Moon Guard

Nov 7 The Zandalari and the Horde So, Alliance gets Kul Tiras, Jaina's Mom, and monster hunters. Horde gets the Zandalari, King Rastakhan, and a ton of that pure Zandalarian voodoo. How's the Hordefolk here taking this news? I always thought we'd eventually have to fight the guy, but I'm pleasantly surprised. But more importantly, how do you Troll RPers fare with the news?Jokaal10 Nov 7
Nov 7 Legit alliance blood elves for goldshire The void ones, How about that eh. There will be many to pick and choose once the expansion hitsÂrtøriâs4 Nov 7
Nov 7 A-RP Question (OOC) On an IC level, what would you say is the most common race for a female rogue in Ally, MG RP?Aemori6 Nov 7
Nov 7 Where are all the Kaldorei guilds? Hey there Moon Guard. I've been out of the roleplay game of this community what what I just realized was five years. Like I can see with many people, this particular expansion announcement rustled something special and made me hyped for the upcoming roleplaying potential. That being said, I've been looking around for hours at different times and doing a minor checking on the forums, and I have to ask. Where is all the Kaldorei RP. I'm looking to bring this character out of retirement but it's starting to look like there would be nothing to come back to. If anyone could recommend some guilds to me, that would be excellent, and if there is anything in the RP-PVP category, I'd appreciate that even more so.Minau11 Nov 7
Nov 7 Military Guilds? So with the new expansion revealed and the very obvious theme set it's got me wondering about all the military themed guilds for both sides, if there is a post for those already I am sorry for this but it has me wondering about them.Abtahrn0 Nov 7
Nov 7 @Lordaeronians It's finally happening. We're going home.Hillsbradian60 Nov 7
Nov 7 Looking for Guild - Med RP/PVP/Mythic+? This is an old character I've resurrected, and I'm looking for a new guild as a result. I'm looking for something that seems to be pretty unique though. I love to RP, but I'd consider myself more of a medium-to-heavy RPer. I do enjoy a couple of events a month, and general tavern RP, but I really don't like roll-based combat RP or anything like that. Light RP isn't for me as there's not enough respect for the lore, nor immersion, which is what I love in a game like WoW. On top of that, I like to experience everything the game has to offer, with a particular concentration on small group content and battleground PvP. Sometimes these things get left by the wayside in really heavy RP guilds I've found. Anyway, is anyone out there in a guild like this that is recruiting, or do you know of one?Dwaela1 Nov 7
Nov 6 Status of the 7 Kingdoms in BfA I noticed quite a bit of information was put out about the kingdoms, some of which was less overt than others. In BfA a lot has changed for quite a few of the Kingdoms, not just Lordaeron. Obviously spoilers ahead. Stormwind Status: Thriving It appears to be just fine at the moment. The new book gives information that Stormwind may be attacked by the Horde in some capacity, however we do not know what that capacity is. We do have confirmation that the city has a new district, known right now as the embassy. Given that as well as the fact that there was no mention of Stormwind being seriously damaged while, others reached a large amount of information such as the burning of Teldrassil, the kingdom is more than likely still in good health. Stromgarde Status: City Restored, Highlands contested. Stromgarde has some of the most interesting information that was shown. It is the site of the Arathiwar front, meaning that the area is currently hotly contested between the Alliance and the Horde. The Alliance seems to of gotten quite a bit of work on the area however despite the horde contesting the region. Stromgarde city has been fully restored as a massive fortification. You can see Stromgarde City multiple times throughout the features trailer shown at BlizzCon for Battle for Azeroth, that place behind Jaina is actually the city, for example. The entire scene displaying the Warfront is in Arathi, with Stromgarde City receiving a lot of face time. Not only is the city restored, however, the highlands appear to have received some work as well. Farms can be spotted in the background of many of the screenshots using the new Garrison assets. Some of the screenshot shown for the warfront at the Blizzcon panels also show more information to the Highland's restoration. Specifically, the "who will win" Panel, A screenshot of which can be found on MMO champion, shows troops moving from where the Thandol span would be. You can see hedges and a well paved road similar to how it is in Stormwind. In the background you can see a new lake with a patio upon an island as well as more developed areas in the background. It appears the Highlands, prior to the contestation by the Horde, was under serious restoration by the Alliance. As for who will be leading Stromgarde, it was mentioned each side will have a major leader. This is more than likely Danath, given that he came back in region and served a relatively minor role. Gilneas Status: Reclaimed. Under restoration/Possibly Restored. Gilneas has some of the more interesting points from the way it was talked about during Blizzcon. While Gilneas was not shown directly, Genn has been shown leading the front lines in Lordaeron, and it is highly unlikely that the alliance would just ignore Gilneas given that they just removed the Undercity. To further this point, it appears to have been either restored in some capacity or heavily occupied. Since Siege, there has been speculation that the nation has been under restoration. This appears to be the case, as one of the driving objectives for the Horde in Arathi is it to use the area to strike at Gilneas. If the area was abandoned or otherwise ruined, the Warfront would more likely be in Gilneas itself or it would not be a matter of concern for the Horde to attack, let alone needing a staging point to approach it. It appears to be some point of power in the north that concerns the Horde in their ability to reclaim Lordaeron, which means it is most likely one of the Alliance's major points for holding the area.Berenal14 Nov 6
Nov 6 <Shadow Elders> [A] Casual & Social Folks Hail Champions of the Alliance! I do not want to spam trade, but I do want to share my guild with any who are looking for such a place. Shadow Elders was started by 3 older wow players, that is where the ‘Elders’ comes in. These three good friends still run the guild to this day. The guild is super casual and everyone is treated equally. I have been in the Shadow Elders for 5-6 months, I think? If you (whoever you are) should join today, you and I would be the same rank. We would have the same say & bank privileges. It is one of three of the reasons I love the guild so much. I will hit on the other two reasons now. The atmosphere is very old fashion, In the months I have been in the guild I have maybe seen one or two PG-13 words spoken in guild chat. Nobody ever brings up religion, sexual orientation, politics, or anything else controversial. Its very relaxing. It is all about the game and your character’s progression through it. I have also never witnessed a cry for help from anyone go unanswered. Be it dungeons, rares, questing, or anything else. This is the type of guild I would allow my kids and mom to play in and never worry. And finally, the three Elders who are in charge of the guild are your classic “salt of the earth” types. Friendly, cheerful, polite, kind, caring... they each set an example of true class that is hard not to follow when you have played with them for a bit. It is literally contagious. I love Moonguard. I am glad I left my brutal rp-pvp server to come here to level in Legion. I am mostly thankful that I found this great guild with so many amazing people. If this guild sounds like a fit for you, whisper any member online for an invite and join the family!Supergírl0 Nov 6
Nov 6 [A+H RP Campaign] Dead Hand Protocol The evil that men do lives after them… The Lich King raised many worthy heroes from the dead, into a new existence of servitude and suffering. Not long after he reanimated them in great masses, they were freed from his slavery, and they turned against him. However, as beings of free will, some have chosen to use it for ill. Whether from malice, from the need to inflict suffering, or from the madness that grows as their bodies decay, rogue death knights wander the world, killing and torturing and enslaving their victims. And one does his wicked work for that most ravenous, cruel, and demanding god--the Greater Good. Not satisfied with the part he did in defending Azeroth, a new insanity has emerged in his mind: that his world would be best defended if all of its inhabitants bent the knee to a single, powerful ruler. And a death knight knows but one way to bring someone under his sway… Campaign Details Dead Hand Protocol is a continuation of the story that was begun with the Dark Dreams Incident. It is designed as a cooperative D20-based campaign shared by Moon Guard guilds and individuals alike, to take place in the month of October, 2017. Phase One will take place in the weeks leading up to the main body of the campaign itself. During this time, participants will be called upon to pursue leads and storylines that will reveal the villains and their objectives. These storylines will be tailored to the strengths and practices of the participants--guild-specific events. When a certain number of clues have been pursued and uncovered, a council of participating guilds and individuals will be called regularly to discuss how to proceed. These council meetings will have a more direct impact on the advancement of the plot. Thus, vigilance and cooperation are highly encouraged--especially as Phase One is running on a timer... Phase Two will begin on a specific date [to be announced]. At that point, events will take place on every continent of Azeroth: a race against the clock to stop yet another world-ending catastrophe. Players and guilds will determine how to address the threats that arise, bringing their unique approaches and strategies to bear against the enemies. Phase Three, the final phase, will bring the participants together for a strike against the shadowy figure behind it all… Joining the Campaign The Dead Hand Protocol campaign will be conducted in locations around the Moon Guard server, announced as they are arranged. The majority of planning and announcements will be done in a Discord server dedicated to the purpose; announcements and story updates will be posted in this thread as well. Interested players and guilds can contact Jeremaias, by PM or mail, for invites to the Discord server and to be added to the event invitation list.Jeremaias17 Nov 6
Nov 6 DM help (possible addons?) Hey, After DMing quite successful for my guild for a couple weeks now I've stumbled upon my krypotonite. I cannot juggle events with 20+ combatants. I simply cannot dedicate quality time to emote for each creature and the damage of each player. I'm fine with just one big enemy and then 10+ allies (all I have to emote is the damage dealt then, and given everyone has different typing speeds, I can squeeze in a post before the next is due.) But when there are dozens of enemies and a dozen allies? Nope. Even if I emote as if the enemies are a mob. There's just too much to control. Any addons out there that might help me with this? Any suggestions? I thought about a potential co-DM in my guild, but that would lead to spoiler issues and the like.Alexañdrìa12 Nov 6
Nov 6 Lookin fa voodoo Zandalari hype~ Looking for other people interested in Zandalari RP now, so long before the expac. Looking to build character interaction and history beforehand so that there is a strong start with the expac. Mostly just looking for the RP, but with the potential for starting a guild possible! Probably going to be moving my Shaman over this week. Also up for interacting with non Zandalari and Non Trolls, if people want to build up story beforehand!Arkalthon2 Nov 6
Nov 6 A Teaser: <Obsidian Investments> <Obsidian Investments> is lookin' ta fulfill all yer shady Dark Iron needs in 8.0 and beyond. Currently seeking interested Dark Iron and normal Dwarf roleplayers for long-term planning, relation building, and recruitment.Thardren1 Nov 6
Nov 6 LF Family Looking for fellow Sindorei to play kin to my Demon hunter Keelibar. Cousins, siblings, hell close friends from the past. There is plenty of room for backstories of their own as he's been 'missing' since before he turned into a hunter of demons. But now hes back!Ethán0 Nov 6
Nov 6 How to Roleplay a Night Elf 2.0 Due to frequent requests in game I've decided to repost my "How to Roleplay a Night Elf" thread. Thank you to everyone who showed interest. There is a term amongst many Night Elf roleplayers called "Purple human". This phrase usually refers to a Night Elf roleplayer who plays their character much like how you would play a human character, with little focus or call backs to the Kaldorei culture or history. This can range from a misunderstanding of lore to simply not understanding that Night Elves have a different background and upbringing. This guide is designed around the culture and background of the average Night Elf. Most Night Elves tend to be on the traditional side of the spectrum. While exceptions exist, there are most certainly liberal and adventurer Kaldorei, one always should keep in mind where these elves come from and what they grew up with. My sources include: The Warcraft Tabletop RPGs, the Warcraft novels, the Warcraft 3 and expansion, in game references and quests and wowpedia (which draws upon the previous sources). Thank you for reading.Melyria289 Nov 6
Nov 6 (A-RP) Dor'Serrar, The Eternal Blade ... OOC Information: Dor'Serrar is a militia-esque force of Kaldorei from all walks of life who have banded together with the interest of righting the wrongs that have come to pass in our homelands of Kalimdor. Whether that be combatting the forces of the Horde or striking down an insurgence of Naga or fel taint, we go where we are needed and stop only when our people are safe and sound. Unfortunately, due to lore issues with those who choose to play Kaldorei-aligned Worgen, we are no longer accepting Worgen into our guild. Night Elves and Highborne will be the only races taken into the guild. Existing members are more than welcome to bring in Worgen alts as IC members. Humans / Draenei accepted on a case-to-case basis for alts. OOC alts are also allowed (Hence the reason we seem to have other races/classes on the roster). We are considered "medium-to-heavy" RP. Dor'Serrar is a storyline oriented guild, though don't let that deter you--Our storylines are open, welcoming, and quite easy for new members to jump into! While RP is our main (and always will be our main) focus, we also have a raid team and do PvP frequently. The guild itself is heavily lore-abiding, and we do not take lore bending or blatant lore breaking lightly. If you are found breaking lore (your night elf is a Drow, you are the son of Tyrande, etc), god modding, or metagaming, you will be asked to at first asked to change the behavior, and if it continues to be a problem you may be asked to leave the guild.'Jalcynter28 Nov 6
Nov 6 [H] LF casual and friendly guild / Light RP Hi all, Just came back after months away and am looking for a 'newbie friendly' and accepting LGBT+ friendly guild ^^ I'm not all that great at RP but really want to learn. However, lots of the RP guilds on MG have IC interviews and such and are pretty intimidating to a new RPer like myself. I'm just wondering if there are any Horde light RP guilds recruiting who are also pretty accepting and relaxed. Thanks!!Noellessa0 Nov 6
Nov 6 [A-PvE] [Wed/Thurs] <Rove Perennial> Rove Perennial is a two-night a week, 9/9 heroic raiding guild looking to expand our roster for Antorus. We are a very open, sociable, and relaxed group of people who enjoy the community Moon Guard has to offer, and the shenanigans that come with it. Many of us are extremely active dungeon-runners and ensure everyone interested receives their +10 Chest for the week. Along with this, we almost always have an active Mythic+ group at all hours of the evening and would love more players to join us. Raid times are 8 -10:30 PM server Wednesday/Thursday, along with alt-runs Saturday. A minimum of 925 ilvl is required to be considered for joining our core raid-team during Antorus progression. Always looking for competent players in DPS roles, preferably ranged, and One healer (Preferably Hpal or Rsham). Discord is required. We use Personal loot, as we are more interested in an unbiased and conflict-free loot system than optimal raid gearing. If you're just interested in a semi-casual, fun guild experience or Mythic+, feel free to join as well. Flexibility is a very big part of our guild raid structure. As we are very lenient about attendance, it's normal that we have 1-3 members occasionally absent on a thursday, or atleast expect it. To prepare for this, we strongly encourage our members to invest and learn to play an offspec if they're up to it. This rarely happens, but should a healer or tank be a no-show one night, we obviously don't want to call raid. A player who can play not only their spec, but their class as a whole, gets big points from us. Not to mention it helps when forming m+ groups. We don't expect perfect attendance, but dedication is always appreciated. If any of these things interest you, you can contact me at (Extrinc#1103) or Avandor/Gaibarr/Phizt (Swagboat#1657) through Bnet, whisper, or reply here with the character you'd like to join as. If you have any questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask. Thanks for reading!Cruffsant42 Nov 6
Nov 5 The Obvious Truth of This Expansion... Comrade Garrosh did nothing wrong.Tarquín16 Nov 5
Nov 5 Moon Guard Guilds List The guild listings posts are awesome for giving detailed information of the guilds that have existed in the past and are still alive and kicking. But sometimes you just want a quick short list of what guilds are current at the moment. With that in mind, this thread is for that purpose. Post in this thread or send me mail in game with your guild name, faction and what sort of rp you do (ie military/kingdom/trade/adventure etc) and I will keep this thread up to date. I WILL be checking with you in private periodically to make sure your guild is still active and recruiting and if I get no response, your guild will be removed from the list.Qienna30 Nov 5
Nov 5 So... The Tournament of Ages just got awkward...Saraniel15 Nov 5
Nov 5 Blizzcon 2017 Who from the server is going? Catch me with my yearly "Moon Guard and chill?" Sign.Lerren11 Nov 5
Nov 5 World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth/classic This our upcoming Expansion for WoW. Intro Cinematic for xpac and long waiting demand for classic WoW Battle for Lordaeron Horde burns down Teldrassil Alliance attacks Lordaeron All out war sets up for Horde controlled Kalimdor and Alliance controlled Eastern Kingdom No external threat, so war against each other becomes focus Kul Tiras Ancient human kingdom Powerful nautical empire Rules by four houses 3 main regions Tiragarde Sound Capital of Kul Tiras Led by Katherine Proudmoore, Jaina's mother Monster hunters Trouble with pirates Stormsong Valley Ruled by House Stormstrong Provide ships to Kul Tiras Dark forces invading and quillboars! Zandalar Ancient Troll Empire Powerful naval force Continent in turmoil Zuldazar Capital of the Zandalari Ruled by King Rastakhan Investigate an uprising Stop blood troll invaders Nazmir Festering swampland Enlist powerful Loa Uncover titan secrets Playable on show floor Vol'dun Foreboding desert Criminals exiled here Befriend the vulpera Main Heroes Thrall Sylvanas Windrunner Anduin Wrynn Jaina Proudmoore Explore story of Vol'jin Zone Flow 6 zones spanning 2 continents Level up in your faction's zones The rest of the world opens up at 120 Epic "War Campaign" arc woven throughout World Quests and Emissaries at 120 Allied Races The lines of battle have been drawn Bring a new ally into your faction... Void elves, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves for Alliance Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Zandalari Trolls for Horde Quest chains unlock new races New racials for the allied races Begin at level 20 Level to 110 as an allied race to unlock Heritage Armor to show off your achievement 6 Allies races at launch, more planned Heritage Armor works for all armor types Leveling Improvements Expanding zone scaling to all zones Zones have level ranges with caps Flexible expansion order Burning Crusade is 60 - 80 Northrend scales from 60 - 80 Applies to dungeons as well Beginning in 7.3.5! Heart of Azeroth Heart of Azeroth: Artifact Quality Medallion, A gift from Azeroth herself to the world's protectors Artifact weapons are getting a proper send off No huge trait tree, serves as a power source Azerite levels up the amulet, empowering armor Access tiers in a hierarchy of abilities on expanding rings Island Expeditions Explore uncharted isle across the Great Sea Horde and Alliance skirmishing over resources 3-player cooperative gameplay, role agnostic Complete varied and dynamic objectives Race against advanced AI opponents PVP mode also available! Warfronts Large scale conflict on the homefront Fantasy anchored in Warcraft 3, RTS roots 20 player cooperative faction raid vs NPC armies Build structures, research upgrades, lead troops PVP Updates New arenas in Tiragarde and Zuldazar New Battleground: Seething Shore Horde and Alliance descend upon Silithus Fight over Azerite bubbling to the surface Dynamic control point gameplay Battleground coming in 7.3.5 World PVP PVP ruleset largely unchanged since 2005 Update the system to reflect the 2018 world Remove PvE vs. PvP server division Individual choice to opt into PvP Bonuses to offset inefficiency Dungeons 10 Dungeons at launch Each faction has separate level-up dungeons All dungeons available to both sides at 120 Mythic Keystone Updates Freehold Located in Tiragarde Sound Sprawling cliffside outlaw hideaway Other Dungeons Tol Dagor Waycrest Manor Shrine of the Storm Siege of Boralus Temple of Sethraliss The Underrot Kings' Rest Kezan Raid Uldir, Halls of Control 8 bosses Titan quarantine facility Face off against the source of Zandalar's corruption Emerald Nightmare of the expansion Before Battle for Azeroth is over, we will be facing against AzsharaGhaghzull61 Nov 5
Nov 4 Future of Demon Hunters Tarquin glanced down at the sheet of paper in front of him before returning his deathly gaze towards the Night Elf demon hunter sitting across the table. "So, Mr. XxxDemonKillaxxX," he said, "I see on your application that your only work experience is with Illidari Co., where you, and I quote, 'Totally messed up some demons and played a major role in stopping the Legion from destroying Azeroth'." The demon hunter nodded as he sat back in his chair and crossed his arms, trying to look apathetic, "Yeah bro, that's what i did." Tarquin smirked, "So, why do you want to work for Gryphon Burger?" XxxDemonKillaxxX grunted, "I mean, demon hunting is my passion, but the market is in a bit of a downturn right now bro. I just need something to make ends meet so I can maybe enroll in some classes at Stormwind Community College." The demon hunter paused as he scratched his bare chest. "You know, just until the demons come back and I can go back to demon hunting." Tarquin let out a soft laugh. "Tell you what, kid, I was in your shoes once... The Lich King died, the Scourge became irrelevant, and I thought I'd just work here to make ends meet until they came back. I kept waiting, but now? Now I practically run this place." "Heh, like the weak !@# Scourge will ever come back, bro. The demons are totally still out there and Lord Illidan and I will totally go and beat them up again when they do." The demon hunter replied. "I'm sure," Tarquin remarked dryly. "Anyway, I'll give you the job, but with one stipulation.." The death knight trailed off as a cruel smirk crossed his face. "You have to wear the full uniform. That includes the shirt." "NO WAY BRO!" The demon hunter exclaimed as he stood up. "SHIRTLESS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!" "Well, if you don't want the job..." The death knight trailed off, feigning a move to throw the demon hunter's application in the trash. "Wait!" The demon hunter cried. "Look bro, I had to move back in with my Mom. All she does is complain about my hair and the fact that my eyes are on fire. I need this job! I'll wear the shirt!" "Welcome to Gryphon Burger." Tarquin replied as he stood to shake the demon hunter's hand. "Something tells me you're going to fit in just fine around here."Tarquín12 Nov 4
Nov 4 LF Jewelcrafter with these rare Rings! LF Any Jewelcrafter with either Design: Loop of Forged Power: or Design: Ring of Flowing Life: -MY MATS! Will tip you 25,000g each ring!! -These are very rare BoP recipe from sunwell plateau! Mail me if u have these cuts ingame, i will try to contact you asap.Ineyer1 Nov 4
Nov 4 To whomever has the name Ashley; I am willing to buy for a fair price, since it appears to not be in use, but is being held. Send a whisper or mail in-game to either this character or Gineon on Alliance; or Lodovico on Horde. Thanks!Grandmother0 Nov 4
Nov 4 Moon Guard Best Realm The undisputed flagship of all WoW is Moon Guard. This is a fact, now that PVP realms are bing made to have the same ruleset as Normal and RP realms. Moon Guard forever! And let’s bring back the Horde! Moon Guard Horde prepare for glory!Brady3 Nov 4
Nov 4 Ouro recruitment for Mythic <Ouro> Is recruiting for the new tier of raiding (Antorus the burning throne) we are looking for people who want to push into Mythic progression and have the drive to stick it out and work towards an end boss kill. We are currently in the search for: Boomkins Resto shaman Resto druid Mistweaver monk Times we raid: Tue-Wed-Thur 9-11 server hours (Central Time) If you are interested in raiding with Ouro feel free to contact our officers in game Gieren, Mareinia, Kandorix, Lamune. Where you can ask more questions if needed.Vurdak0 Nov 4
Nov 4 The new cinematic is great and all..... Look, it's great and all, but they missed up a key factor in the battle. Anduin cast Mass Resurrection while he was in combat. He cheated. #HordeshouldofwonFastril5 Nov 4
Nov 3 LF Militaristic Alli RP Guild Hey all. Since the new expansion has released tons of info I am now interested in making a new character ally side in preparation. What are the major Alliance RP guilds now, and would you recommend one that is preferably not filled with pretentious jerk-offs, memes, and/or incompetent officers.Caloron5 Nov 3
Nov 3 LF RP Guild and Partner I'm somewhat new to MG, leveled another hunter and a few other alts to test the waters. From my experience with RP in Stormwind and landing on a good small rp guild on my shaman i xfered my max level hunter here to make it her home. However i am looking for a RP guild or partner to spend my rping time with. What i seek in a partner is pretty much like a teacher and student RP, doing WQ, questing, and other new content while RPing lessons of the Hunter. Won't be a every day thing but i am hoping it can be mid to long term depending on what the other player wants. You can check out my character's profile on however my TRP3 is more updated than this and you can pretty much DM me for more info if interested and discuss about schedules, dos and don'ts etc. Short and quick Bio: Being the daughter of a widower Vivi was coddled most of her life, kept within the town of Darkshire until the age of 9 when she begged her father to join him on his patrol. The heartstrings of the father had been tugged and so too did the strings of fate, When Vivica was separated from her father by an attack of a pack of Nightbane Worgens. From that traumatizing moment a Night Elf Ranger saved her young life and brought her to safety. Lighting a spark of inspiration in her life to follow the path of the Hunter, a spark so bright even the Ranger saw it and decided to train her the basics during his stay to aid Darkshire. :::Legion Spoilers::: When Vivi was 16 the Legion's third invasion came, striking tragedy in the heart of Darkshire. The people she grew up with, the Watchers she admired, even her beloved father, lost in one way or another...A grim memory she refuses to talk about. Perhaps someday she will open up and share, in the meantime she trains to better herself in the ways of the hunter, and to seek revenge and defeat the Legion.Vívíca1 Nov 3
Nov 3 [A-RP] Devil's Masquerade Ball General Information: Lead by: Katheria Kalerious (yulietarida) Date/Time: (2 of November) 7:00 to end of last event. (3 of Noveember) 7:00 to the end of last event. Guilds involved: The Greyshields The Valorborne Artists involved: Laecella and Sarmina, <Sigil> Location: Twinsspire keep Inbetween Nectarbreeze Orchard, Paw'don Coordinates: 41.17, 78.98 Invites: Everyone is allowed to come invite or not. If you want a offical guild letter invite, contact Katheria Kalerious. About this event: The Ember Masquerade Ball is making a come back, this time during the Day of the Dead. This ball celebrates those who have fought in wars and died during them. This time we will be celebrating those who have died on the Broken Shore and Argus. The event will be split into two days considering how long it took to end last time. Sign ups will be provided mostly during day one, but you can sign up for an event anytime by whispering the leader during the event. What do you say is a Masquerade ball? It is a pretty much a custom party with a different style. You don’t need one to come, though! Anyone can come. Day one: (Upstairs) Guild Fair/sign ups: This pre-event is for singing up for the other events, and the guild fair. Six spots are left open for guilds to recruit and advertise. Sign ups will include the raffle, date auction, transformamog contest. Contact hostess for sign up. Whisper for more information/ a spot saved for you. 4/6 (Upstairs) Date Auction: This event will be for the ball on the second day to go with someone. This event will for those who are without dates for the final dance. Contact hostess for sign up. (Upstairs) Transformamog Contest: THEME: Day of the Dead. Three judges will judge transmogs based on three things Matching Rarity Theme The winner of this contest will get extra tickets for the art raffle Day two: (Upstairs) The Play: Written by, Jackson Stewart (Nelgarict) Hosted by, ((Yet to be decided)) The play event will be themed the day of the dead. If you wish to parttake as an actor, message Katheria Kalerious . (Upstairs) Art Raffle: The winner of the art raffle will be revealed. Each person can only buy 4 tickets with gold, each of them costing 200. Tickets earned by the transformamog contest can go above the limit. (Upstairs)Final Dance: All we have been waiting for is here, the final dance! Drinks and food will be served to everyone around. (Upstairs) Credits/End Speech: A small speech given by Katheria Kalerious, the hostess of the event. (OOC CONTACT INFORMATION) If you want to fill in any roles, contact Katheria Kalerious. This is what I need right now. -Judges for transformamog. -Artists for raffle. -People to assist with sign up. -Guilds for the guild fair/sign up part. (Only six spots offered.) Discord: a danty crab#4121 Mail/Message in WoW: Yulietarida Twitter: filthyreptile91 Btag: Raptorcaptor#11985Lilimielle17 Nov 3
Nov 3 Help! I'm overreacting! :( I need some advice, there is a guild that has a special niche they fill. Namely they (as a part) of their system do sentient trafficking. Now, every time I see their guild tag I just want to hurl insults and vitriol due to my..... Oversensitivity to the issue. I don't mind you, it's their prerogative to RP how they want, but they are a big enough guild that getting around is getting to be troublesome. I'm looking for advice to help me cope. I don't want to pick a fight and my anxiety has reached critical mass.Tazika12 Nov 3
Nov 3 Remember you are never alone... I keep reading about this poor soul named Faun who took his own life a couple days ago. I don't know his story but apparently he was cyberbullied. I am fortunate that I have never felt the need take my own life or had anyone close to me take theirs. My point is your life is precious and you are never alone. Talk to someone. Anyone. If you need someone but don't have anyone, I would be honored to give you a virtual hug or shoulder to cry on.Zireagosa4 Nov 3
Nov 3 New Continent: Arendale Wake up sheepleXalduan0 Nov 3
Nov 3 [SOLD] Hello everyone. I was farming ulduman the other day when I got the Pendulum of Domm to drop. Since I have no use for it, I was curious to see if anyone wants to buy it. Fill free to leave a message. I play on Moonguard USPaîd21 Nov 3
Nov 3 *Post-XPAC Spoilers* Before the Storm Preview Blizzcon 2017 Goody Bag had an exclusive chapter from the new book 'Before the Storm' coming out. It focuses heavily on Sylvanas and has some heavy lore implications. Thoughts?Hillsbradian22 Nov 3
Nov 3 A Walk Across Azeroth Dear Azerothians, It is with a heavy heart that I am to write this. Today, one of our own and an amazing guild member has passed away. He was such a wonderful guy and an even better mentor to not only myself, but others in the guild. I would like to organize a gathering of the races in a claim of solitude and peace to make a walk across all known locations of Azeroth. For all the formal details and instructions on how to participate, please request me as a battletag friend, and send me a private message saying why you added please. Thank you, -PJ <The Scattering of Ashes Guild>Chillborne0 Nov 3
Nov 3 Switchin' over, one question! Hey everyone! Thinking of poppin' on over to this server on a new toon and I contemplating playing a female character as a change of pace. One problem. I'm a dude IRL, is this okay? I know on WRA I was scared to give it a go but I can understand their criticisms.Baurrus18 Nov 3
Nov 2 X'era and Elune Theory So I did the Exodar scenario again because some teenage edgelord kept attacking me while I was trying to do archaeology. (I'm still in heirlooms, moron. Unless that's how you rack up your "honor" points.) Anyway, now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm thinking that Elune is a Titan and the Naaru are the Keepers she created. The whole Xe'ra sentience core thing makes them seem like constructs. Maybe Elune was near Argus first, and when it fell she went into hiding near Azeroth.Shiragosa7 Nov 2
Nov 2 Before the Storm *New book coming soon* An all-new, official tie-in novel to Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed World of Warcraft, from New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden Taking place after the climactic events of Shadows of Argus, World of Warcraft: Before the Storm tells the story of what awaits the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance in the wake of their struggle against the demonic Burning Legion.Ghaghzull21 Nov 2
Nov 2 [A-Open RP] Moonblinked - Casting Call “Argus now looms in the skies within Azeroth’s reach. Yet as the heroes of Azeroth take to the Twisting Nether towards the Legion’s stronghold...are they aware that a silent threat is now creeping its way through the skies to the heart of their homeland?” Moonblinked “Moonblinked” is a city-level storyline for MG Alliance - anyone wishing to participate can do so whether as a guild or an individual. This is a line primarily created for those whose RP revolves around Stormwind City (and surrounding areas - the citizens, the criminals, the guards, the traders and merchant Rpers whose storyline doesn’t take you to Argus to ‘fight the legion’. Guilds who are ‘heading to Argus’ are more than welcome to participate in this line as a part of their story as well...or you know, return to Stormwind so your home will be standing when all is over with. The RP is open to any and all RPers wishing to participate as a good part of the story is expected to take place out in the open via walk ups and gatherings. Participation For participating guilds that wish to be more involved in the ‘deeper workings’ of the story, it is expected that every guild should have an in-guild dungeonmaster/storyteller (usually the guildmaster or officer) so that they can fashion Moonblinked’s ‘freeform’ parts into something that fits their guild’s story. The story will begin with individuals (read: victims) beginning to succumb to some sort of minor fel exposure. Every week the sickness will enter a ‘new’ phase, the symptoms will announced via realm forum updates. Time will be given for everyone to RP these changes and the story will progress via ‘landmark’, public events that will be open for all to attend and observe or participate in depending on the level of your involvement. As the story progresses, roleplay will be provided via Open world walk ups such as: - Individual seeking aid at open RP areas (ie: we have a hospital, let’s use that) - Fel-sensitive sort noticing something is happening - ‘Sudden’ happenings Individual guild events for participating guilds via their in-guild DMs at the last two weeks. Open public meetings where discoveries and situation reports and storyline shifts will take place The RP preparation is now underway! Now seeking: - Interested guilds who wish to participate and tie their guild’s story into this line and take a more involved role in terms of engagement - Interested individuals who wish to take more of a in-the-shadows role to facilitate the RP (coordinators, city-event starters, etc)Adamantt19 Nov 2
Nov 1 A Warlocky Story Pt2 (Please don't eat me if it's not lore exact, I'm just wingin it here!) Another explosion rocked the area around her, soldiers flying off in every direction, their limbs twisted , flesh peeling, and voices rising in a deafening cacophony of pain and anguish. Annashi sat huddled under a small rocky outcropping, holding her legs close to her chest, sobbing into her robes. She wished that she was anywhere but there. Following the events in the dreadscar that had tainted her so badly, she sought redemption. She had thought to find it in helping her friend Poet, and by proxy his troupe of ragtag performers in the vale with their little demon problem, but it wasn't enough. She had enlisted herself with the army of the light. Despite her methods and type of magic she wielded, the army had begrudgingly accepted her aid, as they were pushing hard on Argus, and needed all the soldiers they could get. Looking around among the smoldering corpses of both demons and her allies, and choking back tears and the urge to vomit, she had to wonder if that was her. What was she thinking? She wasn't a soldier, she barely remembered four years of her life, and ninety-nine percent of that was with her nose in a book or having her knuckles wrapped by Maxwell. She knew that she didn't fit in with normal people, her awkward encounters, inappropriate behavior, and oft accidental nudity had taught her that much. She didn't know how to behave with her peers on Azeroth, but a planet of demons had seemed interesting to her. It wasn't. It wasn't interesting at all! It was chaotic, scary, with death and felfire everywhere she looked. A few loose rocks dislodged themselves falling over her head, sending dust and debris into her face and causing her to breath it in, coughing violently. The foot that had dislodged those rocks clawed the ground in front of her, then the other. Then the vile, razor maw of the felstalker turned towards her, mouth drooling as half a dozen more joined their pack leader. Snarling they lept towards her, teeth gnashing, biting, snarling, going for her tiny throat for a quick kill. She closed her eyes, hugging herself tight and waiting for the end. But all that filled the air was a pitiful whine followed by a thud and the sound of scampering feet. She opened her eyes to see Dag-Garath, her soul-linked wrathguard standing over her, his swords dripping with blood, and the corpse of the lead felstalker laying in two halves at his feet. She didn't understand. She had tried to call for him, she had tried to call for any of her bound demons, but they did not come. Dag-Garath's eyes turned downwards towards her and she shrank back, fearful the demon had broken it's bond and was going to turn on her next. He kneeled down and reached his hand out, as one would a scared puppy to reassure it of your intentions. Annashii was confused and she looked down at his hand dubiously, unsure of what he was trying to do. Then he smiled. A wrathguard smiled. It was not a cruel nor murderous smile that generally graced the faces of such beings, but a warm and friendly smile that spoke no ill intent. Wide eyed she reached out and took his hand, the wrathguard lifting her to his shoulder and turning towards the battlefield. “Hold on up there, little master.” the wrathguard took a step out from under the outcropping and onto the field of battle. Annashii wiped her sleeve across her face, trying to clear it of tears, snot, and shame, “Y-you haven't answered me...since...since” she tried to speak through the lump in her throat, questioning her minion as to where he had been since the incident in the dreadscar. Dag-Garath shook his head, and glanced at the tiny form on his shoulder. “I will explain that to you the best I can once we reach safety.” With that he sprint onto the battlefield, the gnome nearly toppling over backwards from the sheer force of the wind along, but holding tight with her tiny hands as they made their way across Argus and towards the camp of the army of the light.Annashii5 Nov 1
Nov 1 Need Jewelcrafter for Quick Lionseye I need quite a few of these, i spent quite a while(and lots of gold) upgrading my tailoring to get some good boots, etc, i tried to maximize jewel slots(In epic rings, waist, wrist, boots) for this reason.. In any case.... I Really REALLY could use someone who can make these.. I know at 90 ill replace it anyways but its somewhat infuriating to me that after all that hardwork(and money) i cant find a single jewelcrafter who can make these... Please let me be OP for 10 lvls ty <3 Pls :( I will tip ofc and i have the mats ><; Please message me here or ingame(might be afk so preferrably here).. ^_^;Thelendria1 Nov 1
Oct 31 Best way to go about cross-faction rp? I have 2 characters that are ICly faction-neutral, but in game are alliance. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about rping with Hordies outside of the Tournament of Ages or other server-wide events? I'm starting to think I should make a belf and just say it's my Highborne mage.Velasandra5 Oct 31
Oct 31 Halodex Hi, It's me again. Of course I'm here to complain. But not about game mechanics or what I'm confused about-- About guilds and how people treat them. Recently on a couple of my guildless toons, I've been getting /ginvites from somebody named Halodex. They are a level 110 Death Knight, and they are inviting me to an '18+ Social ERP guild.' While I for one can live without this kind of guild, I can only imagine he wouldn't keep doing if he wasn't getting responses. But he's not getting responses.. Every time I try to whsp him back and tell him no, he has me pre-ignored. Meaning that some way, some how, he puts me (and i assume everyone) on ignore, whispers them, and then ALREADY has them on ignore when they get back to him. So what is? Is it some kind of meme that I'm missing?Korsos5 Oct 31
Oct 31 [A-RP] <Liongrave Company> The <Liongrave Company> are a group of people, mixing about of all kinds of personalities and jobs. We're mainly mercenaries, running about to help the world more or less, but also have a merchant side to us! Maybe you're a fighter with special talents, or you'd just like to sell your items. We'd love to have you anyway! We're a heavy RP guild, with very little to no PvE and PvP. We're a morally grey type of guild, wanting to do more good for Azeroth than bad, but coin is coin after all. We run as a relaxed military type of guild, having weekly drills and events for bounty hunting, relic hunting, body guarding, escorting, and all the likes that mercenaries do. Though recently opening up, we've taken to doing trade business! Opening and taking people who are but humble traveling merchants, selling their goods in many events with multiple guilds and other people from the RPing community. We talk more on discord than in guild chat, and accept many many people with open arms, offering a family like friendship, making each person feel appreciated and accepted in our company. We're always looking for more officers if that also peaks your interest, having many sections and division roles needing to be filled! We got at least 4 events per week, many including in regards to the company's mercenary side. We participate in the weekly Stormwind Market, selling our goods and the monthly Shadow Sands Bazaar. GM: Vaanna Noireham (Vaanna) Officers: Kane Fangwell (Taeljan), Vorawsoul Sheron (Vorawsoul), and looking for more! Alignment: Chaotic/Lawful NeutralVaanna1 Oct 31
Oct 30 [A] 4th Annual Gilnean Hallow's End Festival The Festival has now ended. Thank you all for coming! Below is a link to a party favor you received for attending! Once a year, the people of the Ashen Coast gather the scattered Gilneans and their new allies of the Alliance together to remember the original meanings of Hallow's End, as well as celebrate what they have come to mean. Invitations have been sent out and the word is thick of the fourth gathering of the Ashen Coast and the Gilnean people at their rebuilding home; having skipped over last year due to the Legion. When: October 27-29. 6:30 - 12:00 server. Location: Greymane Manor, Gilneas (OOC) Proxy: Wolfstone Castle, Ashen Coast (IC) Features: Contests and Prizes Every year the festival is packed with various sorts of jovial activities. Namely, the Duchy hosted contests tend to reward high value prizes for a plethora of activities. Tournaments Several tournaments will be preformed outside of the castle in a specialized area. The highest three participants will walk away with various prizes in the sparring tournament, while the best two in the Pet Battle tournament will be given gold compensation! Costume Contests More modern elements of Hallow's End have been the various gatherings of costumes and the like to imitate or mock various elements of Azeroth. As to show the changing of times, a contest will be held for the best costume brought. The runner up will also be given a smaller prize. (Obviously no polymorph costumes) Art Booth Every year thus far, amazing artists have put forward their time for a small amount of compensation. Get a sketch of your character if you're quick enough! First come first serve, there is a cut off. Raffle The Duchy offers from its various internal suppliers prizes for those lucky enough to win at fate. For a small donation to the Duchy's coffers (100 gold), one may purchase up to 10 raffle tickets. Various prizes will be listed to be won, and may be chosen at the winner's discretion. Itinerary: Note: A time with ~ next to it means approximately. I am not sure how long it will take exactly but that is the estimated time. It may be a tad longer or shorter. Raffle tickets will be sold from day one onward. DAY ONE There will not be booths up on this day. 6:30 - Gathering/Preparation 7:30 ~ Introductory Speech 8:00 - 9:00 - Masquerade Ball Free Time - Please have costumes on by now. 8:30-9:30 ~ Runaway Theater Troupe Performance 9:30 ~ 10:30 Date Auction 10:30 - 11:00 - Costume Contest 12:00 - Closing DAY TWO 6:30 - Doors reopen for preparation and gathering. 7:30 - 8:00 - First Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people) 8:00 - All booths expected to be open by now. 8:00 - 10:00 - Free Time / Remnants of Lordaeron Scavenger Hunt (Other booths will still be open.) 9:00 - 10:00 ~ Art Booth (Shadiyah) 10:30 - 11:00 - Second Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people) 11:00 - Closing - No booths will be expected to operate past closing. DAY THREE 6:30 - Doors reopen for preparation and gathering. 7:30-8:00 - Sparring Sign up begins 8:00 ~ Sparring Tournament begins 8:00 - All booths expected to be open by now. 8:30 - 9:00 - Third Wickerman Burning (Limit of 40 people) 9:00 - 10:00 ~ Art Booth (Shadiyah) 10:00 ~ Pet Battle Tournament begins 11:00 - Raffle finale! 12:00 - Closing Ceremony Times are subject to change! Hope to see you there!Berenal37 Oct 30