Mar 17, 2016 I want to buy heroic or mythic tier bosses :) SO as the title explains i need to buy heroic or mythic tier bosses only so please pm me with price in game :) my Btag is - Silentstorm#135148Jordren1 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 17, 2016 <Tastes Like Nostalgia> Twink Guild wants you <Tastes Like Nostalgia> is an alliance Twink guild on Proudmoore and are looking to expand our raiding rosters. We currently raid at both level 60 and level 70. If you are looking to put your rose-tinted glasses on and raid some wonderful content which is largely ignored, except for mount and transmog runs; we're the guild for you. If you didn't start playing WoW until after the content was no longer relevant and only get to see it while blasting through on your level 100, but want to give it a try; we're the guild for you. We will accept any in-game race, but do restrict classes to those which were available at the time the content being raided was released. So no Monks, and DKs will only be allowed in our 80 raid bracket, which will not be raiding for some time yet. We absolutely prohibit people getting run through content to get gear beyond what we have progressed through as a guild. As stats have been reduced, and player classes buffed (relative to content) it is already very easy compared to the difficulty level during progression. As such we do not want to also crush it with gear. We have no specific demand for roles, and try to accommodate whichever role a player prefers to play. Drop us a line in game if you have any questions. As it stands, our current progression is: <Tastes Like Nostalgia> is currently at: Level Sixty Raids Molten Core - 10/10 BWL - 8/8 AQ40 - 6/10 Level 70 Raids Karazahn - 12/12 Gruul's Lair - 2/2 Magtheridon's Lair - 1/1 Serpentshrine Cavern - 6/6 Tempest Keep - 4/4 Hyjal Summit - 3/5 Black Temple - We are not prepared.... Sunwell Plateau - Soon...All our raids are level capped with players never exceeding the level intended when they were released. As being even a single level above the "cap" from that expansion provides a massive, artificial damage boost, we never include characters beyond the specific raid's intended level.Acri40 Mar 17, 2016
Mar 16, 2016 Hi there.. to whom it may concern. I am trying to obtain the name "Kevin" from whoever is the owner of that Gnome Warlock. I see that the specific character is very much inactive, more than 5 months. But your account is still active. If you could please part ways with the specific characters name id greatly appreciate it ^_^ please and thank you.. Feel free to message me in game either on this toon or my hunter Zemballa.Itskevinlol5 Mar 16, 2016
Mar 15, 2016 (A)13/13 Herioc Guild Recruiting <It Burns to PVP> is looking for some raiders to fill out the core group. We raid Friday and Saturday 6-10pmST. Our raid lead is 8/13M and officers are 13/13H. PST for any questions or invite.Sarthea0 Mar 15, 2016
Mar 14, 2016 Recruiting <It Burns to PVP> is looking for some raiders to fill out the core group. We raid Friday and Saturday 6-10ST. Our raid lead is 8/13M and officers are 13/13H.Sarthea0 Mar 14, 2016
Mar 12, 2016 <Removed> <Removed>Kels1 Mar 12, 2016
Mar 12, 2016 LFM Mythic HFC Alt Run Sunday @ 12:00pm PST A couple of us over at Eternal Kingdom are wanting to start up a regular Mythic HFC Alt Run on Sundays. We are opening this up to anyone that is experienced and appropriately geared for the first 6 bosses of HFC. Schedule Sundays @ 12:00pm PST (server time) 3:00pm EST There is no set end time for this run but will last atleast 2 hours. Please be atleast 722+ ilvl. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Malvision/Chevere/Jozoken in game. Cheers Maniakra#1152Malvision0 Mar 12, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 looking for a home Freshly leveled mistweaver looking for a guild for h/n hfc , mythic five man's etc. I've done all of normal and then lower on heroic. Looking to raid Monday through Thursdays in the evening in cst. Have quite a few 100s across servers but looking to stay here and retire the others.Sectarian1 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 1 Day Friday Morning Mythic HFC X-Realm 9/13M Hi all, I'm hosting a X-Realm group Friday morning Mythic HFC run. Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM CST Date: Every Friday! (March 18th sign-up: Goal is to establish a solid/stable core for 1 day mythic fun Add Forever#1947 or Xel#1972 or if you have any questions. 13/13M experience raid leaders. Cheers! ...Rynthi6 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 7/13 Mythic Exp. Ret LF Mythic Guild 729ilvl with 795 Ring Ret Looking for a day time or 8pm pst start time Mythic raiding guild.Making this guy my main again after switching to lock for the guild and then having the guild stop raiding after H/HFC.Have been with this guild since BC so hard to leave but don't see them raiding in Legion.Most of my experience is on my lock in mythic kills name is Fatalgnome on Shadowsong.My Ret was made on 1/18/2005 and was my main up to Cata.After Cata I took 3 years away from the game and have been back playing for about 7 months. Some info about me I'm 32 years old with an one year old Boy and a girlfriend that used to play WOW but now takes care of kid so I can play WOW .Part of the reason I'm looking for a day time raiding guild or 8pm start is because I would like to spend more time with my kid but still want to raid.I'm also a business owner so my work times can be crazy sometimes.If you're interested in me you can add me TylerDurdenn#1827 Thanks for your time for reading this.Psychosocial0 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 Alternal Kingdom (A) Proudmoore Recruiting Are you looking for an exciting raiding opportunity but are limited on time? Well I have the solution to your problem. Alternal Kingdom sister guild of Eternal Kingdom (Top 100 US) is now recruiting for our weekly 3 hour raid on Thursdays (5-8 pst). We offer guild repairs and a great social atmosphere. Through the use of Greenwall you stay connected to the main guild and never miss any of the action. Whether you like pvp or the highest levels of Mythic raiding we have something for everybody. Apply today at: Don’t waste another second. Apply today and join our winning team!Kõd5 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 [H]Ice Cream Bikini Girls 13/13 H Recruiting We are casual Horde guild looking for active raiders to join our core raiding team. We are looking towards eventually doing Mythic raids. Ele/Enh Shammy, Rogue, Boomkin preferred. If you think you are good we will look at you regardless of class or spec. Raid times are Fri/Sat 6-9pm serverCandygram2 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016 720 BM monk LF H Raiding Guild 13/13M exp player just looking to kick back and raid on an alt Very experienced with Brewmaster tanking, willing to play WW/Enh shaman if needed but prefer Tanking Doable times are Thursday through Sunday Until legion Battletag is Neph#1147Meyshi0 Mar 11, 2016
Mar 10, 2016 Challenge mode carry Looking for a carry, paying 200k. Rainion#1670Alsmaric2 Mar 10, 2016
Mar 10, 2016 &lt;Blackrock College&gt; Raids for the rest of us. [DELETED]Rahtgut0 Mar 10, 2016
Mar 10, 2016 Meanwhile on Proudmoore Everyone will be going for this achievement come Legion: Mar 10, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 7-10EST raiding guild, Mythic experienced RLs Tactical Mayhem Gaming is an Xbox One and PC gaming community that's throwing massive support into launching it's world of warcraft guild US-Proudmoore (A). While we are looking for players of all types, gear levels, and abilities, this post is tailored to those interested in a spot on our Mythic raiding team. Our Mythic experienced raiders will be building the group in heroics until our roster is enough to reliably raid mythics. We are looking to have about 25 core raiders and 5-10 backups to keep ourselves fully staffed for 20 man content. Currently recruiting for any spot, RDPS, MDPS, Heals, and Tanks. If you're applying for a spot on the mythic raid team, we prefer you have your 4pc, and a legendary ring, as well as an ilvl approaching, or above 720. Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7-10 Eastern Time. The community is about more than just World of Warcraft, and the guild is about more than raiding. This guild is a familiy, we are fun, but our raid team needs to be competitive and focused. If you want to be in the guild, fine. If you want to be a mythic raider, expect to compete for your spot. To get an idea of what The Tactical Mayhem Gaming community is like, head over to and check it out. Or head to our forums at Looking forward to hearing from you soon! -Majestic Feel free to contact us on Bnet: Fogbringer#1220 - Raid team coordinator Preistlydmg#1320 - Guild Master We also do events for our casuals that give Ingame and out of game prizes for the winners! We run clan operations on Xbox One: Call of Duty, Halo, and soon the be The Division Community also participates in PC: H1Z1, LoL, Rust, Minecraft, CS;GOMajestïc1 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 9, 2016 RAF Anyone interested in being recruited on Horde side here using Recruit-A-Friend? Mostly morning/weekend player here. Hit me up! Btag is Play#1344Veezy0 Mar 9, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 MYTHIC 101 FULL CLEAR COME JOIN MY Q AND PROV Come join my q if u thank u got what it takes to do mythic!Vanirtitan0 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 Round out our Team! <REIN> Proudmoore (US)- Alliance An Adult Progression Raid Guild. We are a smallish guild that is seeking skilled/competent, mature adult players that are interested in joining the community we are working hard to build, while we are LGBT friendly, That is NOT what the guild is centered around. We believe that who you have sex with is your business.. We are focused on recruiting, patient Adult players (MUST BE OVER 21!!) to fill open Core Raider spots. The Team is currently 13/13 Normal HFC & 13/13 Heroic. We are trying to build a HEROIC RAID team with the right people and looking at the long term raiders over the content mercenaries. We are adults who want to raid and want to progress at a decent pass without having to deal with the issues that arise in other groups! Schedule: ALL Events are 5:30- 8:30 pm PST (8:30 -11:30 pm EDT) Core Team: Tuesday & Thursday. Casual & Returning Players also welcome! Team Needs: at the moment Tank- Full Healer- Monk, Druid (w/ DPS OS is preferred) MDPS- Ret Pally RDPS- Full on Hunters and Shaman What we need from you: Patience while we rebuild the group into what we are looking for! 90% Minimum Attendance 705+ iLvL Minimum Proper Gems & Enchants Ability to play your class at a level appropriate for a progression raider Abilities to take constructive criticism Ability to perform basic raid mechanics So if you're looking for a Stable/ active guild, here is what we are.. 6 Year Old Guild (Same GM,).. Drama Free- Any drama is handled quickly and Firmly Consistent Raiding (current Content) PM Me Here, in game on Unus or Btag me (Unus#1433) and we will talk!!!Unus0 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 7, 2016 Stray Disc/Holy Priest LF Forever Home Hi! 5/13M, 732 ilvl. I'm looking for a guild where I can get some Mythic raiding done prior to Legion, and hopefully somewhere stable enough to raid after Legion drops. My schedule is flexible, but I would prefer Sunday-Thursday nights. I just switched over from Eitrigg, since the raid scene there isn't so great these days. I'm more than happy to run trials with folks or complete formal applications. You can add me on bnet @ Anodyne#1567.Anodynë0 Mar 7, 2016
Mar 7, 2016 <Mediocre at Best> 11/13M Recruiting DPS -Raid Schedule: Tuesday: 7:00pm - 10:00 PST (10:00pm - 1:00am EST) Wendnesday: 7:00pm- 10:00pm PST (10:00pm - 1:00am EST) Thursday: 7:00pm- 10:00pm PST (10:00pm - 1:00am EST) Progression: 13/13H 11/13M <Mediocre at Best> is a group of long-term friends that have known each other since Cataclysm. We've decided to come back and change it up from a relxaed off and on WoD raiding experince to a more serious one for Legion raiding. Due to real life we choose to do a 3 day raid week and since we will be raiding on a 9 hour schedule, we would like our raiders to come prepared and ready to progress. We are starting now so that we have plenty of time to get the right players on the team. We are highly motivated to get the most out of our 3-day schedule. The goal of the guild is to become a high end mythic raiding guild in Legion. We are recruiting Ranged & Melee DPS. We would like to look for players that are 720+ However, we will always consider exceptional players in all roles, prior experince and logs are appreciated. Recruitment Needs: Ranged: Ele Shaman Mage Warlock Hunter Spriest Melee: Rogue Feral Warrior Exceptional players of all classes are welcome to apply and we will consider ALL qualified applicants. Applicants must: - Be Geared for the current level of content, or within reason. - Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule. - Be GOOD at your jobs and be willing to take criticism and advice. - Be willing to attend 90%+ of raids. - Be willing to provide your own raid mats - We do ask you have a good understanding of the fights before applying. Loot System: To distribute loot, we use Loot Council. Loot is a necessary tool that controls how well your raid can progress, as so we treat it like such. We hand out loot based on a couple of factors. How big of an upgrade it is, what the person’s attendance is like, and whether the item is BiS or not. We then weigh all of these factors and hand out loot to who we feel will receive the greatest benefit for our raid. Battletag for more info: Ryk#1413 Zivantha#1607Sapphireqt1 Mar 7, 2016
Mar 7, 2016 [H] Mythic Archimonde Carry I realize Proudmoore is a heavy Alliance server, but if any Horde guilds are doing Mythic Archimonde carries, how much would this run? Not the whole thing, just the big guy. :) Contact me with info/questions/price, Panda#11945.Isiolith1 Mar 7, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 Mage, Warrior, and Priest LF Mythic Raiding Our guild stopped raiding so we are looking for a new home. There’s 3 of us: Ôdwalla(arcane mage, ilvl 730):Ôdwalla/advanced Viodyn(fury warrior, ilvl 717): Izaura(disc priest, ilvl727): 13/13H experience. We are available any day after 7pm PST except Mondays. We prefer a guild that raids 2 times a week. Contacts: odwalla#1918 or vampiro#1725Ôdwalla7 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 Looking for a casual/friendly home! :] I am in search of a somewhat casual PvE guild. I've had a lot of trouble searching for guilds in past games that fit my particular qualifications. So I hope I am able to find something here. What am I looking for? A PvE guild: Or at least one that mainly focuses on PvE. I am not really a PvPer and I find my fun in running raids (new and old), doing dungeons and just playing the main PvE game aspects. I'm not against PvP at all and sometimes I don't mind jumping in, but I much prefer PvE focus! An 18+ age requirement: I don't want to have to watch what I say around little ones too much. I'm not going to drop F-bombs constantly, but the do slip out sometimes and I don't want to feel guilty if it happens. That being said I've been in numerous games across different games that have parents and their children in the guild. I don't mind that at all and can absolutely keep my mouth in check in guild-chat. I just like the voice communications to be a freer speaking zone. n.n Voice Communications: I wan't to get to know the voices behind the character. I really enjoy just playing the game and having conversations with different people. Even if we aren't doing the same thing at the same time it is fun! I've had some of the most involved conversations through Teamspeak and Discord. A family: I consider my guild to be my online family. I want people I can laugh with, drink with and !@#$ talk with. People to grow and learn the game with. I like making a connection there and feeling like you guys are a huge reason I log in! Who am I? I'm a 23 year old biology student. I'm currently working on a degree in organismal biology with plans to be a college professor and focus on mycology. I have two pets. A chameleon named Alice and a leopard gecko named Ikthian. I've been around reptiles and fish for most of my life. I was the aquatic/reptile specialist at Petco for about three years and at Petsmart for about two years. I've played WoW for a short-ish time compared to the game itself. I started at the end of Mists of Pandaria and took a break due to my friends quitting. I came back around the time Warlords of Draenor launched. I'm looking forward to Legion! I'm still undecided on which class to start for Legion. I've got it narrowed down to either Survival Hunter or Shadow Priest so far. I've done raiding in Warlords and am usually very good at it. I enjoy the challenge of raiding and I love working together for the common goal. Most of my characters are Horde but I plan on starting a new character for whatever guild I join so I'm game for either Horde or Alliance. If you think your guild fits what I'm looking for please leave me a message below or PM me! If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Thank you for your time! :]Okorum1 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 Thinking of making a over 30 guild Hello, I just got back into playing wow a few months ago and well I have been unable to find a home. I have been thinking of maybe putting a guild together of casual players of a like age. I think it will be nice because there will be a nice pressure free place. I want to find helpful people that just enjoy the game. I dunno what do you think? We can build it and establish it together........ If you guys are still interested message me my battle tag is niszczyciel #1322.....Kaplanka19 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 4, 2016 Over 30 social guild finally formed! <channel five newsteam> Hello I am glad to announce that the over 30 guild that I have been trying to put together is finally up and running. We are looking to establish a no pressure fun atmosphere to play wow with friends. We will eventually run 5mans and raids but for now we are just looking to build our ranks. Looking for people around the age of 30 or older that just have a love for this game. We have a vent for Social chatting and will use it when we start running things.... We really want to become a very social fun group. Interested in any type of player.... Specially one that's what's to help in helping the building the ground floor of something great..... /who channel five newsteam or niszczyciel#1322 or comment on this thread I'll look you up in game....Kaplanka0 Mar 4, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 Resto Shaman LF raiding Hello Folks, It's been a while since I've been active in WoW - I just came back in February - and I'm looking for an active guild to raid with. I have been on Proudmoore for almost ten years now. I've raided in almost every tier (skipped most of this xpac) in every role. I'm currently looking to get into a normal HFC group - I've cleared most of the bosses on my priest & shaman with PUG's or friends guilds. My gear of course isn't anything special - but I'm working on it :-) My goal for this expansion is to get 13/13 HC - but I realize I'd need a few upgrades first (I also realize I'm missing enchants - but I've changed gear 5 times in the last week, so I'm holding off for a few more HFC pieces). I'm a full time professional, married, with an active gym habit. I am on EST, and tend to have 2-3 hour blocks several weeknights (sometimes more) and some time on the weekends. I have level 100's of every class except mage - but want to raid on the shaman if possible. I'm proficient in enhancement as well. You're welcome to look at my achievements - most of my advanced raid experience was Ulduar hard-modes, and Burning Crusade. I have not done any mythic raid content this expansion. I'm looking for a fun, active, mature group to raid with (doesn't have to be a guild). I'd prefer to start pushing heroic content as soon as possible. I'm flexible on days, but much prefer EST. I have a very fast computer, low latency, and am able to use voice communication. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I look forward to hearing from you! IF you wish to reach out to me in game, my ID is Fistfury#1830. Please identify yourself in the note so I know it's not a gold seller :)Fistfury3 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 13/13M Raider LF Raiding Guild Hello guys, We had Hellfire Citadel on farm for a while one and one night clearing 13/13M on Tuesdays, from 7:30pm – 11:00pm CST, is not fun anymore. I am looking for raiding guild for my Windwalker Monk. You can armory my cute, little monk. He does have Legendary Ring which I plan to max the fastest possible and an experience of 9/13M. I main another melee dps so I should still perform at my raiding standard. I have flexibility for any days of the weeks. I have all my BiS trinkets except my class trinket. Only missing 2 Mythic tier pieces, and I have my BiS socketed Mythic polearm from Mannoroth. I do not mind progression at all. You will be guaranteed to have my very best performance. Thank you, Sky Note: You are free to contact me through my battletag: Skyfall#1891 (Willing to Faction Transfer if needed be)Votkinsk1 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 12/13M Qt Public Morning Mythic HFC X-Realm LINK POSTED IN MOST UPDATED POST - openraid will be used to help act as a realm-wide calendar invite, so it is easy to track attendance and whether players will be able to attend the raid. Introduction: Qtcupcake’s Weekly Raid is composed of raiders found through premade group finder and friends of the raid leader. We have been running together for 3+ months as a group and with mythic cross-realm looking to expand beyond heroics and start mythic raiding. The group is more of a semi-serious environment, but we also enjoy having fun. The goal is to be respectful, efficient, and have fun playing the game while progressing through difficult content. The raid leader has done 11/13M on his main. Important: November 24, 2015 will be first raid the group does on mythic hellfire citadel. At least a portion of the group has had mythic experience on a different toon, but please keep in mind the goal is to progress as quickly as possible. You should expect wipes because the group is new and our goal is to clear the content in a timely manner with a consistent group. If you are looking for a 1 shot group for quick gear than this won't be the group. Keep in mind even guilds who clear the content 5+ times still wipe due to mechanics. Requirements: Ventrilo (Public Vent private channel) 10/13M experience (multiple kills preferred) 730+ (expected to put some work into valor upgrades, since we want players who want to bring best out of their toons) Exorsus Raid Tools, Weak Auras, Angry Assignments will be used Recruitment: The group right now has a solid core, but always looking to add strong players who are looking to raid on a weekly basis. We are strongly looking for the following: Mages Warlocks Rogues Other classes and specs feel free to inquire and we can see if we can be a possible fit. Raid Times: Tuesday 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pacific time (invites go out at 9:00 a.m.) If there is interference with servers than we can adjust from there, but haven’t had much of a problem the last few months. If you are UNABLE to make the raid that is perfectly understandable with we are able to go on cellphones, laptops, or computers from anywhere and quickly change the invite. If you do not respond to calendar and do not show up than most likely you will not be invited to further raids. Loot Distribution: ML MS>OS We are a pretty consistent group, so depending on applicant loot may be restricted for first 2 week to ensure we are a good fit to raid on a regular basis. Feel free to add Btag Venusella#1468 if you have any questions. LINK POSTED IN MOST UPDATED POST - openraid will be used to help act as a realm-wide calendar invite, so it is easy to track attendance and whether players will be able to attend the raid. Qtcupcake6 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 Any pvp guild's? Looking forward to the new pvp system in Legion. Seeing if this server has any pvp guild's. Preferably ones that do RGBs. Thanks for your time.Lundra1 Mar 2, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 Swift Spectral Tiger Selling the mount for 500kSarilis2 Mar 2, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 Level 60 'Vanilla' Guild <Warcraft Legacy> ~Hello all!~ <Warcraft Legacy> is a small group who is currently looking for more people to level with. We are a Legacy Guild-- That means that we lock at 60, so we can do Vanilla-Style PvE content at it's desired difficulty. We accept level 1s who want to create new characters on Proudmoore to try us out. (You don't have to be level 60 to join!) We don't currently have enough players to actually do any raids at the moment, but are looking to expand in numbers. Any class is accepted but newer classes (I.E. DK/Monk) have no loot so it would be hard to include. If you are interested please mail or message me in game. btag @ BronzeElf#1711 or reply to this thread.Clouwd4 Mar 2, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 Looking for guild that raids around 8:00 PST I'm looking to transfer to this server because I live on the east coast but I tend to play very late at night and need to find a guild that runs regularly at 11:00 EST. Mainly I play Fri/Sat/Sun, but some weeknights as well from time to time. According to everything I can find about the various realms, Proudmoore seems like one of the most active raiding servers that is located in LA and runs on PST. So I wonder if there are any guilds currently recruiting for HFC N/H that raid at 8:00 server time (8:00 PST / 11:00 EST).Rahtgut0 Mar 2, 2016
Mar 2, 2016 720 Mage lf mythic progression Prefer a 2 day (wed-thurs) schedule. 13/13H 3/13M. Btag = Dex#1427Spellcheck0 Mar 2, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 LF guild! My buddy and I are not the best raiders around, we want to start near Mythic dungeons or just normal Highmaul and enjoy the raids, our current guild are progression well beyond this and we feel like we wouldn't be able to enjoy the raids in order to catch up with them. We are looking for a guild who is active and online and love to be helpful and be a community. Also to start a group of people to progress with slowly but still have fun. Would love to have vent or mumble or a talking service.Bjbarr2 Mar 1, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 WTB HEROIC ARCHI KILL I am tired of raid group asking me for aotc even tough i dont need a achivement to show im experienced but now i am in need of it T_T so plz state your price and time my battletag Silentstorm#135148Jordren0 Mar 1, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 deleted didn't take long to find a guild lolTihra1 Feb 29, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 Arrested Development 5/13M Sun/Mon LF RDPS Who We Are We are the Awkward Nudes raid team of Arrested Development-Proudmoore US! We have multiple raid teams with different levels of progression. The Awkward Nudes raid team is 5/13M and looking to fill a couple DPS spots. What We Need RDPS- we are considering all RDPS at this time. classes of specific need are -Mage -Elemental shaman -Warlock When Do We Do It We raid Sunday & Monday 7-10pm Server (PST) What we expect Come prepared - Be geared, be enchanted, have food/flasks/augment runes/Healing Tonics and know the fights ahead of time. Come on time - Be inside the instance and ready to start pulling trash/bosses at 6:50pm Have fun - This is a game after all. Be respectful - You can joke, you can be a little crude, but don't be racist, sexist....pretty much any "ist" Be dedicated- we require those interested in Mythic raiding to be dedicated and to show up consistently. we will not tolerate bad attendance To Get In Contact Message: Varrusian-Proudmoore US Tarvus-Proudmoore US with any questions or concerns. Or talk to anyone in the guild and they can refer you to an officer. Also Visit Additional Info We run on a trial basis and we will monitor your performance through logs and additional sources. Once in contact with an officer, we may invite you to the guild and have you run a raid with us as a trial member. Upon completion of the trial raid, we will discuss your future with us between the raids members/officers.Varrusian3 Feb 29, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 9/13M main LF weekend guild for alt. Howdy all. I'm looking for a casual weekend (fri-mon works) for a freshly boosted resto druid i've made on this server. I'm a 9/13 mythic holy pally at this time and am actively raiding. Obviously being a boosted toon i'm behind on gear but i'm determined to quickly gear up this druid and find a fun place to call home for her. My battletag at this time is: Brandon7894#1221 Due to ocd name changes on this toon my logs are a bit of a mess but i can provide a few months worth for anyone interested. (Highlights include a rank 2 holy pally log on mythic gorefiend at my item level.)Hucksalt1 Feb 29, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 12/13H Guild LFM Heroic Raiders!! <REIN> Proudmoore (US)- Alliance An Adult Progression Raid Guild. We are a smallish guild that is seeking skilled/competent, mature players that are interested in joining the community we are working hard to build, while we are LGBT friendly, That is NOT what the guild is centered around. We believe that who you have sex with is your business.. We are focused on recruiting, patient Adult players (MUST BE OVER 21!!) to fill open Core Raider spots. The Team is currently 13/13 Normal HFC & 12/13 Heroic. We are trying to build a Heroic Raid team with the right people and looking at the long term raiders. We are adults who want to raid and want to progress at a decent pass without having to deal with the issues that arise in other groups! Schedule: ALL Events are 5:30- 8:30 pm PST (8:30 -11:30 pm EDT) Core Team: Tuesday-Thursday. Casual & Returning Players also welcome! Team Needs: at the moment Tank- Full Healer- Monk, Resto Shaman, Holy Priest (with DPS OS Preferred) MDPS- Enh Shaman, Ret Pally RDPS- Warlock, Mage What we need from you: Patience while we rebuild the group into what we are looking for! 90% Minimum Attendance 705+ iLvL Minimum Proper Gems & Enchants Ability to play your class at a level appropriate for a progression raider Abilities to take constructive criticism Ability to perform basic raid mechanics So if you're looking for a Stable/ active guild, here is what we are.. 6 Year Old Guild (Same GM,).. Drama Free- Any drama is handled quickly and Firmly Consistent Raiding (current Content) PM Me Here, in game on Unus or Btag me (Unus#1433) and we will talk!!!Unus5 Feb 28, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 <Sakkara> is recruit for our core raid team Hello, My name is Lexi and I am the Guild Master/ Raid Team lead for the guild <Sakkara>. on Proudmoore server. The Guild itself it a casual guild starting up a core raid team.We are recruiting for our raid team but also casuals are welcome also. website: RAID TIMES Friday & Saturday( not set in stone) 8pm-11pm est A third day will be added when we start MYTHIC or clean up day if needed. Third day is-TBA. Our guild and team goals are to get a Core team and push content even into legions in a laided back fun environment.. TEAM EXPECTATIONS ADDONS NEEDED DBM/Bigwigs Real life i want to always be our members first priority. TEAM NEEDS All since i am flexible in what i raid to benefit the group This team is brand new so we need all roles and classes. Once the team has gotten particular classes and roles i will be updating people can see what we need for classes and roles. If you have anymore questions or have any suggestions to add please add me in game and we can discuss further. Battle tag Tjani#1283 [i][/i]Lëxi12 Feb 28, 2016
Feb 28, 2016 <It burns to PvP <It Burns To PvP> is looking for experienced players to build our raid group.We are lead by 9/13 Mythic exp. RL we raid Fri. and Sat. 10pm-1am EST.Moocommander0 Feb 28, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 Great Men in History 7/13H LF Tank! <Great Men in History> was originally formed in January of 2008 on Destromath and rerolled on Proudmoore in September of 2015. Many of our members started playing in Vanilla, and we're a "serious raiding guild"-turned-"casual raiding guild" (with the love of min-maxing firmly intact). We're a mature group of players looking for friendly (and competent) team members to fill out our roster. Currently we have a regular group of about 15 players. If you're interested in raiding 1 night a week but still making good progress, you should check out our guild. Our first evening in Heroic HFC we downed the first 4 bosses and nearly downed a 5th. The second time, we killed the first four and two more! If you've been looking to get into heroic raiding with a good group of people, this is a great opportunity. Raid Times: Friday, 6pm - 9pm PST + Scheduled Mythic Dungeons Progression: 12/13 N, 7/13 H We expect that you will: Be ready for Heroic HFC (690+ ilvl). Show up on time and ready to go. Maintain a high rate of attendance. We understand that life happens, but you must be willing to reach out and let us know of conflicts ahead of time if at all possible. Be willing to pass on gear for the benefit of the raid group. We gear up as a team and don’t play favorites. Study up on strategies before the raid. Current Needs 1-2 Tanks While we're specifically looking for a tank or two, we’re happy to talk no matter your preferred role. We’re more interested in getting good players than filling any particular spot at this point. For questions or to arrange a trial run, contact Rissy#1444 (Rissie) Pandora#1569 (Jasnia) To apply: Check out our website and press the shiny Apply Now button. http://gmihguild.comJasnia9 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 <A>701 Hpriest LF Guild to Raid N/H Xp: 13/13N 13/13H 5/13M 701ilvl (723Hpally/722Rshaman) Sun/Mon/Wed any time after 5pm EST Hello! I am looking for a guild to join to help with your raids! My paladin and Shaman I do not play anymore and do not desire to seek mythic progression on those two. But I would LOVE to play this priest and heal. However, on my server the guilds are slim and the two that I am in on the shaman and paladin are either no longer raiding this xpac or only doing a mythic push. So I would like to join your guild and help you all in your progression! I do not care if you're 1/13N, I just want a guild I can do some progression with that is not mythic (atm). I would prefer that you are not over 5/13H because I do not want to play catch up! I want something that will last a while and give me something to do! So I'm looking for a guild somewhere between 1/13N and 5/13H! I play Holy, not disc and not shadow! I know the strats and can help you all if you have any questions about a boss! I am relaxed and laid back but on time and knows what to do and works well with others. I do NOT want to realm transfer atm, I would simply like to add you on Btag and you toss me an invite when its raid time! Now I am willing to give up my spot if you find a player on your server who will be a permanent addition to your team! Money is tight for me atm so I do not want to transfer just yet! But I want to raid and not PUGS! If I seem like a good match for your guild add me and lets talk! Leaving a note here will be helpful so I know who is adding me and what you have to offer! Thank you! Phatori#1304Singard0 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 A question about this realm Hello, A group of friends (about 7-8 of us) are looking for a PVE server and I've read great things about this realm from lurking in a few forums. If anyone could spare a few minutes to answer a question that would be great! -Are there any EST raiding guilds here? I understand its a PST server but there just seems to be a lot of positive things said about this realm, so we're just curious if there are eastern guilds here. Thanks for your time -Emnix4 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 709 warrior looking for guild Looking to join a guild and jump into heroic (higher if you dont mind my garbage gear) and progress. I am in search for a guild that raids starting at 9 or 10pm EST. If you feel your guild might have a need for a dps warrior shoot me an ingame message or add me to your btag list Xazic#1601Kialani1 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 looking for a weekend evening guild(alliance) i have a alliance druid who is almost done with their ring quest that i would like to get into a heroic team that runs on the weekend in the evening. i sometimes work until 10pm central so i believe that would be 8 server so a guild that starts at 9 would be perfect. my preferred specs on her would be balance, and resto but considering her lower ilvl (705) and lack of tier or good trinkets i would prefer to dps until i had the gear to heal both lower and upper. the only days i absolutely cant be around are wed and thurs because thats when my mythic team runs, however i dont want you to see my druid as an alt to my horde main because i like to see it as having a horde main and having an alliance main. then each of those have alts.. if anyone thinks their guild could use another druid for the times im available you can contact me in this thread or my btag cadmium#1500 if you are curious about my pve experience you can armory the char im on now, hes my horde main and is 13/13 norm 13/13 heroic and 1/13 mythicSwagula1 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 Returning from 1.5 year absence. Looking for 18+ guild Ally on Pmoore. Not looking for hardcore progression, but steady/casual instead. Preferably after 9pm est, 2 days weekly. Either tanking or healing is fine. I have various toons for different roles maxed out from prior xpacs.Wintersoulja1 Feb 26, 2016