Moon Guard

Apr 24 Looking for people to play with Hi all ... I've been playing on a PvP server Horde side with my real life friends, but I was always Ally side in the past and I miss the RP part of the game, because on PvP server seems that all they want is rush levels and have the best possible items available, and don't care at all for the Lore. I've created a new character here in Moon Guard on Alliance side (Dwarf) and I'm looking for people to play with, once all my friends are Horde until death ... hope to hear from you! Btw: my main language is not english, so I'm still learning it, so not sure if I'll be able to to serious RP once the language barrier is still a little problemDrokkor6 Apr 24
Apr 24 Tauren Roleplay How is the tauren community? Better or worse than Wyrmrest Accords?Ethán5 Apr 24
Apr 24 Warcraft Short Story: “Dark Mirror” Nathanos Blightcaller has faithfully served the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, both in life and in undeath. This service has demanded great sacrifice—and difficult choices. His unlife has been measured out in many conquests as champion of the Forsaken, but the burden of his duty to the Dark Lady has taken a toll upon his ever-decaying body. Nathanos looked down at his left hand. There was enough skin and sinew remaining to grasp a bow, and to teach even the clumsiest of his pupils how to nock an arrow. But he could tell that his strength had waned. His undead flesh continued its inevitable decay, and there would come a day when this hand would be rendered useless or rot away altogether. What good would he be to her then? He might be a decomposing husk, he told himself, but he still knew the meaning of duty. "Tell me what you command, my queen." Taking place just prior to the first demon invasions of Legion, “Dark Mirror” by Senior Game Designer Steve Danuser explores Nathanos Blightcaller's past, the decisions he has faced, and his ultimate transformationGhaghzull36 Apr 24
Apr 23 Put me to work! Hiya, I'm Shayrah. I like to wiggle, long walks on the beach, and doing paladin stuff. I also like to write, and I've been wanting to post about this on the forums for a while but hadn't out of fear, I guess. Even though I totally Hashtag Doesn't Afraid. Anyway, I've written some stuff for a few people, but I'd like to write a little more regularly. Most of what I have written so far is probably not for public consumption on the forums, but some of my other stuff is. I'd be happy to write short-stories, back stories, RP profiles, in-game letters, and just about anything else. I'm not picky about what I write as long as you aren't. Anyway, if you're interested, message me in-game or on here and I will get back to you. I'm told I'm an affordable author, but I don't know of anyone else offering what I am so I can't say. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon <3 - ShayrahShayrah0 Apr 23
Apr 23 Tea Garden event for Spring EVENT: Tea Garden WHEN: Saturday, April 22 at 8:30p realm time WHERE: Stormwind Lion's Rest Park, (grassy knoll between Varian's memorial and MQ-side fountain) In celebration of spring's arrival, Om Nom Noodles is hosting a Tea Garden event for the general public in Stormwind. Our tea mistress, Jinfara, will lead a traditional tea ceremony while guests participate around small tables under lovely, blooming Pandaren trees. We'll also be collaborating with the staff of Honeyreed Tea Co. afterward to share samples of different Pandaren teas and tea cakes by phenomenal baker, Liz Koraha. So come relax, bring your kites and festival garb (if you wish), and enjoy the arrival of spring with us! :DMailang18 Apr 23
Apr 23 [A] <sup gurl im full purps> <sup gurl im full purps> is a pvp guild recruiting pvpers to create a community of pvpers for arena and rbgs. guild is lead by gladiator exp'd people. whisper ROLLYFLEX or AOEDIN for more info. we are currently open to accepting newer pvpers or people who want to learn how to pvp.Aoedin7 Apr 23
Apr 22 Human monk seeks male for walks on the beach! Ok, I am bit new to RP, and I think it would fun to have like a on-going dating type RP. It would give me a chance to flex my RP muscles a bit.. and only make a fool of myself infront of one person. Glisten, is a bit of drunk, but he is very friendly, loveable and laughs easily..he has been in love with an elven male, that is not reciprocated, so he wants to try dating. I thought we could meet once or twice a week for an hour or two, walk in the park, go the faire.. that type of thing. If this is something you might want to try please leave a post here, or add me on btag xixel#1515 Thank you!! <3Glisten2 Apr 22
Apr 22 Warning for my fellow RP'rs Hai my fellow RP'rs!!! So as of 2:10am PST 4/20/2017 I had the pleasure of meeting a VERY NICE person/character by the name of Trayciee. I was RPing in a crowded area when I received a message from another RP'r that this player that I named asked to copy their MRP profile, the friendly player in question of course said no and that they worked hard on it. Trayciee said they were going to take it anyway and took screen shots. I /targeted Trayciee and they were targeting me and I immediately assumed that they were copying my own profile and I told them to not do that. Between myself and Trayciee along with the friendly RP'r and Trayciee I have learned that Trayciee has copied 12 profiles within the last 2 days and is continuing to do so. They admited to me that they were indeed copying profiles, the number within the 2 days and that they were going to do a bunch of horde character profiles as well. Just wanna give a warning out to all RP'rs, but specifically on Moon Guard since this is where it happened, but I'd imagine they are hitting major RP servers.Dylandy12 Apr 22
Apr 22 WTS Vigilance Perch (Mail Legendary Gloves) My btag is vel#11942, feel free to add me and pm any offers or just send mail to my character Velaryn with your offer. (I hope posts like this are allowed here, apolgies if they aren't! The forum guidelines is giving me a 404 Page Not Found so I was unable to check there if these sorts of posts were okay to make in this forum first :c.)Velaryn1 Apr 22
Apr 22 [A] Thunderstruck Recruiting Thunderstruck is rebuilding to get back to raiding. Our guild culture is adult but respectful. No one tolerates immaturity or pettiness. We laugh a lot, help each other out and enjoy playing together. We also all work and have families and know the world first isn't in our future. That said we want to begin pushing boss kills and see end game. Raid nights will be set once we get a core group back together. Times should be around 7 to 9 server for raid start. The only way to really know if you're a good fit is add us and find out. Salus#1732 or WerdsKitorian1 Apr 22
Apr 22 LF Leveling Partner Male looking for a female to level with on Alliance side.Prizma4 Apr 22
Apr 21 Morning Guilds? Absolutely a longshot, but I'm curious if there are any RP guilds that are home to players that are normally online during the morning? I'm kind of new to the server and I'm getting lonely and miss having a regular clique of RP friends. I work at a crummy night job, so I'm only able to play from about 6:30am until noon during the week. Even if there aren't any events in the morning, just having some people to do the occasional RP with (or dungeons/raids and stuff) would be very nice! I have four characters on this server (three Alliance and one Horde), so faction isn't an issue, though I'm usually on one of my Alliance characters these days.Wictoria1 Apr 21
Apr 21 [H - Event] A call for change in the North *Numerous fliers circulate in Undercity, Silvermoon, the Plaguelands and even Dalaran.* ... OOC Info: 04/20 - 7:30 PM - Crown Guard Tower in the Plaguelands Greetings, friends. Jacques Redvale is a reformist and visionaire, with ideas that border on treason against the Banshee Queen. He despises the current direction the Forsaken have taken, a trend that the old veteran wishes to see extinct. Overall, this is my attempt to drum up Forsaken roleplay in the server. I am aware Moon Guard has a few undead exclusive guilds, but most of them adhere to staunch support for Sylvanas. While that is all well and good, I hope to ignite a different view for the faction. As the pamphlet says, we will exchange stories of days past. Wars, tales of a forgotten past, perhaps religious sermons. Anything is valid, given the fluidity of the concept, so long it is within the event's theme. Moreover, while the main audience should likely be Forsaken, other characters are not excluded. In that light, I imagine it would appeal a few sin'dorei, Quel'dorei, death knights and many more. Likewise, those who support Sylvanas are naturally welcome, so long they keep it civil and do not prove disruptive IC. Finally, at the end of the event, we will discuss what could be done to further restore Forsaken RP to prominence in the server.Jacquer14 Apr 21
Apr 21 [H] Restoration Shaman LF Raiding Guild Hello All, I'm a Restoration Shaman on the Horde side. I'm AOTC (EN/TOV/NH). Looking for a weekly heroic clear guild and/or a light Mythic progression environment. Feel free to reply and/or message me in game or Btag "Corey#1646" I am not willing to re-locate all of my characters are currently Horde and I would like to keep things that way. Weekend raids times also do not work for me "Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday's" work fine.Freeshipping0 Apr 21
Apr 21 [H] Restoration Shaman LF Raiding Guild Hello All, I'm a Restoration Shaman on the Horde side. I'm AOTC (EN/TOV/NH). Looking for a weekly heroic clear guild and/or a light Mythic progression environment. Feel free to reply and/or message me in game or Btag "Corey#1646"Freeshipping0 Apr 21
Apr 20 [A-RP] <The Scarlet Brigade> IC From the recent journals of Altrek Redblade, Lord Commander of the Scarlet Brigade: ... OOC The Scarlet Brigade is a military style RP guild focusing on the destruction of various undead, demons and heretics, along with their corresponding cults. Those described as heretics to them include warlocks, necromancers, Shadow/Void priests and demon hunters. We are a reformed Scarlet Crusade order, meaning that we are not corrupted by demons and we follow the original tenants set out by the creators of the Crusade. Our events are held mostly within the Eastern Plaguelands and Tyr's Hand, though we are not afraid to chase down highly dangerous targets across Azeroth if needed. Requirements: • Must be level 35+ • Races allowed are humans, dwarves, quel'dorei (high elves) and half-elves of quel'dorei descent. Gnomes will be rarely added if at all. • Classes allowed are hunter, mage, monk, paladin, priest, rogue and warrior. Warlocks are allowed only on a case-by-case basis, and only as pyromancers with no ties to anything demonic (aka fire mages). • IC interview is required. Speak with Altrek or a recruiter to set one up. • Roleplay addons are highly recommended (MRP, TRP, XRP, etc.) • Basic understanding of Scarlet lore is highly appreciated. Other Informantion: • Base of Operations: Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands • Guild Website: Questions/Comments? Interested in a collaborated story? Send a whisper or in-game mail to Altrek.Altrek29 Apr 20
Apr 20 Mentor RP So this is kinda awkward since someone has a topic like this going already (Sorry Spellestra) and apparently B.Net ate my post (Grrrrr), I'm trying to come back to the RP scene, having been away from RPing since...Burning crusade. So I thought I would try to dip my toes in again as an apprentice to another character! Now, my mage Kat would be my first choice, but I do have other characters to choose from. The best way to fight fel fire is with fel fire? Like to walk on the dark side? I happen to have a warlock at the ready (Or a mage to be convinced to pick it up.) A wielder of the holy light to mend wounds? A priest that's eager to get out to the front lines is there. Or, if you like mind bending more, Iä N'Zoth cf'ayak'vulgtmm, right? Maybe you have a copy of The Light and how to Swing it collecting dust? my paladin could use it for her library! All of these toons are blue side, but for the right person or guild, I can be convinced to switch over to red side. I also should note I'm currently a more casual player, a few nights a week, sometimes as little as an hour in a day, but that's mostly me just doing world quests. Speaking of which, there will be days I don't feel like RP. That's fine! Sometimes I expect the other person to feel the same way, so let's not pressure each other on that front. I'd also like to put in a bow out clause that should either party feel it isn't going to work, we can call it off with no drama. Drama IC is fine. Drama OOC is not fun. And finally, my characters are all at least 102, and I just unlocked Legion flying tonight, so access to most content shouldn't be a problem if we go globe trotting. Hopefully I get a few bites for this!Katrien6 Apr 20
Apr 20 Horde RP on MG? Hello, I was wondering how the RP is with the Horde on Moonguard? And if so, where? I've been rp'ing with the Alliance on ED for a while now and I'm looking for a change of scenery.Slyrx9 Apr 20
Apr 20 A Plea for Racial Campaigns Next Expansion I personally really hope that Blizzard decides to do with races what they did this expansion with class storylines. So I wanted to present my (pretty unoriginal) idea of why that would be a good idea, and what it would look like. For one, racial storylines are what Warcraft started with. Each race has always had a unique starting position, except for the orcs/trolls and dwarves/gnomes who got their own in Cataclysm. Each race had its own theme and ongoing story. Many of these stories began over twelve years ago and are still unresolved, with significant movement only on a lucky few. The amount of effort involved with having unique race campaigns in the next expansion would not be substantially higher than the effort that's gone into the class campaigns in Legion. 12 vs 13, and the racial storylines don't require the attention to spec differences that the class ones demand. So here's my list of the unresolved racial plot points that could be explored for each race, regardless of the expansion's main threat. Resolving these would also do a TON to move Warcraft's story along and help it feel like an actual living changing world. Horde • Orcs - The orcs have gotten a lot of love in Warcraft, but Warlords and Legion have left them in a confused state. They have no clear leader, and their military might has likely been devastated. Are the clans still united? What does being an orc mean post-Thrall & Garrosh? - Possible campaign focus: In order to confront the threat of the next expansion, you as an Orcish champion must help bring scattered clans and Hellscream loyalists back into the fold, find and support a new Orcish Warchief, and help restore the Horde's confidence in their old orc allies. • Trolls - Even more than the orcs, the trolls no longer have a big-name leader. While their island is intact, their relationship with the rest of the Horde, with the other troll tribes of Azeroth, and with their own history and gods is still in question. Possible scenario: The player troll champion must win the favor of the loa, help elevate a new troll chieftain, explore ancient troll ruins to recover artifacts and forgotten lore, and perhaps even reunite the scattered troll peoples, bring them into the horde, and help create a united front against the great enemy of the next expansion. • Tauren - Baine Bloodhoof is in charge, but the tauren haven't gotten much lore love in a while. They don't appear to be facing any current crisis, but many details of their history and their current relationship with the Horde are still in doubt. - Possible scenario: The tauren champion visits each of the tauren's off-shoot races, recruiting them into a greater Assembly of Tribes. The Champion must also go on a series of vision quests, exploring ancient tauren myths within the spirit realm, and gaining the power of the ancestors. This could culminate in driving the enemy of the next expansion out of Mulgore, rescuing and expanding a besieged Thunder Bluff, adding new areas for each of the tauren subraces. Newly united, and knowing more of their history and gods than ever before, the United Tauren Tribes recommit to the Horde for the final showdown of the expansion. • Blood Elves - They've gotten some attention, but we still have no idea where their story is headed. They're stuck in an alliance of convenience, but are still stretched thin trying to deal with scourge remnants and restore their home. Their relationship to the sunwell, and with the Forsaken still needs to be more deeply explored. - Possible scenario: The sin'dorei champion must return to Silvermoon as Quel'Thalas is threated either by the expansion enemy, or by Scourge remnants commanded by a mad lich/dreadlord/etc. Rallying to the side of Lor'themar, the player champion must at last restore the martial and magical might of Quel'Thelas, marshaling blood golems, blood knights, (blood?) farstriders, and the power of the sunwell itself to save the city. Then, with the help of the Nightfallen perhaps, the sin'dorei champion must restore the wretched, cleanse the remaining scourge taint from quel'thelas, and prepare their people for the final battle against the expansion's enemy.Mogrud13 Apr 20
Apr 20 Anduin Cinematic I really like this. This is good for Anduin edit: really fleshes out his character. edit: Anyone else notice the connection to the son of the wolf.Cladriah20 Apr 20
Apr 20 [A] Thunderstruck Redux Are you to old and to tired to keep pace with most (your) raid guilds? Thunderstruck wants to talk to you. We are a group of friends looking to expand to a solid team with plans to run a couple of times a week. What to expect: Good people, fun and progression What Not to expect: World Firsts, Game before real life, Super Egos & attendance (attendance in a game, really?) What's not tolerated: Duchebags and attitudes. If you are restarting, new or want to play more causal add me. Know that I may ask anything, but if you can't be a good sport then we aren't the right home for you anyway. Salus#1732Kitorian0 Apr 20
Apr 20 Shake your Bunny-Maker Dwarf I can't find a female Dwarf anywhere! Could anyone on the alliance side help me get it?Yuiuo1 Apr 20
Apr 19 (H) Risen RP Guild? Hi! This may be an odd question to ask... but are there any Risen RP guilds on the server? For context, the Risen are the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade in the Eastern Plaguelands, killed and raised by Balnazzar after the Scarlet Onslaught departed for Northrend. I have a concept in which certain now-undead members of the Scarlet Crusade might re-evaluate their priorities - perhaps having a revelation that there is such a thing as free-willed undead, and renew the Scarlet Crusade as part of the Kingdom of Lordaeron (Forsaken). If this were to occur, they might be a very odd faction of Forsaken, retaining their reverence for (and in some cases, use of) the Light, as well as their definite focus being the destruction of the Scourge. With the resurgence of the Lich King among the Ebon Blade this expansion, there's definitely a cause against the Scourge. That's my concept anyway, for the situation my character here will find himself in. But my question is... is there an existing Scarlet Risen Guild on Hordeside? And if there isn't, is anyone maybe interested in joining me in this concept, and making it a guild? I love the idea, but I don't really want to go it alone.Terenal3 Apr 19
Apr 19 What your RP addon says about you MRP - Normie TRP - Tryhard XRP - Hipster FlagRSP - died in 2008Rinnji51 Apr 19
Apr 19 RP: Astral Form? Hey guys! Serious question here. How does the Astral Form of balance druids fits the lore when roleplaying? I'm having quite a difficult time trying to figure it out. I'm a tauren btw, just in case it makes any race diffence. Thanks for your attention!Draugash7 Apr 19
Apr 19 LF Roleplaying Guild Am looking for a roleplaying guild that is in need a new adventurer.Uymi5 Apr 19
Apr 19 [A-RP]<Säviors> - Adventure RP guild Ever fantasize of wondering around the world and discover forgotten ruins with forgotten tomes? How about just simply exploring the world and finding out the UN-painted chart of history? Dreamed about becoming a relic hunter or are you a mage who seeks powerful magical trinkets to further your study? Let yourself free from the ideal trap of society and explore the world for yourself, in a world full of mystery don't blind yourself with the Inns of stormwind (not that they're bad but hey... its good to take a walk) <Säviors> is an Medium-heavy RP Guild that circles in adventuring and discovering hidden artifacts and relic lost to history. No matter if you're an (internet)explorer or a relic hunter; We have just the theme for you. Help us recover the untainted part of history or seek the unimaginable power to keep them in check (maybe). PM in-game or mail for more info. Hello everyone If you're interested in joining our guild, please message my character in-game for more info or just a invite cause you can't wait to jump into all the action. Hello other guilds If you're interested in partnering up with us and schedule some event together, pm me in-game or via mail would do the trick. Warn Our guild is rather fresh so it might take a few day for us to get everything on track, but as a 'rice' man once said "Its not the quantity, but the quality that counts."Meliôdäs0 Apr 19
Apr 19 LF Fresh Start Experienced Player :D Hello Everyone As you all can see from the title im looking to start fresh on a new server. im an experienced player not elitist whatsoever. i love PvP/Raiding/Some RP/ and doing Mythic+ Spam :P. add my bnet to speak to me more. im sure you will love me TechHtx#1499Hoodling0 Apr 19
Apr 19 [A-RP] Automaton seeking friends Hello fellow Moon Guardians. Several months ago I posted an idea for an RP character, and was met with very positive comments. Now that the character has been well established, I've actually run into some bad luck. Most of the people I made friends with are no longer logging in or have disappeared. I'd like to get some friends for my character and find some long term RP for her. I'm on most nights and would love to find other people for her to connect with. A little info about her: a human by appearance, gnomish engineered, automaton. No not an android, they would not be that intelligent. Nothing like a super-computer. They'd have the capacity to learn, but initially would have the brain power of maybe a child or young teen. At this point they have started to become a little more knowledgeable, but still has a long road to go. Outwardly, they would not be a perfect reproduction either of course. Areas like, joints (i.e.: wrists, elbows, knees, etc.) would clearly have separating lines rather than smooth skin-like surface, and things like the eyes, if seen close up, the iris/pupil would operate much like a camera lens (i.e.: shutter blades), opening and closing depending on the light currently available. Stuff like that. Looking forward to meeting you all out there <3Cecí2 Apr 19
Apr 18 Let's Discuss: Darkshire in Legion *Spoilers* ** Spoiler warning: Including the rogue class campaign in Legion that involves Darkshire. ** Darkshire; The southern settlement of Stormwind. Stationed in Duskwood. The city has seen many plights in many forms of the undead and the bandits that called the dark forests home. From the horror that was Stitches, to many roleplay events such as the Eyes of the Old and Ner'zhul's Eye. Darkshire has seen it's hand in many problems. Though come Legion, it's come to a sad conclusion that Darkshire might be a fallen town now. In Legion, in the Rogue Class Campaign for the Kingslayers weapons. We discover that Darkshire has been the victim of the Veiled Hand. With many victims that were to fall by the actions of the Night's Watch, now turned to the Legion after the Third Invasion as the final straw. Excluding Watcher Sarah Ladimore. All of the other members of the Night's Watch and nobles would kill the majority of Darkshire, and convene a plan to assassinate Anduin, and the leadership of Stormwind. Working with Melris Malagan, the recruiter from the Center of the Trade District of Stormwind to attack. ... With all this, we can assume Darkshire is in a terrible state for not only leadership. But much of the in game population of Darkshire has either sworn to the Veiled Hand, or was killed. Though the task of this mission isn't to kill anyone. But to retrieve the Bones and Blood of the Innocent to avoid a ritual in Darkshire. It's up for speculation if the Night Watch has been killed, or disbanded. But anyone can agree that the majority of Darkshire is in a bad state now. Of course, In game populations do not reflect Lore populations. However I'd imagine there'd be quite a bit of death problems here. What does the community think? How do the populace of Stormwind feel of it's current state. With Stormwind's main lands taking heavy blows from the Legion. Westfall and Darkshire have been attacked by the Legion by their own ways. With likely a heavy tax on life. What do you believe will come of Darkshire?Aelliciah6 Apr 18
Apr 18 Resto Sham LF Early Evening EST Guild 893 Resto Sham. Need early evening (avail 5:30 to 9ish) Eastern Standard Time, any night. Willing to server xfer to Moon Guard. Currently Stormrage if you wanna look up my gear.Cafeleche0 Apr 18
Apr 18 Casual Guilds I've been playing on and off for the last decade. I'm looking for a guild for me and my IRL partner. A guild that hopefully encompasses all or most of the following: - A drama-free environment, preferably leans toward family friendly - Helpful and friendly community - Diverse players (RP, PvE, and PvP) - RP friendly (Doesn't necessarily have to hold RP events) - Tolerates filthy "casuals" like us - Altoholic friendly - Discord A little about us: - I've been playing longer than my partner. I'm primarily a dedicated roleplayer, but we'd both like to dip our toes into more PvE and PvP aspects. - We're pretty lowkey and are not looking for drama or set in stone schedules. - Sometimes we take a month off or so to play other games, but I always come back to WoW. So, a guild that won't throw shade at us would be preferable.Systar0 Apr 18
Apr 18 Least played characters So as we all know, WoW allows for a lot of Race x Class combos, opening up hundreds of thousands of play styles, but since we're on an RP server, we mainly roll our toons for RP purposes. So, with that, what do you guys think are the least played Race x Class (x Spec) combos? (Spec is optional, but definitely helps)Levïathaan32 Apr 18
Apr 18 [A]Silent Autumn.. - fun casual raids&mythic+ Guild Name: Silent Autumn Teahouse Faction: Alliance Hi, Lyuu here! c: TL;DR: Silent Autumn Teahouse is a semi-casual raiding & mythic+ guild looking for more cool people to join our ranks. We are looking for an active tank, spicy DPS (especially ranged), and awesome heals. Let's kick some !@#! New? Let us help! No time? Come chill & socialize in g-chat or Discord, jump into a dungeon with us every once in a while. Mature members 16+ are welcome (RPers are cool, too). Contact me if you are interested or have any questions. Send in-game messages to Lyuu on Moon Guard, PM me on reddit (sguishy), or even shoot me a friend request via Battle.Net (GrumpyKitten#13605). We are a small, close-knit group of friends looking to recruit more cool players so that we can progress. We harbor a fun environment where guild members can do mythics, mythic+, and raid with a diverse group of friendly people. We like to challenge ourselves but we also try not to take the game too seriously. We are currently in need of an active tank, strong DPS (we are somewhat low on ranged) and awesome heals. Our main tank is a Brewmaster Monk and we also have a Mistweaver Monk and Restoration Shaman in our core raid team. We are pretty welcome to newbies and are always willing to give advice - everyone starts somewhere. Don’t have enough time to raid? That’s cool, if you just want a guild to join so you can socialize or jump into the occasional dungeon with everyone, we would gladly welcome you. We are not quite family friendly and often enjoy mature humor, so mature (16+) individuals are preferred. Although we are not an RP-based guild, RPers are welcome to join as well. ... Not sure if you want to join? Contact me and maybe we can play together anyways. Our group is always looking for more individuals to run content with (even cross-realm)! -LyuuLyuu0 Apr 18
Apr 18 ✨[A]<Recidivus>: True-Neutral Shenanigans! R E C I D I V U S True Neutral RP-PvE Guild ... Recidivus is a small group of mature and talented players looking for more than just a night at the bar. We value our camaraderie like we value our role play, and neither of the two will be any less important or integral to guild cohesion. From old veteran paladins to tree-hugging night elves to angry mid-aged warlocks, our character personalities are as diverse as the players themselves, and we encourage both originality and an open mind. There is no theme in this guild, and no set plot. You chose your own destiny and the characters you befriend! Sense of humor is a must! Don't just be good at what you do; Thrive at it. === What We Are: In-Character, Recidivus is a conglomeration of characters from all walks of life and backgrounds. We are a true-neutral guild with chaotic leanings. We are a guild of the morally gray, and those who's compasses don't always point north. Our characters are as alive as ourselves, living their lives on Azeroth from day to day. Both friends and enemies live and breathe under the same banner. Nothing is planned, and anything can happen! Out of character, we are a group of close friends and players who include everyone regardless of race, creed or interests. From PvE to PvP, all forms of gameplay are encouraged regardless of a player's prior experience. We strive to maintain an environment that fosters and participates in all aspects of World of Warcraft, including completing players' personal achievement goals. You aren't just a number in Recidivus and you won't ever be left out if you're actively participating. === GUILD GOALS: ... === RAID SCHEDULE ... === ROLEPLAY MEETUPS Want to check us out IC and see if your character can find a place to fit among our ragtag group? You can find us at the weekly LFRP meetup every Saturday starting at 7pm CST. We're there all night! We currently have a full calendar of events from newb-friendly emerald nightmare runs to long-term story beginnings and guild BGs. Members are encouraged to make their own events too! --- Contact Information: Guild Master: Aran/Xanthìon (Dacey#11298) Officers: Warder, Cokoliri Website: http://www.recidiv.usAran26 Apr 18
Apr 18 To Hunters of Moon Guard: Spectral Gryphon I just tamed this new spirit beast at 1:44 am Sunday April 16 Realm time after days of checking in and hours of camping. This is the first time I've seen it spawn. I'm not bragging, I just got lucky. For the sake of us hunters of MG I would like to record when we see this pet spawn so we can get a sense of how long the timer is or if it might be bugged because of sharding around the flight path. I have opened tickets about this concern so the more data the better. (PS: For both the spirit beasts if you see the other faction around and they're not hurting anyone please leave them be. I was attacked a few times but never started a fight myself. Remember hunters are just after unique pets.)Shengyi6 Apr 18
Apr 17 Character Art People, share your art! I finally got back into drawing and it made me kind of excited. I want to see what other artsy people are on this server. Here's a piece that I finished today. I'm just getting back into the groove of things. It's been almost a year. Also, if anyone wants a portrait of their character drawn, hit me up in game. I'm doing this for free for now. ^^Missa0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Major Guild Break-Up MC / Obscure Radiance Hi All, After some thought, this is my reaction to the changes in the guild over the last 12 hours! It was STEALTH Mode – done in the dead of the night, during and/or after the Town Hall. It was obviously planned. I’ve been with MC for the last 3 years and I know the leadership and I trust Shadow, Kalona, Dagamant, et all. If what the Guild Managers say is the “truth” then they should’ve stuck to the principles of our guild … MEMBER DRIVEN – for the members by the members (blah blah). But at “no” time has any of the membership been informed that there was a problem. And the GM’s have many ways to make changes to the rules, etc. All they need is a majority (with either themselves or the membership). No one knew until they logged in. And THAT is where it was wrong, if they were having problems then it should’ve been put up for discussion by the MEMBERS OF THE GUILD … but no: they decided that they were going to have no part in the MC structure. Yes, various explanations have been made about why this happened (all after the fact). I don’t know who is in the wrong here, and there are always two sides to any story. But the facts are simple: 1) They changed the name of the guilds 2) They setup separate guild web site 3) They setup separate discord site 4) They setup separate Facebook site 5) They kicked out Shadow’s toons from every guild 6) They didn’t bother to inform Shadow of the decision 7) They didn’t bother to tell the Officers of any of the guilds 8) They didn’t bother to tell any of the Members of any of the guilds 9) They “snuck” around planning this. And my reaction to this is simple too: I have left all the Obscure Radiance guilds and am now no longer a part of them. I still have friends there, and I imagine that we will lose contact over time, and eventually the pain of losing my guild will ease. Yes, I considered MC as “my” guild. It was my home for my gaming life. We will attempt to rebuild and it will be hard - there are no g/banks anymore, no mats, no raid teams, etc but we’ve done this before. Other groups have parted from us before, and it was mostly amicable. I still can’t believe that they thought that this is the “right” way of doing things. Oh and that new guild name is really stupid LOL. Looking at the bright side though … all those yummy Guild Achievements are out there just waiting for us to do them all again haha. I have sent a copy of this note to friends in the new OR guilds, asking them to pass it on to their GM’s. And lastly, remember this – it is your GAME and your PLAY – do what you need to do. Stay with Obscure Radiance or come to the new Mature Content guilds and help us rebuild our community. Or even both of us.Artashir22 Apr 17
Apr 17 [RP: EVENTS] What events do you want to see? Salutations and Greetings! I’ll keep this introduction short, because I feel like the title is explains itself enough. What are the kinds of events would you – as a member of the greater role play community - like to see organised and implemented? This thread is for the free-form flow of ideas throughout the community, and it is my dearest hope that it gives a platform to members -especially those who might not otherwise have the time, confidence or resources- to share their ideas with other players... just be good to eachother, alright?Brightwell27 Apr 17
Apr 17 Which Starting Zone Is Best As the title says, which starting zone is best? Having gone back through several of the starting zones recently, this question has been on my mind. And, since I rather like discussions, I figured I would pose this question to the forums. Feel free to appeal to the aesthetic of the zone or the quests. Or both.Thurdan14 Apr 17
Apr 17 [A-RP]<Saviors> - LF to develop story! <Säviors> is an pretty new guild that circle around mercenary/militia themed rp. We suffered some major management issue before hand but the problem has already been fixed and now back on track. Due to this reason, i want to take this opportunity to start up an new chapter in the guild's RP background story. Currently we're looking for dedicated members to join in and contribute to the forming of this guild such as developing the story art and background structures. This being said, the themed of our guild's RP session might change depending on final decision. Even if you're not interested in taking rule of the guild, you're more then welcomed to contribute ideas to the theme of the guild. ~Q: What type of guild do you wish to see? List of rules of officer we're looking for atm. RP lead x2 (face of the guild) Recruiter officer x3 You can reach out to me in-game or mail to my character (Meliôdäs)Meliôdäs0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Returning to Server- LF Guild Hi folks. Been shouting in trade for either a RP or raiding guild over here. I've been away from the server since late Wrath. For raiding, I'd rather stay heroic difficulty and play a Frost DK. I got a bunch of other classes off server, too. Can reroll if its wanted bad enough. For RP, just kind of wanting whatever works? Don't know what im doing with this toon outside of the obvious death knight stuff.Nepera0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Lioncrest 2 Year Anniversary Hey Moonguard! This is Silenia Spiritmoon a hero of the guild Lioncrest on ED. On April 29 from 8-10 we are hosting our two year anniversary and would like to invite any roleplay guilds interested in Celebrating with us! You are more than welcome to help with the immersion as well and participate in any minor role you would like. If you are interested in the following: (but not limited too) Comedians Dancers Magicians Musicians Actors Bartenders Servers If you are interested in any of these or would just like to come out and enjoy some good RP feel free to contact Spiritmoon, Jacuren, or Oritako for further information. Hope to see you all there! Thank you.Spiritmoon1 Apr 17
Apr 16 [H] Late to Legion, looking to raid I've been pretty much sitting on the sidelines when it comes to endgame this expansion and now I'm looking to get in to progression for when ToS launches. I really need a weekday/8pm - 10pm ST schedule for anything to work out well. Currently flexible on my role but I'm mainly looking to heal. I have this Druid and a Shaman and could potentially level a Priest. Damage-wise I'd rather play my Demon Hunter if at all possible.Muwata2 Apr 16
Apr 16 [Short Story] Huntress on The Bay Vesthara was a character that originally started on another server, who quickly became a huge part of me as a person, despite my best efforts to distance myself from the character. Through her, I met several people that I still talk to this day, where several storylines were played out that have easily been the best time I've spent on this game. Sadly, as some of those people moved on with their lives and quit being around, integral characters to her story went missing that eventually brought her character to a point of stagnancy on her home server. As a solution, I decided to "reboot" her character up to a certain point, to get her out of that corner. This is not only where that reboot begins, but also where my time on Moon Guard begins. Enjoy. Apr 16
Apr 16 To people who publicly talk about sex Don't?Miros29 Apr 16
Apr 15 Gathering for adventure Relatively new to Moon-Guard and was wondering if there is an area where role players gather for adventure? Looking to get away from the "dungeon finder" players and get back to interacting with people in game. If such a place doesn't really exist, and you're a like-minded player, feel free to reach out if you see this old dwarf roaming around. Have a great day, and Happy Easter everyone!Kharx2 Apr 15
Apr 15 Of Blood And Feelings. (Short story) Hey! I made a short story to explain what happened to Nixzo. It's a bit personal, reflecting on some things I was going through at the time, but hey! Hope you all enjoy! In Google Docs because it went well over the 5k character limit. Apr 15
Apr 15 Holder of the names 'Lenus' and 'Nyla' I realize this is likely an effort in futility, but I thought I'd see if I couldn't try and find the players whom currently hold these names. I've been tracking Lenus for a year and never seen them log in, though a GM informed me it's on an active account who's player frequents Moon Guard. It's the IC name my character goes by so I'd love to acquire it >.< Nyla is one I used to own and would also like to get back if possible. Willing to throw gold at you for the trouble!Vex10 Apr 15
Apr 15 Fangs of Blackmaw [RP/PvE Guild Recruitment] He died for this world. Many have forgotten him, those same many are now dying left and right to the machinations of the fel. It never had to be this way... I take it upon myself to remind those who have forgotten of vicious justice and unwavering faith for the Wolf God. For too long, the plucked and fawned over artifact of his most favored fang has been shattered in the hands of next to limitless amounts of thieves and desecrators. This world -needs- the pack of the Blackfang to return. I believe that we are the only ones who will be able to remind Azeroth of it's strength and conviction. Do you think as I do? Come and traverse this world with me. You will know power beyond comprehension and you will play a very important part in the rebuilding of all we have lost. ________________________________________ Who are we? We are a Pack guild based around the spiritualism of the Wild God, Goldrinn and we are oriented in both RP/PvE. We are very open and accepting to Worgen and Night Elves who are followers of the Ancient and what he stands for, but we’ll also accept anyone willing to learn and join us in hunts/rituals/missions. We're always seeking new members to join our pack. We make our home grounds in the northwestern range of the Stonetalon Mountains. What makes us different? We have a working plot line that stays canon with parts of Warcraft's lore whilst keeping outside of the cliche realms such as "fighting for the Light" or "spilling Horde blood". However, like many good guilds, we promise a friendly OOC environment, voice communications (Discord), and a helpful group of friends. What we offer: We are rather small and I'd prefer to keep us tight knit, but that’s to be expected from a starting RP guild. Once we reach a small player base, a guaranteed weekly event will be put out for all to enjoy. Of course, we'll grow and continue to put out more as people put in the effort we'll need to build. We offer PvE events as well and most of the RP campaigns will be DM'd through voice chat or possibly just through text. We'll roll out modifier sheets eventually and some dice rolling will be in RP events. What we need: YOU. We need people to come have fun with us! You aren’t just a number or a member to us. You’re family, even if there is IC conflict. What we plan to do: We will embark on a main RP campaign and smaller arcs along the way. We also encourage member arcs and events. We'll participate in different methods of current PvE and every week, we'll have an interactive event given the sufficient player base. How to join: PM Lynnceus - Moon Guard and inquire further about the guild. You'll then go through an IC interview. Most of this is a WIP and subject to change as time goes on and as we grow.Lynnceus0 Apr 15