Moon Guard

Jul 8, 2012 Request to the Kaldorei and Highborne (IC) An elegant notice flutters in the light breezes on the Heros Call board in Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge. The Six Nations Assembly seal flashes in the light, bright blue embossing of a shield with a lions head upon it, decked with a pair of hammers top and bottom points. ...Qerrathien4 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 The new king of Lordaeron Thanks for letting us get the Screenie, HoV.Karob23 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 . - The last recorded entry since the month prior-to by Forte Lucaecious Felthian Armadynious D'lanastion XVII, Praetor of The Bloodsworn. Out-of-character information Hello to all who have traveled here! Starting on July the 8th and following into the week after (rather, the weekend), The Bloodsworn shall be hosting an RP-PVP event within The Ghostlands. Following up the "Thalassian 'Forest'", as well as our newest scene of "The Hanging Tree", Kaldorei forces are on the move - but not without being accompanied by their Alliance counter-parts who seek the same blood that they have longed for since the betrayal of nations. (( )). (( )). With this event, we seek to incorperate a sense of role-play, as well; should the verdict prove a happy one from each side, role-play battles will be placed within the mix of it all during this siege of relentless strikes. - ALLIANCE FORCES PARTICIPATING - The Lineage of the Moon; RP-PVP Kaldorei-centric guild. Grey Haven Captain Gurvir Sunmane The Directory The Sha'nash House Ouestrelin FURTHER ENTRY IS TO BE DECLINED; need more Horde participants. - HORDE FORCES PARTICIPATING - The Bloodsworn; a sin'doei-centric supremacist momvent led by Forte D'lanastion. Quel'Thor Al Belore; the tenth regiment of Blood Knights from the Thalassian military. The Venomfang Company. The Antu Bloodguard. The events start promptly at 7:00 P.M server for all the days that it is to be held on (the week of July the 8th, as previously stated); while we condone the behavior of many whom attend "uninvited" (trolls, griefers, etc.) note that they do not at all represent either side's participants. - SCHEDULE - July 8th: "The Battle of the Thalassian Pass"; Horde forces are to counter immediately to the incoming Alliance invasion; this siege fits alongside "The Siege of Suncrown Village" (where the Alliance progress to and role-play battle to conquer or lose), should one side prevail (Alliance), and "The Retreat of the Pass", where another role-play battle takes place ensuring that the Alliance are driven back to the bordering Plaguelands. July 9th: "The Battle of the Thalassian Pass" still rages on. July 10th: Should the Alliance proceed, the next major PVP battle is to be held near the areas of Tranquillien; an RP battle shall be held should the Alliance be successful at "The Siege of Suncrown Village". The major battles happens on the hill that declines from the land on which Tranquillien is set.Fortè66 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Price check on rogue legendaries. Hello everyone, I have been getting pretty bored with my character and what to do next. I cant leave him, because I love him far too much, but after fully gearing him with Cata PvP gear, and finally dishing out my 100k honor kill achievement, I am a bit at a lose on what to do now. Im trying to get myself into RBG's but its rather frustrating... It occurs to me that I should really take a couple hits at getting those legendary daggers that I dream about every night. But sadly, I don't really know any raiders that could help me. So I am asking the server, is there anyone out there that is willing to help me get my dream weapons? It would be greatly appreciated, and I am willing to pay reasonable fee, if its too much of a demand. Yes, I am fully leaned to PvP, but I do have a decent PvE set, not the best, but surely enough to keep me in a decent damage range. ((I think...) Either way, please contact me in-game or even here, for any helpful details. I look very forward to working with anyone willing to help. Thank you, Rhazar.Rhazar3 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 -Want an epic screenshot of you/your guild?- Example of my work: COPYRIGHT LOL (Note: It may take 1-2 days for your picture to be made either due to my lack of time or large number of takers. I will begin making these tomorrow. If you post last expect to be served last, lol.) I am bored and fairly talented at making forum signatures, so I decided to make some pictures for role-players to stand by. A banner of sorts. It can be for you, a friend, a guild, a faction, ect. RULE OF COMPLICATION: Though I probably could if I tried, please do not ask me to make a picture of you fighting an army of murlocs or something. I'm just doing a portrait of your character. (: Please fill out the following requirements: Would you like your character/group/ect name to be displayed in the picture? If so, how would you like it displayed? (Font style, color, size, location, ect.) What would you like the background to be? Something simple, like a plain black background, or a large cluster of thundering clouds to an erupting volcano. What would you like your character to be doing? (Flexing? 1h Ready Stance? Standing? Kneeling before a flag? Nothing too complicated, please. I have time constraints.) ((Preferably emotes, haha)) What would you like your character to be wearing? Would you just like it to be whatever you're wearing right now or something else? Name the items, and I'll put em on you, even if they're not in the game anymore. Anything not specified will be whatever you're wearing on armory. What race/gender? (Skip if you're just using your armory character.) What facial features/cosmetics, and what skin color? (Skip if you're just using your armory character.) What hair color/style? (Skip if you're just using your armory character.) Would you like to be riding upon a certain mount? Would you like to be standing on top of an object, or just standing on top of the bottom of the picture by default? If you would like to do a Guild/Group picture, please name the people (No more than 5,) and have them post with the above requirements and make sure they say part of so-and-so's guild/group picture. Will not do pictures of people asking for inappropriate or rude things in their portrait, or for people derailing the thread. If you are disappointed or happy with your picture, please give me feedback. It is the best way for me to improve. Will do redos. Note: I am not responsible for resizing/cropping your photos, just making them.Played18 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Race Change or Faction change? So I was looking at my list of characters and noticed a fair amount of them (greater than 50%) are humans. Now I'm torn between what to do. For this hunter I've got four options really, well technically five. - Become a Dwarf with a metal leg and a rather bad attitude towards his own race. - Become a young Night Elf (in his early 100s) sort of wide eyed and totally fawning over the young races and their use of technology. - Become a Worgen. A former priest who lost his connection to the light after he became infected. Decided it best to still help anyway he could, so he became a hunter. - Become a Troll. A shadow hunter, long since removed from the Horde feels the change in the winds and the spirits tell him it is time to return to his people. Or stay a human. Those are my options as I see them.Átticus17 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 A quick poll. Which version of the game did you start playing in? :3 I started playing, I think, during the Sunwell patch.... so BC.Jendie75 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Floordragon Loves you all. Greetings, tavern-goers!Floordragon11 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 [SOLVED] Buying... Disgusting Oozeling Wanting to get my hands on a Disgusting Oozeling so that when I go into Ghost Wolf form, it'll look something like this: I'm offering all the gold I have... which er... happens to be 4k gold. If you have an Oozeling that you'd like to give a good home to, please mail it to me C.O.D. 4000g. *hugs* Thank you! EDIT: A lovely person who had one up for auction sold one to me. Yay! Many thanks. And to all of your for your support - and impspiration.Gir17 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Your characters sins.. We all know about the 7 sins right? Pride, Sloth, Lust, Glottony, Wrath, Greed, Envy. What sins would be the most prominent in your character? Augidget would easily have to be Wrath and Pride, shoot first ask questions later and can be very arrogant about her engineering.Augidget131 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Horde or Alliance? Which faction is more RP focused on this server? I'm only going to stick to one side, and my main focus is an open, social RP experience so I was wondering which I should choose.Wit10 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Eeeeeeee TAKE ALL MY MONEY, HASBRO.Venita21 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 390 Hpally/397 Destro lock LF raid guild Currently looking for a small/Casual Raid guild for my 397 lock & 390Hpally prefer under 75members & drama free thats my lock & this is my Pally :P i currently run with Few people each week from shattered oath & am trying to find a guild with a open spot i prefer to heal.Deáthangel0 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 MoP concept art o: Saw these around and they looked pretty neat! Even some concepts that didn't seem to make into beta. Crane person: Earlier Jinyu look: Lionman: Mogu Boss: Mogu Monk: Pandaren class: Quilin cub: T14: DK: Monk: Rogue: Other gear: Druid(challenge gear): Rogue(future tier?): Rogue(challenge gear): Not MoP but T13 sketches! Priest: Shaman: Jul 8, 2012
Jul 8, 2012 Blood Knight Summit - July 7th ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: We've created a new website. This website is intended for anyone who plays a Blood Knight, regardless of their guild. We hope that this will help serve as a forum for the Blood Knights of Moon Guard! Hall of Blood in Silvermoon, July 7th, 8:00 P.M. Screenshot from the the first summit: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Resources: Lore and Role Play Guide - (Courtesy of Arrodis) Blood Knight Uniform - (Courtesy of Maxen)Tendael80 Jul 8, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Happy Birthday, Bloodsworn! Through the years, I've had the distinct honour of leading this group of insane role-players to the extent that I have; in the past few months after being rebuilt from ashes (which were once a 'phoenix' in the Burning Crusade), we've all but crumpled, been rebuilt and then shattered by broken bonds. With these recent weeks, we've managed ourselves to the true that have remained. From the SoG to Bloodsworn, from all ideas galore until a definite that all loved was reached, my members have shown their potential and strength. Happy birthday, Bloodsworn. Today, as an official functioning guild, you turn 3 years old.Fortè12 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 IT'S FRIDAY! Describe your week in 3 words. Uneventful, lackadaisical, surprising. K YOUR TURN.Mïmo58 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Barbie dreamhouse Get ready to feel confused but entertained. New MLP?Cythe41 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Because we need some more awesome. Ron Pearlman. I salute you.Melyria8 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Transmog Help! So I want to create a transmog set for my paladin. I'm trying to avoid tier sets because it seems like everyone and their mom has those. But I'm not as good at eye balling what gear is what or where to get it. I'm trying to find something in a gold and white theme that matches Mace of the Order ( ). I'd like it to be plate, but I would mind a cloth hood. I saw one hood that is white with a sort of glow to it, but no clue what it is. Any suggestions would be appreciated! I'd also like a shield that fits if anyone knows of any. On a side note I'm also trying to track down both an Argent Crusade all plate set and a Scarlet Onslaught all plate set with polearms so any suggestions to match those would be great too. Please help!Valyrea1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Looking for Ulduar 25m with Fragments(paying) I'm looking to get into a group during the weekends to work on getting Val'anyr. I will pay 1000g per fragment that drops. You can all roll on the fragment and whoever wins the roll, I'll pay 1000g so long as the fragment is ML'ed to me. You can contact me on Microwaves, Microblasts, Microblight, or Microcleric.Microwaves3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 I place a curse on all of you and now you will age at a rate of .000000000000001 seconds until you die from ageing. Mwha ha ha ha ha!Hassill18 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 MMOs and how RP assists their longevity. Just an interesting article I found while browsing IGN. Moon Guard gets a mention in it, as well.Crówley5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 [Set up] Kaldorei Theatre (TBA) That's right. Another Kaldorei theatre in Darnassus. This time the events depicted with the Tragedy of Pyramond and Theleste. To this end the theatre will be needing: -Three male Kaldorei leads -Four female Kaldorei leads -A number of Kaldorei extras, a minimum of 3 -One Kaldorei announcer -One Kaldorei to Common Translator -One druid or/and priestess for effects -Any number of Kaldorei children If you are interested in a part, please post below. If you would be interested in attending, please post below. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread. If/when enough interest is had, we'll decide upon a date within the coming month to do the play.Melyria22 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 [Event][Tonight] Tea with Ceyora Nightstride On Saturday, July 7th, The Moonblade will be hosting a tea time with Priestess Ceyora Nightstride. The event with run for, at minimum, an hour from 7pm to 8pm server, though time may be extended if people desire to continue RPing. The event with be hosted by Ceyora Nightstride and Master Mushi Iro, Pandaren Brewmaster. Ceyora will be discussing the peaceful, life applications of the Moonlit Path, the Moonblade's future monk style. All alliance races and classes are welcome, as Ceyora is distinctly less racist than Melyria. Level 1s are welcome if anyone from the Horde are wanting to attend. The event will be taking place on Rut'Theran. If you're interested, have questions or wish to attend, please comment below.Melyria17 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 does any one know what the last icon in archaeology is? the one with a hat and a pick axe?Hassill2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Your characters and you. So I was chatting with a friend, and I began talking about how a character was (possibly) influencing me OOCly. Or at least causing me to act in certain ways immediately after role-playing on him. Anyways, we eventually got to the question: "Which of your characters would you want to have influence you, and which of your characters would you -dread- having influence you? And why?" So yeah. Apologies if it's a bit personal, but I found it pretty interesting. For me, I'd much rather have Avulstann influence me than Ferenold. Primarily because although Avulstann's a pretentious !@#$, he's also witty, intelligent, and does not have the plethora of other issues that Ferenold has.Ferenold9 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 [H] <No Quarter> Recruiting Core for MoP <No Quarter> Is a 10 man progression raiding guild that ranked in the top ten for most of Cataclysm till we decided to take a break from the game and rest up. Now we are back and recruiting for the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. We are a laid back group that enjoys all aspects of the game from PvE to Pvp and even RP. We pride ourselves on our ability to have fun and still get the bosses down. If you are mature and have a great sense of humor we may be the right fit for you! Guild Needs: We are looking for casual players who want to have fun running smooth heroic instances, well organized battlegrounds and old world content. We are here to help each other out. Raiding Needs: Accepting applications for all positions at this time. Keep in mind this is for MoP, we have no plans to pick up raiding in Dragon Soul again. Raid times will be determined after expansion release but will most likely follow the Tuesday and Thursday 6-9pm server we used previously. Apply at (Applications are required for all those intending to raid) In Game Contacts: Belgor, Belgrol, SollestiaBelgor72 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 [H-RP-PvP] The Zambaze Bloodpact The hulking primal snarled as he watched the wretched looking witchdoctor stand stoic before his bubbling cauldron of brew. His intense yellow gaze almost seemed to bore through the old man. However, the witchdoctor did not budge or even acknowledge the younger male’s presence for a long while. The two trolls stood together with their backs to the cave entrance as the blizzard whipped and raked at their backs. Moments of complete and utter silence passed before the primal’s patience ran dry. “So?” growled Drek’tal, clenching and relaxing his hands over and over again in anticipation. The old doctor’s thin, frostbitten lips pursed together before cracking into an unsettling smile. “We will begin, primal.” croaked the ragged old troll. He uncurled his arm in Drek’tal’s direction, holding his palm upwards as if to demand something be placed upon it. The warrior complied, dropping a small satchel into the doctor’s hand. The old man snatched the wool bag out of the air abruptly and upturned it over the small stone table at his feet. Out of the bag fell a jumbled assortment of items both grotesque and bizarre in nature. Crouching to the balls of his feet, the witch doctor picked up one of the items between two grime-crusted, curled fingernails. The item was a glimmering eyeball dripping with a potent ooze. “Eye of plaguehound…” he hissed before flicking the dismembered organ into the bubbling brew. Green, noxious gas arose from the cauldron and crackled in the air before settling out into a faint yellow haze. The doctor had already chosen the next ingredient before the haze settled out, wasting no time in constructing this wicked concoction. “Untainted bat wings, untouched by the putrid hand of the Scourge…” he muttered as he dropped both appendages into the cauldron. Each wing made a sickening splat atop the thick, gooey surface of the brew, floating for a few seconds before sinking into the mix and melting. The liquid quickly shifted to a fluorescent red, causing the primal to growl and shield his eyes. “Hurry, doctor.” snapped Drek’tal assertively, but behind his brusque tone was a hint of uncertainty. It would seem that even the primal was disconcerted by the strange ways of the old man. The witchdoctor paused for a few seconds and muttered beneath his breath as he picked up the last of the ingredients in a handful and cast them into the cauldron. “Tusk shavings of the winter boar, claw of the snow leopard and three stones cut from the gizzard of a condor.” he snickered, eyes widening as the cauldron shook from a small explosion emitted from the surface. He slowly came to his feet, standing upright with his back to the primal. Without turning, he whispered to the warrior. “There is no going back… To obtain great power, a great price must be paid. Are you ready to pay?” he inquired, eyes rising from the humming cauldron to the several bound troll women in the back of the cave. Drek’tal’s eyes rose as well and fell upon the sleeping forms of the captured Frostmane girls. They couldn’t have been more than fourteen years of age. However, there was no doubting that they were untainted. The primal took a long pause before giving his response to the old witchdoctor. “Their sacrifice will be honored in the coming empire.” he muttered in zandali before diverting his gaze. The warrior drew his cleaver-sword and set it down upon the stone table where the gruesome ingredients sat moments earlier. Making no further acknowledgement to the primal, the old man filled his lungs with air and let out an eerie wail that rung in Drek’tal’s sensitive ears. The seven females lying prone on the floor suddenly began to contort and spasm on the rock floor. Purple smoke began to pour from their eyes and mouths, swirling into the air and combining. The purple smoke hung in the air for less than half a second before being sucked towards the cauldron like a vacuum. The brew churned and boiled violently, causing the cauldron the shake violently. For a moment, it almost appeared as if the metal pot was about to tip over and spill its putrid contents over the cave floor, but some unknown force kept it in place. The storm like explosion of strange power raged on for about a minute before the cave fell silent. Seven dead bodies lay motionless in the rear of the cave while the witchdoctor leaned over the cauldron and inspected the liquid carefully. He inhaled deeply, taking the steam into his nostrils and mouth. But suddenly, he choked. Drek’tal gasped softly and almost went to aid the old man, fearing something had gone wrong. But his fear of the unknown kept him from doing so as the old man placed his palms upon the flat of his blade laying on the table. The witchdoctor gagged violently, retching painfully.Drekktal40 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Gold, how much do you have? As I sit around, here and there around the city, I notice that people treat their in-game amount of gold as what's in their IC coffers. Just observing a woman collecting 'spare change' for the orphanage, I noticed not one, but three people dropping huge sums of '100 gold', '50 gold' and '51 gold' (The last person was trying to outdo the second, obviously). What I'm wondering is: How big and bulging is your IC coin purse? Do you actually use a bank to store items ICly? What do -you- (player) consider a 'lot' of money, as well as your character? Does your character think bending over to pick up a copper is beneath them? How often do you actually purchase things ICly? With currency, as opposed to favors or bartering? How do you acquire your gold? Salary? Job-by-job? Multiple jobs? Graverobbing? Stealing/pickpocketing? Selling what you 'find' in your travels?Now, I'm not saying everyone is like this. We have nobles who are loaded with... come to think of it, how much gold exactly would nobles have? Very little, with it all being in the value of what they own? Would they own piles of thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands? Do they have a room in their basement flowing with it to dive into like Scrooge McDuck? I see lowlives and beggars more than eager to pinch a copper, silver, or if they're incredibly lucky, find a gold. However for the most part, I'm noticing large sums of gold just being thrown about like the inflation that happens to our OOC pockets and prices. Will -your- character's purse become inflated when MoP comes out and gold amounts rise once more? To answer the questions myself: 1) Stax carries a set amount of gold, equaling about thirty gold, fifty silver and twenty copper in his bags. His coin pouch has about half the silver and copper, his backpack has all the gold and the other half of the silver and copper. 2)No. Although Stax did ICly sign up with the bank(s) in Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind, he doesn't utilize them as well as he could. He currently has a thousand gold in the Darnassus bank though. The rest of his money is at home in piles. 3) -I- consider OOC values of thousands of gold to be my '"Woah that's a lot" point, though it reaches that range at 800+, so no, I'm not the kind who goes "Well it's alright if its 998g." -Stax- however considers 10 gold or more to be a generous giving from most adventurers, and even nobles. 4)Nope. He's more than happy to take that extra copper if he didn't see anyone drop it. (People should drop money more often, it makes a good start for random RP) 5)Stax makes monetary purchases infrequently, often preferring to work. (Just a few days ago, he wanted to furnish a secret passage in his home, so he cut down trees and purchased the use of a lumberyard's tools to get things done). Also what I've noticed, is that when he offers to pay for something, the other person almost always refuses, leaving his coinpurse nearly intact. 6)Stax makes his gold through his blacksmithing knowledge, using it to repair (instead of outright making new) armor. He also makes quite a bit through dungeon-crawling, finding all sorts of forgotten gold chambers, as well as taking relics from ruins. If said relics are magical but otherwise useless (Enchanted swords for instance), he drains the magic and sells the sword, ect.Stax45 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 [Rp] The hunt for the Heathen In both the cities of the Horde and Alliance, flyers can be seen stuck to the side of buildings. The flyers showed a picture of a man dressed in warlock attire, his eyes seemed to be looking directly at anybody reading the flyer. Above the picture in huge bold letter says "WANTED". Under the picture, depending if looked at in a Horde or Alliance city would be different. Alliance: "A bounty has been set upon the head of Demius Gustav, a person being accused of causing chaos in the city of Stormwind with fel magic! Wanted alive and brought to the Stormwind jail where his fate will be deceided by both the Guard and the High Bishop. This man is highly dangerous and should not be dealt with alone. A sum of thirty thousand gold is on his head and will be split evenly if multiple people are the cause for his capture. He is married to Caiah Gustav and will have much information about her. Both her and their children should be treated the same force. Also for each family member, an additional thousand gold will be added to the bounty, same conditions. Horde: "A bounty has been set upon this man! An Alliance warlock named Demius Gustav. He is to be captured and brought to Silvermoon where his left arm, which is demonic, will be experimented on. This man is highly dangerous and should not be dealt with alone. A sum of thirty thousand gold will be given if brought in alive, fifteen if brought dead. His family, which consists of a female and two children, one boy, one girl, are free game and can be killed or captured for sport or forced into slavery. The bounty has gained the eye of many mercenarys, rogues, and the common scum. To many some will accept, and some will ignore. Thirty thousand gold is a big number, even to a person born into wealth. Do you accept the bounty? Do you deny it? Or do you think the person is innocent? --------------------------------------------------OOC notes-------------------------------------------------- I have always wanted an event which involved a hunt for a warlock that has been accused for something that he may or may not have caused. What I even like more is when cross faction rp goes into play, because how they would both handle the situatin differently. Also this is my first time posting an rp even on the forum and I hope that the amount of critisicm I get is either good or will help me in the future. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you found this a good read.Demius3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 WTB Six of Waves Seeing as the Auction House and Trade have yielded no results to find one, I figured I'd try here. Paying 500g if anyone has one they'd like to part with. Thanks.Seraphain4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Recruiting Survivors in Day Z! Me and my friends are looking for trustworthy survivors to help us, and you.. well.. Survive! If you're interested, and have steam (and Arma 2 + the DayZ mod), add me to your friends list. Reposting an interesting story that actually happened to two of us... Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 New Comp Build Finished building my PC and it runs like a dream. Playing all sorts of games on Ultra/High/Extreme setting with high FPS. Wow in particular runs with 8x Multisampling 1080p Resolution on Ultra with 60+ FPS in the Trade District. Then again, this is WoW, graphic engines as old as dog can run this game with good FPS... but that is besides the point. It was a pain to build my PC, but the climax had to be when I connected what i believed to be was a "chasis fan" cable to a chasis fan slot on my Mobo and then BAM, sparks started to fly. Build Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Gene CPU: Intel i5 3570K PSU: Corsair 650 watt (Modular) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX560Ti After-market Heatsink Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo SSD: Force GT 120 Gig HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB Hard Drive Edit: Put a capital "D" for the word "dream" by msitake. That would have been bad.Prayers1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 RP (IDEAS): Arathian Civil War Good morning on this lovely server downtime, Moon Guard! I'm sure you're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I am (been up for almost a day and a half straight! *thumbs up*) The Clergy and a decent handful of other guilds have been -pouring- into Stromgarde and the Highlands in general as of late and, from the RP I've been seeing (with all the conflicting factions) I am looking at a really unique opportunity on our hands. Here, let me explain: ARATHIAN CIVIL WAR With the -several- Arathian based guilds I've seen stationed in Stromgarde alone (Kingdom of Arathor, House Ouestrelin, and the Arathorian Coalition) they all have conflicting views on how the region is to be run. The Arathorian Coalition (AC) is civilian and only wants to tend to the denizens of the zone, whereas the other two are more concerned with the governing body and military efforts; the KoA wishing to promote their own duke as ruler of Stromgarde and the House O wishing to remain as loyalists to the Trollbane line in hopes that Danath's penicil-pushing days are over. There's already great IC hostility in the region and there are starting to become small guild alliances on both sides of the spectrum. Now, whether or not this has happened IC or is more based in OOC is really not the case. I see this a really awesome interguild conflict that could lead to some ugly fighting and complete chaos in the city and region as a whole that would then call for war itself in the Fatherland. Otherwise, the RP in the zone is flourishing beyond comprehension. It's really a lovely sight. Feel free to stop on by and enjoy the bustling -dead- city and if you have any ideas that could build towards this RP, reply, I'd love to hear 'em; they could shape the RP of the region and build on something greater for the future. *** UPDATE*** There are an official two opposing factions: Trollbane Loyalists: House Ouestrelin Arathorian Coalition House Andro Allies: Thane Anvilfist and his brethren ---------------------------------------------- Usurpers: The Kingdom of Arathor Allies: La Rivoluzione Neutral The Clergy of the Holy Light *List curtesy of Binor* Much of the current RP is stationed in Stromgarde for the time being, but there are active members in all affiliated guilds and war-factions that should be contacted asap if interested.Stromheart82 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 This is serious. <- In case you don't know <- More layman's terms for you non-scientists <- Higgs Boson for those who don't want to readBilarix89 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 [H]<Elegance> 8/8H LF Ranged DPS! Greetings Moon Guard! <Elegance> is currently recruiting to fill positions in our Tues/Thurs Dragon Soul group! We are primarily a guild of people who enjoy a casual raiding atmosphere with a focus on progression and having fun. While we do expect players to understand and appreciate the various strengths and weakness of their class, as well as the ability to adapt to the challenges in a typical raid, it's crucial to note that we're happy to help players transition into raiding. Current Progression: 8/8 Heroic Modes Raid Times: Tuesday: 7:45pm - 11pm Central Thursday: 8:45pm - 12am Central Recruiting: Mage Warlock If this sounds appealing to you, please fill out an application on our website: Or contact any one of our officers in-game: Auranis, Mergor (alt-Taurengo), and Truul We look forward to hearing from you!Auranis77 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 in b4 For The Horde boasting forum Would you please stop killing our leaders, the spam isn't nice.Kinria45 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 WTB Primal Water NOW I DON'T NEED YOUR STINKING PRIMAL WATERS. Because Stax farmed them when I told him not to. >:( ps thank you, sirVenita20 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 I was thinking of something... Why is it called "Darnassian" if Darnassus is only recently built? Or does the origin of their language name stem from something else?Jendie12 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Moon Guard Raiding I am looking for a good solid 25 raid guild. Alliance or Horde doesn't matter right now as I would have to transfer servers. Progression but not useless runs. Achievements and such would be nice. Decent Loot rules, please god not /roll's or "Suicide Whatever". I am a Warlock, currently worgen. I've played once since BC. Raid wise I've run everything since Wrath, some in BC, and everything Cata. I learn fights well. If I make a mistake, I don't make it twice, if it's pointed out to me. I will take criticism when it's used to help me become a better player not in the interest of assigning blame or being a jerk. I can be a fun person, but also an a**hole if the need arises. I'm helpful, friendly, and odd. Also dashingly good looking. Roleplaying is a perk, but not needed. If anyone would like to contact me, post here with a character name and a time to meet and we can talk in game.Bloodneedle0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Babby's First Art. So, I made this. What do you think? c: T'was a commission for Chadwick on Alliance. A shout-out to Rocky for major help with finding just the right colours!Fortè12 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 "Freedom" ((Adira is clearly the most complex character I have ever devised. She was born into a normal life, which in reality was not so normal, had a fel crazed father with an ulterior motive, et cetera and so forth. Long short, she had Hell! She found a way to retake her meaning in life in the form of a Witch Hunter. But, as we are acutely aware with any character like that, at what point does one stop? If one stops, do they lose all meaning? As such, this is her farewell from the past. An event took place she did not expect, and it has everything to do with one thing. One's identity can also be found when someone accepts another into his or her own life. For Adira, she tried this once, and it fell apart due to a deadly betrayal. Will the Fates be so kind to offer her a way out? We shall see, as this is very ongoing.)) Adira was taken aback...It began so innocently. She was in Cathedral Square when a rogue by the name of Jacob had been sitting around with some rather serious injuries to his leg. Granted, it would not kill him, but it did warrant some form of treatment. Adira, due to the nature of her job, had learned field first aid, and offered to patch up said leg. She had asked what did it. Simply put, bears. She empathized; bear attacks were never fun. It was then asked of her to come to a tavern with. She accepted as a friend. So Adira and Jacob talked. Oddly, she found herself talking rather well with him. She touched upon a mission she had to do in Loch Modan at the request of SI:7, and naturally he jumped at the chance. Apparently, no one liked any Twilight Cultists around to cause havoc, no matter how weakened they were in numbers. Adira's task was to exterminate the camp, and kill its four leaders. The reason was twofold. The one leader had found that infamous Silithyst Adira tracked earlier. She was familiar with what the gas could do to lunatics like these jokers. The second reason was simply to send a strong message. The mission was pretty smooth, strangely. Jacob had the leaders, as he could sneak around and choose his kill point carefully, and Adira would provide the necessary...distraction. The Cultists knew to be wary of any Witch Hunters or others who would be gunning for them. Adira just made sure they would come after her. Which they did. After the firefight, a bomb was placed...That was when Jacob and Adira ran like hell. No evidence, Shaw had said. After reporting back, it was back to another tavern. Adira told her tale, and apparently it struck a chord. Sitting, a hand had touched Adira's...The effect was immediate. She felt herself starting to lose some of that weight. She had said it herself; she wanted to quit this life several times before. It was dangerous, it wore on her nerves, and it always felt like it never ended. Perhaps he could help to do that, and she believed him. Perhaps he could. No matter how hard it probably would be. The next day, she was without his company, but her soul ached. She sighed as she thought back. The day all turned to hell... The day she became as monstrous as those she was nearly killed by. (cont)Adira26 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 (H-Rp-Event) Story Circle Event - Story Circle Hosted By - Strongshield Tribe Time and Date - Friday July 6th at 6:00 Pm Server Time Place - Bloodhoof Village. Greetings! Strongshield Tribe would like to openly invite you all to their first ever Story Circle! Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a clean fun time. We will be having drinks, food and even fireworks. Come to just hear the stories or come to tell one of your own. We will be hosting this weekly, so if please, if you wish for an invite to each one, just send me a whisper, In-Game mail or here. And I would be more then happy to invite you. So if you miss this one, you can always come for others!!!Katesia15 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Sporebats what are they good for? i would say tasty sporeling snacks, but thats been jeopardized apparently sporeling snacks aren't beast's Favourite snacks any more. anyway's what are sporelbat pets good for? DPS? PVP? RAIDDDDING!???Hassill9 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 RL adventure time! Just had a hankering for some tater tots so turn on the oven and put some on a cooking sheet. Went to go check on them and when I opened the oven door... smoke poured out and my oven was on FIRE!!!!! All is well now but ugh... All I wanted was some tater tots... :(Shrilinda11 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Best Gaming Experience I've Had For Awhile... Here's an interesting story that happened to me and a friend, he typed up what happened to us and another scavenger group we came across each other. Took place in the Arma 2 Mod, Day Z. Number one rule in Day Z: Trust NO ONE!Silarras2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Song lyrics matching your character I havn't seen a topic like this in a while. It is simple, what song do you know of that matches your character's personality? Whether it be an exciting song for the more playful character, or something more serious Normally I'd have Kinria with a more cheery song for her personality, but with the recent events of her life, I really found much more connection with this song. I will be listening to all your songs while our server is down!Kinria48 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 The Lich King Tinron Springdale That whole thread... THE WHOLE THREAD. That is why I have stopped logging onto WoW. What someone else does with their character is none of your bloody business unless they ask for your damned input. You are not the Dungeon Master; you don't get to question and edit other people's character sheets. You don't make the damned rules for role playing; nobody does. Even Blizzard has said they don't; a long time ago I sent Blizzard a ticket (when Terick was trying to take down the Church) asking what Varian Wrynn's opinion was on the Church of the Holy Light. They told me in a ticket that they do not answer lore questions that do not specifically deal with things that actually happened. Later I talked to a GM, and he told me that apparently the Creative Development Department - Chris and everyone else - all think that, when it comes to minor things and details, it is all up to community consensus based on the presented facts. Now that this is out of the way, my actual complaint. Can anyone here imagine if we'd actually spent time RPing in-game, questioning Madelynne's validity, her claim, and her character and moral fiber in-character? If we'd tried to take her down in-character? Aelamdor has something related to a murder on Stormwind on his hands that may or may not damn the Brotherhood and Madelynne. I'm going to trust everyone here to be mature about this and not metagame against my character for saying this. Now, I haven't been in-game working on this primarily because it is the 4th and I'm doing something at my house. I've been posting at intervals. As far as I can see, this community will not allow any substantial role play to occur. Why? Because we're all too busy getting power for the sake of power, or being jealous over stuff other people does. You refuse to recognize any sort of in-character authority, thus breaking immersion and hindering progress multiple times for those of us who's role play heavily involve interactions with the legal and episcopal systems. The fact is, in character authority can be and is a good thing. But nooo; we have to stand around and be jealous because we don't have it and then we have to try and rip it apart. That happened to me; the biggest role play Wyrmrest Accord probably ever saw and the only great and good example of proper "Kingdom RP" was ruined by envy. I want people to stop being just ninnies and actually get in-game and fight her if you hate her so much. You wanted her job? Try and replace her. Actually make us a living, breathing world instead of a host people use to play out their fantasies. It is making those of us searching for a genuine, high-quality role playing experienced sick and impatient every time we try and do stuff but get drowned by people making forums to be snide and sound more intelligent than the person they're trying to bash. I'll be frank; I have no problems with Madelynne's RP, but everyone else's !@#$%ery is making it impossible to enjoy.Aelamdor286 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Commissions?, Maybe?! any ways im wanting to do more with the MG community so I thought Screen shot portrates its just my way of practicing on gimp and learning how to do things commisions will never be more the 100g fel I dont even think I would charge 50g for tis stuff if you would be interested Please contact me in game and I will give you my contact infor to send a screen shot to please make sure the screen shots are as high def. as your computer will allow all npc's and players names turned off, Your name turned off. thanks -Datocus. heres an idea of what you would be getting ... Also some other things i can do are wanted posters, (this will cost more the 50-100g as the effert that goes into cutting out the char from the scenery is a bit more in depth (also no tablet) an example of this would be ... my whole gallery/portfolio is: ... you can see all my projects/mishaps there. enjoy. Looking forward to MG Business!Datocus16 Jul 6, 2012