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23h Official Moon Guard RP Events Calendar 2018 Greetings! This calendar is a community resource for the Moon Guard players of both factions. As it requires constant upkeep, I will continue the project for a minimum of 1 year. If I tire of it, then I will pass then baton along to someone else to take over in my stead. The event listings must be kept brief, so that it is easy to scroll through them quickly. The format will be as follows: DATE: TITLE: TIME/LOCATION: TYPE: CONTACT: LINK: ADD-ONS: Date - obviously just a calendar month and date. I will include a day of the week in most cases. Title - The title of the event will be preceeded by either [A] for alliance, [H] for horde, or [N] for neutral. This event title will be capitalised to make it stand out. Time/Location - The time will be stated as server time. Please convert other timezones or at least state which one e.g. Greenwich Mean Time, to be changed accordingly. Include at least 2 descriptors for the event location, e.g. The Wyvern's Tail, Orgrimmar. If new people wish to attend they may not be familiar with particular buildings. If the event is to be held in the wilderness, be sure to include the zone. Type - Use one or two words to describe the type of event and what it will involve. Possible suggestions include: Storytelling, Tavern, Ride, Tournament, Arena, Extended Storyline, Guild Promotion, Celebration, Festival, Marketplace, Archaeological Dig, Church, Demonic/Cult, Tribal, Plague/Scourge/Undead, Pandaren Cooking, Arcane/Library, Fishing Competition, Military, Criminal, Lore Tutorial, Tour, Erotic, Transmog Competition, Pet Show, Shapeshifting, Emote-Battle, D&D style, RP-WorldPVP. Contact - One or two character names, battletags, or Discord tags is enough. If it is a neutral event, there should be one for each faction. Be sure to specify which is which. Link - This is a link to a separate forum thread, website, or Discord channel where further details can be found. Add-ons - (Optional) List any useful or required add-ons. Don't assume that newcomers will know which ones they should have. Events that are posted on forums will be automatically added to the calendar. If I miss anything, or if there are regular events that slip under the radar, then people should contact me to have it added, e.g. by in-game whisper, mail, or by posting a reply to the calendar thread. The credit for this idea goes to Faeldras and Vauquelin - who both asked if such a resource was available. Please offer your feedback and comments in this thread, so that improvements can be made.Aquillorae57 23h
3d Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits! Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions! ~ALLIANCE~ Human ...Maxen311 3d
Feb 4 Tournament of Ages 2017! UPDATE:Forbes wrote an article about us! ... The Call of the Crusade. Eight years ago, it resounded across Azeroth. Champions from all over the world arrived at the world’s summit to prove their mettle. It was here that an old paladin showed Azeroth that, regardless of race or creed, there is no challenge that we cannot face united. And so, as was prescribed so many years ago, a grand tournament will be held before we plunge into the darkness. This is the Tournament of Ages. For seven days you will find yourself in a scene of wonderment and jubilation - a scene that has gathered banners from all four corners of the world. As champions square off in glorious combat, the mighty races of the world will showcase their cultures in a diverse assortment of pavilions. Only here can the spirit of chivalry be celebrated as it was eight years ago. Only here can hommage be properly paid to the one whose clarion words stirred so many hearts with valor. This is your invitation. ... Basic Info Introduction Schedule Events Registration Staffing Donations Booths Charity F.A.Q. ... Schedule: August 6 – August 12 Hours: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM Location: Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown Website: ... Mark your calendars. Once again, it’s time to get ready for the Tournament of Ages – a yearly gathering hosted by the Alliance and Horde of Moon Guard at the Argent Tournament Grounds. An event lasting seven days will invite players to try their hand at a medley of games, competitions, contests, and more. Dozens of diverse booths hosted by guilds of both factions will offer wares both enchanting and exotic. Come as you are, but leave with a backpack full of prizes, and memories that will last a lifetime. ... August 06 (Sunday) 7:00 - 8:00 | Opening Ceremony 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:30 - 12:00 | Pet Battles 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball August 07 (Monday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Alliance & Horde Jousting Preliminaries 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball 10:00 - 12:00 | Jousting Finals August 08 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Rancor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Warrior Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:00 - 10:00 | Alliance Date Auction 8:30 - 10:00 | Hunter Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Succulent Tart Show 10:00 - 11:30 | Shaman Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Druid Dueling August 09 (Wednesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Vigor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Paladin Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Mage Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Rhyme Battles 9:00 - 10:00 | Horde Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Monk Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Priest Dueling August 10 (Thursday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Will) 7:00 - 8:30 | Death Knight Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Demon Hunter Dueling 9:00 - 10:30 | Succulent Tart Show 9:00 - 10:30 | Sledding Contest 9:30 - 10:30 | Alliance Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Rogue Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Warlock Dueling August 11 (Friday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Dueling Championship 7:00 - 7:30 | Sparring Championship 7:30 - 10:00 | Team Sparring 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 11:00 | Arena 9:30 - 11:30 | Special Tournament August 12 (Saturday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Closing Ceremony 9:00 - 12:00 | Wonderlight BallRéase147 Feb 4
Feb 3 Moon Guard Alliance Guild Listings FOR ALLIANCE GUILDS ONLY If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists. UPDATE: NOTE: The guilds will not be in perfect order from when they were posted. Some posts have been longer than others and I want to try and fit them all in as best as I can, so, I'm more or less playing Tetris with them. No worries. Everyone will be added, regardless. :)Rennali432 Feb 3
Jan 24 Moon Guard Horde Guild Listings FOR HORDE GUILDS ONLY ((Horde guilds from the other thread will be brought here.)) If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists.Rennali193 Jan 24
Dec 29 Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs. Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following. ... Original Sticky Below Dec 29
May 9 Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis) Orinigally posted by Kharnis: Please Remember: Ultimately you are becoming part of a community and that is defined by the sum of its parts. So help build and foster a better community for everyone. That doesn't mean server community. It means in the community you build with friends. Edit: Be open minded, welcoming, and remember to give folks a chance. Remember, there is a person behind every character and that sometimes people have bad days. Ultimately , make sure you enjoy yourself and allow others to do so as well. The game is big enough for everyone. Edit 2: However, there are some guilds and folks on Moon Guard you may want to avoid to make your time on the server enjoyable. Please feel free to mail me ingame or message me if you see me on to find out whom. You can also find players on tumblr for reference. This is especially important as there are some folks who are known to condone the use of slurs and are harass others. Harassment takes the form of slurs against lgbt, mentally handicapped and those of different racial background. Please do not hesitate to contact me so you may stay clear of something that may ruin your time on Moon Guard. Edit 3: Ignore the elitists and folks who tell you that you are doing it wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to enjoying yourself and finding like minded folks. Thanks to Eredis for suggesting this. So, you are thinking of transferring or rolling a new character here, are you? Good for you. Moon Guard is a great community, and because of the size of the player base you can literally find whatever kind of RP you're interested in. Unfortunately, if you're just coming here for the first time, you have no idea what's happening. No doubt, you have a few questions you'd like to ask about the server. Hopefully, this thread will help answer some of those questions for you. 1. How is the RP on this server? In a word: thriving. Both Horde and Alliance have players that are RP heavyweights. Even the raiders RP here, and some of them even RP in instances or raids. 2. Where will I find RP? This generally depends on which faction you are. Horde tends to be random RP everywhere in Azeroth or Outland. You could be in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, and the chance is good that you'll be able to RP with a fellow Horde who just happens to be in the area. Alliance, on the other hand, tends to centralise the RP in cities, especially Stormwind. Some good starting points suggested by Avaryce are: Alliance: The Cathedral, Gilneas, (sometimes) Feathermoon Stronghold, Darkshire/Raven Hill. Horde: Fenris Isle, Brill, Sunshine Row, (heh heh) and the Drag. It's not an extensive list and there are downsides to all of them but if someone wanted to fling themselves on the mercy of the tides, it's a good place(s) to start. The Alliance tends to have more RP events than the Horde does. There is rarely a month that goes by that a major event isn't being run by an Alliance guild, and these events draw characters from all other guilds to participate. Alliance is more structured with the RP, which makes finding it a little easier and helping to make you feel as if you're a part of a real society. Horde, on the other hand, is chaotic RP that can really help to make your character come alive and make your playing time memorable as you interact with a variety of strange and/or wonderful people. 3. Which is better, then? That's up to you. 4. How do I find out for myself? This one is easy to answer. To find out, roll a character on each side. Level it up a wee bit first. I recommend to at least level 10. Interact with others, both in the world and in the cities. You'll know which side you prefer in no time. 5. Okay, what if I wanted to join a guild? How will I find one, and how will I know if it's the right one for me? To answer the first part, just keep checking these forums. Most of the guilds advertise here whenever they're looking for new members. As to how will you know if it's a good fit for you, there are really only two ways to figure that out. One is to read their advertisement. They will spell out what they're looking for, what their rules are, and (if they have one) a link to their web site. Really, though, the only sure fire way to find out if a guild is a good fit for you is to talk to some of their members, especially their officers. Talking to the people who are a part of the guild will give you far more insight into the guild's personalities and concepts. From there, you can make a more informed decision.Rumours99 May 9
Jan 3, 2017 Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux Updated for Legion! The structure for individual guilds is thus: [Faction] Guild Name (Raid Mode / Difficulty) Emerald Nightmare Nythendra [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (M) Elerethe Renferal [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Ursoc [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Dragons of Nightmare [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Cenarius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Xavius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H)Tsenzu463 Jan 3, 2017
Sep 13, 2016 Roleplaying Resources Originally posted by Meinrad. This post is not regularly updated so use this as a quick go-to guide and don't shy from making a topic and asking for help if you need further assistance. I'm open to answering questions in-game as well if anyone needs some guidance. This thread is meant to provide links to resources on lore and RP addons for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (and soon to be Mists of Pandaria!). As there are plenty of threads asking for resources, it seems like a wise idea to have a post that will hopefully be stickied that lists these resources for players new and old to RP servers. Character Resources "The complete guide to roleplay in WoW" Aside from a few select things you'll find almost everything you could ever need to know here. Read it. Study it. Love it. It will help you. Name Generators (Original link taken from the roleplaying FAQ on the original WoW RP forums. Credits to Nycte for that.) Personality Generators (First link provided by Windwalksha) Development of a Character Have problems with developing your character? Take a look at this guide! A guide to Evil RP A guide for those exploring the evil and darker sides of their characters. For Argus!: A Roleplayer's Guide to Draenei Forsaken RP Guide: How I Learned to Love Rot How to roleplay a Night Elf (Thanks to Grulkar and the topics respective authors for the race-specific guides.) Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits A guide on what attire to wear whilst roleplaying. WoW Roleplay Gear This blog has quite a few pages linked down the sidebar where you'll find a plethora of different outfits you can copy for a wide variety of different subjects. Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Less of an actual "guide" and more of a 'mogger's resource for finding class-related sets and armour they can wear. Official Lore World of Warcraft: Game Guide This is the official Game Guide for World of Warcraft and contains a lot of information on the races, classes and factions of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Expanded Universe The Expanded Universe section is filled with short stories with regards to the lore of the game, including a history of the world we play in. Lore Resources Wowpedia I consider this one of the best places to go for any lore questions I might have. All speculative information here is unofficial and is subject to change at the whims of Metzen. RP Addons Courtesy of Iriako, from page 2! TotalRP 2 An all-inclusive mod that allows extreme character descriptions, emotional states/buffs/debuffs, mount/companion names, personality indicators, chat coloring, NPC chatting, item creation, quest creation, sound effects, IC/OOC indicators, RP skill level, and language functions. Compatible with MyRolePlay's RP Flag functionality. MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an alternative to TotalRP (and other similar addons), listed here to give you the freedom of choice over what RP addon you use. Like the rest it lets you find other roleplayers and set up character information such as names, history and appearance. MogIt A handy mod for trying out any transmoggable gear item on your character, with the ability to save a wishlist and find out where you can obtain that model. AddEmote A mod that allows you to creat custom slash commands and the resulting emote output string for all your toons, and also for your pets and minions. Due to the sheer size of the post, and the absense of foresight, this post continues over here! Sep 13, 2016
43m Why do raiders come to RP servers? Serious question, guys. I'm a bit mystified as to why people come here and try to produce hardcore raiding guilds. I get that some people like to raid and RP, and that's fine. But what about the guilds that come here and do no RP at all? I mean, WHY? Surely there is no shortage of PvEers on other servers. It's like, I'm going to do something, but I'm going to do it the hardest way possible, with the smallest pool of players I can find. I'm not saying go home or anything. But it is weird. I suppose without these seemingly masochistic people MG would be even lower in the raid progression rankings. Or is that the reason, because we are so far behind, and they've come to "aid" us? /confusedFlywheel3 43m
54m [H-RP/PvP]<Ai Akaan> Zandalar Forever The following thread is living- meaning that it is subject to change as needed. Reserved 1/5Njadaka8 54m
1h I don't know where to start with RP So after debating this for awhile, I've decided on Moon Guard as my RP server. Thing is...I have no idea where to start. I don't know which race or class to go with. And I have no idea what to do once I have decided. Do I throw on my heirlooms and level? Do I head to a city? I'd really appreciate help getting started.Cythil14 1h
1h The Friendly Moon Guard Discord Greetings Moon Guard! Shortly after the Tournament of Ages, a group of Moon Guard veterans and tournament organisers got together and chose to put together a public Moon Guard Discord for the server to enjoy. Currently, we have over 650 members, with representation from most of the major roleplaying guilds. While we are a bit Alliance-side heavy, both sides are welcome and we would love to increase our Horde population a bit. This is a general purpose Discord, with channels for a variety of subjects. We also offer a few voice channels, but primarily it serves as a text-based server. Upon joining, you should be greeted with a whisper, instructing you on how to assign yourself a faction role (which will be your name colour). Please take a moment to review our simple policies / guidelines as well. Invite link: Thanks, and we hope to see you there! <3Katorie99 1h
1h You know you should log off when... It's 3 in the morning and you're sitting in Stormwing wondering what the Lion's Pride Inn must smell like. It probably smells of BO and weed (among... other things) by the way...Murphye11 1h
2h Personality Test for your Character I'm sure most of you have already done something like this. I do it all the time for my characters in my books, but I recently did one for Dloin. It's a fun little exercise that helps define certain aspects of his character, reminding me of his tendencies and personality traits that I don't always think of. I understand that the Myers/Briggs test isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but this exercise isn't meant to be about accuracy, just more for another way to look at your character. Dloin is an Entrepreneur, with the role of Explorer and the strategy of People Mastery. 88% Extraverted 62% Observant 61% Thinking 82% Prospecting 51% Assertive Strengths: Bold, Rational, Practical, Original, Perceptive, Direct, Sociable Weaknesses: Insensitive, Impatient, Risk-Prone, Unstructured, Misses the Bigger Picture, Defiant So what did you get?Dloin28 2h
2h Thank You, Moon Guard It seems the forums sort of bounce back and forth between "Moon Guard sucks, why do I play here?" and "Moon Guard's the best." Well, here's a return to the positive. I came back to WoW on a semi-regular basis sometime last year. I had been gone since late Cataclysm (with a brief return at the end of Pandaria), and much of the climate of the server, and the game world, had changed so drastically since I last played with any degree of seriousness. My schedule wouldn't really facilitate RP story arcs, since I'd only be able to play for a few hours a week, and I would never know too far beforehand if I'd be able to play or not. I re-subbed and immediately began to wonder if it would end up being worth it or not? The vast majority of my old friends have moved on. It will be difficult to make new, lasting friends with my current schedule. Was I seeing my WoW time through rose-colored glasses again? Fast forward to today, and I can confidently say that my concerns about the quality of my RP, or the fun I would have, was largely misplaced. Even though I primarily only play between midnight and 2am, I have met a number of great RPers and even managed to create a couple of new friends ICly. Whether it's shooting the !@#$ with Ironheim at the Slaughtered Lamb, or sharing exaggerated stories with Sojie at the Blue Recluse, or just hanging around Stormwind and poking fun at everyone who takes themselves too seriously, it's been a lot more fun than I expected. Long-story short, Moon Guard continues to be a truly amazing and diverse RP home for me, no matter how long I've been away from the game. I greatly look forward to later this year when I'll be able to participate in the game a bit more regularly, but until then, going on RP patrols from tavern to tavern in Stormwind has actually been pretty fun. If anybody on here is still running into problems finding RP, or just wants to come share tall tales with a tipsy dwarf pirate, please seek me out. Feel free to add me on BNet (Dloin#1739) to set up RP whenever I'm on, or even just to chat OOC. I want to do what I can to make sure others are having fun and enjoying their time in-game like I am.Dloin11 2h
3h Velfs in Darnassus Can we talk about why there's 0 reasoning or justification for them being allowed in Darnassus? Why are there two NPCs just wandering around?Asyliah11 3h
3h [H-RP] <The Kor’kron Legion> ... >=Who We Are=< Start June 9th, 2009, the Kor’kron Legion has been a staple of the Moon Guard roleplay community, and we have tried to provide a fun, engaging, and safe environment for others since the day the guild started. The initial concept of the guild was to provide a ‘savage, Old Horde’ focused military guild with a RP and RP-PvP focus. We also wanted to encourage roleplay in the then emptier Orgrimmar. And finally we wanted to provide for a bit of friendly fighting against various Alliance groups and guilds. However, as the years has gone on and the situation in WoW has changed, we’ve evolved more into a pure RP guild, complete with D&D events, but still with occasional RP-PvP when possible. And while we still focus on orcs, tauren, trolls, and goblins as the core of the guild, we allow all races and classes into the guild. Furthermore, with the events surrounding and resulting from the Siege of Orgrimmar, our theme has evolved and shifted. Instead of largely subjecting ourselves to the will of the Warchief, the Kor’kron Legion is now positioning itself to be more protective of the Horde’s general citizenry, taking a guardianship-like role as a sort of redemptive arc. However, we are still based out of Orgrimmar, and may be occasionally found in or near-by the Hall of the Brave in the Valley of Honor. >=The Important Stuff=< Guild Website: Guild Master: Suota Co-GM: Vaknosh Officers: Splintze, Drakkosh Preferred Breakfast Food: Kor’krunch Cereal* *Membership within the Kor’kron Legion entitles each member to a single box of Kor’krunch Cereal every month, delivered on the first of the month. Kor’krunch Cereal is part of a TRUE breakfast with a taste of spikes in every bite.Vaknosh486 3h
3h Druid... Interest? Sooooo. Are there alliance Druid guilds that aren't cat clans? Also, a few years ago there was a group that did Druid meetings... Are they still around?Yfandes4 3h
4h Khala'mar (Jed'hin) Tournament The Stormwind Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SLP) in collaboration with representatives of the Exodar (Te Amun) present the first Stormwind Khala'mar Tournament. Khala'mar is a modern take on the ancient Argussian ritual combat known as Jed'hin. As time passed the combat was soon turned into a sport, and for the first time in history the people of the Exodar wish to open it into a true spectator sport to those of Stormwind and the wider Alliance. To apply please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or send a letter stating your intent to join! OOC Notes The event will be taking place over Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of March, with both days starting at 7PM server time. While the event will be IC located in Stormwind, the OOC location is Valiance Keep in Boreal Tundra (Northrend). When applying please make sure you tell us what day you can attend, as this may effect if we end up doing both days and how we'll split the tournament. To apply speak to either someone in Te Amun or anyone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Baldassar, Idrís, Aspley or Aveeliaa), or if you would rather sign up in-game, please add and contact Baldassar (Baldassar Partiger, the Minister) or Idrís (Leviticus Partiger, the Deputy Minster). You are welcome even if you don't recognise the SLP system! You can still take part in a fun and open event without having to touch the politics. Rules It functions like Rock-Paper-Scissors. There are three targets: the Head, the Chest, and the Legs. In this, Head > Chest > Legs > Head. Two participants will face off against one another on either side of an arena, and the match will begin when the referee indicates, at which point both participants will whisper them with their targeted body area. The post order will then differ based on who has won with the winner emoting their attack first, then the loser emoting a reaction with the winner making a follow up post. This is repeated on a best of three rounds as to who becomes the final victor of the game played. If however both participants choose the same attack, it will instead result in a grapple, where they both seek to gain the upper hand and this will be dictated by the results of a d20. Other Tidbits The Grand Prize will be ten gold pieces (valued at $1,000) and a trophy, whilst runners up will be given surprise consolation prizes. You can also apply via this thread by saying your name and the date to which you can attend.Baldassar8 4h
4h Ren'dorei RP guilds? I'm lookin' to inquire about some Ren'dorei (Void Elf) guilds. What options are there available? Hit me with that guild spam, please! Thanks!Amaroq11 4h
4h Liturgy for Alonsus Faol Today! A notice by the Cathedral steps and the doors of Northshire Abbey On this thursday, the day of the Chair of Holy ALONSUS FAOL in the year of the King’s rule, six hundred and and twenty eight, the honorable College of Canons shall be holding a celebration of the venerable ALONSUS FAOL in the Stormwind Cathedral of Light with a high liturgy on his patronal feast day. The Liturgy shall begin at the ringing of the Eighth bell that evening. All are invited to partake in this celebration of the Light and its servant Blessings of the light on to all the announcement would be stamped with sigal of the church and a scratchy signature Signed Bishop Tyragonfal Mother Gwoviel Feifer Inquisitor-General Jadelia Naldrion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [OOC] Hello all, tomorrow, on Thursday the 22nd, the CotHL will be holding a Liturgy for Alonsus Faol’ s feast day. I encourage anyone who's curious to come or if your character is a follower of the Holy Light this is a great opportunity to Role Play that!Gwoviel3 4h
5h [A-RP] Dor'Serrar - Defend Kalimdor! ... OOC Information: Dor'Serrar is a militia-esque force of Kaldorei from all walks of life who have banded together with the interest of righting the wrongs that have come to pass in our homelands of Kalimdor. Whether that be combating the forces of the Horde or striking down an insurgence of Naga or fel taint, we go where we are needed and stop only when our people are safe and sound. Night Elves and Highborne are accepted, all other races are case-by-case. Death Knights and Demon Hunters are case-by-case as well. There are to be absolutely no warlocks IC in the guild. OOC alts are also allowed (Hence the reason we seem to have other races/classes on the roster). We are considered "medium-to-heavy" RP. Dor'Serrar is a storyline oriented guild, though don't let that deter you--Our storylines are open, welcoming, and quite easy for new members to jump into! While RP is our main (and always will be our main) focus, we also have a few members who raid and do PvP frequently. The guild itself is heavily lore-abiding, and we do not take lore bending or blatant lore breaking lightly. If you are found breaking lore (your night elf is a Drow, you are the son of Tyrande, etc), god modding, or metagaming, you will be asked to at first asked to change the behavior, and if it continues to be a problem you may be asked to leave the guild.Velasandra18 5h
5h 938 Disc LF Weekend Raiding Guild Hello! I have plenty of heroic experience and am returning from a lengthy break towards FFXIV. I'm looking for a primarily weekend raiding guild to fit with my schedule. Below I will link my current logs for this character from a pug I was in, sorted by my item level bracket. If interested, pls contact me on this thread or on bnet. My btag is Hoofshock#1314. Thanks for reading!Jianming1 5h
6h Allied Races gated by Reputation How does everyone feel about this? Personally I like it, because it rewards those who played the past expansion and offers them a sort of short-cut. Share your thoughts.Dommius25 6h
7h [A-RP] <United Northern Front> Homeward Bound ... Who are we? The United Northern Front, or U.N.F., is a brand new guild focused on driving the Forsaken and any other threats and enemies to the Alliance - Syndicate, trolls, ogres, etc. - out of the fallen human kingdoms north of the Thandol Span with the use of unconventional and unorthodox warfare. The guild structure at the current moment is a meritocracy based on skill, experience, and dedication to the guild. There are two ranks above the standard kinsman rank: Specialist, and Laureate. Anyone can achieve and work for those ranks, as they come with prestige, recognition, and minor leadership. Officer core, known as the Laureate Council, are split into two: Lower Echelon and Upper Echelon, with the former being 'apprentices' to prove themselves as officers, and the latter having proven themselves while having unique responsibilities. We are small, but very eager to grow and expand by facilitating and encouraging roleplay and giving a basis for people to introduce their own relevant stories that may fit into the overall theme of the guild. There are plenty of opportunities for advancement, growth, and to belong to a welcoming and open-minded guild. For more information and our application, please visit us at - and if you have any questions, comments, proposals, etc., feel free to message me in-game or over Discord at Mack#9677.Hillsbradian42 7h
7h [A-RP] Remnant of Lordaeron There is no big banner, or enlistment sign up. There is only the word of mouth, the occasional holler and welcoming words. The words of a group of like-minded men and women all sharing the same roots gathering in Stormwind, happy to have a home, eager to serve, and grateful for what they have been given. There is no grand military order here, or a great house or noble name. Here there is a group of people: survivors and non-survivors, refugees and strays, those of the north and those from far off lands. There is no great purpose here, or driving goal. There is only one thing in mind - to live, to treasure what there is, and thrive on what will be. For life! For the spirit of Lordaeron! For the Alliance! Who Are We? The Remnant of Lordaeron is a collection of orders and civilians brought together by a shared background and purpose from the kingdom of Lordaeron. We make our home in Tyr’s Hand, though we are often found in Stormwind, serving the Alliance and aiding its mandate of the day. It is a medium to heavy RP guild that encourages personal growth. We value player integrity and accountability along with a healthy slice of creativity and fun. Guild RP ranges from the day-to-day walk ups (we enjoy those) to plot heavy guild storylines that comes with a Roll System that encourages individuality and the occasional crackpot idea. OOC wise the guild is made up of mostly players that have outgrown the "wild meme spam" phase. While we do have the occasional bad joke, plenty of dad jokes and horrible, horrible puns, we don't really spam memes and for the most part, guild chat is mostly mellow and chill. If you are a wild memer-type, this guild may not be the best choice for you. The Remnants outside of holding a large civilian sect, plays host to a number of in-guild orders. ... The Easthaven Militia A para-military group focused on the protection of Easthaven. How to Join Easiest way: File an app @ Harder way: Mix and mingle with our members and earn your way in. All of us are always willing to answer any and all questions pertaining to the guild! Admission Information Guild Website: Moon Guard Wikia Article: 7h
8h Work Bound Raiding [H] 11/11H LF DPS! Hello WoW community! We are Work Bound Raiding. We were founded at the start of legion by a group of friends and WoW vets who love this game! Our raiding goal is simple: clear heroic content without getting in the way of real life commitments. WoW should be fun and not feel like a second job. This means we raid a very short amount of time, four hours a week. Our raid times are 8-10pm CT Thursday and Sunday. We are looking for excellent players who have a good understating of their class and raid mechanics to progress through Heroic Antorus! We are in need of dps looking for a home with the qualities listed prior! *Hunter, Balance Druid, and Rogue* but all excellent players feel free to reach out* We have fun on farm nights but try and buckle down on our progression because of our limited schedule. If you are interested please get a hold of me in game or through Bnet (Wellwallace#1919), See you in Azeroth!Zabadin14 8h
9h <A-RP Event> Occult Faire Fortunes forecast! Lucky charms! Get the dope with your horoscope! Come one, come all to an occult faire! Where: Ravenhill When: March 17, 8:00 PM Moonguard time What: Fortune tellers will cast a light on your future and help you with those questions you have doubts on. See their magical gifts astound as they peer into your future. Occult charms and enchantments for sale. Enjoy a magical night that dances in the moonlight with the spirit world. Please everyone come out and enjoy a special night of fun and entertainment. If you are a character with mystical skills and would like to be a purveyor of the future for our guests, please contact Mirrielyanna in game or via in game mail. Also taking more merchants with an interest in selling occult wares.Mirrielyanna53 9h
9h H-RP <The Azerite Collective> (Recruiting) Attn: Reliquary Associates To all concerned, Dark times have descended upon Azeroth. The Burning Legion invaded and threatened our world, nearly more than has ever occurred before. The Dark Titan left an eternal mark in Silithus, and our world will never be the same for it. In the turmoil, much was nearly lost: ancient histories, lost relics, powerful magic. If not for the brave work of a few, much knowledge could have been destroyed forever, or corrupted beyond all reasonable use. It is to this end that a new initiative is needed, for the benefit of all inhabitants of Azeroth. It is up to the Reliquary to act on behalf of the Horde and work with new allies to secure these relics, histories, and magics for posterity.... at any cost. We hereby extend this offer to our new friends in Suramar, Highmountain, and elsewhere that we will fight for and with you to protect what you hold dear, and we will not allow it to fall into enemy hands. Sincerely, Sibellatrix Shadowvale Branch Director of the Azerite Collective ~~~~~ On the bottom of the page is a very faint mark, invisible to all but the eyes of those initiated in the Reliquary's magical wards.... when read by the proper eyes, a message is visible at the bottom of the page: Azerite Initiative: It is henceforth the duty of this branch to work in alliance with the Bilgewater Cartel concerning work done as part of Operation: Titanfall. Priority one is the collection and confiscation of newfound minerals for the benefit of the Horde. Interrogate and exterminate Alliance interlopers with prejudice.Thalarria12 9h
9h Looking for guild. Any Pandaria focused guilds who would accept an animated Mogu statue?Achrius1 9h
9h [Goblin H-RP] <Flashbang Exports> Boomtastic! Public Statement from Flywheel Mahoney (RP Hook) Look pal, I know what ya thinking. What's the big deal about a few of Gallywix's goons shacking up in Orgrimmar? All them goblins want is moolah, moolah, moolah. Let me tell you something, before you go off crying to your mamma. It ain't true. Well, most of it isn't. See, thing is, we're here to trade. That's right. I, Flywheel Mahoney, and my fine crew from <Flashbang Exports> have got the goods, and you know you want them. What? Don't go giving me that look. Ya want to blow up half a mountain and loot all the gold and gems inside? Look no further. We got all the dynamite you need. Truckloads of the stuff. Ya want fireworks in all sizes and colours? Check. Just the thing for your little sister's birthday bash. Oh and hey, and if you're just looking for some totally awesome radical boogey beats, we got them too. DJs, dancers, catering, drinks, Hors d'oeuvre with the little pastry cups - you name it, we got it. All for the right price. My price. So what'dya say? Do we have ourselves a deal? Good. Just sign this 13-page contract on the dotted line, and we'll get things underway. What's that? You lookin' for some work? Ya won't find better pay this side of Kezan. Mind you, we're only accepting true-blood goblins into our company. Nothing against those other Horde races, but I just can't trust 'em not to get greedy when they feast their eyes on my mountain of macaroons. You know what I'm saying? What goes in the family, stays in the family. Don't mix business with pleasure. Don't confuse the customers with the sla-, uh, I mean, workers. There's perks. Did I mention the travel? <Flashbang Exports> is in demand all over Azeroth! No party is complete without our rockets and sparklers. Now stop giving me those buggy eyes and get to work. Ya think ya get rich just standing around looking pretty? Nope, Deathwing didn't think so either. Now, find me some customers! Hop to it skippy. OOC Details 1. Yes, we're very new. Yes, we're goblin-only. There may be room for the occasional ambassador from another race, but this will be the exception, rather than the rule. 2. Goblins currently make up about 2% of the total MG population, which is a very tiny amount! Hence, this will always be a small guild. 3. If you are looking to learn how to RP a goblin, or are a beginner to RP, then this is a great place for you. 4. We are currently comprised mostly of low level characters. Please don't expect us to be raiding anytime soon. It will be a scenic journey, with lots of RP along the way. 5. I am still fleshing out a number of details with regards to guild plotline (hint: it involves Gazlowe and the building of a new port city). I will post more information when it is complete. If you have any ideas you would like to bring to the table, I would love to hear them! 6. We are very sociable, like most goblins. Expect to see us around, having parties and generally causing mayhem. There is time for serious RP later! 7. Events are likely to be held weekly or fortnightly on Saturdays. This will include tutorials about goblin history and famous personas, as well as visits to goblin-run towns. We are currently generic Bligewater Cartel goblins, but this may change with the course of events. Interactions with other guilds is something we look forward to. 8. To make it less intimidating for newcomers, there is no formal application process. All goblins are welcome. However, you will maintain an OOC rank until you have RPed with us. 9. If you are interested but unsure whether or not to join, you are welcome to join our in-game IC chat channel: /join goblinrp 10. We have a Discord, but no website yet. You can join at: I have lots more - this is just a rough post to let everyone know that <Flashbang Exports> is officially open (and looking for business)!Flywheel4 9h
10h Is there a secret to walk up RP? For the record, I'm talking about Alliance here. I've never struggled with walking up to people before this server. I recently transferred, got my RP characters descriptions and made them look RP ready. Go out on the town and... Nothing. For multiple nights I've went around and spotted guilds in areas that practically won't RP with people who aren't also in that guild. I've walked up to several people who must be alt-tabbed or just uninterested. I've tried all the taverns, Lion's Rest, and more? It's turned into one of those "do I smell? Am I secretly A Bad?" moments. I went and logged back to my home server of Wyrmrest Accord, and in three seconds of going IC, I had several interactions from total strangers. I came to MG because of the population, but I'm just realizing this server actually doesn't lend itself to ... random open rp? It's feeling like if you're not in a guild, you're out of luck. I'm trying to get keyed in on how to find RP here. I don't really want to join a mass public discord (even friendly ones, I'm afraid, can be filled with personalities that sometimes clash). Smaller discords would be alright. I'd like to join channels in game, if possible, but otherwise I'm just unsure how to keep on keeping on. So what's the secret? Do I give up and go back to WrA? Edit: I will say, just so people don't get the wrong impression, that things like the Gnightly Gnews crew seem very nice and it's really good to see that. I'm just not sure where to find open RP outside of scheduled stuff.Story18 10h
10h Your favorite Warcraft 3 custom game For those who played Warcraft 3, and delved into battlenet, what custom map/game was your favorite? Mine is a tie between Footmen Frenzy and Azeroth wars.Dommius12 10h
11h [A-RP] Pride of Gnomeregan - Reborn ... Synopsis: The Pride of Gnomeregan calls out to all proud Gnomes! Unlike many similar failed orders, regiments and organizations in the past to aid in Gnomeregan, the Pride of Gnomeregan does not -focus- on retaking Gnomeregan itself! Instead, the Pride of Gnomeregan focuses on creating a sense of purpose, individuality, and home for all Gnomes who wish to align themselves with it, as well as a new way to express their feelings within New Tinkertown and other highly-populated Gnomish regions! The Pride of Gnomeregan allows only Gnomish kind within its organization, with the exception of the temporarily allowed sub-organization of Dwarves within its ranks, seeing that Gnomeregan was built for the Gnomes and by the Gnomes!! Unlike most orders in the past, the Pride of Gnomeregan promotes not only Gnomes themselves, but the nation of Gnomeregan through wearing and displaying the colors, emblem, and technology that originate from it! Any proud Gnome is welcomed amongst the Pride of Gnomeregan, as long as they adhere to general rules and regulations! Whether they serve in a section, or just support the organization itself, they’re more than welcome! However, Gnomes that wish to serve will always start out as a recruit, and have their training overseen by the administration itself. However, with the advantages of having an all-Gnomish group, there will be an auxiliary group of Dwarves who are to reside in Brewnall and see to security measures while the bulk of the Pride of Gnomeregan focuses on its general work: unifying those amongst it, increase the pride of Gnomish civilians, and making sure that Gnomeregan will have a place in the future. Ranking Structure: Head Tinker (GM) Council of Tinkers (OOC/IC Officer) Mekgineer (IC Officer) [FO] Farfielder [MM/GG] Engineer [SS/GG] Scientist [TT] Trooper Recruit Citizen Auxiliary/OOC <Ranks are Subject to Change> Sub-Organizations: Mekkatorque's Mechanics: Known as Mekkatorque’s Mechanics, the MM Engineers are the most brilliant engineers that the Pride of Gnomeregan has to offer! Starting from the bottom up, in order to join the MM Engineers, one must present their case to the Head Tinker, the representative from the Council of Tinkers, or an Overseer that is assigned to the MM, in order to join. They will go through a trial, depending on the section of the MM that they wish to partake in, or at least be the most dominant in, while having secondary approaches in other fields. At least two of the trials offered by the officers within the MM, the recruit becomes an Engineer among it! Recruits that manage to pass all given trials will be granted the honorary title of “High Tinker’s Best Engineer” or HTB Engineer for short, a leader among the MM.Raudel25 11h
11h [A-RP] Order of the Ashen Lotus - Pandaren ... With the defeat of the Burning Legion, we few pandaren who returned home from the cracked, doomed planet of Argus found our land wounded and torn, still reeling from the damage dealt it by the foul demons and their fel magics. Now the work begins; we must rebuild what was destroyed, replenish what was lost, and prepare for the future, and whatever else it holds. We must persevere. Pandaria is left with few to represent its interests on foreign shores, and so to that effect, the Order of the Ashen Lotus has been formed, and a call to arms has been sent out. Our hope is to preserve the peace birthed by our shared struggles against the Legion, and to provide a place of opportunity for those who share our beliefs and moral code. There is a certainty to the world; one correct path of right and wrong. Our values are immutable, and must be preserved no matter what the cost. Even if it means self sacrifice, or painful losses in the pursuit of a higher ideal. ... Order of the Ashen Lotus, officially the spiritual successor to the Shado-Pan Offensive is, like its predecessor, a paramilitary guild with a focus on RP in Pandaria. This Pandaren-focused, but NOT Pandaren-exclusive organization sanctioned by but not affiliated with Pandaria's Shado-Pan intends to organize and train a small military force capable of supplementing the defense of Pandaria, as well as operating as a strike force capable of tackling issues concerning Pandaria abroad. Although the Order is at its core a private military institution, it is not restricted to military personnel only. Non-combatants such as doctors, tradesmen, civilians and merchants are welcome, and will find a purpose in supplementing the organization and its warriors. For this purpose, a "civilian" rank is available for more social-oriented characters. Civilians are not brought on field operations unless specifically requested, but are otherwise not restricted from any part of the guild. We welcome all Pandaren and will consider non-Pandaren auxiliaries on a case-by-case basis. ... Our Goal: Our interest lies primarily in promoting a Pandaren roleplaying environment that is true to the culture and established canon of the race, as well as roleplay centered around the continent of Pandaria in general. To that end we intend to cultivate an active and inclusive atmosphere for Pandaren characters of all backgrounds and aptitudes, hosting regular story-intensive DnD-inspired events, social "tavern night"-style events, and more. As we are mainly a roleplaying guild, we do not host regular PvP or PvE events, although we do have membership who are experienced and interested in doing both. Moving forward into the next expansion, we have plans to actively engage in the events of Battle for Azeroth as a strong and potentially neutrality-compromising moral dilemma as Pandaria and its people find themselves increasingly torn between two warring factions. ...Bobohan11 11h
12h Nightborne RP guilds? Does anyone know if any Nightborne rp concepts have taken off yet? I want to be in on the ground floor and really hit it. I work to much IRL to lead a guild otherwise I'd start up my own! Anyone have any information? Thanks.Arcodeous4 12h
12h [A] Regen-Magtheridon Sales Page Welcome to the Regen Sales Page! Regen is a 10/11M Guild on US-Magtheridon What we are offering: Full Clear Heroic Antorus Personal Loot: 700k Ahead of the Curve Argus the Unmaker: 350k You receive the AoTC achievement, Violet Spellwing Mount, and a chance at both the 940 trinket and Legendary Trinket Fiendish Hellfire Core (Mythic Guldan Mount): 1.5mil Mythic Plus 15: 200k (Scheduled at your convenience!) When will the run take place: Heroic Antorus will begin Sunday, 7:00pm est (4:00pm pst) Heroic Argus will begin Sunday, 9:00pm est (6:00pm pst) Fiendish Hellfire Core will be Sunday 10:00pm est (7:00pm pst) Pricing and Deposit: Full Clear Heroic Antorus on personal loot - 700k Heroic Argus only on personal loot - 350k Fiendish Hellfire Core - 1.5mil We require a 50% deposit (350k/175k) to reserve your spot! This is to prevent both of us from wasting time. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE! If something does come up, contact us and we can reschedule. How will loot work?: All sales will be done on personal loot! For the Heroic full clear raiders will not be loot locked and receive loot as well. If the guild does not need the item - The loot will be offered to the buyers! (95% of loot received by raiders go to buyers) For Heroic Argus Only raiders WILL be loot locked. It will remain on personal so any loot you get is yours! TRINKET CHANCE IS NOT AFFECTED BY OTHER RAIDERS LOOT LOCKOUTS! IT'S LIKE A LEGGO! What we expect from you!: Come have fun! Feel free to talk to us and ask questions! We highly recommend you bring as many Seal of Broken fate as possible (bonus rolls) for an increased chance at loot! The only thing we will ever have you do is stand in a certain area for a few fights. come hang out! Who do I contact to sign up?: Ari#1525Ari1 12h
15h [H - RP] <The Stonewind Tribe> Winds of Change for the Stonewind The winds bear our names. The stones know our steps. The sacred lands we hail from have molded us into a galewind that sweeps over our enemies with unbound fury. However, as our homeland has been slowly decimated by the Venture Co. we have lost many of our brave warriors and family members. The Stonewind Tribe is in need of new blood, and while our elders do not care for this thought, we open our arms to new Shu’halo in need of a home and a cause. For those that seek to protect our people, to bring peace back to our kind and a better home for our young. The winds of change are coming, and we stand steady as the mountains we hail from. Do you have a heart strong enough for the Stonewind Tribe? ____________________________________________________________________ Who are we? We are a quickly growing guild that is focused on internal guild Roleplay based in the Stonetalon Mountains. We are a Shu’halo based Tribal guild with a focus on the Tauren people as a whole, as well as cleaning up our IC homeland. We have several weekly events on calendar and various other events as well as spur-of-the-moment RP. We are always seeking new members to build up our ranks. See our Wiki page here: What we need You! We have many weekly events, and a strong, active roster, and several officers in place. We can always use more players wanting to join with us, participate, and enjoy! What we offer We have over one hundred members and growing! We have several weekly RP events including a weekly Storytelling in Thunder Bluff open to everyone! Storytelling has been very successful so far! We have weekly hunting, roll battles, tea time, and more! We have guild repairs for all members and many willing to help with all aspect of the game. We have many leveling and also several at 110 doing Mythics and more. We are currently raiding casually. What we plan to do We have campaigns underway on the Broken Isles, and other events that take place back on Kalimdor! Every quarter we co-host the Dance of the Earthmother with other Tauren Tribes to celebrate the change of the seasons. How to join the Stonewind Tribe: An IC "interview" is required to join (an RP lead up to the character asking to/being invited to join the Tribe. You will also need to sign up on our website: Contact an Elder in-game or email Taeana at for more information! Check out the website for planned calendar events, all of which are open to anyone to attend!Taeana484 15h
15h [A] [H-RP] The League of Lordaeron ... [-=Requirements=-] -A decent grasp of grammar, knowledge of the game's lore, and maturity are all major requirements. We ask that applicants understand that we also look for members that will reflect positively on our guild, both from an IC and OOC standpoint. -IC Interviews must be taken before you are allowed into the guild. This is primarily for IC reasons, but also gives the interviewee a chance to get inducted into the guild formally. -There is a strict 40+ level limit that we have in place because most of our RP takes place in 40-50 zones. This also shows us you have dedicated enough time to your character that it isn't a simple alt, and likewise, Death Knights have a level 65+ limit. -We also require our members to be active, or state a reason as to why they'll be inactive. Members that have not given a reason to an officer as to why they would be taking leave will be removed after two months of not logging in to their character, but any and all previous members who were kicked for inactivity but want to rejoin after such an action has been taken is more than welcome; simply contact an officer in-game and you will be re-invited. To avoid the removal of your character, we ask that you kindly alert an officer if and when you are going to be taking an excused leave. -Maturity, as stated above, is also something we value highly. We expect our members to both understand that the League is a friendly environment that we strive to keep free of any and all conflict, and that your actions reflect on the entire guild on both an IC and OOC level; people who continuously and purposefully exacerbate conflict without compromise will find their stay in the League a short one. In addition, our roleplay can - but does not always - encompass mature themes, such as violence, profanity, etc. As a mainly militaristic organization, we ask members to keep this in mind.Demitria500 15h
16h Welcome to the Horde! (PvP-RP-Meet up) ... OOC Fluff: This little idea is simple: A casual meeting/training session for all members of the Horde interested in PvP-RP. What does it entail? The event is just an excuse for RPers to meet up outside the gates of Orgrimmar and PvP/'Train' with one another. There is expected to be duels, parties for Battlegrounds, and a casual RP environment. How do I attend? Simply show up outside Orgrimmar and greet your fellow combatants. If you're shy, message me and ask to introduce you. It's that simple. I don't RP, but I like dueling. Can I come? Of course. The only request is that you respect people who are RPing, and do not derail the session with OOC insults, out of place toys, and the intent to ruin someones experience. Now hold on, is it just dueling? 1v1 is garbage! No, it is not just dueling. I will be grouping people up, along with one of my officers, and taking them into the Battlegrounds. It is meant to be a fun PvP environment for anyone Horde who either: A) Wants to PvP. B) Wants to PvP but has no friends. (Me) C) Wants to build relationships with people and guilds. D) Just wants to get some honor with strangers. When will it be taking place? The 'event' will take place February 24th, around 7PM server time. How long it lasts depends on people. That's the beauty of it, even if the host or a lot of attendees leave you can still continue the fun. Remember, this is a meet up/excuse to PvP with strangers and not be weird. Wait... If it's meant to be RP, how do we get to the Battlegrounds? For RP purposes, everyone who 'enlists' to fight in the Battlegrounds will drink a sort of 'dream tonic'. Regardless of who you are, it will send your mental conscious into a sort of Shadow-Realm where you have full control of your character, their actions and, more importantly, an excuse to fight in the Battlegrounds. Upon returning to 'Azeroth' you will keep the 'knowledge'(Gear/Honor) you gained from your experience. Again, this is a blanket, loose excuse to explain why we transport to a seemingly symmetrical arena and suddenly poof in and out of existence. Okay. I think I might be in. Can I RSVP? Sure! It's not required, but letting me know in game, be it through messages or mail, about your interest allows me to properly organize groups for the battlegrounds. You're stupid You're not wrong, but I still invite you to come on down! For the Horde!Dommius5 16h
20h Je cherche de RP francais ? J'apprend le francais et je veux RPer en francais. Mais je ne peux pas trouver des francophones. Aucun des guildes fr/quebecois ? MerciiElzena10 20h
22h Third War Alliance Captain Hero? I am asking for help to figure out who would be a good character for a Third War Alliance Captain Hero, but I don't want to double up on threads here and on the story forum. So please head on over to that thread if any of yall fellow lore nerds want to contribute to the idea factory.ärithos7 22h
22h [H-RP] Looking for Guild Looking to transfer a character that has a magical crimes investigation background. Think CSI-SMC rather than guard RP. Would be bringing another player that likes RP as well.Staasha3 22h
1d [A-RP] [Pandaria/Pandaren] The August Accord ((New thread due to outdated information in the starting post.)) As tensions rise between the Alliance and the Horde, and the thundering march of the Legion is silenced with the loss of their master, the time has come for Pandaria to heal. Between the destruction of the Peak of Serenity and continued attacks upon the Celestial Temples, Pandaria's culture and home remain under constant threat, lacking the guardians and faithfuls of yesteryear as more Pandaren leave to explore new lands. It falls to us to protect Pandaria and its beloved Celestials - to the noble hearts who would seek to defend the place they call home. To the students, scholars, and soldiers of the August Accord, who work tirelessly to preserve Pandaria's history and uphold the virtues of the August Celestials - and to glean whatever ancient wisdoms the Celestials would impart in return. Any interested in the August Accord may seek out Jiwen Tzhu Zushou Leung, or Cahae for further information or contact. May Hope live forever in your hearts. ((The August Accord is an experienced guild looking for members interested in roleplay focused on Pandaria and the Celestials in particular. Using a simplified version of D&D for our D20 style events, we encourage character creativity above all else, and do not wish you to be limited. Teachings, sermons and social gatherings are also in the timetable for our guild, for those that are not combat-inclined and simply seek to make friends, or seek enlightenment. While the guild primarily leans towards Pandaren and monks, anyone with a good reason to help out Pandaria is more than welcome to do so. Feel free to send an application at or send an in-game message/mail to Zushou/Cahay/Lanfei to get ahold of someone!)) ((We're also eagerly awaiting to see the story/plot of BfA. Should there be a good reason, we may turn our focus more towards the faction war.))Zushou7 1d
1d <Burning Hearts> [H-Pve][Fri/Sat Raids] Hello guys, im Zenjifal, guildmaster for <Burning Hearts> and we are recruiting! Im gonna try to provide you with as much information about the guild as possible, without it turning into a wall of text. Our guild we are a heroic oriented raiding guild, fairly casual friendly and we have been raiding together every weekend for the past year and a half. Our goal every raid tier its to clear heroic content at our own pace and without being harsh on people, Im not the type of raid leader that will ever shout at anyone, we are all adults here and we are working together towards a common goal. Along with weekly raids, we do mythic plus dungeons, random battlegrounds and whatever weekly event its going on, the goal its always helping each other and have a good time. We have a really active community with veterans, new players and everything in between. Guild events Our main raid nights happen on Friday and Saturday, at 8 pm server time and the raid duration its between 2 and a half to 3 hours. Our more casual events, like group pvp and alt runs typically happen on wednesday night at 8 pm aswell. For voice communication we utilize Discord. What we are looking for Currently for the main raid team we are recruiting ranged dps with raid experience regardless of current itemlevel, balance, shadow, elemental and mages in particular, as for the guild in general we will always welcome new and returning players. The requirements are pretty simple, I expect you to act your age, be respectful and enjoy your time with us. Contact Feel free to pm me at Zenjifal, or add me on btag at Shingo#1869, alternatively if im still at work you can chat with Hotsñdots. Thank you and im looking forward to hear from you!Zenjifal115 1d
1d [H-RP] Horde Feast - Call for volunteers! Hey all! As some of you know and recall, there was Unified Horde Summit this past weekend, and though this event is not officially associated with that, it certainly gave Raltaka and myself some ideas! One such being a fantastic, multicultural feast - potluck style! Sometimes ideas and words are better received when shared over a meal, and what better way to learn about each other and our respective Horde cultures than with food? So let’s get into it! Purpose: Fun! Networking, unification, learning, getting really fat, eating great food, mingling… Location: Shrine of Fellowship, Jade Forest, Pandaria Date & Time: Saturday, March 10th, starting at 7:30PM server time and running however late people wanna stick around. Seems like we got it all figured out, right? Well, not quite! So what do we need from you fine folks? We need volunteers! This Wednesday (yes, tomorrow, 20FEB2018) at 7PM server, Raltaka and I will be holding a planning meeting in the Ratchet Inn to go over matters of security, food, bar planning, and entertainment. There will possibly be another, second planning meeting closer to the event itself for those who couldn’t make the first or volunteered after, and to smooth out any fine details that remain (time and date tbd). So here’s specifically what is needed (and the list of who’s volunteering for what so far): Security/Peacekeepers: Mirchea, Rydanis, Thru’mok, Rogkhan, Hukawn, Onyx Rose Order, Blackfish Company - please smack me if I missed anyone Backup catering & bartending: Twitchberry, Inc. (details to be sussed tomorrow) Entertainment: None as of yet. Potluck dishes to be served: None as of yet. Please let myself or Raltaka know what, if anything you wish to bring! I plan on actually making a menu and ‘map’ of where all the dishes will be placed. ALL HORDE CULTURES WELCOME. Right now we have a lot of security but not a whole lot else; you can’t eat an axe, so please throw food at us! ...uh, not literally. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself (Disc: Mirchea#1392 Bnet: Mirchea#1510) or Raltaka. If you are interested in volunteering, you're welcome to come to the meeting tomorrow, approach us IC, message us, whichever! Or, for either of those things, post below! Updates and info will be posted/added as necessary.Mirchea4 1d
1d So...were void elves demon hunters or not? Because I was flying through Stormwind last night and saw a demon hunter speaking to someone else, saying, "The void elves were always the most grim out of all of us in the Illidari". Something along those lines. Speaking out of ignorance here, but I thought that void elves couldn't be Illidari because void elves were regular blood elves turned void elves, and therefore, never actually became demon hunters. There's a lack of lore on these guys, since they're so new, but I'm pretty sure, based on my knowledge, that from a timeline perspective, they literally can't be Illidari. I think from a practical perspective, they couldn't possibly try to control the void AND the demon inside them. Is there actual lore on this? I would like to take my voidy into RP at some point, but I want to make sure I'm getting things right.Khalne19 1d
1d Looking to make a new Guild-Thoughts? I am thinking of making a guild. I know there are a ton of guilds already on Moon Guard, but think it would be fun to do anyways. It has been a while since I have been in or lead a guild though. I am wondering if anybody that comes to these forums has been thinking of creating, joining, or changing their current situation because they are looking for something different. I would love to make a guild that is smaller, but active players in game and on a discord server. Something where you feel you can contribute and matter, not just another player logged on to add to numbers to look like a bigger guild. I want a group that can really get to know each other, form friendships, and create great memories while playing. Something where people look forward to talking and getting on to play with their guildmates. Of course the guild would be a PVE/RP base, but do not have to be dedicated to either. My idea for the RP half of the guild (Obviously this can change with input) would be an adventuring type. I see so many military guilds, vendors, and such. What about a good old fashioned lets explore every nook we know of so far and look for treasures, help those in trouble, uncover plots. All while learning about lore of that area and traveling through the zones. Like a few smaller events leading into a bigger one, which could take place in one zone or multiple zones. I guess what I am really looking for on here are others who want something of the same. Is anybody out there who would want to be a Co-Gm, Officer, Raider, RP'r, member of such a guild? If you are interested send me a discord request Commty#5791 or leave a comment on this post and I can add you in game. Thank you to those who took the time to read this and even more so to those that are considering helping! Hope you have a great evening :) !!Tylantan1 1d