Oct 6, 2015 [A] Incursus recruiting DPS and Heals Who we are Incursus is a new guild on the Proudmoore server, but we have been raiding together for years on Sen'jin as Hypnosis. With the downturn in subscriptions, that server was not viable for replacing the members we lost due to attrition. We have moved to Proudmoore to take advantage of the larger alliance raiding base and to continue our goals of heroic progression in Warlords and beyond. Our Goals Our goal is to progress through heroic content while it is current. We will do so while maintaining a casual raid schedule of two raids per week. When we raid We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-9:30 p.m. server time (Pacific Time Zone) What we need We are looking for a few players to round out our roster. Of particular need are ranged dps and healers. While we are recruiting any ranged dps at this moment, we would love to have a hunter, druid or shaman to help balance the raid. All healing classes are currently open. We will review all qualified applicants, so please apply even if your class/spec isn't listed above. What we expect Be respectful of others Be on time to raids Be prepared (have food, flasks, pots and know raid strats) Have fun. This is a game after all. How do you apply Go to and fill out the application there.Babikir5 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 671 Elemental Shaman Returning to the game after guild fell apart in the middle of T17. Looking for a place to do some heroic and eventually mythic raiding, my gear isn't top shape but that will change soon. Looking for a weeday evening (EST) raiding guild.Zvaerlyn3 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Strong Rdps and 2 heals LF progression team. We are looking for a progression team, don't mind starting with normal and quickly clearing to Heroics. Mythic is something we are also interested in if the group is good. I've cleared heroic and the two healers have cleared normal and have heroic XP. Very experienced raiders. Either write me here or add me to BT Azaraje#1732Ahryia9 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Guild: With members in British Columbia Hey I have a bunch of toons of the server and I was wondering if any had a people who lived in the BC area. Looking for a guild with people in the local area somewhat. Edit: Alliance side that is.Utrtipsy7 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Frost DK LF HFC normal raiding guild. Prefer raiding weekly or twice a week.Scarletbane1 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 5, 2015 [A] RoKK is recruiting 11/13H LF Ranged TL;DR stuff here -------------------------- We are currently looking for: Ranged DPS --------- Balance Druid Mage Warlock Elemental Shaman Healers --------- Priest Resto Shaman H-Pally We look at all applications so please don't be shy about throwing one up. Raid focus is currently on normal/heroic. Current progression is 13/13 N 11/13 H Hellfire Citadel Former Progression is 7/7H Highmaul, 10/10H Blackrock Foundry Our raid times are Tues-Thurs 6:30-9:30 PM PST Our website can be found at: --------------------------- RoKK is a guild that has been around since Vanilla. Originally from Kil'jaeden, we've maintained a strong community base. While it hasn't always actively raided, many old members tend to stick around for alt raids and guild activities. When we're in the swing of things, we often field raids with raider alts and filled out by the friend/family rank in the guild. You can expect stability, which can be really hard to find in WoW. Unfortunately with stability and casual raiding come some drawbacks. We'll never be the top guild on the server but we're ok with that. We do things in our own time and in our own way. It's more important to us to enjoy the game! Our major goal is to try to foster a raiding oriented atmosphere with raiders who want to continue to work on heroics long after the server firsts are down. All information pertaining to the guild can be found at For additional questions, please contact Rebelion in game.Rebelion42 Oct 5, 2015
Oct 4, 2015 <Savant> merge opportunity! Hi everyone of Proudmoore, <Savant> is a PvE Progression guild Semi-Hardcore that did a GUILD TRANSFER from Deathwing a few months back! As this is a major change for us but a great move, we lost a few of our CORE TEAM. We will be actively recruiting DEDICATED raiders to our ranks!! Below is an outline of recruitment and about <Savant> We would also consider a merge (merge into Savant). (All ranks stay the same) <Savant> Is a small group of fun individuals that really want to rock the new 6.2 content!! We are looking to pushed through heroic BRF 10/10 in the next week to get our AOTC. We currently raid tues,wed - from 6pm server to 9pm(PST) - semi-hardcore (just expect you to be at the raids ready for those 2 nights only 3 hours and any other time that you can but we dont dedicate our lives to WoW). 12/13 N HFC 6/13 H HFC 7/7 H HM 10/10 H BRF -- Our goals -- Square out the 20-25 core group of raiders. Learn ALL fights in heroic HC as a group and move on to mythic. Have as much fun as we can! -- About <Savant> -- Raiding nights as above are 2 nights of 3 hours / night / week We raid normals once a week for alts / under geared mains that want to join our core raiders. Members of Savant always try and help everyone in the guild because we are a great small team of players that want to improve each others experience in the game. Guild repairs & flasks/pots provided by GBank -- Recruitment Status -- Considering any class! Requirements - Must have vent - Must be ready for raiding - ilvl of 685 + to be considered for our core raiding team - Active on our forums. (all rules of the guild can be found on our website @ LOOT rules can be found on our website as well. We use EPGP --- HOW TO APPLY --- Visit our forums @ Post a reply send me a DM on battlenet -- redmenace#1174 Thank you for your time. -N Proudmoore-US ALLIANCENitefal0 Oct 4, 2015
Oct 4, 2015 LF Mythic Gorefiend Raiders/Absorb/Collab Didactic, a 5/13 Alliance Mythic Raiding Guild on Korgath Server ( a medium pop heavy dominated alliance server) , is looking for players who are willing to work on this boss or a guild like us to merge/absorb/collaborate to do this boss and go further in this expansion. This boss seems to kill alot of guilds and make many players quit or server transfer for more talent. We are a dedicated group of people. We have now fallen under the 20 required raider number for mythic. We have 17-18 core raiders who have 100+ wipes on this boss. Trying to stop the bleeding of people magically disappearing in this game. People expect bosses to just fall over and they dont. So we are experiencing attendance issues. We are not looking to rebuild and regear people or carry people so that they can get experience and then go to a guild that is 9/13 Mythic or higher. Its a vicious cycle and unequal balance that is constantly happening in this game. We are also not looking to do 350+ wipes on this boss as some guilds have already done but patience is required. If you are a group of players or a guild with a few players that want to absorb and continue progression. Please contact me. We are paying for transfers.Even if you are undergeared and have the push to do content. Serious inquiries please. We currently raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:30 CST tag Polishprynce#1816 or contact me in game.Polishprynce0 Oct 4, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 <Thrash> 13/13H is recruiting! <Thrash> 13/13H is building a roster for Mythic Progression! We are looking especially for a tank. Also recruiting DPS/Heals of all types! All exceptional raiders are also encouraged to join. PST or send mail in-game to Quärter or Gutmax for more info Battletag: Quartermayne#1648Quärter1 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 711 DK Tank LF Heroic/Mythic HFC Guild Howdy, I just transfered to Proudmoore from a dead server and I am looking for a guild. I have cleared HFC Heroic. Ideally, I am looking for weekend raids between 5pm and 11pm EST. If you need a tank shoot me a whisper. Jimmynickels#1915Jimmynickles0 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 {FREELANCE} US PROUDMOORE 12/13H LFM Greetings fellow raiders! This is Corianaa the jr. partner to the GM of Freelance on US Proudmoore. We would like to add 4 more DPS to fill out our CORE ROSTER. We are recruiting for ranged and melee dps at this time but welcome all classes and specs to apply if you feel you are an exceptional player with good raid awareness. We offer progression with a 2 night raid schedule and use mumble and a DKP loot system. Raid times are: Tues and Wed 4:30-7:30 server time. Please visit us at for more information or PST any officer online. Btag: Oiliana#1759 We will welcome you into Freelance and you will find this to be a great new home for you as we are a very social and active guild and do many things on off-nights as well. Thank you! CorianaaOiliana0 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 712 Resto Druid 13/13 H LF raiding guild Planning on switching servers to proodmoore and looking for a new home. Also bringing my sister who is 10/13H Balance druid also looking for a raiding guild. Thanks :DMerrcy3 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 2, 2015 Looking for a home :) Hello all, I am a druidette, who has been offline to deal with Real life for a couple of months and I am looking for a home to call my own :) I was a skilled healer with high efficiency rating before I stopped playing, and I would like to help your guild raids to progress, however if meeting once or twice per week just for the raid is all your guild does, I would probably not be a good fit :) I am looking for a fun home with some old raid and dungeon nights or other events in between, which bring the guild players closer together. My current gear rating is 682. If your guild has members in the San Francisco/Bay Area its a plus :) I am a transgender girl, so acceptance is a must :) Send me a tell in-game to: Alena#1796 or to in-game characters Tralena/Dessalia Thank you! Xoxo, Alena P.S:If it says i'm currently in the guild, i am not :)Dessalia4 Oct 2, 2015
Oct 2, 2015 Vengeance Hammer. 13/13 Normal. 2/13 heroic. Vengeance Hammer is a very laid back casual raiding guild. We are currently recruiting DPS and a Healer. We're open to help gear people up through normals since we're doing that at the moment to begin with. We're also open to teach people fights. We're not a hardcore raiding guild by far we just like to have fun and not take everything serious. But Still progress. Our raid times are as followed. 7 PM Server Time. 9 PM Central Time. 10PM Eastern Time. Wednesday & Thursday. For People interested my Battletag is V3Vagabond#1584Moocommander0 Oct 2, 2015
Oct 2, 2015 Does Proudmoore US share servers? I want to create more toons, but I'm at my limit on Proudmoore US. Do they share with any other server? Thanks.Librahoshi1 Oct 2, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 13.13N 6/13H holy paladin LFG Looking for a Heroic level guild that raids during the day or late night. Please contact me Halstrom#1999. This is an alt I am trying to make my main. My retired main is 13/13H 1/13M. ThanksHalstromx1 Oct 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 Night Eternal <A> Realm:Alleria HHFC Night Eternal is an Alliance Guild on Alleria. We are currently 10/13H 13/13N HFC We are looking to bolster our ranks for Heroic content. Our current needs are as follows: Tanks Monk (High) w/DPS offspec DK (High) w/DPS offspec Druid (High) w/DPS offspec Healers Paladin (Medium) Shaman (High) DPS Monk (High) Warlock (High) Shaman Ele (High) Deathknight (High) Mage (High) Raid Schedule 4 days Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Monday 7:30-9:30 CST Even if your class is not listed above, please feel free to contact someone in guild as we are always looking for exceptional players. Contact Chaosshot#1147 or myself almostglinx#1858Tot1 Oct 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 [A] <DISCONTENTED> LFM Raiders Hello everyone! <Discontented> is a Heroic focused raiding guild that needs couple caster DPS, Healer, and a few more melee DPS We need the following classes: Rogue, Shaman- any, Holy Priest, Ret Paladin, and Fury warrior w/ potential prot offspec. We are also seeking ANY skilled players looking to be part of a growing and evolving guild. Were open to taking groups of players as well, after discussion. Were also considering all exceptional players regardless of our need. *Will will make it fit!* :P Please consider joining us! Who we are- 12/13N, 7/13H and are really tired of pugging DPS & the occasional Healer. Many of our raiders are 13/13 Experienced HFC as well. We have a 15 member core group of raiders and expect everyone to know their !@#$ and perform to expectations. Raid times: T/TH 6:30pm -9:30pm PST. What we expect: *Your attendance for every raid*. *I cannot emphasize this enough*. Real life issues come up occasionally, just let us know in advance. We provide flasks, food, and repairs during raids. We require you to be gemmed, enchanted, and possess awareness in raids (i.e avoid smashes, move out of fires, etc.). Also, we expect the use of Teamspeak during raids, being on-time for events, and the use of addons. Add me to battletag if you are interested and would like to chat more! Guild leader battletag- Tiberious#1413Tiberius2 Oct 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 A <PuG n Pray> searching for new faces We're an old guild of veteran/experienced raiders searching for active, social folks to join us in prep for Legion. Filling the ranks for more guild events. Please have a mic & a sense of humor. Whether you're new or oldschool, we're open to helping people learn and become a part of the team. Do you already have skill? Great! Skill>iLvL any day. ... We're trying to regain our footing at this point in time and hope to meet some new folks that will become part of our family. We were going to re-create the guild under a new name but since people liked it, we stuck with this one. We WILL be raiding in Legion. We'll set goals and try to complete them to our best ability. We do have people currently working on Mythic dungeons and Challenge modes and some interested in pvp as well. For a raid type setting we'd prefer to have those that are willing to learn and are determined to progress, but in other aspects, casual, social players are great and more than welcome to join us. Currently, I personally have every profession and class maxed except for a rogue. My Btag is Noel#1176 I've had reports that some adds to my tag don't go through.Vegå0 Oct 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 696 Mage and 690 Resto shaman LF Guild Hello! me and my mage friend are looking for a guild to run HFC. We are both dedicated raiders and are looking for progress focused raid. Currently know all the fights just need a little bit more experience with it. We bring flasks and food and are always on time. We are available at 7 PSTAuryis2 Oct 1, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 707 dps warrior I am currently looking for a guild that raids 8+ hours. My current progression is 9/13h. b tag iarodis#1130 for questionsArodis0 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 707 MM Hunter LF Heroic/Mythics Hello all. I am currently in the market for a new home. I transferred over here because of the population of the server and am looking to raid more in HFC in preparation for Legion. I am currently 13/13N and 12/13H My raid availability is after 8pm any day, or after 6pm on mondays and wednesdays. Please let me know if you have any questions at all! My battle tag is killswitch#1273Anidash0 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 Delete DeleteNightwinds17 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 30, 2015 GDKP raid Sundays 11am - 2pm server Sundays GDKP runs are an excellent way for people with alts or those who got a late start on the expansion to gear up quickly. It’s also an awesome way for geared and skilled players to make a tidy profit by “carrying” others through previous or even current content. How does a GDKP run work? GDKP runs are made up of a mix of two sets of players; Group 1) Those who are interested in purchasing gear (alts, late starters, etc.) and have a large amount of gold to purchase items with Group 2) Those who are “geared” and have are capable of near-perfect execution of boss mechanics and strategies, and are interested in “carrying” others for gold. Usually it is best to have around 20-30 players in attendance for a GDKP run (being locked out of a boss means less loot, so save your lockouts for the run). Loot drops at 1 item per 5 people (who aren’t locked to the boss) in the raid. So the more the merrier. When a boss dies the Master Looter will link an item and open bids on said item (we will likley bid in batches, every hour or so). Players looking to purchase the item will then bid and the player who bid the most gold for that item wins it. The player then trades the gold to the Master Looter for the item they won. After a set amount of bosses, the gold acquired from the items sold is divided up evenly among the players. It’s usually a lot of fun and goes very smoothly. Everyone leaves with gold or gear, everyone leaves happy! So how much for the loot? The sky is the limit! Bids start at 5k with 1k increments. We will provide a mumble server and mumble is required. Contact me ingame or any officer in Freelance for an invite.Vaylith4 Sep 30, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 United Anarchy LFM for Heroic Progression! What we're looking for: Healers: MW Monk Resto Druid Holy Priest Holy Paladin RDPS: Hunters Shadow Priest Mage Boomkin We raid Tuesday and Wednesdays from 6-9PM PST and are currently 6/13 H HFC. We are seeking skilled players of 695+ to join in our progression! Interested or have questions? Feel free to add orange#1580 to bnet and fill out an application under the "Join Now" tab at unitedanarchy.enjin.comOrangepaw9 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Long Shot Just came back to WoW after a 5 month hiatus. I'm looking for a really late night raiding guild 12-4am raiding guild. I know that this is a long shot but wanting to get back into raiding however my currently working schedule doesn't allow me to raid at regular times. Btag is sef#1627 if more info is required. Past raiding History: Full Heroic Highmaul Clear (Hunter) Maintanked for a guild during MoP and Cata (Druid) I know that it this isn't detailed however I'm willing to give more info if needed. Thanks for your time.Sefzilla0 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 <We Breed Geeks> a raid team of <Game Over> Hello, The team <We Breed Geeks>, a Heroic raid team of <Game Over> is now recruiting. We are looking for any descent players, so all please apply. We raid 3 days a week, and just reformed back up after taking a break. The team has been back together for about a few weeks now. We are looking to push mythic as soon as we have a stable team. Recruiting Needs: -- ret pally -- holy pally -- shadow priest -- balance druid. Raid Times: -- Monday 5pm-7pm pst = 8pm-10pm Est -- Tuesday 5pm-8pm pst = 8pm-11pm Est -- Thursday 5pm-8pm pst = 8pm-11pm Est You can contact me through real id if you have any questions or want to come trial-David1987#1253Näwlins1 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 Looking for a few solid raiders! <REIN> is an Adult Progression Raid Guild. We are a smallish guild that is seeking competent players that are interested in joining the community we are working hard to build.. We are recruiting Adult players to fill open Core Raider spots. The Team is currently 12/13 Normal HFC & 4/13 Heroic HFC and VERY close on Killrog. Schedule: ALL Events are 5:30- 8:30 pm PST (8:30 -11:30 pm EDT) Core Team: Tuesday-Thursday. Casual & Returning Players also welcome! We Need: Tank- Full Healer- Full MDPS- Full RDPS- Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Elemental Shaman What we need from you: 695 iLvL Minimum Proper Gems & Enchants Ability to play your class at a level appropriate for a progression raider Abilities to take constructive criticism Ability to perform basic raid mechanics So if you're looking for a Stable/ active guild, here is what we are.. Guild Website and Facebook Page. 6 Year Old Guild (Same GM,).. Drama Free- Any drama is handled quickly and Firmly Consistent Raiding (current Content) PM Me Here, in game on Unus or Btag me (Unus#1433) and we will talk!!!Unus4 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 28, 2015 714 Lock, 719 Mage, 718 Hunter LF Mythic Hi there. We're a group of friends looking for a raiding guild currently in mid-ranged Mythic. We are able to raid any M/W/T/Th or Sun between 6:30-12:00 PST and really prefer not to raid more than 9 hours a week. I don't currently have my ring (15/33 tomes, 8 bosses left this week) but would be more than happy to play a 714 hunter with ring (Jaleo) until my warlock does. Our experience in HFC is 13/13H and 3/13M. There will also be a high likelihood of a 718 boomkin joining at a later date, but he will not be required a spot. Interimo/Endarius/Jaleo Feel free to post below or contact via Battle-tag: Endarius#1808 or Spankie#1548 Please tell me your favorite way to take your coffee at the top of your post so I can better sort the spam posts and the genuinely interested ones. Thanks.Stvolskaya2 Sep 28, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 <A> Eternal Kingdom JCTeam Mythic Recruitment Faction: Alliance Server: Proudmoore Guild: Eternal Kingdom Website:: About Us Our Guild contains A Variety of Higher Caliber Players to which we strive for teamwork in helping our Multi-Mythic-Raid Teams succeed. This Justicar Raid Team will be the fifth Mythic raid team in this guild, and we Have finally started to solidify a roster to see a consistency of 20 or more players for this weekend time-slot. Our Group already consists of strong players, many whom already have mythic experience and leadership that utilize the best strategies that work in both Heroic & Mythic. Although progression is a priority for our group, ensuring that the atmosphere remains enjoyable is also important. The guild leadership holds a conditioning outlook to reach our set goals while maintaining a mature Safe For Work aspect. We are ready to accept more great minded players to clean up the teams class composition. So if your raiding times are aligned and you believe your play style is suited to ours, please fill free to apply for recommendation. Progression ■ Hellfire Citadel: 12/13H, 13/13N, Starting Mythic this Weekend Times ■ Saturday: 7:00PM-11:00PM Server Time ■ Sunday: 7:00PM-11:00PM Server Time Recruitment ■ DPS: Priest, Warlock, Ele Shaman, Rogue, ■ Healers: Paladin, Druids, ■ Tank Dps swinger: Monk, Deathknight, Druid Swing dps Even if we're not currently recruiting your class/role, don't hesitate to contact us. Exceptional players will always be considered. Requirements ■ Be on time. ■ 90%+ raid attendance. ■ Come prepared (potions, bonus rolls, etc.) ■ Avoid frequent/extended AFKS. ■ Know when to talk, and when to listen. ■ Know your class (rotation, stat priority, etc). ■ Be receptive to constructive criticism. ■ Take direction. ■ Research fights on your own time. ■ Good raid awareness. ■ Play with Pride ■ Expect to wipe. ■ Be Respectful ■ Be open-minded, laid-back, etc. ■ Have fun. Contact If you're interested in the group, contact any of the following members: Dawgsix (JC TEAM LEADER): Dawgsix#1268 Beliysma (Assistant Lead & Player Relations) Amberhawk#1846 Couches (Recruitment & Furniture extraordinaire) Dellusional (Healing Team leader): Dimm#1634 For additional information on the guild, feel free to check out our website at FAQ I am interested in raiding with the group. What should I Do? Go to make a account to register and go fill out an Application. Which loot system do you use? Attendance based RC Loot Council Do you provide repairs for progression? To the Core Team members receive a repair allowance. If you make the core, you get the allowance. What content are we gonna be clearing? The raid will be pushing into mythic content, but will still allow time for Ring Upgrades every week as well as finishing out some players Tier Sets. Will I Have To sit out at any time? The max players in mythic is 20. So Yes, as with any Focused Mythic Team, Some players will sit. Either to swap out an extra healer or dropping a healer for more dps. or anything that may be deemed necessary for downing the boss. Why is Eternal Kingdom so cool? We just are.Dellusional0 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 [A]<Réquiem> Recruiting Raiders for HHFC <Réquiem> Is a new guild founded by experienced raiders. We are 13/13N and 9/13H Looking to build a raid team here. Seeking Tanks and a few solid DPS. We Raid Tues & Thurs from 8:30pm to 12:30am pst. PST for more info. Send a message on here or in game for more info. We look forward to hearing from you.Anidash1 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 <The Original> 6/13H Proudmoore About The Original The Original is a new progression raiding guild on Proudmoore. We are a group of dedicated and experienced raiders who formed from a few other guilds. We run as small of a roster and as we can and a result we hold our raiders to a very high attendance standards. We do not recruit for a bench, backups or fill-ins, etc. Just like any other we do however swap people in and out depending on what comp we need. We use a loot council system based on attendance, performance, Best in slot, last loot recieved, etc. Current Progression: 6/13H Leadership's WoD experience Mythic Highmaul 5/7 Mythic Mythic Blackrock Foundry 8/10 Mythic Mythic Hellfire Citadel 4/13 Mythic Recruitment Warlock,Mage,Boomkin,Resto Shaman, Ret Paladin,Windwalker Monk Even if your class isn't listed please apply! We are always accepting exceptionally skilled players! We're always looking for intelligent, mature, and active players that are eager to down new content before the next tier releases. Applicants should be knowledgeable on their class inside and out. Potential applicants should also be able to attend almost every raid without any recurring conflicts. We ask for a minimum of 85% raid attendance during our standard progression schedule. Raid Times Sun - 6pm-9pm (pst) Mon - 6pm-9pm (pst) Tues - 6pm-9pm (pst) Invites 5:45 (pst) If you have any other questions about us feel free to ask an officer or contact me directly. Raid Lead - Cyriiora - Cyristos#1194 Guild Master - Rogueone - Dora#1785 Officer - Iceyss - Iceyss#1484 Officer - Cyberflexin - Cyber#1903 Apply at www.theoriginalguild.enjin.comCyberflexin0 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 WTB 2s or 3s Carry(Alliance) I am looking to buy a 2s or 3s carry for my Feral Druid. I am trying to get pvp gear because I just hit 100. If you are selling 2s or 3s please leave a message here with the price. Thanks.Rykkan3 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Pixel Dust is recruiting for Legion/WOD Pixel dust is a very new guild who are looking for players that are looking for raiding Heroic/Mythic content during Legion. While waiting for legion to launch, We want to get a steady comp of players who are confident in raid environment. That means we are looking for players who put the time and dedication into raiding before hand. I.E. Looking up guides having flasks and potions etc. The character you choose does not have to be the main you want to have in Legion. This is a raid comp of players not classes. To help flex those Raiding muscles Our raid time is going to be HFC Normal Tuesday Thursday and Sunday at 7:30 PST-10:30 PST We use Teamspeak for everything. Feel free to stay as long as you want. Loot will be distributed through loot council Members will be chosen at the start of the raid week each week. If you are looking to apply please be at least 680 ILVL. Exceptions will be made if there are examples of good gameplay. (IE Logs, Meters) We are looking for all roles right now. Need Tanks DPS and Healers. Please feel free to send me an in game message if you are looking to apply. Battletag is Plymio#1329Plymio0 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 TPL: Looking for more good peeps! Greetings Proudmoorians! the "Thundering Pantload" is looking for a few more raiders for HELLFIRE CITADEL ! (and green eggs and ham) We are group of older players who like to raid, have fun, pvp, laugh, and make fun of chuggerz' xmogs -- socks and sandals FTW! We are a casual raiding guild, and our main focus is normal raids, with some heroic bosses.We already have a group but would like to have a few more faces, so that we can keep all roles covered, particularly as we maintain flexibility. Many of us have been around since Vanilla and then TBC, so we could be a good spot for older folks coming back and for folks looking for casual raiding. We don't require a ton of experience, just a willingness to learn and improve to help the team. What we require: 1) Don't be a jerk 2) Ventrillo 3) Some form of boss mod (ie DBM) 4) Be gemmed and enchanted reasonably on gear 5) Be appropriately geared for the content While we are specifically looking for: 1) a dps with tank offspec 2) a dps with a heal offspec We can accomodate most classes and are looking to add a few more (fun) people in general. Our raid times are typically Tuesday and Thursday/Sunday at 530 server time (730 CST), and typically run 2.5 to 3 hours. We may add a day or rotate some depending on the group and people's schedules. We also tend to have do some pvp with times to-be-decided. We are looking for mature(ish) adults. We're not particularly crude or anything and our guild chat tends to run a bit quiet, but when we're chatting it's often about things like: how to keep your pregnant wife happy, why craft beers are awesome, random cooking tips, or college/nfl football and march madness-- things that probably don't appeal very much to teenagers / early college folks. Please drop either: chuggerz, criticalmiss, lostcause, baelon or katjya a note! Cheers! ChuggzChuggerz1 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 Looking for a new guild There is a few of us looking for a new guild and i do not know if all of us plans on moving with us yet. Most of us have the aotc for heroic archi. But if there is any guild out there looking for a few more DPS feel free to whisper Saturni in game. List of people looking for a new guild. Saturni - mage - 710 Mechsy - hunter - 712 Fockalot - ele shaman - 708 Xiaoshunpaw - tank monk - 705 Mortemitera - tank/dps - 710 Nickynack - Holy pally - 706 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 Looking for Raid Group IM looking for Raid group for weekend raiding ilvl is 697 Resto and progression is 9/13 NormGømrom4 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 692 Guardian druid looking for guild I am a 692 tank looking for a hfc raiding guild norm or heroic I am looking for a guild that raids early morning or late at night past 10-11 est if you are interested add my btag Azarthius#1787 also have a 690 ele shaman friend and possibly a ret pallyZenthias1 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 Frost DK Looking for raid team As the title says I looking for a raid guild wanting a place that does not raid 5 nights a week willing to transfer for the right kind of guild, played on proudmoore years back and looking to return homeOrthos2 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 Healer and a DPS LF potential Guild Hi there, My other half and I are possibly looking to transfer to this server because we are tired of being on a PVP server. We have heard that the community on Proudmoore is pretty decent which is another reason. He plays a Resto Shaman and I play a Warlock but soon to be Demon Hunter if I like the mechanics. We are curious if there are any guilds looking for heals and dps to join in a main raid group for Legion and maybe even earlier. Our goals in terms of clearing content usually revolves around clearing heroic raids and if possible, working on Mythic if there are enough people. We understand that the harder difficulties are not killed over night and are willing to put work in to clear. Wiping is a part of learning. WoD has been a down point in terms of interest like many but Blizzard sounds like they are fixing some of the glaring issues in Legion. Usually we like to clear old content for Xmog, work on achievements, complete Challenge Mode dungeons, and just enjoy the game with friends who we hope to meet in a new guild. We have met many wonderful people in WoW who have become close friends and we would love to meet more. We can generally raid almost any night of the week as log as it finishes by 11pm MST time or 10 Server time. We are both heroic caliber players though our guild has had ups and downs in terms of members being consistent. (Life happens) If anyone is interested, let me know!Xagathon9 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 LF Raiding Guild. Resto Sham & Holy/Ret Pally We're a package deal. Resto Shaman 703 ilv and a Holy/Ret Pally 702. Would love to start around 4-5PM Server (that's 7-8PM Eastern) If the holy/ret pally isn't needed she has a WW Monk 685ilv. We know both or classes well and want to progress. Add me to BNet to talk or post here: Healatoria#1381Healatoria7 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 699 Elemental Shaman Looking for Raid Guild Looking for raiding options. Prefer 2 days a week. Time Available: Any start time after 8pm CST (6pm server) Days Available: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Plenty of old school raid experience (Vanilla/BC/WotLK) with a top 50 guild. WoD - 10/13 nHFC & 6/13 hHFC. Returned mid BRF - which is why I don't have my ring yet, probably a few weeks away still. Good mechanic/situational awareness. Also have a 690/697 Frost/Blood DK that I'd play too. Hit me up in game on this char or my DK...or post here. I'm usually on for a bit each night. Open to Alliance or Horde. Prefer Alliance though.Ahirra3 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 696 DPS LF raid team(Late nightish) I am looking for raid team to run with late night. I am a little tired of running solo. I can raid anytime after 9:30 realm time. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I know I am a little under geared but I am a good player, know my class, and am gearing quickly. I just really started gearing this toon; I was running my pally for a while but needed a change of pace. Add me to Bnet if you want to chat. Riotact1988#1888.äckleberry5 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 25, 2015 705 mage LF guild Used to be on server awhile ago...looking at making a return for right group. Current XP is 12/13N, 6/13H. Have 4 pc T18 (normal iLvl), and current weekend group is close to downing Archie on normal mode. Would like to find a stable group for possible runs during the week. My availability is typically after 9 PM EST (6 PM server). Looking for a group that runs only a few nights/week. add btag (buckeyes#1809) and hit me up in-game if interested. Thanks and good luck!Kasgryn6 Sep 25, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 R Druid & Rogue 8/13h exp LF EST H raid group This is an alt on a bank guild obviously but I will provide logs of mains when asked. I want to keep low key out of respect for current guild but they now know we are moving we are looking for nice peeps who are along the same lines as us on heroic progression, and maybe even get a better fitting schedule. Rogue is 706ilvl R druid is 707ilvl we both are ex Mythic raiders from SoO but we slowed down a bit this round. I haven't seen a mythic guild yet that's not a high tension environment lol! R Druid is looking for a CORE healing spot... I know I know... everyone wants a Boomkin with an OS, but sometimes you like what you are comfortable with. I do has the infamous ring :-) Rogue is looking for a CORE dps spot because Rogue tanking isn't a thing since TBC. Yep He got the ring too! So yeah 2 nights a week or maaaaybe 3 if the day are split up and hours short, cutoff 11:30pm est or until midnight for Thurs/Friday. Extra points for weekend schedules.... darn jobs btag steph#1107Gypsyrose0 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 Proudmoore showing offline Some people are online but it shows that Proudmoore realm is offline when I try to log in.Charliehammy8 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 24, 2015 ilvl 649 Brewmaster Monk Seeking Guild Hello, thanks for looking.... my current guild fell of the raiding wagon as soon as the expansion started and just never recovered.... just looking for help getting geared and am a practiced Tank. Raiding experience from Molten Core to current, skipping a few xpacks here and there due to life getting in the way.Ryliana0 Sep 24, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Transgender Livestream, Spriest/eleshaman POV Hi all My name is Skoocher, I have been live streaming for over a year now and Raiding/pvping as an elemental Shaman and Shadow Priest for over 5 years, I have finally decided to go for the full time dream. My goal with the stream is to positively spread transgender awareness and entertain you all as best as I can while also Helping others improve their play as well, Also to create a viewer base so I can set up competitions and event for you all to enjoy as well with prizes. Stream times: Monday 11PM - 4am pacific timezone Tuesday 11PM - 4am pacific timezone Wednesday 11PM - 4am pacific timezone Thursday 11PM - 4am pacific timezone Friday Midnight - 5am pacific timezone Saturday Midnight - 5 am Pacific timezone Sunday 11PM - 4am pacific timezone I hope you all enjoy the stream and see you there :)Skoocher7 Sep 23, 2015