Jan 5, 2015 1/5 Mythic Kargath Kill - 6pm server Hellooooo Proudmoore, I'm going to be hosting a Mythic Kargath Kill at 6pm server time on proudmoore - alliance. We will be running 2 tanks - 5 healers - 13 dps. If you would like to join please leave the information of the toon you will be playing. > Name - class/spec - ilvl - experience Thanks.Brewsleii2 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Heroic HM Guild Recruiting Heals and RDPS <PrestigeWorldWide> is recruiting raid healers and ranged dps. We raid Wed. and Sun. 4:30 - 7:40 P.M. server. We are on heroic progression so please be geared and know all fights. add thelastheal#1947 if interested.Ragebrosinc0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Amani Dragonhawk anyone? Just got lucky and received one. Willing to sell it if there is a demand for it, if not I will probably just keep it :). Feel free to reply on threads or msg me in game!Semry0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 The Black Rose (7/7H 1/7M) is recruiting! The Black Rose is a guild of friends from various guilds that decided to raid together and formed a guild in SoO. After 4 weeks, we had cleared the content pre 6.0 on heroic. Moving up from our old 10m, we've been pulling in more and more people to join our group and progress with us. Sadly, gathering multiple like-minded, skilled players is no easy task! (We've had roster issues for all of highmaul :c) Our raid times are Wed/Thurs/Sun 5:30- 9:30 PST (server time). We have an optional run on Tuesday where we clear our farm content and if enough are around due to reset excitement and we have the time, we will get extra practice on a boss that day! Lets talk about our guild so you know what your getting into before applying: - We're a close-knit group of friends, even the new additions, that like to do things in and out of game together. We pick on one another and help each other, and occasionally get on each others nerves like normal people. - We're very friendly, even to our newer recruits. We don't treat anyone differently from anyone else. Just because your new, doesn't mean you need to be alienated or feel uncomfortable! We also don't believe in shafting our trials from loot when raiding. - We like to enjoy the game as it is, a game, but that doesn't mean we have to play it badly. We are all competitive and like to improve and be the best at what we do, but to us its still a game and don't commit our life to it. That more or less explains the entirety of our guild in a nutshell, so that you can atleast have an idea of the people your going to be spending a good bit of time with on a weekly basis :p. Now, how raiding with us is: - First and foremost, our guild uses Loot Council. No, this does not mean new trials are prevented from getting loot, this simply means that we take into consideration more factors than a point value you've earned over time (DKP or whatever its called) or RNG (NbG). We consider how big of an upgrade it is, who its the strongest upgrade for (stats and such) and who the raid needs it on the most! - We tend to keep talking to a minimum while learning a new boss or on fights that require actual focus (so heroic Imperator, kinda). Otherwise talking is perfectly fine, especially if its making fun of not #Teamshaman. - We expect you to come to raid with previous knowledge of a fight, and to have as small a learning curve as possible. We can understand the early mistakes, dumb deaths on a brand new fight are normal, 2hours into a fight is less acceptable. - We are all competitive and want to down content as quickly as possible. Everyone with us is able to pull their own weight and then some and everyone else that joins is expected to do the same. We aren't here to carry you through the content and we aren't here to hold your hand through the entirety of the expansion. We WILL offer advice and help you where its needed though! We're understanding, and patient, but when it becomes a complete waste of our time, thats when we know its not going to work. This should be a good enough explanation about us and our raiding so that most reading this will have a good idea if they want to raid with us. If interested, you can btag add me or fill out an application on our site! (Both links below) If your wanting to join a guild that will down content while its current competitively and is one of the servers higher ranking guilds, they we're the place for you! Btag- Kotá#1282 Website application- Jan 5, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Incarnate - Looking for Highly Active Raiders Incarnate is a guild comprised of several heroic raiders and friends from different servers, who collected on Proudmoore in preparation for Warlords of Draenor. In our own separate guilds, we have had lots of individual success, however, we want to be able to enjoy the game with those we enjoy raiding with while maintaining that level of success. Our raid roster is currently 20-25, but we are looking for a few specific classes to fill in gaps. Monk (All Specs) Melee Dps (All Classes) Holy Paladin (High Demand) Of course, all classes are welcome to contact us if you feel we're the right fit for you. Feel free to contact Xetsu in game or any of our members online to get in touch with an officer if you have any questions or would like to join.Xetsu3 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Holy Paladin Looking For Raiding Guild Experienced holy paladin seeking raiding guild after break. I am planning to faction change and transferring to Proudmoore. I am looking for a group of skilled individuals, to progress through the new tiers of raiding in Warlords of Draenor. I have years of raiding experience (raiding as holy paladin since Burning Crusade). My availability is daily after 7PM PST/10PM EST.Naoki6 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Is your guild not clearing Heroic Highmaul? (Guild Merge, You into Us) Is your guild not clearing normal highmaul and you feel like you need to change things up and give them a "boost". Have a few great players, but busy carrying to many to be able to make your raid success? It's fine! Contact me on realID Bhox#1137 and we can discuss bringing your good players into a guild that will clear through content with a leader that has "been there, done that". Cereal Killer is currently recruiting and forming for heroic / mythic content. Our raid leader is Gozee and he is 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M with experience in many other mythic fights. As well our raid group for the weekend is 7/7H working on mythic, while our weekday group is 5/7H after their first week. Contact us so we can make magic happen, we have two raid groups for you to choose from as well. Tues / Wed and Fri / Sat (both at 8pm-11pm PST). Look forward to hearing from you, lets make things happen! Bhox#1137 cerealkiller.enjin.comEndorsements14 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 664iLvl Rogue Seeks late night raids (7/7H) Hello, I am a very experienced raider from the past that has returned for this expansion. I have managed 7/7H without a guild, and am looking for one that raids between the hours of 2am EST and 8am EST. Preference for 4+ days a week. Hit me up if any guilds on Proudmoore have a need. Thank you. Lynxonyx#1966Renjeffersen1 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 <DIVINATION> Recruiting! Hi i am stichy one of 2 gm's in Divination. First thank you for your interest in us! My experience dates back to vanilla and have many members with same background and extensive raid experience. We are a Tues/Fri/Sat Raiding guild and have been on Proudmoore for a little over a year. We raid at 6pm-9/9:30pm Server (PST) and are currently having issues with attendance and in need of RANGED DPS. We are 5/7N and 1/7H and have really skilled members but we are in need of filling our ranks! Anyone can join but to raid you need to meet gear and skill check through logs. We want players who are mature and can handle wipes and gearing. If you consider yourself a skilled player and will show up ON TIME for all the raids we will gear you! We have all the normal guild benefits ie lvl 25, free flasks , guild repairs, a facebook, a forum site for theory crafting and info, we use vent for raiding but members also use other voice services. Were chill have fun and in down time run pugs do world bosses and old achievements for mounts or transmog/titles. I will try to check back here for responses but best way to get ahold of someone is through FB, or Ingame whisper any member including myself, or btag me stichy#1393Stichy1 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 [A] <Meridian> 6/7N 4/7H 6-9pst Recruiting Meridian is a progression-based raiding guild whose leaders are currently 6/7 Normal and 4/7 Heroic progression with Heroic/Mythic Experience in MoP and Previous raid content. We are looking for ambitious raiders who are ready for Heroic content and are interested in Mythic 20 man raiding progression. We maintain a lighthearted seriousness when it comes to raiding, enjoying the game but always pushing to improve. Our members enjoy doing Challenge Modes and helping each other prepare for progression. There is always someone here to help. Our goal is clearing Mythic content. We hope to build a highly-skilled group of individuals who share a drive to overcome the games' challenges. We are currently in need of all archetypes Raid Times: Mon/Tues/Thurs - 6:00PM - 9:00PM PST Visit to Apply Or Message <Dilay> <Vizleo> or <Aevok> in GameVizleo6 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 [A]<Placeholder> Now Recruiting Core Raiders! Plan for Warlords of Draenor: We have started raiding in normal and we will soon be moving on to heroic and mythic Highmaul. Currently, our roster is ~16 people, and we are looking to expand to a 25man team, having 5 subs during 20man Mythic content. Our current plan is to establish a well-functioning team during 6.0/6.1 for Mythic, and we aim to place ourselves on the map as a Top 100 Guild for Mythic content during 6.2 We are currently 7/7N 5/7H What Kind of Players are we Looking to Recruit? Ideally, we are looking for old hardcore raiders, but we would be fine with new raiders as well as long as they can pull their weight and are willing to put up the effort needed for Heroic/Mythic raiding. Right now we are in middle of building our core 20man Mythic team. Tenacity is important as some of the harder bosses are only killed when everything is done right and that can take wipes in 100s (Examples: Heroic Garrosh, Heroic Lich King with low buff%, Pre-nerf Mu’ru, 0-light Yogg’Saron) Our ideal candidate would be: • Tenacious, able to go through needed wipes on heroic/mythic content • Reliable (available at raid times) • Mindset for continuous improvement • Takes personal responsibility of their performance in raid. • Can take advice and seeks to understand their role and class better Also it is worth to note that we do not want any toxic players, no matter how good they are. If the player ends up bringing up too much drama or is disruptive in negative way in the guild, we will let them go. What are our Raid Times? We raid on Tuesday, Wednsday, and Thursday from 6:00-9:30PM Server (9:00-12:30AM EST) We sometimes add additional days during progression. How do we determine who gets Loot? During our raids, we will be handing out loot, determined by a Loot Council, based on the following: 1. Which of the eligible players have not recently received loot 2. Who is falling behind in gear (No one wants to try to compete from 10 ilvls behind) 3. If someone does get a piece of gear that you felt you deserve, deal with it. It'll drop again another week. 4. Rank in guild does NOT affect what loot someone will receive How is our Loot Council put together? Our Loot Council is made up of our Guild Officers as well as 2 people from our Raider Rank, which will be rotated through bi-weekly, to ensure that there is no bias in the loot decisions. This system also enables our raiders to see more into how the guild works on the inside. What is our Raid Atmosphere like? Becoming a hardcore progression guild, we strive to have a team that is diligent and works together well. We expect our raiders to take constructive criticism aswell as give, without resorting to aggressiveness or trying to insult fellow raiders. We aim to get speedy pulls in, without wasting too much time in between wipes. (This does not include having to go over specific strats or possibly theorycrafting a new way of killing a boss.) What classes are we looking for? Currently we are in most need of a Warlock, Shaman and other good damage dealers, but we are always looking for exceptional players of any class to add to our roster. We are also looking for a good Healer with DPS OS. How to Contact us? You can apply to Placeholder at Or, if you have any further questions about Placeholder, feel free to add one of the following BTags: Ghist#1730 Lurr#1207 Update(12.18.14): Updated progressionLurr20 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [A] <INSIDIOUS> recruiting for Mythic raiders INSIDIOUS of Proudmoore is currently recruiting exceptional raiders to join our Mythic raid team for WoD. INSIDIOUS is a guild for mature adults, focused on progression raiding with a schedule friendly to working adults, busy university students, and people with family commitments that have to get the most out of their game time. We raid on a very manageable 2 night per week schedule. Our guild was founded during the Burning Crusades, and has been under the same management team since 2007. We strive for a drama free, fun gaming experience in WoW. We expect our members to be focused on raid nights, and ready to stick with the program so that we can achieve progression. If you're a good raider, know your class and role, know how to follow directions - then we are interested in talking to you about a core spot on our raid team. Raid Team Needs: Tank = CLOSED Heals = LIMITED OPENINGS (we can make a spot for 1 exceptional healer) Melee DPS = LIMITED OPENING (we have room for 1 exceptional melee dps) Ranged DPS = OPEN (we have spots for good ranged DPS) Contact Info: Salex#1151 (Raid Leader and Recruitment), Redemption#1965 (Recruitment Officer), or Tanaaka#1250 (GM) Website: WoD Progression: Sunday & Thursday 7:45 pm PST to 10:00 pm PSTTanaaka4 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [A] - <Focus> - Former Top 250 - 10M - LF ALL With the announcement of 20M Mythic Raiding and after discussion with a few previous members, Focus has decided to reform and rebuild itself, working to become one of the top guilds on the realm. We are currently looking for all classes who want to be part of a guild that is under very strong leadership and will achieve our goals, as we prepare to build two 10M raid teams in preparation for 20M Mythic raiding in WoD. We plan to clear SoO on Heroic this tier prior to WoD being released as well. We are looking for strong players with a desire to participate in competitive raiding, constantly improve their play, and have fun raiding with a team while doing so. About Us Focus is a 10M Heroic Progression oriented guild. Focus was formed at the end of October 2012 by a group of raiders with past hardcore progression experience in various top guilds for the sole purpose of downing raid content while it is current, having a good time., and climbing to be recognized as one of the top guilds in the World. With these goals in mind, all of our raiders push hard and strive to constantly improve and work to perform with the best of them. In our second tier as a guild we hit Top 250 US and aim to significantly improve upon that this tier and onwards as our strong core is now established. Main Progression Raid Tier 16 Seige of Orgrimmar - 3/14 Heroic - 14/14 Normal Tier 15 Throne of Thunder: 13/13 Heroic Tier 14 - 16/16 Heroic Our main raid runs on the following schedule: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sundays from 7:00-11:00 PM PST with a 10 minute break 2 hours in. You can expect to raid the entire schedule during progression, and significantly less once content has been cleared. What You Can Expect From Us Focus provides our raiders with all of their consumables (Flasks, Feasts, Potions). Focus provides our raiders with all enchants (on raid earned / raid usable gear) and also provides our raiders with repairs. Focus was established under strong leadership with a desire to reach the status of one of the top guilds in the World. With this in mind, you can expect to be pushed hard to perform at an exceptional limit, while also having a good time with the rest of the team members. You can expect raid leaders to know the encounters and strategies, be well versed in the abilities of each class, and bring the best composition possible for the fight. Focus runs with a roster of 12-13 raiders at any one time, most with versatile off specs. Raiders will be rotated in and out depending on the composition requirements of a fight, raider performance, and ability to receive needed gear. We ensure raiders needing gear on farm bosses will be swapped in so they have a chance at the loot required. For progression we will bring the team that will give us the best possibility of downing the boss. Loot Rules In Focus, we put an emphasis on the fact that our main goal is to down content while it is current. Loot comes second (and naturally with boss kills) Our current system of loot distribution is a hybrid of Loot Council with the occasional standard MS / OS roll system. What We Expect From You Focus is seeking players who are dedicated to pushing hard on current content and performing at the top of their classes ability. We look for individuals who are constantly looking to improve upon their play, are able to take constructive criticism in a high pressure environment, are are willing to prioritize the guilds progression over their own personal glory. Raiders are expected to be online at 6:45 ST and ready to go at the entrance of the raid by 7. Raiders must have a complete and in depth understanding of all encounters requested including knowledge of how to specifically maximize the utilization of your Toon on each encounter to ensure content drops at a fast pace. Additional Information We will consider all DPS that are capable of performing at a high level in progression raiding so please apply if you feel this is you. We are always looking to improve upon our roster through exceptional candidates. Spots are for a position on our core raid team. All exceptional players / classes are encouraged to apply. Positions on our raiding roster are earned and not a given. If somebody is consistently being outperformed and is unable to improve to the level of play that they should be performing at, they will be replaced by somebody willing to put in the required effort and performance. Feel free to contact an officer Rank 2 or higher on the armory in game, or visit our website: Also, feel free to contact me via Battletag (fastest): Masonic#1246Masonic3 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 <Murphys Law> is recruiting. "If anything can go wrong, it will" <Murphys Law> is a transferred guild. Brief history: We were a small, close-knit raiding guild over on Earthen Ring, but started to die from lack of interest in the xpac and few people on the server to recruit. I switched realms in search of a more active realm, and just recently was able to bring <Murphys Law> to join me. We are happy to have some of our old guildies back and with us, and to welcome the new raiders I have met since joining Proudmoore. <Murphys Law> is a laid back adult guild. We are looking to recruit: ~Casual Players ~Lvl'ers ~Raiders ~Pvp'ers ~Potential Officers ~And an experienced, calm and organized Raid Leader Looking to build a raid team for Mythic raiding. Raid days will be Tue, Wed, Thurs; and will probably be around 3pm-6pm server (6pm-9pm est) Add me RandiKeys#1296 if you want more information or an invite.Cherise1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 <Kawaii> LF Merge or healers/Ranged DPS! Hi! First of all, We're a newly formed mature 18+ LGBT friendly guild, And we accept casuals! Formed by six returning vet players (Real life friends), who for the most part quit prior to MoP release.We've rerolled on proudmoore and decided to create a semi-hardcore raid guild on a 8 hour a week raid schedule.We are looking for strong raiders who want fast progression but are limited to two day a week raiding(Work,School) Etc.Our members come from 5-7 day a week raid schedules and have decided to go down a more casual approach to raiding this expansion.We are interested in eventually doing Mythic raiding but we must rebuild from the ground first (10m raiding) Our experience goes back years including Realm firsts like Yogg 0 light and some BC raid experience. We will gladly take any veteran player who is on the same boat as us and just recently returned, We all want to learn make friends and experience the new content that is to come! As of November 7th 2014 Our 10m raid roster is nearly complete and now we're recruiting ranged DPS. This is a great opportunity for a returning player wanting to get back into raiding. Come join a new growing family of dedicated raiders. a home for WoD and a dedicated raid team who is strictly focused on progression but at the same time providing all with an equal opportunity to all new players, veterans or just people looking for a new home. CURRENT ROSTER NEEDS Warlock Shaman any spec Disc/Holy Priest Resto Druid All strong raiders will be considered regardless of class/specSome things to Note: Recruiting is not Selective at the moment but soon will be so get in now! We use Loot ladder and find it the fairest way of loot distribution Mumble is required with atleast being able to listen. Flasks and consumables will eventually be provided for. We will be raiding once our core team has all ten ready at 100 which will be within the two week time frame. Raid Times will be Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-12 EST 5:30-9 PST These times may change with Sunday being possibly on or swapped with another day Our Experience as a team: Burning Crusade: Black Temple,Sunwell,Karazhan - Top 10 Server WoTlk: Realm First! Deaths Demise,Realm 2nd ToGC,Realm 2nd LK kill Cataclysm: We quit. MoP: Server 2nd Mogushan Vaults HoF and Terrace Quit on patch 5.3 Throne of Thunder Please reach me using my battletag! Battletag Judas#1615 !Koiki86 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Mythic Roster Recruitment Hey there. Overdose is recruiting DPS for our mythic roster. Currently 6/7N, 5/7H (with N Imp and H Kp'Ragh going down soon, just have had a lot of composition switches). We're looking for Shaman, DK, Boomkin, and Warlock. Our raid times are Tues. Thurs. Fri. 8:30-11:30pm ST. We're looking for quick progression without the 5 day a week raid schedule. Built on a solid core group of raiders we're looking for more exceptional raiders to round out our roster to be ready to progress into mythic. We expect 90% attendance minimum as well as being able to get along with people. If interested don't hesitate to contact me in-game by chat or mail. I'm typically on Biznis or my B-tag is Kinglucky7#1197Biznis1 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Couple looking for social/raiding/pvp guild. Hello, my SO and I are looking for a guild to call home. Over our many years of playing WoW and other MMOs we've come to realize that what we really want is a group of friends to play with. I'm playing a resto druid and he's a BM hunter. We're competent players. We don't stand in the fire, we don't fight in the roads, and we always bring our own food and flasks. So what we're looking for is a likeminded group of people to become friends with and clear content / kill horde together with. If you have a guild that fits the bill feel free to tell us about it!Bisko2 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 <Hellraisers> is recruiting for all positions <Hellraisers> is a mature, friendly, helpful Alliance guild recruiting for all levels and specs. Once we have the people, we'll raid weekly with the goal of running end game content. We will not be a hardcore progression group, just a bunch of friends there to have fun and kill stuff. Our philosophy is: Real life comes first, Play what you like, don't be a jerk. If you are new to the server or just want to be part of building something worthwhile, message me.Lockpix0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 LF Raiding Guild LF a late night raiding guild that raids start at 10:30pm server or later. I work part time in retail so it is hard for me to raid earlier. I am a dedicated raider and I will research fights. I am a 630 ilvl Resto Druid. I am willing to transfer if I can find the right guild. Add me. Thestensten#1848Treefity0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 [A] Warlock LF raiding group I have been a main tank in a mythic group all through MoP and highmaul, but am unable to keep with my guild's schedule any longer. I am looking for a group that will be doing heroic progressing to mythic starting around 7pst till whenever 2-3 days a week. My only restriction is that i cannot make Mondays. I am willing to server/faction change for the right group.Malfunctions4 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Looking for Raiding guild. My friend and i are looking for a raiding guild. 630 Mage -tsina- (Main) , 640 warrior -keedd- 4/7N atm - will tank if need it- 632 Priest -Klaxsh- (Main), 644 Shaman-Klomen- 4/7 atm -Will change toon is need it. Available from 6:00 pm server to 9:pm server Fridays and Saturdays.Tsina5 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Group of 3 LF guild that raids at 10 or 10:30 Hello, We're a group of 3 RL friends and we're looking for a semi-casual guild that raids week nights at, with raids starting at 10 or 10:30 PM server time. This is the char I'd rather play as main, I like both ret and holy with a preference for ret, but I also have a balance druid. My friends play a hunter and a priest. The priest just rerolled so he's currently leveling up, but they both have other lvl 100s if it would fit your roster better. We're pretty laid back and would like to find a guild to call home to do stuff with, we'd love to give challenge mode and raiding a go, but being from a GMT -10 timezone it's hard to find a semi-casual guild that is on at those hours (2 hours behind server time during winter and 3 hours behind during summer).Thoryl5 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 <Lazy Pull> Recruiting for Sat/Sun nights! <Lazy Pull> is recruiting dedicated players for Sat/Sun raiding, at 8pm-12AM Eastern. We have vent, and plan on progressing as far as mythic if we get the right people for the job. In need of: Hunter Mage (Fire preferred but come as you are) Lock Holy Priest Resto Shammy 630 min, 635 preferred. Find either Bandage (me), Ecro, or Lightstryker in game. Or reply here! Happy holidays!Bandage4 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Hunter LF raiding guild I am looking for a raiding guild that raids mid day server time. Mondays and Wednesdays I can raid starting at 3 P.M. server time. Tuesdays and Thursdays I can raid starting at 1P.M. server time. I would prefer to not raid after 6 P.M. server time. I have a solid back ground in raiding, in MOP I had an 11/14H progression so I have a good understanding of what it takes to be a successful raider. I am open to raiding at a later time only if the situation is perfect. Feel free to reply to me here with your battle tag or add mine and we can chat :) My Btag is Tash#1274 Thank you.Tashuna1 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Reckless Intent Recruiting! Reckless Intent is looking for players that want to raid on a more leisure basis. Currently we are doing progression raiding 4 pm server time- Sunday's. Monday's we will try to do a clean-up day if we have enough members on that evening. What we are looking for currently is ranged magic dps (mage/ele shaman's/locks), and one holy paladin, with a gear score of at least 635 . The use of ventrilo is required to raid with a mic being optional ( As long as you can listen...). With that out of the way we are looking for fun MATURE players to join us. If you are looking for a fun laid back guild that still focuses on progression raiding (Just at our own pace ) then please get a hold of: Officer: CurvedAxis/Sonneillen Officer: Gothicgrrl Officer: Oichii Guild Leader: Turook/BiggcountryCurvedaxis0 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 TANK NEEDED FOR HEROIC KARGATH 1/6 @ 6PM Need 1 Raid tank for Heroic Kargath, Normal Butcher + Normal Tectus. Need ilevel 635+ , someone who knows the fight. We have a full raid group and a vent. Please mail in-game Lumbrjakbear or add me.Lumbrjakbear0 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 <Ironforge Lemonade> is recruiting! <Ironforge Lemonade> is recruiting for our 20-man mythic-oriented raiding group! Some info about us: We are a relatively small guild but we are looking to expand in order to be able to run guild-only mythic raids. Since we are a somewhat new guild, our roster is not set in stone and it's not hard for new members to find their way into the core raiding group. Our progress: Currently we are at 6/7 Normal 4/6 Heroic progress. Our raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10 pm PST, with occasional optional weekend raids (we assign those rarely and only if our raiders are able to attend). Classes and specs we are looking for: Healers: holy paladin / restoration shaman / restoration druid Melee dps: leather / plate melee dps Ranged dps: hunter / elemental shaman / boomkin Needless to say, if you are an an exceptional player that doesn't quite fit our recruiting priorities, we are willing to make room for other classes and specs as well. What traits we are looking for in our raiders: Dedication, dedication, dedication! Dedication is the trait that the officers of our guild value most, since it is hard to progress if our raiders gear up and then don't show up for our raid times. We are not fans of having a lot of people on the bench, so we expect everyone to attend as many raid times as possible. However, as much as we love dedicated raiders, we don't want to overshadow the importance of personal skill and adaptability. We want our dps to break Recount, our healers to make it seem like the raid is taking no damage, and our tanks to be unmovable mountains like they should be. But above all, we want our guild members to seek to improve their skill (and thus be able to take criticism) and to look at every boss as a challenge that we have to overcome by working as a unit. In-game contacts If you think that our guild might be a good choice for you, contact us so that we can invite you to one of our raids to see whether you will fit into our guild. Guild Master - Thelasttime Raid Leader - ErriniThelasttime4 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 <A>Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild Recruiting! <PrestigeWorldwide> is currently recruiting for our progression raid group. Our progression is 3/7 heroic because of time changes. We will for sure be full clearing in the next few weeks. Our goal is to clear Mythic before the next raid opens. We will be accepting anyone who plays well and is also friendly. So if you are ready to get some really good gear and have the most fun of your life....JOIN US! Raid Days: Tuesday and Thursday. Raid Times: 4:30 P.M. Server - 7:30 P.M. Server. Recruiting: Healers: Resto Sham. Resto Druid. DPS: Ranged DPS We are a progression guild that is also friendly and enjoy having fun. No elitest jerks here! We are also recruiting anyone who just needs a home filled with awesome people! For more Info, add: Thelastheal#1947.Ragebrosinc0 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Hello! Hey everyone on Proudmoore! I recently decided to make an alliance alt on a different server, and sort of start over, start fresh. Looked online and heard fantastic things about the accepting and friendly community on Proudmoore so I decided to roll my alt there! Just wanted to say hello, and i'm excited to try out your server! :DTongeege1 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 <Rise> 5/7N 1/7H, server top RBG guild <Rise> is a guild formed from a base of friends who have been raiding and doing rated bgs together for some time. We run a 25 man on T/Th/Sa at 6-9 or 7-10 PST. You must have ilevel 630+, be able to use Mumble (not Vent), remain very raid aware and know your own class. We expect raid chat to remain clean and business-like, and expect a level of discipline that allows everyone to accomplish their role. We also run rated battlegrounds Monday and Wednesday. Must have Ventrilo installed, and be willing to listen without drama or attitude. Additionally, we have a number of active arena players. Guild web site and applications are at, you must be registered with to use the site. <Rise> is a mature (21+) guild. We are LGBT friendly and have a strong commitment to respectful and considerate behavior.Andie5 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 <Schïsm> 6/7h recruiting for Mythic Schïsm is a progression oriented guild. We are looking to finish our Mythic roster, currently needing: Holy Paladin Feral Druid Windwalker Monk Fury Warrior Shadow Priest Any other exceptional DPS applications will be greatly taken on consideration. Schïsm raids Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm to 8pm server time (PST). Please apply at: Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 Happy New Year, Proudmoore! May all of us have a year full of mythic and heroic boss kills and associated loots. May our repair bills be low and income from vendored greens high! ^^ Nuff said! <3Maxdps4 Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 (H)<Rolodex> Come join the fun. Because loot. Hello Proudmoore! We are Rolodex. All are welcome. Our main focus right now is to start 10m content. We are recruiting all levels but if you are interested in taking place in the initial 10m's then we ask that you make a good effort to be raid ready ASAP. We will help members achieve this any way that we can. If you just want to join to be part for great company, that's cool too. *We are currently recruiting for all lvls/classes* You can whisper me or jshapes in game, contact us here, or find our guild posting in-game. If you have been on a long hiatus, don't miss this opportunity to quickly get back into end-game progression. The GM and I are experienced players who have been around since vanilla. He is a warrior and I am a priest. Come join the fun. Because loot.Freecss0 Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 <A> Spoils of War seeking you. Hello and thank you for taking the time to open this post. We are a new guild on Proudmoore, but have been apart of the game for some time. We're a small group of friends who have been playing together for 6 years now. We are always looking for anyone who wants to enjoy the game in an entertaining atmosphere. So if you're looking for a place to park and enjoy the game, feel free to contact us in game. We are a raiding guild. Currently we're sitting 5/7N 1/7H, have been battling the PuG boss mostly though. Our current needs are.. Non plate dps Ranged dps Third healer/dps*switcher* Our raid times/days are 5:30-8:30pm Weds/Thrus/Sun. We have alot of fun when we raid. We're not a hardcore guild by any means. We do expect people to do mechanics and what not though. The basics. If we sound like a good fit or you have any more questions feel free to contact myself *Busstop* or the other officers in game. Kasstiell, Ralleah, Barizbiya. We hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy the day and have a Happy New Year. Cheers.Busstop0 Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 (A) 3 casual players lf a guild guild foundedMiyukì0 Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 Daytime Raid 11am-2pm PST LFM (14/14H) Recruiting for WoD Team Endeavor of <Non Combat Pet> Server: Proudmoore Current Progress: 14/14 heroic SoO 10man What we are looking for: Raiders with heroic experience, the ability to learn more and become better players. We are looking to expand to 20man Mythic raiding for Warlord of Draenor. What we need: Tanks 0-1 Healers 0-1 Additional melee - any class; currently no DKs Additional ranged - any class About Non Combat Pet: NCP is a guild that typically runs multiple raid groups. There is no single raid group that the others feed to. Every raid group is independent. Flasks, food and potions are provided for raiders, in addition to gems, enchants, etc. Please visit for more information regarding our guild. About Team Endeavor: This team started out as a daytime group midway through ToT - we started raiding older content in order to gear each other up as well as getting used to playing together. We only got through two heroic bosses in ToT, and have made a lot of progress in the current tier, with the hope of continuing to grow and improve. Days/Times: We currently raid Wed/Thurs/Fri 11am-2pm server (pacific). Please note that we will be changing to Tues/Wed/Thurs for Warlords raiding (starting Dec 2) If you are interested, please apply at Any questions, please mail me at Impromptu, on Proudmoore, or add me to battletag: Sonata#1440Impromptu58 Jan 1, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 WTS [Plans: Searing Golden Blade] Ultra rare! Like the title says, I currently have this ultra rare blacksmith pattern (Plans: Searing Golden Blade) on the AH for any collectors out there. Get it before it's gone!Lambulance2 Jan 1, 2015
Dec 31, 2014 Any guilds out there run old content? Looking for a fun guild that is active and also schedules old school runs for mounts and stuff. I plan on eventually getting back into raiding current content but I have a busy work schedule and a baby coming in a few months so wont be able to commit to raiding for awhile. I raided heroic WOTLK current, took a break for Cata, and ran Heroic Pandaria.Gipsydangr0 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 Warlords of Draenor FAQ's Hi all, As I've been playing the beta for some time, I'll post some useful information here which may be of help to know before the expansion hits. I'll update this thread occasionally. ... In beta, the entrance of stormwind trade district, beside the honor call board, a visibly large Archmage Khadgar is standing there. You talk to him and choose the option - FOR ALL AZEROTH. That will teleport you to Tanaan Jungle - the start of WoD. He is also present in Blasted lands and Shrine of the seven stars. ... I would suggest keeping AT LEAST 2 hours to go through the entire Tanaan Jungle sequence and setting up your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley before you log off. After the last tanaan jungle quest, you escape to the docks and go via ship to Shadowmoon Valley where you will be greeted by Prophet Velen who directs you to your garrison base area and a few quests later, enables you to establish your garrison. This is a MUST to start generating garrison resources. ... Once you complete Prophet Velen's 'The fall of Karabor' questline, an npc will fly in and hand you a quest to speak to Baros Alexton. This will upgrade your town hall to lvl 2 and enable you to have 2 profession buildings. At lvl 92, you can open the mine, then go buy the lvl 2 mine plans from the gnome vendor next to Baros Alexton and upgrade the mine to lvl 2 as well. ... The are THREE CATEGORIES of buildings. Large, Medium and Small. LARGE: (any 2) 1. Barracks - ** Compulsory ** 2. Dwarven Bunker 3. Gnomish Gearworks 4. Mage Tower 5. Stables. MEDIUM: (any 2) 1. Trading Post - ** Best Option ** 2. Barn 3. Gladiators Sanctum 4. Lumber Mill - ** Can take this option to get 2 followers, cap 10k resources while levelling, then change to Trading Post ** 5. Lunarfall Inn. - ** Auto recruits followers once a week, dump lumber mill for this INN once you're 10k resource capped ** SMALL: (any 3) 1. Alchemy lab 2. Tailor's emporium 3. Enchanter's study 4. Engineering works 5. Gem Boutique 6. Salvage Yard 7. Scribe's quarters 8. Storehouse 9. The forge 10. The tannery. ... In the large and medium category, you must choose whatever building suits your requirements. BARRACKS are compulsory, else some npc's wont show. In the small category, you must choose buildings related to your professions but even if you choose buildings unrelated to your professions, you still get mats for those from that building quests. ... Every so often, when you are questing, or you know secret locations where you can find them, you get followers, either by completing quests for them or fighting them in friendly battle. These followers can be sent on missions on your mission table. ... They're a currency you use to purchase and upgrade your garrison buildings and also send followers on quests. You should first establish a lumber mill and trading post so you can quickly collect the maximum cap of 10k resources, after which you dump the lumber mill for the lunarfall inn. ... Once you reach level 100, you get daily quests from another table in your garrison beside Baros Alexton which rewards you 800 apexis shards. If you go to ashran, just a little beside the Inn there, you see a kind of arakoa vendors, these guys vendor (tier 1 blue - tier 2 epic and tier 3 epic) gears against apexis shards. You need between 4000 for the blue to 12000 for the epic (including each item traded in for the next), so you are looking at about 8-10 months of daily collecting apexis shards (@800) to completely gear yourself in tier 3 epics. You can also farm mobs for shards. ... The garrison profession buildings enable crafters to craft epic gear. WATCH OUT. The LIMIT you can EQUIP is 3. That includes the blue weapons. So for example, if you equipped 3 crafted gear limit then went and bought 2 blue crafted weapons, they would not be equippable as you have reached your 3 limit on gear alone. So WATCH the item tooltips for (Warlords Crafted - 3). The cloak is not included in that limit.Maxdps68 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 (A) <Flames Of Eternity> recruiting for WoD Flames Of Eternity is recruiting for our raid team and would like to hit the ground running with a larger roster. We went 14/14Heroic 10 man in SoO before the 6.0 and would like to continue in a similar fashion for the upcoming raids. We are a weekend raid team running on about 6 hours a week downing content and having a fun time while we do it. We like to be social during our runs and encourage others to join in other events whether its battlegrounds and arenas to dungeons and scenarios Raid Times: Friday 7-10 & Sat 7-10 server (Pacific timezone) Currently Recruiting: Dps: Mages, Boomkins, Warlocks, hunters Healers: Priest, Shaman, Druid Tanks: Currently filled by our previous raid team. Must be able to play all specs. Any exceptional players are considered. Loot rules: will be running loot council gear will be based upon attendance, performance, upgrade value and which whom deserves an upgrade discussed by Officers Addons: Mumble for raiding Dbm/BigWigs or an equivalent epgp loot master and an other addon that you feel is necessary to you for raiding purposes. Mythic Team: Performance and attendance will be watched over the period of normal/heroic raids. No spots are saved. Will be decided by guild leader and officers. Contact Information: If you have any other questions about our guild please don’t hesitate to contact us. GM/Raid Leader: Spiritlust (Spirituâl#1663) Officers: Màlushammer (Malus#1788) Pervade (Jeremy#1312) Bloodbomb (Ryan#11993)Spîrîtlust34 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 31, 2014 [A] <Comeback> 7/7N 5/7H LF a few burly dudes <Comeback> is a guild comprised of friends and veteran raiders seeking to progress through content and ride our momentum to Mythic raiding. Our raid times are currently Wednesday and Thursday, 7-10 PST, which, at this point, will only be focused around heroic progression. As we are a two day a week guild, it is important to us that we are very selective in choosing the right match for us so there is no hand-holding. The right applicant will have experience in a full normal clear, be able to competently play their class and execute encounters without any lack of fundamental understanding. As mentioned, as a two day a week guild, attendance is very important so that there is continuity and consistency in our roster, as we like to keep our roster tight-knit so loot saturation isn't all over the place. We are a fun, no drama group of guys and gals, progressing as friends and we're hoping to get to know you and welcome you to the family. We currently have need for: ... For more information, please throw me a friend request at Groceries#1858 and we'll have a chat!Delyselody2 Dec 31, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 Ethereal Recruiting for Mythic Ethereal is 6/7 Heroic raiding guild in need a few more reliable members to fill the roster and move up to Mythic. We have a solid group of players that managed to clear up to Imperator in the first week, but are missing the couple more raiders needed to move up to the required 20 man size for Mythic. Our raiding times are Fri/Sat 6-10pm Los Angeles - PST (server time). You must be 640 average item level or higher, have experience on normal or heroic, and have some idea of what to expect in mythic. We use EPGP for our looting system so you can rest easy knowing that our loot is awarded evenly and fairly. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to start fresh and raid with a fun and laid-back team. We will always accept social players who aren't interested in raiding. We PvP on occasion! We're looking primarily for damage dealers, but exceptional healers and tanks will always be considered: Melee DPS: Death Knight Monk Druid Shaman Ranged DPS: Mage Warlock Hunter Healer: Monk Druid Holy Priest Tank: Warrior Druid Monk With a 20 man roster it's inevitable to have more than one of the same class. We're not going to exclude anyone who doesn't make this list. Please reply to this thread or visit to apply or for more information.Yüe0 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 [A] <Red Light District> is Recruiting About Red Light District Red Light District was founded by a group of friends that have been raiding for a number of years, and running guilds since The Burning Crusade. <RLD> is built to support progressive raiding for members who have personal obligations but still enjoy the game on their own time. We are raiders that love the game, downing end-game content and making great personal connections along the way. Current Progression 5/7 Normal Highmaul, 1/7 Heroic Highmaul Raid Times The following schedule was designed for raiders who have personal obligations during the week. Friday: 7:30 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. PST Saturday: 7:30 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. PST Distribution of Loot We abide by a Loot Council system, distribution of loot is based on the following criteria: -Attendance -How large of an upgrade the Item is -Raiders last loot acquisition In special circumstances where these criteria can not come to a conclusive decision, the raiders who desire the Item will be asked to roll off for it. Potential Recruits All classes are welcome to recruitment, we're seeking quality players who feel confident in their playing abilities. We expect 100% attendance since our raiding schedule is very light but observe holidays and special circumstances of absences with advanced notice. If you feel like this post meets what you want in a guild, do not hesitate to apply. Applying All applications must be mailed in game or messaged privately. Whispers/Mail sent to: Patrick-Proudmoore Fahtima-Proudmoore Greensight-ProudmoorePatrick0 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 [A] The Black Rose is recruiting for Mythic! Our guild is now recruiting any role, and most classes for Mythic raiding content. After downing 14/14H pre 6.0 and taking a few months for a break, we now need extra players to fill out our roster. The Black Rose was a 14/14H (pre 6.0, so 14/14M after 6.0) 10man that was formed by friends from various guilds, and once together, downed all of SoO in ~4 weeks. While all of us are very friendly, we all like to down the content while current and competitively (ranking is fun, yah'll). So for this reason we want people who are able to play their roles/class well, do their fight research, and perform mechanics well. Learning curves are understandable, and maybe even needing a few extra pointers from some of our members to do something exceptionally well is welcomed and encouraged. Sadly, if little to no improvement is shown, or member "How2strafe" is constantly making mistakes and causing wipes, we will sit these members to bring in someone who can perform so we can down the content as quickly as possible in our 12hr/week schedule. I think thats it for those topics, lets talk about the important stuff! Our raid times are: Wed/thurs/sun, 530-930 server. -We do not raid on weekends unless the whole group agrees to move a day or to add time because we're almost done clearing the content. -We start inviting 15minutes early, trash is pulled as soon as theres enough in group to pull it (1 tank, 1 healer, Xamount of dps.) -Your expected to come to raid with atleast general knowledge of the fights, and your own flasks/pots. Food is provided. Food this tier is really the only thing that doesn't need to be actively farmed, which is why its easier to provide and while flasks/pots sometimes can be provided, you should not rely on that. Lets talk raid atmosphere and such now. -Talking during a pull is generally not encouraged, more so on newer content or seeing X thing for the first time. Some bosses are sometimes just easy, and its fun to pick at each other during pulls, so if off-topic talking happens, keep it brief and funny. <3 -Every hour in raid (minus the last) is 3minutes of break time that we take whenever we are starting to feel like we're beating our heads into a wall, or need to walk around or just get away from the computer before it gets thrown out of a window because that boss is just that annoying. If we take our break after 3 hours of raiding, instead of at the 1 or 2 hour marks, its just a solid 10minute break instead of 9. -For the above reason, I have to stress, there should be NO AFKING otherwise unless its unavoidable. Afking on trash for a tank is fine, if the other tank is still there. Afking as a healer on trash is ok aslong as another healer is there and can manage. Afking as a dps is generally not encouarged because without you guys, stuff dies slower. :c -Above all else though, our raid atmosphere is very light-hearted and fun. Talk to us, ramble about random things, link tumblr/imgur links in mumble, or just make fun of that really terrible boomkin on our roster. (His name starts with M) We're all friends enjoying a game, we just like to enjoy it AND be good at it. Loot is handled as follows: -Loot council until the tier is cleared. Then its just need before greed unless we have a newer raider, then its LC or ML, because we don't want someone joining, getting loot from most of the bosses because luck, then gquitting. Feel like this fits that phrase, "shooting ourselves in the foot" so we try to prevent that because it hurts. Voice Chat: -We use Mumble. -This is probably the only section that won't get a paragraph. Guild site: - In the spirit of PM, we're LGBT friendly. #ProudmoorePrideKotá17 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 Elemental Shaman LF late night raiding guild Hi all. I am looking for a normal/heroic (and eventually mythic) raiding guild that is in need of an elemental shaman. Due to family and work, I cannot raid till 9pm PST or after. I am a mature raider and have been playing WoW since vanilla. Please contact me in game or leave a response here. Thanks!Urzoth1 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 <KPS> is recruiting. Hello! <KPS> is a currently small guild of friendly experienced players who need more people to talk to and dungeon/raid with. We are very friendly non-elitists who do not rage. we prefer members be 18+ please. SO, if you have been looking for a guild to join and be part of instead of a guild to be associated to, then give us a shot!! You can add me in-game, mail me or leave your btag here. Thanks!!Necare3 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 30, 2014 Where to meet people on Proudmoore? Hey all, So I'm a returning player (away for nearly 3 years) and have been tooling around on a few alts recently but I'm finding that the game isn't very social anymore. Orgrimmar seems vacant aside from one or two people every now and then, and there never seems to be an active trade chat going on in any of the places that I have seen. Tell me that I'm just missing the places where people are talking to each other! On a side note - I'm trying to find a fun, casual and social guild to help give WoW a feeling of community. Anyone know of any guild that might fit the bill? I've tried the guild finder tool but no one seems to respond through it. Game just feels... cold now. What am I missing?Cosmicpanda3 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 Roleplaying I would like to do some roleplaying here but not exactly sure where to go or who to ask. Any ideas?Sistara0 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 [A] <Comeback> [7/7N] [2/7H] Wed/Th 7-10pst <Comeback>, an alliance guild on Proudmoore, (currently 7/7N 2/7H) seeks tenured dps and healers to join our momentum towards mythic raiding. <Comeback> is a guild founded by friends and veteran raiders with the intention of progressing through end game content at a respectable pace without creating a full time job. We have two progression minded nights: Wednesday and Thursday, and a alts/catchup run on Tuesday, which is always optional. All of which are 7-10pst. What is expected of you, the applicant? -Because of our two day a week raid calendar, class competency and consistent attendance are a must. -Fight mechanics and boss encounters are something that should be researched before the night of the raid, as we like our raid nights fluid and consistently improving during progression. -Gear and item level should be at an appropriate point to expect to be raiding and still pull your weight. -While it should go without saying, the guild is a pretty light environment with no drama, we'd like to keep it that way. -We accept burly men and women alike. If you'd like to contact me for more info, you can reach me on Proudmoore as Delyselody, or directly via gamertag at: Groceries#1858 I look forward to hearing from you!Delyselody5 Dec 29, 2014