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1d Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs. Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following. ... Original Sticky Below 1d
2d Moon Guard Alliance Guild Listings FOR ALLIANCE GUILDS ONLY If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists. UPDATE: NOTE: The guilds will not be in perfect order from when they were posted. Some posts have been longer than others and I want to try and fit them all in as best as I can, so, I'm more or less playing Tetris with them. No worries. Everyone will be added, regardless. :)Rennali394 2d
May 9 Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis) Orinigally posted by Kharnis: Please Remember: Ultimately you are becoming part of a community and that is defined by the sum of its parts. So help build and foster a better community for everyone. That doesn't mean server community. It means in the community you build with friends. Edit: Be open minded, welcoming, and remember to give folks a chance. Remember, there is a person behind every character and that sometimes people have bad days. Ultimately , make sure you enjoy yourself and allow others to do so as well. The game is big enough for everyone. Edit 2: However, there are some guilds and folks on Moon Guard you may want to avoid to make your time on the server enjoyable. Please feel free to mail me ingame or message me if you see me on to find out whom. You can also find players on tumblr for reference. This is especially important as there are some folks who are known to condone the use of slurs and are harass others. Harassment takes the form of slurs against lgbt, mentally handicapped and those of different racial background. Please do not hesitate to contact me so you may stay clear of something that may ruin your time on Moon Guard. Edit 3: Ignore the elitists and folks who tell you that you are doing it wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to enjoying yourself and finding like minded folks. Thanks to Eredis for suggesting this. So, you are thinking of transferring or rolling a new character here, are you? Good for you. Moon Guard is a great community, and because of the size of the player base you can literally find whatever kind of RP you're interested in. Unfortunately, if you're just coming here for the first time, you have no idea what's happening. No doubt, you have a few questions you'd like to ask about the server. Hopefully, this thread will help answer some of those questions for you. 1. How is the RP on this server? In a word: thriving. Both Horde and Alliance have players that are RP heavyweights. Even the raiders RP here, and some of them even RP in instances or raids. 2. Where will I find RP? This generally depends on which faction you are. Horde tends to be random RP everywhere in Azeroth or Outland. You could be in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, and the chance is good that you'll be able to RP with a fellow Horde who just happens to be in the area. Alliance, on the other hand, tends to centralise the RP in cities, especially Stormwind. Some good starting points suggested by Avaryce are: Alliance: The Cathedral, Gilneas, (sometimes) Feathermoon Stronghold, Darkshire/Raven Hill. Horde: Fenris Isle, Brill, Sunshine Row, (heh heh) and the Drag. It's not an extensive list and there are downsides to all of them but if someone wanted to fling themselves on the mercy of the tides, it's a good place(s) to start. The Alliance tends to have more RP events than the Horde does. There is rarely a month that goes by that a major event isn't being run by an Alliance guild, and these events draw characters from all other guilds to participate. Alliance is more structured with the RP, which makes finding it a little easier and helping to make you feel as if you're a part of a real society. Horde, on the other hand, is chaotic RP that can really help to make your character come alive and make your playing time memorable as you interact with a variety of strange and/or wonderful people. 3. Which is better, then? That's up to you. 4. How do I find out for myself? This one is easy to answer. To find out, roll a character on each side. Level it up a wee bit first. I recommend to at least level 10. Interact with others, both in the world and in the cities. You'll know which side you prefer in no time. 5. Okay, what if I wanted to join a guild? How will I find one, and how will I know if it's the right one for me? To answer the first part, just keep checking these forums. Most of the guilds advertise here whenever they're looking for new members. As to how will you know if it's a good fit for you, there are really only two ways to figure that out. One is to read their advertisement. They will spell out what they're looking for, what their rules are, and (if they have one) a link to their web site. Really, though, the only sure fire way to find out if a guild is a good fit for you is to talk to some of their members, especially their officers. Talking to the people who are a part of the guild will give you far more insight into the guild's personalities and concepts. From there, you can make a more informed decision.Rumours99 May 9
Apr 9 Moon Guard Horde Guild Listings FOR HORDE GUILDS ONLY ((Horde guilds from the other thread will be brought here.)) If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists.Rennali182 Apr 9
Jan 3 Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux Updated for Legion! The structure for individual guilds is thus: [Faction] Guild Name (Raid Mode / Difficulty) Emerald Nightmare Nythendra [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (M) Elerethe Renferal [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Ursoc [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Dragons of Nightmare [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Cenarius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Xavius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H)Tsenzu463 Jan 3
Sep 13 Roleplaying Resources Originally posted by Meinrad. This post is not regularly updated so use this as a quick go-to guide and don't shy from making a topic and asking for help if you need further assistance. I'm open to answering questions in-game as well if anyone needs some guidance. This thread is meant to provide links to resources on lore and RP addons for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (and soon to be Mists of Pandaria!). As there are plenty of threads asking for resources, it seems like a wise idea to have a post that will hopefully be stickied that lists these resources for players new and old to RP servers. Character Resources "The complete guide to roleplay in WoW" Aside from a few select things you'll find almost everything you could ever need to know here. Read it. Study it. Love it. It will help you. Name Generators (Original link taken from the roleplaying FAQ on the original WoW RP forums. Credits to Nycte for that.) Personality Generators (First link provided by Windwalksha) Development of a Character Have problems with developing your character? Take a look at this guide! A guide to Evil RP A guide for those exploring the evil and darker sides of their characters. For Argus!: A Roleplayer's Guide to Draenei Forsaken RP Guide: How I Learned to Love Rot How to roleplay a Night Elf (Thanks to Grulkar and the topics respective authors for the race-specific guides.) Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits A guide on what attire to wear whilst roleplaying. WoW Roleplay Gear This blog has quite a few pages linked down the sidebar where you'll find a plethora of different outfits you can copy for a wide variety of different subjects. Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Less of an actual "guide" and more of a 'mogger's resource for finding class-related sets and armour they can wear. Official Lore World of Warcraft: Game Guide This is the official Game Guide for World of Warcraft and contains a lot of information on the races, classes and factions of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Expanded Universe The Expanded Universe section is filled with short stories with regards to the lore of the game, including a history of the world we play in. Lore Resources Wowpedia I consider this one of the best places to go for any lore questions I might have. All speculative information here is unofficial and is subject to change at the whims of Metzen. RP Addons Courtesy of Iriako, from page 2! TotalRP 2 An all-inclusive mod that allows extreme character descriptions, emotional states/buffs/debuffs, mount/companion names, personality indicators, chat coloring, NPC chatting, item creation, quest creation, sound effects, IC/OOC indicators, RP skill level, and language functions. Compatible with MyRolePlay's RP Flag functionality. MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an alternative to TotalRP (and other similar addons), listed here to give you the freedom of choice over what RP addon you use. Like the rest it lets you find other roleplayers and set up character information such as names, history and appearance. MogIt A handy mod for trying out any transmoggable gear item on your character, with the ability to save a wishlist and find out where you can obtain that model. AddEmote A mod that allows you to creat custom slash commands and the resulting emote output string for all your toons, and also for your pets and minions. Due to the sheer size of the post, and the absense of foresight, this post continues over here! Sep 13
Jul 28 Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits! Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions! ~ALLIANCE~ Human ...Maxen307 Jul 28
2h Should I transfer? Kirin Tor to Moon Guard I've been debating for a while of transfering from my main realm of Kirin Tor to Moon Guard. I logged in to my main on Kirin Tor today and was shocked to see only maybe 5-6 people in all of Stormwind... I hopped over to Moon Guard to get a feel for it and was amazed that just in the Human starting zone I saw at least 7-8 newly made characters, and then when I got to Stormwind, the Trade District was PACKED. That would never happen on Kirin Tor. So basically what I'm asking is, does anyone have characters on Moon Guard, and if so, how do you like the server? It seems a lot more lively than Kirin Tor, which is bittersweet because Kirin Tor has been my server since Vanilla... How is the guild situation? How is raiding? Thanks in advance.Belathear5 2h
3h ✨MG's Annual Motorbike Ride-A-Thon 2017✨ Moon Guard's Motorbike Memorial Ride-A-Thon is an annual event open to the public for both Alliance and Horde! The Ride-A-Thon will be held on May 29 (coinciding with the U.S. Memorial Day), beginning at 7:00PM MG realm time (that's 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST / Midnight GMT), at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaque Lands. There will be a brief speech commemorating the fallen soldiers of Azeroth given by myself with the help of a translator for Alliance and then I will lead a procession of riders across The Eastern Kingdoms on a predetermined path down south to Booty Bay. Upon arriving at Booty Bay there will be an after party. It is highly encourage that participants use a motorcycle mount during this event. These mounts include: Champion's Treadblade - Warlord's Deathwheel - Mekgineer's Chopper - Mechno-Hog - Goblin Trike - Goblin Turbo-Trike - If you wish to participate and do not own one of these mounts or can not afford one, fear not! All are welcome to join us regardless of what mount they choose. MAPS! Why is the path purple? Because that's what you get when you mash up red and blue! Maps showing the path of the Ride-A-Thon route can be found here: Part 1 - Part 2 - 3h
3h Horde Roleplay Events Listings FOR HORDE EVENTS ONLY If you have a Horde or cross faction event that you wish to advertise, please use the following information: Event name: (Name of the event) Host/Affiliates: (People who run the event/people to talk to) Type of Event: (Social, PVP, Tavern, Storytelling, etc) Time: (When does the event happen) Description: (A brief summary of your event) How to join: (If it is invite only, who are the people you can get in contact with) Off site information: (Discords, tumblrs, twitters, etc) Note: After a previous discussion was made, it has dawned on me that there is no main place to look up all of the events that are currently available for the Horde on Moonguard. Because of that, I wish to create a place just to do that. I hope that with this, both new and veteran players will be able to find more activities, which can help not only increase the numbers attending these events, but will also increase the publicity of these events.Fastril10 3h
5h Looking for friends on a RP realm Hi guys I am planning to roll this toon to try out on a rp server. Any tips on how to rp? Walk up rp, etc. I am willing to learn and become a fellow rp'er myself xD and hopefully have fun on this server and be able to make some new friends as well :D I am also looking for a guild that is willing to guide me through. Cheers. :)Atheyl10 5h
5h [A-RP] Ember’s Masquerade Ball [A-RP] Ember’s Masquerade Ball Lead by Yulietarida Sponsored by Unbroken Date: June 30th, 8:00pm server time. Location: - The Jade Forest, Pandaria - In between Nectarbreeze Orchard and Paw'don Village - Twinspire Keep Description: The Ember ball is a event in celebration for the Midsummer Fire Festival. This event will contain vendors, guild recruiters, a transmogrification contest, a small play, art raffle, date auction, and finally the ball. It is a social event, try to bring a partner or guild members. Recruitment will be allowed at the start, but you have to reserve a spot. Invite information: It’s a public event so anyone can come, but if you come with a invitation letter you receive small benefits. Invitations: Invitation letters will provide you with 1 free extra raffle ticket! Guild invites: Guild masters/officers only can give out this kind of invite. Guild invitation means each member of your guild who comes gets 1 free raffle ticket. It is advised you put the event on your calendar so that people know when it is and events do not overlap. DM the leader of the event to get an invite! (message information at bottom.) Guilds you will be able to interact with: - The Tempest Born Company - The Unbroken - Greyshields - Any other guild that wishes to come First Event: Vendors/Guild Recruitment/SIGN UPS Looking for a guild? Looking to sell? You can reserve a spot! Signs up will also be here. Sign up for the raffle, for the date auction, and for the transmogrification contest!. You don’t have to sign up for the transmogrification/date auction contest, but people who sign up will always be first. Normal Price: - 400g for each spot, you can only take two next to each other. Orange/Yellow are reserved for signups for the event. IF YOU WANT A SPOT, MESSAGE THE LEADER OF THE EVENT. (Message information at the bottom.) Available Slots: LEFT SIDE: ⅓: X: Open Skull: Open Triangle: Closed RIGHT SIDE 2/3: Diamond: Closed Moon: Closed Square: Open Locations of Slots: Second Event: Meet and Greet! This is the time to sign up for events if you were late. This is a time to eat food, meet new people for the dance, and wait for people to arrive at the events. This is also a time for the staff to prepare.Laurennce10 5h
5h SW Job Faire Event Are you looking for new recruits / hires for your guild or business? Are you a player wanting to find a guild home for your character but hate those nagging spam invites? Come join in the SW Job Faire event. (ALL GUILDS ARE WELCOME.) This is a fun, IC way to: --Recruit new members / employees --Find a new guild home --Find new business partnerships --Create new alliances Date/Time: Saturday, May 27th, at 8p realm time. Location: Lion's Rest Park in Stormwind (Guilds can set up in the open space on the transmog side of the park / around the central fountain.) [location edited] OOC Purpose: To help RP guilds find new members and allow unguided roleplayers to fine a guild through IC interaction. If you're a guild that is interested in participating, comment below and we'll shoot you a calendar invite in-game. Feel free to bring banners and any fun goodies that you like to draw in a crowd. Participating guilds should set up a bit before 8p realm time (to stake out a good spot.)Mailang38 5h
6h Shadow Priest Lf Active Guild I'd be happy to become a member of your guild if it's socially active, as well as active with content. I'm interested in Raids, Mythics, and also PVP if it's included. I also enjoy a little bit of RP, though it's not really a big deal. I'm friendly and helpful, and play just about every day. Let me know if you'd be interested in having an active player who wants to join your ranks! I'm also willing to fill out any guild applications as well. Thanks!Bonepest0 6h
6h Assorted Questions (also hi Moon Guard!) Hello! I am a pretty casual player looking to get into RP. I'm fascinated by how active and friendly this server community seems! I've only started playing in the last few weeks of MoP, so I'm not one of the people with years and years of WoW lore experience... I've rolled a few characters on MG in the past, but I seem to get overwhelmed with the details of character creation/interaction each time, so I never end up pursuing them. Now I think I'm ready! So I have a few different questions. I have been reading many FAQs and threads here, but I may have a few misconceptions about RP in general... Please feel free to answer some or none or just say hi...I'd like to meet you guys :) - Is Stormwind the easiest place to find general RP? The only real context I have for active, meaningful RP is what I have observed in city areas (it looks very fun, by the way!). So I've been approaching this with a "I need to build a character that would logically hang around a city" mindset. That being said, I read about the concept of a "city elf", which seems to be generally frowned upon. For example, a Night Elf Druid probably wouldn't be hanging around Stormwind very often. Yet cities seem to be where most activity takes place. :P - Is it recommended for a total beginner, especially one not seasoned in WoW lore, to focus on rolling a Human? They seem to be more of a blank slate race for obvious reasons as opposed to, say, Worgen or Tauren. - Do you often base your characters around your chosen class? I have a few things in mind that seem fun, but am a tad apprehensive about execution. For example, I thought a Wildhammer Dwarf Shaman could be interesting. Or a human Rogue who acts as a sort of scout. A Night Elf Hunter with an affinity toward hippogryphs. ...Things like that. It seems that one must create a character general enough to be able to make sense in a city setting (Stormwind!), yet still detailed enough to be interesting. I believe that is my main hang-up. I apologize if this is all a bit unorganized. If you have any extra tips for an RP noob, I'd be interested. :) Thank you for reading. Hope to see you on Moon Guard soon!Ceresmoon2 6h
7h [A-RP] <The Beggars Court> (Crime/Occult RP) ... The Beggars Court is open for business. WHO ARE WE? The Beggars Court is a newly-formed guild located on the Alliance side of the Moon Guard (US) server. A haven for smugglers, racketeers, thieves, brigands, and corsairs alike, The Beggars Court is a fusion of colorful organizations such as the Bloodsail Buccaneers and Ravenholdt League of Assassins — a conceptually deeper look into what a society of blackguards looks like. It draws out-of-universe inspiration from sources such as Cervantes’ Rinconete y Cortadillo and the Thieves Guild of Elder Scrolls, as well as broader real-life inspiration from Thieves’ Cant and historical rogue literature. We are heavily invested in creating an atmosphere that is both uniquely dark, superstitious, and rooted in historical roguery, yet still abiding by Warcraft's extensive lore. With the Beggars Court, you get one part court intrigue, one part criminal underworld, and one part occult ritualism. Like the real-life Brethren of the Coast, the Beggars Court has an established system of self-governance, a 'constitution', and a set of rituals and ceremonies. Meanwhile, as a group of game-players building a community, we are hoping to create a place where both experienced writers and beginners looking to learn can share an environment that is friendly and accepting; not to mention a place to enjoy the content of World of Warcraft together. WHAT KIND OF CHARACTERS ARE WE SEEKING Sailors, smugglers, drug-runners, racketeers, gamblers, swindlers, back-alley thugs, fences, murderers, and even witches will find a compatible home in The Beggars Court. We have a wide array of roles to fill in the guild, and a concept that will appeal both to those inclined to the seedy underworld and the mysterious occult alike. We want to create through our characters an organization that appears on the surface as just another criminal syndicate, but whose underlying goals and ideals are far more nebulously far-reaching and sinister. THE COURT The Beggars Court isn’t just a guild of thieves; it’s a functional model of direct-action democracy. You’ll find no kings or nobles in this Court — you’ll find groups of criminals self-ordered into ‘bureaus’ by their respective branches of crime, speakers who represent the majority votes of each bureau, and a constitution called the Maunders’ Hall that governs the way bureaus interact with one another. Among each bureau, you’ll find crews of semi-autonomous criminals reporting to captains; captains chosen not by seniority, but by skill. How do you gain respect and notoriety in this guild? Do right by the Court. Those who serve the interests of their bureau, earn their share of the loot, and honor the ceremonies and rituals associated with the Court will quickly find themselves made into its blooded champions. And if you cross the Court? You’ll find its arm much longer and its vengeance much swifter than that of other eastern powers.Daschal2 7h
7h Il'gynoth's whisper spoil. Here some whisper from this ugly boss which dark plot is brewing "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator." "The king diamonds has been made a pawn" "Five Keys opens our way. Five torches to light our path." "At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming." I believe were about make a terrible mistake with Pillar of creationGhaghzull73 7h
7h [A-RP]Gala of the Summer Sun [Open] Dear fellow members of the Alliance, You are cordially invited to join The Tempest Born Company in celebrating their first annual Grand Summer Gala. The festival will begin at 8pm the 24th of June (server/central). Please remember this is a formal event and while weapons aren't forbidden, violence of any nature will be highly frowned upon. So please bring a date and join us for a magical evening celebrating the Midsummer festivities. If you have any questions please contact Miyako Sora or a member of The Tempest Born Company. We look forward to seeing all of you! Sincerely, Miyako Sora Scribe of Tempest Born Currently we are looking to use the opening gates of Darnassus against for this ball, but nothing is finalized. If you have question feel free to contact me directly on Discord @miyakosora#0116.Miyakosora13 7h
10h <Undercity Nexus>(H/RP) - Trust no one. "Be wary, child, of Plaguelands plain.. Be mindful, child, of the infected grain.. For if throat is parched and of infected water sip.. Forever your soul will be in cursed Scourge grip. So heed this warning, child, and if far from mother stray.. Let light from home’s hearth guide you back your way.” - The Undercity Nexus - (Forsaken / Undead RP Guild)(Casual: pve, pvp, and rp-pvp) Contacts: Banshih, Ickariss Guild Website / Rp Blog: Recruitment Forum: ... ...Banshih150 10h
11h [H-RP] <The Kor’kron Legion> ... >=Who We Are=< Start June 9th, 2009, the Kor’kron Legion has been a staple of the Moon Guard roleplay community, and we have tried to provide a fun, engaging, and safe environment for others since the day the guild started. The initial concept of the guild was to provide a ‘savage, Old Horde’ focused military guild with a RP and RP-PvP focus. We also wanted to encourage roleplay in the then emptier Orgrimmar. And finally we wanted to provide for a bit of friendly fighting against various Alliance groups and guilds. However, as the years has gone on and the situation in WoW has changed, we’ve evolved more into a pure RP guild, complete with D&D events, but still with occasional RP-PvP when possible. And while we still focus on orcs, tauren, trolls, and goblins as the core of the guild, we allow all races and classes into the guild. Furthermore, with the events surrounding and resulting from the Siege of Orgrimmar, our theme has evolved and shifted. Instead of largely subjecting ourselves to the will of the Warchief, the Kor’kron Legion is now positioning itself to be more protective of the Horde’s general citizenry, taking a guardianship-like role as a sort of redemptive arc. However, we are still based out of Orgrimmar, and may be occasionally found in or near-by the Hall of the Brave in the Valley of Honor. >=The Important Stuff=< Guild Website: Guild Master: Suota Co-GM: Vaknosh Officers: Splintze, Drakkosh Preferred Breakfast Food: Kor’krunch Cereal* *Membership within the Kor’kron Legion entitles each member to a single box of Kor’krunch Cereal every month, delivered on the first of the month. Kor’krunch Cereal is part of a TRUE breakfast with a taste of spikes in every bite.Vaknosh279 11h
11h [A-RP] <Priesthood of Elune> Zin-al-Elune The sun slowly disappears behind the horizon, its rays of warmth dim by the second. As the skies darken and the stars awake, the creatures of the night rise and leave the safety of their lairs. Above the land, there She was: the Moon. Her silver light bathes the darkest corners of the forests of Kalimdor, leaking between the leaves of the trees. The time has come, and the priests and priestesses of Elune gather around the moonwells. They look up at Her in devotion, and begin to sing in unison the song of their Goddess. Description: <Priesthood of Elune> is a new heavy roleplay dedicated to the worship of the Kaldorei moon goddess Elune. While the priesthood formerly accepted female Night Elves exclusively, its doors are now open to males—and even other races if they demonstrate true devotion! Our first attempt at advertisement was not very well received, and for that I deeply apologize. After a few days of deliberation and in-depth discussions regarding the guild's concept as a whole, we have decided to try again. The Priesthood is heavily involved in the political climate of Kaldorei society. As such, we will often engage in political discussions and activities of the like. We intend to host open forums in Darnassus where members of our beloved community will be able to express their opinions on certain subjects that may concern them and provide with suggestions as to how to handle them. Night Elven civilization has thousands of years of history. This history is marked by numerous historical events as well as sacred days. For that reason, we will organize celebrations scattered throughout the year to commemorate those who have given their lives for our people. Furthermore, we are going to perform all types of rituals in honor of our Mother Moon, Elune. It is our duty to preserve and perpetuate our customs and traditions for generations to come. Finally, we will assist those who need it; from our weak and sick, to our brave soldiers in battle. We will provide counseling to the lost, and train new priests who wish to join our fold.Lazaeris19 11h
11h [H - RP] <The Stonewind Tribe> Winds of Change for the Stonewind The winds bear our names. The stones know our steps. The sacred lands we hail from have molded us into a galewind that sweeps over our enemies with unbound fury. However, as our homeland has been slowly decimated by the Venture Co. we have lost many of our brave warriors and family members. The Stonewind Tribe is in need of new blood, and while our elders do not care for this thought, we open our arms to new Shu’halo in need of a home and a cause. For those that seek to protect our people, to bring peace back to our kind and a better home for our young. The winds of change are coming, and we stand steady as the mountains we hail from. Do you have a heart strong enough for the Stonewind Tribe? ____________________________________________________________________ Who are we? We are a quickly growing guild that is focused on internal guild Roleplay based in the Stonetalon Mountains. We are a Shu’halo based Tribal guild with a focus on the Tauren people as a whole, as well as cleaning up our IC homeland. We have several weekly events on calendar and various other events as well as spur-of-the-moment RP. We are always seeking new members to build up our ranks. See our Wiki page here: What we need You! We have many weekly events, and a strong, active roster, and several officers in place. We can always use more players wanting to join with us, participate, and enjoy! What we offer We have over one hundred members and growing! We have several weekly RP events including a weekly Storytelling in Thunder Bluff open to everyone! Storytelling has been very successful so far! We have weekly hunting, roll battles, tea time, and more! We have guild repairs for all members and many willing to help with all aspect of the game. We have many leveling and also several at 110 doing Mythics and more. We are currently raiding casually. What we plan to do We have campaigns underway on the Broken Isles, and other events that take place back on Kalimdor! Every quarter we co-host the Dance of the Earthmother with other Tauren Tribes to celebrate the change of the seasons. How to join the Stonewind Tribe: An IC "interview" is required to join (an RP lead up to the character asking to/being invited to join the Tribe. You will also need to sign up on our website: Contact an Elder in-game or email Taeana at for more information! Check out the website for planned calendar events, all of which are open to anyone to attend!Taeana458 11h
12h [A-RP] Let's talk Market! Hello all! Dartan here... dabbler in things entertainment and trade... I wanted to start an open planning discussion on bringing market days back to the city. I know there has been some interest brewing about this. More than a few individual merchant rp'ers as well as trade company and store guild are buzzing about potential market plans. Groups like: Cottonbottom Trading Co and Om Nom Noodles I would love to see trade and market rp grow into a robust and fun occasion. In Stormwind or out in the other cities... heck maybe even the smaller towns or along important roads. Let's see what we can do. I invite all merchant and trade minded rp'ers... individuals or groups to join here and help get this off the ground! Remember... markets are not only open to vendors to participate in, but performers as well. Ya know, keep the crowds amused while they wait in the mile long noodle line.Dårtån67 12h
12h @ The Alliance in Orgrimmar The Horde leader in Orgrimmar hasn't been in the back of the city since Cataclysm launched you clods. Get a life.Synrus21 12h
13h {A-RP} <The Imperial Dynasty> ... About Us: The Imperial Dynasty is a pandaren-based guild, focusing upon new aspects attempting to be brought into Pandaren society by a certain leader. However, these aspects are based upon japanese traditions and culture during the imperial era. However, in saying this, it is mostly in traditional customs, and with the exception of some military traditions as well. While the Imperial Dynasty is focused upon Pandaren culture and is focused within Pandaria, it also offers the chance for other races to live amongst the pandaren and learn their traditions and ways by acting as a servant to the various families and groups within the society. Current In Character Location: Tian Monastery Recruitment Status: We are currently open to all Pandaren, whether mainland or from that horrid- err lovely turtle! Servants are also currently wanted, so that aspects of society function properly. Echelons: Dynasty Head: The Dynasty Head is the leading figure amongst the Imperial Dynasty. Operating on a level above all within, and is simply the head of it as a whole. While no role is defined, besides being a leader, the Dynasty Heads in the past have put together powers of foreign policy, as well as militarization. Prime Minister: The Prime Minister is, in some forms, a secondary leader of the Imperial Dynasty. Chosen by the one who sits as the current Dynasty Head, the Prime Minister has the powers to not only make deals with other groups, if allowed by the Dynasty Head. While not as powerful, in stature, as the head. The Prime Minister oversees the aspects of the Dynasty which need aid, as well as boosts recruitment. They also partake within the Dynasty Council and are allowed to vote upon all matters, if a meeting is called upon. Powers are not reserved for the Prime Minister, but are instead concurrent alongside the Dynasty Head, such as regulating trade, determining a recruitment stance, and even debating the status of certain citizens, followers, and servants within the Dynasty. Dynasty Council: Members of the Dynasty Council are chosen by the Dynasty Head himself, with the authority and purpose of running designated sections of the dynasty itself. While the council is not as powerful as the Prime Minister, it can be said that it serves its purpose in creating a balance. When neither the Prime Minister or Dynasty Head are available, the Dynasty Council is temporarily left in charge of the Dynasty for minimal to even intermediate matters. Nobleman: A simple aristocrat of the dynasty, noblemen experience the joys of life, with servants even amongst the very households. Seer: Seers act as the very spiritual body of the Imperial Dynasty. Whether as a priest of the Light, a waterspeaker, or even acolytes of unknown religions. All are welcomed in order to attempt to find a balance and clear path for the future, while also being able to decimate foes if a struggle ever appeared. Armsman: Armsmen serve the Imperial Dynasty as the guardians of peace, as well as protectors of the land. Unlike many, they have a set schedule for their days, from sunrise till sunset. Citizen: An ordinary city of the Imperial Dynasty, hoping to make a new life amongst society House Servant: House Servants act as the main gears for the Imperial Dynasty. While none are forced to become servants, it is offered to any non-Pandarens who wish to live amongst the Imperial Dynasty. House Servants act as either ordinary servants of society, farming fields, preparing tea in tea shops, as well as cleaning the streets and such. Some are able to be chosen by nobles and other members of the hierarchy to serve as personal servants, a high honour. However, during times of strife, servants can be called upon, if deemed necessary, to defend the Dynasty. Auxiliary/OOC: Just an ordinary.. Non-aligned person. Hirohito11 13h
16h [A] ⚒️ Modan 9th: For Science, You Monster ⚒️ It Takes an Archaeologist to Party Hard! You wouldn’t think us archaeologists would know how to throw a party, right? What’s so exciting about running around digsites, setting up magical viewfinders, digging up dusty artifacts, and setting them on a shelf for no one to use? The Modan Company is going to blow ALL those expectations out of the water. That’s right, seekers of wealth, truth and fun, we are going to be celebrating our 9th anniversary this month with an epic bash, and we want you to celebrate with us! Here’s what we have going on for this glorious occasion: ⛏ WHEN:... ⛏ WHERE:...Aulir50 16h
19h [A-RP] A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T - Calling all Gnomes! A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T: Association for Research and Construction in Line with the Interests of Gnomish Home Territories. Current In Character Location: Dun Morogh, New Tinker Town. Recruitment Status: Open. Feel free to contact any of us to inquire or join the Discord Server! Active Officer(s): Dîonysius, Brandelwyn. About us. A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. (The Arclight Initiative) is a unit of Gnomish specialists and researchers, funded by Gnomeregan and tasked with pursuing its interests both in the homeland of Khaz Modan and overseas. Discord. A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T Initative has it's own server where we welcome any and all to join and participate in to inquire in joining, for Alliances, events, campaigns or even to have a chat with any of our members as a guest! The link to which can be found below. Activities and Events: The A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T 's primary focus would be travelling throughout Azeroth and beyond in search of technological artefacts and relics which may prove to be of great benefit to the Gnomish people and provide support and relief to its allied organisations. therefore many of the campaigns or events may be centred around expeditions. Each expedition is a continuation of The A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T Initative's overarching story serving as a campaign that would focus on a certain region of the world or a specific coveted object. While loosely guided by a storyline each expedition will dynamic with less emphasis on railroaded or scripted events and rolling with more so on player interaction and how that will ultimately influence the outcome and direction taken relying on Gnomish ingenuity weird and wonderful solutions that they may produce. Varying on the circumstance it may last from a couple of days to even a few months. 'Betwixt expeditions The A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T Initative's are primarily situated in the region of Dun Morogh at their Headquarters in New Tinkertown, though it's members are free to transverse back and forth between other locations in the downtime. Each week a meeting will be conducted in the downtime between expeditions in addition to recruitment drives to enlist a few more members before resuming activities. Furthermore, a wide variety of smaller unique events will be conducted throughout the region of Khaz Modan in between to keep things interesting and constantly active in the downtime!Dîonysius25 19h
19h [A] [H-RP] The League of Lordaeron ... [-=Requirements=-] -A decent grasp of grammar, knowledge of the game's lore, and maturity are all major requirements. We ask that applicants understand that we also look for members that will reflect positively on our guild, both from an IC and OOC standpoint. -IC Interviews must be taken before you are allowed into the guild. This is primarily for IC reasons, but also gives the interviewee a chance to get inducted into the guild formally. -There is a strict 40+ level limit that we have in place because most of our RP takes place in 40-50 zones. This also shows us you have dedicated enough time to your character that it isn't a simple alt, and likewise, Death Knights have a level 65+ limit. -We also require our members to be active, or state a reason as to why they'll be inactive. Members that have not given a reason to an officer as to why they would be taking leave will be removed after two months of not logging in to their character, but any and all previous members who were kicked for inactivity but want to rejoin after such an action has been taken is more than welcome; simply contact an officer in-game and you will be re-invited. To avoid the removal of your character, we ask that you kindly alert an officer if and when you are going to be taking an excused leave. -Maturity, as stated above, is also something we value highly. We expect our members to both understand that the League is a friendly environment that we strive to keep free of any and all conflict, and that your actions reflect on the entire guild on both an IC and OOC level; people who continuously and purposefully exacerbate conflict without compromise will find their stay in the League a short one. In addition, our roleplay can - but does not always - encompass mature themes, such as violence, profanity, etc. As a mainly militaristic organization, we ask members to keep this in mind.Demitria398 19h
20h Tips for walk up RP Hey, so I haven't RPd much and want to practice with some walk up RP before I pick a guild. I can't really find a motivation for my character though. Short Version of Backstory: Standard DK Arugal/Lights Hope start. Helped out With the battle against LK and Death Wing. Took a several year break to study / accept being undead. Went and raised family pup and realized he shouldn't be sitting around doing nothing with his power and wants to help out "the fight". Always has pup with him. Loves being Gilnean, MURICA levels of patriotism. Thinks he's superior to other races. Gilneas are the best, Worgen are more powerful than the other races, and on TOP of that he's immortal, doesn't need to eat / sleep ect. Looking for some general tips and maybe some specific help with my character. Thank you!Vanalore16 20h
1d [A-PvE] Divine Clarity LF Raiders Divine Clarity, currently 6/10H is looking for members to round out it's roster for the end of NH, into ToS and beyond. Our policy is people over numbers, a community focused raid team of friends accepting of all races, genders, beliefs, and ages. Our number one rule is against discrimination and harassment of any kind, should this appeal to you, please contact ZaeZae#1837 in game. Raid info below. Raid times: Weds/Sat 8pm server(central) time to 10pm server. Loot system: RCLoot Council Current needs: Any non druid tank. All forms of Dps. We are accepting of all experience and gear levels, and are willing to assist with the increasing of your iLvl to be raid ready.Zaetaria10 1d
1d Places to eat I don't mean places that serve food I mean places I can take food and just eat and enjoy whatever is around meAseasa4 1d
1d [A-RP] <Royal Reclamation Order> ... <Short OOC Introduction> Hello everyone! We here at <Royal Reclamation Order> are going through a bit of a reworking of concept from our old name and storyline at the moment, so things may be slightly in flux for another week or two while we get things settled. However, we're looking for anyone who would like to join us that meets our standards and requirements for continued membership! OOC we're a guild full of massive nerds, lore-lovers, and all-around strange and silly folk of all kinds and backgrounds. We are also actively looking for alliances with other Alliance guilds, so if you'd be interested in working together with us, please inquire to that end with one of the officers listed below in our contact list! <Requirements for Continued Membership> - We require either a thorough IC interview in-game, or a shorter IC interview after completing our application process on our website ( This is to ensure that you fit our standards of grammar, a fair grasp of the game's lore (or a willingness to learn!), and your ability to consistently maintain a character. There will also be a small OOC portion of this so that we can get a read on you as a person. - We don't hold a restrictive activity policy, but inactivity for more than a month's time without giving us prior notice to your extended absence can be grounds for being kicked. We all know real life comes first, but try to let us know in some way if it rears up particularly badly! - Maturity is a large part of being a member of RRO. We endeavor to create an accepting and open environment for players of every background. We have a strict no-tolerance policy on derogatory language, bullying, and any activity that generally seeks to demean another player. - We also require membership in our Discord server, as this is how much of our information is relayed to our players in real-time. A link will be provided to you upon acceptance! <General RP Information> - Our current base for many guildies has been the area in and around Stormwind, and our hub for RP events also includes Northrend Dalaran for guild-related plot. Other than that, membership will take you on adventures all over Azeroth, Outland, and wherever else may arise! - Our focus is on player involvement, and so we seek to find events that everyone can enjoy. Classes, exploration, piracy, and harrowing delves are just a few things we plan to offer our membership. - We encourage and expect our members to associate with other guilds at least passingly during their time with RRO. We seek friendly alliances with other groups, and so we wish for our members to represent RRO in a friendly, accepting, and mature light (This doesn't mean you need to be IC any of these, but OOC is a must).Maelystria12 1d
1d 3rd Running of the Trolls-June 10th! The Third Annual Running of the Trolls will be held on Feathermoon-US Horde Side June 10 th starting in the Troll Starting Zone. The run will start at 6pm PST or 9pm EST. To Donate Visit our Trevor Project Page: Running of the Trolls 2017 will benefit The Trevor Project, a nonprofit group that is focused on suicide prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other youth. Running of the Trolls will help us celebrate Pride Month, and encourage our younger members of our community both in and out of World of Wacraft and the gaming community who may most need support and help through their teenage years to reach out for it, and to encourage the rest of the community to reach out. What is this, why Trolls this time?? What will this do? We have had a BLAST over the last 7 years going on our yearly run with the Gnomes and we’ve always been asked if we were bringing the event or an event like it Horde Side rather than just invading your capital city as part of the after party. With all of the silly, funny, hilarious, and Trollish questions we’ve gotten over the years, Trolls and their bright colorful hair seem like the perfect choices to take on an adventure across Azeroth! Just like we’ve done all these years with our Gnome friends, the entire event will also be to raise awareness for a charity we truly love, The Trevor Project, and to help raise funds for it. We’ve raised $2,1000+ to to help LGBT youth so far collectively over the last year. Okay, this sounds fun, but how do I sign up? Easy! Simply log into Feathermoon-US or it’s connected Realm Scarlet Crusade US and create a level 1 Troll and log in during the hours before the race. Our race crews will be there with official racing guilds. You can also /join TrollRun to chat with fellow Trolls. The guilds will have awesome tabards and everything, you just have to bring one since they’re Bind on Pickup now. A note about Racing Guilds: We ask that even while it’s hectic, or there’s multiple guilds, that you join only the guilds we’ve confirmed so we are able to count how many of you all there are. We promise that we’ll have enough tabards for everyone, we just have to do it all one at a time. A note about Trial Accounts: While you can run along with us on a Trial Account or similar such account, you will be unable to /join TrollRun and join a Troll guild, however, you’ll be able to come on the adventure with us, and be counted! Your gnome runs have a specific hair color, what hair color should I pick? Unlike our gnome runs, we feel that you should have a say in what hair color you decide to give to your Troll. There’s a lot of different pride flags that are very important during Pride Month, so, we feel like you should pick whatever color makes you most happy so we get a rainbow. Pick something from the pride flag that means something to you, pick a color you love. Pick a color that makes your Troll look great. I’m full on character slots on Feathermoon and I’m Alliance only/I have a Troll already on Feathermoon or Scarlet Crusade...Do I have to roll a new level 1? You don’t have to! You could put on a fun outfit, maybe change your hair color, bring a mammoth or a drake and rescue lost trolls! And run along with us. High level “Honor Guard” escorts are always really appreciated. We’re heading through the Plaguelands, so help is always welcome. Do keep in mind that the organizers cannot, and will not, offer cross realm invites to anyone during the event. Where are you guys Running? We’ll have a full map soon, but we’re heading to Silvermoon from the Troll starting zone, Orgrimmar, Zeppelin, Tirisfal, and then through Ghostlands! I have media questions about your event! Please get in contact with Dravinna in game on Scarlet Crusade-US or Moon Guard-US or via Twitter @Dravvie! If you want to find out more about charity events and World of Warcraft, get in touch with Warcraft Cares via their Twitter @WarcraftCares. *For streamers wishing to stream the run, please be advised that we welcome anyone who wishes to stream the event we are more than happy to have you at the event, but we ask that you remove any self paypal links and overlays from your channel that may cause viewers of your stream to think that they are donating to The Trevor Project when they are in fact simply filling your wallet. *For Youtubers we simply ask that they include a direct link our Trevor Project charity page, so people looking to donate because of the event know where and how to!Dravvie2 1d
1d [A-RP] <The Ðark Embrace> For Lord Illidan! IC. ... OOC. The Dark Embrace is an Illidari battalion of radical anti-legion Demon Hunters and associated Illidari forces. Serving under a sect of champions chosen by the Slayer himself. We are a RP circle that sticks strictly to the lore while polishing the rough edges of Blizzards writing by refining it in a manner that we consider to be realistic and believable. Our methods are viewed as draconian and extreme. Civilian casualties and collateral damage to us are inconsequential to the eradication of our Demonic quarry, and the advancement of our interests wherever they may lie. To us, burning down an entire village or slaughtering innocents our target is hiding behind is considered to be an acceptable loss. There is nowhere our target can hide nor barrier of hostages he can take that will invoke the hesitation of our wrath. We are the reason why Warden characters wish to keep us locked away or hunted down. Our tools for the hunt usually wind up doing as much harm as good, and in our hatred and blind fanaticism to the burning legion’s obliteration, we show little remorse to the path of chaos and destruction carved in the wake of our hunt. We bring misfortune and lamentations to those around us wherever we go in exchange for extremely effective methods for destroying demons and the masters that hold their leashes. Our benevolent intentions often go unnoticed and are hidden in the shadows, turning the tide of Azeroths war against the legion in our Ex-kins favor in exchange for their bitterness and ire in doing what we believe is necessary. All of which is absolutely necessary, for the only other option is the utter oblivion of all that ever was or will be beneath the Legion's heel.Praesius120 1d
1d Peace out So, I haven't logged in to the game in... Months? Months. And I really have no desire to either. I hear Legion is great, but my days of spending hours in a skinner box (and stubbornly refusing to press the lever in it) are done for the time being, so this is a goodbye. Moon Guard's changed a lot since I first popped my head in with BC's launch. Better in some ways, worse in others. Very few of the old guard remain, and those of us who stuck it out as long as I did have pretty much wasted our lives (but at least all in good fun. Mostly.) and our youths pretending to be elves, orcs, and angry Stromics. I'd say that's over but I'll just do it with tabletop instead, but there, I actually do get to write the lore and avoid the continual disappointments of every new release because I get to be the one disappointing my players! I've been a part of only a couple of guilds of worth, as I was always a loner. The non-guild groups I associated with, like the House of Nobles, tended to fail or catastrophically self destruct as well, so who knows - maybe I was playing the game wrong all along. Too late to find out now. I'll try to log in a few times over the next couple of weeks until my sub runs out if anyone had unfinished business with me they want to attend to. Mail me as Everen or Leifeld. P.s., Sorry for being a prick. Unless you deserved it, in which case I'm not sorry. Now to go out with 666 achievement.Everen6 1d
1d Dwarven Guilds? Hello, ping brewstep here! just call me ping. just wondering how the dwarven community is here. haven't looked at it in a while but beginning to become interested and how would it compare to the dwarven community on wra?Pingbrewstep1 1d
1d A/RP-Group -- Mystic Order of the Wolf [In-Character] A small advertisement has been taken out in the local newspaper. Too long have we remained hidden the fringe of society, keeping to the shadows and hidden our faces from the mirror. This is a call for all respectable gentlemen and ladies afflicted by the worgen curse, or those who are in touch with nature in all respects, to peaceably congregate. We seek intellectual discourse and enlightenment of our true selves, in respect to mother nature and mending Azeroth. We welcome all those who are lost and seeking answers. We meet every Sunday, food and drink provided. Inquire via post. Join our Discord if you are interested in partaking in this RP group. We meet for tavern events every Wednesday at 7 pm cst/server time and for cult events every Sunday at 7 pm cst/server time. [Out-of-Character] Calling all those who hold Goldrinn in reverence. We accept semi-ferals, druids, worgen, and shaman. Embrace the balance of running wild in the forests and civil in society. This is a closed RP group, please only join if you're interested in the cult. Roleplay Group: ** Mystic Order of the Wolf ** (Sit lupus benedicat tibi et interficiemus te) A roleplay group inspired by conspiracy theories surrounding well-known organizations as well as historical groups such as Ordo Templi Orientis, where we explore the origin of the worgen curse and occultism. We are a roleplay group that exists outside of typical guild formation. I seek to form a group of roleplayers interested in building an immersive storytelling and headcanon experience. While we will stick to in-game lore, bending and creativity is encouraged since this subject is not thoroughly explored in the WoWverse. To be clear, we are establishing a secret society/cult around a set of differing beliefs than canon, with respect to canon. We don't break canon by claiming to be gods or doing lore-breaking things; we are establishing different beliefs to roleplay our character around them. If this sounds like fun to you, please contact me! If you wish to participate in this RP, please respect the following rules. 1) No challenges to authority will be made IC, without OOC planning with all parties. 2) Remain respectful to your fellow roleplayers 3) Remember that we are a /secret/ society. Expect pack hunts/dinners, wolf festivals (think Burning Man), sacrifices, secret initiations/hand-shakes, political intrigue, meditation, channeling, drug induced altered states, worship rituals to the Wolf from the Great Beyond, hypnotism, and mysticism. Be an upstanding citizen by day and a heathen by night. Please note that the following are not canon, they are IC /beliefs/ for the purposes of this roleplay. [A Secret Society] Mystic Order of the Night is a Secret Society and Worgen Cult. Together, we will unravel the esoteric mysteries of the universe and relish in our own hedonism. Druids, shamans, and mystics who wish to celebrate the Wolf with us, are welcome to join. This cult is based on the centralized ideology for five Pillars of Life and Death and other sacred texts which will be revealed in time by the Mouthpiece. 1) Worgen are superior beings blessed by the Wolf from the Great Beyond. 2) Goldrinn is a prophet of the Wolf from the Great Beyond. 3) Life requires balance, we celebrate both chaos and order. 4) It is our duty to share our blessing with those who bear the Mark of the Wolf. 5) Your only master is yourself. The Order is multi-layered and is slowly revealed to your characters over time. There are different levels of enlightenment that you must reach by various rituals and acts of loyalty. The Order exists to network like-minded individuals to accomplish our goals. We hope to attracted lore geeks, paragraph roleplayers, and those interested in investing time in this storyline. During the day society may divide us. But, come night, we are united as one under the moon. We are teachers, politicians, janitors, smithys… we are the Mystic Order of the Night. Newcomers are invited to share their story with us or hunt under the full moon. From the outside, we may seem as a band of brothers and sisters whom share a closely guarded secret. But, from within you will be offered friendship, healing, and answers to the mysteries of the universe. Grow within the society at your own pace in-character. [Induction] Join our Discord if you are interested in partaking in this RP group. You can join IC within our Discord. === Get Full Access to the Discord Channel === Use #ig-name-spam to change your Discord name to your character's IGN. Not their IC name, but their name as it is shown on your character login list. The command is ?igname whateveryournameis . This will promote you to recruit, making you eligible to be invited to our tavern nights on Wednesdays. 1d
1d <Honeyreed Tea Co> is hiring/recruiting! ... ...Elemayo51 1d
1d Looking for roleplay? Check us out! Hey Moon Guard! Looking for a guild? Have lore questions? New to your server and want to make some connections? Just don't have enough discords in your list? The LFRP discord has you covered! From long-time WoW veterans to new players just learning the ropes, we've got a little bit of everything and plenty of conversation in between. We are a server dedicated to finding partners, creating networks, and getting the most out of your RP experience. We span over several servers and factions, and welcome all who have a passion for roleplay! Since we have underage members, adult (erotic) roleplay advertisements, pictures, etc. will be prohibited in LFRP. Our server rules are simple and easy to follow. We are a server that will not tolerate any sort of harassment or personal attacks against our members, guild drama, slandering, trolling, racist comments, etc. If you're a guild recruiter or leader, we have a rank just for you to more easily reach and interview players looking for new homes. :) We are currently looking for moderators! Thanks for reading, and hope to see some of you in the future! LFRP Discord: 1d
1d [A-RP] The Citrine Eagle ... Basic Information The Citrine Eagle is a militant order based out of the long destroyed Kingdom of Alterac, based just north of Alterac Valley. We do our best to maintain order around the mountains; whether it be fighting back Frostwolf Orcs, or the Syndicate. The Citrine Eagle remains loyal to the Alliance and Stormwind and keeps them as close allies, and slay the Alliance’s enemies wherever they’re needed. We don’t do any of that fancy schmancy “independent” stuff either. All of this is in hopes of one day Making Alterac Great Again. ... ... Just remember. Alterac belongs to the No— I mean the Alteraci.Slickmctash16 1d
1d <A -RP> The Unbroken Tournament To honor the fallen in battlefields past and present, The Unbroken will be hosting a tournament throughout the year. The first of such tournaments will begin at the end of March on the 25th and 26th at 8pm server near the Stormwind Docks! Prizes of gold will be given to the top three placers of this tournament, explained in the layout below. Things to know - - The grand prize: 10,000g - Second place: 5,000g - Third place: 2,000g (Double elimination winner) - Slots are limited - The combat system will be a turn based roll system with a flat amount of 3 hit counters given to every contestant accepted into the lists. - Hit counters will be restored between each fight and contenders healed of their injuries afterwards so they can be in top shape for the next fight. - Any level or class can apply to fight in the ring. - For more information on how the fight system will work, check us out here at: - Fighters that are listed but fail to show up to their match will automatically forfeit their fight. - The tournament is double elimination except for the final round. - If interested in fighting contact myself or Lazharus Raise your voices and your banners! Cheer for your contenders as they fight for honor, glory, and the gold! Join us as we celebrate with the victors and honor those that make them so! We will be updating this forum as we get closer to the event so stay tuned!Opalarie28 1d
2d LF family Alright so I'm havin an idea for a character. Human of noble birth. But I'm looking to either add him to an existing household or find enough people willing to create a new one. We could collaborate ideas, names, homeland, etc. I just don't want to be another random sword toting kid that no one knows. Or maybe my character can be related to someone of noble birth either knows or knew. Son of a rather good guard? The bloodline of a notable House of guards? Help me out peeps.Thargorin11 2d
2d [H-Pve] <Burning Hearts> Hello guys, im Zenjifal, guildmaster for <Burning Hearts> and we are recruiting! Im gonna try to provide you with as much information about the guild as possible, without it turning into a wall of text. Our guild we are a heroic oriented raiding guild, fairly casual friendly and we have been raiding together every weekend for the past year and a half. Our goal every raid tier its to clear heroic content at our own pace and without being harsh on people, Im not the type of raid leader that will ever shout at anyone, we are all adults here and we are working together towards a common goal. Along with weekly raids, we do mythic plus dungeons, random battlegrounds and whatever weekly event its going on, the goal its always helping each other and have a good time. We have a really active community with veterans, new players and everything in between. Guild events Our main raid nights happen on Friday and Saturday, at 8 pm server time and the raid duration its between 2 and a half to 3 hours. Our more casual events, like group pvp and alt runs typically happen on wednesday night at 8 pm aswell. For voice communication we utilize Discord. What we are looking for Currently for the main raid team we are recruiting ranged dps with raid experience regardless of current itemlevel, balance, shadow, elemental and mages in particular, as for the guild in general we will always welcome new and returning players. The requirements are pretty simple, I expect you to act your age, be respectful and enjoy your time with us. Contact Feel free to pm me at Zenjifal, or add me on btag at Shingo#1869, alternatively if im still at work you can chat with Zargren, Hotsñdots or Rexxura. Thank you and im looking forward to hear from you!Zenjifal33 2d
2d [A-RP] <The Storm Glaive> Sail the seas.. A new posting has been added to the call boards in Stormwind, Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormshield, and around Azeroth: ... OOC: <The Storm Glaive> now sails the seas of Moon Guard, and is seeking enthusiastic, lore-abiding roleplayers who want to help build a new guild to its full potential! We welcome all races, classes, and levels, and while we're especially looking for experienced RPers, we're also experienced RPers ourselves and welcome the chance to help eager newcomers learn. What is the Storm Glaive? The Storm Glaive is a ship of Kaldorei design belonging to Fafen Evermoon. The guild is the ship's crew and passengers, so the different types of roleplay and stories we can do are pretty limitless. We'll even have RP for the shadier types who want to be pirates. As a whole, the crew will be classified as privateers, and we will be aiming for a more neutral stance and some cross-faction RP. Where are you based? Our base is our ship. The location of our ship will change based on what rp campaign we happen to be running at the time. Now, there aren't ships in very many places that are empty and don't sail through phase lines, so we have a list of ships that we can use for our rp, and we will have to use our imaginations at times depending on where we want to be icly in Azeroth. So, you aren't on Draenor? Incorrect. We will be both on Azeroth and on Draenor. Our previous server collectively agreed that the portals in Ashran are IC; if Moon Guard's RP community has a different take on that, we'll find a way to work with that and still go back and forth at least under some circumstances, because we do want RP on both planets. The ship, however, will always be on Azeroth. Pretty sure it would be impossible for us to bring the whole thing through a portal, or at least more costly than would be worth it for the crew. My character isn't really a sailor, but I'd still like to join. Can I? Most definitely! A ship needs all sorts to function well. We need cooks, guards, and of course actual sailors, but we also welcome those who simply want to journey for pleasure, business, scholarship, or even more nefarious purposes. Recommended Addons! * We mostly use Total RP 3 ( ), but MRP or any other RP add-on that can interact with it is welcome. * Gryphonheart Items ( ) We'll be using this for rp stuffs. I highly recommend you get it. If you don't, you'll miss out on coolness. For more information about the guild... Whisper Fafen, Fafèn, Tyrnathera, or Tyrnáthera in-game, or go to You can also /join AhoySG, our OOC chat channel for friends and interested parties. Please keep chat here family-friendly.Fafen168 2d
2d {H-RP} Screw The Roses, Send Us The Thorns Rally under the banner of our Warchief for an evening of blood sport, questionable drinks, and even more questionable company and join the Undercity Nexus as they celebrate their 4 year anniversary. OOC: UCN is turning 4 years old! It's been a long journey, but it's been a fun one. We've been very fortunate to be surrounded by a great community. In turning 4 years old, we are hosting a small rp event at the Horde Tavern Night this month. When: Same time as Horde Tavern Night. Location: Surprise How To Be Invited: GMs and Officers of RP guilds need to whisper or send ingame mail to Banshih for a calendar invitation. GMs and Officers should then post the event to their guild calenders. ...Banshih11 2d
2d [A-RP] Writing Contest #2 I'm putting together another writing contest! Writing Contest #2 Rules are simple: No more than 700 words Please pick from one of the 4 writing prompts Must be PG-13 or under The reading will start at 8pm server on June 17, but please feel free to come early and rp, visit merchants and have fun! All submissions must be submitted by June 10th. The top 5 will be asked to read/perform their submissions live at the location of the event. To be clear: your character will ICly read/perform the piece for the crowd, it will be treated as if your character wrote the submission. The event will be held by Olivia's Pond in Stormwind. People who are watching/reading will be able to go online and select their favorite story from a poll. The winners will be announced 10-15 minutes after the last story to give everybody time to vote. Please stay after for swimming, bonfires, and booze! If you want to participate but your character isn't the writer type, feel free to participate anyways and say the piece was written by somebody else. Just let me know ahead of time. If you decide to have another character read your piece, that's fine as well. You can decide how to split the reward - but the gold will be given to the character that I receive in the email as the author. Example: Jim can read it, but if Bob wrote and submitted it, Bob is getting the gold. Example: Jim says he's reading Bob's writing, but in reality Jim wrote and submitted it, Jim is getting the gold. First Place: Art done of your character! http://www. Second Place: 7k gold Third Place 5k gold Writing Prompts What was a pivotal moment for your character that wound up defining them in some way? Tell the story of the last time you saw somebody you loved. What is a favorite memory from the summer time? Was there an amazing Fire Festival? Or fireworks? Or a vacation? Your character is defeated. What do they do? What happened? Email your submission to alessa(dot)moonguard(at)gmail(dot)com You'll be notified that it has been received. You'll be notified again if you have placed in the top 5. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email or find me in game. Please include in the email The topic in the subject line (writing contest #2 submission) Your character's in game name (and rp name) and guild name (if applicable) The name of your piece Your submission If you're interested in being a merchant for the event, please let me know! Congratulations to our first winner, Fitzpuckle!Alessandrah48 2d
2d [A-RP] <Tempest Initiative Co> ... So who are the Tempest Initiative Company? IC TI is a privately funded, elite company dedicated to the identification and extermination of unique threats. In a phrase, they are an company of specialized mercenaries, bounty hunters, and monster hunters. Some hunt for glory: the beasts, demons, spirits, and more are often large and vicious, far from the type your ordinary hunter would dare face. Some work in order to bring safety and peace to the land, determined to protect the world from danger. Some are in it for coin and coin alone, the contracts for these beasts pay handsomely, as do the trophies, scavenged parts, and magical relics and artifacts looted. Some join for a sense of home, and camaraderie; foraging connections and making friends in what is otherwise a bleak, dangerous world. The company focuses it's funding in three major pursuits- combat, academia, and espionage. However, we also invest in and hire artisans, diplomats, traders, non-combatants, spiritualists. In times like these, we can't afford to be picky, as any talent or profession could prove useful in the right moment. OOC, the Tempest Initiative Company is a mature, tight-knit, heavy RP guild that is loosely pro-Alliance. Our roleplay is character driven and dynamic, employing multiple styles of storytelling and event hosting. Our guild member's progression through the ranks is tied to personalized storylines regarding character growth, and members are encouraged to bring forward storyline ideas at all times. Here's a few things we offer: Weekly DnD style events Short Term contracts and events Long Term, overarching campaigns and Storylines Frequent, random roleplay among members in a social setting Character questline and personal story advancement Small, tight-knit family feel Custom combat and perk system, as well as a unique item and loot system Casual Raiding & Mythic/Mythic+Ilsava39 2d
2d MG Channel/Discord List Making a new post to avoid necroing the old one. Building a comprehensive list of all publicly available discords and in-game channels. Care to help out? Not all of these discords are strictly MG-Only or made by MGers. Some are general purpose and welcome all who wish to be a part of it. Horde Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Alliance Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Server Discords ... Class Hall (RP) Discords ... Individual Race Discords ... General WoW RP Discords ... In-Character RP Discords ... Public Guild Discords (MG Only) ...Aran22 2d
2d [A-RP Campaign] The Dark Dreams Incident The Darkness Unabated... The people of Duskwood are no strangers to gloom and darkness. For decades, the land has lain under this pall of subtle dread. Though wild things grow, rank and free, crops have withered, herds failed, and children have died unborn. But it has so far been contained in the woods on the south of the Elwynn River. Until now. From its trees and caves and graveyards rise up the nightmares, to enter the sunlit lands and plunge them into eternal dread… Campaign Details The Dark Dreams campaign is a two-phase series of events, to take place throughout the month of May, on the Alliance side of the Moon Guard server. It is open to any guilds or individuals interested in taking part in an exciting series of events that will develop into a long-lasting plot arc and, hopefully, bring the community together again and again. Phase One is composed of prelude events. Guilds wishing to participate in this phase can each enjoy a “personalized” event during this phase that ties into the Dark Dreams story, giving them increased participation and a personal stake in the campaign itself. Guild masters can contact Jeremaias (ideally ASAP) about matching their guilds with an existing event concept, or have a unique one crafted to mesh with their guild’s theme and lore, and scheduling the event to take place. This phase will continue up until the week of the main campaign. Phase Two is a week-long series of events that will take place in the evenings, from May 29 through June 4, 2017. During this week, participants will assist in various tasks around Duskwood that are intended to help quell the horrors and dispel the gloom that hangs over the zone. Phase-Two events will be offered to those who wish to DM (host and conduct) them. DMs may select from a list of events that have been prepared, or roll the dice and receive an assigned campaign. Each of these events is geared for five- to ten-man teams, and therefore multiple events might take place on a single night, to ensure that those who wish to participate get a chance. The events will be announced in this thread every day, before 8pm, to permit participants to choose which events they would like to attend on a first-come, first-served basis. May 29: Gathering in Duskwood (after the Motorbike Marathon, of course!) May 30 - June 3: Selected events June 4: Grand Finale On June 4, the final, grand event will take place, involving teams working across Duskwood all at once, and then converging on a single location to end the deadly danger once and for all. More details can be had here: Please feel free to contact me, here or in-game, to sign up for this grand adventure, or with questions.Jeremaias9 2d