Jul 15, 2014 In need of a guild (Horde) Been around for several years and recently transferred to Mal'Ganis from a dying server in hopes of finding a active community. I have multiple toons, My Hunter is the strongest as far as gear is concerned, I also have a ret Pally; resto Shaman. I'm mainly looking for a home to park my toons and actually get some raids accomplished. Also to grow in WoD content when it goes live.. Also a social guild would be great so I can meet new people :) If anyone has need of me let me know here or in game my toons names are Krumor, Doredis, and Chardism. Feel free to message me :)Krumor0 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 15, 2014 will blugatti leave mal'ganis as king? who will dethrone him?ôsebolton0 Jul 15, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 WTB Flex 1-4 carry 1k per boss 2k for garrosh Bringing me and my gf (paying for two, 30k total) Add me WeeKa#1321Boomxa0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 LF Strong Active Guild.....Mal'Ganis Horde Been around....blah blah blah no one cares...... I have multiple toons......My lock is the strongest as far as gear is concerned, My DK is in need of Flex, my Shammalamadingdong is in process of gearing as well. All professions maxed 14/14 LFR lolz 13/14 Flex 13/14 10 man Getting that Garrosh Kill is rough...... Most cant get past siegecrafter...... Im mainly looking for a home to park my toons and actually get some raids accomplished. Also to grow in WoD content when it goes live. I have literally 1 90 of each class, My lock is my main but I do enjoy tanking alot. Also a social guild would be great so I can BS in G Chat on my Android. I've talked with a few people but am still open to ideas.....If anyone has need of me let me know here or in game my DK is Dårthrevan my lock is Cyåegha I will be waitingNycrama0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 WTB Flex 4 I'm looking for Flex 4 carry tonight... Can either be just garrosh or the entire place. I have gold on Mal'ganis Horde, contact me. Nikkifay609#1782Lockette0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 [H]Outrageous 14/14H US#73 LF DPS Originally a 10 man guild, we've switched gears to 25 with WoD on the horizon, and are currently 13/14H. Our main goal right now is not progression, but finding the right players to fill out our roster. We are not currently recruiting any tanks. Should you not see your class or spec listed below do not let it deter you. If you feel that you can perform at or above our current members' performance levels then we welcome you to apply. Just know that you may be asked to re-roll come WoD as we plan to have a diverse roster with the strongest in each class. It is asked that all who apply to have gear proportionate to the content as well as some logs with which to give us a good idea of your performance. Being able to play your off-spec with finesse is also advised. Recruiting needs are as follows: Druid - feral, resto, and boomkin Mages Monk - WW and MW Priest - shadow Rogues Warlocks Warrior - fury and arms Raid schedule Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat 9-12 CST with invites starting at 8:45 We do all recruiting through our website. Fill out an app at: If you have any questions or would like to talk before applying feel free to contact any of us below. Defiance#1250 Sage#1642 Notoriousqed#1591 Luminara#1950Lumiair6 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 14, 2014 WTB Max Conq cap!!! I am looking for someone who has a horde toon on Mal'Ganis but has a geared alliance pvper and will take 15k gold for a 21k conquest cap on an ally toon! If this is of interest to you please add my btag in game! downtime91#1538Sargéras0 Jul 14, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 <THE DRUNKIN MONKEY> 9/14h 10M LF DPS 575+ We are a 10m heroic raid group led a by a 14/14H raid leader We currently are lacking in range dps classes .... Preferably looking for a Mage/lock/boomy/spriest. 575+. We will be forming into a 25m in a few months as soon as we get enough recruitments till fill a 25m roster. We also are accepting other competent players. Pst for more information. Raid times: T, W &Th (10pm - 1am server time) Your are required to be 10 min before raid times and be prepared Flasks and food will be provided Accepting: Fury warrior/tank offspec Mage Spriest/disc offspec Lock Boomkin Requirements: -Legendary Cloak -At least 8/14H experience -575+ -MumbleCither0 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 586 ele sham lf H SOO clear 7/15 Hey so my guild is not raiding the week of the 15th, so I'm looking for a heroic siege run. Full clear only, would prefer one-night but I don't care to do it over 2-3 days so long as we finish. I'm not looking for a new guild at this time I am just trying to make sure that I don't waste my instance reset. My btag is Rastafaree#1362 Thanks and hope to hear back from ya, RastafareeRastafaree0 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 <Artusamak> 10M LF2M Healer and Hunter. Sa/Su <Artusamak> is looking for a Disc priest or non Shaman/Monk Healer and a Hunter for Heroic Progression. Raid times are Sa/Su at 10pm 3 hours CST. We have 1 shot H Norushen in the past. The plan is to get enough players into our guild so we can eventually switch to a roster system come WoD! We are very casual and flexible when it comes to raids but we also focus on progression. I am looking for competent players who are knowledgeable about their class and are looking for a community on which to grow. Raiders will be expected to have reliable systems, reliable means of getting game time and most importantly a good attitude. Not a Priest or Hunter? Throw me a tell anyways and I'll what I can do for you! -RhaetorrenRhaetorren7 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 LF an Active Serious PvP Guild!! Im looking to return to WoW and was lookign for a fresh start. I am looking for a PvP guild for WOD. I do not mind some pve here and there but my main focus is PvP (RBGs, Arena, WPvP) Faction doesnt matter, although I kinda wanna play a dwarf lol Any Guilds like this who are adding to their ranks? ThanksGotçha0 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 Spriest LF Raiding Guild 581 Horde I am a 10/14H Experienced raider. My main is a 581 Shadow priest, I know best, class right now right? I do have a 569 Disc offspec. I would defiantly prefer a heroic raiding guild that is 25M. The raid times I am looking for are 11pm mountain time or later. My main is Mai-Bleeding Hollow I can also be found on Sussuro-Bleeding Hollow or Cuddlywudly-Bleeding Hollow(alliance)Mai2 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 13, 2014 [H] Artusamak <25> Mal'Ganis 13/14N LFM [H] Artusamak <25> Mal'Ganis is looking for skilled players to finish up the expansion and help progress our 10 man group through WoD. Core is still building and is 13/14N, looking to finish up normals asap! Time(s): Fri/Sat 8-12 CST/Server LF: non druid tank a lock/boom/spriest 545 il min! add Phurbie or on Battlenet.Phurbie6 Jul 13, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 582 Hunter looking for a raiding guild 582 item level 11/14 heroic experience, raid days aren't an issue, raid times I'm looking to end around 12:00 PM ESTJösh4 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 6/14H 570 Hunter LF Progression Guild 570 Hunter w/ cloak LF Progression guild. Currently 6/14H with experience on Shamans. Prefer raiding in the evening (730-1130 MST). I also have a friend interested in joining a progression guild who has a 570 Fire Mage, 560 Balance druid and a 535 Mistweaver (he's currently gearing him). Reply here or add me in-game - brokun#1277Sturzen3 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 8/14H Fri-Sun LF Non-Pally Melee DPS <Deadly Militia> is currently recruiting a melee DPS preferably with a tank OS. We are currently full on Paladins but all other melee should apply. Current Roster Tanks: Pally, Druid Heals: Pally, Monk, MS Ele/ OS Resto Shammy* DPS: Priest, Hunter, Mage, Lock, MS Ele/OS Resto Shammy* Prereqs Cloak is highly preferred but not a hard requirement, 570+ item level and heroic experience. Required Addons: EPGP DKP Reloaded, EPGP Loot Master, ORA3 and DBM or the like. Times Friday: 8:15 PM ST invites to 11 PM ST Saturday: 8:15 PM ST invites to 11 PM ST Sunday: 8:15 PM ST invites to 11 PM ST Loot We make use of the EPGP loot system. If you are unfamiliar with it feel free to ask me for a more in-depth explanation but in essence it's a loot council with numbers. Show up and do well receive EP, getting gear adds to your GP. EP divided by GP= Priority. If you have the highest priority (which equates to most effort and lowest amount of gear) you win that shiny item you've been wanting! Applying The best way to get in contact with me is by battletag Antrus#1119 or an in game mail. Please include character(s) name, item level and experience.Antrus8 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 No Action Bars (10/14 HM) No Action Bars (10/14 HM) We are currently recruiting ranged dps (550+) for the second raid group for Mythic, raid times are Tues/Thurs 8-11 ST/mumble is a must. If interested, pst for more info or apply at Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 No Action Bars [10/14HM] Recruiting <No Action Bars> (10/14 HM) We are currently recruiting ranged dps (550+) for the second raid group for Mythic merge. Our raid times will be on Tues/Thurs from 8-11 server. If you are interested in joining us as a raider or just for fun. You can talk to one of the officers, or apply online at Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 577 DK Tank w/ 13/14H xp - 11/14H achieves I recently received a job position that interferes with my current raiding schedule, which pains me as I absolutely loved raiding with my current guild. My new raiding schedule will have to be during the weekend or during the weekdays(morning or afternoon) If you're interested in my tank please give me your website and I'll be more than willing to fill out an application. Specifically I would like a guild that is 9/14H+, but in such a situation I'm extremely reasonable. Contact me via this topic or through my Battletag: Fatman001#1731Roanauk0 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 Death Penalty(25)10 Man-Looking for more! Death Penalty is looking for more! Death Penalty Is a two 10 man raiding guild. We are looking to fill our 2nd 10 man roasters. We are a laid back casual raiding guild that doesn't want you to feel like this is a job. Raid Times Group 1 Tuesday 6:00-10:00/Thursday 6:00-10:00 Group 2 Tuesday 6:30-9:30/Thursday 6:30-9:30 Recruitment Ranged dps Mage 540+ with cloak is a plus. Hunter 540+ with cloak is a plus. Shadow Priest 540+ with cloak is a plus. Ele Shammy 540+ with cloak is a plus. Healers Priest 540+ with cloak is a plus. Resto Druid 540+ with cloak is a plus. MW monk 540+ with cloak is a plus. All Recruitment is Subject to change we can always use back ups and fill in. You can get with Endzz#1313 or pst me in game.Holyyelff3 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 [H] RDruid LF Late Night Raids I'm looking for a heroic group that starts Preff after 11:30pm PST, my work schedule has recently changed and would like to continue raiding this expansion. I've cleared 5/14 currently with Halaa Back Girl (569ilvl) Hit me up in game #Gusto1905Rootzi5 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 567 bear lf heroic progression on mal'ganis mal'ganis/horde onlyPhurbie0 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 12, 2014 Forerunners LF warlock for SoO 5/14H Hello We are looking for an exceptional warlock Dps To add to our roster please Contact My self or casadebox or SmittýTunëchi0 Jul 12, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 2400 this season Enhance Shaman LF 3s Looking for some laid back people to play with and push rating to 2500 so I can get my tabard. 2400 this season playing Combat/Enhance/Hpriest. I would prefer to play Turbo or the same comp I just said, willing to play Beast Cleave just sick of playing it. Hit me up, also looking for a decent PvP guild or just a guild to sit in and get the perks.Shakabrudda0 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 Holy Paladin (531/Legendary) LF Raiding Guild Hello! I just came back to WoW after a few hiatuses after Cataclysm. I have pushed beginning content in MoP, and have raided all heroic content previously in Cataclysm. If you wish to see my relevant experience, please refer to my achievement page that highlights my raiding experience from Cataclysm onwards. I am on time, concise, and spend a lot of time min/maxing my character. I am always open to constructive criticism and have a deep understanding of the mechanics of my class. I seek a guild who is the same, and doesn't necessarily have to be on top of progression, but has a good attitude and notices that all small things (being raid ready, min/maxing, gems/enchants etc) make a big difference in a raid. Feel free to add me on to talk more! jsho#1990 Thanks, JshoJsho1 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014 darkmoon decks and cards PAYING 1000g each for "Three of Beasts" Two of Storms" and "Four of Blessings" Also paying 1000g per darkoon deck I can turn in for you for REP. I need 3 decks. Price I will negotiate add ecprva#1597 or post hereEcp1 Jul 11, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 580 Boomkin needs a home for WoD raiding. I would love to join a semi hardcore guild that plans to hit Mythic raiding as soon as possible in the expansion! I have extensive raiding experience on every front of WoW. I know my class very well and i keep up on every new and improved way to plan. I currently am needing a raiding guild that is super late nights. Starts at Midnight or 1 am. (OR) Morning raiding at like 9 or 10am to 1pm. (OR) Friday and Saturday evening/nights. PLEASE be a guild that knows how to raid effectively and is focused to progress in a good pace. I would like to finish out Heroic SoO as well. If you want to talk to me more or to fill out an app, post below! OR talk to me in game Gallinar614#1729 Let's do this!Gallinar3 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 565 WW Monk LF 25M Looking for a weekend raid team. I am 9/14H on this toon and 11/14 Heroic on my main. Don't let the alt fool you, I raid as hard on my alt as I do on my main! :) please wsp me at Jasa#1918. We'll do lunch :)Leisong0 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Any interest in a 568 destro lock for heroics Just writing this to see if there's any interest in a 568 destro lock. I'm actively on and looking to get into heroic SoO 10 or 25m. I prefer the more serious raid environments that heroic groups can provide. At the moment my ilvl, like I said, is 568 but should slowly increase by a few points as I continue to upgrade my current gear to be all 4/4. Please feel free to post here or message me ingame ( Requiem#1692) if you are interested. Preferred raid times would be any day Sunday through Thursday. Any time past 7pm server should be good in almost all cases. End time doesn't matter.Reides0 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Should Be Studying Needs Raiders (H) Progression - 11/14 HM SoO Raid Times - Wed,Thurs,Sun @ 7:30 Server time Recruiting a geared and competent Mage or Boomkin w/Healing OS. Add Chicosexi#1626 and get in touch THX!Chìcosexí0 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 10, 2014 Cataclysm Cooking Supplies Sale! (Ended) Hello everyone, I'm currently in stock of a lot of Cataclysm Cooking Ingredients, And wish to pass the savings on to YOU! Check out my list below for a complete list of Ingredients I'm selling. Please note I'm not offering any of these goods in the Horde or Neutral Auction House at this time! Additionally any stuff sold will be reflected on this list! So it will always be up to date as sales progress. And as always Happy Hunting in-game and thank-you for your business! :-) THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS BEING SOLD: Updated: July-09-2014 Basilisk "Liver": (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Blood Shrimp: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Crocolisk Tail: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Delicate Wing: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Dragon Flank: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Monstrous Claw: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Snake Eye: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! Toughened Flesh: (Sold Out) Currently in Stock! ----------END OF LIST---------- If interested in any of the goods feel free to post here on PST me in-game if I'm online! Have a good one everyone! :-) Korlastus [The Insane]Korlastus0 Jul 10, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 Dedicated 563 Warlock LF Raiding Guild Hello. I am a 563 Destruction warlock currently searching for a heroic progression guild for heroic SoO and moving into Mythic WoD Content. My gear may not be the best but I have the determination to achieve to the best of my ability. If you're like to talk details or talk about me potentially joining your guild either post here or add me on Real ID @ #Travis1688. Have a nice day :)Yoloswagger0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 578 Prot/ 561 Fury warrior 11/14H exp I am looking for a heroic raiding guild to finish up the tier with, I have 11/14H exp as a tank and 4/14 as fury, pst in-game Tristan#1452 or leave information on this post about your guild, times, progression, etc. if you are interested. Thank you!Phalanx0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 9, 2014 The Drunkin Monkey is Recruiting 5/14hm So as the title says, The Drunkin Monkey is recruiting a Tank preferably a warrior or Paladin. We are currently 5/14 HM in Siege. The guilds goal is to not just be at Garrosh but actually have him dead no later than the end of August. Our raid times/days are Tues, Wed, & Thurs from 10pm to 1pm Server Time. Anyway that was short and simple. If you want a chance at the spot please feel free to leave a comment or message me ingame. For the record I am not on the raid team as of now as my work schedule does not allow me to have fun. I am only making the post for the guild cause the Raid Lead forgot to do it. Anywho we are also looking for people to round out the guild for the future move to 25m.Robulus0 Jul 9, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 Chu Crew is recruiting for WoD Chu Crew is recruiting a few key players for a static 10-15 man raid team that will be sticking to "Normal" raid progression and possibly a few Mythic bosses if we can muster the roster up. We are a few close friends and family looking to branch into a friendly raiding guild. We are accepting both casual players and those interested in the raiding environment which includes all family members and friends regardless of skill / niche in the game. If you have friends/family that prefer to PvP they will find much to do with the other members of the group outside of raid days! Our Raid times as of now are going to be Tues | 2200 - 0100 CST ( Server time ) Thurs | 2200 - 0100 CST ( Server time ) We are currently seeking: 1 Tank 3 Healers 5 Ranged DPS 2-3 Melee DPSThe current class / specialization will not matter and can be worked with to make the raid team work well. If you are interested or would like more info you can message me in game by whispering or sending a message to my mailbox on either Druiciabob, Jimmichu, or Aeriss. You may also contact Pepi if interested. I can also be reached via realid by adding Jimmichu#1100Druiciabob2 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 [H]<Legionnaire> of Mal'Ganis is recruiting! Greetings all. <Legionnaire> is a guild compromised of old players returning to finish out Mists of Pandaria as we head towards Warlords of Draenor. All current members are knowledgeable and verified raiders of past content throughout all of WoW's history. Right now, we're working on gearing up our current players as we move toward creating a core 10m raiding group. With enough interest, we'd like to go 25m but one step at a time! Leaders and officers are intelligent and have 25m heroic raiding experience, so that's not so much of a problem. We're just looking for members who are interested in joining us. <Legionnaire> isn't all about raiding, however. We enjoy doing transmog runs, old raids, achievements, PvP, etc. So don't feel like you are excluded because you don't want to do current tier of raiding. If interested, leave a message and I'll contact you in game--otherwise send a message to any of our members online! Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you!Ramuza18 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 dolson hi guys im looking for my dad dolson can any1 find him for me?? he's in viglAidey0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 New Guild Recruiting for 10-Mans! <The Popes Concubines> Is a new guild that is looking to get in to raiding so that we can have an established group together before Draenor comes out! We are currently looking for members of any class or skill level. All that we ask is that your ilvl is at least 500 to make things easier on us as we start to run Siege. If anyone is interested in joining us you can add me in game and/or pm or just post here and I will get in contact with you! FOR THE HORDE.Imblu1 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 8, 2014 14/14H 10M Recruiting DPS to go 25m [H] Gerbitz Day is a 14/14 10man heroic group recruiting to go to 25 man Most of the team are real life friends which means we wont be scared to call each other out when someone screws up . Our primary requirement is that you be able to take criticism. If you're called out for standing in the fire or attacking something you're not supposed to be, learn from it and better yourself. Times: Saturday: 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. PST Sunday: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. PST Recruitment Needs: -All DPS Classes If interested message me in game or add on btag TujungaAuto#1625Glenmar0 Jul 8, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 looking for a quick 14;/14 clear soo. Looking for a quick 14 14 clear normal. This monk as healer. Let me know of any groups going onKegsmash0 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 7, 2014 14/14N<Myth>LF 2 DPS for Heroic 10pm-2amCST Myth is a level 25, Horde guild on Mal'Ganis-US. We are looking for more to fill our Heroic 10m raid force and and as WoD gets closer 20m Mythic . GM and Raid Lead are 14/14 with most raiders having HM experience. Guild is currently at 14/14 10m Normal. We are looking for dedicated raiders to help Myth down progression and finish heroic in preparation before launch of WoD. Heroics begin next week. We are looking for people who know raid mechanics and can meet 80+ Pct Raid Attendance, Raid schedules are set a month in advance and changes week to week.(Meaning one week we might be raiding Monday, Thurs, Sat and the next week Monday, Wed, Fri.) Raid Starts 10PMCST. 3Days a week( Some weeks only 2) Raids will approx last 3 hours, expect 4 on new fights. We will be recruiting for a 20m Mythic as the guild progresses in WoD, but our focus is to get our core 10m force progressed and geared. If you are interested in joining please click "Apply to Guild" on the left. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Shadowcash or Arduouss in game or leave your bnet id so I can contact you. So if you can meet 80+ percent raid attendance, meet the gear req, and have your logs. You can qualify for a free xfer. Add me on Bnet to get xffer'd over today!!! Ambient#1363 Currently Looking for : 2 DPS that is 560+Looduh13 Jul 7, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 *Culture Shock* Lvl 25 guild FOR SALE I'm selling my guild Culture shock... Contact me in game with your offer 7 tabs /// 9490 ach pointsKellytipla2 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 <Conviction> 12/14HM LF healer Hello there, Here is a little bit about Conviction. <Conviction>, a Level 25 Horde guild is recruiting. Formed over two years ago, we address raiding as efficiently and productively as possible. Conviction raids 2 nights per week, at approximately 4 hours per night. We are looking for additional mature, capable, competitive and dedicated candidates to join our raid group. We have fun by achieving successful raids, and by maintaining a fairly casual attitude while doing so. Server: Mal'Ganis: Horde Central Time Zone PVP Server High Population Raid Times: Wednesday and Saturday 7:00pm- 11:00pm Server (CST) Current Progression: Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14 Normal, 12/14 Heroic Recruiting: Minimum iLevel 565 with legendary cloak Healers: Paladin, Monk or Priest Any exceptional player (Minimum iLevel 575 with legendary cloak) More about Conviction: 1. We expect our raiders to be reliable, motivated, dedicated, mature, self-sufficient, competitive and able to take constructive criticism as well as providing feedback. 2. A stable internet connection and a working headset/microphone is required for all raids. 3. We expect all raiders to have Ventrilo as that's what we use. 4. Raiders are expected to achieve a minimum of 80% attendance. 5. We provide Raiders with flasks and food, pots are bought by the player. How to Apply and List of Contact: Website: GM: Shannox Btag (matt101gamer#1577) Officers: thefuzzles Btag (fuzzles#1147) and startitan Btag(rev#1939)Shannox0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 Skilled Holy Pally 12/14H LF weekday guild Hello all, I am looking for a competitive guild after a 4 month hiatus for now, WoD and beyond. I'd prefer 10m but open to 25m for the right fit. Due to a busy schedule my current guild can not accommodate my time as I can only do weekdays, 6:30PST to whenever raid ends (9:30EST+) M-TH. Also I would like to keep interested guilds narrow down to around my current progression level, 11/14H+. What you would get is a very dedicated raider who is always prepared and know what it takes to raid at a high level. I have included some of my top parsing logs while I was active to showcase my abilities: I can play both holy and retribution equally skilled but prefer to do what I have always loved doing since vanilla which is heal. I can be reached @ delevingne#1481 if you have any further questions. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some of you soon.Delevingne1 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 6, 2014 <The Denarians> are Recruiting We are currently looking to create a 10-man team that will be starting with Flex Raids until we have a solid Normal team that’s ready to start. As we are players who have come late to MOP (but raided in previous expansions), we are looking for more of the same as well as those who will be interested in raiding in WOD. We currently have a tank and a healer who have committed to the group and we are looking for more to fill our ranks. Our raid times will be Wednesdays from 7-10 and Fridays from 7-11 (server time). We are willing to help people experience current content while gearing as well as preparing for Warlords of Draenor. Please be 520 item level or higher and have at least started the quest for the cloak. Our primary concerns are promptness for raid times and regular attendance; knowledge of your chosen class and spec; proper gearing, gemming, and enchanting; and knowledge of at least the mechanics for Flex. You must have Ventrilo and the ability to hear and speak; a verbal application is a must. Most importantly, we are interested in players who want to raid in WoD in a 10-20 man raid. Good players will always be preferred over geared players. Please contact Nivyn#1129 or Dugrogro#1664 for more information.Sausul0 Jul 6, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 563 Prot war LF Raiding Guild Hey, 563 Prot war LF raiding guild. I've played WoW since vanilla and am currently seeking a weekly heroic mode raiding spot, however I am currently unavailable during the following times (work). Feel free to add me in game, or btag Nautik#2138 Tues & Thursday - 4:30-9:30 pm Friday & Saturday 5:00-10:00 pm All times are CST(Server) See ya in game!Somewar0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 5, 2014 Fresh Transfer Looking for guild Hello. I am a fresh transfer to this server. I am a 558 Frost DK. I do have a decent tank set, but have not learned the tanking end of SoO. Willing to learn. I am 13/14 regular 25 man. Looking for a casual/social raid guild. Prefer the guild be 18+. Please feel free to message me in game. Sedriz.Dreadfury0 Jul 5, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 560 Resto Druid LF 14/14 Weekly SoO group Looking for a consistent group that may just be progressing into heroics for a little fun weekly prior to patch. Send mail in game if this sounds like something you need. Thanks!Hastii1 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 572 resto druid lf raiding guild min 5/14 h Hi all, Hit me up in game if interested, xrealming welcome. Saballa#1991 Adult raider. 6/14 h from pug runs, real trial offers only plsLiltam2 Jul 4, 2014
Jul 4, 2014 10/25 man Raiding Guild Recruiting Hey guys! I just xfered over with my guild and a few members and The Marauder Society is recruiting active 540+ ilvl raiders for our core group... We raid Wednesday and Friday from 8-11 server time (cst). We want to start to raid as a 25 man so we are open to all spots at this point. We currently don't have any exp. as a guild but individually we are all 14/14 norm+ (some as high as 14/14h). If you have any questions leave a comment or add me to btag in game. (Kendall#1817)Ârtémìs0 Jul 4, 2014