Nov 14, 2014 Queue Problem Resolution Crazy idea....Give us free character transfers to a low pop server then make us and that server server overload issues and everybody can still play with their friends....Any reason why this wouldn't work?Abelgar0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 character not found I am receiving this error when trying to log in, on all my characters. Anyone else having this issue?Waiseheill4 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 loggin Queue iv been in the log in Queue for over 2 hours,, should do something about that blizzSheehaa10 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 WTB Mythic Garrosh kill + mount Just like the title says, Mythic Garrosh kill and mount on my alt. Please whisper me in game or add me Missionboi#1769Elektruh0 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 12, 2014 Centered Weekend Run 14/14M Recruiting! Centered is recruiting members to flesh out the roster for mythic Wod. We are a semi-hardcore group that focuses on progression without losing sight of the real goal: having fun with friends. Raiders joining us for current content should be 570+, have their cloak, and be capable at playing their class well (including offspec roles if necessary), but above all, must have the personality to fit in with our group. We will also be running flexible heroic groups to trial new and returning recruits who have lesser gear. We are currently looking for skilled warlocks and druids. Roles not mentioned may apply; however, hunter positions are closed, and priests and paladins are open only for exceptional candidates. Raid times are Sat/Sun from 1 pm to 5 pm server time (PST). Battletags: Capstone#1874 - GM Xamot#1961 - daytime officer Vikson#1262 - evening officer Alluralia#1370 = always on! okay most of the timeKirielle46 Nov 12, 2014
Nov 12, 2014 [A] 585 Resto Shaman LF Guild Hello Lightbringer!! Willing to server transfer!! I have been playing since the first year of TBC have raided in hardcore guilds and casual guilds. I prefer an adult guild with social, friendly players that want to do more than hardcore raiding. Right now, due to my work schedule, I can only raid late night(9:30pm PST -->) or as a back up, but would like to find a guild before WoD releases. Aevi@Cenarius and Faeolyn@Cenarius are the two characters I would be transferring for WoD. Current content 10/14 Mythic pre-patch.Aevi2 Nov 12, 2014
Nov 12, 2014 Looking to form a guild Just moved here with the boost to play on a Alliance heavy server with some friends. We're trying to get a feel and see if there is enough people that would want to join up with us and create a Raiding guild. I know there are prob a decent amount on the server but we're more interested in running one atm. Would be strictly raiding with some PvP thrown in for some of our bloodthirsty guys to play in. Pretty much all events would be EST and Thurs/Fri/Sat nights for raids. The nights could change depending on work schedules of everyone. Right now we have a 2 tanks, 2 healers and a few dps ready to start leveling in WoD on Thursday. We have a Teamspeak already set up. Most of us have been running together for years playing around in WoW, EQ, Rift, Swtor, BF4 and a lot of other FPS and RPG games. If you wanna hit me up here or in game I would be more then glad to speak with you. Alucard#11821Rammas0 Nov 12, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 New Player looking for a guild. I've been playing for only a couple of months. Almost entirely PvE. I'm looking to start doing dungeons. I gather the loot is better and I need to start improving my gear. So if there are any guilds out there looking for a windwalker monk, please let me know.Zhixanyiu4 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Resto Sham AND Boomkin LF home for mythic WoD 583 resto/ele shaman and my friend, a 582 boomkin, are LF a new home for WoD. We both have extensive raiding experience, and were both 11/14 mythic pre-6.0 Not really looking for a downgrade, so if your guild wasn't on or beyond mythic Thok, we're probably not a good fit. Also, we come as a pair, so plz keep that in mind before inquiring. If interested, plz add me (or her) on btag Sternfan#1791 or Evlkandykane#1381 Thanks.Sternfan2 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 LF AN ENGINER TO MAKE: I'm looking for someone that can make my hunter lord bastion scope of doom. My characters name is COWBOYBEEBOPPumping1 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Menagerie Rebuilding for WoD A quartet of experienced players has returned to World of Warcraft and is looking to rebuild the guild Menagerie for raiding and social play in the upcoming expansion. We're a goal-oriented group looking to begin Warlords of Draenor with a 10-man raiding group of mature team players. We're interested in learning the new expansion with this group, so experience is less a factor than the ability to groove with the team. We have an active Ventrilo server, and can generally be found online between 6:00 PM and 12:00 AM PST. Menagerie hopes to raid twice a week, with raid schedules to be determined upon review of raider's schedules. We are currently recruiting all specs and classes. If you are interested in joining the fun in the upcoming expansion, you may contact the following characters via in-game mail or tell: Victorn - Guild Master - Level 90 Undead Warlock (Demonology) Krisale - Council - Level 90 Orc Warrior (Protection/Fury) Bloodletter - Council Alt - Level 90 Undead Rogue (Assassination/Combat) Belthusad - Council - Level 90 Tauren Paladin (Holy/Protection) Snikich - Council Alt - Level 90 Undead Rogue (Assassination/Subtlety) Cainum - Council - Level 90 Blood Elf Priest (Discipline/Shadow) Glukgluk - Council Alt - Level 90 Orc Shaman (Enhancement/Restoration)Krisale0 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Selling the name Slingshot and Headshot I want to sell the name Slingshot and Headshot if anyone is interested buying it. Just leave a comment below if you're interesting with an amount. My battletag also: soladis1337#1705 I'd like the replies to be in a fashionable format if possible please. For example: "I'd like to buy: Slingshot for XXXXXg Headshot for XXXXXg"Derghrago0 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 New To Server... FOR THE HORDE! Hello! My name is Jonah I am new to this server of Lightbringer. I am seeking a new home. I recently moved over my Druid, Warlock, Paladin and boosted a Mnk. All lv 90s, mix iL from 500-535. While I prefer to tank & heal I am open to a dps spot. I have been a Raid Leader, a GM a Co-GM, a silent GM and an officer of guild(s). Right now I am looking for a place to settle all of my toons for the march on WoD. Thank You, JonahNecrawth6 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 Selling Heroic Garrosh Runs We will continue to sell Heroic Garry runs before our mythic run tonight. (Sorry Mythic runs and mounts are sold out) These runs are 5k gold, and we will be running around 4-6:30pm server Mon/Tues. Feel free to message me in game or real id. Cstyle#1149Cdubs1 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 <One Knight Stand> WoD Raiding Group Hello folks, <One Knight Stand> - Turalyon - (formally from Undermine) is creating a raiding group and not necessarily requiring guild membership to join. This group will be raiding on a regular basis, Saturday and Sunday late nights - 10pm Central Time. Our core group will consist of guild members, but we will fill to 30 raiders. Our contingency plan is to fill spots using and Premade Finder. With each passing week, we may not need to fill as we recruit more from those outside sources. This will be a casual group that, as mentioned above, will not require guild membership and will use personal loot system. I strongly believe this will be a success, as we will create a group of people that don't want to leave their guilds/servers for varying reasons, but still want to raid. We may make additional groups for weekly raiding and alts, depending on popularity. We have access to a large vent server and I would like to create a community of casual raiders. We will all be in vent for the launch of Warlords, hit us up if you are interested or just want to hang out. Also, as an addendum, we'll be running challenge modes a week following the launch of Warlords to help gear up with the raid finder item level gear available with the dailies. I'm tentatively planning to run Normal Highmaul the first Wednesday it is available and follow up with Heroic Highmaul that Saturday. If interested, feel free to btag me Opaug#1777Opaug0 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 [A] Chaotic Good Recruiting for WoD Mythic Mythic raiding guild LF raiders for mythic WoD SoO runs will take place before expansion. Our leadership has been raiding since Vanilla WoW and we have the mindset to do this at a competitive pace for progression, we also have a few 14/14 mythic SoO exp player joining us. Raiding Times: (WOD) Tuesday 8:30-11 PST Wednesday-8:30-11 PST Thursday-8:30-11 PST Looking For: All classes right now will be considered. Determined players who want to clear WoD mythic mode at a competitive pace. Experienced raiders who research on their own and come prepared for all raids. Players with proper Gems & Enchants Raiders who can min/max their toon. WoD Raiding Spots: Will be competitive and based on personal skill. Ability to follow directions, and work in a team. 90% attendance during progression is also mandatory. We expect you to be reliable. Be online ready for raid invites 15 mintes before its time to start. We understand life happens, but missing raid frequently will cost you your raid spot. If you are going to miss a raid we expect you to let an officer know. Randomly going afk is not acceptable either. We have scheduled breaks and can take extra ones on occasion, but if we are frequently waiting to pull because you randomly disappeared you lost your spot. If you are interested in talking to us feel free to whisper Moosyi(moosyi#1106) Batting‏, or Me(Atreyu#1242)Fudgéy2 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 9, 2014 WTB Garrosh Mount please tell the price ~~~thanks~~~ or can just meet me in game~~~ just want the item~~Necessitas0 Nov 9, 2014
Nov 9, 2014 [A] <Mischief Managed> Events/Social Guild <Mischief Managed> an Events/Social Guild on US-Lightbringer (PvE) - Alliance Attention Wizards, Warlocks, Muggles and the like! Have you been searching for a guild that holds events regularly? How about a guild that is as friendly as it is social? Who are we? ~We are friends (mostly in our 30's) who enjoy hanging out in Azeroth together. ~We are an Events/Social Guild with no foul language, no sexual innuendo, no trolling. ~We value each others company as much as our shared passion for playing World of Warcraft. What are we looking for? ~Mischief Managed is looking to add players who enjoy attending guild events, participating on the guild website, and (above all else) are respectful of each other. ~We are looking for players excited to grow together. As an event guild, we are more interested in our member's personalities than their gear item levels, progression levels, game history, etc. We seek other like-minded and mature players who want to have fun chatting and doing things together in-game. We welcome transfers, re-rolls, and those already on Lightbringer. If this sounds interesting to you, check out our website at: There you can see what events we have coming up and submit an application if we are a good fit for you!Åurorå0 Nov 9, 2014
Nov 9, 2014 1 MORE SONG ...Lowhrs0 Nov 9, 2014
Nov 8, 2014 How's the server doing? Hey guys, I've just come back to wow from a year break. I made a character on windrunner but realized its pretty much dead. So I was hoping to move to a high pop realm and completely start over. How are the players in this server? Are there a lot of level 25 casual guilds? Are the queue times long for a high pop realm? How's the competition on the auction house? How's the Horde/Alliance ratio? And if there are any level 25 casual guilds accepting new players I would love to chat with you! Im playing Alliance btw. Thanks :-)Destor2 Nov 8, 2014
Nov 8, 2014 WTB Blackened Defias Boots/ Defias Rapier Offering well. Need Defias boots, and the RapierMythical1 Nov 8, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 [B] Thorium & Cobalt Ore 600 Thorium 320 CobaltKhaak0 Nov 7, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 Mythic Garrosh Selling mythic Garrosh Lockout 100k on lightbringer realm ally side, just send me some ingame mail for itArieusjr0 Nov 7, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 LF noob friendly guild for casual raids Hi and thanks for reading this! I am looking for a new player friendly guild, with voice coms (vent, teamspeak, w\e) which I can join.I have been playing since the middle of September only. I have a level 90 panda monk, and have been playing windwalker while learning some basics. I leveled up the man mode way, no boosting. Same with professions cooking(600), fishing(600), skinning(583), leatherworking(575). My item level is now up to 510 from timeless isle chests, blasted lands quests, and a couple of raids.I am looking for help to learn the next level w\ raiding and dungeons, but I can't be on a hardcore schedule due to work and family. I game for a few hours every day, and currently play mostly hearthstone and WOW.I am a 99.99% d3 achievement player, as well as a *bittervet* eve player. but mostly gave those games up because A) I refuse to grind for 8,000 more bounties to get 100% d3 , and B) eve is finally stale for me after 7+ years.I have taken a liking to WOW, but don't want to read a 1,000 page manual about it, I'd like to chill on TS\vent with people and have fun. I'm posting here because the guild recruitments in game feel like chatting with robots!If I sound like your type of player please let me know!Kasahiro0 Nov 7, 2014
Nov 6, 2014 Selling Heroic Garrosh carries Selling garrosh carries for 5k gold add me on real id jevaughn#1228Honchohoodoe6 Nov 6, 2014
Nov 6, 2014 Mythic SoO complete w/ mount for sale! Hello Lightbringer! We are selling a spot in our MYTHIC Siege of Orgrimmar run complete with mount this week and next week before the release of Warlords. This includes a GUARANTEED Mythic quality heirloom and the Kor'kron Juggernaut mount. As an added bonus you will receive the 'Hellscreams Downfall' title and any gear upgrades that drop pertaining to your spec and class to make leveling easier when the expansion hits. Reserve your spot now because after November 12th heirlooms will no longer drop and the mount's drop chance will reduce to 1-2%. For info about our runs, message on b-tag @ Timestrike#1943Timestrike3 Nov 6, 2014
Nov 6, 2014 Profession Kits Is anyone on this server selling profession kits? I'm looking for Inscription and Tailoring Pst me price if selling! Btag is Zaccley#1413 or find me on Blïx, Kärna, Kyriè or Neheleniä!Blïx0 Nov 6, 2014
Nov 6, 2014 [Horde] Looking for a new or re-roll guild So I'm one of probably many people who is looking at coming back for the new expansion. If that means a complete re-roll I'm absolutely fine with that. I don't mind playing/leveling whatever class, role, and professions are needed to fill gaps in rosters assuming the guild is a good fit. What I'd love to find is a guild that fits some if not all of the following: No random invites or blind invite spam to fill ranks Is active, but doesn't need to maintain 100+ members to make that claim Either currently raids, or plans to raid casually Has a sane, working/class friendly ET schedule (Friday/Sat nights till whenever, weeknights no later than 11p) No experience requirements, but wants people who are willing to learn and, eventually, play at a high'ish skill level Takes time to get to know members and recruits people who prefer to run together rather than use LFG/LFR Focus is on the members and they're enjoyment of the game, achievements and progression come second Has leadership that is not afraid to deal swiftly with problems and drama in-house. Does anyone know of anything here on Lightbringer (or elsewhere) that fits the bill? If not, and if there is enough interest, I've got no problem throwing down a toon here and starting something along these lines myself.Wojtek11 Nov 6, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 Hunter LF Semi-Casual Guild for WoD Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a semi-casual/semi-hardcore guild for WoD. I am looking for a pretty cool guild (preferably 18+, but fine if not), with an emphasis moreso on Heroic content than Mythic progression for WoD. Please post here or mail me in-game if you want more info, or to let me know of your guild.Sardia0 Nov 5, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 WTB Mythic Garrosh Mount Please post price and time~ Or message me in game SithLordLoki#1813Myschala0 Nov 5, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 Selling Mythic garrosh selling mythic garrosh 50K Gold add me on real ID jevaughn#1228Honchohoodoe3 Nov 5, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 New guild looking for mature players Hello all. We are transplants for a lower population server. We've been playing since BC and have raided in most expansions. We're looking for like-minded individuals that want level with us and enjoy the WoD content. Mature and light hearted people wanted. We will definitely be getting into a raiding schedule a month or two after WoD is released. This will be a casual schedule of twice a week for two hours. It's doubtful that we'll be moving into Mythic modes as most of us like to enjoy other aspects of the game and mythic raiding will require more time than we'd like to commit. Although raiding will be our focus at some point, it's not a requirement to be a raider. You'll be able to log on without the stress of "having" to raid. Contact me for any question or info. Thanks!Kaplowmonk0 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 470 Holy Priest looking for a raid guild I have done many dungeons, but I have never done a raid. I am looking to gear up for WoD and raid a few times a week. I am pretty new to WoW, but I have been doing endless youtube research and am looking for a helpful guild to get me geared up and raiding.Ihurricanei0 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Exiled Alliance mythic recruitment hello, im currently recruiting raiders for my 20man mythic team, we were 13/14H pre 6.0 & 14/14mythic. I am looking for exceptional raiders & also back up raiders to help fill the voids when raiders can not make it. I am looking for an ele shaman, a monk dps for 20man mythic team & a few other classes for back ups/ reg/heroic. we currently raid Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm-830pm server/pacific time & sundays @ 530-830pm server/pacific time. if u have any questions feel free to message me here or add my battle tag ruine#1580Greever0 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Queue times/lag/disconnections on this realm? (Copy paste from Proudmoore realm forum since I'm interested in Proudmoore, but if that realm is too problematic around content launch then Lightbringer is probably my second choice.) Right now, I'm on Stormrage. I am aware that the login queue times, the lag and the disconnections are going to be unbearable for at least a week or two after WoD is released, and most likely every time major content patches and expansions are released. That being said, you who hopefully have been on Lightbringer for a long time, are you able to tell me how are the login queues, the lag and the disconnections on this realm? I am willing to deal with login queues, those are simply a mild inconvenient, and even on Stormrage they weren't even that long, and once you're in you're good. However, I'm not willing to deal with the intense lag and frequent disconnections that will be ocurring on Stormrage around expansion launch and any future content patches. So tell me, how was the lag and disconnections on Lightbringer when 6.0.2 was released? On Stormrage, you would be at shrine and unable to do anything without having 15-20 seconds, if not more, of latency, and the game would often just boot you straight to character selection screen, or the realm would simply crash. What was it like on Lightbringer? From what I've seen, Stormrage was pretty much the only realm out of the entire list which crashed several times during the week after 6.0.2 Also, for those of you who have been on Lightbringer for extended periods of time, what was it like around expansion launches? Such as Cata, MoP, if the realm was populated back then.Yancham4 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Looking for a raid team Hello! Have been out of the raiding community for quite some time (during ToT) and am really looking to get back in. I am looking for a group that is headed into mythics for WoD. I have past heroic raiding experience and am hoping to be of use to a group. My biggest need with a raid group is one that does not raid too late. I am on the east coast and am typically awake before six a.m. for work, and cannot be up until 11-12 raiding (plus the gf would not be happy!). So I am hoping for two nights per week, around 8 to 10 or 7 to 10 (est). I am open to the days, as I am home fairly early. I am a very active player (1-2 hours per day on average during the week) and play many characters. I would be happy playing any role/character I have as I feel that I am competent in all roles. I spent many hours doing end game material in the past, and as of late most of my time was spent in challenge modes (6x 9/9). If you have questions for me, or are interested, please add me on btag, as I don't know which character I'll be playing! MichaelP#1306 Thanks for your time!Putternutter2 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 How is Lightbringer Alliance PVE? Hi there. I am trying to find a new home for my alliance toons and was gazing at this server and was wondering if I can ask you fellers some questions. How is the AH? The Alliance faction community? How many EST guilds are there despite being PST prominent server? How are the pugs? I also understand that the server is listed for new players. So how is that going? Thanks to those who can help :). Tired of Sargeras and its pvp <_<.Tallkidluigi7 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 [A] Paladin Tank LF WoD Guild Just getting back into WoW for WoD (Skipped MoP/Cata) and I'm looking for a guild to raid with in WoD. Hit me up!Akepa0 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 (A) Ascend is recruiting for WoD We are a new guild on Lightbringer. We'll be a casual raid team, raiding normal/heroic maybe some mythic. Times are still TBD Need all classes/specs Send in game message if you would like to join or just reply here. Low levels and non raiders are also welcome. Thanks.Bratzki3 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 LF Mythic Raiding Guild ~10pm-2am PST My friend and I, are looking for Mythic level guild raiding AROUND 10pm-2am. We would like to find a guild that raids more then two days, and preferably four days a week. We are not looking for a casual guild, nor a social guild. We are both top tier players that top meters, but more importantly we can easily, and successfully engage in any mechanic wow has to offer. We both appreciate order, and enjoy intense progression raiding. We bring- Quality play Readied Characters (food/pots at entrance) Knowledge of the fight (We are both from the internet) Knowledge of our/most classes Comedy Very High Attendance (100%) What we want- Long Term Guild Stability A guild looking to compete for server/world kill rate (not necessarily required to have earned one) Time Bracket between the hours of 930pm and 3am (PST) My friend is playing a hunter for WOD, While I am still undecided and skilled with many characters. I have a particular interest in; Priest(All Specs) Druid(Resto) Rogue(All Specs) DK(All Specs) Please Reply here or on Skype Jayfender01, I will be actively searching for a guild in the mean time. Spectacularo, "Specs”Spectacularo0 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 [A] LF raiding guild for WoD I am looking for a raiding guild for the WoD expansion. I have been playing since Burning Crusade and have been raiding up until the end of Cata. I only did PvP in MoP and am looking to get back into raiding again. Please reply to this thread with what times your guild is looking to raid and how hardcore you plan to be. I can do any nights pretty much but Thursdays. I am open nightly from 5-11pm central. If your guild does plan to raid Thursdays please still reply because I might be able to fit it in my schedule still. I am hoping to raid Mythic right awayFredroe1 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Two players looking for a new home! My husband and I came over from Stormrage today and are looking for a new guild. I have a 564 Ele sham and a 559 BM hunter, he has a 566 Unholy DK and a 536 ret pally that he's working on gearing up. You can either post here or add my btag - Zaccely#1413 Thanks!Blïx6 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Looking to join PVP guild with my rogue Hey all, I have a rogue 90 that I want to do rated bg PVP with. Are their any horde guilds that do this? hit me up. Note: I'm new at rogue and at rogue pvp, but I have been playing a lot of bg's to get used to him (my main is a war tank) and his play style, and obviously he is undergeared, but again working on it. Char's name is "Grùnt" Extra notes: I cannot commit to a hard schedule. My current profession keeps me pretty busy, but I usually get some play time during week and a lot during weekend.Daddie0 Nov 2, 2014
Oct 31, 2014 <TenThousandDays>14/14M SoO, WoD Recruitment! Hello everyone, <TenThousandDays> is a Lightbringer raiding guild with current progression sitting at: 14/14 Mythic (12/14 H pre 6.0) Please note the guild is currently on break until WoD raiding begins. We are currently interested in recruiting: Warrior: - Paladin: - Hunter: - Rogue: - Priest: - Death Knight: - Shaman: - Mage: - Warlock: - Monk: - Druid: - Also looking for any DPS with a VIABLE/STRONG healing off-spec. You MUST be proficient in this healing off-spec. All recruitment for the core group is currently on a LOW status. Please note when applying you will be considered as a backup raider until a position becomes available(Unless otherwise discussed). Backup raiders are needed in case a main raider is unavailable to attend. Being a backup raider is the first step to joining the core group! Note: We are always interested in speaking to exceptional players of any of class/spec even if not specified above. We raid Fridays & Sundays 7pm-10pm server time which is equivalent to the following: 7PM-10PM(PST) 8PM-11PM(MST) 9PM-12AM(CST) 10PM-1AM(EST) etc.. The schedule above only accounts for two days of raid, in the near future we will be adding a third day for WoD progression. This will likely be a Tuesday, Thursday or Monday. We are a laid back community with a common goal of progressing through current content at a competitive rate, we have a friendly environment while raiding although when a boss is being pulled all raid members are required to keep ventrilo clear for mechanics to be called out and for cooldowns/taunts to be called out. Loot is dealt with by means of a DKP system. This system is monitored through a custom made web page and an explanation will be provided to those who need to know. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to show up without some sort of notice (i.e telling an officer in advance) or a valid excuse will result in the loss of your spot, attendance is absolutely key. Our current intentions is to prepare for WoD. We are working on refining our roster for WoD so that TenThousandDays will be a memorable name on the server. Should you have any questions or concerns please leave them below or send Laozine an ingame mail or whisper. Please visit for more information! (We have our stream linked there too!) Here are the officer's Battle Tags: Nathanial #1107 - Dyrt Yeticus #1711 - Unholyme Seksor #1906 - Laozine VT1#1817 - VTLaozine49 Oct 31, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 Hallow's end funny moments! Oct 30, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 <HURT> - Recruiting for WOD Looking for players to fill our ranks and help bolster our raid teams numbers. We have been on a few months break and are just starting to get back into things. We expect 6.0 to drop on Oct 14th and are preparing to start running again. The raid team is 10/14H. We have been running 10m but will be switching to 20man mythic. There are spots available at all positions. Raid times have been 8-11pm server tues/thurs/sun. Feel free to add my btag for questions. Vex#1314. Can also pst anyone in guild for inv or to talk to an officer. Skore, zionichi and sannith.Kyndale8 Oct 30, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 [A] <The Hunt> LFM for WoD Raiding We are currently recruiting members for Warlords of Draenor raiding and would like to extend an invite to all who are interested to go to our site: and fill out an application. We have a lot of members who have experience as far back as vanilla content and most of us have ventured into old heroic raiding content. We are currently looking for members for a 10 man group but will more than likely progress to 25 man as time and numbers allow. Thank you for you time and we'll see you in Azeroth "Hunt or Be Hunted" ArkaideusArkaideus0 Oct 30, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 LF AN ENGINER TO MAKE: I'm looking for someone that can make my hunter lord bastion scope of doom. My characters name is COWBOYBEEBOPPumping1 Oct 30, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 Wtb mythic garrosh only kill for mount Price & time pleaseÇhumlee1 Oct 30, 2014