Moon Guard

Nov 18 Now that we've made Moonguard #1... With well over 1,000 new players creating characters and leveling on this server I think Blizzard needs to take notice and increase the spawn rates and drops. Please and thank you.Tweeties81 Nov 18
Nov 18 Alas, a lost soul on the Alliance Hello Alliance of Moonguard. I am a relatively new player to RPing and am looking for a place that I can roleplay 1-60 with. Is anyone willing to accept the challenge of a new RP player that has always wanted to be apart of a community like so? If so let me know I am not picky and will gladly accept any suggestionsSurprentis3 Nov 18
Nov 18 Lore Stuff - Need Help! So, I'm pretty new to the Alliance. I've been playing Horde since Vanilla. There's a lot of lore that I just..don't know. So I started delving into Wiki pages, learned a bit, still have a lot of questions (of course) due to the expansive nature of a lot of the game's lore, but this led me to ponder something. I know there are Discord servers for every class, and for a lot of other things like finding M+ groups, finding guilds, etc, etc, ad nauseum, but is there one for lore? I did some digging and I wasn't able to find one, so I was toying with the idea of making one myself. I know a fair amount of the game's lore myself, just most of it pertains to the Horde. If this is, in fact, something that has not been done, would anyone be interested in possibly helping me create one? On an unrelated note, and this is a question I simply could not find the answer to; The character I'm currently working on is a human mage. I wanted to make her a member of the Kirin Tor, but wasn't sure how exactly to make that happen. I like to have solid back stories for my characters, and as the character is a little young, she would have had to have joined the Kirin Tor rather recently. So any help with this would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this!Linfe10 Nov 18
Nov 18 Is this guild leeching from it's members? TL;DR Guild uses BOT to mass whisper people then whoever responds gets put on a list then all the responders get mass invited simultaneously. New members get forced into discord. Once all the new members get set up on discord the gm spams gchat with with a second account (hmm wonder how he pays for account #2) "contest send my guildbank toon all your legion mats for a chance to win 50k 25k or 5k". Then he gets pissy and rude and ignores me when I inquire where all the mats go if he gets more than 80k worth at the end of the month. So I'm leveling a new toon on Your server because My server is lacking the RP scene I want to play with. Plus I don't like pvp very much. I get an invite from a guild spam bot that says they're the largest guild in the game with 7500 members from over 12 guilds bla bla bla. In the whisper it says "respond with LF guild" for an invite. So I'm like what the heck this sounds fun. So I whispered LF guild and the bot auto responds. "you've been placed in a queue and you will receive an invite in x amount of time if you don't get an invite relog or check to make sure you are not in a guild". Okay, w/e weird but I'll deal with it. I check my guild status, not in a guild. I relog, still no invite. I whisper again "LF guild" still no invite. I shut off wow log back in still no invite. Like 15 minutes later I get an invite to this guild. Upon entering the Guild chat gets a macro message from the GM "welcome to the guild yada yada.... you must enter discord to complete your invitation to the guild. So I'm like "okay lame I don't have that app and don't like using voice comms". What evs I'll jump through the hoops to get started. So I download discord and try to quickly figure out how to use it and get in their server and these friendly people are giving their "sales pitch" and my keyboard gets wonky so I can't type. They're telling me to set up push to talk I'm getting frustrated struggling to fix my issues. So i'm fiddling around with my usb and notice my dog chewed my headset so I have no mic. Their other new members are in there getting set up as well. I feel like they herd people into this guild in batches probably why there was a delay on the invite. I get the keyboard fixed then I'm responding to 3 different people spamming me "can you hear me" "are you there" I'm texting them multiple times I'm having issues. I have no mic it doesn't work. At one point I thought it worked so I'm pressing push to talk "can you hear me now" and They keep going "can you here me now". I'm like /facepalm. At this point my face is red I'm just trying to join a guild what the heck is this crap. Shortly after they get their new batch of new members all set up someone with "bank" in their name spams a message saying "donate mats to the guild bank send us your enchanting mats, ore, gems etc for a chance to win 50k 25k or 5k" (yeah perfect timing right after a batch of new members join the guild I don't find that coincidental). So I question them. I need to know more about this before I just send you my hard earned mats. They get all defensive like they are up to something and I figured it out. Then the gm gets in discord again and tries talking to me /facepalm for the tenth time I don't have a working mic. Then he says "well if you don't have a mic I'm removing you from the server till you get one". So, i'm frustrated at this point I just want to play the game with people not go through all this stress just to be hit up for donations and then treated like a dirt bag for questioning where the donation go to. So I gquit and send a tell to the gm saying sorry for taking up his time then he's a complete jerk and condescending to me and puts me on ignore. Sounds like they are leeching mats from their 12 guilds 7500 members am I right? Sounds fishy to me. Doing some math all he needs 2666 gold worth of donations per guild per day to cover the 80k per month payouts. That's assuming his tally is honest and he's not just winning with his other accounts and keeping all the gold. Nov 18
Nov 18 [A-RP] The Northern Culture Project ... Greetings Moonguard! The Northern Culture Project is an effort formed by a small group of friends to breathe life and RP into the northernmost lands of the Eastern Kingdoms. Our goal is to create a non-guild restricted atmosphere for various parties to get together and generate RP for the server. Our plans for RP will include restoring the various lands north of the Thandol Span, facing up against the horde, and facing worldly threats such as the Legion and the Void. ... As this project is not bound by guild tags, we will not have a standard structure. However, it will be organized OOCly through our Project Discord, a link will be provided below. The structure will be as follows: 1. Family Head - This role will be filled by the person in charge of the project discord. 2. Head Writers - This position will act as a discord moderator as well as create campaigns and stories for the Northern Culture Project to undertake. Another role for the Head Writers will be to tie in participating folk and guilds into the Campaign. 3. Event Managers - The role of Event Manager will be given to those who aspire to lead, or assist in leading, events for the Northern Culture Project Community. This rank can be considered a low-officer and can be approached with questions about said project. 4. Project Members - The rank of Project Member will be reserved for those who seek to join the project itself. 5. Guest - The rank of guest will be for those who wish to observe and not take an In Character role within the campaign. Discord Link: ... The current goals of the Project are to recruit men and women into the movement to retake the northern regions of the Eastern Kingdoms, then to prepare for the coming battles. Using the Lion's Reach Duchy as a base of operations. Then to spread out among the surrounding lands and strike a foothold in each in order to begin the campaign to restore the north. However, focusing on the northern region is not the only objective. For there are other threats all over Azeroth. The Lionheart Project will also face against the remainder of the Legion's forces. Afterwards, they will join the rest of the Alliance in the coming war against the Horde. ... The Stromic Covenant House Lionheart ...Corvô1 Nov 18
Nov 18 [A-RP] "Seas of gold." <Cogwheel Insurgency> ... The <Cogwheel Insurgency> is a heavy RP guild based around, as you might have guessed from the above text, the Defias Brotherhood. We aim to create a guild that portrays the Brotherhood in a realistic, immersive and enjoyable light, putting an emphasis on the Stonemason origins of the organization rather than taking the route of generic criminal that many Defias guilds fall into. We, as a guild, want to craft quality stories and events centered around the slow, calculated resurgence of the organization, who even after all these years feels that Stormwind is corrupt and in debt; we are currently in what will be dubbed the "first phase" of the restructuring of the aged Brotherhood, which will be done covertly and secretly, with a heavy emphasis on in-guild roleplay, though we will eventually want to plan and coordinate events with the many lawful guilds that exist on this server. Our ranks are as follows: *Kingpin: The presiding leader of this Defias resurgence. * Old Guard: The council of elected leaders that serve under the Kingpin. * Redguard: A high-ranking member, proven loyal time and time again, in charge of personal security of the Kingpin & organizing defense of the various Defias bases. * Captain: A proven member, serves as a sub-officer, commanding and organizing the lowest ranks of the Brotherhood. * Rook: A foot-soldier in the simplest of terms. From a recruitment aspect, we are currently seeking individuals that are; *Levels 10+ *Have good grasp of Defias lore *Have good grasp of grammar *Understand the intricacies of portraying the Brotherhood, ie, don't run around Stormwind in red masks screaming "down with the King!" We have no specific race requirements, much like the Brotherhood in lore, though for immersion purposes we will try to maintain a slight human/dwarf majority; as a new guild we are still building ourselves up and opportunities to become a part of the officer core are available. If you are interested in joining or have any questions please contact Arthwydd in game. None may challenge the Brotherhood!Arthwydd2 Nov 18
Nov 17 [A] LF RP-PvP guild for BfA Hi all, I am looking for a RP-PvP guild on Moon Guard that does IC PvP RP. I know people will say to go to Emerald Dream, and I already do have 2-3 characters that I play there (Veng DH, DK, Sub Rogue). However, I want to try out healing and my only heal chars are on Moon Guard (Holy Prot, Resto Druid). I'm not sure if MG has many guilds who partake in OW PvP or arrange for RP-PvP encounters out in the world [be they pre-agreed upon guild vs. guild out in the world or just 'guarding/scouting' WQ areas]. I do think, however, that especially with the new rules for PvP flagging and with the recent news of RP realms being only grouped together with people from their own server when they flag for PvP, that the options for some excellent RP exist. Hopefully a guild such as this exists :P Don't want to transfer this char over to ED when the same kind of fun can be had here ^_^ **Edit: I have to warn that my actual RP skills are probably very sub-par compared to Moon Guard standards // many, but not all, ED guilds that I've played in or grouped with are usually more concerned with the fighting with RP on the side or as a background to the fighting instead of RP taking center stage**Miriabella0 Nov 17
Nov 17 [H-RP] The Earthen Ring - Officer Recruitment Greetings! So I spent the last few years RP-ing on the Alliance side in various guilds set in Lordaeron/ based on the Church of the Holy Light. Large scale events, DM driven RP campaigns and the like. I recently started exploring lore surrounding the elemental lords and the role of the Shamans in the Warcraft universe and fell in love with the Earthen Ring story line. With Thrall stepping down and the players stepping in as the Farseer who would lead the Earthen Ring in his place, a perfect scenario exists for an RP guild based around the restructuring of the Elder Council. That said I am testing the waters to see if there are any full time/part time RP-ers interested in Officer roles in the guild I recently formed 'The Earthen Ring - Moon Guard.' Recruitment needs: - Officers who represent each of the primary elements - Other non-Shaman members interested in participating in the Storyline Responsibilities include: - Forming the Elder Council and participating in kick !@# world RP events - Establishing transmog guidelines - Learning and communicating Lore to those interested in participating - Interfacing with other Horde and Alliance guilds - Contributing to Earthen Ring wiki pages - etc. I'm away for a few days but feel free to drop me a line or post here!Kajil11 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A]Returning Player ISO Casual-ish Guild+ Looooong story short I was an end game raider on 2-3 different servers, with at least 4 different classes for both factions from Vanilla to WotLK. I quit playing WoW altogether at the end of WotLK to focus on IRL stuff blah blah. I lost quite a few of my raiding characters in a divorce, but have gotten the itch to play again a few times here and there over the years so I have a handful of level 80+ toons on a variety of different servers. Not to mention 60s and 70s. I have a LOT of those. Going from being a pretty hardcore player back to a complete newb is incredibly terrifying. I don't have contact with any of my old WoW friends/guild members (it's been like 7 years) so I'm also a lone wolf. The few times I've come back I've just quested solo and used the dungeon finder, but in the end it always feels incredibly empty, or I'm afraid because I don't know any of the new mechanics so I just end up tapering off. My favorite part of WoW has always been having a family (guild) that make playing the game more immersive and fun. I am being very honest with myself that I probably will not have time to contribute to end game raiding (although not completely ruling it out) or anything super hardcore. I'm trying to keep it casual so it doesn't take over my life or I become depressed because I want to be a super leet player but don't have the time. My main interests would be Dungeons/Heroics, maybe Mythic Dungeons depending on time constraints. Definitely RP, although most of my RP experience was Horde side on SoE (which I LOVED, but is since very dead). I would also be incredibly invested in things like Achievements, old Raid/Dungeon runs, general Lore and nostalgia type content and people who play a lot of alts. I am interested in catching up on the Lore of Cataclysm, WoD and Legion and also re-living some of the best lore from the past. If you think your guild sounds like a good fit for me and that I could be an asset, please spam me to death! I will get with you ASAP. I'm getting really tired of the multitude of random guild invites.Däphne5 Nov 17
Nov 17 A RP test I just want to see if this will postRoterwinzer4 Nov 17
Nov 17 Good Project 60 Guilds on Moon Guard? Im looking for a good project 60 guild to join on moon guard. Any Suggestions?Themdeeps27 Nov 17
Nov 17 Allied Races gated by Reputation How does everyone feel about this? Personally I like it, because it rewards those who played the past expansion and offers them a sort of short-cut. Share your thoughts.Dommius20 Nov 17
Nov 17 RPers will be alone together in PvP in BFA! Just confirmed on the Q&A stream. Ion said they don't want to split up the RP communities, and said if you go into the PvP mode in BFA you should expect to only see other players from RP realms. They will only address changing this if they feel we ask for it / it's not as active as they'd like to see. Probably something we'd expect but it's nice to hear it confirmed! In other words, HYPE.Heithaeowyn12 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A-RP] The Black Hand rises. From the ashes we rise. Forged by fire. We are the Black Hand. The Black Hand is the Silver Hand reborn from the ashes of the Third War. A warrior cult born from the grim darkness brought into Azeroth by the Dark Portal and the decades of war and death that followed. We worship Tyros: father, guardian, and God of man. Our Virtues are Strength, Honour, Courage, Mastery, and Faith. Our symbol is a black fist wreathed in flames rising from the ashes. Our ranks are as follows. The Primarch Hierarch Executor Together, they make the Conclave. Prelate Honour Guard Dark Knight Oathsworn They are the body of the Black Hand. Initiate Neophyte Aspirant And, of course, the newbies. OOC: The Black Hand is a guild I have created because I felt like it. I am a long time Warcraft player and Moon Guardian RPer. I am a hardcore Alliance patriot and an Australian. Despite the grim dark style of my guild, which is just the flavor I like, I am and this is pretty mellow. It's just for fun. So far, I have no website. As I am Australian, I play night hours mostly. I also work a lot so I don't play as much as I used to. The members thus far are myself and a friend's alt. I expect members will just be friends, alts, and friends of alts. (Or just me lololol.) One of the side projects I have been working on is an RP event/game that can be played on discord. I am keen to finish my work on that and have some fun with that sometime in the future. Invites to that would not be exclusive to guild members. In fact, everyone on the invite list so far is not in the guild and is just one of my friends. Hello Garion and Rennali. Alright, that's it for now. I may update this later. Peace.Gärithos15 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A-RP]The Graymoon Company- Morally Ambiguous ... Beyond lay a world laid waste by the Legion. Before us lay a world teeming with possibility, a world whose denizens are distracted by tragedy. A world only half-populated by those who stayed behind. We are the penumbra. The inbetween. Touched by the Light yet cast in shadows. There are no Kings or Queens in our world, neither Lords nor Ladies. Only us. We are the stray dogs, the unbound and the masterless. We are the raw, and the real, and the sinners who seek power in times of chaos. Separated, we are weak. But together? Together, we can build an empire. Who we are: OOC – The Graymoon Company maintains a carefully cultivated facade of propriety, merely one more mercenary group among dozens seeking to line their pockets during these dark times… ofttimes, rising to the challenges they face at great personal risk. Once newcomers have proven themselves they’ll learn there is much more to the Company than a veneer of respectable, if perhaps not always reputable, merchants. At it’s core, Graymoon has ties to Stormwind’s underground trade: drugs, booze, and courtesans, along with the information that can be garnered by all three. There’s a reason for everything in the City’s seedy underbelly, and Graymoon’s actions and profits aren’t merely for coin. They seek something more than riches, something less tangible but more promising: a name. For names are power. One man has promised to do that for them should they keep their part of the bargain: Silas Darkmoon. We're a multi-layered guild whose secrets carry as much weight as they do wealth. Despite how some characters and ideas might come across, no one is particularly good or bad, but ultimately it’s a guild for the morally gray; people who have done what they’ve had to to survive, feel as if they’ve been cheated by the system, or those who rebel against the mainstream of military ranks and orders, politics, and stereotypes which might follow their race or profession(s). It’s primarily a bunch of people who want to be free from mainstream society while lining their pockets with gold, building their reputations, and having “honor” among their fellow Companymen. We aim to create a space for very real, very raw, and very human characters to flourish amidst ongoing storylines and events. What we’re looking for – We’re looking for people who play and write characters with strengths, weaknesses, and flaws – the kind of depth that makes a character relatable rather than recognizable. We’re looking for people who are willing to dive into this sub-section of Stormwind and Azeroth with us to help create this “world” inside of WoW’s lore. Keep in mind that this is a brand new guild, and as always with new guilds, time plays an important factor. Things won’t build overnight. Members need to be patient and willing to help create rp, storylines, and generate ideas. Yes! We’re open to communicating with other guilds who might be in this same niche! Connecting, networking, and having IC and OOC friendships between guilds can make things more fun and engaging. Whether it be for good or bad reasons, people to work with or work against, or simply being general tavern loiters together. It brings more life to the rp world! More – Think of this guild’s content as a Rated R movie or TV MA show: you can expect all types ratings and viewer discretions at one point or another – nothing is left off the table when it comes to creating engaging writing, rp, and guild story. That being said, it is absolutely important to talk OOCly beforehand to those involved about any sensitive content. This is a guild for adults and you’re expected to act like one. Due to the type of writing, rp, and characters this guild has and might have, it’s required that you be at least 18 to join. If interested, you can find more information on our website. If further interested, you can find our application there too. From there an IC interview will be set up! Summary – •Hub for morally gray characters. •A guild who appears to be another mercenary group. •Has ties to Stormwind’s underground trade and has plans to expand to other capitals. •Stormwind/Azeroth centric guild. •Ultimately a guild who works for Silas Darkmoon and the Darkmoon Faire. but shhh this is still a secret •Must be 18+ to join. Contact Synaeri, Cantharis, or Claudell with any further questions, comments, or discussions. Thank you!Synaeri3 Nov 17
Nov 17 [H]-Looking to transfer I’m looking to transfer to MG — I’m looking to start fresh, make some new friends, and maybe even adopt a new home. My player interaction has been stagnant for the past few months since legion launched in PvE, PVP, and even RP and mostly due to the fact the majority of my friends either quit or fractured in to indepdent splinters due to the progression of the expansion. I mostly play mornings and -maybe- some late night but I maybe top about 14 hours or so a week of play time so I’m not as active as many What I’m looking for: I’m looking for a nice RP guild with a very social set of people ultimately, even if it’s not in guild I’m looking to lgnite new friendships to keep me enjoying my play time. Areas of play: RP PVP PVE Event planning & DD Style shorties The main point of this post is to network, that being said here are some of my own personality traits I’d like to be open about: I’m a very easy going and friendly person who thrives in good company, I’m only as good as the people around me. Please no drama mama.Kained14 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A] Looking for Raid group As the title says, Im looking for a raid group (Not guild, I dont want to change guild. I know its hard, but well) I only play Holy P., so I dont have any dps spect. I am not english native, but I understand almost perfectly english, I just suck at talking I have discord. I have pugged like 70% of Legion I preffer week days. I know currently the server time its one hour behind from me from what it was one month ago, but in the CURRENT server time I can raid from 7pm to 6 am from mondays to fridays. (Subject to have holes, work on call) I dont know what else to add, thanks for reading, sorry the bad grammar. Edit: Contact info : lonewolf#11629 is my Btag Discord is Lone#4287Shailadull1 Nov 17
Nov 17 [A/H] Guild Interest Check - from Hal'desh To whom it may concern, Hi. This is Hal'desh, your friendly neighborhood antagonist. In the past I have created guilds which follow my demon, though do so through more incognito means. (Like the Cult of Nerzhul, whose incognito motive was to worship the Scourge, but was really an attempt by the Legion to gain control over it.) With my storyline starting, I'm wondering if I should build a guild or not. It would give me more access to an officer core (which I need, because I can only host events in the evening right now on certain days, and I could really use some help), and it would allow people to more officially bear the title of a cultist of Hal'desh. However, I'm trying to decide if it would be ultimately wise to do. A guild gives metagame potential. A guild may cause discouragement if our members aren't active during non-event times. Many may not want to be in the guild, because they're part of other antagonist guilds. And then there's the problem of a name. The Tainted Blade (TTB) sounds nice, and is a sort of nod to the Burning Blade. Shadow of the Dreadlord, or Shadow of the Master (SotD, SotM) is a bit more direct, but I kind of like it. I could keep Hand of the Nether, and build an incognito around it of an organization whose purpose is to use the Nether in ways to 'benefit' Azeroth, especially once the Legion threat is "taken care of". But, I need officers. I need some help with my events, because of my availability. I want to do weekly events hosted by yours truly when it comes to the storyline, but I'd like more. What do you lot think? Give me your opinion. Also, Horde can be involved. RP Connect allows for cross-faction RP. - I'd also appreciate if you 'liked' this post if you like it, to help me keep track of people who look at it.Haldesh5 Nov 17
Nov 17 Battle For Azeroth: Sharding and Phasing Hello Friends! UPDATE FROM THE Q&A! ... ^From Blizzard has responded! ... Thank you Ion and Blizzard for not forgetting us! And thank you to everyone who kept the discussion alive on either of these threads as well as retweeting or even tweeting the attention to the devs. Looking forward to Battle for Azeroth. Original Post We've got a new expansion coming and, just like most of you, I'm super excited! New stories, new content, new mechanics. Should be pretty fun right? Well there's something that should be discussed and that's Sharding and Phasing. Our friends in EU have already started a thread that discusses this and have asked for help from across the pond to get heard! Another friend, Dorondir, started a thread in the General Forums that is getting some traction. Head over there to help support it! First I take you back to the Tournament of Ages. The first part of ToA this year was impacted by sharding due to the excess amount of people in the Argent Tournament Grounds and it affected our RP greatly. We voiced our concern to Blizzard and they listened, eliminating sharding from not only Northrend, but all zones that were not current content zones. The only zone that had sharding in it was Broken Isles, which is understandable. We don't want lag and latency issues while we do world quests now do we? That brings us to the here and now. Blizzard stated during Blizzcon that once a player hits 8.0 content (110-120 level range) that certain parts of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor (mainly Teldrasil and Undercity) will be phased into the new content and sharding will also be implemented into them as well. Once more, if you toggle PVP, you'll be lumped into a cross realm PVP shard. How does this affect RPers? Large scale RP and RP-PVP events within the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor will be greatly affected due to the amount of sharding that will be happening. Soon as you toggle PVP, you're put into a shard with tons of other servers that don't even RP and there will be a high chance of griefing going on. With regular RP events, we'll see the exact same thing that happened during the first couple days of the ToA. None of that is good. So I ask that we discuss this matter and make our voices heard once again before something ends up happening that hurts our RP experience. My hope is that Blizzard has a plan in place for us already, but their being silent has some of us concerned. So please respond not only in the thread but on any social media that you're a part of as well: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, etc etc. Our friends across the pond linked some tweets you can retweet if needed so I'll link them here![li][/li]Neò19 Nov 17
Nov 16 Vanilla Word boss WoW's 13th Anniversary That right Folks Vanilla world bosses will Spawn for WoW 13th Anniversary for next two weeks. Dragons of Nightmare, Azuregos, and Lord Kazzak have returned with item level 900 loot. Try not to zerg boss Dragons of Nightmare. They put a nasty debuff on you if you died.Ghaghzull12 Nov 16
Nov 16 [A-RP] Kingmaker ... In these trying times of war and disparity, we rise and strive for legacies to be built. For those seeking their claim in the world and among those seeking the same thing, we stand tall with open arms to allow all peoples to gain all they desire; to become a king (or queen) in their own right! Of Loyalty and Unity, His Grace, Nelgarict Severn, Lord of House Severn, Duke of Smithhaven, extends his hand to any and all who wish for their own legacy to be made as they see fit. ... Kingmaker is a guild made by a close group of friends who seek to create a small guild, open to every kind of RPer. From the battle hardened warrior, to the dastardly assassin, to maybe even a simple cook or professional. It is meant to be a wholesome environment for everyone to more or less step away from the larger community of the server and rest in a small corner as we create out own expansive world to roleplay in. Now, I am not trying to say one thing or the other about the community, but a small break should be put into such where you can roleplay how you like with no judgement and even craft your character into the legend you wish for them to become. It is a big claim to say such, but with enough backing from those seeking to join the guild or even the community itself, we seek to be ready for our stories to begin, finally. We wish to have this be an open experience with everyone, and once a discord and website are up, I shall be adding them here for any who wish to see more without needing to join, yet still have interest. Thank you for your time, and I hope to interact with you all soon!Nelgarict1 Nov 16
Nov 16 Dynamic Narratives in MMOs. Do you think they'll ever be seriously implemented in a serious MMO? This isn't a diss against WoW in particular. In fact, though I love FFXIV when it gives you choices they go one of two ways: 1. "Yes." "Of course." "Alright." and "Certainly." 2. "Yes." "No. (Wrong, say yes.)." "Maybe (Wrong, say yes.)" Anyway, this was a question I had because I was doing the warlock quest for the Staff of Sargeras and there's a point where you can [betray] your convictions to achieve a goal. Naturally as the narrative is linear, you don't and 'follow the plan,' but it would be nice if you could split the paths into multiple directions for the sake of leveling again, etc. I know SWTOR tried this to a very negligible degree, but would you prefer a story that was told in a linear manner or one that branches out? Keep in mind, for the sake of the question we are assuming all other factors are equal (writing, quality of story, etc).Madelynne15 Nov 16
Nov 16 [H - PvE] Longwalker Lodge Recruiting Longwalker Lodge is a PvE focused guild, formed in 2014. The main goal for us here is to run Normal/Heroic current content in a relaxed atmosphere, while at the same time trying to help each other become better players! Most of the time we kill bosses and take their stuff. We raid on Wednesday and Thursdays, from 7 PM to 10 PM server time. On some rare occasions we may go past that point but not too often. We're currently looking to bolster our ranks for the impending release of Antorus and looking to recruit all roles as of this posting. Don't raid or not even level 110? Don't let that stop you from having a chat with us! We have many members that don't participate in raids, but come along for other content. If you're interested you can contact myself (Akug/Lucreinth/Yertle), or Sindrian/Solarika in game.Akug0 Nov 16
Nov 15 Welcoming/Teaching the Project 60 Crowd. Due to the influx of people joining Moon Guard for the streamers Project 60 guild. (Which I am also taking part in) I felt like it would be a great time to take this as a way to introduce people into rp or teaching them what rp is outside of what most people perceive of MG( Aka the Goldshire INN). A couple things to do if you see someone running around with <At The End of the Day> or another project 60 guild is... 1.Check to see if they have TRP installed, most outside players would never know the creative writing side involved with RP. Some might even enjoy having a story for their character! 2.Inform any person of standard RP practices. Aka using ( ) to talk OOC etc. 3.Talk about all the amazing events that MG hosts, yearly, monthly and even weekly! While most are just playing to play with streamers and some quite toxic. I have noticed a lot of people being really interested with just watching Roleplayers in Stormwind. What do you guys think? Have anything to add? Discuss!Flan148 Nov 15
Nov 15 [H] Warlock LF Raiding Guild As it says up top. I'm an experienced raider looking for an active guild to kill some internet dragons with. My schedule is a little restrictive (can't raids Tues/Sat/Sun). Anybody out there need some green fire?Smyleigh0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Introducing! A role play networking site that's made by people who speak our language—that's We finally built our own thing. Absolute anonymity, no advertisements, no subscriptions, as many characters as you want, and a host of utilities to help you find what you want. We rely on donations. Create a profile specifically for your character—it becomes search criteria here. No more combing through archaic forums or idling for hours on end in a city to no avail, now you can be found without even being online. Browse characters, make friends, promote guilds, host community events, even blog. All in one place, all for role play. Help us get the word out! Official Twitter: @rpfind_me Official Tumblr: FEATURES: ... FAQs: ... We hope to see you there, as we're eager to get this fire started. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me in-game, otherwise I'll try to keep tabs on this post. We're also always looking for helping hands. (This is a repost from the story forum, but it was recommended to me that this would be a more appropriate place.)Xaelar61 Nov 15
Nov 15 Returning! (RP activity and add-ons?) Afternoon! I haven't played since 2013 and I'm interested in possibly returning too view the legion content and get back into heavy role-playing. I have two question. First how is the status of the role-playing community on the server? (Are people actively role playing in and outside of guilds) Second which add-ons would you suggest to help with a more immersive role-playing experience? I appreciate you taking the time to read an answer and I look forward to hearing some of your responses!Kashes3 Nov 15
Nov 15 Curse of Shadows Blight It was that time of year when the leaves upon the trees had turned to reds and orange hues. There was talk of witchery afoot as strange lights had been seen from the forests at night, accompanied by an eerie moaning upon the winds; along with other strange happenings that came to pass before dawns first light. Hushed whispers were ever slowly turning to hysteria amidst the villages outside of Lordaeron, as the people feared the worst. The dark and twisted will of Sargeras had come to devour their very souls. Young Banegrivm stepped from the door of his family villa, with a bouquet of fresh flowers in hand. He left Brill behind him and walked the path through Tirisfal towards his beloveds abode, lost to thoughts of Aurella and the times that they had shared together. He had been torn between his father’s love who had wished him to become a knight of the holy light as he and his forefathers had been, and that of his one true love that he cherished more than life itself. As he crested the hill before Aurella’s cottage, he drew the flowers close to take in their sweet scent… only to cough and gag on their now embittered stench. He stood aghast as they fell from his grasp, withered and decaying before his very eyes. There was a strange play of shadows that clung upon his beloveds abode, accompanied by an eerie chanting that seemed as if to haunt the very wind itself. Banegrivm swallowed hard and gathered his courage. He drew his father’s sword from its sheath and forced his way inside, fearing the worst. There he and his beloved stood in their own naked truths for the very first time. For there she stood before a twisted altar of some misshapen agent of the Burning Legion, with a blackened bone charm in her knuckle white grasp. An unnerving silence followed in the moments that followed as nary a word passed between the two lovers. It was then that he knew the horror of the thing that he must do, as fate had played its cruel hand. “In the name of the church, I place you under arrest for…” he spoke to her sternly and with a cold steely edge in his voice, his jaw stiffening to the words; but was abruptly silenced by her outburst of tears as his heart sank deep within his chest. Lost to the disparity of it all Banegrivm slumped into the doorway crying out, “by the light… why….” The shadow of mourning had fallen, as a bitter fate had now sped its way to its end. It was the passing of one moon till next the lovers would set their eyes and hearts upon one another. She tied to a stake at the center of Brill's town square to be set ablaze for her crimes, and he in the back of an angry mob in the robes of a squire. It was in that dark and lonely night in the shadows of Azeroth that a paladin was born. He would love her always; and as he walked away tormented by her dying screams, he swore that he would forever fight the evils that took her from him.Banegrivm0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Horde RP Guild for BElf and/or Undead Hey guys. I know everytime someone looks for a Horde RP guild, it ends in a thread full of "Horde is dead" vs. "Horde is not dead" stuff. But please refrain, I've heard it all before. I'm looking for a guild for my Undead Rogue, Pamti. And my BElf Paladin, Pamtia. Yes, extremely similar names, no relation. Like the character they're named after, they're quite...promiscuous. Yes, the Undead is promiscuous. It's mostly for comedy. If that is a problem, you may not like these characters in your guild. But if it's okay, please tell me if I go overboard, and when I need to turn down the adult humor. I've RPed for probably 8 years by now. So I would love to join an active guild. I'm heavily interested in faction warfare, so nobody strictly neutral.Pamti14 Nov 15
Nov 15 It's time to talk about Mmk fam...serious talk time, Just like 'the talk' about the birds and the bees... it can be uncomfortable for some, but if you haven't checked this website out you are missing out. I'm one of those people who have to have their arm twisted to try new sites. More often than not, I want to throw myself on the sacrificial alter of a band of starving murlocs by the time I'm done registering for stuff. Let alone, having to set a profile up. is easy, and best place to back up your TRP3. I had to run a factory reset on my laptop and it was all there. #grateful If you have Facebook experience you'll have this down in minutes. Not to mention one can post photos and memes with ease. Drop your IC and OOC sentiments at whim! The site is nearly bug free. If you join... add me. It doesn't matter if you're Alli or Horde. Looking forward to some cross faction RP in the future and hopefully some gentlemen's Rp/WPvP! New to the server and networking. Cheers to whoever dreamed this site up, so cool. :) Site Link: My Profile Link: Nov 15
Nov 15 That was lame. "For the Horde!" "For the Alliance!" Just about the lamest and most lackluster battle cries I have ever heard in my life from Sylvanas and Anduin respectively. I can't believe that, such as they are, I basically like Jaina best at this point.Gärithos66 Nov 15
Nov 15 LFM Progressive Timewalking Guild ...Taii0 Nov 15
Nov 15 RP guilds during day? My brother works the nightshift and he's trying to get back into WoW, he told me he made a character on MG, so I was curious if there was any RP guilds who's events happen during the day Thanks, DreadmawDreadmaw0 Nov 15
Nov 14 New RPer looking for friendly RP Guild. So, i'm here, trying to get into RP on WoW once again. I've done forum RPing for years and years and years, but something about real-time in-game RP makes me nervous. I'm shy, and i have a hard time starting meaningful RPs with strangers in say Stormwind, so I'm hoping by joining a guild I can have a better experience. Here's what I'm wanting to do, and what I'm trying to find; I'd love to find a smallish, close-knit, kind, and drama-free RP guild that has a discord or something, and has members that wouldn't mind helping me create my character so that I don't break any lore rules or something I might not be aware of. For my character, I have a few characters on MoonGuard atm, but the one I'd like to RP with atm is my druid....but I don't want to be cat- only, I'd like to freely switch between any form and preferably RP with different types of people. If I was to join a druid-heavy RP guild I'll tell you now that I'd wanna be the druid that was excessively adventurous and wanting to journey to different lands and talk to different people. I wouldn't be happy RPing in moonglade only with only other druids, doing only druid-stuff. :P My druid is only lvl 42 atm, so hopefully not being 110 wouldn't be a huge problem. Hope to get some responses, thank you. <3Illidansßabe8 Nov 14
Nov 14 East-Asia Inspired Fanon Kingdom Hello, everyone! I threw in a buzzword for the title, because I'm aware not too many people are accepting of fanon kingdoms (and if they are, most only accept it within their own RP circles). So, I'm not trying to ask anybody to accept any of my fanon since that removes the idea of what fanon is entirely. You might be wondering, "Uh, another one of those not-real kingdoms?" And I would answer, "Yes." Actually, I've been attempting to start this project for quite a long time and only after being inspired by so many other similar projects (Mynydd, Galuyns, etc) did I decide to finally throw my hand in. As you're all aware, Pandarens are really the only way for any roleplayer to enjoy an East Asian-inspired background and setting since they're coded as such. But, after seeing a couple of human NPCs with East Asian names, it really made me wonder if I should really force myself to play a Pandaren to satisfy myself. Before I'm accused of fetishizing any East Asian culture, I'm going to note that I'm Korean-American. Born in America, but raised in Korea. I speak both English and Korean fluently with no pause. My identity is more-or-less the main reason I wanted to form something out of the bare bones of Azeroth. Let's be honest, it could use a lot more fleshing out. There are so many European-inspired kingdoms and it really felt off-putting that I had to play a non-human race in order to enjoy anything that wasn't European. No offense intended to the lovely Lordaeronians, Alteraci, Tirasians, and Gilneans. I'm really posting this initial thread to put my foot in the water. I'm already in the process of fleshing out this fanon, but if anybody's willing to throw ideas at me or simply let me know what they think, I'm totally willing to listen. My battle net tag is Honyeol#1181 if you wish to to talk directly. The fanon kingdom right now is loosely based off the Three Kingdom Era of Korea, as Korea is really the only culture I have the right to make any calls. But again, any idea is welcome. This thread is probably a lil messy, but it's intended! Once I get more meat on the bones, I'll likely make a whole new thread with details.Taehwan11 Nov 14
Nov 14 WTB: Feldrake Looking to buy a Feldrake. Please send me in game mail or post here. Thank you.Owe3 Nov 14
Nov 14 Fire Mage LF Heroic Guild Hello, My last guild wanted to scale down the raid team and I didn’t make the cut. I am fire mage that seeks hugs and heroic level raiding guild. I do not desire to do mythic, and would rather stand in fire if I had to raid mythic. Currently raid time are up in the open since I got a new job. I also desire some roleplaying action as well.ìmìm Here are my warcraftlogs. If you want more info message me at Timmos#1703Tìm0 Nov 14
Nov 14 RP Discords - Let Me At 'Em! So, I'm sort of back to WoW, as Battle For Azeroth looks intense. It seems like everyone now uses various Discord servers to set up and organize their RP, but seeing as this is my first time playing since... Mists, I think? ... I don't know what any of those Discord servers are. Are there any related to faction-neutral RP? Or to dwarf-specific RP? Or anywhere in between that this old pirate captain could call home? Chances are I'll just lurk for a while until I get up the courage to start something, but having the option would be nice. Thanks!Dloin3 Nov 14
Nov 14 Looking for Horde Guild for Alt Hey Moon Guardians, I recently faction changed my Warlock over to Horde. For those of Dominion of the Sun, I was the one playing 'Gurnin' the Orc who was wheeling around a Sin'dorei. While I guess I could say I main over in the Alliance, part of my heart shall always be Red since the days of running a Tauren Hunter. While I saw a few posts about Horde guilds, I was curious if anyone knew, or if a guild officer would like to advertise their guild to me. I currently have an Orc Warlock. His concept is a little vague as this is my first time playing playing an Orc. I would say the best descriptors for the character is that he is a 'supporting actor' - I never plan for him to be in a leading role. I'd also say his concept would be 'Reasonable Warlock'. He dabbles in the dark arts due to a natural talent, and uses those powers against the Horde's enemies (especially the field of 'curses' given he is an Affliction lock). He isn't trying to be the supreme dark lord. So! If anyone would like to suggest a guild, or if you are in need of a support character, please feel free to post or keep an eye out for 'Gurnin'. So far he's been by the Wyvern's Tail and occasionally sneezing.Vikander0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Dragon RP? I am curious to know how the RP community feels about dragon RP now that the dragonflights (especially the blue) have been stripped of alot of what made them so powerful? Specifically how would the community react to a young blue drake trapped in her humanoid form with no access to most of her magic? I do understand it was frowned on before but as Garrosh said, times change.Cadesh113 Nov 14
Nov 14 [H RP] <Shadowsteel Consortium> The tides of war are upon us once more, brothers and sisters of the Horde. Our campaign on the dread planet Argus has come to fruition. The Burning Legion is no more, now scattered and disparate against the vast Great Dark, its very leader imprisoned for eternity in the hellish world it sought to recreate for the universe. Azeroth, and its people, have emerged victorious... but not without great cost. But as the enemies that sought to scour this world are brought to heel, old wounds open up, and our forces turn to our eternal adversaries on this world we call home... those who seek to destroy us and send us all into chains now, or once more. Now, more than ever, can we not allow this to pass. Not here. Not after we have all fought and bled to achieve what we have now. There are those of you that seek more than the soldier's march, but still stand proud under the blood red banner. It is you that I seek. Adventurers, mercenaries, explorers and researchers all, those that seek greater glory beyond the battlefield. I can assure you, that call will come. But battles aren't fought with armies alone. Resources, weapons artifacts of power, knowledge lost to the ages, gold and silver, machines and trinkets that can turn the tides of war. This is what truly makes armies great. It is not enough to be stronger. You must have every advantage possible, for complete and total victory, no matter the cost. Such comes the Shadowsteel Consortium. We are mercenaries of the Horde, adventurers and explorers, who dare to plunder the ancient ruins of the past, lands far and wide, and even into the enemy's fortresses to gather allies, materials, songs and tools of war, to aid our precious Horde. For without them, the tide of blue and gold will make our song but a whisper of the past. If we speak to you, of glory and honor, to delve into secrets long forgotten to make the Horde a nation to rival our eternal rivals, then seek the Bladebreaker under the shadows of Orgrimmar. You will find him. ----- The <Shadowsteel Consortium> is a newly-minted (or soon will be) guild dedicated towards the kind of RP that involves adventure, exploration, battling ancient monsters and beings, finding lost treasures in lost lands, and gathering allies and earning their trust and adoration all for the glory of the Horde. It's... not well populated, I know, looking at the page for it. It was a vanity guild I made for the longest time with the eventual intention of turning it into a real guild. But with the Battle for Azeroth coming soon, I figure now's the time to start recruiting and poking around for interest. Hopefully there will be enough so I can get the guild going! If you're interested, or if you have questions for me, feel free to drop something here in this thread, or contact me in-game, by whisper or mail. Whenever I'm on. *NOTE: Despite what the IC part claims here, I'm not actually going to try and get things moving until after 7.3.5, or whenever the pre-expansion content starts moving along. This is just a preliminary phase to gauge interest in this sort of guild.Jokaal1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Horde MG Discord? Would there be many people interesting in making/joining a Horde MoonGuard discord server? The Horde RP side on this server is few and far between, and I feel like you need to be in a RP focused guild to find any good, long term RP. There would be several Voice chats for those who were interested. Text channels like -Announcements -Trade chat (lol) -Guild advertising -Looking for RP partners -Server RP events -Guild RP events -Giveaways -Art Channels / Character art -Art commissions (A place where you could advertise your art) -Raiding -Gear/class help -General or off topic These are just off the top of my head. I wouldnt mind setting all of it up and running it. If there were a few people who wanted to admin it.Rokvia0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Who else gets to go home now? There's a LOT of (Lordaeronian, Lordaermeri?) roleplay on this server, myself included. The Fall of Lordaeron is my favorite bit of lore in the franchise, and is the basis for much of what makes Sir Alaric here the man he is. To know that we're actually going to go back (ACTUALLY going back, not just losing a battle in Andorhal) and finally progress that plotline is pretty sweet, and opens up great roleplaying avenues for my character. So, I'd like to hear about the kinds of things you're all thinking of doing in our glorious Northern Kingdoms. Alaric is from Chillwind Pass, which in-game is a big empty valley that serves no real purpose other than to connect Hillbrad and W. Plaguelands, but I roleplay that he's from a fancy castle high up in one of the mountains on the valley's side. I've maintained for years now that the castle fell to the Scourge and then was later taken over by Forsaken; Alaric has very much dwelt on the horrors dwelling inside his former home as well as the complete loss of his family during the Third War. The prospect of having Alaric storm his own castle to oust the villains from within is quite exciting, and I've never felt it to be a reasonable thing until now. So, who else is going to be able to go back and retake their home, whether it's the Capital, Brill or something of your own invention? On the inverse, how will some of our Forsaken friends cope with being ousted from their homes? Most of the Forsaken have called the North home for their entire lives and undeaths, and now they're losing it to those who claim they have right over the land by virtue of their heartbeat (and some other more complicated moral and political and tree stuff). For Lordaeron, For Anduin! Lol sorry Night Elves.Alaeric53 Nov 14
Nov 14 [A-RP] <Lions and Lambs> ... Lions and Lambs is a brand new heavy roleplay guild founded on November 11th. The purpose of the guild is to create an immersive, self-sustaining roleplay community dedicated to emulating rural life in the Kingdom of Stormwind in a gritty, realistic way while also remaining enjoyable and engaging. Based out of Duskwood, the guild will follow a group of peasants and watchmen as they attempt to carve out their existence in the unforgiving cursed lands of Duskwood. A harsh and haunted wasteland. While most members in the guild will be roleplaying civilians, as civilians their freedom is nearly unlimited; we hope that members of the guild will create dynamic storylines, ranging from groups of brigands, Light fanatics, Watchmen, laborers trying to get recognition from Stormwind, so and so forth. The officer core of the guild will be small and from an IC perspective composed of a handful of minor gentry, baronets who own decaying manors and small farm estates, largely impoverished and desperate these baronets will vie for minor political power in and around Duskwood along with elected peasants. Will they succeed? Will angry peasants cut them down? What exactly will happen to this small population of stubborn Duskwoodians, who refuse to give up on their homeland? ...Sinew5 Nov 14
Nov 14 [A] The Gilded Lion Whispers of a new group have begun sprouting among all walks of life within Stormwind, and in some rare cases in the outlying territories. Known for now only as the Gilded Lion, this group is thought to be nothing but rumor only held on the tongues of drunks and doomsayers, however the name has begun to prop up more and more, and their message even louder, that message being the call for a more pure Alliance, promising those who join that they will move the ground under the established, to guide the alliance into a more “pure” vision, though this is but of course merely a rumour. Now For the Boring OOC: The Gilded Lion is a criminal guild claiming to be of a noble cause - for now a minor group of a few like-minded people or those posing as such who have come together to try to forge a path for a stronger, "purer" Alliance. No longer viewing peace as an option, they now move with the scum of the underworld, seeking to shift the earth itself beneath guards and decision-makers. Using any means necessary, be it involvement in crime, dragooning officials or blackmail, their goal comes first. The movement's puppetmaster remains the "Grand Prior", or "Mister Prior" if you're underworld filth, and under him are the three Priors who deliver his will and move their own forces whilst making a pretty penny themselves. These aims can range from simply acquiring funds to aiding in anything from the destruction of the Forsaken to building up home-grown alternatives to untrustworthy foreign influences. As such, there is always something for someone to work towards within this syndicate. Ranks The Grand Prior: Standing at the summit of the society, this puppetmaster is the figure from which most orders come - it is from his hand that the Syndicate is guided. They are in charge of the bigger picture, leaving his Priors to handle the finer details, whilst his vision allows him to plan a better and stronger Alliance. The identity of this figure is known only to the Priors and Sub Priors. Prior: Only second to the Grand Prior himself, these are perhaps the true leaders of the movement, as they take the bigger risks, unlike the Grand Prior, the Prior’s often choose to allow their identity to be known to those below them, though this is down to the individual prior, they each oversee a faction of the Syndicate.Be it from simple thuggery and organised crime, to political issues, and even foreign affairs. Sub-Prior: These are the dutiful men and women who serve under the Prior, and are very much his or her’s right hand. The rank and file of the group will often be expected to report to these people, the Sub-priors are also responsible for recruitment like the ranks above them,though anyone they bring in must be first approved by their prior. Paragon: While not in the inner circle of the Syndicate, these are men and women who have proven themself loyal and worthy of the cause. These men and women are the pool from which the Sub-Priors and even Priors will come from, they stand at the top of the rank and file, and are often the most loyal in each faction. Presbyter: Those who have served with the Lion for an extended period of time, and have proven themselves useful, this rank tends to be full of those who are either too much of a liability to promote, or those who are deemed expendable, be it for them to take the fall for a crime, or just merely a human shield. Scion: The Bottom rank in terms of belonging to the Lion, these are men and women who have proved themselves to have at least some use. They would have to of passed a trial given by the inner circle to even carry this rank, and as such this first chance for the person to prove they are worthy of promotion. Prospect: Someone who is not in the order but would like to be, these are often used as fodder, if they survive long enough, or become useful enough, they will be issued a trial which if they pass will allow them to join the ranks. Other Notes: If you’d like to join or arrange something with us feel free, we can be contacted ingame, or if none of us are readily available, anyone with our tag can direct us to you. Leader: Idrís Officers: Kyevan, Ailardan,BubblepiIdrís0 Nov 14
Nov 14 Complementary Bar Service from RPN. Hi folks! Raise a pint and celebrate being a part of a bustling community of roleplayers. Bar service to advertise the Roleplayer's Network Blizzard Group will be in effect on Thursday the 16th. Alliance patrons can get a drink with Vigas at 5PM at The Shady Lady in Stormwind for an hour and change. Horde patrons can get a drink with Lanahi at 7PM at The Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar for an hour and a bit. Hope to see you there! If you haven't connected with the Roleplayer's Network Blizzard group for Wyrmrest accord, check it out here: Thanks everybody, be well!Burrewargue0 Nov 14
Nov 14 BfA Cinematic: Saurfang and Anduin Anyone else notice that instead of slicing Anduin in two (which he totally could've done at that moment in battle) Saurfang just checked him? Could this be because of the conversation that took place between Saurfang and Varian in Icecrown Citadel? After all, we know that most orcs wouldn't hold back on slaying the enemy faction leader or general, the perfect example being Orgrim Doomhammer and Anduin Lothar. Or it could just be that I'm crazy and there was nothing meant by that action which is totally plausible. :PUnok3 Nov 14
Nov 14 The Cobalt Wyverns The Cobalt Wyverns are now hiring! You may have heard our shenanigans during the Tournament of Ages when we were selling our siege engines (Which, by the way, if you ordered one from us you will be receiving it shortly!), you may have seen us around Stormwind's Cathedral Square during our recruitment nights! You may have seen me throwing up our advertising in Trade/General chat! No matter how you heard of us, we're glad you have! -- So long as it wasn't from haters but we just Dab on them anyway. We are a merchant guild and we are under new management (Read: New IC Management) and so with that we're reaching out onto a different direction with treasure hunting! We will still have our merchant based events, and all of that, but we're going to have a stronger focus on treasure hunting and researching the various magical relics left on Azeroth and try to find ways to replicate them and sell those! ((See, still got that merchant blood in us!)) Contact myself, Eithe, or Boraiden for an interview! Or get in touch with anyone else in the guild and they'll pass it along!Nadeen8 Nov 14
Nov 13 LF RP Guild On Alliance Hello, I am hoping to find a guild for two of my characters. First off, there is Mistcknight (Mist Knight = IC name) and secondly Victorkníght (Victor Knight = IC name). As you may of noticed, they are indeed related. These two are brother and sister, both seeking somewhere to call home or a full time career. They have different needs and kits, as I will post below. Mist Knight is a Human, former Paladin, first and foremost. She abandoned the ways of The Light after recent events involving Argus and the uprising she lead within her own family to liberate them from a tyrannical leader, her father. So it is needless to say she suffers mentally in some form or another but is trying to move on from those events to continue her life. Mist also sports a military/marine background both in and out of Stormwind's units but is no longer apart of any of them. Most importantly, she now uses a more so explosive approach to combat... she'll use anything from something as simple as a sniper rifle and some small sticks of TnT to large bombs and gadgets to sabotage and decimate her targets. She is a mercenary, plain and simple. Mist will do just about anything to get the job done, even willing to work outside of her own faction for the right price. Overall, she does well for herself but has grown bored of freelancing about. Moving along we have Victor Knight, a Worgen (not from Gilneas), far more simplistic than his sister, he had a crime filled history. Anything from a simple caravan ambush to cold blooded murder... though, all of this was under contract, despite the lack there of legality in said contracts. He later found that his past caught up to him and was up next on the chopping block. Fortunately for him, his mostly law-abiding sister came to the rescue in the Knight uprising. He was spared and left his crimes behind him, now only doing legitimate business, though if the risk is low enough he may go back to some of his old ways to get it done, quickly. His combat style entails the arts of gunslinging and old fashion elbow grease to get it done, along side him is his dog Jessie who serves his master loyally, no matter what job he takes. Overall, he's not as well off as his sister and does what he is able to do, to get by. He requires enough gold to live off of, at the very least. So if anyone has a possible guild for either or both of these wild Knights, please do contact me either here or in-game, thank you! :D Side note: I usually play in the afternoon to late nights but sometimes on a strange schedule due to a sleeping issue I have. So A late daytime to nighttime guild is preferred.Vnightblade0 Nov 13
Nov 13 Seafaring Scarlets why cant anyone kill us ffs this is getting out of handBenikaze26 Nov 13