Jan 6 [H] <Rise> 7/7M 3/3H LFM Mal'Ganis EST We are a group of professional people that have been playing games together for over a decade. We believe we can have competitive progression raids without the extensive raid times many other guilds have. <Rise> has been described as the “most casual progression guild.” We are low-key and efficient with a silly side. We are currently 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor and we are looking to bolster our core numbers. We are on US-Mal’Ganis; if you are reading this from another server and are curious about transferring feel free to contact us. Recruiting
 We are currently looking for all kinds of DPS. 
Raid Times Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9PM to 12AM EST Loot System We use a hybrid loot council system where each week a different raid member becomes a part of the council and can help be apart of the decisions made. We use RCLootCouncil to track votes and loot history. Addons We use the following addons for our raids: DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs oRA3 RCLootCouncil Logs You can view the performance of our raids here: Contact If you are interested, please contact us. We can also arrange to speak with you on our Discord. Beegs#1664 Leo#1289 Omit#1911 Ryten#1695 Zykes#1649Zykes0 Jan 6
Jan 6 Recruiting Tank for Mythic+s Hi, We are a 7/7M 2/3M guild, looking to recruit a tank that wants to run Mythic+ dungeons throughout the week and over the weekend. Up until now we have had DPS offtanks fill up the role. I noticed a few posts of people looking for a guild for Mythic+s and wanted to see if we could get any interest from tanks. We have plenty of healers/dps on at all times. Normally we "spam" 7-9s but also push higher level 12+s every week. Please add me DemonHunter#1249 or Juggernaut#11768 to discuss!Tríno0 Jan 6
Jan 5 <The Company II> (5/7M 3/3H) recruiting <The Company II> was founded during SoO. We value progression as a team above greed for loot. We expect our raiders to know their classes, volunteer suggestions to strategies when they think they can make an impact, show up on time to raid, and to realize when they're holding back the group (skill, lag, just not playing well that night) and offer to sit out without having to be asked to. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 5/7M Trial of Valor - 2/3H Raid times Tuesday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm (cst) Thursday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm (cst) Monday - 7:00pm to 10:00pm (cst) Current Recruitment Minimum ilvl 870 Skilled DPS (mage, spriest, hunter, boomkin preferred) and skilled healers (especially shaman/druid) About Us 1) We use discord for voice 2) We use RCLootCouncil addon to distribute loot 3) Mature guild with adult atmosphere 4) Our members are close friends, we always welcome newcomers into the fold Where you can apply Questions? Contact us Guild Master Dotsmcgoon - shnurbinator#1676 Co-Guild Master Soresu - xLorentz#1422Soresu12 Jan 5
Jan 4 <Be Defiant> With open doors. <Be Defiant> is a social guild that was created by several Twitch streamers on October 7th 2016. Our primary goal is “have fun,” and we must build up to endlessly maintain this objective. We are recruiting socially active players who are interested in mythic pluses, weekly raids, and spontaneous PVP. As we are a growing guild our self’s, we will take on growing players, so no (I)/level requirements. Our core raiding nights are Friday and Saturday 7-10pm*, while our casual nights are Monday and Wednesday 7-10pm. (6/7H) *Core Raiding group is a closed group for selected members.Manat1 Jan 4
Jan 4 [H] <Rise> 7/7M 3/3H LFM Mal'Ganis EST We are a group of professional people that have been playing games together for over a decade. We believe we can have competitive progression raids without the extensive raid times many other guilds have. <Rise> has been described as the “most casual progression guild.” We are low-key and efficient with a silly side. We are currently 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor and we are looking to bolster our core numbers. We are on US-Mal’Ganis; if you are reading this from another server and are curious about transferring feel free to contact us. Recruiting
 We are currently looking for all kinds of ranged DPS. 
Raid Times Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9PM to 12AM EST Loot System We use a hybrid loot council system where each week a different raid member becomes a part of the council and can help be apart of the decisions made. We use RCLootCouncil to track votes and loot history. Addons We use the following addons for our raids: DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs oRA3 RCLootCouncil Logs You can view the performance of our raids here: Contact If you are interested, please contact us. We can also arrange to speak with you on our Discord. Beegs#1664 Leo#1289 Omit#1911 Ryten#1695 Zykes#1649Zykes0 Jan 4
Jan 4 <MEME REGIME>[R] LF Guild Absorb or Merger! About Us: <Meme Regime> was formed in late 2013 as a 10 man guild full of friends. The bulk of us have been raiding together since BC/Wrath. We like to think of ourselves as good people. However, we are self admit-tingly trollish at times. We like to have fun, and believe raiding should be something that is fun to do, not all work. We do have a serious face though >:|. Current Progression: 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M 3/3N 2/3H Current Needs: All exceptional players will be considered! We don't have a problem replacing someone if you can out-perform them. Looking for the following; As we are still securing our core spots, Any exceptional/experienced player will be given a trial for the progression group. Raid Times: Tuesday: 10:00pm-1:00am EST* Thursday :10:00pm-1:00am EST* *Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start time, it is expected that we are in the raid ready to pull by 10EST. APPLICANTS: Be able to make full use of voice communications (e.g., Discord) while being able to listen and communicate with raid members. Standard attendance policy for raiders is that you must make no less than 80% of all scheduled raids. Severe emergency situations are always taken into serious consideration but if you find yourself frequently on the receiving end of “freak occurrences,” you need not apply. All raiders, trials or otherwise, must be understanding and cooperative when being benched for purposes of progression. Performance is not optional. We keep a very small bench and expect players regardless of class/spec to be on top of their game when it comes to their specific role. We are not in the business of carrying players to success. If you are technically prone to failing boss mechanics, unable to keep up with damage/healing/survivability on a regular basis, or you frequently show up unprepared for raid, or any combination of the above--you are not going to fare well here. Research and understanding of boss mechanics is a must. Our raid times are on the lighter side, but we still want to be a competitve guild. Typical trial periods may last around two weeks. This duration is not set in stone, and may fluctuate based on performance and/or attendance. If you have any questions, feel free to post here or add c4run#1998 or apply at MemeRegime.Guildlaunch.comBannedmemes6 Jan 4
Jan 4 Hard Knox is recruiting! A little about our guild.. Hard Knox is a brand new guild formed by a group of close, experienced raiders, local to the East Tennessee area. We started this guild on the idea that progression is one of the most fun aspects of the game if done in the right, positive atmosphere. At the end of the day, the respect we have for each other and our guild is what is most important. We intend to keep this mentality while pushing to achieve Cutting Edge in each tier in the best environment possible. Our current core members have at least 7/7H with some having 7/7M experience. After many expansions of being in guilds that disband at the drop of a hat or when the roster is no longer needed because progression has been achieved we have decided to branch out and create this sense of a reliable community that we want people to be a part of. We currently reside on Mal'ganis-Horde(CST) however if anyone is interested in raiding for normal/heroic cross-server to try out our group you are more than welcome. Our current top priority is to begin building a roster that we can begin progressing though Nighthold with. We understand that unless we recruit many mythic raiders our Cutting Edge goal probably won't be achieved this tier but with starting early, we are hoping to have our core 20 mythic ready raiders built in Nighthold moving into future tiers. We're also very interested in being one of the guild that sells runs to be able to provide consumables to all of our raiders, eventually offering guild repairs to all. Our current goal for main progression raid schedule is T/ WED/TH 7-10CST (8-11EST) with a separate day also assigned for alts that anyone is free to sign up for. Eventually, we would also like to have a second group with a weekend schedule so that we have a group that works for everyone. Again, our goal is to create a guild that works for all our members, not just the top few ranks. Even though our core players are mainly looking for PVE progression, we strongly encourage those interested in playing casually/farming Mythic+ content/PVP to join as well. Many of us spend our spare time farming content for gearing/resources and would love to have more people to do this with. Please reply with any questions you have or feel free to drop me a tell in game if you would rather communicate there. My battletag is Giuliana#1552. We look forward to hearing from you!Oliviapope0 Jan 4
Jan 3 4/7M 3/3H LF DPS Mon Tue Wed Hello! We have an immediate opening for a DPS. We raid 730 to 11 Central time, Mon Tues Wed. Hit me up via BNET - Deathsquad#1291 TY! DSDeathsquaad0 Jan 3
Jan 3 <Choke> 7/7m 3/3h Recruiting! M/W/TH 645-10st Hello all, Currently Choke is recruiting exceptional ranged DPS and Resto Shaman for internet dragon slaying. Raid times are 6:45 - 10:00pm ct (server time) on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We're a fun loving guild who has been together multiple expansions killing end game content in a positive atmosphere. New to Mal'Ganis, looking to fill in a couple voids in the roster to get us through Nighthold. Please feel free to add my Battletag: doitwithdave#11545 if you would like additional information, or leave a post. Best regards, Dave el DorkasaurusDorkasaurus2 Jan 3
Jan 3 885 (7/7M) Resto Shaman Looking for Guild Currently I am looking for a stable progression guild to continue working through Trials of Valor and to prepare for the upcoming raid, Nighthold. My most current experience includes clearing of EN Mythic as well as ToV heroic. Previously I played actively during WotLK and was in a progression guild for Ulduar and ICC. My hope is to find a guild which can push for Cutting Edge: Nighthold/ToV. Mythic+ content is a bonus. As a player, I will bring a dedicated healer who understands his class and is up-to-date on how to play his class optimally. In an raid environment I will perform mechanics properly and come prepared to complete each encounter. My schedule is a bit limited, and I can really only make 8:00-11:00 pm EST Sun-Thurs. Fri-Sat I can make any times after 8:00. Parses available at: Amory link (Gear may be wrong): Bnet: Elaar#1280Nariond5 Jan 3
Jan 3 885 Enh Shaman & 878 MM Hunter lf raid group We're both 3/7M EN and 2/3H ToV. Always come prepared with flask, food and pots. Attendance is generally never an issue. We're looking for a guild that raids Wednesdays and Thursdays, starting at 10:30-11:00 PM server time. We have mics. We're friendly. Our guild just fell apart mid-tier, a classic tragedy story. Keepin it simple at this point. Logs can be furnished upon request. Can interview or apply online if required. Crooked#11909 or PapaWonka#1839 to communicate in game.  Or you can reply here. Or email upon request. Cheers! Look forward to hearing from some of you.Crookedjay3 Jan 3
Jan 3 878 MM Hunter LF guild Salutations friends! I am an 878 MM hunter and 877 BM hunter looking for a new guild since my previous guild disbanded due to lack of attendance. What I'm Looking For -I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild that raids 2-3 times a week. -A guild that has a mature learning environment. -Makes progression a priority What You Can Expect From Me I am a very competitive player who is willing to listen to advice and knows how to leave his ego out the door. I am also very consistent when it comes to attendance and will rarely miss any raids. I also do not need any handouts and will provide for myself when it comes to flasks/pots/repairs. Experience Completed: 1/7 mythic 1/3 heroic Attempts: got Mythic Ursoc down to 5%, I also have experience with heroic Guarm. Availability M/T/W/Th: 7 pm (server)-any time F: All day Sat/Sun: 10 pm (server)-any time Logs Jan 3
Jan 3 888dk 886 resto 883 boomy lf guild 888 frost dk artifact lvl 33( or 870 spriest alt artifact lvl 16) resto druid 886 artifact lvl 35, boomkin ilvl 883 artifact lvl 34 4/7m looking for a new guild to call home. wanting times around 8pm cst or a little later. looking for a guild that is 6/7mShtstomppin10 Jan 3
Jan 3 <Twelve Step Program> needs YOU! 4/7M 3/3H <Twelve Step Program> rated 10/10 by IGN and winner of multiple guild of the year awards is currently recruiting RDPS and a healer for Mythic Raiding. We are currently 4/7M, 3/3N, 3/3H and looking to round out our roster with a few exceptional players. Most of our core is comprised of long time friends, and we are looking for more to join us. We are sponsored by Captain Crunch. Currently recruiting (HIGH PRIORITY): DPS OF ALL SHAPES AND SIZES MAY INQUIRE FOR OPENINGS Resto Shaman Holy/Disc Priest Frost DK Mage Resto Shaman (Pls, we really need one. So badly that i had to list it twice...) No need for: Ret Pallys Resto Druids Enhance Shamans All other classes are more than welcome to inquire about potential openings. We are always looking for exceptional players. Current Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 8PM-11PM ST (9PM-12AM EST) Requirements: -860 ilvl -Some prior raiding experience -Working headset/mic if you want to actually enjoy your time with us. -Ability to make raid times. Obviously things come up, everyone misses a raid once and a while, but we expect all of our raiders to show up every raid night. FAQ: What can expect from joining you guys? We raid with the intention of having fun. We don't take ourselves seriously at all. We've all been friends for years and are hoping to create new friendships in Legion. We pride ourselves on our ability to progress fast while enjoying ourselves, something a lot of guilds these days sacrifice. We provide all of our raiders with free flasks, pots, and guild repairs. We are NOT a hardcore progression guild. While we plan to push content, we are going to do so at our own pace and make sure we have a blast doing it. We have a really laid back raiding environment, most of us have been friends for years and thats something we value much more so than pushing for US rankings. However, we also expect people to play at a decently high level. The game is no fun carrying people. We also play many other games besides WoW such as Overwatch, Heroes, League, etc. How is loot distributed? Currently running personal loot, but in mythic we will have an officer-led loot council. Raiders will link the item they currently have equipped in officer chat (/o) and the officers will award loot based on value of upgrade (stats), performance, attendance, and time in the guild (Raiders>Trials). How long is a typical trial? About two weeks. During your trial you are expected to come fully prepared with pots and flasks and knowledge of the upcoming fight mechanics. Our goal with this guild is to have fun, while downing bosses at a respectable pace. We look forward to every raid night, and so should you! Hit us up in game on real id (JonB#1490, Aburnman#1533) for more info or check out our non-existent website that maybe one day ill create if i actually feel like it but i probably won't so i guess this is where this ends thanks for reading join the guild thx.Jøn44 Jan 3
Jan 2 Valar Morghulis 3/7M recruiting heals/dps We are looking for a few melee dps to bolster our roster, a couple core spots will be open. We are also looking for a healer with dps offspec. We raid Tues,Wed,Sun from 8-11 server time. Regular attendance is a must for progression. Pst in-game.Mesoscale9 Jan 2
Jan 2 <Tranquil> 7/7M 3/3H 2days Lf Dps Hey guys we are former top 100 Us group of guys Reforming a Mythic raiding team for legion <Tranquil> 7/7M 3/3H a little On our team We all have some extensive raiding experiences some dating Vanilla Wow, we are a group of people who love Defeating the Hard Content its something thrive on and have excelled at in the past, From Heroic (Mythic's) to Challenge modes ,Our mind set Entering a Raid is Get the most done in the quickest and most efficient way possible with all seriousness, while still having a blast in between pulls, most of us have been playing together for a long time so you can say we are tight knit group. The Goal Of our team The Goal of the 2 day raid team is to accommodate real life while still playing the game on a high level we are after the Cutting edges ! We are looking for Like minded people who want to clear the end game content in timely matter with out giving up opportunities in real life ! The Raid days are as follows Sunday anywhere from 6:30-7:30 to 11pm est Monday 7:15 to 10:30pm est We are currently looking for mostly Dps Positions for Mythic's Highly Looking for Ret/holy/prot paladin Looking for a versatile player Balance/Resto Druid Warlock Rogue Hunter Or any Exceptional Rdps 880 Ilvl min !!!! App here if you are like minded and mean Business we are the new home your looking for come legion Please post on here or contact me on my battle tag for more info! Cohesive#1646Cohesive73 Jan 2
Jan 2 [H] Retribution 1/7m 2/3H 2 day raiding guild Retribution was formed in Sept 2006 and we have been raiding ever since. We have a very close core group of players and looking to add a few more quality raiders too our roster. This is an adult guild so being able to take criticism as well as have a sense of humor is a must. We do a few week trial based on your attendance and performance. During the trial period you can receive loot but raiders will always have priority over trials for main spec. Currently we need skilled Range Dps ,resto druid and a holy priest but we are always looking for exceptional players of any class and spec to fill competitive spots within our raid. Raid Times Tuesday: 8:00 PM -10:30 PM CST Wednesday: 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM CST Expectations: - Be present (show up & be ready to pull at raid start time) - Be prepared (know fights, have gear gemmed/enchanted, etc.) - Be Positive (be respectful to each other, don’t complain or whine etc.) How to Apply If you are interested, you contact Carnifexx @ Bigfatcow#1842 or Sunde @ Sunde#1384Carnifexx24 Jan 2
Jan 2 885 Feral Druid LF 7/7M Raiding Guild What I'm looking for: I'm looking for a stable raiding guild that's minimum 7/7M EN. Times and days as well as the number of days/hours per week don't matter. Currently just wanting to get in on a core roster for Nighthold and kill mythic bosses. About me: I'm new to Mal'Ganis as of a few months ago, previously came from a long history with a dead server called Moonrunner. (not Moon Guard, I don't RP) I've also been an officer in both of my previous guilds, Noire on Mal'Ganis and Poached Innocence on Moonrunner. Currently, I play as feral for raid and have a resto offspec for mythic+s, as well as a guardian offspec for lower mythic+s/backup raid tank. I do not enjoy boomkin and would prefer not to switch to it if possible, as my gear is not optimized for it, I don't have many points in it, and I simply dislike the spec's playstyle. My previous main was a holy paladin since end Cata, but I switched to druid this expansion. Experience throughout the game: -7/7 Mythic EN -3/3 Heroic ToV -AotC Heroic Archimonde -AotC Mythic (was then heroic) Garrosh -Proven Assailant and Proven Healer -Full Challenge Mode completion from MoP and WoD Logs: (Currently lacking my BiS legendary) Btag: Abbi#11987 Lately, I've been online more during the night and early morning. I'll get to any messages/friend requests as soon as possible though. Thanks. :)Abbicat2 Jan 2
Jan 2 Erebos open recruitment <Erebos> Is a serious Progression guild based on US Mal'ganis (PVP High Pop Realm) - We are serious about pushing top 100 U.S. rankings and are currently well on track to do it. CST Tuesday - 7:00pm - 11:00PM Wednesday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM Thursday - 7:00PM - 11:00PM Things we need; SPriest Enhancement Shaman Hunters Boomkin Warlock RShaman / RDruid Tank(will consider different class') !!We are also looking for casual players who will be interested in getting better and workin towards raid spots in the future. This is to boost our mythic + groups so we can have more for the current time and then work with players to make them get better and join us in future. If this interests you feel free to contact myself or vred!! We will consider ANYONE who seems good, but raiding experience is shined upon, as we are serious about pushing content incredibly hard. There are no carries here. We have a few strict requirements to join our core. To have an in-depth look at our rules, feel free to read our Ere-Bible linked below; Lots of information on our website as well; Officers to Contact Vredezbyrd (Recruitment Officer) VredsBattleNet@Gmail.Com Uncut (GM) chaoticrtrd#2457 Vizions (Healing Officer) Vizion#1338Chaoticrtrd13 Jan 2
Jan 1 LF guild ilvl 870 boomkin Hi So I am looking for a casual guild I have finished H EN and N TOV I am available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday around 630 ish PST time. If I am not able to make it due to school I will notify before hand. Eventually I would like to progress onto mythic. Feel free to add me on to discuss more. PvPlayHouse#1147Knòwledge2 Jan 1
Jan 1 Takeout | 2 day | 7/7M EN | 3/3 H ToV | LFM <Takeout> About Us: <Takeout> is a Semi-hardcore Mythic progression guild, raiding only 7 hours a week. Our raid spots are based on performance alone, guild rank and role receive no preference. We constantly trial new members against our current core in Heroic content, allowing us to bring the best players to Mythic. Recruitment: Tank: Closed Healer: Need Paladin and Druid for immeditate raid spot. Melee: Closed Ranged: Need a few more exceptional Ranged DPSAll exceptional players will be considered for raid. Casuals welcome. Raid Times:Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm to 12am server WoWProgress: Warcraft Logs: Interested in joining? Contact us in game. GM: Meguh Officer: TastemakerTastemaker2 Jan 1
Dec 31 [H] <Doing It Live> 4/7M 3/3H LF DPS & Heals! Legion has been going very well so far! <Doing It Live> is looking to add 2-3 raiders to its core Mythic group so that we can more consistently raid progression content. Who are we? <Doing It Live> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our "core" consists of a mix of close WoW and real life friends- many of which have been gaming together since Vanilla! We do NOT consider ourselves a hardcore progression guild, but the majority of our raid core has raided at the hardcore/Mythic level. We won't be racing for kills, but we'll certainly be getting through the toughest content WoW offers, while having FUN. In terms of ages and culture, we are all in our 20s. The majority of us are working full time, with some still finishing up school. We are definitely an "adult" guild as far as conversation goes, but we're very relaxed/goofy most nights. Also important: a large number of us are real life friends, so you should expect to get to know people by first name, and we ask you to at least provide us with an easy to remember nickname! Raid Schedule: 8-11pm Eastern US time on Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday. Please do not apply for the Mythic core if you are not confident about being able to maintain at least 2/3 attendace. We do a casual/alt run on Thursdays. This group clears Heroic EN and N ToV at the moment, and will facilitate a few split runs for the first week(s) of Nighthold. Recruiting: Heals (except for H Pally) Hunter Warlock Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Mage WW Monk Other DPS considered with logs! Important Info Guild WoWProgress Page: When applying, please let me know your class/spec and character name. For Mythic Core, we expect an ilvl of 865, and for you to have an understanding of EVERY fight in EN and ToV. We also expect our raiders to come prepared. This means full gems/enchants and flasks/pots/food, ready before raid. We do not have a website, but we do manage a group chat and calendar through GroupMe @ (it is also an iOS/Android app). You will be expected to access this group chat for raid sign ups and guild communications. Please reach me on battlenet @ Muffin#11275 to apply! Two of our other guild leaders can be reached at Sketon#1794 or Trider#1377. After we get in touch, we can go over the finer details of the guild rules, etc. and I can answer any questions you might have.Muffinlord1 Dec 31
Dec 31 Buying heavy junkboxes <horde> 200g per box OBO akfubarius#1135Silèntthreat0 Dec 31
Dec 31 1/7M <Specter> Looking for raiders <SPECTER> ABOUT US: We are 1/7M and looking for anyone that enjoys a fun raiding environment while progressing. We are Semi Casual, wanting our raiders to gear and progress, while still laughing along the way. If you enjoy playing with a smile on your face and a good group of people, look no further. What We need: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Mage Spriest Accepting all other exceptional and pleasant players, we run constant mythic + groups and Drunk Friday RBGs. Accepting groups and smaller guilds with competitive core spots available. We are a laid back and fun environment. If you like laughing and want to enjoy raiding, look no further. Raid Times: Monday 7:30pm - 10:30 pm Server Tuesday 7:30pm - 10:30 pm Server Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30 pm Server. Please message Geminii in game or further contact info. Battletag: Ghosted#11762 Discord: geminii#0632Geminii18 Dec 31
Dec 31 1/7M will Merge or Absorb your guild. About us: We are a semi-casual raiding environment that focusing on having fun, while still progressing through mythic content. Raid Progression: We have 7/7 H EN on Farm cleared in 1.5 hours. We are currently 1/7M looking to push further. We need around 6-7 Spots of solid/reliable players to round out our core for mythic progression. What we would like: We would like to merge with a guild and bring our best 10 with yours, or bring in your guild and add it to our core. Raid Times: Our Raid Times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 7-10pm server. Contact Info: Please Message Geminii in server. Battletag: Ghosted#11762 Discord: geminii#0632Geminii14 Dec 31
Dec 31 [H] <Trauma> 7/7M 2/3M LF exceptional DPS We prefer that you are at least at 35 traits and are at least 7/7M experienced. It's not a requirement but having gear and mythic experience are important but not a deal breaker. Trauma-Mal'Ganis is a well established PVE that has had raiders raiding together since TBC. We have a low stress, laid back raid environment. You MUST have a sense of humor or this won't be the place for you. The raiders in this guild recognize this is still just a game and everyone should be having fun playing. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:30pm-10:30pm Central (Server time). Add Slick#1801 if interested. Apply at or we can do a mumble chat if you Dec 31
Dec 30 [H] <The Smile Club> Recruiting! 7/7H 2/3H Recruiting for Mythic Progression! Raid Schedule: Thursday, Friday and Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm CST/Server Time Raid Progresion: 7/7 H EN 2/3 H ToV <The Smile Club> is small community of driven players with the goal of progressing through Mythic Raids and Keystones. We are a small guild, formed from friends who have raided together in the past. We offer a close knit, fun and friendly environment with the intent of playing World of Warcraft to our best potential. Our mentality is to put our best foot forward in any content that we are challenging and we also expect that of our members. Contact Us: Raexin or Raex#1353 Drizzak or Drizzak#11124Liodrin0 Dec 30
Dec 30 877 Arms Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Quick Background: I lead/managed a guild of friends throughout mythic HFC and into legion. We briefly touched Mythic EM before many started to burnout. Ran into a bunch of attendance issues and got tired of trying to fill spots. Now looking to not have to do as much leading and just log on to kill stuff. I have a pretty busy schedule so a 2 night raiding guild is ideal. Legion Experience: 7/7 EN Normal and Heroic 2/7 EN Mythic 3/3 N ToV 2/3 H ToV Armory: 877, both BiS legendaries, Weapon level 35. Logs: My Schedule: As I mentioned I am really most interested in a 2 day guild. I work and go to school, so while at the moment I am on break with some free time, late January and on my time is fairly limited. Ideally a Monday/Wednesday schedule fits me best. Contact: Nawmeen#1720Nawmeen3 Dec 30
Dec 30 860 Frost DK LFG Hey. Like the title says, Im an 860 Frost DK looking for a new guild that is active and raids preferably Friday/Saturday (maybe late night Sundays). Im 7/7n and looking to start heroic and eventually mythic. I had a break for awhile and my guild completely flew past content. Probably won't be able to keep up with them haha.Dkcopter5 Dec 30
Dec 30 868 Fury Warrior LF Progression Guild I am currently looking for a progression raid guild that will be getting the cutting edge achievement every tier. I am available 5 to midnight PST Mon, Wed-Sun. I currently have 1/7M exp this tier. A little about me, I have been raiding since Wrath. I didn't start pushing into heroic until the end of Wrath though in a small 10 man guild. We killed up to Putricide. I raided hardcore in Cata. I got server first kills for T13 and T14. My T14 kill was top 100 US. After that I killed 8/8 DS with some friends and tried to raid with them in the start of MoP, sadly it failed. In ToT I joined Dyslexia on Drenden and we killed Lei' Shen US 21. After that I tried raiding with friends. We got to Spoils in mythic siege. After that we tried pushing into mythic for WOD but it failed. I took a bit of a break and came back for the end. I joined a casual guild that got to Tyrant with Gorefiend down. At the start of Legion I tried again to raid with friends and it failed....again. So now I am only 1/7M and looking for a new home to actually get some kills. Most of my friends have stopped playing and I have realized I am not going to achieve my goals playing with them. Here's a link to my logs: Here are my norm logs before I name changed and server xfered: I am looking for 3-4 days with 3 to 4 hour raid times. If you are interested please reply or add me in game at Jay#17615 Thanks for the interest!Zugglyfe2 Dec 30
Dec 30 870 Enh Sham and 864 H Priest LF Guild Looking for a guild that raids no more than 3 nights a week with raids ending before 12AM server time. We haven't done much progression raiding this xpac and are just looking to get in the swing of things. We're both fairly experienced raiders in previous xpacs. I also have a 860 Guardian Druid alt that could easily become my main and she has a 860 huntard. Hexy#1958Hexyo6 Dec 30
Dec 30 Mage shopping guilds Shopping around, looking for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with 8-12 est time frame. Prefer something with a sizeable active roster and run's Mythic +'s on the side.Waft9 Dec 30
Dec 30 885 hpally 7/7m 3/3H LFG LFG - Prefer something with the same progression that raids weekdays from around 7pm-12am CST (server time). Please leave a post with real ID so I can contact you with logs.Honey6 Dec 30
Dec 30 5/7 M 3/3 H 885 equipped Enh shaman LF Guild On Mal'Ganis US Looking for a guild that is 5/7 M or higher. I can fit almost any raiding times. Comment, whisper me in game, or add me real ID HTFNutty#1113Nûtty1 Dec 30
Dec 30 879 7/7M Fury Warrior LF Guild As the title says, I'm a 7/7M - 3/3H Fury Warrior. I'm looking to join an established guild with similar progression. My previous guilds include Commit Sudoku which I raided with for Heroic progression and then Noire during Mythic. Availability: M-F 6p - 11p MST S-Su All day Logs: I've raided across many classes in all expansions with exception of WoD (Took a break after MoP) Played a variety of MMOs over the past 10 years, FFXI being my favorite Craft my own food, flasks and potions before every raid I'm willing to play Arms if needed but will need to work on a gear set If you have any other questions or want to send me a message you can add Lowell#1600Horrorshow1 Dec 30
Dec 30 883ilvl Rogue LF guild I am looking for an established raiding Guild to join for the rest of the expansion.4/7M 2/3H xp. - I am an experienced raider and have been playing rogue for 7 years. I have been playing since BC. - I am prepared for progression raiding - I maintain near 100% attendance to raids. - I research my class and spec. - I come to all raids fully prepared with consumables. - I am active outside raiding hours. This is what im interested in: - An established raiding guild - Strong, organized and knowledgeable leadership that knows how to get things done. - The guild raids 3-4 days a week between Sunday and Thursday - The guild has members that are friendly, have fun together, but also take progression seriously. No cliques Thank you My Btag: matin#1800Shînobi5 Dec 30
Dec 30 879 BM (7/7H 2/3H) LF Guild About me: Just switched to Mal'ganis to continue raiding for the end of ToV and going into Nighthold(Uther/Runetotem is rather weak). Any schedule would work for me as long as it doesn't extend past 2AM CST. I am a laid back (but competitive) college student, who plays roughly 30 hours a week. Outside of raid I enjoy running Mythic+ and just casually hanging out in game. I played a Death Knight through HFC and at the start of EN, but switched to Hunter at the beginning of November. I frequent my class Discord, as well as reading forum posts and guides to try and always be improving both my performance and understanding of my class and spec. I am looking for: An established guild Active/Social outside of raids Friendly atmosphere Preferably doesn't require alt runs Runs +12 keys and Karazhan Logs: My logs should improve in ~5 days when I can equip my second legendary (~18k). Logs: Also I am currently working on itemization in terms of relics/chest which should provide a decent dps increase. Feel free to add me: TRekts#11106Struuin2 Dec 30
Dec 30 Hunter LF a guild Hi :) Long story short, have not been able to raid with my guild's team for some time now due to RL stuff, and currently LF a new guild to raid with. Feel free to contact me through Real ID, Offensive#11360 Thank you :)Offensive6 Dec 30
Dec 30 882 Holy paladin looking for guild As title says... Looking for a mythic raid guild that raids about 8-11 est during the week. I have not raided mythic this tier. But am now willing to put the time in to. I previously was in the top morning raiding guild in the US and top 100 us guild during Ulduar as you can see by comparing my achievements. Here are my logs: I also have 3 870+ alts if needed for split raids.Pancaek3 Dec 30
Dec 30 LF Raiding Guild Hello, we are three RL friends that have progressed as far as we can without a guild and are looking for a raid guild to join. Looking for a semi-serious raid guild 2 nights a week. Prefer any two days of Thursday/Friday/Monday 8PM server time. We are all former raiders and have good awareness and are mechanically sound. No drama or BS. Group consists of 880 Enh. Shaman (Saehjin) 871 Ret. Paladin (Cöra) 873 Blood DK- Tank (Barlan) Thanks for your time!Saehjin3 Dec 30
Dec 30 <Magnum>-H 4/7m 2/3H LFM/Merges <Magnum>-H 4/7m 2/3H Tues/Wed/Thurs 8p-11p server(CST) In Magnum you don't have to be ridiculously good looking or know how to break dance fight. We're looking for people with situational awareness and enough respect and accountability to show up on time and prepared. Our loot system is based on RC loot council. The Council consists of 3 officers and 2 weekly Raiders. Each week there is a random roll of the raider rank to see which 2 are going to serve on the council. Anyone on the council can not vote for themselves, nor can they see who voted which way, just the total number of votes. This is an example how we like to maintain accountability and transparency. Our leadership is comprised of years of experience in the US top 100, we know what it takes to get it done. Our leadership is also made of business professionals that understand how to motivate people without the need to be demeaning. To enable us to meet our goals we are looking for the following: Death Knight (Frost/Blood) - High Demon Hunter (DPS) - Low Druid (Balance) - High Hunter (BM/MM) - Medium Mage (Any) - High Monk (WW) - Low Priest (Shadow) - High Paladin (Holy) - Medium Rogue (Any) - Medium Shaman (Elemental) - Medium Warlock (Any) - High Warrior (Prot) - Medium As always, all exceptional players are encouraged to contact us. Please be prepared to provide current logs and relevant experience. Voice: Discord Feel free to contact us: Kahlamite#1272 (GM) Nesaru#11565 (Officer)Kahlamite1 Dec 30
Dec 29 [H] <Rise> 7/7M 3/3H LFM Mal'Ganis EST We are a group of professional people that have been playing games together for over a decade. We believe we can have competitive progression raids without the extensive raid times many other guilds have. <Rise> has been described as the “most casual progression guild.” We are low-key and efficient with a silly side. We are currently 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor and we are looking to bolster our core numbers. We are on US-Mal’Ganis; if you are reading this from another server and are curious about transferring feel free to contact us. Recruiting
 We are currently looking for all kinds of experienced DPS, a restoration shaman and a holy priest. 
Raid Times Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9PM to 12AM EST Loot System We use a hybrid loot council system where each week a different raid member becomes a part of the council and can help be apart of the decisions made. We use RCLootCouncil to track votes and loot history. Addons We use the following addons for our raids: DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs oRA3 RCLootCouncil Logs You can view the performance of our raids here: Contact If you are interested, please contact us. We can also arrange to speak with you on our Discord. Beegs#1664 Leo#1289 Omit#1911 Ryten#1695 Zykes#1649Zykes0 Dec 29
Dec 29 [H] Public Enemies 7/7H, 2/3H Recruiting Hello! Public Enemies 7/7H 3/3N 2/3H Is recruiting Healers/DPS for Nighthold What we are Looking for: Healers: Monk/Shammy/Pally Dps: Any DPs(Prior on Rogue/Monk/Boomkin/Mage) Tank: Not Currently needed A little Background We are a guild that has been around since Wrath of the Lich King and the main core (of around 6-7 players) has stuck together since then. We were always a 10 man guild usually getting into Heroic (now mythic) content but never really trying to go extremely competitive and trying to have fun while raiding. We play many other games (LoL, Smite, DnD, CS:GO and many more) together and are a great group of friends. We have always raided a rather late night as we have both people from East coast and West coast who play. (See Raid Times below) Overall, we need more people to jump into Mythic Content and if you want to have fun while raiding we are a great group to do it with! Raid Times We raid rather late night on Tuesday/Wednesday. By late night the times are 10:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. CST(11:00 P.M.-2:00 A.M. EST////8:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. PST) Contact Info Xelthas - KingKaldra#1360 Narsysa - Narsysa#1777Xelthas3 Dec 29
Dec 28 Insane in the membrane farm <horde> Currently farming pirates in tanaris for cartel rep. AKFubarius#1135 silèntthreat alt 138 codeSilèntthreat0 Dec 28
Dec 28 LF DPS for Kara/Nightbane farm LF 1 DPS, Currently have Kara on farm with a consistent group and we are ready to move into Nightbane runs. We run every Wed. at 8PM server time. ~865 gear is appreciated but more importantly please be chill and have good mechanics. Including managing interrupts and stuns. Please message Saehjin or Cöra (alt148 for ö) in gameSaehjin0 Dec 28
Dec 27 <Neglected> 7/7M Recruiting for Nighthold! <Neglected> 7/7M EN, 3/3H ToV! Currently recruiting ranged DPS (mage, spriest, hunter) and healers (resto druid, resto shaman, holy pally) for our core mythic roster. However, any exceptional player will be considered. 880+ iLVL, w/ mythic experience only. Raid days are Tues/Thurs 7-11 Server Time. We offer a positive, friendly raiding experience, while still putting a priority on progression. Having just transferred to Mal'ganis we are looking to start anew and fill in a couple of gaps in our roster. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions -- stelfy#1651Stelfy1 Dec 27
Dec 25 5/7M Recruiting all things dedicated. <Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum> is a Guild that has recently transfered to Mal Ganis. We have previously held top 100 us ranks on multiple tiers stretching over a number of years and are looking for commited players to help fill out our roster. Skim the info below and hit me up if you think you would be a good fit. Levios#1714, tu/we/th 9-12 pm est If you are looking at joining us you should desire 3 things above all else. 1) An unbiased, stable, drama-free raiding environment led by experienced top end raiders. 2) Raiders that are held accountable for constantly improving and being the best 3) Efficiency and attitude needed to push top rankings on a 3 day schedule. What we expect from you: -That you show up early, prepared with full consumables, knowledge of fights and strategies ahead of time. -That you are able to think analytically and understand that the mechanics of a fight are the most important thing not your numbers -That you can conduct yourself appropriately in a group of 25+ people -That you are able to review logs and improve yourself on a weekly basis -You are okay with sitting out on fights once in a while -That you can play all specs of your class at a high level What you can expect from us: -Unbiased leadership -Raiders that have raided and led many different top US guilds -A lean roster, we make sure not to overecruit people for the bench -A long term home with people who are laid back and wish to progress with other like minded individuals -The best players will be the ones who get the most raid time for progression -Low drama, most of us are 25+ and it goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly. We wish to consistently and constantly improve our rankings and make our way to the top on a lax schedule.. Think our team is a fit for you?Billmauro2 Dec 25
Dec 25 7/7M warlock LF mythic clear during off week My guild is taking the week off for the holidaze.. LF a mythic run for some sexy AP next reset. Doesn't have to be a full clear. Figure rosters might be short for some people. pew pew pew!Fabrications0 Dec 25
Dec 23 <Takeout> 7/7m 3/3h LF dps/healers Takeout is a fairly new guild that formed about a month and a half ago. We strive to be a competitive guild that is top ten on the server when Nighthold is released. We are looking for consistent players to strengthen our core group to achieve this goal. We are currently tied for 24th on the server with about 15 other guilds so what makes us different? We are different because we clear content quickly. In less than two months we achieved 7/7 with killing Il'gynoth in less than 20 attempts and Cenarius in 13. Our guild is comprised of dedicated players with a good portion being top 100 AP for their class and ex pro players such as Hysteria from Halo. We are !@#$in neckbeards. To earn your spot as dps, simply beat a dps of your class consistently in dps/mechanical ability. Healers have a more intricate trial period but there is at least one core healer spot available. High Demand Roles: Paladin/Priest healers Warlock Shadow Priest Low Demand Roles: melee dps Expectations 100% attendance within the first month of raiding with one exception Be able to play whatever spec is best for the situation/patch at the time at the highest level 35th artifact trait Have a working mic and Discord Loot Loot council, BiS taken into consideration but generally goes to the person that gets the highest upgrade out of it If you have any other questions, reply here or whisper me in game at twotgobblen#1780Twotgobblen0 Dec 23
Dec 23 <Next Week for Sure>[7/7M]-Tank/Heal/Ranged About: <Next Week for Sure> is a new raiding guild on Mal'ganis [Horde] formed out of the 10/13 M pre-nerf HFC core of <Unlikely Heroes> with the goal of progressing more in less time. Utilizing experienced raid leaders with a long history of mythic progression (including server first kills) going back to The Burning Crusade, we are hoping to break into legion and achieve competent Mythic progression while raiding a mere 2 days per week. In order to accomplish this task, we are looking to build up our raiding core and expand our roster with skilled players who may not have the time for the 3-5 day/week raid schedules of other guilds. Our ultimate goals are to clear all current content on Mythic prior to the release of the next tier. While many of our core members do not have the time to raid as often as in the past, our mindset is to still progress as far if not further than most 3+ day raiding guilds. Through the first couple weeks of the EN raid we feel we are achieving this goal as we are among the furthest progressed 2-day raiding guilds on the server. Raid Times: Our raid times are as follows: Days: Tuesday & Thursday Times: 7:00-11:00 Server Time (8-12 EST) Recruitment: We are currently recruiting all exceptional players to round out our roster which will then be pared down to the final mythic team. All spots are competitive. Special considerations will be given to the following: High Demand: -Any Tank role -Pally/Priest Heals -Warlock -DPS with viable Healer offspec Moderate Demand: -Feral Druid -Ranged DPS in general -Other Healing roles Lower Demand: -Melee DPS Players will generally not be requested to change classes or specs during the expansion, but may be accommodated if they wish to do so. Core expectations/requirements: -Players will provide their own consumables under most circumstances -Must be available for the majority (85%+) of Raids and inform leadership in the case of a pending absence -Deep knowledge of class mechanics/specs -Ability to play any spec your class offers for your role. -Basic knowledge of relevant content before raid starts -No Drama, you will be removed. If you have issues, speak with leadership -Ability to have some fun. Know when you focus when needed, but we also enjoy having a relaxed and fun raid environment. Be prepared to bust balls and have yours busted frequently. Loot/Communication/Media: -Loot will be distributed via loot council with priority to BiS > MS > OS -1 BiS per slot per difficulty per tier barring exceptional circumstances -Our Primary communication tool will be Discord (Desktop App). Important guild info and discussions will also take place here. Final Thoughts: This schedule is designed to accommodate the skilled yet aging WoW population of professionals, parents, students, or social butterflies that thought mythic raiding was now out of their reach. If this sounds like you, please post below, contact me in-game, or apply to our website at: You may also add me to Bnet @ Deathpactz#1517Dadpact7 Dec 23