Feb 20, 2015 <No Action Bars> 7/10h 2/7m 2 day guild Basic Information Guild: No Action Bars - Faction: Horde Server: Mal'ganis (Normal/CST) Battlegroup: Stormstrike Current Progression Blackrock - 7/10h Highmaul - 7/7H Highmaul - 2/7M Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm. We will raid Monday 8pm-11pm if the entire group agrees for a close boss fight, this day is completely optional. If you are interested in earning a raid spot with us please feel free to apply on our guild website and we will get back to you in a timely manner. All Exceptional Apps will be considered regardless of our current needs. Current Needs Everything Contacts Krixus#1381 - Guild Master - Ranged officer Pasidious#1105 - Raid LeaderPasidious1 Feb 20, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 [A] <Edge> Recruiting Immediate core spots available! We are currently in search of raiders that have that itch, drive, and determination to pull together and become an elite guild within the US! Apply here: (under construction) Guild Name: <Edge> Faction: Alliance Realm (US): Korgath Raid Times: T/Wed/Th 730pm-1030pm CST Progression: 8/10H Current needs: Tank: Closed Melee dps: Rogue, Ret, WW (or exceptional dps) Ranged dps: Open Healers: Open Expectations We expect from people: Dedication to the guild. This is the most fundamental expectation we have. If done correctly this really encompasses everything we could possibly ask of you. 1) Attitude: if you aren't willing to put the time and dedication to pull your own weight, we don't want you. 2) Capability: Some people are not cut out for hardcore progression, this is not the place for you. 3) Dedication: We will be raiding 3 nights a week. If you are not willing to fully dedicate your time and effort to us for these 3 nights, we are not going to waste our time lugging people around on our back. A positive and respectful attitude. Nobody wants to play with the brooding doom and gloom guy (or girl) who only ever sees the negative in everything. Having a positive attitude makes for a more enjoyable and fun environment for everyone. If interested please feel free to contact us here, our website, or add our Battle Tags: Tivy#1762 - OnkOnk (Melee) Azræil#1520 - Azræil (Ranged) Wiggiiles#1973 - Wiggiiles (Healers) thatEODguy#1666 - Shasmic (RL)Shasmic1 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 <No Action Bars> 3/10h 2/7m 2 day guild Basic Information Guild: No Action Bars - Faction: Horde Server: Mal'ganis (Normal/CST) Battlegroup: Stormstrike Current Progression Blackrock - 3/10h Highmaul - 7/7H Highmaul - 2/7M Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm. We will raid Monday 8pm-11pm if the entire group agrees for a close boss fight, this day is completely optional. If you are interested in earning a raid spot with us please feel free to apply on our guild website and we will get back to you in a timely manner. All Exceptional Apps will be considered regardless of our current needs. Current Needs Everything Contacts Krixus#1381 - Guild Master - Ranged officer Pasidious#1105 - Raid LeaderPasidious8 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 GDKP runs... I only recently resubscribed, but I remember the good old days of GDKP runs in ICC -- does anyone still run GDKP here on Mal'Ganis?Valustria2 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 LF Leatherworker to craft me a windscale hood The title says it all. if anyone has the windscale hood so I can transmog, let me know . Add Klitarsaur in game and we'll talk price.Klitarsaur3 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 <Defying Gravity> 3/10H 1/7M Recruiting all Defying Gravity of Mal'ganis looking for great players for Raiding positions, PvP teams, and social members. We are currently in need of a few exceptional players as we push through Blackrock Foundry. While we encourage players of any class to apply, our highest needs right now are: ---Tank--- 1 tank (MT is monk). ---Healer--- Resto Shaman MW Monk ---DPS--- Unholy DK Ret Pally Mage (any spec) Shaman (any spec) Warlock (any spec) Shadow Priest Raid times: Monday / Wednesday / Thursday : 10:15 pm CST -> 12:15 am CST (server time) Ideal candidates would be at least ilevel 655, know their classes inside and out, and be at least 20 years old and drama-free. We expect our raiders to have exceptional attendance records and are interested in players who will help the guild move forward as a cohesive unit. If all of that sounds great to you, then you should put in an application to join us. We are always looking for skilled and dedicated players regardless of class, so if you don't see your class listed as open for recruitment, do not hesitate to put in an application. We will look over your application as soon as possible (usually within the same day) and one of the officers will post on your application as soon as we have a chance to review it. Social recruitment is open for all mature individuals who wish to have a permanent home in game. About Defying Gravity: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, aiming for Mythic, that is looking to branch out into PvP, and accepting more social recruits for casual raiding, old content runs, and a respected guild community. The guild has been around in some form or another for about 5 years. With the upcoming expansion we are looking to expand our community, and make the guild the best it has ever been. What does Defying Gravity offer you? -A place to call home in World of Warcraft, while many aspects of the game have become more soloable, the basis of the game was built on the idea of playing with others -A guild that will treat you with respect and where your opinion will be heard. Ideas to improve the guild are always welcome -A guild where you can grow as a player, and help to create a respected Guild on the server What is asked of you: -For Mythic raiders, a solid idea of raiding, with good experience, and a willingness to improve. -The desire to be social within the guild, we are a community of players that are all here for love of some aspect of the game -Drive to be a good person, who helps others, and be the best they can be -People who are looking to progress and grow within the guild over a long period of time If interested Apply online @ Message an officer in game if you have any questions. Glitterpole, Oreøz, Shuhao, Warbourne, or Tanadra. Glitterpole's Btag : Xzün#1966 (GM) Oreøz's Btag : Preciøsa#1310 (GM)Tanadra8 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Twink Guilds ^^ Any active twink guilds out there?Ashanë0 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 MW Lf Weekend raiding guild LF a Friday/Saturday weekend raiding guild to join, add me on btag, (Redeath#1163), msg me in game if i'm on, or post in the thread for contactStabegabe2 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Lf 2's wins LF someone to buy 2's wins to buy, looking to buy ar ound 40-50 wins at 100g eachVaníela1 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 . Dead thread.Genozid34 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 [H-Mal'Ganis] LFM T/W/TH 7-10 CST Lumpy Nards are currently recruiting exceptional players to push WoD mythic content. We are currently open to all talented players. Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7-10 PM CST (Server). Loot is distributed via Loot Council! Must have high attendance and roughly 665+ item level. For inquiry add Rob#1804 or Kbuns#1270. Led by talented and experienced raiders. Progression 1/7 Mythic 9/10 Normal 3/10 Heroic Recruiting 6 MDPS/RDPS Recruiting 2 Healers (MW or Resto Sham & Holy Pally). Thank you for your time. Please add Rob#1804 or Kbuns#1270.Rob5 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 671 Hunter/667 mw monk LF Sat/Sun Guild Surv Hunter (671) hunter or (667) ww Monk/Mw (664) looking for mythic raid group. I had pass heroic experience on both my monk and hunter (thurick). I did a lot of heroics on my hunter in cata and some in mop on my monk I then quit due to not enjoying the mop xpac and now i am back. Looking to get a raid group that can raid ON SAT/SUN (ANYTIME AFTER 1PM MST) OR anywhere in the TIMES of 1PM-8PM REALM TIME and NO LATER or EARLIER on days other then SAT/SUN. I CANT stay up after 8PM REALM TIME (MON-FRI) due to my job. Thanks for looking! Thurick#1243 add me for more info Thanks! :)Thurick8 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Anyone like watching streams? Just trying to get this streaming bit going, come hang if you like! is the link! Be sure to say hello. :) Thanks!Katokal0 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 <Rising Tide> (7/7H,8/10N) recruiting! <Rising Tide> is a Warlords of Draenor guild forged by longtime raiders from Vanilla and Burning Crusade. 7/7 AotC and 8/10N Blackrock, we are eager for new, core raid members to push us into swift heroic Blackrock raiding. We are looking for individuals who are competent and always striving to improve themselves, but offer an environment that promotes the fun of the game and a healthy understanding for the conflicts of real life. We are currently recruiting: - 1-2 Melee DPS, preference to Ret - Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman, Hunter, We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8:30-11 server. Contact Breakthrough#1659 or Pioneer#1343 on, or speak to Silicà, Democritus, or Vyrel in game to learn more!Democritus20 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 17, 2015 Mid Afternoon Weekend Raiding Guild Fallen Few has just recently changed from a casual guild to semi-hardcore. This is an adult guild looking to raid in our spare time during the weekends. We are a bunch of skilled and determined players who want to progress as a guild through end game content. We enjoy downing bosses and getting gear just as much as having a good time while doing so. Once we have established a core group we will be using EPGP for loot. We're interested in additional skilled players seeking to see end game content with us. Requirements: We only raid 2 days a week therefore raid attendance is mandatory for all core raiders. We are seeking player 660+ Be on top of you class! If you are under-preforming you will be asked to step out. Come prepared. We provide food and flasks, but we want you to watch boss videos and be on ahead of Raids. The addons DBM, GTFO, EPGP Lootmaster are required for raiding. Raid times are Saturday and Sunday 10am - 2pm Western Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3pm Mountain Saturday and Sunday 12pm - 4pm Server/central Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 5pm Eastern Current Recruitment Needs as of 02/16/15 are Core: Prefer Non Plate Non Rogue Melee DPS Hunter Healer (Monk, Disc Priest) Backup/bench players Both ranged and melee are needed however we already have some classes we are heavy on. Message any officers online for more info. We welcome any and all casuals Please Message Dreadwarrrior Battletag: Deathwarrior#1757 Shanyka Battletag: Cupecake#1230 Honesymuffin Battletag MaeBouchard#1497 for More info or invite.Shanyka0 Feb 17, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <PBL> EST 2/Nights per Week - WoD PBL is a small guild of friends/coworkers that just want to enjoy the content of wow and play at our leisure. All of us have experience pushing content at the highest level including server firsts and many 'pre nerf' BC kills. None of us care about that anymore. We're looking for 5-6 more people to bring our group to 12-13 for raiding in WoD. Current planned raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 9-11 EST (maybe 8-10 EST depending on how things go). We currently need one tank, one healer and one DPS but have room for all to fill things out. If you're interested, please add me on mastergib#1655Barqz3 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <Bloodfang> recruiting! W/Th 8-11pm server <Bloodfang> is recruiting players for raiding as we continue Blackrock Foundry! We are currently 8/10N BRF, 1/10H BRF, and were 7/7H HM. In the coming weeks we hope to finish off Normal BRF and continue on to Heroic progression. Voice: Ventrilo Raid times: 8-11pm server Wed / Thurs Needs: **Heals** (especially Monk/Druid), as well as some awesome DPS players to fill the ranks (Another lock/mage would be nice). We would like to see a minimum ilvl of 655 in order for you to start raiding, though we would be happy to invite you while you gear up as well. If interested, please whisper or in-game mail one of the following characters: Deathrott, Bwnage, PierzHefaestus1 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <Advance> Mythic Raiding Guild RECRUITING ALL <Advance> is a guild looking for dedicated raiders to do progression in Blackrock Foundry. We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8-11 server time (9-12 EST). Those are the required raid nights. As the guild grows we are planning to have additional raid nights (that are not required) to become a more developed and active guild in the raid environment. This guild was formed recently to have people who are dedicated to raiding to progress in the content of WoD. The raid leader (Dreadshots - ME) has raided for years and has 9/10 Heroic BRF experience and 5/7 Mythic Highmaul experience. Players who join the guild to raid will be promoted to Trial immediately, and after a week to 2 weeks depending on performance, will be promoted to raider. If your performance is not as well as the raid group is as needed, you will stay at trial until we feel your raiding ability is good enough to help us progress. We want a friendly environment in our guild, we will not tolerate any behavior issues on our team. We all pay to play the game and want to have fun together. Though our objective is similar - to be the best we can be as raiders, we also want to have fun as well and keep in mind that this is a game. Anyone is welcome to join the guild - we are not strictly raiders, we welcome anyone who wants to join the guild. Alternates would be fantastic as well. If you cannot make all the times that we have, we can give you an alternate spot for absences of our members. Loot system has not been decided on a definite yet, however it will be either an EPGP loot system or a master loot main spec roll system. Mumble will be the voice communication used for the guild. Any other questions please feel free to ask. My battletag is Hades99#1418.Dreadshots0 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <Ninety Nine Problems> 3/7M 8/10H sucksThunderfûnk5 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 3 Exp Raiders LF Fri-Sat-Sun raid guild A Pally Healer, A Frost DK and a Warlock all 660ilvl LF casual fri, sat, sun raiding guild. As of now 6/7H and 1/10N. Pst me or mail me on Nerrc or SpaghettioosNerrc3 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <Iniquity>9/10HBRF,5/7M,Lf Disc/Caster/Heals Hi, We are looking for skilled like minded players looking for a enjoyable raid environment with friends while also taking it seriously. We don't like to think of raiding as a job but more as friends coming together to accomplish top tier goals on a shorter raiding schedule than other guilds. That being said we expect all of our raiders to be performing at a high level. We are preferring to find people with top tier pre nerf Heroic (Or mythic now) experience. Any past tier raiding experience is a huge plus. We are looking for players who have good awareness while maintaining good dps. Please be 650 + ilevel at least.. Having high end Highmaul exp is a huge plus. Please post on here or add my real Id Capernaum#1930 for more info. I have raided in many top tier guilds including US 6th. Iv been a Gm/RL on and off over the past 8 years. I have consistently been the #1-5th Us top parsing ret for the past 2 years and plan to continue to do so. Raid Times: Tuesday - 7:00pm-11:00pm PST Wednesday - 7:00pm-11:00pm PST Thursd- 7:00pm-11:00pm PST Progression: 9/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry 5/7 Mythic Highmaul Class Needs: Healers - DISC (HIGH IMMEDIATE NEED) Mistweaver Resto Shaman Or any healer with good qualifications ! Dps - Mage (HIGH NEED) Shadowpriest (Medium) Lock (HIGH)Caperx30 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 <No Action Bars> 5/10h 2/7m 2 day guild Basic Information Guild: No Action Bars - Faction: Horde Server: Mal'ganis (Normal/CST) Battlegroup: Stormstrike Current Progression Blackrock - 5/10h Highmaul - 7/7H Highmaul - 2/7M Raid Times are Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm. We will raid Monday 8pm-11pm if the entire group agrees for a close boss fight, this day is completely optional. If you are interested in earning a raid spot with us please feel free to apply on our guild website and we will get back to you in a timely manner. All Exceptional Apps will be considered regardless of our current needs. Current Needs Everything Contacts Krixus#1381 - Guild Master - Ranged officer Pasidious#1105 - Raid LeaderPasidious4 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 LF HBRF Guild (Potential Transfer) Hey looking to raid on my mage who is currently only 660 ilevel. Deciding to switch mains for a change of pace from my DK (was 673). I have AOTC, 1/7M, 9/10 normal BRF, and 5/10 heroic BRF across these 2 characters. Willing to consider raid times. If your guild application is longer than a job application I'm not interested; this is a game. Contact in-game at Killswitch#1408Yipez0 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 16, 2015 Arms Warrior LF PVP Guild Looking for a PVP guild to do rated BG's with. Maybe some arena's too. Thank you!Pepinho0 Feb 16, 2015
Feb 15, 2015 [H] Looking 4 Morning rading guild Sup im looking 4 a morning raiding guild to run with not looking for a hardcore guild just 1 that fits my hours, any day is good mon - fri just nees to be morning for .... HMUShinlee0 Feb 15, 2015
Feb 15, 2015 LF active alliance PvP guild Resto/balance druid needing an active pvp guild for things such as rbgs, bgs, arenas and world pvp.Smithnwessên0 Feb 15, 2015
Feb 14, 2015 661 ENH shaman (or holy pally) & 652 MAGE LFG I'll start this off by saying that the mage is 652 ilvl but currently has like a 589 trinket and 3 other pieces that are 630s from heroics so the ilvl will skyrocket with a few pieces. .-. The shaman (me) also has a 662 holy pally that they can play although I'd really prefer to DPS this expac. For some history, the mage is a former raid leader and I'm a former ranged DPS/heal lead/officer. We've both been playing this game since around the beginning of BC and are pretty dedicated as far as progression goes. Our schedules are very open, meaning we can raid most days of the week. We're located on the west coast and would like later raids, preferably starting at 8ish pst. (11PM EST or 10PM CST) Brianna#1770 if you're interested in 2 more nerds in your guild.Dove2 Feb 14, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 <Aftershock> Daytime Raiding <Aftershock> Horde-Mal'Ganis Currently offering Weekday Daytime Raiding. Our guild aided our members in reaching 7/7 Normal and Heroic Highmaul and many of us received at least 1/7 mythic Highmaul. We are in need of exceptional players to be part of a winning team. Who we are: We are adults who understand the reality of life, many of us work from home, work night shift, or otherwise have relaxed work policies that allow us to play all day at work - life comes before gaming but that shouldn't stop us from raiding and progressing like any other hardcore guild; we have brought life to a whole new style of raiding which we target as socially hardcore, we have a very strong social detail of our guild which you may or may not choose to take part in; Raiding should be fun not a chore, we want to make sure every member enjoys themselves - no one enjoys wiping for 4 hours straight. Raid times: Slight spill-over is possible depending on needs Wednesday - 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Thursday - 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Friday - 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Optional and based off previous days progression Recruitment needs: Tanks: STANDBY ONLY (exceptional players always welcome) DPS: Exceptional players always welcome Death Knight - low Mage - low Hunter - medium Rogue - medium Warlock - high Shaman - high Druid - high Warrior - high Paladin - high Monk - high Priest - low Healers: Paladin - high Shaman - high Mistweaver - medium Druid - STANDBY ONLY Priest - STANDBY ONLY Bench policy: We will never hold the raid back for one person failing to perform - we will give everyone the chance we can and understand that people have to learn the fights. Coaching will be done privately and gently - players will be given chances to improve. We expect players to know their class inside and out and come prepared. We will strive to be a drama free guild and help one another where we can. Most importantly were here to play a game and have fun. Always keep that in mind. Will update this thread as things change. For more information contact Me, Neophyte (Xylorg#1234) anytimeNeophyte3 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 <Omnipotent> LFM for Mythic @ 7/7H / 1/7M HM <Omnipotent> is a two year old progression oriented guild recruiting for WOD mythic raiding (casuals also welcome). We have a lot of experienced players and our goal is to get into mythic as soon as possible. We are looking for committed players to fill our current few missing gaps. Contact me if you have any questions (buellers#1706). Thank you ---------------- We raid 3 days a week: 7:00-10:00PM server (Mal'Ganis) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday ---------------- Progression: 7/7 Heroic HM - 1/7 Mythic HM ---------------- Currently looking for skilled players as follows: DK(DPS) Druid(B/R) Warlock Rogue Monk(WW) ---------------- About us: we do not require applications (open recruitment with trial period) EPGP loot system (fresh reset for WOD) we are looking for exceptional players with a proven old school HM experience (only mature players) must be comfortable being benched for raid composition (we provide a stream) we hold our members to high standards, but also have fun (sense of humor required) looking for players who have a good attitude, are very knowledgeable about their class/specs, and are looking for a long term home vent, showing up on time, showing up ready (all mandatory)Buellerkhan38 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 661 Disc and 650 Druid tank My son and I want to raid together and are looking for a Tuesday and Thursday night raid guild with a third night possible if needed. The times that we are looking for are 630 or later server to 10 or sooner server. Anything in them times would be perfect. My son likes to tank and I have years of disc experience. We don't care if we have to sit the bench as fill in players at first to earn our core spots. I have been playing since launch 10 years ago and raiding for most of that time so I understand how things work. My tag is "Muzzi#1252" hit me in game if interestedMüzzi0 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 You guys need to que up ashran more We like spankin that horde azZ. So EZ PZLazy2 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 <Chronicle> endgame Recruiting 3/10H BRF <Chronicle> is a hardcore raiding guild located on Horde-Mal’ganis. We are currently 3/10H Blackrock Foundry, and looking to make a push in Warlords of Draenor Raiding schedule. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM server time Recruitment needs. - Mistweaver monk - high. - Holy paladin - High. -Disc/holy Priest - High. We are seeking a few dps and a soild main tank for our core raid group. please apply at our website http://www.ChronicleGuild.netEnixmax0 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 <Forerunners> Recruiting for BRF Need All We are recruiting for BRF progression. We are 6/7 Heroic Highmaul and 3/10 N BRF. We recently lost alot of members and need to fill many spots. We are looking for 1 Tank, 3 Healers, 3 RDPS and 1 MDPS. Looking for some competent raiders looking for a home. If interested message Archonite, Johncandy, Mistysky or Hastalavist for more info.Johncandy1 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 671 Prot pally LF guild 671 Protection paladin 7/7H 1/7M HM cleared looking for new guild to progress BRF with. Raids times must be 8pm Server or later can raid late night. Add yozosmokin#1255 or whisper pokerofsmot in game for questions.Pokerofsmot8 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 [H] Late night raiders LFM for progression. Evolucao is looking for more for late night raiding, M/W/F 10:30 to 1:30. We want to work BRF M/W/ and do HM on Fridays. We recently transfer to this server and have more members coming over. We need mostly tanks and some DPS, we have good healers but could always use more. We want to run Mythic once we get a solid 20. Guild leadership has been around since BC. Vent is required and there is a lot of adult conversation that happens in vent. Looting is normal master loot rolling, no form of DKP. We will also take non raiders that want to just hang out. Please respond to these forums or add Fallenfister#1862 in game.Moredakkadak0 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 661 R Druid LF BRF Raid Guild Heroic HM AoTC killed mythic Kargath on my lock (big deal??) LF raid guild EST times between 8pm-11pm 2-3 nights a week.. will consider sunday nights but Fri/Sat is a no go currently pugged 4/10 normal Blackrock on monday before reset.. Leave some info and i will contact ThxTreetophots4 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 Returning Player LF Mature Guild I'm returning to WoW after a couple years break. I'm looking for a relaxed and mature guild to hang out with while I level up my toons and ease back into raiding. When I do start raiding I would be available Sun, Mon, Tues or Wed but not both. I have a 90 Priest, 90 Monk, 87 Rogue, and I'm currently leveling a Mage. If accepted into a guild I would just focus on whatever class the guild needs the most. Thanks in advance for any offers.Nekrataal3 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 Holy pally LF a morning time raid guild I am a holy pally who just came back to the game after leaving after ToT. I have experience from classic til ToT as raiding in prot and holy as well as my mage. is a link to some of my old videos and you can check how early my ToT achievs were. I have raid lead as well, but that is not really what I am after. I am looking for more of a laid back casual morning time group. If there are no morning time guilds on this server, but some other like minded individuals; I would be interested in starting a new group. I am a dedicated theorycrafting player, and I love to just have fun goof off and kill bosses. Thanks for your time hit me up in game battletag yourdaddy#1318Zapowah3 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 12, 2015 <Oy Dey Fightin> 7/7 Heroic is Recruiting! About Us Hello everyone, <Oy Dey Fightin> is seeking new recruits for progression through Blackrock Foundry to be released on February 3rd! We are a foster home for former hardcore raiders, and we are looking to progress at a semi-serious rate. We are presently reorganizing our raid dates and are willing to work with your schedule moving forward. We want to raid 3 nights a week with a potential alt night. Additionally, we plan on running Blackrock Foundry with two groups of at least 10, so we have a solid roster all getting loot and getting prepared for mythic. EDIT: While raid days are negotiable, the time they start is not. We are late night raiders due to some Pacific Coasters on our core team. What we Need Holy Priest Dedicated tanks (need 2) (not warrior) Fury/Arms warrior Rogue Frost/Unholy DK We are open to more classes and roles, but be aware the classes on this list are priority and non-listed classes may be benched occasionally. We offer a friendly and jovial raiding environment - we like to clown around a lot, but we are serious during progression when we need to be. If you are interested, please add the battletag Ariantaris#1294, or add Arbaris#1280 (another one of our officers), respond to this forum post, or whisper me in game on "Ariaantaris". I look forward to meeting you! [b][/b]Ariaantaris35 Feb 12, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 675 MW 9/10N LF RAID TEAM hashtag#1976Compellent4 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 683 ilvl hunter 6/7M HM 7/10H BRF LF guild LF a guild that raids on weekdays. Can't do fridays, saturdays, or sundays. Battletag - Sterkte#1615 Highmaul logs - Foundry logs - Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 <ELITE> Recruiting for H BRF <ELITE> Is looking for TANK, DPS, and HEALER for BRF raid Team 660+ only. Fri, Sat 730-1130pm Server Time.Peabot2 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 <Juggernaut> 7/7H recruiting healers Juggernaut is an old group of hardcore raiders who have come back to have some fun with this expansion. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10pm server and will likely go down to just Tuesday night when BRF is on farm. Our focus is not on Mythic progression, but getting a group organized to pick off some of the bosses isn't out of the question. We're looking for healers that have had a good amount of raiding experience but aren't necessarily looking to devote the amount of time needed to really be on the cutting edge of progression. We're a very easy going bunch, but we do like to come prepared and perform well. If this interests you message me at Paragon#1532 or tell/mail Parawon in game.Parawon8 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 Raid Leader needed! HEY! You there! With the face! Are you looking for a new guild? One full of people you can boss around? If so, <Struggle Cuddle> May be the guild for you! Who are we? We are a group of (mostly) former competitive raiders who have decided to take a slower pace in Azeroth. We all have a very dark sense of humor, but we also are extremely supportive of each other. We text each other, Snapchat, Instagram, and of course, guild chat. What do we do? We raid, usually sucessfully. We just like spending time together. We also PvP together through arenas and random battlegrounds (And we've even gotten ourselves into a few rated battlegrounds!) When do we raid? Mostly Tues/Thurs 9pm-Midnight CST, although impromptu runs are not unheard of. Where? Horde Mal'Ganis is the place to be! Why is <SC> so cool? Well, Nay wanted to create a place where people could log on, enjoy a video game, and just have fun. Blizzard does a pretty good job of creating enjoyable content. We like to enjoy it on our own terms. and we love every moment of it. What do you need in a raid leader? Well, you have to have a smokin' hot body. And you need to have a sexy voice, since you'll be doing call-outs in Vent. Also, knowledge of the fights is a must. Because, ya know, you're leading us. And don't be a %#%@%##@. There is a difference between cursing infront of/with us and cursing at us. We weed out jerks. So just don't be one. Reply if you have any questions! TL;DR : I like cuddling. If you do too, JOINNayelie3 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 <Sinister Six> recruiting for H & M BRF Prog <sinister six> is in need of good dedicated players to help us progress throughout BRF. raid times are 10:30 - 1:30 tues/thurs/mon server currently in need of 1 healer (Resto shamman pref) 1 tank (paladin pref) and 8 dps (WW and lock pref, also Boomkin) rest any. We are a little light on melee dps atm so melee is more pref. We currently run around 10-12 raid group when everyone shows up and want to fill for mythics. Add my battle tag ShaQuiQui#1196 for more info or if you see us recruiting in game message one of would love to have you. All are welcome!! ^_^Tîtanîa0 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 11, 2015 thinking of coming to this server i am wondering how active this server is raid wiseNaturalust3 Feb 11, 2015
Feb 10, 2015 680 Hunter 6/7 mythic hm LF raiding guild Preferably Sunday-Mondays-Tuesdays maybe wednesday raid time, but can work with your schedule, as long as its mostly early in the week. Looking for a guild of similarly skilled players, at least/around 5/7 mythic pleaseCandle2 Feb 10, 2015
Feb 10, 2015 [H] 668 Blood DK LF guild Server isn't an issue. Available raid days are nights Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed (pref only 2 weekdays). Looking for a mature guild with a fun raiding environment that is aiming for mythic. I'm currently 5/10 N in BRF and 7/7 H HM and looking for a guild on heroic BRF/mythic HM progression. Currently looking for a guild because I can no longer make the raid times of my current guild. I am also very interested in CM gold's (never been able to put together a group) and pvp.Broeseidon1 Feb 10, 2015
Feb 10, 2015 <Single Maghar Female> 3/10 H is recruiting! Single Maghar Female is currently 7/7 heroic in Highmaul and 4/10 Heroic in BRF (9/10N). We're looking for folks who will show up on time, be ready to go, work hard at progression, and be capable of taking constructive criticism and always improving their level of play!!!! We raid M/Tues/W 9PM-12 EST Also, we have some girls in the guild so that's p kewl Our website, at which you can apply, is CURRENTLY IN SEARCH OF: -disc priest, resto druid, other GOOD healers ***HEALERS PLZZZZ*** -ranged dps, mainly mages and locks and boomkin -melee dps in the form of an enhance shammy (plz no more rogues omg we have like 8) or plate dps If you aren't one of the above but if you're good PLEASE APPLY :D !!Lorrescence29 Feb 10, 2015
Feb 9, 2015 From Ashe Guild Recruitment we are currently 7/7 N 3/7 H looking to recruit experienced raiders for BRF progression. We raid from 9-12 server time (10-1 EST). We are a semi casual guild looking to progress but still have fun with it. Message me ingame or through mail if you have any questions. Battle Tag is DawgNukem#1412Lioneye0 Feb 9, 2015