Moon Guard

Mar 5 [A-Rp]- The Scarlet Crusade Guild Name: The Scarlet Crusade GM: Bellrike: Paladin: Alliance: Bellrike Bretian Officers: N/a (Always looking for Leaders) Affiliation: Alliance PvP: Medium/Guildies can do as pleased. PvE: Medium/Guildies can do as please. Always looking for Leaders. RP: Heavy. (Must be Lvl 20+ to join and must have TRP/MRP/XRP. Tongues is optional. Races Welcome: Humans, Dwarves, Quel'dorei(High Elves) No: Death Knights, Demon Hunters, or Warlocks.) Guild Site: Synopsis: As the war of the Legion goes on the sight of Scarlet Pilgrims filling the floating city of Dalaran can be seen clearly now. One known as Archbishop Bellrike Britian wishes to bring the Crusade back from its fallen graces and seeks vengeance against the Legion that has sullied this Holy Orders name. Causing it's people to go mad and become blind. Now under the Banner of the Alliance of Stormwind the Crusade will seek out the Legion and bring them to justice. In the name of the Crusade the Light will purge the demons back to whatever hell's they claim. Currently: Can be found in the Cathedral of Holy Light and the area of the Cathedral Square.Bellrike8 Mar 5
Mar 5 [A] [SC-RP] <Army of the Truthful> Flyers and various propaganda have slowly spread among the smaller provinces of the Western Plaguelands area. The parchment is marked with the crimson crest of Lordaeron, written in various levels of penmanship. ... OVERVIEW The Army of the Truthful is an extremist splinter faction of the Scarlet Crusade lead by High Cleric Ostrick the Zealous. Comprised of fanatics both young and old, the Truthful not only seek to destroy the Forsaken and remnants of the Scourge, but have declared a war driven by equal bitterness against the Argent Crusade and their allies. Radicalized by a doctrine rooted in the intolerant beliefs of the Scarlet Crusade’s founders, the Truthful, to some degree, have become more extreme than the organization it branched off of. In addition to hating the undead, the Truthful also hate almost anybody that differs from them--both good and bad--from the Alliance to the Burning Legion, and most things in between. ROLEPLAY Army of the Truthful started out as an antagonist guild, but over the days, weeks, and the months that have added up to the year that it has been around, we've decided to explore our dynamic further, adding wider breadth to our identity beyond our tumultuous roots. Conflict is an innate theme for our guild’s storylines. Whether it be combat oriented, internal strife,or questionable morality, danger is regularly faced by the Truthful, and often demands difficult decisions to be made. Heavily rooted in the guild’s canon and history is its beliefs and views toward the Light. The Truthful’s faith heavily differs from how it is traditionally viewed, with its central text involving the doctrine interpreted from the Codex of Flame, which represents the religious doctrine used to justify the zealous and violent acts of the Scarlet Crusade. The Codex is an ongoing work in progress. D20 SYSTEM The Army of the Truthful D20 system, emphasizing a mix of mild complexity, yet easy to pick up and start. Create your own abilities, choose when to use them, and advance your character's power with our progression system! OOC Info For any questions in specific regarding the guild, send mail or contact any of the following officers in game: Ostrick Regal/Boy Abolishment Benikaze Anderstan Website Wiki Page Latest 'Promo' D20 Info Mar 5
Mar 5 [A/H Event] - Steamy Romance Extravaganza! All around us, Love is in the Air ... ... but instead of getting out your gas masks, help First Light celebrate the season by participating in the First Annual Steamy Romance Novel Extravaganza! Get ready to write your hearts out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =Event Details= The Steamy Romance Extravaganza is a Writing Contest! Entries should seek to emulate the innuendo and intimation driven narratives found in the bountiful examples of in-game "Steamy Romance Novels." The goal is humor and hilarity -- any blatantly raunchy or explicit entries will be rejected! Ten winning novels will be chosen from the submissions received — five from members of First Light and five from members of the Roleplaying Community! The winning entries will receive their share of a combined prize pool worth over 300,000G! Additionally, all winning entries be read aloud / performed in a live presentation on the event’s Discord Server during the final Award Ceremony! The event will also feature a Cross-Faction Date Auction, hosted music, and will conclude with our first annual Dreamers' Ball, where winners will be announced just before the live-acted hilarity ensues! All interested parties, please take note of the following dates and times! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16th= 12:59:59 PM Server Time - Steamy Romance Submissions are CLOSED! =FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17th= 7:00 PM Server Time - Kittypalooza Transmog Contest! Details coming soon! 8:00 PM Server Time - All entries will be revealed for the community! 8:30 PM Server Time - Cross Faction Date Auction for the Dreamers' Ball! =SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19th= 8:00 PM Server Time - Commencement of the First Annual Dreamers' Ball! 9:00 PM Server Time - All winning stories will be announced to the crowd! 9:30 PM Server Time - Winning stories will be performed outloud on Discord! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =Invitations= Calendar Events have been prepared for both factions and invites will be offered to anyone interested in attending. Invites may be requested on this thread or by in-game mail or direct tells sent to any of the following contacts: Horde Inviters: Anniela, Fengon, Anaeya, Sophysa. Alliance Inviters: Annîela, Demitria, Anáeya, Amiyna. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =Final Details= For more information, to submit your own Steamy Story, or to Pre-Register for the Cross-Faction Date Auction, please head over to: We look forward to receiving each of your epic tales of romance!Larrendias34 Mar 5
Mar 5 Organization on the Forums? So I'm gonna start by saying I love the Moon Guard forums. However, I see that a lot of things could be improved to make it a fluid forum. Now, to start, I hope to see an event calendar in the future. Wyrmrest Accord has a calendar for all events both on the forums and their own website. I would love to see all of the events of the week/month in one place, without having to search the forums page-through-page for the events I can attend. Secondly, the list of guilds is seriously out-of-date. I think we could use an organized list so again, we don't have to search the whole forum for new guilds. Third, connections lists. We haven't had a post on Roleplaying Connections since February 22nd. Why not make a new list so we can find RP buddies? In addition, an art commission post could be awesome too, or just have a list of artists. I love how organized Wyrmrest is, but I play on Moon Guard. I love Moon Guard, so I want to see all of the going-ons in a simple post or two. Now, I'm not saying remove individual posts, but I want to see links to the threads of said events, guilds, and connections. I would do it myself but I'm quite busy (which is part of the reason I can't search the forums all the time for these events, guilds, and connections.)Taysia4 Mar 5
Mar 4 The Lunar Bazaar- Community Event! The golden eye of the Earthmother sinks low into the sky. The red rock mountains of Stonetalon are bathed in her dying light, creating harsh lines between brilliant gold and crimson illumination and cooling blue and purple shadow. As An’she moves lower, ending her journey across the sky, pinpricks of light begin to faintly appear in the gloaming hours. This is Mu’sha’s time. Rising into the sky, swollen and heavy, she casts her pale light upon the world, giving hope in the dark that swallows Kalimdor. The crickets chirp and sing her praises as moon flowers begin to unwind and blossom, their delicate petals graced with her peaceful gaze. On this night, Mu’sha’s push is strongest, infusing the world with her magics, rewarding the patient with her majesty and power. Beneath the full moon, the Stonewind Tribe gathers, setting their tables and preparing for the celebration at hand; the Lunar Bazaar. ___________________________________________________________________ The next event will be January 7th starting at 8:00 pm server time. The Lunar Bazaar is a community centered RP event lead by The Stonewind Tribe. Each month on the full moon (first Saturday), all are welcome to attend the Bazaar and its adjoining festival. The evening will start with Storytelling in Thunder Bluff followed later by the Bazaar itself, a trade/market style event in which all may participate. The Bazaar will be held at Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains. Vendors and buyers may trade using in-game items, RP items, or GHI items, but in the spirit of the Tauren tradition, we suggest buying and selling without actual game gold. We hope this leads to some interesting haggling and creative methods of bargain! There will be a feast and dancing as well! Those wishing to pay their respects to Mu’sha will be presented with a seedling to be planted later in the evening. Those who participate in this homage to the Earthmother will be presented with a special gift from The Stonewind Tribe (GHI required). Day: Saturday, January 7th Time: 8:00 pm Moon Guard Server Time Location: Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains For further information, please whisper Taeana in game or email her at Hope to see you all there!Taeana56 Mar 4
Mar 4 [A-RP] The Blackanvil Clan be Recruitin'! ... OOC: Hullo Lads n' Lasses! This be Theldur Blackanvil! I 'ave set up a fine dwarven-esque clan that be lookin' fer able gnomes n' dwerves ta settle an unsettled portion o' Khaz Modan! We welcome all walks of life! Whether ye be a humble farmer, a craftsmen, or even a soldier or mage, we welcome 'em all! If ye be interested or 'ave any questions, come find Me (Theldur), Ghanan, or Halduir sumtime! We also be recruitin' most afternoons via patrollin' 'round Stormwind. So if ye ever come across on' of us, just walk up n' ask! Website be a Work in progress!Theldur17 Mar 4
Mar 4 Trading Character Names I have a couple silly names that my friend was telling me I could sell off. Though trading the names for real money would be against he TOA, I am still able to trade the names for in-game items, and in this case I'll shoot for gold, if anyone is interested. I have the OG names: Suramar Racism Prosper Just let me know if you're interested, or make an offerSuramar0 Mar 4
Mar 4 [A-RP] Let's talk Market! Hello all! Dartan here... dabbler in things entertainment and trade... I wanted to start an open planning discussion on bringing market days back to the city. I know there has been some interest brewing about this. More than a few individual merchant rp'ers as well as trade company and store guild are buzzing about potential market plans. Groups like: Cottonbottom Trading Co and Om Nom Noodles I would love to see trade and market rp grow into a robust and fun occasion. In Stormwind or out in the other cities... heck maybe even the smaller towns or along important roads. Let's see what we can do. I invite all merchant and trade minded rp'ers... individuals or groups to join here and help get this off the ground! Remember... markets are not only open to vendors to participate in, but performers as well. Ya know, keep the crowds amused while they wait in the mile long noodle line.Dårtån56 Mar 4
Mar 4 MG Pet Battling League THE FIRST MEETING IS SATURDAY MARCH 4TH!!! Are you interested in pet battling with local folks and rping? Interested in getting in some practice before ToA in the fall? Want to just have fun? Come join Doctor Joy in Stormwind every other saturday at your leisure. The event starts at 7pm MG server time and goes until ????. This will be a casual bracket competition. It's a chance for you to get in some practice against the people you might be competing against in the future at the Tournament of Ages! Don't know what ToA is? Stay tuned. Hopefully someone will have some more news on that! [ Short Version: Server wide annual tournament in all aspects of the game. Except PvE. There's racing, jousting, pet battling, hearthstone, pvp and RP fighting tournaments. ] Hit me up here if you're interested in getting a calendar invite! Any questions or concerns would be most welcome too. ^^ This is here to support you, to gather some interest and foster a sense of community amoungst our wonderful server! You do not need to be of any particular guild. But you do need to be an Rper.Joý9 Mar 4
Mar 4 Dark Embrace - Necessary evil UPDATE: 10/03/16 The Champions of the Illidari have come to open their trials to the newest generation of Elven blood. Few will survive this bloody crucible, but those who do will be armed with the powers to take vengeance on those who filled them with enough hate to twist themselves into a weapon of ultimate death. IC: The atmosphere of the twisting nether churns and boils, listless space filled with glimpses of void terrors from the great dark beyond. Formless shadows and spectrals of demonic spirits. Their wispy forms clawing and passing through flesh as their angry wails wrack the mind. Like emerald demonic wraiths willing to tear flesh apart but their incorporeal forms deny them such a delight. It will be some time before a new body will be manifested for them to possess and sent back to the front lines to rejoin the endless horde in consuming entire planets like a swarm of locusts upon rolling plains of wheat. An illumination flickers near her, like a train light growing larger and brighter the quicker it barrels through the tunnel. Jadefeathers arms swam amongst the endless sea of demonic spirits, as if swimming in a space of nothingness and against the current of void terrors sailing above her head. The light continued to grow brighter washing over her winged form pressed down in a forced gravity well until her bare feet touched down upon the gentle hum of felsteel. Passing through demonic portals, no matter how many times and no matter how much of a fortitude she has built up for traveling in them always lurches the stomach and turns her guts momentarily inside out. The Illidari’s burning eyes immolated under the obsidian cloth, flickering glow worms and flairs of demonic and arcane energy teased her spectral sight in a flashing kaleidoscope of disorienting colors. There was no need for her to turn her head to observe the other Illidari gathered in rest to her far right and left flanks. Her brothers and sisters of the hunt only raised their heads for a moment in alarm at her entry through the portal before turning back to sharpening their warglaives upon infernal whetstones, a cascade of jadefire sparks showering the floor - preparing for their next slaughter. The tips of her lengthened black toenails clicked against the steel, she could feel the sway of the Legion Monolith cruiser ship rocking within its levitation and the gentle vibrations of its soul fueled engines keeping it afloat over the blasted landscape of the shattered tectonic plate known as Mardum. A demonic world claimed in the midst of Legion Space, defiantly in the face of the Burning Shadow as if to dare the Eredar Lords and Sargeras himself to come and reclaim that which has been taken from them by right of conquest. The grinding drag of cloven hooves resound within the lobe of Jadefeathers sharpened elven ear. A broken passed by her on patrol, his lumbering body as gaunt and wretched as her own. The brokens back tendrils sway like a pendulum on a grandfather clock with every step he took. Carrying with him a large battle axe over his shoulder, it looked as though he could barely keep the weapon holstered upon his collarbone without falling over like a felled tree trunk. The broken reaver stopped momentarily to cough into a closed fist, wheezing and guttural hacking like a man upon his death bed. Spectral droplets of sapphire dot the rim of his fist. The Legion has taken much from him, his body twisted and decaying from the demons taint withering his body. While most of the other tribes seek a cure for the contagion, the most stalwart of the warriors have come to terms with their conditions, that they are dead men. The Elder Seer, Akama has denounced and forsaken them as the most evil and cruel of his ashtongue tribe but to the Illidari and disciples of The Great Shan’do, they are kindred spirits, lusting for revenge against the Legion that took everything from them and we will grant them the death in battle they wish. The Krokul payed his respects to her when her presence was made known to him, genuflecting his chiseled head forward as she passed by. The gesture was not returned. Following down the rampway into war room, the huntress passed by a naga Myrmidon, the scaled serpent's tail twisted behind him as his dorsal fins fluttered open. Forked tongue excavated from his squared shark toothed maw as the air hissed through his incisors. The Coilskaar yet still honor their pact, long after Lady Vashj death. Their loyalty to their queen, the light of lights beneath the tides is unquestioned. No one is sure why such a dubious pact was formed between the lady and the the Great Shan’do. In truth; the Illidari cares not who rules over Azeroth, so long as it is not done in the Legions name.Rayshal343 Mar 4
Mar 4 Guard guilds in the city? Hello everyone. I was just hoping a few people could help me identifying all of the current guard guilds within Stormwind city. I know there's "The Stormwind Guard", but I think there are some others but I'm not sure. Anyone know?Astryela4 Mar 4
Mar 4 [A-RP] <The Crescent Glaive> - Fear the Night ...Sillena16 Mar 4
Mar 3 Horde DKs! We need you! Horde Death Knights! Do you want more IC friends, comrades and people to outright do badass DK things with? We are looking for people to join our community. We have plenty of Alliance DKs, but we needs more Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Undead, Blood Elf, and Goblins!! ((Alliance DKs are still free to join either way though!)) <Knights of the Ebon Blade> is a Discord community of Death Knights who seek players of their class for RP storyline, character development and just be social. We started here on Moon Guard, but we are more than willing to include DKs from other RP servers as well. And you don't even have to leave your current guild either. This is just a community of Death-minded individuals who just want to RP. PST Aran Alliance side via B-tag at dacey#11298 Or you can contact me Killamag ingame or via B-tag at HarmlesDrone#1429. Discord link: Suffer Well!Killamag4 Mar 3
Mar 3 Dark Embrace? (Demon Hunter lore) So I was doing some lore digging, since myself and a few friends of mine want to make Demon Hunters, and I stumbled upon something that was introduced in Cata that was super interesting. If you swim/leap/fall into the whirlpool right outside Lor'danel, the 'Maw of the Void', a cutscene opens of you being sucked into the whirlpool. You land in a collapsed ruin, filled with highborne-esque building parts. There's one druid looking woman who's (assumed) only purpose is to send you back out when you're done. If you progress through the cavern, however, you will find a few spirits of Highborne, and then the spirit of a demon hunter, named Telarius Voidstrider. His title, is Herald of the Dark Embrace. If you aggro him, he yells, "You are not of the dark path! You do not belong here, <race>." He may say something else while swinging at you, but I waited a few minutes and he said nothing else. After killing him, which is easy as he's level 12, he drops an item which starts a quest. The item is called Writings of the Dark Herald. It says: ... And then prompts you to turn it into to someone. When you find that someone they answer with this: ... After turning in the quest, you get an achievement in your Kalimdor quests titled Ghosts in the Dark! Illidan's thumbnail is used and it's description is "Discover the secret buried beneath the Maw of the Void in Darkshore." So what do you guys think of this? I found it super interesting, and I'm curious if they'll use it in some way, or extend on this apparent...'order'. It seems like a good way, at least for us RPers, to think of ways that our demon hunters came into being.Ilsava4 Mar 3
Mar 3 [A-RP] A Call to Arms! <The Radiant Vigil> ... ...Davrum36 Mar 3
Mar 2 DH Couple LFGuild for Normal Raids (Horde) My wife and I are new to horde and we are looking for a raiding guild running normal progression. Our play times are 7pm CT to 11ish or later if needed. We can also play on some weekend mornings / evenings. We both have experience with EN as Alliance, but none with ToV or NH other than LFR. We are both around 855 ilvl. Feel free to contact me in game or in this thread. I will be watching it throughout the day.Verdë1 Mar 2
Mar 2 <<Ignore This>> We found a guild.Zonjo2 Mar 2
Mar 2 The Ashbringer Just letting you guys know that Bordae will be the only one that can wield Ashbringer ICly in Legion.Bordae70 Mar 2
Mar 1 903 Prot Pally w/ 54 Traits LF Raiding Guild Hello, As it says in the title I am a 903 Equipped Protection Paladin with max paragon and I am looking for a Raiding Guild that has a permanent raiding spot open that is progressing in Mythic Nighthold. Currently I am 9/10 H 2/10 M with Trill to 20% NH 5/7M EN 3/3 H TOV I'd prefer to raid two nights a week and end by 11 EST. I am available any days, server transferring and faction changing is not an issue. A little bit about myself. I have been playing WoW since the launch of Burning Crusade and raided end game content the entire time. I am always online trying to better myself and push any content I can. I cleared Nightbane the second week it was out and I was the first one in my guild to clear a +10 and +15 within the time limit. I am always trying to push keys as high as they can go just for the challenge and to better myself. I have raided end game in several other games including, but not limited to: FFXIV, FFXI, SWTOR, RIFT, AION, GW2, Wildstar, BNS, etc. I have about 14 years of raiding experience. Feel Free to contact me in game. BNET CiliegiaOrsa#1119. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Can provide several references that can vouch for my skills. : )Ciliegia1 Mar 1
Mar 1 LF raiding guild Hi there, I'm just coming back to this server and was wondering if there's any raiding guilds on Alliance that is interested in 885 ww monk in their guild? If so please contact me here or shoot me a whisper ingame.Gruulbanë0 Mar 1
Mar 1 <Undercity Nexus>(H/RP) - Trust no one. "Be wary, child, of Plaguelands plain.. Be mindful, child, of the infected grain.. For if throat is parched and of infected water sip.. Forever your soul will be in cursed Scourge grip. So heed this warning, child, and if far from mother stray.. Let light from home’s hearth guide you back your way.” - The Undercity Nexus - (Forsaken / Undead RP Guild)(Casual: pve, pvp, and rp-pvp) Contacts: Banshih, Ickariss Guild Website / Rp Blog: Recruitment Forum: ... ...Banshih139 Mar 1
Mar 1 [A-RP] Cottonbottom Trading Co. + Park RP Cottonbottom Trading Co. We sell, We trade, We conquer. Originally from the Horde, Mirai Cottonbottom started out as a mere cabbage merchant out in the Valley of Honor. Giving players a chance to barter with a Merchant for their wares, and get a quality role playing experience. She got her starts with the Megabucks Trading Co. ~5 years ago as their main produce provider shortly after, and received her Family's dream of having their own Farm, and no longer working as Field Hands. However, since the disbandment of Megabucks Trading Co., Mirai has decided to branch out and create her own company on the Alliance. Hoping to one day have enough people and affect on the community to shape the Southern Park plaza, (Where GNews is held at 9PM), into a Market place during the other hours of the day. This is to help create a general atmosphere between other hours of the day, and allow players to barter and trade a daily rotation of goods with merchant RPers. This would theoretically be held during the Afternoon, between 1:00PM-7:00PM, and generate a heartbeat of activity in the area. Not only will there be a Market style of RP events on a practically daily basis, there will also be Weekly shipping days that are dedicated in Pandaria / Stormwind Docks, and perhaps even a day spent Caravanin' the goods around Pandaria. Our current ranks are OOC -- For alts and fresh out the wazzoo recruits Stocker -- For people interested in the Dock / Caravan RPs mostly Laborer -- For those who wish to help out in running the Marketplace. Bruiser -- For those who wish to guard the Marketplace / Be Muscle bois. Valued -- For those who have proven to be capable of creating / holding events, though aren't quite at the Criteria for... Chairman -- For those who demonstrate leadership skills, master of the trade of (insert product here), and cool kids in general. Boss -- For Mirai Cottonbottom. What is currently required is an IC / OOC interview with Mirai Cottonbottom, and to have Discord installed on either their computer or phone. We don't have a guild site, since our Discord is currently laid out to hold such information / enviornment that a website would usually hold. We are also looking to converse with any other Trading / Merchant guilds about rendezvous in the Market place, as well as to accomodate for any themes their guild shares, or any certain products only their guild would sell! Want to help out within the guild? Spread the word? Hear about the day that we're starting the Market? Go ahead and shoot me a message or mail in game, or reply down in the comments below!Cottonbottom9 Mar 1
Mar 1 [H] <Bearly Koalafied> LFM Healers, DPS, all! <Bearly Koalafied> is a Horde guild located on the high population server, Area 52! We are currently 7/7M EN, 3/3H TOV, and 10/10H NH! We're looking for awesome raiders that like to down Mythic Bosses and run high Keystones! Raid Times Mythic Progression Tuesday and Thursday 11pm - 2am EST (Eastern Time) 8pm - 11pm PST (Pacific Time) We got [Cutting Edge: Xavius] and plan on doing the same for Gul'Dan! Fun Runs - Gearing Alts and Selling Carries Sunday 8pm - 11pm EST 5pm - 8pm PST Recruitment Our class balance is pretty decent and we have the luxury of recruiting players rather than specs, so we're looking for people with Mythic experience and can pull high percentile parses and help their teammates to do the same. If you have a tank or heal spec and like running high keystones, we want to talk. About Us Raids have a lot of joking around when we're farming bosses and reviewing logs when we're progressing. Off nights are usually Keystone runs and sometimes we go out hunting cool achievements or transmog gear. We use Discord to set up runs, but it's mostly people helping each other out with rotations and pictures of cool things we like that make us laugh. How to Apply Send me a message in game or on wowprogress to set up a trial run. Signing bonuses and paid transfers are available for 95%+ players. Contact Raid Leader / Guild Master - Bacon#1338 Me, a healer - Tealize#1628 Mar 1
Mar 1 Intra-Stormwind Political Factions I never seem to get far with my little fanon side projects but I nevertheless enjoy jotting down my nonsense when the energy for it rises. Presently, I am just thinking about what political factions could exist in my fanon. The setting is vanilla WoW with the main difference being the existence of Standhaft Garithos and the death of Varian Wrynn at the hands of the naga (instead of his crazy convoluted story involving being split in half, fighting in orc arenas, having amnesia, and other ridiculous nonsense). I take inspiration largely from Rome the TV series, but also a few other things like DA:O mage fraternities. This is because I tend to think that there are two main spheres for these political parties to exist in: secular and religious stances. So far I have come up with the following: Stormwind Political Factions: Fordragonians a.k.a Loyalists Led by Regent Bolvar Fordragon and Katrana Prestor, they are composed mainly of the nobility based in Stormwind City and Elwynn Forest. They control Stormwind City, the Stormwind Army proper, and prioritize the safety of the boy Prince Anduin over facing the many threats in the realm. To that end, they keep the entire Stormwind Army garrison in and around the capital to the misfortune of the rest of the Kingdom. They follow the Church of the Holy Light as written in the Tome of Divinity. Their Virtues: Respect, Tenacity and Compassion. They worship no gods. Garithonians Led by Standhaft Garithos, they are composed mainly of nobility far from the protection and control of Stormwind City. They demand action be taken against the various threats across the kingdom and foment discontent about Bolvar's failure to defend the land and its people. To that end, Standhaft Garithos leads his house men-at-arms to set the lands to rights personally and they recruit from among those they aid. They question the Church of the Holy Light's doctrine and advocate a return to the worship of the old human god: Tyros*. Their Virtues: Strength, Honour, Courage, Mastery, and Faith. *In my fanon I give name and origins to the now retconned human god from Warcraft 1. I haven't thought of any other factions yet. I am not sure if I ought to make it more complicated or not but I'd be glad to hear of others' ideas. I was thinking I should maybe split the Fordragion group into Throne Loyalists and Church of Holy Light followers so we have two distinct groups that overlap rather than just having the one group. I also wonder where Stormwind's mages would fit into this as well as the numerous human groups from other kingdoms now making their home in Stormwind as the last bastion for mankind and the considerable dwarf, gnome, and high elf population in Stormwind.Gärithos42 Mar 1
Mar 1 [N-RP] The Argent Bulwark - Always Strong ... On the bulletin boards and street corners of all major cities in the world, fliers are hung up, bearing the seal of the Argent Crusade, reading: ... ...Lantos330 Mar 1
Feb 28 [H-RP Event] Dance of the Earthmother. With the change of each season, there is also a change within the Earthmother. Come join the united tribes of Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord as we come together for a weekend of celebration, reverence of the land, and awaken our beloved Earthmother from her Winters Veil slumber! ... ... Aaannnddd, that's all I got... Sorry folks, this is just a placeholder, as well as to raise public awareness of next month's event. I am honestly unsure of who's the main host this season, I suspect it may be Chieftain Taeana Palehorn of the Stonewind Tribe, but I could be wrong... been super out of the loop lately, but hope to fix that soon! ANYWHO! Event is at 7pm Moon Guard time, on the 19th of March! There will be contests, storytellings, sparring, feasts, dance, and so much more! Don't be afraid! This may be centered around SHu'halo tradition, but all children of the Earthmother are welcome! Well, all Horde anyways, not sure how you poor alliance folk can sneak into Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore... If you have more info on the event than I do, please let us all know here or contact myself in game so I can update this properly! Also, if you are a part of a tauren tribe, please get in touch with Taeana if you would like to help contribute to the event! @>`~,~~~Plainsthorn2 Feb 28
Feb 28 The Light and it's Point of View Hey everyone! So, I have had some inquiries and I wanted to share them with you guys. So, lets start with the light. We all know how it works. If you show the willpower and determination, and you truly believe what your doing is right, the light will follow you. This is how such contrasting people like Tirion and the Scarlet Crusade can wield the light. Human paladins require years of training to become paladins and wield the light, but my first question stems from there. As a human, must you be a paladin to wield the light? Secondly, do you think it's possible as a lightwielder, to wield both the light and shadow?Nohr13 Feb 28
Feb 28 A-RP <Embershield Protectorate> Onwards Glory "The bonds of a faction, a terrible thing that throws a persons loved ones to the other side, and breaks a family apart. We seek to stop such a fate for others, to unite people across the planet. To promote peace and save our world. For Azeroth, for the Protectorate." Who We Are <Embershield Protectorate> is a coalition of lords, nobles, military leaders and common people situated in the mountains dividing Quel’thalas and the Eastern Plaguelands; an area known to those within the Protectorate ranks as Quel’Anaris. Allied together with the intent of protecting Azeroth from any who wish to do her harm, The Protectorate have chosen to not partake in the war between the Horde and the Alliance. Embershield itself has gone through many changes since its original conception as the <Order of the Golden Rose>. But the one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to quality RP. We’ve hit some bumps in the road attempting to achieve this, (such as an incident involving a Sin’dorei within the Cathedral Square) but to truly achieve success in your goals, you must fail forward. We continue to strive for this commitment. While our members often band together to tackle PVE content (which Legion has shown to provide much of), we primarily focus purely on RP, using D&D Style Rolling events to progress in guild story as well as personal character development. Because of this, we have developed a lovely Character Sheet system that’s simple to understand and provides methods to expand upon your character during these events. Guild Info Website: Guild Master: Elìzàbeth (Erìdan, Allerìah) Officers: Kamarill, Aedraeina, Ainsling How to Join The primary way to join Embershield is by contacting one of the officers or the GM via in game mail or whispers. If for some reason you cannot contact the officers or the GM, you may visit our website ( and fill out an application. If that is your prefered method, someone will contact you shortly after the application is turned in. Requirements for Joining We generally accept any race and class within our ranks, so long as you understand the following: - General knowledge of the English Language along with basic grammar and punctuation. - Know the difference between IC and OOC as well as understand what Godmodding and Metagaming is and why it’s bad. - TRP3, XRP, or MRP are required. - Acting in a manner that is ill fitting, such as harassment and trolling, are not tolerated here. Events We host at least 2 D&D Rolling events every week, with the possibility of more if the opportunity presents itself. The 2 are mainly hosted by Elizabeth, who often bases the background on these events from a well developed story structure. Any other story line events are thought up by the rest of the Officer Core. We have a very nicely structured D10 Character Sheet system that our members can use to customize the way their characters play out these events. When we’re not doing these D&D events, members may spend their time and creativity by doing the quests on the Missions and Job Board we have on our website. We keep the board up to date with specific quests to keep members engaged and entertained. We also like to hang out and RP in Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord, using it as a proxy for our capital city, East Lowes. We use various other cities and encampments around Azeroth as proxies for other cities and townships within Quel’Anaris. If you’re interested in joining, contact the officer core in game or visit our website ( to fill out an application!Elìzàbeth25 Feb 28
Feb 27 [A-RP] Brotherhood of Clemency- Light's Mercy ... .:IC Information:. ... The Brotherhood of Clemency is a religious order that sprang from the ranks of the Church of the Holy Light. It is composed of the lowest folk; Farmers, Tailors, Scribes as well as Bishops, Priests, and Knights and was formed in response to the suffering inflicted upon the small folk by various Crusades sanctioned by the larger Church of Light. The Brotherhood was founded by Patriarch Eric Shawston, a self-ordained Priest, to aid those who did not have the means to aid themselves. Now, the Order is lead by a serving council of Clerics and Knights who have all witnessed the suffering of others first hand. With the aid of the Brotherhood the small folk has been able to reseed and rebuild their war torn homes and lands. The Council's mission is to spread the teachings of its Patron, Clement the Merciful, and offer mercy to those that have done wrong in the name of the Holy Light and their own selfish ambitions. .:OOC Information:. The Brotherhood of Clemency is roleplaying Guild on the server Moon Guard US and are stationed Alliance side. Our group RPs as a band of believers of the Holy Light who broke off from your average duties in the Cathedral and the Church of Light to serve directly where needed in Azeroth. Individuals, originally serving as a band of Missionaries, soon after the Legions attack merged with the Brotherhood and began to serve alongside various other Orders in their defense against the demonic attacks that now plague Azeroth. Our members serve on various organizations connected to the greater Roleplay community of the server.Nelany31 Feb 27
Feb 27 In need of Rhinestone Sunglasses Hello fellow moon guardians! I never post on realm forums but Im a little desperate. I need a pair (or three...but at least one) for an RP event with friends, but they are so ridiculously expensive. 200k on the AH and 500k on my other server's BMAH. I know the recipe is insanely rare, so Im offering a sizable tip for anyone that can craft these for me using my mats. If you know anyone who can craft them, hook me up with them and I will love you forever <3 edit: I am alliance, obviously, but if you are or know a hordie who can do it, I am willing to move materials and money cross faction via the auction house.Marrowrend0 Feb 27
Feb 27 Il'gynoth's whisper spoil. Here some whisper from this ugly boss which dark plot is brewing "To find him, drown yourself in a circle of stars. "The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies he will offer you." "Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it." "The lord of ravens will turn the key." "Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator." "The king diamonds has been made a pawn" "Five Keys opens our way. Five torches to light our path." "At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming." I believe were about make a terrible mistake with Pillar of creationGhaghzull68 Feb 27
Feb 27 [A-RP] <The Fist of Icecrown> Death Marches ... Who are we? The Fist of Icecrown is the Northend military Legion charged with overseeing the destruction of any renegade undead and other threats in the frozen waste. They culture of this military legion is unlike any other. They openly practice dark arts such as necromancy, voidmancy and other such eldritch arts against those that oppose their military might. While officially the Fist of Icecrown serves both the Ebon Blade and the grand Alliance rumors is that the Archon takes direction from the Lich King himself though not of this is confirmed. The Archon of Icecrown calls upon you damned souls of society to come forth and pledge your life and unlife to the service of the Legion of the Damned where your skills will be welcomed with open arms. The <The Fist of Icecrown> is a Heavy RP Dark Themed Kingdom/Military guild which wishes to offer a home to Death Knights, Necromancers and other dark characters where they can openly practice their art in service of the Alliance. Who do we accept? We are primarily a Death Knight/Necromancer guild but we do accept any character that exists outside of the acceptable roles of society from Warlocks, Dark Mages, Not so good Knights etc. Anything can be negotiated on a case by case basis.Aedrian7 Feb 27
Feb 26 Turwinkle speaks with the League of Lordaeron Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle here with another great guild interview! We have the great opportunity to speak with the officers of the guild called the League of Lordaeron! We learn all about the guild, how you can get in and what to expect when you are in the guild! So grab your favorite snack, beverage and cuddle up to all the League of Lordaeron and Turwinkle goodness! Feb 26
Feb 26 Hiring rogue level 70+ I need rogues to farm Lower Blackrock Spire for Heavy Junkboxes! They're very easy to farm, just pickpocket the humanoids and COD ALL boxes to my character named Gothicss! I'm literaly paying 100g per Heavy junkbox! I'm also paying 300g for any uncommon lockboxes such as Mithril/Thorium/and Eterniums! NOTE: I'm paying 300g ONLY for green-lettered mithril/thorium/Eternium boxes, and 100g for the regular white colored heavy junkboxes. (ALL MUST BE LOCKED) By the way, i suggest reading the comments on this item on wowhead. It contains simple and easy tips for farming, such as pick pocketing macros/items/locations! Just continue to COD as many boxes as you can for me for some easy money! Assume i'm still buying these boxes until i indicate in this thread to stop sending them. Happy Hunting and thanks! Status: Still in need of boxes... Still need. 2/19/17Gothicss4 Feb 26
Feb 26 [A-RP] Calling All Shadowpriests-Cancelled Posted on the major city bulletin boards and shadowy hangouts. Followers of the void, Practitioners of shadow. No matter how deep your art, how dedicated your beliefs. You have been invited to attend a gathering at the Sanctuary of the Void at Netherlight Temple on February 25th at 8 bells into the evening. Standing before the Legion, even those that stand on the fringes of the Alliance society must gather as one. We seek not only support, but also communication with one and another, to know and share in our faith, to understand our each unique ways and band together as our roles as bringer of Shadow and Balance. Our first gathering will be at Netherlight Temple on the Void Branch side. Refreshments will be supplied. Attendees are encouraged to bring a candle for the sanctum altar. We hope to meet our fellow practitioners for and evening of socializing and sharing. --OOC--- Shadows arise! Hey everyone! It's Your lovely (nuisance) local shadowpriest, Raisty! It's that time again to gather all shadowpriest Rpers to a get together in Netherlight. All lines of shadowy faith are welcomed - balance priests included. It will be a relaxing night of socializing, getting to know other shadow users in the Alliance, and just know how each of us RP the shadow. This will take place in netherlight temple so it is priest exclusive. Please post here for a calender invite so I can invite you to a raid due to phasing. I hope to see you all there! Or whisper me too, that'll work.Raistlinn35 Feb 26
Feb 25 Average person in Goldshire Average person in goldshire Feb 25
Feb 25 Let's talk about Aliens and other worlds. With today's major NASA announcement of the discovery of seven earth like exoplanets orbiting a start 39 light years away, it made me wonder how the MG community feels about it. All the major networks have a story on it but this link is from Feb 25
Feb 25 [A-RP] Remnants of Lordaeron ... Remnants of Lordaeron - Information ”For the travelling, the homeless, the weary. Those of Lordaeron who no longer have a place in the ruins and wishes to start anew - to remember what they lost, celebrate what they have left, and rebuild what they should have.” The Remnants of Lordaeron builds itself upon the corpse of the Knights of Lordaeron a guild that Anastarian started but is unable to continue due to OOC reasons. As the story continues, the remnants of Lordaeron has arrived in Tyr’s Hand after a long and arduous journey without its leader. Now it seeks to settle and rebuild what it lost. As this is a fresh beginning, the field is wide open for eager RPers to carve out a story of their own. We seek to cultivate an active RP platform where there is something for everyone and RPers can advance their characters and themselves through RP in a way that is agreeable to their personal story. We are a casual to medium RP guild that bases itself in Tyr’s Hand and the Scarlet Enclave behind us with some proxy if required (garrisons), and welcome anyone who wish to join and find their place in the guild - whether as the noble knight or the lowly peasant - even that snobby little mage in the corner. Heavy, highly disciplined style of RP is available for those interested (join an in-guild order, adhere to its rules, etc). Rules and Expectations Thou shalt respect the ones around you - don’t be a @##*!%#! OOC. Thou shalt know the lines between IC and OOC - they are very different. Thou shalt be an adult with thick skin - babysitting services is limited in supply. Sometimes the guild chat has no filter, and while each member is expected to handle himself or herself with maturity and understanding (if asked to stop, stop), sometimes things slip. Sensitive folks may not feel comfortable here. Thou shalt use proper English for IC and OOC communication - typos are fine. Thou shalt respect the RP community - Remnant of Lordaeron is a guild that will participate in server events, and will hold server events. And while it is not mandatory that members MUST attend (if your RP doesn’t line up with whatever the event is, there is no reason for you to go), we as a whole are not an isolated guild. Members are encouraged to RP with outsiders as well as their guildmates. Thou shalt be accountable for thy actions - IC and OOC. Be a @##*!%#! IC, then do not grumble about your character being hated. If your character commits a crime and has to be reprimanded, you will respect the story you have written to the best of your capabilities and the consequences that comes with. While options will be given, suddenly ‘opting out’ because OOC “you don’t want to” is not acceptable.Adamantt500 Feb 25
Feb 25 I have a dwarfy question. How is the community for the dwarfy side of things? Really feeling like getting heavy into a dwarf character but I'm not sure how the dwarf community is here.Relithuen14 Feb 25
Feb 25 [A-RP] <Eternal Star> Aliya felt a bubbling sensation rise from her stomach and into her chest, her cheeks flushing with warmth despite the cold breeze coming off the coast. A single foot dangled off the edge of the World Tree, Teldrassil, her silvery eyes gazing downward into the blanket of wood and leaves below her. Even so high up, she could hear the sound of the sea below her, waves crashing against the Great Tree’s shoreline. To her, it had sounded like the world was turning over in its sleep, never quite getting comfortable, never coming to rest. She brought her hands out for balance, the knee of one leg bending slightly as she zeroed in on her own center of mass, her body making slight micro adjustments to ensure she didn’t fall. There was a brief moment when she considered falling, how would things have changed? “Min’da, An’da…” She reminded herself. “Aliyara, Vani’ser… Liogrey.” Other thoughts flooded in, memories of all those she had lost, all those the Legion, the Horde, and the Undead have taken from her. Those that she was eager to see again in the Here After. She wondered how much the world would miss her, she was sure of her immediate family and friends, but in the grand scheme of things? Would it make any difference? How much loss and suffering has she been able to prevent in the last decade? Or has she only created more? The wind changed direction, creating a loud roaring is it brushed past the Sentinel’s ear. “JUMP!” Aliya felt her weight shift forward, that bubbling feeling rising further from her chest and into a ball in her throat. Her knee bent, as she fell to a squat, attempting to condense her center of mass, regain her balance, before falling backward onto her rump, supported by one of Teldrassil’s branches. She smacked herself upside the head, snarling in protest to her infernal internal voices. Aliya looked to her hand, her finger’s tangled with a thin, ghostiron chain, carrying a small locket. Jewelry, especially of this nature, was not something she wore in public. In fact, this particular locket had always found itself in a small Jewelry box on her night stand for safe keeping. She never opened the locket, she knew too well what she would find inside. Feeling a warm spatter of water hit the back of her hand was the only thing to make the Sentinel realize that tears now ran down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away, before someone unexpected could show themselves. It was not uncommon for the woman to cry, simply no one other than Liogrey ever saw it. In fact, it would be common place for the druid to see his love cry several times a week. Aliya wondered how he could love someone so weak, someone so thankless and so ugly. “I’m sorry.” Aliya said quietly, pausing as if she expect some kind of answer. There would be none, only a brief break in the wind, ushering in an unusual silence. Aliya couldn’t even hear her own breath before the wind picked up again, causing her legs to sway off the ends of the World Tree. Aliya stood, smoothing the black and blue colors of her tabard over her firm breastplate. Her hand lingered on the sigil of her order, the blue knot-art depiction of the World Tree, an eye seamlessly hidden in the entangled illustration. Briefly, she wondered what it meant, perhaps she should have long before she took the mantle of the Order’s leader. Perhaps she had always known, only now applying it to the image itself. She did not linger, spear in hand, she returned to the city, teary eyes hidden behind a look of hardness and fire. One that she was well known for.Akiyass7 Feb 25
Feb 24 Help? Alright guys, so I am have made a Female Druid Night Elf and I don't know when I should start to role-play as her, or where to even do it. I know I post a lot on here now and then but you guys are super helpful. If anybody has any advice, I would appreciate it :)Teremick9 Feb 24
Feb 24 <A> Ramheart- Dwarf only guild An lone armored dwarf mounted atop a ram rode ever so slowly as he would reach down towards a battle horn that hung upon his belt. Once visible atop the crest on a hill a large force would seem to follow him only visible by the cloud of dirt emitting into the air. Grasping the horn, he would summon a large amount of air through it as he brought it up to his lips and an loud dwarven call to arms would roar through as it echoed. While dropping the horn down to his side he began to shout: "My kin, before us the fel taint of the Legion once again travels to our world. We now come together of all clans alike to fight this evil and banish it from our lands. Yet another enemy comes wishing to end our race but I say not on this day!" A loud roar of screams and cheers would rumble as mounted and standing kin alike would band behind this lone dwarf. Banners of all kinds showing he field of battle would come together and flap within the winds as an array of armor slams together in cheer of his words. "Let us drive these foes from our lands and show what we can do together as all different kin fight hand in hand! May you fight hard and long and should you parish know the name of your sacrifice will not be forgotten through our halls. For the Alliance and for Khaz Modan!!" OOC Information Ramheart is an Role playing dwarf only guild with plans to venture into heavy immersion in story-line and character growth. Embarking on a journey to tell the tale of dwarves that did or did not agree to the making of the Council of Three Hammers, we give opportunity to tell a tale without the Council spearheading this dwarven establishment in hopes that this acts as the peoples voice. Thoghli takes the charge of banding together warriors and any others that strive to help each other and be as one. Still holding to core lore of World of Warcraft with a creative twist we hold values such as Honor to keep your Oath, maintaining your grudges with honor, and death before breaking those ideals of what the true and Iconic dwarf should be. - We are a Heavy Roleplaying Guild and we would like to keep it that way.  - Dwarf only guild!! - We are an group that are still within the holds of the council running the show but, we are here help our fellow dwarven blood if called upon in dire need so are creating something a bit different. ( We do this because the council cannot directly roleplay with us.) -We are not a different clan but a unity of all clans under the lead name of ramheart due to him being the leader. He was a former Thane and had that prestige though with the lack of kin due to trying times lost his title. -Quality over quantity!!  Yes we are a guild that wishes to grow but, I am looking for quality role players that are willing and wanting to challenge their creativity and storytelling in a dwarven guild.  - One main and one alt. I hold true that if you want to be here then you will attempt to be active or aid in improving the guild in your own eyes.  Disclaimer: If you are allowed an alt and you are active either IC or OOC it is still a case by case situation. FAQ : - Question:So let’s say someone says, ‘What are you about? I’ve never heard of you.’ * Answer: Ramheart is old and once great yet small clan, from before the forming of the Three Hammers yet sadly it has been lost to the mountains and with lack of fellow kin. It was unique in our culture then from most. They were about strength and greatness of the individual, where trust was earned and honor brought by great deeds. Thoghli is personally seeking to rebuild and reclaim honor within the halls of Ironforge. - Question: " Well what if we want to join on one character but later, want to make another dwarf character my main in the guild?"  * Answer: "You will have to (In Character) join the group as you (In Character) have joined on the other toon and do the process over again." - Question: "Will you be at one place or be an adventuring and exploring type of guild?" * Answer: Yes, we will be using multiple spots as our own to provide for a "safe haven " for the type of role play we are having. Along with that we will also be exploring and doing quests as a group to help improve our story-line and relationships among other groups.  - Question: "Are their uniforms or not? " * Answer: We will have a uniform if you are of the Ramheart banner but seeing as we take other clans then you will not have to abide by it so long as you wear the appropriate garbs of your clan. I know that most do not like the idea of uniforms though this is an attempt to have the look of uniformity between those of ramheart and those who are not but still wish to be a part of the adventure. *Continued*Thoghli25 Feb 24
Feb 24 [A] <Heroes Hall> - Adventuring RP (UPDATE 3/22/2017 - This guild will be disbanding shortly for various reasons. For anyone who was interested, I'm sorry we couldn't accommodate you.) The Heroes' Hall is a collective of adventurers who are fed up with the forces of the Alliance ignoring the problems here at home. So, we go out into the world and help our common people. Out-of-character, our goal is to focus on the individual story arcs of our members. Rather than having one big goal for the entire guild, and risk the whole thing becoming Yet Another Stuffy Military/Clergy/Whatever Guild, our officers will instead get to know the characters and challenge them through smaller stories tailored for the group. Our members are also more than happy to help new RPers learn the ropes. Adventures start soon. We also have occasional PvE events.Arthryn7 Feb 24
Feb 24 LFGuild (A)PVE-RP that raids weeknights Hello Moon Guardians! I'm looking for a guild that raids mostly during the week. If I could find one running Tues/Thursday nights around 6:30 to 7 server time that would be ideal! RP events are a huge plus as well. My current guild is taking a bit of a hiatus from raiding, but I didn't want to stop there. I'm currently 7/10 H NH and was hoping to find a new guild that is recruiting to finish up NH and prepare for the Tomb of Sargeras. Kynvara is my main. She is an 888 Havoc DH with a solid Vengeance OS. I also have an 884 Elemental/Resto Shammy. If anyone could help point me towards some guilds that might be recruiting that would be great! In the meantime I'll continue scouring the forums for some other leads. Thanks in advance!Kynvara6 Feb 24
Feb 23 Horde Tavern Night (Monthly H-RP) In the past few months various goblins Cartels and Businesses are reporting lagging sales. To address the lagging revenue recent peace has brought on they have cooked up a fresh scheme to make up for lost revenue. The Steamweedle Travel and Tourism Bureau was created, and the special unit assigned to the Horde has a new plan in mind to leech fresh gold into their coffers: Horde Tavern Night. OOC: The Horde Tavern Night is open to all rpers, with the express and soul intention of helping people find and connect with the community, guilds, and other players. For the past few months this event has attracted many raids worth of rpers, who come out and enjoy a night of relaxed casual rp. This is a no frills social event that offers bartenders, random social games, and sometimes light hearted entertainment as provided on a volunteer basis by the rp community. This is not a heavily coordinated rp event, so much as a fun networking rp social. When?: Horde Tavern Night is hosted once a month, the date is always changing. We move around the monthly date to try and offer a fresh rotation to accommodate various guild raiding and pvp schedules. Can I volunteer to run something?: Sure! If you would like to rp being a bartender, entertainers, or anything else please feel free to contact us. We are happy to support anyone wanting to fill these roles. OOC GM Contact: Banshih (Many GMs support this event, however Banshih runs the monthly event and handles calendar invitations.) (More GMs will be added shortly on a volunteer basis.) OOC Event Side: This event on average attracts around 2 raids of Horde rpers. The largest Tavern Night was 3 raids, and the smallest night being around 45 people. Why the changing locations?: We want to encourage and foster random world rp. By moving the monthly locations around, we get to enjoy fresh new settings that many of us do not otherwise frequently use. Can Neutral Factions Attend?: Yes, in the sense that it makes sense for them to be in the presence of the Horde in a friendly and cooperative manner. A good example would be members of the Cenarion Circle, and various Argent Orders. This is a mostly Horde rp event.Banshih39 Feb 23
Feb 23 Varsity Snax / Polarbiker In an obviously clear violation of the CoC, I am reaching out to you guys in hopes of finally resolving one of our pests. I'm in personal contact with a Blizzard rep who promises to do something about Varsity Snax's behavior, but I realized something... I don't have much on him. Personally. Thrall knows there's plenty out there, which is why I'm reaching out to the community. If he's wronged you, if you have information on past guilds he's ran, any sort of figures on how much gold he's stolen, any list of his alts, screenshots of his chats... anything and everything. I need it all. I'm genuinely hoping this will be a slam dunk. I want to just overload Blizz with evidence of his wrong-doing so they have no other choice but to be rid of him. This thread will surely vanish soon within its time of posting. If you have evidence and want to provide it anonymously, add me and send it here: Beans#1703 EDIT: This is a repost from the WrA forums. I was told that he affected your server as well before he brought his filth to our side.Cannibal3 Feb 23
Feb 23 Orc rp guilds and Non orc rp guild (( my Rp guild on Emerald Dream disbanded over 6 years. There are no orc guilds left there that arent evil centric. Looking for an orc centric guild or even a non or centric guild. I have this DK, and orc rogue, and a orc shaman. Hoping maybe moonguard would have some great horde rp))Raggorr4 Feb 23
Feb 23 Which NPC do you hate and why? There are hundreds of NPC characters in Warcraft. While many are there just to help populate the world or as the punch-line for a joke, there are a lot of neat non-player characters with significance within the Warcraft World (and beyond)... then there are others with significantly less importance within the game-world. Which NPC (major or minor) causes you to seethe with irrational hatred every time their name is uttered? Which game-character fills your with dread every time their particular quest pops up in your log? Personally, for me it's Corki. Remember, that little Broken kid in Nagrand that gets captured roughly a thousand times by ogres? Arechron... put your kid on a leash please, I'm thankful for the experience, but at what cost? Lunk is a close second.Nymeirah61 Feb 23
Feb 23 "HELTOR 2" The Movie - IN THEATERS NOW Feb 23
Feb 22 Major Guild Break-Up MC / Obscure Radiance Hi All, After some thought, this is my reaction to the changes in the guild over the last 12 hours! It was STEALTH Mode – done in the dead of the night, during and/or after the Town Hall. It was obviously planned. I’ve been with MC for the last 3 years and I know the leadership and I trust Shadow, Kalona, Dagamant, et all. If what the Guild Managers say is the “truth” then they should’ve stuck to the principles of our guild … MEMBER DRIVEN – for the members by the members (blah blah). But at “no” time has any of the membership been informed that there was a problem. And the GM’s have many ways to make changes to the rules, etc. All they need is a majority (with either themselves or the membership). No one knew until they logged in. And THAT is where it was wrong, if they were having problems then it should’ve been put up for discussion by the MEMBERS OF THE GUILD … but no: they decided that they were going to have no part in the MC structure. Yes, various explanations have been made about why this happened (all after the fact). I don’t know who is in the wrong here, and there are always two sides to any story. But the facts are simple: 1) They changed the name of the guilds 2) They setup separate guild web site 3) They setup separate discord site 4) They setup separate Facebook site 5) They kicked out Shadow’s toons from every guild 6) They didn’t bother to inform Shadow of the decision 7) They didn’t bother to tell the Officers of any of the guilds 8) They didn’t bother to tell any of the Members of any of the guilds 9) They “snuck” around planning this. And my reaction to this is simple too: I have left all the Obscure Radiance guilds and am now no longer a part of them. I still have friends there, and I imagine that we will lose contact over time, and eventually the pain of losing my guild will ease. Yes, I considered MC as “my” guild. It was my home for my gaming life. We will attempt to rebuild and it will be hard - there are no g/banks anymore, no mats, no raid teams, etc but we’ve done this before. Other groups have parted from us before, and it was mostly amicable. I still can’t believe that they thought that this is the “right” way of doing things. Oh and that new guild name is really stupid LOL. Looking at the bright side though … all those yummy Guild Achievements are out there just waiting for us to do them all again haha. I have sent a copy of this note to friends in the new OR guilds, asking them to pass it on to their GM’s. And lastly, remember this – it is your GAME and your PLAY – do what you need to do. Stay with Obscure Radiance or come to the new Mature Content guilds and help us rebuild our community. Or even both of us.Artashir12 Feb 22