Moon Guard

Feb 22 New Tameable Pets- Feathermane NOTE: THIS IS PTR AND THINGS CAN STILL BE CHANGED. New tameable hunter pets: Feathermane, similar to taming direhorns, you need to find a book to be able to tame these pets. What are feathermanes? Gryphons Hippogryphs Wolfhawks Wyverns OwlcatsRaistlinn10 Feb 22
Feb 22 <A-RP> The Dirty Order <A-RP> -The Dirty Order- In certain areas of Azeroth the guild name would cause an eyebrow of the average person raise as they prejudged the name, assuming that they knew exactly what was implied. Well, they are wrong. The Dirty Order is a rag tag group of individuals who are on the fringe of society. Adventurous but Discrete in their interactions with the world while Exploring all Azeroth has to offer. Not bound to any one rule of authority, knowing that none are innocent nor perfect. What they are bound to is a code of ethics toward their brothers and sisters in The Dirty Order. Each member has vowed an oath of secrecy and commitment. Secrecy, not discuss what happens in their guild with any outsiders. Even probationary recruits are left somewhat in the dark. New ranks bring new adventures and opportunities to explore the true nature one keeps hidden, just maybe a little scared to release. Commitment to the guild and one another. As each individual pursues their own endeavors as well as that of the collective. The Dirt Order members know that they have friends that, when needed, will be there. The Dirty Order will always welcome new members who can prove themselves to be trustworthy and loyal to self and to each member of The Dirty Order. Your alignment matters not to us, nor does your class or your ranking within that class. Our goal is unity of those whom, by the hypocrites, have been deemed as undesirable or throwaways. If you are on the fringe of society, if you are worthy of membership in The Dirt Order You will know it. You already know it. If you are wondering Azeroth and beyond alone and are seeking a family The Dirty Order maybe what you need. Just look for a member at: /join dirtyrecruit or leave a message here at this board pinit here to our post. Good Luck. (( OOC: The Dirty Order Submit application to Is firm on one rule. You MUST be 21 or older. We encourage ladies and couples to join Your boundaries WILL BE respected by all. If not then the offender will be removed without warning as long as screen shot proof is provided. We highly recommend that you download Total Role Play as well as the Extended Version. If you need help just ask. We will be using TRP3 for Treasure Hunts, For Guild Specific Quest and for various exciting things. Discord is a good thing to download as well. For OOC conversation and OOC guild meetings etc. We also use Discord to post Fanfiction and other material from our members. In addition we use it to provide training for those new to RP. Not to mention it is a great social tool for Guild members to get to know one another. Please note that this is an ADULT ONLY guild and being thus Without an interview on Discord or Voice chat provided on WoW. Promotions will be limited. ))Kernidian0 Feb 22
Feb 21 [A] Malicious Intent [Casual] <Malicious Intent> is seeking PvPers/PvErs alike for casual gameplay. We are a group of long time friends returning for Legion and looking to add a few more players to our ranks. RP friendly. If you're interested in Casual gameplay with Raiding/mythic dungeons & casual PvP please contact me in game or add my btag. littlewolf#11603. side note- I intend to keep this guild on the small-medium side as large guilds seem too impersonal to me so we wont be recruiting for long! Take care, MG. :)Nakiáh5 Feb 21
Feb 21 Any horde guilds out there Ciaoo, I came back to wow some time during Draenor and been playing on and on since then. Now that i've more time i'm looking to join a guild to run dungeons and some raids (raids like normal, something chill on the weekends). My RP is very casual, mainly walk-ups i don't have much more exp more than that.... and people seems to hate dks, but it get why :D I'm very active during the day, so drop me a line ingame or /wave if you see me arround :)) pd: ive other alts so add me in btag if u want.Alvindk4 Feb 21
Feb 21 [A] March Job Fair (RP Event) It's that time again! Calling all Guilds, Businesses, Bands and Organizations. Having trouble finding new employees? Set up a booth at the upcoming Stormwind Job Fair! Please sign up below and reserve a booth today~ --Find new employees --Find new Business partners --Create new Alliances Calling all people looking for a job or career. Find your next job! Regional employers are looking for qualified applicants like you! ......Erioni8 Feb 21
Feb 21 <NaCl> DARKSHIRE RP!! Greetings! <NaCl> or for RP purposes <The Northern Alpha Company of Lordaeron> Is recruiting Roleplayers specifically for our continued RP in Duskwood! We are an elite military organization who has managed to secure Duskwood and drive out the criminals which previously occupied the town of Darkshire! In order to secure our hold in the area we are looking to bolster our ranks. We have several "Jobs" available and intend to RP in Darkshire full time and use the town as our base. This RP is the result of months of work since the launch of Legion and we are happy to welcome all to join us in the fun of protecting Darkshire! Furthermore, NaCl would like to extend invitation to all players to come eat, drink, relax and be merry at our full service RP location! We are also a Raiding guild, currently sitting at 10/10n NH and in progression on Heroic NH. If you have interest in raiding we love gearing members and helping them learn the ropes of current content. Active guild with discord and all the fluff, simply seeking more members to help flesh out RP or join us in our other endeavors. We pride ourselves in being open and friendly! Although we classify ourselves as a "military" type guild, you won't be seeing any formations around here! We appreciate our members being individuals. We are also seeking guild allies or new enemies. PST either Syrelion, Ennyo, Heliis or Resanity online for more information! Hope to see you in Duskwood!Resanity12 Feb 21
Feb 21 3/10M Exp MW LF Weekend Raiding I'm looking for a weekend raiding group (Thurs-Mon) to play with on my Mistweaver. I'm currently off server, but looking into moving to Moon Guard. Ideally looking for a group that is planning on doing Mythic content. This is currently my alt, but looking to play it a bit more seriously on the weekends. If I could find a group that also runs plenty of M+ or is semi-active outside of raids, that'd be awesome. My main currently raids Tues/Weds and progressing through Mythic NH, so not looking for anything on those days. My priest is also where the bulk of my mythic experience is. I'd prefer to stay Alliance, but not opposed to playing Horde with a decent group. Feel free to post here or contact me in game to chat!Doppelbock0 Feb 21
Feb 21 [A] LF: Raiding Team [A] LF: Weekend Raiding Guild We are two players: a 883 Guardian Druid and a 880 Holy Paladin looking for a new home. We have done up to Star Auguer on Normal NH and we wish to be in a weekend guild. RP guilds are a plus, and we do prefer a social environment. My battletag is badwolfnefa#1802 if interested.Mallosiel0 Feb 21
Feb 20 [A] LF: NH Raid group (Night Owl) Looking for a raid group to do NH (H) anywhere from 9PM to 12PM Server, I work quite a bit so I usually have about 3 hours in weekdays. Weekends I'm a bit more flexible, I bring my own food,flasks,pots, and tomes. Aztec#1290 Parses: Don't have a whole lot of them but it's all I've managed to pug, hope this helps.Dominguez0 Feb 20
Feb 20 Clan Greytusk <Dwarven RP Guild Recruiting!> Deep in the Hillsbrad Foothills lies a solitary mountain, once home to a proud and fierce dwarven Clan. With the invasion of the First Horde, the mountain was lost and that Clan disbanded, it's people scattered and lost to the wide, wartorn world. An offshoot Clan of Dragonmaw Orcs now call that mountain home, defiling the old dwarven dwellings with their dark rituals. Many of the dwarves who onced called the mountain home have since given up any hope of reclaiming it, yet there are a few who have thought of nothing since. Ulfänn Greytusk, the last Thane of the Greytusk Clan, has dreamt of nothing more than reclaiming his people's birthright, and returning them to their homes. There once were many Greytusk dwarves following in his footsteps, yet now very few still hold the dream. Still, the Greytusk Thane aspires to reclaim his homeland, and crush the Dragonmaw threat in the Foothills, and now seeks any loyal dwarf who would help him in his quest. <Clan Greytusk> Is a newly formed Dwarf-centered RP guild on the Moon Guard Server! I am calling -all- dwarves to action to join me in an epic storyline and involved guild RP. Be you a baker, innkeeper, tinker, warrior, farmer or otherwise, all dwarves are useful to the campaign. I aspire to create a hub of RP in a ruined dwarven fort for the guild, and of course go on plenty of excursions into the wide world of Azeroth to keep it fresh. Oh, and we'd have to take back the mountain first! If you are interested in joining up with me in my glorious quest, message either myself in-game @ (Ulfänn), or either of my officers @ (Thórgrim) or (Durîdan) and they can help you get situated as well! I would very much enjoy talking with each and every one of you, and if you have any ideas or (especially) criticisms, please let me hear them! Anything to produce a better RP experience, right? "Keep your feet on the ground!" ~ Every Dwarf EverUlfänn16 Feb 20
Feb 20 [A] Monday Night Raiding Group LFM! Ello! Want to raid but don't have the time? Can't leave your RP guild? Keep reading! Our one night a week raiding group is looking for more players! We will be starting from Normal EN and working our way up, so no hard gear requirements right now. Would love to shoot for mythics as a long-term goal. We are looking primarily for folks who have the mindset of a serious raider* but the inability to commit to raiding guilds due to RP or are just too busy to raid multiple times a week. *"Serious raiding" does not mean "we invite jerks". Respect will not be an option; it will be a requirement. Demeaning, yelling at, or trolling other players will not be welcome or allowed. What you need to have: Discord (Speaking not required, listening is) Addon: DBM/Bigwigs Flasks, food, pots Roughly 3-4 hours of uninterrupted playtime. Raid times: Monday, 7PM CST (server) to 11PM with one 30 minute break around 9:30PM. Currently need: One Tank All Healers Lots of DPS! Wanna join us? Hop on the discord and add Aran to friends! Discord: Btag: Dacey#11298Aran25 Feb 20
Feb 20 Selling Gbank 53 Swift Springstriders Selling Gbank with 53 Swift Springstriders, forgot about them from when i banked on this realm, they're going for 40k+ worth about 2,120,000g at least - just want to get rid of em. Meteorshower#1945 for offersMeteordeath3 Feb 20
Feb 20 Rp guilds on Moonguard. Hello there, I had a bad Rp experience here ( not Goldshire related). Basically the guilds I had been in here before were kind of elitist, and I am not big on that. Are there any friendly Rp guilds here? I am not a stranger to RP, but would love to come here on my other toons who are humans and NE, and Draenei.Dagathorn10 Feb 20
Feb 19 IC Dungeon running RP Heavy Guild? Here`s one that for all the RP guilds on MG I can`t seem to find. One that is pretty race neutral (allowing pretty much all races) is light hearted, everyone is pretty IC most of the time, and dungeons and raids are run IC with storylines. I feel like this shouldn`t be that difficult to find, but for some reason it is?Halranere1 Feb 19
Feb 19 [A] <Omen Inc> Roleplay-Casual Guild LFM :) A quick shadow struts along the cobblestone, weaving in and out of busy vendor stalls and their crowds. The scent of exotic foods, chimney smoke, and perfume percolates in the bustling marketplace. Around the hooded figure is a large knapsack stuffed full of scrolls that desire to burst forth from their holding. The shadow approaches a brick wall and in the blink of an eye, a poster is hung. A small crowd starts to gather around to take a gander of the paper, the smell of glue still clings to the air. Whispers and murmurs are uttered from the lips of the onlookers. The poster is made of a moderately priced parchment and penned with the utmost artistic calligraphy in a dark green ink. It reads: "We seek to hire the following-- -Cooks, Chefs -Bards, Minstrels, Dancers, Singers -Tailors, Scribes, Librarians -Bodyguards, Sentinels, Knights, Pages, Sell-swords -Marksmen, Hunters, Trackers, Trappers, Sharpshooters, Beast Handlers -Elementalists, Mages, Spellcasters, Harvest Witches -Healers, Clerics, Doctors -Shadow Walkers, Treasure Hunters, Explorers, and dashing Rogues -Travelers, Wanderers, and Explorers Omen Inc. is a small company ran by 2 sisters and a long-time friend that specialize in obtaining rarities, curiosities, and oddities for the shop located in Stormwind. We also secure contracts for various quantities of goods collected from the Broken Isles and are in need of able bodies to help collect. Signed the Owners of Omen Inc, Lady Natalia New, Lady Elsia Swiftseeker, & Lady Zethullu Darkcrest" The names were penned with different colored inks and at the bottom right hand corner is a seal of deep blue wax and imprinted is a raven with a crown. A large glob of glue dribbles from the bottom of the poster down the stone wall. Whomever is putting up the signs must have been in a terrible hurry for the poster is a slightly crooked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <Omen Inc> The guild was established in the early days of February 2017 by two sisters and their long time friend. All three were tired of the drama that comes with any guild, especially progressive raiding, so they created Omen Inc. as a place to enjoy World of Warcraft with their friends, in real life and friends on line, while creating more long lasting friendships within the WoW community. This way everyone could enjoy their favorite aspect(s) of the game without pressure. We firmly believe that Casual = PvP = PvE = RP = Farming. And help is but a simple ask in guild chat. We have an active guild chat, active Discord, 2-3 events weekly, we run old content for transmogs, achievement runs, farming parties (herb, ore, fish, and meat), mythic +, grouping world quest dailies, light pvp, etc. Goals: Brawler's Guild events in the near future, casual raiding (full guild roster), server-wide RP events. RP Alignment: True Neutral Website: Feel free to take a look at website and view our guild rules, forums, photos, and calendar events (which are also on the in game calendar) to get an idea of what our guild is about. RP hang out spot: so come by and say hi! All of our guild members have invite privileges if you would like to join. If you have more questions, seek New, Nevers, Else, or Zethullu in game.Else4 Feb 19
Feb 19 <Grand Lover's Gala> Alliance Roleplay Event Dear members of the Alliance, February 18th at 7pm (central/realm) The Tempest Born Company would like to invite you to Darnassus for the Grand Lover’s Gala. A market will be held opening from 7pm until 8pm. At 8:30pm we would like everyone to join us at the entrance to the city for the opening ceremony of the ball. We ask that our guest leave their weapons sheathed and to wear their finest attire. All are welcome to join. Sincerely , Miyako Sora. P.S. If you are a merchant or performer please contact me for more info. I can be reached in game through mail or whisper. My discord is miyakosora#0116 if you can't reach me online.Miyakosora32 Feb 19
Feb 19 Sexual harassment on MG I wonder how many tickets and complaints gms receive from players here on moon guard. Would they they even take them seriously? EDIT: My bad, I should know better than to ask a honest question here on the forums... I make a thread asking how serious gms handle sexual harassment tickets, and I got nothing but downvotes and criticism... You can't even ask honest questions on the forums these days. :(Gothicss15 Feb 19
Feb 19 [A][PvE]IO is recruiting! The Insurmountable Odds Raiding Coalition is recruiting! Our goal in IO, since the coalition began back in Burning Crusade, is to bring together skilled and dedicated raiders, regardless of guild affiliation, and to provide a fun and accessible raiding environment for our members while progressing through content to the best of our ability. We aim to prove that guild tags are not the final arbiter of raiding ability. We do maintain an <Insurmountable Odds> guild tag for those interested in guild perks and/or general socialization, but membership is not a requirement for raiding. We are a casual raid group. We intend to clear as much heroic/mythic content as possible while maintaining a light raiding schedule (the majority of our members are adults with families and careers). We do not have requirements for members outside of attending raid and being prepared for such; that said, many of IO's members are active outside of raid with PvP, alts, RP, etc. CURRENT PROGRESSION: We currently have a full clear of normal NH and working on heroic. Schedule (All times are expressed in CST/server time) Wednesday: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Invites begin 30 minutes before raid time, and officially end 15 minutes prior, unless a raid officer has been advised of potential lateness. Current Recruitment Needs: Melee: med DK- low Rogue- low Warrior- low Monk- low Shaman- low Druid- low Paladin- low DH- low Ranged: med Hunter- low Shadow Priest- low Elemental Shaman- low Mage- low Warlock- low Balance Druid- low Healers: High (Healers who can DPS as well- High, could use non-priests) Disc Priest- low Holy Priest- low Resto Druid- med Holy Paladin- med Resto Shaman- low Tank: None atm. DK - low Paladin- low Monk- low Druid- low Warrior- low DH - low How to Reach Us Interested parties should speak to one of the officers listed below for more information. If none of them appear to be online, anyone with the <Insurmountable Odds> guild tag can help you get in touch. Officers/Section Leads; Khrosis Venita Leedra Arossia Bnet Tags(probably the fastest way to get in contact with someone when the officers/SL aren't online.): Sonel#1149 (Khrosis) rawrkrissy#1718 (Leedra) venita#1623 (Venita) You can also send in-game mail to any one of us, we look forward to hearing from you!Khrosis15 Feb 19
Feb 18 [Addon] Dice Roller - Better Dice Dice Roller is an dice rolling addon for raid chat for RP events. When it comes to doing DND events, Blizzard's /roll mechanics just aren't that great, especially when you want to do dice rolls like 2d6, 3d10, etc.; it can be a huge hassle to type out multiple /roll 6 or /roll 10. Additionally, it can be a huge hassle to get everyone in your guild to download a mandatory addon. With this addon all you need is a raid group and a single person with the addon -- no one else needs the addon but the DM. It works something like this: In raid chat, type out !XdY+Z where: X= number of dice Y= dice value Z= modifier (addition only currently) The result will look something like this: Be aware, however: if multiple people have the AddOn enabled while in the same raid group, multiple results will be given. This mod's currently functionality is for ONLY one person in the raid to have it on. The original author, who created this in 2009 for guild chat and some bare functionality, was SharQueDo and he was kind enough to allow me to take over the project after he abandoned it years ago and let me revamp everything. To this day, it retains about 20% of his original code.Naharak6 Feb 18
Feb 18 [A-RP] Netherlight Meeting! - The Light Side! With reference to main event - This is an open RP invitation to the Light side of the event. ====== In missives sent to all those of the Light faith - whether they be Anchorites, Sun Priests, Priests of the Church of the Holy Light - even to those as far reaching in Pandaria. The Conclave of Netherlight Temple cordially invites all priests of the Light - regardless of alignment, faith or doctrine - to attend a meeting at Netherlight Temple where the priests of the Light will meet with those of the Shadow faith to discuss matters regarding the Conclave and Netherlight temple. That through this meeting there will be an understanding if not unity formed in the name of Netherlight Temple. The meeting will take place on February 25th. Followers of the Light are encouraged to gather in the Sanctum of the Light beginning at 8 in the evening, while the meeting with the Shadowy faith will official begin at 8.30 in the evening. Netherlight Temple asks that all prejudices, doctrine and disgust be left at the door of the temple, and will like to remind all attendees that despite what we all believe in to be just and right and orderly, arguments should be left at the door.Adamantt5 Feb 18
Feb 18 Blackbriar's Love is in the Air Party. Love is in the Air Party Blackbriar will be holding a Love is in the Air party and everyone is invited! Date- Feb 17th at 7 server. (Whisper Velantra or let me know here for an invite on the Calendar.) Location is still to be determined. Most of the events at the party will be random acts, or things you would just walk up to, we want this event to be more about having fun and socializing more than anything. We for one at Blackbriar do not think anyone should be alone during Love is in the Air, so why not come spend the evening with friends. Link for the promotional video. Link for the Prizes for the raffles Music will be provided for the entire event, link will be given during. Events and actions are as followed- Random Cupid- There will be a couple people running playing cupid. Their job is to every so often whisper random people in the event, saying “You have been shot with Cupids arrow.” For the next ten minutes, you are “In Love” with the first person you see, we ask that everyone please have fun with this, it could lead to some funny improve rp, so please remember to just have fun with it. “Oh Shoot.”- Another random thing we will have going on is the Oh shoot vendor, now we all know sometimes we get so busy that we just forget something important, now Blackbriar has your back, we will be giving away gift packages containing at least- One Elk Plushie, flowers, sweets with a bottle of wine.” There will be no cost for this package, donations are accepted though. Random pets- We will have another vendor that will be selling a group of 6 random battle pets, so if you like to spoil that special someone, or just want the gifts for yourself, we have you covered. A lovely time for a play- The Valenwood Enclave will be joining us again, they will be putting on a play for us all. The one-man band- Jhack from the Burning Tusk Tribe will be joining us again to put on a performance of musical selections.Velantra53 Feb 18
Feb 18 Dear roleplay community of Moon Guard Before you roleplay as: A: A Warlock with a Demon. or B: A Demon. (OR Eredar.) And get in an OOC argument with the guards about whether or not you are allowed to stroll around Stormwind with/as a demon, keep in mind that there is a lot of IC/In Universe evidence pointing to the fact that that is probably not something you are allowed to do. Things such as: The fact that you don't see warlocks with demons anywhere but hiding in a graveyard behind the abbey in Northshire, or hiding in a secret underground warlock cult. If these warlocks could stroll around the populated areas of Elywnn and Stormwind with demons (or as demons/eredar) they probably would. If you are going to have a demon anywhere but outside of the city, or in that dark part of the Slaughtered Lamb, at least don't ignore player-guards who are trying to arrest you/get you to put it away. Guards, lore-wise, just had to deal with agents of the Legion hiding among the populace. They probably want to kill the Felguard (identical to the Felguards that tried to -murder- the leaders of the Alliance during Varian's funeral) next to your Warlock, too. Just because there isn't an in-lore law saying that you can't do it, doesn't mean you can. (Sort of like how there isn't a stated in-lore law saying you can't go on a killing spree/assault somebody/rob a store)Liaradyn82 Feb 18
Feb 18 [A-RP] The Cult of Scholomance (Guild) Hey everyone! Elbert and I are reintroducing his old guild, Cult of Scholomance! This forum thread is for information about us and recruitment! Details below. Please note, we are available through in-game mail or whisper, and do not have a guild website. Name: Cult of Scholomance Contacts: Èlbert (IC: Elbert von Doomray)(GM), Auyinn (IC: Sophia Airwright) (Co-GM) Faction: Alliance Affiliation: Scourge RP: Heavy, Cult. Requirements: Have experience in RP, or be willing to learn. Also, an IC interview will be conducted. Description: The Cult of Scholomance is a Heavy RP guild that is affiliated with the Scourge. We are RP as a Cult that is based off of the Scholomance Necromancy school, however, we also have Military RP in addition to the school and Cult. We are based in Caer Darrow/Scholomance. Rules: As any guild, we do have some rules. Trolling, god-modding, powerplaying, and metagaming are prohibited. We expect members to keep OOC OOC, and IC IC, as well as keep drama out of guild chat. Harassment is not tolerated, and members are asked to be somewhat active.Auyinn6 Feb 18
Feb 18 Freelancers-A non-guild raid community So Nighthold just released, and here you are. You’d rather use a used hypodermic needle for a toothpick than have to suffer through the impersonal apathy or outright hatefulness of LFG, but you’re all about your RP guild. And man, are they cool. They’re niche and most of them don’t have any strong interest in raiding, so you don’t pester them on it. But still, it’d be nice to actually see the content in the context it was intended. Which, as we all know, is certainly not LFR. Well then, my bereft brethren. I’ve got some good news for you. Freelance Raiding is here to try and seek a compromise with you. What is Freelance Raiding? The Freelancers is a loose extra-guild association of individuals whom have an interest in raiding in Moon Guard beyond what LFR/LFG reliably facilitates. As the name implies, it aims to be a group of people who would like to raid, but due to whatever circumstance surrounding the status (or lack thereof) with their guild, their opportunities are limited. Ok, sounds good. What’s to be expected? Firstly, for my group I intend to down normal Nighthold and then move on into Heroics. Candidly, I have no expectation of getting any real progress into Mythic by the next content cycle. My goal is to down Heroic Gul’dan. But stranger things have happened. Participating parties shall be at least 18 years of age. There is some wiggle room for this, but all parties should expect an atmosphere of young adults wherein crass humor and subjects of discussion unbefitting mixed company often occur. Do not be humorless. This goes inline with the previous point. Ribbing and “the bantz” is bound to happen. Especially if you die when Krosus breaks the bridge. Malicious hatefulness, however, will not be tolerated. But expect a few jabs to be tossed around in good faith and fun. Come prepared and early. Consumables and proper enchants, gems, and the like make all the difference in getting that last few moments of damage in on a progression pull. I won’t be a stickler on this, but please put forth the extra effort if it is within your means. Furthermore, as cliche as this caveat is, I hasten to remind you if you’re not around 15 minutes early and someone else is, do not feel personally insulted if they are brought along in your stead. Give and receive criticism, but leave your elitism and anger issues at the door. If mechanics are simply not being accomplished by an individual, then of course it will be tactfully pointed out. But self-righteousness and and vitriol will have a short stay in my group. This is everyone’s leisure time, and none of us are making any money off of the time spent here. So don’t be a negative influence with your attitude, be it hatefulness or a refusal to accept advice. Discord Voice Comms. If you’re not particularly sociable or not feeling like getting involved in the exchange, that is fine. But having the ability to call out reflexive commands or warnings over VOIP under pressure is invaluable. Not speaking is acceptable, but your pressence in comms is a must. The raid will likely be scheduled sometime on the weekend. This is up for discussion as it will hinge largely on the consensus of interested parties. Personally, I'd like to raid sometime in the evening on Friday and Saturday each week. Other days are fine, but I'm on a evening schedule and wouldn't be able to start until around 11:30 PM Server Time. What about my buddy from off-server? His guild just dissolved and he'd like to come along. Bring 'em, dude! An advantage to this method of organization is server lines are irrelevant. As long as he is Alliance and capable of contributing, they're more than welcome.Dorondir16 Feb 18
Feb 18 LF Long term RP partners I'm looking for a few long term RP partners on A:MG for epic adventures to find hidden artifacts and relics of old. This is not Guild bound so u don't need to leave or join any guild for this. - However if an guild lead is reading this message and wishes to arrange something with another traveling party, I'm more then happy to join up.- For those who wish to apply for this RP partnership, please leave your character info on description of the following information : (Name,race,character summary) <and a way to contact you> requirement : timezone matches or near MG realm time or activity time we're normally active from 6pm-2am realm time.Meliôdäs4 Feb 18
Feb 18 World of Warcraft Chronicle Vol 2 (preview) We are near that time for release of vol 2. Here some pic I found that going be in this book.$/$/$/$/$$/$/$/$/$Ghaghzull5 Feb 18
Feb 17 Interest Check: Information-based Guild Hi there, everyone. I had an idea for a guild and wanted to see if people would find it interesting! My idea for the guild is that it's a freelance information gathering and distributing guild. Neutral to dark in alignment, it would use secrets to further its own goals, whether they be gathering certain artifacts, spying for blackmail, or tipping off another group for a desired reaction. Another potential opportunity is to create more intrigue and conflict within the inter-guild community, with possible spying on another guild’s event for potential consequences down the line (with the spied-upon guild’s permission, of course). It could even serve as antagonists for storylines and such! Thank you for reading this and for your time. Have a nice day!Redmouth3 Feb 17
Feb 17 Looking for active Horde Guild Hey, I'm looking for an active horde guild, i mainly do pve... this is my alt, my 'main' was a holy pally (now arround 871) but i kinda give up on her after i quit when kara was released, now i only do dailys on it. Anyways, I'm looking to catch up on this guy and maybe raid normals/hc in 7.2 now i've the time. I'm very active during the day, so just whisper me ingame Cheers!Piriapolis1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Chaotic-Good guilds? I feel like this tends to be an oft unexplored alignment. Are there any or does anyone know of any guilds that might fit the Chaotic-Good alignment? Essentially things like, guilds that may do some questionable or possibly illegal deeds but they do it for the sake of the welfare of others. Stealing from the greedy and corrupt and giving to the poor, practicing illegal or unauthorized arts or magics but doing so to do good... Those sorts of deals.Whishian7 Feb 17
Feb 16 [A-RP] The Argent Onslaught -Posted upon the Heroes Call board within Stormwind, Ironforge, and anywhere else the message can be carried stands a bright white sheet of vellum paper bearing the following message: ... Signed at the bottom is the symbol of the Crusade. - --------OOC Information-------- Name: The Argent Onslaught Website: IC Leader: General Rease Stoneheart. Role-playing: Heavy; at least two to three D20 events every week with plenty of side stories in-between. PvE: Light, we try to do mythic dungeons once or twice a month together. PvP: It's never IC! But there are a few who are down to do it. Alignment: Neutral Good. Affiliation: The Argent Crusade. What we are is an Argent Crusade themed guild with a heavy emphasis on combat events surrounding the theme of being a band of brothers. Unlike the stereotypical picture people view of an order of Paladins where all the soldiers and knights stand in gleaming and shining plate, with gold inlaid armor talking of their knighthood and nobility ranks, we RP ourselves as a group of people who are battered, injured, dirtied, and with dented armor. Essentially a group of broken people who are constantly fighting an uphill battle against evil, who reach out to anyone willing to help them. Contacts: -Rease Stoneheart (General.) -Althea Brimcraft (Commander.) -Kuaizhao the Clever (Commander. ) -Akanos (Major.) -Bjorn Blackmane (Captain.) -Cocalin Blazehammer (Captain.) -Shi'Rizao Goldcloud-Derenthar (Captain.) -Alerey McOwen (Dead) Requirements -At the bare minimum however we ask all interested to be lvl 25, or lvl 65 for Death Knights. We do roleplay in the Broken Isles if we can't find a suitable proxy, but often-times we weill be in the Plaguelands and sometimes Northrend. -A basic understanding of the English language. For some people it is a second language, and even then for others it's still a learning curve, but as long as we can understand you in a coherent way we'll get along. - A Roleplay Addon. You don't neccessarily have to have it filled out completely, but we ask that if you're interested to at least have it installed with some basic information on it. - Plans to be somewhat active. Real life can take a toll. We're mostly all adults and Real life has its responsibilities. However alls we ask is to have some desire to log in once in a while and RP. - A basic understanding of Argent Crusade lore. We're not complete lore nuts, and we're willing to bend the lore a bit to be accomodating, but for the most part we feel if we're going to play with others on this server, got to fit in as best we can. Rules - Respect for one another. - No Trolling. Don't ruin others Roleplaying, don't troll trade, basically just be a decent person. - Anything adult oriented take to whispers/party chat. We're all adults, and G-chat gets crazy usually, but no one wants to see anything above PG-13 while RPing. - Working knowledge of common sense.Réase347 Feb 16
Feb 16 [A]LF: Dedicated Mythic+ group Hey folks I'm looking to run a fairly consistent Mythic+ team or to join one, I'm interested in end game Mythic+ with completed timers and key carries. I'm not looking for the most amazing team or anything, I'm just looking for a group of people who want to run and see how far they can get. Aztec#1290Dominguez20 Feb 16
Feb 16 [A] <The Golden Coffer> PVE/RP [6/10H] **** The Golden Coffer is an application only guild **** WWW.THEGOLDENCOFFER.COM The Golden Coffer is a multi-faceted, social guild that strives to create a sense of community in all aspects of the game. We pride ourselves on providing a fun and relaxing environment where players of all styles can find a home and make new friends. With members dating back to 2011, we boast an active, fun, and friendly guild atmosphere. PVE & RP, weekly events with a reward system, repairs, heirlooms, and discord! Read more @ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What you'll find in The Golden Coffer Friendly and knowledgeable leadership Mature (18+) and fun social atmosphere Help with quests, crafting, role play and more Weekly events hosted by officers and other members Active player base, both during the day, late afternoon, and evenings (We average 15 - 25 players online at any time) ... ...Max85 Feb 16
Feb 16 3rd Legendary? Just got it, was very surprised tbh. Does anybody know if we will be able to equip more than two in the future? And if so, when exactly? The only thing I've been able to find is people gloating about the third legendaries and getting intense hate instead of answers.Kýriel4 Feb 16
Feb 16 [A-RP] The Shadow Concord The Shadow Concord is a heavy role playing guild devoted to creating a society that isn’t restricted by ethics. The order gets its name from the pact they made with the Shadow Plane, a realm void of light. Meaningful rites, activities, and structure create a role playing experience unique to any other guild. There is always something to do in-character to help progress the guilds many story lines or to even progress your own story line in relation to the guild. Join our newly formed guild and experience a truly immersive and rewarding experience.Angburlor0 Feb 16
Feb 15 @ Erodan This guy joined my Xavius group, zerg pulled all the trash then pulled the boss as a ret paladin spamming taunt and had /train macro'd to every spell I think along with toys. Literally ran in circles around the room with the boss until Xavius died, Loots a BIS legendary Calls everyone a loser before leaving the group. This will be the man responsible for dps specs losing taunt in the future probaly.Edninjìtsu7 Feb 15
Feb 15 Closed/Delete Close.Kylani27 Feb 15
Feb 15 Companions of Valor Intro: Just like you may have guessed this is WoW's version of Skyrims famous "Companions" faction. We aim to bring a closely authentic RP guild that revolves around your toons being warriors for coin. The guild will be kept quite simple with guild events involving small groups of Companions venturing out and completing jobs and contracts. The guild will eventually develope a more in depth story line. We mainly operate solely in Broken Isles however and will be willing to work with other content. So if your toon is looking for a band of brothers and sisters seeking fame, glory and riches in hopes of reaching Halls of Valor this guild may be for you. Here is some sneak peak topics to outline how the guild operates. -STRUCTURE- The structure of the Companions social structure is simple and very "pack" or "clan" orientated. No rank truely outranks another but more demands respect among the Companions. The ranks are a rolling promotion. Naturally there will be many Harbingers and First Thanes in light of this. 1. Harbinger: The guild has no "leader" as such as everyone is their own warrior. Instead the Companions have a "Harbinger" who is usually an aged warrior that mentors, advises and even acts as the mediator with internal disputes in the Companions in order to keep the peace. They are responsible for upholding the Companions laws and traditions. This a highly respected position. 2. First Thane: Among all the other thanes who have proven themselves and moved up from "Blooded" there is a "First Thane". First Thane is typically a young to middle aged warrior with the most experience over the other thanes who also assists in mentoring the other thanes. They are elected by the former First Thane upon gaining the position of Harbinger to take their place. They speak for the other thanes to the elders about internal struggles with the Companions or subjects that require council. They also sets the example and upholds the Companions strong code of honor and respect through how the Companions conduct themselves. When a Companion stands trial the First Thane represents the warrior before the elders and Harbinger to make a final decision. First Thane is responsible for informing the other thanes of any jobs and contracts. This is also a highly respected role within the companions. 3. Elder: An "Elder" is an old warrior within the Companions who was once holding the status of Harbinger. An Elder has stepped down as Harbinger to allow the First Thane to take the seat as mentor and mediator within the Companions. They assist the Harbinger mainly with decisions and laws of the Companions that they must abide by. They also stand as the jury during trial. An Elder will step up once again as Harbinger if the Harbinger dies in combat or other means if the First Thane is not yet ready to take this position. (At this point in time there are no elders as the guild is quite young.) 4. Thane: Brawn of the Companions, Thanes are the veteran warriors of the Companions. They have completed up to five guild events such as contracts and other jobs to earn this title. They are responsible for setting the example for the Blooded and Whelps. This title is awarded usually during social events in the mead hall or other festive events etc. 5. Blooded: These warriors are the rookies of the Companions. They have proven that they are able to fight and complete tasks that require them to prove their valor by thanes and above. A thane or above must vouch for a whelp before the other Companions in order to achieve this title. 6. Whelp: While every warrior who comes to the Companions is their own man or woman. They are only given any true acknowledgement or respect once they have completed their first task to prove their valor and capability. Completing this task will need a thane or above to witness this. As stated before, a thane or above must vouch for this rank to the other Companions in order for them to progress to blooded. Thank you for reading if you have any further questions about the guild please post and I will try to get back to you.Wulfgore4 Feb 15
Feb 15 First Light Presents - Kittypalooza 2017! Greetings, Moon Guard! Do you like free mounts, rare vanity pets, chances at epic raid loot, and transmog contests? If so, read on, dear viewer! If you have been struggling to obtain an Arcanist's Manasaber and don't want to wait until March 7th to finish your quest, First Light is here to help! In addition, we will be giving away a plethora of other rare and exotic felines, including at least one of each of the following: Jeweled Onyx Panther. Mystic Runesaber, Mischief, Brightpaw, Guardian Cub, Spectral Tiger Cub, and Nightsaber Cub! Finally, we will be hosting a Cross Faction Community Transmog Contest on February 17th at 7:00 PM Server Time in Hearthglen -- immediately preceding the opening announcements of First Light's Steamy Romance Extravaganza! Gold prizes will be awarded to the top three costumes. To participate, create a transmog that matches your favorite in-game cat model! Transmog prizes include 100,000 Gold to our "Best In Show," 50,000 Gold to Second Place, and 25,000 Gold to our Third Place winner! Given that there is limited time to squeeze these runs in before Gul'dan's release to LFR on March 7th, we will be setting up a raffle to give away completely FREE carries in Normal Nighthold to help secure your Betrayer's Rise Achievement and complete your quest credit for The Nighthold: Lord of the Shadow Council, which unlocks the quest "Fate of the Nightborne" -- the quest that gives you the Arcanist's Manasaber! Please see our event page for more information on these events and contests! Feb 15
Feb 15 Alliance player looking for guild PvE/RP Hello there, I am Elistriss and I would like to join a guild. The type of guild would be a semi-hardcore raid guild that raids maybe 2 or 3 times a week. Of course though, one that RPs and raids would be most preferred! I have pugged alone all of this expansion and the current gear level you see is what I've earned through leading randoms into raids. I would like to heal, but am experienced and willing to play any of the druid's available specs. I work Sunday nights and work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the late morning to mid afternoon. I do not have any scheduled events Saturdays. Normally I wake up around 11am when I don't have to work in the morning :P I am getting closer to maxing out inscription and almost have all the gathers available for herbalism. I love to fish, craft, and gather mats for the guild. I don't want to switch my profs for guild needs. I also enjoy running mythic dungeons for fun and blasting through raids on farm status. I have a mic and Discord, and I dislike other voice chat platforms because Discord has been (IMO) better than any other and easier to use/better-looking. I do like to talk but know when to listen to the raid leader. I keep things light-hearted and, though I understand people like shading, usually tend to stay away from that sort of humor. I talk in guild chat, and I've roleplayed on several media for over 10 years. If I were to join an RP guild, my ideal guild is one that allows me to play my druid as a druid of the grove who stays away from shifting but can do it. She keeps to herself and tends to support others rather than shine in the spotlight. A willing stepping stone who enjoys the accomplishments of others and community rather than herself. She is a very experienced botanist and tends to talk to her plants about her feelings over another person. There is more to her but that is for later :) If you believe I am a good fit for your guild, please let me know! Thank you for reading and have a good day.Elistriss11 Feb 15
Feb 15 [A] <Order of Invictus>: To the Isles! Thank you to those who supported the cause and made this guild great. Unfortunately, we are closing our doors. Recruitment is permanently closed. Sorry! The Invictus Arcana. Rumors of its existence have lasted for near as long as Invictus itself. Within it lies a wealth of magical knowledge that would take several lifetimes to read, or so they say. Some have dedicated their lives to finding it, but others know better; Only those worthy of its pages will ever lay eyes upon it. The elusive grimoire is a legend to some, and to others, worth dying for. == ORDER OF INVICTUS researchers of the obscure. teachers of the unspoken. students of an absolute freedom. Formed after Archimonde’s destruction of Dalaran, the Order of Invictus seeks out the realm's most experienced and talented practitioners of “dark” arts to form a solid base that functions both as a place of learning for potentially gifted students, and a society in which darker forms of magic could be studied without fear of reprisal or death from the world outside. With the coming of the Legion to Azeroth's doorstep, the Order's leaders have reconvened and refocused their efforts on a new, but difficult task: sniffing out each and every demon, pit lord and dreadlord from the isles and sending them back to the hell they spawned from for good. To do this, they have enlisted the help of the Knights of the Ebon Blade to work alongside their own long list of renowned magic users, as well as some of Azeroth's most talented rogues to track down and retrieve items of power thought lost to the annals of history. Artifact recovery, spell theory, knowledge, subterfuge and sheer, deadly force is the name of the game, and the Order of Invictus has accepted the challenge. To have all these things, one must only sign their name in blood upon the tome of the group's namesake. Not much to ask, right? How much would you be willing to give, to get everything you've ever wanted?Aran36 Feb 15
Feb 15 Shal'Aran Translation So, this is a question that has been bugging me for some time now. I've been thinking about the translation of Shal'Aran (the Nightfallen base in Suramar), and what I've concluded has only increased my confusion. Here it is: We know shal = night in the night elven language. The shal'dorei are the children of the night, the nightborne. Dalaran = either starwell or fair star in Thalassian (there is no confirmation which one it is). Thalassian is not the same as Darnassian, but shares many similarities and roots, and we know that words such as "arkhana," "dorei," etc. are the same in both languages. Taking into account that most magical fonts of energy in the WoW universe are referred to as "wells," it seems reasonable to say that Dalaran is the first translation: Starwell. Now, this could mean that dal = well and aran = star, or it could mean that dal = star and aran = well. However, we also know that Thori'dal means "the Stars' Fury," which indicates that "dal" in fact means "star." Therefore, "aran" would mean "well." (It is also worth noting that "shorel'aran" means "farewell"—different definition of the word "well" here, but it is possible that the word in Thalassian has separate definitions just as it does in English.) Piecing all of this together, we get "Shal'Aran" meaning "Nightwell." That's where I end up getting confused, because it makes no sense that the Nightborne would have two Nightwells in Suramar. The only idea I could come up with would be that Shal'Aran (and perhaps Falanaar too) was an attempt at a proto-Nightwell, and that the final version was what we see in the Nighthold. I know this was kinda long-winded, so if you stuck with me, thank you. Thoughts, anyone?Lorithiel17 Feb 15
Feb 15 Overcoming the stigma of our server Hello all, long time RP'er here. I've been playing on Moon Guard for 6 years. Every time I tell people I play WoW and say I play on Moon Guard, I'm met with a small chuckle or a "Oh, so you're one of thoseplayers? I know absolutely nothing can be done to control Goldshire or SMC, we need to get rid of the stigma that everyone on the server doesn't ERP. Yes, a small minority does it, but not every single player and their mother. #MakeMoonGuardGreatAgainUlber36 Feb 15
Feb 15 [A] PvP Guild (RBG Team)? Hello everyone, a few of my friends decide that we wanted to build a guild on Moonguard (Alliance) a PvP guild. We had a good guild going years ago that was heavily focused on PvP. Our goal is to push Guardian of the Horde in a season in RBG which requires less rating than the horde. Would anyone be interested in creating a guild with us? A few of my friends who are 2200-2300 cr currently in RBG is thinking of creating a toon on the Alliance because it is easier to aim for Hero as the Alliance. We want to do it here on Moonguard because Moonguard was once our home. Its special and you all know why :) I would like to create a guild here to push at least 2k cr win or lose, we'll have fun along the way truth be told... we will probably group up via cross-realm players after 2K CR and above because the pool of great players are greater that way. BUT... we will take some of you here with us past 2K cr, so think of it as a trial run. Would anyone be interested? 2200 is not required, we ask that you like PvP, the willingness to improve and the knowledge that you may be sit out in certain situation. In fact, I want it to be a friendly PvP guild, we will have some gladiators here on this guild that is willing to teach you guys how to get better. Let us know if there is an interest at all :)Qìyana5 Feb 15
Feb 15 [A-RP] <The Scarlet Retribution> <The Scarlet Retribution> A primarily RP guild on Moon Guard, Alliance Are you on Moon Guard, looking for a new RP guild? Do you have any interest in the Scarlet Crusade? Do you want a guild that does not stand by the whole "Holy and Good" ideals? Do you have the lust for revenge against The Scourge, The Forsaken, or The Legion? Will you use any methods at your disposal, whether it be fel magic, demonry, arcane powers, druidic mastery, or brute strength to do so? Then <The Scarlet Retribution> may be for you! <The Scarlet Retribution> is a new, darker themed Scarlet Crusade guild that is accepting any and all members. The ideals of The Retribution are not the same as that of The Scarlet Crusade, as we accept any and all races and classes. In character-ly founded by a Gilnean warlock that was cast out of his home for his practices, The Scarlet Retribution is willing to do anything and employ any method to reclaim Lordaeron and in that, fight back against The Legion. Yes, we are currently a new guild with few members, but once we get a decent player base we will begin RP events and casual Stormwind-based RP, as well as casual PvP and PvE nights when not doing RP. The leader of The Retribution initiates new members with a nice greeting to set the tone of what thay are getting into: "My name is Primarch Cassius Skalle and I'm putting together a special team, and I need men. Soldiers from all races and backgrounds, employing any and all skills. Now, you might have heard rumors about the fight against the Scourge and retaking Lordaeron. We're gonna be dropped into Tirisfall Glades, dressed as Crusaders. And once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhacking guerrilla army, we're going to be doing one thing and one thing only... exterminating the Undead. Now, I don't know about you, but I sure as hell didn't come down from Northrend, cross miles of water, fight my way through half of The Plaguelands and jump off of an airship to teach the Scourge lessons in humanity. Undead do not have any humanity. They're the foot soldiers of life-hating, mass murdering maniacs and they need to be destroyed. That's why any and every single undead creature we find is going to burn. Now, I'm the direct descendant of a proud Gilnean. What's left of my family is now Worgen, with their sharp teeth and decimating claws. Our battle plan will be that of a band of savage Worgen. We will be cruel to the Undead, and through our cruelty they will know who we are. And they will find the evidence of our cruelty in the disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured bodies of their brothers we leave behind us. And the Undead won't not be able to help themselves but to imagine the cruelty their brothers endured at our hands, and our boot heels, and the edge of our blades. And the Undead will be sickened by us, and the Undead will talk about us, and the Undead will fear us. And when the Undead closes their eyes at night and they're tortured by their subconscious for the evil they have done, it will be with thoughts of us they are tortured with. Sound good?"Skalle11 Feb 15
Feb 14 Happy Valentine's Day, Moon Guard No matter what your plans are, today, I think we can all look forward to the Candy Sales that'll go into effect, tomorrow. <3Stormwindian12 Feb 14
Feb 14 Twitter handles Is there anywhere listed with a twitter handle of MG players? I personally just have one set up for Dior and her escapes but was wondering if others did too! Feel free to list!Dior2 Feb 14
Feb 14 [A-RP] Diversity-based Guild Interest Check (Armory is dumb and won't update. I'm a spacegoat, I swear.) Anyway, hi, Moon Guard! As usual, before diving into to start a guild, I'd like to test the waters and get feedback on my tentative idea. The gist is a guild based around a diverse group of Alliance members who form a coalition for the greater good of race interests and other pursuits. Guild names and IC names are up in the air... so far I'm thinking of the guild tag <Diversity> and the IC group calling themselves the Alliance Race/Racial Coalition or ARC for short! The kicker to create diversity... I feel as if I'd have to instate a quota to fill the necessary races. Ideally, I want members from every race + factions, such as demon hunters, death knights, highborne, Gilneans, Alteraci, AU Draenei, mainland/island Pandaren, and so on. It's counter-intuitive to have a guild that preaches diversity, but bars people from joining just because we already have too many of their particular race. I'd like to start small, say two members of each race, and slowly increase the numbers if enough interest happens. I'd hate to turn an enthusiastic RPer away, but I want the guild to be a balanced mixture of culture. I'd love ideas on how to remedy this conundrum! Event ideas could be standard combat storylines or events geared towards spreading a little love to every race. Some groups are just plain forgotten about because of the new threats that arise. Why leave them behind? Examples: A Kaldorei contingent is struggling against Horde opposition in their homeland of Ashenvale. A village of Pandaren are constantly under threat by encroaching Mogu and fear of sha infection. Displaced Gilneans seek to brave their lands against the dominating Forsaken and retrieve possessions of their past. Draenor-based Draenei remain scattered with loved ones still captured by Shadowmoon forces. I'd love any feedback or accompanying ideas. Thank you. :)Halu6 Feb 14
Feb 14 How is the Horde side? Alliance side is pretty famous for the goldshire/stormwind rp. But how is horde side? Whats the hot spots for rp?Maith25 Feb 14
Feb 14 Draenei and bacon What do Draenei eat? Don't go back hear me out! I have thought this over and I believe that Draenei are carnivorous. I mean think about it, they have a mouth full of fangs, every single food quest that relates to them is about meat. One more thing, anyone remember the Draenei start zone? That woman right out side it, instead of foraging for plant based food (which would be more efficient ) she sets up several fishing nets. As for the not knowing what plants are edible? They somehow already know the plants, the quest to heal the night elf priestess in Azure Watch proves this. TL:DR I think Draenei eat meat exclusively.Tazika18 Feb 14
Feb 14 LF Kaldorei Guild! I am looking for a Kaldorei RP guild A few things I enjoy Not RPing in taverns 24/7 Military oriented guild (PVP Is awesome) in-depth characters, IC interviews or something A guild with goals in RP Conflict! Seek me out IC! or PST me This is cleaia's biography from her TRP "Cleaia is young, but through grueling training and seemingly incorruptible devotion to the Kaldorei she has become a Warden. Standing at 6'4 Cleaia maintains an athletic form with turquoise hair that is shoulder length most often tied back with a purple ribbon. Cleaia strides with graceful confidence, like many of her kin she attempts to remain stoic and reserved though her long exposure to other races has curbed this attitude somewhat. Cleaia is a fairly recent recruit to the Wardens. First serving as a Huntress to the warden Venhallow, she spent most of her time stalking the few Demon Hunters who roamed free through Azeroth, uncaptured by the Wardens. Since the Warden's Vault fall, the death of many of the Wardens, and release of the Demon Hunters Cleaia has been promoted. She is herself a Warden every bit as lethal and fanatically loyal to the Kaldorei as her Warden kin." Cleaia11 Feb 14