Aug 21, 2014 Valor of the Ancients Buff What happened to the Valor of the Ancients buff on Lightbringer? It disappeared after today's maintenance.Bankofhappy0 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Maintenance today 5a-11a PDT? So 6 hours on Tuesday wasn't enough?Zulyr3 Aug 21, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Selling Rokmar the crackler buff. So, back when they first introduced the new glyphs, you could pick pocket Rokmar the crackler and becomes a GIANT (like twice the height of the AH) crab with an illusion buff. They hotfixed it and you can no longer get it. I, luckily enough have the buff saved on a rogue and can transfer the disguise to you via potion of illusions. I will sell/auction the buff to 1 person. (keep in mind, you can re-sell it to others) Selling this tuesday. Mail me bids. Oh, for a visual aid, check out this slide show. Aug 21, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 [A] 2 nights LF More for WoD!! Renshai (US-Lightbringer [A]) is a 10 man progression raiding guild LF any and all experienced raiders for the transition to WoD. Raid times are T,W 9:30-12:30 EST, but this may change as we move on. Both singles and groups are welcome to apply. Current progression / gear in not important, but please have some raiding experience to share. We are currently 11/14H and working on Siegecrafter. This raid team was formed in ICC, and most of us have been together since the beginning of Cata. We have had some pretty drastic changes recently, but we are stable and ready to expand for WoD. We have all intentions of raiding Mythic content in the next expansion. What you can expect from us... - Consistent progression through all content the game has to offer - Flasks, Food, Gems, Enchants, and glyphs are provided for all full time raiders - A mature, experienced officer core. No first timers or 16 year olds here, we've been at this a long time. - An awesome website for raiding strats, kill pics and videos, and general discussion - No cliques or "Fvckin-New-Guy" attitudes. Don't be a douche and you'll fit right in. - Paid Realm / Faction change for exceptional candidates What we expect from you: - Maintain >90% attendance. We understand that RL happens but we expect that you plan around your raid nights, not the other way around. - Attitude. We expect our raiders to show up every night with a positive, go-git-em attitude. Showing up week after week like someone just killed your dog is not acceptable. We are here to have fun, and nobody is going to come in and ruin that. If you are going to throw a temper tantrum after a wipe night, then you are not right for this team. - Awareness. We have excellent, WoL top 100 healers, but they will not heal stupid. Stay out of the sh!t --> kill bosses faster --> gg. - Ability. While we are not looking for top ranking players from former top 10 blah blah blah, we also aren't interested in window lickers who can’t use a CD. Be able to perform, and you’ll be fine. - Be a member of a team. We are not looking for a raider who is going to log on to raid in silence, then log off for the rest of the week. We are looking for more e-friends to share this game with, not for our own egos, but because I believe team synergy is the most important part of progression raiding. - Attitude. Yes, I said it again because it’s that important. If you're interested, please contact me in game @RealID Xooney98#1286 (please include in your friend request that you are responding to this ad). You can also feel free to get in touch with any of our other officers in game, and they will be able to help you out. Lastly, you can learn more about us and fill out an application at Officers: Appa- Bound#1245 Zantaara- Zan#1371 Xooney- Xooney98#1286 Guild Leader: Jelopudinpop#1414 We're looking forward to hearing from you!Xooney0 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 Looking for RBGs 550 frost dk looking for rbgs in the late evenings!Düngard2 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 20, 2014 New player looking for guild Hey I'm new to WOW and am looking for a friendly, casual, & mature social lvling guild where I can make friends to lvl up with. I work and attend school so I may not be on every day or be on for more than an hour on some days. If any guilds out there are interested in having me PST me please. Thank youJiangyin0 Aug 20, 2014
Aug 19, 2014 Raid and Dungeons are Down Hi blizzard I am sure you already are aware but I made this topic to bring attention to the fact that we cannot get into any of the raids or dungeons on our server.Primum0 Aug 19, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Heroic SOO GDKP run Anyone interested in doing this? Haven't seen many happen in a long time, which is why I'm asking.Spiowar0 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Recruiting Collectors is recruiting all levels all skill levels. We are currently a level 11 guild and moving up at a steady pace. This is a leveling guild, we are also very low key so no drama. We have guild repairs and will provide a set of Netherweave bags for all toons under level 10 and will help with the leveling process. Pst either Gusgot or Isamora for more info or invites.......Gusgot0 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 18, 2014 Late Night raider LF Norm/Flex Guild *Edit* Forgot about Monday. No availability on Monday nights. All available times for me are after midnight CST on all days but Tuesday and Wednesday. On those two days I have all day availability. I prefer groups that are into raiding more for the fun of it than for progression. It's more fun to have a few hours of fun where we get to kill monsters than to have a regimented march through the raid. I've raided through three expansions (BC, WotLK and Cata) in normal and heroic modes with experience in Cata up to Staghelm pre-nerf, up to Zul'Aman/Gruul's in BC and everything in WotLK. My normal/flex raiding experience in this expansion is pretty much nil, though I have a strategic understanding of all the fights. I also have experience in tailoring strategies for specific types of groups or to adapt around weaknesses in the group. ILVL 541 restoration spec. Send me a mail in game or post here if I'm not online.Gylfi0 Aug 18, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 [A] <Honesty> Recruiting Players Honesty is a newly formed guild that is working its way through the waves of the server. We are currently seeking players of all types to join our family of members. Eventually we will focus on end game content and hopefully get a Normal team running if I can find active and experienced players. Within a few weeks (whenever I level my DK up) I plan on getting our prospective raid team together and start out running LFR then boost up to flex and eventually make the transition into normal raids. If joining, this will be a new team (that at the moment only has one level 90 in it) but I hope to get people together so we can learn our ways through the content as a group. Please feel free to stop by and join our group and experience what we have to offer. To join just type /who Honesty and message someone in game for a invite into the guild. Thank you for your time.Cren0 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 New Players forum list Why is Lightbringer's population listed as "New Players" on the realm list? I thought LB was med/high?Elzaar2 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 17, 2014 565 hpally and 565 spriest LF raiding guild We are both currently on garona server wanting to transfer we both have 14/14 10m SOO norm exp. We do prefer a guild that is at least starting heroics or is a lil ways into heroics. If you have any questions my btag is red#11673Iredrum2 Aug 17, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 Returning Holy/Shadow Priest LF guild! Hi there. I recently returned from a 2 month hiatus of RL issues and I am looking to get back into the swing of things, and prepare for the upcoming expansion. I have had some serious crazyness go on during this expac and I feel like I haven't really been settled since ToT raiding, and I would like to fix that! I'm an ilvl 560 holy priest with cloak. Was my main most of the expansion. Her shadow set is around 540ilvl! I am currently only 6/14 SoO normal but have killed everything on flex. Due to not really having a steady raid group this tier and taking a break I am a wee bit behind. My main focus though is not SoO but im looking more towards having a solid spot in WoD. I would like to finish this tier but I don't really care about pushing heroics or anything like that. Here is a few things you MUST be for me to consider your guild. -ok with me being a bit behind boss kill wise -21+ PLEASE, im not young anymore, i have kids at home and I don't want to babysit during raids -start NO EARLIER than 7pm pst (9pm central, 10est) this is a MUST. Your raids would also have to end no later than 11pm pst! -any day works for me other than Fridays -please be well established! Im ok with groups starting out as long as you are in it for the long haul. I am looking for a permanent home and don't want to bounce around next expansion! If I sound like a good fit for you, add my battletag mani042#1104, or you can leave me a message below but please don't just leave your guild spam and nothing else. Put at least some effort in:) Thanks for reading!Relabella5 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 EST raiding guilds Hello all, Currently I am scouting around and looking into different servers that I may hopefully soon call home. From what I have seen this server seems really promising but I have the major concern of coordinating raid times with EST on a PST server. Does Lightbringer have a few guilds with an EST schedule? Are they common to come across? Thanks for any responses and have a good one :DMemoriess4 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 571 holy pally lf guild looking for a raiding guild that raids after 7pm server. really looking for a heroic guild. 14/14n 1/14 heroic. No i am not x-fering off server.Hanieko1 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 (A) Holy Paladin LF Guild Hello all. I am a 549 holy paladin looking for a successful raiding guild, prefer with 14/14 normal cleared. I have extensive healing experience. My old main is a 571 mistweaver monk and I have healed 14/14 normal on both 10 and 25 man, but I am interested in playing paladin seriously. I would prefer a guild that raids at 8 p.m. or later server time (PST) that does not raid on Tuesdays or Sundays. This schedule can continue indefinitely for me. I would also be available after 6 p.m. server time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only. Feel free to post your recruitment information here or get in touch in game. Battletag: Amy#1611 Thank you!Iryin2 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 Two Camels in a Tiny Car 25m LF dps (Update) Server: Lightbringer (Normal- Medium/High Population) Faction: Alliance Current Progression: 8/14 Heroic 10 Man 1/14 Heroic 25 Man Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8-11 PM Pacific Loot System: Round Robin We use mumble and would like to interview new recruits! RECRUITING Dps Warlock Hunter Shadow Priest Healer Holy Paladin Two Camels in a Tiny Car is an adult guild that has started raiding once again! After a long hiatus during the summer, we are recruiting more people for our roster! While we are currently preparing for the launch of Warlords of Draenor and prepared to progress through the new content as a fun and enjoyable guild. We are currently running SoO 25mn to gear up recruits and going back into SoO 25mh to finish what we started until WoD goes live. Expectations Attendance: We ask for all raiders to be on for every raid day unless personal issues come up. Real life always comes before anything in-game. However, you must inform us on the guild forums or contact an officer in-game at least an hour before. A Sense of Humor: Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time. However, we all know our limits and what has gone too far. It should also be noted that this guild is not a PG-13 environment and mature language will be used often. Respect: With sense of humor being said, we have a lot of female players as well. We expect that you show them the same respect as the rest of the player base and not make any offensive remarks. We are not elitist jerks or players that discourage other players either. To put the blame on one person will not be tolerated. Raid Basics: Players must have great raid awareness as well as have knowledge or the class and role they are bringing into the raid. What you can expect from us Weekly Raids and Content: We provide end-game content for all our members if possible to do so. We currently push for the hardest content this game has to offer and we will try to include everyone as much as possible in the near future and upcoming expansion. Enjoyable and Social Guild: With enjoyable members that are in the guild, we do hope people have a great sense of humor and don't take anything seriously. We again do not accept any elitist attitude or people that cause drama. This guild is here to have a great group of people and doing end-game content. Help from the Guild: Every day we strive to get better in optimizing and gearing players as much as possible. We do our best to provide any enchants and gems to mains. We also have people that are great at their class and can offer help. Please note that begging the guild for something is much different than asking for help. Get in contact with us Btag: Powerslave#1693 Our website listed below In-game mail on Lightbringer For more information please visit our site at Camels.guildportal.comDapoopinator10 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 16, 2014 578 rogue LF alliance side heroic guild I will move this toon to Lightbringer's alliance side if I have a guild to raid heroics with currently and in WoD. Looking for anything that raids hard modes 2 days a week, 7 PM PST (server) or later. I have 14/14 heroic experience, 8/14 heroic on this toon. If anyone is interested or has questions please leave a message below.Huckelbery3 Aug 16, 2014
Aug 15, 2014 Seishi 6/14 HSoO Lf 1 tank We are 6/14 H SoO and are looking for 1 tank to join our team and that person would also be on our 20m team come 6.0 and in WOD. If you have any questions please contact me in game. Thanks, DamashiiDamashii0 Aug 15, 2014
Aug 15, 2014 [A]Beginner Raider looking for helpful guild Hey Lightbringer! I've played WoW off and on since TBC but never really entered the raiding scene. I've only ever played DPS (some pally healing in wrath) but am looking to switch over to tank/healing on a Druid. I don't really have any clue how to do either on a druid though (leveling one to 60 before using the free 90 but using feral). As such, I'm looking for a guild that would be willing to help a player with a new class. I also have an irregular work schedule, so I wouldn't be able to for sure say I can raid until at least a week in advance. I guess this would make a casual/semi-hardcore guild the best fit for me! Also, I live on the West Coast! Thanks! PS: I guess I felt looking on a new server for what I wanted rather than on my home server was best so if you have a horde guild on Kil'jaeden that meets the above requirements, feel free to PM me as I have a 90 prot warrior I'd love to start raid tanking with.Falsecaster0 Aug 15, 2014
Aug 14, 2014 Behind-the-times and looking for a home Hello all. I came to this server as part of a reroll that turned out to just not be right for me, but in the meantime, I have rediscovered my love for this game and playing with others, so I am looking for a new guild to call home. I'm a prot paladin with a 521 ilvl, and I have been an enthusiastic raider on and off since Wrath, so being able to work my way onto a raid team, even an alt-run raid team, is something that I'm really looking for. I work a rotating schedule, so I would need something casual (on the flip side, I know my schedule more than a week and a half in advanced usually, so I can commit or decline way ahead of raid time). I know that this isn't the best "selling" post, but I love WoW, I love raiding, and I love hanging out in /g or vent and having fun with my peers. Anybody have room in their guild for a lowly behind-the-times paladin who will be (hopefully) current and with-the-times come Warlords?Isåbell1 Aug 14, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 WTB 14/14H Clear A friend of mine is looking to purchase a 14/14H clear tonight (8/13) to gear his warlock. I assume his warlock is terribly geared, but he has full 14/14H exp -- got his garry kill in november. He'll be paying with gold. He wants gear+clear, not interested in mount. Please respond with legitimate offers, he'll pick the best offer (he has more gold than brain cells)Doomie0 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Server transferring to Lightbringer Hello, as the title says, my friend and I will be transferring from Stormrage to Lightbringer sometime soon and I am trying to scout out some potential guilds to join. I am playing a Hpaly and have been taking a break from WoW until WoD but would like to join a raiding guild and try to bond with the people I would like to raid with. My pally is Gynzo - Stormrage (ilvl 561), I have full cleared SoO N, and I have 6/9 challenge modes done (finishing the rest in a few days), and I have past raiding experience as well. My friend is playing a warlock named Holmberg - Stormrage (ilvl 555) with similar experience in raiding as me. I am interested in any guilds that are looking to progress whether its in SoO or raiding in WoD. Raid days that are available for both me and my friend are monday. wednesdays, thursdays, and sundays. Weekends arent available what so ever. Raid times would be anytime from 6:30pm - Midnight PST. We arent very particular on if the guild is new or not, we are just looking for people who want to progress. If there are any guilds with openings that are possibly interesed in me and my friends please just post something on this thread.Gynzo4 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 Looking for a small lowkey guild Hi, my name is Jehanne and I am looking for a guild that might not exist. I am looking for a small guild, not interested in those 600+ member super guilds, but also not looking for -50 member guild either. I am looking for a casual raiding atmosphere, with an eye on WoD raiding, i am happy with my gear for the rest of the expansion. If such a guild exists please send me a tell in game or post on this thread. Thank you for reading.Jehanne1 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 13, 2014 [A] LF Cmode group! Hey all, I'm looking to get my Rogue the transmog. i've done 9/9 on mage prefer late nights, have my own consumables. NOT looking to lead a group. Contact me at Anso#1391 thanks!Ànso1 Aug 13, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 Buying Ghastly Chargers Skull Ello. Saw someone selling it on the AH a few days ago. If you still have it, i'm interested. 100k, as you asked.Priestpwnyou0 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 [A] <Mÿstic> 12/14 HM Saturday team 6:30 PST <Mÿstic> of Lightbringer is currently recruiting skilled Ranged DPS players for our 10H man raid team. We are looking for adult (21+) players who are competitive, who do everything they can to stay at the top of their game and who have great raid awareness. Loyalty is very important to us so if you want to join simply to get loot and then move on, look elsewhere. We are a tight knit group that has been raiding together since ICC and we look forward to meeting individuals who are interested in becoming a permanent part of the team. Raid Times: Saturday 6:30 pm PST [8:30pm CST / 9:30pm EST] We are recruiting the following classes: Elemental Shaman Warlock Mage Loot System We use a Loot Council System to distribute loot in our main raid. Factors that we look at when determining winners are: size of upgrade, overall performance, attendance, and rank. All gems, enchants, flasks, and potions are provided by the guild bank. Raid Environment We have raid leaders and raiders who are 14/14H. We pride ourselves on being on time and efficient, we only raid once a week for 4 hours. Joking around is allowed on run backs and down time, but when the pull timer starts, we expect everyone to put on their "game face" and start mashing buttons. We use Ventrilo and you are required to have a mic and use it if necessary. What We Expect - 563 ilvl - Legendary Cloak - Be able to handle criticism without taking it personally - An eagerness to play your best, go over your mistakes and learn from them - Show up to raids 15 minutes early, run back quickly after wipes and be fully buffed in prompt fashion - Thick skin as there will be some vulgarity and humor - Advance notice if missing raid - Giving your best on both farm and progression bosses - The ability to have fun raiding with like-minded individuals Please feel free to add me on Real ID: Aggeliki#1350Ariä0 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 12, 2014 WTB Norm SoO run or Garrosh kill Title says it all. Don't have a whole lot of time to play right now but I would really like to get the AoTC and mount before next patch. Plus some of the gear that comes from him wouldn't hurt when I do get the chance to raid with my guild. Would be awesome if I was able to get it done tonight before reset tomorrow. Battle tag is xXBrutaLXx#1974.Gollidian1 Aug 12, 2014
Aug 11, 2014 581 Elemental Shaman LF H SoO group I'm a 581 11/14H experienced elemental shaman on Lightbringer looking for a group to run with to clear out the rest of SoO. My team is taking a break until WoD comes out but I would like to finish out current content. I'm looking for a group that runs later in the evening (10pm CST or later) then I can make most nights. I believe that I have good raid awareness, can follow directions, and provide good dps. If you think I might be a fit with your group hit me up. I used to raid as enhancement shaman since BC and have a 566ilvl set if you are looking for melee. Battle tag: Alchy#1877Alchÿ2 Aug 11, 2014
Aug 10, 2014 577 Resto Druid LF Heroic Raid Team Hello, I am ilvl 577 and I know my class, Just looking to join a team for heroic SoO raiding! Looking to Finish SoO at least once before WoD comes out. I am currently 8/14 heroic bosses down, but I do have 10/14 heroic experience ( Spoils and Malk ) It does not matter what days the raids are, however the time frame will be an issue for me. I just got promoted to shift supervisor for my job, but with that I am now working the grave yard shift for my company in florida. I work 12am-8am Eastern or 9pm-5am Server time. My raid times that I wish to go into, are 7am-10am or 12pm-3pm SERVER time. Those times would be best for me. Thanks and I hope to hear back from some of you. PS: Also I am an officer for the Guild Dark Union: So I will not be able to switch guilds. Just looking to join a team since I can no longer raid with mine :(Eieladilla0 Aug 10, 2014
Aug 9, 2014 Old time raider returning... welp as the title states im coming back to play more wow and lookin to land somewhere to start raiding once more altho im not playing my lock ill be on my rogue just drop a line or msg me ingame (moosyi#1106) if u have any questions ty.Moosyi1 Aug 9, 2014
Aug 8, 2014 582 Lock & 583 DK LF Fri/Sat HSoO Destro/Aff Lock and Frost/Blood DK looking for fresh HSoO on Friday/Sat night starting anytime after 6st. We are 11/14H xp and looking for a group that will clear a similar amount of progression. We are easy going and come prepared. If interested please reply here or contact me in game Venkman#2563, I should be on around 4st. CheersDougbutabi0 Aug 8, 2014
Aug 8, 2014 Looking for owner of the name Canadiaeh I'm looking for whoever has the name Canadiaeh on lightbringer. Its a level 17 panda shaman and I'm looking for their main. If you have the name add me Canadian#1391Ignoring0 Aug 8, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Selling Glorious legplates! For serious offers Tamer#1813Coranne0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Axis of Chaos recruitment We are slowly reviving becoming more than we once were. Now instead of just focusing on PVE we also cater to PVP and encourage it for war games against our sister guild on the Horde side where we will compete for prizes and what not. We are part of a gaming community and would love for you to join us so please feel free to join in on what will be an awesome experience.Slipslash0 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 7, 2014 Omega Cyberthrust IX 13/14H Recruiting This is a full time position and there will be no benching. Looking for a dps. Hunter preferred. 575+ ilvl is ideal but all reasonably geared, skilled raiders are invited to inquire. Raid times are Mon, Wed, Thurs 5pm - 8pm server pst or send in-game mail to Ahhreeawwnuh or add AWWREEAWNUH#1412 for more informationAhhreeawwnuh9 Aug 7, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 (A) 25man Tranquility is Recruiting! Lightbringers Longest active raiding guild is recruiting! Currently we are 10/14 Heroic Mode, we are looking for strong DPS as we push for our goal of killing Garrosh on Hard Mode! please be around 540ilvl with a legendary cloak ( or very close to it ) Raid Fri-sat 5:30-10pm server This is a wonderful time to join us, when the changes to raid structure come in patch 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor, we are unlikely to recruit again except for Mythic mode progression ( if we even bother ) ~ Contact Omnomax, Lightbreeze. Burninglight, Luxaeterna, Emeny or Redford in game if your interested in joining ~ you can also post here and ask us to contact you! Tranquility's modus operandi ~ Raiding With Tranquility is unique as we are unlike most guilds. Fun is our primary goal. Having a good time is never put aside for something else. However we still require our raiders to play and operate at a certain play level. This post will cover what we at Tranquility are looking for in terms of our Core Raiders. Attitude : The most important thing for us is your attitude. We want to have a good time and bringing a negative attitude to raids is not tolerated. Drama over loot, progression, wipes and performance are also not tolerated and going on about any issues or perceived issues in that way will not get them addressed. Be an adult, do not play the blame game and talk things out with your teammates. Performance : We are classified as a casual raiding guild, However that does not mean we take a casual outlook on raiding in general. You are expected to perform well, including both pulling your weight at your chosen roll AND staying alive. Spacial awareness is a huge part of raiding and you need to be focused and on top of things for us to succeed. We have always taken a stance to help those we like become quality raiders, but some times that just isn't possible for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately if you cannot be what we need as a raiding team to succeed, you will be demoted to backup or casual status and be limited to raiding non progression farm content where the raid team can effectively carry you, or not raiding at all. Loot : Loot is a bonus, a means to increase the power of our raid team, so that we may progress. Loot is not a primary focus in Tranquility, and as such we do not like to play with people who are focused on it. Our loot system is just so for a reason (See Loot Council Explained on our google Doc). We do not want to assign value to items and give you "money" (DKP EPGP etc.) to spend on loot, as that puts too much importance on loot when what we want to focus on is having a good time and progressing as a team. Attendance : Simply put, we need our team mates online in order to have a raid in the first place! Attendance is very important to us, and that is why it is #3 on our loot council for loot distribution. We realize that sometimes it can seem like a job showing up every raid day, but its all perspective. Your team mates and friends need you in order to have a good time and progress, so it is important you put us high on your priority list! if you can't do this maybe you should consider not raiding. 90%+ = Core Raider 70-89% = Raider 50-69% = Backup Raider Below 50% attendance can qualify for backup, however officers and raid leader will need to sign off on it. We also have a Honorary raid rank " Veteran Raiders" for proven raiders who are on leave or request this rank, it has the same perks as a raider rank but is treated the same as "Backup Raider" in reference to loot council, Should a vet end up raiding with us for a night. For the team, not the individual : Simply put, we want players who are out to help the team and guild grow, not themselves. We sometimes do older content for the betterment of our team (Achievements, Mounts, Legendary items etc). We don't like people who are only interested in what benefits them and are unwilling or have a poor attitude when it comes time to help others. Remember, one day you may be the one who needs help. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A friend of mine once said World of Warcraft is a team sport, and although we didn't agree on much, this I agree on. Tranquility's raid team IS a team, but also almost a family, and many of us use the raids as our social outlet and down time. Please remember that World of Warcraft is more than just a game, and real people are behind every character you meet and play with. Read more in depth here ~ ~ OmnomaxOmnomax11 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 5, 2014 Normal SoO and Garrosh Carries We will be selling Normal SoO carries. We will sell 13/14 and/or Garrosh. Please contact me in game for details. Suidoreh#1827Zelathei1 Aug 5, 2014
Aug 4, 2014 <Crimson Rain> is recruiting for Heroic 25m and building for WoD Mythic. Guild is focused on having a good time and joking around. Raids days are Tues/Wed/Sunday, 9pm - 12pm Server. Currently 8/14 HC wisp for more info. add #EpicJimmy#1712Lakai0 Aug 4, 2014
Aug 2, 2014 How is this server? How is this server alliance side?Knarsh1 Aug 2, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 565 Ret Pally LF H Progression Guild Looking for a Heroic Progression Guild. I'm 565 iLvl with cloak and 4pc set. I know my class well.Karthìs2 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 549, dps monk looking for guild, 13/ 14 exp Hello, looking for a guild to raid soo with, any days of the week are fine, need raid time to be some where between 4pm server and 9 pm server, just fyi about me played wow for years from the beginning, of wotlk, into cata stop playing right before, ds patch in cata, i came back 3 months ago leveled some my toons up to 90 realized my server had died population wise in my 2+ year leave. Transferred 2 toons to lightbringer here and leveled this monk.Saulwalker0 Aug 1, 2014
Aug 1, 2014 Interest in Lightbringer GDKP? Hi friends of Lightbringer! Remember back in the good ol days, before the dungeon/raid finder robbed us of our majestic server social experience? Did you love joining Gruul pugs? Did you live for Saturday ICC GDKP runs where Deathbringer's Will was NOT on reserve? Was forming a daily group for UBRS part of your Vanilla joy? If you're like me, you loved that ish, and maybe you want to work with me to bring it back on Lightbringer! I want to meet more people on our server and I want to make some gold/mogs/mounts while I do it. If that sounds good to you, hit me up here or on BNet: qqemokitty#1191 Here's what I am interested in exploring: Once weekly GDKP weekend run. Minimum gold TBD. Minimum iLvl TBD. All this stuff will be tracked via publicly available spreadsheet. Will probably use an OpenRaid event for help organizing. Invite priority to prior attendees. Rotating content schedule. You must stay till the event end to get your cut. You must perform your class/role well to ensure smooth kills. Time is money, friend! **So no one is interested in doing organized older MoP heroics (killing me, smalls!) and as such this will move forward as a normal SoO GDKP concept.** (But if you do want to do heroic ToT, I would be so excited. pls do let me know. :P) So yeah. Gonna need a couple tanks. Gonna need a few more healers. Gonna need all the 1337 deeps. I'd really love to make this happen. Would love to have a co-leader/organizer to spend time with me ironing this stuff out, and leading it when I'm unavailable. qqemokitty#1191 || -- Other things I am interested in doing with Lightbringer peeps: Weekly Flex Group for experienced alts Weekly World Boss Tour Other stuff?!?!?!Bunny11 Aug 1, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 540 Enh Shammy Looking for a spot on a decent raid team. I burst around 450k and flatten out at 180k DPS i dont stand in fire and i know how to show up on time, prepared for raids. I have no issues with using voice for raids, or taking criticism. Contact me in game through mail or whisper. thanks for taking your time to read this.Prostatus5 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Force Recon Recruiting for SoO and WoD Greetings All, Force Recon <23> is currently recruiting exceptional DPS and people to fill spots on our 25 man SoO team and to strengthen our roster for our primary focus mythic raiding in WoD. We are currently looking for 1 Ret pally, 1 Unholy DK or Enhancement Shaman, 1 ele Shaman, and 1 hunter or Boomkin. Our raid days and times are Thursday, Friday, and Monday from 630-930 server time. Check our web site for more details and to fill out an application: Or feel free to contact me or our GM in game Aramadillo#1915 Skatter#1708Aremdor0 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 31, 2014 Healer LF Heroic Raiding Guild Hey everyone! I'm a 562 mistweaver looking for a Heroic raiding guild! I'm 14/14N, but have gotten there entirely through pugs and would really like a solid, dependable raiding team! My availability is 7 PM server time and on, any day of the week or weekends (as long as they're set days). As you can tell from my profile page, I've got a considerable amount of raiding experience under my belt, but also just started seriously raiding this expansion. I've been playing since BC. I can pull about 100k dps if I'm full-time fistweaving, and still generally pull about 50k even when I'm only doing it as filler. Some SoO fights are a little brutal for mistweavers (damn you, Garrosh), but I'm often at the top of the charts, if that matters to you. Hit me up on here or in game!Tinkri4 Jul 31, 2014
Jul 30, 2014 Anyone from the old days still play? Stonedog / Walkalot, Lillady, Smelly, Triplany,.... Relentless, Adrenaline, Steel, Damage Incorp.... Anyone?Jaaredlol9 Jul 30, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Looking to buy 2s carries So I'm looking to buy some 2s carries on this warrior. I will be on vacation next week so I'm looking to start on Monday July 28th. I'll pay 150g per win and looking to cap or close to it. If you are interested in doing this post here or send this warrior an ingame mail. Thanks.Drakulous1 Jul 28, 2014
Jul 28, 2014 Pwncakes N Rofls PvP guild Pwncakes N Rofls New PvP guild focused on pvp and rated arenas.Lead by players that are over 2100 exp. Accepting everyone that is looking to improve their arena skills and looking for active partners. Add senz#1203 if you have any questions or would like an invite.Senz1 Jul 28, 2014