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2d Moon Guard Alliance Guild Listings FOR ALLIANCE GUILDS ONLY If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists. UPDATE: NOTE: The guilds will not be in perfect order from when they were posted. Some posts have been longer than others and I want to try and fit them all in as best as I can, so, I'm more or less playing Tetris with them. No worries. Everyone will be added, regardless. :)Rennali405 2d
2d Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs. Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following. ... Original Sticky Below 2d
Jul 4 Moon Guard Horde Guild Listings FOR HORDE GUILDS ONLY ((Horde guilds from the other thread will be brought here.)) If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists.Rennali185 Jul 4
May 9 Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis) Orinigally posted by Kharnis: Please Remember: Ultimately you are becoming part of a community and that is defined by the sum of its parts. So help build and foster a better community for everyone. That doesn't mean server community. It means in the community you build with friends. Edit: Be open minded, welcoming, and remember to give folks a chance. Remember, there is a person behind every character and that sometimes people have bad days. Ultimately , make sure you enjoy yourself and allow others to do so as well. The game is big enough for everyone. Edit 2: However, there are some guilds and folks on Moon Guard you may want to avoid to make your time on the server enjoyable. Please feel free to mail me ingame or message me if you see me on to find out whom. You can also find players on tumblr for reference. This is especially important as there are some folks who are known to condone the use of slurs and are harass others. Harassment takes the form of slurs against lgbt, mentally handicapped and those of different racial background. Please do not hesitate to contact me so you may stay clear of something that may ruin your time on Moon Guard. Edit 3: Ignore the elitists and folks who tell you that you are doing it wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to enjoying yourself and finding like minded folks. Thanks to Eredis for suggesting this. So, you are thinking of transferring or rolling a new character here, are you? Good for you. Moon Guard is a great community, and because of the size of the player base you can literally find whatever kind of RP you're interested in. Unfortunately, if you're just coming here for the first time, you have no idea what's happening. No doubt, you have a few questions you'd like to ask about the server. Hopefully, this thread will help answer some of those questions for you. 1. How is the RP on this server? In a word: thriving. Both Horde and Alliance have players that are RP heavyweights. Even the raiders RP here, and some of them even RP in instances or raids. 2. Where will I find RP? This generally depends on which faction you are. Horde tends to be random RP everywhere in Azeroth or Outland. You could be in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, and the chance is good that you'll be able to RP with a fellow Horde who just happens to be in the area. Alliance, on the other hand, tends to centralise the RP in cities, especially Stormwind. Some good starting points suggested by Avaryce are: Alliance: The Cathedral, Gilneas, (sometimes) Feathermoon Stronghold, Darkshire/Raven Hill. Horde: Fenris Isle, Brill, Sunshine Row, (heh heh) and the Drag. It's not an extensive list and there are downsides to all of them but if someone wanted to fling themselves on the mercy of the tides, it's a good place(s) to start. The Alliance tends to have more RP events than the Horde does. There is rarely a month that goes by that a major event isn't being run by an Alliance guild, and these events draw characters from all other guilds to participate. Alliance is more structured with the RP, which makes finding it a little easier and helping to make you feel as if you're a part of a real society. Horde, on the other hand, is chaotic RP that can really help to make your character come alive and make your playing time memorable as you interact with a variety of strange and/or wonderful people. 3. Which is better, then? That's up to you. 4. How do I find out for myself? This one is easy to answer. To find out, roll a character on each side. Level it up a wee bit first. I recommend to at least level 10. Interact with others, both in the world and in the cities. You'll know which side you prefer in no time. 5. Okay, what if I wanted to join a guild? How will I find one, and how will I know if it's the right one for me? To answer the first part, just keep checking these forums. Most of the guilds advertise here whenever they're looking for new members. As to how will you know if it's a good fit for you, there are really only two ways to figure that out. One is to read their advertisement. They will spell out what they're looking for, what their rules are, and (if they have one) a link to their web site. Really, though, the only sure fire way to find out if a guild is a good fit for you is to talk to some of their members, especially their officers. Talking to the people who are a part of the guild will give you far more insight into the guild's personalities and concepts. From there, you can make a more informed decision.Rumours99 May 9
Jan 3 Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux Updated for Legion! The structure for individual guilds is thus: [Faction] Guild Name (Raid Mode / Difficulty) Emerald Nightmare Nythendra [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (M) Elerethe Renferal [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Ursoc [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Dragons of Nightmare [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Cenarius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Xavius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H)Tsenzu463 Jan 3
Sep 13 Roleplaying Resources Originally posted by Meinrad. This post is not regularly updated so use this as a quick go-to guide and don't shy from making a topic and asking for help if you need further assistance. I'm open to answering questions in-game as well if anyone needs some guidance. This thread is meant to provide links to resources on lore and RP addons for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (and soon to be Mists of Pandaria!). As there are plenty of threads asking for resources, it seems like a wise idea to have a post that will hopefully be stickied that lists these resources for players new and old to RP servers. Character Resources "The complete guide to roleplay in WoW" Aside from a few select things you'll find almost everything you could ever need to know here. Read it. Study it. Love it. It will help you. Name Generators (Original link taken from the roleplaying FAQ on the original WoW RP forums. Credits to Nycte for that.) Personality Generators (First link provided by Windwalksha) Development of a Character Have problems with developing your character? Take a look at this guide! A guide to Evil RP A guide for those exploring the evil and darker sides of their characters. For Argus!: A Roleplayer's Guide to Draenei Forsaken RP Guide: How I Learned to Love Rot How to roleplay a Night Elf (Thanks to Grulkar and the topics respective authors for the race-specific guides.) Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits A guide on what attire to wear whilst roleplaying. WoW Roleplay Gear This blog has quite a few pages linked down the sidebar where you'll find a plethora of different outfits you can copy for a wide variety of different subjects. Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Less of an actual "guide" and more of a 'mogger's resource for finding class-related sets and armour they can wear. Official Lore World of Warcraft: Game Guide This is the official Game Guide for World of Warcraft and contains a lot of information on the races, classes and factions of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Expanded Universe The Expanded Universe section is filled with short stories with regards to the lore of the game, including a history of the world we play in. Lore Resources Wowpedia I consider this one of the best places to go for any lore questions I might have. All speculative information here is unofficial and is subject to change at the whims of Metzen. RP Addons Courtesy of Iriako, from page 2! TotalRP 2 An all-inclusive mod that allows extreme character descriptions, emotional states/buffs/debuffs, mount/companion names, personality indicators, chat coloring, NPC chatting, item creation, quest creation, sound effects, IC/OOC indicators, RP skill level, and language functions. Compatible with MyRolePlay's RP Flag functionality. MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an alternative to TotalRP (and other similar addons), listed here to give you the freedom of choice over what RP addon you use. Like the rest it lets you find other roleplayers and set up character information such as names, history and appearance. MogIt A handy mod for trying out any transmoggable gear item on your character, with the ability to save a wishlist and find out where you can obtain that model. AddEmote A mod that allows you to creat custom slash commands and the resulting emote output string for all your toons, and also for your pets and minions. Due to the sheer size of the post, and the absense of foresight, this post continues over here! Sep 13
Jul 28 Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits! Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions! ~ALLIANCE~ Human ...Maxen307 Jul 28
35m Ottõ. I've attempted to transfer items between Horde and Alliance through the AH only to have them sniped by this player. Normally I'd have no right to complain, but given the speed of the buyout, this person has to be using some kind 3rd party software. His speeds could only be achieved through a program. Yet I've looked around and I see quite a few people defending his actions, claiming he uses macros instead of outside programs. People just roll with his story like he's their best friend. Why? What's the story to this fellow? Why do people adore him so?Kerrista17 35m
55m Dance Party Achievement Rumor has it that if you dance for a hour straight during the Micro-Holiday, you will get an achievement. Are you willing to try it out?Fastril1 55m
1h Re-roll RP-PvE group? Anyone want to do a reroll group? I'm open to any race combination. I just want us to follow a theme and pick all the same race (or races that start in the same place like orcs/trolls or dwarves/gnomes). I can be the jerk of the group so that way I don't have to change my personality. I was also thinking I could just play the team tank as prot warrior. I am more interested in the leveling experience with a RP-PvE group than I am with learning a new class or anything, lol. I'd really like if we could create the character TRPs/MRPs together. Combine our origins somehow. If we are orcs from the same clan or if we are humans from the same noble house or something. I'd like it to be a casual affair we try to do once a week or something. I still play my main and don't want to stop. I don't want to speed through the leveling experience. In fact, I think it would be good if we didn't use heirlooms and instead used gear from quests and dungeons (although I dunno, maybe that's dumb). Anyone interested? Edit: Also, I have my discord which we can use to chat.Gärithos2 1h
2h Subterfuge attacks within SW Just a quick idea, eh? What if, and hear me out now, there were Horde sympathizers within the Alliance Capital of Stormwind conducting what would be considered terrorist attacks? The two -are- at war, technically. The only issue would be getting people to react accordingly to the auction house blowing up. Just a suggestion.Gènesi2 2h
4h LF active Mercenary Guild ((Hello there! I am looking into a guild to look for my character Pherra! An active mercenary like guild that's friendly and family atmosphere. Here is a nutshell of my character (you will need to RP with me to learn more!)) Pherra was born an owlkin in the native wilds of Azuna. But after a twist of events of destiny, hunters killed her pride and kidnapped her for scientific studies. Years later manages to escape and come upon the city of Stormwind. First she had a resentment towards the humans those that walked on two legs, suffering a sickness due to her injuries at the labs when a women kept bringing her fish. This motivated her to live and realize a lesson that not all humans and those that walk on two legs are evil, the same for owlkins. She started to enter society and later in due time met someone that changed her life, her mate. This changed her prespective on life and desire to become a human to be with her fiance more. And he did with a soul switch ritual that his talent as a spirit beast tamer. Now she's learning the way of the human life, learning to walk and now happily expects him a child. ((I am a very serious RPer (7+ years) and this is actually a LOT of planning and my dear friends Alfroy and Shemei to help evolve my character into what she is today! I would appreciate some thoughts and ideas of a guild! Questions would love and I'll try to answer them the best I can!))Zåphera1 4h
4h [A] [H-RP] The League of Lordaeron ... [-=Requirements=-] -A decent grasp of grammar, knowledge of the game's lore, and maturity are all major requirements. We ask that applicants understand that we also look for members that will reflect positively on our guild, both from an IC and OOC standpoint. -IC Interviews must be taken before you are allowed into the guild. This is primarily for IC reasons, but also gives the interviewee a chance to get inducted into the guild formally. -There is a strict 40+ level limit that we have in place because most of our RP takes place in 40-50 zones. This also shows us you have dedicated enough time to your character that it isn't a simple alt, and likewise, Death Knights have a level 65+ limit. -We also require our members to be active, or state a reason as to why they'll be inactive. Members that have not given a reason to an officer as to why they would be taking leave will be removed after two months of not logging in to their character, but any and all previous members who were kicked for inactivity but want to rejoin after such an action has been taken is more than welcome; simply contact an officer in-game and you will be re-invited. To avoid the removal of your character, we ask that you kindly alert an officer if and when you are going to be taking an excused leave. -Maturity, as stated above, is also something we value highly. We expect our members to both understand that the League is a friendly environment that we strive to keep free of any and all conflict, and that your actions reflect on the entire guild on both an IC and OOC level; people who continuously and purposefully exacerbate conflict without compromise will find their stay in the League a short one. In addition, our roleplay can - but does not always - encompass mature themes, such as violence, profanity, etc. As a mainly militaristic organization, we ask members to keep this in mind.Demitria412 4h
4h [A-RP] <August Accord> Now Recruiting! Pandaria, much like the rest of Azeroth, has not been able to escape the gaze of the Legion. With the fall of the Peak of Serenity, and attacks on several locations throughout the land, the current defenses in the Pandaren homeland are not enough, and cannot be everywhere at once. This includes the Celestial temples, who have suffered equally under the Legion assault, and lack the guardians they once had. With the Broken Temple aiding in Legionfall, it falls to noble hearts to defend Pandaria and its August Celestials. The August Accord has been created to do just that. A loose organization of like-minded students, teachers, and warriors who all seek to preserve the nation they call home - if even an adopted home, for some. The August Accord promise to uphold the virtues of each of the Four Celestials, and in return for their loyal service, glean the ancient wisdoms that the Celestials may impart. Enlightenment is the goal, in the end, for these loyal students of the Celestials. Any interested in the Accord may seek out Minglian Liewen, or Ahsa Mangjul, for further information or contact. ((The August Accord is now up and running and looking for members interested in a brand new guild focused on Pandaria and the Celestials in particular! A heavy-rp guild intending to arrange D&D style D20 events, teachings and sermons concerning the four Celestials, as well as potential get togethers with other guilds! While a guild primarily leaning towards Pandaren and monks, anyone with a reason to help out is absolutely welcome to do so! Apply at or send in-game messages/mail to a member to get ahold of a representative! ))Liewen17 4h
4h Looking for a fun guild Hey Folks, Looking for a social guild, one where there are events etc. I love random bgs, I will do dungeons, WQ, old school transmog runs etc. I am not really a raider, but if the guild is short, and I can help I will. Not much into RP. Definitely not into the Goldshire thing. Just looking to be part of a fun environment. Last 2 guilds have been dead for chat. I'm not in one at the moment, and I wont stick around if its's 800 people and total silence, I like a guild with some personality. ThanksDispatches0 4h
5h [RP] Summer Caravan Have you been yearning for a little bit of fun in the sun? Tempest Born Company has! Come join our wayward band on another caravan tour of the more exotic locations Azeroth has to offer! Event Date/ Time : Saturday July 29th. 8:00 p.m. server. All are welcome! We will gather in Gadgetzan at 8:00 and depart no later than 8:30. This month’s caravan will be taking us along the coast of Tanaris then through the sandy dunes to Uldum. We will adventure through monumental ruins and make our final stop at the picturesque city of Ramkahen! So pact a canteen or two, bring your bathing suit, your appetite, your friends and family, and your sense of adventure! There will be roadside catering, vendors of exotic wares, and entertainment for all! If you are interested in providing any of the services listed above please contact me directly in game ( Ranaelen ) or send me a discord message ( Slamazon #7856 ). We encourage everyone to come out and meet new people and most importantly have a lot of fun! Horde are welcome to join so long as you are not Pvp flagged!Ranaelen9 5h
6h [A-RP] The Nightward - Andu-falah-dor! ... The Nightward is a multifaceted military organization which is open to all races and classes, with demon hunters and warlocks being special cases. Founded in the War of the Ancients by Nilanadres Nightwind, the Nightward has served the kaldorei alongside the night elf resistance, the Sentinels, and other kaldorei organizations. Arduous and taut are the best words used to describe the Nightward’s complicated history; war, death, disease, and suffering are not unfamiliar to the most senior members of the Nightward’s ranks. Today, the Nightward is fighting the Legion alongside the rest of Azeroth. The Historians are gawking at and busily researching demons and new technology; the Shadestalkers are spying and lying to Nightborne and demons alike; the Grand Attendants are discovering new methods of jailing alongside the Watchers and finding new criminals to try; Astrologians are performing old rituals and divinations, finding new things about the future; the Silversky are discovering methods of healing previously unknown. The future is bleak, but for the Nightward, there is a beam of light in the fog. BUT WHO ARE WE? The Nightward, as said before, is a multifaceted military which works with both soldiers and non-combative experts to fight against their enemies. People in the Nightward are varied and skilled; people who cannot fight are enlisted instead for their abilities with a quill, or with analyzation, or with a deck of divine cards. Just because one cannot hold a sword doesn’t mean they aren’t useful in their own regard; the Nightward knows this well and allows people of all walks of life to assist their efforts. Not only that, but the Nightward offers training for those interested in specific fields of study, such as astrology and history. Lectures and presentations are also ever common amongst the non-combative community present in the Nightward. Those who are in the combat units (Shadestalkers, Starseers, Crescent Knights, Illidari, and Silversky Menders) are renowned as excellent spies, warriors, healers, hunters, snipers and spellcasters. When initiates are welcomed into the Nightward, they start to develop skills and are exposed to multiple different peoples and disciplines in which they may better themselves, their abilities, and their mind. The Nightward is also closely linked with the Kaldorei Initiative and we run events alongside the rest of the Initiative. WE ARE LOOKING FOR those looking to assist in the betterment of the kaldorei and Kalimdor. We even accept characters who cannot raise a blade, such as a well-versed historian or a lawyer looking to further their profession. People who are unafraid to go to extremes to reach their goals and who are able to cooperate as a unit and larger team are highly regarded and coveted. Specialists of any field are also sought after, since the Legion has slaughtered a moderate chunk of the Nightward’s (IC) forces. There is a large amount of roles to fill in the guild, and it is likely that anyone can find their niche. THE NIGHTWARD HOSTS A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT EVENTS such as open world roleplay, RP-PvE, D20, inter-guild events, and more. RP-PvE events comprise of about 20% of the events the Nightward will do. The way RP-PvE events are structured is very simple: the group of players delves into the dungeon or raid, clears the trash, and roleplays out how they proceed. This isn’t necessary after every trash pull, but after every boss fight the characters will meet up. Events like this can be in dungeon form, in which a team of experts go into a dungeon with a goal in mind, where they can make their own decisions and deviate from their original plans if they’d like. Raid RP-PvE events are usually used to end campaigns and large storylines as the finales. They work the same as the dungeon events do, but have less room to differ. These are often reserved for the main five units, but specialists from the five units can occasionally be accompanied by a specialist from a subunit, especially if the mission pertains to their subunit.Verethièn37 6h
6h Raiding guild tryouts Hi everyone, I am sadly not well versed in making a decent raiding guild post so please bare with me.. I am holding tryouts for my raiding guild in which I am forming, and I really aim to becoming more inclusive with the community here in MG. I feel that it is bellow sub par, in terms, of my interaction regardless of whatever makes this game fun for me I want to see more people experience higher end content. Now I am looking for anyone that can handle dpsing the bosses while dealing with mechanics, and can handle my instruction as raid leader. I have lead raids from WOTLK onwards, and I have a knack for calling things out. If you think you meet these requirements, and want to give things a shot my Btag is Basrasd21#1536 or just message me on this character. Just a fair warning this will be raiding for 3 nights so please make the necessary steps to assure that you can handle this schedule. Also I won't kick people for things that happen IRL I ain't a jerk, and don't tend to be one. PeaceBarnantinos7 6h
7h [H] 910 Resto. Shaman Hello Moonguard, I'm a 910 Troll Restoration Shaman looking for a new Raiding Environment on Moonguard. The Guild I am currently in <Longwalker Lodge> is a fantastic group of individuals just currently overstaffed in the healing department. (Side note: if you're a DPS looking for a great community of individuals to raid with look into joining the lodge!). Any guilds progressing through Heroic tomb is perfect. I'm not a weekend raider, I'm looking for a group that raids during the work week. Battletag: Corey#1646Freeshipping4 7h
8h Nightborne/Shal'dorei RP Connections Starting a new thread for this now that everything's finally set into motion. The previous thread (and links to older ones) can be found right here: It was posted to most of the RP realm forums including Wyrmrest and Moon Guard but didn't garner a great deal of attention. Since then, we've gathered a few people together and set up a Discord server where players can discuss lore, chat about RP prospects and share resources. It's open to those that are invested in the prospect of Nightborne RP but participation isn't mandatory. All you need is an interest in this niche and we'll be glad to welcome you. This server was founded on the idea that all Nightborne RP should be interconnected and that every Roleplayer carrying interest in the subject should have the opportunity to engage with it. We aim to become a community, meaning that we can connect with like-minded Roleplayers quite easily and set our own personal storylines into motion. This isn't necessarily a guild or a coalition, simply a source of communication for everyone intending to write within the confines of Shal'dorei culture. It's mostly going to be self-directed so in a general sense, you're expected to connect with others on the server in your own time and build RP connections. However, I'd like to introduce the idea that we can also become a society. Events could be organized that would gather most of our characters together in one place. There could be a ball, a soiree, a festival, a garden party, a wine-tasting or anything in between. We could build different groups too. We could form academies, military organizations, merchant coalitions, groups of performers and I think there's every chance that we could also form our very own noble households with certain characters picking up particular roles. The possibilities here are almost endless but it's definitely going to take some time to organize something like this. Any and all additional ideas are welcome. If this sounds like something you want to become involved with, let me know by adding my battletag (Zarxes#21200) and requesting a link to the server. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I don't want to throw the link out here where someone of ill-intent could join. The aim isn't to necessarily be exclusive but to keep the environment free of negativity. Thank you so much for your time!Zarxés3 8h
8h Major Guild Break-Up MC / Obscure Radiance Hi All, After some thought, this is my reaction to the changes in the guild over the last 12 hours! It was STEALTH Mode – done in the dead of the night, during and/or after the Town Hall. It was obviously planned. I’ve been with MC for the last 3 years and I know the leadership and I trust Shadow, Kalona, Dagamant, et all. If what the Guild Managers say is the “truth” then they should’ve stuck to the principles of our guild … MEMBER DRIVEN – for the members by the members (blah blah). But at “no” time has any of the membership been informed that there was a problem. And the GM’s have many ways to make changes to the rules, etc. All they need is a majority (with either themselves or the membership). No one knew until they logged in. And THAT is where it was wrong, if they were having problems then it should’ve been put up for discussion by the MEMBERS OF THE GUILD … but no: they decided that they were going to have no part in the MC structure. Yes, various explanations have been made about why this happened (all after the fact). I don’t know who is in the wrong here, and there are always two sides to any story. But the facts are simple: 1) They changed the name of the guilds 2) They setup separate guild web site 3) They setup separate discord site 4) They setup separate Facebook site 5) They kicked out Shadow’s toons from every guild 6) They didn’t bother to inform Shadow of the decision 7) They didn’t bother to tell the Officers of any of the guilds 8) They didn’t bother to tell any of the Members of any of the guilds 9) They “snuck” around planning this. And my reaction to this is simple too: I have left all the Obscure Radiance guilds and am now no longer a part of them. I still have friends there, and I imagine that we will lose contact over time, and eventually the pain of losing my guild will ease. Yes, I considered MC as “my” guild. It was my home for my gaming life. We will attempt to rebuild and it will be hard - there are no g/banks anymore, no mats, no raid teams, etc but we’ve done this before. Other groups have parted from us before, and it was mostly amicable. I still can’t believe that they thought that this is the “right” way of doing things. Oh and that new guild name is really stupid LOL. Looking at the bright side though … all those yummy Guild Achievements are out there just waiting for us to do them all again haha. I have sent a copy of this note to friends in the new OR guilds, asking them to pass it on to their GM’s. And lastly, remember this – it is your GAME and your PLAY – do what you need to do. Stay with Obscure Radiance or come to the new Mature Content guilds and help us rebuild our community. Or even both of us.Artashir27 8h
8h [A-RP]<Federation of Ironforge> All across the Alliance settlements and cities posters were being put up so all could see. Runners all around the lands were rushing with information from town to town while flyers were given out to all dwarfs. To my fellow brothers and sisters: Ironforge has been a pillar of strength and dwarven fortitude for more than two thousand years. Long ago we were one people under one High King. Greed, war and ambition separated us into three mighty factions Bronzebeard, Wildhammer, and Dark Iron. For hundreds of years we have remained apart and old feelings have festered. Like many things in the world, time has eroded that separation and once more we find ourselves under the same mountain, under the same banner but we are not united. Mistrust runs deep in us but we must overcome and band together. Our king gone we look to the Council of Three Hammers to lead Ironforge and while they have grown to trust each other we their people have not. It is with this goal in mind that the Federation of Ironforge was created. The Federation will be made up of all three clans and its duty will be to protect Khaz Modan. Made up of three sects, Military, Political, and Exploration we will overcome old grudges and make Khaz Modan truly whole once again. [OOC] The Federation of Ironforge is an Alliance RP guild based around the concept of bringing the dwarfs of all clans together to protect Khaz Modan. Now that the three clans have come back together under Ironforge the amount of land that needs to be overseen and protected has doubled and with the Legion attacking something needed to be done to help keep things in check, so enters the Federation of Ironforge. The guild is made up of three sects that will cover most of the guild activities The first in the Military sect. This will most likely be the largest of the sects as the Legion invasion is still under way. The next sect is politics, this will deal with relations within Khaz Modan and within the Alliance. This will start out small and hopefully improve in time giving the guild more options to grow with. The last sect will be exploration, you can't have a dwarf guild without some exploration. This area will focus on archaeology as well as mining and exploring the world. With the inner story of trying to get the three clans to work together and exploring dwarven lore it is my hope that people will find interest and find a new spark in dwarven rp. Our Guild's mission statement: It is our job to create an active and helpful roleplaying community for the dwarven like minded. We are to rise to the expectations of our active members and Role Playing community. We strive to uphold a welcoming, healthy and lore-abiding Role Playing environment in which members may gather to play and RP for enjoyment. Be it alone, or with their fellow guild mates. Guild ranks: Thane - The Guild leader, leader of the Federation and overseer of the Council. It is the Thanes job to ensure the Federation is untied and prepared to face any foe. Council - The officer rank. There are three council members, one from each sect of the Federation, one to lead the military, one to lead the politics of the federation, and one to lead the Exploration of the Federation. Warden - This is the sub-officer rank. These members have earned much respect and have chosen to dedicate themselves to the Federation. It is the Wardens job to seek out foes both outside and within Khaz Modan. Their gaze is both protection and judgement. Shieldguard - The Shieldguard are the front line defenders of the Federation. Veterans of battle and skill they provide protection to those in need. Ironblade - This rank is for members who have made a name for themselves and have been given themselves to the goal of fighting on every front for Khaz Modan. Stonesworn - These members have taken an oath to protect and serve not only the Federation but all of Khaz Modan no matter the cost. Recruit - The lowest IC rank in the guild. This rank if meant for the dwarfs who have come seeking to aid the Federation. OOC - The OOC of the guild meant for alts and friends who do not RP. How to go about joining: Please feel free to inquire to any guild member online for information. Guild Website applications are up. Please meet up with a member for an IC interview. Website: Officers: EmrenEmren8 8h
9h [A-RP] The Kaldorei Initiative ... Proposal The Kaldorei Initiative is a budding project with the aim to unify the Kaldorei roleplaying community both ICly and OOCly. The Kaldorei Initiative serves to offer a furthered level of immersion as well as facilitate communication between both singular roleplayers and Kaldorei-based guilds. The purpose of such a project is to offer a progression of the Kaldorei roleplaying community at large and increase satisfaction within it. Initiative Resolutions The Kaldorei Initiative provides several “resolutions” in order to promote unity and explicate immersion. Such resolutions are based upon the regard of the Kaldorei roleplaying community player-base and are open for suggestions as well as participation. The following are resolutions that the Kaldorei Initiative wishes to attend to: Kaldorei Discord Channel Through using a Discord channel, the Kaldorei community will have another reference that is not in-game. This discord channel is welcome to all Kaldorei roleplayers as well as Kaldorei guilds and facilitates communication and interaction between different individuals and different groups. The Kaldorei Discord Channel will also be used to give information relevant to the aims of the community.Kaldorei RP Hub A singular Kaldorei RP Hub would further exploit possibilities in interaction amongst Kaldorei RP guilds. In the past, Darnassus had been the central location for Kaldorei RP. However, with Legion, there has been a loss for a singular place where Kaldorei RPers can go and interact with one another. Perhaps such another central location can be created on the Broken Isles for the current expansion. Sereneia40 9h
9h [A-RP] <The Ðark Embrace> Training Illidari IC. ... OOC. The Dark Embrace is an Illidari battalion of radical anti-legion Demon Hunters and associated Illidari forces. Serving under a sect of champions chosen by the Slayer himself. We are a RP circle that sticks strictly to the lore while polishing the rough edges of Blizzards writing by refining it in a manner that we consider to be realistic and believable. Our methods are viewed as draconian and extreme. Civilian casualties and collateral damage to us are inconsequential to the eradication of our Demonic quarry, and the advancement of our interests wherever they may lie. To us, burning down an entire village or slaughtering innocents our target is hiding behind is considered to be an acceptable loss. There is nowhere our target can hide nor barrier of hostages he can take that will invoke the hesitation of our wrath. We are the reason why Warden characters wish to keep us locked away or hunted down. Our tools for the hunt usually wind up doing as much harm as good, and in our hatred and blind fanaticism to the burning legion’s obliteration, we show little remorse to the path of chaos and destruction carved in the wake of our hunt. We bring misfortune and lamentations to those around us wherever we go in exchange for extremely effective methods for destroying demons and the masters that hold their leashes. Our benevolent intentions often go unnoticed and are hidden in the shadows, turning the tide of Azeroths war against the legion in our Ex-kins favor in exchange for their bitterness and ire in doing what we believe is necessary. All of which is absolutely necessary, for the only other option is the utter oblivion of all that ever was or will be beneath the Legion's heel.Praesius140 9h
18h ilvl 901 MW/896 WW LF guild Hello all, I'm currently searching for a guild that raids Fridays and Saturdays, roughly around 9pm server to 12am. The guild I'm in is just a social guild, I will be leaving it next time I'm online. A little about me: I am an adult, I'm 26, so an adult oriented guild would be best, but I can watch my mouth around younger ones if needed to. I'm a friendly, bubbly person and I love to be involved with the guild when I can be! I'm a bit shy, but it doesn't stop me from getting to know anyone! I am looking for a guild that will let me alt raid with them. I have 10/10 HNH experience, 9/9 N ToS and 4/9 H ToS on my main, but would like to keep up on my alt. I'm looking for a friendly, laid back and casual guild. My raid attendance is pretty solid, every now and then I might have to miss it because of my job, I travel for work and sometimes I'll be gone, mostly would just miss a Friday. I can dps or heal, preferably heal. Reply here or add my bnet, I'll get to the friend request as soon as I can! Thank you! My bnet is Aquachan#1940. My main is on stormrage these days, I don't plan on moving my monk! I raid Tuesdays and Thursdays on her, so ideally the days I listed are the best suited for me.Ailä3 18h
19h [A] <Endless Torment <Endless Torment> is looking to fill-in our 3/9 Heroic ToS roster. We are recruiting DPS. We are looking for Dedicated members for our Fri & Sat night Heroic Team. Discord is a must. We need +915ilvl DPS. Pst any officer for more info/invite.Misawenim0 19h
20h Varian 1-Year Memorial Service From the Church of the Holy Light, a general bulletin. ... ================== OOC Can you believe it's been one year already since 7.0? Holy crap. The church folks invite everyone to attend the 1-year memorial service of King Varian Wrynn. Time and place: August 18, 2016 8pm SERVER TIME for gathering 8.30pm SERVER TIME is when the service officially begins. There will be a segment where we will have a few folks speak during the service. And there will be a segment where attendees are welcome to make offerings at the monument. Please take note, you can only see the monument if you are level 100 and have completed the Legion entry quests. There will be time for socializing. Merchant guilds are more than welcome to set up shop away from the main monument where the services will be be held. We kindly ask that advertising yells be kept to a minimum, and should cease once the service begins. Thank you all, and we will see you there!Adamantt21 20h
20h [A-RP] Remnant of Lordaeron ... Who Are We? The Remnant of Lordaeron is a collection of orders and civilians brought together by a shared background and purpose from the kingdom of Lordaeron. We make our home in Tyr’s Hand, though we are often found in Stormwind, serving the Alliance and aiding its mandate of the day. It is a heavy RP guild with the fanon elements which seeks to for an individual's ability to grow unique RP personal to them through rich, deep, and complex story lines. All are welcome in the Remnant of Lordaeron -- from the highest nobles to the lowliest of peasants, there is a niche of RP that can be fill here for everyone. The Remnants outside of holding a large civilian sect, plays host to a number of in-guild orders. ... How to Join Easiest way: File an app @ Harder way: Mix and mingle with our members and earn your way in. All of us are always willing to answer any and all questions pertaining to the guild! ...Eirianwén11 20h
21h [A] <the boyfriends club> 6/9H <the boyfriends club> 6/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Raid times: (Friday/Saturday) midnight-3am Server Time Currently recruiting a second tank and some dps. A new and friendly guild aiming to clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and work on Mythic while having fun and without burning ourselves out. We're a small group of friends who enjoy raiding and are looking for more players to fill out our roster. Players of all levels of skill and experience are invited to join but we do expect a certain level of performance once we start progressing through mythic content. If you're interested in joining, please contact one of the following: Lheana#11466 (battle tag) mouse#4526 (discord)Lheana10 21h
21h [A] <Section 28> - Raiding / PvP Guild (5/9H) Hello, Section 28 is a newly formed guild looking for raiders willing to test the waters. Our focus will be simple, we aren’t chasing Server First, nor even mythic though obviously if we can we will. We are going for an achievable goal 1800~ - 2000~ rating in RBG’s and at minimum ahead of the curve in terms of raiding. The aim will be towards those who aren’t afraid to read strategies and review and are simply looking for a team of people willing to do the same. Raid Times: Friday / Saturday – 7PM Server – 11PM Server RBG Night: Wed – 8PM Server – 11PM Server Loot will remain personal until game mechanics or needs dictate otherwise. Off nights will be used to host other guild events including but not limited to Mythic+’s, Older content (Transmogrification Runs) and achievement hunting. Expectations for raiders and PvPers alike are simple. 1.) You do not have to do both, if you would like to simply PvP or Raid rather then both let us know. Preference in teams will be given to those who wish to do only one 2.) No Slurs and no Jackwagons we don’t have time for either. We need team players willing to pull their weight and given our expectations we should hope such a thing won’t be too tough 3.) Be on time and be ready. Potions, Flask, Meals, and the like At this time we are looking for: Demon Hunter DPS Members interested in PvP We will be capping the first raid team at 20 Members to allow better progression to Mythic if so desired. If such a thing sounds like what you might be interested in please apply at http://section28.netAlnarra14 21h
22h [A-RP] Umbra Vanguard - Ben’thai thel-Elune ... The Vanguard is a small outfit of Kaldorei Wardens who, after the recent sundering of their order, have united their efforts to defeat the legions of the Burning Shadow. The group is comprised entirely of Kaldorei Wardens, and Kaldorei aspiring to possess the title of Warden after they have been thoroughly tested. We aim to become a group of friendly players acting as a conduit for Warden roleplay. At this time, UV is only recruiting Kaldorei Wardens and night elves that wish to undergo the trials to become a new warden through roleplay. Interested in Warden roleplay, but already in a guild? No worries, UV is more than willing to roleplay with characters with no interest in joining, including training RP and specialized operational missions. If your roleplaying group would like a small group of Wardens participate in any events or storylines, let me know! For any inquiries and or requests for guild interview, please contact me either in-game on Serianne or add my btag and send me a poke. straita#1727 Share link: Website: or umbravanguard.shivtr.comSerianne47 22h
22h [A-PvE] [Wed/Fri] <Rove Perennial> Rove Perennial is a two-night a week, heroic raiding guild looking for more raiders for Tomb. Currently, we are 9/9N and 2/9H. We are a very open, sociable, and relaxed group of people who enjoy the community Moon Guard has to offer, and the shenanigans that come with it. We are extremely active dungeon-runners and ensure everyone interested receives their +10 Chest for the week. Along with this, we almost always have an active Mythic+ group at all hours of the evening and would love more players to join us. Raid times are 8 -10:30 PM server Wednesday/Friday, along with alt-runs Saturday. A minimum of 890 ilvl is required to be considered for joining our core raid-team during Tomb progression. Looking for competent players in all roles, but in special need of a tank. Discord is required. We use Personal loot, as we are more interested in an unbiased and conflict-free loot system than optimal raid gearing. If you're just interested in a semi-casual, fun guild experience or Mythic+, feel free to join as well. If any of these things interest you, you can contact me at (Extrinc#1103) or Gaibarr (Swagboat#1657) through Bnet, whisper, or reply here with the character you'd like to join as. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Thanks for reading!Cruffsant9 22h
23h Hi. I used to live here. Waaaaaay back in '07, I joined this community. Perhaps some of the old timers are here and remember me as Seclya, the BELF rogue. There were good peeps on both sides here, and I was curious if anyone was left. I've been well, doing mostly pvp, no raiding, just nice and casual. Thinking of coming back here for some good old RP. So! If you see Djork, Archeron or a new lil Seclya in-game, give me a shout! Looking forward to coming home. EDIT: had '06 due to typing on my silly tablet. Corrected.Caliguluv21 23h
23h Primal Bat Leather [Need 8] Looking to buy 8 Primal Bat Leather from someone on Moon Guard. This is a material that is no longer obtainable. So... check some alt banks for this junk please! Willing to debate over prices (as long as they're reasonable) You can contact me on Syraitha or Kyleeria. Also my btag: AlleyCat#11445Syraitha0 23h
23h Human Culture and Diversity Hello roleplayers of Azeroth. The subject of this particular discussion is, as the title suggests, going to be human lore. It's been elucidated (I believe multiple times) that humans have only ever lived on the Eastern Kingdoms, every living human being a direct descendant of the Vrykul, with the Seven Kingdoms being the only canonical human nations to ever exist. Like it or not, this is something we've got to accept if we wish to abide strictly by the lore. Of course, not every roleplayer needs to do that if they don't want to, but if you do, well, that's the reality of it. I do understand the desire to play a 'Tanari' or a 'Northrend' human, truly I do. I can safely say that relegating the entire human race to a mostly caucasian, European analog in-game tastes a little... sour... from a modern, conscientious perspective. Likewise, attributing various non-European cultures to monstrous, barbaric and often war-like races is even more suspect. It would be nice if other real life cultures were represented within the HUMAN RACE to which they belong rather than merely being assigned to fantasy creatures as a gimmick. That being said, as I've given this matter some thought, I came to a rather odd realization: Warcraft is full of non-European human influence. And no, I don't mean that there are people of much darker skin walking around Stormwind. While this is rather inexplicable from a geographical and genealogical standpoint, it can be explained away with fantasy, that they descend from duskier Vrykul or what have you. What I mean is that human culture is rife with characters, names and concepts that really don't belong in a medieval European analog. Let's put aside the humans in Tanaris and Uldum for now. We've all talked about them, though I have some thoughts about them that remain unaddressed, so instead I'll start with the obvious. Why are certain forms of clothing prevalent where they don't belong in human culture? Naming trends? Facial features that, despite the 'fantasy explanation', simply don't make sense from a genetic perspective? Turbans, fantastic headdresses, extravagent and elegant eastern clothing, names such as "Woo Ping" and "Afrasiabi" belonging to important protectors of Stormwind (I am aware of the origin of Afrasiabi belonging to Alex Afrasiabi IRL, but as this was a distinct character in that game, that technically makes it canon). I'm not sure how many of you saw the Warcraft movie, but in it Stormwind was a very diverse place of different skin tones and styles of dress. I found this quite interesting. The queen herself was clearly not caucasion, and the one and only Chris Metzen played a merchant arrayed in attire that clearly evoked Bedouin and Romani influences. I think this is wonderful, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Where did all of these cultural influences come from? If humans descend from Vrykul, a clearly European, Norse-inspired race, how did these other cultures develop? Where ARE they in the Eastern Kingdoms? Why are they different from the distinctly European Seven Kingdoms? Then of course, we come back to the Wastewander who we know are not native to Kalimdor, but who picked up on Islamic/Semitic culture with surprising rapidity, pretty much overnight. In fact, the way they organize themselves, the manner in which they choose to dress, their naming structure, would suggest they TOOK that culture WITH THEM to Kalimdor. A group of people simply doesn't go native in an instant like that. My personal headcanon and the most likely theory I can think of is that the original tribes of humanity which Thoradin unified were far more diverse than the modern depiction of humans leads us to believe. Perhaps smaller cultures have survived in a nomadic, mercantile lifestyle, like the Romani gypsies or the Yiddish jews, traveling from place to place and never settling down or abandoning their ways and lifestyle. Could this be possible? It's also possible that these cultures took influence from the Elves to the north, who have unmistakably eastern influence. It could even be possible that some influence was derived from interaction with beings from the elemental planes, seeing as how Dalaranians have flying carpets, turbans, and access to powerful elemental magic and conjuration. Denizens of Azeroth, what are your thoughts, as roleplayers?Maldius21 23h
1d [RP] <First Light> - With Faith and Fire! First Light Alliance / Horde Recruitment Suffering Faction Fatigue? Why play red or blue when silver shines so brightly? ... =Basic Information= Guild Name: <First Light> (H) / <First Líght> (A) Guild Website: - (Under Renovation!) Guild Leader: Larrendias, Grand Mistress of the Order of First Light. -Guild Activities- RP-PVP Events - First Light is eager to create, participate in, and assist in organizing any RP-PVP opportunity that suits the nature of our guild theme. Dice RP Events - We participate in both internal and external dice-based / "D20" events. Guild events are run with a unique and simple guild dice system. Mythic Raid Team - We are home to the furthest progressed RP-PVE Mythic Progression raid team on Moon Guard, and run casual content as well! Active In-World RP Hubs - Casual and "downtime" guild RP is frequently available at our in-world RP hub: Tyr's Hand, in the Eastern Plaguelands (Azeroth). Cross-Faction Roleplay - As an independent order, First Light engages in interactive roleplay with both Alliance and Horde guilds and allies. Active Guild Storylines - We run regular RP events that pertain to multiple internal guild story arcs spanning a wide variety of themes and styles. -Guild Theme- + "The Light protects. So shall we." + For those who are unfamiliar with who we are and what we do, First Light is a politically independent, multicultural, and multiracial Holy Military Order with strong historical ties to the Argent Dawn and the Argent Crusade. Today, the order exists as a force for good in the world of Azeroth and beyond -- from rooting out and destroying lingering elements of the Burning Legion and the Scourge, to proclaiming wardship over civilian populations caught between the conflicts of the Alliance and the Horde. As an independent military force, First Light is unconcerned with the politics of the two "Great Factions." The order's leadership is perfectly willing to stand with, or against, both sides in combat. They aim to adhere to a higher calling, and do so with honor and dignity. As such, the order's directives are driven exclusively by their leadership's decisions of what stands to serve the greater good. This sometimes leads to a dangerous perception of 'political neutrality' on the part of individual elements of the Alliance and Horde militaries. In recent years, groups on both sides have experienced the cost of assuming that First Light will show reluctance in resorting to military hostility once provoked. + "In the darkness that surrounds us all, the Light is needed more than ever." + Despite their perpetual readiness for war, the order also realizes that military might alone is not enough to bring about lasting and meaningful change for Azeroth. In addition to its formidable military sect, First Light also maintains its own conglomerate institution of faith known internally as the Chorus of Eternity. This branch of the order is dedicated to performing altruistic acts of charity to those in need and providing spiritual guidance through a variety of faithful missionary works to those who require its comfort and counsel. Unlike many orders, First Light does not discriminate between creeds, preferring instead to find commonalities of faith which promote its unique flavor and vision of unity. It is not uncommon to find Shamans and Druids discussing the conventions of their belief structures with Bishops and Clerics. Provided that one ultimately stands for the illumination and protection of Azeroth, and stands wholly against the perversions of Fel corruption and demonic forces, they may likely find a place among First Light's spiritual leaders and adherents.Larrendias233 1d
1d [H/A] <First Light> 1/9 Mythic - Recruiting! First Light Recruitment: Mythic & Heroic Raid Teams Progression Raiding on Horde and Alliance throughout Legion! First Light is actively recruiting exceptional raiders for both our Horde and Alliance Raid Teams, all of which are now actively and aggressively progressing in Legion. Our Horde Mythic team currently stands at 1/9 Mythic ToS (8/9 Heroic ToS, 8/10 Mythic NH, 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV), and our Alliance team stands at 8/9 Heroic ToS (5/10 Mythic NH, 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV). Both progression teams run from 8PM - 12AM CST, Tues / Thurs. Both teams are using EPGP as of the launch of Nighthold. Our team achieved AOTC Highmaul, BRF, and HFC. We achieved 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel prior to Legion. We achieved AOTC Emerald Nightmare in week one. Our guild is over nine years old, and will remain active through Legion. Raid team members are encouraged, but not required, to RP. We will not halt or suspend raiding during Legion. Our other guild activities help to stabilize our core raid teams. We are primarily a Heavy Roleplaying Guild, but we are willing to recruit raiders who do not participate in these aspects of the guild, provided they are capable of remaining respectful of those who do. Our Horde and Alliance Core Teams run at the same time on the same nights. We actively cross-review logs, jointly critique / improve strat. Though not required, players willing to gear characters for both teams will be greatly valued. ___________________________________________________________________ Interested candidates for our Mythic Core Teams must have the following experience / traits: Have a desire to continue progressing in a friendly environment long-term. Understand how to exhibit the absolute maximum potential of your class. Be comfortable with constructive feedback and/or fair criticism. Be comfortable with the possibility of being benched. Be capable of exhibiting near-perfect execution of mechanics once learned. Be willing to show up on time with flasks, food, and potions on hand. Be willing to research fights, mechanics, and your own class. Be willing and prepared to volunteer to execute task-specific raid mechanics. Be respectful of the members of our server community who engage in RP. Always bring a positive attitude with you to raid nights. Always be courteous to your fellow raiders and guildmates. ___________________________________________________________________ Ideal candidates will have some (or all) of the following experience / traits: Experience running Mythic / "Old Heroic" raid encounters. Take an interest in the guild's other activities (RP-PVP, RP, RBGs, etc.). Be communicative. Be able to offer calm, constructive feedback and ideas. Exceptional DPS will receive the most attention in our recruiting effort. We are also willing to evaluate exceptional Healers and Tanks. Any candidates who are mechanics-competent and capable of delivering exemplary performance of their class will be actively considered. We are always refining and perfecting our teams, and exceptional players will be given opportunities to prove themselves. Ranged DPS are especially needed by all teams at this time! ___________________________________________________________________ Any interested party who meets our minimum requirements is welcome to discuss possible raid team recruitment with one of our guild officers. Note that the above listed points are not requirements for membership in First Light -- they are only requirements made for possible inclusion on our raid teams. If you are a "package deal" or find the guild interesting, but do not yet meet our requirements, please contact us for additional information regarding normal guild recruitment. For more information on our Roleplay and "non-raid" recruitment information, please see our primary recruitment thread: We will conduct interviews in person, in-game. Ideal Mythic raid candidates will be evaluated by participating in a guild-organized Heroic raid. If you are interested, please contact one of the following officers in-game: ...Larrendias89 1d
1d [A] <Undaunted Gaming> 8/9H is recruiting Undaunted Gaming - NA - Moon Guard [A] is recruiting new members and raiders! We’re a Heroic Progression Raiding guild that strives to get Ahead of the Curve every tier (we're currently 8/9 H). We only raid two nights a week for a total of six hours (Tuesday & Thursday 7:30PM - 10:30 PM Central), and because of that we do not consider ourselves a hardcore guild. During the hours we raid, we ask that players always respect one another, show up prepared, and stay quiet during boss fights so that we may always make the best use of our time. During trash, we are generally laid back, joke around, and have an open-atmosphere to enjoy ourselves in-between bosses to unwind. When we’re not raiding, we try to recruit players that are at least interested in participating in Mythic+ dungeons (of varying levels), or have interest in playing other games entirely that guild members play with one another to form closer bonds and friendships with one another that carry over into our weekly raids. We’re looking for players that are looking to have fun while raiding, especially those who can do so while working on achieving our goal of Ahead of the Curve each raid tier. We’re currently interested in finding similarly like-minded players that would fall into any of these categories, or somewhere in between, that are capable of having a high attendance and are looking to become a regular part of a raiding team, and/or community environment. Raid Information Loot System: Loot Council Our Loot Council works differently than many other guilds. At the beginning of a new raid tier we try to prioritize DPS classes for loot over Healers and Tanks. This helps push our progression since the DPS thresholds tend to be much higher than Tank and Healers. We always make exceptions when it comes to large item level upgrades (sometimes the upgrades are just too large not to give it to certain players, or in the case of Best in Slots). That being said, we always try to make sure every single week every player leaves with one piece of gear if we can help it. If we can’t, we try to make up for it the next night of raiding, or the next week of raiding. We try to motivate our raiders to come back to raid and we try to reward their loyalty. Otherwise, the longer a Raid Tier goes on, we slowly revert back to a “High Roll” system, and just ensure that loot is being distributed as fairly as possible, and making sure again, that as many people as possible are receiving loot every raid night to ensure a fair loot spread. Raid Nights: Every Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM Central. Applicants If you have any questions please feel free to contact an officer (ingame preferred): imZ#11370 (Ingame Name: Zprocket) Illuminado#1936 (Ingame Name: Ahmena) Benquo#1494 (Ingame Name: Niralath) Jaina#14783 (Ingame Name: Sophia) DarthTempus#1196 (Ingame Name: Zulenar) Requirements (for Raiders): - Use Discord (Microphone is not required, but highly preferred.) - Have Addons installed (Deadly Boss Mods, RC Loot Council, ect.) - Attendance (Sign up on calendars, show up on time, and show up regularly.) - Knowledge of your class / spec. - An appropriate item level for current raid content, including 52 traits in your main weapon. - A friendly attitude and ability to work with others constructively, which includes accepting criticism when it’s required.Sophia1 1d
1d [A-RP] The Defias Brotherhood -Various fliers of yellowed vellum were posted on recruitment boards across Westfall, Duskwood, Redridge, and Elwynn. While they were not flashy, they bore a scarlet wax seal at the bottom, attaching a small bit of crimson cloth to the parchment.- ... Name: The Defias Brotherhood. Leader: Britannya Lowtown Roleplaying: Medium to Heavy PVE: Medium (Mythic Dungeons) PVP: Light to Medium Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Affiliations: The Defias Brotherhood (Lore), The Moonfang Sentinels, The Most Wanted, ... Essentially, the Defias Brotherhood is a newly reformed order that is still based around lore and some upright zealotry. While there is a new emphasis on Political Dealings and Influence as well as Mercantile aspects, the Brotherhood still has a strong bias against both Stormwind and the Alliance as a whole. The Brotherhood is still involved in shady dealings such as Bounties, Theft, Murder, Arson, Fencing, and Smuggling. RP events may include objectives such as raiding a Caravan, smuggling cargo, or even acting as full blown Mercenaries. Contacts: Britannya (GM) What the Guild can do for YOU!: -Give you the opportunity to play outside of the typical "Stormwind" mindset. -Let you make deals and have dealings with the "Underworld" organizations of the Alliance. -A friendly guild OOC that consists of fun people with a range of different writing abilities. -A helpful lot that will help get you started and on the road to RP success! Who Should Join? -People who are interested in Azeroth's Underworld and Criminal Dealings. -People who want something that is different than the 1000 Stormwind military guilds. -People who want adventure! Treasure Hunters, Pirates, Bounty Hunters! -People who like intricate storylines AND relaxed one time stories. -People interested in letting their creativity shine! -We take ALL folks that are serious about roleplaying. What are you currently doing? The Defias is regrouping and reforming after a temporary hiatus. Other Guilds We strongly suggest that other guilds use us for RP means. If you need an antagonist or a partner guild for an event, we would love to participate. Please get into contact with us for any services such as bounty hunting, smuggling and other activities that would create a beneficial RP environment for everyone. [quote][/quote] [/b] [b]Britannya30 1d
1d [H] R'lyeh Awakened - Recruiting for Tomb Out-of-guild/off-server raiders welcome! - Currently 9/9N, 5/9 H Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! The stars are right... For Demons! R'lyeh Awakened is an experienced raiding guild that has been around since WotLK. Our group is dedicated, somewhere between casual and serious. We work through raid content at our own pace with a mind toward progression. Mostly we try to have fun! We're currently 10/10H NH and looking forward to Tomb! Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday, both 7:30 - 10:30 P.M. server time. Currently Recruiting: Healers and DPS (with a preference for ranged) Raid Requirements: Attendance: Raiders are expected to show up on time and maintain a 90% attendance rate. Progression becomes infinitely more difficult if we need to constantly pug to fill spots. Of course, the Real World intrudes, and we are understanding. If something does happen, please inform the GM or RL. Preparation: We expect raiders to be gemmed, enchanted, and carrying potions. The guild provides flasks and food. Beyond these things, Preparation extends to keeping up with and knowing your class through its various changes and looking up fights ahead of time so we aren't going in completely blind. Vent: Mumble use is required during raid. You aren't required to talk if you're shy, but it makes explaining strategies vastly easier. If you're interested in setting up an interview and/or have more questions, feel free to contact us here, in game, or via Battletag: Divisive#1543, Takshash#1532.Kyoshi19 1d
1d Pet peeve or peeves..what is yours? One of mine is when someone whispers and starts to roleplay with me. Now I am flattered but your in a dungeon or I am. I don't like that, let me do my dungeon, leveling or whatever I am doing and don't expect me to roleplay with you if our toons are not to each other. There are times I want to roleplay...then there are times I don't..ask me first! AND it hasn't been just one person here lately that does this. GRRRR!Darkheather5 1d
1d Kael'thas redeemed ...Gärithos21 1d
1d Order Of The Cog <A-RP> HELP WANTED! Heylo and Howdy Moon Guardians! My name is Wired Wrong... well, that is what the people at Gnomeregan called me. Anyway, I wanted to start a guild of like minded individuals... Engineers hell bent on solving the worlds medical problems through Engineering by replacement of flesh and bone with superior engineering craftsmanship... (( I have started the guild “Order of the Cog” I can not dedicate much time to it as I have other things on my plate as of right now. I would like to find a few adults who would love to develop and run with this idea of a group of engineers that are wanting to save Azeroth via turning people into more machine than flesh and bone through engineering. Sound familiar? So any takers? I would like to develop this as a Role Play guild, should go without saying, for adults to come and enjoy getting lost in the game away from the stress and hassle of the Real world. So what do you say ladies and Gents? Any takers? Shoot me an in-game mail and lets talk. Can you get on discord? I will set up a discord for the guild and Myself and wife will in as time permits. To go with the theme... * Adults 18 years of age or older. * Profession has to be Engineering or, if we can work together in some kind of way that would help the RP aspect. Perhaps a Priest ( Medical Advisor) can have any profession. Or an alchemist can assist with healing concoctions. If interested leave a message and lets talk, we can catch up on discord. Looking for the following: RP Director/ Writer Recruiter Officer In ChargeWiredwrong0 1d
1d D&D Beyond, could it work with wow? Hey there guys! Have you checked out ? Its D&D new digital database, with added homebrew content + character sheets. I wanted to know if anyone is thinking of moving there RP guild over to this system?Blumé2 1d
1d [A-RP] Shenzhou, the Celestial Court In-Character Introduction: ... Out of Character Introduction: Shenzhou is an exclusively Pandaren guild seeking the glories of Imperial hegemony and the attempted reestablishment of a unified Pandaren Empire, as well as celebrating the rich lore surrounding this mysterious race. Essentially, we seek to Make Pandaria Great Again. Our strictly lore-abiding guild consists of members from all walks of Pandaren life ranging from the militant to the spiritual, encompassing a diverse range of interests and reflecting several paths of character development within Shenzhou. Creativity through fanlore is heavily encouraged, provided such story ideas fit within the accumulated knowledge of Pandaren, and will be actively included within guild campaigns. We offer a friendly and intimate storytelling atmosphere, where guild members can enjoy immersive writing experiences within a welcoming community.Shonagon6 1d
1d [A-RP] <Knight of Acherus> Stay Frosty! ... -Garend VaingallowAran32 1d
1d [A-RP] Dark Iron Magi Seeking Guidance Hey all! Your friendly neighborhood racketeer here! In my free time, I've been puttering away on a Dwarf Mage and I think I've grown attached to him enough that I'd like to start RPing him. His name is Fogad, and the poor boy's a Dwarf from Shadowforge. He's a younger Dark Iron, just on the cusp of adulthood, born on the tail-end of Thaurrisan's reign and Ragnaros' oppression, and has a wide-eyed view of the world. With the 'liberation,' of Shadowforge and the incumbency of their Queen Regent, he and his kin have lived in Ironforge for the last few years. Having a bit of a dream to become a sorcerer, he spent the last years of his childhood reading and learning every bit about magic he could. Now with nothing more than a satchel, he's travelled from the new Dark Iron capitol of Ironforge to learn from the greatest Magi in the Alliance. That's the tl;dr version, and I'd love to seek out someone to begin developing his actual magocratic training with! Just be forewarned; he's a bookworm and a nerd! If you play an eminent mage, prepare to have a Dark Iron Dwarf nerd out over you! Disclaimer: The poor boy's a clutz. Expect things to be broken.Alardrius2 1d
1d Interest Check: Gentleman's Club So I've been mulling around with this idea for a bit now, and I guess I just wanted to get some reactions/suggestions/interest in it. The basic idea I have is. A once a month social gathering, men only, in a small yet fancy location. Cigars are smoked, laughs are had, and no girls allowed. This would be Alliance side only? But that's just in the working model at the moment. Would love to hear some thoughts and suggestions.Slickmctash10 1d
1d [RP] <Embershield Protectorate> Two Years! ... The <Embershield Protectorate> is a coalition of noble lords, military officers and minor nobles working under the banner of the House of Embershield, a prestigious Quel'dorei house who has long ruled over the province of Quel'Anaris. Once more under Telriah Embershields control, the Protectorate has barred itself from Alliance and Horde, seeking to work in between and to defend Azeroth. The Protectorate as a guild is a place that we want to have as a safe, fun, friendly community that anyone can fit into. We wish to provide an environment that can provide hours of fun and RP for all. We strive to provide a place that one can find a way to RP, no matter the time of day, night, or morning. ... As a guild, we will often band together to tackle the various D10 Events that we plan throughout the week, based around the lore that we have created for the guild that coincides with the game itself, using a well made D10 System to offer our characters boosts and buffs within the events. We also use these types of events for extra character growth. Outside of the D10 Events, we help each other tackle various PVE Related content such as Dungeons, Dailies, or anything else within the game. We also have a lot to do on our guild website, such as forum RP, Journals, and various tasks we can complete in game via the Job Board. ... Correct! The Lore was created by our GM as a focal point for most of the stories he tells through the D10 Events. The lore itself takes place within current lore of the game and doesn’t change anything about it. You can take a gander at it over at the Moon Guard Wiki here. ( ... The GM typically holds 2 events per week that follow a storyline. Officers may hold events randomly throughout the week as well, depending on the time they have. We also have a Job Board which contain missions that you can complete at any time with other guildies. ... There are 4 divisions with 8 ranks within each. Promotions are gained through attendance and participation within the guild. For more info on the ranks, visit our website! ... Website: Guild Master: Elìzàbeth (Erìdan, Allerìah) Officers: Aedraeina (Linaly), Dealian (Nielene, Zaeraeis), Kamarill (Kamariill), Ainsling, and Neò (Lèön). Sub-Officers: Tiis ... The primary way to join is by filling out an application on our website. After review, you will be contacted in game to set up an IC interview. ... We generally accept any race and class within our ranks, so long as you understand the following: - Know the difference between IC and OOC as well as understand what Godmodding and Metagaming is and why it’s bad. - An RP addon is required. If you’re interested in joining, contact the GM or Officers in game or visit our website ( to fill out an application!Neò36 1d