Jan 14, 2012 i am new protestant of rabenholt bow down i make lawZenikkiel19 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Spriest LF 3s I'm having no luck spamming trade so i thought i would give the forums a try. Open to any comp really just wanting to play, i have 2200xp in all brackets just askin that teammates have at least 1800+ xp.Exørcist3 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 WTB Formal Dangui willing to pay 40k PSTMalwart9 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Serverwide Stay In Character Day! Friday 20th Well. "Stay In Character Unless It Inconveniences Other Players or Your Guild Officers Tell You to Stop with the Prose in the Middle of the Raid Day". This would be a day usually quiet for raiding where in party, channels, in the RP channels, /say, /yell, what have you, every time you speak you do so in character. Even addressing OOC stuff with an IC if possible. For just one day. Note that it would be encouragement, and not required. What day will this be? Friday the 20th! Not interested? That's fine! Just don't be mean to participants. :( Good idea? Bad idea? Compliments about my eyes? Shoot!Zagden7 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 "Ionosphere" Guild recruitment "Ionosphere" is a newly formed guild with a focus of raiding in mind. We were formed on November 8th, 2011. We are currently looking for all classes and levels to get the guild growing. We have 6 bank slots, private ventrilo, guild repairs to all members, and a experienced GM who has been playing since vanilla wow. We are also looking for 85's to fill our core raid slots and heroic guild runs. We are in need of every class. Please send a tell to Trilicit, Sacrosanct, or Amythstreapr for a guild invite if we are online or look for "Ionosphere" in the in-game guild recruitment. We are also extremely fair with gear, raid spots, and as friendly as friendly can get. Hope to see you in-game! -TriLiCiT of Ravenholdt (Ionosphere)Trilicit2 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 LF Tailor with DS Spirit Caster Bracers I'm looking for a Tailor with the Dreamwraps of the Light pattern and will tip very well. Please get in touch if you have the pattern. Thank you. Note: NVM, completed.Biblical0 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 A nod of respect to Scargimmy. Well I hate to see you go if you are indeed leaving. But family always comes first. You are crafty and keep me on my hooves. I have no problem admitting I have been beaten. We had comparable mana and hp and we finally got to sqare off at Darkmoon Faire one-on-one. What more could I have asked? The attack in the middle of Elwynn Forest will be the stuff of legend. Sun Tzu himself could not have planned a better attack. You first earned my hatred, then my respect. Things just wont be the same knowing that the devious Scargimmy will not be hot on my trail. WoW being the great harlot that it is may try and seduce you back into her addictive embrace. Should she succeed we will no doubt lock horns again Scargimmy. But untill then I think I will hold auditions for a new arch nemesis. Next thread..........Open casting call for my new arch rival. Keep your eyes open Hordies.Jindaran1 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 LF Leatherworker with DS mail caster bracers I'm looking for a leatherworker with the Thundering Deathscale Wristguards pattern. I have all the materials and will tip 1500 gold. Please get in touch if you have the pattern.Ghoti2 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 10, 2012 Experienced Rogue looking for Raiding guild. Since i have work and Paramedic classes, i will be available Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday nights. Preferably after 9pm would be great. I am an experienced rogue, was in the pvp scene for a little while, and got my ratings, but want to gravitate towards raiding. I am aware, i use my cooldowns effectively and efficently, and can take helpful criticism. I am more than happy to join any guild that is close-knit, has a good base, and needs a rogue for a core team. I Can and will faction change if needed!! Message here, or in-game. thanks! Thanks for your time, and thanks for considering me.Kineticz7 Jan 10, 2012
Jan 9, 2012 [H] Looking to start... A guild back on Ravenholdt. I used to be a part of the community over here on my death knight for a bit but things slowed down and I transferred to Wyrmrest Accord. I've always been interested in creating a guild and now I finally think I have the time to dedicate to it. I'm not sure if there is a stabilized community set up over here already, being gone for so long, but I wanted to check in to see if there was anyone/guilds that would like to talk to me about any formal RP groups that are already set up. I don't want to jump in and make accusations about my guild being this and that, I want to make it a part of the community and would love for feedback on those who help run other guilds on how I could make that happen seemlessly without stepping on feet. No stories or background for the guild yet, waiting on your information over here first before making that public. Hoping to make this a home for all sorts of players and I rp, pvp, and pve myself. I'd greatly appreciate any information that I could be given so that I can start this guild up with ease. Thanks so much. :)Elenaris11 Jan 9, 2012
Jan 8, 2012 WTB A Treatise on Strategy Willing to pay many gold points.Maiek5 Jan 8, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 BH ninja I did a 25 man BH just now with Sòlbadguy from Shock and Ore. We downed Occu'thar and immediately he, being the master looter, took a warrior pvp ring that dropped. The loot rules were stated as pvp and pve class rolls. He also ninjaed a warrior pvp cloak that also dropped from the same boss, not even asking for rolls. Here are some screenshots of the ninja of the ring. http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f372/mattisspide/WoWScrnShot_111511_191710.jpg http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f372/mattisspide/WoWScrnShot_111511_191717-1.jpg http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravenholdt/S%C3%B2lbadguy/simpleRaimania26 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 spriest lf 3v3 teams. Shadow priest interested in 3v3 teams with sights set on climbing past 2.2k. i have patience, but you must be wanting to improve if you are under this mark. Looking to play... Shadowplay ( lock/spriest/healer - preferably a sham) Shatterplay ( mage/spriest/healer - again, a sham or a sick rdruid) Leavecleave ( ele/spriest/healer - pref a paladin) i will accept other comps if players are amazing. i have keybinds, arena target 123 with all my silences/horrors/dispels and bubble and heals for all my party 123. everything keybound, im VERY vocal. i use skype. to contact me... post in this thread, add getnerded1 to skype and msg/call me, or in game mail. whichever you prefer. Have fair knowledge of in-game mechanics, all of enemy classes cooldowns, ways of dealing dmg, ways of going defensive. Every game should teach you something that you could do differently, even if it was a win.Pixelslave4 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 6, 2012 Herald of the Titans I had originally planned to complete this achievement with some friends over on Wyrmrest Accord; however, we couldn't manage enough interest and the shindig fell through. I've got my heart rather set on this title, though, so at the encouragement of one of said WrA friends (who is willing to transfer and help) I would like to organize a Herald group here on Ravenholdt. Herald of the Titans is an achieve you get for defeating Algalon the Observer while meeting the following stipulations: - Must be level 80 (turn that XP off!) - Must have gear equipped that does not exceed ilvl 226 (or 232 for weapons, which includes off-hand items) Here's the wowhead link for further info: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=3316 We'll need to farm JP, regular ICC 5 mans, ToC, and regular Ulduar 10 for gear. So! Want the awesome title? Got a level 80 or another character you could get to 80 relatively quickly? Willing to work together to help your teammates prepare? Well then, it sounds like this is the opportunity for you! Contact me via this thread or in-game (Alfalfa, Antimony, or Naunet) and let me know your of your interest and availability! ------ What we have so far: Alfalfa, Resto druid Qachena, Holy paladin Rumbletotem, Prot warrior Maragi, Shadow priest Cocobutters, Unholy death knight Taulast, Ret paladin Hughmadbro, dps death knightAlfalfa28 Jan 6, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Hello, i'm looking for a blacksmith with the recipe to make Enchanted Thorium Breastplate around. The recipe is no longer obtainable as it required an armorsmithing quest which is now removed. I am willing to pay 100g to get this made with my own mats. If you have this recipe or know somebody with it (or with it learned), please send a letter to Mellitus or Shinbo on Horde side on the server Ravenholdt. Thanks! PS: The same goes for the other recipes from the Enchanted Thorium Set. Like Enchanted Thorium Leggings.Mellitus1 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Buying Darkmoon decks The daily quests give rep now, but I'm impatient. Sell me your decks, 1g per point of rep they give. Also buying individual beats/elementals/portals/warlords cards for 20g each. C.O.D. away.Maiek2 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 PvP in Ironforge and Stormwind Just wanted to give a quick thanks to my respective adversaries who stuck around with me as I played tag in ironforge and stormwind tonight; was about 4 hours and I enjoyed every moment of it! And of course be sure to keep an eye out for me in the future, with how fun that was I'll surely be back for a round two! /winkAlibor1 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 1, 2012 happy new year! best of wishes RH!Pixelslave2 Jan 1, 2012
Dec 31, 2011 [H] Dusk Raiders Recruiting Hello everyone. Dusk Raiders is a brand new casual guild, looking for like-minded people who enjoy pillaging alliance cities as often as possible. Once we get a core group up, we will also run RBG's and Arenas, with some raids on the side for the pve'ers. Any levels or classes are welcome to join. If your interested in joining PST to Icetusk or if I'm not on for whatever reason, just send a in-game mail. Icetusk0 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Raiding guilds of the Horde.... I do not raid but I am very interested in the stage 1 daggers that eventually turn into the new Legendary. If your guild can and does get to Hagara the Stormbinder, I'd be interested in paying for a small amount of time to pickpocket the boss. Please respond here or whisper or mail me in game with a price and a time. Thanks.Aporro6 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 31, 2011 Happy New Year, Ravenholdt! Happy New year here from Japan! About two hours in to the New Year over here!Elrodan1 Dec 31, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Odd things you do? I Always check my headphones for spiders. Always. Every time. I dont think its odd... its a viable precaution.Nymisis37 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 @Aishoe Nice try cupcake.... ;)Chingon2 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 [A] Alliance Thread No horde please.Maiek16 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 30, 2011 Want a refund.... Bought a keg of Dwarven ale and found a couple of dead rats in the keg. Damn unsanitary, I want my gold back...Feloniousbob10 Dec 30, 2011
Dec 29, 2011 <Istus Mortuus> The Righteous Dead. Come join the newly formed, rapidly growing guild that is looking to establish a laid-back, casual atmosphere here on Ravenholdt. We are accepting all levels, classes, and skill levels. Once our roster has grown a bit, we will be establishing raid groups and rbg's. 4 banks tabs, knowledgeable and experienced members, and a willingness to help those in need, we are looking to put fun back into the game, be it PVE, PVP, Raids, 5-mans, BG's or Leveling. Karsam0 Dec 29, 2011
Dec 28, 2011 To the one known as Scargimmy..... Ahhhh.....Scargimmy I knew I recognize the stench of your rotting flesh. Perhaps you recognize me.Jindaran11 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 28, 2011 Buying Heavy Junkboxes http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885#comments C.O.D. them to me. LBRS/UBRS is a quick flight from SW, go through and pick pocket a bunch of mobs, make money. Edit: bumped up from 10g to 20g each for the next 200 boxes (I'll update once I have them). A quick run through the blackrock stronghold mobs then lbrs (10-15min) will get you 500ish gold. Edit: Exalted, no more junkboxes needed. Thanks to the 2 people that sent some :-)Maiek9 Dec 28, 2011
Dec 26, 2011 Happy Holidays Everyone Just wishing everyone a happy holiday whatever it is you are celebrating. If you're having anything good for dinner have a plate for me unfortunately my fiance didn't believe in xmas dinner this year so I guess I'll be having left overs.Bogswaggle5 Dec 26, 2011
Dec 25, 2011 @ Virina and Halldor I hope you like the earily gifts as I passed through. I even took the time to wrap your Halldor to give it that special Christmas feel. BobMidolbobbi4 Dec 25, 2011
Dec 23, 2011 [A] Warlock LF 3s team As the title says, I'm looking for a serious 3s team in the Alliance. My arena experience is limited and the farthest I have reached was 2330 in 3s last season and 2267 in 5s back in Wrath. I'm currently wanting to run RLS or a team involving a Frost Mage.Yubarl11 Dec 23, 2011
Dec 22, 2011 Who would play your toon? If there was a Wow movie and your main toon were to be a featured character, who would play your character and what role would you base it on? Kate Nauta ?(you may remember her from transporter 2... in the pink underthingies.... yeah)Nymisis22 Dec 22, 2011
Dec 22, 2011 12 Days of Xmas Finders credit going to a couple of my guildmates Hegel and Ancaladar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu84VmXnyzo&mid=5589Oolaki3 Dec 22, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 I look forward to tomorrow... And I look forward to profiting off of you, Ravenholdt. http://i.imgur.com/L8PbR.png On a completely related noted, I've kinda been an !@# and raised prices ally side. If you need stuff farmed, I'm sure we can cut a deal for cheaper, and we'll both be happy. Otherwise, enjoy eating gouged AH prices :) PS: Mining and herb - more or less any cata herb/ore, and maybe even mob farmable stuff if you're up for paying. I'm a bit of a no-lifer.Chargestun27 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 What's the alliance-heaviest RP-PvP server? http://www.warcraftrealms.com/realmstats.php?sort=ServerType I'm using that site as a reference. It seems like Activity Ratio would be the most accurate means of gauging which server has the highest alliance usage. Which means Emerald Dream would be the best choice. I am concerned and posting here though because I'm open to the possibility of that site being inaccurate. What do you have to say on this?Dndrophidion5 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 21, 2011 LF FromAshes members If someone from the guild could respond to me and let me know what's been going on that would be awesome. (for the curious I don't play anymore and just want to find a way to keep up with everyone)Karsim4 Dec 21, 2011
Dec 20, 2011 @ Virina II Hey, Virina... I am packing my bags tonight and coming to Ravenholdt. Will place the items in the mail to you. I have even secured some rolaids to assist Halldór and his upset stomach. Anyway, glad I could assist. Bob Feloniousbob0 Dec 20, 2011
Dec 19, 2011 [H] <Avalon> Recruiting We're currently 8/8 and starting hard modes this coming week. We're looking for a dps, preferably of the plate melee variety. Whisper me or Eject in game or throw a post here with questions! Raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun from 8-11(30)pm server. They occasionally go longer. Edit: Note that we're looking for someone who enjoys progression raiding and is willing to put numerous attempts on bosses. We're in the process of weeding those people out so that everyone has a common goal in mind: Progression.Derzka1 Dec 19, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 WTB FORMAL DANGUI! Formal Dangui You got it? I buy it! I have many golds!Vyxee5 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 [H] Shadows and Dust Recruiting Hello all, <Shadows and Dust>, one of Ravenholdt's oldest and most successful raiding guilds is looking to recruit a few new members to help us progress through 25 player Heroic Content. Progression: To see the current progress of <Shadows and Dust> please visit: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/ravenholdt/Shadows+and+Dust Our current progression is: Tier 11 Normal 25 - 12/12 Tier 11 Heroic - 12/13 Tier 12 Normal 25 - 7/7 Tier 12 Heroic 25 - 6/7 Tier 13 Normal 25 - 8/8 Raiding: The main raid days/hours are from 8pm-11:30pm EST with the option for a 12am extension (this is at the Raid Leader's discretion) on the following days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Recruiting: Before applying, we recommend that you read the following link: http://snd.wowstead.com/forums/application-forum/applications/954188-attention-potential-applicants-read-this-first For the specs/classes we are not currently recruiting; although you may not be on our most desired list, anyone that shows they have intelligence and ability will be considered. What we are currently looking for! Healers: Discipline (H) Holy Priest (H) Holy Paladin (H) Restoration Shaman (H) DPS Balance (M) Fire Mage (M) Retribution (M) Rogue (H) Shadow (H) Warlocks (M) If you feel that you possess the knowledge and the ability to play your class to the standards of progression hard mode content, applications are accepted at: http://snd.wowstead.com/ We value recruits who are motivated to succeed on their own and have the ability/drive to learn. Our goal is to have fun in a serious raid environment. If strong focus, great accomplishment, personal growth, and loyalty appeal to you, then <Shadows and Dust> would be a good fit for you. Questions: Any further questions regarding the application process should be directed towards Mellenis or Sultree in-game. We also run RBG's on Friday and Sunday at 8pm! Forgnar292 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 Rated BG stats. Taken from: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3764577478?page=1#4 Some guy did a nice job and compiled a breakdown of the top 2000 RBG players by battlegroup and server. Ravenholdt has a lone representative in the top 2000. Who is our lucky winner?Mizzel1 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 18, 2011 Victoria Vel Nex recruiting [PvP/PvE] Hello Ravenholdt, Victoria Vel Nex here. Our goal is to take what you do best and dominate it. PvP/PvE guild that can teach you the ropes, what websites to go to, specs, glyphs, comps, etc, and also progress in rating/progression. -Valor Cap runs every Tuesday (On Calendar) -BOT/BWD runs to help you gear up and get your shoulders (On Calendar) -Open guild invite RBGs every Sunday (On Calendar) -Firelands Raids every week! -RBG Core runs every week! -Random World PvP event every other Thursday (On Calendar) -Find an arena team, get a rating -LEARN Send me an in-game mail or PST or go to the website below APPLY @ http://www.victoriavelnex.wowstead.com/ -GraycenGraycen58 Dec 18, 2011
Dec 17, 2011 LF 5's partners. Rogue/Warlock/Shaman looking for a 4th/5th, preferably a Frost Mage/Disc Priest. *We are looking for individuals that are willing to communicate, learn, and grow together as a team. *Although we don't have much experience in 5's, we do have 2k+ experience, some on multiple toons, in the other brackets. If interested please feel free to contact us (Oncue, Jeas, or msyelf) via forums, in-game, or in-game mail. Thank you for your time, -Sergel OT: If I come bearing gifts to Stormwind before spectating/participating in duels, would its citizens be less hostile to me?Sergel1 Dec 17, 2011
Dec 17, 2011 Ravenholdt Epic Crafting Thread With the release of another tier featuring epic crafted gear from that raid, I thought perhaps it was time we put together a crafting list of who can make what. And with Chaos Orbs unbound, it'll now be easier than ever to get those epic items you want made. So just post in the thread with what you are able to make from Firelands and Dragon Soul, and if the thread takes off, let's try to get it stickied. The Alliance: Blacksmithing: Nathaenai: Mirrored Boots, Fists of Fury Leatherworking: Tailoring: Halldór: Grips of Altered Reality, Don Tayo's Inferno Mittens, Endless Dream Walkers The Horde: Blacksmithing: Gruklaar: Mirrored Boots Lukar: Mirrored Boots, Holy Flame Gauntlets, Fists of Fury Leatherworking: Tailoring:Lukar5 Dec 17, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 crashing is anyone else crashing trying to log in to the game?Camivani1 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 @Alliance Is this not an PvP-RP server? So why is it that an Ally, whom I will not name (cough*VlachsfromPanadarenAleLeague*cough), would assume that he can come to Org ant not be confronted by PvPers and get out unscathed? C'mon people lets use some common sense. I see red with an ally symbol I attack it....nothing personal. You are not special. Then to top it all off he rages at me and reports my name out of spite of complete ownage (in his PvP gear, not grays) I'm not blind so don't lie. Gray gear isn't going to give you 120k plus HP and have horns like my helm liar. Just because your HP dropped like a brick doesn't mean you were wearing gray gear.That's just a low thing to do.Chingon60 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Santa's Dead! Sorry Halldor :(Draxonicar8 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Transmog outfits... Saw one of the best transmog outfits in Ogr last night, a Troll Mage in overalls, a flannel shirt and a brimmed hat. I fore see some poor fool attacking this mage while he is out fishing in the world and coming to a sudden harsh realization that this is not an rp fishing outfit. Nice outfit. Lazyeyebob9 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Dear Ravenholdt... It appears that a dispute has arisen between two individuals of our servers... Representative Maiek from Emerald Dream of the Reprisal clan had the audacity to come to our public forum and call me a "scoundrel and a soy milk drinker"...I of course was insulted. He went on to say that all the residents of this server were "Ruthless". I, as a former resident of this server, agreed. I agreed that this server was Ruthlessly boring, and to deny such fact is ludicrous! I hope that this does not cause a rift between our two servers. It is because of this that I call Maiek to be scruffy looking and uninteresting! ((Hi Ille, Avandar, Khoom, Dawnshifter, Layla! Guess who this troll is! >=D)) ((Slaykin...you still suck.))Shieno16 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 New to the server I want to broaden my roleplay amongst a few different servers. Right now all of my characters are on Wyrmrest Accord. How well is this realm on Alliance side? I plan to make a human rogue hereVaesarus9 Dec 14, 2011