Jul 26, 2015 IC world boss raid!! *You walk by the hero’s call board and notice a large flyer, written with the following...* The seas of Draenor are full of dangerous and deadly creatures, none as much as the elusive Whale Shark. These titanic beasts usually spend there days in deeper waters, away from cost lines however, more recently they have been spotted just North of the Tannan jungle. It would seem that the relentless Iron Horde seeks to utilize the Whale Sharks keen hunting senses to sniff out mines for safe passage of there naval fleet. The Orcs of the Ironhold Harbor where able to successfully lore a Whale Shark in and train it to find aquatic mines, giving them a tremendous advantage in there war effort against the armies of Azeroth. Forces of the Alliance navy put a plan into action to mobilize able men and women on a daring mission to capture the beast for there own use to turn the tables on the Iron Horde. A battle ship known as The Jade Lion has been chosen to carry out this task, as well as any brave sole to accompany them to locate and subdue the creature for transportation back to the Lunarfall ship yard. Will you answer the call with your allies to put this plan into action? If so, please contact captain Zhii Fa to sign up and ship out! ((This will be a IC raid of the Savage Whale Shark in Tannan jungle. This boss drops the blueprint Trained Shark Tank which enables your garrisons ships to go on missions that must counter mines. When we are ready, we will move out from Lions Watch to do a IC attack on the harbor itself, before moving onto the boss. If you would like to join this event, please contact myself Zhii-Ravenholdt IC or OOC so that I can put you on the calender or for any questions you may have.))Zhii0 Jul 26, 2015
Jul 24, 2015 [A] The Blue Recluse Agency is hiring/lfw (IC recruitment is posted below) The Blue Recluse Agency is a RP guild on the Twisting Nether-Ravenholdt server of a nontraditional sense. You don’t have to be a RPer to join or find yourself a home here! As long as you’re willing to put up with good company, good gold, and good times, anyone is welcome to join! The biggest thing is even if you’re NOT looking to join, the Blue Recluse Agency is there for you as well! We can and will take on any job you require (for a price) from helping fill those last couple raid spots, carrying you through Arenas so you can hit your cap for the week, gathering those profession materials you just don’t have the time to get or camp the auction house yourself, to even helping out with RP events so that you don’t have to spend your entire time at the event catering to the little details and can still enjoy yourself! If you’re looking to hire the Blue Recluse Agency for absolutely anything, contact Davíd-Twistingnether or David-Twistingnether (no worries I own both names if you can’t find the alt character) to dicate what type of job you want done! Once we’ve reached an agreement, the job will be listed to our Available Jobs board to be undertaken by one of our members. And, luckily for you, payment is not required in full until the job is completed! ----- Stormwind, capital of the Alliance and home to most of the human civilization, is a bustling center of enterprise where even the greenest of travelers can uncover adventure. From energetic Trade District, where everyone seeks their fortune, to the reticent Old Town, work can be found anywhere. However, in the festive Mage District, where magic users from all over the world come to train, hone their skills, and (hopefully) not get blown up in the process, sits a quiet tavern at the base of a grand tower. Here at the Blue Recluse, mages and adventurers alike come to escape the frenzy of the Alliance hold so that they can study in peace or swap stories over a pint of ale. Quieter than usual as of late, a lone rogue comes to find a home within where he enjoys the abundant stores of alcohol and food provided by the proprietors. However, all is not well as the rogue stares incredulously at the parchment handed to him by the bartender, Joachim Brenlow. Plainly written upon it is the tab he’d managed to run up over several years to the tune of over three hundred thousand gold. Coughing and sputtering, David looks at the tab as he chokes on the ale that was just brought to him as well, “How the bloody hell did I manage to run up THIS MUCH?!?!” With an embittered sigh, Brenlow begins to tick off on his fingers, “You come here and drink almost every night, you hold most of your business dealings here, you’re constantly telling me to put other people’s drinks and food on YOUR tab, and let’s not forget the numerous parties you’ve thrown here. With all that added onto the fact that you haven’t once paid your tab in seven years adds up to a whole lotta gold.” David continued to stare at the paper; sweat beading on his forehead as he realized the tab would cost him nearly everything he owned. Trying to compose himself… and buy time so he could make a run for the door, he looked up at the bartender with an indefinable smile, “How about a deal? I spend enough time here that I pretty much live here. What I’ll do is take over the day to day costs of running this place and we’ll run it as partners from now on? In addition, I’ll start running an Agency out of here. It’ll bring in more customers and, because we’ll be running off the Blue Recluse’s premises, you’d get a cut of the profit as well. Sound good?” Joachim, with the bedraggled look of a defeated man just shook his head as he walked away muttering to himself, “Well at least this way I’ll get some of the gold you owe me.” The next day, hung on message boards through-out the capital and on the doorframe of the bar, a handwritten note is nailed in the center. --------- ATTENTION ALL ADVENTURERS LOOKING FOR WORK OR LOOKING FOR WORK DONE FOR THEM! The newly formed Blue Recluse Agency is now looking to hire anyone looking for work. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how horribly incompetent you are, we can find work for you! ~~~TO ANYONE LOOKING TO HAVE WORK DONE!~~~ The Blue Recluse Agency is now taking on jobs as well! Need someone to escort you through a terrifying dungeon? How about bartenders for your next event? Feeling too lazy to go out into the world an collect the resources needed to hone your trade? Whether its Bounties, Escorts, Mercenary needs, Basic Services, or Even Professional needs, no job is too small or too great for us to take on! For Business Inquiries, Please send all mail via Post to Davíd or come see us personally in the Blue Recluse conveniently located at the base of the Portal Tower in the Mage District of Stormwind! ----------- Visit us at bluerecluseagency.gamerlaunch.com for more information!Davíd1 Jul 24, 2015
Jul 23, 2015 Looking for Mighty Enscorcelled Tarot Can provide Mighty Hexweave in trade or all the mats (except the war paints) plus a hexweave bag or two Thanks! http://www.wowhead.com/item=127718/mighty-ensorcelled-tarot Mighty Ensorcelled Tarot: War Paints (175), Sorcerous Fire (30), Felblight (30) Offering: http://www.wowhead.com/item=127715/mighty-hexweave-essence Requires Hexweave Cloth (175), Sorcerous Earth (30), Felblight (30)Bitterhope4 Jul 23, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 Tanaan Offensive: A Roleplayer Raid Group [H] If you're a roleplayer and you want to raid, I assume I have your attention? :) Sanctuary is currently organizing a raid team comprised of varied roleplayers from the TN/RH roleplaying community on Horde. It is going to be a one night a week team starting in Normal HFC, with roleplay before, during, and after. We have a good number of signups already but are seeking more. All classes and roles are welcome to join us. Our first raid is this Friday at 8:00pm server. Item level 670 is required. For more information, please contact one of the following: Julilee-TwistingNether Xaraphyne-TwistingNether or Kexti-Ravenholdt Scythemia-Ravenholdt More information is also available on our merged realm's RP forums, TNG (wow-tng.org) and Sanctum (ravenholdt.us).Julilee5 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 New Player intro Looking for a fun group clan or guild to do fun things with. I recently received an e-mail from a friend that I knew tons of years ago. He asked me to play this game that it would be fun and that I would like it and that he gets a mount if I say yes. So here I am, HI! Okay anyways, um, to get to the point. I understand from reading up on these things that this is a Role Playing server. I'm not sure exactly how to do that but I read some sticky notes on here about the rules and stuff. My name isn't really Jerome I just thought that my character looked like a Jerome so I named him accordingly. It's my understanding that I need to come up with a history or story about my character and then while I am playing wow in there with you guys I need to act like the character I am playing. Correct me if I'm wrong I want to get this right so I don't mess up things in the Role Playing. I'm going to be honest, I came to this realm because it is low population and I don't want to be surrounded by tons of people all the time. I wasn't really into the RP scene and didn't really seek this server out because of RP but since I am going to be here I thought it would be fun to get into it a little and see if I like doing the RP things. So, I need to think of something about my character's history and story about him which is what I gather is probably the first step to doing the RP things correctly. If there is any guild or clan that helps people figure these things out and is accepting new players to do fun things with I am interested in joining. I just play on the weekend and I'm new to this game so you have to bare with me while I figure these things out. My friend might make a character on this server too we have each other on our friends lists but he plays weekdays and is on a really big server which I am not interested in playing on. um, so right now I'm just doing some quests I did some earlier and got to level 2 and I don't own the new expansion yet so I can only get to level 90 right now but maybe later depending on if i want to invest in this game I might get the level 100 pack. Oh and I'm going to change my character from a priest to a druid but I didn't see humans can be druids so that makes me sad because my human looks like a Jerome and I'm afraid my non human will not look like a Jerome so I might need to select a different name. Thanks for reading my stuff.Jerome3 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 Shallow Grave - The corpse and the rabbit- G'day. I have taken Mock's stories and compiled them on the Sanctum site. I will be continuing on from the linked thread at the sanctum, and keep writing updated here with links, or even just a repost of events here in the forums under new threads. http://www.ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=153Mockrabbit20 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 [H] Ergasiophobia needs you! Previously: I hav'nt seen t'em in months. Our op'rations are in disarray. T'ere have been no reports nor ord'rs. T'a few o'us t'at are tak'in part in w'at operations I can provide fir t'em are gett'in uneasy. Maybe the others have been uncovered and captured, or worse. Worse? Dead. I....I don't follow... ...... ...... Really? I don't see a problem w'it it. The living might. Always have somet'in ta howl about don't t'ey. Never mind......what's your plan? Shasgwantian, Bodagget an I have consult'd ta few o'us t'at we can find. We are agreed t'at we will take who we can an get out o'Clandestine before we all 'vanish'. That's it then? you'll all go into hiding and hope not to befall the same fate of the Clandestine's leaders and operatives? Sounds like a gnome took your spine. Ta't only happen'd once. You looked like a bellow bag. I enjoyed it. T'ey could almost look me in the socket t'en. But enough o't'at. We will not just ' hide'. We have decid'd t'at in ord'r ta keep up our op'rations, an root out those responsible fir Clandestine's miss'in memb'rs , t'at we would disguise our selfs as a support group wi't a mental illness. .......was....was that your idea or did were the others maybe suggesting something to you? No-no, we took a vote. We will mascarade as a group fir those wi't 'rgase-oh-phob-e-ah. What? 'rgase-oh-phob-e-ah. Ergasiophobia? T'at's w'at I said. So a fear of work, and you'll be working harder than ever to get operations back on their feet as well as investigate the missing members of Clandestine. I guess you could say that name doesn't really 'work'.....I don't have sun goggles for this.... It works perfectly. T'ose t'at where tak'in out ta Clandestine will see us an t'ink ta t'em selves "Oh t'ey are terrifi'd o'work. T'ey will 'ave giv'n up on t'ere op'rations an we can stop hunt'in t'em". ..... It's perfect! ((Clandestine's GM and GM second in command have not been active in guild since February, except for a couple of very short log ins to check the guild bank. Even though Clandestine had 180 members only 8-12 of them have ever been active with the majority not logging in since the guild was founded. We tried to make a go of it anyway, but were unable to do much with our small active members. Only one officer is active (myself), and the guild veterans guild privileges were stripped (I was never told why by the GM's, they logged in for a minute one day and removed the small amount of power they had) which obviously brought up a lot of complaints and concerns from our active members. I have been unable to to get a response from the GM's (well they are almost never around :P) so we decided it was time to go our own way. We took the active members that wished to join us and formed Ergasiophobia. We are recruiting, but slowly, we don't want to be a passive hold home for alts that are rarely used. We are in Ergasiophobia to become an active Raid and PVE guild. We still have the same great people and attitude, but focused on content. PVP will still be here (PVP on a PVP server) but will not be the core interest of the guild. We have already acquired a few active members and will be doing another recruiting soon. As for Clandestine, I am not sure what will happen. If Any of you are there and reading this I wish you all the best. Even if inactive, the guild was fun and the people there were great. All the best to you.))Mockrabbit58 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 14, 2015 New healer coming back After a very long break, I recently returned to WoW... I never played a healer before and would like to make one! I get the feeling more end-game content will open up (healing in instances and raids). 1. Are holy priests the way to go? and 2. Any guilds out there recruiting that could use another healer? Looking to do PVE and RP. Open to horde or alliance... Just wan't to play and have fun!Tzaphkiel3 Jul 14, 2015
Jul 13, 2015 Invitation - Study on Roleplay in WoW A research team at the Pennsylvania State University is studying the complexities and possibilities of roleplayers' text-based communication in World of Warcraft. We would like to invite the roleplayers of Ravenholdt to participate. Participation in this study is voluntary, and all responses will be confidential. Although you may not benefit personally from the study, the results will help shed light on the unique forms of social interaction that roleplay adds to MMORPGS such as WoW and that are often overlooked by non-gamers. The study consists of an analysis of text chat logs (in and out of character) volunteered by roleplayers. If you would like to volunteer chat logs, please submit them in .txt format (yourcharactername.txt) to this secure Box at Penn State link: https://sites.psu.edu/narratingplay/chat-log-submissions/ As many chat logs as possible is preferred, but any and all are appreciated. **The chat logs will not be shared, and any personally identifying information in them will be removed prior to analysis. (Character names will be replaced with codes.) Please feel free to delete any IRL identifiers and/or search and replace names with codes before submitting the chat logs.** The deadline for chat log submissions is July 23rd. The Ravenholdt roleplay community's collaboration will be acknowledged in any publications that result from the study. The Bednar Digital Humanities research team at Penn State appreciates your consideration. Please reply to this post or email us with any questions you may have. Best wishes, Benwick Bednar Digital Humanities Research Team The Pennsylvania State University bednardigitalhumanities@psu.edu sites.psu.edu/narratingplayBenwick12 Jul 13, 2015
Jul 13, 2015 Creatus Day - A KiithSa Hunter Holiday Ravenholdt may no longer be the home of the Kiith-Sa Hunter, but it was for such a long time and the memories and stories we have from Ravenholdt echo in the unit daily. Because of our history with this realm we would like to extend an invitation to it's residence to join us for Creatus Day. An explanation of the holiday and where it will take place are quoted below. Due to the nature of the area that it will take place in all should be able to arrive to the destination without having to join parties with anyone from Emerald Dream. ...Azexton0 Jul 13, 2015
Jul 10, 2015 The KiithSa Hunter is leaving Ravenholdt Hey all, This expansion has been a lot of fun, but as subscriber numbers drop off, Ravenholdt is once again becoming barren of players. Last time this happened, the Hunters left WoW altogether. This time, we're moving to a realm within our CRZ, Emerald Dream. Though I loathe to leave Ravenholdt because I love this community, I realize that a great community does me no good if there's no interacting with it outside of these forums. I am hoping this move breathes new life into the game for us, and we'll still see each other in our common areas. If we're friends, feel free to keep in touch. Good luck you guys, and happy hunting. -ZerodenZeroden20 Jul 10, 2015
Jul 10, 2015 Coldstar Summer Party [H] [RP] Hey, all! Coldstar Merchant Co.'s annual Summer Party will be this Sunday, 7/12 at 8 PM server time. The event will be held at the Pleasure Palace in Azshara. Join us for tonks, fireworks, prizes, and excessive drinking! Can't wait to see you there.Bayonnii0 Jul 10, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 Hi. Anyone from "back in the day" still play? Dropping by to say hi, and to see if anyone from vanilla-wrath is still around? Been playing on and off across a few servers and been collecting some btags of old buds. Regardless, still a big hello to you all! :)Voki240 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 How is the rp on this server? I am currently full on Emerald Dream and am looking to start alts here. How is the wpvp and rp on both factions?Fanghelm31 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015 360 degree video of Stormwind Posted from MMO champion, there is a 360 degree video of the Warcraft Movie from the back of a Gryphon flying over Stormwind. I'd recommend watching it on the MMO Champ website so the camera controls work. It's huge! Though the layout isn't exactly like in game, you can see the unique districts. http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/5005-Warcraft-Movie-Teaser-July-8-Hotfixes-Racials-and-PvP-Blue-Tweets-Flying-Poll-Warcraft-Movie-Teaser-July-8-Hotfixes-Racials-and-PvP-Blue-Tweets-Flying-PollHalldór0 Jul 9, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 Looking for a gnomish gravity well. Or the parts for one. I used to have a blacksmith on this server, but they transferred off. http://www.wowhead.com/item=40727/gnomish-gravity-well I've been trying to find parts on the AH or otherwise. Wowuction.com gives the price for them as 2,943 gold. I'm willing to pay 3k gold. Thanks if anyone is interested. I should never have dropped engineering for jewelcrafting. I'm back as an engineer, but there are holes left in my inventory and collections. Thanks!Bitterhope6 Jul 5, 2015
Jun 29, 2015 LF Raiding Guild Raids 2/3 Nights per week Exp Stopped raiding just before BRF came out was 7/7 H HM 1/7 M HM Can either be Ally or Horde guild will transfer if need be Add me to btag Zerocool#1859 ThanksZerobelow4 Jun 29, 2015
Jun 24, 2015 [A] Midsummer Beach Party <The text on the parchment is set over an oceanic scene; a sun setting in the upper left corner, illuminating the waves crashing upon the sandy shore along the bottom of the page. A second document is hung behind the first, a lone picture printed upon it, courtesy of Arcane Images.> Clear blue skies, a gentle cool breeze, and that warm beach sand between your toes. Yes, the time for Summer fun is now. Soon will the Midsummer Fire Festival be in full swing and we hope everyone will take part in its revelry. Friend, family, and stranger alike, may you all take joy in the lighting of the Festivals fires and watch in wonder as the torch jugglers, and the flame breathers dazzle us with their performances. May our fire soften even the hardest of hearts, as we will forever wish for our community to bond and grow more united during the holidays. With the temperature soaring and the heat from all the fires becoming unbearable, what better way to cool off after visiting the Fire Festival than a nice dip in the ocean? Those of us in the Twilight Empire are overjoyed to host and do so happily invite you to a Midsummer Beach Party! We have a perfect location near Vash'jir reserved for those that wish to attend, all you need to do is remember the date of June 27th at 6:30 in the evening. All are encouraged to utilize the beach as they wish in the spirit of fun. Perhaps you love to grill at the beach, or play sports, or wish to indulge your inner pyro with some seaside fireworks!. Maybe fun lies simply with you in a bathing suit enjoying the waters. At the beach there is room for a little of everything! ((OOC info: When: June 27th at 6:30pm (server) Where: Sandy Beach in Vash'jir. Directions may be difficult for some character levels. If you have the “Sandy Beach” flight path in Vash'jir, you will fly there and then across the middle of the crescent shaped island to arrive at the clean, non ballista filled beach. For those without this FP, I will be online and on the island, and you are very much welcome to ask me for a group invite so I can aid in your arrival. If you are like my toon, I had the portal to Vash'jir, but no connecting FP's. You can still make it to the beach this way, simply exit the boat and fly to your southwest. Exiting the boat and going straight to the top of the water, you should be able to see what looks like a mountain jutting out of the ocean. That is our island. Event info: It's a Beach Party! Bring yourselves and whatever toys/items make your toon tick. Our goal is simply a festive evening with the community enjoying its own company. There are grills that can be brought, we have the pigskin toy, fireworks, of course swimming...numerous activities. If you have an idea but are afraid or to shy to try and gather others, whisper me and I will do my best to facilitate it!)) Location Picture Link: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CHGehl1WgAAZslT.jpgSkylah4 Jun 24, 2015
Jun 24, 2015 flask of supreme power any alchs. on RH or TN that have that recipe or are exalted with keepers of time and are able to buy it ?Anaderious2 Jun 24, 2015
Jun 23, 2015 Knights of the Alliance So I'm curious, after returning from a ...break... are there Knights of the Alliance members still floating about on Ravenholdt? Darv, Walli, etc.Freygrin4 Jun 23, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 <Momentary Logic> 10/10H LF Tank Weekends <Momentary Logic> 10/10Heroic BRF raid group with 10/10 mythic BRF raid lead is looking for a tank to finish out tier 17 and push into tier 18. Friday/Saturday 8-11 CT raid times Kyousuke#1851Yasuke3 Jun 19, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 Merging for Mythic risingup.enjin.com <Rise> is looking for a solid core group of 5-8 raiders who are looking to merge with another group for Mythic raiding. Your group must be Alliance, have 10/10 H BRF, be Proudmoore server-ready, have PVE gear of ilevel 685+ with max-enchants, and be able to use Mumble (not Vent). Remain very raid aware, skilled, and know your own class. We expect raid chat to remain clean and business-like, and expect a level of discipline that allows everyone to accomplish their role. Recruiting for Mythic, we need tanks, few DPS (Lock/WW/Enhance) and some non-priest healers (MW, Shaman, Druid). <Rise>is a Proudmoore Alliance Guild that formed from a long-time base of friends raiding and doing Rated Battlegrounds together since BC. The current Raid schedule is Tues/Thurs/Sat 6pm-9pm PST for BRF Raiding, 10/10H. Alt runs on Sunday at 6pm. We also run PVP Rated Battlegrounds Monday and Wednesday evenings, and higher level BGs after 9pm MST. Must have Ventrilo installed, and be willing to listen without drama or attitude. Additionally, we have a number of active Arena players, with 2s and 3s running Sat and Sun mornings 8am PST. Guild web site and applications are at www.risingup.enjin.com, you must be registered with enjin.com to use the site. (Applications are Required) <Rise> is a mature (21+) guild. We are LGBT friendly and have a strong commitment to respectful and considerate behavior.Bowjitzu5 Jun 19, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 It is time for a real raid team 0Taintedøne40 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 It is time for a real transmog team. Nah, just kidding...BUT, I wanted to see if there was any interest on either server for setting up a Challenge Mode [Gold] group. I really want these weapons, badly. Reply here or send me in game mail with your role to Damasscus and we'll put something together soonish. ThanksDamasscus1 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Just got Poundfist Main reason for this post is to give out what time it was. Sorry I don't have screenshots, so take it as you will. I spotted him roaming around 1300 server time. So I don't know how long he had been up, since I just happen to be running by when I found him. Hope this helps anyone who is keeping tracks of time for him. Sorry for lack of "evidence".. I figure this is the same since our servers are linkedAristaios2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Gnomes Need Step Ladders to the Mailbox... Last night I accidently mailed 100k to the name that used to belong to my DS alliance DK....it no longer belongs to me. Instead I should have sent it to Necrosadism. Blizz did an awesome job at assisting me getting my beer and "hooker" gold back. At the end of the survey, they had a blank space for additional comments...I linked the lyrics to an old REO Speedwagon song.... REO Speedwagon - Time for Me to Fly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4uvS9l-FcQ Kind of miss that era of music now after listening to it...Feloniousbob4 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 11, 2015 Thanks to Eiren Just wanted to throw a shout-out to Eiren from S I N for helping me get to the BoA chest on Timeless. He just came up and asked me, a complete stranger, if I needed help getting it, and then proceeded to help me. Went out of his way to help a guy he doesn't know get some better gear for a fresh 90. Much appreciated, my friend.Bragsmarth3 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Selling Normal BRF Carries 30k Fallen Heroes will start running people in normal Blackrock Foundry for 30k. 9/10. All gear that drops for you class/spec you may have. Runs will be taking place on Sundays 9pm-12am. Reply to post if you are interested.Bayonettà17 Jun 10, 2015
May 30, 2015 No longer need the trade Just collected more mats and did it right this time. ----------------------------------- [pre-edit post below]------------------------------- I finally got all the mats together and then (I know, I was careless) clicked the wrong button and made the hexweave upgrade rather than the next one up. I'd like to trade what I have for a greater hexweave essence. 200 cloth 15 blood 40 air Average buyout price 9.8k. vs. 150 cloth 15 blood 30 water Average buyout price 8k and change I had just gotten to 150 cloth which was why the right one did not light up. I can trade what I have for the greater and toss in the 40 air on the trade. Hoping someone is interested. I'll be a little more careful next time.Starweave1 May 30, 2015
May 28, 2015 FH Looking to Merge into Horde Guild we are 10/10H and normally do a full clear on Tuesday. Here are logs from Tuesday https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gZWbXGhm9PJNHkc8. This is our current Roster BM/WW Monk Unholy Dk Resto Druid x2 Warlock x2 BM Hunter Mage Holy/Ret Paladin Rogue Feral/Balance Druid enhance Shaman Might have a Shadow/Disc priest (still gearing her) and 2 other BM hunters Want to join a guild that is ready to hop into Mythic once we join. We can ONLY RAID these nights/times T/W/TH 7-10pm (PST) 9pm-12am (Server) 10pm-1am (EST) don't contact me if days and times do not fit yours. Madmartigan#1618Ruleus1 May 28, 2015
May 28, 2015 Ravenholdt or Emerald Dream I'm sure this question has been posed a dozen times, at least. But times change and this is a question of the current times. In fact it was asked about ten minuets ago on the ED forum. I'm wanting a bit more than RP. and a lot more than PVE (do ya see where I'm going with this?). So I made this character pretty much with moving in mind. The problem is; to what realm. Decent RP is a must. I've lurked both forums and understand pretty much that due to the troll infestations a solid RP guild is the way to go. A friend and I had Horde characters in ED a while ago. We made the mistake of attempting a walk up and that was the end of her starter account and my unicorn mount. I've since taken several breaks have a newish account (this one) and am thinking that I'd like to give RP/PVP another try. I'm also considering LVLing out before the hop. Haven't decided on that yet. Will defiantly have to finish up the WoD starter zone first. Yet again. Why that cant just be an account wide achieve is beyond me. Anyway; Any suggestions, Alliance guild referrals and input on the current open RP condition, would be greatly appreciated.Ërín2 May 28, 2015
May 19, 2015 Aspect 4/7M 1/10M could use you! Greetings! If you're interested in going off server Aspect is recruiting! Aspect is looking for more people to solidify the roster for Mythic Blackrock Foundry. Raid Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10PM EST - 1AM EST (9PM - 12AM server time) Progress: Highmaul: 7/7 H, 4/7 M Blackrock Foundry: 10/10H 1/10M We are looking for any range DPS for immediate trial assessment. Melee DPS is a very low priority at this time but you can always apply if you feel that you can perform better than our current talent. If you have other questions please reply here, contact myself in game, (Brittany#1294) or apply at our guild website below. Guild Website: http://aspectraiding.guildlaunch.com Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/shu-halo/Aspect World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/66565/ Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/6519/ Thanks for your consideration!Visere5 May 19, 2015
May 19, 2015 <Verdict> [H] Late Night Raid Group LFM Hi there =) We are a casual raid guild with a laid back atmosphere, looking for more players to down some bosses with. We are currently 6/7N and 5/7H in Highmaul, gearing up and getting ready to get into BRF. Our raid times are 11:00pm - 1:30am Wed/Sunday/Monday. We are looking for a Healer and some DPS (OS heals or tank would be nice) so that we can consistently run full guild raids. If you are interested, you can contact myself or Barynn in game, or just message me on here.Aorta1 May 19, 2015
May 17, 2015 How is the wpvp/rp on this server? I am currently full on Emerald Dream and am looking to start alts here. How is the wpvp and rp on both factions?Fanghelm2 May 17, 2015
May 16, 2015 (A) Guild Merger\Tag Team Well Fallen Heroes has been struggling to get the 20people for Mythic. We tried recruiting on forums, trade, dungeons, raids, off-server, facebook, and yes even purging for other guilds. For the most part people seem pretty happy to be stuck in Heroic. Well we are pretty much done recruiting and decided for either a guild merger or another guild to team up with for Mythic. We can split it down the middle or just take the best from both guilds, atm I don't really care. Atm we only raid 1 night a week and do a full clear of 10/10H BRF. We are able to raid T/W/TH 9pm-12am add me to real id for any questions Madmartigan#1618Ruleus5 May 16, 2015
May 15, 2015 Fallen Heroes Recruiting 4 Mythic 10/10H BRF Fallen Heroes Ravenholdt Alliance Blackrock Progression 1010 Heroic 9/10 Normal Highmaul Progression 2/7 Mythic 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Raid Times and Days T/W/Th 7pm-10pm pst What you can expect We have loot council. We have a trial period which last for 3 complete raid nights You can expect an active guild with cool people Strong raid Leadership and organization. What we expect We expect people to know their class. We expect for everyone to walk into a fight knowing their role and how to defeat the boss. We expect people to enchant their gear and put gems in it. Also have gold to repair. We expect you to have flask/burst pots We expect all raiders to be able to take Constructive Criticism and be able to use it to improve their performance. What we are looking for Blood Deathknight Prot Paladin Balance Druid Ret/Holy Paladin Hunter shadow priest Mage All other classes are open for exceptional players Add me to real ad for any question Madmartigan#1618Bayonettà11 May 15, 2015
May 14, 2015 Spectral Tiger! WTB Reins of the Spectral Tiger! add my btag(Ecchi#1880) if you got one and want to make some gold!ßutt0 May 14, 2015
May 14, 2015 [H] Looking for a guild I'm back from a long hiatus (since a few weeks after Pandaria launched), and have been playing very casually since I got back, trying to learn all the massive changes that have taken place. I'm still in my old guild, but apparently I'm the only one who decided to resubscribe. No one else has logged on besides me in the last 2 weeks, so to say it's a little lonely here on Ravenholdt would be an understatement. I'd like to find a guild that is tight knit. I'm not hardcore, nor am I into cutting edge progression. I have a full time job and I don't think I would have the time available to me to dedicate to the "latest and greatest". Having said that, I have done all the heroic 5 mans, doing LFR, and would like to move into some of the easier raids. While I am well versed at playing the Paladin class, I'd love to join a friendly guild that I could group with, joke with, bounce my ideas off of, and learn from; not only to become a better player and see more content, but to make some friendships as well. I play both Prot and Ret specs, though my Ret gear is honestly more impressive than my Prot set. If your guild has room for one, let me know!Corwind0 May 14, 2015
May 13, 2015 [A] Darkness Within-Late Night 10/10H Darkness Within is an Alliance 20-man progression-focused raiding guild on US Aerie-Peak. We offer a diverse community of both veteran and new players and while at times we can be a little off center, we take progression raiding very seriously. We place high value on dependability, loyalty, and teamwork. Raid schedule: Tuesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Wednesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Thursday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) We require you to Have an in-depth knowledge of your class which includes but not limited to, optimum talent specs, gear itemization, stat priorities. Come prepared, raid ready with consumables such as flasks, potions, food, etc. Have taken time to research fights before raid to help minimize the learning curve for new content. Have the patience and the endurance to wipe repeatedly on new content as part of a learning process. 90% minimum attendance Mumble with a working mic What classes / <specs> are we looking for? Hunter <Beast Master, Survival. Marksman> Monk <Windwalker/Mistweaver> Death Knight <Unholy, Frost, Blood, Blood> Shaman <Enhancement,> Mage <Fire, Frost, Arcane> Warlock <Affliction, Demonology, Destruction> Warrior <Arms, Fury> Paladin <Holy> These are the classes that we are looking for. However, we believe spots are earned; if you believe you have what it takes we would like to hear from you. Our Website! http://d-w.guildlaunch.com/ In Game Contacts Setlo-GM (Setlo#1250) Bocephuss-RL (Bocephuss#1932)Brbautoshot0 May 13, 2015
May 12, 2015 Loque'nahak! Hey guys! If anyone happens to run across this beut please contact me via battletag and invite me please! Thank you so much in advance :D! Battletag: MattyIce#1332Djangö2 May 12, 2015
May 11, 2015 WTB [Ripswallow Plate Belt] - Normal Hello, I've been checking the AH pretty regularly, but haven't seen one of these up there. I'm looking to purchase this item: Ripswallow Plate Belt. It must be the normal 655 version of the item. Trying to complete my T17 set, and this is the last piece I'm missing for the look. Send me a mail in-game or post here. Price is negotiable. CLOSED. Item acquired.Alannah3 May 11, 2015
May 10, 2015 Help! Goldshire is under attack! There a big ol' meanie Hordie hunter attacking Goldshire and Lion Pride Inn. He very powerful! Killed the Flight Master.Jagadamba2 May 10, 2015
May 8, 2015 <A> Ruin Recruiting Guild Summary and Raid Times Ruin is a semi-hardcore guild that only does 2 days of raiding. We try to be flexible with with peoples schedule since we only do 2 nights a week. We are currently raiding on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30 server time. We have a Saturday raid that will continue on what we did during the week, but it's optional. Progression Highmaul 7/7 normal 7/7 heroic 1/7 mythic BRF 10/10 normal 10/10 heroic Recruitment Ruin is always looking for exceptionally skilled players regardless of class or need. Normal/Heroic experience would be preferred High Demand class DPS Death knight Feral Druid/Boomkin Mage If you wish to know more, please whisper someone in guild to direct you to an officer, or contact Beanancheese, Dogmonster, Myshield, or Mysti.Beanancheese1 May 8, 2015
May 8, 2015 Thinking of coming back... Hey all. Years ago I server transferred off of Ravenholdt... took several more years away from the game. I have a group of RL friends that I play with regularly, but I don't get to PvP much. I'm thinking of transferring Theo back in hopes of getting some opportunities to PvP regularly. I get no opportunity to do more than random BGs on my current server. I doubt I could push 1300 in arena, and have had no opportunity to participate in rated BGs, but I'm anxious to learn and try if I can get into a situation where I could get some coaching/pointers/instruction/etc. Most of all, I miss the great people I remember on Ravenholdt, and having my character's story intertwined with the game. So.... how have things been since I left?Theodice4 May 8, 2015
May 6, 2015 I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore Help me, guys :(Lukar14 May 6, 2015
May 4, 2015 [H] Dark Dragons-Seeking New Recruits We are a social, laid back guild seeking day-time raiders. Currently we are 9/10 N and 5/10 H, we raid Tuesday and Thursday at 3 PM realm time, and Sunday at 2 PM realm time (CST). We are looking for solid dps that know their class well and most importantly, know how to have a good time. While we are seeking mostly dps, anyone is welcome to apply. On off days we sometimes run Highmaul to help gear our other guildies. Feel free to contact myself (lizlemon#1434) or our GM, Jeromicz in-game. Hope to see you soon!Dezco0 May 4, 2015
May 4, 2015 Trading gold from Ravenholdt to Thrall Hi there, not sure if this is allowed by Blizz but I currently have 262,500 gold on Ravenholdt and was wondering if anyone had gold on Thrall they would like to trade? Thanks!Mywifekellen1 May 4, 2015
Apr 30, 2015 Few needs 3's team Looking for a 3's team. 2k+ experienced play in wrath. Get at me in game. Just /who fewFewy6 Apr 30, 2015
Apr 28, 2015 Horde... I need your bones please. So come out of hiding and get dead. Thanks. -SlaughterSlaughter123 Apr 28, 2015