Dec 14 Frost Mage - LF 2Day Mythic Team TLDR: Experienced Tank, rerolling Frost Mage, LF 2 Day Mythic Raid Team for 7.1.5! I have decided to reroll range DPS (frost Mage) for 7.1.5 raiding, in light of my raid team hitting the roster boss and disbanding. My Legion Experience: EN Normal: 7/7 (Bear & Mage) EN Heroic: 7/7 (Bear & Mage) EN Mythic: 1/7 (Bear only) TOV Normal: 3/3 (Bear only) My Bear: Logs: My Schedule: I currently work 2 jobs and have the ability to work on my own schedule at both of those jobs, so I am flexible on raid times. However, I am looking for a 2 day Weekday raid team, as the girlfriend's time, is non negotable :P Previous Raiding Exp: Prot Warrior : BC-WOTLK (cleared all content pre-nerfs up to Ulduar Release) Prot Paladin : WOTLK (cleared ICC Pre-Nerfs) Combat Rogue : WOTLK (cleared ICC Pre-Nerfs) Prot Warrior : Cata (cleared all Heroic content pre-nerfs) Brewmaster Monk : MOP (cleared early and mid expansion content) Guardian Druid : WOD (13/13H, 6/13M before pre-patch with casual team) PLEASE BE RAIDING STEADILY WITH LOGS SUPPORTING YOUR RAID SCHEDULE! WILL MAKE 100% ATTENDANCE TO PROGRESSION RAIDS OF THE TEAM I JOIN! Looking for team that is willing to Invest in me some while I get the mage off the ground and running leading into 7.1.5. Contact: MetaGrenade#1106Frostnipp3 Dec 14
Dec 14 Holy Priest Ret Pally LF Mythic Raid My friend and I are ~875 holy priest and ret pally. We're experienced raiders and have cleared heroic (back when without mythic) in some previous expansions (and afk'd for a bit). We have been 7/7h now for so long and our guild still hasn't been ready for mythic progression. So we're looking for a semi-hardcore and serious mythic raiding guild. We've switched to Horde but haven't decided which server yet. EN: ToV: King#14519Parfaitz5 Dec 14
Dec 14 875 Disc Priest LF Weekend Team Hey, I'm looking for a Fri/Sat/Sun (2 days only please) weekend raid team. Morning or Nights. I'm 875 on this priest. My main is 7/7M, 2/3M so I have the experience needed, just looking to play this alt a bit more. I'm definitely only looking for guilds who are doing Mythic currently.Laozi1 Dec 14
Dec 14 880 Enhance shaman LFG currently on a bad server and just trying to get back in the mix of raiding. very knowledgeable of my class and all encounters. past logs from guild that disbanded: seeking a guild that could help out in a transfer so I know it's a serious offer and not something that will fall apart after two weeks. btag: zeal#11838Zeâl1 Dec 14
Dec 14 [H] Experienced group of 5 LF raiding guild At the beginning of Legion, I started and lead the guild Deconstruction on Kel'Thuzad alliance: We were able to achieve 1/7M 3/3N but were plagued by recruitment and attendance issues. The core of this guild has decided to transfer to horde and join a guild that meets most of the following criteria: -4/7M+ -Typical weeknight raid schedule, 3-4 days (per team if there are multiple) -Located on a large, horde-dominant server (Illidan, Area 52, etc.) -Has multiple raid teams that raid at different times/days, reducing the odds that one of us will have a schedule conflict and increasing the chance that all of our roles will fit into the guild. The 5 of us consist of: -Remmitius, prot warrior, 877, 36 traits: (EN by ilvl): (TOV by ilvl): -Iconz: holy priest (reroll - currently lvl 105): holy paladin logs: -Thuggly: guardian druid, 869 (recent reroll): -Crushalheals: resto/ele shaman, (reroll - currently low lvl) ww monk logs: -Thornrayne: enh shaman, 873: The lower-parsing among the group are more than willing to improve, and have made significant strides in doing so since the launch of Legion. Also, are willing to have a bit of flexibility in terms of the roles we play. Redus#11981 for more info, thanks.Remmitius3 Dec 14
Dec 14 [H] 862 Rogue LFG Looking for a guild to chill with do M+ maybe some heroic raiding.Tendi3 Dec 14
Dec 14 Small group looking for guild merge We currently raid Sun/Mon 10pm-1am EST. We have cleared 1/7M and 2/3H. People have quit due to getting burnt out and recruiting is very slow. Group Composition: 2 tank: pally/warr 1 ranged hunter 3 healers monk/hpriest/dpriest 1 melee ret Average ilvl is around 880, only person that is lacking is the dpriest because he recently switched toons but he is working on it(Currently around 860). He has a rogue at 875 that he can play in the meantime though. Add me @ Kelmag#1667 if you are interested.Kelmag3 Dec 14
Dec 14 [H] 880 Rogue LF Guild Looking for a Late night (12a EST) or Weekend Mythic raiding guild. Previous Logs: Battletag: Muda#1204Meiju4 Dec 14
Dec 14 Blood DK LF M+ Guild/Group Any dedicated Mythic+ guilds/groups out there? I have no interest in raiding. -878 equipped / 884.5 max -Have 38 traits -Have BIS legendaries (bracers + belt) -Have done 11s and 12s (and 10 on time achieve from a relatively early date)Deceivesteve2 Dec 14
Dec 13 Delete DeleteTastemaker0 Dec 13
Dec 13 7/7 M Guild Selling N and H-EN Carries <No Action Bars> is selling normal and heroic carries on Sundays at 8 pm server time. Master looter in favor of the carries. 100k for normal, 200k for heroic, 250k for both. There is a 5k rebate to the carry for any wipe.Dodgeit1 Dec 13
Dec 13 Lf guild Just looking for a guild with a cool group of people to bs with while progressingGriffer1 Dec 13
Dec 13 7/7H EN & 3/3N ToV LF DPS/HEALER <Keystone> [H] Mal'Ganis is looking to add several members to our raiding team. We are at 3/3N ToV, 7/7 Heroic EN and will be looking to fill the roster for the start of Mythic Emerald Nightmare and beyond. <Keystone> was formed by a small group of experienced raiders at the end of WoD with the intention of clearing progression content on a lighter schedule. We have a solid core of 11-12 people that run everything from LFR to Mythic dungeons. At the moment we are recruiting the following classes: Recruiting Priority: Range DPS - ALL OPEN Melee DPS - ALL OPEN (All range Classes are open at this moment in time). 1 HEALER: (prefer Holy Paladin, but we will consider all classes). Any exceptionally skilled players will be taken into consideration if you do not see your class/spec listed. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5-8 CST/SERVER 6-9 EST What we expect from our applicants and new raiders: -Good knowledge of one's spec and class. -Fully Gemmed and enchanted. -The ability to show up to raids on time, with enough consumables to last for the duration of the raid. -The ability to take constructive criticism. For more info feel free to reply to this thread, or contact me or the GM through MajorWood#1680 - Recuiting Officer WesTexasTang#1232 - Guild MasterYoungnasteh12 Dec 13
Dec 13 Casual 7/7H & 3/3N LF Helaers and DPS We are Frequently Reported, a casual guild thats cleared 7/7H EN and 3/3N ToV looking to clear heroic. All of us have high end raiding experience doing all relevant content such: as parts of original Naxx, AQ40, Sunwell, heroic ICC, heroic DS, and mythic HFC. We have all decided to change our play style which leads us to aim for 2 raid days a week; Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11ST. We are currently 9 strong with 2 tanks, 1 heals, 3 melee, and 3 ranged. We are looking to add 4-7 consistent members to our team. If you like bad jokes, lots of trolling with the occasional boss kill we are the guild for you. We run kara weekly, as well as drunken mythic+ on the weekends. If interested add Smoobo#1704 or Krutchs#1306 Dec 13
Dec 13 4/7 M - 3/3H Heals,Warlock,Hunter,WW Monk Who are we? <Doing It Live> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our "core" consists of over 10 real life friends who have been gaming together since Vanilla! We do NOT consider ourselves a hardcore progression guild, but the majority of our raid core has raided at the Mythic level. We won't be racing for kills, but we'll certainly be getting as far through Mythic as we can while still having fun. In terms of ages and culture, we are all in our 20s. The majority of us are working full time, with some still finishing up school. We are definitely an "adult" guild as far as conversation goes, but we're very relaxed/goofy most nights. As mentioned before- the majority of us are real life friends, so you should expect to get to know people by first name, and at least give us an easy to remember nickname! :) When do we raid? 8-11pm Eastern time. Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday. Please do not apply for our Mythic core if you are not confident about being able to attend. We do an casual/alt runs on Thursdays. This group clears Heroic EN and N ToV. Recruiting: Resto Shaman Warlocks Elemental Shamans MM/BM Hunters Balance Druid Other exceptional DPS (link logs please) Important Info You can reach me on battlenet at Muffin#11275, after we get in touch, we can go over the finer details of the guild rules, etc. and I can answer any questions you might have. When applying, please let me know your class/spec, and your character name. For Mythic Core, we expect an ilvl of 865+, and for you to have an understanding of EVERY fight in EN and ToV. We also expect our raiders to come prepared. This means full gems/enchants and flasks/pots/food, ready before raid. We do not have a website, but we do manage a group chat and calendar through GroupMe. You will be expected to access this group chat for raid sign ups and guild communications. Note: This chat may also include a fair number of dank memes. Thanks!Uchiwaa7 Dec 13
Dec 12 LF Mythic Raid/Mythic + Guild Currently seeking a mythic raiding/mythic+ guild with high play time and a drive for progression. 881 Protection/873 Retribution with 35 traits in Prot, 24 in Ret. Currently 2/7 Mythic, looking for any days of the week, time is negotiable but the later the better. 100% attendance not an issue. Ideally, would like to tank full time, but open to third tank or rotating in on fights (i.e. renferal) where the class makes a big impact. If interested, add me on bnet - Xetsu#1758Xetsu2 Dec 12
Dec 12 <Digital Stank>2/7 M Weekend Raiding Guild The fat has been trimmed again and more spots are open <Digital Stank> 7/7Heroic Is a newly formed guild, made up of a group of friends that have been gaming together for a few years now. We have been in multiple MMOs together and held server firsts in WoW, ESO, and FF14 as well as high ranking Diamond players in LoL. Our Goals While we only raid on the weekends we are in no means casual. We simpy are a bit older with full schedules during the week and we aim to make the most of our time on the weekends. We plan to be in the top 10 on the server for progression and spots will be competitive. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid Raid Schedule Saturday 6p.m-10 p.m. Server Sunday 6p.m-10 p.m. Server We are looking for like minded individuals with not only a sense of humor but also a drive to get these raid bosses down. We currently use TS3 and it WILL be required for all raiding. We do welcome casual players and PVPers but as a whole we are focused on recruiting raiders for mythic progression. Current Recruitment needs Tanks None Healers' None DPS Enhance Spries All Exception DPS welcome to apply but the raid spots are competitive While these are the classes we are in search of all Exceptional players are welcome to apply. Please feel free to Contact one of the 3 people listed below. Senax#1743 (contact after 7p.m cst) Bloodbane#11222 Shigedy#1765Senax106 Dec 12
Dec 12 No Alliance? CRZ? Why are there no alliance in the world on Mal'ganis. Are we CRZ'd with any servers? I just never see any alliance out and about while questing or doing world quest. Was really hoping for some world pvp fun in Legion.Eclipsed2 Dec 12
Dec 11 [H] 4/7M EXP RESTO SHAMAN LFG Looking for a two / three night a week raid team. 8-12 server would be preferred. 4/7 EXP Have logs Please contact me in game Graveytrain#1823Graveytrain0 Dec 11
Dec 11 [H]<Far Beyond Driven>Late Night Weekend Raid Hi. <Far Beyond Driven>'s Omega Team needs more players. Our goal is to provide consistent raids at a time where it's pretty hard to find a group. We're looking for non-tanks, 840+. Our raid times are 1 -4 AM ST, Saturday and Sunday (since the day rolls over an hour before midnight). Our raid lead has 7/7H experience. Who: Far Beyond Driven LF: multiple non-tanks, esp ranged dps and healers, 840+ When: 1-4 AM ST, Sat/Sun Message me in-game if you're interested.Blibdulpoolp1 Dec 11
Dec 11 [H] Arms 870 & demo Lock 862 LFG Hello all, me and my friend are looking for a late night raiding guild. We are 7/7 H En and 2/3 ToV. We are looking for a casual progression guild with a great environment with people that are willing to help one another. Our times are any days after 11:30pm est. We are willing to server transfer maybe even faction change if were a good fit! Arms warrior 870 and demonology Warlock 862! senorsmoker#1216 best form of contact!Timmywichard5 Dec 11
Dec 11 Sign for Free Realm Xfer off Mal'Ganis Sign if you would like them to open it up as an option. Sticky request as well guys. To Blizzard from Brizz, I really enjoyed the hour of questing that I was able to squeeze in even with the lag. At this point I just want to play the game. Please. Let me get my characters (I have 11 on this server) to a realm that allows me to enjoy it further.Brizz386 Dec 11
Dec 11 <Legalize Gay Dads> recruiting, <3/7>M Hello. <Legalize Gay Dads> is recruiting for mythic raiding. We are currently 3/7M, looking to progress quickly and are in need of all classes and specs. Our raid leader is 5/7M and raid times are Monday/Tuesday at 9:30 server time. Message Pizzadads/Kiiara/Karatebob ingame or add Moiravus#1393/Opel#1685 on and we can look at getting you into the guild for some dank raids.Kiiara12 Dec 11
Dec 10 [H] <Heroes of Hyrule> 4/7M, M Progression Name: Heroes of Hyrule Faction: Horde Server: Mal'Ganis Core Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Core Raid Times: 10:30pm-1:30am CST (Server Time) About Us: We are a close guild looking to push through mythic and enjoy our time while we do it. We enjoy joking around and having a good time. And when it comes time to raid, we buckle down and down bosses. What We Are Looking For: We are looking for players who want to help progress through mythic end game content. We ask that people applying know the current content up through heroic, and have gear that is suitable for mythic progression. Current Needs: Healer Tank DPS: Shadow Priest Fire Mage Balance Druid Elemental Shaman If I did not list your class, please don't hesitate to contact me. We are always recruiting more people. If you have the skill, and the competency to raid at a high level we will gladly bring you in. Contact Me: You can contact me in game via BattleTag, or character whispers. I will also be checking this post frequently. BattleTag: Ironicks#1316 Character Names: Ironikz, Ironickz, Asphyx, Balthier, Bite, Chickenfry, MalzzitwoIronikz20 Dec 10
Dec 10 <Denounced> 1/7M 3/3N - Recruiting Core Spots <Denounced> is a guild formed from a core of real-life friends that have been raiding together since 2008. We are currently looking for experienced, punctual and dedicated raiders to push Mythic progression. Raid nights are Tues/Weds 7:00pm - 10:30pm CST. We are currently looking for: 1 Healer 7 DPS Will will look at players of any class/spec, as long as you can prove your competence and dedication to the raid. Please provide logs and current raid experience. For more information contact Rpfgirl or Muuks in-game Last Updated - November 23rd, 2016.Muuks29 Dec 10
Dec 10 {H} LF server information. Horde side. Evening all. Looking to see if this server HORDE side is with a good population for the casual/social player and some friendly people. Yes, I am aware of realmpop but I'd like to hear from people themselves. Also curious as a PVP server do you see many alliance out and about looking to gank leveling players over and over again? Pls include why you think or don't think the server would fit what I am looking for. Thank you :DSyvatoi2 Dec 10
Dec 10 871 2/7M HPally LF Guild 871 2/7 M HPally LF Guild BTag Chutes#1618Tanlines7 Dec 10
Dec 10 <Commit Sudoku> |H| 1/7M Weekend Raiding F/Sat - 7/7 | 3/3 Normal - Heroic 7/7 | 2/3 - Mythic 1/7 | 0/3 Su/M - 7/7 | 3/3 Normal - Heroic 7/7 | 2/3 - Mythic 0/7 | 0/3 New group Su/M starts raiding on the 23rd, how ever they have already done progression out side of the guild. <Commit Sudoku> <If interested contact Hordok#1500, or Ngee#1369 and Kelmag#1667> Welcome to the Commit Sudoku recruitment thread, I will provide information on what we need and what we expect from our raiders. And the aims for our guild. <What are we looking for?> We need Healers for our F/Sat group for mythic EN. And we need 1 tank and ranged dps for Su/M group who will start raiding on the 23rd. <Raid information> F/Sat - Raid days: Friday - Saturday Raid Times: 8pm - 11pm Server (9pm - 12am EST, 6pm - 9pm PST, 7pm - 10pm MST) Su/M - Raid days: Sunday - Monday Raid Times: 9pm - 12am Server (10pm - 1am EST, 7pm - 10pm PST, 8pm - 11pm MST) Loot Rules: Loot Council. <What type of guild is this?> The best way to classify Commit Sudoku is casually hardcore. What I mean by this is we have a light schedule and we are more laid back than a hardcore guild would be, but we take progression and player skill seriously. <What is Commits Sudoku aiming for?> We want to progress through the raid content comfortably with the main goal to clear heroic, and maybe some mythics; while having fun and raiding with a relaxed group of people. <What do we expect of raiders?> We expect four things. The first one being showing up to raid on time, or telling us before hand if you can’t make it or you’ll be late. Second, raiders being raid ready; meaning you come to raids with flasks, personal food, and gemmed and enchanted. Third, having full knowledge of your class and current raid tier. Fourth, staying positive during raid; We understand that wiping sucks, but during progression wipes will happen. But staying focused and positive will keep moral up and keep you from being on tilt for the fight. <Other information> We want Commit Sudoku to have good teamwork and cohesion, while everyone has their own personality and way of thinking; we know people will clash and have differing opinions. We only ask that you understand other people's point of view, and can put opinions to the side and work together for the sake of progression and enjoyment of the game. We also understand that not everyone is at the skill level they should be, and instead of just throwing them to the wayside. We have many veterans players that are willing to sit down and help you improve on whatever problems you’re having in the game.Droxed55 Dec 10
Dec 9 <Sector Four>Late Night/Weekend Updated 12/3/2016 Current Needs -------------- Death Knight - Closed Demon Hunter - Closed Druid - Boomkin Hunter - Highly Needed Mage - Low Priority Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Closed Priest - all Specs Rogue - Low Priority Shaman - Elemental - Resto Warlock - all Specs Warrior - Arms - Fury We are looking for skilled players that can make our raid times and want to push progression. If your class/spec is not listed as needed, feel free to apply if you feel like we could benefit from having you on our team. Guild Information ----------------- Server - Mal'Ganis(US) - PVP Raid Times: Friday - 11pm - 2am server time. Saturday - 11pm - 2am server time. Invites go out at 10:45pm server time. We are a late night/weekend guild that was formed at the start of Legion. What We Expect of You --------------------- Applicants are expected to have gear appropriate to the content we are clearing. Applicants are expected to have extensive knowledge of their class. Applicants are expected to be on time and present for all raids. (We understand life gets in the way sometimes, just let us know and as long as it's not a constant issue everything will be fine.) If you would like to discuss applying to Sector Four and you meet the above criterion, you can contact ßràd or feraah in game or look on our website (Work in Progress). You can also add me to real ID MicDundee#1433. Thank you for your time and consideration.ßràd3 Dec 9
Dec 9 892 Equip Rdruid LF mythic progression guild 892 Equip Rdruid, 7/7m 1/3m. Have logs on request, Just xfered from alliance after guild disbanded. Prefer later raid times Shady#12673Oakiedoakie3 Dec 9
Dec 9 <ez> looking to merg or absord another guild! <ez> is looking to form a merger with another guild, we have about 12 members that are 870-885 in item level with 7/7 heroic and 1/7 mythic exp! Looking for like minded people with similar raid times between 9pm-1am CST (server) (will be willing to negotiate new raid times/days if needed). For more information, please add my Battle Tag Solo#1470Nohugs6 Dec 9
Dec 9 <Sovereign> Recruiting for Mythic Raids <Sovereign> is currently recruiting. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that focus on downing bosses. Currently (7/7H) (3/3 ToV). We recently hit a road block with attendance, and is now recruiting for raid spots with our team to push 20m Mythic, and prepare for upcoming contents. Our team consist of players that get along well with the same goal to down bosses and progress together. We provide repairs, food, flasks for all our raiders. Our schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10:30pm-1:30(CST). In need of 875+ healers and a few strong dps to complete our mythic raid team. Please contact Beastpaw-Mal'Ganis ingame for more information or simply just reply and I will get back to you. You can also visit Thank you for readingBeastpaw0 Dec 9
Dec 9 [H] <Rise> 5/7M 2/3H LFM Mal'Ganis EST We are a group of professional people that have been playing games together for over a decade. We believe we can have competitive progression raids without the extensive raid times many other guilds have. <Rise> has been described as the “most casual progression guild.” We are low-key, and efficient with a silly side. We are currently 5/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor and we are looking to bolster our core numbers. We are on Mal’Ganis-US; if you are reading this from another server and are curious about transferring feel free to contact us. Recruiting
 We are currently looking for all kinds of DPS and healers. 
Raid Times Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9PM to 12AM EST Loot System We use a hybrid loot council system where each week a different raid member becomes a part of the council and can help be apart of the decisions made. We use RCLootCouncil to track votes and loot history. Addons We use the following addons for our raids: DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs oRA3 RCLootCouncil Logs You can view the performance of our raids here: Contact If you are interested, please contact us. We can also arrange to speak with you on our Discord. Leo#1289 Omit#1911 Ryten#1695 Zykes#1649Zykes0 Dec 9
Dec 9 <Evil Intent> Late night Horde LF all roles Evil Intent is a late night raiding guild that is looking for all classes and specs going forward in Legion. We are currently 7/7H 1/7 M and 3/3 N. We are interested in friendly players that enjoy raiding, pvp, mythic plus runs or just generally enjoy a social aspect to the game. We use Discord for all our chat features and would require anyone interested to download it. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 11pm - 2am Server time. we also have an optional alt raid on Sunday for those interested at the same time. If you have any questions at all regarding our guild, or are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me any time. Bnet Tag: Cryptnessism#1144 Discord: Fayt#9864 Email: Evilintent256@gmail.comFayte0 Dec 9
Dec 9 <Epic Warfare>LF All Casual 7/7N 1/7H Epic Warfare is a newly formed guild on Mal'Ganis that values working adults, current students, military members, and any person that is crunched for time in their life. We raid Saturday 7-11 EST, and we aim for Normal, and Heroic. We are not a Mythic raid seeking guild, but we do work our way through content at a fast pace rate. We are seeking all players of every level for our guild, as we not only take raiders, but social players as well. Please PM myself, or in game you can contact furcifer. Hope to see you on our guild roster.Yìchow0 Dec 9
Dec 8 874 Prot Warrior - LF Raiding Guild Contact: Coltraine#1705 Armory: Alliance Warrior: Horde Warrior: Name: Coltraine Server: Kil'Jaeden & Sen'jin *Wanting to Transfer* Faction: Alliance & Horde MS/OS: Alliance Warrior: Protection / Arms & Fury Horde Warrior: Protection Logs: *First link is my 876 Alliance Warrior. Second link is 864 Horde Warrior.* Alliance Warrior: Horde Warrior: Availability: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday - available all times. Wedsnesday - 10am-3pm PST Thursday and Friday - Unavailable! About Me: I am a retired, hardcore raider looking to take a more semi-casual approach to raiding. I bring a team based, positive mind set to raid with me every day of progression and embrace constructive criticism. I have experience dating back to ICC 25H, through Cataclysm, Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and now Legion. My preferred role is to tank, even though I main Protection, I also have past raid experience playing both Arms and Fury on a high level. I, in the past, have also played all five original tank classes, Warrior, Paladin, Druid, Monk, and Death Knight, in a raid setting. I come to raid prepared and on time, making punctuality and readiness one of my assets. I learn encounters and mechanics quickly and am always studying boss fights. I am always seeking ways to improve my performance, increase my character's overall power, and in what avenues I can add any utility for the greater good of my raid team. For any further questions I can be contacted on Battle Net - Coltraine#1705Coltraine0 Dec 8
Dec 8 <Procella Oculus> recruiting for Mythics <Procella Oculus> 7/7 heroic 3/3 normal is recruiting to built a solid 20 + person roster for mythic raiding. We are in search of 3-4 active DPS( 1 ret and alot of ranged) and 1 healer (druid or shamy preferred). All recruits should have experience similar to our progress or higher and be item level 867 or higher. Raid times are 8:00-10:30 server Tuesday and Thursday with a fun run @ 5 pm server on SundayBigdoss2 Dec 8
Dec 8 LF1 Healer Mythic il'gynoth - 8est Tonight Like the title says. we have a healers who will be missing next couple of raids due to exams. We are looking for some healers who are willing to progress on the fight and hopefully get it down tonight. We have made it to phase 2 outside and just have to work on cleaning that up a bit and the boss is down. If you are interested please contact me via bnet. I should be on an hour before raid we can talk and hopefully get you in group for the kill! bnet: Ripshot#1242 - IGN(RipshotBH) Touczz#1764 - IGN(Touczz) MrMcGibblett#1865 - IGN(calcifer)Calcîfér0 Dec 8
Dec 8 [H] <Rise> 5/7M 2/3H LFM Mal'Ganis EST We are a group of professional people that have been playing games together for over a decade. We believe we can have competitive progression raids without the extensive raid times many other guilds have. <Rise> has been described as the “most casual progression guild.” We are low-key, and efficient with a silly side. We are currently 5/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare and 2/3 Heroic Trial of Valor and we are looking to bolster our core numbers. We are on Mal’Ganis-US; if you are reading this from another server and are curious about transferring feel free to contact us. Recruiting
 We are currently looking for all kinds of DPS, but exceptional players for other roles would definitely be considered. 
Raid Times Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9PM to 12AM EST Loot System We use a hybrid loot council system where each week a different raid member becomes a part of the council and can help be apart of the decisions made. We use RCLootCouncil to track votes and loot history. Addons We use the following addons for our raids: DeadlyBossMods or BigWigs oRA3 RCLootCouncil Logs You can view the performance of our raids here: Contact If you are interested, please contact us. We can also arrange to speak with you on our Discord. Leo#1289 Omit#1911 Ryten#1695 Zykes#1649Zykes0 Dec 8
Dec 8 <Takeout> 4/7M 2/3H 2 Night Raid Times T/TH 8:30pm-12pm Server. We are currently interested in a 870+ Shadow Priest for our core. <Takeout> is a progression guild with competitive raid spots, so all exceptional players will be considered. Contact me in-game or here.Tastemaker2 Dec 8
Dec 8 WTB Mythic 15 carry. Title and prices please.Shelbo1 Dec 8
Dec 8 880 Boomie 5/7M LF Active Mythic Guild Who am i ? 880 Boomie 5/7 Mythic 3/3 Heroic, will always be on time with pots flasks and consumables, willing to listen and contribute and i will strive to be competitive with the right opportunity. i can't keep up with my current guild schedule. What am i looking for? 2-3 nights a week. looking for progression not looking to degress,Looking for leadership that actually leads, an active guild that doesn't only login to raid and that does constant mythic+ doesn't waste time between pulls or carry bads, if your guild is made of clicks that don't welcome people please don't even talk to me. Available Anytime except Thursday/Friday nights and not available Saturday. Add me: Criticals#1671 Logs: My dps will shoot through the roof once i acquire my helm. Dec 8
Dec 7 875 boomkin, exp raider LF Guild to raid Have 875 boomkin, 7/7h 3/3tov. I'm looking a night raiding guild. From10-1 cst server would be great. My current guild is falling apart on my Druid and no longer making progression. Pls reply with ur btag so I can get in touch with someone. I just had no idea what other guilds out there raiding around 10 pm server so this is my best shot, hopefully someone will reply with some guidance. Thanks for readingFelglaives5 Dec 7
Dec 7 870 Rogue LF Guild Looking for a semi-hardcore guild that wants to push mythic and mythic+ preferably weekdays and looking for a fun community to do it with you can mail me or message me on BNET-Mcapano#1167Kàneki8 Dec 7
Dec 7 2/7M exp Disc Priest I just swapped mains from my rogue ( where I got 2/7M with 4% wipes on Ursoc experience. I'm looking for a guild that raids some time from Monday-Friday. Also would like a guild that enjoys pushing mythic plus in their off time. I understand with my Ilvl jumping back into a Mythic raid might not happen but getting my Ilvl up to that point wont take long. Here's logs from a heroic pug. ( Contact me at Juicebox#1154Gallias18 Dec 7
Dec 7 Prot Pally Lf Raiding Guild Pref late night, I can be ret as well but the set is not quite there. ThanksPraxeom0 Dec 7
Dec 7 <Keystone> 7/7H 3/3N Recruiting for Mythic! <Keystone> (7/7H, 3/3N) is recruiting for our Mythic EmN and Heroic ToV progression. Located on Mal'Ganis (CST) we raid three days a week T/W/Th from 5-8pm ST (6-9EST, 3-6PST) Our current needs: Healers Holy Paladin Holy Priest Restoration Druid (potentially) Damage Mage Warlock Hunter Feral Druid Rogue TL;DR I'm not going to sit here and spout you off a bunch of "expectations" for what we want from you or what you should expect from us. What I would like to do is chat on discord or via battle net about you as a raider and what you want, and what we as a guild can offer. We are a friendly group of people who want like minded individuals to play the game with! Please feel free to add me on Bnet @ Blinknasty#1949Mosfett0 Dec 7
Dec 7 ilvl 857 ret pally looking for guild Hey, im looking for a group of players to start raiding with. My only raid expirence is puging 5/7 normal, but I am willing to put in the work to improve as fast as possible. I have a flexiable schedule.Sindreys6 Dec 7
Dec 7 880 Enh Looking for a raiding guild. Hello! I'm currently looking to join a late night raiding guild, preferably progressing through mythic content. I'm currently 7/7H and 1/7M. I can make any night, with time starts around 8-9cst. Logs: hit me up in game or my btag Holland#1835Shibaz5 Dec 7
Dec 7 [H] <Burly Boys> Looking for Core Raid Mbrs We are currently 2/7 Mythic EN and 2/3 H ToV. We raid on Monday and Wednesday 10 PM to 1 AM server time. We are looking for DPS of all classes fill core raid spots. We have a casual atmosphere, but still would like to progress at a solid rate, while still having fun. Feel free to ask any questions. <Nauk#1531>Naukz5 Dec 7