Oct 21, 2014 A gathering of the Horde((RP weekly meet)) Greetings fellow member of the Horde. As you may or may not be aware, recent chaotic events from the fourth war, the siege of Ogrimmar and Garrosh Hellscream's latest actions has jeopardized the security of us all. These circumstances are beyond tolerable and it is up to us to come together to face all current and future threats to our citizens. Therefore The Blackguard will be seeking a great many individuals within the Horde like yourself to join us in our efforts to create an effective coalition to defend us all.The date and location of our first meeting will be sent in a secondary letter. On behalf of the Blackguard, I hope that you attend our first meeting and aid us in our mission. Thank you in advance. Jaiden Maar of the Blackguard. ((Yo peeps. Starting Thursday, Sept 25th, at 7pm server time, I'll be hosting the first of what I hope will become a weekly Horde-side Rp meet and greet. The goal is to provide a place and time for hordies from both Ravenholdt and the Twisting Nether to RP, plan events, or make groups for other in-game activities should the number of attendees and interest allow it. The first event will take place in Brill outside of UC. I hope to see ya there!))Abyzz20 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 @Twilight Empire u suckTinox56 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Druids United! Calling all Druids of the Horde and Alliance! Come together in Gadgetzan for a ground travel journey to Moonglade in Stag or Cheetah Form to protest changes Blizzard is making to druid shapeshifting! Visit the Druids United website for details: http://druidsunited.altervista.org/ Also, I am needing a volunteer from either Ravenholdt or Twisting Nether to take over leadership of either the Horde or Alliance side for this event. I have druids on both sides, but because I can only be logged into one at a time, I will only be able to do invites for one side. So, I need someone else to handle the other. If you're certain you'll attend and want the job, please contact me. My battle tag is Wolf#11257. UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that Patch 6.0 (including the changes to Travel form) will likely be released before Oct. 10th, so I've moved the date up to the 3rd. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.Tygokoth13 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 Looking for a Horde RP Guild Looking for an RP guild that is open to inviting a newb roleplayer I am interested in immersing myself in roleplay to get familiar with it. I'd like to think someday I won't be such a beginner RPer! With your help maybe I can make this happen! My GF who is a bit more familiar with RP is also looking to join a guild on our new realm.Frøstwølf0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-Treme TCG Mount Looking to sell this rare Trading Card Game mount. Only other one on the AH and for sale currently is looking for over 210k. I, however, am not looking for that much. Looking for fair market value at 150k or the best offer. Recently transferred to Uldaman so my character is not available to choose to post with. If you want to talk price either message here, message my character Night-Uldaman, or my battle tag: nightfall#1495.Nerfherder0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 14, 2014 @Timeless Isle If you have been ganked and wish to share your experiences of the event with us we would appreciate it if you would fill out the following forms in order to help us improve customer satisfaction. We thank you for your cooperation. Hello, My name is [Insert Victim Name], and I was: [ ] Ganked [ ] Camped [ ] Griefed by [Insert Name] on [Insert Date] in [Insert Zone Name]. I am writing to inform you, that yourself, and/or the rest of your guild/group are: [ ] Bastards [ ] Psycopaths [ ] Meanies [ ] Scrubs [ ] !@#$%^-s [ ] Griefers [ ] Ganking Scum [ ] *!@#s Please answer the following questions by circling the appropriate answer. Date:____________________________ Time of hurt feelings:______________________ am/pm A. Which part of the body were hurt feelings inflicted through? Eyes / Ears / Both B. Is there permanent feeling damage? Yes / No C. Did you need a tissue for the tears? Yes / No D. Are you going to be bitter over these hurt feelings? Yes / No Reason for filing this report: 1. I am thin skinned: Yes / No 2. I am a little girl: Yes / No 3. I lack the coordination to play my class: Yes / No 4. I have an unnatural attachment to my pixelated self: Yes / No 5. I find my mother's basement unsatisfying: Yes / NoJacyl21 Oct 14, 2014
Oct 14, 2014 Something to read on Patch Day Disclaimer: I take no responsibilty ever for people choosing to incorporate any of these into their RP. Wherever it is. http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?209823-250-things-Mr-Welch-can-no-longer-do-in-a-RPGDinpik1 Oct 14, 2014
Oct 14, 2014 That time of year again! http://youtu.be/8lmsMSQDVPM Happy Patch Day!Dinpik2 Oct 14, 2014
Oct 13, 2014 @ the Loyal guardians u suk, dirty traitorsResìleaf5 Oct 13, 2014
Oct 13, 2014 LF Friends Dear Ravenholdt, I recently have come back to WoW. My guild has left. I don't know much of anyone anymore. Would anybody be interested in playing WoW together? My interests are: -Soloing or duoing old raids for pointless achievements or funky looking gear -Engaging in rp that pushes the limits of appropriate behavior -Getting pseudo achievements in current content (for example killing heroic bosses while standing in fire the entire time) If you are interested please reach out to me in-game. Sort've sincerely, KrykerKryker10 Oct 13, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 Alliance Advantage Has anyone else noticed that the Shrine of Seven Stars has infinitely more guards than the Shrine of Two Moons? And the alliance guards even have more health than the Horde guardsAbracadaniel9 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 6, 2014 Yet more than just a game... Came across these in my travels on the internet... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK44XQIzLos&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRYRy-C8aFg&feature=player_embeddedFeloniousbob1 Oct 6, 2014
Oct 5, 2014 WTS Ethereal Soul-Trader!! Selling Ethereal Soul-Trader Level 25 battle pet on Ravenholdt Server for 25k.Qwikdots6 Oct 5, 2014
Oct 4, 2014 (A) Anyone running SoO - want mount Hey guys, I'm back after 12 months awol and now stuck trying to get as much done in the next few weeks before the 6.0 patch removes a heap of the MoP cool stuff. :P To that end, I'd really like to run the *normal* (not heroic) SoO and get the wolf mount (10 or 25 man both give it). Jass is my best geared 90, though I have a mage somewhere and an 89 or something druid. Given the timeframe though, I think using of them is a tad unrealistic. I'll keep trying to gear up, but if anyone can help me out with a raid group it would be very much appreciated indeed.Jassamin5 Oct 4, 2014
Oct 3, 2014 Any Twink Guilds? I know this is kind of late in the day, but are there any active Twink guilds either here or on TN? Need to find a home for my Horde Hunter and Ally Druid and DK.Feloniousbob0 Oct 3, 2014
Sep 30, 2014 NEXT HORDE MEETING oct 8 7pm server. will try to make a rbg group or something afterwards for a little after rp fun))Abyzz0 Sep 30, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 @bob http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/15989#tab=comments Would you happen to have one of these?Abyzz5 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 27, 2014 Latency issues and disconnects Hey folks -- if you're experiencing repeated disconnects and lag issues, the Blues have been collecting information on those incidents to figure out what's happening. Please help them (and us, and yourself) out by giving them the information they're looking for, which is mostly the frequency of issues and how long the periods of being able to play or stabilization are. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14527122715Oolaki0 Sep 27, 2014
Sep 24, 2014 [H] Ripe Corn --> 09-24-2014 While Green Corn in August is a solemn tradition honoring the Earth Mother and recognizing the bounty that she has provided, the Ripe Corn event is simply a celebration. Corn is ripe! It is sweet and delicious. and... Corn makes whiskey. Mulgore Firewater. White Lightning. MOONSHINE. The other races may have their own reasons to celebrate brewfest, but the tauren know better. Ripe Corn is a gathering during Brewfest, on September's new moon in Thunder Bluff. During the party, it is common for attendees to share tall tales of adventure and prowess. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story! At some point, a traditional game of drunken bridge-walking inevitably takes place as well. Happy Brewfest! Happy RIPE CORN! - - - Wednesday, September 24th 2014 Thunder Bluff 5pm server time: happy hour! This event is open to all races. I used my "master list" comprised of everyone sharing events that Kerala has been invited to previously to invite everyone, and you have moderator status to invite others. Or, feel free to copy the event for your guild, whatever. Let me know by in-game letter or a reply to the Sanctum posting if you still need an invite, I'm not ignoring you on purpose.Lomani10 Sep 24, 2014
Sep 23, 2014 Behold Gnome Power... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14395719532?page=1Feloniousbob1 Sep 23, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 SoO 10 norm and can I tag along? Greetings and salutations from the exalted white rabbit Ottis the furry vengeance, and my companion the rotting corpse that shall remain nameless. Hey'a. We have been busy trying to complete the normal 10 man SoO raid set, but pugs are to unreliable. Many groups fall apart after one wipe for various reasons. Patience is thin at best with most players. Raid rage is silly. You said it stinky. We are wondering if there are any groups on server(s) that may be willing to have us in their group for a run. We are really only looking to complete the raid, and only need some of the bosses in wing 1 (Norushen), 3 (Spoils of Pandaria and Thok), and wing 4 (everything, Blackfuse seems to insight the most raid rage I have ever seen). Gear and other goodies would be a nice bonus, but not necessary.. I didn't agree to t'at. Be quiet while the adults are talking. ... Perfect. If there are any groups out there that wouldn't mind having us for a run please reply here or send the corpse a message. We are aware of other options for raid grouping and completion, but we are finding the same issue of associated with PUGS, one wipe and raid rage to often that we decided to attempt this method.Mockrabbit51 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 22, 2014 How to Quit your job.... I saw this posted on Darkspear Forums... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-Baq-hotpc&feature=youtu.be WoW...now that's a way to quit a job....Feloniousbob4 Sep 22, 2014
Sep 21, 2014 WTS Ethereal Soul-Trader Battle Pet!!!! Selling Ethereal Soul-Trader Level 25 battle pet on Ravenholdt Server for 25k.Qwikdots0 Sep 21, 2014
Sep 19, 2014 Goblins are the worst scum *You're walking casually about your location when you come upon a public forum board with a grotesque drawing of a Goblin sitting on a mountain of gold. At the bottom of the pile are human like characters dressed in rags begging to the Goblin lord. A manifesto follows* Goblins are the rats of society. Literally they breed like rats. Just look at them with their beady little eyes, big nose, and ears; they are closer in relation the Virmen in Pandaria than any other green skin. Just like those Virmen they settle in an area and multiply at such a quick rate that resources are depleted within days before moving on to the next settlement. Natural and Economic damages are irreversible, and only time can mend such damages. It is a capitalist political ideology built on the foundation greed. The Alliance has already suffered enough because of these privateers due to Auction House costs, and vendor inflation. When visitors purchase materials at their port towns they're circulating hard earned money into a Goblin society where it stay permanently. This money rarely ever goes back into our faction. The goblins are not taxed for their business plus they have created their own system of business to buy expensive items at discounted prices. This is proof of how much power these power hungry rodents have and the damages they cause. The Bilgewater Cartel is the worst of the bunch with the 'leadership' of their Trade Prince Gallywix. These goblins have completely destroyed the natural landscapes of Azshara and have built weapons of mass destruction. Have you people forgotten about Theramore already? Have you forgotten that it was Goblin technology that created the mana bomb? DO NOT Barter, Sell, Trade, Speak, or even acknowledge the Goblin presence unless your intentions are to eradicate them. The only way to solve a problem with a rat infestation is to kill the whole nest. Assassinate all Goblins on sight! Poison their rations! Bomb their ports! Use tactics of Sabotage and disarm them completely. For the Glory of Stormwind we must not falter, we must not fail. Long live the Alliance! For the Glory of her Kingdom and our Divine right to rule as men! *The message is signed with a royal stamp of approval at the bottom. It seems legit.*Fantômas16 Sep 19, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 Bob, something about yir 'zekes' http://www.lfgcomic.com/tda/strip/31/ I t'ink t'is was made fir you.Mockrabbit3 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 18, 2014 The Enlightened need more raiders! We're looking for more people in our to fill our raids, for now and for the new WoD raids. We've got a nice core group of...about 6 people, unfortunately. It's been rough. And since we'll need 20 people for the mythic raids it's going to be a little worse. So! We have raid spots! Our raid times right now are 8 - 11 CST (server time) on Tuesday and Wednesday. We need DPS and healers, and a backup tank wouldn't be terrible, but we do have the main tank spots covered. If you're interested feel free to whisper anyone in the guild or reply here. You can send me a letter or whisper anytime too!Lorlis2 Sep 18, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 Wow Parody: The Office I saw this for the first time the other day and thought it was pretty funny. Sorry if it's old to you, but it's new to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msmRwlg23QcFantômas0 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014 Legendary cloak quest line to be removed 6.02 If you haven't completed the quest chain on alts, and would like to have the the cloak (even if it is just a legendary sitting in your bank like my The Twin Blades of Azeroth), then you best complete it. When 6.02 comes the quest chain will be removed and you will no longer be able to complete it. http://wow.joystiq.com/2014/09/16/legendary-cloak-quest-line-to-be-removed-buff-extended/Mockrabbit1 Sep 17, 2014
Sep 16, 2014 [A] - Stealth Strike Force Alliance SSF - Stealth Strike Force We're a secret group of people with common interests in WPvP and the use of Guerrilla Warfare; Ambush attacks with Hit-and-Run tactics. We are a group of Rogues, Druids, and Hunters (with stealth glyph) bound together by hate and revenge to eliminate all Horde scum. We are the exact opposite of a Zerg group; instead of attacking headon, and in great numbers like a zerg. We are few in number and use strategic methods of tracking KoS enemies, then divide and conquer. We have a public community page on facebook, but the real group is secret and the only way to join is through invite by an admin. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome. Whisper Fantômas in-game for more information. Communication is a must, please be vent capable. Use your ears, mouth, eyes, disregard all other senses.Fantômas6 Sep 16, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 Desperately seeking... An Emerald Shield. I don't care which kind. It's for transmog. Alliance side or neutral ah. Halldor#1822 Oh and Ravenholdt or Twisting Nether only. I know how some like to offer stuff on other servers.Halldór3 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 14, 2014 RP/PVP - LF 2s Partner/Professionals/\,,/\,,/ New Player to the Alliance and Rogue class. I just hit 90 this week, and I'm looking for a couple of different things around here on Ravenholdt, and you TN folks as well. RP - I really enjoy the concepts of RP, and I'd like to work further with somebody on story-line as have set rules, or random RP if time permits. PVP - I'm looking for other jerks out there. 2s/Conquest Grind - I just hit 90 and I'm looking for somebody to do 2s with, let's try some. Professionals - I need a professional Jewelcrafter & Enchanter to help me with my current gear situation. I can trade raw materials like Greens, and Ores to help with the process. I'm slightly poor because this is my first toon and I only have 1.7k gold to my name, but I'm sure we can work out a deal. \,,/\,,/ - Hail The Dark Lords of the Galaxy! Sargeras! I bow to the Astral crown of Conquering. Hail the Demon Lords of the Night Sky! Reign upon this world and leave a crack in it's side! Beat them into position cast a spell of submission, bow before the demonic flight. Coming through the portal! Demon Souls!!!!Fantômas5 Sep 14, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 @Rowf Rowf do you still play on this server? It's been awhile. Contact me in game! If anybody knows this person or information that can help me track this person down please help!Fantômas1 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 [A] <Renaissance> is recruiting for MoP! <Renaissance> is recruiting exceptional and dedicated raiders that can make 2 to 3 raid nights every. At the moment we are looking about anything as we haven't decided our raid comp yet, we would like healers, tanks and monks however. Our main raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8-12 PM server time. To put in an application or learn more, visit our guild site at http://rnaguild.wowstead.com/ or whisper Onikriss, Eladr or Yubarl in-game for more information. All Hail Lord RevosYubarl14 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 13, 2014 Hello I've been away for 3 years. Anyone from the old Ravenholdt crew still around?Karzen38 Sep 13, 2014
Sep 12, 2014 How is the RP here? Hello Ravenholdt, I was reading a little about Ravenholdt and I'm actually quite interested in the server. Right now I'm deciding between Ravenholdt and Emerald Dream. I was wondering how the RP side of things are? I've heard good things about the community, but haven't heard a whole lot about the RPÍrina4 Sep 12, 2014
Sep 10, 2014 Hakor, Zeor, Johnthunder, Overhode, Rimar I got news today that a good friend of mine passed away. Those were a few of his Ravenholdt characters, I can't remember the rest since he played most of MoP on Terrokar and I talked to him on realid. He was a wonderful person and a great friend. I thought I'd post this for anyone still playing that knew him. We meet people in an online world who we manage to become close to, even if we never see them in real life. I knew this guy for years and yet when I mention him as a friend and then tell people we only knew each other through WoW and Facebook, they seem to think of that friendship as less that whole. I am grateful to this game for giving me the chance to meet someone who I would never have known otherwise and I will always remember him.Fandraya7 Sep 10, 2014
Sep 8, 2014 Looking for challenge dungeons Silver I missed the guild run, had family vacation. Trying to put together a group, maybe this time it will happen. Anyone else still interested?Bitterhope1 Sep 8, 2014
Sep 7, 2014 [H] WTB Normal Garrosh Kill *no longer lookin Im a 544 destro lock (I also know the fight) and I have about 25k gold I can spend for this, not looking for any loot either although anything not needed by the guild that I could use would be nice. *run found*Deathjammer1 Sep 7, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 [A] Rinse Lather and Repent Hail, brave adventurers! Are you looking for a casual experience where you don't have to dedicate a lot of time to be allowed to come to raids and other guild functions? Then we're for you. We're run by a few RL buddies who understand that life exists outside of the game and you don't always want to play (and when you do, you don't want to feel obligated or ostracized for not being the most skilled and hardcore player). So, if you're looking to just chill and occasionally go raid stuff and beat orcs, pull up a chair and grab an ale. Accepting all players. Except drama queens. No drama queens, please and thank you.Brogden0 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 6, 2014 CRZ / Merge Free or No? Hi all, Just curious if you're still CRZ/Merge free or if you've been hijacked too? :) Thanks. (And if any realms are safe at this point?)Alexandrina2 Sep 6, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 LF Old friends If you remember me, hit me up! :) Just bought time on WoW and seems like I don't know anyone here lol.Richrogue4 Sep 4, 2014
Sep 4, 2014 BC rogue guys help me out...to those who were here playing and having fun during BC there was a rogue who would sit on his mount in IF all day and advertise lockpicking and thats all he did all day...anyone remember that name ? were on ally side are trying to remember in trade atm. also....there was this cool idea of getting ppl from BC time back into one guild for WoD ...would be nice thnxCommonkin22 Sep 4, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 There was a Terrible Accident Involving a teleporter, a gnome, and a chicken, and... well... <---Lukar16 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 RH Represent at DragonCon? So, several of us have been talking in game about an official, unofficial Ravenholdt meetup somewhere. One of the biggest general fandom conventions on the east coast (and possible in the country) is DragonCon, which is happening August 29, 2014 through September 1, 2014. Since Blizzcon always happens out in California and sells out instantly, it seems like maybe DragonCon might a nice, east-coast alternative for folks who'd like a chance to share a tasty beverage-of-choice with other Ravenholdt personalities. ... DragonCon is a HUGE convention, and they usually don't secure their bigger-name guests until later in the season. I still have a number of friends on staff and can perhaps see if they can try to get some Blizzard guests on the roster to help offer even more specific RH points of interest to folks who are on the fence about coming. Also, by coordinating our meetup at something like DragonCon, folks have plenty of activities that should be of interest, as a group or individually. Mostly, I'd like to get a feel for how much interest there is in this. I know there are a LOT of people who are within 2-3 hours drive of ATL on Ravenholdt, and others who are a little further out who might be willing to make overnight/over-weekend stays. Depending on how many, and how committed, I can try to keep track of people looking to split hotel costs, recommend places on MARTA, coordinate a meal away from the convention, etc.Oolaki49 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 WTB Foreman Vest As the topic says, I'm looking for the Foreman Vest. Used to drop from Gibblewilt like candy but I haven't seen one in forever. So if you have one, I'd gladly pay 1k for it either Alliance or Horde side!Davíd5 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 [H] Green Corn - August 25th This event occurs Monday August the 25th 2014 at 20:00 CST (21:00 EST) Meet at the sacred fire in front of Baine's tent in Thunder Bluff The Green Corn ceremony is held when corn crops are not fully ripe, but reach the stage of edibility. Messengers are then sent to all the villages to let everyone know that the corn is nearly ripe. Along the way, the messengers will gather one ear of corn from every village they stop at. One week prior to the actual ceremony, all chiefs and chieftains begin a fast. They will not consume solid food, but may have water, teas and broth. Once the messengers return, then the Green Corn ceremony will be held. This is a feast to give thanks to the Earth Mother- both for the bounty of last year, and to celebrate the ripening crops. Kernesl from each of the collected ears of corn are sacrificed in the sacred fire. Chiefs and the Chieftain will break their fast on meals made from last year's corn, while all other feasters will eat of the not-yet-ripe new corn.Kerala4 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 26, 2014 Alas, Ravenholdt! Did the hamsters die? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdOBjf33K5IOolaki1 Aug 26, 2014
Aug 25, 2014 Monday Fun! http://wtfvidz.com/angry-father-shreds-his-son-video-games-with-a-lawn-mower/# Father shreds video games! Lol!Woogs2 Aug 25, 2014
Aug 21, 2014 Ravenholdt go home - 'They dun took er jerbs' http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13680738453?page=1#8 On the Twisting Nether forums. It is a second thread in their forums regarding the Trade spam and ...well Trade trash that occurs when things get busy. The other being this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13679268122 - Lukar has done been preforming excellent ambassador work here.Mockrabbit16 Aug 21, 2014