Dec 30, 2015 new guild in the works looking for more players to join our ranks! currently the guild is in an idle mode as I gather some like minded people. Personally im interested in doing some light RP that involves abit of in zone fighting/camping. now don't get me wrong, were still interested in doing raids, battlegrounds, etc.... however im more interested in inviting those gamers who are looking for a sense of adventure and not just those interested in logging in to work on some achievement or piece of gear. <Upper Management> is a non profit organization founded by Damien "Elguapo" Del'mont. It is currently operating out of Orgrimmar city and offering fair wages to all its members based on your rank in the guild. Our goal is to provide safe and secure regions for all members of the Horde to live free from the tyranny of alliance rabble. Lower level officers ranks are currently available if you are interested in stepping up and making some executive decisions.Elguapo1 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 25, 2015 Quorum Recruitment (RP, A/H Storyline) Quorum: Prelude to Legion Plotline *Cross-Posted from TNG* Official Start Date: January 16th, 2016 If you want me to develop some plot points for your character (either you come up with them and I bend them into the plot, or you want me to use your character for a focal point, please let me know soon! I'm a person who likes to overwrite things a lot, so if I can have a general idea of a plot web, and how you tie into it, that's ideal for me. You don't need to come as a guild, and either faction is great. Let me know how I can make this fit *your* needs for RP or Legion-setup! I'll primarily be tracking this through TNG, so the link is hosted there. Group Link: http://wow-tng.org/group.php?groupid=286 Btag: Glycobiology#1908 Five years spent holding our breath, and for what? Friends new and friends old, welcome to the introductory post for my Legion tie-in plot. Beta invites are going out, and the beginning of Legion is upon us. I’m hoping to have this story serve two functions: First, to sustain people’s RP through to the Broken Shore event and Legion launch, and second, to provide an immediate avenue for returning players to get involved with RP. The first RP I’d ever really gotten involved in was Eclipse, all the way back in February of this year. What an experience, and one I’m hoping I can live up to! I’ve run a lot of smaller scale stuff under the Anthem banner, but this is my first attempt at a plot-driven WoW RP. I’ve run a bunch of long-term DnD campaigns before, so I’m hoping this is something people want to be a part of. This story is called Quorum, and combines a bunch of my favorite topics: conspiracy theories, lurking horror, and, of course, our lovely RP community. Right now, I’m mostly planning on running this for Horde on TN/RH. That said, I’ve also recruited some friends cross-server, and I’d be super stoked to have someone from the Alliance help me spread the conspiracy further… Who watches the watchmen? Brief Overview and Premise: Everyone knows that guy. The journalist who’s always writing about the alligators in Stormwind’s sewers. How Sylvannas is planning another Wrathgate, and the Royal Apothecary Society has already marked out several key settlements to disperse the plague on the wind…The preacher on the corner calling for repentance, for the Legion comes. That guy. But what happens when the journalist goes missing? The doomsayer is found dead, clearly victim of foul play? Who wanted him dead? And where is all of his “evidence” now, once so easily dismissed? What happens when those strange theories start to take on some semblance of truth, and somehow, you find yourself drawn into a position where action might cost your life; or your silence, the world? You can watch me corrode like a beast in repose… What this is: 1. A chance for you to update your community on the things your character’s been up to since the end of Warlords in character. 2. An opportunity to develop more background lore in a community context. 3. A conspiracy-oriented plot rife with paranoia, subterfuge, and multiple competing interests and villains. 4. A way to get back in the swing of RP if you’re returning after a hiatus. 5. An opportunity to add new characters to your RP roster, or prepare your existing characters for the Legion Invasion! When is this going to run? The current plan is to have rolling events twice a week for two to three months. There are three acts, each of which marking a transition. In addition to those plot-centric events, everyone is welcome to RP the story like they’ve done for Hollow, Eclipse, and other stories. I’m going to try starting this (in an ideal case) immediately after new years with Act 1. That said, I’ll be working on an Act 1: Time update for your characters, what they’ve been doing the past few years, and the introduction to the events which push this plot forward. Act 2: Climax and culmination of the events of Act 1, and the segue into Act 3. Act 3: Loose ends remaining from Act 2, and new avenues of inquiry for Legion. How can I get involved? Initially, I’ll be reaching out to several players to help their characters drive various subplots. If you have some ideas for how your character(s) can be involved, please let me know so I can have an event planned! Overall, the conflicts and events should evolve pretty organically, but at least in the beginning, I want to reward the people who’ve stuck it out with a lot of emphasis. There are certain conspirators behind the scenes working towards their own ends as well. If you’d like the challenge of taking an NPC and making her your own, I would love to give you the chance to play a villain!Kexti0 Dec 25, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 I 'ear t'ere is a Moose on t'a loose. Out of curiosity, and for public notice, are there any guilds offering runs for the Moose mount? Horde or Alliance side?Mockrabbit16 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Sanctum down again? Fatal: Not able to open ./cache/data_global.php ?!Mockrabbit6 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 [Horde] Looking for a late night Guild Just recently started playing again and I seem to be without a guild, just looking for people to do dailies and I'm always down to help people lvl. I'm usually on after 11pm pst.Azugo1 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 21, 2015 Happy Winter Veil, Ravenholdt! I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays(whichever one you celebrate). I've missed you, Ravenholdt! After a self-imposed, six month ban, I've decided I can't stay away anymore. I have to participate in the Winter Veil reindeer games once more and after that..I don't know. I'll find something I can do to contribute. I know RH is quiet these days, but I still care about it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Bless you all and best wishes!Moonshrike0 Dec 21, 2015
Dec 14, 2015 Server Activity. I'm looking for a server to transfer to when I hit 100 I was wondering if your forum activity is any way a reflection of your server activity. If it isn't what is alliance side like?Alonzo1 Dec 14, 2015
Dec 13, 2015 [H] LF Guild w/ Glory of Pands/Draenor raider Im looking for a guild that would prehaps allow me to join so I can obtain the mounts from these achievements. Im willing to stick around too if needed. I have a 697 destro lock and a 650ish pally healer that Im working on too.Illiandinn0 Dec 13, 2015
Dec 13, 2015 [H] The Grim Spoken under hushed breath are the words of the Mandate. Those who have slogged through long campaigns, and who have seen the true nature of conflict, mutter the names of The Grim. Regardless of temporary treaties and paper-thin promises of peace, they admit to themselves in the small hours of the night that there can be no real safety for the Horde – not until all violent threats are silenced forever. They look to the darkened glades of Tirisfal and the imposing fortress that roots itself in the land rightfully belonging to the oath sworn of the Warchief. Garrisoned within its walls are the elite champions of The Grim and their great host of weaponry, both forged of steel and wrought in arcane fire. They speak the truth aloud and know its black portent: “Peace Through Annihilation” --------------------------------------- [[OOC Who are The Grim? The Grim are the oldest active role-playing guild on the Twisting Nether server. Since its founding on September 16th, 2005, The Grim have been the leading example of a full immersion ("Heavy RP") role-playing guild, keeping high standards in writing excellence and game-play. Based out of their fortified guild hall in Tirisfal Glades, they are known to be a lawful evil organization of fanatics, fel-bent on the complete destruction of any foes who would threaten the Horde. For The Grim, there can be no compromise with the Alliance or any of the perennial menaces that visit Azeroth. We are gearing up for the coming Legion expansion, and we cordially invite any interested parties to consider our guild as a place to build their new home. Protocol As a full immersion roleplaying guild, The Grim requires that their aspirants and members maintain an in-character presence in all public channels, including guild chat. Griefing and out-of-character disruption is strictly discouraged, though a private and informal OOC channel is provided. All participants with the guild are invested in an immersive and cooperative story building experience. Any further questions concerning conduct may consult our Mandate. >> https://thegrim.org/mandate The Inquisition Any aspirant who wishes to join the ranks of The Grim must pass a series of trials known as the Inquisition. Each trial is tailored to the individual supplicant and designed to ferret out any weakness or hesitance in the execution of the Mandate. Once the three trials are satisfactorily deemed complete by the supplicant’s Inquisitor, they will be promoted to the full member rank of Reaper through a unique ceremony before the assembled guild. To learn more about the Inquisition, read about the Challenges of the Mandate. >> https://thegrim.org/challenges Raiding and Player versus Environment Currently, the Ironbreakers, our raid team, is progressing through the Hellfire Citadel. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 - 10:30 central time. We have previously defeated all of Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry while they were current. Beyond that, our guild has had a consistent history of clearing Heroic content before the end of each tier and keeping a solid grasp on Mythic progression (to use the new parlance) stretching back to at least the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. While most guilds with raiding teams require a certain level of player competency, The Grim understand that many role-players have not had an opportunity to be involved with a dedicated raiding team. Because of this, we do not frown upon inexperience and seek to make all members with the interest and desire to raid to be the best that they can be. While we do not hold your hand, resources are made available and members who are considered experts at specific classes and roles are always available for questioning. Guild leadership also takes an active role at player improvement. We are not in the business of turning down applications based on raid slots. However, if you are applying strictly to raid with The Grim, understand that we pride ourselves on our role-playing standard first and foremost and that we add raiders to the roster based on their expressed interest and availability.Khorvis5 Dec 13, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 [WTB] Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger I can offer 300k gold + a Guardian Cub mini-pet + 2 Cursed Birman mini-pets.Deathjammer5 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 6, 2015 Window Shopping. Hey everyone, just wanted to drop by and ask if WPvP on this realm is a regular thing. Considering a realm transfer, but haven't made up my mind where to go.Brehaven7 Dec 6, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Silver Sickness Writing Contest The Silver Sickness campaign is over, but we’re not done yet! How did the “magic plague” affect your character? Perhaps it left them or a loved one with scars, or made life very uncomfortable for a month? Now’s your chance to tell us! From Sunday, November 22nd to Monday, November 30th, any drabbles or fanfiction related to your characters’ experiences with the curse will not only automatically enter you in the raffle for numerous rare pet/gold prizes, but may also have a chance to win: Group beauty shot illustration for your guild by Yung-Rage (ragewang.tumblr.com) (Available to guilds who participated at the Central level only) One of two fullbody paintings by Meadowlarking (meadowlarking.tumblr.com) Single fullbody illustration by Yung-Rage Your choice of cash shop Warcraft mount-in the contest! Just hearing about Silver Sickness? Check out our About for the story and our F.A.Q. (silversickness.tumblr.com/about) This contest is open to anybody who participated in Silver Sickness between October 1st and November 9th, or are affiliated with the guilds who did. (We’ll be checking the validity of all entries.) The raffle, on the other hand, is open to everybody and anybody! Minimum word count is 500. You can make multiple submissions, but will only be entered in the raffle once. However, each piece will be judged separately for the contest. Writing can be submitted directly to the campaign’s blog, posted on the Warcraft realm forums, or tagged with #silver sickness on tumblr. We are not liable for missing a submission – our ask, chat, and submit box are always open if you think we have accidentally looked over your entry. Good luck, and have fun!Silane0 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 26, 2015 Me drawing Durotan! *.* Hi guys! So, i did a really cool art of our dear Durotan, from the Warcraft movie trailer: D For those who want to take a peek at the video ... it would help a lot. Here it is guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xmHNycZdNI AH! One mere thing, had posted here before a drawing I did of Garrosh. is old but well worth checking out! I will leave the post below: http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/forum/topic/13840764125#1 Thanks for everyone !!! and... sorry for bad english :DAlcantis0 Nov 26, 2015
Nov 20, 2015 Looking to sell void tendril bag http://www.wowhead.com/item=128318/touch-of-the-void The un looted bag can't go on the AH and if you open it it is a bind on pick up. But old like to sell an extra I've gotten if anyone is interested.Bitterhope1 Nov 20, 2015
Nov 19, 2015 [wtb] Jade or Ruby Panther Is 25k enough to offer?Bitterhope9 Nov 19, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 [H] Ergasiophobia - guild for casuals & RP "T'ere are t'ose o' us t'at want to explore t'a world, but don't 'ave a lot o' time to git out t'ere. T'ere are t'ose o' us t'at wish to share our journeys, tell our stories, an' write new tales wi't oth'rs. But t'en again, we can't git away from gnome punt'in early enough in t'a day" "Go on..." "We want to join t'a raids an' d'stroy t'a enemy, but do it wi't oth'rs we will see again. To be able to regale in our tales of glory....or shame" "I think you have more experience with the latter" "If only I could git rid o'ya, t'ings my change" "...." "... now, w'ere was I?" "Shame" "Right. Time, keeps some o' us down from participat'in, but it don't 'ave to keep us out. Ergasiophobia und'rstands t'at not everyone has dedicat'd time away from sell'in grog, watch'in t'ere lil'brood, or punt'in gnomes. Ergasiophobia is 'ere to help" "I hope they understood what you were saying" "Quiet, shame" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There has been some thought about what Ergasiophobia is as a guild, from our 'boom' during MoP, to our major decline during the beginning of the WoD expansion. Ergasiophobia was started as a social guild for those that simply did not have a lot of time, nor dedicated schedules, to partake in guild events in WoW. Our goal was to provide a casual place for social players that wanted a structured guild environment to meet, and work with, other players. We are recruiting again, but under a slightly different tone. The focus of Ergasiophobia's casualness will be more directed towards RP interaction. Sure, we will still set up instance groups, PvP outing, and try for a raid or two, but that will not be the core of the group. Ergasiophobia will be a place for casual players with an interest in RP; but due to time restraints, or odd hours, simply cannot find RP to partake in. Once a small guild population has been established we will look at attempting to schedule RP events that fit odd times, but for the time being we will simply be set with impromptu meeting. Ergasiophobia itself will have no guild standard RP recruitment style, race,ect, expected of it's players. The only things that will be asked is that players be respectful to those in and out of the guild. Skill level in RP, or WoW in general, will not hinder recruitment. You will need an interest and willingness to participate in RP to be considered. So, here is to a new kick at the gnome. If interested please send me mail in-game, or look for the occasional spam in general chat. - I wanted to give out a big 'Thank You' to Hardkandy and Anavea for sticking around through the emptying of the guild, and our subsequent 'deadness' over the past few months.Mockrabbit1 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 13, 2015 Twilight Empire Grand Tournament/Anniversary <Flyers are posted all around Alliance towns, and have even made their way into some Horde settlements. They are written in a neat, tidy script; all are adorned with the twin golden lions of the Twilight Empire in the corners.> COME ONE, COME ALL! To the Twilight Empire’s grand tournament! On November 21, the Twilight Empire will be hosting a grand tournament in celebration of our eighth anniversary! Join the lists and compete for the favor of fair maidens in the joust as well as 5,000 gold in prize! Prove your strength and emerge as the champion of the melee—then use your 2,500 gold prize to get some new armor! Not able to handle a giant wooden pole ramming into your chest? Not much of the fighting sort? Bet your last gold coin on who will triumph! Try your luck with raffles for splendid prizes to be given throughout the night! All are welcome at the grand tournament, Saturday, November 21, at 7:00 at the Argent Tournament Grounds! Registration for competitions will begin at 6:30, with the first competition, the joust, at 7:30! ----------------------------------------------- (( Hello all! As stated, on Saturday, November 21, the Twilight Empire is celebrating its 8th anniversary! We’ve decided we can think of no better way to celebrate eight years of promoting peace and cooperation between the factions then by having a tournament! There will be two main events of the night: the joust and the melee. The joust will begin at 7:30 and will pair off opponents, with the winner of one round of jousting advancing onwards until we are left with four contestants. Our four remaining contestants will be paired off and face each other in best-of-three series, with the winners of those competing one more time in a best-of-three series to decide the winner of our 5,000 gold prize—and maybe the favor of a fair maiden. The melee will be a dueling tournament (sadly we cannot all fight at once). The melee will begin 15 minutes after the joust has ended. Contestants in the joust may also compete in the brawl. Contestants will be paired off and compete in a single duel, with the winner advancing until one person is crowned our champion. NO HEALING OR TANKING SPECS ARE ALLOWED FOR THE TOURNAMENT (Gladiator warriors are permitted). Duels will be fought using arena rules. Everyone is, of course, encouraged to bet on these jousts and duels! We will also hold four raffles throughout the night. The first three the winner will be allowed to pick their prize from an Elekk Plushie or a set of Hexweave Bags. The final raffle, to be held at the close of the night, will be for the services of the artisans of Twilight Empire. Previous winners may enter this raffle, and the winner will receive a Stage 4 crafted item of their choosing. In closing: What: Twilight Empire Grand Tournament When: November 21 at 7:00 PM Where: Argent Tournament Grounds, Argent Valiant's Ring ))Aryänna1 Nov 13, 2015
Nov 11, 2015 Horde lf social guild Hey Ravenholdt, my husband and I are returning players. Our guild and friends lists are completely inactive and have been for quite some time. We'd really like to get back into a community but I'm having a hard time finding one. It seems that the in-game guild finder lists mostly inactive guilds now. I'm just looking for a social guild that's active around 8pm-10pm est. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.Vynissa0 Nov 11, 2015
Nov 5, 2015 Wintergrasp. It'd be neat if the Alliance could possess Wintergrasp so I could spend the massive amounts of honor points I have on heirloom gear. Thanks.Jais7 Nov 5, 2015
Oct 27, 2015 LF Alliance guild Hello Ravenholdt, I'm new to the server looking for a very active social guild who likes to do all things PvP. To me the game gets very boring if I don't have fellow players to banter back and forth with, so any form of guild voice communications is a must have for me. Size doesn't matter, quality over quantity! I would just as gladly join a 20 man guild with a tight knit core group who stays active in game than be in a large 500+ guild where everyone sits in their garrisons all day doing nothing. So if you're looking for an active player who enjoys doing all things pvp related let me know below here.Icicle3 Oct 27, 2015
Oct 24, 2015 Nor Serrar & Night Elf RP Hey Ravenholdt! I'm Loradine the GM of Nor Serrar over on ED. Just reaching out to the people who we all share server space with and was wondering if their are any Nelf guilds about on RH, or Alliance guilds in general who would like to try and get some cross server RP events going. We are hoping to make Darnassus an RP hub here, and since it's an empty city we can all cross realm in it without much trouble. We are open to any ideas just looking to make more friends and help alliance rp flourish across our shared space.Loradine0 Oct 24, 2015
Oct 17, 2015 The Jade Lion (Alliance Guild) Lore: As the Alliance sends the bulk of its armies to bolster the forces fighting in Draenor, a new issue arises as the Horde on Azeroth use this to there advantage to seize control over outposts, raid villages and plunder trade routes unprotected. Aysa Cloudsinger of the Tushui Pandaren sanctions a battle ship, The Jade Lion to be used by the Stormwind navy under the some what reluctant leadership of Zhii Fa, a Monk of her order with the aid of all able body men and woman to venture around the world, bringing about justice where it is needed. Information: The Jade Lion is a heavy RP-PVP guild with a navy theme base. We will sail to new places every month, in conjunction with IC WPVP to defend zones and hold RP events. We are looking for friendly, available players to gear up and have fun. (will hold some RP PVE events as well) Requirements: 1.Be kind and respectful to guild members as well as non-guild members. 2.Good sportsmanship 3.Must RP and PVP 4.Non-villain characters (can do evil things sometimes, just no Garrosh's) To join please send Zhii-Ravenholdt an in game letter expressing your interest (IC mail optional)Zhii25 Oct 17, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 [H] <Mists of Dawn> Hello everyone! Many of you know me as Kerala from role-playing with me, and you might also know that I love raiding. My husband and I play this game in different ways, but raiding is something we have always enjoyed together, and with friends. He is ready to move on from our current guild on Hyjal, and so we would like to try raiding on Ravenholdt/TwistingNether where all my friends are. To that end, we are resurrecting our old guild, Mists of Dawn. Originally a raiding counter-part and sister guild to the Horns of Shu'halo, Mists of Dawn accepts all races and classes- not just tauren. My husband is guild and raid leader, and I will do all the other stuff to support him. Our raid schedule will be late-night to accommodate his closing shift, and we are looking for those others who have similar real-life commitments, or maybe just like staying up late. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ---> 21:30 - 00:30 server time. (CST) We have a core group of family and friends, and are currently fielding our own raids! We fill to 15 with puggers in the premade Group Finder tool. If you would like to join us, look for Dolthar-Ravenholdt as raid leader in the list. (Also Barrs-Hyjal, as he is filling our empty tank slot) If you are interested in joining our guild or raiding with us, please reply below. You can also contact Kerala-Ravenholdt in-game, battletag FroggyCows#1399Lomani17 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 12, 2015 Brigandage is an Assassination Organization. <Brigandage> is an RP intensive Assassination Organization currently seeking killers and thieves alike. This organization is considered secret, and prefers Rogues and Hunters, however, we will extend to other classes. The only classes not allowed in Brigandage are: Paladins. Holy, Retribution or Protection. Light ain't welcome here. Priests. Discipline or Holy. A Shadow Priest is more than welcome. Monks. Unless you can show us that you're not some Brew loving RPing monk, get outta heeeere. All other classes are welcome, stealth abilities preferred, though we have plenty of Stealthman 54's. For further information and inquiry, feel free to whisper Forthwind-Ravenholdt at any time, or mail. I'll definitely get back to you that day.Forthwind3 Oct 12, 2015
Oct 9, 2015 [A] Chaos Unsion, 2/13 Mythic Greetings Ravenholdt friends! I come to you from the far away land of Fizzcrank/Aggramar to offer an opportunity for Mythic raiding! Our raiding roster has felt the whip of the harsh September school mistress and we have found ourselves in need of dedicated raiders who want to help us move forward in our Mythic progression. We are an Alliance only guild, and this opportunity would require you to server transfer (and Faction change, if Horde) to Fizzcrank. Our realm is small, and we are one of only two Mythic guilds currently. If the big fish in a small pond analogy appeals to you, you may just like it here! We are a friendly group, happy to welcome new skilled raiders into the fold. Our details are below. I hope to chat with some of you shortly! Sincerely, Èli (AustinS#1445) *Heroic cross realm try outs will be required* <Chaos Unison> offers you Mythic progression raiding! From humble beginnings in 2012, we have grown from a small group of friends puging our raids to a guild that is competitive on our combined realm rankings! Our philosophy is two fold: Make progress and have fun! If you enjoy memes about pugs, think spandex is sexy, and enjoy a raid atmosphere that is both serious and laid back at the same time (yes, it's a paradox, don't question it!), then we might be the guild for you :-D Progression: 2/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel Raid Days: Progression on Tuesday & Thursday Alt Heroic on SaturdayRaid Times: 6:45-10:30pm server (Central) Ideal Applicants (that's you!) We are seeking exceptional players for Mythic progression! There is a place on our team for you if you are... Dedicated and reliable Skilled at playing your character Skilled at mastering raid mechanics Positive in stressful situations Willing to put the betterment of your team above your own personal gain Patient and willing to put in the time and effort needed to down difficult content Looking to have fun and make some great friends Immediate Openings We encourage any player who believes they have something to offer our group to contact us, regardless of our immediate needs. We have immediate open spots for the following class/specs: Tanks Blood Death Knight DPS Rogue- Any Spec Warlock- Any Spec Hunter- Marksmen Death Knight- Frost Healers Mistweaver Monk Restoration Shaman Please visit our website at www.chaosunison.com and take a look through our policies. If everything sounds good to you, feel free to contact one of our officers in game or submit an application. If you have additional questions feel free to ask! Please contact a member of our leadership team in game! Èli (B-Tag: AustinS#1445) Rhak (B-Tag: Rhak#1213)Emryn0 Oct 9, 2015
Oct 8, 2015 <Cleave> Revived Cleave on Ravenholdt thanks to the server merge, recruiting any and all pvp'ers. Our guild's focus is mostly Arena based, however We are looking to fill an rbg team, and still cater to the casual bg'er and world pvp'er. Overview -Rankings are based on experience to make group forming easier -Officer positions are available to those who are interested -Weekly basic pvp training for the casual/new player -Great atmosphere for the seasoned player -Players of any level are accepted -No experience Necessary -We do NOT raid, nor will we Contact me in game for any additional questions or simply for an invite. Type "/who Cleave" for a list of players online, everyone has the ability to invite. You may also leave a reply to this post if needed.Doonztwo0 Oct 8, 2015
Oct 3, 2015 6.2.2 Unholy & Frost Dk Help & Entertainment Please Vist - www.Youtube.com/HypeDoWnTv For Great Unholy and Frost Dk Guides, Tutorials, and Entertaining Montages !!! (My Ticket Has Been Answerd and They Deleted The Other Posts again I APOLOGIZE.) Im a very Humble player that is simply doing what I can to reach out to all who is Seeking Help ! Im a 2200xp Unholy and Frost Dk Player who mainly focuses on helping players. I promise you that if you visit my channel you will indeed find something useful. My Goal is to simply give you 1 thing you possibly never knew about, or to refresh you of something you may have forgotten =]. Ive been playing the DK for a very long time, and I really put in alot of time and Effort to explain the in's and out's of the Class for you all. I hope any viewer of this thread will give me a 100% Fair Chance. Thank You all for your support and Time reading my Thread. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please ask away. Every1 will be answered asap ! No matter how this goes I will continue to stay positive,produce videos, and reach out to the people in hope to assist in improving gameplay and expanding the Dk Family Channel =] ! Things to Find on HypeDoWnTv Content for New Players or Competitve Players looking to take their gaming to the next lvl ! - Unholy & Frost Dk Macros - Unholy & Frost Dk Talents - Unholy & Frost Dk Glyphs - Unholy & Frost Dk Addons Unholy Dk Content (More + Request it, and ill make it happen) - Unholy Dk Rune Management (Old but will be viable in Legion) - Unholy Dk Healing Guidance - Unholy Dk Burst Tutorial - Unholy Dk Dueling Tutorials - Unholy Dk Arenas 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s 2200+ xp 2.1k mmr Games. (viable comps) - Unholy Dk RBGs Target Calling - Unholy Dk overall assistance if you ask anything you shall receive a genuine Response ! - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Frost Dk Content (a lot of Key Information) - Frost Dk Damage Rotation - Frost Dk DW vs 2H analyse. - Frost Dk Blood Tap vs Runic Corruption analyse. - Frost Dk Arenas - 2v2s 3v3s and 5v5s with our viable comps ! - Frost Dk Quick Responses to all questions ! (100% Accurate Information) - All videos contain Deep analyse to learn and improve ! Im still Actively posting Videos Weekly and I take Video requests of things people would like to see. If you see any tab above that your having trouble finding Plz ask me for the link to the video =]. Again, Thank you and I hope you all find something of use ! I am in the process of finding teammates to push higher mmrs to potential stream in the near Future. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter @HypeDoWnTvHypedown1 Oct 3, 2015
Oct 2, 2015 <Momentary Logic> Currently Recruiting! Hello All! <Momentary Logic> is your realm's top progression raiding guild. We are currently 13/13 Normal and 13/13 Heroic and 1/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Raid leader is 12/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel and currently our core group is set to begin Mythic progression this week. We are recruiting raiders of all skill levels. If you have an interest in raiding, either laid back or hard core, we have a spot for you. We offer multiple raid groups, on the house consumables, live streams, and more. Immediate Needs: -Ranged DPS: Hunter, Mage, Lock Preferred -Non Warrior Tank - DK/Druid/Monk Preferred All applicants welcome. Please feel free to contact an officer in game for further information!Kiloweá0 Oct 2, 2015
Sep 26, 2015 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. https://www.facebook.com/groups/211912439007236/Ellenah2 Sep 26, 2015
Sep 23, 2015 Server wide RP guild Alliance For those who missed it, last Monday the RH/TN community pulled together and a had meeting about the status of the server. As most of you know, WoW has seen a devastating drop in subscriptions, and being a already low population server, we will be affected more then any other. Many good ideas were thrown around on how to deal with this situation and one being was the idea to have a RP coalition between the guilds on RH/TN. As we stand right now, the remaining Alliance side RP guilds are few in numbers (five by my count) and have a very small active player base for the most part. The idea as I understand it, is to attempt to band the remaining guilds together (not merging the guilds, but network them) much like a gaming community would. Personally I think this is a wonderful idea for the guilds and the players on the server to get to better know one another and connect. This also opens the window for more RP opportunities because so far as I understand it, this will also be in character. I believe if done right, this will better structure our events and bring outside people interested in RP together. Raids, Arenas, RBG's, Dungeons, questing, events, story arcs and character development would also be made much easier and manageable. On top of all of that, this would be a great way to get your guilds information out there and grow. For those interested, we will be having our second meeting Monday at 8pm server time (contact me via mail for invite). We had a amazing turn out last night and hopefully this will grow into something much more down the road with the help and support of the community. Please feel free to leave any questions comments or concerns below, currently I believe we are still working on a name, so put in your thoughts! :)Zhii2 Sep 23, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Doonz 1 HYPE https://youtu.be/VAhj0-wk7G0Lornadunez0 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Survey on your gaming experiences Hi all, I am posting this for a friend. She is a researcher (and avid gamer) who studies online behavior. Please help her study helping in video games by filling out this short survey on your thoughts and experiences: https://utdallas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8udkMXIk5MKah9j Thank you. TriageTriage0 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 12, 2015 Tol Barad 18/9, 8ST Come, friends, and defend your faction's honor in Tol Barad. There will be RP for those interested on both sides!Kexti0 Sep 12, 2015
Sep 11, 2015 @Mockrabbit Hey Mock; here is a heads up. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/18705076790?page=1#6Feloniousbob1 Sep 11, 2015
Sep 7, 2015 Lf Progression Raiders! <Outlaw Legion> 12/13N, 1/13H is now recruiting. . Must be 680 iLvLish and able to raid tuesday&wensday 7-10 server. Looking for 2 ranged dps for our main raid grp (already have 4 hunters )We have No boomkins, ele shams or spriest Will consider all class'sDurgadurga0 Sep 7, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 LF Holy Paladin teacher any amazing paladins out there, that know their class very well, are patient, mature and willing to teach ? I will of course pay for these lessons but if anyone is interested, just sitting down in vent, and maybe while doing LFR or whatever else is a best place to teach and practice holy paladin craft and showing what to do ? I would pay in gold per lesson, we can talk about how much it would be worth there would be of course a bonus upon seeing improvement. few things to keep in mind you must be mature, patient and you must know you are teaching a noob, this would not be an advanced class but starting from basics kind of a class. all aspects would have to be taught, spells usage, resource usage etc ..... we can talk about how many classes , how many days per week and for how long per class ... so if you are looking to earn extra gold, and i would make it worth a while ..especially upon seeing imporvement let me know....send me mail in game Commonkin-twistingNether this is one of those times when guides on forums are not enough. tyCommonkin3 Sep 4, 2015
Aug 29, 2015 Clan Battlehammer salutes Ascendants of War! ((Many thanks from Clan Battlehammer for the excellent fights tonight folks! Ascendants of War is a class act. Keep up the good work!))Rhusty2 Aug 29, 2015
Aug 20, 2015 The Poundfist is a lie. It does not exist. T'a oogly beast o'lore is fict'n.Mockrabbit9 Aug 20, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 trade chat blackthorne....commonkin and snakeslayer in trade chat again ....wheres defiant or greyfoxCommonkin5 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 19, 2015 Roleplayers Guild Recruiting Hello everyone, Roleplayers Guild is a brand new guild on the Ravenholdt-Twisting Nether server. I started this guild with the goal of creating a Roleplayer's community that is more focused around casual gameplay and roleplaying. By creating a collection of players, rather than characters, I hope people feel much more freedom to play the characters they want. This guild is brand new, and I am looking for leadership positions to be filled. I have a model of what I plan, but I am really looking forward to more insight. If you're interested in helping this guild grow, please get in contact with me. 1) Instead of one "guild faction", I want players to create and join factions within the greater "Roleplayers" tag. I think this will open up the door for interaction between groups and characters that may be contrary to the popular "we're all in this together" I sort of see. I think it will provide firm backgrounds for players if they choose to represent their own <Faction> within game, while also letting players sample different RP styles. 2) A focus on casual gameplay. I work during the day, and I'm sure many other players do too. Sometimes it's hard to get really caught up in the game and be pushing through that high-tier end-game content, so I'm looking to find other players who are interested in the more casual aspects of WoW. Our focus would be enhancing casual gaming with in-character roleplaying. Turning dungeon runs into RP events, creating questing fellowships, etc. 3) Players who find the RP aspect to be the most appealing part of MMORPG should find a home here. 4) A good community that treats one another well. 5) Where other guilds may plan raiding nights, I hope the Roleplayers Guild could plan RP events. I would strongly encourage all players to make and plan their own RP events, and join other players in helping out theirs. The goal here would be having a healthy community of storytellers and characters, allowing multiple stories to occur, and allowing everyone in the guild to take on a leadership role if they want to. I hope that as the guild matures, we become very experienced with these RP events. 6) As mentioned before, I think Roleplayers Guild will serve as a collective of like-minded individuals. Rather than joining the guild as characters, we will be joining the guild as out-of-character individuals. Within the guild, players will find friends that enjoy the same aspects of WoW as them. Hopefully this fosters a positive community and helps players find other RP companions.Orzix4 Aug 19, 2015
Aug 4, 2015 WTB Chromite Pauldrons It's not on the AH so I thought I'd come to the forums. I'm looking for Chromite Pauldrons, random green drop from Stratholme (Crusader's Square). It's not too rare - but don't worry I'll pay well. If you happen to run through Strat for any reason and it drops, let me know. My btag is Munbok#1683 or you can just respond on this thread. Thanks!Øk0 Aug 4, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 @Nxy Fun fights in ashran dude. didn't see your emotes or I would've relaxed. What was that bird thing you summoned to carry me away?Peanuts4 Aug 1, 2015
Jul 30, 2015 Xemirkol When was the last time someone spotted/fought/killed this Rare? Anyone know?Tirien2 Jul 30, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 WTS ANY WoD crafted stuff very cheap So basically, I have been stockpiling like a stupid person since WoD released on my 11 horde alts almost daily and I have almost 3k worth of prof mats for each of the professions. You name it, I have it. I also got ALOT of sorcerous elements and I got almost 6k worth of alchemical catalysts so I can make any sorcerous element you might need. I am selling everything really cheap. I am pricing each profession mat, whether it be tailoring/BS/scribe/LW/etc. at 3g/each so it'll be around 1k for the 350 stage 6 one. You need to provide the felblights and bloods if you have but if you want me to get the bloods, then they'll be priced around 100g/each blood (I also have 11 level 3 barns). My Btag is LycheeJuice#1331. Thanks in advance <3.Julairilley3 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 26, 2015 IC world boss raid!! *You walk by the hero’s call board and notice a large flyer, written with the following...* The seas of Draenor are full of dangerous and deadly creatures, none as much as the elusive Whale Shark. These titanic beasts usually spend there days in deeper waters, away from cost lines however, more recently they have been spotted just North of the Tannan jungle. It would seem that the relentless Iron Horde seeks to utilize the Whale Sharks keen hunting senses to sniff out mines for safe passage of there naval fleet. The Orcs of the Ironhold Harbor where able to successfully lore a Whale Shark in and train it to find aquatic mines, giving them a tremendous advantage in there war effort against the armies of Azeroth. Forces of the Alliance navy put a plan into action to mobilize able men and women on a daring mission to capture the beast for there own use to turn the tables on the Iron Horde. A battle ship known as The Jade Lion has been chosen to carry out this task, as well as any brave sole to accompany them to locate and subdue the creature for transportation back to the Lunarfall ship yard. Will you answer the call with your allies to put this plan into action? If so, please contact captain Zhii Fa to sign up and ship out! ((This will be a IC raid of the Savage Whale Shark in Tannan jungle. This boss drops the blueprint Trained Shark Tank which enables your garrisons ships to go on missions that must counter mines. When we are ready, we will move out from Lions Watch to do a IC attack on the harbor itself, before moving onto the boss. If you would like to join this event, please contact myself Zhii-Ravenholdt IC or OOC so that I can put you on the calender or for any questions you may have.))Zhii0 Jul 26, 2015
Jul 24, 2015 [A] The Blue Recluse Agency is hiring/lfw (IC recruitment is posted below) The Blue Recluse Agency is a RP guild on the Twisting Nether-Ravenholdt server of a nontraditional sense. You don’t have to be a RPer to join or find yourself a home here! As long as you’re willing to put up with good company, good gold, and good times, anyone is welcome to join! The biggest thing is even if you’re NOT looking to join, the Blue Recluse Agency is there for you as well! We can and will take on any job you require (for a price) from helping fill those last couple raid spots, carrying you through Arenas so you can hit your cap for the week, gathering those profession materials you just don’t have the time to get or camp the auction house yourself, to even helping out with RP events so that you don’t have to spend your entire time at the event catering to the little details and can still enjoy yourself! If you’re looking to hire the Blue Recluse Agency for absolutely anything, contact Davíd-Twistingnether or David-Twistingnether (no worries I own both names if you can’t find the alt character) to dicate what type of job you want done! Once we’ve reached an agreement, the job will be listed to our Available Jobs board to be undertaken by one of our members. And, luckily for you, payment is not required in full until the job is completed! ----- Stormwind, capital of the Alliance and home to most of the human civilization, is a bustling center of enterprise where even the greenest of travelers can uncover adventure. From energetic Trade District, where everyone seeks their fortune, to the reticent Old Town, work can be found anywhere. However, in the festive Mage District, where magic users from all over the world come to train, hone their skills, and (hopefully) not get blown up in the process, sits a quiet tavern at the base of a grand tower. Here at the Blue Recluse, mages and adventurers alike come to escape the frenzy of the Alliance hold so that they can study in peace or swap stories over a pint of ale. Quieter than usual as of late, a lone rogue comes to find a home within where he enjoys the abundant stores of alcohol and food provided by the proprietors. However, all is not well as the rogue stares incredulously at the parchment handed to him by the bartender, Joachim Brenlow. Plainly written upon it is the tab he’d managed to run up over several years to the tune of over three hundred thousand gold. Coughing and sputtering, David looks at the tab as he chokes on the ale that was just brought to him as well, “How the bloody hell did I manage to run up THIS MUCH?!?!” With an embittered sigh, Brenlow begins to tick off on his fingers, “You come here and drink almost every night, you hold most of your business dealings here, you’re constantly telling me to put other people’s drinks and food on YOUR tab, and let’s not forget the numerous parties you’ve thrown here. With all that added onto the fact that you haven’t once paid your tab in seven years adds up to a whole lotta gold.” David continued to stare at the paper; sweat beading on his forehead as he realized the tab would cost him nearly everything he owned. Trying to compose himself… and buy time so he could make a run for the door, he looked up at the bartender with an indefinable smile, “How about a deal? I spend enough time here that I pretty much live here. What I’ll do is take over the day to day costs of running this place and we’ll run it as partners from now on? In addition, I’ll start running an Agency out of here. It’ll bring in more customers and, because we’ll be running off the Blue Recluse’s premises, you’d get a cut of the profit as well. Sound good?” Joachim, with the bedraggled look of a defeated man just shook his head as he walked away muttering to himself, “Well at least this way I’ll get some of the gold you owe me.” The next day, hung on message boards through-out the capital and on the doorframe of the bar, a handwritten note is nailed in the center. --------- ATTENTION ALL ADVENTURERS LOOKING FOR WORK OR LOOKING FOR WORK DONE FOR THEM! The newly formed Blue Recluse Agency is now looking to hire anyone looking for work. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how horribly incompetent you are, we can find work for you! ~~~TO ANYONE LOOKING TO HAVE WORK DONE!~~~ The Blue Recluse Agency is now taking on jobs as well! Need someone to escort you through a terrifying dungeon? How about bartenders for your next event? Feeling too lazy to go out into the world an collect the resources needed to hone your trade? Whether its Bounties, Escorts, Mercenary needs, Basic Services, or Even Professional needs, no job is too small or too great for us to take on! For Business Inquiries, Please send all mail via Post to Davíd or come see us personally in the Blue Recluse conveniently located at the base of the Portal Tower in the Mage District of Stormwind! ----------- Visit us at bluerecluseagency.gamerlaunch.com for more information!Davíd1 Jul 24, 2015
Jul 23, 2015 Looking for Mighty Enscorcelled Tarot Can provide Mighty Hexweave in trade or all the mats (except the war paints) plus a hexweave bag or two Thanks! http://www.wowhead.com/item=127718/mighty-ensorcelled-tarot Mighty Ensorcelled Tarot: War Paints (175), Sorcerous Fire (30), Felblight (30) Offering: http://www.wowhead.com/item=127715/mighty-hexweave-essence Requires Hexweave Cloth (175), Sorcerous Earth (30), Felblight (30)Bitterhope4 Jul 23, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 Tanaan Offensive: A Roleplayer Raid Group [H] If you're a roleplayer and you want to raid, I assume I have your attention? :) Sanctuary is currently organizing a raid team comprised of varied roleplayers from the TN/RH roleplaying community on Horde. It is going to be a one night a week team starting in Normal HFC, with roleplay before, during, and after. We have a good number of signups already but are seeking more. All classes and roles are welcome to join us. Our first raid is this Friday at 8:00pm server. Item level 670 is required. For more information, please contact one of the following: Julilee-TwistingNether Xaraphyne-TwistingNether or Kexti-Ravenholdt Scythemia-Ravenholdt More information is also available on our merged realm's RP forums, TNG (wow-tng.org) and Sanctum (ravenholdt.us).Julilee5 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 New Player intro Looking for a fun group clan or guild to do fun things with. I recently received an e-mail from a friend that I knew tons of years ago. He asked me to play this game that it would be fun and that I would like it and that he gets a mount if I say yes. So here I am, HI! Okay anyways, um, to get to the point. I understand from reading up on these things that this is a Role Playing server. I'm not sure exactly how to do that but I read some sticky notes on here about the rules and stuff. My name isn't really Jerome I just thought that my character looked like a Jerome so I named him accordingly. It's my understanding that I need to come up with a history or story about my character and then while I am playing wow in there with you guys I need to act like the character I am playing. Correct me if I'm wrong I want to get this right so I don't mess up things in the Role Playing. I'm going to be honest, I came to this realm because it is low population and I don't want to be surrounded by tons of people all the time. I wasn't really into the RP scene and didn't really seek this server out because of RP but since I am going to be here I thought it would be fun to get into it a little and see if I like doing the RP things. So, I need to think of something about my character's history and story about him which is what I gather is probably the first step to doing the RP things correctly. If there is any guild or clan that helps people figure these things out and is accepting new players to do fun things with I am interested in joining. I just play on the weekend and I'm new to this game so you have to bare with me while I figure these things out. My friend might make a character on this server too we have each other on our friends lists but he plays weekdays and is on a really big server which I am not interested in playing on. um, so right now I'm just doing some quests I did some earlier and got to level 2 and I don't own the new expansion yet so I can only get to level 90 right now but maybe later depending on if i want to invest in this game I might get the level 100 pack. Oh and I'm going to change my character from a priest to a druid but I didn't see humans can be druids so that makes me sad because my human looks like a Jerome and I'm afraid my non human will not look like a Jerome so I might need to select a different name. Thanks for reading my stuff.Jerome3 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit- G'day. I have taken Mock's stories and compiled them on the Sanctum site. I will be continuing on from the linked thread at the sanctum, and keep writing updated here with links, or even just a repost of events here in the forums under new threads. http://www.ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=153Mockrabbit20 Jul 14, 2015