Moon Guard

Aug 10, 2012 Security Warning issued by Mike Morhaime The launcher had a new image on it that looked like a shield with a padlock on it. It linked to this web page, an address to Blizzard players that use North American accounts from Mike Morhaime. Spreading the word here, folks. Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Afraid of committing. Now, this might sound ridiculous but I need to express my concerns and hopefully resolve them. I am afraid of committing myself to the game. Every time I make any goals or plans to level up or seriously involve myself in a profession, I get this fear that the game could lose popularity and die quickly and that all my time spent would be for naught. I do realize that no game can or does last forever but I have this irrational fear that if I start playing now then next year or even next month the game might die. Does anybody else get that nagging feeling?Taf15 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Sold Black Velvet Robes Black Velvet Robes Picked it up this evening on one of my alts, I'm looking for any buyers really, starting bids at 46 gold, bidding increments at 5 and 10 gold over the previous. I will cover the neutral auction house cut if a horde member purchases said item. (Which is around 10% fee additional.) I know this item is often sought after for transmog sets, and goes especially well with the Silver-thread pieces as an alternative to the Silver-threaded chest. Please do post bids in a professional and peaceful manner. Thank you. 46 Gold, for a fine velvet robe world drop, I think is a fine start. Do we hear any better bids? Bidding closes at Noon, server time. Get your bids in folks!Qerrathien26 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 (A RPPvP) LOTM: Elves In Bushes. They say the highborne is a tale left best to the depths of the ocean. They say it is a story of deceit, of lavishness and heathenry. Not a rustle in the wind has brought news of our exiled kin for centuries past. Neither a flicker of magic nor tome of arcane cracked in far too long. Their world and arts long abandoned to a culture of nature. But not all was forgotten The highborne return in droves. Their ways: abandoned. Their lives: in danger. “Suffer well, highborne.” That is what they say. Let us not leave our people to fend for themselves in a culture of war and find their own place amongst new and distinct races. If we are to achieve peace as a people, we must achieve it united, with the other races to aide in destroying the orcish horde. Lift your voices to the moon, lift your heads high and be ready. If we do not move with the world, we will be consumed by it. Lost once again to the depths of the sea. Tor ilisar'thera'nal ...Anamaleth500 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 All hail your new overlord. Ladies and gentleman, my fellow Moon Guardians, hello! I have an important announcement for all of you today. I'm going to enslave you all. Failure to comply will result in termination when I seize my rightful power. You have 48 hours to bow before your new king. The quicker you join me, the more power you shall gain in the new realm order. Cheers!Manaclaw35 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 Storytime! ((Story)) Six years in the future... Adira Collett-Vein was quietly humming when she got jumped by her two daughters. Celeste, 7, and Diane, 5, were getting ready for bed, but instead the hellions tackled her. Adira had to laugh a bit. "Tell us a bedtime story, mommy!" Celeste was always the inquisitive one. Diane just liked to listen, never ask. "Hmm...What shall I tell?" mused Adira with a smirk. "Have you heard about the great hero Adria, the Witchslayer?" "No! Who is that, mommy?!" "Well, settle down, Celeste, and I will tell you. First I must tuck you in, though." Adira smiled happily as she pulled the sheet over both girls. Satisfied that they were settled in, Adira began the tale, her tale in truth. But this tale would be sugar coated for young ears. In time they would lkely know it was Adira herself, and far darker, but for now this would be best. "Long ago, there lived a young maiden named Adria. She lived in the woods and lived a quiet life. It was a good life. All she had to worry about was hunting for some meat, gathering some vegetables, and milking her cows. She had a very good life, but one day a dark shadow came over the woods." "Adria was gathering some carrots and potatoes when suddenly a shadow attacked her. She was knocked clear across her own field! She stood up and grabbed a scythe from the wall she got knocked close to and held it at ready. Pitiful weapon it may had been, but it was soon clear that she had chosen a rather proper weapon. The shadow charged at her looking like this!" Adira turned her head away to briefly weave a shadowy mask and then suddenly surprised both girls. It got the intended effect. Both jumped and screamed before laughing lightly. "RAWR!" "It yelled and roared at her, fangs dripping poisonous shadows, its maw wide open. She readied the scythe and with one fell swoop cut it completely in half. But it became two shadows! She wound up the scythe once more and touched it with strange magic, slashing at the now two fiendish creatures. They fell before her scythe. She decided, wisely, to get some rest." Celeste was very rapt in attention. "What happened?!" "She woke up the next day and heard that more shadow fiends had been seen in the countryside. Villagers were scared, afraid. It was all rumored to be one witch causing it. Adria stood in front of the scared crowd, scythe in hand. 'Fear not, for I shall find and slay this witch!' The crowd was skeptical, to say the least. Adria was not very strong, nor was she very magic inclined. But one person believed. Adria believed." "So she set out to find this witch." Diane finally spoke up. "What happened then, mommy?" Adira smiled lightly and chuckled. "She had run into a few obstacles." ((cont))Adira3 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 [H] In Search of Ideas Hello! I've been thinking a lot lately about starting my own guild, but I am at a loss at what I can do that is new and different in perspective. The idea I've been tossing around was a union-esque guild of all the races of the Horde. The idea (and purpose, I suppose) is that through strength and unity, the guild could bring defense, healing, and even diplomatic services to various places around Azeroth. The other idea I had was a blood-elf centric guild, but the competition that I'd face would be far too much. One could say I could join one of the already established ones, but... I just felt that wasn't for me. I came here to ask opinions on how to go about conjuring up an idea (or elaborating on the first one above)? Or suggestions at what hasn't been done yet? Any other tips about leading a guild and finding a stable core of officers and structure are much appreciated. Thanks! EDIT: Also, finding a name is very important to me, especially when trying to find one that encompasses what the guild's intentions are. The name of the first one, if you were curious, was <Communion> before I decided to disband and re-think things over on it.Alygona10 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 MoP...THREE YEARS IN THE FUTURE?! Howdy Ho Moon Guard! I was chatting with a friend of mine when she suddenly mentions that MoP is supposed to be set three years into the future. Now I don't know if this is just a rumor or not but you have to admit that such a thing can make things interesting for just about everyone's RP. If you have any information on this please by all means please share and if you wish give your opinion on this. Aaaaaaaaand go.Tarren300 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 So...just saw someone link this mmo.... over on MMO champ. Now I'm not saying that Wildstar is going to be good, not saying it's going to be bad. But I am saying if it's F2P, I'm going to have to check it out. This made me chuckle.!Rumgut1 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 [A & H] WTS [Swift Lovebird] Collectors and completionists, I have a few of these mounts I want to offload. I have them both Horde and Ally side. Contact me via in-game mail or here with an offer, and we can negotiate an exchange. A pre-emptive thank you for anyone looking to troll with a joke offer; I appreciate the page bumps, but I will otherwise ignore and disregard any such offers.Donahue2 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 10, 2012 [A-RP] The Tainted Legion - Insert Remark? We are the light before the night. We are the shadow before the dawn. Through the darkest hours of the world we prevail, through the cutting winds and the burning flames of war, we persevere. We are the oppressed, the underdog, the darkened soul and burdened mind. We are the heavy heart and the overlooked. We are the true people of Azeroth... Those who lead real lives, of real worth... Not men and women with fat bellies and purses, or polished boots and sickly, oily grins plastered upon our pudgy faces whilst we rub together our sweaty, fat hands. The halls shall tremble and the mountains shall quake, the shields will shatter and the swords will break... But we will still stand strong. You who are overlooked because you were not rich enough for the likes of the so-called Guard, you are our brother. You whose heart and soul is burdened by the haunting darkness of your past, who has been given no quarter, no chance to prove yourself... You are our kinsman. You who have been forced to prove your mettle time and time again to fools and dogs of the Alliance far more concerned with their next meal and pay than they are about someone else, it is you who we fight for. When all the world seems lost, when the darkness crowds around us and all light seems to go out in the world... We prevail, we persevere, and we stand strong... We stand together. We are the Darkness within the Light... We are the ones who will do what must be done, we are not the shining heroes of valor and legend, we are not the templars of justice and light... We are not the people everyone wants. We are the heroes the world needs. We can be what no other can. We can stand in the midst of the mire and shout victory over the rotted stench of corruption. We can charge on when all others would give up in hopes of a good bed and a hot meal... We do not fall to corruption, we do not answer to tyranny. We are a force to be reckoned with, we are the swords and spears of the Alliance that are needed. We will do what must be done for the justice and righteousness of the world, of our people. Will you answer our call? Will you join our cause and show this world that we are all just as powerful, just as strong, just as good as the rest of them, if not stronger for coming through so much?! We are the Tainted Legion, and we are waiting. Hello folks, Crazy Aussie Highcastle here with what I somehow never thought to do. A forum post! The Tainted Legion is a guild I founded 9-2-2008 as a Medium-Heavy RP guild, and am proud to say that both through hard work and stubborn-ness, is still alive. Dark-oriented military guild, with a fluctuating alignement of Chaotic-Good and Lawful-Neutral, we strive to act as the Swords the Alliance seems to be lacking. With all the protectorate Order's, the Guardian-types of our 'hallowed' cities wandering about protecting not much really as someone else has already gotten to it... There's a severe gap in our set-up. That gap is our Offensive line. The Tainted Legion strives to fill that gap, and be the fighting force that shall strike forth without mercy, without remorse, and do what it must to crush whatever threats present themselves to the Alliance as a whole, be they man, god, demon, corpse or otherwise... (( As in we actively will go out of our way to crush/hunt down any Scourge, Burning Legion, Twilight Hammer, etc... Influences we find. )) We also make it our duty to tear out the seeds of corruption within our own lands, within our cities and communities, and yes... Hound them until they either can't take it anymore or are dead. We do accept all classes and races, we do accept most all levels, but priority of recruitment is quality of quantity. If you feel you have the potential, even if you are new to Roleplay, we'll hear you out and see how you are. If you need help developing your RP or your story, don't hesitate to give myself a yell as i'm more than happy to help. I do write for a living. Recruitment is taken through In Character interviews with myself, or with most any of the other members available (Such as Belyle, Yanamari, Amaree, etc). In Character Information: There is some information that I choose to see as public knowledge for approaching or seeking one of us out. The Tainted Legion is a public Alliance military, it has been stationed for over two years now within the halls of the Westbrook Garrison, and is led by Highlord Meinas Highcastle (Pretentious !@#$, who is this guy?). Our tabard is within the Alliance registries, so is (obviously) our guild, thus the whole 'registry' thing anyways. Ah, yes, before I forget! The Tainted Legion had been stationed since its day of founding in the Westbrook Garrison, but has now moved to the Keep of Fenris Isle, there to rebuild that settlement into a greater home for our order and into a spear-head location for any attacks our allies may wish to take advantage of.Highcastle500 Aug 10, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 A Waaagh on Blackrock Mountain! I just finished pick-pocketing some 1400 Heavy Junkboxes from the denizens of Blackrock Mountain. Naturally, my task has left me a little blood thirsty, given that I couldn't kill any of the monsters. So, for the next 48 hours, I have declared a Waaagh on Blackrock Mountain! For as long as I am online and not doing a guild run, I will happily run anyone through BRD and BRS for free (I won't even loot!) I will also join in on Blackrock Caverns, normal and Heroic. EDIT: I'll also be farming herbs on Mersie, my undead hunter, so if I'm not on Merryweather, try her.Merryweather1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Your characters alignment Your characters general moral and personal attitudes are represented by its alignment: lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, lawful neutral, neutral, chaotic neutral, lawful evil, neutral evil, or chaotic evil. Alignment is a tool that helps develops your character's identity. But it is not a straitjacket for restricting your character. Each alignment represents a broad range of personality types or personal philosophies, so two characters of the same alignment can still be quite different from each other. In addition, few people are completely consistent. I used this site to help develop Saria and I’m also using it for my Blood Elf and Night Elf monks and I figured I share it and see if you guys would find it useful. So which of the 9 alignments do you think your character falls under? Lawful Good, "Crusader" Neutral Good, "Benefactor" Chaotic Good, "Rebel" Lawful Neutral, "Judge" True Neutral, "Undecided" Chaotic Neutral, "Free Spirit" Lawful Evil, "Dominator" Neutral Evil, "Malefactor" Chaotic Evil, "Destroyer" Saria would fall under True Neutral. Id post more into this but I think I bored you guys enough^^. Feel free to post your alignment and what makes you a little different from the others of that alignment. And thank you.Sarîa75 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Tal'doren: The Wild Home. In the interest of getting more people to post here, I'm extending this to other races as well as Worgen. Night elves? Forsaken (you're scum though)? Did you see Tal'doren/the blackwald? Post about it here. __________________________________ Hello there, my fellow brothers and sisters of Goldrinn? Having a dandy day? I certainly hope so. Anyhow, as a few of you might now, I'm a total and absolute freak when it comes to the ritual of Tal'doren. I want to know more of the tree, the Blackwald, and the actual materials necessary to perform the ritual. This thread was not created to debate the various 'lore' interpretations of the ritual. Rather, it is to talk about your characters first experience in the Blackwald, or near Tal'doren. Feel free to post your IC journal, or talk about your character's reactions to being exposed to such a place. I'm honestly interested to hear! This is Ferenold's IC journal. For a bit of context, he wrote this after fleeing from the main group of survivors in Stormglen, to go north into the wilderness. He came upon the Blackwald, and in the short time he stayed there, he wrote a bit about it. He wrote it while he was in the form of a worgen, of course, and also sane since he had a small amount of the serum/salve with him. Bela'den is his own fabricated name for Tal'doren. --------------- What was this place? I asked. What was this place, where twisting black branches danced in silence? What was this place, where the woods were so quiet, where the sun was so dim, where the mouth of the earth spoke. But it did not speak, it yelled, it yelled, it cried and cried in a cacophony of rage. I ask again, what is this place, a haunted forest? What is this harmony that dwells here, that permeates here, that is here. Misshapen forms and heavenly waters. They are beautiful, beautiful I say. But Tainted and torn are the traits of the blackwald told in tales of old. But no, I did not understand. Not here, not yet. Why did the winds whisper so freely, and the waters whisk so wildly, in a place such as this? Why was peace found in this place, why was life growing here, why was this life the most wond'rous I have come upon in my travels? But no, that was not it, that was not all I heard in this sacred place. Sorrowful souls. I heard them, I heard them walking amongst the shadows of this place. But sorrowful, or serene? Serene and sorrowful, perhaps? For they were of I, they were taken from my flesh and blood, their presence was. Their presence was, their presence was a warmth and a chill, an unnerving shock and a soothing light. Why do you wander, O misbigotten spirits of the past? Why here, in this tainted place? And why the tree, why the towering tree that was not blackened ash, but brown Oak, and why within it were otherworldly ruins, and why did those waters flow down them. And why was this place deserted, why was I the only one here, in solitude. Have I been chosen by the winds, to sing their song? Or the trees, to humm their gentle hymn? No, no, no. It could not be, for this was a place that angered me. It ought to be, should it not? A harbringer of peace seeking to impose itself on me. I felt it, I felt it weighing down on me, the shackles of calmness as they quelled my rage. I felt my spirit tamed, I felt the wilds subjugated. Controlled, I was a slave, a servant to this place, a servant to this dark, terrible place that enslaved my brethren. Or was this place my liberator, and not my jailor? For had I not longed to be freed from the bloodlust and rage, the purposeless violence that plagued me. A mere beast cannot commune with the wilds perhaps, for one most see it, in all it's entirety, all of the pecularities of it's system, how a single drop of dew sustains a snake, how the earth's wisdom spoke to her creatures. Towering mahogany, was Bela'den. The waters, the ruins, the boughs and branches, the spirits and souls. The song of the wind, the hymn of the heavens. The peaceful serenity, granted not by the dulling touch of industrialization, but by the wild vision of Bela'den. And the rage was still there, for it was not vanquished. It 'twas passion, but not bloodlust, emotion, yet not hedonism! I was sure of it now, was I not? This was not' a place of taint, however it looked upon the surface. This was was far more ancient, far more older then even the most archaic of the practicioners of the old ways. -No-, the magics were were those that birthed the world's beginning, and were birthed -at- the world's beginning. But what had tainted this place, at it's beginning? Why was there that eerie feeling, that shadow, that primal bloodlust that crept at the edges of men's souls. Perhaps, the mysteries of this place shall be unvieled in time. But for now, I shall merely gaze up upon the boughs of Bala'dren, and be bless-ed in its presence.Ferenold77 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Ignore this title. Ignore this post.Valtharis3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 [A-RP]The Mocks; Now with 100% more "eeee!" Out Of Character Information: Oh man, guys. I'm at it again! For those of you that have been to this thread before, as you can see I have erased the previous information. This is new, updated on 05.21.2012, and will go over the new ideas I have for Mockingbird; ideas that I personally believe will help me, and everyone that joins, to enjoy their time within the guild. As a lot of people on Moon Guard (Alliance side) know, The Mockingbird Cartel was formerly known for it's fantastic role play (pardon me whilst I toot our horn~) and the selling of drugs. This was going great and all, but towards the end we lost that 'oomph' that separated us from the more 'thug-life' type of guilds. This wasn't OK with me, and because of that (and a plethora of real life issues - which have all been resolved, thank you for asking) I put a halt to the guild temporarily. It sucked, I won't lie, and I had a few people upset with me. More so than that, I had people literally begging me to bring it back. I hadn't realized, until then, just how much people enjoyed the guild. So, after a lot of real life hashing out, and more thought than I had ever intended to put into the starting-back-up of Mocks, I have finally found a way to make <TMC> enjoyable and re-open! Getting to what we are newly about: You can start reading here if you don't want the fluffy stuff...Previously (and continuously) <TMC> has fronted as a Courier Company. It's not exactly the most ideal front for most, but it worked for us since we enjoyed smuggling drugs and such across the borders; how else to smuggle illegal goods, then shoved into a bunch of legal ones, am I right? This being said, when I set the guild to 'Hiatus' status, in-character the actual cartel continued (just in OOC locations such as Tanaris + surrounding areas and Northrend). You see, we never actually stopped selling drugs. Pretty nifty, huh? The re-opening will thrive off of that idea. Characters that join <TMC> will be put into the 'Stormwind Branch' of the cartel where they will aid in the smuggling commutes. This can range anywhere from a regular event of just escorting cargo across a few zones with mild encounters or blasting our way into a Troll Burial Ground and raiding their tombs for priceless (which oddly sells for a high price ;3) artifacts and treasures. Once we get a solid 'core' group, of maybe five or so people (aside from my officers), we'll start weekly events immediately - since we already have a few planned out. I, personally, enjoy PvP aspects of the game (and help many people cap CP, if you need that) and we've some thoughts in gearing towards Raids and such if we get enough interest. So, yes. There is room for everyone that enjoys RP+! Which brings me to you, the reader. If you are currently fed up with your guild that is going nowhere, or perhaps your leader/boss/mistress/general/whatever is a *#@*, then you should look us up. We're an equal opportunity employer, granted that you can read/write/use spell check/ and not type 'lyke dis' or something similar, and we want you to work with us. Or, you know, hang out. That's cool, too. (( ))Nihx396 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 horde-Hiring rogues for Heavy Junkbox farming Working on The Insane and Ravenholdt is last, I have a rogue i'm doing junkbox farming with, but want to speed it a long a little so i'm looking to hire any rogue who can farm these up. Please message me in game on Satrina or Anli to negotiate your price per 5 junkboxes.Satrina4 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 OMG, Darkmoon in MoP Monty Python reference ftw.Rhovin15 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 When Did "Scroll of Enchant X"... ...turn into just "Enchant X"? A friend was asking what category on the AH the item enchantments were found under, and after saying that I thought it was "Consumables", I suggested just searching for "Scroll of Enchant <slot>". My friend reported that this brought up nothing, and after further searching, we discovered that these things no longer had "Scroll of" in their title. But we both recalled that they were once called this, so I took to Wowhead to verify. After adding Wowpedia to the search, I found that we were right...but I can't figure out WHEN this changed. Even searching the official patch notes for keywords like "Scroll" and "Vellum" brings up nothing. So does anyone know when the name of these items actually changed? @_@Merryweather4 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 i feel dead inside. i feel pretty dead inside. how about you guys? do you feel the same way?Íngrid15 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Elwynn Encounter Two years after the closing of the Dark Portal “My lady, you should return - these parts of Elwynn are still unsafe.” His words were useless, yet he felt he still had a certain responsibility to at least say them. McSars had tried several days ago to convince her that it was too dangerous for her to accompany him and his men-at-arms on her latest errand. It was to no avail. When his lady wanted to do something, very little would dissuade her from it. “What? Are you and your men incompetent, Sir McSars? If that is the case, then I would agree that it is very unsafe here right now.” she replied breezily. She caught sight of his grimace as he turned away. “And stop pulling that frightful face. Some people might take it as a sign of disrespect.” “As you say, m’lady.” McSars mumbled. He could tell that she was greatly enjoying herself. Well, she could have that. The hedge knight was secretly glad she was along. While he got on well enough with the soldiers assigned to him, he found his lady’s company to be far more interesting. Both McSars and the lady rode, him upon his destrier and her upon her palfrey. Most of the men-at-arms were on foot, but two of the three archers and a swordsman rode rounceys. It was their job to go with the lady and cover her escape if need be. One of the men was leading a mule that carried their supplies - most of which was the lady’s tent and other luxuries. They had broke camp early that morning and had been travelling now for several hours. The region they were in was still in the process of growing back from the wars. They were getting close to their destination, though - through the trees ahead McSars could make out the crumbling walls of what had once been a quiet forest mansion. As they came closer, the sad state of what it was became immediately apparent. Only a few walls went higher than the ceiling of the ground floor now, and most of the ceiling had caved in. Only part of the mansion was even possible to move through easily. Master Cole, a no-nonsense huntsman and veteran of both wars, approached McSars. His dog, Orceater, was at his heels. “There’s signs of kobolds, but none outside. Debris has been pulled across some doors and holes in the walls - I’d say there’s a nest of the damned things in there.” McSars nodded and jumped down from his destrier. The lady said nothing, merely looking over the ruins with sad eyes. When the knight glanced over to her, she looked away quickly. He saw the tears, but pretended that he hadn’t. “We’ll go right in. Lanrick, Cole - go around the other side and if any come out, cut them down. Havard, Warder - on my back. The rest of you stay back and make sure no harm comes to Lady-” “You mean I cannot accompany you inside?”” she asked. McSars sighed quietly. “I will come for you as soon as it is safe-” “I can use a sword too, Sir Jacob. I believe if anything goes wrong, I will be quite alright.” McSars felt his temper flaring, but he kept it under control. He could not lose it in front of his men. “My lady, please see reason-” She dismounted swiftly, striding over to the knight and silencing him with a single finger to her lips. Leaning over, she murmured so that only he could hear. “That is what Sir Rollis said to me when he found I was going to take you on as armsmaster. Now... Don’t you think Havard and Warder should wait outside?” <cont>Mcsars15 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Simplicity " There was once a time when these lands were fertile green, and the sky shown native colors. My people sang songs around fires, and enjoyed drink and well-earned food. Our lives were simple then, and most preferred it that way. Clans dotted the landscape, and their leaders lead with a menagerie of cruelty, honor, respect, skullduggery, and even magic. My own chieftain was one who was in tune with the elements, more than any other of our kind. Unquestioning, we followed his leadership, and though this world no longer answered our call, we continued into the blackened abyss. Demons rove across the deserts now, the land deprived of water -- of life. Divided down to its very core, as our world suffered a catastrophe like no other. It is madness. My brethren would have simply scoffed at the suggestion that the future of Draenor was akin to this... atrocity, but we did not have the foresight to imagine this hellish plain existing upon our lush world. It was not soon after that our people sold themselves into slavery willingly, demonic trickery blinding us from the corruption that soon soiled our race. At the time I did not know, I did not... think, simply believing what I was told, trusting my chieftain unquestioningly. We slaughtered a race down without remorse, the draenei who inhabited our world peacefully. We thought them to be conspirators, hiding behind their walls and their magic as they plotted to take Draenor for themselves. It seemed simple at the time, to kill them before they did the same to us. Then again, we were a simple people. This used to be my home once as well, when I was but a child. I did not play games like those before me, but trained to be a warrior from the start. Others were granted gifts to speed their growth, something I was not worthy of at the time. It would be several years before I knew this to be a blessing, not the curse I once knew. We had brought the draenei menace down, cutting them limb from limb, and drawing them out from their shelters. What pity was there to be had for those who wished to kill us? But by then, our primitive clans had bound together into a 'Horde'. We were blood-crazed, having tasted the demon blood, the essence of a pitlord which gave us enormous strength. Though no one questioned it, our world was dying before our eyes. My people had gone from hunting game to building structures that surpassed our wildest thoughts. A keep of gnarled iron and steel was a testament to our Horde's power, built as a stronghold that dominated the land. A portal, ordered by the traitor warlock, which soon opened the way to a land unknown. And a banner, yes... the symbol with which our Horde would be known by. A symbol that exists even to this very day, though its meaning is vastly different.Rilokk4 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Dear Tree Rats Just want to thank all of you Kaldorei for actually taking a strong stand against our lil' raiding party in Darnassus. We didn't expect that much defense from y'all. Had us surprised. Was a fun bit of PvP, though. Maybe we'll come back harder sometime.Solskaron8 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 mg professional listings. yes this is a private fan forum for mg folks to get their proffesions used ang get work done, it also has a spot for art requests and comishies. Yes i understand the inherant risks of created a site like this. I understand fully that this can go fubard. so please keep in mind when you join this site you join at your own risk (a risk one takes if they decide to do anything with someone out side the game and its bounderies) that being said. I will NOT let trolls soil my sacred lands, while you are on the site you will act propper. no fighting, no discussions of lore. and for the love of the planet Bob. don't act like a spoiled brat. enjoy a site that was formed because trade chat is crap for professions ~Dat, Xin'Xin, HazelHazel0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Theramore's Fall won't be tested by players. Player: "Is the World Event for the Attack on Theramore Isle going to be available for testing soon?" Blue: "We are not currently planning on opening this up for public/beta testing. That may change but for right now we're testing it internally." Just incase anyone is waiting for it on the PTR.Finaj12 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Gladiator's Pursuit boots. So, yeah, I'm trying DESPERATELY to find a pair of matching boots for my Gladiator's Pursuit ( armor but cannot seem to find anything. Does anyone out there have any suggestions / matching boots they can point me to? :<Vurohk2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 MG'ers Request: Professions Post I may need further input to help flesh out this suggestion for a professions change. We lost a great deal of beautiful peices of armor, weapons, and designs to the changes in Cataclysm and Wrath with the removal of profession specialization. I wanted to offer an alternative to the removed patterns and designs, to make them available to players again with minor edits to their data for allowances to specific profession rather than specialization. I'd love to see this happen, I really would - there's so many sets I could have made if the patterns were readily available to me but they simply aren't. ;-;Qerrathien10 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 I.N.V.A.D.E.R has landed! Hi everyone, Professor Merik, PhD, The Greatest Mind in all of Azeroth here to present my findings after sending the very first unmaned spacecraft into the vast unknown referred to as space. But first! A little introduction to what and how this was made possible. I.N.V.A.D.E.R Interplanetary Native Visualizer And Drastic Experimental Researcher The fruit of my recent labors thanks to the generous donations from people who have seen first hand what I'm capable of; A remote rover who's sole purpose is to go where no scientist has gone before! Launched yesterday from Area 52 in the region known as Outland, the rover arrived at the target planet dubbed SK-45, or known to the local squid heads as "Argus", via the experimental spacecraft known only as Plague-1. It was a total success. I wish to thank everyone that was involved, including those that gave me a hard time while at Area 52. Apparently, destabilizing the region more than it already was before my little dimensional experiment a few months back is something some people can't get over. I certainly got over it. Without further ado, I bring you the first image recorded by I.N.V.A.D.E.R ... The mission will last about 90 days, at which point the rover will self-destruct annihilating everything in a large radius. I do this for science. Hugs and Kisses, Professor Merik, PhD, The Greatest Mind in all of Azeroth.Merik20 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Speculation about RP in Guild Wars 2 I played the last beta weekend and enjoyed it a lot. I'll probably be playing both WoW and GW2 and was curious what people expect in terms of RP? Obstacles to a good RP scene: There are no official RP servers. Switching servers requires you pay a fee. (EDIT: apparently you can 'guest' onto other servers, just not for WvWvW pvp) The hub cities are massive (will they feel empty even on high pop servers?).Things that make me hopeful for a good RP scene: Vastly superior character customization. Lack of mounts, forcing a sense of scale. Pretty interesting lore. Seems like a pretty decent RP community has chosen some servers to be unofficial RP servers. The hub cities are massive.Tyliss44 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Topic: Sci-Fi, Fantasy races and video games So, once again I make a video game design thread, asking Moon Guard on their opinion. Today's topic is on races/species. Because more often than not we hear 'race' when you're talking of Orcs, Draenei, Tau, etc, even though they're clearly different species. When playing video games do you prefer for the game to have humanoid aliens with distinct human-like features though usually with a slight variance (see: Asari, Twi'lek, Vulcan) or do you like distinctly non-human aliens (Example: Krogan, Turian, Hutt, Elites)? Or do you prefer those who are humanoid in shape but not face (See: Salarian, Rodian). Background species? What about playable races? Do you like to see a variety of shapes and body types? In Mass Effect 3 you can play a large variety of species but things like armor are all uniform, with no variance. Take WoW for instance. All species have 2 arms, 2 legs, a head for a humanoid form, but often take something to vary them (Tusks, chintecles, green skin, elf-like features). Or SWTOR, who takes it to an almost extreme, where nearly every playable species is a human with a different color range of skin (Blue Chiss, Green Mirialan, Red Sith).Melyria54 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Have you ever... ...wanted to just plug in your iPod, listen to some serene music and just expose yourself to nature, or take a stroll through a forest? I've had the hankering for it, but I don't own an iPod and I don't live near a forest :PFinaj8 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 MG Poll: Favorite Pandaria zone. So, take your pick. I'm still kinda annoyed that Blizz can make polls and we can't >_<Finaj15 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 I am enjoying my Night Elf Rogue. How are your alts coming along my deariesIsulkian22 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 What is the council? Hello I am fairly new to moon guard, and I have seen these HUGE meetings in Northshire with what seems to be the big Alliance guilds and it looked like some sort of council to me. What is it and what do they do? Thank you.Garleatt266 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Civil Society -- Something To Try In role-play, you can role-play whatever you wish (though even that is left to debate), except when it comes to role-playing something that has within its grasp some inkling of authority or power over your character. Why should your character have that position rather than mine? is asked in the minds of the other role-players. What gives you the right? It's why councils -- which have been attempted by role-players as far back as I can possibly remember -- have never really, truly succeeded. The same questions are asked. Yes, the people on that council may've been elected, but by who? A very small amount, when compared to the total population on one side of the server. Guilds and interguild organizations that claim ranks of high status within the fictional world we all see as our own run into problems of legitimacy -- they must prove their worth through years, slowly establishing traditional legitimacy, but even that can be refuted. It's fun to play guilds and characters with authority, to act in the King or Queen's name when you do something, to have power over another -- but maybe there's a better way to frame our role-play. The concept of civil society is one such way that we can choose to frame our role-play. Civil society, which is defined as "organized life outside the state, 'the art of association.'" Civil society are any institutions -- whether they be formal or informal -- outside the State (i.e., governmental organization), such as churches, clubs, associations of any kind, charities, human rights organizations, and so on. Basically civil society is an institution in which people gather together and talk with one another -- they could be gathering together for something as benign as bowling, but they gather and talk one another. That's the important part. For example, preceding the Muslim Brotherhood's election into governmental position following Hosni Mubarak's dethroning, the Muslim Brotherhood was considered apart of civil society and they provided many things that Mubarak's regime was suppose to. At that point in time, the Muslim Brotherhood had no official, sanctioned authority -- but they operated outside the bounds of government, yet were still able to provide public goods to the people. Through this supply of public goods -- such as medical supplies, etc. -- the Muslim Brotherhood (and other Islamist organizations) were able to change the religious landscape of Egypt, slowly mind you. They destroyed the legitimacy of the Mubarak regime in the minds of its people and shifted it to Islam. My point is: civil society has no official authority or power the same way a governmental agency does, and I believe by claiming to be apart of civil society (rather than the latter) with our guilds and interguilld organizations we may be better off. Civil society is not without power, though it is markedly different in nature - just look at Egypt, if you need proof. I apologize if some of my thoughts weren't clearly explained or if I used jargon -- just ask, and I can clarify a point or word. Thanks.Plagueheart36 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Your Final Meal You have just been captured by the police after committing a horrendous crime (you ripped the tag off the mattress, didn't you. despicable. ) You are on death row and get to pick your last meal. You can probably guess the question right? What do you pick as your last words. I'm kidding of course. What's your last meal? (can be in Azeroth or not). Mine would be (OOC) one of every item I'd never eaten before, plus food I really enjoy. Yes, that was very vague. Ariade's would be a large (9 gallons) bowl of epic salad(not just salad, epic salad of course) with Kaldorei made kimchi. ( On a side note, I'm not sure why I feel the urge to make these random threads.)Ariade64 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Concerning an Enchanted Thorium Breastplate.. ...I seem to have cleared my mailbox, found one request to make it, and then took the mats without writing down the name. Due to no text in the message itself, the note was removed upon taking the mats. If the owner of the mats could kindly send me in-game mail requesting it, sorry, I'll send it right back to ya. P.S. My memory is bad, but not -that- bad. I'll recognize the name when I see it.Stax3 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 That feel That feel when your internet craps out on you for an hour and a half during the middle of an event you're really excited to host, and it took you around 3 hours to plan. What crappy things happened to you today or in the past few days?Ferenold42 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 WTA: Heavy Junkboxes! Task complete! Thanks to Desstis and a few others (who's names I'll post when I recall them) for supplying 400 Junkboxes to the cause! Original Post: ...Merryweather7 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Horde RP Evening. I have a simple question. Is RP on the Horde as alive as the Alliance..? Thank you, have a nice night/day.Meez27 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Some (relatively unknown) worgen lore This was a journal that was removed from Cata Beta for whatever reason. This was also totally stolen from a thread in the Story forums. EDIT: inb4 Malfurion the hypocriteDanyle4 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Troll Roleplay: Narrated by Vol'kuza Freeman Did you like what you saw? Then check out: The Antu Bloodguard 1) History 2) Tribe 3) Valuable Terms 4) Appearances 5) Naming Your Troll 6) Choosing a Class 7) Race Relations 8) Tips and Tricks 9) The Loa 10) Troll Biology 11) Trolls and Professions 1) The Rise and Fall of the Troll Empires The Trolls are among the most ancient of races on the face of Azeroth, standing alongside the insect-like Aqir in terms of their presence on the continent, and even outdating the Titans’ arrival to this world. The progenitor tribe was known as the Zandalari Tribe, and every tribe formed afterward can trace their ancestry back to this single group of Trolls. As time passed, two important empires broke off from the Zandalari; the Amani, who settled in the middle of the continent, and the Gurubashi, who settled in the south-western portion. While these two groups had rivalries amongst each other, they often found themselves putting their differences aside to combat the aggressive Aqir Empire to the west. For thousands of years the two races warred until the Trolls managed to proclaim victory, effectively splitting the Aqir Empire into two. Traces of this broken empire can be found today in the southwestern portions of Kalimdor, as well as in Northrend. Relative peace followed, and though neither tribe expanded their empires greatly, one distinct group did break apart and settled near the Well of Eternity, where they would become the first Night Elves. The Trolls-turned-Elves soon began their meteoric rise to dominance through the magical power granted by the Well of Eternity. The Twin Empires of Gurubashi and Amani were quickly and systematically fractured, unable to defend themselves from this newfound power. Overuse of this magic led to the Great Sundering, splitting the continent in two, but keeping many of the still held Trollish lands intact. Still, like much of life on Azeroth, the Trolls suffered. The disaster of the Great Sundering only amplified the broken states of the Troll Empires, where many died from famine and war. In a desperate attempt to regain order, Gurubashi priests called upon a Loa known as Hakkar the Soulflayer. A being of great power, Hakkar helped the Gurubashi expand their empire and return some of the former greatness to the Trolls, but not without a price. Hakkar demanded sacrifice after sacrifice for his deeds with his ultimate goal being to enter the mortal realm and consume all life. The Zandalar Tribe, realizing what power the Gurubashi had unlocked, convinced many to revolt against Hakkar and his priests, eventually banishing Hakkar from the mortal world. A power vacuum followed, leading to the development of many smaller, splinter tribes. The Gurubashi were not the only ones encountering conflict post-Sundering. The Amani to the north had been forced off their sacred lands by the high elves, forcing the Trolls to flee. For thousands of years the Trolls built up their forces to retake their ancestral lands, and sparked what is now known as The Troll Wars. The conflict was intense, and though the Trolls held the upper hand, they soon fell when the high elves brought in new allies, the humans. Many Amani Trolls did not survive this ordeal, for they died in battle, or as they tried to flee from enemy forces. As the Orcish Horde arrived in Azeroth, Trolls were proven to be a vital asset when fighting against the Humans and High Elves. Orgrim Doomhammer soon found himself allied with the Troll war hero Zul’jin, but was abandoned after he had decided not to send his forces to Quel’thalas as Zul’jin had wished. The Orcs would not have much contact with the Trolls until the time of Thrall as he fled to Kalimdor, where he would meet the Darkspear Tribe. The Orcs helped to fight off the invading Alliance forces alongside the Darkspear, but both Thrall and Sen’jin, the Darkspear chieftain, found themselves captured by a sea witch and her army of murlocs. Sen’jin swore his tribe’s loyalty to the Horde before his death, and that oath is still carried by the current chieftain, Vol’jin. As power consolidated into the two major factions known as the Horde and the Alliance, the last shards of the Trollish Empires have either fallen, such as the Amani, Gurubashi, and Sandfury, or allied with the Horde, such as the Shatterspear and Revantusk.Volkuza100 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Rate the RP outfit above you Go for it!Vaeryl340 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Troll Guilds here? Are there any Troll only guilds on this server?Razulu8 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Professional Thief (Open Roleplay) ... ((ooc note please keep it IC, Yes this is Datocus/Xin for those with out the mod that shalt not be named))Hazel1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 (( My new guild. )) To everyone who entertained me these last few days while I pondered my character's fate: 1.) I love each and everyone of you. I had a ton of fun. 2.) Moorwhelp will ICly be announcing the decision of the Council of Bishops on Friday. You'll get to hear who then. 3.) If you don't already know who, then it was not your guild that was chosen. HOWEVER! It was a very tough decisions because I love you all. You didn't make it easy and I thank you so much for that. I certainly felt the love.Novellagrace0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 And then suddenly: Manaclaw. Hello Moon Guardians! How are you all on this fine night? I'm enjoying my vacation to Virginia, what are you all up to?Manaclaw13 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Need Leatherworker with BC Pattern! Hello. :D I'm looking for a leatherworker on MG Alliance side that can craft a Belt of the Black Eagle. ^^ I have most of the mats, except for the wind scales. =[Chups2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Fulgorge Slain! I am one happy Gnome. Battle stats: fight one: Lost do to forgetting to apply poisons. curses to my forgetfulness Fight two: died to a group of felboars initiating fight three: Win and won medium rare too! plus exp.Hazel0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 LF leet arena pvpers to help me. lf any pvpers to have there arena group join my guild,my reasoning is because each arena group win does 2% of the exp bar and im trying to level it. so any kind pvpers out there would please bring there arena group in my guild and do some ownage to the arena. whisper me in game is interested.Íngrid12 Aug 8, 2012