Oct 8, 2012 LF JC Sapphire Panther Mount LF a Jewelcrafter to create a Sapphire Panther mount for me. I have the mats and will tip preciously. Thank you.Stillblazen2 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Heads Up Companion Pet collectors... Being denied my 5 extra hunter pet slots, I have gone on an OCD hunt for companion pets for my toons. The added benefit to this is that it applies to ALL your toons on your accts. So, here is a tip for you who collect pets and want to obtain the rare versions. When you enter into a pet battle, look at the HP of the pet you want to secure. Once you capture that pet look at the quality of the pet you get and then average around 5% to the HP to get the quality pet you want. Or do what I do and W.A.G it. For instance, I secured a pet from Hellfire and their HP was 1900, it was a confirmed rare pet. Goodluck on ya who are collecting, there are some really nice compaion pets out there.Bobcat3 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012 Selling Darkmoon Rabbit If anyone is interested in buying pst in game or mailRinruku0 Oct 8, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Anyone else stuck at connecting? After server restart I seem to be stuck at connecting when logging in. Tried deleting WTF and Cache. still same issue. I can log into battle.net just fine.Helgraves3 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 Can't We All Just Get Along? I'm sure this has happened to people of both factions: attack a mob, get it to 50%, surprise attacked by a random Alliance/Horde, dead. To all you 90s out there, just because someone is at a lower level than you and doesn't have as much health as you, doesn't mean that they are helpless to your attacks. The random, out-of-nowhere ganks are starting to get ridiculous. Some flight points in Pandaria are just death traps to lower level Alliance/Horde. I've died more times in Pandaria than anywhere else on Azeroth due to 'KILL ALL ALLIANCE' diehard Horde fanatics. Many a time, I'm running around, minding my own business, occasionally waving to a passing Horde when someone on a Cloud Serpent drops out of the sky and proceeds to brutally murder me.Serphentoss33 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 7, 2012 [H-RP] <Horns of the Shuhalo> The Return. It has been a long time since word had come from the Horns of the Shu'halo. The time for its revival has come. The tribe has returned. Palthan Spiritwalker has taken up the mantle of leadership as Chieftain of the tribe. Backed by his mentor and dearest friend Rarahn Whitehorn, an ex-Earthguard of the Horns. Rarahn regrets not being able to support his student in the return of his old home but he feels his time in the Horns has come, and for the tribe to endure it must have a new view and continue being a home to many Tauren. Guild Information ----------------- The Horns of the Shu'halo is an all Tauren roleplaying guild that is now returning from the dead and is now opening up recruitment once more! I look forward for the guild's return and hope to coordinate events once again with the Bloodfury Clan and any others who express interest. To those curious, I plan to position of the guild will be more of a balance of spirituality and militaristic. Some events I have planned include spiritual pilgramages and a few spiritual feasts. FAQ ----------------- Q: Do I have to be a Tauren to join? A: Yes, you have to be a Tauren to join the Horns of the Shu'halo, though we will accept the alts of characters already in the guild. Q: Are there any level requirements to the guild? A: There are no level requirements for the guild. Q: Do I need to know the Tauren lore before joining? A: Knowledge of Tauren lore is not required, though it will help you in participating in Guild RP. Q: Are there any specific classes the guild wants? A: There aren't any classes we need, though we only need a Priest for the achievement! Q: Does the Horns do anything else besides Roleplay? A: In the future PvP and maybe PvE events will be coordinated. Q: Is there an interview in joining the guild? A: Before you become a member of the guild, you have to meet with the leadership of the guild and perform an oath. Q: My name is HolycowXx (Hopefully nobody with that name reads this!) can I join? A: If you have a ridiculous name, odds are you will not be allowed to join the guild. Q: During events do we have to talk in Taurahe (The Tauren language)? A: While sometimes we do speak Taurahe during events, if with another group that are not Tauren we will not speak it out of respect to our guests. Q: What kind of events do the Horns of the Shu'halo do? A: It varies, we have had events of all kind in the past (Spiritual, combat oriented, etc). The tribe used to have a weekly gathering on Tuesdays. It is unsure when and if we will continue this tradition. Q: How do I join? A: To join all you have to do is either send a request through the in-game guild finder, send Palthan a letter in-game, post here on this thread, you can also show up at one of the guild events. If you have any other questions, please ask them and I will add them here. I'm glad to finally be back on Ravenholdt and I hope I can bring back my old home. - Palthan / RarahnPalthan34 Oct 7, 2012
Oct 5, 2012 Wat There is a dead storm giant in the middle of Dalaran. I think I've been up too long.Zakarnas6 Oct 5, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 Inscribed fan price? http://www.wowhead.com/item=79333/inscribed-fan I am wondering what the price is like on these. Not the ruby or jade, etc, but the one created while leveling. Thanks. Have not seen any on the AH, but them I just hit 86Bitterhope1 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 4, 2012 WTS... WTS [item="Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)" /] 6k, pst me in-game. I will CoD it or trade for the money. Thanks.Aldrett0 Oct 4, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 Disappointed in the gear style... Though this may seem like a blatantly obvious advertisement in buying my transmogs items on both auction houses, its not…but please buy if you see something you like that I am selling!!! I am not impressed with my limited experience into gear appearance in this xpac. I feel that the hunter gear which is the only class I have played on is a little too flamboyant and not my style. With that said how are the other classes with their gear appearance so far? <Subliminal Advertisement> Buy Bobs Tramsmogs… Buy Bobs Tramsmogs… Buy Bobs Tramsmogs… Buy Bobs Tramsmogs…Bobcat15 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 Anyone get anything off the BM AH yet? I've been by a few times, but there's never been any more than 2 items, and it's never been anything of interest to me. Does anyone have any money budgeted for BM AH stuff? What do you figure is a solid amount to visit with?Omnilock3 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 looking for KFC/PHD/DHS i want to hit 2200 in a hunter comp anyone looking to push 2200?Bäbylove7 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 3, 2012 Decided to level my dk first... ...picked wrong. Dying faster than cata.Aorris8 Oct 3, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 arena team Looking for good healer, with high lvl experience to run thug cleave (hunter/rogue) in 3s. Druid or shamen prefered but will take any good, geared healer. Pst in game or via this thread. TySagitarious0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 [H] <Relapse> WTT/WTB Darkmoon Cards + Herbs In particular, we are looking for the 4 of Serpents. Will also consider other Serpents/Tigers/Cranes cards for trade/purchase. We are also looking for scribes to buy Scroll of Wisdom cds. Lastly, to any dedicated herbalists out there - look for Slushy/Works/Bahumut/Hermionê in game and we will gladly set up a bulk/regular deal with you on herbs. Thank youHermionê0 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 2, 2012 A wish for the community Dear Ravenholdt, I wish for the entire community to have a great pvp season with an extended salutations and respect to my opponents in combat. That is all :3 /bowNakremy7 Oct 2, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 @Blizzard (I looked all over the other forums and I did not find a Suggestion forum, so I had to come here.) I seem to have found a debuff that can be used to abuse the game mechanics. It is called 'Spritely'. Increases damage done and movement speed by 5%. Stacks to 20. The timer is set at 20 seconds. That gives you more than enough time to get to the 100% damage and allows you to murder anyone of the opposite faction quite quickly. I recommend it be reduced to 5 seconds.Serphentoss4 Oct 1, 2012
Oct 1, 2012 Theme Songs I know not everyone on this server RPs, but we've discussed music in the context of PvP and PvE, as well as music tastes in general, but what about the music themes of your characters? I'll start. This is confusing as Fel if you don't know Darrs full story...and probably still pretty confusing if you do, but this is Darethy's theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZTYNBtUbNQ He may or may not own an ice cream van.Darethy24 Oct 1, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 Rim Sucks at WoW Proof! Get !@#$ on kid. 89 losing to a level 86. get pwned.... Glad = bad http://i50.tinypic.com/2cy3ccw.jpg Desolo > Rim > NightrecluseRizzabear15 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 So much windwool. Need someone to heal fast! .... YOU! YES YOU! PLEASE STOP RUNNING! .... I was only trying my best...sorry i let you down .... Why am i typing like this...? Why am i on the forum atm...sorry brb gotta bandage heal the Sha of Anger.Tainarra0 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 30, 2012 So... how is it? Seeing lots of familiar faces, both Alliance and Horde. How is everybody liking MoP so far?Cayreth20 Sep 30, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 Defunct Progression, Please Remove With Mists of Pandaria launching tomorrow (as of this writing) I have decided to blank this thread in the hopes of getting my new one stickied. If anyone truly wishes the information from this thread, I have saved it to a word document and will be happy to provide it. Please do the following, as posted by Oolaki: ...Lukar416 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 My thoughts on the Theramore scenario.. ...I actually really like it! :o I read a lot about how it was a giant let-down by Blizzard in terms of a pre-expansion event, and about how it was super sparse lore-wise, or didn't follow the events of Tides of War at all (Alliance-side anyway). And all these points are true and I would have loved for a great jaw-dropping reaction-provoking mission too.. But at the end of the day, it lets me go into Theramore again and again and again. Killing orcs. No questions asked, just cutting loose. And because its tuned so simply, I'm not worried about max-dps or anything like that, I'm getting to explore creatively my class mechanics - typhooning people off a bridge here, mushroom-wild charge-ninja hopping, experimenting with dynamics between ursol's vortex and mushrooms and giant-chicken disengage... And I get to kill orcs and trolls repeatedly while doing so. With a grim jaw for Theramore. All the frustration I've build up against the Horde (story-wise) across questing...and I get to cut loose again and again and again. /dance. This works :o (...I hope this doesn't make me seem like some homicidal druid. help)Galdhael28 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 29, 2012 @Snaggletusk Your second sentence was kind of correct, at least. Just replace "To spit on people" with "Because you're bored." http://imgur.com/a/dEtPl Bonus: The random !@#$ we talk about in /Horde, and some hijinks from Beta I don't think I ever posted.Draxonicar1 Sep 29, 2012
Sep 28, 2012 [A] <Guardians of Stromgarde> [RP-PVP] In a desperate attempt to wrest back any shred of Alliance territory in the Arathi Basin & Highlands, a new militia has formed & is seeking recruits from Stormwind, Ironforge, and Gnomeregan. Lead by a small order of Arathi priests and paladins, our mission is to restore peace and prosperity to our bloodsoaked homeland in the North Eastern Kingdoms. We'll begin by driving the enemy out of Hammerfall & Stromgarde Keep, but if that's not enough, we will not hesitate to bring the fight to Orgrimmar itself. We're in the early stages of planning & have room for many different classes & experience levels. However, as we serve the Light above all else, our ranks are not open to warlocks, death knights, or shadow priests. If you wish to strike back at the Horde usurpers, write to Glexelia at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Expect a timely response; recruitment will last only a few more days before we return to our base camp at Refuge Pointe.Glexelia1 Sep 28, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 [H] Darkmoon Faire Cards Hey guys, I'm trying to build the new decks for my friends and myself as quick as I can like many of you. I'll be updating this post with duplicates or cards I don't need that I'll be happy to trade. Hopefully we can all help each other out! I'm after the Cranes deck and Serpent Deck. Have Available to Trade: Ace of Tigers x 1 If I'm not online I can usually be reached on skype (Insult2Injury88).Cynecal0 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 Satisfy your <Ambition> - 8/8 HDS True to our word, we are charging onward into MOP with no hesitation. We at Ambition pride ourselves on our commitment to having fun and kicking butt with a group of folks who are all close enough friends to call each other family. But don't let that intimidate you - we welcome new members with just as much enthusiasm as we welcome each other. No one is left behind in our love parade! ... Er, I think this post has veered a little off course. Alright, alright, to the details! Who: <Ambition>, level 25 Horde guild (raiding, social) What: Folks looking for a fun, tight-knit atmosphere who want to dip their toes into raiding - we need people who can sub in on nights we don't have our full roster! When: Wed/Sat/Sun, 8pm-11pm server time Why: For awesome memories of spending time with people you care about to kill internet dargons! As your friendly, neighborhood raid leader, I strive to create an environment that is both fun and satisfying in its progression. Although decimating internet pixels with your shiny avatars is a reward unto itself, it also comes with the benefit of getting you what many call "phat lewtz"! <Ambition> distributes the spoils of our victories using a random roll system, giving preference to main spec over off spec and with a policy of one upgrade per raider. This does not mean we waste loot, however, and if no one else needs a piece for their main spec and you have already won something, we will still happily hand over your purple shinies. We are also looking to institute a system that gives bonuses to your rolls depending on attendance; the details of said system will be set up prior to starting raiding in Mists. <Ambition> also hosts a Wednesday evening newbie-and-alt run at 8pm server time. If you are looking for a fun and friendly place to call home and want to dabble in raiding every so often, we can accommodate you! Our glorious officer Atrusa, who is fantastic and wonderful in every possible way, is always populating our calendar with fun outings and challenges (gotta get those guild-level nerd points somehow!), and many of our members are notorious altoholics, so there is rarely a shortage of things to do. Please contact myself, Atrusa, or ßrent in-game if you are interested in joining <Ambition>. If you cannot find us, contact anybody online in the guild and they can likely point you to whatever alt we're poking around on. :) I hope to hear from you soon! -AntimonyAntimony19 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 27, 2012 Hunters Must try this.... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6712712453 Will have to make this trip to see this...Bobcat1 Sep 27, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 Epic world pvp in tb pen on last day of cata To all those who were there for the battle today in tb pen- thanks for coming, it was one of the most ferocious battles ive ever been in which is totaly awsome cause its the last day of cata. Very nice way to close this chapter of wow. Happy hunting in MoP Ravenholdt!Sagitarious4 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 I wonder... If anyone on Ravenholdt even knows MOP comes out tomorrow night. Because it feels like 80% of Ravenholdt doesn't know.Graycen13 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Entertaining offers on level 11 guild. It's level 10 right now, but I'll have it to 11 shortly. Not sure if I'll actually sell, or wait til it gets to higher levels. I'm mostly looking to see if there's any interest. Here's a link to the guild in question. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/ravenholdt/Shattered_Image_of_Peeks/ With guild xp the way it is right now, I don't know how much this would be worth.Omnilock7 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Nerf Tol Barad guards now! I'm so sick of the alliance getting one of my dots on them and running into a group of guards just so I will die. This is a freakin pvp realm and that is a pvp zone whoever thought that making those guards 3 shot you in a pvp realm and letting them aggro off of a dot tick when i'm more than 40 yards away must have been stoned. Take this away now! I'm so sick of Team Muffin, S I N and all the other terribad alliance guilds out there ganking horde with 3 or 4 vs 1 and when my people come out there to play they go hide in their camp and hope I DoT them so the guards come after us and they can attack us with their super weak attacks and still get HKs from it when they did not even do 90% of the damage done.Mâgus19 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 End of Cataclysm Dance Party So last night during Nephilim's typical Friday "Drunk LFR" we ended up doing something a little different. We were chatting about how this would be our last Friday in Cataclysm and our last Cata Drunk LFR. Then we decided, to throw a little dance party - I had a few Blue Moons, more shots of Loopy Vodka than I care to admit, and my Fraps running the whole time... This is what we came up with, http://youtu.be/xBExSR5cRmg?hd=1 Cheers to Cataclysm and the good times we had! I look forward to the times ahead in Mists of Pandaria!Mess2 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Chopstick Samurai :Improving the post bit-by-bit. Very stingy in the info right now. [Heavy RP|Dungeons|Battlegrounds] Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to the Ravenholdt server. I've been in the guild "Topical Anesthesia", and I highly recommend the guild (level 13 right now). But, I feel like it is time to start my own little niche on the server. Guild Ranking Master... Shogun... Samurai... Student... Peasant... What We Focus On, In-Depth Heavy RP... Dungeons... Battlegrounds... Guild Rules How To Get In-Contact ... Lastly ...Talvish0 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 RDPS Rogue LF MOP Raiding Progression Ranged DPS rogue LF raid group interested in progressing through MOP raids! My throwing weapon is doing alot of DPS atm and barely has a cast time making it perfect for DPS. If interested please message me on Graycen or Laureen. Thank you! -GraycenLaureen1 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Anyone know anything interesting to do in WoW Let me know! I'm bored out of my mind and don't feel like playing LoL.Graycen26 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 [H] <Relapse> Selling heroic raid clears Relapse is selling full heroic clears and meta achievements for any current raids. Purchase will include applicable gear and mounts unless otherwise specified. Please contact via in game mail for further details and pricing.Orjie19 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 21, 2012 WTB Heavy Junkboxes Hey all, I'm working on my 'the Insane' title and as such need tons of Heavy Junkbox to turn in for Ravenholdt rep. I've had Bob helping me with it, but I think he may lose his mind if he keeps farming'em, haha. I'm offering 25g per box, please COD them to me and check here so I can post when I'm done. Also, here's a guide to farming them: http://www.wowwiki.com/Farming_Heavy_Junkboxes Thanks, AdrellAdrell12 Sep 21, 2012
Sep 20, 2012 Is Your Character's Name Unique Just to throw this out there: sometimes we think of a name that has never been used on the realm and we use that. I'll list some very unique names, unique because there's only 2-15 chars with that same name. Ginnhh (3) Dagaraghan (2) Tyrazdormu (1) The numbers next to the names means how many chars are out there.Klinda27 Sep 20, 2012
Sep 19, 2012 In Memorium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct3LRmElbb0Draxonicar4 Sep 19, 2012
Sep 18, 2012 [H-RP] Bloodfury Clan Open Recruitment! The Bloodfury Clan is an all Orc heavy role playing Guild. Founded near the beginning of the realm’s creation it has always been “the guild” to explore your Orc’s true character. The Bloodfury Clan does not ask you to leave the Horde. Instead fight for the Horde underneath the Bloodfury’s banner! Bringing glory to yourself, your clan, and to your own people. -Open recruitment times- Sunday September 23rd through Thursday September 27th Nightly 8pm to 930pm. Contact Sisanej in game for an in character interview. I am online sporadically days and nights. If you are interested in joining add me. Whisper me anytime I am online with questions, or for an IC interview. *I do intend to level Sisanej when MOP is released. RP comes first! I would be 85 forever if it meant I only ever role played. As long as my Hearthstone is not on CD at the time, I will be in Orgrimmar just moments after your whisper me.*Sisanej0 Sep 18, 2012
Sep 17, 2012 @squad What should be my main in mop priest or pally? what would benifit us more in your opinion?Fàded5 Sep 17, 2012
Sep 17, 2012 Who the hell is Zigoroth? And why is he bothering me with his guild spam? I was in the middle of a dungeon run while levelling this toon, when this chump whispers me out of nowhere and asks me to join his guild. Firstly, I'm IN a guild, so it's not like I'm in the market. Secondly, Fired is one of the best guilds on the server (in my ever humble opinion), so I can't imagine his guild is a step up for me. And thirdly, I'm in the middle of DPSing a dungeon. I don't exactly have time to chat. When I asked him where he got my name, he said he just did a /who and was going down the list. Is this what Ravenholdt has come to? People simply spamming every person on the server, individually, guilded or not, with spam?Greenfist13 Sep 17, 2012
Sep 17, 2012 FoS hunting So I am trying to go for Hero of Shattrath, worthless FoS I know...and yes I know how to do it. My question was if anyone had any Dampscale Basilisk Eye or Dreadfang Venom Sac that they would want to sell me? As you all know, all depending on guild perks, I might need as many as 1,280 just to get Scryers or Aldor back to neutral. I have this guy who is exalted with the Aldor, and my main is exalted with the Scryers. Just hoping somebody does to lessen the already painful grind.Xarrok2 Sep 17, 2012
Sep 17, 2012 League of Legends Looking for some new friends from the server to play with. My summoner name is Beeperiffic. Add me or whisper me on wow.Beeperiffic13 Sep 17, 2012
Sep 16, 2012 WTB all heavy junkboxes, CoD or trade I need over a thousand of these, and will pay 25g per Heavy Junkbox. CoD Davesarhino or whisper either Davesarhino or Doesntafraid in-game for details.Doesntafraid0 Sep 16, 2012
Sep 16, 2012 A quick shout out... To all my old frienemies. Good times. -Lord Vyseth Hunter Blood Reaver of the Kiith-Sa Hunter www.kiithsahunter.comVusah23 Sep 16, 2012
Sep 15, 2012 Fallen Heroes Moving to Hyjal Horde playing together since bc we are finally moving to a PC server. Most of us are from the west coast and will find recruiting or even pugging more easy. It has been fun later to all the heroes we will leave behind.Buzzobee6 Sep 15, 2012
Sep 15, 2012 <squad> is recruiting We're recruiting mainly PvPers but everyone is welcome. Yup, so come join us, we're good people.Packin11 Sep 15, 2012
Sep 15, 2012 Org You mad? Squad Recruiting more for PvP! =DSwo9 Sep 15, 2012