Jul 30 Reliable shaman & priest LFG EST weeknights Looking for the perfect fit of an organized, goal-oriented guild that we can slay Mythic content with through Legion and beyond. We're open to both established guilds, as well as new guilds forming for Legion. Currently playing holy/disc priest and shaman in beta, but open to possibly a hunter or druid as well. Availability: Mon-Thurs 8:00pm to 12:00am eastern Full details & contact info: Jul 30
Jul 30 WW/MW monk LF PVE/PVP guild Obligatory long time vanilla player comment. Ok, so I am just looking for a guild focused mainly on PVE content with PVP on the back burner. Have plenty of raid experience over the years and am a quick learner. Was enhance/resto shaman since back in the day and havent really liked the changes. Have always alted a warrior prot/FotM for pvp. I am willing and able to take constructive criticism as well as give it and have no issue with dirty language. Like everyone though, I really just want to enjoy the new expansion. ABOUT ME/TIMES I am a 25 year old husband and father to one spoiled little 2 year old. I am a medically retired army medic and am/will be a full time student and stay at home dad. This does leave me with significant amounts of play time usually, however as we all know dading (yea i did that) and keeping wifey happy are numero uno. I usually play for a couple hours around 12 EST during her nap time and am on again between 8 and 9 until i feel like crawling my butt into bed UNLESS again baby wife or school. Just swapped to Sargeras as in im waiting on the process to complete as i type this and figured I would poke my head in see whats up!Ellysa0 Jul 30
Jul 30 &lt;Vigil&gt; 13/13M Recruiting for Legion <Vigil> is a semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild on Sargeras-US. The majority of the guild has been playing since classic and the core group has been raiding together since Burning Crusade. We are looking for raiders, veteran or new, who are seeking a structured raid environment that pushes progression content on a 3 day per week schedule. Our Goals 1) Maintain a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on longevity. This guild was created based on friendships made in hardcore raiding and the guild will continue to thrive as long as World of Warcraft continues to exist. 2) Conduct raids in a professional, organized, coherent manner. The leadership collectively brings over 20 years of hardcore raiding experience. What we enjoy most about raiding is the organization of the raid, adapting to difficult encounters, and celebrating after a difficult boss kill. Most of our trials comment on the speed of our raid. This is not a guild that takes 10-15 minutes between pulls. Strategy is done before raid on the forums and raid time is used wisely. 3) Establish a community. We may be the only semi-hardcore progression guild with a minecraft server. We have a Sunday alt run, mumble is always active, and we play other games such as League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. The average age of the guild is mid 20s with a few 30-40 year olds. Also, we have a really awesome website that looks great on mobile. Current Needs All specializations and roles are currently being considered for Legion with an immediate need for the following classes. Rogue Hunter Mistweaver Monk Progression T17: 7/7M Highmaul 10/10M BRF T18: 13/13M Hellfire Citadel Raid Times Tuesday 6-10pm CST Wednesday 6-10pm CST Thursday 6-10pm CST Loot Rules We use a loot council system and award loot based on attendance, performance, and attitude. We know how important loot is to player and guild advancement and take great care with awarding loot. Contact Information Website: Twitter: IDs: Korson#1574 Tjuice#1677 Draconuss#1295Kordrid1 Jul 30
Jul 30 (H) Cutmyself Feral LF Guild I'm looking for a 2-3 raid night guild for legion preferably earlier in the week like Monday - Wednesday. I've mained feral since wrath, unless I decide to play something new this time around. Leave a link to your guilds website and I'll put up an application. Thanks. Willing to transfer back to alliance I guess, seems like there aren't very many horde guilds. Cut#11787Cutmyelf2 Jul 30
Jul 30 &amp;amp;lt;Design&amp;amp;gt; 13/13M Recruiting RDPS <Design> is actively recruiting for Mythic content. We were founded to be a guild for high quality players to seek progression raiding, while still maintaining an insightful and friendly atmosphere to the public and its members. We welcome social/casual members and do our best to include them in our day-to-day happenings. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a laid-back and casual environment and enjoy all aspects of the game. While raiding is our primary focus, we still have people who enjoy PvPing as well as other activities such as achievement hunting, transmog runs, etc. If you're looking for a quiet, but fun and laid back atmosphere and have similar progression goals or experience, give us a try! Current WoD Progression: Highmaul: 7/7M Blackrock Foundry: 10/10M Hellfire Citadel: 13/13M Recruitment needs are as follows: Ranged DPS Hunter (High Req) Warlock (Medium Req) Mage (Medium req.) Shadow Priest (Medium req) Melee DPS N/A Tank N/A Healer N/A Always considering Quality raiders We are currently raiding Tuesday-Thursdays from 9:30-12:30 EST. What we expect from our raiders: Attendance -- this is VERY important as we like to maintain a small roster. This will almost always guarantee you a spot, yet we rely on our members to make a very high percentage of raids in order for this to happen. Attitude -- We want people who WANT to raid DESPITE the occasional tough/stressful raid night. We have a passion for it during the hard times and the good, and so should you! Knowledge --Players who can perform well at any spec they choose from and fully utilize both their main and off specs. Players who can be VOCAL during encounters while performing their class responsibilities. We strive to be as versatile as possible. Alts -- We're looking for individuals who are well versed in multiple classes. We're asking you to have one(1) alt that is of the same role as your designated main's role. You should be able to play your alt to the capacity of your main, or slightly below the capacity. If this sounds like something up your alley, don't hesitate to leave us a in-game mail, message us on, Fayt (Fayt#1129), Vitiek (vitiek#1666), Roland (Julio#1245), Choopaloop (choopy#1345), or check out our website WEBSITE: We are always recruiting exceptional players of any role, though we may not always have guaranteed raid spots. If your class isn't posted but you'd like to have a chat anyway, our mailboxes are always open, and we're available to chat on Bnet. Thanks for reading!Firka47 Jul 30
Jul 29 WTB Felsteel Annihilator I'm looking to buy the Felsteel Annihilator from Mythic Archimonde as soon as possible. If you have interest in selling me this, please add me. My Real ID is Will#1551.Várían1 Jul 29
Jul 29 <The Collective> Late night raid 8/13M Greetings forum go-ers, Background <The Collective> is a new guild that began at the end of Warlords of Draenor. The leaders have a rich history throughout all iterations of WoW, from Vanilla through to WoD. They also have several server first kills through progression and pre-nerf kills in the early expansions. Schedule A two night schedule with an optional 3rd night Tuesday: 10:30pm CST (server) to 2:30am CST (server) Wednesday: (Optional, Heroic clear) 10:30pm CST (server) to 2:30am CST (server) Thursday: 10:30pm CST (server) to 2:30am CST (server) Goals The goal of <The Collective> is two fold. The most important part is to have fun and down bosses, doing so on a semi-hardcore schedule. The second goal is to create a friendly environment for all to join. Once we get a good solid base, we'll look to expand to a second and possibly even a third raid team, with different days than the original raid team. This will allow for maximum activity and maximum members. When there are enough members and cross-team play can occur, then there should always be some type of activity going on within the guild. Either alt-raids, PvP, or just simply dungeons. Recruitment Recruiting all DPS. 720+ ilvl requirement, legendary ring is nice but not required. If this sounds good to you, feel free to reach the GM at his BTag, Mordecai#1579 or through our application page on our website: http://thecollective.enjin.comMordekae24 Jul 29
Jul 29 (3/13m) tue/wed/thur 9pm-12am LF DPS Greetings! First off a little bit about us - We are a guild formed from the remains of a few raid groups that fell apart around the same time in late June. We have mythic raids on our mind for what remains of HFC and upcoming Legion content. We strive for a place where players want to hang around in on top of their raiding duties. We aren't just building a raid team here, we are building a guild. We are strictly drama free, and we push our raiders for the best parses, raid attendance, and overall performance as they can muster. We encourage our members to be friendly, to be chill and to have some damn fun. We look towards the goal of mythic content each week. It is important to remember this is a new guild, and not an dying husk of old one. We are active, and we are motivated to be as progressive as possible. This is why we ask our recruits to be on our current level. Which is 715+. If you are close or can boast some serious numbers, we still want to talk to you. Gear means little, and we will all be getting freshed up in a few short weeks anyway. For those of you who are either lost on the wrong thread or skipped reading in general here are our times. Tues: 9pm - midnight SERVER TIME Wed: 9pm - midnight SERVER TIME Thurs: 9pm - midnight SERVER TIME Weekends are usually random guild raids to do old achievements for the guild or to just put some grief on the horde. Our weekends will soon become alt runs during Legion. We use a teamspeak 3 server and require it for all raids (even if heroic is the new normal). We also like to encourage players to hang around in TS to promote as much synergy within the guild as possible. Our raid leader is 13/13M...everyone wants to know that, so I guess it is important. While we are pretty relaxed about our WOD raids up to this point, Legion will bring more seriousness to our main team to ensure progression goals are continuously met. If you are looking for a place to take part in the rest of WOD and Legion, then give us a try. We are hungry for purples, we will not stop pushing for mythic content even in the last week of HFC. We don't want to be any top US guild like some you can find on our server, we want to be us and just kill some dang bosses....and have a blast doing it! For more info please use this thread, or for a quicker response add Dullahon#1178, or look us up in game. Someone is usually on or not very far away.Dullahon35 Jul 29
Jul 29 <Came for the Gear> Guild looking to fill up its roster in time for Legion (Not looking to do HFC). Needing a Pally and Shaman healer, along with DPS, specifically hunter, and melee DPS. Raid times are up in the air, and will be decided upon once we have a roster figured out, and the raid group shapes out at 110. If you wish for more info, you can contact me at Zach#14208.Imapålly0 Jul 29
Jul 28 A - <FeloN> Core Raiding. Tu, Wed, Th 8PM We are a new guild looking for most class types. Founded by two real life friends who want to push content. Heroic / Mythic mindset. We were 13/13H this expansion but our previous guild did not want to do mythic. Add me to your battletag and we can talk more! We want loyal, kind, and talented players! It's hard to come by.Darkxide2 Jul 28
Jul 28 [A]Looking for dps for Legion .Franrossa0 Jul 28
Jul 28 ★Drunken Paradox [A] Sargeras Drunken Paradox Is a newly formed Guild on Sargeras US who have transferred here to get a fresh start. We are commited raiders and long-time friends with end-game experience (12/13M) and our goal is to continue be a progression Mythic Guild in Legion. Our mindset is to have fun and maintain a competitive environment with Mythic Raiding, Challenge Modes and Rated Battlegrounds. We all enjoy each others company and strive to be better in every way. Being a fresh Guild we are currently looking for all classes. Raid times We raid on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8-11pm EST. In-game contact Magneto#11988 Guild Master Konfuzion#1706 OfficerYukisama4 Jul 28
Jul 28 Buying Windwool Cloth Hello Everyone, I know with the new loot parties going on right now everyone is farming the good stuff, but you get that not so good stuff along the way. Weather you're farming sky shards or motes of harmony you not doubt have stacks on stacks of Windwool Cloth. You can send it to the AH and get undercut to hell, only to get your return cut by 5% when it does finally sell. I'm willing to buy all of your Windwool cloth. All of it. No Limit. In person trade - 50 silver per piece COD - 55 silver per piece. I cannot stress this enough - No limit. *Disclaimer* I am going to be making a profit from your cloth. I am offering you a method to quickly dump any cloth you otherwise are not intending to use.Luodrood1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Mature Content has come to a server near you. My name is Jaxand I am 28 and a couple fellow returning players and I are in the process of putting together a guild for legion. We have just begun transitioning over to the server and are seeking more to help build a decent foundation.For the rest of Wod we will just be focusing on the guild. This will consist mostly of mythic dungeons, challenge modes with occasional HFC Website:In progress Voice comm: Discord Estimated Raid time window: 9-12 My past experience: --Play time - i have played since vanilla until current i have raid lead in Vanilla, Bc, Wrath, Cata, MoP, and Wod. --Most success was in wrath where I lead a guild that was top 5 on server progression. Since wrath I have taken more casual routes. Those that have responded to me: have past experience some dating back to vanilla most wrath and cata. What mature Content is seeking --All What Mature Content is? --Home - The aim for mature content is going to be that home atmosphere the place you want to get home from college, get home from your daily grind at work and just relax with people that feel like family. --A raiding community- Myself and the players that have decided to join me on this excursion, all play this game to raid it is the reason we keep coming back to the game. With that said its not all we do. There will be pvp there will be random nights of shenanigans and tomfoolery. But the focus will be on dungeons and raiding . --Casual with a purpose- The idea behind this is a casual gild that get things done. Mature content will not be a server progression guild. Myself and all the past players following are no longer 18 years old with countless hours to raid. Most of us are late 20's if not older just looking to enjoy the game. --3 strikes- We give players 3 strikes to screw up. In the raid environment on farm 3 consecutive screw ups of the same mechanic on something that has been killed multiple times you will be asked to sit out. If you get talked to by an officer for causing drama in the guild 3 times you will be asked to leave the guild or forcefully removed. Things Mature Content are not: --Out the box progression guild. MC will never be a server rank chasing guild. We chose Sargeras for the population. I am well aware of guilds like Midwinter and Bear Retirement Home with Top US rankings being here. We will not be competing with them. --Care bear Raiders- Mature Content will not be a "hold your hand environment" Yes there are going to be nights where we don't get much done because we are learning fights. Those nights can be slow learning mechanics and such but if you have been there from the beginning of the progression and have screwed up every time while the rest of the raid has gotten the fight down to science you will be asked to sit out for the fight and brought back in if there is room after the boss has been downed. This goes for myself my officers or any other player. -- Drill Sargent Raiding- I completely dislike this style raiding. The:Shut Up and Raid mentality is not for MC. Will there be times where people get pointed out for mistakes its not that Jax hates you or thinks you are a terrible person. It will be because Jax needs you to stop standing in fire/ getting hit with a cleave and dying. On trash we like to have fun shoot the proverbial $#!7. However bosses require focus. There will be a point on farm where we will be able to clown around on farm bosses. Mature Content's expectations of players: --Willing to learn- You do not need to be an experienced raider to be in MC you just need to be capable of learning from mistakes and willing to learn your class. --Positive Attitude- Come wanting to be at our raids, We will all reach a point where we fall down, but its not about falling down its about getting back up. --Be prepared , be logged in before raid have any ' bonus coin' items before the raid starts, know the fights to some level of understanding (you don't need to be perfect) --Be respectful to yourself your guild mates, and your community. Your are not just a reflection of yourself you are a reflection of Mature Content you cause trouble by ninja looting something and an officer hears about it you will be removed from the guild . If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of or have any other question please contact me email/ bnet: Skype: dangray1125 feel free to add me on any form of communication. Cheers, JaxJaxand2 Jul 28
Jul 28 Brewmaster monk (A) looking for raid team. I am a PVP brewmaster monk looking for a raiding guild preferably as a tank position. I have cleared all LFR, most normal, and some heroic raids that are current. I am looking for a laid back but motivated raiding guild to join. I am looking for a guild which uses voice chat usually Discord, and is social, helpful, and kind. Reply to this thread and I would love to join a new guild :).Cajunasian0 Jul 28
Jul 28 (A) Monk looking for guild MW monk needing a guild for Legion. Guild imploded back in WoD and stopped doing things so I took a hiatus instead of trying to go thru the trouble and finding a new guild with times that worked. Only nights cant raid for sure is Friday and Monday due to other events that will be going on those nights. Have some mythic HFC experience and looking for at least heroic guild in Legion if not mythic. Harder the objective, better the game. Will probably stick with MW in Legion, they seem viable still but have not tested them much on Beta. Always got a druid for backup if MW get shafted with the huge overall they are doing on them or 1 of the other classes. If you got a good guild that I might fit in or want more info give me a shout or link your guild and I'll check it out.Aesklepius5 Jul 28
Jul 28 [A] 710 R Shaman LFG for Legion H/M raids I'm not good at making posts about myself. What I can say is that I'm a strong player and will strive to be an asset to any raid team I'm a part of. For WOD, my progression was 6/7M HM, 7/10M BRF, and 13/13H HFC. After clearing HFC on Heroic, I needed to take a break for personal reasons and to get real life things in order. I'm always prepared for raids with knowledge of mechanics and any strat material available. Consumables on hand and armor not falling apart. I'm no strange to looking at logs and figuring out areas I could improve on fights. Staying current on the class I'm playing is something I don't slack on. I've always been my worst critic. Even if a fight goes well and a clear happened, I'll be looking for the flaws in my performance to improve for the fight time. It's important to me to find a guild that is focused on clearing content and having fun while doing it. Ideally only looking for 2 - 3 days during the week. 7:30 PM - 11 PM ST. A bonus if the guild is currently still raiding in HFC for a bit of a trial process before Legion hits. Any questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. I can be reached here or at my btag: PuffCash#1697Hornygoat2 Jul 28
Jul 28 &lt;CO&gt; Mixed Signals recruiting for LEGION Hello Hello <Mixed Signals> is a one night a week raid group out of Currently Online- Sargeras. We are a progression oriented group that appeals to alts and/or raiders with a lot of real life time restrictions. This is most definitely a progression oriented group- we will do as much as we can in our short raid times and we will never go over raid time. We do not recruit for a bench, but we do aim for a 23-25 man roster. Knowledge of your class and willingness to research encounters for your specific class is a must. We set the bar high for everyone in our raid, but still have a great raid atmosphere and enjoy poking fun at each other! If this is a group that you would like to join for LEGION RAIDING, check below to see if your class is needed or add a RL to chat. Thank you and best of luck to everyone! Raid Times Sundays 7:00-11pm CST (8:00pm- 12amEST) Current Progression: 13/13H, 8/13M HFC *this group is only accepting applications for LEGION raiding Recruitment Needs: Tank Closed Healers Paladin Shaman Mdps DH Rdps Warlock Mage Hunter Spriest Boomy *any exceptional dps meeting below requirements will be considered Requirements and Expectations: - Must have the ability to successfully and repeatedly perform boss mechanics and adapt quickly to new fights - We don’t tip toe around your sensitive nature or thin skin. Be prepared for the team leads to lead and progress in a direct, but respectful manner. - Must download and use Discord voicechat, RC Loot Council and Weakauras. - Must have 90%+ attendance (one night a week doesn’t give us a lot of wiggle room) Raid Leader: Notouchey (Bree#1278) Team Leads: Bojanglezz (Concept#1744) & Vînn (Creeper#1316) Jul 28
Jul 28 &amp;lt;Pledge of Insanity&amp;gt;[A] Week-end mythic deleteBetterave6 Jul 28
Jul 28 Returning Player LF Late Night Raiding Hello, I am a returning player looking for a late night raiding team. I have achieved wide success across multiple tiers, and am looking for something stable to raid late night. My schedule is roughly 1AM - 5 AM EST. I know times are a bit weird but it's what I got to work with. I have vast experience tanking (Tanked most of my time playing this game) and healing (Ranked 10th-15 US on a the first few mythics of wod for Shamans till my gear became obsolete) but would love to dps on a mage for legion, however I can be convinced to do otherwise. If you are interested PST! Battletag is Berto#1464Bertomage3 Jul 28
Jul 28 9/13 Mythic HFC LF mythic guild for Legion I've raided since TBC, clearing up to kael'thas and Lady Vashj, up to Archimonde and Illidari Council. In WOTLK I cleared up to heroic lich king, hard modes up to and including mimiron. I did not raid in Cataclysm. I quit the game during MOP. In WOD i've cleared 2/7 mythic Highmaul, Mythic Beastlord in BRF, and 9/13 mythic Hellfire Citadel. My last guild was Enclave, the guild stopped raiding a few months ago due to recruitment problems as well as main officers leaving because of lack of progression. I've stayed in the guild but i'm looking for a new one because it is not going to rebuild in legion. Here is a link to my logs from a few months ago when I was still raiding competitively. I'm looking for a mythic, LATE NIGHT raiding guild that will offer a competitive atmosphere while still having an enjoyable raiding experience. I will NOT be playing my rogue in legion, most likely switching to another melee, feral druid is my current pick for legion. Here is my battletag if you wish to contact me, Threebuttons#1820Threebuttonz1 Jul 28
Jul 27 <Good Talk> Selling M HFC, 13/13M, Mount, etc Welcome and thanks for taking an interest in the services Good Talk has for sale below. Off-Server Gold Options We accept the following Off-Server locations for gold payments. The servers below are limited to Alliance only. US-Stormrage US-Proudmoore US-Sargeras US-Greymane Raid Times We raid on Sunday/Monday nights from 7:30 P.M. - 12:00 A.M. (Midnight) CST. Your run will take place inside this window but we can be somewhat flexible on certain bosses. Raid Sales Pricing All purchases include all relevant loot.* 13 / 13 + Mount---------------------- 2,600,000 [HFC] Mount ------------------------- 1,500,000 13 / 13 --------------------------------- 1,100,000 12 / 13 --------------------------------- 700,000 Archimonde -------------------------- 500,000 Blackhand Mount only ------------ 250,000 A deposit of 20% of the balance** is due at the time of scheduling to secure your spot on our calendar. Remaining balance due day of. Individual bosses/wings for sale. Contact for pricing. **WARLORD OF DRAENOR SPECIAL** Mythic Archimonde Mount AND Mythic Blackhand Mount ----- 1,650,000 To schedule a run, or for questions regarding sales please contact Homang (Manglicious#11424) or Yasmir (iatrokles#1524). *All bosses will be master looted. We reserve the right to take any WEAPON or TRINKET that is of Warforged AND Socketed quality. If you have concerns on this matter, please bring them up in discussion and we can work something out for you. **If you must cancel your run, your deposit will be refunded in full as long as notice is given at least 7 days prior to your scheduled date.Homang2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Currently Online is Looking for More! <Currently Online> is a gaming community on both [A]Sargeras and [H]Area 52. Our guild was formed at the beginning of MoP by a core group of players that have been playing World of Warcraft for well over a decade. We are more than just a guild- We are a gaming community with our roots in World of Warcraft! On our Alliance side we have seven guilds strung together using the add-on Greenwall. Greenwall keeps all seven of the guild chats connected, so we're all together! We have over 6,000 Active members, and rising! We use Discord ** for our voice server. For more information on that visit Our Alliance community offers RBG teams, Raid Teams, and a variety of social events for those that just want to focus on the good times. Our guild chat is very active and we constantly have groups going for dungeons, leveling, battle grounds, etc. We recently had a bracketed PvP event that had a huge turn out and was lots of fun, ending in a Hunger Games style death match! We also have an Amazing Race style event coming up that will definitely be entertaining! takes you directly to our Guild Forums and helps you get a sense of what we're creating for you! If you're more of a raider/RBG player than social : We're recruiting for (Currently) SIX raid teams and TWO rated battleground teams in Legion! You can find more information and applications at RBG: Our first RBG team runs on Monday from 9-11pm (Central). Currently recruiting all for legion! Our second RBG team runs on Tuesday from 9-11pm and is currently recruiting all for Legion! Visit for the application! Raiding: Mixed Signals raids on Sunday nights from 7-11pm Server (Central). Mixed Signals is currently recruiting, DPS, the following for Legion: Hunter (High) Mage (High) Rogue (Medium) Shaman (Medium) Warlock (Medium) Warrior (Medium) Visit for the Application! Team Salt raids on Wednesday and Thursday 8-11:30pm (Central). Salt is currently recruiting the following: Druid- Resto (High) Monk- Mistweaver (High) Priest (Medium) Warlock (Medium) Warrior (Medium) Hunter (Low) Visit for the Application! Team Tunnel Vision is one of our newest teams! Tunnel Vision raids on Tuesday and Saturday from 9pm-12am (Central). They're is currently full on tanks, but are currently recruiting: Death Knight (High) Demon Hunter (High) Druid (High) Hunter (High) Mage (High) Monk (High) Paladin (High) Priest (High) Rogue (High) Shaman (High) Warlock (High) Warrior (High) Visit for the Application! Starting in Legion we have two more new teams! Weekend Warriors raids 5-9:30pm Saturday, and 5-9pm Sunday (Central). Weekend Warriors is still forming and accepting all applications! Visit for the Application! and, Halaa Back raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday from 11pm-2am (Central). Halaa Back is still forming and accepting all applications! Pally and Warriors are full! Visit for the Application! We've begun recruiting for our Horde side as well (Area-52). Both Guild factions are recruiting toons of all playstyles! If you're interested in joining and raiding on your horde toon: Team Antisocial is with our Horde Guild <Currently Online> on Area-52. This new team raids on Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-11pm (Central). Team Antisocial is currently recruiting MDPS, and: Druid (High) Hunter (High) Mage (High) Priest (High) Warlock (High) Death Knight (Medium) Demon Hunter (Medium) Monk (Medium) Paladan (Medium) Rogue (Medium) Shaman (Medium) Warrior (Medium) Visit for the Application! Our community also extends outside of WoW and offers the following: Minecraft Server w/ events and mod packs Communities on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit Awesome CoGuild merchandise like; Shirts, Hoodies, and more BF4 Clan Runescape Clan CoD Clan Destiny Clan FFXIV Company Game Marathon Weekends: Rust, Hurtworld, 7D2D, Rocket League, Tabletop Sim, and more ALWAYS Active Discord DRINKING NIGHTS Movie Nights <Currently Online> Has something to offer everyone. If you're a hardcore raider or a hardcore casual, you will find a place here at Currently Online! Leave your dying guild behind and come have fun again! If you want more information about our group you can visit us at our website: Contact Us: You can contact us a number of ways! Add one of the following officers to your Btag list: Coldcrow#1329 (Coldcrow) Pocksy#1863 (Teea) Or, Email us at: We look forward to meeting you!!!Teea0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Come gank my Tauren I have made many posts about my ganking of the lower level characters, now it is time to pay the piper, my tauren is named Allahtrapbar, hes level 42 currently, i shall await all challengesWomenlololol0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Casual Cutthroats - Sargeras-Alliance, US Casual Cutthroats -Sargeras-Alliance, US Are you tired? Lonely? Snack-deprived and looking for hot chicks? Well, we can't help you. But we can help you kill stuff good!Join **Casual Cutthroats**, the new guild that's super serious about casual PVP and Raiding. PST Dirtydianna for more info. Casual Cutthroats is a very new guild, established with the intent of creating a fun home that enjoys both raiding and PVP. Our goal is to create a great raid team with a focus on cohesion. Gear is not important. The ability to follow instructions, take constructive criticism and learn fight mechanics are vital. We are recruiting all classes to build from the ground up. Thank you for taking the time to consider having fun with us. Qualifications: •Previous raiding experience •The Ability to take constructive criticism •Ability to learn all facets of your class •A willingness to switch roles depending on the needs of the raid •Age: 21 years or older is highly preferred, but not required Roles Recruiting: •We are recruiting all classes •Experienced raid leader(s) Raid Times: Friday-Sunday Times to be determined via consensus. Join now so we can get this party started now! Contact me in game girlatwar#1525 or via email thegirlatwar@gmail.comDirtydianna2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Returning Top 20 World Raider LFG I am looking for a progressing guild. By that I mean a guild that likes to have fun, its not completely try hard city, and still progresses. I am 36, have 2 kids, Married, and another kid on the way in February. I don't want to raid 7 nights a week, 12 hours a day like I did a decade ago. I am not an elitist, but I also don't like to just waste my time. I have played a rogue since early vanilla and played my rogue hard core to glad mounts/titles and top world kills in pve. I am pretty tired of it and will be moving on to demon hunter for a change of pace. I could raid on the rogue if it turns out they are supremely better raid wise, but would prefer to tank/dps as opposed to just 24-7 dps. Previous guild experience includes Death and Taxes, Nightmare's Asylum, Death Wish, and Exodus, and other random top 200 guilds that I played with that were comprised of ex-members of those first mentioned guilds. So I have raided at the top, including a world 2nd Muru and Top 5 KJ during Sunwell. Again, not looking to raid 12 hours a day like we did during sunwell... *mind melt* Would prefer a guild with active pvp'ers as well. Hell, if people just wanna play thats good too. Im pretty friendly and wanted to get off a dead server to play with more populous. So anyone just looking to play can add me as well. Btag: Dyz#1461Lustinbeiber0 Jul 27
Jul 26 Heavy Junk Boxes + Dampscale Basilisk Eyes PAYING FOR: HEAVY JUNK BOXES AND DAMPSCALE BASILISK EYES Still need a ton , cod them to Phobe-Sargeras for you're price or send me ingame mail and we can a deal. Need a ton. -ThanksPhobe1 Jul 26
Jul 26 <Currently Online> Come Have Fun Again! <Currently Online> US - Sargeras - Alliance - Is recruiting raiders for **ALL DIFFICULTIES**, and social/casual players of all levels! _________________________________________________________________ **About Us:** <Currently Online> Formed at the beginning of MoP by a core group of players that have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla, we are more than just a guild; We are a gaming community with our roots in World of Warcraft, take a look at what we can offer! _________________________________________________________________ **What We Offer:** Other than one of the most active World of Warcraft communities in the *WORLD*, with over 6,000 members in 6 different guilds, we offer a **HUGE** slate of activities to offer our players. *In WoW*: * 4 Raid Teams - ranging from normal to mythic difficulty * 10/13 Mythic Progression * 2 PvP RBG Teams * Room for advancement as a staff member * Always active guild chat - 6 guilds linked with "green-wall" * In-game activities and competitions: Mog contests, races, mythic dungeons, achievement runs[/ul] *Out of WoW:* * Minecraft Server w/ events and mod packs * Communities on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit * Awesome CoGuild merchandise like; Shirts, Hoodies, and more * BF4 Clan * Runescape Clan * CoD Clan * Destiny Clan * FFXIV Company * Game Marathon Weekends: Rust, Hurtworld, 7D2D, Rocket League, Tabletop Sim, and more * ALWAYS Active Teamspeak * DRINKING NIGHTS * Movie Nights __________________________________________________________________ **More Information:** <Currently Online> Has something to offer for everyone, if you are a hardcore raider or a hardcore casual, you can find a place her at Currently Online; leave your dying guild behind, and come have fun again! If you want more information about our group you can visit us at our website: . **Contact Us:** You can contact us a number of ways! Add one of the following officers to your Btag list: Coldcrow#1329 Bellabot#1189 **OR** Email us at: ____________________________________________________________________ We hope to see everyone in game!Coldcrow1 Jul 26
Jul 26 [A] <Devout> 11/13M 7 Hr Fri-Sat General Information: Devout's Weekend Raid is a progression focused group with a light 2 day weekend raid schedule. ~Weekend Run~ Realm: US-Sargeras Raid Days: Friday, Saturday Raid Times: 8pm - 11:30pm CST Progression: 11/13M High Recruitment Needs DPS: Rogue, Warlock, WW Monk We are always looking for dedicated and talented players. If your class is not listed under our recruitment needs, but you feel that you can compete with our current members, feel free to submit an application and we will strongly consider it. Raiding Expectations: Devout's ability to progress quickly on a light schedule is due to the expectations we have set for our raiders. Performance - You must have a strong mastery of your class and specs. We value raiders who are willing to review logs, whether their own or others of the same class/spec to always be looking for areas of improvement. Commitment - You must maintain 95%+ attendance. You should arrive to raids before the scheduled times and report any absences a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Preparation - Raiders are provided with flasks, potions and repairs but are required to bring their own food and runes. Review raid strategies ahead of time and minimize distractions during raid times. Other Information: Loot Policy - Currently we use a MS > OS loot distribution policy, this may change to EPGP/Loot Council in the future. Voice Comms - Devout uses Mumble to communicate during raids. Headset + mic and your active participation is required. Resources: Website: Logs: Guild/Kill Rankings: Weekday Raid Recruitment Post: Contact Information: If you have any questions or comments about applying or about our guild in general, feel free to reach out to Aleesi @ Aytarra#1737Hokuao14 Jul 26
Jul 26 Starting over looking for a guild (H) Picking the game back up again and decided to start over on a new server. A I have raiding experience mostly BC and some Cat. I am 46 work full time during the day so looking for mostly evenings. I am retired military so my language can be rather colorful LOL. I have done mostly tanking and ranged DPS.. Thank you for your time. Semper Fi AndyrAndyr0 Jul 26
Jul 25 Holy/Ret Paladin LF late night guild Hey everyone, recently came back to WoW after a 4 year break. Looking for a raiding guild that ideally starts sometime after 10pm CST. Leave me some contact details, or add me at #FunkyGnome1581 to chat further. Thanks!Jester0 Jul 25
Jul 24 LF team looking toward legion 13/13 M exp Won't raid Wednesday/Friday/Saturday at all all other days are fair game Available 2:00pm-7:00pm PST (4:00-9:00 CST) Sunday/Mon/Tues/Thurs Battle Tag Baker#1300 Adding me would be the best way to get in touch, may or may not be checking this frequently! look forward to speaking with anyone with interst. currently rsham but interested in playing either DH dps, mage, or rshamSoggytotem1 Jul 24
Jul 24 3 looking for raid team legion Druid healer, Shaman healer, and hunter looking for new home in legion. We have good raid experience and are reliable raiders. Looking for a team that raids 2-3 nights a week and raids are done by 1030 est at the latest. We will be there raid nights without question or you will know ahead of time if we will miss a raid. Always willing to help farm mats for flasks and food etc. add either Mike#11828 or Fayt#1904 if you'd like to talk to us. Thanks alot!Frúche0 Jul 24
Jul 24 LF Guild and Friends! I've recently returned to the game (this is a boosted 100) and no one I know plays anymore. WoW is fun but it can get old fast without people to chill with. I have fairly severe social/performance anxiety so I likely won't ever take part in raiding but I can help my guilds and friends in other ways. I'm a great farmer, I love the professions, I love talking with others and being there for them. Some basics about me: Male 25 Kentucky Unemployed Long time gamer (PC, consoles, and tabletop) If you're interested at all feel free to add me on bnet: BigFattyD91#1188Torenzo1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Group of 5 Looking for legion Who we are We are five friends who have been playing together for years. We've all raided at a very high end level, spending multiple tiers in the top 50 US range. What we will be playing All five of us currently have beta access and have tested our classes. Havok Demon Hunter / Assassination Rogue Resto Shaman / Resto Druid Enhance Shaman DPS DK Shadow Priest With enough notice we're all willing to switch to something else. We all have multiple characters at 100 and have played all roles in raid atmospheres. What we are looking for The guild should be able to clear content at a decent pace. Strict 3 days a week Raid times that are between 630 to 11 CST Your guild should already be 13/13M, while raiding right now doesn't matter, your guild should have already cleared the content. We would like something stable. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions just post below we'll be checking the thread frequently.Facerollar1 Jul 24
Jul 24 <Burn The Fleet> 13/13m Raid leads <Burn the Fleet> we are currently looking for raid members for Legion. Our Raid Leader is 13/13 mythic experienced in current content. Our Officers are also have heroic/mythic experience. We are a newly formed guild looking for DPS and Healers (except Priest & Shaman) we DO NOT need tanks. Our raid times will be 8-11 Central or 9-12 Eastern Tuesday and Thursday. Our goal is to have a fully formed and functional raid team by the time Legion raids release. Contact us in game for more info Holydiver#12445 (Raid leader/Guild Master) Profester#1495 (Co. GM / Co Raid leader) Kreyalis#1933 (Officer)Hôlydíver1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Looking for a new home and experience Hey everyone, I'm currently transferring over to the US servers as I'm about to move stateside in a couple couple of months and thought it would be pointless to start playing legion when I'd be leaving that character behind! So I'm looking for somewhere new to call home and to hopefully find some new friends along the way, I'm just leveling a few chars before legion right now, but plan to get back into raiding as soon as legion drops. I'll be maining my druid as I have done for the last decade and will be playing on the alliance, seeing as I fancied a change from spiky things coming out of all the buildings and the horde are looking like they're taking a bad path. As for raiding, I've been raiding since the start of BC and I'm currently 7/13 mythic on current content and killed archimonde ahead of the curve in heroic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 4PM CST is my preferred starting time for raiding Thanks for reading and i hope to hear from some of you soon!Luntho5 Jul 24
Jul 24 <Exiled Order> is now recruiting <Exiled Order> is now recruiting for Legion. We're looking for healers, ranged and melee for the upcoming tier. Raid times: W/Th/M 9:30 PM to 1:30 AM server time. If you are interested or want more info, PST or go to to apply!Asylan1 Jul 24
Jul 24 <Relentless> 5/13M NIGHT RAIDING GUILD <Relentless> (Est. May 24th, 2013) [5/13M] is a Area 52 Night raiding guild. Our raiding community consists mostly of working adults with a love for raiding. ♦♦♦ Progression ♦♦♦ 13/13N + 13/13H + 5/13M HFC ♦♦♦ Raid Time ♦♦♦ Friday/Saturday 10:00PM - 1:00AM EST---Eastern [Area 52 Server Time] 9:00PM - 12:00PM CST Central 7:00PM - 10:00PM PST---Pacific 8:00PM - 11:00PM MST---Mountain 12:00PM - 3:00PM (Next Day) AEST---Australia (Sydney) 2:00PM - 5:00PM (Next Day) NZST---New Zealand 11:00AM - 2:00PM (Next Day) JST---Japan 3:00AM - 6:00AM WET---Western Europe (UK) ♦♦♦ Recruitment Needs ♦♦♦ ALL exceptional players of any class and spec! Please do feel free to apply even if your classes/role are not listed. We are always looking for exceptional players and those who prove themselves capable will have a chance at core spot. ***Note: attendance is a big thing we look for in our recruits, so please make sure you can commit to our weekly raid schedule before applying!!! ♦♦♦ Classes/Specs Needed ♦♦♦ Will update soon! ♦♦♦ Raider Expectations ♦♦♦ - High Attendance with few exceptions. - High proficiency with your class and role. Know how to optimize your talents/rotation/spec on per encounter bases. - Excellent situation awareness. Doesn't tunnel or have bystander syndrome. - Fast learner, intelligent, and able to think on your feet. Capable of adjusting to pull situations accordingly. Good listener. - Progression mindset. Doesn't mind wiping on fights. Turn criticisms into actionable items and tries not to make the same mistakes twice. -Team player, mature, and drama free. Doesn't mind sitting out occasionally for the guild to achieve optimal composition for a kill. ♦♦♦ Loot System ♦♦♦ Primarily going to be Master Loot based on rolls unless it otherwise massively benefits the raid for a specific player to receive the item. ♦♦♦ Addons Required ♦♦♦ TS3, DBM, EPGP Exorsus Raid Tools. ♦♦♦ How to Apply ♦♦♦ To apply, please fill out an application at: You can also speak with one of our officers directly. If you have logs please also message me with a link to your previous raiding tiers logs. ♦♦♦ Contact ♦♦♦ Recruitment Officer: Fallscreek#1219 Thank youCórrupted0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Holy Paladin/MW Looking for Legion Guild! Overview Hello! I am a experienced Holy Paladin seeking a semi-hardcore raiding guild for Legion. I have been playing WoW since January of 2005 and have raided all content up until ICC in WOTLK (Quit raiding due to school). In Cata I switched to PvP only and continued PvPing through MoP and WoD. Now that I have graduated college, I would like to start raiding hardcore again in Legion. Who I am I am a hardcore player, I have achieved the top 0.5% or better every arena season since WOTLK. I have participated in multiple online tournaments, as well as playing in the 2011 Blizzard NA Qualifer LAN Tournament in San Francisco.(I can show proof of all of these tournaments). I put hours upon hours into learning my class, and learning every single niche to become a better player. I am looking for a guild with players who follow similar habits. Why are you posting on the forums? I figured the forums would be the best place to go, being as every single hardcore guild's application requires some sort of parses for previous raids, which I do not have. I thought by giving a backstory of who I am as a player and a raider might be able to show my skills, while not actually having any parses in the past couple of expansions. What you will be getting/Conclusion 23 Year Old College Graduate 99% Attendance or Better Working Mic and Headset 100mb Download/Upload Stable Connection Multiclass Healer (Mistweaver Monk/Resto Druid I have achieved top 0.5% as well. If you have any questions please feel free to add Diggles#1894 on Battletag Thank you for reading this post!Digglesx6 Jul 24
Jul 24 Old Druid tank looking for a Legion guild. If anyone is interested in a sub/reserve druid tank I'm looking for a mature but fun guild that has some progression under it's belt for Legion. I just finished graduate school (quit raiding 4 years ago because of it) and want to play again, but I'm not quite ready to dive in. I'd like to put my toe in the water as it were for Legion but am looking for a guild to play with. I'd prefer a guild doing mythic progression because those are the kind of people I'm used to playing with. At my peak I was raid leader and MT for a top 100 US guild in the first tier of Cata. I neither demand nor expect a raid spot until I can commit myself, but I will do what I can to maintain myself as raid ready as possible should your group need a sub. In addition I'll tank alt runs, 5 mans or w/e else may be going on when I'm around. I'm drama free and will cause you no problems. If anyone would consider me please respond here or pst in game. I can't stand these spammer guilds and I feel like without a stable guild environment I don' think I'll last as I don't want to play solo =P.Mynden1 Jul 24
Jul 24 723 feral/boomy Lf a guild I am 13/13 Herioc and 3/13 Mythic,I am looking for a long term guild to raid mythic in with Legion. can raid any day between the hours of 7pm game time to 1pm. Add my btag if interested. Btag:crownedking#1890Aultoner3 Jul 24
Jul 24 Looking for a raiding guild!! Hey guys, I am kinda new to WoW. got into it in Decemeber and fell in love with the game. would love to have a guild that could accept a new player like me. I am willing to get better , learn, and do the best i can to help a guild out in anyway possible. If youre looking for a committed person , Im your guy. My main is a Warrior. I know the class well, and can go between arms and fury depending on what you want. my btag is Saedox#1566Rykin1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Tank LF Guild Now And Legion Hi, As title says - I am looking for a group of people to raid with. Recent expansion experience is limited, but I have raided as an MT and OT in some fairly hardcore progression mindsets during BC, with guild and raid leadership responsibilities. Mechanics aren't hard to understand, and learning them is enjoyable to me. I'd like to raid with people that learn quick but raid casually. Available times: 11:30pm - ~~am, Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat Open - Sun/Mon/Tues Find me in game or leave your guild site/btag here!Mycucumber1 Jul 24
Jul 24 returning player rerolling Just rerolled, if anyone wants to level a toon with me let me know! Ill definitely be interested add r0lly#11628 that is a zero in r0lly :D thanksRollya1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Returning DK looking for raiding guild Hello all! I am returning from a break during WoD to raid in Legion! I have prior Heroic/Mythic raiding experience and am looking forward to returning to the scene during Legion. Feel free to add my BT: Sproodz#1282. Thanks!Sepsìs2 Jul 24
Jul 24 (A) MW Monk needing guild for Legion I'm a returning MW monk left after guild quit after trying mythic and I'm in need of a raiding guild again. Looking for a guild that is atleast completed Heroic and is still progressing through mythic or completed mythic.Aesklepius3 Jul 24
Jul 24 (A)Returning to legion I'm a former player who making a return for legion, due to computer problems i did not play much of WOD before i was forced to quit for awhile, but now i am back and ready to roll. I'm looking for a guild that raids weekends fairly hardcore, doesn't have to be cutting edge progression but still pushing content, I live in the est time zone so for me anything from 7pm est to 12 is fine if it falls in that range. One thing I do look for is a guild that has a 21+ age on it, other then that i'm open to offers. my bnet is helakion#1812 if you want to get in touch and ask any questions I've been a tank/heals/dps since the days of BC and am comfortable filling all roles as needed Classes i have that i would be will to play are Druid, tank/heals/boomkin DK tank/dps Warrior tank/dps Mage Rogue Priest Heals/dps And last a hunter.Xalton1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Are balance druids (boomkins) good in raiding I don't really like my class changes as a rogue. I've decided that I am going to do a last minute re roll as a caster / rdps and get into the raiding scene in Legion. I initially thought about a hunter or a mage, but there are already a million of those out there, which means it may be harder to get into a guild as a hunter or a mage because most guilds likely already have a few on there raid teams. After a little bit of reading about Legion class changes and looking at a few different class/spec rotations on Icy Veins, the balance druid started to peak my interest. Which brings me to my question: Are balance druids (boomkins) good in raiding? Are they sought after (are guilds always recruiting them)? Or are there a million of them so there will never be openings for that class in most guilds. Basically are they a viable raiding spec. What is their role in a raid? Are they a pretty simple class to learn or is there a high learning curve? Anyone who has raided around balance/boomkin druids or even has or does raid as one, could you please give me some info. Thank you!Alimus3 Jul 24
Jul 24 DPS Shaman and Warrior LF Raid Guild We're looking for a raiding guild that raids 2 nights (3 max) per week during Legion on Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday nights starting at 11PM server no later than 2/3AM server. I have been raiding a resto druid since early Cataclysm and now I'd like to change it up since being the same class/role so long has bored me and I'm looking to mainly play a DPS role as a shaman pref. Enchance, but I will go Ele if the fight demands it. I will also offheal if necessary, but I do not plan on switching to a "fulltime" healing role. The farthest I have gotten in a tier would probably be Throne of Thunder when I helped raid lead a late night guild on Illidan. We ended up at 3/13 Heroic 10 man. My friend is a Fury/Arms Warrior (whatever is needed) who is just looking to get into raiding. He's been playing alot since the start of 2016 and has raided a few times in HFC, but is now looking for a permanent guild to progress with. He is very adaptable and committed to learning. We're not really looking for a guild looking to push Mythics, but completing heroics would be the goal we are looking for. If anything, if we can down the first couple bosses mythic, that's cool, but we're not looking for committing to a longer schedule to go deeper. If there are any questions, add me at Orrun#1948 or my friend Saedox#1566.Malott1 Jul 24