Dec 8, 2014 TcG ---- Lornt Awesome service, safe speedy transaction! Would recommend to any TcG collectors.Rias0 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 Hybrid Essences is recruiting Hello! I am an officer in the guild "Hybrid Essences" and we are currently recruiting for members to fill our raid team. We are a progression non-elitist guild working our way towards Mythic raiding. We raid Wednesday and Thursday 7pm-10pm (server time). Also, we are recruiting everything apart from tanks. Healers are welcome to apply, but we don't have many positions available. We want to create a solid raiding group, one that doesn't have a problem with wiping over and over. It's progression, wipes are inevitable. Thank you for your time and if you would like to know any more information, or are interested in applying for our guild, head over to: and click on "Guild Application." On the right side of our homepage is a list of the classes we are looking for. Have a good day!Genocí1 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 <Demon Soul> LF 1 Tank 1 Healer and Dps Demon Soul has been around since Cata and we are in need of 1 healer 1 tank and dps for our highmaul raids. We will be raiding on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm server time. We usually raid for about 3 hours a night, and we will be starting in normal content. We will definitely clear all content on heroic, and strive to push through mythic. We are a small guild, with close friends and great players we picked up along the way. We only have 1 group of 10+ players, so you will have a raid spot if you show you're competent and have fingers. Please feel free to message someone online for an invite, or myself on #gandolf1775 We'd love to have you on board as we defeat the Iron Horde. Thanks for viewing, we'll see you in Azeroth!Faragö0 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 Highmaul Loading Screen Boss Anyone having trouble getting into Highmaul? every time try to enter highmaul the loading bar doesnt move and I'm unable to get into highmaulKryptonin0 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 643 Experienced Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild Hey, I'm a 643 prot warrior, 7/7 N 3/7 H. I've been doing heroic raiding since ICC and have experience raid leading and tanking most heroic tiers. If you'd like to know more please add my battletag Benny#1686. I would prefer offers from guilds that have atleast cleared *some* heroic content this tier as I want to push for mythic raiding.Azraele0 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 VanishSprintToGfAggro is recruiting for N/H/M WE WERE UNABLE TO RAID TUESDAY DUE TO THE SERVERS BLIZZARD GRACED US WITH. TODAYS RAID 12/3 WAS GREAT, ONE SHOTTED KARGATH, THREE SHOTTED BUTCHED AND GOT TECTUS INTO THIRD PHASE. SO WE ARE 2/7 NORMAL ON OUR FIRST RAID DAY OF THE X-PAC. CONTINUING SATURDAY ~~~~~~~~(We will also be going heroic Kargath and Butcher)~~~~~~~~~ We currently need R-dps and melee DPs , as well as 1-2 healers one with a DPs offspec. We do take in casuals as well, in case a raid spot needs to be filled out but have to fit requirements to join the raid. As of right now our requirement is 630 ilvl, pending the release of Highmaul Dec 2nd. Because mythic is 20 members only we are in need of more people to fill out the 20 man. (Our Normal and Heroic raids will be done as 20 mans) Our raid time right now is set up for Tues/Wed/SATs (Saturdays will be voted on Thursday to see if raid group wants to put the third day in for progression) from 6:30-10:30pm server time (10:30pm raid time could end earlier at raid leaders discretion.) However our raid time is subject to change and could end up being any times on Tues/weds/Thurs/Fri/sat/and Sunday between the hours of 5-11pm server. This guild was formed in cata, but I had just sold our old guild "Illegal Danish" to purchase a 25 guild "money well spent now that bluzz got rod of guild levels...." We raided Wotlk under the name Illegal Danish, with Heroic mode Dragon soul, and once we swapped guilds into VanishSprint we started on Heroic Firelands. During MoP we still hung around but we didn't raid anymore because MoP was god awful in its raid content, which made a lot of people quit the game including myself (I went to final fantasy 14 ARR beautiful graphics) but there raiding was VERY lacking compared to Wow, leading to me coming back. I came back to the game 6 months ago and started waking up all my old members to get back into raiding for MoPs ending with SoO it took to long and we weren't prepared to raid SoO as a guild, and mainly had to pug it out. Now we are back we've been preparing since pre release of WoD to get back into heroic(mythic raiding now) raiding. The guild becomes so close knit I retain raiders and even some casuals phone numbers to keep touch with over the years. If you want a guild like that this is for you. Requirements ----------------------------------------------- Previous raid experience in at least some heroics required, knowledge of the class you plan to raid with. Must be at least semi-hardcore raider, (we take casuals into guild but not in dedicated raid group spots) 630 ilvl (minimum) DPs must be par with your ilvl Researching fights and your class to better understand the game. Must show up for 95% of all raid days (if you are someone e who constantly misses a raid day you will lose raider status) DKP based (DKP wiped clean for WoD raids) History about the guild master (myself) I've been playing since release, I got into the game when I was 14 and I was working at an internet gaming cafe. I noticed another employee playing WoW and decided to try it out I started a druid on Alleria. Shortly after I had to move back with my mom in Vegas, which made me lose my character since the account was paid for by the internet cafe. I saved up and purchased my own gaming computer from a friend when he got an upgrade for hinself. Allowing me to play again. (Still in Vanilla) I raided BWL MC Aq20 and Za during the time as a hardcore raider in one of the leading guilds on the server (Scilla) I raided end game content and went through progression as everything came out. We raided everything in Burning Crusade, and eventually I left the guild and went to found my own guild. (Netherwings army) still on scilla. We did very well, especially with my girlfriend (not at the time) helping me out (I lived in Iowa at this point and she lived in Florida) we fell in love over the internet while raiding and going through progression. I eventually bought a plane ticket to go see her for the first time.(MySpace friends at the time as well) and never left until 3 years later being forced back into Illinois. I went end game raiding again, transferring off of Scilla (server became a ghost town) and wanted a server with a much bigger population , so I found Mal'Ganis ( shares same battle group with Scilla (So I knew everyone who didn't play on mal'ganis called it) oh you're from mal'ganis? You must be an !@#$%^- (mainly because they always knew what to do because our server was so lowly populated progression was extremely hard trying to find decent raiders) I learned how to raid lead, how to successfully decipher mechanics and most importantly learned progression takes ALOT of time. (as shown by my raid groups successes in heroics over the x-pacs) i believe the raid can be successful while still giving you a friendly environment out of raiding. Whisper twistedfox for interview in game.Twistedfox9 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 [H]Silver Sun Directive Mon/Thurs 10p-1a 4/7N ***Bio*** Hi all! We are a group of 20s-30s year olds that love to kick back and have a good time, down bosses, and still have a good time on a limited raid schedule. Don't let our demeanor fool you as we have downed every boss on the hardest difficulty in every previous expansion. New to Mal'Ganis, we think we can tap Mal'Ganis' untapped potential and delve into some late night raiding with YOU! ***Needs*** Mage Druid (All) Though our needs are listed and will get priority, we encourage all exceptional players to ask in-game for an interview. Currently running normal/flex heroic nearly guarantees a trial at our mythic team. After trials are complete and we are ready for mythic, we will hand select our top 20 raiders. Our current team is around 25. ***Goals*** Our goal for WoW in this expansion is to obtain a full clear of every raid tier on Mythic difficulty. We are dedicated to that task and ask that any person that wishes to apply be on the same path and mindset. We are not advocating any world firsts or anything, though that would be incredibly fun! We just want to clear the content on the hardest difficulty and obtain all the gear/achievements in a timely manner. ***Days*** Monday Thursday ***Times*** 10p-1a Server Time ***Experience*** Vanilla - Cleared every raid tier BC - Full Clear, Sunwell after the nerf WotLK - Full Clear (Killed LK before the buffs to players) Cata - Full Clear MoP - Full Clear ***Closing*** We would absolutely love to have you as a trial in our guild if you fit our needs and we fit yours. We aren't wasting time with silly applications right now, so just whisper Gigeth or Adeathrine in game for an invite and be ready to join TeamSpeak to hang out with us. Once your trial starts, it'll be clear to us and you whether or not we are the right guild for you. HAPPY HUNTING!Gigeth2 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Group of 645+ Raiders Looking For a Guild Hello everyone, myself and a group of friends are currently looking for a mythic raiding guild. We all have top 100 raiding experience and are looking for a guild that will strive to achieve such raiding goals. Currently our average ilvl is around 645ish with raiding still to come later in the week. Our class makeup is Tank: Prot Paladin Healers: Holy Paladin and Holy/Disc Priest DPS: Enhancement Shaman, Rogue, Warrior, and Warlock. Feel free to post or add me on Btag: Looking to make the transition ASAP / before the upcoming raid week. arshadows89#1466 mek#1346Sintee1 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Be aware of your local ninjas Wouter - Blenders - They advertise for HM Heroic Trash Runs and put it on master-loot and loot items for themselves. I'm not sure if their guild affiliation matters, but Vile does seem to harbor some sketchy people. Moral of the story would just be to not participate unless its on Personal Loot, and just keep checking to see if they don't change it to Personal Loot.Claxon0 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 LFM Early Morning Raiders 5am-9am GMT-7 (MST) My brother and I work 3rd shift, and are looking to form a guild that raids late nights/early mornings from 5-9am GMT-7 (MST) on Wed, Thurs, and Fri mornings. We are experienced raiders and would really like to push mythic content this Xpac. We have been playing off and on since vanilla, and we would love to build a solid raiding guild, and a community of like minded people. If you are interested in joining us for raids/challenge modes/heroics/pvp, let me know by leaving a comment below. Then I will get with you in game to discuss details. Thanks! Have a great day.Shíller8 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 [Mythic Raiding] The Average Gamer The Average Gamer - An established raid group with experience and resource looking for competent and dedicated players for our mythic and heroic raid groups. find out more on our website. theaveragegamer.enjin.comWhìsky1 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Vanilla player - Holy Priest LF Mythic guild Hello all. I'm currently seeking a new home to enjoy WoD Mythic encounters. I consider this a general application. I have been around for a very long time and have had a ton of experience raid healing. I'm seeking a raiding guild that's in to normal progression and plans on doing all mythic content clears. I consider myself an easy to get along with, fun, mature guy and I'm just looking to contribute however I can. I'm fairly available to raid after 8PM most nights. If your guild is in need of a healer for mythic content or are interested to hear more, please whisper me in game or realID me at Thanks for your time and happy hunting. SwiftSwiftbane5 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Prot Pally LF Active Guild ========================= Basic Information ============================ I am a 632 Prot Pally looking to get back into raiding. In mop I mained a Frost DK and made it to 8/14 heroic, but i did get a pretty late start. This expantion i went back to my roots an played a pally. Starting to tank dungeons an such was awesome, so I set up all my addons, UI, and such according to my tanking needs. I just tanked the first two bosses of high-maul flawlessly. ~~~ Note ~~~ Im in dark skies cause i just joined a random guild way back when, i dont know much of anyone in it. my DK was in Seraph, but only know about 3-5 people. Available: Every day 11pm to 1am for sure. most days will be 8:30/9pm to 1pm (-6:00 Central) Usually on at some point during the daylight, just never know between social life and work. Personal: Male, 19, United States Not scared to get on a mic or talk in large groups, polite and likes to make all conversations interesting. Willing to use Mumble, Teamspeak, Vent, Skype, etc. I Also play Ret and may I add that I play it pretty well, not perfect but I have got it down. So if a DPS is needed, an can manage. If you are interested in pickup this bad !@# paladin, do send me some ingame mail or add my battletag. JakeJigsaw#1796 ========================= Desktop Specs ============================ I love streaming to twitch while playing, i dont get to many views but I usually have 5-20 on a good day. OS - Win 8.1 Motherboard - Gigabyte 3 CPU - Intel Core i7 4820k 3.7Ghz (turbo 4.2) RAM - 16gb (going to 32 soon for video rendering purposes.) Graphics - 2gb GTX 760 (Cross fire soon so i can have 2 HDMI ports, instead of 1 hdmi and one dvi) HDD - 128gb Sata // 1Tb Other - 2 Fans, Liquid cooled processor Display - x2 24' AOC monitors /w 60 refresh. Mouse - Razor Naga Epic Keyboard - Steel Series Apex Headset - Astro A50 Camera - Logitech HD 1080p ========================= Other Bonuses ============================ 1) Willing to Code up a website from scratch or using a WordPress base. 2) Editing raid videos, photos, and any other form of multi media (videos and photos) for all guild members free of charge due to massive hobbie obsetions with Photoshop and sony vegas. 3) Can solve pretty much any computer issue you have, either walking you through it or though a remote client. =================================================================== Again, You can add my Btag [ JakeJigsaw#1796 ] or send me mail. Hope to here from someone soon:]Confience0 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Resto Shaman LF Steady/Dedicated 25 man Guild Hi, I'm thinking of transferring from my dead server (Twisting Nether) to this server and was looking for a steady/dedicated guild preferably 25 man for the upcoming raids in the next week or so. I'm very experienced with raiding and big guilds. (MC -> AQ40 -> Void Reaver -> End of Wrath -> active raider since cata) If you're looking for a Resto Shaman for your upcoming raids please send me a message P.S. I'm also looking for a guild that might allow promotions for further opportunities in the guild especially for someone with my experience ilvl 634 atm and played resto shaman since vanilla adult atmosphere and 420 friendly guilds are a plus and much more fun imo also willing to change main spec if the guild is really goodPæce6 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 [H] <Crispy Danger> is recruiting! We all know you read the title of the thread, that’s why you clicked on it. So lets cut to the chase. We are recruiting. Our guild name is awesome. We’ve got many pop culture references, some far too outdated. We’re a brand new guild, but we’ve got experienced members who have played since vanilla, and led guilds since Wrath. Originally we were on Gurubashi. Then all the foreigners left. Then Gurubashi died. So we moved to Mal’ganis! Here’s the bottom line: Crispy Danger is going to raid, as soon as possible. We’re also going to do RBGs, once we have the numbers. This means we need any and ALL members for any activity you want! Except cybering. We don’t do that. But if something “weird” happens, it’s cool. ;) If you join now, remember you will be helping shape this guild in its reputation, image, and roster. You will have a significant impact on how we evolve. If that sounds like something you are interested in, I encourage you to join NOW. Needs: As of now: Any Role/Class We have absolutely no problem with helping you gear up with heroics if you need it. We also need Raid Officers and PvP Officers to assist with organizing raids and events. If you are interested in joining this guild (and you should be), whisper any of the following people if they are online: Azurisk (Guild Leader), Dunkforit (Officer), Lilabou (Officer) Pros of Joining <Crispy Danger>: Awesome Guild Tag Free Gnome Brothel in your Garrison with every recruit you bring in. The ability to have fun, have a life, and still raid without falling behind. Cons of joining <Crispy Danger>: Sometimes the Danger gets a little too Crispy. So whaddya say? Get in on the ground floor of this brand new guild. It will be a great experience, I can promise you that. How Crispy do you want your Danger? (Yeah. We’ve got cheesy taglines too) Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 <Rising Tide> is recruiting! <Rising Tide> is a newly-formed guild looking for healers for WoD. The guild was founded by a small group of players that have been playing/raiding since Vanilla and BC. The ultimate goal of the guild is progression in WoD. Our raid days/times will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 9-11 server time with an optional progression day on Monday 9-11 server time. We are currently recruiting a healer for our 20 man team, which is currently 2/7. We don’t expect you to be at the elitist level of Vigil or Blood Legion, but we are looking for players who understand their class OR willing to ask for help and listening to the advice that other members have to offer. We are open to others interested in trying to join our raiding community. If you are interested in joining us for WoD or have any additional questions, please contact Silicà in-game or my battle tag Breakthrough#1659. Thank you for thanking the time to read this and consider Rising Tide as an opinion for WoD! I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you guys.Silicà2 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 [H] Bathsalts and Rainbows - Mythic Raiding About Us: Bathsalts and Rainbows is back in business and we are coming back with a vengeance. We are picking things back up with WoD on the horizon. Most of us played together in Cata and cleared basically everything thrown at us during those days. Once Pandaland was released we took a break and could not get back into raiding due to lack of drive for the game and went in different directions. Some of us went on to play FFXIV where we were server first Turn 5 on the Exodus server some of us continued on with WoW and some of us quit, but with WoD around the corner we have come back together to down bosses and have fun. What are we looking for: Dedicated and experienced raiders. We want people who know how to play their class and are looking to raid at the highest lvl capable. We will be looking to get into mystic raiding asap when WoD goes live. We aren't looking for raiders for SoO, but those that will be ready to play when WoD goes live. Healers: Open DPS: Open Tanks: Open Raid times: Tuesday through Thursday 7:30-10:30pm (CST) *Possibly Monday nights as well for progression if we have the interest.* Invites at 7:15 sharp* if not earlier You are expected to be online at invite time, knowing the fight and with all required mods. Apply online at our website at: bsar.guildlaunch.comKeginator17 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Mal'Ganis The server for minors and people with developmental disorders. Thanks elitisthurps.Vectrex4 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 Holy Pally LF HM/Mythic Guild Holy Paladin looking for a progression raiding guild for WoD. Took a break toward the latter end of SoO and came back just after the release of WoD. Extensive HM raiding experience (raiding and raid-leading) and have been healing since the end of WotLK (mostly on my Resto Druid). I decided to re-roll as a paladin for WoD. I am finishing gearing up and will be ready for the release of T17. Will have my legendary quest ring by Highmaul and >630 ilvl. If you give me a chance to prove myself, I guarantee you that I will be one of your best raiders on the roster. You won't be disappointed. If I do not perform to your standards, I would want you to bench/remove me. Also, with the release of new raid content, if you don't pick me up, someone else inevitably will. :) Current Available times are: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Saturday and Sunday any time after 10:00pm (server time) Tuesday and Thursday: any time [b]after 6pm (server time) Availability will change in 1-2 weeks -- I will be available much earlier on Mon. and Wed. 6pm on MSG me in game or reply here and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks, MarzMaarz4 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 7, 2014 ilvl 636 Ret/Holy Pally .Odiumm5 Dec 7, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 recruitment for 10man heroic Inquisition is a newly formed guild of friends. We are looking for more members to fill out ranks and be apart of our 10m heroic raid team and then into 20m mythic . We are on the Mal'ganis server. We have 2 bank tabs, a website, and Teamspeak. Raid times are Tuesday-Wednesday 7-10 est and Sundays for clean up if need. If interested add gun#1840 or Nightknight#18540 thanks!Gunrok0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 LF a Progression Guild I am an Assassination rogue LF a heroic / mythic progression guild I am available every day 8:30pm - 12am (Server Time ) I dont have a lot raiding experience but I am very willing to learn to become an awesome raider! Armoy - Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 LF morning/afternoon or weekend mythic guild. Highly skilled resto druid (me, Armorra) and feral druid (Unanything) here looking for a mythic raiding guild to call home that will fit our European schedule. We live in Sweden with available hours of 11am - 5pm CST Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or any hours on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. We started getting into heroic raiding during Firelands and Dragonsoul and we really enjoyed it. However, new work schedules made us unable to continue raiding during North American times in MoP, so we ended up going casual, which led to me quitting since that's not my cup of tea. We are both hoping to find a mythic guild this expansion that fits our availability. We both have exceptional understanding of how to play our classes and how to play the game in general. We top meters and don't screw up mechanics. At the moment we are just hanging out in top 15 US guild Overture as loot feeders to help gear up their main roster for immediate mythic progression. I've been playing a resto druid since Vanilla. I consider myself very talented at it and so would others whom I've raided with. My raiding history while raids were current tier includes: Vanilla - Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia, AQ, Naxxramas BC - Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Hyjal Summit, Magtheridon's Lair WotLK - Naxxramas (realm first title), Eye of Eternity (realm first title), Obsidian Sanctum, Onyxia, Ulduar Cataclysm - Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, H Firelands, H Dragonsoul MoP - Siege of Orgrimmar Unanything started playing WoW with me during Cataclysm. He has since gone back and experienced all old content and is a very knowledgeable player even without being one of the Vanilla hipsters. He is an amazing feral. His current tier raid experience includes: Cataclysm - Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, H Firelands, H Dragonsoul MoP - Everything on normal mode. It's unfortunate that we are stuck on US realms while living in Europe and are unable to showcase our talents to deserving guilds since most do not seem to raid within our available times. If there are any guilds raiding during unusual times and going headstrong into mythics for WoD, we'd love to know about it. Reply here or add my btag, Caitlin#2122. Thanks!Armorra6 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 error before logging in? anyone else having to log in a few times and getting stuck at 90% loading? "Server Down" Guess we have too many players @ lunarfall on M'gFantasyworld0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 [H]<CYBER BULLIES> TH/SAT/M 8:30-11:30pm EST Who are we? We are a newly formed guild of a few friends looking to form a regular raid team for semi-hardcore progression of normal & heroic Highmaul, and eventually mythic. We will have short trial periods for our members (usually 1 week). Full raiders will be provided with free repairs and the chance to get the best enchants as materials are gathered. Our ideal member/raider? We are looking for smart, friendly players that know their class, perform well, and maintain good attendance. Raid Expectations? Have a microphone and use Raidcall. Have gear properly enchanted and gemmed. Use flasks and potions. (Feasts are provided) How can you apply? Make a post in this thread with your class, main spec, off spec, and a link to your armory, or whisper Aciis, Takhissis, or Evinlol in game with the character you intend to raid with.Aciis0 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Hidden in Stormwind-Weekend Raiding Last Updated on Dec. 3rd 2014- Below is what we need but subject to change! This forum is updated every other day so check back ! Hidden In Stormwind – Mal'Ganis -Horde About us : We are a small guild that only takes the best of the BEST IN raiding. Myself included we are 3 friends that decided to get back into raiding for Warlords of Draenor. We are all very experienced raid leaders and raiders. join a friendly group of players as we demolish all the heroic bosses in Warlords of Draenor We WILL be doing mythic raiding in the future once we are geared enough and have at least 20 people to do it with. Our Raid schedule : FRIDAY 9:30-11:30 CST Saturday/Sunday 8:15 CST -11:15 CST (must be able to make 90% of the raids) What we need currently (may subject to change) all can APPLY if they think they can live up to our standards. You will be put on trial if you get accepted. Please read the whole app. Recruiting : All other class Please apply if this guild seems to be for you Heals: Mistweaver Priest-either healing spec Holy pally Tank: no tanks sorry DPS: Shaman-any spec Warlock-any spec Windwalker warr-any dps spec All others apply we will look at each app. See You in Draenor! Apply @ ! Questions Please ask on here or in game Bamy, Gougeface or HubcakeHubcake32 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 638 iL hpriest LF weekend raiding guild Hi, I'm currently looking for a raiding guild that is progression minded guild that raids weekends because I currently don't have time during the week. All I did so far this xpac was CMs / 2/7 normal highmaul. My raiding experience as far as which role I performed includes Boomy, resto druid, and ret and holy. I've raided as every perspective except for tanking in a guild environment. I started raiding HM in Cata where I achieved 6/7 H FL, 8/8 H DS. Then, in MoP normal T14, 11/13 HM ToT, and 14/14 normal SOO / 1/14 HM. My experience in SOO is limited because I took a break from raiding. I'm looking to jump right into heroic Highmaul and mythic ASAP. You can contact me on this post or through my btag, mlaw#1604, or in game. Thanks for considering me in advance.Clubbinz1 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 (N) 6/7 guild LF Range DPS! <NUMERO UNO> Mal'Ganis (US) Horde Description 6/7 (N)HM Now let us start off that because NUMERO UNO has a much shorter raid time than most progression guilds, we expect competitive and potentially eager raiders doing everything they can to commit and execute for the guild's progress. Where you don't need to have high end game boss kills, it is definitely encouraged and admired among the other raiders and officers of the guild. NUMERO UNO is on the final verge of filling up the last raid spots for mythic wod and future expansions. We are on the server Mal'ganis - US (Horde) a highly competitive realm already to begin with and we plan on being among the first guilds on the server to clear content. Our core and leadership consist of TOP US 20 raiders all eager to back into the race. Now if you are new to the game, or returning to it and you feel like you are smart, a quick learner, and have an eagerness to be successful in a raid environment, we also strongly encourage you to seek out a raid spot on our roster. Joining our guild and being ready to raid with gear for all three specs of your class the day raids open up in WoD will give you a very strong chance to be on our roster, but your potential and performance is how you maintain your spot on the roster. Requirements At least a 630 ilvl, until raid experience is once valid again your ilvl is all we have to go off of to give anyone a shot Power Ring, Like the Superman Cape in MoP. You need Green Lantern's Ring aka Power RingI can NOT accept anyone without these requirements being met first HIGH DEMAND Hunter Warlock (Ele)Shaman ShadowpriestInfo - NUMERO UNO looks to raid Tues - Thurs, and progression Sun. 8pm- 11pm ST/ 9pm - Midnight EST, Applicants must be able to meet 90% raid nights a week for potential raider spot. Contact - Arshado89#1466Bubbletron207 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 <Morning Glory> Raids 6-10am ST Tues/Wed/Thur Just starting a early morning raiding guild on Mal'ganis. We have been raiding since vanilla and are very experienced raiders. We are looking for all classes to begin raiding into heroic and mythic difficulties. Post here with your real id if interestedTarspur1 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Regicide 5/7 HM Recruiting for progression <Regicide> is an 5/7H Horde guild on Blackrock that is focusing on Mythic progression. Our goal is to down heroic bosses as fast as possible and then move to mythic raiding in 6.0 and WoD. We are a mature guild with experienced raiders and officers who have raided together for multiple years. We are interested in recruiting like minded individuals who want to be apart of a guild for long-term raiding. <Regicide> is currently recruiting: Trials- Retribution Paladin Unholy Death Knights Shadow Priests Hunters Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk Mages (any spec) Rogue Feral Druid Windwalker Monk Backups - (May not raid full time but must show up and stay) Taking anyone of any spec or class. Expectations: Dedication - Trials must have 100% attendance for the first two weeks. Once you reach raider you may miss one week a month of raiding (or 3 days) if you need to. We currently raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 6-10 PST. Attitude - We expect all of our trials and raiders to have a positive attitude when it comes to progression. You should be self-motivated and enthusiastic. We also expect that you have a passion for progression as we would like to kill 1+ new boss a week. It doesn't matter how good your are or how good you think you are, if you do not fit within the raid group or you have an atrocious attitude you will be removed or asked to sit out until you make adjustments. Awareness - Constantly avoid avoidable mechanics. Do not disengage off boats. Competitive DPS/HPS Obviously survival is more important than dps/hps but we require trials and raiders to compete against one another and achieve their maximum amount of dps/hps for their gear and class. What <Regicide> Can Offer You: Stability - We offer a stable guild that will provide you with a home all throughout the rest of MoP and WoD. Support - The last thing we want is for our raiders to be worried about their flasks or repairs on progression nights. During progression all flasks, repairs, and food will be provided for by the officers. Fair Loot Distribution - We use an EPGP loot system to provide all raiders with a fair chance at gear. Warforged, trinkets, and weapons are all loot-counciled based on performance, attendance, and betterment of the guild. Thriving Server - Blackrock is one of the higher populated servers and it offers a way to pug anything you need, a great market, and world pvp. For more info: Mugenwalker#1414 (Raid Leader Real ID) Neon#1450 (GM Real ID) Arcemus#1446 (Recruitment Officer) or apply here at Dec 6, 2014
Dec 6, 2014 Tank and dps looking for raiding guild. My bf (ret pally) and I (guardian druid) are looking to join a guild starting Highmaul. Link to his ret paladins armory - Any day of the week and between 7 and 10 server is best.Baset3 Dec 6, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 [H] WTB Universal Language Module (Or Pieces) Hey, I'm looking to buy either the pieces for the Universal Language Module or the full Module. All of it is a random drop from Ashran. Send me a message or add me on BNet to talk prices. Also, a response here would work, BNet is Kostus#1198. ThanksKöstus3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 WW/MW Monk LF Raiding Guild Currently looking to transfer Servers LF Guild that raids starts raids at 9 pm or later. Schedule is available for all days of week. Has 14/14 mythic experience.Prefers wind walker but will also Heal. If any questions please feel free too add me at Gorwinn#1376Bromethèus3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 Any Guilds Still Need A Tank? Since there seems to be an overabundance of tanks, I'm not holding out too much hope, but I thought I'd throw this out there anyways. profile: I can raid anywhere from 7 to midnight, eastern time (6 to 11 server). Also, I don't stand in the fire (except to wake up the healers)Lanoxi3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 2x heals, 1x tank LFM/LFG weekend N/H raiding Hi, I have a small group of friends who have been playing since classic. Two of us are 630+, with a third currently gearing up & some other folks who may be a couple weeks out. We are very interested participating in normal and heroic raids 10-25 man with mythic as a longer term goal. Weekend mornings and afternoons are best, particularly Sunday, as time zone conflicts rule out weekday evenings for us. We would consider a number of possibilities: -Willing to join your guild -You could join ours -We could simply "ally" without any roster changes -We can lead the raid if necessary, but no ego in the way if someone else wants to do it (we do have experience from classic & BC) Culture: We are mid-30-somethings with jobs & significant others. We view time as a currency and hope to make the most of any time spent raiding, which means being prepared & learning quickly. We would enjoy playing with people of a similar age & mindset. If you would like to chat, just send a tell in game or post here.Waar2 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 LF a Raiding guild two dedicated players are looking for a raiding guild. right above is my profile , for some reason i couldn't post on my account. BattleTag : TheAyakashi#1503 This is my friends Profile. we are available Mon - Fri. From 7PM EST to 12AM EST. Server time 6PM - 11PM we are very hard working players , very dedicated and focused you will not regret having us in the guild Add my battle tag if you are interested in us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for looking at my post.Zakkagar11 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 Bloodrite recruting heroic/mythic (Bloodrite) Is Recruting for its Heroic and Mythic progression were looking for players who want to raid do you have what it takes to be Bloodrite. Raid Tue, Wed, Thur 8;30-11;30 ST APPLY at on mal ' GanisNiemo0 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 Unholy Death Knight LF Raiding group or guild I am looking to get back into raiding again I am not gonna lie I may be consder a casual since Mythic does not intrest me that much I am free pretty much any time at the moment since I am in the process looking for a job Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 (H) ilvl632/632 Prot Warr LF raiding guild I am a seasoned protection warrior looking for a raiding guild. I have experience dating back to BC and through MoP. I did most of my raiding during Wotlk and Cata up to Firelands. The best time for me to raid is between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST ideally 3 nights a week. I have most of my experience with my DK and Lock but I am very familiar with Warriors and tanking as a whole. For the most part I'm just looking for a good group of folks to raid progression content with and have fun. Happy hunting!Púttputt3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 Dedicated tank looking for home I am currently coming back to do N/H/M? raiding hopefully a couple of nights per weekdays maybe a weekend or 2 but not every weekend. All I ask is if I get to bed around 11pm CST. The reason I say that is because i'm tanking for a PST guild and that means I have to stay up around 1am and wake up at 5 am to get to work. Its slowly going to kill me so I am looking to transfer to this server. I have about 7 lvl 90s alts at the moment and will possibly bring a few of them also. I am close to my 30's looking for a mature but fun group that has a active vent server. I am looking for the good ole days of wow where guilds were small but fun and helped people out. Where everyone kinda knew each other and had fun conversations while waiting on boss pulls. I can raid at least 3 times a week hopefully have my weekends to go out. I work from 6-3 CST so I will be available all afternoon. Looking to make some new friends and have some fun like it used to be. I used to live in AZ and now moved to Florida so the differences are 2 hours on the servers. I will show up on time and ready at the entrance 10 mins before raid time. I will come prepared and dedicated to finishing whatever goals you have set. I just want to see the content and have fun and still not have to kill myself doing it. I like the guild i'm currently in but the time schedules are conflicting and it sucks to have to do this but I have no other solution. Why I like about my old guild is it was more like a small community.Grizward1 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 <Defying Gravity> Recruiting Mythic+PvP+Fun <Defying Gravity> of Mal'ganis looking for great players for Warlord of Draynor Mythic Raiding positions, PvP teams, and social members. A former 10M MoP Heroic raiding guild(14/14M SoO) that is looking to continue at a high level in Warlords of Draynor. The guild is looking to start strong on Mythic with the release of warlords, and is recruiting to expand our roster to the full 20 man size. Raid times: Monday / Wednesday / Thursday : 10:15 pm CST -> 12:15 am CST (server time) After the first raid of the Teir we are opening up recruitment for the following: 1 Death Knight 1 Mage 1 Boomkin 1 highly skilled Feral or 1 Ret pally 1 Shadow Priest 1 Elemental Shaman The ideal candidate would be 635+ ilevel, know their class inside and out, 20+ years old and drama free. We require our raiders to hold an exceptional attendance record and the want / drive to help the guild progress as a whole not just ones self. If you think you meet 90% of the above mentioned please feel free to apply. We are always looking for highly qualified players no mater what the class is, so if you don't see your class posted don't hesitate to still post an app. Please allow up to 24 hours from the time you post your app for us to get back to you with an accept or denied response. One of the officers will post on your app as soon as it is viewed and notify the others. Non compleat apps will be instantly denied and try to keep it professionally as possible. Thanks, Defying Gravity Officers PvP recruitment is taking place to form arena and rbg teams. Social recruitment is open for all mature individuals who wish to have a permanent home in game. About Defying Gravity: We are a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild, that is looking to branch out into PvP, and accepting more social recruits for casual raiding, old content runs, and a respected guild community. The guild has been around in some form or another for about 5 years. With the upcoming expansion we are looking to expand our community, and make the guild the best it has ever been. What does Defying Gravity offer you? -A place to call home in World of Warcraft, while many aspects of the game have become more soloable, the basis of the game was built on the idea of playing with others -A guild that will treat you with respect and where your opinion will be heard. Ideas to improve the guild are always welcome -A guild where you can grow as a player, and help to create a respected name on the server What is asked of you: -For Mythic raiders, a solid idea of raiding, with good experience, and a willingness to improve. -The desire to be social within the guild, we are a community of players that are all here for love of some aspect of the game -Drive to be a good person, who helps others, and be the best they can be -People who are looking to progress and grow within the guild over a long period of time If interested apply online @ Message an officer in game if you have any questions. Lokní, Oreøz, Nommeh, Shambier or Warbourne Shambier's Btag: Durbo#1793(Recruitment Officer) Lokní 's Btag : Xzün#1966 (GM) Oreøz's Btag : Preciøsa#1310 (GM)Shambier12 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 Rogue & Resto Druid LFG Daily CMs! My buddy and I are looking for 3 others to run the daily CMs with every day. We eventually will want to go for Silver Time ( Yeti Mount ) and at some point Gold ( X mog Gear ). We are two great players. We are usually available all times threw out the day! Needs: 630+ item lvl , Flasks and Potions! Reliable Tank Mage for Lust Strong dps! Our Armory's - Resto druid - Rogue - Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 [H] <Name Not Final> recruiting for Mythics <Name Not Final> 5/7N, is recruiting ranged dps for all current and future end game content. Who We Are We are a group of long-time raiders who have decided to come back together after a hiatus in MoP. Our Leadership and core of raiders has extensive experience in past content and are looking to continue this success in WoD. Past accolades range from World Top 15 Naxx 40 clears to World and US firsts throughout TBC and WotLK as well as hard mode progression throughout Cataclysm. As the game as aged, so have we. Unfortunately we no longer have the time to devote to raiding as we once did. With that said, we are looking to progress on a 2-3 day schedule and continue enjoying the game we have played for years. Our Raid Schedule Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:00PM to 11PM CST. What We Are Looking For Exceptional players looking to raid on a compressed schedule. If you are a player who always strives to get the most out of your character, we want to talk to you. If you have a similar experience and just can't devote the time required for hardcore guilds, we want to talk to you. If you seek to be a part of a group of friends who have been playing WoW together for upwards of 7 years and plan to for years to come, we want to talk to you. Contact Us! Check our website at Contact myself (WarlordZsinj#1857) or an officer in game!Zsinj3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 [H] LF Blacksmith with DARKSOUL set Currently on the lookout for a blacksmith with the darksoul set. I have the mats, and I'm going to be tipping very well. HMU in-game if you're interested.Miwok1 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 WTB non swift Spectral Tiger It's a Christmas gift for a friend. Please send me in game mail of offers. Thanks so much!Zagam0 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 Dark Empire Recruiting late night raiders Hey guys we are looking for some people who are looking to raid late at night . We are a new guild looking for some older people who have been playing this game for a while and just want to kill !@#$ and get loot . We want to build a good core of raiders who will learn the fights and help others learn the fights. We plan on raiding from 11:30pm-2:30am sever time Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday with Monday being a clean up day . Looking for players who are at least 21 years of age NO Drama or g kick Must be 630 ilvl and know how to play your class Must have experience raiding Hit me up In game Battle Tag Spartacus420#1981 Looking forward to hearing from you allSkormish6 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 LF Top tier players Heroic Highmaul 2Nite Hi, Tonight Im looking for skilled raiders preferably with extensive backround raiding experience to pug heroic highmaul tonight. Just going for the first few bosses. Me and My guild are going in and we need a few more people. Currently Looking for skilled ranged/casters and healers! Oh and 1 possible tank. Heroic achievs of pre nerfs kills a huge plus in getting in. Times for tonight are 8:30pm Server-1:00pm Server (6:30-11:00pm Pacific). If you are interested in joining you must be able to stay all 4 hours. Post on here or send me mail in game if interested. About me: I have raided in many top tier guilds including US 6th. Iv been a Gm/RL on and off over the past 8 years. I have consistently been the #1-5th Us top parsing ret for the past 2 yearsCaperx0 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 Morning/afternoon mythic guild developing. I'm seeing a lot of night-shifters or Europeans here that are interested in raiding on this schedule and have no home. As such I've decided since I have an available level 25 guild and there seems to be some high potential raiders looking for homes in guilds to raid on this schedule, I'd feel out the interest. Tentative schedule: Thursday-Friday @ 0800-1200 server time. Since we have not formed yet and are looking for members/interest we can see what we get and adjust the schedule as necessary. The guild name is subject to a change by vote if desired. The people I have that are currently interested have fairly flexible schedules regarding morning/afternoon times. PST Dement in game if interested OR reply on here. I will proceed if there is enough interest within the week. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR CLASS/SPEC. about my friends and I: Have raided since vanilla and played MMO's since Ultima Online. I was the #1 UH DK on several heroic progression dragon soul encounters on the US WoL meters. What I'm looking for: - People who min/max and don't want to waste time. - People who can maintain 90%+ attendance and be open/honest if they will not be available. - People who are interested in progression raiding attempts and are familiar with what it takes. - Most importantly people who are enjoyable to raid with. If this is you, and this is the schedule you desire, feel free to post. I will get back to you shortly. I will proceed if we can find a decent starting core of interest.Synx19 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 637 guard,636 prot warr,and 634 mage lf guild Friends and I are looking for a group to raid with. I have a 637 guardian druid with a lot of tanking experience from wrath on but game experience since vanilla. My mage friend is level 634 and also has a lot of experience with raiding as dps. My warrior friend also has tanking experience going back a long time (vanilla). We have raided together for a while and would like to find a guild that is interested in mythic progression. Any information would be appreciated. We do have other toons available but would prefer to play these. Thanks.Zellaa2 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 Calling all Blacksmiths Looking for a blacksmith with the Fiery Plate Gauntlets plans learned on horde side. I have mats already!Twotimen0 Dec 4, 2014