Moon Guard

Dec 3, 2012 Warriors in MoP~! (PvP) [UPDATED TODAY] If any of you warriors have ANY questions regarding PvP in MoP, let me know. I have a great understanding of warriors in PvP and if I can't figure it out. I'll ask my good friend Zaraki for his input and we'll compare what we came up with! I'll answer any question regarding gems/spec/enchants/rotations (For those of you who wish to have one) I can also talk to you about arenas ''2/3/5's'' and what YOUR role as a warrior is! Though it has changed HUGELY in MoP! Also what we can do in RBGs, cause as I said. We're changing HUGELY! List of Comps I see doing best in MoP for Warriors: Melee Comps: TSG: Arms Warrior/Frost DK/Hpally OR Rdruid. KFC: Arms Warrior/BM Hunter (Could work with MM)/Priest-Hpally-Rdruid-Rshaman Turbo Cleave: Arms Warrior/Enh Shaman/Hpally-Rdruid-Priest Smokebomb Cleave: Arms Warrior/Rogue/Hpally-Rdruid Wing Cleave (My own personal comp name): Ret Paladin/Arms Warrior/Priest Kitty Cleave: Arms Warrior/Feral/Hpally Caster Comps: WLS: Arms Warrior/Lock/Rshaman WLD: Arms Warrior/Lock/Rdruid WMD: Arms Warrior/Mage/Rdruid WMP: Arms Warrior/Mage/Priest WPP: Arms Warrior/Spriest/Hpally WPS: Arms Warrior/Spriest/Shaman [UPDATE] Top warrior comps at this time: KFC/WLD/Kittycleave/TSG/Turbo/WMD Edit: If you can't find me online it's because I don't play anymore. Maybe one day you'll be able to catch me.Lurvantis278 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 [A/H] Searching for Accomplices Nailed where permitted thanks to a few hired hands who were avoiding supplying the war effort, were small notices. The note was repeated twice: Once in orcish, again in common, and placed around in horde, alliance, and neutral locations. Written in elegant purple writing atop silvery-looking parchment: ... ((Now for the OOC!)) I'm planning a small 'addition' to the server. Will it unfold into a full-blown server-event? Maybe in the future, depending on popular demand, my irl schedule, and a few other things. However, I'd still like to do a little something, and for that, I'll be needing a few people! Please send me in-game mail (even if on a level 1 alliance alt, sorry horde) if you're interested in fulfilling one of the above IC-roles! Obviously more information will be provided IC.Stax10 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 The Päck (video) Well after a few formation events with my wonderful guild members, and assistance from great friends, I have finally completed The Päck's video. We are an all worgen guild on the Emerald Dream server, we have hopes of sharing some of our creations cross realm. Please enjoy!Nymaway0 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Lag? When i phased into silvermoon where the blood elf boss was i couldn't move for the longest time i had to restart wow three times until i can move again but barely enough to hearth to Shrine of Two Moons.. However when i log onto the Mage she's level 17 and head to the port to go back to undercity and i still can't move, i saw a couple players lagging as well. I talked to my gm of the guild hes been experience a lag in silvermoon as well.Narikø1 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Looking for a home; Hi. As the title says, and my character portrait on the left depicts, I am looking for a new home. Tried going guildless for a week or so but the social butterfly in me is starved for people to bother in guild chat and guild-community roleplay. It also gives me opportunity, in a new guild, to meet new roleplayers. Roleplay guilds only. I don't mind RP-PVP if you accept that I'm not going to actively grind out PVP gear as a requirement to be considered a guildmember. Note: If you're a military themed guild, keep in mind Lo'landa is retired. If she were to join, you should have a diplomatic or ambassador-type position available as she is not about to re-enlist as a bottomfeeder grunt. BattleTag: Moose#1294 Add me to BattleTag if you'd like to chat about your guild as I don't frequent the realm forums often enough to remember to check on my own posts. kbye.Lolanda14 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Tard the Grumpy Cat This guy has been all over FB, but seriously he's too funny... also, cat. Enjoy. And for those of you who have not lost an hour or more to this: LIVE KITTEN CAMDelaynee2 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Irredeemably evil characters. What are your thoughts on them? Can they have any real place in typical day-to-day RP? Examples such as... -Certain Twilight Cultists -Black/Twilight Dragon associates. -Warlocks and others consumed and shackled to the will of the Legion. -Corrupt nobles living extravagant lifestyles at the cost of the common folk. -General insane sociopaths and sadists. Would the biggest challenge be simply finding believable RP and contacts willing to go along with such a character? I'd like to hear some opinions.Nebesk39 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 [H-Rp-Casual] <Horde Emissary> <A tattered flier catches your eye in Orgrimmar, covered in dust and age.> "HORDE EMISSARY Now seeking honorable individuals to help promote peace and community throughout the Horde! Send your letter of recommendation to James De48--..." <The rest is too worn to read.> <The back of the flier has something else, though. Another mailing address, the ink glows faintly with a blue light.> "Seeking Heroes, -- Knight." ((Horde Emissary is a level 25 Heavy RP guild, with a future interest in PvP and PvE. Currently under new leadership, the guild faces the tyranny of Garrosh Hellscream as he threatens to tear the Horde apart. We are a community-based guild, and seek not only to restore the unity of the Horde, but to build a strong RP community that Moon guard is known for. Our members frequently make allies and friends with other well-established guilds, and will be hosting a council for the Mists of Pandaria expansion to share RP events, connect guilds, and grow the ever-developing story of Garrosh Hellscream and the Horde. Apply in-person or send mail to any member of Horde Emissary for more information. ))Kñîght1 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 WTB Firelands Mankrik Well, after four months of daily-ing -- mostly Firelands stuff, I have yet to see Mankrik for my /wave achievement. Weeks of sitting around with NPCscan have given me a total of one result, and I missed him. Great. So I'm making an offer. I'll pay 700g to anyone who lets me get a wave in on their Mankrik [oh my]. I'm fairly certain if he spawns for you, and you leave the daily completed but not turned in, you'll "keep" him as yours until it's turned in/dropped and the dailies reset for the next day, but don't quote me on that.Kaelisira4 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Highborne military uniforms! The time has come to get uniforms for all our ranks that match the tabard! We are collecting Replica soulforge pieces except the helm and bracers. If you want to help us, please please please let me know. I'll also try to buy pieces off the AH or directly from you.Synesa41 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Mwah.!Praxos8 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 To whom it may concern.... For those who contacted Skullcrusha Horde side about Horde Sympathizers! Please direct all inquires to me, while my GM basically said "Oh no you'd die lol" I feel there could be a proper story line molded around this concept. You can find me Horde side at Logarnosh OR battletag: revansigma#1432 Thanks hope you get this message!Logarnosh1 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 Something strange in Silvermoon? Earlier today, I was running through Silvermoon to carry out my routine of checking my mail, perusing the AH, and glancing at the occasional MRP, when I ran into something interesting as I exited the Sunfury Spire. At first it was the lag, really clippy to the point of me thinking I was on the verge of a disconnect, but then in the distance I noticed that there were guards fighting beyond the fountain in the Court of the Sun. I thought it was a phasing issue, and they disappeared - along with my lag. Later, a friend mentioned seeing the same thing, so I went to take some screenshots. The pictures aren't very clear, but they're the best I could manage. I haven't found anything else about this anywhere from a search. Has anyone else seen this? I tried zooming into the first-person view, but there was a certain point that I couldn't pass due to an invisible wall until everything phased out again. My initial thought was that the figures piled next to the guards resembled the wretched, at least from a distance. Although, considering the new quest chain dealing with Lor'themar and Silvermoon, I think that they could also be sha. What do you think, Moon Guard?Shirexia43 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 [IC-H] The Dusty Serpent, open for business! Multiple flyers can be found among all of the Horde Capitals: ... OOC: At the moment we are only Horde Side, should we allow alliance in at a later time is unknown for now, but for now we are only accepting horde clients. The drinks, and food supplied are all items that we have spent time collecting and making from throughout Azeroth and the Outlands. With this being said, a price will be set, and we will be charging gold. It won't be an absurd amount, but the price will scale depending on the rarity of the items in our possession. We will be running a non-profit organization and would rather have a friendly social atmosphere then take advantage of people and make a profit. Hope to see you there!Orolian11 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 The Bridge in Silvermoon ((I don't know if it's just me. But for some reason, when I hit that bridge in Silvermoon, between Court of the Sun and Sunfury Spire. My lag goes up badly and my framerate drops badly. Is anyone else feeling this?))Veleirra17 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 3, 2012 [H] Battle Trance LF social players Battle Trance (Level 25) – Now recruiting casual/social (fill in) players for MoP laid-back progressive 10 man raiding. We are just beginning in HoF. ***Class-specific needs listed below, but we are always considering any applicant on an individual basis, regardless of class or role.*** Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday // 8:00 – 11:00pm (Server/Central) Progression: Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6 Heart of Fear - N/A Terrace of Endless Spring - N/A ... What we look for in an applicant: We are looking for mature and laid back raiders who want to see content while still having a good time. We expect all applicants to be over the age of 18 and able to accept constructive criticism. We do not call out anyone in raid, but we expect people to want to improve and be willing to take advice when given. We also require patience, especially when the inevitable wiping happens. We also expect a moderate level of activity. We do not require our members to be on every day, but we do not like to only see people at raid time. All professions for raiders should be at max level. All gear should be gemmed/enchanted (generous guild bank discounts). Raiders should be optimizing gear through LFR, Reputation, etc. Ventrilo is required for all raids. We are not only looking for full-time raiders! We have dedicated roleplayers and PvPers among our ranks and plan to expand these areas in the near future. We always try to bring casual players into raids when possible. If you are a social player looking for an exciting atmosphere, Battle Trance is the place. ... Interested? Whisper Rhinn or Shaggatusks, or another officer for more information or visit our website to submit an application. ...Rhinn126 Dec 3, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 LF Officers! I have a guild on my main that's level 13 (a bar away from 14. 5 bank tabs) I'm looking for officers to help me recruit, lead RP, and manage the guild. The guild name will be The Hidden Legion, and it is ICly as of now. Now I couldn't ask this of anyone without giving a background of the guild first. So here it is. We are an elite army of the Alliance, carrying out the kings direct orders. The only difference between us and any other army, is that we're unknown. Unheard of, if you would. We have travelled and destroyed Horde, scourge, and any other enemy to our people that is nameable. We travel the lands, old and new, to rid of all foes. But now our numbers have fallen short, and few of us remain. And so we recruit. Requirements: I ask that you be at least level 60, 75 if DK. I also ask that you have decent grammar knowledge and use ICly at the very least. You must have good leadership skills, ICly and OOCly, and be ready to settle disputes. I also ask for a good grasp on lore. I'll accept any class/race for this position. Perks: Aside from the guild perks, this is what you'll get. Access to all 5 bank tabs, as well as a high gold withdraw/repair. The ability to boss people around (semi-joking.) The ability to make decisions with the other officers and GM. The above stated perks come later, though. You will begin with limited access to the bank and gold, though still more than a regular member. You will be able to invite and promote still, and create events. After you have proved worthy of a full time position, it will be granted. The guild name is on reserve right now, while I get the money for a name change on the guild we will use. For info or invite on this position, ask Alerrin in-game, or add me on battle-tag incase I'm on an alt. Zirion#1239Clannar4 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 [Story] Raging Fires Ominous clouds stretching from one corner of the earth to the other rolled their way across the plains of Arathi, their advance interrupted only by the occasional roar of thunder. Marching with the veil of darkness, it was solely the moonlight of early evening that revealed the condensed water vapor’s descent onto the cradle of humanity. Complementing the tidal wave was a biting wind that cut across waist-high grass, the breeze enough to force even the sturdiest of local plant life to sway violently. Making their way across acres of relatively empty grassland, the winds parted ways only for a single, tiny hut: the house in question was modest at best, with its structure composed entirely of hastily chopped wood of lesser qualities. Nails hung loosely from conjoined intersections of the building, and its weak foundation periodically croaked in response to the rough gusts of air. Maintained flowers and a lit, oil lantern near the front of the porch suggested a resident had made a home of the lopsided creation. A single, cracked window reflected the image of a knight bearing the tabard of House Albrecht. Encased in flame-red armors thicker and finer than the plate found on most royal kings and queens, the knightly figure stood in sharp contrast to the shoddiness of his own house. Even a layered matte of plastered blood failed to dampen the luster of the metals shielding the masked soldier; a large, sharpened axe hanging from between two broad shoulders acted as the only thorn on an otherwise majestic rose. While Sir Rhoen Stormstead’s superficial grandeur was undeniable, an ugly inner turmoil burned within him. It had been months ago that he joined the services of the Queen’s Army and, at the time, what he sought to achieve was straightforward: earn the trust of a powerful noble for the benefit of Arathi, all while eliminating the threat of the advancing Forsaken. The unfortunate reality was, as days and battles concluded, the Arathorian found himself entangled deeper and deeper within the Queen’s interests. What had begun as an effort of mutual benefit had become a cause that Rhoen had fully devoted his honor and his name to. Swearing an oath to become a Royal Guard was the largest gamble the man could recollect making. It was all in the name, of course, of saving his home and convincing Madelynne of the utility of a fully recovered Stromgarde. He had knowingly and willingly crossed the point of no return, voluntarily committing himself to a lifetime of following a woman and a country that he had no interest in in order to save the kingdom he was born in. Indeed, Lordaeron and its people meant nothing to Rhoen, but his sworn word held a life’s worth of importance. It was with each passing day that he found his obligation to the Queen and her army beginning to grow, and the hours of daylight he could commit to his home beginning to shrink. It was this predicament of shifting responsibility that left him at odds with himself, standing in front of a broken piece of craftsmanship in the beginnings of nightfall. The lumbering warrior took several steps forward, patches of grass giving way under his weight, chirping crickets silencing abruptly at the advancing wall of volatility. Behind him, his mare stirred noisily at the prospect of abandonment—Rhoen responded by pivoting around sharply and shooting his left hand outward, palm facing the restless steed. “Steady.” The man’s gravelly, husky voice was enough to inspire cooperation in almost any human being, and the loyal animal before him proved no different. Responding immediately, the horse silenced itself and reluctantly turned away from its owner. The knight held a commanding stare for a fleeting second longer, before turning away himself and returning on his original course.Rhöen18 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 [A] Looking for Help: Two Events So, I'm starting up two events relatively soon. I'll need some help however and I've had good experiences with people from the forums helping. The Moonblade Theatre: Pyramond and Theleste Date: Late January during Lunar Festival An interpretation of the tale of Pyramond and Thelest, the Kaldorei lovers. Heavily borrowing from Romeo and Juliet, the Night Elf fable is a tale of forbidden love, doomed to end in sorrow. We're in need of Night Elves for specific parts: Main Male Lead: Pyramond, the Night Elf druid and noble. Male Female Lead: Theleste, bar maiden of a lower class Male Seconds: Pyramond's father, Theleste's father, Pyramond's brother Female Seconds: Pyramond's mother, Theleste's mother, Elune Extras: At least several Night Elves of any gender Special Effects: At least two Night Elves, one with a maxxed out Sunson ranch for trees. Translators: At least two, one of which can translate Darnassian to Common. The Bloodhunt: The Warden's Trial Date: First or Second Weekend of January, lasting Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Bloodhunt, a trial of intellect, tenacity and cunning. Hunt the enemies of Darnassus, bring these wanted men and women to justice to prove yourself of having the mettle of a Warden. Prestige and honor await. In need of both officials and targets for our contestants. Scribes: At least one who will keep track of progress of our contestants Jailors: At least two who will be needed for escorting a target to a specific point Regulators: At least one to monitor contestants Targets: Varying races of both factions. Low level alts can be accepted depending on their placement around Azeroth. A total of 35 targets will be needed for the entire thing. Ideal ratio would be 10 Horde to 25 Alliance but things can be fiddled with. I'll be posting detailed event infos in about a week or two. Just felt like putting this out there now to spark some interest.Melyria12 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 I need guild suggestions. I'm putting most of my characters on the back burner RPly for the holiday season and an Starting Genny here. I need a guild, I don't want to join one of those random perks guilds where they spam you with an invite and no one say a word, and you get kicked if you're offline for two days. I'm a decent RPer, been RPing for years, have multiple characters 85+, I just feel like something new. I want to meet new people and RP and generally have fun with my time in said guild. I don't need epic storyline or anything, I just don't feel like flying solo. Any suggestions?Genara8 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 WTS my awesome name :3 Post offers here or in game via mail.Skitten11 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Not another Transmog Thread! Yup I started one, so what, wanna fight about it? With help of Zanouri, we have created possibly the best gnome priest look ever.Kinria62 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 civil union of pylsur and zubpar let the rp beginZubpar14 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 250 Warhead Challenge I lul'd.Morvayn0 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 HUGE lag spikes in SMC lately Anyone know if they've commented on when this might get fixed? I port in from the and go from 70FPS to 1!, took a good three minutes just to get to the fountain.Raheya8 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 <Gladiators of Vengeance> (Freeform RP) (Think back a few years, do you remember the old RP? The days that people would walk up to one another seeking a nice RP fight for no reason at all. Those days are long gone; although the general population doesn't so anymore, there are a few that still do. We're talking about the days when ERP wasn't thriving, where almost every individual didn't seek a hook up relationship. We're talking about storyline progression; rather then a quick RP. One that was meaningful. Do you remember those days? For those that don't, you missed out.) (The Gladiators of Vengeance is the last Freeform RP guild that dedicates it's time to RP Fighting. We've grown tired of the Godmoders, and individuals that aren't well descriptive, and realistic with their posts. Realism is grand when RP fighting; however of course there is magic, and other unrealistic things; but when I mean realistic, I mean rational. We're bringing back the old type of fighting styles, and we want individuals that enjoy RP fighting, and dedicate their time to storyline progression. If that's you, please whisper one of our members or Rengshaw.) "The <Gladiators of Vengeance> Is a neutral organization dedicated to the servitude to the blade within the arena. Both Horde, and Alliance can join (Icly), the war between the factions is meaningless; for all those whom fight in the arena are shown equality, not division. Segregation is what some organization, regiments, and creeds seek within many factions including those of the Alliance, and Horde. The Gladiators have dedicated their time to unity, and self progression with the blade; however most do not seek the same, we believe this to be a righteous cause. Bringing back the aspect of the abandoned Gladiatorial fighting ideology, and using it in our day to day lives is a grand cause that we will submit too. If it is of the Sha to bring forth violence, bloodshed, and death; then it is one that we honor. Unlike most, we encourage violence and bloodshed amongst one another in the arena; however hatred is not key. We're brothers, and sisters in arms, fighting to preserve a dying cause. If you believe the same, that we must stand in the name of the blade, then join us. For we are fighters, Gladiators of the Arena. We are the Gladiators of Vengeance."Rengshaw0 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Rejuvenating the Night Elf RP Community I have seen some discussion about the difficulties and drama associated with Night Elf RP. In this thread, I would like to talk about ways that we could make Night Elf RP more appealing to new players and more fun for those already engaged in it. In my opinion, there are three things that need to be done... We need to create a safe atmosphere for RP. Let us leash the attack dogs and allow people to experiment and create their own vision of Nelfiness. We have enough room for "traditional" and "non-traditional" characters and organizations. The presence of one type of guild does not dilute the experience for everyone else. We need more diversity and we need new energy and new perspectives. It needs to be less about personalities and more about community. The term "community" gets tossed around a lot but it is usually short hand for "people that agree with me." We have to move away from that. Night Elf RP is a small pond and even some medium-sized fish have been able to try and make the conversation about themselves rather than about what we can do for everyone's benefit -- this needs to stop. We need to learn to work with each other to grow RP rather than to grow our rep as the fangiest Night Elf. When RP becomes about personalities, then all the people that dislike specific personalities will refuse to engage in the RP. We need to understand that there is no single right way to RP a Night Elf. The joy of RP comes from our ability to unite discordant and varied elements into a single story. If everyone needs to RP in the same way, things get stale. There is no point in acting the bully and trying to make people RP the way you want because "THIS IS HOW THE RACE IS!" RP however you like, but give other players the same freedom and the same respect. We should be doing everything we can to make new Night Elves feel comfortable and welcomed. They don't need to pass an exam to be able to RP, nor should they need to be in certain guilds. For those in the NE scene already, I'd like to hear your thoughts on expanding our playerbase. For those who have not yet tried to be a Nelf, what is holding you back and what could we do to bring you in?Pylsur259 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Rise up Sons and Daughters of the Horde! If these Alliance wish to take the beaches of southern Pandaria, they'll have to rip them from our Blood-stained fingers! Lok'tar! FOR THE HORDE!!!Naroak40 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Strange, Scary, and Unexplainable Experiences Tell us your story, whether you believe in the supernatural or not. I was motivated to create this thread after reading the one on Reddit. My experience is in my next post.Ruvias42 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 So I'm not sleeping tonight... Yep. Had a horrible dream and I don't want to go through that Boston Harbor lakehouse again. Tips and tricks to keep awake?Hohenzollern17 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Looking for a Friendly Horde Guild! Greetings! I recently moved my dear Blood Elf Paladin here from Alleria because I've learned that RP Servers just have nicer people on them than any other kind of server! I'm hoping to find a friendly casual guild with a large population who runs PVE content and has light RPing. I'm hoping I can find a new home here and I look forward to getting to know this community. Thank you! -TressSintressa3 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Riddles, riddles, and more riddles. Okay, my teacher in school made this one up, and nobody but myself and two others got it because we were in a certain class together....It was such a good riddle, I thought, "Why not share this with the Moon Guard community?". A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be? Edit: thought*Dothela11 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Bad Jokes The worst jokes that so bad/corny that you laugh because they're bad. Here's mine: Major Lee Speaking got promoted to General Lee Speaking. Go.Hohenzollern47 Dec 2, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Which one to join? Sunguard or DoTS? I will be quite busy with RL until Dec. 8th, but I figured it was high time I started getting involved with the major RP(PvP) community on MG at large. Yet... there is one major clash I have that's making it hard for me to decide.... Sunguard, Dominion of the Sun, or another RP Guild? Which one of these guilds accepts independent diplomats/negotiators to mingle with both factions (A and H), yet has the ability to fight/scout when necessary? The goal isn't merely to to clash against Alliance (Or Horde for that matter), as an independent character, since it's a tad lorebreaking with the given independent faction the character (Mirith) is in ICly. For a while I've had thoughts about adding an extra field of depth in RPPvP between A and H, from an Independent perspective that's neutral to both. Somewhat like a bridge in the gap between the two factions, as Sha'tar, Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring, Argent Crusade, Pandaren, and Army of the Light (for later on) are. TL;DR, Independent (Argent) character looking to examine the IC RPPvP conflicts closer that allows interaction with both Alliance and Horde (Battletags would help greatly for this).Mirith77 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Sci-Fi short story (non WoW related) “Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner.” If the sun could perchance shine brighter, if it could burn hotter, and rise higher in heaven than ever it had before; it might have been able to give life and beauty to the world that had once known it below. The brilliancy of its golden rays might have been able to breathe majesty and glory once more into a city that had so long forgotten the gentle touch of its radiant brush. If only the canvass had not been been fire-blasted ashen grey long before the painter began its ascent this day, and will remain so forever onwards. Each darkened pinnacle of charred metal and shattered glass stretched skyward; futile in its efforts to touch the life-giving motherly grace of the fire burning countless miles above. Long before fiery catastrophe had befallen them all and had felled many they were beacons of light and human triumph. Now the survivors stood solemnly like monolithic tombstones in an infinitely vast graveyard. Stretching onwards in every direction before descending below the horizon. Yes, this had been a city once. Alive with light and color and people and beauty. But this was far, far long ago. Before each tower, stadium, complex, home and street were stricken black with unholy flame or reduced to ruins by titanic upheavals from the earth below. If there were tears that could be shed for such human-born cataclysm they have been long spent, and the ones that could remember the cause and feel those whirling passions have already joined the ash-strewn ruins of their forebears. Their earthly remains filling the tombs each skeletal structure has become. No, this place has no use for tears, and nor does a soldier. Each one of use clad in armored suits and pressurized masks. Keeping our fragile bodies separated from radioactive fallout that has remained deadly since it had first fallen like so much snow. It is the only technology used in these ruins that preserve life instead of taking it. The rifle slung over my shoulder spits armor-piercing death while the thermal charges on my belt rend limb from body and melts flesh from bone. Ironically, I find, is the presence of a knife sheathed on my belt. Utterly out of place besides a PDA, stimulant-packs, and other marvels of science that contribute to ongoing slaughter and the upkeep of us butchers. The blade is an archaic piece, kept more for twisted tradition than practical bloodshed. I wonder to myself if a sword from antiquity would be more or less out of place in an environment so far flung from its origin yet still so at home with its intended use.Stonehealer14 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 [A/CRZ-RP] Masquerade Ball (( Hello, Moon Guard friends! )) A poster found around Alliance capital cities... in many mirrored Azeroths. -------- Citizens of the Alliance! An evening of feasting and fellowship awaits you who have worked so hard for the prosperity and future of your allies. Long you have toiled and you have earned the fruits of your labor and the recognition you deserve. The Maniacal Special Forces Group invites you to an outdoor masquerade ball on the evening of Saturday, December 1st at 9 Bells in the evening. Wear your finery for an evening of class and comfort in the tranquil Twilight Grove deep within Duskwood. Food and drink provided gratis by the guild Maniacal. For more information or to RSVP, speak with a local Maniacal operative. -------- (( OOC-- Cross Realm masquerade ball, so be sure to dress to impress (no armor or weapons will be allowed). A mask to “conceal” your character's identity is part of the theme, so don't forget to bring the most important part of your wardrobe and pack a mask or helm of your choice. Ball will be held on the Steamwheedle Cartel server at 9pm EST via cross-realm RID/Battletag raid invite. Alliance only, this time—sorry! For more information or to RSVP, please respond here or add Battletags: Behren#1161 MooingDruid#1737 In-character communication welcome! ))Charam5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Hey McScars Imma drink you up, pee you out. LET'S TANGOCythe15 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 The sha Do you think they can be beaten permanently or would they just keep coming back after each defeat.Sanlokin8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Looking to Hire Artist As opposed to getting artwork commissioned for World of Warcraft, I'd actually like to enter a deal with an individual to create a cover template for my novel which I'll be taking to vanity publishing sometime next month. Details ... In order for someone to be commissioned for this, they must be willing to sign a contract which states that their artwork will be used in any way after the deal is done - they will be acknowledged and given credit for their work but must abide to the copyright license that we'll be discussing. If you have any recommendations, reply with the artist's name and DA profile, if you would! Thank you!Zachaery10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 3rd person speak in RP Would I be a special snowflake for doing that? I WANNA BE UNIQUE.Bokbok5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 I'm back. The stars wheeled overhead, and every day was as long as a life age of the earth... But it was not the end. I felt life in me again. I've been sent back until my task is done. :-DRonim0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Your Opinion on Pylsur < Have you ever had one? I enjoy them with mustard. There is a nice pylsur stand in Reykjavik. >Pylsur62 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 What would you consider rich? Had an interesting conversation at work today and figured I'd bring it to the forums to get some of your takes on it. If you were to ignore all assets aside from cash, could you put a dollar amount on what an individual would need in their possession to be considered "rich" in your mind? The obvious first answer was $1,000,000, but if a million dollars is considered rich would you not consider $999,999 to be rich as well? If yes, then what about $999,998 and so on, until you can finally settle on a dollar amount that you would not consider to be a rich amount. I sat on it all day, discussing it back and forth with my co-workers. I finally settled on an answer, but I'll hold off on posting it until I can see some more insight on the question. What do you think?Grev22 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 This is my ode to healers. Only my ode is not a poem or song. Kudos to you all. I thought healing would be fun, but I'm about two BGs away from putting my head through my monitor. It doesn't help that I picked the wrong class (priest) and I'm pugging random BGs, but damnit son. I kitted myself out in Honor gear, gemmed Resilience, and I'm still getting dropped like Ali/Liston. That or infinitely crowd controlled. I'm now going to cut my losses and work towards buying the Shadow set. I can't heal.Grev64 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 The Dream [RP from CC server] (Link that takes you to where you can download the pdf) Hello RPers of Moon Guard. I’m from the Cenarion Circle server, but I know a few of your RPers. That’s the reason I came to post here today. Rumor is, Moon Guard prides itself on the server’s RP. Pretty much any where you go, you’ll find people talking in character. What I would like to know, is how you feel about the grander, epic RP storylines? Years ago, we got a pretty good RP story going on our server. A few of the Moon Guard players that transferred here even starred in it. Are any of them still around? Now that Catacylsm is pretty much out, a lot of old players are going to be coming back. I figured that would be the perfect time for them to see the story that was put together from the RP we did. At first, we were just planning on doing a write up. Then at some point, it became a novel. I know with how much there is to do in Cataclysm there probably isn’t a lot of time to read a story as long as The Dream (188 pages). If you do though, it’s worth it, trust me. So feel free even if you weren’t involved in this story to save the pdf somewhere that you can read it when you find time. Anyways, I’d love to hear from everyone that I lost track of. And if we haven’t met before or RPed together, feel free to say hi and share some of your own RP ideas. I’d love to hear them. Take care Moon Guard. I wish you the best in your future adventures! List of Player Characters In the story’s order, Glak Calei Onishona Kichiro Keiy Valconius Vian Alunedora Ciance Hanteron Verria Myridia Romelo Uruloki Siphris Ehristar Mardanel Vaorin Mynora Limu Mavene Ashista Alisitcia Mavene Sylari Imperon Ardam Azis Nenishari Berufeng Artannis Kimna Liabelle Ehlina Alaster Kaizier Redrumexa Emilyanne Goodmark Klavin Fiodas Illasera Aziel Vincentwolfe Jadenn Padimate Kamane Airica Ishara Aislanana Ysondra Shayser Kyden Raoul / Zharikov Aeaa Kessana Pyrak Jekab Tery Mariiko Staevin Toteem Visiks Silyne / Caerys Galanodel Isandra Magus Alÿssia Guilwolf Krypten Shiicar Zeerishulu Franziskah Bastienne Darathin Dyel Alestia Madevl Athyrea Eralius Salubria Ellerdale Sayamoon WinterstarCalei19 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 To all the Tree Druids out there :D Your glyph of Treant Form got a nice upgrade this patch, although you might not have noticed it... unless you stood near a fire. Enjoy! :DVandriana1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Fly Free. RIP CoH/CoV As some of you may know tonight the lights went down for a final time in Paragon City. Let us all gather to say one final farewell to the heroes and villains alike that made up this game. I will never forget my first night stepping into Pocket D with my blaster dressed in black. /salute ♥Alór9 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 DPS + Healer LF Raid What is up with everyone raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays? Anyway, rogue and mistweaver looking for raids, available Sundays Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoon and into the wee hours as well as Mondays and Thursdays after about 11PM server. Know our roles and the fights well, ridiculously ready to raid and chomping at the bit. Faction is only a minor inconvenience. Nicoletti / FiniskNicoletti1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 MRP isn't working? Halp Ever since the 5.1 update, it says it needs to be updated, but its 'up to date'. Is anyone else having the same problem or am I just terrible at everything?Xtrabulator7 Dec 1, 2012