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1d Moon Guard Alliance Guild Listings FOR ALLIANCE GUILDS ONLY If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists. UPDATE: NOTE: The guilds will not be in perfect order from when they were posted. Some posts have been longer than others and I want to try and fit them all in as best as I can, so, I'm more or less playing Tetris with them. No worries. Everyone will be added, regardless. :)Rennali399 1d
5d Moon Guard Horde Guild Listings FOR HORDE GUILDS ONLY ((Horde guilds from the other thread will be brought here.)) If you wish your guild listed, simply post the following information: ... NOTE: If you would like to make changes at any given point, please feel free to message me in-game via whispers or mail and I will happily update the information for you so we aren't cluttering this with frequent updates. I will add the date it was updated so you know how current the information is. If your guild disbands, please also notify me so I can take it down. We don't want people flailing about looking for a guild that no longer exists.Rennali184 5d
Jun 7 Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs. Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following. ... Original Sticky Below Jun 7
May 9 Moon Guard FAQ (by Kharnis) Orinigally posted by Kharnis: Please Remember: Ultimately you are becoming part of a community and that is defined by the sum of its parts. So help build and foster a better community for everyone. That doesn't mean server community. It means in the community you build with friends. Edit: Be open minded, welcoming, and remember to give folks a chance. Remember, there is a person behind every character and that sometimes people have bad days. Ultimately , make sure you enjoy yourself and allow others to do so as well. The game is big enough for everyone. Edit 2: However, there are some guilds and folks on Moon Guard you may want to avoid to make your time on the server enjoyable. Please feel free to mail me ingame or message me if you see me on to find out whom. You can also find players on tumblr for reference. This is especially important as there are some folks who are known to condone the use of slurs and are harass others. Harassment takes the form of slurs against lgbt, mentally handicapped and those of different racial background. Please do not hesitate to contact me so you may stay clear of something that may ruin your time on Moon Guard. Edit 3: Ignore the elitists and folks who tell you that you are doing it wrong. Ultimately, it comes down to enjoying yourself and finding like minded folks. Thanks to Eredis for suggesting this. So, you are thinking of transferring or rolling a new character here, are you? Good for you. Moon Guard is a great community, and because of the size of the player base you can literally find whatever kind of RP you're interested in. Unfortunately, if you're just coming here for the first time, you have no idea what's happening. No doubt, you have a few questions you'd like to ask about the server. Hopefully, this thread will help answer some of those questions for you. 1. How is the RP on this server? In a word: thriving. Both Horde and Alliance have players that are RP heavyweights. Even the raiders RP here, and some of them even RP in instances or raids. 2. Where will I find RP? This generally depends on which faction you are. Horde tends to be random RP everywhere in Azeroth or Outland. You could be in the middle of Hellfire Peninsula, and the chance is good that you'll be able to RP with a fellow Horde who just happens to be in the area. Alliance, on the other hand, tends to centralise the RP in cities, especially Stormwind. Some good starting points suggested by Avaryce are: Alliance: The Cathedral, Gilneas, (sometimes) Feathermoon Stronghold, Darkshire/Raven Hill. Horde: Fenris Isle, Brill, Sunshine Row, (heh heh) and the Drag. It's not an extensive list and there are downsides to all of them but if someone wanted to fling themselves on the mercy of the tides, it's a good place(s) to start. The Alliance tends to have more RP events than the Horde does. There is rarely a month that goes by that a major event isn't being run by an Alliance guild, and these events draw characters from all other guilds to participate. Alliance is more structured with the RP, which makes finding it a little easier and helping to make you feel as if you're a part of a real society. Horde, on the other hand, is chaotic RP that can really help to make your character come alive and make your playing time memorable as you interact with a variety of strange and/or wonderful people. 3. Which is better, then? That's up to you. 4. How do I find out for myself? This one is easy to answer. To find out, roll a character on each side. Level it up a wee bit first. I recommend to at least level 10. Interact with others, both in the world and in the cities. You'll know which side you prefer in no time. 5. Okay, what if I wanted to join a guild? How will I find one, and how will I know if it's the right one for me? To answer the first part, just keep checking these forums. Most of the guilds advertise here whenever they're looking for new members. As to how will you know if it's a good fit for you, there are really only two ways to figure that out. One is to read their advertisement. They will spell out what they're looking for, what their rules are, and (if they have one) a link to their web site. Really, though, the only sure fire way to find out if a guild is a good fit for you is to talk to some of their members, especially their officers. Talking to the people who are a part of the guild will give you far more insight into the guild's personalities and concepts. From there, you can make a more informed decision.Rumours99 May 9
Jan 3 Moon Guard Raid Progression, Redux Updated for Legion! The structure for individual guilds is thus: [Faction] Guild Name (Raid Mode / Difficulty) Emerald Nightmare Nythendra [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (M) Elerethe Renferal [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Ursoc [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Dragons of Nightmare [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Cenarius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H) Xavius [A] Dawn of Damnation (H) [A] Pact (M) [A] Ethala Zaram (H) [H] First Light (H) [H] Verendus (H) [H] Warforged (H)Tsenzu463 Jan 3
Sep 13 Roleplaying Resources Originally posted by Meinrad. This post is not regularly updated so use this as a quick go-to guide and don't shy from making a topic and asking for help if you need further assistance. I'm open to answering questions in-game as well if anyone needs some guidance. This thread is meant to provide links to resources on lore and RP addons for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (and soon to be Mists of Pandaria!). As there are plenty of threads asking for resources, it seems like a wise idea to have a post that will hopefully be stickied that lists these resources for players new and old to RP servers. Character Resources "The complete guide to roleplay in WoW" Aside from a few select things you'll find almost everything you could ever need to know here. Read it. Study it. Love it. It will help you. Name Generators (Original link taken from the roleplaying FAQ on the original WoW RP forums. Credits to Nycte for that.) Personality Generators (First link provided by Windwalksha) Development of a Character Have problems with developing your character? Take a look at this guide! A guide to Evil RP A guide for those exploring the evil and darker sides of their characters. For Argus!: A Roleplayer's Guide to Draenei Forsaken RP Guide: How I Learned to Love Rot How to roleplay a Night Elf (Thanks to Grulkar and the topics respective authors for the race-specific guides.) Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits A guide on what attire to wear whilst roleplaying. WoW Roleplay Gear This blog has quite a few pages linked down the sidebar where you'll find a plethora of different outfits you can copy for a wide variety of different subjects. Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Less of an actual "guide" and more of a 'mogger's resource for finding class-related sets and armour they can wear. Official Lore World of Warcraft: Game Guide This is the official Game Guide for World of Warcraft and contains a lot of information on the races, classes and factions of World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft: Expanded Universe The Expanded Universe section is filled with short stories with regards to the lore of the game, including a history of the world we play in. Lore Resources Wowpedia I consider this one of the best places to go for any lore questions I might have. All speculative information here is unofficial and is subject to change at the whims of Metzen. RP Addons Courtesy of Iriako, from page 2! TotalRP 2 An all-inclusive mod that allows extreme character descriptions, emotional states/buffs/debuffs, mount/companion names, personality indicators, chat coloring, NPC chatting, item creation, quest creation, sound effects, IC/OOC indicators, RP skill level, and language functions. Compatible with MyRolePlay's RP Flag functionality. MyRolePlay MyRolePlay is an alternative to TotalRP (and other similar addons), listed here to give you the freedom of choice over what RP addon you use. Like the rest it lets you find other roleplayers and set up character information such as names, history and appearance. MogIt A handy mod for trying out any transmoggable gear item on your character, with the ability to save a wishlist and find out where you can obtain that model. AddEmote A mod that allows you to creat custom slash commands and the resulting emote output string for all your toons, and also for your pets and minions. Due to the sheer size of the post, and the absense of foresight, this post continues over here! Sep 13
Jul 28 Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits! Well, I'm one of them crazy people who likes to dress up like an NPC. So, I dug around for the perfect matches of NPC uniforms. I got a lot of these ideas from existing military role-playing guilds. Listed below are what I've compiled. Feel free to post your own uniform concepts and suggestions! ~ALLIANCE~ Human ...Maxen307 Jul 28
16m [H-RP] <Mistdancers> <Mistdancers> is a new and ambitious RP guild on Moon Guard [H] featuring an emphasis on Pandaria culture and lore. This fellowship offers enriching Pandaria RP opportunities that range from the daily life of operating the tavern/inn that houses the fellowship, to magnificent campaigns of conflict from sinister forces within Pandaria and beyond. We offer a variety of incentives to encourage RP among our members: Guild quests, public events, long-form story arcs, a /roll battle system (not too hard and not too easy), and fun IC headquarters to call our own at the Tavern in the Mists. Our leadership is talented and inspiring. Our community is friendly and inclusive. We have a Discord server and a website. While the vast majority of us are Pandaren, we are not excluding particular races or classes from admission at this time. If you can make a compelling case why your character should be admitted, we'll entertain the idea. The first step to a guild invite is submitting an application. Find the application form on our website at Look forward to new friendships, challenges, and adventures with the Mistdancers. We can't wait to meet you!Seralesca39 16m
27m [A-RP]<The Valorborne Division> Throughout many lamp posts, shops, and other areas of interest within Stormwind and other major settlements, a lone parchment depicting troops battling against mighty horrors pouring from a Legion vessel; casters and menders lining the rear, easing the burden of their comrades. The fate of said soldiers were unclear, but the message was resounding. “Protect Azeroth! Protect the Alliance!” Along the bottom of the recruitment paper was an emblem of the 125th Regiment and its subsections, that’d been firmly printed in slightly smaller format. The flyer proceeded to list instructions on how to reach out to a recruiting member of the Regiment and any other required information to assist the applicant. _____________________________________ Who are we? The Valorborne Division, otherwise known as the 125th Regiment of the Alliance, is a heavy military RP guild currently focusing on threats of Legion forces and the Horde on the Broken Isle and Azeroth. We’re a new guild with an experienced officer core. There are three divisions; the Frontline Offensive, Sage’s Circle, and The Haven. Shalerock Point, located just north of Elwynn is our current base of operations. (Valiance Keep used as proxy). We have a basic D20 sheet set up as well as our guild rules and a Discord server. Website to come in the near future as well! What do we do? RP: -- D20 and free-form style events around Azeroth and the Broken shore to fit all levels and possible styles of roleplay. PvE: -- Our officers are more than willing to help level and gear up fresh 110’s! GM is 10/10 H NH as well as many others within the ranks! RP-PvE included as well! PvP: -- While we do enjoy our RP, PvP is a “fun” time-killer. Many of our currently enlisted are more than willing to PvP/WQ/and arena casually too. RP-PvP events planned in the future! What can I do once I join up? What are my options? Once you have officially enlisted and obtained the rank of Private (Minimum 2 weeks in the guild with noticeable activity) you will be assigned to one of three subdivisions (listed below). Each is suited for certain classes and/or IC Roleplay style. We also highly recommend you have some sort of Roleplay addon such as MRP or TRP. Divisions and Ranks Entry into platoons can be attained upon gaining the rank of Private. Ranking up depends on guild activity ICly and OOCly. Frontline Offensive -- The Frontline Offensive houses the majority of soldiers enlisting, usually in close quarters combat. They represent the shields and blades of our forces that are present in almost all situations. This Division is open to those with experience in hand to hand combat and those willing to lead the front lines. They are the first in and the last out of any battle. Sage’s Circle -- The Sage’s Circle is designated for those with any magical affinity. Be it Arcane, Nature, Light, Shadow, and the likes. This division also tends to those with an interest in research and development. Though they aren’t the first offensive sent in on the field, the support and damage they provide is more than significant. The Haven (A Platoon under Sage’s Circle) -- Those who are inclined towards menders, such as Seers, Naturalists and Wielders of the Light who wish to aid the 125th with their healing hand are housed within The Haven. This also includes those who are Mastered in First Aid. Specialists -- A squadron dedicated to handling situations that no other subdivisions can handle themselves. True to their name; the specialists operate through means of stealth, sabotage, reconnaissance & tactical planning. These soldiers dedicate themselves to the initiative of performing said subjects to their utmost ability. How to set up an Interview -- Send an in-game letter to any of our Officers or send a whisper directly! We’re typically able to respond right away. Ianirah - Marshal Alverdo - Commander Taradune - Commander Boose - Commander Lyzikin - Lieutenant Torgüe - LieutenantIanirah6 27m
29m Tomb Of Sargeras End Cinematic *Spoilers* *I found a better video enjoy* this what going down.Ghaghzull68 29m
38m No one likes me WhyÁsshole2 38m
44m [A-RP] The Nightward - Andu-falah-dor! ... The Nightward is a multifaceted military organization which is open to all races and classes, with demon hunters and warlocks being special cases. Founded in the War of the Ancients by Nilanadres Nightwind, the Nightward has served the kaldorei alongside the night elf resistance, the Sentinels, and other kaldorei organizations. Arduous and taut are the best words used to describe the Nightward’s complicated history; war, death, disease, and suffering are not unfamiliar to the most senior members of the Nightward’s ranks. Today, the Nightward is fighting the Legion alongside the rest of Azeroth. The Historians are gawking at and busily researching demons and new technology; the Shadestalkers are spying and lying to Nightborne and demons alike; the Grand Attendants are discovering new methods of jailing alongside the Watchers and finding new criminals to try; Astrologians are performing old rituals and divinations, finding new things about the future; the Silversky are discovering methods of healing previously unknown. The future is bleak, but for the Nightward, there is a beam of light in the fog. BUT WHO ARE WE? The Nightward, as said before, is a multifaceted military which works with both soldiers and non-combative experts to fight against their enemies. People in the Nightward are varied and skilled; people who cannot fight are enlisted instead for their abilities with a quill, or with analyzation, or with a deck of divine cards. Just because one cannot hold a sword doesn’t mean they aren’t useful in their own regard; the Nightward knows this well and allows people of all walks of life to assist their efforts. Not only that, but the Nightward offers training for those interested in specific fields of study, such as astrology and history. Lectures and presentations are also ever common amongst the non-combative community present in the Nightward. Those who are in the combat units (Shadestalkers, Starseers, Crescent Knights, Illidari, and Silversky Menders) are renowned as excellent spies, warriors, healers, hunters, snipers and spellcasters. When initiates are welcomed into the Nightward, they start to develop skills and are exposed to multiple different peoples and disciplines in which they may better themselves, their abilities, and their mind. The Nightward is also closely linked with the Kaldorei Initiative and we run events alongside the rest of the Initiative. WE ARE LOOKING FOR those looking to assist in the betterment of the kaldorei and Kalimdor. We even accept characters who cannot raise a blade, such as a well-versed historian or a lawyer looking to further their profession. People who are unafraid to go to extremes to reach their goals and who are able to cooperate as a unit and larger team are highly regarded and coveted. Specialists of any field are also sought after, since the Legion has slaughtered a moderate chunk of the Nightward’s (IC) forces. There is a large amount of roles to fill in the guild, and it is likely that anyone can find their niche. THE NIGHTWARD HOSTS A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT EVENTS such as open world roleplay, RP-PvE, D20, inter-guild events, and more. RP-PvE events comprise of about 20% of the events the Nightward will do. The way RP-PvE events are structured is very simple: the group of players delves into the dungeon or raid, clears the trash, and roleplays out how they proceed. This isn’t necessary after every trash pull, but after every boss fight the characters will meet up. Events like this can be in dungeon form, in which a team of experts go into a dungeon with a goal in mind, where they can make their own decisions and deviate from their original plans if they’d like. Raid RP-PvE events are usually used to end campaigns and large storylines as the finales. They work the same as the dungeon events do, but have less room to differ. These are often reserved for the main five units, but specialists from the five units can occasionally be accompanied by a specialist from a subunit, especially if the mission pertains to their subunit.Verethièn17 44m
1h [A-RP] The Kaldorei Initiative ... Proposal The Kaldorei Initiative is a budding project with the aim to unify the Kaldorei roleplaying community both ICly and OOCly. The Kaldorei Initiative serves to offer a furthered level of immersion as well as facilitate communication between both singular roleplayers and Kaldorei-based guilds. The purpose of such a project is to offer a progression of the Kaldorei roleplaying community at large and increase satisfaction within it. Initiative Resolutions The Kaldorei Initiative provides several “resolutions” in order to promote unity and explicate immersion. Such resolutions are based upon the regard of the Kaldorei roleplaying community player-base and are open for suggestions as well as participation. The following are resolutions that the Kaldorei Initiative wishes to attend to: Kaldorei Discord Channel Through using a Discord channel, the Kaldorei community will have another reference that is not in-game. This discord channel is welcome to all Kaldorei roleplayers as well as Kaldorei guilds and facilitates communication and interaction between different individuals and different groups. The Kaldorei Discord Channel will also be used to give information relevant to the aims of the community.Kaldorei RP Hub A singular Kaldorei RP Hub would further exploit possibilities in interaction amongst Kaldorei RP guilds. In the past, Darnassus had been the central location for Kaldorei RP. However, with Legion, there has been a loss for a singular place where Kaldorei RPers can go and interact with one another. Perhaps such another central location can be created on the Broken Isles for the current expansion. Sereneia34 1h
1h Azeroth's got Talent! The Azeroth Prosperity Initiative is hosting a talent show! Do you want a chance at winning 20k along with a fine piece of art?! Then come on out and show us what you've got! (Alliance only) Event details: Location: Coliseum of Light:Karabor, Draenor Date/Time: July 22nd, 8pm sever Activity: Talent contest - Azeroth's Got Talent Performers/Time: max 20 people at 3min each (Groups are welcome but no larger than 3 people. Winnings will be split between the group.) Host: Dartan Judge: Assiar, Mailang, Aszanti Prizes: First - 20k gold and art from Vinny, Second - 15k gold and art from Lumi, Third - 10k gold and an MS Paint doodle from Tuesday We do please ask for performances to be completely planned and typed out to minimize performance time and keep things moving along smoothly. Thank you in advance! For any questions or concerns, please contact: Luministaa, Alessandrah, or Assiar in game. IG/IC Name: Guild: Performance:Assiar17 1h
3h Is my name elven enough? Hey! I was thinking of making a demon hunter a few days ago and as you can see I went through with it! I chose the name Axelara, and I want to know what others think about it rp wise? I read a bit about choosing good night elf names and it lead me to this, so what do you think? Is Axelara is a good night elf rp name?Axelara15 3h
3h <A -RP> The Unbroken Tournament To honor the fallen in battlefields past and present, The Unbroken will be hosting a tournament throughout the year. The second of such tournaments will begin at the end of June on the 24th and 25th at 8pm server in Darnassus! Prizes of gold will be given to the top three placers of this tournament, explained in the layout below. Things to know - - The grand prize: 10,000g - Second place: 5,000g - Third place: 2,000g (Double elimination winner) - Slots are limited - The combat system will be a turn based roll system with a flat amount of 3 hit counters given to every contestant accepted into the lists. - Hit counters will be restored between each fight and contenders healed of their injuries afterwards so they can be in top shape for the next fight. - Any level or class can apply to fight in the ring. - For more information on how the fight system will work, check us out here at: - Fighters that are listed but fail to show up to their match will automatically forfeit their fight. - The tournament is double elimination except for the final round. - If interested in fighting contact myself or Lazharus Raise your voices and your banners! Cheer for your contenders as they fight for honor, glory, and the gold! Join us as we celebrate with the victors and honor those that make them so! We will be updating this forum as we get closer to the event so stay tuned!Opalarie37 3h
3h [A-RP] <Knight of Acherus> ... <KoA> is a heavily story-oriented guild focused on Death Knights, The Ebon Blade, and their supporters. We deal in political intrigue and military movements, training of new knights, and missions of importance to the standing Deathlord. (The “Deathlord” in this case is a nameless, faceless individual. No player within KoA will hold that rank.) We maintain the Ebon Blade’s position and power in lands not immediately in their sights and take on small-scale missions on the Isles that require a more specialized group. Want a place to grow your character without being forced into a mold? We’ve got you covered! Whatever your skills, we have a place for you among us and a job for you to do. KoA is a multi-faceted guild that covers multiple themes from adventuring and mystery solving to combat situations that require teamwork to solve. You’re not just a number in KoA- all contributions count towards our collective stories, and everything you do matters! Knight of Acherus strives to maintain a great environment IC and OOC for our guild members. As a result, our recruitment is selective. We are a guild that thrives on grimdark-styled role-play, and that mood will be present in nearly all of our role-playing events. Themes of violence, descriptive gore, psychological horror, and difficult subject matter are ever-present in the lives of our characters and in our guild. We are a small guild comprised mainly of working adults, and thus our stories may sometimes move slowly. We actively use discord to keep in contact with one another and get together as often as we can to progress the personal stories of our members.Aran17 3h
3h Khadgar and hugs So, I've been doing quite a few quests that center around Khadgar and decided that he probably gives great hugs. What do you guys think? Does he give great hugs? Or even is he a hugger at all?Tazika1 3h
7h [A] <the boyfriends club> <the boyfriends club> Raid times: (Friday/Saturday) 9pm-1am Server Time Currently recruiting all classes and specs. A new, semi-casual and friendly guild aiming to clear Heroic Tomb of Sargeras and work on Mythic while having fun and without burning ourselves out. We're a small group of friends who enjoy raiding and are looking for more players to fill out our roster. Players of all levels of skill and experience are invited to join but we do expect a certain level of performance once we start progressing through mythic content. If you're interested in joining, please contact one of the following on discord: mouse#4526 Lheana1 7h
13h [A] <Archangel> 7/9H Recruiting <Archangel> -7/9H (8/10M - 7/7M is recruiting once again! -- 3/3M ToV. (Realm First) Recruitment is open for a handful of classes to round out our mythic core. Currently looking for ranged dps, a possible heal spot. Paladin or Sham. Raid days are (Tues/Thurs/Mon) 8-11 ST. Invites 15 minutes prior. Regardless. If you're looking for a stable, fun place to raid. An interesting team to be with. A place where you can not only -relax- but down current content at a consistent pace. Look us up. Velum#1312 Urthril#1741 Look forward to hearing from you.Velum61 13h
17h [A-RP]Caelestis Templares: The Eternal War The Caelestis Templares are an Order dedicated to serving the Light. We're a long-standing guild, with a well-developed history of RP. We've been around since Dec 2004, just after the game's launch. We follow the Five Virtues of Intolerance, Vigilance, Faith, Zeal, and Sufferance that were handed down to us from the Prophet Saint Claudius Caormastus (( which is lore made up for our guild)). We are well onto the far side of Zealotry, and we hunt down and kill all those who are Heretics and Shadowsworn, like the Horde, and warlocks, witches, and daemons. The Caelestis Templares are an Order of all paladins, but, there are three branches which share in the mission of slaying the Heretic. In addition to the CT, there are: the Caelestis Inquisitores and the Caelestis Malleus. The CI gather information and define heresy to persecute those found committing heresy; they are typically made up of priests and rogues who use spying and torture to get the job done. The CM are the Army of the Lightsworn and include warriors and other classes who are military-minded, and who serve the Light while not necessarily being as religiously devout as paladins. We have a very clear and defined roleplay, and always maintain the same level of Heavy RP. Our RP lore is beautifully depicted on our website, which has guild forums for discussion and PbP RP, more than 20 animated books that you can actually open and read, art from our members, and dozens of medals that are actually shown individually pinned on our members on our roster. Take a look, and consider joining the crusade against the Shadow! Dedicate your path to serving the Light! Please visit us at and come join in the fun of hunting down the Heretic! May the Light protect you, and Faith be your guide. In perpetual service to the Light, Lord Inquisitor Calmorlayne Tovald, the LibrarianDelphegor37 17h
18h [H/A] <First Light> 4/9 Heroic - Recruiting! First Light Recruitment: Mythic & Heroic Raid Teams Progression Raiding on Horde and Alliance throughout Legion! First Light is actively recruiting exceptional raiders for both our Horde and Alliance Raid Teams, all of which are now actively and aggressively progressing in Legion. Our Horde Mythic team currently stands at 4/9 Heroic ToS (8/10 Mythic NH, 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV), and our Alliance team stands at 2/9 Heroic ToS (5/10 Mythic NH, 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV). Both progression teams run from 8PM - 12AM CST, Tues / Thurs. Both teams are using EPGP as of the launch of Nighthold. Our team achieved AOTC Highmaul, BRF, and HFC. We achieved 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel prior to Legion. We achieved AOTC Emerald Nightmare in week one. Our guild is over nine years old, and will remain active through Legion. Raid team members are encouraged, but not required, to RP. We will not halt or suspend raiding during Legion. Our other guild activities help to stabilize our core raid teams. We are primarily a Heavy Roleplaying Guild, but we are willing to recruit raiders who do not participate in these aspects of the guild, provided they are capable of remaining respectful of those who do. Our Horde and Alliance Core Teams run at the same time on the same nights. We actively cross-review logs, jointly critique / improve strat. Though not required, players willing to gear characters for both teams will be greatly valued. ___________________________________________________________________ Interested candidates for our Mythic Core Teams must have the following experience / traits: Have a desire to continue progressing in a friendly environment long-term. Understand how to exhibit the absolute maximum potential of your class. Be comfortable with constructive feedback and/or fair criticism. Be comfortable with the possibility of being benched. Be capable of exhibiting near-perfect execution of mechanics once learned. Be willing to show up on time with flasks, food, and potions on hand. Be willing to research fights, mechanics, and your own class. Be willing and prepared to volunteer to execute task-specific raid mechanics. Be respectful of the members of our server community who engage in RP. Always bring a positive attitude with you to raid nights. Always be courteous to your fellow raiders and guildmates. ___________________________________________________________________ Ideal candidates will have some (or all) of the following experience / traits: Experience running Mythic / "Old Heroic" raid encounters. Take an interest in the guild's other activities (RP-PVP, RP, RBGs, etc.). Be communicative. Be able to offer calm, constructive feedback and ideas. Exceptional DPS will receive the most attention in our recruiting effort. We are also willing to evaluate exceptional Healers and Tanks. Any candidates who are mechanics-competent and capable of delivering exemplary performance of their class will be actively considered. We are always refining and perfecting our teams, and exceptional players will be given opportunities to prove themselves. Ranged DPS are especially needed by all teams at this time! ___________________________________________________________________ Any interested party who meets our minimum requirements is welcome to discuss possible raid team recruitment with one of our guild officers. Note that the above listed points are not requirements for membership in First Light -- they are only requirements made for possible inclusion on our raid teams. If you are a "package deal" or find the guild interesting, but do not yet meet our requirements, please contact us for additional information regarding normal guild recruitment. For more information on our Roleplay and "non-raid" recruitment information, please see our primary recruitment thread: We will conduct interviews in person, in-game. Ideal Mythic raid candidates will be evaluated by participating in a guild-organized Heroic raid. If you are interested, please contact one of the following officers in-game: ...Larrendias82 18h
20h How many of you... Have trouble finding the right guild for your toon? My priest needs a home but she's not military. I'd love to put her somewhere where she can be nurturing and social and teach people.Qienna7 20h
20h [H-RP] <The Kor’kron Legion> ... >=Who We Are=< Start June 9th, 2009, the Kor’kron Legion has been a staple of the Moon Guard roleplay community, and we have tried to provide a fun, engaging, and safe environment for others since the day the guild started. The initial concept of the guild was to provide a ‘savage, Old Horde’ focused military guild with a RP and RP-PvP focus. We also wanted to encourage roleplay in the then emptier Orgrimmar. And finally we wanted to provide for a bit of friendly fighting against various Alliance groups and guilds. However, as the years has gone on and the situation in WoW has changed, we’ve evolved more into a pure RP guild, complete with D&D events, but still with occasional RP-PvP when possible. And while we still focus on orcs, tauren, trolls, and goblins as the core of the guild, we allow all races and classes into the guild. Furthermore, with the events surrounding and resulting from the Siege of Orgrimmar, our theme has evolved and shifted. Instead of largely subjecting ourselves to the will of the Warchief, the Kor’kron Legion is now positioning itself to be more protective of the Horde’s general citizenry, taking a guardianship-like role as a sort of redemptive arc. However, we are still based out of Orgrimmar, and may be occasionally found in or near-by the Hall of the Brave in the Valley of Honor. >=The Important Stuff=< Guild Website: Guild Master: Suota Co-GM: Vaknosh Officers: Splintze, Drakkosh Preferred Breakfast Food: Kor’krunch Cereal* *Membership within the Kor’kron Legion entitles each member to a single box of Kor’krunch Cereal every month, delivered on the first of the month. Kor’krunch Cereal is part of a TRUE breakfast with a taste of spikes in every bite.Vaknosh307 20h
21h RAIDING GUILD LF DPS <Cabál> Is looking for competent raiders for our Heroic Tomb of Sargeras team. We are currently seeking RDPS to fill the remaining spots on our roster. All exceptional players are welcome. Raid times are from 7pm-10pm CT. If you are interested or have questions add us to b-tag: Ressentiment#11881, Gyaa#11148, soonspider1#1433Hyáa1 21h
21h Tournament of Ages 2017! ... The Call of the Crusade. Eight years ago, it resounded across Azeroth. Champions from all over the world arrived at the world’s summit to prove their mettle. It was here that an old paladin showed Azeroth that, regardless of race or creed, there is no challenge that we cannot face united. And so, as was prescribed so many years ago, a grand tournament will be held before we plunge into the darkness. This is the Tournament of Ages. For seven days you will find yourself in a scene of wonderment and jubilation - a scene that has gathered banners from all four corners of the world. As champions square off in glorious combat, the mighty races of the world will showcase their cultures in a diverse assortment of pavilions. Only here can the spirit of chivalry be celebrated as it was eight years ago. Only here can hommage be properly paid to the one whose clarion words stirred so many hearts with valor. This is your invitation. ... Basic Info Introduction Schedule Events Registration Staffing Donations Booths Charity F.A.Q. ... Schedule: August 6 – August 12 Hours: 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM Location: Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown Website: ... Mark your calendars. Once again, it’s time to get ready for the Tournament of Ages – a yearly gathering hosted by the Alliance and Horde of Moon Guard at the Argent Tournament Grounds. An event lasting seven days will invite players to try their hand at a medley of games, competitions, contests, and more. Dozens of diverse booths hosted by guilds of both factions will offer wares both enchanting and exotic. Come as you are, but leave with a backpack full of prizes, and memories that will last a lifetime. ... August 06 (Sunday) 7:00 - 8:00 | Opening Ceremony 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:30 - 12:00 | Pet Battles 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball August 07 (Monday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Alliance & Horde Jousting Preliminaries 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 9:00 - 12:00 | Marmot Ball 10:00 - 12:00 | Jousting Finals August 08 (Tuesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Rancor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Warrior Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:00 - 10:00 | Alliance Date Auction 8:30 - 10:00 | Hunter Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Succulent Tart Show 10:00 - 11:30 | Shaman Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Druid Dueling August 09 (Wednesday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Vigor) 7:00 - 8:30 | Paladin Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Mage Dueling 8:30 - 10:00 | Rhyme Battles 9:00 - 10:00 | Horde Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Monk Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Priest Dueling August 10 (Thursday) 7:00 - 11:00 | D20 (Will) 7:00 - 8:30 | Death Knight Dueling 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 12:00 | Racing 8:30 - 10:00 | Demon Hunter Dueling 9:00 - 10:30 | Succulent Tart Show 9:00 - 10:30 | Sledding Contest 9:30 - 10:30 | Alliance Date Auction 10:00 - 11:30 | Rogue Dueling 11:30 - 12:00 | Warlock Dueling August 11 (Friday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Dueling Championship 7:00 - 7:30 | Sparring Championship 7:30 - 10:00 | Team Sparring 8:00 - 12:00 | Hearthstone 8:00 - 11:00 | Arena 9:30 - 11:30 | Special Tournament August 12 (Saturday) 7:00 - 9:00 | Closing Ceremony 9:00 - 12:00 | Wonderlight BallRéase58 21h
21h [A-RP Event] Open IC Crime Guild Recruitment! ... Do you get uncomfortable when the guards walk by? Are you always watching your back? Sounds like you need a guild to help you out there. The <Honeyreed Tea Co> will be hosting a monthly IC Guild recruitment event for any and all seedy, shady, crime-oriented guilds that lurk around Azeroth! We encourage everyone to come set up their guild banners and talk about their guilds to anyone interested. See if you get a bite! <Honeyreed Tea Co> Will be behind the bar serving food and drinks! <Daggermaw> Will be walking around the premises as guards, ensuring trouble gets snuffed out so we all have a good time!...Luminitsaa16 21h
21h [A-RP]Gala of the Summer Sun [Updated] Dear fellow members of the Alliance, You are cordially invited to join The Tempest Born Company in celebrating their first annual Grand Summer Gala. The festival will begin at 8pm the 24th of June (server/central). Please remember this is a formal event and while weapons aren't forbidden, violence of any nature will be highly frowned upon. So please bring a date and join us for a magical evening celebrating the Midsummer festivities. If you have any questions please contact Miyako Sora or a member of The Tempest Born Company. We look forward to seeing all of you! Sincerely, Miyako Sora Lead Entertainer and Scribe of Tempest Born Update: We will be using the front gates of Darnassus! If you have question feel free to contact me directly on Discord @miyakosora#0116.Miyakosora31 21h
22h [A]<Keleos Soran> LFM for ToS! Keleos Soran is an 18+ only, casually progressive guild on the Moon Guard Alliance side moving into the next level of endgame content, Tomb of Sargeras. We are seeking a few able bodied raiders/dungeoneers who like to have fun while raiding in a semi-serious but lighthearted and laid back atmosphere. Raiding or Dungeons not your thing? Just need a place to chill with (mostly) nice people? We accept casuals, too! Our motto is "Life Happens" Minimum item level requirement to raid with us for Normal Tomb of Sargeras is 895 with at least 52 artifact trait points (1st rank in Concordance of Legionfall). Our current main raid times are: Wednesday - 8p to whenever CST (progression) Saturday - 8p to whenever CST (progression) Mythic+ runs go on throughout the week, whenever people can get together. Due to a sudden restructuring of the guild, we are recruiting for raiding as follows... 2 to 3 Ranged DPS with preference on Mages, BM Hunters, and Balance Druids. Melee is FULL, sorry folks. Feel free to contact myself or co-GM Aislina in game if interested. Those interested are also welcome to contact any KS guildie and they will forward the information to one, or both, of us.Bajamutt5 22h
23h [H] R'lyeh Awakened - Recruiting for Tomb Tomb is almost upon us and the beast stirs... Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! The stars are right... For Demons! R'lyeh Awakened is an experienced raiding guild that has been around since WotLK. Our group is dedicated, somewhere between casual and serious. We work through raid content at our own pace with a mind toward progression. Mostly we try to have fun! We're currently 10/10H NH and looking forward to Tomb! Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday, both 7:30 - 10:30 P.M. server time. Currently Recruiting: Healers and DPS (with a preference for ranged) Raid Requirements: Attendance: Raiders are expected to show up on time and maintain a 90% attendance rate. Progression becomes infinitely more difficult if we need to constantly pug to fill spots. Of course, the Real World intrudes, and we are understanding. If something does happen, please inform the GM or RL. Preparation: We expect raiders to be gemmed, enchanted, and carrying potions. The guild provides flasks and food. Beyond these things, Preparation extends to keeping up with and knowing your class through its various changes and looking up fights ahead of time so we aren't going in completely blind. Vent: Mumble use is required during raid. You aren't required to talk if you're shy, but it makes explaining strategies vastly easier. If you're interested in setting up an interview and/or have more questions, feel free to contact us here, in game, or via Battletag: Divisive#1543, Takshash#1532.Kyoshi4 23h
1d Selling Names on Moon Guard Hey guys, as the title says, I have some names for sale. If you are interested in any of these, add my b-tag: Paradox#11112. I'm open to offers and haggling. Colorful Focusing Fanatical Females Beds Useful Process Tragedy Spiders Later Sold Painless Tube Eruption These characters have not been logged into, and therefore the name is instantly available for use when I delete them [rather than a 30day wait.]Roleplay4 1d
1d SW Park's Weekly Open Market EVENT: Weekly Open Market rp event WHEN: Thursdays, 6:30-9p realm time in the Stormwind park (Mage Quarter side) There's nothing like the exciting bustle of a market. Traders and merchants selling their exotic wares, buyers browsing and haggling over prices, food vendors keeping everyone fed, and performers wowing the crowds. This rp Open Market event happens every Thursday in SW park and is so much fun. So don't miss out! Merchants, come sell your goods (both real and rp are welcome). Street performers, want to show off your skills? It's always extra fun when musicians, fortune tellers, or conjurers are about to add to the atmosphere. Dårtån with Tempest Born Co. is always looking to promote new talent. Everyone else, don't be shy! Check out this week's market to buy, sell, barter, and make merry. Eat noodles and drink booze while you haggle over prices. It's a great time to RP with an awesome community. :)Mailang47 1d
1d (A)<The Lost Einherjar> is recruiting! The Lost Einherjar is recruiting!! Tired of Guild Spams? Are you just another number in your guild of 700? Do you want to join a quality guild to make new friends and create NEW adventures with? Look no further <The Lost Einherjar> [10/10 H NH 8/9 N ToS 1/9 H ToS} is a casual social PVE/PVP focused Alliance guild on Moonguard (US.) We are a group of friends seeking NEW friends to join our family! What can we offer? We're your new BFFS! Leveling is tedious and quests can get mind numbingly boring. There's usually guild members online,but typically after around 530-830PM CST (server time) is when most start players to login. If you're a social butterfly and need to unwind after a loong day and just want to have people around to crack jokes with, we can be your peoples. The second you join us, you become ONE OF US and apart of our crazy family. Players of all levels are welcome, but know that we're a DRAMA free guild. It's Moonguard so inappropriate jokes are basically a given on this server, but offensive/racist comments jokes are not tolerated. RP: Currently we have a small but growing community of role-players within our guild.This group is called "The Vorn", operating under the guild's banner in an IC manner where all RPers are welcome. The group’s purpose is to be a special team that will be tasked with specific missions to assist in the fight against the Legion. While these missions won’t be grandiose (they won’t make the history books), they are here to do the smaller, dirty work in order to help turn the tide for the real heroes of Azeroth. Feel free to contact Ahnji or Cecí (alt + 0237) in-game or Liliandìl (alt +141) for more info. Casual Raids: Every Friday (off 1 friday a month) 8:30 cst we offer a casual raid to any of our guild members. We are seeking tanks and healers for this group.The casual raid is a fun run to help gear your main/alt characters or experience content. So whether you're a seasoned raider or someone who wants to get a foot into what raids are like, all guildies are welcome to sign up! Our guild is not perfect and no player is perfect. We only ask that players have some knowledge on boss fights and come prepared with flasks/pots and food. We do not grief other players. We support, not lay blame. Personal loot is used for casual raid Progression Raid: We have a medium sized progression raid going on every Wed/Monday from 830-1130cst. Currently we are in need of a healer with an offspec of DPS that does not mind switching to either when needed to. Other DPS maybe considered. These members will need to be committed to progress in raids during Legion, so attendance and raid awareness is a must. We need players who can perform at or above their ilvl. A 2-3 week trial period will be put in place to ensure that you will be a good fit for our team and will help us progress as a group. We are not perfect, and we will WIPE, but we still have fun. If you're not experienced and WANT to be, we can work with that. However, you must be open to more strict learning experience to ensure the team works well and continues to progress. We run logs on all members of our team during raids, and post them soon after the raid is over. All our members are encouraged to view his/her own logs to see if there is room for improvement. If our team officers feel that their is room for improvement for your character, we'll privately discuss it with you and HELP you get the most out of your character. RCLootCouncil is used for loot. WEBSITE: Discord is used for communication We have an active Facebook group for our guildies for random guild updates or whatever anyone feels like posting. Members are not required to join. If you're interested in joining us or have questions, please whisper me in-game or add the following officers to list: boinkysamm#1519, Veritas#1208, or Spartan#1922 to battle net. You can also whisper Nethlek in-game! Hope to talk to you soon friend!Tatcha22 1d
1d From the desk of Grand Magistrate Albright: I have authorized Castus Aleroy, a notary public, to seek out and hire any who have sufficient combat experience to fulfill a special service regarding an important foreign dignitary. The pay is rather high for the work asked, and the shifts are extremely flexible. For further details, please send mail to Castus Aleroy (In Game: "Cleeson"), or stop by his office at the Town Hall in Cathedral Square, Stormwind. Those who impress the notary are likely to be hired. Leaders of mercenary groups, guilds, or other orders, should arrange a meeting with Sir Aleroy via mail. Regards, Grand Magistrate Verila Albright Stormwind High Courts, Department of Foreign Affairs (( I RP this character to progress a story arc between my main, who will be revealed as the arc progresses. Looking for solid RPers, but I interview whoever is interested. Note, this isn't my main, but Cleeson is level 1 and can't post here.))Wrathlete0 1d
1d [A-PvE] <Prophets of Ruin> - 7/9 N ToS Prophets of Ruin is a casual raiding guild of adult players looking to have a good time while clearing content. Since a majority of our guild members are working professionals or attending higher education we do offer a more mature (but fun-loving!) atmosphere. We also understand that real life can happen and offer flexibility on attendance when needed. Our raid team (with some cross realm regulars) is currently 7/9 N Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently recruiting the following raid spots: -Ranged DPS Our raid times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm server to 9pm server. If our group sounds like a good fit for you, please feel free to contact me in game or add me on Btag Sharahbear#1810.Sharahbear6 1d
1d In Memory To Adam We lost a Good friend today, hi everyone as the title reads i lost a close friend today ( he lived across the street from me knew him since i was 6) some of you may have meet him, he loved to rp as a StormWind guard. The reason i'm posting this is to make a plea with the community/server i wanted to see if there was any way to name one of the npc guards to his name of Adam Sentell. i called support they told me to make a post on the forums and if i get enough support that maybe the dev's might do that. he loved MoonGuard and the rp that this server brings to the wow community. so here is my plea if you all could find it in you to help support this ( and not troll the page it would really mean a lot and show the faith he had of the people on this server and game)Mortìs352 1d
1d [H-Pve][Fri/Sat] <Burning Hearts> Hello guys, im Zenjifal, guildmaster for <Burning Hearts> and we are recruiting! Im gonna try to provide you with as much information about the guild as possible, without it turning into a wall of text. Our guild we are a heroic oriented raiding guild, fairly casual friendly and we have been raiding together every weekend for the past year and a half. Our goal every raid tier its to clear heroic content at our own pace and without being harsh on people, Im not the type of raid leader that will ever shout at anyone, we are all adults here and we are working together towards a common goal. Along with weekly raids, we do mythic plus dungeons, random battlegrounds and whatever weekly event its going on, the goal its always helping each other and have a good time. We have a really active community with veterans, new players and everything in between. Guild events Our main raid nights happen on Friday and Saturday, at 8 pm server time and the raid duration its between 2 and a half to 3 hours. Our more casual events, like group pvp and alt runs typically happen on wednesday night at 8 pm aswell. For voice communication we utilize Discord. What we are looking for Currently for the main raid team we are recruiting ranged dps with raid experience regardless of current itemlevel, balance, shadow, elemental and mages in particular, as for the guild in general we will always welcome new and returning players. The requirements are pretty simple, I expect you to act your age, be respectful and enjoy your time with us. Contact Feel free to pm me at Zenjifal, or add me on btag at Shingo#1869, alternatively if im still at work you can chat with Hotsñdots or Rexxura. Thank you and im looking forward to hear from you!Zenjifal41 1d
1d New to Moon Guard Hey guys, I recently resubbed after a break for a couple months. My buddy that I mainly played with decided he was done with WoW for good so I decided to take the opportunity to check out Moon Guard. I'm an old player but new to RP. Is there anything I should know that would help me learn as I go? Is it recommended I be in character at all times out in the world? Thanks for any and all advice!Sinoke10 1d
1d MG Channel/Discord List Making a new post to avoid necroing the old one. Building a comprehensive list of all publicly available discords and in-game channels. Care to help out? Not all of these discords are strictly MG-Only or made by MGers. Some are general purpose and welcome all who wish to be a part of it. Horde Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Alliance Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Server Discords ... Class Hall (RP) Discords ... Individual Race Discords ... General WoW RP Discords ... In-Character RP Discords ... Event Organization Discords ... Public Guild Discords (MG Only) ...Aran32 1d
1d [RP] Looking for a storyline partner Greetings, friends. I am currently seeking someone to forge a personal storyline attached to this character, Theodore Varill. What that would exactly entail is yet unclear, as the very point is to create an original and tailor-made arc, allowing for our creative minds to accomodate both of the characters' needs and worldviews. It could be a mentorship, a companionship for adventure in search of enlightenment, or even a rivalry. The possibilities are plenty. That said, allow me to speak a bit about the character and myself. IC, Theodore Varill has been through a lot over the years, serving the Church and later Madelynne I. He has always found it hard to find the proper balance between needed pragmatism and religious zealotry, with varying results. Right now, the paladin is committed to a wandering life, living off with meager possessions and aiding others wherever he goes. Now, on the OOC front. Since Blood of Lordaeron has moved on from WoW as a vehicle for our roleplay, effectively branching out from the server in terms of storyline, I have decided to pursue this avenue for Varill, given that during these many years in Moon Guard, he has always been my favorite character to play. I lead a fairly busy routine IRL, but would like to use what time I have to roleplay in an effective manner, instead of sitting idly in the Class Hall or scrambling to find action in walk-up interactions. More importantly, plot driven exchanges are far more riveting to me than the occasional conversation about random topics. In short, I am looking for someone to roleplay together a story (or a succession of stories built into a larger arc), whose contents would be created by the both of us. We would meet twice a week, for 2 hours and so, and progress through it. The schedule is flexible, of course. Thank you in advance, folks.Varill1 1d
1d <Honeyreed Tea Co> is hiring/recruiting! ... ... ...Elemayo55 1d
2d [H - RP] <The Stonewind Tribe> Winds of Change for the Stonewind The winds bear our names. The stones know our steps. The sacred lands we hail from have molded us into a galewind that sweeps over our enemies with unbound fury. However, as our homeland has been slowly decimated by the Venture Co. we have lost many of our brave warriors and family members. The Stonewind Tribe is in need of new blood, and while our elders do not care for this thought, we open our arms to new Shu’halo in need of a home and a cause. For those that seek to protect our people, to bring peace back to our kind and a better home for our young. The winds of change are coming, and we stand steady as the mountains we hail from. Do you have a heart strong enough for the Stonewind Tribe? ____________________________________________________________________ Who are we? We are a quickly growing guild that is focused on internal guild Roleplay based in the Stonetalon Mountains. We are a Shu’halo based Tribal guild with a focus on the Tauren people as a whole, as well as cleaning up our IC homeland. We have several weekly events on calendar and various other events as well as spur-of-the-moment RP. We are always seeking new members to build up our ranks. See our Wiki page here: What we need You! We have many weekly events, and a strong, active roster, and several officers in place. We can always use more players wanting to join with us, participate, and enjoy! What we offer We have over one hundred members and growing! We have several weekly RP events including a weekly Storytelling in Thunder Bluff open to everyone! Storytelling has been very successful so far! We have weekly hunting, roll battles, tea time, and more! We have guild repairs for all members and many willing to help with all aspect of the game. We have many leveling and also several at 110 doing Mythics and more. We are currently raiding casually. What we plan to do We have campaigns underway on the Broken Isles, and other events that take place back on Kalimdor! Every quarter we co-host the Dance of the Earthmother with other Tauren Tribes to celebrate the change of the seasons. How to join the Stonewind Tribe: An IC "interview" is required to join (an RP lead up to the character asking to/being invited to join the Tribe. You will also need to sign up on our website: Contact an Elder in-game or email Taeana at for more information! Check out the website for planned calendar events, all of which are open to anyone to attend!Taeana463 2d
2d [RP] <Embershield Protectorate> For Azeroth! ... The <Embershield Protectorate> is a coalition of noble lords, military officers and minor nobles working under the banner of the House of Embershield, a prestigious Quel'dorei house who has long ruled over the province of Quel'Anaris. Once more under Telriah Embershields control, the Protectorate has barred itself from Alliance and Horde, seeking to work in between and to defend Azeroth. The Protectorate as a guild is a place that we want to have as a safe, fun, friendly community that anyone can fit into. We wish to provide an environment that can provide hours of fun and RP for all. We strive to provide a place that one can find a way to RP, no matter the time of day, night, or morning. ... As a guild, we will often band together to tackle the various D10 Events that we plan throughout the week, based around the lore that we have created for the guild that coincides with the game itself, using a well made D10 System to offer our characters boosts and buffs within the events. We also use these types of events for extra character growth. Outside of the D10 Events, we help each other tackle various PVE Related content such as Dungeons, Dailies, or anything else within the game. We also have a lot to do on our guild website, such as forum RP, Journals, and various tasks we can complete in game via the Job Board. ... Correct! The Lore was created by our GM as a focal point for most of the stories he tells through the D10 Events. The lore itself takes place within current lore of the game and doesn’t change anything about it. You can take a gander at it over at the Moon Guard Wiki here. ( ... The GM typically holds 2 events per week that follow a storyline. Officers may hold events randomly throughout the week as well, depending on the time they have. We also have a Job Board which contain missions that you can complete at any time with other guildies. ... There are 4 divisions with 8 ranks within each. Promotions are gained through attendance and participation within the guild. For more info on the ranks, visit our website! ... Website: Guild Master: Elìzàbeth (Erìdan, Allerìah) Officers: Aedraeina (Linaly), Dealian (Nielene, Zaeraeis), Kamarill (Kamariill), Ainsling, and Neò (Lèön). Sub-Officers: Tiis ... The primary way to join is by filling out an application on our website. After review, you will be contacted in game to set up an IC interview. ... We generally accept any race and class within our ranks, so long as you understand the following: - Know the difference between IC and OOC as well as understand what Godmodding and Metagaming is and why it’s bad. - An RP addon is required. If you’re interested in joining, contact the GM or Officers in game or visit our website ( to fill out an application!Neò14 2d
2d Order of the broken temple (Monk discord) Made this since everyone else has one besides us and I wanted to give back to the server that's inspired quite a few memories. Good. Bad. and 'the !@#$?' IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MY RANK ATM I am NOT saying I am the offical 'Grandmaster' of the server. I will only have this rank while the server is in it's infancy when it has grown a bit and I have a team of moderators set up I will step down to 'Master' rank and set up the bot as the 'Grandmaster' This is only so I can control it during the beginning.Teanuu0 2d
2d issues with MRP/TRP3 So at first i installed MRP, figured, okay i can get back into this RP business again. figured to get an add-on to add to the fantasy of it. I can edit my things perfectly fine. A-Ok! But i cannot see other peoples things? even had someone who has the add-on confirm that they cannot see my information. I then uninstalled and reinstalled it, same issue. Uninstalled and installed TRP3. Same. Issue. What could i be possibly doing wrong?Seralia9 2d
2d Horde Side I was thinking of making a horde toon but I was wondering how is the horde side and how active it is?Zilima8 2d
3d RP newbie Needs Info Greetings Moon Guard, I have been wondering and in hopes that someone can answer me or point me in the right direction, I have a couple questions... First off I am brand new to RP and was curious as to how, as I read in TRP profiles, does one accept injury and/or death in a RP atmosphere... I mean hell if they die should they not delete their persona? Second How do you display your items ect for vendors? For instance I seen events and I read that you can have a booth to display your items for sale etc... uhm, is this all in the mind? Sorry, I don't mean to be rude but I am curious as I would love to get more in depth in the RP side of wow since I am burned out on the raiding and the PvE for the most part. I admit I am curious because many of the things I read sound very interesting. Thank you in advance for advice. Also, Looking for an Alliance RP guild that will accept someone brand new to RP. I would be willing to Roll a Horde as well, if there is an active guild. I am older so would like a guild with some older members as well. Thanks again.Kernidian2 3d
3d [A-RP] Umbra Vanguard - Warden Roleplay ... The Vanguard is a small outfit of Kaldorei Wardens who, after the recent sundering of their order, have united their efforts to defeat the legions of the Burning Shadow. The group is comprised entirely of Kaldorei Wardens, and Kaldorei aspiring to possess the title of Warden after they have been thoroughly tested. We aim to become a group of friendly players acting as a conduit for Warden roleplay. At this time, UV is only recruiting Kaldorei Wardens and night elves that wish to undergo the trials to become a new warden through roleplay. Interested in Warden roleplay, but already in a guild? No worries, UV is more than willing to roleplay with characters with no interest in joining, including training RP and specialized operational missions. If your roleplaying group would like a small group of Wardens participate in any events or storylines, let me know! For any inquiries and or requests for guild interview, please contact me either in-game on Serianne or add my btag and send me a poke. straita#1727 Share link: Website: or umbravanguard.shivtr.comSerianne32 3d
3d [A-RP] New WOW/RP Player looking for friends Hello everyone! I am a brand new WOW player as well as a new RPer! I have never RP'd before so I am looking for people who are willing to show a noob the ropes, both of RP and the world of WOW! :P Feel free to message me and hopefully we can all become great friends! :DAquraelyia5 3d