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1h Lf 9pm + raid guild Add betrayed#1661 or post below. any day is fine, just has to be 9pm +Betráyed0 1h
2h [A] <Ginyu Force> 11/11H Recruiting for BFA Ginyu Force is a relatively new guild. We are founded by a group of friends who have varying experience playing WoW, ranging from fresh raiders to veteran raiders from vanilla. This is a guild for the semi-hardcore players wishing to progress at a reasonable speed. Currently, we are all adults with full time jobs. We are a social guild focused on playing together whether that is through raiding, Mythic +, Heroic Dungeons, or Battlegrounds. The only requirements we have for this guild are as follows: 1. 18+ 2. Have a sense of humor 3. Don't be an elitist We are recruiting for our raid team and currently all positions are available. Our Raid times are Friday/Saturday 7:30-10:30 server time. We are currently 11/11H. Raid Positions will be determined by performance, attitude, and attendence. Raid Needs RDPS: 2 locks, any other exceptional range MDPS: any exceptional melee Healer: Resto druid highly needed and 1 other healer All other classes/specs welcome to apply. Updated 8/10/2018 If you wish to talk about joining our guild or have any questions you can add me or one of the officers. BattleTags Tragic#1867 GM MiniWheats#11477 Recruiting Officer Leinief#1280 Raid Leader Discord Tragic#7725Tragic110 2h
4h [A] <FWHC> Casual&Mythic Progression LFP Introduction <Fluffy Wizard Hats Club> is currently recruiting players to be apart of our ever growing community. Our biggest focus as a guild is to help all our players improve throughout each new patch and be able to see and feel their progress throughout their time spent in the guild. Fluffy Wizard Hats Club is built to provide a place for you to experience the fun and excitement of progression raiding in a friendly environment full of people you look forward to playing with every week while also being able to enjoy a competitive aspect of raiding at a Heroic and Mythic level. We do consider ourselves a casual guild as we are all here to have fun and enjoy the game, but most importantly we look forward to spending time with everyone in the guild each week. We never want raiding to be something that our players feel they are obligated or forced to do and would like to keep all of our players having fun, with the intent to kill bosses and improve as both team members and individuals. We offer a lower time commitment while clearing content that makes you feel great and accomplished when you reach new heights with us. That's what we strive for as a community! Community History We were built off the foundation of bringing together a local group of friends to create a raid team of twelve members to experience the greatest part of World of Warcraft, which is enjoying the game with a community of like minded people. Slowly but surely the guild evolved into something so much more over the course of Legion, and as ToS approached, this guild was no longer a "local friends guild" and instead became a populated community of fun and active gamers from around the country who all had unique, individual passions for WoW. Through this growth we found ourselves with a full raid roster of over 20 players, we gave mythic Antorus a shot and blew our original expectations out of the water and we can't wait to jump into new content with the excitement and motivation that we have been building up in anticipation of BfA. What we provide A great balance between low raid hours, and progression raiding. A casual raid night for those who are interested in N/H raiding but don't want to be obligated to show up every single week Mythic+ Dungeon groups ongoing nearly every day Achievement, Mount, and Transmog runs A fun engaging group of players that strive towards helping everyone within the guild improve as players and as people throughout our shared gaming experiences An active Discord full of guildies playing a plethora of games outside of WoW with one another An open door policy between the officer team and the members of our guild. If you have an idea, problem, or request, just talk about it to any officer in game or on Discord and we will help you as best we can to ensure your experience in the guild is a positive one.Raid Schedule Casual Raid Night Tuesday: 8:30PM PST - 11:00PM PST Core Group Progression Wednesday: 8:30PM PST - 11:00PM PST Thursday: 8:30PM PST - 11:00PM PST For raiders apart of the core group, we expect a 90% raid attendance, otherwise they will be moved to the casual raid team. We believe that this should be very easy to maintain as we only raid 5 hours a week, as our casual raid nights do not count toward attendance. Guild Trial Process The trial period last 3weeks in which the trial may be cross realm or unguilded. During this time the players attendance, performance and overall experience within the raid will be looked at each week by the officer team. After 3weeks the officer team will talk and ensure the player made proper attendance and showed ambition to be a part of the team. If the officer team and raid leader agree on accepting the trial, the player will be notified and upon accepting the position on the team will be required to join the guild and be promoted to core raider by the time of the following raid week. Mythic Plus Mondays Every Monday night, we offer a way for our guild members to get mythic+ keys done with one another in a unique and exciting way. We create a raid group of players and have our raid leader mix and match 5 player groups with a specific mythic+ key to do, after the key is done, the players come back and get swapped around to other groups or with players that are waiting to be put into a group for as many keys as they would like to do from 6pm - 10pm PST. Contact Info If you are interested or have any questions about our guild please contact one of our guild officers at any time by leaving a comment on this post or adding a battletag listed below! MOARCOOKIEZ#11733 Wildcat#1387 Thank you for coming by, and learning more about our guild, I look forward to personally introducing you into the guild soon!Taii30 4h
7h [A] <Assisted Leveling> Business Casuals <Assisted Leveling> on Proudmoore Alliance Have you ever wanted a group to play WoW in a more casual setting, with a group that will understand that you have an adult life and responsibilities? Do you want to do the latest content in the game, but don’t want to fully commit to a multiple day a week raid schedule? If your answer was yes to both of these questions, then come check out <Assisted Leveling>. Who Are We? We’re a smaller group that’s been playing games together for over a decade. We consist of new friends, old friends, old turbo-nerd raiders, super casual players, work friends, and everything in between. We’re mostly centered around the Central and Eastern time zones, but have some Pacific players as well. We’re looking for “seasoned” gamers. Yes, this is a different way of saying “Over 18” or “we’re old farts” but it’s called an attempt at being clever so just run with it. We’re not exclusionary of younger players, but we just want to be clear about our player demographic. What Are Our Goals? Our goals are really to see everything BFA has to offer. We’ll have some groups and raids forming to run flex raids, mythic dungeons, expeditions and more, but we want to focus on providing the flexibility for any member to take time off from the game when they need it. The majority of us have jobs, families, and other responsibilities, so we understand that you might not be able to be the 100% attendance master of raiding. What About Raid Nights? We are going to target some scheduled nights for doing group content (like raids), which most likely will end up on or around Fridays, but will be up to the current members schedules. What Are Our Needs? We’re looking for all classes and specs. We have a smattering of tanks, healers and dps focused players, but we’re more than open to expanding our ranks. We have members that are capable of really playing any role needed. How Do I Join? There’s not really an application process besides a quick Discord conversation. To use business terms, we’re making sure you’d be a good “culture fit” but that’s really it. If you’re not super comfortable using voice chat for whatever reason, we can make it a text-based chat if necessary. In Conclusion We’re looking for new members that are interested in playing the new content in BFA with us, and becoming part of our community. If your interested in playing with a group like us, hit up Elandrian#1870 here or in-game.Elandrian3 7h
9h [A] Grievance Recruitment - Proudmoore Grievance is recruiting for our Alliance guild on Proudmoore. Ever buy a game (or download a free 2 play mmo) and sit there waiting to choose a server, hoping you choose a good one with good people that are helpful and not just jerks that flame you when u ask a question. Ever hate joining a guild that you know no one? Ever hop from guild to guild trying to find one that suits you and your play style? Have you ever quit a game that you liked but could never get help from guildies or even find a guild that you liked? Well I am here to tell you there is an answer. Grievance is an online gaming community that spans many games. Grievance can be found playing in the following games: Official Grievance Guilds Elder Scrolls Online (Aldmeri, Daggerfall, Ebonheart Guilds available at launch) EverQuest II - Permafrost Server Final Fantasy XIV - Midgardsormr Server World of Warcraft (Horde) - Thrall Server World of Warcraft (Alliance) - Proudmoore Server Embassies (Smaller Grievance Guilds) Aion - Siel Server Dragon's Prophet - Kronos Server EVE Online Guild Wars 2 - Denova's Rest Server League of Legends Neverwinter - Dragon Server Rift - Wolvesbane Server SWTOR (Empire: The Shadowlands) (Republic: Jedi Covenant) - PvE Servers Star Citizen (Squadron available at launch) Tera - Tempest Reach Server Wildstar (Dominion and Exile Guilds available at launch) Team Grievance (Grievance FPS/Shooter/PvP Clans) Battlefield 4 Destiny 2 Overwatch Warframe World of Tanks (many other smaller and Independent MMOs) Grievance is a family-oriented online gaming community. We have a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years, during which Grievance has proven that one can have a very rewarding gaming experience, yet have a life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Grievance and are expected to be upheld and respected by all members. Grievance is an adult gaming community, 18+ only. We have many long term members. This is no start up guild. We were formed in October 15th, of the year 2000. We were not always known as Grievance, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are one of the few trademarked Guilds in all gaming communities. We are comprised of singles, married couples, retired people, military members, college students and people located through out the World. When you join Grievance you join a family. This family spans many games and even on opposite sides of the same game. Grievance is always a strong presence in games they are in. Grievance even has a real life get together, like a family reunion. We have this every year. We have a strong management support for each game, not same leaders in every game at one time. We at Grievance are always looking to expand as anyone would expect. The larger the Grievance community the better it is. Wouldn't it be nice to start a game at launch and have a lot of Grievance members log in with you on the same server and same side? Imagine the friendships you will make with such a strong gaming community. If Grievance seems like a place for you, please feel free to visit our forums, they are free to register and browse. Come see what games we are in and the servers we reside on. There is always an officer of a certain game or a council member willing to answer any questions. We hope you will come take a look and introduce yourself in the Forum Registration / Applications Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself and what games you are interested or currently playing in. Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, send me a tell or message or do a /who Grievance in game and any member can help direct you to an officer. Hope to see you in guild soon! Thank you for your time, Cataclysm WoW - Alliance Guild Leader visit us at http://forums.grievancegaming.orgCatacritters74 9h
11h <Eggroll Holders> Recruiting for Bfa Guild: Eggroll Holders Raids are: Laid back, friendly progression. Non toxic environment. Aka the feeling of friends raiding with friends. Although we do joke around a bit, especially on farm content, we do take raiding seriously, and shenanigans are kept at a minimum while pushing actual progression. Yes we do post logs. Yes we do use the analyzer to improve ourselves. Yes we do sit ppl for under performing if we are stuck on a boss just to help push it. Raid Times: Thurs & Fri 5-8 Server Time (8-11 EST) core run days Core spots open for: None atm, we pretty full Our Progression: Was 11/11H ABT *We do offer trial runs with our group if you prefer it, to see if we are a fit for you before you commit to our guild. Required Add ons: We require our raiders to have either DBM (dead boss mobs) or some add on similar to it. Other add on's strongly recommended are: Exorsus Raid Tools & Weak Auras. Officer Btag: if you have any questions, want to chat, or want to join, feel free to add the btag or message here. Fleb#11792 (Raid officer) Figgims#1231 (GM) About us: We are what I call, "soft core." We go in, we flask, we eat, we ready check and pull. We expect you to know your class, and we expect you to have an understanding of the fights. However, we're not going to bite your head off if you mess something up. After all, we all mess up and no one is perfect. Some of us also have families to tend to, so we understand the quick "brb kid aggro" line, however if you are taking to long before a pull, we will kick you to keep going forward. You can rejoin the raid after you get back. We strive to get faster in closing the gap between each pull, however we understand the rare hiccup that can happen sometimes with people and we aren't that hardcore raid group that will give you attitude for it. The guild was founded by individuals who split from a casual guild in search of something a bit more progressive and competitive. There were to many of us to all join a guild and be able to raid on their team, so we decided to make our own. We run keys all the time. So we have no set date for them, its sorta, first come first serve. We are however a very strong m+ key pushing guild, so its almost basically guaranteed you will get a weekly cap chest in your class hall come reset. The name "Eggroll Holders" is a play on words meaning "Aggro Holders." Our main guild founder has a strong accent and has mostly food named toons. When he says aggro holder, it sounds like eggroll. Hence he could not think of any other name to call the guild. We use discord. And lastly, we are mature, friendly, and respectful. Sorta people who can dish it out but take it at the same time. We expect people to have fun. After all, it is a game.Manlyfleb14 11h
14h LF new friends to level to lvl 120 with :) Hi. I'm a casual gamer and I don't have anyone to play wow with really. Some of my friends don't play as much anymore or either on the horde side. I'm looking for people who enjoy making new friends on wow and want to level up a toon with me from 110 to 120 OR even do some rep world quest grind. Right now I have a 120 hunter, 111 Priest and would love to play with someone and make new friends. thanks! Chris I'm from NY, eastern time preferred if not, that's cool. add me healsoflove#1575Healsoflove1 14h
14h (A) Hunter LF Raiding Guild Hey guys I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild for BFA. I've been raiding on this guy since WOD. I have overall raiding experience since vanilla. Looking for a good community of raiders to progress with in this expansion. I also need a team to run mythics with until Uldir drops. Currently my schedule is Mon-Fri 6pm to 10 PST. If you are interested or want to ask me questions you can contact me. My btag is healmore#1852 Thanks, and looking forward to raiding with you!Notroubles2 14h
14h Resto/Enhance shaman Looking for Guild Resto/Enhance looking for a progression and M+ Alliance guild. Recently transferred to Proudmoore from a low pop server. I was in a semi progression guild that cleared Heroic Antorus in Legion. Former Heals lead and Shaman class lead. Just wanting to find a good fit that I can contribute to. Current profs are Herb/Inscription. Would enjoy to talk more specifics.Valkkar1 14h
15h Looking for guild! Hi there! We are a tank/heals paladin and dps demonhunter looking for a home. We are casual fairly talented players that have been around since beta and BC. Wow took a little bit of a back seat the last few years, getting married and buying a house... all that RL mundane stuff! We are looking for casual raiding and pvp as we get leveled and ready to go. We have dark and sometimes inappropriate humor but we are harmless. Weekends and daytime are best, preferably both! If we fit your folk, let us know! Allalla or Onitora ingame search is up or send us mail!Allalla3 15h
15h Spriest&resto sham [A]We are a couple that is looking for a fun casual pve guild. We both achieved aotc in antorus. We are mostly interested in heroic raiding and mythic+. We are looking for raiding two nights a week between 6 and 12 central time. Earlier than 12 would be best. We played horde until recently when zandalar bored us to death now we need a fun alliance group to run with. I want to meantion again we want a casual group. We are far from elitests and really aren't looking to run with any. We stand in the fire, we forget mechanics, we wipe, we laugh, and we go at it again.Exxorsist1 15h
15h [A/H] Running with Turtles Community Running with Turtles Alliance: <Raiding With Turtles> Horde: <JFK Flagged for PvP> Hey there! My name is Saxopwned and I'm here to tell you all about our large gaming community, Running With Turtles. We are currently looking to expand our WoW playerbase, and are welcoming to players of any level, realm, and faction! What RWT WoW community features: - Cross-realm and faction group finding, focusing on Mythic+, Normal and Heroic raid content, and PvP - Multiple partnered guilds to find your in-game home - Players of many skill levels looking to learn, improve, or teach other players - WoW learning resources, including some original content - A well-moderated and safe community for anyone to come, hang out, and have fun - Alliance and Horde guilds on Proudmoore-US - Events such as Asmongold-inspired mount-offs and transmog competitions - Memes Currently looking for anyone of any skill level, as well as experienced players looking for a relaxed normal and heroic cross-server raiding team, as well as RBGs! Officer positions currently available for members who are fully devoted to our mission. We are also looking for more Guilds to partner with. Interested GMs can contact me via Discord PM for more details! If you’re interested in joining, come on in and bring your friends! Once you’re logged in to our server and tag yourself as a WoW Player, you’ll be able to talk to all of us with RWT World of Warcraft! Server link: 15h
16h [A] <Proper Villains> 11/11M LFM DPS for BFA Proper Villains is recruiting! We cleared Antorus (11/11M) before pre-patch and are looking for people to join us in BFA! We aim to get progression raiding done, while having fun, all in 9 hours a week. Current Recruiting Needs: Please note: Even if we have "none" for your role below, we are always interested in exceptional players. If you think you'd fit our guild culture and are interested in joining, we encourage you to apply! DPS: We're looking for DPS from any class! Healers: None. Tanks: None. Raid Times Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific Optional Alt Raid on Friday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Pacific Key Guild Differentiators: Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We discuss problems in a respectful and civil tone in order for everyone to learn about the boss mechanics and push progression faster. We encourage people to speak up with ideas, suggestions, and mistakes without fear of being attacked in some form. We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. We do have an alt raid on Friday nights, but it is purely optional for those who like to play alts. Stability and Historical Progression Proper Villains' raid team has been raiding together in some shape or form for 4+ years now. We've always met our goal of clearing mythic content when it was current. Our historic progression has included: Tier 20 Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9M Tier 19 Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3M Nighthold: 10/10M Tier 18 Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M Tier 17 Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M Highmaul: 7/7M What We Expect From Applicants: - Good skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs). - Some prior raiding experience in Mythic (or old Heroic). - Ability to attend at least 90% of raids. - A willingness and desire to spend some time outside of raid achieving reasonable character progression through artifact power. All raiders should do at least one high level Mythic+ dungeon a week (high enough for maximum item level loot from the weekly cache). Raiders are also expected to complete their daily quest cache for artifact power until artifact level 75 (maximum level for Netherlight Crucible). - The ability to research current and upcoming raid encounters, and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game. - Friendly, humble personality (team player). - Ability to communicate on Discord. Loot Distribution: We distribute loot via Loot Council. Website and Contacts: Please apply on our website at If you have questions, please get in touch with our recruitment officers: Useum - Discord: Aaron / Useum#7428, Bnet: Useum#1158 Wherner - Discord: Wherner#6180, Bnet: Wherner#1403Reason30 16h
16h [A] rogue LF EST raiding group (pref mythic) As title states, I am looking for a raid group that is going to push mythics. My only restriction is that I am looking for an EST raid time. (Raid should end no later than 10 server time) I am flexible for specs, ready for raid times, always prepped. Playing on and off since WotlkKetaip0 16h
23h LateNight raiding guild Raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings at- 1AM-3AM PST 3AM-5AM CST 4AM-6AM EST 8PM-10PM AET [A]<LateNight> is an extremely late night/early morning raiding guild on Proudmoore (PST, PVE) that was founded by real life friends who needed an atypical raiding schedule due to work commitments. In preperation for BFA, we have open recruitment and will consider all classes and specs. As of right now we are focused on looking for healer. We value commitment, attendance, and a great sense of humor over your current ilevel. We only ask that you do your due diligence in knowing fights, coming prepared, and are receptive to constructive criticism. Please note that our average age is 30+. We offer a laid back atmosphere filled with humor and vulgarity. If this is offensive to you, we may not be the right fit. Our interest is building a strong community that play not only wow, but many other games together in our off time. Required Addons/Software: Discord Bw/DBM Exorsus Raid Tools If you think you would be a great fit, please feel free to contact anyone below. Discord: Danimal#9381 (main recruiter) Reeon#6769 Exiled#7059 Battlenet: Danimal#11500 (main recruiter) Ryizzle#1839 Exiled#1657Batrcus49 23h
1d Boomkin, Resto, Bear Druid LF Raiding Guild Hey all, Looking for a raiding guild that primarily raids Monday - Thursday preferably after 6pm PST. Weekends are hit and miss for raiding due to hobby obligations. I am flexible on spec and plan on gearing for 3/4 druid specs to slot into any role needed although I prefer healing/boomkin. Herb/Alch profession. Looking for moderately to very serious raiding guilds. Raided at Heroic/Mythic levels in the following expansions. Vanilla BC WotLK Mists Warlords Looking forward to tackling the expansion with you! -CathCathadel0 1d
1d <Driven> LF DpS <Driven> We're a group of experienced raiders, many of whom have cleared a vast majority of content from Vanilla to MoP. Many of my guild mates are making a return to the game to push heroic raid content and mythic+ dungeons. As we wait for a few more of our guild mates to finish up with server transfers and leveling we're looking to recruit a few more like minded individuals to join us. We know how to have fun, but we also know how to buckle down when we need to. Our Raid times are: Tues 6-9 PST Thurs 6-9 PST Nights can be called early if content is cleared, and we try to put together alt runs or run old content when we can. Currently Recruiting: Ranged Mage Hunter Warlock Shaman Boomkin ** If your class is not listed, don't feel discouraged. Please feel free to contact us anyways, as we are always looking for exceptional players. ** What we're not looking for: 1) People who stand in fire, void zones, blizzards, or other exciting things that kill you. 2) People who can't show up on time, show up prepared, or even let us know if RL gets in the way. 3) People who can't take a joke! If you're interested or want to know more please contact: Shoik, Ryley or myself in game, Thank you.Versatile1 1d
1d [Offensive Late Night 6/11M] LFM BFA About Us We are <MINE COMMFORT ZONE>, one of the latest raiding guilds on Proudmoore. Reliable and active players and players with a good and dark sense of humor are what we are looking for. That matters over gear or even skill to us because both can be acquired over time We have a really dark sense of humor and spend most of our raids mocking, insulting, attempting to kill each other, and berating one another in a jovial manner. A lot of really pugnant and vile humor along with racist jokes and racial slurs thrown quite often. Here is a video I highly suggest you watch to get a very strong grasp on what to expect if you raid with us. (5 minutes long.) Links: Video 1: Video 2: There are two other videos on our YouTube channel if you need to see more. Our group is a bunch of 2nd shift and late night workers who don't get off till very late in the US timezones. We are very close as a group and we are looking for people similar to ourselves who value the social and comical aspects of raiding and hanging out equally as much as they value the progression aspect of raiding Raid Progesss Antorus: 11/11H & 6/11M TOS: 9/9H Raiding Schedule Monday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time Wednesday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time Thursday: 11:30pm- 2:30am PST time. We are currently trying to get a mythic roster together so we can wipe on mythics while I mock the last guy who was passive aggressive the previous attempt but got curb stomped on the current attempt. If this is something you'd enjoy being apart of or are looking for, please add my real ID and speak with me in personally to answer any of your questions. Allahu Akbar. Islam is peace. My real ID is Apollexis#1142Trotzkyy192 1d
1d <Karma Gaming>LFM Late nighters and weekends <Karma Gaming>(2008) is recruiting-progression w/o raiding overkill. LATE night, active, to accomodate busy lives. Also with a weekender team. We are Pacific Time Zone based or Proudmoore server time. 5/11M ABT. Our main goal is to encourage enjoyment of gameplay while optimizing the individual and guild experience. This is a very experienced, unique guild where hostility is non-existent and positive energy is infused on a continuous basis. We listen and we adjust on an ongoing basis to ensure all guild functions are appropriate to the current times. We're on the mature side, a 21+ guild, but we're not a bunch of old farts :) Team 1 9pm-12a Pacific Wed/Mon - DPS need only; non-specific need as we are balanced at this point. Any class with OS heal or Tank will be a bonus. Team 2 7:30-10:30p Tue/Th - recruiting 1 tank, 3 heals and dps open for both mdps and rdps Team 3 3:30p-6:30p Sat/Sun - recruiting 1 tank, 2 heals and dps open for both mdps and rdps. Inquire by adding the GM btag and let's get the ball rolling for you to join us! Heavensënt (guild GM) btag honeybee#1337Heavensënt0 1d
1d Casual, nontoxic, LGBT- and ally-friendly LFM EDIT: Recruitment closed for the time being, but feel free to get in touch to join our Friends Of Amazing Friends community. Hello everyone! <And My Amazing Friends> is a safe, friendly, fun, drama-free, casual guild, Alliance side on Proudmoore. We shoot for the "quaint" old close-knit guild style, rather than the gigantic guilds you often see in today's WoW that have a ton of people but you feel like you're just a cog in a machine. We have a friendly and diverse group of guildies. We welcome adult players (18+) from all walks of life, backgrounds, and experience levels, from new players to veterans. In the grand Proudmoore tradition we are LGBT- and ally-friendly. We do not tolerate any toxicity getting in the way of our gaming. Exuberance, lightheartedness, pet pics in discord, and Oxford commas encouraged. Raiding is not the primary focus of the guild - the culture is - but we do enjoy raiding together. We are not hardcore; typically we make it a goal to finish normal difficulty of a given tier, though we often push on into some heroic as well. Previously our raid nights were Fridays and Sundays but we might choose new ones in BfA to make sure the most people can come. Our progression raids are still casual! That may seem incongruous, but it basically means we want to make progress but never at the expense of fun, community, or the principles of the guild, and we're not concerned with being on the bleeding edge. Guildies are welcome on the raids but they're not required of course. We have members that like to level, run mythics, rack up achievements, and whatnot too. Or we can just be a place to lurk and play without worrying about the next random toxic outburst. If you're interested in us, please talk to any of our members in-game or add one of our btags. Thanks for your time! Mixolydia, btag: Mixolydian#1800 Etiira, btag: Etiira#1125 Varahna, btag: Pogue#1509 Manstash, btag: Nydar#1165Mixolydia25 1d
1d [A] Resto Shaman LF Late Night Guild (A) Resto Shaman (Asym), LF casual raiding guild (Heroic). Looking for something that is Late night due to living in Hawaii and having a kid. Raided in a top 100 guild (Renaissance) back in TBC. Looking to slowly get back into Raiding. Thank youAsym1 1d
1d 341 Ret Pally/335 Disc Priest LF Heroic Guild Hello Proudmoore, As the titled stated, my wife and I are looking for a guild to raid Uldir and beyond in for BfA. We both have grinded out thise week and gotten up to raid ready. Were looking for a guild the preferably raids anywhere between 7-11PM EST, the days of the week do not matter. We both have mythic raid experience in Legion. If you any of you are interested and would like to speak/see logs feel free to respond to the post or add me on bnet Abraxion#1760. Thank you!Abrax1 1d
1d Monk Enchanter, I am sorry I hit up trade chat for a quick herbs to gloves enchant late last night, couldn't meet up with the guy who responded because dungeon queue popped so he was kind enough to mail it to me(Which was freaking awesome and super nice). Problem is that I had tons of mail from the AH and was just auto opening all of it, and I lost his name when it auto opened the mail while I was afk. Now I cannot return the dust mats or even pay you. I am so sorry, but if you are this monk enchanter and for some crazy reason read the forums, please send me in game mail and I will send you your mats plus interest for the screw up on my part. Long shot post I know but who knows.Serazie0 1d
1d [A]<AOD>Looking for members raiders and non! The Angels of Death clan ( is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community for both raiding (Tue & Thu from 4:30PM to 7:30PM Server Time) and casual play on Alliance on the Proudmoore server (US). AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3000 active members across 16+ various titles and are looking for people for their World of Warcraft division! We're recruiting competitive and casual gamers alike with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're an MMORPG veteran or brand new to the genre you'll find AOD is a great place to come and game with like minded people. With over 90 people signed up and playing WoW (Not including in-guild people who did not signup for AOD yet), there is always someone on to group up with! What to expect from AOD: A mature group of team players who like to have fun. Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters. Friendly members. New to the game, need help? Just ask. A dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server. Formal and informal organized events. Opportunity to be part of a team greater than any individual. Requirements to join AOD: Be 16 years of age or older A working microphone Teamspeak 3 Our Code of Conduct ( and Division Rules ( articulate the values we work hard to maintain. Find the progress of our core raiding guild on WoWProgress: If you're interested and want to join then please head to and apply today: 1d
1d [A] Top % Havoc DH LF Top Mythic Guild Long time player of 13 years looking for a top end guild on Proudmoore to clear Mythic content and various challenging end game. Currently 337 ilvl with all mythics unlocked, completed mythic island expeditions and honored with Champions of Azeroth with a soon to be level 18 Necklace. My logs during Emerald Nightmare when I was active at the start of the Legion: All Realm Best Times in MoP Challenge Modes What you can expect from me is a player who min/maxes and pushes himself to be the best player possible. I always take fault for any shortcomings and I do everything I can to adapt to a situation and turn around the mistakes of others. I use my kit to the best of its ability and am self aware of mechanics and fights at all times while striving for the best DPS possible. I have 13 years of WoW experience, raiding since Vanilla at the age of 13 years old. I expect my team to put in equal effort in our goals to complete content. I'd like to push even harder at the start of this expansion than before during Uldir and M+. Please message me in game/battletag Curlyfry#1435 if you are interested and have any questions.Curlyfry0 1d
1d (A) <Midknights> Weekend Heroic Raiding <Midknights> is a heroic raiding guild, on Proudmoore U.S., that has been around since BC. We took a break through Cata till Legion. We are experienced and formally hardcore players that are wanting a more casual laid back atmosphere to have fun in. A majority of our roster includes players that have been, in the past, at the peak of progression at one point or another. Whether that be hardmode/heroic raiding in WotLK, or Mythic raiding in MoP and WoD. We run without a filter so snowflakes would likely not be a good fit for us. Raids are relaxed but focused. We are a casual guild with a hardcore mentality that is full of amazing people both in and out of the game. Progression: -11/11 H ABT AotC - 9/9 H ToS AotC Our Goals: -Recruit for BfA and Beyond -Heroic Focused Guild -Achieving AoTC in reasonable time for current tiers -Relaxed, efficient atmosphere -Community within guild -Smaller raid size to maintain the community 12-18 ish -Mythic+ progression (a number of 15's ran each week with a few pushing 16-20's) What we offer: -Cross-Realm trials -Gbank Repairs on raid nights -Flasks, Pots, Food for raids ( ~95% of the time) -Real Life Understanding -A sensible and serious raid environment that has a relaxed but fun atmosphere. -Organised group with no fuss -Efficient progression in a timely manner (AoTC) -Great group of people who are willing to give people a chance to be their best! What we expect of you: -75% raid attendance minimum -Notice if required absence from raid ( a simple discord post) -Prepared with provided or preferred consumables, repaired, gemmed, and enchanted -Early is on time, on time is late -Knowledge of class/spec and current progression raid mechanics as they pertain to you -Willingness to work with others and persevere through progression without losing focus. Raid Times: PST (Server Time): Saturday: 4am-7am Sunday: 4am-7am Central Timezone US: Saturday: 6am-9am Sunday: 6am-9am We are currently in need of: - Healer (Paladin if possible but will accept experienced players of any class.) - Ranged DPS A bit of history about the guild: -Created around the release of Black Temple in BC -Cleared Kara/ZA/Gruul/Mag/SSC/TK all pre 3.0(i think) nerf in Burning Crusade -Cleared Naxx (Immortal & Undying), Sarth 3D, Malygos, Ulduar, TotC, and Icecrown on normal with a few heroic bosses each tier during all of Wrath of the Lich King -Didn't finish first tier of Cata due to recruitment and core raiders going on extended, ie years, break -Is a relaxed casual atmosphere with the drive to clear Heroic Raids ahead of the curve. *A little about our leadership (if interested): -GM Main is Resto Druid since BC -Officer core has been raiding/guild leading/raid leading since Burning Crusade. -Officer core starting playing WoW before the release of Black Temple. -Cleared Kara/ZA/Gruul/Mag/SSC/TK all pre 3.0(i think) nerf. -GM Raided with Midwinter for a couple tiers in WotLK completing US 13 Yogg+0 25, US 22 Algalon 25, US 16 Heroic Twin Valks 25 with them. -Officer core took a 4.5 year break after first tier of Cataclysm. -Came back with a vision for Legion just before NH release. -AotC 10/10 H NH - AotC 9/9 H ToS - AotC11/11 H ABT -Since moving to Proudmoore Midknights has seen its most successful iteration in almost 10 years. We have found a great place to call home and are well established as the PREMIERE late night/early morning weekend raiding guild on Proudmoore for our time slot. If smooth successful Heroic raiding is what you are after, and if our time slot suits you, please contact us by one of the following means: You can join the group on discord ( and contact one of the officers or GM directly. Alternatively you can add me on Bnet at Volt#1227, or Reech#1423 If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask, or post in this thread.Voltusfive5 1d
1d <Hallow> LF tank/Mdps/Rdps for H/M raiding Greetings! <Hallow> is a Heroic and Mythic raiding guild currently looking for a tank, melee dps and range dps to bring our numbers up to a solid 20. We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 7pm-10pm PST. Below are our Member/Raider/Officer Expectations and goals for raiding and M+ Member Expectations Be a cool cat, be online, and contribute to our guild chat and discord! All members should represent the guild appropriately and not say or do negative things in a public forum. If there are concerns about the guild or guild members bring it to an officer or GM.Raider Expectations Watch fight videos prior to raid. Be prepared to raid and at the raid instance at raid start time. Not shopping at the AH and asking for summons. Your gear should be gemmed and enchanted, raid time should not be spent calling out who didn’t bother to properly prepare for raid. Have a good understanding of your class and perform at acceptable level for the content. This means ensuring you are up to date with the various tools and guides for optimizing your performance. Keep talking to a minimum during the boss fights. Callouts will be made by the raid leader and people that the raid leader has given permission to do so. (You don’t see sports teams chatting and joking DURING a play.Guild Officer Expectations Watch fight videos prior to raid. Lead by example, be on and ready for raid before raid starts. Gear should be gemmed and enchanted. Promote positive raid environments and help boost morale. Deal with issues privately for all members. Even someone is pushing for a public confrontation. Pull into private discord channels for example.Guild Master Expectations Watch fight videos prior to raid. Be on and available for all raid and mandatory guild activities. Keep the raid moving and not held up on fight mechanics or other explanations for excessive amounts of raid time. Hold raiders accountable for not meeting expectations, and ensure that our officers are representing our guild appropriately. Deal with issues privately for all members. Even someone is pushing for a public confrontation. Pull into private discord channels for example.Raider Privileges Flasks Food Runes Enchantments Gems Guild repairsMythic+ Goals Have 2 tanks/healers that are committed to/interested in farming mythic+ for guild members Have a night dedicated to Mythic+ on calendar each week.Raiding Goals Move through normal quickly, get geared up in heroic and move into mythic. Mythic progression should be a priority during BFA. 3 mandatory raid nights, moving to 2 per week based on progression and Guild Master/Officer discretion. New rule, party like it’s 1999, and kill bosses like we’re in a server first guild? If our times and expectations work for you, and our goals align with your own we would love to trial with us for a raid spot. Add the battle tag, Zailens#1778 and/or MsPsyli#1867 and/or Alkapwn#1189 to get a hold of us to ask any questions, or to ask for an invite! Or you can send a friend request over discord to Zailens#7782, mspsyli#0213, or Alkapwn#7507Tya1 1d
2d (A) <FireCantBurnWorldTrees> M/T/Th 730-10PST Hello, <FireCantBurnWorldTrees> is a small guild looking for new members who are interested in semi-serious raiding. AoTC is our baseline minimum goal for the upcoming raids and we expect to be able to go into Mythics as well. Our raid times will be M/T/Th from 7:30 - 10PM PST. You are not required to attend all raid times, but please try to make at least 2 a week. We welcome people who have all experience levels in raiding, however, be expected to always strive to improve. As of right now we are mostly looking for ranged DPS and Healers, however if you are not one of these still feel free to apply. Please either post below or message me, Xsixninedrug - Proudmoore for more info.Xsixninedrug1 2d
2d [A]<Ubiquitous> 8/11M 7-10PST LFM for BfA Hello! Ubiquitous was 8/11 Mythic in Antorus, and we are currently recruiting for BfA. We are looking for raiders (current or past!) and ask that you are 18+ with past mythic experience. We are aiming to get into Uldir asap, so we are looking for people who will be leveling/gearing by the end of August. Currently Recruiting: DPS: any skilled dps, although ranged, OT, Oheals are all pluses. Healer: low priority Tank: low priority ANY exceptional players About us Some of our members are longtime players that moved with us from Lightbringer after wanting to experience a livelier in-game community. Our plan is to continue to progress through mythic Uldir, with Cutting Edge as our goal. We've got a good group, with a mix of men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Raid Times Our raid times are Tue/Wed/Thu 7-10pm server (PST). We also occasionally raid Monday nights (same time) at the start of a raid tier and sometimes to finish off a mythic boss for the week. Invites start at 6:55 server. We do require close to 100% attendance, though we do understand that emergencies and vacations DO happen and we just ask as much notice as possible. Raiding Environment/Benefits Casual but disciplined. We like to make the most of our time. No one is forced to play a certain class, but you are expected to be able to switch to your off-spec should the need arises. Repairs along with food/flasks and possibly more will be taken care of. Loot Rules Obviously Master Looter is gone, however any tradable items that the player does not want to keep/equip will be assigned by the Loot Council, they may also keep BoEs in order to fund the GB. Contact us The best way to contact me is via B.tag: Erinalia#1190 or reach out to anyone in guild and they can direct you to an officer for a chat! ***Note - this post will be updated as needed to reflect current roster needs!Tanthea3 2d
2d [A] Cinnamon Challenge Recruiting for BFA! <Cinnamon Challenge> is a semi-hardcore Alliance guild on Proudmoore looking for a few good men, women, or animals capable of keyboard acrobatics for our raid team! We're currently recruiting for the beginning of Battle for Azeroth; we intend to hit content fast, crazy, and have a good time, and get as far as we can as quickly as we can. Basically, just like every other tier >_> Schedule: Tues/Thurs, 5:30 - 8:30 Server We are 11/11N, 11/11H Antorus! About Us: We are a tight-knit guild with varying amounts raid experience; some of us have been raiding since Vanilla. While we're not the oldest guild on the server, some of us have definitely been around for awhile, lurking and hanging out in Proudmoore's seediest underbelly, waiting to crack terrible jokes mid-pull and make this exceedingly awkward for you. The right people will have near perfect attendance and bring a goofball sense of humor and a willingness to constantly learn, improve, and contribute to the atmosphere of the guild. We do provide repairs, consumables, gems and enchants to our raiders, as well as a sweet, sweet tabard (and bank tabs!) We're currently looking for DPS and healers, with a focus on the following classes to bolster our roster for Battle for Azeroth Normal and Heroic, and possibly Mythic Mode: Death Knight (Frost/Unholy) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Priest (Shadow or Holy/Disc) Rogue (Any) Though we do encourage any applicants to apply if interested! <3 Want to know more? PM Lowmaine (Lowmaine#1845), Serinicas (Sildas#1733), or Skootalloo (Skoot#11317) in Bnet chat, or find someone in guild in-game and you'll get pointed in the right direction. (Please note that we are a friendly lot – unless you’re a raid boss – we’re also a pretty rowdy one at times, and we do ask that applicants be 18+)Lowmaine14 2d
2d [H] Our Sanctuary - LGBT+, Semi Casual Our Sanctuary is an inclusive LGBT+ friendly guild with aims to make a solid, friendly community on the Horde here on Proudmoore. I personally know how hard it is to find a guild to call home, which is the reason I've decided to become a Guild Master here. With my aim at community, and inclusivity, I feel as though The Horde on Proudmoore could become active, even though there is a much larger Alliance presence on the server. Are you a Raider? You're in luck! We have plenty of raid spots open, and are open to accepting people for any role at the moment. Our raid days will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 7-11pm Eastern Standard Time. Are you strictly casual? Don't worry, you've got a home here if you want it. We won't ever tell you that you have to meet an activity quota, but we would love it if you participated with us. However, if you like playing solo, that's okay too, we're just happy to have you. Does Our Sanctuary have rules? Of course we do, and you will be told about them upon whispering me in-game, or talking to me on Discord or Btag. How do I join? I'm glad you asked! Feel free to add me on Discord and chat with me there, or hit me up on battletag, and we'll talk more about joining the guild. Discord: KrystiGG#8848 BTag: CynderKitten#1113Kristinà8 2d
2d Returning player/ assassination rogue Hello everyone, As the topic states, I am a returning player who is looking for a guild to raid with. I would like to do heroic/mythic content with a raid start time around 5:30-6pm server. I have not raided with a guild in a few expansions. Feel free to ask me any questions or leave your posts here.Freestuns0 2d
2d Experiend HPally LF raiding guild I'm planning on transferring to Proudmoore in the next day or two and am currently looking for a raiding guild who has a slot open for a Holy paladin. I'm a little undergeared still because my current guild/server is basically dead. I'll be online almost all weekend and available for questions. With my current schedule, I'm usually available 7pm-1am EST M-F, Saturday free all day, Sunday available in the evening (5pm and later). We don't need someone who's pushing cutting edge, but would be happy with a group that's structured and active and at least already has people running mythic dungeons (Or would like to be running mythic dungeons)Clothadin1 2d
2d (A)Hunter LF Raiding Guild LF an Alliance guild to start raiding with when Uldir drops. Very experienced raider since Vanilla. I'm also looking to gear up in mythic dungeons with guildies. If you want to ask me anything add my Btag. healmore#1852 I look forward to raiding with yah!Notroubles1 2d
2d <A> <Overly Ambitious> Recruiting for BFA! Late night mythic raiding guild recruiting like-minded players to push mythic raiding content in BFA. We only raid 2 nights, so we do expect people to be on time and ready to raid so we can maximize our progression. We will be pushing mythic +'s and helping people gear out. We are a group of friends that have been playing for a bit we always get AOTC, but we want to push for cutting edge. Currently looking for all classes. High demand: BM Monk Veng DH Guard Druid Resto Druid H Pally Any Rogue Mage ** Just cause some classes weren't listed doesn't mean we do not need them ** Raid times Tues/Wed 8:30-11:30pm server optional thursday's mythic+/heroic Whisper/or respond here for more info. you can contact us via our battletags as well! Supamexman#1883 Or Scrumptious#11514 Thanks!Locmexmonsta1 2d
2d [A] CALLING ALL HUNTERS NEW & OLD Hi there, Thank you very much for clicking this topic. First of all, I would like to try to start up a community for the Hunter class specifically. A place for new and old hunters a like, to hang out, or share knowledge of the class rotation and gear management to help everybody who might have questions. With that being said i am by no means the most knowledgeable and still have questions from more experienced hunters from time to time. I hope that with this place we can all gather and share information about all things hunter related. Here is a link to the community. I hope to see all, if not a lot of hunters take interest in this, because as you know Hunters do take their share of ridicule. Hopefully this place will be above that. 2d
3d 5 people for mythic raiding We're a 2 healers and 3 DPS looking for a guild to raid with in BFA. Resto druid Holy/disc priest BM/survival hunter frost/fire mages arms/furry warrior Are available days are Tues/Wed/Thur/Fri PM me in game if interested to invite us.Ceranous0 3d
3d <Karma Gaming> 3 Teams LFM Late and Weekends <Karma Gaming>(2008) is recruiting-progression w/o raiding overkill. LATE night, active, to accomodate busy lives. 4/11M ABT | Team1 9pm-12a Pacific Wed/Mon-1 Dps 1 Heal | T2 7:30-10:30p Tue/Th | Weekender T3 3:30p-6:30p Sat/Sun | Recruiting now for BFA!Heavensënt1 3d
3d Resto Druid / Boomkin LF Guild lf potential mythic raiding guild for 2 nights a week, can go boomkin or resto, preferably resto. Didn't raid much in legion but looking to go hard in BFA. Ouxi#11558Ouxii0 3d
3d Selling Blade of Hanna Selling Blade of Hanna for 100k if anyone wanna buyTautdarouge0 3d
3d [A] <Function> LFM N&H Raiders for BFA Hi all, Function is a laid back Guild focused on Heroic Raiding. We are a semi-casual raid team made of folks that are unable to be on all the time but still want to make it through current content. We intend to raid once a week for 4 hours and progress each raid starting in Normal and finishing through Heroic. Currently we are looking at raiding on Fridays from 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM (9:00 PM - 1:00 AM Eastern). We are looking for people with a similar outlook on raiding. We know that we will probably wipe, even on normal. What matters to us is that we keep trying and hopefully get better each time. If you are interested in joining us this expansion, we would love to have you. We are currently most in need of 1 Tank and 1 Healer, however we are flexible as to our current members classes and roles. Please feel free to reach out through You can reach me at MMMGDD#1764.Praiszu1 3d
3d War Mode on Proudmoore: your experience? Hi guys, I am considering transfering my human rogue from an OC server to a west coast one because I get 100ms instead of 200+, and Proudmoore seems to be the only one with a big Alliance population. I'm ready to make the transfer but I only have one concern. It's PvP. PvE and PvP server distinction is gone but I imagine the habits of the population don't change suddenly and there are, I guess, less people turning on War Mode here than on Tichondrius for example. So, for those of you who actually have War Mode on, how is it going so far? Are you able to enjoy world PvP in good conditions? Thanks for your time and maybe see you soon on Proudmoore. Have a good one guys.Searus1 3d
3d Balance/Resto Druid LFG Weekend Raids Balance/Resto Druid LFG with weekend raid schedules, preferably ending before midnight. For BFA, looking to switch to Balance as primary spec with resto as off spec. Any guilds with that schedule please let me know!Alårielle0 3d
3d Looking for Guild Looking for progression guild for Mythic +s and Raid Cleared Heroic Antorus Always available to help fellow players. Have multiple characters to heal, tank and dps. Multiple professions. Just looking to find some cool people to clear content with. Message Huntlies#1568Saberboom1 3d
3d Lock for Raiding I am just coming back to the game after a number of months away. I am looking to join a raiding team for BFA. If you have room in your raid force for a warlock, please let me know. I have high playing times and I last played TOS. I am attaching my bnet info DeathLord#21776 tksBanishh5 3d
3d Frost Mage LF Raiding Guild I finished legion 10/11 Mythic Antorus. Been raiding since Vanilla in the early days of Molten Core. I'm looking for a guild that raids anytime between 7 pm and 12 pm central U.S. time.Enygmah2 3d
3d [A] Community for Warriors: The Warrior's Den Thank you for taking the time to give this a read. Trying to make a community for Warriors to gather and discuss all things warrior related for all specs. As we have gone through many changes in the past. It would benefit the class to gather and pool our knowledge to help all warriors be the best they can be. Hope you all have a good day and hope to see you on the front lines. 3d
4d 4 Friends LFG! Hello all, me and 3 friends are looking to join a casual/semi hardcore raiding guild for BFA. One of us is very experienced with raiding (5/11M) while the other 3 are newish. We play an outlaw/assassination rogue, a WW monk, a BM hunter, and a ret pally. We are looking to raid evenings/nights on Monday, Wednesday, or Sunday. However, we are open to raiding sat/sun late AM early PM. If anyone is interested in us please leave a message on this post and we will contact you asap!Byebyebirdy2 4d
4d BM or SV Hunter LF Later Evening Guild Title says it all.. Looking for a guild looking to progress into Mythic and Mythic+ for BFA. Prefer times to be around 8:30-9pm start, days unimportant. Have extensive previous raid experience, understand importance of pre-pot, flask, food etc. Shoot me a message in-game if you've got a guild you think would be a good fit!Coraz1 4d