Moon Guard

Oct 3 Scarlet Crusade RP guild? Anyone know of any that are currently recruiting? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.Quinthalin8 Oct 3
Oct 2 [H][PvE] <Grand Design> 9/10M - 5/9M <Grand Design> Is a newly formed guild led by mythic experienced players that are currently looking for skilled individuals to push end-content at a more casual pace, based here on Moon Guard (US). We push progression for 8 hours a week, split into two 4-hour increments, with a 10-minute break at half-time and a 2-hour session for a semi-casual/alt heroic farm. Many of us are active members that enjoy multiple aspects of the game and look to build a community and home where both RP and PvE can cohabitate. ****posting and Memes are 100% allowed, but only to an extent, as we will not tolerate any form of harassment, drama-stirring, or abusive behavior from our members. We are currently accepting trials and applicants of all roles/classes. Note: Officers who receive a complaint about you or any other player will investigate the offense, harassing RPers (or players in general) on-realm is not tolerated, as you should not actively seek to ruin the game for others just because you enjoy playing it differently. Raid Times: Tues/Wed 7-11PM [CST] and Thursday 8-10PM [CST] Expectations: Players are expected to maintain and hold a consistent knowledge of their class and raid bosses with each new patch. You should be reading guides and reviewing logs to better yourself by comparing how top players build and perform. BiS legendaries are preferred, but if you can prove that you have the skill to do what is needed of your class without them, you are more than welcome. Players MUST remain in good standings with attendance – if everyone else is going to be putting in both time and effort, it will be expected of you too. You should be able to openly communicate with your fellow teammates through Discord, so it is almost required for you to have a mic to be considered on the core team, unless we find you are to be an exceptional player – then you will be an outlier and exempt from this rule (though we will still bug you about it going forward). This guild hosts a group of officers that are both skilled and versatile. Many of us have played a wide variety of roles in a raid setting and are willing to offer advice and assistance on how to better yourself as a player, so that you can see the results you want. If you are interested or have any questions, please, feel free to contact any of us, though it is preferred you contact the one in charge of your designated role/playstyle. Raid Leader / Melee Officer: Cam#12892 Assistant RL / Ranged Officer: Harpua#1480 Tank Officer: Eightlegged#1487 Healing Officer: Zinkmk#1178Sørenim1 Oct 2
Oct 2 The Naaru love us.... ....but only 20% and that love has a three minute cool down.Tazika5 Oct 2
Oct 2 [A+H RP Event] The Shadow Sands Bazaar ... The <Honeyreed Tea Co> @ MoonGuard would like to invite any and all merchants and entertainers of...questionable morals to the Shadow Sands Bazaar for a monthly night of networking, trade, recruitment, and entertainment while away from the prying eyes of the Guard! We encourage everyone to come, with or without a guild. Bring their guilds! Fly solo! Hold raffles! Recruit! If you're looking for a shady guild, come on by and take your pick! What: The Shadow Sands Bazaar When: Last Saturday of the month at 7pm Server time Where: The Lost City of Tol'vir Why: To bring together the shadier side of the Alliance and Horde RPing community. Who: Any interested Merchants, Entertainers, Recruiters, or Shady Shoppers! ... Any merchants, guild recruiters, and entertainers interested in joining us can contact: (Alliance) Grandmasophi@MoonGuard, Luminitsaa@MoonGuard, or Elemayo@MoonGuard in game or join our Discord server! The Discord server will be the best way of getting any updates on the Market including Vendors, Entertainers, Recruiters and more! A full list of Vendors, Recruiters, and Entertainers is available in neat lists within the Discord channels. If you would like to Vendor or Perform, please feel free to follow the link and come on in! ...Luminitsaa20 Oct 2
Oct 2 The Cobalt Wyverns The Cobalt Wyverns are now hiring! You may have heard our shenanigans during the Tournament of Ages when we were selling our siege engines (Which, by the way, if you ordered one from us you will be receiving it shortly!), you may have seen us around Stormwind's Cathedral Square during our recruitment nights! You may have seen me throwing up our advertising in Trade/General chat! No matter how you heard of us, we're glad you have! -- So long as it wasn't from haters but we just Dab on them anyway. We are a merchant guild and we are under new management (Read: New IC Management) and so with that we're reaching out onto a different direction with treasure hunting! We will still have our merchant based events, and all of that, but we're going to have a stronger focus on treasure hunting and researching the various magical relics left on Azeroth and try to find ways to replicate them and sell those! ((See, still got that merchant blood in us!)) Contact myself, Eithe, or Boraiden for an interview! Or get in touch with anyone else in the guild and they'll pass it along!Nadeen2 Oct 2
Oct 2 Activity Check: Cult RP / Cult Themed Guild After searching through the forums and guild listings, I thought I'd put out some feelers. You see, I'm considering moving my main character here from another rp server, and the one thing that could seal the deal for me is finding a good home. To that end: I'm curious to see what Cult themed guilds might be active, or what guilds out there would be accepting of a darker, shadowy, old god interested character. Not evil per say, but certainly tip toeing down the darker paths. Chaotic Neutral character, I suppose. I'm already following the wonderful Cult of N'zoth thread, but I'm also looking for a similar themed home. It doesn't have to be a Cult Themed guild. It doesn't have to be evil or even neutral. Just that it will support or even just allow a darker themed character to join or exist within. Any ideas, input, or support?Xaxud9 Oct 2
Oct 2 Guild with some pvp Hey Moonguard. Looking for an alliance guild that grps up for random bgs now and then. Starting a fresh 100 on MG. I'm not a Raider, RP or ERP, but will do all other guild related stuff. Thanks!Viperfoxx0 Oct 2
Oct 2 [T-RP] Army of the Truthful: Two Years Strong ...Ostrick33 Oct 2
Oct 1 British Villans? So, I've been on a Netflix bender due to my computer getting sick and having to go to the computer hospital and I've noticed something. All the decently done Villans are British, and when I say that I don't mean actual British, they just all have traits I typically associate with the British. Proper. Well spoken. Intellectual. Powerful. What do you guys think? Are all good Villans British?Tazika10 Oct 1
Oct 1 [H][PvE] <Cool Math Games> 9/9N - 4/9H <Cool Math Games> is a casual raiding guild on Moon Guard that is progressing through Heroic Tomb and looking to progress through AtBT when it releases. We are currently in need of DPS for our core raid team. We raid Heroic ToS Wed & Fri from 8pm - 11pm Server Time. We also have an alt-run on Normal ToS on Sundays from 8pm - 11pm. Join us for a laid-back, fun time! Message these officers on battletag if you're looking to join our guild! Rakuida#1423 shadowflame#1256 craix#1972Koober1 Oct 1
Sep 30 Capital Punishment in Stormwind??? I'm currently working on a new character profile for my paladin and I wanted her back story of growing up an orphan to be linked to her father's execution (after his capture by SW guards) from 10/11 years ago. I'm sitting here wanting to briefly fill in her history on my TRP and mention the incident from her PoV as youngster, but then I realized something... I'm not wholly familiar with how they deal with murderers in the stockades. Are hangings a thing for the public eye, or even somewhere in the stockades? Do they have a firing squad? Do they just torture their prisoners and drag them in the streets for the world to see? I'm so very curious before I settle on this. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much!Lauriah3 Sep 30
Sep 30 LF RP Partner/Friend(s)! Hi hi! Not to be that guy, but I'm desperate here. I haven't been having luck in-game, so I thought I might have better luck if I turned to you wonderful folks in the forums and put myself out there. :) I'll start by giving a little information about myself and what I'm looking for. I've been roleplaying for about seven or eight years, and have roleplayed on WoW for about two. I'm still kind of at a noob level when it comes to lore as a whole, but I know quite a bit about Draenei and Worgen lore, so I would prefer to stick to those two races! I was looking for somebody that would be interested in roleplaying twins with me, and we could work together to decide their history and what have you. I'm fine with identical or fraternal twins, m+m/f+f/m+f or whatever else you have in mind! I was thinking that we could level them together as we develop them and what not, just so we're on the same page and we can get friendly OOC :) Aside from that, I'm looking for general RP partners and am willing to do literally any idea that you throw my way! I'm totally willing to create new characters for your storyline as well! I adore learning about other's characters and their histories, and while I try to abide by lore, I'm not a strict enforcer or anything. As long as you're having fun and being respectful to others, you can RP what you want! Anywho, this is getting a little long, so I'm going to leave this saying that if you're interested, just shoot me a message on this toon and we can exchange btags or something and start to arrange things :) I have a discord as well! Please forgive me if I'm accidentally breaking any rules or anything - this is my first time posting on the forums and I'm a little nervous. Take care!Myschä4 Sep 30
Sep 30 [A-RP] Looking For a Spy! Hullo, friends! Some of you may know me as the Vicar in the Cathedral, that Christopher Lee as hecking frick priest. And some of you don't. If that's the case, then hiya! Pleasure to meet you. Now, let's cut to the chase. I'm looking for someone to spy/interrogate/have a sort of conflict with me. The reason I want that person is because I haven't had many chances to really flesh out my character, or show who he is. Well, I want to go ahead and do that! I'm not asking for a whole crowd people, however, just one or two. I would invite you to the group, and we can begin such an RP like that. You can come up with your own reasons for spying on me, but if you can't, then just go with, "he looks fishy, better keep an eye on him." I'm planning on keeping this character alive for a bit, so there won't be any deaths! However, critical wounds are allowed, so let me know if you want to be all critically wounded and junk. If you're interested in such a RP, send me a tell! I'm online all day saturday, but I will be on at around 7:00pm sunday. Looking forward to it.Poptartyum3 Sep 30
Sep 30 One Race and One Class. Today's lesson is a two-parter, with a bonus question at the end. Also hi. Newer player. Been lurking. 1. Why did you choose your Race? 2. Why did you choose your Class? Race - Had just caught the first Hobbit film on AMC. Sadly they didn't show the next two, but followed it up with Independence Day. I assume the giant eye belongs to a dragon, which is likely now dead. Class - If William Roberts Jr plays World of Warcraft, Rick Ross plays a Marksmanship Hunter. Bonus Question: What was your favorite zone to quest through, and why? Just gauging the room. No elaborate motive here. See you in game!Halorant26 Sep 30
Sep 30 TRP3 Extended Question Hey guys! I have just started RPing for my first time and have really been getting in depth with the extended TRP3 modules, creating items, quests, new professions,etc. I really want to unleash all of my creativity onto this module. There is one thing that I have been wanting to do and wanted to ask if it's possible. Does anyone know a way to have an item, upon use, store the player's current location on the map in X/Y coordinates? Thank you :)Trollbidiah0 Sep 30
Sep 30 LF-RP knowledgeable priest of light OK SO! As the title says... I'm looking to RP with a priest of the light. Don't worry about how to get it started, I can initiate easily so long as your character looks ... well, priestly. Also, my character will be asking multiple people so more than one person can express interest. Expect topics on the Light and everything therein.Franceska7 Sep 30
Sep 29 Champion's Gauntlet [A-RP] Calling all those with a passion fora beating! Champion's Gauntlet is a new sparring roleplay opportunity for all of those who like to put their characters through the grind. Every Friday at the Lakeshire bridge in Redridge. 8:00pm Server. Fighting commences at 8:30pm. Anyone is welcome to come for a good night of sparring. The event is a rolled weekly mini tournament. Fighters of all shapes and classes can come test their mettle against friends, strangers and foe alike. Champion's Gauntlet provides a regular venue for those interested in rp fighting. Winners will receive gold and memento prices at the end of each night. Rules available upon request and during the start of the fight day. For more information, please contact Cyandrah or Dartanroe through game mail or whisper. You can also reach me at Dartan#4108 through discord.Dartanroe8 Sep 29
Sep 29 MG WoW Wishes Wishes for the game. What new addition would you like to see implemented, or mechanic changed, new location, or lore spotlighted, an existing race made playable, or new faction, or anything? I could make this thread in the General forums, sure, and have it get lost and buried under the multitude of others. But I want to hear specifically the WoW wishes and desires of Moon guard players, both because I find it to be a fun topic and I feel threads like these help to foster a sense of realm identity and fellowship.Githnji69 Sep 29
Sep 29 Late Night RP My fellow moonguardians, I have been vexed by the most vexing of vexations. You see, I love RPing. I've been RPing in this game since the very beginning of Mists, and playing for longer than that. In the 5ish years I've been RPing, I've had many great and fun adventures, made heaps of friends, and probably eaten the occasional tauren. But alas, in recent years, I have come down with a terrible condition. Full time work. Now, ordinarily this wouldn't be a bad thing. Work = money, and money = the derpy mounts one gets from the Blizzcon virtual ticket. But I suffer from another pestilence as well. Australianism. When you combine these two illnesses, the side-effects are quite simple. When I log on, prepared to do some RP, everyone else is totally asleep, or at least, nobody seems to be RPing in the usual spots. I miss my characters, my friends. I really want to reconnect with my characters, and through them, connect with some other RPers who might want to make some friends, pursue some plots, and have some fun. As such, I have a few questions: Firstly: Are there any other late-night RPers out there? Australians, New Zealanders, American Shiftworkers, or whatever. If there's anyone else out there who's also after some late night RP, I'd really love to connect with you, and maybe do some RPing in the future. Secondly: If there are other late-night Rpers around, would anyone be interested in making a discord, for Horde, Alliance or both, to co-ordinate us RP-wannabes into a group so that we can locate/engage in RP with greater ease? Perhaps a more important question is; does such a discord already exist? If anyone can answer these questions or has an interest in any later-night RP (Probably anywhere between 12:30am and 7:30am server time, on my end at least) please comment here or send me a mail. I'd really like to meet some folks, as honestly, I love my characters and I've put a lot of effort into them, and I miss not being able to do much in the way of RPing them. Peace, goodwill, and stuffed Goblin plushies to all, SaresthaSarestha8 Sep 29
Sep 28 [A-RP] <Eternal Star> Aliya felt a bubbling sensation rise from her stomach and into her chest, her cheeks flushing with warmth despite the cold breeze coming off the coast. A single foot dangled off the edge of the World Tree, Teldrassil, her silvery eyes gazing downward into the blanket of wood and leaves below her. Even so high up, she could hear the sound of the sea below her, waves crashing against the Great Tree’s shoreline. To her, it had sounded like the world was turning over in its sleep, never quite getting comfortable, never coming to rest. She brought her hands out for balance, the knee of one leg bending slightly as she zeroed in on her own center of mass, her body making slight micro adjustments to ensure she didn’t fall. There was a brief moment when she considered falling, how would things have changed? “Min’da, An’da…” She reminded herself. “Aliyara, Vani’ser… Liogrey.” Other thoughts flooded in, memories of all those she had lost, all those the Legion, the Horde, and the Undead have taken from her. Those that she was eager to see again in the Here After. She wondered how much the world would miss her, she was sure of her immediate family and friends, but in the grand scheme of things? Would it make any difference? How much loss and suffering has she been able to prevent in the last decade? Or has she only created more? The wind changed direction, creating a loud roaring is it brushed past the Sentinel’s ear. “JUMP!” Aliya felt her weight shift forward, that bubbling feeling rising further from her chest and into a ball in her throat. Her knee bent, as she fell to a squat, attempting to condense her center of mass, regain her balance, before falling backward onto her rump, supported by one of Teldrassil’s branches. She smacked herself upside the head, snarling in protest to her infernal internal voices. Aliya looked to her hand, her finger’s tangled with a thin, ghostiron chain, carrying a small locket. Jewelry, especially of this nature, was not something she wore in public. In fact, this particular locket had always found itself in a small Jewelry box on her night stand for safe keeping. She never opened the locket, she knew too well what she would find inside. Feeling a warm spatter of water hit the back of her hand was the only thing to make the Sentinel realize that tears now ran down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away, before someone unexpected could show themselves. It was not uncommon for the woman to cry, simply no one other than Liogrey ever saw it. In fact, it would be common place for the druid to see his love cry several times a week. Aliya wondered how he could love someone so weak, someone so thankless and so ugly. “I’m sorry.” Aliya said quietly, pausing as if she expect some kind of answer. There would be none, only a brief break in the wind, ushering in an unusual silence. Aliya couldn’t even hear her own breath before the wind picked up again, causing her legs to sway off the ends of the World Tree. Aliya stood, smoothing the black and blue colors of her tabard over her firm breastplate. Her hand lingered on the sigil of her order, the blue knot-art depiction of the World Tree, an eye seamlessly hidden in the entangled illustration. Briefly, she wondered what it meant, perhaps she should have long before she took the mantle of the Order’s leader. Perhaps she had always known, only now applying it to the image itself. She did not linger, spear in hand, she returned to the city, teary eyes hidden behind a look of hardness and fire. One that she was well known for.Akiyass14 Sep 28
Sep 28 Wisconsin Players? Might as well it is that time of year again. Anyone from Wisconsin? If you come out I am offering free Beer and some deep fried cheese curds.Rhalit41 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A-PvE] Hardcore weekday raiding <Ethala Zaram> About Us Ethala Zaram is currently 7/7M 2/3M 7/10M 9/9H. We started out as a tight group of friends that not only wanted to clear raiding content but also wanted to have fun. We’ve been friends all throughout Warlords of Draenor and are always welcoming new friends to our guild. If you enjoy a good !@#$ talking and are a mature adult, then you will have no problem fitting in. However, with this content, we have expanded this concept to include a more competitive play style while maintaining its once core concepts. During Warlords of Draenor we went into some mythic raids and cleared 7/7M 4/10M and 5/13M. During Legion we plan on clearing it all and on time, while even trying for the possibility of server first. Raid times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30-10:30PM CST. What we're looking for Melee and Ranged DPS! No Druids or Death Knights Tank! What we need from you Basic %^-*. We are a competitive guild. If you can't guess what you need to be doing then don't bother contacting me. Apply here - Lazyboy001#1694 BigDucks#1374Lyind76 Sep 28
Sep 28 <The Clergy of the Holy Light> is Recruiting Dear Members of the Alliance, A new era and leadership has begun for The College of the Canons and The Clergy of the Holy Light. Under the auspices and direct guidance of Bishop Tyragonfal, Shepherd of the Order, a new path is being forged. Any Priest, Paladin, or any Light-worshipper in general who is seeking to better themselves and serve the Alliance may apply to the College of the Canons. Through mentorship, training and active service, the College will be a place for students of the Light to be challenged and assist the numerous order of the realm so that the greater needs of the populace will be both served and defended. Any who wish to assist in these endeavors may simply come to the Stormwind’s Cathedral and speak to me regarding their interest. Additionally, on Friday, August 25th at 8pm we will be holding our first charity event at the Stormwind Gazebo, which all supplies and resources will go to care packages for our Soldiers and also go towards the Stormwind Pantry. With Faith, Hope and Charity, Tyragonfal Bishop of Stormwind Shepherd of the College of the CanonsTyrágonfal14 Sep 28
Sep 27 930 Resto Shaman 930 resto shaman looking for new raiding home. I've got 8/9 h experience. My availability is Friday and Saturday after 7pm CST. I'm not looking for super hardcore raiding (is that even on Moonguard?) I'd just like a casual group that gets !@#$ done. Looking for something of an over 18 crowd. Thank you for any consideration.Dyâmi1 Sep 27
Sep 27 [A-RP] <Runaway Theater Troupe> Presenting the Runaway Theater Troupe The Runaway Theater Troupe is a budding group of entertainers that seek to make the cities and villages of Azeroth a livelier place. We seek the thrill of the crowd’s applause and the joy of celebration. Our repertoire includes street performances, market appearances, entertainment for large events and regular showcasing in our theater location. Life on the stage and in the open market squares is our way to create a companionship of all those people to whom ‘All the World is a Stage’. The Troupe is seeking out any artist looking for a regular venue or any out of luck wanderer who has earned the simple pleasures in life. We move from location to location, sending our bards and performers to shed some joy to any event. We also make use of our own den, the Golden Rose in Mistfall Village, Pandaria, to retreat into a world of feasting and celebration and to build a permanent theater location. What you could get by joining: You would become part of a fellowship with all those in Azeroth who value good times and seek their fortunes by bringing cheer to the world. The Troupe places the value of equality, freedom and revelry above all else. What you could do in the Troupe: The Runaway Theater Troupe has need of artists and entertainers of all types and walks. Playwrights, dancers, jugglers, bards, actors, illusionist… the list can go on and on. We also welcome merchants to liven up market days and sell during our performances. Strong arms to provide a permanent sense of security in an increasingly dangerous world. Creative types looking to organize events of their own. How to join: Contact either Assiar or Dartanroe in game to ask about membership. You can also reach me through discord @Dartan#4108. All members must go through an audition process. A two week probation term. And an initiation. The Runaway Theater Troupe is looking for more than recruits. It is looking for patronage from any and all organizations in Azeroth and the camaraderie of all independent entertainers. If you would be interested in finding out more, please contact us as stated above. We welcome the opportunity to host you at our feasts in the Golden Rose and we welcome any artist to make our location a regular club house, even if they do not seek official membership in the Troupe.Dartanroe5 Sep 27
Sep 26 Gilneas: Discord for the Worgen community Hey everyone! After glancing over the Discord List on your forums ( I noticed there was a large number of race-specific roleplay Discords... and yet nothing for worgen! So, I figured, why not open one? I play a lot of worgen and have been for years, and I'd love the opportunity to meet others and chat about it. We are not server specific, and encourage everyone with an interest in worgen roleplay to join, whether or not you play one yourself. Come on in, make some friends and connect with other worgen roleplayers! Literally just opened as I made this post, so please excuse how empty it is for a few days while people file in, heh.Freylin10 Sep 26
Sep 26 LF roleplay partner(s) Hey there! I'm yearning for some good adventure roleplay as I spend my time slaying demons on Argus and fighting on the Broken Shores as totally IC. Occasionally someone gives me /nod but I want more. I want more roleplay outside the cities, on adventures. I'm looking to start fresh characters with someone or a group. Whether we level from 1- whatever together or we use characters we already have.. I'm open to anything. A little about me- I've been roleplaying for about 9 years, I'm well versed in lore on both factions. I am a college student but I usually am on evenings EST. I don't dislike playing any races, however for this I have a few races I'd like to leave out as options: Orc, Undead, & Trolls. If you would like to contact me in game, message me on this toon with your battle tag!Sinalorin0 Sep 26
Sep 26 [H]<Firemaul Clan> Getting Raid Ready! Redacted. See new post... here. Sep 26
Sep 26 All Worgen Guild Hello, I was just curious if there was an all Worgen Guild on this server?Räväge0 Sep 26
Sep 26 <Melrony Crime Family> returns! The <Melrony Crime Family> is back and recruiting. Please message me in game if you are interested in it. If you believe I made have a grudge against you, I don't. All things are forgiven; even Rick Finley and I are on good terms. Thank you and have a great day.Selvatore37 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A-RP] Victrix Mortalis Victrix Mortalis is a tight knit, brother/sisterhood organization boarder-line family that explores and dives head first into the darker aspects of magic and roleplay. Some dare call us insane, others call us daft and regardless of what we are called. We strive to provide a unique and different side of the world to your plate and we will let you eat it at your own pace, or try to shove it down your throat. So, just who and what are we? Aside from being a close group of friends who consider each other blood both in and outside of our glorious World. We are a group of people who have multiple years of roleplay experience in and outside of the World of Warcraft universe. What do we do? We aim to bring a different aspect of Azeroth to the table with our wide arrange of characters with unique personalities and styles of RP. The themes we dive into, are (and certainly are not limited too) RP, Realistic, Canon, Mature, Immature, Dark, Combat, Merc, Comedic and Serious. We do, and have participated in cross guild roleplay and even gone as far as knocking down the faction barrier to roleplay with you glorious horde people as well. Aya, you are getting off topic. What the fel do you guys do?! Oh, right. We do pretty much every aspect of this game. We casually raid, we casually PvP, we run around knocking out world quests. I myself have hosted a few d20 adventures that have gone mildly decent however; those were merely test runs to see if I even liked being a DM of such a thing. We ICly relic hunt, bounty hunt, train in terms of physical, combat and in schools of magic. We get involved with the darker side of Azeroth, all the while we look like (some of our members) people who are nothin' but good individuals who would do no wrong. This aspect of is not limited to anything. In short; We do it all, and we have a bloody good time doing it. How do I join? At this time, we have no official recruitment process via application. You will have to ICly learn about the organization, figure out who to talk too and so on. It isn't hard to find or figure out, I personally in TRP3 wear pins that identify Aya as a high ranking member of Victrix. Alternatively; You can ask around or get to know the individual members better. OOC discussions can be held to show interest in joining and we will work around the statement above (*cough* find out IC) and work an interview in. I DON'T LIKE SO AND SO AND I WON'T RP WITH THEM Sounds like you need to talk to Sorinia and the other Carnifex. Please, get a hold of them or myself with any questions, comments or concerns about members within our guild and ranks. We do our best to keep IC, IC and OOC, OOC. If you have conflicting OOC mixing with IC, and vise versa, please, get a hold of a Carnifex and we will try to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. So, who do you dislike or hate? As far as I know, the guild as a whole dislikes, or hates no individual, organization or political party within the realm. In short we have, no blacklist. If you have one of our members blacklisted, please see the paragraph above. ... This was long over due. Zzzz~ :>Àya3 Sep 26
Sep 26 Who looking for mentor? A week or two ago i saw a few post of people seeking for a mage trainer? My character here ICly is a mage who specializes in abjuration and different forms of dark arts. Though he do have knowledge of the field of arcane, just unlike those super young archmages standing around cathedral. If anyone is interested in taking the role of apprentice or wishes to look for a mentor, send me an message. Also if anyone could remember that person who was seeking for a mage mentor from a week ago, pls tell me his name :P I lost his post in the mountain pile forum page.Meliódas2 Sep 26
Sep 26 What's your IC mount(s)? Earlier, a player on one of my other realms posted a question regarding using a spectral tiger as an IC mount (thread found here and it got me wondering, how do people handle thier IC mounts? What are they? I've posted this on my other realm as well, and I am interested in how some of you guys handle your mounts as well. Here is my list: Human Featherwitch (Somewhere between a discipline priest and shadowpriest IC) : She does now have an IC flying mount. Her steed is the Spectral Steed from Tol Barad. (Augmented by the shadowy friends glyph) The horse is the spirit of her old horse when it was alive, but she does not remember it dying. This plays into her lingering uncertainty and insanity, at times she wonders if she is even alive. If she does not remember the horse dying, but he has clearly died, could it be that she does not remember herself dying, and that she too is also dead? Although, this is only in her head as she is very much alive IC/not incorporeal-ish like undead featherwitch. (Another of my characters that goes by the same name, mentioned later) Sul (Troll Druid in-game, Troll Loa Priest IC): I play Sul as not having an IC mount that he 'owns', or a companion that he rides with. Sul uses a raptor for his ground mount, and a bat for his flying mount IC, both of which are provided by the GorWatha Warband (The guild he is in) Stablemaster/bat-handler, in my head. He is just not the type to actually own a mount 'of his own'. Dustwraith (Troll Rogue) His mounts are also provided by the Guild Stablemaster/Bathandler Undead Featherwitch (Shadowpriest): I play this priest as sort of lingering on the edge of the corporeal in my headcanon, with the use of the shadowy-friends glyph (although this no longer makes my mounts actually see-through, unfortunately) I play her skeletal warhorse and Bat flyer as incorporeal conjurations/ghosts that always haunt her, although are not visible to others at all times. They are always visible to her, and make her very nervous. For instance, she exits a building and looks down the road, and there the horse is. Just waiting silently. A caravan or mounted contingent could ride right through the image and still it would not move. Her bat is more menacing to her, though, as she sometimes hears its screeches in the sky above her, though she cannot see it. Or she enters a tavern and it is hanging from the rafters, imposing only to her eyes as it watches her walk through the room. Troll-featherwitch (Shadowpriest): This toon is a priest with Hir'eek as her patron Loa, as such she 'owns' a bat mount. She (The bat) was gifted to troll-featherwitch by her Loa as a blessing, and it hunts of it's own accord, lives its own life pretty much and comes to Featherwitch's aid when she calls to it all spiritual-like. As such it always lives/lingers in the area that Troll-featherwitch currently resides, hanging in trees/crags/wherever etc. However, following the Broken Shore, Hir'eek has gone silent and no longer 'hears' Troll-Featherwitch. This has caused the Bat companion to stray, sort of, it is sometimes aggressive towards Featherwitch, and it is recently sometimes ignoring her callsand just not showing up when she reaches out to it. Aranict (female human rogue) no IC mount. (Eventually she will have an Argent horse, though, I think.) Strings (male orc rogue) no iC mount. Tattersail (female bloodelf mage) no IC mount (Yet) Aranicht (male Dwarf Discipline priest) grey Ram provided by Ironforge Military. Stranger (Male human warrior) No IC mount as he has not participated in a military campaign since Wrath, and even then I see him as a foot-soldier. As well, I would be interested in hearing about any of your guys' noncombat pets! Sul has a sen'jin fetish named Talamandas, a nuisance spirit he hates that won't leave him alone. He theorizes it is a curse from his Loa. (It is not) Human and Undead Featherwitch have an enchanted broom named 'Absent Caretaker', both see them as manifestations of her imagined God. (Whether or not they are remains undecided)Featherwitch74 Sep 26
Sep 26 Interest Check: Scourge Cultist Guild In the mood to run one, mainly for fun, but also to serve as potential villain stuff for future rp lines. Would include a variety of classes and races, playable and non, and be located on Alliance. Anyone remotely interested?Vesiana39 Sep 26
Sep 26 Lukrol Goldenfur ((A RP event(s))) Hahahoho! Greetings friends, and soon to be friends. My name is Lukrol Goldenfur and I'm a pandaren monk. When I was born my mother and father passed down to me our family's heirloom. As I grew up my mother would always remind me to save what the heirloom provided, to live a life of comfort, a life with out worry. But as I got older and drifted from my family my friends convinced me that the power of the heirloom should be shared with friends new and old! When i left the wondering isle I asked myself, why cant I do both? So now I'm doing both. If you happen to stumble upon me during your adventures, grab my ear and lets talk a while in a world that is torn in conflict and remember the good times and maybe even a gift from my family's heirloom! I can't wait to meet you! May fortune smile on you. ((OoC)) The post has be edited heavily haha, I've been informed by new friends that I might need to clariy and make it known I'm doing a RP event Give away when/if you run into my character. He does so with his family's heirlooms. There is no gambling involved only a luck based give away. With a roll of /roll 1-10000 the amount rolled is what you will get. No gambling, nothing, just a give away after a bit of RP! I'm going to try and keep it to monday, wednesday, and friday but until it picks up, might be any time you see me! Have fun and hope to meet you soon!Lukrol7 Sep 26
Sep 25 LF Druid Focused Guild I am new to the server and am interested in a druid focused guild. I like all aspects of the game and am trying to get more into the RP aspect as well. Any advice on active guilds looking would be appreciated. Thank You Alliance btw. I mostly run Mythic+ and achievement type things.Cyi0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Draenei Males Where are all you guys? Did you all die in the crash, move onto greener pastures in AU Dreanor, or even buy a farm in the Broken Isles? I'm so lonely.Tazika44 Sep 25
Sep 25 Why does Illidan take so many breaths? Like seriously, after almost every sentence he just exhales. "The LLLLLEEEEYYYJEEEUN must be stoppedHHHH, at every costHHHHH." "Azeroth's fateHHH, is in our handsHHH." "Boldly saidHHH, but I remainHHH, unconvincedHHH." Seriously dude, you need an inhaler or something?Sneakyspring4 Sep 25
Sep 25 [H-RP] <Felheart> is recruiting <Felheart> is a new Hordeside RP guild, embracing the decadence of Burning Crusade-era Blood Elves, Fel-users reluctant to relinquish easy access to power and wary of a potential crack-down to come. In central premise is a young noble (Yours Truly) – idle, self-indulgent, and none too bright – due to inherit title, revenue and estates. Although the Regent Lord has delayed Tymberlea's inheritence until such time as he can "demonstrate valor and mettle" as a Blood Knight, others among the old nobility resent this bureaucratic erosion of their prerogatives and object on his behalf. All the while, those sensing tantalizing possibilities in the legal loophole provided by the patronage of noble house without a seated lord, and an heir by all accounts easily diverted, manipulated or hoodwinked, look to take advantage of his wealth and station to conceal their own dark deeds. <Felheart> is an adult RP guild, 18+ for themes explored, and is Gay-friendly. Not to imply that it is straight or LBTQ+ unfriendly, but Tymberlea has a reputation that would attract a particular sort of interest. No, we are not an ERP guild, you will not see that in /gchat. What players do privately among themselves is of course their own business. All Horde races are welcome, if you have reason to be doing business with Silvermoon. Nor is RP required, but to be honest we are new and tiny and don't have a whole lot to offer than a basic bank tab (looters will be disappointed) and a modest repair fund to help you out. Alts are welcome! Contact me via PM or in game mail for information or interview - my usual times are US Eastern prime time through the wee hours.Tymberlea8 Sep 25
Sep 25 Roleplaying? Hey what's up, Few questions: I've just returned after a 1 year hiatus and I am wondering which race(s) have a thriving role playing community? (Both Horde and Alliance) Are the House of Nobles still around? Any interesting stories involving a wide arrange of guilds? Has organised world Rp-pvp made a come back, or still using war games? How is random roleplaying and where is it mostly located? Do people still use MRP or is there something new? All opinions are apperciated!Jater3 Sep 25
Sep 25 MG Channel/Discord List Making a new post to avoid necroing the old one. Building a comprehensive list of all publicly available discords and in-game channels. Care to help out? Not all of these discords are strictly MG-Only or made by MGers. Some are general purpose and welcome all who wish to be a part of it. Horde Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Alliance Channels (In-Game) All channels can be accessed by typing /join (channelname) ... Server Discords ... Class Hall (RP) Discords ... Individual Race Discords ... General WoW RP Discords ... Event Organization Discords ... Misc RP Discords: ... Public Guild Discords (MG Only) ...Aran50 Sep 25
Sep 25 [A] Monk guilds? I'm curious if there's any monk guilds trotting about currentlyContrition0 Sep 25
Sep 24 30 something year old seeks friends Hey guys! I have joined a few guilds here and there, but its normally a bunch of young ones. I'd really like to find some friends that I have a few things in common with... like being a parent and having a mortgage and what not. I don't mind a guild that also has young ones, I would just like to find one that includes a few players that were born before 1995. ^.^ I am not a very advanced player though I am very willing to help where I am able. I enjoy rping when I have a fair amount time free. I am a stay at home mom that does not live close to family and I would really love to get to know a few of you!Sipsey5 Sep 24
Sep 24 Continuum (3/10M 7/9H) is recruiting! Hello Moon Guard! <Continuum> here to kick some tail. You wouldn't like us when we're angry. Or something. Who We Are: <Continuum> is a progression-focused weekend raiding guild looking to recruit for Legion! We work towards an environment of camaraderie with the drive and ability to progress without the expense of good old-fashioned fun. We get wild and goofy and often crude, but when the time rolls around to get serious, we do that with -at least- the third best of them. Raid Schedule, Recruitment, and Supply: <Continuum> raids on a 2 day per week, 3 hour per night schedule. Our current official raid times (expressed in CST / server time) are: Saturday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM Sunday: 7:30 - 10:30 PM At the present time, we are 3/10M NH, and 9/9N 7/9H ToS. we are more than willing to consider exceptional applicants of any class or spec for legion. On our list of highest priority are; Healers - Paladin Ranged DPS - Warlock, Boomy, Spriest, Hunter, Mage, Ele Shaman Melee DPS - Monk, Rogue, Warrior, Pally, DH, DK, Enhance Shaman, Feral Druid. Tanks - None currently We are also looking for any player that has these specs as their OS, or have a tank/heals OS for Mythics, M+, and raid changes. The guild bank will provide for any necessary enchants, and when available, raid consumables and other item enhancements will as well. Raiders are still encouraged to provide their own materials, or else help to maintain the bank's active stock. Interested? You can contact us by way of any one of the officers - if you don't see these names in particular, you can ask anyone in the guild and they can usually point you in the right direction if they're on an alt, etc. You can also feel free to send in-game mail or add them by BattleTag (where listed): Cptcuddlez (Gamikk#1349, GM / Raid Leader) Xørik (alt code 0248) (FCBucs#1296) We look forward to hearing from you!Herunoshi12 Sep 24
Sep 24 Questions about Demon Hunter RP Hello everyone! I'm writting a story and a Nelf Demon Hunter is involved. Since I want to make everything right I'd like to know your opinion: Can a DH female carry? If your answer is yes then please tell me: If her mate is another Nelf (non DH) what would happen to the baby? Would he count as a half-breed? Would he be tainted? Would he be a normal Kaldorei, or would he had demonic features? A poweress kaldorei or with hidden demonic powers? I would like to know what you guys think! Thank you!Roverandom5 Sep 24
Sep 24 [A] Active crime guilds? Hey Am planning on transferring my main to this server but was wondering what crime guilds were active on here?Learoy8 Sep 24
Sep 23 Rate! That! Mog! Sooo. Go on. Rate iiit. c:Poptartyum105 Sep 23
Sep 23 RP-PvP Appreciation Thread With the recent removal of sharding from RP realms, I am extremely hopeful for the future of Moon Guard, especially regarding RP-PvP! We've had amazing RP-PvP events, my favorite being the Battle for Theramore! If you think Moon Guard Wrath-WoD, you either think "Goldshire ERPers" (which is pretty misinformed) or you think of these giant campaigns where 100's of people just clusterf* each other, pushing the other side back while /y "LOK'TAR OGAR!" "FOR THE ALLIANCE!" etc etc. It felt like the War was in Warcraft, which Blizzard has consistently pushed as their slogan for expansions. ("We're bringing the War back in Warcraft!") Sadly, sharding happened. What was an idea to "make the world vibrant again" killed off a group over 40 being in one zone. Especially if they're from different factions, offering no way to group up. Sharding was the main thing that made campaigns physically impossible. You can't hit what you can't see. Now that sharding is gone, I want to know: What do you love about RP-PvP? What do you hope may come back due to the drop of sharding? Do you think we'll ever see full-scale faction war again? What was your favorite RP-PvP event? And what zones do you think are prime candidates for a campaign?Telsey40 Sep 23
Sep 23 [A-RP] Cheers for Charity event! Posters with small drawings of mugs can be found around Stormwind. Placed on walls and light poles, the advertisements await to be seen! Brewfest is right around the corner! What better way to get in a festive mood than to attend a festival? The Stormwind Socialites are hosting a Cheers for Charity event in Loch Modan to raise money for animals and children orphaned by the recent events on Argus. Join us for a night of fun with different games and events including gambling, drink tasting, and a rummage romp! Live performances are planned throughout the event. Help support those in need all while having fun! Details Below: When: Friday, September 22nd at 7 PM (server) Where: Thelsamar, Loch Modan Why: To have fun! Bring yourself and your friends and prepare to have a good time! Participating guilds: House Rosemont, Sons of Fordring, Om Nom Noodles, Greyshields, and The Stormwind Socialites. Whisper Junele, Jenfrida, or Nädià for more information! (If your guild would like to set up a stand, feel free to send us a whisper or in-game mail. We have plenty of ideas for extra events!)Nädià7 Sep 23
Sep 22 LF Entertainers and Food Vendors! Just as the title states, I am looking for some entertainers and some food vendors/caterers. I know some groups like <Om Nom Noodles> and <Honeyreed Tea Company> are out there, but I am not sure if they are very active currently? Meaning, I haven't seen them around a lot recently. I have no idea if there are active entertainment type guilds out there right now. I would also be okay with a few individuals who are willing to do some things! The event in question is going to be a large Noble wedding (not my characters). But the idea of it all is meant to be rather extravagant. Anyone who is interested should hit me up here, or in game! Mail works as well! OH! The wedding is set for October 6th at 8 server!Prayerlady4 Sep 22