and excellent competence that our raiders bring, come join us and give us a spin, you'll enjoy yourself, I guarantee it! We're also open to raiders who want to stay with their current guild, but can commit to the raid times.Factura0 May 27, 2015
May 27, 2015 Looking For An Accepting Alliance Guild!! Hello everyone! My name is Kyler. I started playing WoW during the beta and continued to play until the Cataclysm expansion. I mained a hunter named Ratcatcher on the Whisperwind server. I didn't play much during Cata or MoP. I really didn't enjoy the game too much during those expansions, so i decided to sell that account. It still is a huge regret and I really wish i didnt. I made this new account and have my 100 Warrior on the Thrall server and some alts here and there. But I really miss the Alliance side of the game. I have heard some good things about the community on Lightbringer and would love to be a part of it. With that being said, I'm going to be leveling up some Alliance toons on the Lightbringer server and trying to find a good guild to call home. Im a really easy going person and am very active in game. I'm do a bit of everything. I Raid, I enjoy questing/leveling, and also get really into PvP at times. I have both Ventrillo and Team Speak as well. Any guild willing to have me please post here! I look forward to meeting some awesome people.Decímus2 May 27, 2015
May 26, 2015 Need a New Late Night Mythic Guild Is your guild falling apart because of the ban wave that hit WOW??? Dark Union is a late night raiding guild with 2/10 M Wed/Thus/Sun 1030pm to 130am and 2nd group 9/10 H Fri/Sat is willing to take you in. <Dark Union> of Lightbringer (A) is Actively Recruiting for Mythic BRF. The leadership of Dark Union has been playing together for several tiers now and has had great success at not only leading current content but also in progressing and staying competitive. We class ourselves as a progression oriented guild, wanting to put in the effort to see the end game content and have a good time doing it. What We Expect From Our Members: •We are currently recruiting skilled and dedicated people who believe they have what it takes to progress with us. •Our members must exhibit a thorough understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of the raid. We like people who can work well with others in stressful situations, who can analyze challenges and offer solutions while accepting the ideas of others. Keeping up with the latest boss strategies and how to play your class is a requirement. •We require our raiders to maintain near perfect attendance. We understand that real life issues take priority, however if those issues consistently keep a player from attending raids or cause a player to be late on multiple occasions then we will have no choice but to replace that player. •All raiders must be able to communicate with mumble. •Everyone must have a basic understanding of EPGP, as we use this system to distribute loot. At the end of Mists of Pandaria, we finished with 14/14 Mythic. This placed us in the top 20 for Lightbringer. Raid Times: Our Raid Schedule is Group 1 Wed/Thus/Sun 1030pm to 130am Pst and group 2 Friday and Saturday 10:30PM to 1:30 AM Server(pst) with invites going out at 10:15 PM. Monday nights are used as a backup night at the same times. Currently we are 7/7 Heroic and progressing on Mythic content with 3/7 in HM. 10/10H, 2/10M in BRF Group 1 9/10H BRF Group 2 If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you. Guild Master: Havoc#1673 Officers azzurri#1493, Ksenia#1704, Skatter#1708Dræmrîppér1 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 Returning veteran player LFG (A/H) Greetings Lightbringer, I had to take a break a few months back from raiding and the game. I would like to find a large guild that has people on that run dungeons, achievements, raids, maybe some pvp (i dont yet). I have vent, mumble, tsp all that stuff, addons yeah I have them, I know how to raid been raiding since TBC as either dps, tank, or healer. I would like to play this SPriest, I have never had the chance to play it, so now that I'm basically starting new I would like to. I know the rotation (yes even with insanity), know my CDs and when to push them. I was 6/7H HM and 4/10N , 3/10H BRF before I quit. I have healing OS but would prefer not to heal, I haven't done enough of it and don't want to for the foreseeable future. I am a 40 year old adult and well capable of taking any criticism and I am in complete control of my play time. I don't really like to mess around a lot when I raid, I would rather get to business of killing things but I don't have the schedule to raid for 4 or 7 nights. I don't expect much form a guild other than to give a brother a chance, be civilized with your teammates, and be productive. If you think I would/could fit in with your group let me know. I am willing to faction change if necessary. I am currently available most nights. Lon#1734 Yes, I am aware that my gear is horrible, I'm working on it. /cheersPavon1 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 Mythic Raid Looking for Members Tectonic Plates - 7/7 HHM, 8/10HBRF, is pushing into Mythic Raiding. Mythic Raid will be Saturday 5pm to 9pm server time. We have a few spots that still need to be filled: Holy Paladin, Balance Druid, Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest. We are raiding this Saturday night, May 30th. I will fill these open spots by Friday night. You need to have a minimum item level of 680 and Heroic experience on Oregorger, Gruul and Beastlord. Our raid style is focused, but relaxed. we don't forget we are playing a game and that we play for enjoyment. We NEVER call anyone out, or try to humiliate anyone who raids with us. Criticism is always given in a constructive, positive manner. Loot will be handed out by a loot council in a manner that is fair to all. If this is of interest to you please respond here or you can whisper me "in game". I will be glad to answer any of your questions.Treck0 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 LF another guild to run BrF Mythic until 6.2 NOT LOOKING FOR A MERGER:Our guild is struggling, like most, to fill enough consistent numbers to progress into mythic. We are looking for another guild with similar progression, 10/10H, to fill a raid to do mythic content until 6.2. Pst Tsubaki, Swdshousmfia( pandaexpress#1522), Vexella, or Sanntih to inquire.Swdshousmfia1 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 1/10m 686 MW monk LF late night raiding Hey all I am currently on a dead server and looking to switch to a higher population alliance realm. I have logs if required. Add me if interested Huckleberry#1787 thanks.Thirstisreal0 May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015 <After Dark> Late Night Raiding H 9/10 <After Dark> of Lightbringer-Alliance-US 7/7 H 9/10 H Raid times: Fri/Sat 10:15pm PST - 1:15am PST -- H BRF (and soon Mythic) Fun environment and good people. We have a solid raid team with immediate core raid openings for exceptional: Melee/Caster DPS. Shaman heals. We run EPGP as our core loot system. Please contact Trazick or Gigiella in-game or add my battle tag to chat: Trazick#1246Purè11 May 26, 2015
May 25, 2015 Trying to decide I'm up in the air on leveling this healer up or moving to a Druid Tank/Heals hybrid. I know Druids are plenty and don't mind the Shaman healing aspect. Just trying to get some community feels for what they might needs more versus the other.Arkaleus0 May 25, 2015
May 25, 2015 Immortals 8/10H BRF Is Recruiting! Immortals is a new guild that started raiding right in the middle of blackrock foundry. Despite our short span of existence, we have managed to down 8/10 bosses on heroic in blackrock foundry. Due to us losing a few important people for various reasons, we need to recruit more so that we can have a steady roster every raid night, and finish up blackrock foundry on heroic. If we do manage to make it past blackhand, then we plan on going into mythic. Current raid times are: 8-10 PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday PST Attendance is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged for the good of the group. If you don't show up on time, we may not be able to bring you in later on during the night. As far as loot goes, we distribute loot on a mixed group loot and loot council system. Basically, we first roll on the item, and then, depending on the wishes of the person who won the roll and the needs of the group, it is traded around to whomever needs it most. For the most part, the person for whom the drop is the biggest upgrade will get the item, unless someone else needs it equally as bad. We tend to be very generous when it comes to sharing loot. As of right now, we do not have any class specific needs, and everyone who is decently geared and has a good knowledge of the fights is encouraged to apply. With that said, we are currently in particular need of healers, so healers, don't be shy! If you are interested in joining Immortals, simply speak a guild member in game and we will take care of the rest!Mostabstract0 May 25, 2015
May 25, 2015 lf late night raiding guild 645 ret/prot pally looking for a late night guild i have a 658bm/ww monk btag sleepyhead#1574 feel free to message me if you have any questionsZekê1 May 25, 2015
May 24, 2015 Two Camels in a Tiny Car 10/10H 3/7M LF Heals Two Camels in a Tiny Car...... what kind of guild name is that? Well let me tell you, we are a guild that doesn't try to impress anyone we have our own goals, we are not filled with elites jerks, we are laid back but we get progression without it being a full time job, we all have one of those. Once WoD came out we leveled our raid toons to100 giving everyone 3 weeks to do so. Once HM went live we went right into Heroic Kargath Bladefist we didn't think twice and got it down. However The Butcher made it clear that, that was as far as we go, so we went back and did normal HM. We had 2 weeks to clear it before our Holiday break of 2 weeks and we got it done ahead of time. We came back from Holiday break Jan. 6th 2015 and went right into Heroic HM and the first night back into raid we cleared the first 6 heroic bosses, we had only seen the first one so not to shabby for Camels. We did this laughing,singing and have fun while killing bosses. What can I say ....if you aren't having fun then you're doing it wrong. If that sounds like your kinda guild then look no further. Adult guild 20+ Server: Lightbringer (Normal- Medium/High Population) Faction: Alliance Current Progression: 7/7 Heroic & 3/7 Mythic HM --- 10/10 Heroic BRF Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8-11 PM Pacific Loot System: Round Robin We use mumble and would like to interview new recruits! RECRUITING Healer Holy Paladin MW Monk We will consider all healers (With the exception of disc priest) and players in preparation for 6.2. The ones listed below are only preferences! Two Camels in a Tiny Car Raiding History : We formed our guild right at the start of SoO, we were 14/14 N, 14/14 H and 14/14 Mythic. We did take a break during the summer and we did run two 10m teams then formed a 25m team after summer break and took a 25 man team to Mythic, not an easy feat for a raid leader but we happen to have a very good one, as well as very good officers. Expectations Attendance: We ask for all raiders to be on for every raid day unless personal issues come up. Real life always comes before anything in-game. However, you must inform us on the guild forums or contact an officer in-game at least an hour before. A Sense of Humor: Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time. However, we all know our limits and what has gone too far. It should also be noted that this guild is not a PG-13 environment and mature language will be used often. Respect: With sense of humor being said, we have a lot of female players as well. We expect that you show them the same respect as the rest of the player base and not make any offensive remarks. We are not elitist jerks or players that discourage other players either. To put the blame on one person will not be tolerated. Raid Basics: Players must have great raid awareness as well as have knowledge or the class and role they are bringing into the raid. What you can expect from us Weekly Raids and Content: We provide end-game content for all our members if possible to do so. We currently push for the hardest content this game has to offer and we will try to include everyone as much as possible in the near future and upcoming expansion. Enjoyable and Social Guild: With enjoyable members that are in the guild, we do hope people have a great sense of humor and don't take anything seriously. We again do not accept any elitist attitude or people that cause drama. This guild is here to have a great group of people and doing end-game content. Help from the Guild: Every day we strive to get better in optimizing and gearing players as much as possible. We do our best to provide any enchants and gems to mains. We also have people that are great at their class and can offer help. Please note that begging the guild for something is much different than asking for help. Get in contact with us Btag: Powerslave#1693 Our website listed below In-game mail on Lightbringer For more information please visit our site at Camels.guildportal.comThisguyisfat10 May 24, 2015
May 22, 2015 Gatekeepers of Eternity We are currently looking for feral druid, rogue, and monk dps for our core weekend raid team. We are 8/10 and will progressing into Heroic soon. Will also consider other classes, but we are full on ranged dps at the moment. We are a friendly, easy going guild, but we expect our raiders to be logged in and ready to go 15 minutes before the start of raid time, unless you have spoken to our GM or raid leader ahead of time to let them know you may be late or can't make it. As a member our guild you are expected to treat everyone with the same respect you would want to treated with. Our raid times are Friday & Saturday 6:30pm server time. If you are interested please contact me in game :)Devineshadow1 May 22, 2015
May 21, 2015 WTB Flamebender Ka'graz kill WTB BRF Flamebender Ka'graz kill, I don't care if its normal or heroic but I only want this kill, or to do the bosses up to him as long as hans and franz are dead. my wow crashes on hans and frans. Will pay decently but only half before the fight the other half after he dies. Either in game pst me or send a ingame mail to Gusgotaggro with date/time/price... Thank youGusgotaggro0 May 21, 2015
May 21, 2015 Persevere 7/10 Mythic <Persevere>8/7 Mythic HM 7/10 Mythic BRF, is currently recruiting additional raiders for our raid team. Our focus is on Mythic raiding, please be mindful of this when applying. Raid Days: Mandatory Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm - 8:30pm Server Optional Friday-Saturday 10/10 Heroic alt run 6:00pm - whenever we get bored pm Server for anyone interested, but not a requirement, just a fun run. Loot Distribution: Loot council, emphasis is placed on what would progress the group as a whole vs individual raiders. That being said, additional circumstances are brought into view pertaining to attendance, performance and overall attitude. What We Are About (Pur-suh-veer), verb (used without object) 1. To persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly The name is more than just a name, it's what we do, it's what we have always done and it's what we will always do. Our guild is relaxed and has a lot of fun but during raid times we like to take things a little more seriously. We look for members that are ready to push themselves to become the best possible player they can be and are constantly thinking about what they can do better in each encounter. We want the raider that wants to do whatever it takes to win, not the raider that avoids responsibility. We want the raider that says, "I'll take the magma traps in the Ragnaros encounter" or even "I'll kite the Siegemaker on Blackhand". Challenge yourself, challenge everyone around you. Dare to be great. That's what we're about. Current needs include DPS w/heal offspec, DPS w/tank offspec, and exceptional ranged dps of all classes. Be geared for mythic content. In game contact preferred. Please have logs. Fatal#1935Fatalstar2 May 21, 2015
May 21, 2015 Previous mythic raider LF progression group Raided Mythic for a good part of MoP, took a break from WoW from the end of MoP until just 2 months ago. Bought a new computer as I was playing on a toaster before and mythic 25 man content was becoming more of a hassle for my computer to run and lag was almost unbearable. (that and my guild fell apart mid-MoP) Thankfully I was able to buy a new computer that runs WoW near flawlessly and now it's time to find a new home. Was also ranked 3rd best warrior on my server towards the end of MoP.. If that means anything at all nowadays. I'm not a retarded warrior, I know that I need to stand in fire at all times. ( See what I did there?) been playing my class since the beginning of WoTLK, so I'm fully experienced in my class. Can currently raid Tues - Weds any time after 6 PM server, and will soon have more days to raid if required. I'm more than willing to be a filler for 2 nights a week if needed, until my schedule frees up and I'm able to raid more. Not looking for anything fancy, just heroic progression (perhaps mythic?) with some fun in between. I'm not a rager however I do look to progress. I took mythic content seriously, but not to the point of screaming and telling people every second that they're doing something wrong. If it ain't fun, why do it? Just a previously well-experienced dps warrior looking for a new place to call home and a new gang to raid with. Either drop me a line here on the forums or you can battletag me -- Drex#1205 -- Thanks.Dréx1 May 21, 2015
May 18, 2015 Prot pally very late night / early morning candy here need a raid team/guild that raids late night / early morning to evening 12 am server or later....or any raids ending before 1 pm server. My current guild since bc can no longer fit my work schedule i am their raid leader i know the fights in brf i do have dps alts and i am willing to play heals but tank is my pref role if anyone would like to contact me ingame or on the forums with a possible solution to my problem that would be great :)Thecåndyman0 May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 LFM [A]<Rhapsody>! General Recruiting! Is this the real life? Is this just [A]<Rhapsody>! Rhapsody-Lightbringer is a new guild as of the drop of WoD. We have finally reached the point where we are raiding as a guild with little to no pugs. Currently, our cup runneth over with tanks. Therefore we are seeking friendly dps of all varieties and even an extra healer or two willing to fill a PST-central raid schedule. UPDATE! We are closed again in regards to plate wearers and Mail wearers! We are welcoming more leather and cloth wearers with open arms! Raids are Tuesday and Thursday, from about 6:30pm to 9pm server time, ending no later than 9:30pm. Unlike guilds who prefer to soldier on until pulmonary embolism sets in, we opt to include a break period during raid times. We have added an Alt Raid on Sundays starting at 11am PST to 1pm PST. If we don't have many able to make it we run some old legacy raids! Our current goal is to progress through heroic, and hopefully in 6.2 move into mythic raiding as we grow and gain members. We enjoy challenging ourselves! If you're looking for a guild with a friendly, low-pressure attitude and a willingness to help each other improve, drop us a line! Not fully sure you want to commit? Come run a few dungeons with us and check us out! Feel free to reach out to any Rhapsody member currently online, and they can direct you to an officer or even answer any questions you might have. We are Actively Looking for! Shadow Priest Warlock Rogue Full time Balance Druid Contact Airameith (Airameith#1462) or Toccata in game, we are often online around starting from 5:30pm -ish up to 10pm server time weekdays and on part of the day during weekends. Or leave a message below! Edit: You can also contact Edexus or Astere or Lyanaira if Airameith or Toccata aren't online!Airameith17 May 18, 2015
May 17, 2015 [A] Feral Druid 9/10H BRF Exp LF Raiding Team I'm looking for a raiding team that is running 2 nights a week. My preferred raid times are 6pm-9pm server but can be somewhat flexible with times, Monday through Thursday plus Sunday I'm available. I'm currently at 9/10 heroic BRF experience with a few weeks of attempts on Blackhand. Mythic not required for me, but I'm not against it either. ~Edit: I've decided to switch to my feral druid now which is ilvl 659 Add Pantani#1168 if interested and send me a message or reply on here.Pantani6 May 17, 2015
May 17, 2015 [A] 9/10H Late Night Guild LF DPS and tank! Hey there, Verified Logs is an Alliance guild on Lightbringer-US currently running Heroic Blackrock Foundry. The founding members have 7+ years experience raiding together and we're looking to fill in a few missing DPS spots and 1 healer position to progress further with the goal of forming a Mythic team. We will be trialing 1-2 members per raid night until a full 20m roster is formed. Our raid times are Friday 11:30p-1:30a and Saturday 10:30p-2:30a. Pacific We're currently seeking the following with high priority: -Brewmaster Monk, Prot Warrior, Blood DK or Prot Paladin. (Only 1 tank spot available) -MW Monk -Warlock -Frost/UH DK -Mage We're currently seeking the following with medium priority: Boomkin Everything else is a low or neutral priority, though other applicants will be considered. Please apply! If you are a skilled and knowledgeable player in need of a friendly, experienced raiding guild then we would love to hear from you. If you would like more information, or are interested in applying to the guild you may contact: Crystalize#1318, Weissonne in-game on Lightbringer, or leave your contact details in this thread. Once applied you will be contacted with information for a vent interview by the GM, and officers. Thank you, Weissonne - GM of <Verified Logs> of Lightbringer-USWeissonne15 May 17, 2015
May 16, 2015 . Delete.Blitzhunter0 May 16, 2015
May 14, 2015 693 disc/holy priest looking for a raid team Hello, I am currently looking for a raid team starting mythic BRF. I am available evenings and weekends. I have played my priest since wrath and am a competent player. I am seeking an adult guild that likes progression and has fun while doing it. I am 10/10 H BRF and my main spec is disc. I am willing to play holy as needed. I also have a 670 holy pally I am working on gearing I have played her since Cata. I show up early for raids and always have my runes, flasks and consumables and am ready to raid I am a team player. If you are interested you can contact me with my battle tag or in game mail. I am looking for a long term guild. Thanks, shellz #1467Shellz1 May 14, 2015
May 14, 2015 [A] <Saganance> (10/10 H) (2/10 M) <Saganance> is an Alliance guild currently recruiting ALL ROLES and ALL CLASSES for Mythic Blackrock Foundry (We do routinely clear Heroic Blackrock Foundry, so you will be given an opportunity to gear up). We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, from 7:30pm to 11:00pm EST. We are looking for a few more members to fill out our Mythic roster. If you are interested in raiding with us, please apply now at If you have any questions, please direct them to our officers, Badgerbrew, Definitely, Gwid, Scortator, or Kurofish, or myself in the comments of this post or to my character Lesali.Lesali0 May 14, 2015
May 14, 2015 Riven [1/7M, 7/10H] is recruiting! Hellooooooo Lightbringer! Riven has been around as a guild for just short of three years, but we've been raiding as a team for much longer than that. We're a laid back group who likes to kill things and try to have fun doing so. We're currently seeking like minded people who want to do some Mythic raiding. What we're looking for: Players who want to raid Mythic, of course! For WoD we are seeking those who are interested in Mythic raiding. Prior heroic raiding experience nice, but not required. Specifically, we're looking for is ranged dps. Mage, warlock, hunter, and a boomkin. We'd love a giant chicken beast! We'd like to have no more than 3 of each class, which we've got all the love we need from shamans, paladins, and warriors. When we're looking for it: Now! We're looking to head into Mythic BRF in the not too far future and we need a few more to make sure we never have to cancel a raid because someone is sick, forced to do overtime, somewhere exotic on a vacation, has connection issues, is raided by the FBI, you know, the usual. Bench? This is not a word we know. All our slots are regular raid slots. We rotate players out as needed on Mythic fights, giving priority to those that have BiS items from that boss. We do make sure everyone gets to see attempts and learn fights. What time was that? Raid times are Tuesday & Thursday, 8-11pm server. A third night may be added during progression. Wednesdays are optional normal mode nights to see new fights and pick up the odd piece of useful gear. Why should I join you? Because we value sexy dwarves, we like toast, we play other games together (see Diablo III), we're welcoming, we're altoholics, we post random videos in mumble chat (view at your own risk). We kill heroic stuff. Maybe not as fast as the best and fastest on the server, but we'll get there. Faster than a good number! Maybe if you join us we'll get there even faster! What if I just want to hang out in guild and level? Do you do other stuff? That's awesome! We have some casual members and there's normally someone doing something around. Our main focus is raiding, but we also do dungeons, Challenge Modes, pet battles, PvP, level alts, do old content. We like having people around, even if your schedule or play style mean you can't join in raiding shenanigans. We will have some "intro to raiding" nights as well for those who have never raided but want to try. You're so awesome, I want in! Sweet. You can add my btag (divinite#1641) or our guild leader Ren's (Iriazi#1944). Please fill out an app at before sending a btag request. Will love you long time. Cookies and toaster pastries for all!Chirona44 May 14, 2015