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May 17 Horde and Alliance RP. I'm looking for a rp guild Horde or Alliance. I have felt a void while playing wow and I think its the lack of rp while I play. There are to many in the guild threads to go through and find those that are still active. I want one that is active at late nights at least after 8pm pst. Anyone got any leads?Miguell0 May 17
May 17 [A-RP]<Remnant of Lordaeron> ... ...Colwyn99 May 17
May 17 Delas Moonfang I know I'm a little late this "party" but can we talk about how Blizzard is incapable of writing anything positive for Kaldorei? We finally got a Night Elf Paladin. Something we should have had from the game's launch. After having to deal with the insult that is Sunwalkers in Cata. And what does she do? Betray her entire race. "With this vow, I am reborn." "A warrior of Light." Excuse me? Of -Light-??? And then when you turn the quest in at the bottom of the quest text, "Under the light we are one." Anyone who's ever done any writing for Night Elves needs to be fired and replaced with someone who doesn't have a hard on for Humans and Orcs.Chereline86 May 17
May 16 [A] <is a noob> is recruiting Tired of not having a guild name? Want the best title under your name? <is a noob> is this week. PST now and get two for the price of one. Always free repairs. Anybody is welcomed and can invite friends. The rest is up to you. Embrace your noobness, make a strong statement in Dungeons/LFG/LFR about who you really are. We provide dental and coverage for pre-existing conditions like being a gnome. Don t wait, PST now...noobs are waitingHealcopter0 May 16
May 16 [Introduction] Shenxue Hillpaw The soft pitter-patter of rain seeped into the warm house. A fat Pandaren with Orange and White fur sat at his table, staring out the window and drinking tea. At his feet a chicken wondered around the house clucking quietly and pecking at crumbs left on the floor. The Panda flopped in his chair, standing up and heading to the counter to grab some more tea. He sighed comfortably as he took a drink and headed back to his seat at the table, petting his chicken as he sat down. (( Shenxue Hillpaw is an older Shado-Pan member. His time is not up yet but he prefers farming to a busy life of protecting the people of Pandaria. No LFG this time as I already found a group of people. You can usually find me, when I am online, somewhere in Pandaria but most typically at Hillpaw Ranch in the Valley of the Four Winds :)))Shenxue1 May 16
May 16 Moon Guard Discord Channel Yup, it's a thing! The Moon Guard discord channel exists as a social outlet for our server members to share cat pictures, advertise their guilds and events, and get to know each other in a friendly, welcoming environment. We have ranks for Horde, Alliance (and both), as well as a separate rank for guild recruiters and channel for those searching for a home and RP partners! We expect all members to adhere to the following rules: - No harassing others. - No personal attacks towards others. - No "call outs", "PSAs", or "warnings" of players and/or guilds. - No NSFW content (Gore/!@#$/etc). - No political/religious talk. There are other servers for that. - The moderators and admins will always have the last word. Discord link: Yes, we are aware that there is another discord for MG that is invite-only. Their primary purpose is event planning between guilds, and we'd like them to be able to continue doing that while we take on the more individual-driven social aspect of discord. We are creating more options, not competition, and we welcome everyone to utilize both spaces to their maximum! We've started small and are growing fast with a fresh new set of moderators and plenty of chatter to keep everyone occupied. Hope to see you there!Aran7 May 16
May 16 Blackbriar Consortium - Welcome to the Family Rise up! Rise against not good or evil, no straight line between truth or lie: We stand only for justice. We are Blackbriar: we are family. When no one else can be trusted; when there's no one else to turn to, your family will not abandon you. Your family will never hurt you, and your family will make sure you're alright. We are Blackbriar: Rise, Stand up to oppression! Where the rose does not wither and die We live on a creed of honor above all. A crew of mismatched misfits,controlled chaos, banded together under a common cause : To root out the honorless, the thankless, the enemy; whoever that happens to be at the time. We are Blackbriar: We who choose to fight before we would bend the knee, who stand not for "You" or for "One" but for the few, and the many alike. Sworn from the start to protect the innocent, the weak, the minority. To keep those who could not defend themselves from being crushed under the oppressing corruption, to absolve dishonesty and malice with calculated counter effort. In a land where green darkness lies at our doorstep, we choose to paint it black: We are Blackbriar. BASIC INFORMATION: Guild Name: Blackbriar Consortium (Moon Guard Horde) Guild Website: Guild Leaders: Amalathea, Velantra, Ice (Icedover) Guild Officers: Bones (Character name Noxbones), Sanalsong, Veliceel, Karthys (Anyone you can get in contact with for an invite, any member can also get you to an officer) -All officers accept ingame mail and whispers. Website: Its still a little under construction, but it is very active. And it has a very special shout out from a Warcraft Hero turned Villain. Cannot thank Banshih from Undercity Nexus enough for making that shout out happen! Check it out! RP hub: -In these trying times of light and darkness, holy and fel, one can never be very sure who they can trust. In order to boost the morale of not only ourselves- to keep us from kneeling in the dirt and accepting the fate of Azeroth- we have decided to band together in the one place that any can feel at home. To forget about the trauma and danger we face daily upon the Broken Shore, we've opened a tavern, in the heart of the Isles, open and welcoming to all who wander in. To sit by the fire, exchange stories or poetry, to give advice, or to drink away the haunting images of fallen compatriots and adversaries alike, everyone is welcome to join us in finding a small peace; a moment of harmony in the chaos. -We will be holding a bi-weekly meetup in the bar starting on Mondays, Some meetups will be themed (Such as a poetry or storytelling night) and some nights will just be for open RP for everyone to enjoy, though every night we will be available for open RP in the tavern. -(OOCly located in the Filthy Animal horde side tavern in Old Dalaran (due to phasing issues). Contact any Blackbriar members for an invite to raid, or even come up to one of us and rp! We love walkups. -We also hang around the Tailoring shop in the Bazaar of Silvermoon City. Guild Theme and a little History: Blackbriar was formed out of necessity, to keep a band of friends and misfits from being scattered to the winds. Many started out under the thumb of a woman whose ideals were twisted into more self service, ideals that many did not agree with. With her downfall, by the hands of one of those under her thumb, what was left were left to try and fend for themselves. Then letters started to arrive, all from who was known as the Black Rose. The Black Rose banded everyone that remained together under her banner, using the priestess Amalathea Dawnsinger as her contact. The Rose kept the makeshift family together, though they never saw her face. That was when Bones took it upon himself to learn who this mysterious benefactor was, setting a trap for The Rose. Much to his surprise, The Rose was none other than Amalathea herself, doing what she could to keep the friends she had come to see as her family together. Guild Niches: As with our creed, we have members in our guild of all walks of the game. From maining only an RP character to trying to be server first, all the way to full pvp gear, we have a little bit of everything here, proving there really is a place for everyone within Blackbriar. Being a mainly RP guild, as a rule, we will never govern what you can and cannot do with your time. We would love to have active members who show up to events, but we also go by the strict rules that real life comes first, be respectful to your fellow player, and to above all just have fun and enjoy your game time. We are not a large guild. We believe in quality over quantity. We are a family and we protect our own. We are open to everyone and treat everyone equal.Amalathea49 May 16
May 16 The Cobalt Wyvern is Now Recruiting! The Cobalt Wyvern is recruiting! Are you a merchant wishing to show off your craft? A mercenary wishing to protect a trade caravan? A noble looking for an investment opportunity? Well, the Cobalt Wyvern may be for you! Contact Hesteana or Eithe to set up an interview! If neither of us are on feel free to contact anyone in the guild and they'll be sure to pass it along. We are a Neutral RP guild that focuses more on the gathering, crafting, trading, and character development as opposed to combat-- not that we don't do combat, gotta protect those trade routes somehow! We have multiple styles of events, including member run ones, varying from negotiating trade deals, gathering unique supplies, multiple profession projects (You wanna make a giant cannon as a bunch of engineers? Go for it!), sparring, and setting up trade routes! We are always looking for guilds willing to do cross-content, such as joint operations or even a raid against our supply lines. As all fledgling guilds say, we do want to consider raiding at a later time as we gather more members, but we do dungeon, PvP, and (obviously!) RP as well! We have a Discord, and we would love to have you as well! :DHesteana11 May 16
May 16 [Short] Joy (Mother's Day Special) A woman embarks on a dangerous mission in the land of the damned, one that does not have the approval of her fellow crusaders, to traverse a plantation filled with the undead for the purpose of retrieving a single item she finds greatly important... May 16
May 16 (H) LF PvE Guild! Normal or Heroics? ^^ Hello ^^ I am formally Toes. Me and a friend, a mistweaver monk named Minokawa, are returning to the game after a really long hiatus and are interested in finding a raiding guild. :d Normal / Heroic content is fine :) I've run EN and Trial of Valor on normal. x) That's about it experience wise. My healer +1 has run Nighthold on normal. We're having a difficult time finding a guild in game, would appreciate any tells regarding. >:D!! Thank you! P.S. prolly wont be checking thread :3, PST <3Jax0 May 16
May 15 Blood Elves as demon hunters? So i understand the night elf demon hunter. (kinda obvious, lol but i love it!) but ...... how do the blood elves fall into that? i know they once were high elves and craved power and that's the reason the went to the horde (more or less i know about there allegiance). But how do they really fit in with the demon hunter thing. I would have thought it would have been cool if it were only night elves but, night elf demon hunters could join the horde. would have been a cool twistTyrondoombrw10 May 15
May 15 LF Scholar/ magic Heavy Rp guild. The title is self explanatory. I'm not actually on MG, but the Rp state of WRA has been deteriorating and I am curious if the RP type that I seek is over here. Any help would be nice. (May be persuaded to faction change from alliance if there is a quality horde guild fitting the description).Neviculus8 May 15
May 15 DH RP Questions / LF Advice I'm still sort of new to RP, but would really like to start doing it more often and find an RP guild sometime. Anyway, I am used to playing on my main, which is a hunter. It was easy to make a backstory for him and come up with ideas, but I'm finding it pretty hard for my Demon Hunter. I also haven't RPd a Night Elf before either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as the Illidari's backstory, from what I understand others have said, the Illidari can have a wide range of ages varying from 300 to 10000. Their birthplace would depend on their age then, with the older Illidari possibly being born in Suramar, and the younger ones in Ashenvale, Hyjal, etc. If anyone has any incite into the timeline of Illidari training / Illidari age, feel free to share. As far as city RP goes, it feels odd to me to be in the city, to be honest. I'm having a hard time coming up with a reason that a DH would be sitting around in a bar or park in Stormwind. I was wondering if some of the Illidari would be sent to the major cities as a type of guard in case of Legion invasions. I've read on some of the forums that DH should RP out of cities as lone wolf assassins. That really doesn't sound as fun, but I don't want to be in major cities if that if frowned upon by the RP community. I'm feeling like RPing a DH is going to be a lot more difficult than more generic classes like rogue, hunter, warrior. If you have seen any good DH RP, feel free to share what made it good / unique. Maybe you've seen bad DH RP, please share what ideas to stay away from.Shaedris14 May 15
May 15 A-Rp <Charity of Adventurers>is recruiting Good day! The Charity of Adventurers is getting on it's feet, and we're looking for members! Who Are We?: The Charity is a group of misfits coming together to adventure the lands and defend Azeroth. Based on the concept of a dnd party, we will be mismatched races and classes, most characters will have angsty backstories, and we will be roleplaying as we quest and level together. What's Involved?: Heavy Roleplay. We will be sticking together (to an extent, people do have real life and have to miss some events) as we go through quests and explore the world. Characters will be expected to level at a restricted pace in order to keep inline with the main plot of the guild. We will be taking in members that want to RP with us and be part of the party, but can't make every event. So don't worry if you don't always have time. When is the Group Active: We will be primarily active with most events happening around 1-5am ST. This can expand if we have interest in other time zones of people willing to run events. [/b]Events:[/b] We will be holding many events, free for all to attend! If you're curious about us, but don't necessarily want to join, feel free to message or whisper me in game for details on events. Requirements: Currently, we are looking for members between level 1-30. The max level will go up as we level as a group. We are starting the story in a level 15-20 zone. We also expect people to be friendly OOC, and understand that you will be booted for anything racist, !@#$/transphobic, sexist and ablest. How to Join: Add my battletag @ turtleduck#1131 or send me an in game message. I will send you the discord link and add you to the guild. Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, message me privately or respond to this post as a comment!Ghannan6 May 15
May 15 <removed> <removed>Nizmo3 May 15
May 15 DiceMaster DiceMaster is a roleplaying addon of my own creation, with much help (seriously, I can't thank you all enough) from the members of my guild and everyone who helped me conceptualise, design, and refine the addon into what it is today. It was a labour of love months in the making- a lot of tweaking, experimenting, frustration, and finally success. The primary reason for its former exclusivity-- the reason for its entire existence-- was because the addon was first made to fit the specific needs of the roleplay and combat systems used by our guild. It was made for the pleasure and benefit of the League of Lordaeron, with no external audience considered beyond our in-guild community. As such, parameters were put into place to protect it. As it grew, I decided to host our addon on Curse so that our guild members could more easily update new versions via the Curse Client. However, due to the influx of interest by other communities beyond our own, the League of Lordaeron and I would now like to offer this addon to the community for use in good faith. The restrictions preventing other guilds from using the addon have been removed in this most recent update, but please remain aware that we will not be taking requests to specifically tailor the addon for other uses or guilds. We hope you enjoy the addon as much as our guild has and encourage you to develop creative, fun ways to use DiceMaster in your own communities! Please submit any of your direct questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, or concerns about DiceMaster to me here or on Curse. *As always, please remember to be respectful to the authors of the addons you use and refrain from benefiting from the hard work of others without providing proper credit. About DiceMaster DiceMaster allows players to roll with more complex rpg dice than the game provides, use a custom health and resource bar to track unique combat systems, and design a set of character-specific traits. Originally designed to specifically suit the needs of combat systems used by the League of Lordaeron, DiceMaster gradually grew in functionality over time and ever since its move to, the unexpected interest of the larger roleplaying community has prompted our team to release an unrestricted version of the addon for public use. The primary goal of DiceMaster is to improve and simplify the use of "combat systems" in the roleplay community. Character traits allow players to customise the identity of their character with a set of unique abilities that reflect their skill (or lack thereof) in a combat environment. DiceMaster also has its own dice rolling system (which piggybacks off of the default /roll system to prevent abuse) allowing players to modify the quantity, number of sides, and modifier of custom dice using the XDY+Z notation. DiceMaster uses the Mary Sue Protocol, also used by such roleplay addons as MyRoleplay, Total RP 3, and XRP, to replace players' in-game name with their custom name in printed dice roll messages and within the addon's UI. You can download the latest version of DiceMaster here:íah19 May 15
May 15 Happy Mother's Day! Title says it all; happy Mother's Day to all of Moon Guard's mamas!~Stormwindian4 May 15
May 14 903 MW monk looking for RBG/MNighthold group Hi all! I'm looking to take my playing to the next level after ages of random BGs and pugging heroic Nighthold. While I'm not currently interested in leaving my guild, I've progressed beyond what we can do as a group. I would entertain joining another guild for Tomb of Sargeras if I found a group I really jived with, but for now am looking for friendly people to play with! Available Sunday-Wednesday evenings, and some Friday and Saturdays. Can switch to DPS in a pinch, but prefer healing. My guild doesn't have a rated BG team but I am particularly interested in that! *note: not an RPer but have always been in RP/ERP guilds. I won't yuck your yum.Islilja1 May 14
May 14 Question on Death Knights So I'm making a death knight character. And I was wondering if he could have been recently created or raised in Acherus?Arathran11 May 14
May 14 Order of the Silver Wind The Order of the Silver Wind is a small, close knit group of friends seeking to expand our group! Whether it's roleplaying, pvp, raiding or pve.. Or just random nights where people want to just hop in Discord and mess around, we'll be there for you! If you are interested in trying us out you can whisper or mail me in game and we can go from there! Thanks for your time gang.Rayovan0 May 14
May 14 [A] Combining Forces for Mythic Raiding Our guild has a handful of people who are interested in progressing past Heroic Gul'dan, but we are small and cannot muster the 20+ raiders needed for Mythic Nighthold. Are there other guilds on the server in the same situation? We could set up a combined raiding group, or if you already have almost enough for Mythic we could send over some enthusiastic volunteers. Post a reply or send me a message in-game!Shacz3 May 14
May 14 <Virtuous> 3/3H 4/10M Recruiting! Who are we? Virtuous is a newly formed guild that was founded by experienced raiders who believe that you can push content in a toxicity-free environment. With officers that have both the aspiration and skill to push mythic, we believe in helping both new and experienced raiders find a successful raid environment. We also hope to provide a great social atmosphere for all. We are looking to build a solid roster of raiders to gear up and push mythic! What you can expect from us. We aim to provide a healthy raiding envrionment with officers that will offer criticism without the cynicism. We all have the same goals in mind; to push content and ultimately have fun. If you're looking to dip your toes in for your first time raiding, we are more than happy to provide! What we expect from you. Three simple things: 1) Put some work into learning your class and optimizing your rotation for maximum efficiency, as well as making sure your gear is enchanted/jeweled. 2) Research raid fights. 3) Come to each raid with a positive attitude and be ready to play, as well as bringing flasks and food. Our raid times are 8:00PM-12:00AM server time, Friday and Saturday. Discord is mandatory for raid participation. What we need/want: DPS- Rogue! Heals- Resto druid! (Sub spots only) Holy pally! (Sub spots only) Exceptional players are always welcome to apply, as well as those just looking for a healthy social envrionment. Apply now!: Officers can be reached at: Mad#12822 (Guild leader)Madmielyn41 May 14
May 14 Death Knights aren't real The book called "everybody poops" says, as in the title of the book, 'everybody poops', but since DKs cant digest, they can't poop, making them not apart of everybody. And if they're not apart of everybody, they are nobody, and therefore do not exist. Thank you for your time.Miros12 May 14
May 14 The Forgiveness Project I start this post with a hello. Hello to all those who may stop and view this post, possibly even respond, either positively, negatively, or with indifference. I say hello to each person on this wonderfully diverse server called Moon Guard. The server which most of us call home, if not for our mains, but for those alts that we play more often than others. I am writing this post, knowing full well there will be plenty of vitriol, trolling, and naysaying that follows in this thread. But I am hoping for those who may be receptive to what I am about to propose; Forgiveness. Let that sink in for a second. Alright, now let’s continue. This server has become divided, and no, I do not speak of the Alliance/Horde divide. I speak of groups of players who don’t interact with others on an IC level due to OOC reasons. I do not mean OOC reasons involving disliking the choice of character either person decides to play. The reasons I speak of, is due to one or multiple persons being hurt, humiliated, or embarrassed by one or other persons. There have been multiple instances of “server drama” events that have fractured RP groups and led us as a community to become fractured, even more so after each instance. Now, there will be those of you who say “ But not everyone will want to interact with everyone else, even under the best of circumstances!” And you’re right. But at least then, the circumstances will be more for IC reasons than OOC reasons. Now, as for how this would ideally work: I will post my Battletag here ( Toprak#1492 ) Those who wish to partake in the Project, aka, seek a chance to remedy a wrong they have done to another, will discuss this with me on the Discord server I have set up specifically for this. When I am told who the person wishes to apologize to, I will approach said individual privately, with absolute discretion, and explain the situation. If the person says no, then nothing further will be said. But, if they agree to it, I will schedule a time for both parties to be available, and send them invites to the Discord server. Once on there, I will moderate the discussion between the pair, and act as a mediator, to keep the discussion civil. Now, I will not hesitate to kick out anyone who joins the server uninvited, and ban their IP. I will also not tolerate swearing, or the use of derogatory words or phrases in the course of the discussions, though I am aware that such meetings can become heated at times. I do not expect, should the two parties manage to reconcile, to immediately be friends, or to even RP together. My hope is, that people can learn to forgive, and show that this server can become…well, I won’t say perfect, but better than it is.Rodamir12 May 14
May 14 Order of the Blade: Seeking Officers Guild Name: <The Order of the Blade> Guild Leader: Earl-Marshal Sir William Marschal RP: Heavy PvP: Medium-heavy PvE: Casual Guild Officers: Order-Marshal, Komtur, Lore-Keeper. Website: <Under Construction> The audience chamber of Stormwind Keep, while not the biggest room within the huge structure was none the less intimidating, especially for a minor Lord who had received a summons out of the blue. Lord William paced the room, starting from one imposing stone wall to the other, completely ignoring the magnificent tapestries and paintings that lined the walls, and flat out forgetting about the convenient and comfortable plush lounge chairs. The summons he’d received had been non-specific and simple, which as far as he was concerned was always a bad thing, but try as he might he couldn’t think of anything he’d done wrong. The young man’s head snapped up as the large oaken door to the royal chambers groaned in protest, the hinges creaking just a bit. However, the King did not emerge, instead an old man wearing the robes of an attendant exited the chambers with several sheafs of parchment under his arm. He squinted at William through his monocle before speaking in a high nasal voice, “Lord William, it is his Majesties desire to inform you of a new pet project of his,” The clerk began, William noted that the man’s voice held nothing but contempt for the young lord, after all judging by the emblem on his robes he was a member of the Drakewood family, a much older and more distinguished house than the Marschals, “In light of recent catastrophic events the Kingdom and indeed the Alliance is in need of its Knights once more, thereby in recognition of your past service and…exemplary record,” The old man’s face almost contorted in distaste for using such a word, “you are to command this new Order of the Blade.” William could hardly hear as the impact of the words sunk in, a proper command, something his own father could barely dream of. “Should this venture prove successful, The Order will assume the name and place of the former Brotherhood of the Horse. To go with this title his Majesty does on this day confer upon William Marschal, Lord of House Marschal the titles of Knight, Earl-Marshal of the right noble and honourable Order of the Blade, any questions?” William shook his head and the Clerk stepped to attention, offered a nod of recognition, the closest someone of his station would ever come to recognising a Marschal, and exited the chamber.Marschal19 May 14
May 14 Unpopular Opinions! So I saw a pretty interesting post on Wrymrest Accord's forums talking about people's unpopular opinions in regards to the game, so I decided to repost the question: what unpopular ideas do you have with the lore, the gameplay, etc? No hatred or arguments on this post, please, I'm just curious to see what y'all will say! I have a bit of a list, lmao. Night Elves should be either neutral, or with the Horde. I don't think nelves belong with the Alliance in the slightest, considering their Warcraft III portrayals as vicious and mainly connected to nature. That being said, I think Blood Elves should be with the Alliance. I also think the designated Horde class should be druids, not shamans. I think that Mythic should be removed and Normal and Heroic raids should be made harder. Having four difficulties is kind of ridiculous. Demon Hunters should've been the third class to use mail, not leather. Demon Hunters also shouldn't be having this 'well, you were the good guy all along' redemption arc-- their crimes in Outland (draining Zangarmarsh and starving Telredor, enslaving Broken) need to be answered for and called out. WotLK was incredibly overrated and I despise leveling through it. TBC and everything past Cata is far more enjoyable. I think gated content is a decent idea, but time-gating specifically is idiotic because it artificially stretches out the content. I think Chronicle was one of the worst things to happen to WoW lore and I don't like any part of it. I think the notion that Sargeras is a 'misguided' character is frankly a tad bit silly and it sets up a redemption arc for the Burning Legion, which I really don't want. I think Ashran was actually really enjoyable, far more than Wintergrasp or Tol Barad in terms of large, PVP zones. When it was good, it was really good. All races should be able to play all classes, especially on roleplaying servers. There's enough lore provided to support any race, and on an RP server, it just allows for further creativity. Jaina is absolutely justified in her hatred of the Horde, and specifically the Orcish faction within the Horde. Orcs have proven continually proven themselves to have very little morality and be mostly bloodthirsty and conquest-hungry, with their 'honor' being mostly an informed attribute rather than a demonstrated trait.Nadaara225 May 14
May 13 In Memory To Adam We lost a Good friend today, hi everyone as the title reads i lost a close friend today ( he lived across the street from me knew him since i was 6) some of you may have meet him, he loved to rp as a StormWind guard. The reason i'm posting this is to make a plea with the community/server i wanted to see if there was any way to name one of the npc guards to his name of Adam Sentell. i called support they told me to make a post on the forums and if i get enough support that maybe the dev's might do that. he loved MoonGuard and the rp that this server brings to the wow community. so here is my plea if you all could find it in you to help support this ( and not troll the page it would really mean a lot and show the faith he had of the people on this server and game)Mortìs344 May 13
May 13 A made a remix. I replaced the lyrics from Disturbed's "The Vengeful One" with audio from DOOM (2016). This was originally going to be a part of my next machinima, but I removed the scene it appears in. I'm releasing the song so it doesn't go to waste. Enjoy.Sinwhisper0 May 13
May 13 Recruiting for Kil’jaeden Sales next tier Hello everyone! We’re currently recruiting exceptional players next tier for Kil’jaeden sales (HORDE). Our team goes way back to Heroic Archimonde. We have been actively doing Heroic Gul’dan Sales and continuing until Tomb releases. Due to recent game changes, we have lost potential players and we are looking to bolster our roster once more. So far, our group is made out of raiders from the top 30 US guilds. Do not let that intimidate you, we also have players who are in top 200 US guilds but due to their exceptional performance they are part of the team. As of right now we have a weekend schedule (Sat & Sunday 3pm CST – 1am CST). When Tomb comes out we will be doing sales every day. If making gold is something that catches your attention you will be making a low minimum of 1 gold cap per week, in the first month(s) of the tier release. That is if you’re committed to making gold. We’re currently recreating every role. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. If you’re interested in taking part of this team please add me on DISCORD: Phet#6456 I will answer at my earliest convenience. Note: If you leave a message in this thread it is very likely I won’t be able to message back.Votkinsk11 May 13
May 13 [Introduction/LFG] Whitcombs Wright The rain blew the leaves of a tree as a Human sat, holding on to a branch for his life. Bundled in thick coats and all kinds of camping supplies, the Human stared through his spy glass, looking down on an approaching Forsaken Caravan. With rebel yell he fell from the tree onto the top of the first cart. On the ground beside the cart a bear lunged at the wheels, knocking it to its side. A small Scourged Man fell from the door and hundreds of potions spilled and mixed on the ground below as he cried for mercy. The Human glared at him and pulled out his gun, itching the trigger, unable to decide if he should fire... or let him live. (( Whitcombs Wright is a rebellious Gilnean Human with a passion for vengeance against the Forsaken and many smaller things like Fishing and Hunting. I am currently seeking a home for him that does RP Events on any days but Sunday and Monday. Hours can vary but I prefer events to be over by 9pm EST. If you are interested hit me up in the thread or on at PaulaDeen#11981. If for some reason you are on another RP Server and interested in having me, I would be willing to transfer as well. ))Whitcombs1 May 13
May 13 [RP] RRO's Grand Opening Gala! Come one, come all! Leave your forges and your looms, shut your labs and douse your fumes! Close your smithies and your shops, it's time to come be social fops! Greetings and salutations citizens of the Alliance! We here at the Royal Reclamation Order offer our wholehearted invitation to every member of this glorious gathering to attend a night of socialization and revelry! We hope to see all manner of food, entertainment, and other varieties of niceties on display as we open our arms to our fellows! Join us for our organization's grand opening to the public, hosted in the illustrious city of Stormwind! Behind the Cathedral sits a park familiar to most, housing a wooden gazebo overlooking one of the city's beautiful lakes. This is where we will be gathering on Friday, May 12th, at 8:00pm server time! Beginning with a quick opening speech, our even will then open itself up to the whims of the guests for the remainder of the evening. The RRO is currently seeking any and all guilds or individuals who wish to simply attend, as well as folks who wish to act as caterers, vendors, entertainers, security, etc. Being a guild focused on the idea of discovery, all acts and goods legal in the city of Stormwind are welcomed at our gala! If you wish to attend alone or with a friend, or even as a whole guild, let us know below! Or just show up, either works for us! However, if you wish to provide some kind of service for our event, please post the following below so that we know who will be doing what, and so we can keep you up to date as the time draws closer. We'll also be updating this first post to let people know who/what is being added to our list! ... If you have any further questions, contact someone on the list below and we'll answer your queries to the best of our abilities as soon as we're able. Maelystria Faize Sedaar Lilimielle DumuziMaelystria4 May 13
May 12 Detailed public character descriptions? Hello, I've never really RPd before, but I've always been interested, so I've kinda watched around. I've noticed some people put A LOT of detail in TRP for their characters. Like favorite colors, full backstory etc.. Why? How am I, some random guy walking along the street, supposed to know all of that? Isn't that information you''re supposed to tell me / role play with? I was under the impression that a backstory was more for framing how your character thinks, not something for everyone to go and read to know every detail about you. Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think? PS: Also, looking for noob friendly RP / PVE guilds as well :)Vanalore14 May 12
May 12 WTS 890 Vintage Duskwatch Cinch - Heroic War Howdy All, This may be a bit unpopular, but I just wanted give everyone opportunity. Currently am selling 890 -Vintage Duskwatch Cinch - Heroic Warforged which can be found here ... Asking Price - 47K gold. Feel free to reply on this post if interested, or send me (At this character) an in-game mail. Thanks, and happy gaming! -MalaMaladonir4 May 12
May 12 New to server, need help getting plugged in! Hello everyone! I just recently transferred, and I am hoping to get plugged into a guild! Currently, I'm an about 875 item level tank, but I do love healing also! I know that's not very high, but I should get to 880 after I get some time to obliterum some upgrades! I'm relatively new to RPing, but am extremely excited to learn! Any RP guilds out there that do some light raiding, maybe some light mythics, and might be willing to accept a beginner RPer? What's the best way to find a guild on Moon Guard? All I seem to find in trade chat is Shadow Syndicate (III) or whatever their name is!Jozsef14 May 12
May 12 Transferring my main here I'm a 910 Holy Pally with 48 traits that wants a raiding guild if there are any in moonguard, that at least have 10/10 heroic. I've pugged mythic raids but only gotten halfway through them since there barely any mythic raiding guilds on my original server stormreaver. Or even a list of raiding guilds written below would be appreciated. Not posting in main since he's in progress to transfer here.Unicornmagic7 May 12
May 12 Shaman LF Raiding Guild Experienced raider new to the server looking for a spot to get caught up and ready for Tomb of Sargeras. Im currently 890 ilvl with 4 piece set bonus. I was doing mythic raiding in EN when legion launched on thrall US before needing to step down due to work issues that have since been resolved. Looking for any guild that is willing to give me a spot and a chance to show i can be an asset to the group. Progression isn't as much of a concern as im just getting back into the swing of things. My enhancement spec is the furthest along but id be willing to play whatever is needed. My aim is to be caught back up on my artifact and gear as well as having a spot in a raid group for Tomb of Sargeras when it launches. Im self employed thus i can make almost any raid times BAMF#11465 Alliance Dwarf Shaman on Moon Guard USZeuws2 May 12
May 12 Blood Infusion Quest Hey all! I'm currently on the Blood Infusion quest for the Shadowmourne quest line and have read I'll need 2 other people for this particular quest. Are there any Warlocks or DKs who are willing to help me complete this quest? If so, please add my bnet account, Klora#1409, and send me a message. Thanks!Darcei3 May 12
May 11 910 Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raid Team. Howdy folks. As the title says, I'm looking for a team to get into mythic raiding with. This can be a guild group or just a bunch of people across different guilds. I can't, however, join a guild (I'm in an RP guild, and I have no intention of leaving it). I'm usually somewhere between 906 and 910 item level depending on what set of gear I'm equipping, I'm 10/10 heroic, and am willing to listen, learn, watch videos, and do whatever I can to improve my play. Late night times generally work better for me, but as long as it's on a strict schedule, I ought to be able to make things work. Thanks in advance for any offers.Argunon2 May 11
May 11 A Grim Return. The hard rain pummeled the canopy, pouring down into the jungle floor where a village of tents, hastily made stables, and soldiers stood. The siege camp was positioned in the forests edge, only a few meters from a clearing with a direct view of the fortified hill. The besiegers were a smattering of two hundred soldiers from every corner of the globe, mostly consisting of humans and orcs. From their camp would fly a banner depicting a dragon wreathed in flame. Halyhk arrived early in the morning as most of the camp still slept, with only the night watch to greet him. He bowed his head to them as he passed and made way for the center of the camp and the tent that occupied it. The tent was larger than its neighbors, but by no great margin, and within burned candlelight. Pulling back the flap door, Halyhk would enter. "This is a mess of a siege, Boris." He said with all the patience of a man that rode hours in the rain. The knight in grey armor looked up from his map and sighed as Halyhk entered. He seemed desperately uncomfortable. "These are the best men we have left, Lord-Captain. And too few besides. Enough to keep the rebels inside and starving." Boris replied, attempting to rise to his feet. Halyhk pushed him back into his chair. "Would they not treat with you?" Halyhk demanded. "No. Only you." Boris replied, sighing. "They name us apostates." Halyhk sighed, exiting the tent without another word. Touching a finger to the violet netherscale on his cloak, Halyhk would then proceed to mount his horse and make his way for the clearing. From within the roar of the rain and thunder, a dragon's call sounded. [TBC]Demontê0 May 11
May 11 Spring Balloon Festival event Spring is here, and it's perfect weather for viewing Azeroth in a hot air balloon. On Wednesday, May 10th at 8p realm time, Om Nom Noodles is hosting a public event for the Spring Balloon Festival. We will gather in a large group to start, split up into smaller groups, and travel to map locations where balloon rides are hosted (requires 3 player parties to launch a balloon). Current info has it that balloon rides will be available in: -Azsuna -Highmountain -Stormheim -Suramar -Uldum -Valley of the Four Winds (Pandaria) -Crystalsong Forest (Northrend) -Nagrand (Draenor) View amazing sights from inside hot air balloons that have rarely been seen by air! Meet outside Stormwind Gates at 8p realm time.Mailang6 May 11
May 11 Knightly Roleplay Anyone still doing any sort of Knight-based RP? I'm still unsure what I want to do RP-wise now that I'm back but I wouldn't mind getting back into the Knightly side of things again.Forrgrim4 May 11
May 11 Horde: Looking for heavy RP/PVE Guild Hi all! I'm looking for a Horde heavy RP guild for my Tauren Ahqwas. Backstory: He was orphaned when his wandering parents were killed by alliance bandits. He was found and raised by the Highmountain tribe, but never truly accepted because he didn't have the antlers. He set out when he came of age to find and prove himself as a worthy member of the tribe, or perhaps to find a better home. He doesn't realise it, but his seeking of justice for the alliance is based on revenge. While he claims he is a paladin of nature and the Earthmother, his holy light is tainted as he kills out of anger. Ahqwas doesn't particularly like goblins or elves and would likely avoid guilds centered around those races. I'd like a guild that could help explore a darker paladin. I'll be using a level 100 token tonight, and will soon be able to help in raids. I live in NZ however and usually get on around 1am ST on weekdays. Let me know if you are part of or know an alliance that suits.Ahqwas2 May 11
May 11 Mythic Nighthold Prog <Destined For Insanity> Hey everyone! <Destined For Insanity> is currently recruiting for Ranged and Melee DPS for our core raid team. We’re 10/10 Heroic Nighthold and aiming to soon begin progression into Mythic content as a guild (Nighthold and upcoming Tomb of Sargeras!) We currently don’t have much of a need for Hunters, Demon Hunters, or Warriors but they will still be considered if that’s what you play. Roleplayers, PVPers, and Casuals are also more than welcome to join the insanity. ^.~ Tank Positions: Currently full. Healer Positions: LF 2 Healers. HPally and RSham pref. Ranged DPS Positions: No hunters. Really would like a Shadow Priest with Holy Off-spec. Melee DPS Positions: All up for consideration. Total needed: 4 DPS for core. Our current raid schedule is: (Central time) Nighthold Normal: Thursdays – 7:30pm (10/10) Nighthold Heroic: Fridays – 7:30pm (10/10) Emerald Nightmare Mythic: Saturdays – 7:00pm. (4/7 Mythic) When we have the numbers, Mythic Nighthold will be Wed/Thurs at 7:30pm. Edit: A handful of us are currently raiding Mythic NH with another guild, going half-and-half on our raid teams til both guilds have the members to support our own core teams. 3/10 Mythic atm. Positions on the "joint" Mythic team are determined by performance. When ToS comes out the raid days will switch around slightly, with Normal/Heroic progression on Wednesday/Thursday and Heroic/Mythic NH on Friday. Other info: 200+ Members, highly active in evenings. A lot of us are helpful and up for doing keystones, previous tier raids, etc. I ask most be 18 or older but if you’re a good player and not going to cause issues, it’s not much of an issue if you’re a little younger. If your ilvl is low, I am personally willing to help you gear up via raids and keystones. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me in-game via whisper or in-game mail. My CoGM Cloudreaver can also assist with information if I’m not online. Syraitha: AlleyCat#11445 Cloudreaver: Civil#1301Syraitha2 May 11
May 10 LF PvP Guild! Alliance Hi, mains are on Tichondrius and I am looking for a PvP guild on the alliance side that does some PvE too. Thanks~Chibibabe0 May 10
May 9 [H] <Melancholy> Recruiting! Melancholy wants YOU to come form a friendly and fun enviroment to progress and play with! We are currently open for recruitment to anyone and everyone. With an overall goal in forming a raid team, and work through mythics as well as help others gear and level. Aren't very active? Not level 110? That's fine, we want to give you a home that doesn't put you under pressure! Currently have a discord, just added a nice music bot in there as well (still needs some tweaking.) I hope I can hear from some of you, and don't be afraid to reach out! Officer spots are currently open, and you can bring your friends along for the ride. Shoot me a message in-game or if not, you can leave a comment here and I'll make sure I reach out ASAP. Thanks!Meroluv0 May 9
May 9 Draenei Mage? I have a Draenei mage I'm wanting to RP, but the trouble is, I'm finding no lore aside the rangari, vindicator and anchorite bits for priests, hunters and paladins. There is mention of Draenei being skilled in arcane arts, but nothing really telling. Can anyone help? Is there anything really to know?Telistra5 May 9
May 9 [A] <Archangel> 7/10M- 3/3M -7/7M Recruiting <Archangel> 7/10M (10/10H) - 7/7M is recruiting once again! -- 3/3M ToV. (Realm First) Recruitment is open for a handful of classes to round out our mythic core. Currently looking for ranged dps. Raid days are (Tues/Thurs/Mon) 8-11 ST. Invites 15 minutes prior. Regardless. If you're looking for a stable, fun place to raid. An interesting team to be with. A place where you can not only -relax- but down current content at a consistent pace. Look us up. Velum#1312 Urthril#1741 Look forward to hearing from you.Velum59 May 9
May 9 [A-RP] <Shadowtalon Company> Two parchments with identical sigils on the front blows in the wind on the nearest post, command board or tree. They were ever so similar to the rest of the parchments for other companies, orders and houses, save that there were two of them-nearly identical. The first reads: ... Interesting. You decide, with all of your free time, to read the somewhat similar document stapled on next to it. ... _____________________________________________________________________________ Who are we? Shadowtalon Company is an active guild with a wide range of options and interests for prospective new members. STC is an old, established guild with an experienced, friendly officer core, excellent community connections for larger scale RP events and interaction, and regular DMed events to boot. With Vince, our GM, at the head of SI:7 project, Arranax and Nathul with strong membership in the House of Nobles & Stormwind Law Project, and an officer core of skilled leaders, DMs and PvPers- there will hardly be anything short for you to do. What do we do? RP: The main part of most guilds on Moon Guard is the RP aspect. We heavily involve ourselves in many server wide events, parties and coalitions including the Grand Alliance, Stormwind Law Project, House of Nobles, and the SI:7 Project. Inside the guild we have highly qualified and experienced DMs who have lead D20, D5, free form, and even Adventure Based which is classic style D&D with Voice Acting! We heavily encourage our members to lead events, coordinate with event planners, and involve themselves in any RP out in the world. Commander Note: RP-PvP events are being planned! We are focusing on roll style RP events against select Horde guilds until PvP can be coordinated. PvP: We have many active PvPers, casual and hardcore, in the guild who will gladly assist with PvP world quests, grinding prestige in BGs or any sort of PvP advice. Any sort of rating climbing is mostly done independently, but some members do climb together. We encourage anyone interested in PvP or RP-PvP to join in the fun! PvE: Many people in the guild also raid independently! Some of the officer core raids together on select days and our PvE runs are mostly limited to running smaller mythic+ or joining up with other guilds for their raid nights. There are no plans at this time to start a raid team- but you never know!What can I do once I join up? What are my options? Once joined, you're highly encouraged to meet up with the guild members RPing or stationed in Stormwind! Most of our open world RP takes place there. Other options include attending events nearly every weekend, talking to the officers to get involved in creating events, attending any House of Nobles meetings as well as trials being hosted by the Stormwind Law Project.Nine20 May 9
May 9 Hey guys So it's been a few years, I don't know if any of the folks I used to RP with are still around, but if any remember me, hi. So what's new? What's happening in the RP world these days?Forrgrim2 May 9
May 9 [A] The First Regiment of the Stormwind Army " 'Tis easy to bear arms and armor and carry out acts deemed necessary by your betters. The narrow path of bearing them only for the right and the good, however, is seldom followed. War upon us, the path grows narrower still. Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters stand beneath banners torn, their blood sought by those who will stop at nothing to dominate this world. We are our king's hand in this time of darkness, bound to his will and tempered by his mercy. Guided by the Light's virtues three, our charge is clear - we shall protect the innocent and exact just retribution upon those who would threaten our mighty people. We are the next generation of heroes. Let us stride in our forefathers' footsteps." Maxen Montclair ~ Marshal of the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade _________________________________________________ The First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade is one of the most prestigious units of the Stormwind Army - having fought in nearly every war and field of battle in contemporary Azeroth. The regiment has historically been manned by men-at-arms from the Duchy of Westridge and is presently commanded by the Duke of Westridge, Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair. The unit maintains positive relations with the subjects of the Kingdom of Stormwind and is well-known throughout the Grand Alliance. ...Maxen51 May 9