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1d Moon Guard Alliance Guild Listings FOR ALLIANCE GUILDS ONLY If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists. UPDATE: NOTE: The guilds will not be in perfect order from when they were posted. Some posts have been longer than others and I want to try and fit them all in as best as I can, so, I'm more or less playing Tetris with them. No worries. Everyone will be added, regardless. :)Rennali412 1d
5d Tournament of Ages 2017! UPDATE:Forbes wrote an article about us! ... The Call of the Crusade. Eight years ago, it resounded across Azeroth. Champions from all over the world arrived at the world’s summit to prove their mettle. It was here that an old paladin showed Azeroth that, regardless of race or creed, there is no challenge that we cannot face united. And so, as was prescribed so many years ago, a grand tournament will be held before we plunge into the darkness. This is the Tournament of Ages. For seven days you will find yourself in a scene of wonderment and jubilation - a scene that has gathered banners from all four corners of the world. As champions square off in glorious combat, the mighty races of the world will showcase their cultures in a diverse assortment of pavilions. Only here can the spirit of chivalry be celebrated as it was eight years ago. Only here can hommage be properly paid to the one whose clarion words stirred so many hearts with valor. This is your invitation. ... Basic Info Introduction Schedule Events Registration Staffing Donations Booths Charity F.A.Q. ... Schedule: August 6 – August 12 Hours: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM Location: Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown Website: ... Mark your calendars. Once again, it’s time to get ready for the Tournament of Ages – a yearly gathering hosted by the Alliance and Horde of Moon Guard at the Argent Tournament Grounds. An event lasting seven days will invite players to try their hand at a medley of games, competitions, contests, and more. Dozens of diverse booths hosted by guilds of both factions will offer wares both enchanting and exotic. Come as you are, but leave with a backpack full of prizes, and memories that will last a lifetime. ... August 06 (Sunday) 7:00 - 8:00 | Opening Ceremony 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:30 - 12:00 | Pet Battles 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball August 07 (Monday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Alliance & Horde Jousting Preliminaries 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball 10:00 - 12:00 | Jousting Finals August 08 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Rancor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Warrior Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:00 - 10:00 | Alliance Date Auction 8:30 - 10:00 | Hunter Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Succulent Tart Show 10:00 - 11:30 | Shaman Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Druid Dueling August 09 (Wednesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Vigor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Paladin Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Mage Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Rhyme Battles 9:00 - 10:00 | Horde Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Monk Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Priest Dueling August 10 (Thursday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Will) 7:00 - 8:30 | Death Knight Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Demon Hunter Dueling 9:00 - 10:30 | Succulent Tart Show 9:00 - 10:30 | Sledding Contest 9:30 - 10:30 | Alliance Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Rogue Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Warlock Dueling August 11 (Friday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Dueling Championship 7:00 - 7:30 | Sparring Championship 7:30 - 10:00 | Team Sparring 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 11:00 | Arena 9:30 - 11:30 | Special Tournament August 12 (Saturday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Closing Ceremony 9:00 - 12:00 | Wonderlight BallRéase143 5d
Aug 10 Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs. Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following. ... Original Sticky Below Aug 10
Aug 9 Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits! Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions! ~ALLIANCE~ Human ...Maxen308 Aug 9
Aug 5 Moon Guard Horde Guild Listings FOR HORDE GUILDS ONLY ((Horde guilds from the other thread will be brought here.)) If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists.Rennali186 Aug 5
May 9 Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis) Orinigally posted by Kharnis: Please Remember: Ultimately you are becoming part of a community and that is defined by the sum of its parts. So help build and foster a better community for everyone. That doesn't mean server community. It means in the community you build with friends. Edit: Be open minded, welcoming, and remember to give folks a chance. Remember, there is a person behind every character and that sometimes people have bad days. Ultimately , make sure you enjoy yourself and allow others to do so as well. The game is big enough for everyone. Edit 2: However, there are some guilds and folks on Moon Guard you may want to avoid to make your time on the server enjoyable. Please feel free to mail me ingame or message me if you see me on to find out whom. You can also find players on tumblr for reference. This is especially important as there are some folks who are known to condone the use of slurs and are harass others. Harassment takes the form of slurs against lgbt, mentally handicapped and those of different racial background. Please do not hesitate to contact me so you may stay clear of something that may ruin your time on Moon Guard. Edit 3: Ignore the elitists and folks who tell you that you are doing it wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to enjoying yourself and finding like minded folks. Thanks to Eredis for suggesting this. So, you are thinking of transferring or rolling a new character here, are you? Good for you. Moon Guard is a great community, and because of the size of the player base you can literally find whatever kind of RP you're interested in. Unfortunately, if you're just coming here for the first time, you have no idea what's happening. No doubt, you have a few questions you'd like to ask about the server. Hopefully, this thread will help answer some of those questions for you. 1. How is the RP on this server? In a word: thriving. Both Horde and Alliance have players that are RP heavyweights. Even the raiders RP here, and some of them even RP in instances or raids. 2. Where will I find RP? This generally depends on which faction you are. Horde tends to be random RP everywhere in Azeroth or Outland. You could be in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, and the chance is good that you'll be able to RP with a fellow Horde who just happens to be in the area. Alliance, on the other hand, tends to centralise the RP in cities, especially Stormwind. Some good starting points suggested by Avaryce are: Alliance: The Cathedral, Gilneas, (sometimes) Feathermoon Stronghold, Darkshire/Raven Hill. Horde: Fenris Isle, Brill, Sunshine Row, (heh heh) and the Drag. It's not an extensive list and there are downsides to all of them but if someone wanted to fling themselves on the mercy of the tides, it's a good place(s) to start. The Alliance tends to have more RP events than the Horde does. There is rarely a month that goes by that a major event isn't being run by an Alliance guild, and these events draw characters from all other guilds to participate. Alliance is more structured with the RP, which makes finding it a little easier and helping to make you feel as if you're a part of a real society. Horde, on the other hand, is chaotic RP that can really help to make your character come alive and make your playing time memorable as you interact with a variety of strange and/or wonderful people. 3. Which is better, then? That's up to you. 4. How do I find out for myself? This one is easy to answer. To find out, roll a character on each side. Level it up a wee bit first. I recommend to at least level 10. Interact with others, both in the world and in the cities. You'll know which side you prefer in no time. 5. Okay, what if I wanted to join a guild? How will I find one, and how will I know if it's the right one for me? To answer the first part, just keep checking these forums. Most of the guilds advertise here whenever they're looking for new members. As to how will you know if it's a good fit for you, there are really only two ways to figure that out. One is to read their advertisement. They will spell out what they're looking for, what their rules are, and (if they have one) a link to their web site. Really, though, the only sure fire way to find out if a guild is a good fit for you is to talk to some of their members, especially their officers. Talking to the people who are a part of the guild will give you far more insight into the guild's personalities and concepts. From there, you can make a more informed decision.Rumours99 May 9
Jan 3 Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux Updated for Legion! The structure for individual guilds is thus: [Faction] Guild Name (Raid Mode / Difficulty) Emerald Nightmare Nythendra [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (M) Elerethe Renferal [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Ursoc [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Dragons of Nightmare [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Cenarius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Xavius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H)Tsenzu463 Jan 3
Sep 13 Roleplaying Resources Originally posted by Meinrad. This post is not regularly updated so use this as a quick go-to guide and don't shy from making a topic and asking for help if you need further assistance. I'm open to answering questions in-game as well if anyone needs some guidance. This thread is meant to provide links to resources on lore and RP addons for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (and soon to be Mists of Pandaria!). As there are plenty of threads asking for resources, it seems like a wise idea to have a post that will hopefully be stickied that lists these resources for players new and old to RP servers. Character Resources "The complete guide to roleplay in WoW" Aside from a few select things you'll find almost everything you could ever need to know here. Read it. Study it. Love it. It will help you. Name Generators (Original link taken from the roleplaying FAQ on the original WoW RP forums. Credits to Nycte for that.) Personality Generators (First link provided by Windwalksha) Development of a Character Have problems with developing your character? Take a look at this guide! A guide to Evil RP A guide for those exploring the evil and darker sides of their characters. For Argus!: A Roleplayer's Guide to Draenei Forsaken RP Guide: How I Learned to Love Rot How to roleplay a Night Elf (Thanks to Grulkar and the topics respective authors for the race-specific guides.) Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits A guide on what attire to wear whilst roleplaying. WoW Roleplay Gear This blog has quite a few pages linked down the sidebar where you'll find a plethora of different outfits you can copy for a wide variety of different subjects. Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Less of an actual "guide" and more of a 'mogger's resource for finding class-related sets and armour they can wear. Official Lore World of Warcraft: Game Guide This is the official Game Guide for World of Warcraft and contains a lot of information on the races, classes and factions of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Expanded Universe The Expanded Universe section is filled with short stories with regards to the lore of the game, including a history of the world we play in. Lore Resources Wowpedia I consider this one of the best places to go for any lore questions I might have. All speculative information here is unofficial and is subject to change at the whims of Metzen. RP Addons Courtesy of Iriako, from page 2! TotalRP 2 An all-inclusive mod that allows extreme character descriptions, emotional states/buffs/debuffs, mount/companion names, personality indicators, chat coloring, NPC chatting, item creation, quest creation, sound effects, IC/OOC indicators, RP skill level, and language functions. Compatible with MyRolePlay's RP Flag functionality. MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an alternative to TotalRP (and other similar addons), listed here to give you the freedom of choice over what RP addon you use. Like the rest it lets you find other roleplayers and set up character information such as names, history and appearance. MogIt A handy mod for trying out any transmoggable gear item on your character, with the ability to save a wishlist and find out where you can obtain that model. AddEmote A mod that allows you to creat custom slash commands and the resulting emote output string for all your toons, and also for your pets and minions. Due to the sheer size of the post, and the absense of foresight, this post continues over here! Sep 13
2m [-RP]Underground Brawl Fest- August 25th The streets bears rumours of a newly formed brawling ring hosting it's opening ceremony next month. It's organiser, who's name is only known to a few, has announced his search for volunteers to battle in the pits themselves; whispers and flyers scattered across the darkest of alleys and most secluded taverns of the Kingdom all yield the same information: "The event will be happening in Redridge. Brawlers and pit-fighters, novice and veterans. All are invited to challenge each other's might: winners will know the generosity of victory, and those who fall will learn to aspire to it." ------ IC part is over, and now I have your attention. - Welcome! As you've guessed by now, we're hosting a brawling 'tournament' next month, August 25th. This is a crime community-orientated event, so no guards or members of the military will be allowed in, or forwarded an invitation! We're happy to accept anyone else, but the priority will be given to people who wish to partake in the BRAWLS, not spectators. *If you are interested in fighting, leave the comment 'I VOLUNTEER' below, and you will contacted via in-game mail to settle your participation.* Bets will be placed! All in IC money, and reward gold will be given out to both the fighters and bet winners!Eldaarth5 2m
16m [A - RP] The Ashen Inquisition - Recruiting Citizens of Stormwind! The Ashen Inquisition is a newly formed group of paladins, priests, and warriors brought together for the sole purpose of the protection of Azeroth, and all that would go against the nature of the Light! The Inquisition seeks men and women to bolster its ranks, so that we may become a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of any that would threaten the safety of Azeroth, or her children! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys and gals. I'm starting a fresh guild called The Ashen Inquisition. The Inquisition is essentially an 'ends justify the means' style of guild, revolving around an ideology based around blurring the lines of morality. The grey area between objectively evil and objectively good has grown, and in these grim times, dire steps must be taken to fend off all assailants bent on the destruction of Azeroth, and all things deemed good in the world. The style of RP we'd be focusing on would be a blend of martial, arcane, and simple character building. Once the charter is established, I'd love to make an entrance onto the greater MG scene with our cohorts. Discord will be established and is encouraged but not required. We're going to be forming raiding parties, in addition to transmog runs, and groups for world quests, and mythic keystones. Please post a reply with any questions, and I'll gladly answer. Hope to see you in game!Blackwryn0 16m
1h @Garion I never catch you online anymore since I started working so much. Been like 2 weeks since I was able to talk to you about RP jazz. I had an idea for a comic. I'll leave details in my discord. Check it out homie. Edit: Rennali you have a look too plz.Gärithos2 1h
1h (A)Moon Guard: 7/9H Raiding Guild Recruiting Hello Adventurers! <Wandering Combatant> on Moon Guard is a heroic raiding guild that is actively seeking able-bodied players to bolster it's roster! Please see below for pertinent information... Current Progression: Tomb of Sargeras Normal: CLEARED Tomb of Sargeras Heroic: 7/9 (Currently working on Avatar & KJ) Raid Times are 8:00pm SERVER (CST) until 11:30pm SERVER (CST) and schedule... Thursday: {Optional} Normal ToS Clear Friday: Heroic ToS Saturday: Heroic ToS/Achievements/Mythic Dungeons Needs: Healers (with DPS off-spec) Range DPS (Hunters, Balance Druids, Mages) <Wandering Combatant> is a judgement-free, drama-free community for people. If you have any questions or are interested in joining our community please feel free to reach out to the Guild Master, Willowbark, or leave a comment here in the forums. :)Leangra3 1h
3h Rate! That! Mog! Sooo. Go on. Rate iiit. c:Poptartyum19 3h
3h [A-RP] Remnant of Lordaeron ... Who Are We? The Remnant of Lordaeron is a collection of orders and civilians brought together by a shared background and purpose from the kingdom of Lordaeron. We make our home in Tyr’s Hand, though we are often found in Stormwind, serving the Alliance and aiding its mandate of the day. It is a heavy RP guild with the fanon elements which seeks to for an individual's ability to grow unique RP personal to them through rich, deep, and complex story lines. All are welcome in the Remnant of Lordaeron -- from the highest nobles to the lowliest of peasants, there is a niche of RP that can be fill here for everyone. The Remnants outside of holding a large civilian sect, plays host to a number of in-guild orders. ... How to Join Easiest way: File an app @ Harder way: Mix and mingle with our members and earn your way in. All of us are always willing to answer any and all questions pertaining to the guild! ...Eirianwén18 3h
3h <Dominion of the Sun> Blood Elf RP/PVE/PVP Belore as my witness, I hereby take my vow. I shall uphold the honor of my people. I shall pursue justice to the ends of this world. I shall act with courage, tenacity, and wisdom. From this day until my last, I shall preserve these words within my heart. ... ...Founded in 2010, the Dominion of the Sun is one of the most recognizable blood elf guilds on the server. Our story remains true to the fantasy of the sin'dorei, inspired by one of the most tragic races of Azeroth and their quest to restore the pride of a shattered kingdom. From one epic campaign to the next, we invite adventurers of all kinds to join us in the most immersive experience the World of Warcraft has to offer. ...The Dominion of the Sun is a Thalassian order devoted to blood elf sovereignty. From its headquarters in Zenith, the order keeps watch over Azeroth, quelling any threat to the security of Quel'Thalas. The order maintains an advanced arsenal of unrivaled innovations in elven magitech, empowering them to defeat adversaries of all kinds. Numerous houses and organizations have pledged themselves to the Dominion of the Sun, each specializing in its own unique path to victory. ...The Dominion of the Sun is an RP-PVP guild, which means we often participate in organized PVP functions that are incorporated into our story as part of the immersion. Joining an RP-PVP guild does not mean you are required to be good at PVP. In fact, participating in these events is completely optional. However, we will strongly encourage you to improve your game and promise to make every effort to help equip your character for battle. After all, you have the power to write history. ... The Golden Wing: In order to secure Thalassian interests at home and abroad, an elite cadre of infiltrators, saboteurs, spies, and disciplined agents were needed... thus was born the Golden Wing. Like their Farstrider predecessors, these veteran rangers have spent years honing their craft. Varied in specialization, the Golden Wing employs a vast array of tactics to offset the nefarious meddling of hostile organizations like the SI:7. The Crimson Gauntlet: The knights of the Silver Hand observe the virtues of respect, tenacity, and compassion. The Crimson Gauntlet is the Thalassian response to these tender ideals, antithetically embracing the notions of power, insight, and valor. Proud and merciless, the knights of the Crimson Gauntlet look upon those who bend knee in reverence with disgust. Willpower, not faith, is a weapon... and those who do not possess it are useless. The Emerald Eye: There is no magic too dangerous to be studied by the renowned wizards of the Verdant Eye. Fully aware of the dangers of allowing power to fall into the wrong hands, these elven magi take a methodical approach to dispatching any threat to Quel'Thalas which cannot be eliminated by normal means. Their close monitoring of the anomalous has drawn ire from competitors such as the Kirin Tor. The Cleansing Flame: The shrewd medical staff of the Cleansing Flame are engaged in a constant war with death itself. This assembly of healers rely on centuries of experience to combat maladies of every sort, from pernicious lesions to crippling plagues. It is the sacred duty of any member of the Cleansing Flame to ensure all defenders of Quel'Thalas are in prime condition to slay any threat to the realm. The Mystic Circle: Paramount to the advancement of any society is education. The body of scholars comprising the Mystic Circle are some of the brightest of Azeroth. Eager to share their wealth of knowledge to any sin'dorei willing to learn, these champions of wisdom pursue the mysteries of Azeroth with zealous determination. The Runic Hammer: Peerless in innovation, the Runic Hammer is the Dominion's prized think tank. Scientists, engineers, architects, inventors, and even artists are provided liberal funding to bring the organization's lofty designs to fruition. These brilliant minds are not concerned with the means of their research, only progress. The imagination is a powerful tool of any empire, especially during times of war....Although primarily a blood elf guild, the Dominion of the Sun is recruiting anyone regardless of their race, class, experience, or time zone. The process to join can be found in the link below. If you have any questions, one of the officers will be more than happy to help you. 3h
4h Introducing! A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_me Official Tumblr: FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands. (This is a repost from the story forum, but it was recommended to me that this would be a more appropriate place.)Xaelar48 4h
8h One word story! InSneakyspring154 8h
15h (NEW) <The Onslaught> Horde Military RP ... ...Ironsong19 15h
16h [A+H RP Campaign] Dead Hand Protocol The evil that men do lives after them… The Lich King raised many worthy heroes from the dead, into a new existence of servitude and suffering. Not long after he reanimated them in great masses, they were freed from his slavery, and they turned against him. However, as beings of free will, some have chosen to use it for ill. Whether from malice, from the need to inflict suffering, or from the madness that grows as their bodies decay, rogue death knights wander the world, killing and torturing and enslaving their victims. And one does his wicked work for that most ravenous, cruel, and demanding god--the Greater Good. Not satisfied with the part he did in defending Azeroth, a new insanity has emerged in his mind: that his world would be best defended if all of its inhabitants bent the knee to a single, powerful ruler. And a death knight knows but one way to bring someone under his sway… Campaign Details Dead Hand Protocol is a continuation of the story that was begun with the Dark Dreams Incident. It is designed as a cooperative D20-based campaign shared by Moon Guard guilds and individuals alike, to take place in the month of October, 2017. Phase One will take place in the weeks leading up to the main body of the campaign itself. During this time, participants will be called upon to pursue leads and storylines that will reveal the villains and their objectives. These storylines will be tailored to the strengths and practices of the participants--guild-specific events. When a certain number of clues have been pursued and uncovered, a council of participating guilds and individuals will be called regularly to discuss how to proceed. These council meetings will have a more direct impact on the advancement of the plot. Thus, vigilance and cooperation are highly encouraged--especially as Phase One is running on a timer... Phase Two will begin on a specific date [to be announced]. At that point, events will take place on every continent of Azeroth: a race against the clock to stop yet another world-ending catastrophe. Players and guilds will determine how to address the threats that arise, bringing their unique approaches and strategies to bear against the enemies. Phase Three, the final phase, will bring the participants together for a strike against the shadowy figure behind it all… Joining the Campaign The Dead Hand Protocol campaign will be conducted in locations around the Moon Guard server, announced as they are arranged. The majority of planning and announcements will be done in a Discord server dedicated to the purpose; announcements and story updates will be posted in this thread as well. Interested players and guilds can contact Jeremaias, by PM or mail, for invites to the Discord server and to be added to the event invitation list.Jeremaias7 16h
20h [A-RP] The Kaldorei Initiative ... Proposal The Kaldorei Initiative is a budding project with the aim to unify the Kaldorei roleplaying community both ICly and OOCly. The Kaldorei Initiative serves to offer a furthered level of immersion as well as facilitate communication between both singular roleplayers and Kaldorei-based guilds. The purpose of such a project is to offer a progression of the Kaldorei roleplaying community at large and increase satisfaction within it. Initiative Resolutions The Kaldorei Initiative provides several “resolutions” in order to promote unity and explicate immersion. Such resolutions are based upon the regard of the Kaldorei roleplaying community player-base and are open for suggestions as well as participation. The following are resolutions that the Kaldorei Initiative wishes to attend to: Kaldorei Discord Channel Through using a Discord channel, the Kaldorei community will have another reference that is not in-game. This discord channel is welcome to all Kaldorei roleplayers as well as Kaldorei guilds and facilitates communication and interaction between different individuals and different groups. The Kaldorei Discord Channel will also be used to give information relevant to the aims of the community.Kaldorei RP Hub A singular Kaldorei RP Hub would further exploit possibilities in interaction amongst Kaldorei RP guilds. In the past, Darnassus had been the central location for Kaldorei RP. However, with Legion, there has been a loss for a singular place where Kaldorei RPers can go and interact with one another. Perhaps such another central location can be created on the Broken Isles for the current expansion. Sereneia45 20h
21h [A-RP] Ravenguard Company Hello and welcome to the recruitment thread of <Ravenguard Company>! We are an RP (roleplaying) guild on Moon Guard (Alliance) and we are seeking more roleplayers, whether you're a new or experienced roleplayer! If you're looking to get your character involved with a story line, we'd love it if you checked us out. Guild contacts: ... - _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _ A little about our guild: ... Information on our events: ... What we're looking for... ... - _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _- _ - _ Frequently Asked Questions ...Gemmareeves10 21h
22h <The Clergy of the Holy Light> is Recruiting Dear Members of the Alliance, A new era and leadership has begun for The College of the Canons and The Clergy of the Holy Light. Under the auspices and direct guidance of Bishop Tyragonfal, Shepherd of the Order, a new path is being forged. Any Priest, Paladin, or any Light-worshipper in general who is seeking to better themselves and serve the Alliance may apply to the College of the Canons. Through mentorship, training and active service, the College will be a place for students of the Light to be challenged and assist the numerous order of the realm so that the greater needs of the populace will be both served and defended. Any who wish to assist in these endeavors may simply come to the Stormwind’s Cathedral and speak to me regarding their interest. Additionally, on Friday, August 25th at 8pm we will be holding our first charity event at the Stormwind Gazebo, which all supplies and resources will go to care packages for our Soldiers and also go towards the Stormwind Pantry. With Faith, Hope and Charity, Tyragonfal Bishop of Stormwind Shepherd of the College of the CanonsTyrágonfal9 22h
22h [A-RP] <The Ðark Embrace> Serve only Illidan IC. ... OOC. The Dark Embrace is an Illidari battalion of radical anti-legion Demon Hunters and associated Illidari forces. Serving under a sect of champions chosen by the Slayer himself. We are a RP circle that sticks strictly to the lore while polishing the rough edges of Blizzards writing by refining it in a manner that we consider to be realistic and believable. Our methods are viewed as draconian and extreme. Civilian casualties and collateral damage to us are inconsequential to the eradication of our Demonic quarry, and the advancement of our interests wherever they may lie. To us, burning down an entire village or slaughtering innocents our target is hiding behind is considered to be an acceptable loss. There is nowhere our target can hide nor barrier of hostages he can take that will invoke the hesitation of our wrath. We are the reason why Warden characters wish to keep us locked away or hunted down. Our tools for the hunt usually wind up doing as much harm as good, and in our hatred and blind fanaticism to the burning legion’s obliteration, we show little remorse to the path of chaos and destruction carved in the wake of our hunt. We bring misfortune and lamentations to those around us wherever we go in exchange for extremely effective methods for destroying demons and the masters that hold their leashes. Our benevolent intentions often go unnoticed and are hidden in the shadows, turning the tide of Azeroths war against the legion in our Ex-kins favor in exchange for their bitterness and ire in doing what we believe is necessary. All of which is absolutely necessary, for the only other option is the utter oblivion of all that ever was or will be beneath the Legion's heel.Praesius159 22h
23h Varian's One-Year Memorial Pictures Thank you all for coming to the Memorial! It was a great turn out! Here is the report: Special Thanks and Mention goes to: Muriah and Popohnia for holding our prayers. Maxen, Jeremaias and Turtledog for being our most excellent speakers! Beredric for pulling our Honor Guards in full uniform! PHOTOS: - Courtesy of Cherichi - Courtesy of Marisol Also, Courtesy of Soreka, this special MVP jpeg. 23h
23h [A - RP] The Ashen Inquisition is Recruiting! Citizens of Stormwind! The Ashen Inquisition is a newly formed group of paladins, priests, and warriors brought together for the sole purpose of the protection of Azeroth, and all that would go against the nature of the Light! The Inquisition seeks men and women to bolster its ranks, so that we may become a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of any that would threaten the safety of Azeroth, or her children! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys and gals. I'm starting a fresh guild called The Ashen Inquisition. The Inquisition is essentially an 'ends justify the means' style of guild, revolving around an ideology based around blurring the lines of morality. The grey area between objectively evil and objectively good has grown, and in these grim times, dire steps must be taken to fend off all assailants bent on the destruction of Azeroth, and all things deemed good in the world. The style of RP we'd be focusing on would be a blend of martial, arcane, and simple character building. Once the charter is established, I'd love to make an entrance onto the greater MG scene with our cohorts. Discord will be established and is encouraged but not required. We're going to be forming raiding parties, in addition to transmog runs, and groups for world quests, and mythic keystones. Please post a reply with any questions, and I'll gladly answer. Hope to see you in game!Blackwryn0 23h
1d [T-RP] Army of the Truthful: Two Years Strong ...Ostrick31 1d
1d [A - RP-PvP] - "Reformed Kingdom of Alterac" CITY-STATE OF ALTERAC (aka "New Alterac") Heavy "Kingdom" (Town / Political / Military & Navy / Holy (& Scarlet) / Merchant / Citizen themed RP & light RP-PvP Inspirational Theme (and my message to the world): ... ... I. THE BRIEF: ▬ An old (founded on (3/12/2013), server notorious, currently small, Alterac provisional government that resettles the Alterac frontier and promotes the colonization of the Mountains. ▬ Emphasis on Alterac cultural, heavy medieval lifestyle roleplay, skirmishes, protection of the nation, gathering holy relics, powerful artifacts, and watching what you put into the guild benefit and reward roleplay and our progression, and so much more! ▬ ‘Kingdom’ with emphasis on creating/observing Alterac culture and traditions, as well as a mixture of town life with shops, trading wagons, politics, military expeditions, pilgrimages, IC-OOC character progression, immersive guild events, and a plethora not listed that can be found at! Recruitment Status: OPENED! Looking for people dedicated to the guild idea that want to see become great again and make our return! Other Links: (Google Doc with all information not listed here and should be definitely read), (our application guideline used during IC recruitment, although we welcome people to fill it out if you'd like to apply before joining), and, our Moon Guard wikia page I'm currently updating with all of the City-State of Alterac's 4 years of guild history on this server! _______________ _______________ ... Affiliation: Reformed Kingdom of Alterac (since Uther outlawed the Kingdom of Alterac from the Alliance; therefore the Reformed Kingdom is a separate entente) allied to the Alliance NPC Authority: None until Isiden Perenolde returns; therefore Kormed seeks to lead as Regent-Lord in his interregnum. Alignment: Chaotic neural (although evil/good characters are possible) Location: Alterac Mountains; soon to camp upon the Thorondril River Races: Alliance-only; Humans and Afflicted Humans (Worgen), Dwarves, Gnomes, and Quel’dorei are accepted without an OOC application process because their characters generally fit. Draenei, Kaldorei, and Pandaren will have to include a reason that makes sense in lore for them to join (because some exist; I simply won't spoil them beforehand). Classes: All; Death Knights will be viewed with distaste as Forsaken-like beings since the Scourge invaded baronies like Barony Mordis (Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy) and Warlocks with suspicion (e.g. Argus Wake are warlocks aligned with the Burning Legion). ...Kormed52 1d
1d [RP]<Embershield Protectorate> Mediocre! ... The <Embershield Protectorate> is a coalition of noble lords, military officers and minor nobles working under the banner of the House of Embershield, a prestigious Quel'dorei house who has long ruled over the province of Quel'Anaris. Once more under Telriah Embershields control, the Protectorate has barred itself from Alliance and Horde, seeking to work in between and to defend Azeroth. What does this actually say about us? Bottom line, we're a neutral faction operating as an independent nation and we do it for the fun of it! We've been doing this for two years and we're gonna keep on doing it for as long as we want! We also like to kidnap Stormwind Officials and Protect Horde members that sometimes wander into Stormwind City, but that's only on the weekends! #sorrynotsorry ... We've crossed the line this time... literally! The Embershield Protectorate is offering membership between BOTH the Alliance and Horde Factions! We have guilds set up on both sides to express our filthy neutrality beliefs! As the Horde Guild grows, we'll also be looking for Officers to flesh out the ranks and help keep it active! Both guilds will be in constant communication with each other via Discord and events will be had on both sides! ... We often band together to tackle various D10 Events with our unique D10 Rolling System! Adventure awaits us at every turn as we defend our lands and our planet! Outside of the D10 Events, we help each other tackle various PVE Related content such as Dungeons, Dailies, or anything else within the game. We also have a lot to do on our guild website, such as forum RP, Journals, and various tasks we can complete in game via the Quest Board. ... The Lore was created by our GM as a focal point for most of the stories he tells through the D10 Events. The lore itself takes place within current lore of the game and doesn’t change anything about it. You can take a gander at it over at the Moon Guard Wiki here. (ò2 1d
1d [A] (8/9H)(Thurs/Fri 7-10 CST) LF TANK/DPS <Ressentiment> We are a casual group of degenerates looking for raiders capable of blinking and breathing at the same time for our core raiding team. If you want the Moon Guard raiding experience then look no further because Ressentiment is the place to be if you want to kill stuff while talking about Draenei !@#$s. If the mechanics don't kill you, we'll make sure we kill you with our puns. WARNING: if you are sensitive or prude this guild is not for you - We are a Moon Guard guild after all. Expectations All jokes aside we are looking for raiders that can carry their own weight. What we ask of you as a raider is to show up to raid on time and be prepared with addons (listed below) and consumables (we do provide cauldrons.) Also we ask you to keep your characters artifact maintained - its not much to ask for and getting AP for your artifact weapon is important in facing the Legion. We like to run mythic keystones aswell. Sorry not a lot of PVP or RP in this guild. Current progression - Intending to push mythic T20 - 9/9N, 8/9H Raid times SERVER TIME (CST) THURSDAYS 7:00pm-10:00pm FRIDAYS 7:00pm-10:00pm Scheduled runs for alts and friends and family are schedules on tuesdays if we dont finish on tuesday will finish them on monday. Our needs TANKS - DK, Druid, Monk HEALERS - Not in demand atm DPS - Mage, Hunter, DK, Rogue, Druid, Pally, Monk, DH If your class/spec isn't listed don't be afraid to apply anyways We would prefer you be ilvl 900 before running heroic Tomb. If you are not 900 or not close, it will be an easy fix with a few heroic NH runs. Loot system We use loot council to determine where gear goes. How gear is distributed is dependant on performance, this way gear will get to where it will be utilized the most. This is our way of tryharding. If you have a problem with it you and complain that your dps isn't high enough because you are getting no gear is a silly excuse, everyone will get gear eventually and there are plenty of ways to gear up and stay competitive. Mythic keystones, reroll tokens, World quests. Addons We expect you to use RClootcouncil for loot Deadly boss mods - We don't care if you don't need it... USE IT Some form of damage tracker (Recount, Skada, Details!, logs) If you are interested or have questions contact our officers via b-tag: Ressentiment#11881, Gyaa#11148, soonspider1#1433 OR You can contact our officers in-game: Hyáa (alt+0225), Nitaara, or Turincal.Hyáa20 1d
1d [A RP-PvP] Fist of Fordragon <Fist of Fordragon> is looking for more members to join our ranks of RP-PvPers. The Fist of Fordragon (or Fordragon's Fist) is an elite special operations organization associated with the Alliance military composed of highly trained and highly skilled fighters who have been specifically handpicked to complete the mission of defending the Alliance in the past, present, or future under the most dire of circumstances. Because we are a mix of RP and PvP guild rank progression relies entirely upon each individual, requiring no politics or sucking up in order to rank up within the guild. There are 3 ranks available to each member: Affiliate: The lowest/OOC rank, given to those who do not meet the requirements of the other ranks, or to alts of those in the guild who do not wish to receive their specific rank. (though very easy to get out of should you put time into it) Specialist: The rank given to members who have attained a highest personal rating in any rated Player vs. Player bracket of 1600-1999. (2v2, 3v3, 5v5(discontinued), 10v10(RBGs)) Vanguard: The rank given to members who have attained a highest personal rating in any rated Player vs. Player bracket of 2000+. (2v2, 3v3, 5v5(discontinued), 10v10(RBGs)) Because there are so few guild ranks, in character there is a system of recognition that is dependent on each individual's highest personal rating experience. A letter/number designation is given to each individual on a set of dogtags to denote their position within the military organization, C/2 being the lowest designation, and S/0 being the highest designation. Their individual values are as follows: C/2 : 1600 C/1: 1700 B/2: 1800 B/1: 1900 A/2: 2000 A/1: 2100 S/2: 2200 S/1: 2300 S/0: 2400 As a reminder, each designation is based on personal experience, and due to the in-game guild ranks also being determined by rating, you can remember it as such: Specialist: C/2-B/1 Vanguard: A/2+ (Affiliates are not given a letter/number designation as they are also the OOC rank) Now you might be asking why the emphasis on ratings and why they affect guild rank instead of activity merit, or you may simply disagree with our ideals; however, the reason for this emphasis is to encourage our members (and perhaps even more of the community) to dabble in player vs player and expand their horizons, providing them with a goal they can be proud of besides the pvp rewards already in-place of the game. This also makes guild ranks rather easy to attain compared to some other rp guilds, with no hard time or activity requirements in order to attain a certain rank, besides GM and Co-GM. If you're interested in this guild concept please contact myself, (on either Verdunz or Verduns) or Bordae to learn more or express your intent on joining, all we ask of our members are a few things: 1) Obey lore 2) Observe the differences and separate IC and OOC while Roleplaying 3) Understand that IC actions can and will result in IC consequences 4) Dabble in Player vs. Player. 5) Have thick skin, as many members are high end PvPers, the guild may not be suitable for those who have reservations on certain words or concepts. Please note: we reserve the right to decline any application for any reason whatsoever. This may range from our belief that you would not fit well with our current roster, or our belief that your growth in player vs. player is limited because at the end of the day, we would prefer all of our members aim for a work towards attaining a rank of A/2+.Verdunz17 1d
1d Order of the Black Harvest: Warlock RP Group Amarisa toiled over her current research, tomes and scrolls piling over each other on the table in her study. Intently focused on a certain text, she was caught off guard by the familiar sound of an imp summoning off to her side. Startled, not having summoned the imp herself, she prepared to banish it, but not before noticing the letter that it carried. Taking it from the imp, who promptly vanished having completed its duty, noticed that the letter was sealed with wax, in it the impression of a scythe. As she opened it, it came to life, levitating in front of her and changing its shape into that of a mouth. “Warlock, with truth, there is knowledge. With knowledge, there is power. And with power, freedom. Meet us where the old Trail of Glass met its end, on the 17th of July, at 9 bells. The Order of the Black Harvest awaits.” At the conclusion of the message, the letter burst into green flames, leaving no trace of its presence. Amarisa pondered the letter’s message for a moment, looking over to the pile of tomes and scrolls. “Well, it’s worth a shot…” --------- We were sad to see the Order of the Veiled Eye go, and so we’re furthering its mission with a focus on the Black Harvest. The Order of the Black Harvest is a non-guild cross-faction organization that seeks to build upon the mission of the Council, and bring Warlocks from across Azeroth to a place where fel-users can safely meet without fear of persecution in order to exchange ideas, trade exotic or illegal goods, and discuss magical theories. It is also a community that transcends the political divisions of other organizations, in pursuit of a higher goal of mutual cooperation. In order to facilitate the cross-faction aspect of the Order, the organizers will be communicating via Battle chat, and translate for their faction. We understand that this may be tedious, and will adjust our methods once the Order grows bigger. To join, please submit an app on, as this will serve as the official roster, have the events calendar, and have the Agenda Bulletin, where you’ll be able to submit items to be discussed at the next meeting. You’ll also be able to do all the things like in a guild shivtr, such as post on the forums, some of which are IC. We also have a Discord, and will share it once you join. We meet in the Dreadscar Rift. If you can't get to the Rift due to being under 100, that's fine, we use Discord and you can ICly still be at the meeting. Thanks all, hope to see you there! P.S. Check out the Induction Ritual! (An agenda for the first meeting will be posted here closer to the date)Salazar95 1d
1d [H-RP] <Ironsteele Assembly> Seeking Members! <Ironsteele Assembly> Born from the tyranny of the Garrosh Horde, rising from the ashes of Kor'kron occupation, the Ironsteele Assembly rose as a frontier faction. A group of mismatched races hailing from the homeland of Desolace and beyond, this amalgamation of peoples have set out to find their own destiny, and their own shelter despite a war torn world. Bringing together the denizens of Desolace as well as exterior factions, like-minded leaders came together in a War-council to forge a bond stronger then iron – a bond of steel. Resolve, Strength, and Endurance are what drive the Assembly and its rule-by-council leadership. Tested in the fires of the rebellion, and then set free from the chains that bind, the Ironsteele Assembly has taken the coast of western Desolace and turned it into a safe haven for the world's most tired and worn refugees. Once a modest band of masons, hunters, and warriors, the Ironsteele Assembly has now used this position to become self-sufficient elevating them to become more than just a safe haven. They would become an Assembly of the marginalized. Now, with the ability to defend their homeland and the will of the Horde coming with the use of technological tools of great innovation, the Assembly has sought interests elsewhere. No longer bound by the ambitions of others, they were free to transcend into something more durable for a new age. With desolate foundries that churn out weapons of war, the Ironsteele Assembly stands as a fighting force ready to take on the Horde's enemies. After the defeat of the Iron Horde, the Assembly used the cruel orc's cutting edge and absorbed their enemy's knowledge and expertise. Now, with the might of steel and fire, the factories of molten metal and hammered arsenals churn out tools to fight the Legion. Clashing with them across the Broken Isles, the Assembly has become galvanized by triumph, failure, blood, and purpose. As experts in dispatching the Legion, they have become the tip of the Warchief's arrow; the forged blade sunk deep into the flesh of the Horde's enemies. Where the Warchief and the Horde call its soldiers to service, the Ironsteele Assembly proudly answer; either by sky, ground, or sea – ready to fight any enemy, to dispatch any foe. Yet it is the core of the Assembly's purpose that makes them a powerful weapon against their enemies, and the sturdiest of bulwarks for their allies. Survival is first and last. Guarded with passion, and primed with conviction, the Assembly seeks to harbor endurance and longevity in its ranks. Despite their race, lineage, or previous endeavors, the Ironsteele Assembly welcomes any and all – especially those who seek to make a difference. So when the time comes and the will of the Horde must be rectified, stand with the Ironsteele Assembly. From the rugged lands of Kalimdor, to the sprawling forests of Quel'thalas, to the dreary lands of the Forsaken, many heed the call. With the might of the Horde, the guile of the Forsaken, and the intrigue of the Sin'dorei, the Assembly stands up to the challenge. Come and claim your destiny, and forge your own path to the glory and future you envision. LOK'TAR OGAR! FOR THE HORDE! ================================================================ ((The Ironsteele Assembly presents the following mission statement.)) =~= The Ironsteele Assembly tasks itself with creating an environment for all to flourish and enjoy themselves, allowing for character driven stories, epic sagas, and a community of excellence. It is within the belief that the individual determines their role and merits as a character, and has the space to develop and shine. The ideal result is a community wherein individuals explain how they'd like to interact with one another, and what they have to bring to the table. =~= ((Focusing on two main areas of gameplay, the <ISA> focuses first on the story-side aspect of the expansion, planning numerous campaigns and story arcs all centering around an old-school d20 interactive table top feel.)) ((The <Ironsteele Assembly> defines itself as a story-centric RP-PvP guild, has access to a voice-chat server with ventrilo, a guild bank, a tabard, and a friendly environment where we try to empower all of our members to become something more!)) ((Yet, its secondary goals enumerate both RP-PvP, RBGs, and raiding content. Our officers are committed, and our drive is limitless. So if a story-centric guild that focuses on a determined, committed Heroic Progression PvE, with dabbling in rated PvP sounds like something you would be interested in, look no further!!)) ((We are open to applications on our website at: )) ((Any questions or comments please be directed at the following players: Croshgar, Xandras, MacRayne, Ikanis. We are open to any and all questions or commentary, and don't bite! So ask away!)) ((Hope to see you on the other side!))Xandras5 1d
1d LF RP/PVP Guild Good morning, Moon Guardians! Just made myself an Ally Alt on this here realm. Apart from whatever the heck Goldshire is supposed to be, I'm interested in trying my hand at some (preferably less overly directed or planned???) alliance-based house/order style roleplay. Really I'm open to whatever (not the weird stuff), but ideally I'd like to find something with PvP well integrated, if only as a consistent OOC recreation. I realize I'm a bit off from being 110, and won't mind "sitting on the bench" in the guild until I'm there. Running Beast Master for my IC-PvE, but will prob go Marksman for PvP.... if somebody was wondering lol. Anyways good to meet you all. See ya around.Vanderbraun0 1d
1d [H-RP] <The Kor’kron Legion> ... >=Who We Are=< Start June 9th, 2009, the Kor’kron Legion has been a staple of the Moon Guard roleplay community, and we have tried to provide a fun, engaging, and safe environment for others since the day the guild started. The initial concept of the guild was to provide a ‘savage, Old Horde’ focused military guild with a RP and RP-PvP focus. We also wanted to encourage roleplay in the then emptier Orgrimmar. And finally we wanted to provide for a bit of friendly fighting against various Alliance groups and guilds. However, as the years has gone on and the situation in WoW has changed, we’ve evolved more into a pure RP guild, complete with D&D events, but still with occasional RP-PvP when possible. And while we still focus on orcs, tauren, trolls, and goblins as the core of the guild, we allow all races and classes into the guild. Furthermore, with the events surrounding and resulting from the Siege of Orgrimmar, our theme has evolved and shifted. Instead of largely subjecting ourselves to the will of the Warchief, the Kor’kron Legion is now positioning itself to be more protective of the Horde’s general citizenry, taking a guardianship-like role as a sort of redemptive arc. However, we are still based out of Orgrimmar, and may be occasionally found in or near-by the Hall of the Brave in the Valley of Honor. >=The Important Stuff=< Guild Website: Guild Master: Suota Co-GM: Vaknosh Officers: Splintze, Drakkosh Preferred Breakfast Food: Kor’krunch Cereal* *Membership within the Kor’kron Legion entitles each member to a single box of Kor’krunch Cereal every month, delivered on the first of the month. Kor’krunch Cereal is part of a TRUE breakfast with a taste of spikes in every bite.Vaknosh345 1d
1d [A] <Section 28> - Raiding / PvP Guild (8/9H) Hello, Section 28 is a newly formed guild looking for raiders willing to test the waters. Our focus will be simple, we aren’t chasing Server First, nor even mythic though obviously if we can we will. We are going for an achievable goal 1800~ - 2000~ rating in RBG’s and at minimum ahead of the curve in terms of raiding. The aim will be towards those who aren’t afraid to read strategies and review and are simply looking for a team of people willing to do the same. Raid Times: Friday / Saturday – 7PM Server – 11PM Server RBG Night: Wed – 8PM Server – 11PM Server Loot will remain personal until game mechanics or needs dictate otherwise. There is a 40% attendance policy to remain active (EG you must attend either 40% of PvP or 40% of PvE events in order to remain on the team). Off nights will be used to host other guild events including but not limited to Mythic+’s, Older content (Transmogrification Runs) and achievement hunting. Expectations for raiders and PvPers alike are simple. 1.) You do not have to do both, if you would like to simply PvP or Raid rather then both let us know. Preference in teams will be given to those who wish to do only one 2.) No Slurs and no Jackwagons we don’t have time for either. We need team players willing to pull their weight and given our expectations we should hope such a thing won’t be too tough 3.) Be on time and be ready. Potions, Flask, Meals, and the like At this time we are looking for: Members interested in PvP We will be capping the first raid team at 20 Members to allow better progression to Mythic if so desired. If such a thing sounds like what you might be interested in please apply at http://section28.netAlnarra17 1d
1d [A] Looking for Guild with voice chat Hello! I'm recently back on WoW and want a guild. I capped in every expansion except Legion, so I'm catching up. I'm not much of a roleplayer. I like seeing the insanity that can be Moon Guard "roleplay," but I'm not here for serious RP. I joined this server about 6 years ago because I thought Goldshire was hilarious and at the time I was just playing the Auction House and collecting vanity gear. During my time away from WoW I played some sandbox PvP MMOs and we all used voice chat. I can't look back. Discord, Teamspeak, whatever; I need mah voice chats. I'm 30 years old (male) and don't want to hang out with anyone underage. My endgame this time will hopefully be raiding; I'm currently Prot and plan on learning all the dungeons/raids to tank, but I'm also willing to DPS (cause that !@#$ is way easier). I main tanked Molten Core in Vanilla and most of the raids during Wrath. I don't keyboard turn or click my skills. I guess I'm late to the Legion party, since I'm only 107 right now. Is gearing a new tank too unrealistic this late in the expansion? I'm sad I missed the early raids when people were still figuring them out. Anyone wanna adopt me? Get me on voice and see how much of an %^-*!@# I am.Nakasu1 1d
1d [A] <Keleos Soran> Recruiting for H TOS [A] <Keleos Soran> Recruiting for H TOS. Looking for more to finish off roster for H ToS progression. In need of mage, hunter, dh, and boomkin primarily although other dps would be considered. Also in need of a Resto Shammy to finish our healing team. We raid 8 pm cst until 10 to 10:30 cst on Wednesday and Saturday. We have just started working on Heroic progression and are currently 9/9 N ToS and 1/9 H Tos. Ideally looking for 895 ilvl for norm and around 905 ilvl for Heroic to be ready to jump straight in. Below that we have plenty of members to help you work towards being ready to raid. We strive for our guild to be an extension of family and friends. The kind of guild, where folks say hi, and notice if it's been a few days since we last saw you. If interested can add my battletag Sapriraka@1256, look for Camrie, or even pst any member and they can put you in contact with an officer for more info or a guild invite.. Look forward to meeting you!Camrie2 1d
1d [A-PvE] [Wed/Fri] <Rove Perennial> Rove Perennial is a two-night a week, heroic raiding guild looking for more raiders for Tomb. Currently, we are 9/9N and 6/9H. We are a very open, sociable, and relaxed group of people who enjoy the community Moon Guard has to offer, and the shenanigans that come with it. We are extremely active dungeon-runners and ensure everyone interested receives their +15 Chest for the week. Along with this, we almost always have an active Mythic+ group at all hours of the evening and would love more players to join us. Raid times are 8 -10:30 PM server Wednesday/Friday, along with alt-runs Saturday. A minimum of 890 ilvl is required to be considered for joining our core raid-team during Tomb progression. Always looking for competent players in DPS roles, and a dependable, communicative tank. Discord is required. We use Personal loot, as we are more interested in an unbiased and conflict-free loot system than optimal raid gearing. If you're just interested in a semi-casual, fun guild experience or Mythic+, feel free to join as well. Flexibility is a very big part of our guild raid structure. As we are very lenient about attendance, it's normal that we have 1-3 members occasionally absent on a friday, or atleast expect it. To prepare for this, we strongly encourage our members to invest and learn to play an offspec if they're up to it. This rarely happens, but should a healer or tank be a no-show one night, we obviously don't want to call raid. A player who can play not only their spec, but their class as a whole, gets big points from us. Not to mention it helps when forming m+ groups. We don't expect perfect attendance, but dedication is always appreciated. If any of these things interest you, you can contact me at (Extrinc#1103) or Gaibarr (Swagboat#1657) through Bnet, whisper, or reply here with the character you'd like to join as. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Thanks for reading!Cruffsant20 1d
1d [A] The Ashen Inquisition - Fresh Charter Citizens of the Alliance! The Ashen Inquisition is a newly formed group of paladins, priests, and warriors brought together for the sole purpose of the protection of Azeroth, and all that would go against the nature of the Light! The Inquisition seeks men and women to bolster its ranks, so that we may become a force to be reckoned with in the eyes of any that would threaten the safety of Azeroth, or her children! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys and gals. I'm starting a fresh guild called The Ashen Inquisition. The Inquisition is essentially an 'ends justify the means' style of guild, revolving around an ideology based around blurring the lines of morality. The grey area between objectively evil and objectively good has grown, and in these grim times, dire steps must be taken to fend off all assailants bent on the destruction of Azeroth, and all things deemed good in the world. The style of RP we'd be focusing on would be a blend of martial, arcane, and simple character building. Once the charter is established, I'd love to make an entrance onto the greater MG scene with our cohorts. Discord will be established and is encouraged but not required. We're going to be forming raiding parties, in addition to transmog runs, and groups for world quests, and mythic keystones. Please post a reply with any questions, and I'll gladly answer. Hope to see you in game! - BlackwrynBlackwryn1 1d
1d Looking for Roleplay Partner(s)! Hello people of Moonguard! Just another generic LF: Roleplay Partner thread here but hear me out! To be honest, I feel a bit bored with some Roleplay experiences lately; walkups are becoming dull and monotonous and I'd like to get to know more people on this server so, in an attempt to be as detailed as possible, I'd like to find a roleplay partner or two, maybe three! What I'm looking for: A sparring/training partner/rival relationship for my character Harst/Wolver to learn and interact with. Preferably: A warrior, or any sort of mercenary. Would be extra great if it was a worgen, draenei, or a dwarf, but any of these types of characters regardless of race or gender are welcome! RP Style: I'm usually a one liner type of person when it comes to dialogue, but emote wise, I range from semi to paragraph style. Any other Roleplay form is accepted by me; I want an experience that we'll be able to enjoy and have fun with! Playstyle: I usually like roleplaying with light hearted and comedic themes, but I'm also up for some adventure and semi-mature plotlines as well! Summary: Harst: A down on his luck worgen mercenary with a pednant for getting into fights and drinking to his heart's just wants some mates to throw down with and learn a thing or two about having friendships and responsibility. He is carefree, a brute, but overall a sterotypical, "Bro." OOC Information: Oh great, it's the dreaded OOC information section, but I promise it will be short! Time: I'm usually online after three o'clock p.m and offline at around one a.m Pacific time. I ask that anyone who wishes to be a RP partner try and be flexible with their times a well. Other Characters: As I am asking for a few Roleplay partners, I may cross over a tentative plot with other characters we may meet! I already have a semi-active partner who may come in and join if interested. Contacts: Feel free to mail me in game, send a whisper, or reply to the topic I created; so go ahead and ask any questions here on the topic or in game. I am excited for seeing the potential storylines that can be created, so happy adventuring everyone!Wolverclåw2 1d
1d [A-RP] The Argent Onslaught ... Perhaps you passed by one of the brick-and-mortar buildings, tents, or shacks and heard the cries of a recruiter. Standing in front of familiar white, black, and gold banners, they shouted slogans of encouragement and answered the questions of curious, hearty young soldiers. Or perhaps you bent over to pick up one of the brochures that were dropped onto the cobblestone ground. You thumbed through the document to find that the traditional rhetoric of the Argent Crusade had been replaced witha more urgent call for a need for heroes to come to Azeroth's aid. Alternatively, you may have passed by a wall of stone, brick, mud, or dirt to see a plethora of posters. Showing his familiar, heroic face: Tirion points to the reader with one plated hand and holds the Ashbringer over his shoulders in the other. At the bottom, the paper is emblazoned with the Argent Crusade’s insignia. ... Either way, the recruitment call seeks to remind you of one thing: Your world is in grave danger. Will you throw away your previous affiliation to stand by the Crusade? *** The Argent Onslaught is always looking for new recruits to bolster our ranks! We are an Alliance-side neutral-aligned roleplay guild. Here’s a look at what we do: RP - We are a heavy RP guild with a focus on D20-style events. We usually have anywhere between two and four events per week. While the majority of these are D20, we also hold trainings, lectures, and the occasional casual get-together. Our roleplay events are often organized into campaigns, storylines that often take us out of the Plaguelands to interact with expansion-relevant content. These campaigns usually last between a few days and a few weeks. However, if long storylines aren’t your thing, not to fret! We also host patrols, mysteries, and the occasional Hearthglen clean-up day. Through our stories, we try to foster an alternative to the “knight in shining armor” stereotype that is often attached to Argent guilds. While we have a few shiny paladins in our ranks, we are also home of some unlikely heroes. As long as a person is aligned toward goodness, we welcome almost anyone! PVE - We are not a PVE guild, but we try to hold a few mythic runs. We are also very open to assisting our guildmates when they need to do a dungeon or get their LFR in. PVP - While we stick to the Argent neutrality rule when in character, you can find a few of us PVPing on the side while out of character. If you’d like to learn a bit more about us, here are a few sources: Our website at Sadly it's out of date. Seeking to update it currently since most information and resources are found on our guilds Discord. We also have several officers with whom you can speak regarding recruitment or any other questions you may have. Rease Stoneheart (Réase) - Field Commander (and our lovely GM) Althea Brimcraft (Brimcraft) - Magister-Commander Akanos (Akanos) - Major Cocalin Blazehammer (Cocalin) - Major Huajian Faoyung (Huajian) - Captain Thomhus Erik McOwen (Thomhus) - Captain Shi’rizao Goldcloud (Shiriza) - Captain Björn Blackmane (Biörn or Björn) - Captain We are most active during the evening to night server time, so around 8 PM-2 AM usually. However, log on at any time, and there’s a good chance that you’ll find someone to help you out!Réase7 1d
2d [A-RP] <August Accord> Now Recruiting! Pandaria, much like the rest of Azeroth, has not been able to escape the gaze of the Legion. With the fall of the Peak of Serenity, and attacks on several locations throughout the land, the current defenses in the Pandaren homeland are not enough, and cannot be everywhere at once. This includes the Celestial temples, who have suffered equally under the Legion assault, and lack the guardians they once had. With the Broken Temple aiding in Legionfall, it falls to noble hearts to defend Pandaria and its August Celestials. The August Accord has been created to do just that. A loose organization of like-minded students, teachers, and warriors who all seek to preserve the nation they call home - if even an adopted home, for some. The August Accord promise to uphold the virtues of each of the Four Celestials, and in return for their loyal service, glean the ancient wisdoms that the Celestials may impart. Enlightenment is the goal, in the end, for these loyal students of the Celestials. Any interested in the Accord may seek out Minglian Liewen, or Ahsa Mangjul, for further information or contact. ((The August Accord is now up and running and looking for members interested in a brand new guild focused on Pandaria and the Celestials in particular! A heavy-rp guild intending to arrange D&D style D20 events, teachings and sermons concerning the four Celestials, as well as potential get togethers with other guilds! While a guild primarily leaning towards Pandaren and monks, anyone with a reason to help out is absolutely welcome to do so! Apply at or send in-game messages/mail to a member to get ahold of a representative! ))Liewen33 2d
2d Looking for a Guild Home Greetings all! Just a little background, if you don't mind me boring you for a moment. I'm an old-school pen and paper gamer originally. Started playing Everquest a couple of months after it came out, then jumped into WoW on opening day. Some friends and I played for 5ish years before real life , etc, took us elsewhere. I've returned to play WoW a couple of times since, and I started back again about a month ago. I'd love to be in a small to medium size guild, with mature players. I have Discord, and I can also use Skype, Teamspeak, or whatever method of communications are preferred. I'm a casual player - a couple of hours in the evening, more on the weekends if I can swing it. I'd love to run dungeons, etc. with some guild mates. I feel like I'm *way* behind on things to do in WoW. For example, I don't know what an heirloom is (as it relates to the game), nor how to acquire one. Transmog? No clue. I've been soloing, which I enjoy, but I feel like I'm missing out to an extent, on a lot of content. Googling everything just isn't the same. :-) If you're interested in inviting me, please whisper me first and let's chat. An unsolicited guild invite - which I get a LOT of - will be ignored. I really hope I don't sound like an old fart or something. I really am a lot of fun, and I enjoy the social aspect of MMO's, and role-playing, immensely. Thanks for your time, and I'll see you in Azeroth!Eddwar2 2d
2d Illidari Hunting Party(Seeking RP) So, as referenced in a previous thread, I am seeking to do some RP where in my gal here, and possibly some 'friends' go hunting down legion loyalists and infiltrators within Alliance territories. To this end I am seeking both allies and enemies to help fill up and flesh out this endeavor. With the Tomb closed, the demons will no doubt be relying more and more upon their mortal followers to help get to Azeroth. To help streamline this adventure, I'll be working on a /roll combat system which all included can agree upon, as well as a variety of input and ideas. I will be including below a few links, one to the proposed combat system, another explaining my concept of "Sanctioned Warlock Sigils", which -any- IC warlock can claim to have, and use as an excuse to avoid being hunted/persecuted. As for the combat system, while I would love to get some testing in with it, I am also open to suggestions of other systems and rulesets. If I can get even two others who are interested in joining me for these adventures, then I'll be doing my best to host D&D esque PvE events, hunting demons and fouling ner do well plots. So what say you? Care to join, or combat us? ... ... ...Dahlirra15 2d
2d Any actual RP going on AT ALL? Besides the usual aids infested Inn we all know. And if so where's the rp hot spot? Are all the major cities popular to RP? Is their a guild that's not all whips and chains and is actually a nice leveling/role playing guild? Thanks.Vivíca13 2d
2d LF endgame progression guild Hey guys, I recently returned and am looking to get into some mythic+s and then possibly raiding. My schedule is extremely flexible, and I'm a reliable, friendly guy. I'm only 850 right now an leaning towards BM, but wouldn't mind switching. It shouldn't take me long to gear up either, especially with some friends. My btag is Dae#1809. Thanks!Sqweek0 2d
2d Varian 1-Year Memorial Service From the Church of the Holy Light, a general bulletin. ... ================== OOC Can you believe it's been one year already since 7.0? Holy crap. The church folks invite everyone to attend the 1-year memorial service of King Varian Wrynn. Time and place: August 18, 2016 8.30pm SERVER TIME for gathering 9.00pm SERVER TIME is when the service officially begins. There will be a segment where we will have a few folks speak during the service. And there will be a segment where attendees are welcome to make offerings at the monument. Please take note, you can only see the monument if you are level 100 and have completed the Legion entry quests. There will be time for socializing. Merchant guilds are more than welcome to set up shop away from the main monument where the services will be be held. We kindly ask that advertising yells be kept to a minimum, and should cease once the service begins. Thank you all, and we will see you there!Adamantt34 2d
2d [A-RP] <The Beggars Court> (Crime/Occult RP) ... The Beggars Court is open for business. WHO ARE WE? The Beggars Court is a newly-formed guild located on the Alliance side of the Moon Guard (US) server. A haven for smugglers, racketeers, thieves, brigands, and corsairs alike, The Beggars Court is similar to organizations such as the Defias Brotherhood and Ravenholdt League of Assassins — a conceptually deeper look into what a society of blackguards looks like. It draws out-of-universe inspiration from sources such as Cervantes’ Rinconete y Cortadillo and the Thieves Guild of Elder Scrolls, as well as broader real-life inspiration from Thieves’ Cant and historical rogue literature. We are heavily invested in creating an atmosphere that is both uniquely dark, superstitious, and rooted in historical roguery, yet still abiding by Warcraft's extensive lore. With the Beggars Court, you get one part court intrigue, one part criminal underworld, and one part occult ritualism. Like the real-life Brethren of the Coast or the fictional Libertalia, the Beggars Court has an established system of self-governance, a 'constitution', and a set of rituals and ceremonies. Meanwhile, as a group of game-players building a community, we are hoping to create a place where both experienced writers and beginners looking to learn can share an environment that is friendly and accepting; not to mention a place to enjoy the content of World of Warcraft together. WHAT KIND OF CHARACTERS ARE WE SEEKING Sailors, smugglers, drug-runners, racketeers, gamblers, swindlers, back-alley thugs, fences, murderers, and even witches will find a compatible home in The Beggars Court. We have a wide array of roles to fill in the guild, and a concept that will appeal both to those inclined to the seedy underworld and the mysterious occult alike. We want to create through our characters an organization that appears on the surface as just another criminal syndicate, but whose underlying goals and ideals are far more nebulously far-reaching and sinister. THE COURT The Beggars Court isn’t just a guild of thieves; it’s a functional model of direct-action democracy. You’ll find no kings or nobles in this Court — you’ll find groups of criminals self-ordered into ‘bureaus’ by their respective branches of crime, speakers who represent the majority votes of each bureau, and a constitution called the Maunders’ Hall that governs the way bureaus interact with one another. Among each bureau, you’ll find crews of semi-autonomous criminals reporting to captains; captains chosen not by seniority, but by skill. How do you gain respect and notoriety in this guild? Do right by the Court. Those who serve the interests of their bureau, earn their share of the loot, and honor the ceremonies and rituals associated with the Court will quickly find themselves made into its blooded champions. And if you cross the Court? You’ll find its arm much longer and its vengeance much swifter than that of other eastern powers.Daschal24 2d
3d [H] <Work Bound Raiding> 7/7H wants you! Why hello fellow WoW enthusiasts! Work Bound Raiding is looking to expand as a community of players who enjoy the game but have full time commitments during the work week. We were founded at the start of Legion by a group of players that have known each other for quite a while. We wanted to come together to form a guild that would progress through Heroic content while respecting everyone's time. With that said we are looking for people who enjoy this game but don't necessarily have a lot of time to commit to progression raiding. We raid 4 hours a week Thrs/Sun 8-10pm CT. We are casual in schedule but serious about progression. Raiders are expected to research fights and know their class mechanics. We are proud of our progression so far with our limited schedule and would enjoy having you be a part of our legion raid team! If you are interested please contact Maxilo or Vynntharia in game or respond here and we will get back to you. See you in Azeroth!Maxilo13 3d