Oct 26 <Amidst the Bloodshed> Recruiting Greetings, <Amidst the Bloodshed> is recruiting to fill its raid roster for Legion. The majority of our guild are returning players to the game who have not been concurrently active since early Cataclysm to WOD for whatever reason. We are mostly a group of real life friends and spouses looking to play together. Our main objective is to progress through flex raiding and get into Mythic when possible. We aim to provide a guild for those with real life responsibilities that may hinder always being able to read. People in our guild work in jobs ranging from military, first response, information technology, to business owners. We currently raid Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 PM server. To join contact Croure, Deferionus, Sylkaria, or Casserie in game.Croure8 Oct 26
Oct 26 7/7H solid core LF more for Mythic Guild Name: Bad Luck Progress: 7/7H Raid Times: Wed-Thur-Mon 6-9 server Voice coms: TS Needs: Resto Shaman or Holy Pally (Will consider other healers) Hunter Warlock Mage Boomkin S-Priest -Tank position could be considered- We have a really solid core here were just on the struggle of finding players who are capable of mythic content. We hope to be in mythics for ToV and onward. If you are interested in joining please leave a reply here and contact us in game. GM: Moistytotem/Strugglestv RL: Vandoriel or pretty much any character with "Van" in it is him. He likes vans. If you have trouble reaching either of them add my Btag jambi#1146. Ty for your time and I hope to see some new faces soon!Màynard0 Oct 26
Oct 26 <Uneventful> 3/7M US-SARGERAS 2 DAYS/6 HOURS Who We Are: Our guild is comprised of raiders old and new from successful guilds (Vigil, Exodus, Death and Taxes, Supermassive, Might and more) spanning all expansions. We have limited raid times each week and strive to utilize that short time frame to complete and exceed our own expectations. Our atmosphere is casual and social except during raid times; we keep a strict raiding environment because we like to get things done. What We're Looking For: DPS & Healers (for specifics, please visit our website) When Do We Raid: Wednesday/Thursday from 6pm-9pm ST (CST). All interested players are asked to apply @ For more information, contact Fredex, Phillyqueso, or myself (BillyBravo#1393) in-game. We look forward to speaking with you!Hempo3 Oct 26
Oct 26 [A] <Disillusion> is recruiting - 7hr raid/wk <Disillusion> is a small reformed Vanilla-WotLK guild returning to Legion. Many members in our group are former Top 10 - 50 guilded players (Exo, Eternals, Disillusion) with the difference now being that we all have families and/or careers that take priorities in our lives. That being said, we raid only 2 nights a week (Monday & Wednesday @ 7:30-11:00pm Server Time) and look to run Mythic+ or whatever else on other days. We are currently looking to fill out our roster with similarly CASUAL but STRONG players. We do NOT expect 100% attendance (because LIFE?), though we would certainly welcome it. We do however expect you to know your class. Whether you're looking to Raid, run Mythic+ groups, or both (but on a more casual pace)... we might be what you're looking for. Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic** (pugged) 0/7 Mythic Looking for: Raid: All DPS Classes Mythic+: All Classes Communication: Discord In-game Contacts Pokgaii PawlePokgaii3 Oct 26
Oct 26 1/7M LF R DPS AND HEAL FOR MYTHIC Guild Name: Hero On Pull Faction: Alliance Server:Sargeras Times: Fri-Sat, 9:30-1:30am EST Progression: 7/7H 1/7M Atmosphere: Semi-Hardcore Recruiting: Any Outstanding RDPS of any class, (HIGH PREFERENCE WARLOCK/S PRIEST) having logs is a preference. Healers, we need 1 Holy Pally. About the Guild: Group left an old guild do to lack of leadership and caring more about raiding with friends and family, then balancing it to kill bosses. After 1 month of raiding in 6.2 we went 8/13M. The only thing we care about is that you show up on time and can play a class not a spec. We put a big emphasis on being proficient on playing you class over playing a spec, especially if all of them are dps specs. We understand you need to be friends to raid together but as long as we all have the same goal in mind we've all gotten along great and grown close. People can take any days off that they want with notice. Wow is not a job. You're going out for a birthday, a dinner, to get laid, w/e, gives us notice and will take your word for it. Legion: Our plans for Legion are to be the average mythic guild. For example clearing 4/7M HM pre-BRF, or 8/10M BRF pre-HFC, or being 9/13M pre-valor. We are by no one means going to ask people to take time off work or school or do split runs. We want to be average and kill bosses. Contact: valgasstrife#1759, Krazyfox#1430Krazywolf9 Oct 26
Oct 26 5/7H 7:30-10pm c T W TH LF Healer RDPS OT "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Holy priest/paladin, Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno1 Oct 26
Oct 26 [A] Crippling Debt (7/7N, 5/7H) Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10pm to 1am server time; optional raids at the same times on weekends. Current Progression: We are currently 7/7N and 5/7H with normal on farm and recently starting heroic progression. What we need: 6 DPS - High priority for Shadow Priest, Hunter, Feral/Rogue, Fury - any will be considered 1 Raid Healer - Preferably a Resto Druid - any will be considered How to reach us: Apply at or feel free to contact me (Badaeus) or any of our other officers, Bigeffntank, Smackdaba, Ahrai, or Enkana in game. About Us: We are a semi-casual raiding guild. We are looking for a few more raiders for our core raid group. We try to be as fun and laid back as possible while still striving for excellence and great progression. We have been raiding 15-person raid group and had a full group, but we have decided to increase our group size to 20, so now we're recruiting again. We are also recruiting additional candidates/subs for all DPS roles.Badaeus0 Oct 26
Oct 26 7.1 UH DK abomination model New UH Death knight got a model change for dark transformation, not sure if this was listed in the patch notes. The old dark transformation model was fine in my opinion and perfectly represented the fantasy of a beefed up, lich king esque, abomination. Currently the new model is not nearly as large and resembles the golden trait proc of 'the shambler' where a super zombie explodes. However, the base model of UH death knights is considered by and large an abomination in itself. I propose that we bring back the old dark transformation model and replace the current abomination summoned from raise dead with the new, updated dark transformation model. Thoughts?Ysmir0 Oct 26
Oct 26 [A]<Hollow Crown>3/7M Recruiting DPS & 1 Heal <Hollow Crown> - Sargeras - Alliance (7/7H 3/7M EN) Greetings, Hollow Crown is a group of MMO veterans with the goal of progressing through mythic raid content while only raiding two nights a week. If you are the type of player who thrives in a raid environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, teamwork, and self-sufficiency, then we want you. Please see below for what we are currently seeking! Additionally, you can find our recruiting information at Our Raiding Schedule: We only raid two nights a week, but we encourage and host extra nights for sales runs, Mythic+ runs, et cetera. We expect a minimum of 80% raid attendance, but life happens sometimes and we will of course take that into consideration. If you know for sure that you're going to miss a night we expect you to make a quick post in our forums letting us know so that we can plan ahead. Our raid nights are as follows: Tuesday 8:30pm-12:30am Central Standard Time. Thursday 8:30pm-12:30am Central Standard Time. Voluntary Sale Run Night (Starting EN Heroic Sale Runs Soon): Wednesday 8:30pm-11:30pm Central Standard Time What You Can Expect From a Trial Period As a trial, you are not elligible for tier gear, BiS weapons, or BiS trinkets unless they are uncontested by established raiders. This trial period typically lasts two to three weeks depending on the individual. The important thing to remember is that we do not judge your trial necessarily by your character's output (DPS/HPS/etc...), but by your ability to work in a team, to perform raid mechanics consistently, and to take constructive criticism well. What We Have to Offer You: A positive raid environment that consists of players with great attitudes. Guild repairs for trials and raiders. Flasks (upon request). However, you must provide your own potions, stat food, and any other relevant consumables. We do provide raid feasts, but personal stat food is preferred. A fun and active guild environment. A fair attendance policy. Above all -- consistency You can rest assured that we will raid every Tuesday and Thursday at the establish raid times with holidays being one of the only exceptions. What We Expect From Our Raiders: Punctuality. A positive attitude. The ability to perform raid mechanics. The drive to get better at your class and to avoid stagnating. Be respectful of others. What We Are Currently Seeking: We currently have the listed priority on recruiting the following classes and specs (all applicants must be a minimum iLvl of 850 with accompanied logs to prove competency to be considered for a trial): -- DPS Positions: OPEN -- Warlock (High) -- Warrior DPS (Low) -- Shaman DPS (Enhance: Medium/Elemental: Medium) -- Mage (High) -- Death Knight DPS (Medium) -- Rogue (Medium-High) -- Hunter (High) -- Monk DPS (High) -- Paladin DPS (Medium) -- Druid DPS (Low -- Exceptional Boomkins may apply) -- Shadow Priest (Low) -- Healing Positions: ANY -- We are actively seeking a VERY strong healer of any class. This is a core raid spot. You must have strong parses and be very active, analytic, and able. -- Tank Positions: CLOSED -- We are not actively seeking any tanks at this time All positions are competitive, if you believe yourself to be an exceptional player, we want to hear from you regardless of any recruiting priority that is listed above. If you think you'd be a great fit then don't hesitate to apply! Additionally, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the following: Haumph (Richard#11728) - Guild Master, Raid Leader Stellavore (Azazeal#1762) - Guild Officer We look forward to hearing from you. -Hollow Crown Leadership www.hollowcrown.netHaumph25 Oct 26
Oct 26 901 DPS Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hello, I have recently returned to Sargeras and am searching for a new home. I was most recently raiding on Mal'ganis with the guild <Swol Squad> in which I achieved 7/7 Heroic and 3/7 mythic emerald nightmare with numerous attempts at mythic dragons of nightmare. I am looking for a guild with a fun and focused environment that raids around 3-4 days per week and for no longer than 4 hours at a time. I am not interested in raiding on Sundays or joining a guild that requires split runs. I am hoping to join a place with a tight knit and active roster outside of raid times, no drama, no elitist attitudes, and a group dedicated to clearing all mythic content in a reasonable amount of time. Here is a link to my most recent logs: P.S. I have no interest in tanking and will not be your emergency off tank. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on this post, in game, or through realid at Vengeance#1793.Véngeance9 Oct 26
Oct 26 Looking for name Hello, I am looking for someone who has the name Rosequartz. Contact me in game under Quartzie-Sargeras.Pinkpeony0 Oct 26
Oct 25 5/7H 7:30-10pm c T W TH LF Healer RDPS OT "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Holy priest/paladin, Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno0 Oct 25
Oct 25 860 7/7H Hpal LFG Looking for a serious M prog guild, my raid times are pretty flexible.Fïgan5 Oct 25
Oct 25 870 Havoc DH LF Mythic Raiding Guild I just transferred servers from Bleeding Hollow and are looking for a raiding guild with raid times that are reasonable for EST. I have years of raiding experience starting with the very first vanilla raids. I'm 7/7 normal and heroic EN and are looking to progress into mythic content.Grave10 Oct 25
Oct 25 872 Prot Warrior - LF Potential home. As title states, looking for a potential home moving forward in Legion. Ideally look for a group of players that is progression focused. I have logs of current content for this toon of my performance through the content I've completed thus far, 7/7N 7/7H 1/7M. I have some knowledge of the remainder fights up till Cen in Mythic. Sadly the guild and group of players I was raiding with have no desire to push through harder content. Ideally I want to continue to enjoy myself along with continuing my progression. Should anyone be interested, please contact me in-game, or add my real id Acchoo#1994. I also currently have a 110 Mage whom I've played since Burning Crusade and more than capable of playing, along with potentially Warrior DPS, but would prefer to continue progressing throughout the expansion as Prot Warrior. Logs: Thanks, AcchooAcchoo1 Oct 25
Oct 25 (A) <Theoretical> Looking for Tank/dps! 6/7H Theoretical is a new guild that is looking to bolster our numbers and start pushing into Mythic. We are a group that has lots of raiding experience over all the past expansions. Most of us were big raiders that have came back for legion. We are a very active guild that are friendly and helpful and more than willing to help out with things. If you can listen and do mechanics we can help teach you what you need to know to raid with us. TANK Guardian druid RANGE DPS Warlock Hunter Priest Balance druid Ele shaman MELEE DPS Rogue Paladin Warrior Death Knight (Unholy) Monk HEAL resto shaman holy priest Our current raids times are Monday-Wednesday 7:30-10:30. If you are interested post on here or you can message me in games of through or Roxgg#1202,Tristnal#11267) I look forward to hearing from you!Röx47 Oct 25
Oct 25 CRZ Active in Broken Isles? Suddenly there are hundreds of horde EVERYWHERE. Most Illidan and Mal'ganis, which tells me they activated CRZ for some reason. Any idea why?Kyosai4 Oct 25
Oct 25 Questionable Recruiting Healers/RDPS H/M Team Guild: Questionable Realm: Sargeras Faction: Alliance Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 730-1030 Server(CMT) Guild Website: Our History: Questionable is a community of gamers, many of which have been friends for years. Our guild leadership is experienced and manages transparently. While we pride ourselves on hosting a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, we hold a high standard during our raid environment. We have serious expectations for our raid progression, performance and attitudes. Questionable is a mature adult guild.** Our main Raid group is 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M and working on mythic progession. Currently ranked 66 on the server and top 800 in the US. We are actively recruiting for our second progression team. Team 2 currently has heroic on farm and is looking to push into mythic this week. Need 1 healer and 1 DPS. Classes/Roles Needed: Melee DPS- Feral Druid(High) Ranged DPS - Elemental Shaman(High) Shadow Priest(Low) Healers - Holy Pally(High) Disc Priest(High) Mistweaver Monk Holy Priest(low) Recruitment Standards: -Like minded individuals to complete our roster for Legion mythic progression. -Goal orientated individuals with Endgame Progression raiding in mind. -Individuals with the ability to take constructive criticism as well as offer it. -Mature and fun players that can Raid in a Hardcore Progression format. -Applicants shall have extensive knowledge of their class/specialization and in depth knowledge of current progression mechanics. Trial Raider Expectations: -Players SHALL maintain a 100% raid attendance while in a trial status. -Players must have the ability to use Discord during Raids with constant internet connection. -During our 2 week trial period, applicants will be evaluated on multiple things. >First and foremost is performance. Players must be accountable for their mistakes and able to address them quickly. >Secondly is Conduct, respect and attitude toward your fellow team members and Raid Leadership. Loot System: We currently use the personal loot system. Once guild leadership has adjusted some bugs with our current loot system, Team 2 will employ the EPGP Loot System. Details will be given upon guild acceptance. Application Process: Our application process for a progression raider position consist of the following- 1) Online application for submission( 2)Oral interview with our Recruitment Staff While we are recruiting particular roles, ALL EXCEPTIONAL players are encouraged to apply.* Feel free to visit our guild website or message any of our Raid Leadership: Lytharion-Sargeras, Nukanuka#1484 *Non Sargeras players will be expected to transfer **Leadership is not liable for but not limited to, hurt feelings, egos, ulcers, or emotional damage. Good luck and Happy hunting!Copenhaghen4 Oct 25
Oct 25 Anyone from <Wrath of Heaven> play? Curious if anyone from my vanilla guild Wrath of Heaven still plays. I'm Valgor, the great gnome warlock.Balogog1 Oct 25
Oct 25 Sargeras RBG Push 1500+ I cannot find any guilds that are recruiting for RBGs, and i'm currently 1500 rating looking for a group that needs a Holy Paladin, or other players that are 1500+ to start a group myself. Many groups have absurd cr requirements, so here I am. Trying to push to 1950-2000.Wajamba1 Oct 25
Oct 25 [A] <Validus> Mythic Recruitment Validus is a reformed guild of experienced players that have come back for Legion on the US-Sargeras server. We are recruiting members to strengthen our community and ranks as we once again become competitive in PVE progression content. - Currently 2/7 Mythic & 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare - Need 1 Tank (Prot Warrior), 1 Mistweaver Monk, 1 Holy Priest, 1 Disc Priest, 1 Warlock, 1 Balance Druid, 1 Resto Druid, 1 Elemental Shaman, 1 Ret Paladin, 1 Mage we do consider others if they are promising! - Our core group of members have been playing since Vanilla and were members of some of the first guilds in the US to complete some of the earliest raid content such as Onyxia, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ40, and to fully clear Naxx 40. Other highlights include one of the first guilds on the US - Mal'Ganis Server to complete Alone in the Darkness Achievement in Ulduar. We currently have one raid schedule out but will be running multiple raid teams ASAP. Our first raid teams schedule is Tuesday 10:15pm-12:30am, Saturday 11:15pm-1:30am, and Monday 10:15pm-12:30am Central Time. All classes/specs/roles may contact us even if we did not specifically mention needing yours above for raid team 1 because we are also working towards filling our second raid team and have many spots available in that group! We are also very active when it comes to PvP. This is not a PvE only guild! If you are interested in joining or have any questions please message: Bosuballin#1998 - GM (Me) dcf#1533 - Leader History: 1. Progression Reference in Vanilla MC, BWL, AQ40:'Ganis_US/Progression/Pre-Burning_Crusade Naxx: 2. [A] Mal'ganis - 1st C'thun Kill Oct 25
Oct 25 870 Six-feather fan Price Just got a ilvl 870 Titanforged six-feather fan, any suggestion on how much I should sell if for? ThanksToriera2 Oct 25
Oct 25 Looking for a guild to help me? Hey guys im looking for a guild that can help me get into raiding and help me gear up.Érzá1 Oct 25
Oct 25 <TTD> Recruitment Who We Are: Veterans, nurses, college graduates/students, parents, streamers, competitive weight trainers and a lot more. We come from many walks of life, but we enjoy raiding and pvp. 13/13 Heroic Prior to moving from Lightbringer to Sargeras, we are seeking ranged dps, however all exception players are encouraged to apply. We're making a mad dash to gear out for Heroic and Mythic raiding and want like-minded players with a passion for excellence with us. What We Want: To be the best we can be, whether its grinding CMs, pushing raid progression, working on 3s or just rickrolling battlegrounds. Mythic raid kills, high rated arenas and a lot of good times, TTD wants to be somewhere social enough that you don't want to leave but competitive enough that you worry about your slot - always bring your A-game. How We Operate: The person best suited for the job gets the job. How many times have you heard someone planning on maining a Demon Hunter? Be the guy that replaces one of ours. Can you do the job of a raider, raid leader or officer better? Do it! The environment is meant for adults that don't have 12-20 hours a week to pour into the game. The time we make to raid is maximized with our best players and the have-nots and !@#$-sippers can sit on the sidelines, watch a stream or go somewhere else. We just want the best. Is that you? Days and Times: Raids will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9pm-1am server time. Additionally, every release of a raid tier we will raid Thursday night, 9pm-1am. CMs and gearing to raid will take priority over pvp initially w/ Legion, however guild group pvp will be weekends and off-raid nights, exact times TBD. Why TTD?: Are you tired of fighting the attendance boss and losing, or bringing that %^-* raider because he's all you've got? Do you miss playing with folks that strive to be better? Is your time limited and you don't want to waste it on kids that don't have the time constraints you do? Bring your competitive nature to TTD. You've found your home. Last, we're an adult guild, with adult lives, adult responsibilities and adult humor. Please don't waste our time; we won't waste yours. VT1#1817 Lollie#11631Justvt31 Oct 25
Oct 25 847 Outlaw Rogue LF Social/Active Guild Currently 847 outlaw rogue. Looking to join a social/active guild for raiding and mythic dungeons. Really just want to get better as a player, have fun and avoid PUGs. Thanks!Luthien7 Oct 25
Oct 25 Looking for a Mythic Ready Ranged and Healer Leading a mythic ready team Tues/Thur 730-1030 Server Time. Looking for preferably a target healer and a skilled RDPS to complete our core team. Message me or apply at questionableguild.comLytharion1 Oct 25
Oct 25 <Eikonic> 1/7M LF 2 dps for Mythic roster About Us We are a raiding guild focused on Mythic progression and high end Mythic + dungeons. We broke off from a larger guild with the goal of forming a smaller Mythic guild consisting of talented players who know how to have a good time while still progressing at a good rate. We are an alliance guild currently located on Sargeras. Recruitment We are currently in need of 2 DPS for core spots which means you'd be raiding with us this Tuesday for Heroic clear and straight into Mythic EN Raid Times Tuesday - 9:30PM-1:30AM EST Wednesday - 9:30PM-1:30AM EST Expectations Must know your class to the best of your ability Should be at least 855+ Should be fully enchanted/gemmed. Must come to raid prepared (Flasks/Food/Pre-Pots *Must be able to make raid times * If you are interested please visit and apply! Any questions? Feel free to contact me at anytime!! Vitaliann#2918Vitaliann0 Oct 25
Oct 25 (A)<Bake Sale>Morning group lfm for Legion!!! <Bake Sale>At the moment we are looking for competent raiders seeking to progress through heroics and have fun in a laid back environment. We have 1 tank spot open as well as a couple dps and healing spots. We expect 90% attendance on our short 2 day raid schedule. Our main goal is to push through heroics at a decent pace and keep up as a top morning raiding guild throughout legion on a short schedule. Currently in need of select classes and roles. Excited to build a solid group leading up to legion.Raid times Thursday/Friday 8:30-11:30am server time.If you're interested in joining or have any questions, contact me @Erthero#1896 or in mail. We expect 90% attendance on our short 2 day raid schedule. Our main goal is to push through heroics at a steady pace and keep up as a top morning raiding guild throughout legion on a short schedule. Tank:Open Heals:Open Dps:Open Raids every week!!!Ogerthero73 Oct 25
Oct 24 War Storm LF Ranged DPS and Healers War Storm is a casual and friendly guild that is currently 6/7H in Emerald Nightmare. We need ranged DPS to round out our over abundance of melee DPS. That said, don't be afraid to ask for an invite if you're melee. Also looking for good healers who can help out. Lastly, we're always looking for friendly players raiders or not. We currently have no PVP plans, but if you'd be willing to try to organize something, I'm sure you'd find members willing to go. Raiding Times: Progression on Tuesday and Thursdays at 7:00 to 10:00 PM server time. Normal main run on Wednesday at 7:00 to 10:00 PM (optional run) Alt Raids: Friday at 7:00 to 10:00 PM Also do Mythic+ runs throughout the week with people very willing to help, and occasional XMOG runs of old raids. If you're interested, you can contact any member in game and they can direct you to someone to answer any questions. Officers you can contact Darkmòon Lokiia Rheskara (me)Rheskara0 Oct 24
Oct 24 LF Blacksmith with Felsteel Longblade Recipe Looking for a Blacksmith with Felsteel Longblade recipe. I have the mats for it, just need someone to craft it. I'll tip you for your help, we can work out how much in game. Message me on Rheskara or send in game mail if I'm offline. I'd rather avoid spending the price to buy the blade itself of the AH since I had most of the mats on hand, and the recipe is also more than I want to pay.Rheskara0 Oct 24
Oct 24 <BloopBloop> 1/7M Recruiting ALL RANGE DPS Short and Sweet <BloopBloop> is looking for a couple more players to tighten up our raid roster for Mythics. Current Progression 1/7 Mythic 7/7 Heroic Currently Recruiting All Range DPS A Holy Priest All exceptional players will be considered. If you think you have what it takes, show us! Who we are We are a tightly knit group of players most of which have been playing together since vanilla days. We've done the hardcore and casual thing and have all been around and have plenty of Heroic/Mythic experience. While we do not consider ourselves a “hardcore” guild we strive for excellence while maintaining a fun guild environment. Currently, we are looking for a few exceptional players to fill out our roster who want to see mythic raiding. Raid Times Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 10:00pm to 1:00am EST What we can offer you •A mature, drama-free environment that fosters player growth •A raiding core that is dedicated, knowledgeable, selfless and generally great to be around •Great leadership, devoted to the cause and above all, accessible and listens to its members •Raids that are well researched, run and most important fun to be in What we expect •Maintain 90% attendance (We do understand things can come up in real life) •Have a complete understanding of your class including all talent specs •Be able to communicate on Discord •Be accountable for your actions. People make mistakes (we’re human) •Research and know the fights ahead of time For more information please consult Xypherr in game, or on Real ID Xypher#1617Xypherr4 Oct 24
Oct 24 [A] INFAMY LFM DPS 1/7M We are recruiting to push deep into Mythic raid. Times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm - 11pm. We spam high mythic + on off nights! Progressed to Mythic in 2 weeks. We provide pots, flasks and food. Shoot me a message or go to to apply! Core needs are: Boomkin/Hunter/Warlock All exceptional players and applicants will be considered infamy Home - infamy - EnjinMankhandy0 Oct 24
Oct 24 868 Shadow LF Mythic guild I am now in a guild.Eaco5 Oct 24
Oct 24 5/7H 7:30-10pm c T W TH RDPS Healer OT "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Holy priest/paladin, Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno0 Oct 24
Oct 24 < Elevated > 5/7H LF DPS!! Hello Everyone! <Elevated> is a newly formed guild on Sargeras-US which is currently 5/7 H within the first week. We are a semi-hardcore group looking to keep pushing and we need exceptional players like you to push our way to the top! Our raid lead is 3/7 M and others already have ATOC for this content who joined together to push through Mythics together but our currently lacking in numbers for our core 20-Man. We raid from 8:30pm - 12:30am EST ( 7:30pm - 11:30pm CST Server Time ) Tuesday and Wednesday This is why we are looking for ANY exceptional DPS who’s minimum required iLvl is 855+ but will make exceptions and will consider you whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just looking to get back into raiding Recruitment: Enhancement Shaman Assassination / Subtlety Rogue Fire Mage Arms Warrior Windwalker Monk Feral Druid Destruction / Demonology Warlock Retribution Paladin Havoc Demon Hunter Unholy Death Knight ** Any exceptional applicant ** Loot System: Loot is distributed by a officer led loot council with the use of the Haddon RCLootCouncil which is designed to increase progression, proper stats equipped, on time for raid and keeps things fair all around. About Us: We are a guild made up by 5 friends who originally were looking to join a guild together but never had a chance to play together since every guild need two or three of us. Since then, we decided to just take what we knew and just start fresh with the experience we already got scattered around. We now are trying to get back to Mythic progression but as a team of friends and players who are looking for the same goal. If you’re interested in chatting about this feel free to contact myself or one of my officers in game Bigboi #1891 Answers #11998 Treelovah ( In Game )Duhvuk0 Oct 24
Oct 24 870 R/G druid with 1/7 mythic exp lf Guild Hello! I am looking to move to this server before next lockout and am trying to secure a spot in a guild at trial status. I don't mind going backwards in progression for a guild that is established and progressing through heroic at a steady pace. I am much interested in finding a home as a raid guild. I was in the same two or three guilds with the same core of people for most of my time in wow and would like to find a place to be loyal to like that again. I can provide recent logs for healing. I don't have as much experience with tanking in a raid setting as I do with healing, but would happily switch were the opportunity to arise. (I think it has been eight years trying to swap roles now haha) I have 26 traits into guardian and 27 into resto. I have been healing in raids since Khara, and in other games before then. Have been in us top 100 guilds on a few tiers. I can fit into nearly any schedule(work from home) and have no minimum or maximum in the amount of raid time I am looking for. The only requirements I have on my end are that the guild itself not be a culture of utter hate. The main reason I am leaving my current guild is that it is filled with both a disgusting level of bigotry and a complete lack of leadership. I am fine with and enjoy crude, rude, and lewd behaviors. I just don't want to have to listen to every other word being a racial epithet, or demeaning towards lgbt and women. Also Bonus points if you also have room for a 860+ moonkin who can also provide logs if needed and is regularly pulling upwards of 300K single target. Please feel free to post any contact info here and I will get back to people by monday. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Dimeion11 Oct 24
Oct 24 <Eikonic> 1/7M LF 2 DPS for Mythic Core We are a Mythic raiding guild on Sargeras focused on Mythic progression raiding and high end Mythic + dungeons. We broke off from a larger guild with the goal of forming a smaller Mythic guild consisting of talented players who know how to have a good time while still progressing at a good rate. We cleared Heroic EN in our first week and Mythic Nythendra in our first night in M EN. We are in need of 2 committed DPS for core spots in our Mythic team. Everyone is very laid back and friendly and there is 0 we are looking for the same from you. We are looking for dedicated players that are committed to being prepared and on time on raid days with the ultimate goal being to form a close knit 20 man group that can have fun while clearing all raid content in Legion. Our Raid days are Tuesday/Wednesday from 8:30pm - 12:30am server time. We are currently in need of: - 1 Hunter and one cloth dps -Will consider any exceptional DPS We are not elitists by any means but we do expect you to have good knowledge of your class and spec as well as raid mechanics and what is required to be a mythic raider. We are also always recruiting talented players for Mythic + dungeons and optional raids as well as all other content. Add me on Bnet for more info! Vitaliann#2918 Cheers, VitVitaliann3 Oct 24
Oct 24 869 Arms Warrior & 855 Guardian Druid Two long time raiders looking for a guild, we both are 7/7h and have AOTC. We're also looking for a semi-hardcore guild that raids between 9pm and 12pm Server Time, during the week except Monday, Friday and Saturday. PST Rethek#1943Grombindal5 Oct 24
Oct 24 871 R Druid + 861 Rogue Hello, we are currently looking for a mythic raiding guild. I will keep it simple and sweet. Druid is 2/7M with low % on Ursoc pulls. Rogue is 7/7H. -Both over 18. -Both have working mics. -We're both hard working, friendly players. -We take criticism well. -Great attendance, raid awareness and attitude. Logs: ROGUE: DRUID: Oct 24
Oct 24 863 Rogue 3/7M LF Progression guild Hey hey, I'm currently looking for a mythic progression guild to jump into EN and nighthold in the near future. I am a top percentage player who comes prepared to all raids. I have limited logs available but have 95+% parses on nearly all encounters. Previous to this expansion which I was a little late to, I raided in top 100 guilds in Vanilla, BC, WotLK, and Cata. If you need any info from me, just ask/ I'm looking for a guild that raids max 3 days a week and starts around 930 10 EST. You can contact me here or add my battle tag Ironchefdave#1111.Oldmandave2 Oct 24
Oct 24 HALP - LF Original Sargeras Guilds Old schoolers, I need your help. I'm gathering data on our delightful server here and am composing a list of the original guilds formed on Sargeras back during WoW's glory days of vanilla. Old guilds are cool, and it would be great if we could rattle off all the original guilds that are still around to this day. Strictly pre-TBC vanilla.Wretchedmist44 Oct 24
Oct 24 [A] Crippling Debt (7/7N, 5/7H) Crippling Debt is a semi-casual raiding guild looking for a few more raiders for our core raid group. We try to be as fun and laid back as possible while still striving for excellence and great progression. We are currently 7/7N and 5/7H with normal on farm and recently starting heroic progression. We have been raiding 15-person raid group and had a full group, but we have decided to increase our group size to 20, so we are now looking for the following: 6 DPS - High priority for Shadow Priest, Hunter, Feral/Rogue, Fury - any will be considered We are also recruiting additional candidates/subs for all DPS roles. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 10pm to 1am server time, with optional raid times on weekends. If you're interested, please read our expectations and apply at or feel free to contact me (Badaeus) or any of our other officers, Bigeffntank, Smackdaba, Ahrai, or Rhònin in game.Badaeus0 Oct 24
Oct 24 3/7H The Fallen Gods is recruiting! [A][US-Sargeras][The Fallen Gods] is a rather new guild, having been created just before Legion launch. It was made by a group of friends who all left their previous guilds, looking to get something more out the game than what they were before. We’re a semi-hardcore guild which raids 10 hours a week, 8 of which are spent progressing. The other 2 hours are spent farming previous difficulties to gear up new members/off-specs/alts. As a raiding guild, we value teamwork, consistency, and attentiveness above all else. We strive to embody those values, and hope you do the same. While our main focus in the game is raiding, we welcome all players who wish to join and we try to offer something for everyone: Pvp, leveling alts, and doing 5-mans. If you’re looking for a group of friends that are going to last for your time in this game, we’re the guild for you. We’ve been playing this game for years now, some of us since vanilla. We’re not going anywhere any time soon. Raiding Schedule: Emerald Nightmare Heroic Progression: Saturday and Sunday from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM Central. Normal full clear: Friday 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Central On progression nights, invites will be going out at 6:30. We use in-game calendar events to send out invites for the raid, so replying to those events is mandatory. We don’t want to be waiting around to pull the first boss, and so we expect you to be on time. Raid Progress: 7/7N 3/7H Recruitment Needs: High Priority: Priest (Any Spec, pref Shadow) Paladin (Ret or Holy, with Prot offspec) Rogue (Any Spec) Monk (Heal Main with tank offspec) Med Priority: DeathKnight (Any DPS spec) Druid (pref Feral) Low Priority: Everything else If you don’t see your class above, that doesn’t mean we aren’t accepting those classes, we just aren’t actively looking for them. If you’re an exceptional player, we’ll definitely still give you a shot. Except demon hunters. We have enough of those. While raiding we use EPGP to distribute loot. We feel like it’s the fairest way to reward those that consistently attend raid nights and add to the overall progression of the group. If you’re attending every night, you WILL get gear. Your efforts will be recognized and rewarded. Raiding expectations: * Pushing progression means there will be entire nights spent learning the mechanics of a boss and wiping on them. We need to know that you understand and accept that some raiders will learn faster than others. We plan to complete the raid as a team. Be willing to wipe as a team as well. * We expect every raider to know his/her class well enough to perform at heroic levels. We have the Discord servers of every class pinned in our discord server should you have any performance questions. We want you to be striving to improve and push performance at all times. * As well as knowledge of your class, we expect you to have a general understanding of the bosses we will be progressing on that night. We don’t want to waste raid time explaining the fights in their entirety. * We strive to be as open to suggestion as possible, and our officers all have an open door policy. We want you to feel like you can come to us for anything you might need concerning issues within the guild. We expect you to be able to communicate those issues with us in a timely manner. We don’t want bad feelings to fester and tear the guild apart. * As stated above, we use EPGP reloaded and EPGP lootmaster to give out loot. As such we require all those interested in raiding to have it downloaded. We currently use discord as our main form of communication, so having that is mandatory as well. Joining us: If you think we're a good fit for you, you can reply to this comment, send me a PM over reddit, or add any of the officer tags listed below and we can have a chat about what you're looking for, as well as answer and additional questions. Basednerd#1661 - Loudsteps: Guildmaster Sisley#1471 - Distruttore: Officer Fallenangel#1831 - Varsyth: OfficerLoudsteps0 Oct 24
Oct 24 870 Holy Pally LF Mythic Progression Guild NvmWorstheallol0 Oct 24
Oct 24 1/7 Mythic group needing a place to call home Friends n I are currently in a guild that just isn't working out for us, (Lazy leadership that doesn't lead), and are looking for a place to call home. My group consists of 2 dps Demon hunters 870 ilvl---1 Resto druid 860+ --1 Fire mage--860+ a shadow priest 850+ and a disc/holy priest also 860+ and an 860 Marksman hunter. We would like to try for a 2 day raiding guild, as 3 days doesn't fit our busy schedules. We would prefer times that would consist of something like Tues. Wed./Thurs between 8-12 server We have cleared 7/7N 7/7H and were currently working on Mythic. Have logs if needed of past weeks kills and downs.Icêmän0 Oct 24
Oct 24 [A] &lt;Crippling Debt&gt; Semi-Hardcore Raiding Crippling Debt is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Sargeras. We are currently looking to fill out our raid group for Legion. All of our officers are experienced raiders who have been playing off and on for several years and recently returned to the game, and our raid leaders have been raiding since Vanilla. We raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10pm server time to about 1am. We also have extra/alt runs at the same time on Sundays. We are in need of: 3 Melee DPS, preferably a Retribution Paladin, a Frost/Unholy DK, and a leather wearer. 3 Ranged DPS, preferably a Hunter, a Shadow Priest, and a Balance Druid. Edit: The Ret Paladin, Frost/UH DK, and BDruid spots are tentatively filled by new recruits, but may become available again. We are also in need of subs for all roles. If you're interested, contact me (Badaeus), Ifreann, Celphi, Aphoticana, or BigeffntankBadaeus6 Oct 24
Oct 24 [A] <Reunited> US80 6/7M EN LFM Immediate class needs (as of 10/18/16): Note: "High" means that there's an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. "Low" means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster, we would still consider someone who could pull competitive numbers. Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don't let it deter you from submitting an application with us. DPS: Druid: Balance: High Paladin: High Priest: High Heals: Druid: High Monk: High Paladin: High Priest: High (Holy) Shaman: High About Us <Reunited> is a mythic progression guild on Sargeras, a high pop alliance dominated PvP realm. The guild was founded back in just over a month ago from the date of this post (1/13/16) with the humble desire to be a guild that could completely clear all mythic content while it was still relevant, and also maintain an environment that was both competitive and friendly. It is comprised of some of the top players across three MMOs. We decided to come back to WoW to finish HFC and compete in the Legion expansion with one goal in mind, to compete. Accomplishments Since our guild's creation on January 13th, 2016, our goal was very simple, to get our friends spread out all over the game and to bring them here to Sargeras to become a raiding guild force. Our Philosophy: Our definition of hardcore raiding involves making the most out of our collective time together. It is up to each member to come completely prepared for the fights that we'll be working on. This involves high communication and activity on our guild website. Members are expected to be highly self-motivated, and willing to find out the latest theorycraft data on their classes. You should always be pushing yourself to improve with each opportunity to raid, and to never be satisfied with your own performance. Every raider is required to have at least one alt that they can play just as proficiently as their main. Your alt must also cover the same role as your main. For example, healer/healer, tank/tank, etc. What we offer you: • A team that can consistently clear all Mythic content. • A fun, competitive, and positive raid environment. • An active community inside and outside of WoW. • Alt raiding • Flasks, potions, repairs, and food buffs provided • Opportunities for high ranked PvP • Gold making opportunities through Heroic/Mythic sales Raid Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - Thursday 6:45pm-11:00pm Realm Time (CST) First 4 weeks of progression: Sunday-Thursday 6:45pm-11:00pm Realm time (CST) We drop to 4 nights after the first four weeks of Mythic, if the officers deem it necessary. Officer Contact Santø – GM/Recruitment • Santo#1491 Enrapt - Officer/Healing Officer • Sodium#1125 Flaptzor - Officer/Raid Leader • Raptzor#1329 Byrd - Co-Raid Leader • Birdyy#1714 Trolel - Melee Officer • Trolel#1191 We're always interested in trialing exceptional players, so if you think you could be a solid addition to our guild, please get in contact with us today! You can find us at: Thank you for taking the time to look into us, and we hope to hear from you soon!Santø2 Oct 24
Oct 23 Uncommon Sense 4/7H LF DPS <UNCOMMON SENSE> We are currently recruiting for our legion raid group. We are on the Sargeras server. We are 4/7H. We run T/TH 9:30pm-12:30am CT. With a Sunday optional progression run and or keystone farming group. We currently are looking for a competent dps to fill out our team If you are interested please contact me at Smooshybear#1809.Dugalah1 Oct 23
Oct 23 5/7H 7:30-10pm c Wed Thurs "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno1 Oct 23
Oct 23 Semi-hardcore guild looking to merge/recruit [US] [A]<Warmup Warriors>(7/7N 7/7H) is a progression weekend raiding guild on Sargeras with a semi-hardcore attitude for Legion. We have around 13 core raiders at the moment. The idea is to have a raid group that wants to have fun while downing bosses in a reasonable time frame. Currently, our plan is to build a solid roster or merge with another guild to get into Mythic as soon as possible. If any of this interests you, add me on battletag. Raid Times: Fri/Sat, 8-11 EST Loot System: Loot Council Recruitment Needs Ranged DPS:Warlock, Priest, Boomkin, Hunter, Mage Backup raiders and casual members also welcome Battletag: Synvictus#1698, Squirgeface#1387, ayylien#1945Squirgeface0 Oct 23