Sep 29 (A) <Theoretical> Looking for Raiders! Theoretical is a new guild that is looking to bolster our numbers and start pushing into Mythic. We are a group that has lots of raiding experience over all the past expansions. Most of us were big raiders that have came back for legion. We are a very active guild that are friendly and helpful and more than willing to help out with things. If you can listen and do mechanics we can help teach you what you need to know to raid with us. Our current raids times are Monday-Wednesday 7:30-11. If you are interested post on here or you can message me in games of through or Kuush45#1644) I look forward to hearing from you!Gooseinatorz2 Sep 29
Sep 29 <Emphasis> 13/13M LFM <Emphasis> 13/13M in Hellfire Citadel is currently recruiting competent players for farm and into Legion.Emphasis is located on US-Sargeras Alliance. Current openings include but are not limited too: Interests: Mage Rogue Holy Priest However, all exceptional applications will be reviewed regardless of class and specialization. Requirements for Applying Recorded parses on or another logging website. A minimum requirement of mythic experience in HFA, or previous end game experience. Register and fill out our guild application at Raid Times: Raid Times and Expectations Tuesday: 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) Wednesday : 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) Thursday : 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) We will never require you to raid more than three nights a week, all alt runs or extra time the guild wants to push will not be mandatory. All applicants are expected to maintain 100% attendance during their trial period, and 90% attendance after their promotion to raider. If you know that you are going to be late or absent, it’s requested that you send an in-game mail to an officer, or whisper them and explain your situation. Additional Information: All raiders are provided Repairs Flasks Potions Food Loot is distributed through an officer run loot council, thus ensuring that each item is rewarded to the raider or trial who will benefit from it the most. If you have any more questions, comment on this forum, contact one of the officers listed below, or look at the guild website, which can be found at Treatz#11874 - Treatz Skittles#1988 - Cosack blood#12161 - Blood Poodarf#1464 - ZriakTreattz22 Sep 29
Sep 29 846 Disc Priest LF Mythic Progression Guild Looking to join a guild of reliable, skilled raiders that are semi-hardcore to hardcore. Prefer raid times ranging M-TR, 7-11 CST, willing to make exceptions accordingly. Not interested in guilds that do not require attendance, punctuality, or flask/food because it is too expensive currently.....Emissive3 Sep 29
Sep 29 [A] 842 Holy Priest LF H/M Raid Group Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a Heroic and/or Mythic raiding guild on Sargeras. I'm looking for a group that likes to have fun, but also focuses on progression at a semi-hardcore level. My current guild has decided not to raid this xpac due to a number of different circumstances. I have a mic and can use just about any voice program necessary. I'm willing to raid any day(s), but time is critical due to work schedule. I'm online just about every night around 9:00 PM server time so feel free to give me a shout! Mainspec: 842 Holy Priest WoD Expierence: 13/13H HFC Raid Time Preference: Any Day..... 9:30 server til Whenever Bnet: Super#1349 Age: 36 Sex: MSuperheálz3 Sep 29
Sep 28 ILVL 848 DH/(almost)840 Fire M LF Raid Guild Hey everyone, as the title suggests, I'm currently looking for a raiding guild, my hours are pretty flexible and I have experience with all mythic dungeons and Emerald Nightmare bosses.Librin5 Sep 28
Sep 28 840+ Resto Druid LF Late Night Guild Hello - Resto Druid 840+ looking for an established late night raiding guild starting post 9PM (CT), finishing by 1AM, Sunday through Thursday. 2/3 days per week. Preferably 10-20 man groups, Heroic content (Mythic dungeons). Want a consistent and reliable group. Raided extensively in WOTLK (Naxx and ULD) for 10/25 man teams. Just started playing again after 3+ year break. Please send reply here or ingame CIRE#11568Lenowind6 Sep 28
Sep 28 (A) Holy Pally LF H/M Semi-hardcore guild Played last expansion as a Hunter - Angular if you want to look up logs. Before that, was on a hiatus from WoW since WOTLK. Played hardcore up to ulduar as a Hpally (nax and ulduar hardmodes), top guild on server, top 100 US guild. Looking for a weekday 3 night guild that is around the hours of 9-12 EST.Multi7 Sep 28
Sep 28 5 Players LF Progression Guild! Hi everyone! We are 5 close friends looking for a new guild who is into raiding and moving forward. We have so far been having a solid mythic dungeon group and all of us are 845+ iLvl. We are all available Tues-Wed-Thurs 5pm Server time. The Class, Race and Spec of us 5 are.. TANK Protection Warrior Draenei HEALER Restoration Shaman Dwarf DPS Marksman Hunter Night Elf Fire Mage Dwarf Boomkin Druid Night Elf If you guys need us and would like us to be part of your team, we would be really happy to join. We just want to get started and raid when it come out! Bnet is BigBoi #1891, I'm usually on so send me a message or i'll check this topic.Duhvuk6 Sep 28
Sep 28 O___________O O________________O ?Whaleface2 Sep 28
Sep 28 WTB 1-700 Alchemy Kit As title says, WTB 1-700 Alchemy Kit. let me know a price. Msg in game or Drew#11129Rezlul0 Sep 28
Sep 28 Hero Association Recruiting! "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7-10pm possibly 11 server time Tues Wed Thurs. 6/7 N The three of us are experienced and new to the server, just looking to form a 10-16 man group that goes for mythic raids. Looking for anyone experienced or new as long as you are willing to take advice. Basically people who know not to stand in things and that interupting even on trash is helpful. Hit me up on Werich or Bovno if you are interested or have any questions. If you are looking for somewhere to go with smooth quick runs and you are aimed at mythic raiding give us a chance.Werich1 Sep 28
Sep 28 - - - Gone! - - - Gone!Rollíns1 Sep 28
Sep 28 < Doyen > [A] Sargeras LF Rdps And Healers < Doyen > [A] Sargeras LF Rdps And Healers We are a new guild looking to clear our way through normal and heroic raid content. Eventually want to build the numbers to get into mythics. We are semi casual, just want everyone to be raid ready and on time. Raids are as of right now 8pm-11pm (est) Tuesday and Thursday's(could adjust if needed). We all have been together for 6+ years and old time raiders with lots of experience from nilla to current content. We look to tackle mythic+ dungeons and bgs and will also help get what gear you need to meet requirements for current content. If your interested or want to simply just discuss the details on what we plan to achieve as a guild just whisper me or any officers currently online. Loadzofjuice - add loadsofjuice#1585 Thryss - or add - thryss#1375Loadzofjuice0 Sep 28
Sep 28 847 Unholy DK LF Morning Weekend Guild 847 Unholy DK with 7/7N exp, looking for a morning Sat - Sun raiding guild. Bnet is Storm#12445, or you could reply here, will be checking regularly. I have previous raiding experience in WoD, Cata, and WotLK, all on a Heroic/Mythic level.Daelakyl1 Sep 28
Sep 28 848 Fire Mage LF Weekend Raiding Im a very seasoned mythic/heroic (before mythic) raider. Due to a new work schedule I can only make weekend raids. I can provide logs from when I last I raided ( SoO) where I parsed extremely well overall. Im strong minded and know how to push the dps out. Can answer any questions and provide any info just seeing if there is a weekend guild (Sat/Sun) out there with an open raid spot. Swish#1912 is my btagCatfishbilly3 Sep 28
Sep 28 DEEFAH-SARGERAS MAD CUZ BAD LOL kid is mad afChrisbreezy3 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A] <Speedline> M/T/Th HC -> Mythic Raiding <Speedline> is a newly formed guild led by 10-year veteran raiders with extensive competitive raid experience. We will be quickly clearing Heroic EN and transitioning into mythic difficulty once we establish a core & competent group of 20. Our plan and core philosophy is simple: Show up, play your character exceptionally, and do not die. - If you cannot: show up for all raids (on time), competently compete on dps/heals, or you habitually die to boss mechanics, you will be removed. We pride ourselves on personal responsibility, accountability, and being honest with ourselves and others. If you are uncomfortable with, or do not like the idea of being individually called out or criticized for making mistakes, then this is not the place for you. While it is understandable that everyone makes an occasional mistake, we will not tolerate any repetitive poor performance. Raid Times: M/T/Th 6-10pm CST - When mythics are in full swing, the first portion of raiding on Tuesday will be dedicated to quickly clearing heroic. We also play WoW a lot so it's very likely that mythic+ dungeons and alt/friend raids will occur on weekends/off-nights. Loot: Loot rules are simple. We will reasonably and openly use common sense to discuss who a piece of gear is a better upgrade for given circumstances such as: Stat priorities, magnitude of the upgrade, progression/boss requirements, etc. This ensures that loot is distributed in a fair, reasonable, and effective manner. Currently Recruiting: All DPS & Healing classes. - Turnover will likely be very high as we clear through heroic due to the flex size, as well as people leaving or being removed. Therefore we are recruiting all skilled players and will take the best 20 players once we get to mythic. No unnecessary website. No application. Get invited, show up & perform exceptionally or be removed - simple as that. If you are interested in joining us, add me @ ninelives#1276.Flaver2 Sep 28
Sep 28 Hey alliance, do you ever see horde? Hey there, thinking about faction swapping, because as horde on sargeras, i never see any other horde doing world quests, and i get ganked like.....10 times just trying to finish one So my question is, as an alliance world quester, do you see alot of horde out there? are YOU getting ganked alot? is my experience anecdotal?Arlopez4 Sep 28
Sep 28 A-US<Wiping as Intended> @Sargeras Region: US CST/EST Realm Name: US-Sargeras Faction: Alliance Style: PvE Primary Guild Name: Wiping as Intended Guild Leader BNet: Vilkas#1967 Officers BNet: Karma#1708 > Jmct#11709 > Ragnarakdevi#1759 Voice chat: [Discord Voice App]( Who are we?: We are a social group of relatively mature people that play many games together with a main focus on MMOs. We are very excited for the changes in Legion and excited for mythic raiding! Raiding info: In terms of raiding we expect people to have a life and we're not going to punish people for that - this is a game after all. That being said, we are a team working towards the common goal of downing the Mythic raids. If you cannot show we would expect a forewarning if at all possible. This is a team just like any sport, we need reliable/skilled people. Current Progression: Normal 7/7 Heroic 1/7 Raid Requirements: Given that we are currently raiding we are looking for people who are iLvl845+ and pulling 200k single target dps minimum. We currently are in need of DPS spots. All classes welcome, bench spots also available for those who cannot make every day but are still interested in raiding. Classes/Specs Interested In: Exceptional players wanted above all else. Hunter - MM Mage - Fire Priest - Shadow Druid - Feral/Balance Rogue - Sin/Outlaw Monk - WW Death Knight - Unholy Raid times: We will be raiding Wednesday-Friday in the time window of 7PM to 10:00PM CST How do I join?: Anyone in the guild can invite. To be a raider you need an interview/trial. You can also hop on [Discord]( and see if you like the group!Sylvìs9 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A] <Draconian - Sargeras> LF Core raiders "Draconian - Sargeras" is a newly formed weekday raiding guild looking to fill core raid spots raid times will be made to best fit everyone's schedule currently in need of all roles. We are currently focused on quickly establishing a heroic clearing team so that we can move on to mythics as soon as possible. No prior raiding experience is required as long as you are competent and able to play your class you will considered for a trial raider spot anyone of course is welcome to join. Current recruiting needs: TANK: 1x Warrior Paladin Death Knight Demon HunterHEALER: 2x Priest Druid Monk ShamanDPS: ?x Almost anything at this pointßjòrn0 Sep 28
Sep 28 852 prot LF raid team Prot warrior LF week day raid team anywhere between 6-10 EST Current exp: 7/7N obv 3/7H with pulls on every other boss (sub 30% pulls on Xavius) Past serious mythic and RL exp but im not looking for week 1 mythic team currently. Btag Jambi#1146 not looking to join a team less than 4/7H Màynard6 Sep 28
Sep 28 849-850 Sub/Assn Rogue Hi, I am planning to transfer but I am looking for a heroic/mythic guild. I only did normal clear once, I think I did alright considering it was my first time. blue parses, only had grey parses when i died. Had 95% parse when I was playing elemental, hope to get back to it. Thx Logs below Rogue shaman Sep 28
Sep 28 <Burn the Fleet> 2/7 Heroic LFM <Burn the Fleet> Sargeras is a guild comprised of former Us top 200 players who are looking for something more laid back. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild who raid 3 nights a week 2 hours a night. In our first week of raiding as a team we completed 7/7 normal and 2/7 heroic. We are looking for exceptional ranged and melee dps to join our ranks. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:30-10:30 EST Wednesday: 8:30-10:30 EST Thursday: 8:30-10:30 EST DPS: Unholy Death Knight(high) Balance Druid (high) Mage(high) Demon Hunter(medium) Outlaw/ Assassination Rogue (medium) WindWalker Monk (medium) All Dps will be considered, if interested please add Holydiver#12445 or Profester#1495Poplockndôt1 Sep 28
Sep 28 [A]Vital Force - LFM We are a casual laid back guild with 6 to 8 people on at anytime. We do mythics and mythic plus right now. We are looking for more DPS and a tank to get some raiding going three or so days a week. Tues-Thurs most likely. Anyone that wants to join is welcome though. We are all adults and enjoy joking and laughing as we bumble our way through different portions of the game. Leave a message if you're interested in joining up.Laq0 Sep 28
Sep 28 A - Guild Raid Recruitment Exíled- RECRUITING raiders - We raid W-TH @ 7-9:45 ST, pst me for more details. Seeking Tank/Healers. pst me: battle tag > jsantana2418#1251 or pst the following in-game: estiv, dnukool, fatál.Joseadin0 Sep 28
Sep 27 [A] <Call For A Good Time> Who are we? - We are a newly transferred guild, lead by Mythic experienced raiders, looking to push mythic content while it's still relevant. Before breaking off from our old guild, due to a conflict of interest, the current members of the guild had raided for over 3 years together and plan to continue raiding for many more to come. Why should I join? - We are still in the process of rounding out our roster, so if you are what we are looking for you will have a guaranteed spot. We also are a close knit guild that enjoys playing other games outside of WoW together. Raid info - We raid Sundays and Mondays from 9-12pm EST. - Currently looking for all healers and dps (Specifically ranged) If you have any questions or would like to get in contact with someone from the guild add Grampage#1614 (GM) or Davetanks#1706 (Recruitment Officer), and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.Gramreaper5 Sep 27
Sep 27 Resto/enhance LF daytime guild Hello all. I am looking for a raiding guild who raids 2 weekdays per week. Any time that ends before 9 PM server time would be ideal. I would prefer early day times i.e. 11 am to 3 pm, but something like 6 pm to 9 pm works too. I raided mostly in WotLK and have just been casually playing WoW ever since because I was in school. I consider myself a skilled veteran player, if that's important to anyone. I want a semi-hardcore environment where competency and knowledge of the game/fights is expected. I also have a monk and paladin which I am glad to level up and get geared, if any of these roles are what is required. I just want to raid during my available time and will gladly fill any role! PM me or add Arias#1291 please Thank youCyrubb4 Sep 27
Sep 27 [A] <No Pressure> LF Mythic Raiders Greetings, <No Pressure> is currently recruiting Healers and Ranged DPS to join our raiding team. We are looking for mature players that know their class, the fights, and not tunnel. Our raid times will be: Main Raid Days Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8:30pm to 11:30pm CST Optional Raid Day Sunday 8:30pm to 11:30pm CST If you're interested message me in-game or add me, royalfork#1619 Thank you for your time.Jusso2 Sep 27
Sep 27 <Waterforged> Recruiting for Legion! Recruiting for Mythic progression in legion! <Waterforged> is a guild that originated on Antonidas but server transferred to Sargeras after recruitment became Obsolete. It is made of friends that raided together since BC and WoTLK. If you want to kick !@# and chew bubblegum then we are the guild for you! ★Recruitment needs:★ DPS: All Heals: Closed *Providing logs is appreciated!* ★Raiding Times★ Mon/Tues/Wed 8:00:00PM – 11:00PM EST We expect our raiders to be ready before 8:00 We provide flasks, potions, gems, enchants and raid food to all raiders. We require you show up on time, able to take constructive criticism, and logged into Ventrilo. Required Programs/Mods: Vent BigWigs / DBM Exrosus Raid Tools Weak Auras 2 (for certain fights) RCLootCouncil ★WHAT TO EXPECT FROM US★ A good raiding environment where we have fun and kill bosses. We are able to make jokes and maintain a high performance. Off raid our vent is usually occupied with people who are fun to talk to and play with. Our goal is to be the best and have fun doing it. After all it’s all about killing bosses as a team. :D ★WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU★ We expect you to have raiding experience in previous tiers of current content at least. All of our raiders are expected to have a 100% attendance while progressing through content. We expect our raiders and applicants to understand their class and know how to maximize their roles. Have a PC from this generation and a stable internet connection. We expect you to have a progression mentality when wiping and fix personal mistakes. --- We use a Loot Council that weighs gear distribution on attendance, raid performance, and gear upgrade. --- Our Past Achievements : 7/13 Mythic HFC Prenerf Contact Information: Please feel free to add our recruitment officers : darkkittykat#1451 or Nekia#1651 on Bnet for more info. Don’t forget to be awesome! ❤Sailntodeath5 Sep 27
Sep 27 Are you kidding me with this server?! So, haven't played since Cata. This is my home server. Bought Legion, popped my 100 boost and I'm off. In the past week I have been killed by the alliance so many times. So I go look on a third party site what the population is on the server. 4% horde?! Are you kidding me? Why hasn't Blizzard address this? I'm the lone horde player in a sea of Alliance griefers. The amount of times night elves think they're so smart shadow melding to camp my corpse after they kill me is laughable. The way the system is set up in this expansion makes it so much worse when the content scales with you. I have level 110's killing me in 2 seconds when I'm just starting to explore the islands. What was the worse was Helheim. Omg, Helheim. Alliance would straight up kill me on sight, and since I'm already a "ghost" when I released I popped back up. But wait! There's more! Since the graveyard is right next to the entrance and quest giver, once one alliance player had their fun griefing me there were more coming in to take over! Oh what fun that was! I just logged for the night. What's up Blizzard? Give me an option to leave this server or fix it by having alliance get free transfers out and horde free transfers in. This isn't fun. I doubt I'll resub after the first month. This is ridiculous. I wish this info was available that the pop was 4% horde on the SERVER SELECTION screen so I wouldn't make the mistake of using my boost on this server. Anyway, rant over. You can tell me it's my own fault for not going on a third party website before I used my boost and researched the server. I shouldn't have to do that, that info should be readily available on the server screen if anything. Fix your server pops, Blizzard!Rhott42 Sep 27
Sep 27 Prot/ArmsWarrior-Mythic guild 9 or later Hello all, I'm trying to find a good raiding guild for the expansion. I'm currently 7/7n, 1/7h (pugging atm), trying to find a guild that will progress swiftly into mythics and above. In WoD I was 11/13M (left the game in April due to computer/scheduling conflicts), and want to progress this expansions content as fast as possible. I need a guild that raids at 9 server (cst) or later. Prot or Arms warrior. I've been playing the game for nearly 12 years, and am looking forward to raiding in this expansion. Logs: Btag: Mokine#1986' I look forward to talking :)Mokine0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Tank/Fury War & Resto Druid LF Mythic Team As the title says, myself and another player are looking for a team. I'm happy to play either my Druid Tank or my DPS Warrior and the Resto Druid is strictly a healer. Both longtime players, and well versed in progressive raiding. We're looking for a team that raids anytime and days between Sun-Thurs 7pm-11:30PM EST. If interested I can be contacted in game on the toon that posted this, or via battletag - Tristnal#11267 Thank you.Tristrex2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Prot Warrior 857 ilvl , 7/7 norm, 2/7 H highest mythic is Mythic 8+. I've attempted Ursoc (to 4%) and attempted dragons. I'm really well rounded with my warrior because I only spend time on him and don't choose to play Alts. Currently 857ilvl. My guilds notbad I'm currently in, but I feel Like I could be used in a more hardcore raiding environment.Lukeno2 Sep 27
Sep 27 [A] Hunter LF Raiding Guild (Casual Raider) I'm looking for a raiding guild that accepts casual raiders. My schedule availability is spotty, so I cannot guarantee regular attendance, but I am willing to accept a spot as a fill-in on nights where it is needed. I have extensive raiding experience in Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath and have decided to take a dip into Legion. Any progression level is fine, whether you've cleared Emerald Nightmare or are just looking to get started. Please let me know if you would like to chat here or in game. My preferred timezone is MT or PST. Veluura 110 NE MM Hunter US-SargerasVeluura3 Sep 27
Sep 27 Veng Glad Boofies LF Mythic Raiding Guild Schedule Weekend OR Weekdays 7pm-11pm server Min 3 days a week. Personal Age: 28 Location: Alberta, Canada Sex: M Character Info Spec: Havoc DH Item Level: 851 Armory: Experience Vanilla Molten Core: US Top50 Ragnaros (Priest) (Bloodsworn) AQ: US Top5 C'Thun (Overrated) Naxx: US Horde First KT (Overrated) Burning Crusade PVP: Gladiator S2, Vengeful Gladiator S3 Wrath of the Litch King PVP: One season Gladiator 2v2 (Priest/Feral) Cata BWD: Server first Neth (10M) TBoT: Server first Sinestra/Cho'gall (10M) ToFW: Server first Al'Akir (10M) Firelands: Heroic rag to 10% pre-nerf (10M) Dragon Soul: US Top40 Heroic DW (25M - WoD N/A Additional Info Internet: 100mbs down. Computer: 200 fps constant, full specs available upon request. Mic: Fully functional mic and not afraid to use it. Logs: Available on request (60-66% up-time on Momentum and 90% uptime on Bloodlet). Pots/Flasks: I have no problem bringing my own consumables. Contact In-Game: Boofies#1938 Extra I also play alot of CS:GO (Mostly ESEA), and LoL (High plat), and Rocket League. Conclusion I am looking for a hardcore/semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild that raids 3+ nights a week. I bring a high level of professionalism to progression raiding and I expect that you do as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.Boofiesdh0 Sep 27
Sep 27 843 Prot war LF raiding guild Ally I have some exp as MT, currently looking for a guild to raid with. I can raid any day of the week as long as its after 6pm central time zone. I have knowledge of all the fights in Emerald Dream and im a focused and determined person who does not give up after 1 try as so many others apparently do. thx for your time <3Brainleech1 Sep 27
Sep 27 <Elysian Sodality> is recruiting A little bit about us: We are a smaller guild with college students, working adults with kids and retirees. We keep chat family friendly. You are not required to raid in order to join but we do have a raid team. We are currently 6/7N and will be running normal and heroic but we do not intend on running mythic level raids. Our raid schedule is Tues/Thur 8:30pm-11:00pm EST. We have vent but you are not required to speak in order to raid. We are looking for one healer and a few more dps (one with tank OS) to join our team. If you are new to the game or have never raided before and would like to start, we are happy to work with you. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to whisper anyone on in the guild for more information or an invite. Anna#1862Annablossom0 Sep 27
Sep 27 <Totally Rad Guild> recruiting, top 100 goal Totally Rad Guild is looking for fresh faces to join our short raiding schedule / high progression Mythic roster! Website: Realm: Sargeras-US, Alliance Raid Times: Mon, Wed, Thurs, 9pm - 12am CST (server time) Progression: 7/7H EN, 13/13M HFC US#180 Currently Recruiting: Moonkin (with a strong resto offspec) Warlock Melee DPS - Always welcoming applications from exceptional players regardless of spec if you have logs and experience. About us: Totally Rad Guild is an Alliance mythic raiding guild located on Sargeras-US. We were established in September 2007, during the Burning Crusade as the official fan guild of a semi-internet-famous video podcast show. The guild has evolved over the years from a massive social guild boasting thousands of members into a tight-knit mythic raiding guild. As a raiding guild our goal has always been pushing hardcore progression with a casual schedule. We seek to surround ourselves with like minded people with the skill and dedication to experience the hardest content World of Warcraft has to offer, who don’t want to (or simply can’t) commit to a 16 hour raid schedule and three mandatory split runs. By raiding smart and putting a strong emphasis on preparation and efficiency we are able to compete with guilds who raid much longer hours and key to that is maintaining a fun, positive and productive guild environment. Looking forward in Legion our goal is top 100 US, and we are always looking for highly skilled and motivated recruits to join us. If our goals and philosophy align with yours, you are looking for a stable guild with a long history, mature officers, a friendly atmosphere and you also happen to be a total badass with the logs to back it up then please don’t hesitate submit an application on our forums or contact an officer: Miises (Mediic#1535) – Guild Master/Recruiting Pickle (Cucurumino#1806) – RecruitingMiises5 Sep 27
Sep 26 851 Hunter 3/7(H) LF Guild/Raid spot ***deleted***Idtrâpdât3 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] Shattered Expectations Mythic Guild 4/7 Heroic with a raid night to go 7/7 Normal 80th Server, Top 1000 US Shattered Expectations is a Mythic Progression guild looking for more exceptional players. We have a progression oriented mindset and while we are not pushing for world firsts we believe in playing and preparing like a guild that does. Currently have openings for: DPS/Tank Hybrid - Warrior pref. Exceptional Ranged DPS Any allstar DPS pulling 300k+ on Heroic parses. Raids: Su/M/W 8-11 Server The best way to get in touch with us is in game. Jeragon#1435, Byron#1690, or finding an officer online. You can also submit an application at Sep 26
Sep 26 <Legacy> - Paid Transfers. Paid transfers eligible for exceptional players. Alliance - List of current high priority but we look at all classes and players. Our spots are competitive. Please see our website for more info at Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] 854 Guardian Druid LF raiding guild. Server: Sargeras US Current Progression : 7/7 Normal Looking for a raiding guild to progress through heroic/mythics. Been playing wow since vanilla but haven't raiding with a guild seriously since Cataclysm. I joined a guild at the start of this xpac and we managed clear the raid on normal however it wasn't the right fit. Pretty flexible on times however I am on the east coast so no super late night raiding. Any day is fine.Zehyx2 Sep 26
Sep 26 <Serenity> Sargeras Recruiting Hello, <Serenity> 7/7N 1/7H, is currently recruiting! We currently raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 Server or CST and are looking for people to fit those times, we reside on Alliance US-Sargeras. We are a semi-hardcore guild that ultimately is just looking to progress our way through Mythics. Currently we are in need of healers and ranged DPS, but any and all exceptional will be considered for a trial. What we are looking for in our trials are, consistent and high numbers, while being able to perform the raid mechanics correctly. Being as we raid 2 days a week, we do ask that attendance rate is rather high and that if you can not make it, to please inform us prior to the raid so we have time to fill the position. At the moment our loot is personal for all Normal bosses and Loot Council for heroic and mythic bosses. We do this to ensure everyone is getting a chance at gear and also so the higher end gear is going in to the right hands. If you have any questions about the guild or would like to contact us for a trial please add Fab#1918, Norrath#1568, Kierre#1918 on bnet.Fabx0 Sep 26
Sep 26 ilvl 861DH 7/7H Lf Mythic Guild Looking for mythic guild either 2 or 3 nights a week. (I'm just a friend of Midwinter, not a raider or alt in midwinter)Aganii0 Sep 26
Sep 26 857 WW Monk with Ahead of the Curve LF Guild Howdy, I'm looking for a mythic guild on this server that raids monday-thursday. Got ahead of the curve last night in a guild me and my friends merged with, but shortly after they all gquit and feels awkward to stay. Died on our kill because holy paladin wouldn't meet me halfway when im on the other side of the room to soak pools zzzzzz Very consistent team player. Not a loot wh0re. Very vocal. Hella elitist. Stoneskin op. comattose#1152Slagsbroder4 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] 4/7H Shattered Expetations recruiting dps Downed Ursoc, Dragons and ilgynoth(on the first entry) on our second raid night. Former top 20 server progression guild is looking for more members to round out our mythic progression roster. We raid Su/M/W from 8-11 and are looking for exceptional DPS to help fill our roster. Our core group has been together since WotlK and leadership is comprised of competitive raiders with world first experience. submit an application at: For more information, or to talk about recruitment, please contact Theromiand#1626, Jeragon#1435, Byron#1690, or any officer. *More Heroic bosses to fall tomorrow 9/26Fussberry0 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] 841UnholyDK LF 9am-1pm weekday raid guild Looking for a 9am-1pm(can do earlier but not later) weekday morning raid guild. I didn't really get into raiding that much in previous expansions(but did a lot of raiding in Wrath). Was in a realm 2nd best guild in Wrath(Premonition on Area-52) but since then I have mainly focused PvP or haven't been playing WoW. Played for a little bit in WoD but I just came back to play PvE and maybe some casual PvP here and there.Niusttx0 Sep 26
Sep 26 [A] Crippling Debt - Semi-Hardcore Raiding Crippling Debt is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for a few more raiders for our core raid group. We try to be as fun and laid back as possible while still striving for excellence and great progression. Our highest priority needs at this point are as follows: Warlock - Demonology or Destruction or Warrior - Arms Paladin - Retribution Hunter or Elemental Shaman We are also recruiting additional candidates/subs for all DPS roles. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 10pm to 1am server time, with optional raid times on weekends. If you're interested, please read our expectations and apply at or feel free to contact me (Badaeus) or any of our other officers, Bigeffntank, Malagmyr, Ahrai, or Rhònin in game.Badaeus0 Sep 26
Sep 25 811 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Team Have lots of raiding experience, Looking for times 8-1ish server time, or somewhere in there, weekdays. matt778#1931 is my btag for more info.Crazyfitey0 Sep 25
Sep 25 Weekend Morning Raid Team? I'm a 846 Unholy DK, 7/7 Norm Nightmare EXP, and I've been searching the forums for an Morning Weekend Raiding Guild, something like Sat - Sun, 9 AM - 12 PM, and I was just wondering if there's any guilds out there with times like that. Thank you!Daelakyl1 Sep 25