Sep 29, 2014 LF Arena 2v2 Partner Looking for those that want to practice their skills. Skype is a plus. Add me to your contact, send my character a mail message or just post your interest.Fisfulasteel0 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 29, 2014 Rogue/Hunter duo LF WoD Guild Hello Lightbringer! My hunter friend and I are looking for a new home in WoD. We are are both experienced, competent players who are looking for a group of like-minded individuals. Both of us took a break for the majority of Pandaria (5.2 to now) and are looking to get back into raiding. We both have experience in heroic raiding and are looking for an active guild who likes playing the game as much as we do. We are exclusively PVE oriented and enjoy doing old content, dungeons, raiding, and hoping to find people to do challenge modes with us. We both know our classes well, do our research about fights beforehand, and always come ready to down bosses. We both play in the evenings, and are looking for a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday raid schedule starting around 8:00 pm (pst, server). Let me know if your guild is looking for a pair of DPS to incorporate into your raid group.Valiss0 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 29, 2014 Recruiting for 6.0 and WoD Persevere is currently recruiting for our 9/14 heroic team for 6.0 and WoD. We are mostly looking for ranged DPS as well as one healer (preferably a resto shaman), however if you're a competent player we would love to hear from you! There are just a few must haves for our team: 1. You must have a sense of humor 2. You must not be easily offended 3. You must have the drive to research your own toon and know what you need to do for each fight 4. You must have a hunger for progression. We love to have fun but all want to progress at a steady rate as well. Our raid teams are Tuesday 6pm - 9pm PST and Friday 6pm - 10ish PST. Please feel free to give me an in game whisper or hit me up here. My battle tag is averlynna#1448.Averlynna0 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 29, 2014 LF friendly ally progression Guild I have one of everything but looking for a guild for wife and I on Lightbringer for our mains. Wife and I have experience playing since pre-vanilla. We're looking for something that can handle being both friendly and still knock out progression. We would like to do things like raid, challenge dungeons etc in WOD since we took a break and missed out on the challenge dungeons and normal/heroic raids in MOP. On everyday, and for a majority of the day. Please feel free to whisper Kamboozle-Lightbringer, Senchae-Lightbringer or Squishables-Lightbringer. If I'm not on I am probably doing brewfest or some other daily on an alt, and I should be on either of the three sooner than later. Thanks folks!Kamboozle1 Sep 29, 2014
Sep 28, 2014 WTB normal garrosh kill As title says, I want to buy a normal garrosh kill. Pst me in-game or add me on Bnet, Teero#1243Tkguybelow0 Sep 28, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 WTB SoO Carry for gear WTB SoO carry to gear up this alt. I don't care if it is a full clear as I already have Garrosh achievs on my main. Please contact me in game by mail or whisper with loot rules, bosses to be cleared and price. contact AfterthisAfterthis0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 25, 2014 WTS Pandaren Hunter name "Bowjitsu" Famous name, post here or send an in-game mail, *Also selling lvl1 guild, 4 tabs " Casually Afflicted "Bowjitsu0 Sep 25, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Zul'Farrak party needed in need of a party to assist for this quest. if you are interested, let me know. :)Adrabea0 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 Flex SoO Just started back play after a break. Wanted to see if anyone is/has Flex openings for SoO. Please pst me in game! WillbedoneWillbedone2 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 LF Guild with Thundering Serpent Hatchling I'm looking for an Alliance guild with the Thundering Serpent Hatchling unlocked. Message me if your guild has it. I'm willing to pay if I need to.Lohengrin1 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Welcome to Lightbringer - General Info. Welcome to the Lightbringer Server Forum The purpose of this thread is to answer some of the more commonly asked questions while providing some basic information about the server itself. Lightbringer US (PvE) is named after Uther the Lightbringer, the first paladin of the Knights of the Silver Hand who led his Order in battle against the Horde during the Third War. The realm opened on Dec 31st, 2004 and is considered to be one of the original servers. Server Time Server Time (ST) is Pacific Standard Time (PST). At last check, the server is physically in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Server Population Breakdown The server itself is Alliance dominated (as it should be) with a 4.223 Alliance to Horde ratio. For current breakdowns it is suggested to check Overall population is the medium to high levels, but not overly populated that you have to wait in a que just to log on. Battlegroup The original battlegroup that Lightbringer was affiliated with is Whirlwind. However due to changes in the game, PvP wise players are meshed together across all realms. It should also be noted that while there are many that do PvP, Lightbringer is typically known as a PvE realm. Guilds At last check, there are approximately 4,971 guilds located on the server across alliance and horde factions. Activity Activity can be measured in a number of ways, from forums to in game trade chat and so on. The overall rank for Lightbringer is 28th according to wowprogress for US servers, which is not bad and gives another metric for activity. Transferring to Lightbringer It is recommended to do your homework first before transferring. This thread is a good start as it provides a snapshot of what our server has to offer. It is also recommended to start a new character on the server before spending money on transferring. This will provide you with a better understanding of how our economy, social interactions, and trade chat operate. Again, welcome to the Lightbringer Server Forum and have a good adventure.Merloe35 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Lvl 16 Guild, 6 Tabs, selling 12k gold Leave a message and real IDEramil2 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Exceptional raider since Vanilla seeks guild I quit 11 months ago because my team wasn't interested in putting forth the same amount of effort I do into this game. I research fights before raid, come prepared, My gear and specs will be optimized for the progression at hand. Current main: Rogue. ilvl:555 No set bonuses. 1-2 weeks from legendary cloak. Current single-target sustain is about 275k. I'm in mostly pvp gear because I just came back and don't have a solid team to raid Siege with. I'm looking for a dedicated guild with members that never stop attempting to improve their performance that needs a dedicated melee dps. I have a very flexible schedule. I will be there if I say I will. I will have done everything in my power to be prepared, and I will make other rogues wonder what they're doing wrong. I will also be one of the most active and knowledgeable players in your roster. Xiragenx#1684Shinzou1 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 Kraken Skulls is Recruiting! Kraken Skulls is recruiting for WoD! We're a level 25 adult guild looking recruiting primarily raiders but taking PvPers and casuals aboard! Our raid times are 9 pm server, Friday and Saturday nights. Raid leader is 14/14N, 3/14H experienced in SoO and totally willing to help people transition from casual playing to a raiding environment! We're not aiming for Mythic from the get-go in WoD, but would love to get there by the end of the expansion! We've been around since Cataclysm and many of us know each other IRL (bonus points if you're from Seattle!), but none of that is a requirement. Our only rule: Kraken Skulls is a safe environment for all! Homophobic, transphobic, sexist or racist talk is not tolerated. We'll warn you once, but repeat violations we'll get you kicked. But we are an adult guild, and swearing is both permitted and frequent. Hit Tinkri up in-game or add my battletag if you're interested: revengeofjs#1462.Tinkri1 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 WTB a Reg Garrosh Kill. After being away since January this year, Looking to get him killed before 6.0 comes out whenever that is. Pst me in game: Ensomniac or add me HOTD#1873Insomniäc1 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 582 Hunter 9/14H LF raid team Skilled hunter looking for active raid team dedicated to defeating Heroic Garrosh before 6.0. My raid availability is Sun-Thurs 6:30-11:00pm PST. I am looking for a 3 night per week team that raids in these hours. I am an excellent player that is guaranteed to be an asset to your team.Ericw0 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 21, 2014 A simple Dalaran Mage. Hey Lightbringer! I want to spread the joy of myself, my order (The Kirin Tor) and my fellow magi. I offer free food, and portals to any who wish it! You can shoot me a message any time. If I am in currently residing in a raid I do have to apologize. For the Glory of the Alliance I love to help people. Finding answers, helping you get to any destination (Multiple seater mounts) Hope to see you on the plains of Azeroth and beyond! PS - Call me Gonzo. Not Mac. :)Macgonzo0 Sep 21, 2014
Sep 19, 2014 Spriest LF guild Hi there I am thinking of switching to alliance and transferring and am looking for a new home in a guild to progress through WOD with. I'm not looking for a super hard-core guild but I would like to work up to mythic. I have some experience with normal 10man and 25man but haven't had the chance to work further and grow due to lack of guild. I believe experiencing a fight is the best way to learn it but if I don't know a fight I research it until I understand it the best I can. Raiding days and times that work best for me are: - 630/7 - 930/10 PST - sundays - thursday (looking to find a 2 or 3 day raid guild) I've played shadow priest for a few years now and keep myself updated with changes when they come around and am always working towards bettering myself as a shadow priest. I'd like to find a smaller based guild with members who are respectful of each other, friendly, fun, helpful, mature, you know all that stuff, but when the time comes, cracks down and works together towards completing their goals, etc. One other thing I would like to work towards in WOD is completing challenge modes so I'd like a guild who has experience with that and is wanting to do that. If you'd like to contact me, please email me at with your guild info Thanks for reading LyirçLyirç0 Sep 19, 2014
Sep 19, 2014 LF Guild w/ Thundering Serpent Hatchling I currently am looking for a guild w/ the pet to buy before 6.0 hits. I could easily join, buy the pet, and then leave, as the pet only requires Revered and I am currently Exalted with my guild. Please send in-game mail (:Shadowrainë0 Sep 19, 2014
Sep 19, 2014 Should I come here? (New Player) TLDR: to an actual NEW player, would I really be better here as its listed as a new player server, rather than sticking to one of the most populated servers as I first picked, where I feel intimated but am not worried about not having people to play with? ===== Note this whole post is produced because I saw your server is listed as open to new players. I labeled this new player. Here's the truth. 2006 I bought the original Box, 10 day guest pass, 30 day free month, I bought a month, ended. In 2009 I bought another month, ended. Never returned. There's a 40 something on some server I'm going to delete eventually, but for these purposes I'm new. Given all that happened, I decided to give it another whirl. Rather, a new whirl. I found out my account was upgraded to MoP, and I manged to snag 15 days comeback time to try it out before I decide to actually stay. I originally started on Stormrage, thinking the high pop server is just best because, you know, more people. But I've started second guessing that. I got 3 chars on stormrage to 5, one to 12.. and I don't think it matters what server I'm on, but I don't understand much of anything that is being said in chat. I grasp selling this and that, enchanting, whatnot. But people mentioning raids.. a lot of OOS and such.. My last chat memory was RFC which I googled so.. I'm a bit out dated. So I am considering myself a new player,. I've gone way off topic. Lets cut it short here: Regardless of my account time, I'm a new player. I plan on leveling via dungeons mainly, moving on to raids being a hard trinity role. I would level one of each, heal/tank/dps on alliance. I still want to experience the story but that can be done while waiting in queue and gathering professions. and being a raid player. Should I go ahead and come to lightbringer? I want to be part of a community, but not feel like a cockroach on the bottom of the ground. Stormrage was populated but very intimidating. I was hoping maybe a "new player" listed server would be... welcoming maybe? I don't know. Please find attached my latest search on realmpop. I don't know what for, but I put it to aid my request. *I remembered why I put this here. Comparison to Stormrage where I just recently started. I'm not sure how accurate all this is and I just wanted to make it clear I didn't want to join a server that was dead. Lightbringer, being both listed as "new player server", and not that far off the top alliance population according to my screenshot, would seem like a good home. So just thought I'd ask you all. Duh, that's why i came here.Systiana4 Sep 19, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 TenThousandDays Flex 4 & Normal mode sale! Hi Lightbringer! The raiders of TenThousandDays are happy to announce that we are now selling select carries as mentioned below. Feel free to ask for additional carries and we can negotiate a time/price. Please note full/partial HEROIC SoO runs and CHALLENGE MODES are currently NOT FOR SALE. Here is some information we can offer you all. GARROSH(NORMAL) - (30k Gold): EVERY MONDAY 4PM SERVER - 10% Reservation fee to ensure you show up Chance at a 569 BoA weapon All usable drops are yours Ahead of the Curve: Garrosh Hellscream (10 player) achievement ( Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf mount ( Usually takes 15-20 minutes to complete Can perform 2 carries in one run, although gear overlap must be minimum between carries------------- FIRST 12 BOSSES(NORMAL) - (140k Gold): EVERY THURSDAY 6:30PM SERVER - 10% Reservation fee to ensure you show up All usable drops are yours Can perform 1 carry in one run Klaxxi & Garrosh not included here due to guild progression------------- DOWNFALL(FLEX 4) - (10k Gold): CONTACT FOR SCHEDULING Chance at a 556 BoA weapon Chance at 540 gear appropriate to your character Usually takes 15-30 minutes to complete Can perform up to 9 carries in one run------------- For any questions or concerns please contact Laozine in game via mail or whisper. Once again, if you are interested in a separate carry we may be able to assist.Laozine5 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 569 Prot Pally 5/14H Lf Guild! (Alliance) I have recently returned from a 4 month break and am seeking out a guild to raid with till the end and into mythic raiding in WoD. Pst in game or with in-game mail! HadigarHadigar1 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 Faded Chaos 11/14H LFM For 25 man WOD!!!! <FADED CHAOS>is looking to expand our roster and make the jump from 10 man to 25 man in preparation for WOD. All classes and roles are encourged to apply. Also interested in any guilds or groups that are interested in a merger. Open recruiting for social members and players that are interested in raiding occasionally as needed in a backup role capacity. We are a semi-hardcore, progression-based, raiding guild. As a group, we have been raiding together since the Start of Wrath. Individually, most of us have been playing since Vanilla (lots of prior raid knowledge) and several of us have been raiding together for years. We choose to raid on a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on people we raid with and the quality of our raids. We believe that we can accomplish our goals with like-minded individuals while balancing WoW with RL. We are looking for friendly, mature-minded players who are either interested in raiding, leveling up an alt, looking for a casual environment, or re-rolling entirely. We offer a laid-back, friendly setting where your questions/comments won't be ignored, drama won't be tolerated, and where help and humor are disgustingly abundant. Recruiting: All Exceptional Apps (Open Recruitment for jump to 25 man) All Social Apps All Casual/Part-Time Raiders -- we use our fill-ins quite a bit as we are very understanding about RL priorities and emergencies Progression: 11 /14HM -- Tier 16 -- 11/13HM -- Tier 15 -- Guild Website: Raid Schedule: 7:30-10:30pm Tues, Thurs, Mon PST Raiding Applicant requirements: - A stable internet connection. Access to Mumble. - Knowledge of your role (or roles) in the raid and how to perform your tasks optimally while surviving the encounters. High raid awareness is important for performing and doing well in a raid environment. - Raid Preparation including consumables & reading up on boss encounters. - Maturity and the ability to handle yourself when called on during raids for corrections. - **Absolutely NO Drama** - **Absolutely NO derogatory remarks about sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc.** - Ages 18 and up, please We prefer that raider applicants to be fully geared from the current tier of content, but if not, we prefer high raid awareness/class knowledge over gear. Ideally, you should have some familiarity with each fight. All new applicants should carefully read up on new boss fights before each raid, and bring their A-games to raids. Visit our website for more information OR if you have immediate questions, feel free to contact me in game Malthorian or with my Battle Tag (ToxicReign#1124) may also contact Zurkhan // Zoozah in game aswell. Thanks, **All applicants are subject to Mumble interview and a trial period.**Malthorian61 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 Thank you to a fellow player I had been camping Arcturis for a couple days now, and logged on this morning to try and catch him before maintenance. As I was there, a Troll Hunter named Sinasic flew by. He remained in the spawn zone near me for a few minutes and then lo and behold Arcturis spawned! Luckily, this player saw that I was there already and didn't race for the tame. I got my spirit beast, and Sinasic even gave me some friendly emotes to break the racial barrier. I just want to say thank you and hope you all the best in your taming endeavors! I also posted this on the Hunter forums, so I hope they see it :)Grimhold0 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 575 holy pally lf guild Looking for a raiding guild for wod that raids after 630pm server. Would like to push for server first for this next exp.Hanieko0 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 [A] 2 Dedicated raiders LF new guild 583 Ret Paladin/Prot Off-spec (raid lead experience) and 570 Disc Priest. (Alliance only) My friend and I are looking a new guild home with an adult group of raiders that just want to have fun. We take raiding seriously and can handle constructive criticism and always try to push to our best potential with every boss fight. We do not require top heroic groups but we would hope to reach a few heroic clears at the end of each tier or at least a full normal clear. We are looking for T/Th raids. The window of time we are interested in is 8-12:30pm Central. Server and server time is not an issue as we are willing to transfer.Verannah0 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Looking to Buy Vanguard Legplates! Title says it all, willing to pay very well! Vanguard Legplates Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Selling Garrosh Kill for Kor'Kron Wolf Mount! CANCELLED NOW! THANKS ALL WHO BOUGHT FROM US! As the title says, Tranquility is currently selling 25 man Normal Garrosh kills for the Kor'Kron War Wolf Mount! ~ this excellent mount will be removed forever in the upcoming patch 6.0 never to be seen again! Asking Price is 25k Gold, currently this happens on Saturday Night around 8:30-9:30pm server time ~ any gear not needed buy Tranquility members is up for grabs and free of charge ( pretty common) plus a chance at the BOA weapon! We are also offering the later half of SsO for gear, this includes bosses that drop Teir helm, Shoulders & Pants and currently includes Spoils - Garrosh ( we are doing the rest on heroic and will not be offering them at this time ) ~ this is a option for folks buying a Garrosh kill already to pick up some extra gear, prices negotiable can bug me for more details. You can contact me for more info or to set up a run in game through Mail to Omnomax or add me real ID Omnomax#1917 Cheers Lightbringer.Omnomax11 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 Profession Kits for sale. Blaze Industries™ I will first like to say welcome to Blaze Industries™ and I hope your visit here is most enjoyable. I really want to stress this first and foremost the website BlazeInd uses for professions kits is If you do not use this website I can not guarantee 1-600 in your desired profession! Our current professions we farm and pricing for them; -With all of the beautiful and exotic cloth throughout the world of warcraft you will be styling like the best with our Tailoring Kit priced at 12k gold! -If you are the type who loves mayhem and making dangerous and explosive devices. Or maybe you want to craft your very own Sky Golem try our Engineering Kit priced at 15k gold! -Some people want to watch the world burn or spread sickness to the citizens of Azeroth! Grab your vials and your herbs and create concoctions to buff and save your allies with our Alchemy kit priced at 8k gold! -Lightweight, beautiful, and a necessity. Jewels have been the backbone of Content patches. Why settle for buying them from the AH when you can craft you own? Try our Jewelcrafting Kit priced at 16k! -Getting a gear upgrade is a pretty exciting part of our world. We can finish off our enemies faster! But why do you have to vendor your old armor when you can disenchant them into mystifying dusts and essences. Reduce reuse and recycle your old armor for enchants with our Enchanting Kit priced at 18k gold! [Stocked kits] Alchemy - 3 Tailoring - 1 Engineering - 3 Jewelcrafting - 1 Enchanting - 0 How to obtain one of my profession sets; First you will need to get a hold of me. I hop around various alts so it may be tricky finding me. Fortunately most of my characters have something in common! To find out if i'm online right away try /who hashtag if you show up with no results then i'm currently taking a break from wow so go ahead and send me a mail with the profession kit you want and your real ID tag! (Daloomkeeper/Potentialser are the exceptions) Once you contact me and we make a deal with your purchase you will be directed to join my guild on either an alt or your main character. The rank you join can view the bank tabs that are full of materials you will be purchasing. This serves for two things; You may check the materials before buying and it shows I have the materials and I'm not a scammer. Once you deposit the gold I will promote you so you can take all of the materials out of the tabs. Again I will urge you to use to level your profession. If there are any specific ways to level using that guide I will tell you - otherwise make the first thing on each profession tier. Thank you for shopping at Blaze Industries™ and congrats on your new maxed profession!Daloomkeeper6 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 ╚══ The Lightsworn ══╝ Recruiting THE LIGHTSWORN (established November 2004) is a level 25 Alliance guild on the Lightbringer server. Our guild was founded on the belief that playing World of Warcraft should be a fun and friendly experience no matter your level or skill. As such, our guild caters to the more mature-minded individual who likes to have fun while doing quests, dungeons, pvp or raiding. While we have members that like to experience the many elements the game has to offer, we do slant more towards pve content, specifically current tier raids. As a result, we have raid teams that are progressing to this end. Our approach to this aspect of the game is simple: be on time, come prepared and treat others with respect. Raiding is a challenging activity so we like to use our time wisely and not waste others. Details about raid teams can be found throughout this post. The Lightsworn is always on the lookout for like-minded players no matter skill or play time. You can visit for more details about the guild, to post questions or to simply drop an application. We have an open invite policy so casual players can ask anyone from the guild for an invite from the /who list. Of course, feel free to contact Merloe (Merloe#1917) to chat further. Good luck and happy adventures.Merloe275 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 Myself and 4 Others LF Guild Myself and 4 of my buddies are looking for an active guild with many active members. We aren't looking for raiding spots because real life tends to get in the way of scheduled raid times. We all have raid experience, and are just looking to be fill in members.Chizel1 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 15, 2014 WTS Level 14 Guild w/ 6 Tabs. 12k Gold Whisper me in game and send a message with your friend request to id: warspy0012#1740.Elanese0 Sep 15, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 <vodka> selling 9/9 challenge modes Due to the CMs being removed in 6.0 and the large volume of players wishing to buy, we are having to increase our price. - Higher offers will be moved in front of our priority list however. Our challenge mode crew is currently selling gold achievements and their associated bonuses to the people of Stormrage (or any alliance server provided you can get the gold to us here). You have the opportunity to buy these runs either as singles (Brewery + Jade for example) or as a complete package (all 9 dungeons). Our group currently holds the top times on a few servers (including all 9 on this one) so you can expect a speedy clear. Challenge Conqueror: Gold (80000) - This includes: - Completion of all instances in gold time - Portal to all instance entrances - 430 achievement points - Title Reward: "The Undaunted" - Reward: Ancestral Phoenix Egg (rare phoenix mount) - Individual Transmog Set for your class! Those interested may add me at mattwdf#1315 for more information and to set up a time for your run. We do require you to pay upfront at the start of an instance before we carry you through. Expectations: - Completed all the heroics to unlock the challenge mode. We can assist with this for an additional cost. -Roughly 463 ilvl -Greater Invisiblity potions, flask and some sort of food buff. -Skype or mumble mic not required Some FAQ: Will someone play my account? No. We allow buyers to play their own toon for their own account safety ^^ Will I have any responsibilities? Yes. You will have to use an invisibility potion when we call for it and, depending on your class, we may also have you use a few spells or talents at specific points when we call for them. The more DPS you can do, the faster your run will go. We do not expect you however to top meters :pCupofsoupx10 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Looking for solid 10 or 25 Garrosh Kill - WTB 555 Lock so I can help or stand and look pretty depending on how much I'm paying. Mail me in game or PST on real ID Rayzorback#1925Photanio0 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Felsteel Longblade Hey everyone. I'm looking for someone who can craft the Felsteel Longblade on Horde. I have the mats. I'd also consider buying it on the neutral AH if the price is right. Please let me know if you can craft the sword or have access to one so I can purchase it. Thanks in advanceMla0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 <NullRef> recruiting for 10m Heroic SoO <NullRef> is looking for more members, especially with an eye towards leveling together in WoD and creating a raid core group. We offer free guild repairs, have mumble, and are looking for both friendly casual players as well as raiders interested in Heroic SoO. We raid heroic SoO Tuesdays 7pm-10pm server (PST) and Fridays 7pm-11pm server (PST) Most of the officers have been together a long time, some since the start of BC and we've stuck together because we enjoy the easy company, friendly banter and excellent competence that our raiders bring, come join us and give us a spin, you'll enjoy yourself, I guarantee it! If you'd rather not raid and just hang on in a guild we'd love to have you as well. Several of us have alts that we play on non-raid nights so no matter what level you're at, you'll probably get some guildies to tag along if you'd like. Our 10 man raid team has a few slots open, and with most of our raiders having well geared alts, we're open to considering whatever class you feel most comfortable playing. We believe in "bring the player, not the class", so if you're interested in a raid group that's casual enough to raid two nights a week, but focused enough to spend that time having fun while ripping through bosses, then please ping me in game. We'll find a spot for you if things work out. My real ID is factura#1846, I'd love to have a chat with you, please ping me in game. We're also open to raiders who want to stay with their current guild, but can commit to the raid times.Lockettee0 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Casual Raiding Guilds? What are the casual raiding guilds (Alliance side) on the server? Since people have different definitions of "casual," I mean a guild that raids 3 times a week or less and does not have a strict attendance requirement but instead does sign-ups or flex with whoever is available. I'm a former serious, server-first type raider who left the game about 5 years ago (during hard mode Ulduar) and is looking to get back into the game on a much more casual basis (at least for now). I have a paladin, shaman, priest, and DK at 80, and am working on leveling them all to 90, which the paladin (my main when I previously played) just hit.Sentorious1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 CM Gold runs Hello. How much are gold runs selling for?Xeli1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 LF character name LF the owner with the name Zhenji to contact me in-game (via mail) please. The i in my name is (alt - 141)Requìem0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 WTB Vanguard Legplates Paying 40,000g also negotiable for prices. What they are: Vanguard Legplates Let's go transmog farmers! You can either c.o.d them or mail me a message if you have it.Purrenergy2 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 [A] Seeing Mature Social Guild Long time wow player seeking an active and social guild for WOD.Charym0 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 wtb full dps carry Wtb full carry +loot in game mail me price and dateWcgotheals2 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 11, 2014 Looking to buy Garrosh kill on Alliance Lock My warlock is 554 but just want the fast kill before the patch. PST Photanio in game or send in game mail or reply here. Peace out!Photannio0 Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Armory fix PLEASE FIX THE ARMORY! this is getting ridiculous! now i can't even see any of my toons on bnet at all...this has been going on for FAR TOO LONG. it is time to make this a top priority!Benhart1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Any social horde guilds left? Any guilds out there left that are actually social? I'm tired of guilds that invite every person under the sun, and in the end can have 15 people on, and no one saying a word.Pyrith1 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Lf New home Heya 572 Boomie lf a new home/guild and raid group prefer heroics 10/14H on this toon 14/14H on main Looking for a new home for Wod Leveling my Druid on beta atm but not quite sure on what i want to lvl first Can do Tue-thur 7-11 Server(Cst)-6-9 Pst Add me on battle tag if interested. Speedie#1118Speedîè14 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 Looking to buy Garrosh Kill (Alliance) PST me in game on my Alliance Lock Photanio. (due to the wonderful armory I cant log on as him here)Mmadcow1 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 WTB Garrosh Kill Looking to get a kill in before 6.0 hits. Message me price. Thanks in advance!Hashakgik4 Sep 9, 2014
Sep 9, 2014 WTB SoO RUN WITH GARROSH KILL Title says it all, I would like to buy a full SoO run with Garrosh kill as well as all druid caster gear. Please send me ingame mail if anyone interested in selling one, also include what day and price.....Gusgottrees2 Sep 9, 2014