Moon Guard

Dec 1, 2012 Fly Free. RIP CoH/CoV As some of you may know tonight the lights went down for a final time in Paragon City. Let us all gather to say one final farewell to the heroes and villains alike that made up this game. I will never forget my first night stepping into Pocket D with my blaster dressed in black. /salute ♥Alór9 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 DPS + Healer LF Raid What is up with everyone raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays? Anyway, rogue and mistweaver looking for raids, available Sundays Tuesdays and Wednesdays afternoon and into the wee hours as well as Mondays and Thursdays after about 11PM server. Know our roles and the fights well, ridiculously ready to raid and chomping at the bit. Faction is only a minor inconvenience. Nicoletti / FiniskNicoletti1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 MRP isn't working? Halp Ever since the 5.1 update, it says it needs to be updated, but its 'up to date'. Is anyone else having the same problem or am I just terrible at everything?Xtrabulator7 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Warlock questing in MoP just a nonstop stream of absolute hilarity. Seriously, I'm running around as Kurze and beginning to question the sanity of these people. "Sure, green thing with glowing red eyes, wings of shadow and horns sprouting from your forehead, you may stay in our village! ...just don't cause trouble." "What are the rest of your people like? I should like to meet them someday!" No, kid, you don't want to hear one of Kurze's stories. You'll never sleep good again. Then Xuen decided to test the stranger from beyond the mists by drawing out his inner feelings of anger, hatred, and violence. ...the newly-renamed Crater of the White Tiger will remained cordoned off from the surrounding area until such time as the residual fel energy reaches levels deemed safe for passerby.Kurze31 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Perma-Death Arena:Interest Check I was thinking of creating an arena RP event with IC perma-death for the losers. Anyone interested? I would play too.Pylsur7 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 IC vs OOC Hello everyone I have been playing Wow since the beginning of Cata and I have been loving both the game and the rp since I can remember. Over the years I have been playing I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the things I see the most is how people seem to have problems seperating IC and OOC in situations. I can understand that people may be upset with how someone may have acted towards them, or how they were treated icly, but I never understand why people get mad oocly at times. I will admit I have done this from time to time, almost everytime without realizing it, and I can understand doing it once and a while, but it seems like some people do this almost on a daily basis. Have any of you ever had a problem like this? And also do you think you can say why it seems to happen so much? I would love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks for reading!Fastril10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 LF Roleplaying Events Im in a guild that a friend and i created so im not looking for a guild but i an LF a little Roleplay group i can join in on some events Send me a In game Mail or repond on here Thx in advanceNahnuk2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Grimix's Castle Carnival So, I tend to come up with all kinds of crackpot ideas when I get to really listening to music and I got this one while listening to some plucky stuff that'll remain unmentioned. This is fannon and none of this is to be taken as legit lore or the tell-tale look into the next big thing. The Darkmoon Faire As we all know, them Darkmoon Carnies have a thing for either sending chills down one's spine or at least quirking a brow or two. They're strange and revel in this, but they are as well quite powerful. Yes, beware, carnies who excel in the arcane and other more peculiar schools of magic. Even the Kirin Tor have turned a few heads at what a few of the Darkmoon's can do. Now, consider this, why would carnies need to be so powerful? Oh, the occasional rough customer? To put on the best show possible? No, the simple answer has never answered anything when it comes to the Darkmoon Faire; think bigger and darker. Long ago before the troop was out and on the road, bringing chills and thrills to every village and town they crossed, they played a part in capturing a pet of the Old Gods, a demi-god. They contained the ravenous, mad beast in an arcane prison bound within a pocket dimension. Their income and way of life came from the travelling faire they kept, but under wraps, they maintained this demi-god's prison. It didn't require much. Just the bi-monthly check-in on it, but soon their arcane chains begun to unravel. The beast was tugging away at the magics which once held it so very securely. Unwilling to part from their way of life, Silas Darkmoon made the call to alter the dimension in which the beast was being contained. So the pocket dimension was altered and twisted into what we now call Darkmoon Isle, a ruse over a dark secret just under the surface. The Gallywix's Black Sheep The Trade Prince we all know so well is a right rotten fellow with just as rotten relatives. Each and every one of them has punched through the rabble to forge their own economic nook in Azeroth, often piggy-backing off each other for income, forming a web of trade kept tightly within family ties. Yes, it is a right tight business...least till one crosses the Trade Prince. Now, consider that all families have at least one black sheep, the one who doesn't exactly follow the program laid out for them. The Gallywix family is no exception. For clarity's sake, we'll call him Grimix Gallywix. While the rest of the Gallywix were off cashing in on textiles, raw materials, and other less savory means of income, Grimix had his nose buried in books, studying the arcane and other forms of magic. Eventually he started making himself a right nice bit of change by writing spellbooks and other magical works of literature, which ticked off many of the Gallywix line. They all expected him to fail and in some cases tried to help that along, but he came out on top in his own way...and he wasn't about to 'loan' anything out to them. Using his fortune, Grimix, funded the creation of a massive mole machine, his 'mobile manor' on the far side of the isle of Kezan. Just as it was completed, the Cataclysm hit, sending the island into chaos. Given the bad blood between him and the Trade Prince, Grimix was left to burn with the rest of Kezan. In a last ditch effort to save himself, Grimix flipped his untested mole machine into action, burrowing down into the earth. However, given a sudden, powerful buck of his machine, he was knocked out. Whispers in the Deep Grimix awoke with a great deal of throbbing to his head and the realization that his mole machine had come to a stop. How far down was he, not even his depth meter could tell. The untested mole machine proved to have clogged up with a great deal of rock and gravel, a right poor design. He was trapped Titans knows how deep in a metal prison he had aimed to call home...and was quickly running out of air. He went on a few days in solitude and utter silence save for the occasional swear from him as he went about finding all the problems to his machine. However, little by little he begun to hear voices. Each night his dreams were filled with terrors beyond his wildest imaginings. Soon, the voices grew louder and louder till he couldn't begin to hear himself scream at the top of his lungs. Eventually the mindless gibberish broke away to a somewhat clear voice, which offered him a deal he couldn't pass up. In exchange for his services, he would be given devout followers, knowledge of magic only whispered of in the most remote, dark corners of the world, and...of course a way out of this mess.Gavraz1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 I have been away And not that it really is enough for me to post it on the forums but I wanted to say hi to you all. I've been working really hard, working 7 days a week at my job and have some things I had to take care of. There is absolutely no reason to post this other than that I wanted to say I missed this forums and you all are golden. Stay that way. Rhazar. My favorite Moose. I adore him so very much. Thank you for being there for me through everything. -Squirrel. Felthier. You've been such a great friend to me and through it all, I won't ever forget our friendship. You taught me so much about being a leader and about what it means to have a true friend. Arkalius-I met you on these forums when one of our members passed. You were there for me and let me cry and you always are a comfort to me. Thank you. Mavei-My sister and best friend! I love you to the moon. Thank you for being not only my closest friend but a great co leader to LotM. I couldn't do this without you. Arandur-No I won't try to do that accent. Thank you for being a creative outlet for me and keeping in touch. You're a great friend and a wonderful person. You don't ever blow smoke up my bum just to make me feel good. Thank you for honesty and confidence in friendship. Arikh-My first glead..even though you are in my own guild, I still look to you for guidance. You taught me about star stuff and druid rp. Thank you for allowing me to grow in so many ways. Delaynee-You reached out to me a while ago, more than willing to come to my rescue when I was in my bad accident. I think everyone already knows but I wanted to reiterate that you have a heart of gold. I'll never forget that. Skullcrusha!- Mi amigo. You're amazing and always so willing to jump into the fray with me with events and fun. You're a great leader and a huge inspiration to me. Moorwhelp-My arranged husband. You're an amazing writer and person and have the ability to write like you wouldn't even believe. Don't ever doubt your talent. You're amazing. Aphel-You have literally brought me to tears with the kindness you have given me. You prayed for me when my brother died and you always have checked up on me after the fact. You would do anything for a friend and I am -so- very honored to call you one. Moon Guard. I've done stupid things, been mean when there was no reason to be. I'm not perfect, I'm not wonderful, I'm not any of these great things but you guys are. I've learned from you all how to be creative and how to let go of my fear of things. Even though I'm still gone a lot, I hope to be around such talented people again soon. -AnaAnamaleth28 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 (A-Event)Banquet of Life [Help Needed!] Notices posted upon all the public notice boards of the the cities of Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus and the Exodar's are nailed up. The parchments bearing great and sprawling text with wonderful colors and bits of flittering paper to grab the attention of passersby. My friends, members of the noble Alliance, and Lords of all persuasions, please, let it be known that upon this day, that of the 30th of November, the 631st year by The King's Calender, that a great feast and banquet shall be held at the personal residence of Baron Manstein von Faulkenburg at his estate in Lakeshire, Redridge, at the time of 8:30 P.M. The banquet is open to the public and all those who wish to come in the spirit of joy and happiness are welcome to attend. The feast shall be held in honor of the noble men and women who, only just last night, acted to save the life of a weak and frail man whose time, for any who might have known, should have run out. Come all, let us celebrate these noble men and women, and take solace in the warmth that the Light brings to us all! Light Bless, Baron Erich Manstein von Faulkenburg, member of the Stormwind House of Nobles and humble benefactor of the Clergy of the Holy Light In small print, towards the bottom of the notice, the wording continues. ...Manstein2 Dec 1, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Prestige Classes 101 : The Elven Ranger Hey Moonguard, what's up? It's been a while, but I'm hoping to get back into activity for good RP with A+H. In any case, a long while back, I posted the "Base Classes 101 : The Runemaster" topic, to give insight about what Runemasters were about, for anyone that wished to RP as one. Said topic is here : (( )) Today I will be talking about Elven Rangers. So for anyone who wishes to RP as this prestige class ingame, then clarifications for such are below : (( )) What is an Elven Ranger? Elven Rangers are the elite scouts, marksmen and stalkers of the wild among High Elves, Blood Elves and Night Elves. (Arguably, Half-elves have the potential to pursue this path as well...if they could get an elven mentor to teach them, that is) While they favor the longbow and most are specialized in it's mastery, that does not mean to say that the Elven Ranger is helpless in melee combat... quite the opposite, actually. When an Elven Ranger's range is breached and is forced into melee, they can use their specially designed elven bows as bashing weapons against the attacking foe. Alleria Windrunner is an example who does this when pressed into melee. Lor'themar Theron is another example who demonstrates deadly melee prowess as an Elven Ranger, fighting against orcs in the Second War, and later on, the Scourge head on with his blades. They are also specialized into the arts of stealth, making this particular prestige class appealing to not only Hunters, but Rogues as well. Whether it be the use of a bow or blades, the Elven Ranger is frighteningly efficient at systematically dispatching foes. Some may even demonstrate the prowess of deadly melee combat as well as ranged, though it all depends on the personal fighting style of the Elven Ranger. At heart though, the classic Elven Ranger is a bow specialist, and a single arrow from an Elven Ranger's bow can cleave through an entire line of targets at once. But they are not merely elite fighters. They also practice a form of druidism (A nod to Hunters doing the same as well). Vereesa Windrunner demonstrated the use of Elven Ranger spells in the novels, which were actually spells found in the RPG books. Elven Rangers (and by another extent, Hunters), utilize a variety of spells tied to nature (Divine magic : Druidism). These range from blocking detection from scrying attempts, water breathing, communing with nature (Plants, Trees, Animals, etc), healing their own injuries, removing diseases and poisons, invisibility spells, seeing invisible opponents and so forth. As such, they are quite sensitive to nature (Even Blood Elves), moreso than other classes of their race. (Except druids, of course) What classes in the MMO can best be RPed as Elven Rangers? Hunters are the most obvious, though Rogues are very powerful candidates as well, for the more melee oriented rangers like Lor'themar, and also for a high focus on the stealth and scouting factors. Also note that the races are important. The Elven Ranger, must obviously, be elven. (Night Elf or Blood Elf ingame). What factions are they found in? While Elven Rangers were prominent in the Alliance back in the Second War, they do exist in other factions. Obviously the Blood Elves in the Horde, or Independent factions such as the Sha'tar (Shattered Sun and Scryers included), Argent Crusade, or simply unaffiliated with any faction. What about Crossbows and Guns? Elven Rangers may use Crossbows and Guns if they so desire, but if they use a gun, they will not be as prominent with it's use as compared to a bow. That is, they cannot perform their arrow cleaving techniques with a gun, obviously. They can do it with a crossbow, however. Example of an Elven Ranger playstyle: For this part, I'll discuss two examples. The first example would be a Night Elf, who uses the base class of a Hunter (or Huntress). Since in both the MMO and the RPG, Hunter is a base class, this means the Night Elf in this example is a Huntress / Elven Ranger (Sentinel). Since hunters tend to specialize into ranged weaponry, being an Elven Ranger simply augments this, with the elven ranger spells being RPed when needed. Note that hunters do indeed gain spells in the books (the shots and traps ingame can indeed be RPed as the actual spells if the player wishes to). For the most part, the Hunter route for playing an Elven Ranger prestige is very easy to do for the iconic bow specialist, though limited in stealth utility compared to Rogues. The Glaive Toss talent for hunters is very iconic for the Night Elf Sentinel as well. The next example will be Mirith, since she's the rogue version. In the case of Mirith, she's a Blood Elf Rogue / Wandering Huntress / Elven Ranger. ((Wandering Hunter : ~ More on the next post.Mirith8 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 The return of Denlair fully! Thoughts?Lairton0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Uninspired Apparently I'm good at writing. This is news to me. However, many people (Delay) Have told me to write another story. I'm trying to give James a backstory that isn't "Left, got bit, died but didn't dieded." But I'd rather do something about Karob, his father, or his first wife. But in the past few weeks, I sort of feel uninspired for writing. My emotes are rarely over two paragraphs, and I can't seem to write longer stories. Thoughts?Karob18 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 "Hey, look. I went to school he- Oh god." Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 My observation of Horde + Alliance on MG Hello fellow Moon Guardians! I'm bored, so I thought I'd see what others thought of how I view the Alliance and Horde on Moon Guard. As I see it, Alliance has a lot of RPers, or at least more "types" of RP than Horde usually does. However, Horde still has its big share of RPers, and it compensates with a bit more Raiding + Pvp than Alliance has. This has always been my view of the factions on our dear server. How accurate would you all say I am?Manaclaw4 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 For all of you who have completed the Klaxxi. "Heroes never die." T_T So sad. :(Tiriél4 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Sooooo Excited!!!! If you're anything like me, you remember the awesome TGIF shows that came on ABC. Step by Step, Boy Meet's World, Family Matters, etc.. Well now, we have a spin off called Girl Meet's World, and Danielle Fisher (Topanga) and Ben Savage (Cory) have officially signed on! So who else is excited for this? Personally, I'm hoping they get Will Friedle (Eric) on there. Come on, who woudn't wanna see Uncle Eric!Elesabeth36 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 LF active-ish adult RP/Social guild on Horde Hey, just made a Belf pally, I'd love to find some cool people to hang, level and RP with. Moon Guard - Horde So ya, looking for a guild that has mostly adults. Light-Med RP, Social, etc. Just seems like most of the ones on the Guild Finder are very inactive.Malaisha0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 NaNoWrimo 53,156 words. I did it. Anyone else complete the challenge?Venita8 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Thinking about joining I'm not part of this realm, but I'm wondering if I should change that. I've never roleplayed, mainly due to the fact nobody roleplays on the realm I'm at now, so I have no experience. Another reason I'm considering switching to this realm is because I heard it has the most furries. I'm a furry in case you couldn't tell. The whole "Moon Guard has the most furries" thing may just be a rumor, and if it is, just point me in a different direction. I'm probably going to switch over anyway, but I just want to hear what you guys have to say. It would be nice to see some actual RP for a change.Vesulos4 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Majora's Mask Is apparently being remastered, from the ground up, for the Wii U. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. THE TRAILER: Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Alt friends? Am I the only one that sort of RPs my alts together when I'm being too lazy to send materials through mail? What I mean is two of my alts in game RPing while one is skinning and eventually giving a few stacks to the one that is mindlessly following (yet commenting on how bored they are). Obviously more than one account is needed for this. I think it makes getting mats a bit more fun; at least low level stuff...Pastion6 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mind Vision: Critique Welcomed. EDIT: Originally I didn't plan on continuing this, buuuut seeing that the thread remained unblemished for so long, I reserved a bunch of posts. In any case, please feel free to post criticism of any posts I have up already. Kay, I'm just gonna leave this here.... I'm aware that it's sort of a snippet (I have a weakness for starting in medias res), but before I make any major revisions I wanted to throw it up here for critique. Briefly, it is about my spriest, who is studying shadow magic in the secrecy of her suite. ...Cylaeste25 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 [A] Resto Shammie looking for 10 raiding Not looking to join a guild, but looking for a group to raid with. Have plenty of experience healing for raids. Looking for mature group to run with during the week nights, occasional weekends. Currently geared good enough for HoF via raid finder, but would like to start in MV.Apothik0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Create a new spell (Or minor glyph) Here's the rub: That spell cannot be used in combat. This spell is for class flavor and vanity only, perferrably for the class you actually play. Edited because good suggestion.Nixalegos28 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Peeking out of my burrow So, generally, I've always been extremely iffy on who I add on my RealID and why I keep them. I'm paranoid, you could say. Recently however, my normal group of friends I've always played with have either stopped playing, or things have just drifted apart sadly-mostly on my part due to how busy I was. But now, irl is slowing down for me and I've tried going by and simply continuing to play, hoping to see a new group of people to get into. But, I dunno, I log on and don't really talk to anyone, I feel like I'm becoming this unsocial mute who's online for 5-30 minutes then logs off with almost no progression in leveling or RP. It's making me a little sad. So, I've decided I'm going to try and stick my head out of my unsocial circle of me and ask if anyone would like to add me to their RealID? Bosutar#1682 is my battletag I'll be on in the afternoon or evening to accept anyone who's invited me. All I ask is you let me know your character (if it isn't your hashtag) so I have an idea of who you are. tl;dr: Will you be my frand?Bosutar34 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 I guess Goblins are the bad boys of Azeroth Somone found this at Point Domination.Lurvantis7 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Touchy-Feely Death Knights? So, in my strolls around Silvermoon, I've noticed that there are some out there in the world of Azeroth that play Death Knights capable of the most base and disgusting of emotions - happiness. Being the ruthless killing machine that Baleros is (lookin' at you, small animals), I find this rather strange. What are MG's thoughts on this? Personally, I've always been under the impression that Knights of the Ebon Blade is the more serious, 'git 'er done' faction who take pleasure in laying down some serious hurt. Pregnant/happy/"human" Death Knights have always struck me as a tad odd. Edited for syntax.Baleros251 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Unnamed Highborne Event! GO! Hi! I want to host an event! Our guild has grown perdy gewd, and we've got active people. One problem. Me clueless. What kind of event should it be? Gladitorial? (Jousting/Dueling?) A grand ball? Some kind of PvP-RP thing? I'm new at this. HALP! EDIT: You ever post something, look up, and see like 6 typos, and you were -sure- you typed it all correctly the first time? I think some of the letters get lost when you click "Submit"... -_-Synesa13 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Moon Guard's Ultimate thread of Consideration So, I was thinking about my whole WoW career today, and through the several different servers I've played on...Maelstrom to Lightninghoof to Ravenholdt and finally here to my home of Moon Guard, and I've been thinking "What exactly are in game courtesies I should acknowledge?" In fact, the thought passed my mind as I saw a Hordie killing a mob near a quest item, and just out of habit, I flew past it-I figured if they were killing a mob near it, they must need the item, right? Even if it wasn't the case, it just feels like the right thing to do. So, especially in light of the holidays which places a huge light on being considerate to others, what do you think are some in game courtesies we should acknowledge and try to play by? :)Visethia18 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 473 resto/ele sham Looking for new home Ive done mv reg and hof know fights and ready to kick it now that finals are overCameltotêm0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 True Love- A Goblin Tale ((RP story attempt)) ((Just a preface here: After growing a little bored and taking a break, I decided to come back and try something fresh/new (for me). This involved rolling a race I'd never tried before, and thinking about how I would RP it. It came to me that I'm not sure how goblins FEEL about things on an emotional level. (I'm thinking about positive emotions here like friendship, love, etc.) Since I'm new to playing the race, I wanted to try experimenting with a story about something partially emotional, to try and get in the head of a goblin character. I know Gallywix talked about love in his Leader's Story a bit, so here is my attempt at touching on the subject with my own goblin. :) )) The tavern in Silvermoon was bustling, the decorative tables laden with food and the soft divans covered with lounging patrons idly chatting away. Here and there a voice would rise above the din in laughter or anger before the general buzzing drone of conversation continued on its way. Drinks flowed freely, and the atmosphere was light and celebratory throughout the confines of the place. That was, of course, with the exception of a lone patron sitting at one of the tavern's smaller tables. The elf was best described as golden. His long flowing golden hair cascaded down around his sun-kissed skin, resting atop the shoulder plates of his gold and red armor. On the floor beside him sat a leather backpack with golden thread and a sheathed sword, it's length predictably decorated with gold. Although the Sin'dorei sat in brooding silence, given his appearance the sudden arrival of a second patron at his table was somewhat less than surprising. At first the elf didn't notice as the small goblin woman slipped into the chair across from him. Swaying drunkenly, she placed a large bottle on the table in front of her and then promptly rested her hands on the bottle's neck and chin on her hands, peering at the golden elf through her glazed, purple little beady eyes. She sighed happily, just taking in the look of all that GOLD! After a time, the brooding elf noticed his diminutive and uninvited drinking companion, his fel green eyes meeting her gaze. Not too politely, he growled out a few words in a low tone, “Can I help you with something?” The goblin giggled, the high pitched sound discordant amongst the relatively melodious sounds of the laughing Sin'dorei in the tavern. After a moment she stopped, lifting her head up and offering him a sharp smile. “The name's Zeppi Sparkflash, honey. You can call me Zepp or Z if you'd like though. As for helpin' me, I just saw you sittin' there and started wondering what could make a doll like you so gloomy.” The Sin'dorei's eyes widened slightly for a moment and he snorted, “I don't see how that's any of your business goblin. Why don't you go find someone else to swindle?” Zeppi's face fell for a moment and then she shrugged and took a long pull from her bottle. “Don't gotta be like that honey. Besides, I already got business in Quel'Thalas. Buncha nobles hired me from some coalition or another.” She set her bottle down and squinted at the golden elf, making him shift somewhat uncomfortably. “The way I figure it, either someone died or you lost something pretty special.” The Sin'dorei nodded once, sighing as he spoke, “That is an astute guess. If you insist on sitting there, I will admit that I've lost something dear to me. It's not something you would understand though. My one and only beloved has run off with another you see, which is why I was sitting alone enjoying my solitude.” Zeppi perked up in her seat, shaking her head even as the elf finished speaking and completely ignoring the not-so-subtle hint to leave. “What do you mean I don't understand? You lost your first love. 'Course I know what it's like to have a first love!”Zeppi8 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 WTB [Field Plate Gauntlets] Just what it sounds like: I'm trying to find a pair of Field Plate Gauntlets to finish off my warrior's RP/Mog set. The specific stats on the item don't matter, since it's just for the appearance. I'm currently offering 500 gold. I might be willing to pay more (within reason), but keep in mind that I am not particularly wealthy! :3 If you have some and want to sell, I'll be online for the next few hours; just /who Daughters of Dyran! They're all me. Or you could send me some mail in-game!Amera7 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 To the Awesome Orc Monk... Whose name I've forgotten, but remained IC as we were forced to put him down after finding him alone in some Pandaren cave in Krasarang tonight. I'm not sorry. Well, maybe a little bit. You being unarmed and all. But the Alliance's imperialism cannot be stopped by scholars hiding out in burrows, if you can even call an Orc a scholar.Kerdic31 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 STOP SAYING YOUR LEAVING! Is it just me, or is it EXTREMELY annoying when people post a forum about them leaving wow. Listen people, I don't care. Leave if you want, but don't take it away from others!Cacue33 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Interest Check: H-ICC25 run by me So. I cleared this instance a long time ago, but due to the fact that I was ret, and our tier gloves were terrible, I never got a token for those. Nor did I get the caster plate belt that matched the paladin tier. I've been debating going back to my heroic ICC25 transmog, and to do that, I need to get these pieces. I also need to gather my Shadowfrost Shards, to finally finish the Shadowmourne I started almost three years ago (long, painful story). I have extensive experience in ICC and am willing to lead a regular group for it. I will allow people to do infusions if they ask nicely (and if Putricide's infusion is no longer bugged). Shards will be mine, as well as ONE heroic Conqueror token and the plate caster belt from Gunship. Everything else, including bloods, saronite, BOEs, whatever, are up for grabs. If you're interested, post here or let me know in-game. Vent will be required/provided.Catelynne27 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 [H]<Outriders>, 10m Casual Raid Guild Outriders is a 10man Horde raid guild. While I will use 'casual' to describe us in the title, that's not quite true. We're somewhere in the middle between hardcore and casual. We currently raid wednesday and monday at 7pm server time. We're aware these are weird days. Outriders uses DKP to distribute loot and takes a serious approach to gearing up and behaviour during raids. More info on how Outriders works can be found here: (Our site isn't so much used by our raiders so much as used to point newbies and recruits at. Excuse the mess.) Right now we are seeking 1-2 skilled DPS to round out our roster. Ideally we would love to see a shadowpriest and/or a warlock, but we'll also look at exceptional players of any class. 463 ilevel gear, fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged is a must. I should also note that Outriders is a fairly small, tight-knit group so ideally you'll be a nice person as well as a decent player. If you're interested, pop either myself, Rodakar or Astegnarn a tell ingame and we will answer any and all questions you might have, provided the two threads on the forum there didn't answer them already. Thanks for reading!Baenhoof3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 And so it shall be, Rose.ànos1 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Rp Fighting/Emote/Roll Tournament! ((TOURNAMENT NEXT FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH, 2012 @ 7:00 PM ST. CONQUEST HOLD, GRIZZLY HILLS, NORTHREND )) ((IC Advertisement)) *Stuck all over the Warchief's Command board are advertisements which read as follows:* 'The Horde has always prided itself on producing the greatest combatants Azeroth has ever seen, through various styles of martial combat, magics, and sheer power. Yet despite all of these different disciplines, there has never been a measure as to which of these trumps all others; which fighter stands tallest amongst the rabble. Previous tournaments have been hindered by various conventions or other meaningless arbirtrary rules, such as forbidding magics, races, and the like. These precautions must be cast aside in order to find true results, and to find which among us are truly capable in detroying those who would oppose our mighty Horde. This will be a tournament like no other. May our champions from all corners of the world rise to the challenge, to do everything necessary, to prove to our leaders, ourselves, and our enemies that we, The Horde, are the true masters of Azeroth. Champions of the Darkspear, from sea to sea! All the tribes of the Orcs, from Dragonmaw to Frostwolf! Rise Forsaken, the true heirs of Lordaeron! Tauren, the true might of Kalimdor! The Sin'dorei, from the sunwell to you vagabonds of Murder Row! Last but not least, the cunning and inventive goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel! I call upon your strongest champions this day. Ten Thousand pieces of gold go to the victors as spoils, for only the giants among us deserve such a reward. Fight for glory. Fight for honor. Fight for ego. Fight for your kin. Fight for OUR HORDE! LOK'TAR OGAR!' *At the bottom of the board is tacked a stack of application forms. There is a return address, all addressed to Sayumaengkis.* ((REQUIRED FOR YOUR APPLICATION: Send an ingame mail to me with the following: Name Race Organization/Guild/Sponsor Title/Nickname (optional) Fighting style 100g entry fee (non-refundable) (Feel free to add flavor to your applications however youd like!) --RULES-- - IC application is required, role play included. 100g Desposit is mandatory & non-refundable. - Must be level 60 to enter. Flying mount required. - Please be familiar with the roll system explained below. A demo will be given during the application if you have any questions. - Any breaking of the rules will result in being banned from this and all future events. - No refunds will be issued for any reason. - Failure to show will result in a forfeit. - Please lose / win gracefully. - All characters entered must do it of their own free will, no mind controlled / puppets. You wish to fight, you fight, not your minion. - No God Modding or Metagaming will have any effect on outcome and will not be tolerated. Combat and actions are done by dice. - In no way will the winner / attacker have any control over how the damage / result is done to the loser / defender. No deaths, permanent injuries or maiming will happen without the loser / defender's permission. - All fights will have 3 Hit Points (Explained in the dice system). Healing spells will not change your HP simply your character's degree of damage. - Rules are subject to change during tournament or before without prior notice. -All characters must be lore-abiding citizens. No neko girls, your dumb Harry Potter fanfiction, your super-awesome ghostbusters fanfiction, etc. -Horde ONLY. If theres enough funding and interests gets shown for alliance version, then its totally an option. ((Feel Free to ask questions, ill be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!))Sayumaengkis46 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 The Silver Covenant's Doing Something Again Finally. So how long do you think it'll be before they cave in and give us High Elves? B'o'n'd, J'a'm'e's B'o'n'd.Karob44 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Roleplaying as a farmer/simple citizen Hello, folks. As of late, I have the idea of trying something different in roleplay. Most people interpret characters that are either powerful, wise or have something extraordinary in them. While that's great and cool (hell, I do that as well) it's my wish to go in the opposite direction: to play a farmer, a simple person. My original idea is leveling this Pandaren and using him for this purpose. After a personal tragedy in his life, he decides to abandon his old lifestyle and sets out in the world to learn new things. Of course the motivation is pretty cliché, but hopefully his evolution, enlightenment will provide some interesting conflicts and opportunity for character development. That being said, I would like to know if there is any guild centered around this concept, or if there isn't, how one conciliates the guild's purpose with this idea? Most guilds in Moon Guard have a militaristic aspect, and while my pandaren wishes to learn new things, he is not much of a fighter. He is an adventurer in the romantic and naive sense of the word; his only desire is to explore the world and evolve as he goes. Finally, do any of you have played a similar character? If so, what tips do you have? What are the main pitfalls of the concept?Xoang8 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Your character in the real world. Pretty much what the title states. Have you ever thought about what your character would be up to in the world we live in? What their career would be, their interests and hobbies, where they live? Shirexia would either be a police officer or a college-level ROTC instructor of some sort. Seattle and its rainy metropolis would suit her and the derpy golden retriever she'd share her home with. She'd probably have a secret cabin in the woods to escape from the city and the stifling stupidity of her colleagues and/or students, too. In her spare time, she'd write snippets of her ideas for childrens' books, which she would eventually publish under a pseudonym. With some leftover inheritance money, she'd invest in some independent bakery and eat up all their crepes.Shirexia43 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Patch 5.1 and World Rp-Pvp I just wanted to say this patch has been and will continue to be a BOON to Rp-pvp. I luvs it. P.s: I'll be looking for you in Krassarang, Alliance Scum! ~With love, Naroak StonebreakerNaroak4 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Stuck. Making a stop-motion mini film for class. Suddenly batteries in camera die. Can't move scene until I get new batteries Can't leave class without moving scene. ---not allowed to keep stuff in class. Last day of class before it's due next class. fuuuu Edit: posting on WoW hopelessly.Bosutar6 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 Beauty and the BEAT! So... this video is a few months old, but I just watched it for the first time today. And I have to say, I couldn't stop laughing. The music and lyrics were great and clever too. So if you're bored and/or looking for something fun to watch, and a catchy/silly tune to listen to, check it out: Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 [H-RPVP] The Bloodsworn - Dominance ... - An excerpt from an unknown chronicle residing within The Bloodsworn's library; more than likely, the short-briefing was written by the original founder of the organisation itself. [Table of Contents] I. Excerpt. II. T.O.C III. OOC statements; information pertaining to the guild. IV. Bloodsworn Rank and Branches. V. Guild Website and Application Information. III. Out-of-Character THE Bloodsworn is a professional order of the Thalassian Government and Military dedicated primarily towards the offensive and defensive situations concerning the sovereign state of Quel'Thalas. Dedicated to the domineering and privately-expressed nationalist and fascist perspectives and intents which all of the organisation's members hold, the regiment itself serves beneath the banner of solely the Thalassian Army as the 724th, sharing joint power alongside the monarchy and commanders who and which reside over it, as well as the Legions that are implied for the usage of the state's military. Beneath this guise, though, lay a different perspective; a life shrouded in conspiracy and unrest that will easily make an individual take a new light to almost every thing as they know it. The Bloodsworn functions as not only a part in the government, but, as a Sunfury remnant organisation, as well; preaching racial supremacy and operating to dismantle any current tyrannical lead which may impede the sanctuary of the state, The Bloodsworn prepares each of its members to take their place amongst the greatest rulers the world will have ever known. Our organisation it set on the repose and redemption for the name of the Sin'dorei; our plots are simply to indulge our members in the atmosphere, but to also provide statement to those around us. The opinions and thoughts of our members do not just compose The Bloodsworn: we compose a new way of life. [Continued].Penguins30 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 Weird phasing issue? Everytime I enter Silvermoon via portal I get a little lag and once I run past the giant line of guards this is what I see beyond the fountain. For those of you too lazy to copy hte imgur it's a bunch of guards beating people onto the ground? Atleast that's how I interpret it.Tydistis2 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 For all you Engineers out there Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 [A - LGBT] <Rainbow Bunnies> -Rainbow Pandas! <Rainbow Bunnies> - LGBT-friendly – Level 25 Social Guild - Alliance. First and foremost, some mood setting is in order! Now, for guild ad la-da… WHO WE ARE: <Rainbow Bunnies> started off as a small group of friends. Over time, we have grown into Moon Guard’s premier, active safe heaven for people of lesbian, bi, gay, trans- persuasion, and their straight friends. First and foremost, Rainbow Bunnies is an LGBT-friendly social guild; a family. Still, we love to take part in doing PvE/RP/PvP/etc. as a collective, when the interest sticks up it's little bunny head. Rainbow Bunnies allows open-minded individuals to enjoy the gaming experience together, while not ruining it for others. This means that we do not accept trolling under our banner, and support the LGBT-community along with Moon Guard’s community. We also give out cheesecake… glitter too! ... ... WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Whether you are looking for a home to level your alt in, a place for your main, or a group to spend time with among all your characters, we would love to have you as a bunny! To be able to join, all we ask are a few hurdle requirements for you to jump over… - Be level 10 or higher (60 or higher for Death Knights). Any level, for guild-member alts. - We ask that our members are open-minded, and accepting of others. - Please don’t join if you’re just looking for ERP; we are not an ERP guild. However, there are guilds for that, a whole zone, actually. - Trolling is a big no-no. Trolls are removed without question. This includes trolling inside and outside of the guild. If you think you can meet this criteria, and are interested in joining the bunny family, come give us a call (or whisper)... CONTACT US: If you have any queries/concerns about the guild and its members, or are interested in joining, feel free to contact any of our member’s in-game, and request to talk to an officer.* Or, you can try whispering one of the following members to seek help, either via whisper or in-game mail: Slainda, Sabrina, Gainor, Criore, Deliere. *The recruiting ranks that can help you join our guild are as follows: Alt Bunny; Elite Bunny (recruiter); Officer Bunny; Mama Bunny (co-GM); Queen Bunny (GM). Oh look, we have a website! Sort of. We're also on Steam! Nov 29, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 WTS Level 25 Guild Horde Moon Guard 7 tab guild 100k Just send me in game mail if interested.Stormgasm4 Nov 29, 2012