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6d Funding Thy Moon Guard Habit Hey Moon Guard, I live in Washington, D.C. and us lame-o swamp dwellers talk about what we do for a living a lot as an ice breaker, so what do y'all do for a living? I'm a logistician and a union delegate (which I don't get paid for, but it feels like a second job a lot).Tarquín57 6d
6d [A-RP]The <Kul Tiras Marine Corps> Want You! ... General Overview <Kul Tiras Marine Corps> is a heavy role-playing guild on the Moon Guard RP server. We offer our members a rare blend of role-play and world PvP, as well as a friendly and tight-knit community based on discipline and conduct. The guild's in-character premise is that of a battalion within Kul Tiras's military. Discipline, Humility, and Respect are all aspects of character that a member is expected to portray while role-playing, following the protocol of a Marine. What sort of person would be at home here? ((IC)) Someone who.. ... What sort of person would be at home here? ((OOC)) Someone who.. ... FAQ These questions and answers will be updated as questions arise. Q: What sort of RP environment is the guild chat? A: Guild chat is the com frequency of the second battalion. Radio communication. Q: What in-game bases do we use for RP? A: The Stormwind Command Center, Menethil Harbor, Tiragarde Keep, Honor Hold, and Valiance Keep. Q: How do we communicate over long distances in RP? A: Use the com device issued to you. Gnomes are very intuitive. Q: Why no Night Elves or Draenei? A: To be true to Kul Tiras Lore, we only accept the races that were present in Kul Tiras before the Third War. That way, the Marines who represent those races can trace citizenship to Kul Tiras. Q: Why no death knights or warlocks? A: We, as Kul Tiras citizens in RP, are adherent to the Holy Light and will not tolerate shadow-users in our ranks. No exceptions. Q:What about Worgen and Gilneans? A: Lorewise speaking, some non-afflicted Gilneans would have fled to Kul Tiras and volunteer to serve with the marines. Join Moon Guards oldest Kul Tiras themed guild! We go all the way back to 2007!Dartlic70 6d
6d <The Night Watch> - Defenders of Duskwood ... *A worn parchment notice can be found posted to the Hero's Call board and outside several Inns in Stormwind* “Cruel things lurk in the forest. Beasts, monsters and shambling undead come for our people and children, seeking to drag them away into the everlasting darkness that plagues what was once Grand Hamlet. Few are we Watchers now, beleaguered, battered and broken by treasonous corruption from within but still we must keep the night at bay. We call upon all good common folk of the Alliance, from plowshares to sword hands, take up the Night Watch and help us in this our hour of dire need! Rally to Sarah Ladimore in Darkshire where we might speak at length of the eternally grim task ahead.” ~ Watcher Geldric, ConstableGeldric31 6d
6d [A]<The Twelfth Brigade> Recruiting The Twelfth Brigade is recruiting members for a project 60 style play through on Moon Guard. Rules are a little more relaxed, we just want to play the content. We are not to worried about your talents, mounts, auction house, etc. Some of us will be leveling a little more hardcore, but thats a choice we made. At the end of the day we are just looking for a group of people that want to cap out at 60 and just play the game at that level. Run Raids, Farm Rep, get rare profession items, get some gear for our collections, Talk Lore, Quest, and more. If you are interested send us a message on Slagathor#1245 or Grnxnhm#1276Murksa0 6d
6d Moon Guard Wiki Questions So I recently decided to start working on a wiki page for my character on the moon guard forums and noticed all the other impressive pages on the site. I am not very savvy with this website and have a couple questions. How do you make certain words turn into clickable links and how do you place the WoW icons down? Is there a video or other website that can explain how to do these things? I've looked but couldn't find anything.Aurious3 6d
Dec 7 [A-RP] <The Unbroken> Tick, Tick, Tick. The sound of metallic ridges clicking along a smoothed board at a rapid pace beats hauntingly. A coin, odd, specific. A rolling coin. Click, Click, Click, the ridges never ceasing their endless, tireless barrage! The metal hard and unrelenting! Tick, Tick, Tick. Tick, Tick, Tick. In it’s wake, the ridges leave tiny tacks of blood. Dark crimson lines staining the smooth grain in the wood it rolls across. Click, Click, Click. Slower now, its pace hampered by the sticky tackiness of the blood that cakes its rim, that fills the spaces between the grooves. Tick... Tick... Tick. In a slowing, drunken pace, the time between the blood soaked taps begin to grow longer. Still and eager, the coin, now covered in blood, begins to quiver and shake. Blood wells and drips from the red-stained face of the coin. The crimson drops making the metal sheen like darkest night. The blood seems to flow from the coin itself and soon, that slow, jerking motion of the coin begins to elongate and speed up. Finally, in blurs of black, crimson, and glimmering gold, the coin spins! The spinning coin begins to turn and lose balance. A perfect, spherical orb of crimson and gold begins to tumble aside, the ticking ridges now becoming a slow, metal grinding spin. The blood begins to pull off the coin revealing three interlocking rings forever entwined and unbroken; once more the gold boss of the metal it was engraved on revealed and whole once again. Slowly, the rotations stop. The coin rests still and unmoving as the last drops of blood fall away and pool underneath it.Opalarie76 Dec 7
Dec 7 Conjecture. There's a lot of information out there, whether it's from questing, in-game books, dialogue and flavor text, to external sources such as the Chronicles, online publications or novels based in the setting. All of this is to cover the game's setting, it's plastic lore and how we experience it. But what things have we seen or considered that might be plausible simply by putting the pieces together? It doesn't have to be significant, but they're little things that shed that bit of light onto a place or person that goes just a little further to flesh things out. Maybe they've been disproven, or a similar but not-quite-what-you-thought reasoning came out for something, but I'd like to know what you've drawn from just based on your experiences in-game, through questing and seeing places. One of my favorites are the plethora of cats in Silvermoon City, almost to the level of something like pigeons. Cats, of course, predate on vermin like rats. Rats that tend to swarm areas where there's ready carrion to feed off of. As if the city's appearance is only that, and there are still bodies between the walls, and remains yet to be recovered. For such a bright and beautiful place, it's that one little hint that lends a crack in the mask, and some tragic, second-hand insight into just how badly things hit the place. Another cool one is the tight-knit nature that we might see among the Nightborne. Among the refugees, we don't see lone orphans milling around en masse, and (so far) we haven't been able to take one out for Children's Week, but instead as they congregate, we see entire families. Parents with their little ones, hanging together. Even in their darkest hour, they have one another, and what's interesting still is that they still retain this element of living life and being people - possibly even humility, which isn't something we often see among my lovable mutant descendants. Lastly, although by no means an exhaustive list, Gilneas. Not just one thing about it, but everything from its art and architecture to the simple ritual of mementos on graves. We don't see the likes of it among Stormwind's people, and Dalaran has always been more of a melting pot. The other kingdoms are in ruins and the Forsaken seem to have abandoned most if not all of their old living culture to create a new civilization of the mostly-dead. But it gives us a glimpse into Gilnean superstition, despite their advancement. It isn't enough to bury the dead, but instead the departed seem to remain a prevailing element in living life, whether the offerings are to placate ailing spirits or to simply honor them; possibly both. It's a small glimpse that shows us that their methods and faith, while very similar to other human kingdoms, still hearken to bygone days and possess an element of culture that allows the Gilneans to maintain their own unique identities in an otherwise (apparently) homogenized singular culture among Humanity. It leads me to wonder, however, why other kingdoms seem to have abandoned older customs in favor of a more singular reverence for the Light. Granted, we have a lot to see from Kul Tiras, and it might only emphasize the differences between the kingdoms, which would be nice.Zulrajai13 Dec 7
Dec 7 A Guide to Role-playing a Blood Knight The following guide is intended to aid any Blood Elf paladin who’s interested in building and role-playing a Blood Knight character competently and lore-correctly. The Blood-Knight-specific lore used in this guide comes almost exclusively from all of the Blood Elf Paladin quests obtained in-game; however, I’ve also included any and all relevant expanded universe lore we’ve been given on Blood Knight’s specifically, as well as the greater Blood Elven population’s current relationship with and atheistic views on the Light. Accompanying each of the chronologically ordered quests in this guide, I’ve also added my own personal commentary, which I hope will not only highlight the important information in each respective quest, but also help to clarify the meaning of said information for you, the Blood Knight RPer, as well as the community, the minds I’d like to invite to learn about and try and understand what we Blood Knight role-players are all about. This guide has been split up into two sections. The first section will solely be dedicated to all of the aforementioned Blood Knight quests we have available to us in-game; and the second will be any external, but official, lore we’ve been given on the subject in blue posts and the like. So, in short, everything in this guide stems from a primary lore source, and thus the only thing that ought to be questioned in this guide is my own commentary; something which I openly invite you all to put-under-the-microscope in the comment section following. Section One: In-Game Quests (Pre-Cataclysm) The First Quest-Chain (Started at level 12) *Summons from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor = Description: ... = Completion: ... = Important Info.: - You start out as an Initiate; not a god. Remember this fact when RPing, and when writing your character’s back-story. Try and incorporate the process of maturation from Initiate to Master when trying to forge your character’s self-identity, for such a journey would be crucial to any Blood Knight character’s view of self in some way. - A Blood Knight completes trials in order to progress through the ranks of the Blood Knight Order; you don’t just get promoted without proving yourself via set trials. Depending on your character’s rank in the order, you should be able to determine your character’s general combat skill, military knowledge, Light-wielding competency, etc... In other words, if you’re RPing an Initiate Blood Knight, keep in mind that your authority and skill as a knight is limited, and RP accordingly.Arrodis94 Dec 7
Dec 7 Been away since cata Hi, as the topic says I've been away for a long time and my previous guild is a ghost of it's former self. I'm looking for a place to be socially active (with a lively discord). With no pressure raiding and people who like to help each other out. Thank youArtraxis2 Dec 7
Dec 7 A Vulnerable Azeroth - Main Storyline Discord - “Four times. Four times we have invaded this wretched planet and four times we have failed. Azeroth has truly impressive heroes defending it. The Guardian, the Prophet, the Betrayer. Yet they alone are not the reason we keep losing. We are led by incompetence. Both ‘converts’ were elevated to lead, likely because Sargeras himself was a convert. If I had led the Legion, Azeroth would have been ours after the first invasion. Instead, we have wasted enough time that the heroes have been able to actually strike back! I am tired of wasting time. With the Two dead, someone needs to take command. They won’t all follow me, but many will. The time is opportune. The heroes do strike back at us, but foolishly they leave Azeroth vulnerable. Their own pride will be their downfall, just as the pride of the Two were their downfall. It is time to show that Titan that he should have left the job up to a real demon. Up to someone pure instead of some convert to Fel. It is time to take command. And it won’t be to fulfill the wishes of the so-called Destroyer of Worlds. No. This time we will have a different goal. A better one.” - Hal’desh A Vulnerable Azeroth is a storyline based around the idea that while the heroes of Azeroth are away on Argus, there is an opportunity to strike Azeroth directly. This storyline is comprehensive and has many different types of events that are associated with it. The events will be D20 based and revolve around world conquest, comparable (a little bit) to the game of Risk. Event difficulties will be based on the strength and strategic importance of targets. Event Times will be Monday and Tuesday, 8:00 ST. Whether we do something big or small, I plan on having RP at those times. The only warning that people will have that something is wrong is when areas stop communicating, or their communication becomes odd. After a time of being conquered, communication from a town, city, or stronghold will resume. It will be as if nothing is wrong, and if people aren’t actively interacting with an area then they are likely not to notice. Once a location is secured, antagonist forces will begin subtly developing an area. Devices will be created to serve many different purposes. They will be used to spread influence, to begin reshaping the ley-lines of the world, to summon additional forces in, or worse… Much worse. The ultimate goal of the storyline will not be revealed in this overview. Roll System Simple Rules: Combat (Courtesy of The Citrine Eagle!) Natural 1: Critical Failure (Take 1 Damage); 2-5: Failure (Miss, Dodge, Deflect, Unsuccessful Strike); 6-10: Minor Success (1 Damage Dealt); 11-16: Moderate Success (2 Damage Dealt); 17+: Great Success! (3 Damage Dealt); Natural 20: Crit! Deal 4 Damage. If you are a healer, you may instead change damage to healing with the same values. In order to bring someone back from being knocked out, you must roll a 20. Simple rules: Insurgency If players are active in the area being taken over, we invite them to join in with the event. Because of the nature of Insurgency events, rolls will largely be situational. Success chance in regards to perception rolls (of both parties) will be determined by the resources that are available within an area. It is thought that towns and cities will have minimal rolls that go on. Mages might detect cloaked individuals. Particularly strong individuals might resist corruption or possession and need to be kidnapped or killed quietly, which complicates the situation. Generally speaking: Natural 1: Critical Failure (You are detected. You need to act immediately or the whole mission could fail.) 2-5: Marginal Failure: Lesser targets feel defensive and gain slightly higher awareness in future rolls. (-1 to deception rolls against this target). Greater targets become paranoid and generate additional defenses. (-2 to further deception rolls against this target.) Few actions succeed. Most actions should be abandoned or you will be caught. 6-10: Marginal Success: Lesser targets suffer a slight feeling of unease, but attribute it to something random. Greater targets get defensive gain slightly higher awareness (-1 to future deception rolls against this target.) Some actions succeed. 11-16: Success: Most things you attempt to do work on both lesser and greater targets. 17+: Greater Success: You succeed. Potential situational bonus. Natural 20: You succeed greatly. Definite situational bonus. Situational bonuses can range from convincing the NPC you are friendly and having them take a particular liking to you, to stumbling across an item that is particularly helpful to you for the duration of the event.Haldesh37 Dec 7
Dec 7 Memorable Vanilla Quest Chains Hey folks! I'm currently running a Savage Worlds RPG on Roll20 which is approaching its wrap-up, and I'm kind of thinking that next I want to run a campaign set in Vanilla Azeroth. My players are largely unfamiliar with Warcraft lore in general, let alone the specific world-state at that time, so I have a sort of freedom to present them with some cool quest lines, provide my own spin on them, and let them experience Azeroth as if they were playing those quests themselves. So my question to you all is this: What are some of your favorite quest lines in Vanilla WoW? Those that help develop the world, dive into its lore, or are just plain memorable? Thanks in advance!Dloin30 Dec 7
Dec 7 Tyr's Hand RP We have a new guild forming up and looking for an RP "hub" of sorts. I love the look and location of Tyr's Hand, but want to know there would be any problem adding a new group of people to the area? I have seen many people from different guilds using the phased area, and wanted to check in and see before we decide on a landing place? Anyone out there from one of the guild's that home base there? ThanksVaulkharr14 Dec 7
Dec 7 Available Artists? Anyone know a good artist that draws characters for a price that isn't too expensive? It's for a male human character.Zethrow2 Dec 7
Dec 6 Greetings! Lost gnome! Memory Wiped! Greetings! I am Joys! Or at least, that's what people call me. My memory was wiped in the radiation at Gnomeregan. I have no idea who I am, where I am, or what I am doing, and for what purpose! I have been given a book with...strange writings, and over time, I have managed to decode the meanings of each chapter. Each chapter has taught me a different aspect of the arcane arts. I have learned so much, but lately, I cannot decipher this last chapter. There's something about about a another realm...I don't quite understand it, this is why I am posting this here, because the last chapter, one of the sentences reads... "Seek Those Who Protect the Lesser Light" HELP!!!!Joys3 Dec 6
Dec 6 @ the owner of the name Mahalia Hey, I'd like your character name, as my alt has had it for awhile and it's rather sentimental to me and I'd like to move her off WrA, and I'd be willing to pay for your name change etc. Send me a DM here on Moon Guard on Dravinna/Dravìnna if you'd be down for it. Thank you <3Dravvie2 Dec 6
Dec 6 IC Legion Raids Interest Check THREAD HAS BEEN UPDATED! INTERESTED PARTIES PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER LOOK! :) I remember there being a bit of talk about such a thing back in the start of Legion, but either it never happened or I lost track of it. In either case, this is something I would be interested in hosting now and prior to the end of Legion. I am thinking to lead a relaxed raid for people who would like to roleplay in the raids a bit and, potentially, carry some RPers who haven't had the chance to see the content for themselves since at this stage the earlier raids are pretty easy to crush. I'm looking to play it by ear somewhat, based on the responses. Here are my initial thoughts. ====================================== When: Friday or Saturday, maybe every other week until we do every raid once. Probably evening server time in the range of 6-12pm. For any other Aussies, I am talking about our Saturday/Sunday mornings/afternoons. A proposed time for the first attempt is further below! Difficulty: No harder than heroic, no easier than normal. Just depends on how geared/experienced attendees are. RP requirements: None. You can RP a lot or you can attend just to take in the sights. You can take this as a one off. You can write this into your head canon. You can feel free to modify it to fit your own head canon. (E.g. instead of being led by the ghost of High King Standhaft Garithos, it was "the Battlelord of Skyhold" or whatever.) My intention is for a mellow atmosphere. The point is to have some fun. Voice chat: Discord. Not required, but I will be using it. ====================================== Possible Roster: Tank 1: Garithos Tank 2: Illiana Healer 1: Parka's Holy Paladin Healer 2: Stanneth Healer 3-4: Available DPS 1: Vikander (rogue) DPS 2: Àya (rogue) DPS 3: Dumuzi DPS 4: Calathes DPS 5: Cassieanne DPS 6-10: Available ====================================== Note: proposed time has been pushed back one week so I can have more time to prepare/organise. Possible first event time: I was thinking to give it the first trial run/attempt/whatever next weekend or the following weekend. How does 5pm server time on Friday, 8th of December 2017 sound? For my fellow Australians, that's 11:00 Saturday 08/12/2017. (I think.) Those that are interested should add me: Garithos#11228 ====================================== Edit: stay tuned for updates.Gärithos34 Dec 6
Dec 6 Suspension of Disbelief Do any of you RP in a zone (lets use pre-mana bomb Theramore) and "pretend" that it is actually in a different place on the map? (seeing as Theramore is gone now)...or something along these lines? Gilneas would be another example...RP there but not as a Worgen from Gilneas? Thoughts?Vaulkharr10 Dec 6
Dec 6 [A-RP] The Bleak Spire - Errants at Large ... FORMED in the age of destruction and suffering, the Order of the Bleak Spire is a band of errants, with one simple goal; to defend those not capable of defending themselves, and acting as a bastion against the evil that encroaches upon the world of men. THERE is no formal hierarchy, nor do its members' loyalties lie with any one faction. Under various colors, and across numerous continents, men of the Bleak Spire have fought. The Order is headed by a council of eight knights chosen by their peers, alongside the Spire's founder, Sir Serell Greymoor. ​THE Order of the Bleak Spire does not seek to raise the typical knight, who seems himself higher than any other, but men of humility and loyalty. They do not fight for honor and glory, but simply to better a world crippled by war and disaster. OOC The guild has strict recruitment criteria: ​ Level 110 only*. Classes: Paladin, Warrior, Priest, Hunter, Mage. Races: Human, dwarf. The guild recruits on a strictly IC basis. The only way to join the guild is be roleplaying with its members. If its members see your character as being suitable to join the Order, then you may be asked to join. It is not the intention of the Order to grow large for the sake of numbers. It aims to maintain a high level of quality, regardless of how many members it has. Please contact Greymoor or Jayria in-game if you have questions about the Spire, or want to set up an event! Website: *If you are willing and able to hit 110 within 72 hours of joining the guild, exceptions may be made.Greymoor3 Dec 6
Dec 6 (A) Seeking friendly RP guild =) Greetings Moon Guard! I decided to level a character up here (Since I can't afford an Xfer right now due to Holidays =) ) and I'm looking for a small - medium RP guild who wouldn't mind someone who is continuously trying to improve! I am also wondering if anyone would mind being a Shan'do to Aerithissa, as I'm very much new Druid RP (Not the class though). If I can find a guild I love I might save up enough to move my main over =D (Though it might be next year before I'm able to >_>, these darn Holidays! But I love them!)Aerithissa8 Dec 6
Dec 6 <Panoramic Rainstorm>Recruiting for Antorus <Panoramic Rainstorm> PANORAMIC RAINSTORM is the server's most toxic, competitive raiding guild. We're a new guild, formed near the end of Tomb of Sargeras. The guild was formed on the roots of Moon Guard's finest cancer and greatest raiders(Gnomewalrus is the best monk on the server). Within a little over a month of forming, we killed heroic KJ and then took a break until Antorus hoping to gather a 20man roster. We're currently 11/11N and 4/11H in the first week of Argus' release and with this tier being so easy we need other players who also find it easy to come push this cesspool of a guild into mythic. The guild has a god awful m+ community as well. Our raiders are always trying to finish their +10-15 keystones to get their weekly rewards, and a few of the players are high rated in the m+ score community. As awful as this sounds, we all still manage to be friends and get rid of problems in the guild quickly. If you're a toxic, good player looking to raid, then <Panoramic Rainstorm> is the guild for you. RAID TIMES (Optional & Temporary) Tuesday - 8-11 Server Time Friday - 8-11PM Server Time Saturday - 8-11PM Server Time RECRUITNG Tanks - High Healers - Low Dps - High Priority classes: Warlock (Sick of not having a summoning stone) Demon Hunter (no edgy nerds) Death Knight (same as demon hunters) Any exceptional players interested should apply. APPLYING What we're looking for in applicants: -Easygoing personality. We're all chill people who can take and give jokes, please don't be offended easily. -Be able to maintain a near perfect attendance if you're on the raid roster. -Be cool. We're all cool people, so fit in with us. If you meet these, add closetwalrus#1700 on BNet and message about joining.Gnomewalrus1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Lovecraftian RP? Hey guys I’ve been trying to generate interest in-game for my Cthulhu guild without much success. Is there anyone here in the forums who would be interested in joining a guild for Lovecraftian RP, discussion, and also raids and PVP? Also if this exists already I would join a guild of fellow Lovecraft readers.Castaigne5 Dec 6
Dec 5 Trolling RP you do not like. So, I just had a pretty unpleasant RP experience. I will not use names of the people involved, nor the people themselves, because some of them were RPing reasonably, while others had resorted to Trolling tactics. Now, some consider this particular character (Aliya) controversial. I admit to this, she is a Kaldorei supremacist, Religious Radical, and wishes for a Kaldorei State independent from the Alliance, which she calls and system of Human Imperialism. This is a character I RP, it does not reflect my views from an objective lore stand point. When I RP her in Stormwind, yes, I fully expect IC confrontation. Here is where this went wrong. Aliya, doing some guild recruiting, attracted the attention of a particular guild. Some, sought to engage her verbally, while others were more physical. I was okay with this, I was okay with Aliya, passively resisting a mob throwing rotten foods at her. It is to be expected when you preach anti-human rhetoric in the human capital. When they emoted an attack against her, I responded with an emote of her defending herself using the Light of Elune, similarly to a Paladin's Divine Shield. It was at this point they resorted to blatant troll tactics. Putting down one of those turnip punching bags, and just spamming attack animations over me while I was trying to RP. Now, I have been RPing for a long time. This is nothing new to me, I know there are bad apples in every bunch. It is still frustrating though. If I had been a new RPer with thinner skin, or self conscious about their grasp on lore and RP etiquette, that experience would have been very rattling for me. It's possible one could ruin RP for them forever with an experience like that, and that makes me sad. That is one reason I run my guild, and that we openly accept new RPers. Because I want them to find joy in it, I want them to have positive experiences with it, and not be ruined by RP trolls and elitists. Every RPer should condemn this behavior, this behavior should be offensive to all RPers, and socially not tolerated by any means. It's not hard to be nice.Akiyass34 Dec 5
Dec 5 [A RP-PvP] <The Highland Brigade> ... Based out of the long forgotten, scourged lands of north western Lordaeron, the Highland Brigade is a frontier effort commissioned by High King Anduin Wrynn to try and return some life to the region. The Lordaeron highlands are a land rich in resources as well as threats. While the game is plentiful and the lumber dense and strong possible settlers will have to contend with Scourge remnants, brigands and perhaps even worse. The highland borders uncomfortably close to Quel'thalas. In times past this was a boon to human hunters in the region but with the Blood Elves official allies of the Horde things have become markedly tense in the region. Enter <The Highland Brigade> Headed by the gnarled Marshal Benedict Eastcroft <The Highland Brigade> is an expeditionary force that has attempted to garrison and settle the region in the name of High King Anduin Wrynn of the Alliance. Based out of Camp Redpine the Brigade has made strides in removing Scourge remnants from the once pristine highlands. While the Brigade is currently the strongest presence in the highlands that does not mean they are the only one. In the darkened and haunted halls of Org'narak, a supposedly haunted Orc fortress left over from the Greenskin assault on the land of Quel'thalas during the Second war, enemies stir. The trappers of Ambervale Lodge have reported that smoke rises once again from the fortress as the Blood Elves and their Horde allies return once more to the highlands. So what are you waiting for, soldier? Grab a blade and a tabard. Uncle Lothar wants you for the battle in the north! For the Alliance!Eastcroft20 Dec 5
Dec 5 [A/H-RP] Conservarius: Ethereals! Posted on notice boards, and in Inns across the many capital cities of Azeroth. A-37 Epsilon; Major Racial Capitals Addressed to the Sentient Species of Planet A-37 Epsilon, colloquially recognized, and referred to throughout, as Azeroth. Delivered on the Tenth day of the Eighth Month of the Intergalactic Standard Calendar Many Salutations, denizens of Azeroth! First, allow me to welcome you to intergalactic trade and commerce! Officially, that is. While you have had dealings with other-worldly beings such as my Ethereal kin during your travels to the remains of planet D-473 Epsilon, recognized as the Outlands, and as our Void Bankers have established themselves in your major capitals, we are pleased to see you are finally ready to join us in full! You may notice an increase in Ethereal presence here on Azeroth, for a number of purposes. Chief among them being that we have officially connected Azeroth to the Nexus Causeway- an artificially created, proprietary station contained within a specially designed pocket dimension that acts as a portal hub to worlds across the cosmos! While you yourselves will not have access to the Causeway, your connection to it will allow an increase in both incoming and outgoing trade. We would like to take this moment to inform you that we have assigned a value of ten Azerothian Gold Pieces to one Ethereal Credit. You may visit any Void Banker to exchange currencies, and obtain an Ethereal Credit Chip- a small ingot of precious metal that is bound to your account, for easy and unburdened access! We would also like to inform you of work-related opportunities! There are many Ethereal-run companies that look for local employees for business dealings! The Conservarius, in fact, is currently looking for Azerothian agents! Agents would help with networking, relic gathering, trade route mapping, environmental protection, and a vast number of other dealings. Interplanetary travel is a possibility! Interested parties should make use of the Runed Communication spell contained on the back of this parchment for further information. Looking forward to a future of mutually beneficial transactions, Nexus-Viscount Saladin Chief Executive Officer of the ConservariusSalladiin38 Dec 5
Dec 5 World Council (New Guild Idea) Hey guys I have a new idea for a guild. I don't believe there is anything around like this, atleast I haven't seen anything. If there is please let me know. Okay so the idea I had for the guild is that it would be a both Alliance and Horde side guild. Each guild would be made up with atleast 1 member of each race, and they would act as a representative for that race. (There could be like a guard section and a section that takes out orders and stuff, but for now 1 member per race would be all that is needed) The guilds would have joint meetings like once a month or so, while each individual guild would have a meeting about once a week. So the role of the guild would be to discuss World Issues and Faction relationships. So if this is something you would be interested in helping start up, my btag is Duke#1667. So just add me and let me know there or comment down below. Thanks for your time.Malatin6 Dec 5
Dec 5 Your Character as a Hearthstone card Haven't seen a thread like this, and as a tabletop game designer, things like this are always on my mind. So I thought it'd be fun to see what the rest of you had in mind as well. For Dloin it would be dependent on which version of him we were representing. Protection Warrior, or Outlaw Rogue? Prot Warrior Dloin 5-cost 4/3 Pirate Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +1 Health for each Pirate you've played this game. Outlaw Dloin 5-cost 5/5 Pirate Combo: Destroy a Minion.Dloin21 Dec 5
Dec 4 [A-PvE/PvP] <Westbrook Wardens> Westbrook Wardens is a highly active and welcoming guild recruiting players for Antorus progression, mythic+, RBG's, arenas, and casual PvP. We welcome nearly everyone; no matter their skill level, as long as they are able to function respectfully in a group environment. Currently we do not have any guild-wide RP but that is something we plan to start back up in the future. Antorus - we are in need of a couple dps who can be vocal in discord. The main raid team is Saturday and Sunday evenings at 7:45 pm until 10:00'ish pm. We have a guild-wide raid group, where anyone can come, on Thursdays at 7:45 pm until it's over. What members can expect: An active guild that actually does stuff together Main raid team (Saturday and Sunday 7:45pm to 10pm) Weekly guild-wide raids (Thursdays 7:45pm to whenever) Mythic+ keystone runs (any time) Rated battlegrounds (multiple times per week in the late evenings) Arenas (any time) Casual PvP (any time) 19 twink battlegrounds (any time) Achievement runs (varies) Active discordContacts for questions and recruitment: Talaen - GM Sanitoria or Laãne - Officers Hpslawlin - Raid leadTalaen0 Dec 4
Dec 4 [A-PvE] [Wed/Thurs] <Rove Perennial> Rove Perennial is a two-night a week, 11/11 N heroic raiding guild looking to expand our roster for Antorus. We are a very open, sociable, and relaxed group of people who enjoy the community Moon Guard has to offer, and the shenanigans that come with it. Many of us are extremely active dungeon-runners and ensure everyone interested receives their +15 Chest for the week. Along with this, we almost always have an active Mythic+ group at all hours of the evening and would love more players to join us. Raid times are 8 -10:30 PM server Wednesday/Thursday, along with optional alt-runs Saturday. A minimum of 925 ilvl is required to be considered for joining our core raid-team during Antorus progression. Discord is required. We use Personal loot, as we are more interested in an unbiased and conflict-free loot system than optimal raid gearing. If you're just interested in a semi-casual, fun guild experience or Mythic+, feel free to join as well. Flexibility is a very big part of our guild raid structure. As we are very lenient about attendance, it's normal that we have 1-3 members occasionally absent on a thursday, or atleast expect it. To prepare for this, we strongly encourage our members to invest and learn to play an offspec if they're up to it. This rarely happens, but should a healer or tank be a no-show one night, we obviously don't want to call raid. A player who can play not only their spec, but their class as a whole, gets big points from us. Not to mention it helps when forming m+ groups. We don't expect perfect attendance, but dedication is always appreciated. If any of these things interest you, you can contact me at (Extrinc#1103) or Avandor/Gaibarr/Phizt (Swagboat#1657) through Bnet, whisper, or reply here with the character you'd like to join as. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Thanks for reading! EDIT: We are currently not recruiting any more members for raiding. We have a sizable 25+ raid core and cannot guarantee any new members a spot in the roster. Anyone interested in joining for the M+ or social aspect is more than welcome!Cruffsant44 Dec 4
Dec 4 Tauren/Troll RP Guilds? I know the Horde side of this server has been a bit diminished lately, but I was curious if there were any Tauren or Troll themed guilds around. These are the only two races I really consider honorable anymore on the Horde side and would like to make a character for one of the two. Thanks!Ashildor6 Dec 4
Dec 4 [A] Wolves of Goldrinn - Worgen RP The Wolves of Goldrinn; Those under the name of the Wolves of Goldrinn have and always will be dedicated to rooting out corruption. While we open our doors to every son and daughter of the Great-Wolf. Those who dabble in corruption may be regarded with suspicion at first and have to prove themselves loyal to the cause. They will be welcome into the family regardless of such things; As all are welcome under so long as they embrace the Great-Wolf's gift. Overview of community: I expect everyone to behave while being part of the Wolves; While we open our doors to pretty much everyone, and allow bending of lore; The whole goal is to encourage people to be creative with their characters so long as they aren't claiming to completely overall butcher lore. The goal is to have fun, not be driven by a strict set of rules. We -DO- have a discord community that is highly recommended to join upon becoming part of the guild simply for keeping up with events and notifications within the guild. ((This is a -PACK- themed guild. Contrary to the stigma built around packs; We're trying to rebuild the good part of the worgen community instead of the traditional unnamed clans. Myself and the GM are both determined to ensure this succeeds.)) Rules 1. No abuse what-so-ever. OOCly at least. As far as IC goes? Keep it there. 2. If you are inactive in the guild without informing any of the GMs from 12 Days to 1 Month, you will be demoted and kicked from the guild, but you will always have the chance to rejoin the guild if you become active again. This doesn't mean you get demoted then kicked. You get demoted and then another month passes by before you will be removed. We have Discord to prevent this for a reason. 3. All IC conflicts and disagreements will be resolved through trial-by-combat. First one to submit forfeits any rights in regards to the issue at hand and will be unable to challenge said person for a week. 4. If you start large scale drama within the guild, you will be pulled into a GM meeting, and a punishment will be decided. This can range anywhere from minor ooc restrictions, to removal and blacklisting from the guild. This rule stands for all members, including the GMs. Minor drama will be dealt with by officers, and brought to the GMs if necessary. 5. Discord is mandatory and non-negotiable to be part of this guild as we use it to announce, discuss ideas and run event times by people here. (You don't have to join voice) 6. It should be common knowledge; But a Role-Playing add-on -IS- required. If you do not have one when you join, you will be asked to get one. (TRP3, MRP or XRP). A common grasp on the English language is also required. Recruitment and how to join: Simply contact myself, Jherrick or Howlrén through mail or whisper; Or just drop any of the members and ask to speak with Garric. Chances are I'm on.Throthgar12 Dec 4
Dec 4 [A]<Anti Gravity> Moon Guard US Raiding <Anti Gravity> Moon Guard US. Currently 6/11N We're a pretty new guild, with only 150 members. In just over 1 month, we've already got a decent raiding team. The problem is, we want to go further. Moon Guard is an RP server, which makes finding the better players harder. We need core healers, and DPS. But any and all exceptional applicants please apply, and I can almost guarantee you raidtime. All spots are competitve currently. We want to go the next step. There is a strong team of us in here really trying to push, just lacking a few extra players to help us make the extra step. People who are interested in being the start of a guild, and having their contributions noticed. We help eachother, and give out things like free gems and enchants, potions, every raid. We've carried alts through M+es and like to play with a "what benefits the guild, benefits me" mentality. That being said, we're a pretty funny bunch who love to compete for top dps. We're only looking for people with good attitudes, and solid skills. We want people who shoot for top DPS, and top Heals. We aren't a training group and aren't interested in people who die to simple mechanics. Discord required.Kyndarel0 Dec 4
Dec 4 [T-RP] Army of the Truthful: Two Years Strong ...Ostrick45 Dec 4
Dec 4 Returning and lost. I have been long absent from WoW and have thought of rejoining the wonderful RP community that once thrived here. Perhaps a mistake this late into an expansion to be searching for RP but I know some of the long standing names are still around. I am wondering if there are any Heavy RP guilds interested in taking in a former veteran to the RP scene that I might rekindle a joy for this game in the RP I once held so dear.Valati4 Dec 4
Dec 4 PTR new model updated zone and more Here our 1st look on Baine, Nathanos and Saurfang new models.Ghaghzull23 Dec 4
Dec 4 [Alliance Criminal RP] Ravenbane Enterprise --- A scene panned into view, from a bird's eye view. Red tiled rooves dotted the small buildings below. The Old Town district. The main focus would fall onto a man in black and read leathers, his raven hair spiked up even though it was raining heavily. An unlit cigarette in his mouth would find the stub of it being chewed upon, staring at the windows of the buildings. One by one, everyone went to sleep. The lanterns dimmed and flickered out. Except for one shop. His eyes would settle upon it as he sighs, pulling his red hood up over his head. Time for action. He would begin to briskly walk down the early December rain. Thinking of it, if it was raining now, it would most likely snow later. Fantastic. His brisk walk would break out into a run as he threw himself shoulder-first into a wooden door, busting down the flimsy lock. Three men were at a table playing cards, all appearing to look like the unsavory slime that litter the streets of Stormwind. The one in the center would find a throwing knife quickly planted in his skull, slumping forward over the table as the two men bolt up. One man throws his stool at the man in red, but he would disappear from sight in a cloud of smoke, appearing behind the man he had just killed. The last thing these two saw was the throwing knife being used to cut their throats. Wiping his stained gloves off on one of the men's shirts, the man in red would walk out the busted door, his sign being left behind. The throwing knife was pinned to one of the men's chest, and stapled to his chest was the mark of a white raven in flight. The calling card of Ravenbane. Suffice to say, the guard cleaned up the mess in the morning, barring off the shop from public view for investigation. Whoever wore this white raven mark were up to no good. --- Hey, thanks for reading my short story. This is an introduction to a new criminal guild called <Ravenbane Enterprise>, run by Emmatria, yours truly, Tygarn, and Tonig. We're hoping to dig deep into criminal RP and set ourselves up as a serious antagonistic guild for those lawful-good or neutral-good roleplayers. Our main goal is to aid in the recollection of the criminal golden age of RP. Many of our members are experienced in the scene of crime RP, and we hope that you'll seriously hate our characters for it! Jokes aside, we're here to provide an upfront organization about their crime. Down to the brass tacks, the members are all in it for the money. That's what crime is, after all. A way to make gold by any means. Killing, stealing, or fraud. It's all good in our book. We're hoping to recruit some new members and increase our ranks. You don't have to be a criminal roleplayer to join, either. You just need to be willing to learn the rules of a crime business and abide by them. We're all just a collection of people who want gold and power, after all. Speaking of power, that brings me to the ranks of this guild, which I will go in depth on right now!Vextoast2 Dec 4
Dec 3 [H] WTB +15 on time carry The title kind of says it all, let me know here times and cost, looking to do this before Monday. Only paying gold, and it'll only be paid on Moon Guard.Eluraeli0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Need more Project 60 Guild Moongaurd Ally add me if interested pikmin264#1693Psychô5 Dec 3
Dec 3 [A-RP] <The Dwarven Vanguard> ... In-game guild name: <The Dwarven Vanguard> Guild website: GM: Dwaldin Co-GM(s): Bromas & Foghas The Dwarven Vanguard is a Heavy Roleplaying guild seeking all able-bodied Dwarves for the defense of the realm of Khaz Modan. For over six years The Dwarven Vanguard has strived to bring quality RP to the Dwarven community on Moon Guard as the successor guild to the historic <Mountain Guard>. Shield siblings of the Vanguard have fought, bled, and sometimes even died in nearly every server-wide campaign since the guild’s founding back in the Cataclysm. What is the Dwarven Vanguard? The Dwarven Vanguard is the elite military branch of Khaz Modan and serves the Council of Three Hammers without question. We do not only defend Ironforge and the entire realm of Khaz Modan, we bring the fight to the enemy wherever they may be found. We lead the charge and bring the might of the Alliance to bear on any who defy us. How to join: To join, there are a few quick and easy steps: • Register on our forums (IMPORTANT: Sign up as your character’s IC or in-game name) • Read up on our Rules and Policies to learn the Do’s and Don'ts. • Post a short introduction of yourself and your character on the forums. • Whisper an officer in-game and ask about joining, then complete an IC interview with an officer! What kind of events do you hold? The Vanguard holds a variety of events, most commonly: D20, RP-PvP & Simple RP Events. You can read in detail about our specific D20 rules here: D20 Events: Like your traditional table top RPGs, D20 events use a roll-based system for combat and other actions that players and NPCs use alike to interact with one another. This is one of the most common type of events we hold. RP-PVP: These are events held against the opposing faction – whoever is involved with our campaign at the time being. Usually it starts out with some role play, either within our ranks or with the enemy guild(s). We then break into battle. Typically, we hold numerous rounds and whoever wins the most rounds is the victor. During the rounds, it’s a wipe-out style skirmish against the opposing team. Simple RP Events: These are anything from bar nights, summits, meetings, weekly training, holiday gatherings, recruitment drives & workshops – you get the idea. When are events? We have multiple events that happen weekly – Trainings, summits and other campaign RP events or Side-Story RP events. Many events are created by fellow guildmates and not just officers!Foghas54 Dec 3
Dec 3 RP Project Announcement: January 2! It’s time to unveil our latest RP project, and we want you to have a front row seat. Join us in Discord on Saturday, December 2nd at 6:00 PM CST (server time) for the announcement of a new and unprecedented campaign to rejuvenate the Horde RP community. Set in Quel’Thalas, this campaign will serve as a launching point for future crossfaction storytelling into the next expansion. Following the announcement, a presentation will explain the details of the project and what it will mean for the Alliance and Horde as we approach the Battle for Azeroth. Regardless of what faction you belong to, there’s going to be something for everyone, so don’t miss it! Once you join the Discord server, please change your nickname to reflect who you are in the game so we may grant you permission to chat. We are excited to share this with you and look forward to seeing you there!Tendael14 Dec 3
Dec 2 Stonewind Storytelling [Saturday 6pm ST] Every Saturday at 6pm server time the Stonewind Tribe will be hosting a storytelling event in Thunder Bluff around the ceremonial Bonfire! Food will she shared, friends will be made, and stories both mythical and personal shall be passed around for all to hear and share! Come! Join us in passing our oral history and memory from generation to generation! From race to race of this great family we call the Horde! The Ceremonial Fire is on the highest rise of the central plateau in front of Baine's tent. One of the Stonewind Tribe leaders will open the event, greeting all who have come. Any who wish may stand by the fire and tell a tale, factual, fantastical, legend, humorous, sorrowful, from their own lives or others. Share your stories and listen to others!Taeana69 Dec 2
Dec 2 A-RP Opinion Question Alright so I have been thinking a lot lately, and I wanted to get some opinions on something that has been swimming around in my mind. What IC race/class/spec do YOU see as having the highest potential for a woman that is beautiful and enchanting (as a generalization, not focused on looks, but someone that has that kind of aura), yet terrifying when provoked. I do understand that it can depend on how the character is RPed, but I want to see what everyone sees as being actually scary ic-class-wise, at least from just a base level.Amorentha14 Dec 2
Dec 2 I have come! To save your Soul Once a sinner of Azeroth always a sinner? NO! I have joined the Priesthood of Stormwind City to stop the filth called the Horde. For the Alliance! And may the Holy Heals touch your adventure to destroy them and put the filth back into the Stockades. Sincerely, MeatMeat The Priest of Moon GuardMeatmeat17 Dec 2
Dec 2 [A] Underground Festival: Event concept. The underground festival is intended to be a multi-faceted event that will provide a location for the criminal roleplayers of Moonguard to get together and get some rp! As it stands, our guild has interest in organizing a black market, and many have attended the monthly fight club events provided by Eldaarth. The concept is to take this monthly brawl and expand upon it, having a black market style section of vendors available, as well as some potential entertainment. This carries the OOC intent of bringing the criminal roleplayers together and inspiring more interactive plots. We are presently at the stage of building the concept and expanding upon our ideas cooperatively with other guilds, and as such are seeking interested parties to start some OOC talks about getting this together! Our goal is to be ready for the first event during the month of January. If you are interested, you may contact myself Evêlynn (ê is alt 136) or Eldaarth. I may also be reached on discord: Evelynn#4468 We’re happy to hear additional ideas! Thus far we’ve the following items considered: Monthly brawl as per usual! This is a freeform fight, for those of you not yet introduced to the events. If players reach a point where a time limit has been hit or a disagreement occurs regarding an action, they roll for it as per Eldaarth’s rules! Bets on the fights also occur! The black market may include both RP only items and actual in-game items sold for in-game gold at reduced prices (lower than AH, essentially). An auction styled set up may occur if there are enough individuals interested in selling rare IC items or rare in-game items. Tempest Concilium has stocked up some of the available booze in game for people that prefer to buy actual items from a bartend! We of course are looking into groups that provide IC entertainment, if you’re interested let us know! If there is enough interest and we can manage the event consistently each month, this may provide for a solid location criminal guilds can openly recruit for their organizations, and criminal roleplayers can find themselves a home if they are seeking one. Proposed location is Gadgetzan, and using the entirety of the town to create a more interactive styled event. You will be able to select buildings or other locations for your group, which means players can wander the town and find fun rp throughout! The fights would occur within the cage.Evêlynn0 Dec 2
Dec 2 The SIlverblade - MG - RP/PvX Guild There's a new tabard in town, ladies and gentlemen! Calling all adventurers with brave hearts, loyal to the Alliance! The Silverblade is a group of stalwart monster slayers, formed by the one, the only, Sebastian Aurelia ((Ammund))! You know, the guy with the hair. *Sebastian clears his throat.* I'm sorry, that was Meiwyn. She's... still in training. She was right about one thing, though. We are coming together to fight the evil forces still present in Azeroth which threaten the Alliance. With so many resources and men dedicated to subduing the Legion's invasion, there aren't many of us left to keep out everything else which threatens our people. So we need strong, dedicated individuals who are willing to protect our lands from those forces. These threats come in many forms, including... *Sebastian goes on to discuss various monsters and beasts which threaten the frontiers of Alliance lands.* *Miewyn pipes back in.* Yeah, you get the picture. Just sign here, why don't ya? Also, what did I say, isn't his hair great? (( The Silverblade - Moon Guard RP/PvX guild with experienced leadership. Mature, thoughtful, story-based RP. Raiding starting immediately!! PvP pretty much all the time, world PvP once we have people. Not FTA type stuff, just fun stuff. Ammund and Meiwyn have been leading guilds together for several years, in multiple games. We've done very serious RP, really light RP, serious weekly raiding, occasional pugs, attacks on faction cities, you name it. We want a group of like-minded folks who enjoy the many facets of the game and want to slaughter the Horde. Look us up in-game if you want an invite! We'd love to have you! ))Miewyn3 Dec 2
Dec 1 *Snip* Snip.Melikan2 Dec 1
Dec 1 (A-RP-PvE-PvP) House Nagarythe House Nagarythe is a newly formed guild with a focus on darker (Lawful Evil) RP, PvP, questing / leveling / Dungeons. Raiding will be a thing in Legion if we get numbers and interest. We believe that a guild built by many hands is better off for it. Being new, we have many people / toons all across the Character Levels. This provides a fun atmosphere for actually PLAYING together…you know, like WoW was meant to be played. It is so fun logging in and seeing a bunch of people on, talking in GChat, and in the same Dungeons or PvP instances. Some of the most fun I have ever had in WoW is when I got to do things with amazing people. That is what we are targeting …the person…levels will come, Elite gear gets tossed aside every xpac…the person...they remain. We want you. I don’t believe in IC interviews or Website applications…this isn’t a job, we are here to have fun (not saying that guild who require those are bad, I just don’t like it). RP is not required, however we are an RP guild on an RP server, so no trolling. PvP is not required, but many members enjoy it and that is an area of focus for now. We do not have a Raid Team, but again, if interest is there we would be more than happy to investigate it. We like the idea of having a faction system within the guild with separate individual goals / organization. These are more to provide a different take on Guild Rank and Structure, as well as introducing new guildies to like-minded people within in the guild RP wise. There is no Guild Rank / Permission difference between any of the Member level ranks. Our structure is fairly flat – Brand new person (Retainer / 1 Week period) …Member level (One of the Factions) …Officers (Dark Lords) …and GM (Drachau). We are still in need of Leaders for most of the Factions, as well as Officers. I am always on the lookout for great people who want to help administer / be a face for our Guild. Faction Lists Reaver – Infantry / main army / soldier type Role Dark Riders – Cavalry / Dark Knights Deathbringer – Magical arts practitioners Darkshard – Ranger type / Farstriders-esque Shadowborn – Assassins / Bounty Hunters / espionage Nightsworn - Lore / Political wing Feel free to add my on Real ID Battletag – Darkblade#1391Vaulkharr1 Dec 1
Dec 1 [A-Criminal-RP] Blackthorne Grows Again *It is like any other night in Stormwind, in a small house a single lit window in the second story peers in to an elderly woman tucking her granddaughter into bed. As the young girl is tucked in she pleasantly asks her grandmother,"Grandma can you tell me a bedtime story? And not the usual ones. I'm growing up and want a scary story." The elderly woman's face turns into a serious grin as she replies, "Alright." She stood up and brought the candle that was resting on the windowsill over to the night stand as she began, "Let me tell you, child, of where Blackthorne lie. Impossible to see their mark, as unseen thorns in the dark. Vines wrap and coil as one, assailants in the shadow second to none. Those do not tread where Blackthorne lie, lest they be prepared to die." The young girl with a pale face asks her grandmother,"They aren't real right." The elderly woman forced a smile and replied,"Of course not dear." She moved to place a kiss on the top of the young girls forehead wishing her good night and blowing out the candle.She walks down the stairs looking out her front window and sighs,"At least I hope not."She then locks the front door.* <Blackthorne> is a group of not only criminal roleplayers, but also business roleplayers (though I'll get to that later on). Though other versions of criminal guilds are fun, we wish to bring another form of criminal roleplay that we haven't seen too much of, therefore we've decided to be a mob-esque organization. What does this mean? This means, that though we do wish to bring in crooked traders, runners, con-men, and the general criminal types, we also wish to recruit intelligent, business-savvy men (and women) into our ranks. People who wish to make gold (no matter the means) and are loyal, may find a good home within Blackthorne. <Blackthorne> wishes to give the lawful/good-type roleplayers someone to combat with fun storylines, as well as Business/Merc/Military organizations to either have partners, or rivals, both of which can be beneficial OOCly due to (hopefully) the great roleplay storylines. From minor things such as petty theft, pickpocketing and thievery, to raiding caravans, kidnapping, and hits, Blackthorne wishes to explore all forms of business and criminal roleplay and see which best suits the guild and of course its members. Though <Blackthorne> is a criminal guild to the core, we are also as mentioned above, into the business aspect. This means we are manufacturing and selling things that range from weapons and armory, to furniture and décor. From potions and scrolls, to herbs and ingredients. This of course means that Blackthorne makes a lot of gold, which brings me to the very reason why Blackthorne exists. The main goal of <Blackthorne>, AKA: "the Family," "The Outfit," is to make gold. Plain and simple. Blackthorne is hierarchical in structure, and each made man or member has certain "jobs" to perform, specific money-generating "businesses" and a defined superior. Now that brings me to the ranks.Ryzos72 Dec 1
Nov 30 DK-centric RP guild? Hey, I have what I think is a pretty neat idea for a small-to-medium sized RP guild focusing on darker, antagonist-oriented Death Knight roleplay, and I'm looking for one or two others who are interested in putting this together to get in touch with me. Unfortunately I lack the time to single-handedly run a guild, put together events, etc — so I'm looking for some others who are looking for a good, antagonistic DK experience who would be interested in working together to make this a thing and run it together. Shoot me a mail ingame, whisper me or add me on bnet, Hett#1456 Thanks.Volsung8 Nov 30
Nov 30 Notable Events of the past. So after transferring this fellow here, a brief strolll into the world of MG RP seems to have laid bare a rather interesting point-It's kind of hard to RP a Historian that lacks knowledge on certain server goings-on. At least, if one wishes to appear competent. So to that effect, is there any events that were widely regarded as to have "happened?" by a large majority or even a handful of people. Not everyone has to really agree if it was canon or not, but large enough events that if mentioned people might go "Oh yeah, that thing, at the place." So,what all went down in the Annals of MG event history?Hounndoom45 Nov 30
Nov 30 [H]RP Leveling Group Just checking to see if there would be any interest in an RP Leveling Group. Thinking probably a 1 night a week thing. Races/classes up in the air. In character meetings would be arranged, and other details such as nights/times that work best sorted out via discord. Is the discord I set up, if anyone is interested, feel free to reply here or join the discord.Coldmist0 Nov 30