Apr 27, 2016 ED meet and greet [Alliance Rp event] ((Hey, I know I see many of yall running around when I am out questing I am not sure if we are CRZed with yall or not Every month we host a meet and greet on emerald dream, and are doing so right now in Dolanaar for alliance. Any rper that wants to just hang out, chat, get to know other rpers is welcome to come jjoin 8pm-10p (right now) JUST an IC gathering, to get to know other rpers, backgrounds, hangout, duel, party...etc. Horde does one each month (gohhan runs the horde one) as well as alliance (I run the alliance one) Location changes each month, and this time it is in Dolanaar - Teldrassil. ))Àglaica0 Apr 27, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 New to the Realm I am just coming back to WoW after a break. I played through the first tier of this expansion and then had to take a break. I came back to a broken guild (mainly a guild of unsubs) and not a whole lot to do. I have previously raided, and PVP'd, and I am looking for a casual guild that intends to raid in Legion and is possibly still raiding. I have yet to transfer a character to the realm, I was just looking to see if any guilds on the Horde Side fit the casual raid guild that I am looking for. I typically play DPS based characters, but will not be opposed to tanking as a Blood DK. I am generally not a healer, I know my weak spot, and it is healing. If there are any guilds on the Horde side that are casual (raid 1-2 times a week (mid-week) or plan to) I would be interested in talking to you, I could give you more of my background and what I have to offer. My Battle Tag is EchoesGG#1974 - Feel free to reach out to me. I hope you have a wonderful day!Echoesgg9 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 [A]Renaissance Renaissance is a casual friendly raiding guild on twisting nether/ Ravenholdt. We are always looking for more player. We are currently the best alliance guild on the server; been 5/13M we are raiding Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 server - 10 server We now have a second group raiding Saturday night to help people catch up and we have FundayMonday where we tryout new player, help people catch up, run achievement and gear up alt. Send me a tell if you are interested, you can contact Leetah or Sooba for more informationLeetah0 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 Old UNION guild (horde) Hello, I am the former guild leader of the defunct guild UNION on Ravenholdt. We transferred off the server a couple of years ago and just recently, a few of the original guild members decided to restart the guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server (horde). We are looking for former members of UNION from back in the day. I thought I might try posting here to see if anyone is still kicking around. If so, please feel free leave a message or to look us up on the Wyrmrest Accord server. The guild was just created today (April 24th, 2016) and we are hoping to find some original guildies before we start recruiting new members on the server. If you are not an original UNION guildie but would like to check us out, we are a small, fun, mature and respectful group of players who enjoy playing the game with like minded people. We have a good mix of guys and gals, and we do not tolerate trollish behaviors or disrespectful players. We try our best to provide a drama free and safe environment for our families to enjoy the game. Feel free to check us out! Thanks, KacabaKacaba1 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 15, 2016 Looking for Moose Run (H Archi kill) Looking to get my mount before the expac goes out, Please let me know if you can help me out and a price. Thank you in advance. =)Irrantha0 Apr 15, 2016
Apr 14, 2016 Realm Bounty Hunter Addon I am looking for beta testers for a new addon I am developing called Realm Bounty Hunter. Realm Bounty Hunter is a WPvP addon that allows players to place gold bounties on other player characters. Bounty lists are shared with other RBH users on the realm via a public channel, a private channel, or a guild channel. Get the addon at: http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/realm-bounty-hunter Feel free to discuss the addon on this forum, the curse forum or contact my battletag: Azmadi#1240. If you have a detailed bug description, please create a ticket using the Curse ticket system at: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/realm-bounty-hunter/tickets/ Happy Hunting!Raevyn5 Apr 14, 2016
Apr 13, 2016 Realm Activity I have to say, I'm impressed with the recent spike in RH/TN activity. Keep up the good work, boys and girls, someday we can make it to the top again! :)Tylissius4 Apr 13, 2016
Apr 7, 2016 <Better Than Renaissance> is recruiting. Tired of wiping? Want to down Mythic Gorefiend but rena-can't? Then send your toon to <Better Than Renaissance> Currently 8/13 M HfC, we put then win in winaissance. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/160095708014182400/165240740027432962/lol.png Hit us up in game or app @ icantbelieveitsnotbetter.comNihilisticx3 Apr 7, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Blacklung is famous! I just saw this pop up on Twitter. I thought "Is that Ravenholdt's Blacklung?" Sure is. :D Watch him level 1-70 in D3 in 33 seconds (wow) https://twitter.com/JINX/status/713131585583915009 Grats dude, that's awesome.Arkadiusz4 Apr 1, 2016
Mar 31, 2016 Charity moose runs. Sup Fam, I was trolling around /r/wow and came across this post www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/4cp611/the_outcasts_mooseawish_runs_for_charity/ I know we couldn't get everyone that was searching in on <Pathogen>'s runs or some just didn't have the gold. But this seems to be a good cause and might be somthing you're interested in.Torothewhite0 Mar 31, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 ED Partial Merge: More RP to come? So I've seen recently there was a partial merge with Emerald Dream to our home of RH/TN. Wondering everyone's thoughts and seeing how many people plan to rejoin the rp scene. Or will we remain secluded in our sheltered homes of guild stuff? Discuss?Tylissius11 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Very new to RP, looking for advice. So I just created this character a couple days ago. My initial intent was to go back to basics of leveling and really experience the game again. I have been enjoying it immensely so far. No rushing through the game and taking my time to enjoy the small stuff. So far I have been walking from place to place and only running if I am in combat or if the quest text says it is urgent or necessary that I hurry. I have also been trying to act with my character as I feel a Night Elf Druid would. I have turned off all of the quest tracking and helping objectives options in order to feel like I am actually searching for things instead of having it given to me. My question is: Does this seem like something that is normally done for RP'ing or am I completely missing the mark? If anyone has suggestions or comments I am completely open to them. Thanks in advance!Barkhide9 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Blood Elf RP PVP Guilds? I'm looking to join a RP PVP guild that is blood elf oriented, I would also love that you are active in WPVP and rated BGs (or atleast randoms) would also be a nice bonus. If that's you please leave a comment telling me what you have to offer! Thank you!Caedom3 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 Ret/holy pally looking for progression Hi I am a dwarf ret/holy pally with i lvl 700 gear looking to do more then LFRs. Obviously i am looking for something on the alliance side of our server and Would love to join a currently progressing guild be it normal,heroic or mythic. I am willing to learn and tend to play in the evenings around 8pm-3am server time.Dragonlord0 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 Hi i'm a Rich rogue. Hi I really missed you. Want to hang out some time? ^_____________^Richrogue1 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016 Spirit Beasts in Ravenholdt? Hi All! I was wondering if it's still easier to find some of the rare spirit beasts on Ravenholdt? It's almost near impossible on my realm and most realms I try to hop into since there are usually at least 2-3 hunters at each spawn point. Same thing with things like the Zandalari Warbringers, Aeonaxx, TLPD, and Camel Figurines, I usually find them lying on the ground all sad or not even spawned with 2-3 people camping spawn points. I thought about leveling an Alt on this realm but feel like that wouldn't be fair to the people on the realm looking to do RP and PVP (neither of which I am really any good at). What suggestions would you all offer? I'd be happy to help provide hexweave bags and some gold if people are willing to help out (but it is on Thrall though). I would also be open to temporarily transferring this toon over with gold/bags on hand if that is better, though selfishly I'd probably keep him on the realm to collect all the spirit beasts :-PCremefraiceh6 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 23, 2016 [Event] Spring 2016 Kosh'harg (Horde-RP) ((Original forum post can be found at the Feathermoon server forum: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743034570 )) The supple hide of a lamb is nailed to a supporting beam of a nearby building, tacked at four corners with thick, iron spikes. Immediately spotted from a distance is the symbol of the Horde at the top of the hide and a pair of crossed warhammers at the bottom. Thick script emblazoned in a rich dark brown covers the hide as if it has been branded with the words. It reads as follows: Throm-ka, Warriors of the Horde! For generations before their betrayal and corruption our people lived at peace with the elements. We honored the spirits of our ancestors and we fought to defend our homes and bring strength and glory to our Clans. Twice each year, when the day and the night held equal sway, all the Clans would gather together in the sacred fields of Nagrand and seek counsel from the spirits at the Holy Mountain of Oshu’gun. Since our arrival on Draenor the old festivals and traditions of the Horde have become even more important than ever as our victories over the Iron Horde rally many of the Clans to our banners. This Spring as we look toward the end of our dire conflict with Gul’dan and his Shadow Council our eyes turn homeward with hope for a reinvigorated Horde and a secure future As the night fades and the warmth of day shines once more on our people we are more confident than ever that our hour is come: we look to return to Azeroth victorious with new strength added to our numbers! Come then and celebrate with us in Nagrand that was broken. Let us bring the strength of fresh blood to old and broken lands. Let us celebrate our victorious dead and look with hope to tomorrow. Let us look ahead to the road home. Let the Clans be gathered together once more for Kosh’harg! For our ancestors, and FOR THE HORDE!Brightclouds5 Mar 23, 2016
Mar 18, 2016 WTB Crawling Claw Soooo sick of digging for this. Can someone please sell me one of these before I go insane and cut off my own hand and mummify it?Elytral11 Mar 18, 2016
Mar 16, 2016 Got to love GMs who love their job... This is a ticket ref. a quest line for one of my toons and a GMs response... <Bob> I am attempting to complete the Rexxar Quest line in Blades Edge Mountains, but he will not speak to me. I suspect that its because I am Tauren...and I do smell like a wet cow...at times, but damnit its not politically correct in these progressive days under new management of the new Warchief. Back to my problem, its seems that some where I have lost my way and can’t continue in this quest line without some guidance. Gnome Pride...Death to All TALLS. MM>ALL 3 days ago Game Master Hey there <Bob>, Game Master <REDACTED> here today! I herd you were having an issue with not being able to talk to Rexxar out in Blade's Edge Mountains! I hope this response gets back to you udderly fast! So I took a look into which quest you were missing and it appears it was "The Spirits Have Voices" I have your cow logged out right in front of it. I hope Rexxar doesn't have any beef with your hunter, because he can't hide from you anymore. I had a talk with him and hopefully it does not go in one ear and out the udder. So I dairy you to try to talk to him again and you'll be able to turn in your quest. Hopefully this information helps you out! If not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this. Thank you for your support, and Happy Gaming. And before I go, allow me to leave you with a GM joke to send you off with a smile. What does a Monk order from a Pizza Place? Anything with Extra Chi's! xDFeloniousbob2 Mar 16, 2016
Mar 13, 2016 Delete DeleteZeruiah0 Mar 13, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 [H] Horns of the Shu'halo Horns of the Shuhalo is an RP guild for Tauren characters only. The guild is led by a figurehead: the Chieftain. This position is held by druid Kerala Windchaser. She will be supported by the Tribal Chiefs (officers), elected leaders for each major tribe within the Horns. The Chieftain is usually also a Tribal Chief. Each Chief may also designate seconds-in-command who support them, the Tribal Elders. Members are encouraged to select a roleplaying tribe within the guild. Members who do so will hold the rank Tribal Horn, their tribe membership listed in public note. Members who have not selected a tribe are called simply: Horns. Those who have been invited to the guild but have not participated in any event, or been formally introduced will remain Initiates. Members of any rank who do not log in for a period of 2 months or more will be demoted to an Inactive rank until they return to the game. Current tribes include the Skytotem, Whitehorn and Snowfury [Inactive]. Tribe descriptions can be found in the General section of our guild website. Horns of the Shuhalo is primarily a role-playing guild, but players love all aspects of the game. Raiding is definitely an interest, and the Horns used to be a PVP force to be reckoned with back in the day. We are rebuilding ourselves from nothing, but if there is an interest, we will pursue it as a guild if we can, and sometimes even if we can't. Tauren are known to be stubborn :) We have a vault with several tabs for members to use. A new guild website has been created at hornsoftheshuhalo.guildportal.com If you have any questions that I neglected to address, please post them here or on the guild site, and we'll do our best to answer as soon as we can! Walk with the Earth Mother.Kerala35 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 Heroic Archimonde Moose Run Sale <Pathogen> is happy to announce that we will be selling Heroic Archimonde kills in order to help players obtain the limited time only moose mount. There is no ilvl or any sort of requirement outside of being level 100 and matching our asking price; we cater to on and off-realm players alike. We're able to carry a few players at a time in order to scale down wait times, so please feel free to post on the forums or message someone in <Pathogen> in order to reserve an early spot. See below for more information. When?: Tues (Jan 12th) and Thur (Jan 14th) 8pm - 11pm realm. Price?: A measly 30k (20k lower than the current status quo) By who?: <Pathogen> (The group of players who brought you the 100 Garry Carries last xpac)Fastcast15 Mar 8, 2016
Mar 5, 2016 WTB Feldrake I'm interesting in buying a Feldrake. Please send me some in-game mail so we can talk about prices.Las3 Mar 5, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 The Return Of The Moose Runs.... Back by popular demand and due to an increasingly number of requests <Pathogen> will once again be selling Heroic Archimonde kills in order to help players obtain the limited time only moose mount. As before there is no ilvl or any sort of requirement outside of being level 100 and matching our asking price; we cater to on and off-realm players alike. We're able to carry several players at a time in order to scale down wait times, so please feel free to post on the forums or hit us up in-game in order to reserve an early spot. See below for more information. When?: Tues (Feb 2nd) and Thur (Feb 4th) 8pm - 11pm realm. Price?: A measly 30k (Includes mount, ahead-of-the-curve title, and your chance at gear via the personal loot system) Who?: <Pathogen> (The group of players who brought you the 100 Garry Carries last xpac)Fastcast11 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 any originals still play here? any originals still play here?Zèlly26 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 Horde rp What is the horde rp like on this server? I love pvp and wpvp but also really enjoy the rp aspect of the game. Please let me know.Aildren2 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 <Summit> Top 250 US Leadership. 12hr/week <Summit> A newly founded guild on US-Ravenholdt with the specific intention to bring a semi-hardcore progression guild to this small community, The main objective is Legion; However we will be looking to clear all mythic content before release. The guild is looking for all players interested in raiding on a higher level. Gear is irrelevant, With most of the core being re-rolled were looking for any and all interested players. All potential recruits are expected to be mature, 18+ with a working mic. Raid times Monday: 7pm - 11pm CST (5 pm - 9 pm PST/8pm - 12pm EST) Tuesday:7 pm - 11 pm CST (5 pm - 9 pm PST/8pm - 12pm EST) Thursday: 7 pm - 11pm CST (5 pm - 9 pm PST/8pm - 12pm EST) ... What to expect <Summit> is a progression driven guild, therefore all spots should be considered competitive, Were not looking to carry weaker players in the chain. All players are expected to understand and play their class correctly. However we do understand that not everyone raids perfect. We don't expect that or require it. Just that when a mistake is made, you address it and fix it. On the seldom occurrence that a player continues to make mistakes or is under preforming, You will be subbed out. (This would take hours, if not days of under performing.) We seem alittle to serious? This is only during progression. During clears we cut up and have a blast like most guilds. Recruiting Resto Druid Brewmaster Monk Mage WarlockALL CLASSES/SPECS ARE BEING RECRUITED: We are just putting a focus on the ones listed above. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us: Post here in this thread. Bnet: Crayonz#1696 Email us: Summitwowguild@gmail.com There will be a website up and running in a few days. After that there will be a more structured recruitment process.Crays9 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 25, 2016 <Paradigma> IS BACK! Hello Ravenholdt! we have missed you! Paradigma is back, recruiting, and looking to cause some pain. Join our tight knit band of misfits for weekly RBGS, capital city raids and other types of world PvP including a guild tournament and duelling ring with prizes! We are active mostly on nights, and are growing slowly but surely, with old names you may love (or hate, sorry not sorry blues) returning such as geo, thyrage, trafnur, outkazt, shay, poet, and more as we get closer to legion. We are accepting people of all levels, classes, and experience to fill our ranks. We will gear you, teach you, and grow with you so we can become the best PvP guild we can be. We will also be dabling in some RP, lore story sessions, and old school raid transmog runs. Put in a request, mail me, or find a online member and well get you set up :)!Trawyun0 Feb 25, 2016
Feb 19, 2016 [A] Sweetheart Soiree < Tacked neatly around the Alliance cities and taverns, many scrolls begin to pop up. Glittering pink script shimmers brightly in hopes to draw attention and enchanted hearts and roses dance in loops around the edges of the parchment. > Greetings to all Alliance! The season of romance has arrived. Whether pining from afar, happily taken, or mustering the courage to speak to that special someone, now is the time for love! Love is in the air, and it's catching everywhere! The Twilight Empire cordially invites you to join the couples of Azeroth among the clouds for the soon to be Sweetheart Soiree! Romance will flourish and hearts entwine beneath opulent spires. The lush lawns of the Dalaran Beer Garden will bear witness to wondrous sights befitting the most lovesick romantics! Festivities start at 7:00 pm, the night of February 19th. Flying solo for the evening? Make sure to have your coin purses ready, ladies and gents. A fine selection of volunteer bachelors have made themselves available for your perusal during an open date auction! For the right price, you just may find your true love. Or at least a little entertainment for the evening! And remember it's all in good fun, as all proceeds raised will be given to the Stormwind Orphanage. Also, the cutest of couples present will be rewarded for their contributions of love in the air, with prizes awaiting the pair of hearts which emerge victorious! Celebrations, confections, and refreshments shall be provided. See you there! (( OOC Details: Location: Dalaran Beer Garden Date: February, 19th - Friday Time: 7:00pm server Events: Date Auction: See someone you like, make the highest bid, and take them home. Or at least out to dinner. Or whatever you guys are into, we don't judge. In-game gold will be required. All gold collected will OOCly go back into event funds and future gold prizes for the community. To enter the date auction, sign up here. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?23709-Charitable-Volunteers-Needed Cutest Couple Giveaway: Couples entering can be lovers or completely platonic, so long as a pair enters together. Winners will be decided by party-goer votes! We ask that party-goers vote upon the couple dressed the best. Outfit cohesiveness, theme, and style needs to be taken into consideration. The winning couple will each be given 3,000 gold, with a surprise prize apiece. We look forward to seeing everyone! ^-^ ))Skylah3 Feb 19, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 Looking for a PVE (H) Guild. So, I recently came back to the game. Decided to get a free xfer to a small server. Ravenholdt is my home now. I'm a 21 year old guy who's been playing WoW since Vanilla. Why'd I come back? We'll I played WC3 as a kid. Since Legion is releasing this year, I need closure on that lore. And Doomhammer? I mean common. I have mainly played a DK/Warrior/Hunter/Monk over the years. But I've always loved enhance shamans; So I've decided I will main one next expansion. During 5.2 I raided with a very hardcore guild, we were ranked in the top 250 US guilds. I have ranked Top 100 US Brewmaster Monk's mulitple times. BUT! I'm not looking for a guild like that anymore. I had my taste of hardcore progression raiding. Wasn't my thing. I'd rather just clear all content at a steady rate, Maybe getting a few server firsts here and there. So I'm mainly looking for a softcore progression guild. 3 nights a week who's alittle serious but still likes to have fun. I've been in a leadership position in almost every guild I've raided with. So if you are looking for some help leading or anything of that sort, I'd gladly help! In terms of times - I have a completely free schedule at the moment. I prefer raiding in the evening though. Anyway, Just a new playter to ravenholdt looking for a home for the rest of this expansion and into the next one. Just message me in game @ Crayonz#1696 Or leave your guild site here, I can look into it and submit an app.Crays1 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 13, 2016 Hot Topic: Community Discussion: Is Blizzard to blame for the lack of players in the zones due to the creation of the garrison, or do you believe it is up to the player to put the effort in going outside of their garrison to be a part of the community? Tell me what you think.Amerion0 Feb 13, 2016
Feb 12, 2016 [A] Lunar Lights Festival <A festive drawing of the Darkmoon Faire is situated at the bottom; from it do fireworks appear to launch and explode around the edges of the parchment as you draw near. > Again the Lunar Festival is upon us! A time for us all to come together and celebrate our triumphs over the forces that have sought to destroy us. With advice and stories recounted by Elders throughout Azeroth, and an overabundance of fireworks, may the holiday ignite a flame in everyone! The Twilight Empire invites any and all who would wish to attend to come celebrate with us. We will gather at 7:30 in the evening on February 12th at the Darkmoon Faire. A feast among friends and allies will be had before enjoying the many attractions the Faire has to offer. Our evening will conclude with a grand firework spectacle that I hope all will enjoy. (( OOC info: When: February 12th @ 7:30pm Where: Darkmoon Faire Event Details: A social gathering for all to come and enjoy. Eat, converse, and utilize the Faire grounds as you wish. Perhaps friendly competitions will ignite at some of the games. Other than that, will gather some volunteers and put on a fireworks show. The plan being to utilize the band's stage. Hope to see you there.))Skylah1 Feb 12, 2016
Feb 9, 2016 Post Deleted This post has been deleted by user and is no longer relevant.Aleathas5 Feb 9, 2016
Feb 9, 2016 25 years... It has been 25 years since Blizzard was created. Share some of your best moments playing any Blizzard games throughout the years in the comment section below. I'd have to say my favorite Blizzard game is World of Warcraft. I started playing in 2007 at the young age of 13 and never stopped. World of Warcraft has always been a big part of my life and always will be. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLIZZARD! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!Amerion0 Feb 9, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 The Dark Sacrifice... (WIP) While the mongrel elves of Darnassus responded to the alarms raised at the Temple of the Moon by his sister and other heroes of the Horde the young Sin'dorei rogue Lerion slipped quietly away to see what valuables were left unattended. Surely his sister had not dragged him along to this gods awful tree simply for the glory of war. Surely she wished him to line his pockets with as much as they could hold. There must be some treasures amassed in some hidey-hole here... unattended treasure with all the guards attending the battle at the Temple. After a few of the tree-homes had proven less than lucrative he made his way through the hollowed out trunk into that lead into a cavern a perfect place for some secret cache. As he made his way in he found himself behind a petite, lithe, dark clad, figure. Lerion followed her down the narrow passage watching the serpentine like way she moved, the curve of her petite yet feminine hind quarters, and the slight sway of her hips. She moved like one of the tavern dancers he had seen before in his travels but she was far to short to meet his Sin'dorei sensibilities. He was about to relieve her of her valuables and perhaps her life when he heard her laugh... an eerie lilting sound not of mirth but full of malice and disdain... Something about the sound was wrong. Instinctively he drew upon the shadows a chill in his spine, gooseflesh upon his skin, and his hands on his hilts as he melded into the darkness. The woman had stopped at the bottom of the passage toeing something on the floor before stepping over it and proceeding to the mass of shifting shadows in the cavern beyond. Lerion crept closer to discover the prone form of a Night Elf laying unconscious on the floor. She was alive but unconscious, bound, and blindfolded. He was about to turn half from fear and half thinking this cave had already been looted when the thud of steel into flesh snapped him from his thoughts. He peered down to see a small dart in his abdomen... as the edges of his vision began to blur another dart sprouted from his shoulder... he looked up in time to see the small dark form he had been admiring gently place a hand upon the drawn crossbow of a larger figure. As the larger one lowered his bow Lerion's vision went dark. When Lerion awoke he was bound on his back in a cavern. It smelled of sweat, blood, dried stone and earth. The tree roots that crept through the stone work were dark, shadowy, like tendrils of blackness making the room feel confined, tight, and foreboding. Lerion looked down from the ceiling to his left and saw many hooded and masked figures all in cloaks of black and dark purple. They ran the gambit from small to large, obese to emaciated, some as large as Worgen and others as diminutive as Gnomes. All of the forms did have one thing in common: They all bore the same dark tabards limned in deep purple. When Lerion turned his head to the right he nearly choked on his gag and pulled so tightly at his bonds that they cut into his flesh. Next to him lay a tall muscular woman with skin like alabaster and hair like spider-silk. Her almond shaped, fiery, green eyes now clouded over staring lifelessly into his own. As his grief overtook his initial anger and shock he began to cry as only one sibling can for another. The small dark clad figure he had seen before stood over him next to a makeshift altar. A black disc was prevalent atop an altar built from an enormous Tauren rib cage and a large tusked skull. Weapons were piled around it in a great heap: broken swords, splintered bows, notched axes, and broken arrows, so many arrows. The small dark clad figure seemed to lead the rest in a short chant in what may have been the common tongue. When they were done she took his own staghorn daggers and snapped the blades in half before adding them to the pile. The single brazier behind the altar went out and the cavern was bathed in darkness. When the dim, flickering, light returned all the weapons were gone as was his sister's lifeless body. He tried to cry out around his gag and thrash against his bonds again but a small delicate hand reached out and caressed his forehead. He looked up to see the small, dark clad, woman but all he could see were black eyes peering out from behind a white porcelean mask. She whispered words of oddly accented Thalassian into his ear, "Your death is a gift to the Darkness... The Darkness a blessing upon you." The cloaked woman slit his throat. As the world went dark his only thoughts were that of his sister and how he could have been a better brother to her... perhaps if he had not been so greedy he could have saved her... then the gaping hungry blackness.... the nothingness of death consumed him. The gathering of cloaked figures murmured a final prayer. The small, dark clad, woman lifted her gaze from the sacrifice and said to those gathered, "Let us Prey." With that they all drew their weapons and faded into the shadows.Synthe2 Feb 1, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 Team Muffin Does anyone know what happened to this once very active pvp guild? Ive been looking for them for quite some timeIrondrus1 Feb 1, 2016
Jan 31, 2016 The Shadow Society (A RP-PvP Guild) Only a few dare to whisper the rumors of The Shadow Society... and fewer still have said that over the ages this organization has sought to shape Azeroth from the shadows from whence they came. Through subtle machinations, or outright acts of violent brutality, this group of dark-minded individuals has been a silent but guiding force to be reckoned with. Rumored to subscribe to the clandestine and nefarious teachings and tactics of an extremist zealot these beings are not to be trifled with. They see themselves in natural opposition to those who would seek power. At odds with those who seek to break the land with their might for they themselves must be broken as it is not their place to do so. The Shadow Society seek and eliminate those who would aspire, claim, seek, or ascend to power that in the end the Shadow Society themselves may gain such power and shape the world as they see fit. In the simplest of terms, to The Shadow Society, all that have power, respect, fear, and strength are to be laid low that they may claim it for themselves. Their Motto, “All that lives can and must die." They draw and accept the bold, the angry, the desperate, the strong and forlorn, the hopeless and the ambitious, those who seek power to right wrongs... or simply want to watch things burn are welcome. Those in search of glory to be had, the vainglorious, the peasant and noble alike... all are useful in our ongoing accumulation of power. Of these many peoples of many paths only a select few who prove themselves worthy are accepted into the upper echelon and taught the organizations secrets (the path to and the way of power)... but all are welcome to seek such under the dark banner of The Shadow Society. (( Practices are as follows: )) -We are an group accepting all races and classes who share our view. (Yes even Paladins not all paladins see the light as some holy energy but simply as any other magical font to be used). -We are prone to zealotry. -An induction quest must be completed to become an initiate. Initiates must complete additional quests/missions to gain standing within the guild before the ceremony that ultimately marks one as a full member of their respective rank. -Once you have learned our secrets and become a member you must never reveal the secret under penalty of exile and being marked as prey. -The Shadow Society is currently in league with the Alliance and is given license to pursue its main goal and directive while targeting and eliminating other opposing factions, their members, their holdings, etc. Members are encourages to pick enemies off one by one or destroy groups of them in any way possible and by any means necessary. Make their members fear leaving the safety of their hidey holes or even gazing upon Alliance held lands. Let them be content to cower and pray to whatever lesser fleeting power they subscribe to while we claim all that we may. -We enjoy PvP and feel it provides an immersion and depth to RP and believe that RP-Inspired PvP holds more value and adds an element of passion and fun you can only get by fighting for a cause. In accordance with this we strive to cultivate a balanced RP-PvP environment by actively seeking RP based outings into the world as well as scheduling events to engage in W-PvP with interested, or by waylaying, Horde guilds.Synthe1 Jan 31, 2016
Jan 30, 2016 Freeing up some names on Ravenholdt!! Hello, everybody! I just went through a real pain in the butt process of trying to get some good names on another server. I was sitting there, grumbling and growling about all the names that are reserved but aren't in use and can no longer be made available by a GM because of their new naming policy. After about fifteen minutes of that, I remembered that I was guilty of the same crime.... So, because I felt bad about it, I'm freeing up the following names on Ravenholdt: Elizabeth Angel Isabelle If anyone wants them, let me know here and I'll send you a message in-game so we can coordinate. The names will be available immediately because I will be deleting the characters. If no one responds within a couple of days, I'll just delete them. Thanks!Jane5 Jan 30, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 [A] Tournament of the Golden Blade <An ornately decorated poster, bordered in a golden filigree, can be seen pinned to the board. In the center a elegantly gilded blade shines in the sunlight.> Attention Citizens of the Alliance! David Vanias will be holding the inaugural Tournament of the Golden Blade on the twenty-seventh day of the month of February. Prove yourself in a true arena of your peers in the Grand Melee! This all out, no holds barred, fight will have all combatants in the circle at the same time. The Victor will be whomever is the last one left standing when the dust settles. At that time, drenched in blood and sweat, they will claim their prize of thirty thousand gold pieces and a commemorative Golden Blade. Not interested in showing your might in the ring? Sir Vanias will also be hosting a gambling pool. Place a one hundred gold bet on your champion and, if they emerge from the fray as a Conqueror, you recieve a portion of the winnings split between all those who also placed thier wages on the contender. Immediately following the Grand Melee, Sir Vanias will then be hosting a Race from Booty Bay to the Cathedral of Light in the center of Stormwind. Any mount that does not take to the air will be admissible in the race. The first one to reach Sir Vanias on the steps of the Cathedral will receive a gold prize of five thousand gold pieces and also will receive a commemorative Golden Blade as proof of their victory. To finish off the night for those who feel they are not strong of arm or fleet of foot there will be a final event! Bring out your finest attire and square off against other fashion forward people to show who truly is the best! Those taking part will be judged based on uniqueness and how well it flows together by a panel of judges. The winner will also take home a commemorative Golden Blade as well as a ten thousand gold prize! Events will start on February 27th at 7pm! --------------------------------------- (( OOC Information )) In an effort to promote some fun and good cheer, I'm hosting the Tournament of the Golden Blade on 2/27/16 at 7pm server. Each event will have a gold prize along with a little token that can be worn by MOST classes to show off your win! Anyone who wants to participate can take part in any or all of the events. So if you want to skip the melee and only take part in the Fashion Contest, you're more than welcome to. On the same note, if you want to try and win all three events, I won't stop you! Grand Melee - Prize: 30,000g The Grand Melee will be held at Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn. It is an all vs all event with everything on the table. Potions, Food, and Special abilities can all be used. (If you can use it in wPvP, I don't see why you can't use it to win a real fight!) If you are killed, you are eliminated from the competition and can join the audience in the stands, the winner is whomever is left standing in the end. Betting Pool - The betting pool is simple. You put up 100g with the name of whoever you think will win. If they win, so do you! Prizes will be spilt among the winners. The more people who bet, the bigger the pool! Race - 5,000g Simple enough, this is a race from Booty Bay to the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind's Cathedral district. To win you MUST ENTER THE CATHEDRAL! Stopping on the stairs does not make you a winner! Only ground mounts can be used. Anyone caught cheated will be eliminated from the competition. Now, I understand some classes have abilities to boost the speed of their mounts (Paladins for example), I understand this. However, due to the dazing mechanic that can effect you at any level, it levels the playing field a bit. Sometimes being in first just means you'll be the first to be attacked by a random mob! Transmog Contest - 10,000g Please note this is a TRANSMOGRIFICATION CONTEST. It is not a "Go out and make a nice mash-up" contest. Your CURRENT armor must be Transmogged to your admission for the contest. We will have someone checking everyone to make sure that this rule is strictly followed. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges based on three things: Uniqueness, Flow, and Difficulty to Obtain. I'm currently taking applications for judges (at least two others) so please contact me in-game on either David (Alt+0237) or David (with no accent marks) on the Twisting Nether server by an in-game letter or whisper. Hope to see everyone there!Davíd0 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 "Share the Love" Achievement nvm got it doneBaphomeh0 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 So, I brought my laptop with me And I left the power supply home. Battery ran dry. So now it is too cold to do anything but hang out in our room. Argh.Bitterhope2 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 @ Rowit /Point /LaughCommack11 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 [A] <THE JADE LION> RP-PvP guild THE JADE LION Backstory: The Jade Lion is a frigate class ship of the Alliance Navy, named in honor of the Tushui Pandaren who joined the Alliance. Its goal: to protect the naval interests and waterways of the Allaince, be they under threat from pirates, hostile creatures, or even the Horde. While the ship may be named in honor of the pandaren, it is still a part of the Alliance Navy meaning its crew comes from a variety of races. Originally under the command of Captain Zhii Fa, a Tushui pandaren himself, he left for personal reasons back to his homeland, leaving the command of his ship to Commander Danariel. Operating from its base in the port-town of Surwich, The Jade Lion awaits its orders from Alliance command for its next voyage... and next adventure. Info: The Jade Lion is a RP-PvP guild, meaning we do RP and PvP, usually in that order of importance. Every week, usually a Wednesday, we have a on the calendar RP adventure that is very similar to a D&D style adventure, if a bit lighter on rules. Each scheduled weekly RP event builds off of last weeks, meaning that it creates a campaign where choices from before will affect what occurs in the future, however, there are also smaller side arcs occurring between characters, and smaller adventures may happen randomly on different days. Random RP usually occurs everyday, so just ask in guild chat if anyone is, or is willing to RP. As mentioned, we do PvP as well! Most of the guild participates in some form of PvP, be it world, rated or something else. Many of our guild mates are seasoned PvP arena experts, and are willing to help you out in gearing or learning the ropes of the arena. If you are more experienced, be willing to help out those who are not as well since we all started out as a day one, no clue what we are doing, PvPer. If you are looking for arena buddies, many of us have multiple classes to help make an arena comp. RBGs are something we are currently working on, and we have done a few, but there is no day set aside for consistent RBGs as of yet. Joining: Simply ask myself, Danariel-Twistingnether, or someone in the guild you see on to join. We will give you an OOC rank with no privileges until we can set aside a time to do a formal RP interview, or something of a similar nature, at which point you will be promoted to an IC rank with increased privileges. We also have an OOC rank with privileges if you simply wish to join for PvP reasons, however it is encouraged you do RP, since this is primarily a RP guild. Rules: The rules are fairly simple for this guild, mostly coming from common sense. I don't wish to enforce rules, but if someone does come out of line to badly it will be done. 1) Follow the Terms of Service (ToS) made by Blizzard. You would be banned or suspended from the game otherwise, so just don't break them. 2) Good sportsmanship. While this rule is very wide open, its just common courtesy to be nice. 3) RP and PvP. If you don't RP or PvP... what are you doing here? 4) "Villain" characters. While you won't be required to RP a mary-sue nice person, or even a nice person, this is still the Alliance military. Short answer: don't be a stereotypical evil character, they just would not mix well with the guild. Exceptions may be made if done right, however. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in game or by some other method. If I am not on, ask about us to anyone who is online! Someone will get you to the right person, so don't be shy.Danariel0 Jan 18, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 Twilight Empire Grand Tournament/Anniversary <Flyers are posted all around Alliance towns, and have even made their way into some Horde settlements. They are written in a neat, tidy script; all are adorned with the twin golden lions of the Twilight Empire in the corners.> COME ONE, COME ALL! To the Twilight Empire’s grand tournament! On January 16, the Twilight Empire will be hosting a grand tournament in celebration of our eighth anniversary! Join the lists and compete for the favor of fair maidens in the joust as well as 5,000 gold in prize! Prove your strength and emerge as the champion of the melee—then use your 2,500 gold prize to get some new armor! Not able to handle a giant wooden pole ramming into your chest? Not much of the fighting sort? Bet your last gold coin on who will triumph! Try your luck with raffles for splendid prizes to be given throughout the night! All are welcome at the grand tournament, Saturday, January 16, at 7:00 at the Argent Tournament Grounds! Registration for competitions will begin at 6:30, with the first competition, the joust, at 7:30! (( Hello all! As stated, on Saturday, January 16, the Twilight Empire is celebrating its 8th anniversary! We’ve decided we can think of no better way to celebrate eight years of promoting peace and cooperation between the factions then by having a tournament! There will be two main events of the night: the joust and the melee. The joust will begin at 7:30 and will pair off opponents, with the winner of one round of jousting advancing onwards until we are left with four contestants. Our four remaining contestants will be paired off and face each other in best-of-three series, with the winners of those competing one more time in a best-of-three series to decide the winner of our 5,000 gold prize—and maybe the favor of a fair maiden. The melee will be a dueling tournament (sadly we cannot all fight at once). The melee will begin 15 minutes after the joust has ended. Contestants in the joust may also compete in the brawl. Contestants will be paired off and compete in a single duel, with the winner advancing until one person is crowned our champion. NO HEALING OR TANKING SPECS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE TOURNAMENT (Gladiator warriors are acceptable). Duels will be fought using arena rules, so no major CDs such as Bloodlust or Lay on Hands. This also precludes items such as the Super Sticky Glitter Bomb and other Draenor items of that like. Additionally, the on-use effect of the legendary ring is not permitted. Use of any of these items or abilities will result in a forfeit. Everyone is, of course, encouraged to bet on these jousts and duels! We will also hold four raffles throughout the night. The first three the winner will be allowed to pick their prize from an Elekk Plushie or a set of Hexweave Bags. The final raffle, to be held at the close of the night, will be for the services of the artisans of Twilight Empire. Previous winners may enter this raffle, and the winner will receive a Stage 4 crafted item of their choosing. In closing: What: Twilight Empire Grand Tournament When: January 16 at 7:00 PM (server time) Where: Argent Tournament Grounds, Northrend ))Aryänna2 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 <Endemic> Recently converted Horde guild Hey everyone, <Endemic> is currently recruiting active and loyal members that are looking to raid current tier content and create a solid raid roster that will be utilized to the fullest in LEGION!! Guild History and information about us: We are a guild comprised of two leaders with 7/13 N HFC experience when it was fresh content. Due to the end of the expansion, a lot of players that were long time guild members have discontinued playing until the arrival of legion. We decided to leave our dying server and come to sargeras to pick up the pieces and start a new experience as alliance. What we are looking for: -Core Raiders- We are actively recruiting core raid members to create a SOLID raiding roster team to raid current tier content as well as fully implement our team upon the arrival of LEGION! Upon application to be a core raider, each member will have to go through a interview process as well as trial runs with leadership to determine your position and what the needs of the guild will be. All raiding members will be held to our attendance policy standards and most importantly asked to be humble, respectful, level headed, and active amongst the guild. -Casual's- Similar to core members, all members with the intention of being a causal member are asked to be humble, respectful and actively communicate amongst the guild. Casual members are more than welcome to join any guild event or activity listed though either our guild website or the in-game calendar. In some instances casual guild members will be called upon to fill core raider positions if we happen to have a lapse in attendance during a scheduled raid night (ultimately not our intention) -Guild Captains- As a newer guild we also are recruiting players that have proven themselves to leadership to be slotted into a GUILD CAPTAIN position. For more information in regard to their duties or this position please visit our website @ www.Endemicraidingsargeras.enjin.com Attendance policy: All core raid members will be required to be online and ready for invite 15m prior to our scheduled raid time with flask's potions and food enhancements prepared. If you are aware of a attendance issue prior to raid night, please contact your assigned Guild captain with more information to be communicated to the Raid Leader. -BECOMING A PART OF ENDEMIC- -If interested in joining our guild as a casual member, please respond to officer VIA Battle Tag: (Cyrius) MCgiggleface#1897 (Ihealjoo) Rhyan#1558 (Endemia) Gojira#1469 -If Interested in becoming a part of our raid team, please visit www.endemicraidingsargeras.enjin.com to fill out a application. All Classes are welcome to apply!Endemia0 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 WTB Heroic Arch kill. Add Subvaries#1789 and shoot me up with a price.Crusic8 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 5, 2016 Aeonaxx Hi there :) Was just wondering if anyone on Ravenholdt or any realms shared or connected have any sightings recently of Aeonaxx or Bloodseeker maybe in the past week or so? Thank you!Izsha2 Jan 5, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 glorious legplates ill be putting a pair up on AH soon , if anyone wants them bad enough let me know ingameCommonkin2 Jan 2, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 Server Transfer I am looking to transfer from Tichondrius and was wondering what the player base is like here. I feel like Tichondrius has absolutely no sense of community or care. Is it the game itself that has become like that, or could it be a server change is all I need? I enjoy doing PVE and PVP and just enjoy helping others and having fun. Is it smarter to bring over a Horde or Alliance character? Any input would be appreciated.Grimhobo5 Jan 2, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 From Stormrage, lonely here! Well, I decided to jump in feet first on a RP server and made a druid. Great economy, that is for sure. But also, I joined what was advertised as one of the best and most active guilds on alliance side, sike. Looking for an active guild who I can have some fun with and do some chatting via vocie or in-game!Kristem28 Jan 2, 2016