Sep 2 Ret Paladin + Unholy DK LF raiding guild Hello, My friend and I are looking for a raiding guild. Preferably during weekdays(monday-thurs) at night (EST/CST timezone) We want to get into pve more seriously in this expansion so we don't have much experience. Please message me at FANY#11839 if you are willing to take us into your raid teamUnwavered1 Sep 2
Sep 2 [LATE NIGHT RAIDERS] LFM 10-2AM CST (Disclaimer. We are a hardcore raiding guild we just approach it with a different attitude then most of the community. WE ARE NOT A CASUAL GUILD) Wanna participate in high level content in legion without the douche bag elitist attitude? Wanna join a tight knit guild that takes care of their own? We believe that we can tackle the HIGHEST level of content in legion while still having fun. Sound good? Then keep reading. <Late Night Raiders> Sargeras is recruiting all classes and specs for core spots in upcoming legion content! Currently have a great group of returning members from WOD, Looking for committed Raiders with mindset on mythic legion content Our raid times are 10-2am CST Tues-friday If interested please fill out an application Add iperrymarkz#1141for more infoIperrymarkz0 Sep 2
Sep 2 friend wants me to xfer here. hows servs pvp? does this server have decent amount of glads? hows world pvp? horde or alliance? want srs answers no BS plzLitreofcola15 Sep 2
Sep 2 Dilemma [A] Recruitment Update Dilemma is always considering experienced players but currently in the need of the following to fill core positions for mythic raiding: Healers: Shaman Priest Druid Ranged DPS: Hunter Warlock Shaman Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 CST If your class is not listed I still urge you to check out our website and if interested submit an application. If you have any questions about the guild feel free to message Juicewine#1417 www.dilemma-sargeras.comJuicewine2 Sep 2
Sep 1 Sargeras is Down Can't get passed the loading screen.Valonqhar2 Sep 1
Aug 31 WTB name "Steal" WTB the name "Steal" on Sargeras if you have this name let me know at Steal#1522 thanks :DStealheals0 Aug 31
Aug 31 LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding/PVP guild I am a returning player from MoP, which I played very casually. Been playing WoW for about 2 months now and want to get into a Semi-Hardcore guild and take WoW a bit more serious. I have little to no experience with raiding but I am very interested in it. I main Fury Warrior at this time. Time Zone & Time Available: EST & available most everyday after 7pm (Also OK with 3am-6am) Server: Sargeras Faction Pref: Alliance Casual Looking to get Semi-Hardcore Current Progression: Leveling in Broken Isles, Lvl 104Gottmalk0 Aug 31
Aug 31 <The Red Devils> Recruiting All for Legion <The Red Devils> are a laid back, mature, and progressive raiding guild looking for all exceptional players to join our raid team for Legion! We are an 11+ year old guild formed during the height of Vanilla raiding and have cleared content all throughout Vanilla, BC, Wrath, Cata, and WoD. Our raid nights are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights from 7PM to 10PM EST. As a raider, you would be required to have Teamspeak 3 (including a working mic and be willing to speak), Deadly Boss Mods (or an equivalent), and Omen Threat Meter (or an equivalent). We use a Spend All Point system for loot distribution that is directly related to your raid attendance record. More info regarding the loot system can be found on our website forums. We always accept applications for casual gamers and PvPers regardless of raid recruitment. Visit us at to apply! Thanks for reading! -Lesi, Guild OfficerLesi7 Aug 31
Aug 31 <The Cult of Cthulhu> Recruiting! Times/time zones: Currently this is up in the air. However, it is starting to look like we're going to favor a weekend evening raid schedule. Times will be all in accordance to Sargeras realm time/central time. Semi-serious environment: We are not a hardcore raiding guild. When we form our raiding team(s) we will form a schedule then, but it will not consist of raiding five days out of the week. We will however expect raid members to be punctual, be somewhat familiar with their class, show up to raids with proper buffs, etc. If you are unfamiliar with your class or what to show up with we are more than willing to help you out! Currently: We are just leveling through Legion. We plan to run heroic dungeons until we get geared enough for mythics. When that time comes we're wanting to help guild members get geared to be ready for the first raid tier. New guild: We are still a new guild. Formed right at the end of WoD, we don't have a lot to show. But, we are going into Legion with the mentality to clear Heroic difficulty raids as they are relevant. Contact: Battletag: Mercy#12626 E-mail: Ingame: Wybjorn-SargerasWybjorn0 Aug 31
Aug 31 [A] 6ish returning raiders LFguild. First off let me state that we all have a credit score of at least 720. Now that I got that out the way... we are a small group of laid-back players that have been playing a plethora of games over the years, one of those games, being WoW. We are looking for a guild that raids primarily on weekdays (evenings after work) and no later than 11pm server time. If there are optional days on weekends to raid that is fine as well. We also have several hardcore pvpers as well. If interested you can PM me or leave a message @ #WackyD1748Mercykillzz3 Aug 31
Aug 30 [H] LF large/active guild. must use discord. [H] LF large & active guild. must use discord.Vossvoss0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Feral Druid LF mythic guild Hello! I am currently looking for a new guild to call home for legion! I am mythic experienced in past tiers. 13/13m & 742 coming into legion. I am looking for a guild ready to push mythic hard in legion. Willing to transfer factions/servers for the right guild. If interested contact me via my btag:Lakengriff#1612Misswhiskers0 Aug 30
Aug 29 Havoc DH Looking for Legion Home Leaving current guild because they are cutting me out after recruiting me for DH main. Looking for a new home to raid during the legion Expansion and hopefully a home. Raids times are usually no earlier than 5-6pm pacific (7-8pm server time)Tyèda3 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A] tank/dps looking for raid I'm either looking to play warrior, dh or mage. I'm leaning towards one of the two melee and can be dps or tank. I need to be done by 10 pm EST though, as I work third shift and need to be there by 1030.Wcdevil1 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A] Warlock LF Legion Guild Hi there, Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding with like-minded players that are focused on progression. I've been on and off since vanilla with lots of raiding experience in between (with the most recent being H-SoO). I haven't really played WoD at all, but am looking to hit the ground running in Legion as a Warlock. Raid times: Preferably weekends (Fri-Sat) from 6PM - ??? CDT, but am open to other times if they fit my schedule. Yes, I'm employed full time, no - my job won't interfere with my raiding schedule. I have a microphone and will use whatever VOIP software your guild utilizes (Discord, Teamspeak, Mumble, etc.) Thanks for reading!Jmct7 Aug 29
Aug 29 A <Valinity> Recruiting all for Legion Valinity is a new guild on Sargeras started by a group of 5 friends that hope to expand our small group into a core progression raiding guild in legion. We will mainly be raiding on weekends with the possibility of including a few weeknights of raiding when necessary. We are a very casual guild all of us are in our early 20's and are looking for anyone who wants to progress in legion and further on in WoW. We currently will recruit anyone regardless of goals to fill up our social bracket a little bit and have a good set of people online at all times. BTW we all live on the east coast. Contact me on battle tag: Sharpp#1500Subtox0 Aug 29
Aug 29 -redacted-. Returning player looking for a semi hardcore raiding Guild doing heroic And maybe later on Mythic progression for Legion! I have some past experience with raiding but never got into a true raiding Guild and I'm very excited to delve deep into raiding this expansion. I plan on maining an Enhancement Shaman but have no qualms switching specs if needed. I don't care too much for the raid time so long as they're not late night I Will show up for every one (within reason) What I'm looking For *Must! have an *ACTIVE* TeamSpeak or Discord (pref Discord) *Please no drama and Absolutely No SJWs! *Needs to be a group of guys that are 18+ *And preferably no guilds with over 200+ people (I'm not a huge fan of giant Cesspool guilds) looking for a friendly group of people to experience launch night and raiding with. Beyond that there's not much. I hope you all have fun in Legion! I certainly hope to be!Huredon5 Aug 29
Aug 29 2 LF Home For LEGION me and my friend are currently looking for a raiding guild for legion. i am 13/13H 3/13M this xpac with lots of previous xpac raiding as well, i am looking to run BM/Survival Hunter and he is wanting to DK DPS or Enhancement shaman . looking for raid times starting no later than 9EST #ezelik1438Gypsì9 Aug 29
Aug 29 Vanilla Raider LF <A> Raiding Guild I've been raiding since Vanilla WoW. I was in the Top Guild on my server and the most geared Holy Paladin during the time of BWL/Naxx. I have experience raiding through Wrath and some MoP but decided after that to take a break from it/WoW in general and play a little more casually. I am a healer main with a Level 100 Priest/Paladin/Shaman/(Soon To Be Druid) going into Legion. I'm personally leaning more towards Priest and Shaman but I'm not really set in stone yet. (Maybe some insight on what healers are most sought after right now will help me decide.) I'm open to raid on any days, but now that I'm getting older, I don't want to raid past 12am est. Looking more for a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Experience, not a guild that raids every single day. Let me hear from you if you may be interested!!Romey3 Aug 29
Aug 29 [A] Mage & Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild My roommate and I are looking for a serious raiding guild. We recently transferred to Sargeras in search of a new home. He has cleared all content Heroic and Mythic up to this point but the guild he was with for 5 years has fallen apart towards the end of WoD. For the past few years due to a unique work schedule I have been focusing on PvP but raided 5 days a week in Vanilla, BC, and WotLK clearing all content in those expansions. Both of us have GO experience as well but at this time are not looking to fill in those roles unless absolutely necessary. We are experienced, confident, and most importantly dedicated to raiding this expansion. We have been through every expansion launch this far - We are aware and understand that classes, specs, and the game in general change and we have the time and will put in the effort to be some of the best on the server. We are looking for a guild that is doing the same. Both of us now maintain steady jobs and hours - we are hoping to find a guild that raids no earlier than 8:30pm (server) Mon-Thurs. We have some flexibility here but are unable to consistently commit to any (Fri-Sat) raiding. Feel free to contact myself (CGvibez#1169) or my roommate at (iawlbringer#1580) with any questions or your recruitment process. Thank you for your time, TekTeckneex1 Aug 29
Aug 29 <Currently Online> RBG teams! <Currently Online> is one of the game’s largest and fastest growing gaming communities in WoW! With PVE and PVP teams on Alliance and Horde, stretching over 8 guilds, we are the premier destination for anyone looking for active Legion gaming. Here’s a listing of current PVP teams that will be running in Legion. Browse our website and forums to see what else we have to offer. If interested in forming your own group in CO, please skip to last paragraph for contact information! Team 2200 in Discord [HORDE-Area 52] *Fondly named in remembrance of all the pug PVPers we had to try and get into Discord (that is correct we use Discord for our RBGs…not Curse…let the shock settle in) Times: Mondays 9-11pm CST (10-Midnight EST) Recruitment: Everything at the moment (DK closed) Team Boomkin One [ALLIANCE-Sargeras] *Semi-fondly named after our Boomy who would chase away all the other boomies…they’d be there one week and gone the next. Times: Tuesdays 9-11pm CST (10-Midnight EST) Recruitment: Healer spots closed. Could use a base sitter, flag carrier and 1-2 more dps. Requirements: - Achievements for arenas or RBGs- nothing insano, but more than just a million HKs with 0 arena or RBG experience - Class knowledge - Weekly commitment (casual/slow/steady rating push- sometimes we get awesome puggers and other times we don’t…please be willing to come every week) - Must be in a CO guild/ willing to transfer and join - Times subject to change slightly (we might start an hour earlier and go three hours). Be aware of that and able to make the times if we start at 8pm CST (9pm EST) *Cant make these times? Too late for you? Not enough RBG time? <Currently Online> encourages new groups to form! Sargeras is a very high pop PVP server with lots of people interested in RBGs. In a gaming community of over 6,000 members, one group of 10 is never enough! Add me to talk about forming your own group and what that would entail! Btag: Bree#1278 (for new groups only) Discord: Bree#7256 (for recruitment on current teams) Aug 29
Aug 29 730 i lvl resto shaman returning late LFG Very experienced hardcore raider looking for semi hardcore raiding guild for legion. Times are flexible. Looking for a guild which has cleared mythic hellfire pre patch or post patch doesnt matter. post your info hereZeathana3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Experienced Healer+DPS LF late night/weekend Background: We've been raid leaders since Vanilla. We understand that flaking randomly on a serious progression guild is frustrating for officers, which is why we want either late night or weekend, to ensure our ability to make raids without work getting in the way. We'd like to stay out of officer roles this expansion and just be good solid raiders that are consistent on your team. We know the pain of being raid leaders, so you can trust us to understand where you're coming from when you need to sit someone for loot, bring in trials, etc. Characters/specs: I'm a priest, open to being either disc or holy (have switched to do the needful whenever necessary historically). I've moonlighted as shadow before, but am probably not the best shadow priest you'll ever see. DPS prefers to be a hunter or a feral druid, also open to spec changes. Expectations: We expect a guild that is competitive in the mythic scene. By WoD standards, we'd want to start out clearing Heroics, not Normals, and hit Mythics soon after they're available. 8-12 hours of raiding a week is preferred. 6 is a little too low for us unless you have a proven track record of being able to clear all mythic content in a reasonable time (not 2 weeks before the release of the next expansion) Available raid times (CST): Mon-Fri : 10pm-1am (only 1 day if possible) Sat-Sun : 4pm-1am Raid times are slightly flexible if you have something that almost fits. I'm happy to chat about times and expectations, and anything else pertinent to finding a good fit. If you have any interest, please add me: moiraine#1162Taily2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Late night raiders 10-2am (Disclaimer. We are a hardcore raiding guild we just approach it with a different attitude then most of the community. WE ARE NOT A CASUAL GUILD) Wanna participate in high level content in legion without the douche bag elitist attitude? Wanna join a tight knit guild that takes care of their own? We believe that we can tackle the HIGHEST level of content in legion while still having fun. Sound good? Then keep reading. <Late Night Raiders> Sargeras is recruiting all classes and specs for core spots in upcoming legion content! Currently have a great group of returning members from WOD, Looking for committed Raiders with mindset on mythic legion content Our raid times are 10-2am CST Tues-friday If interested please fill out an application Add iperrymarkz#1141for more infoIperrymarkz0 Aug 29
Aug 29 So..So many Illidan and Mal'Ganis Horde As many of you have probably noticed, ever since pre patch has launched there has been a sudden infestation of Illidan and Mal'Ganis Horde that were never previously there. I am trying to finish a last few Tanaan things on my alts, but I am constanly being ganked and camped by groups of Illidan and Mal'Ganis Horde. Does anyone know why this is? I noticed that Mal'Ganis and Illidan are both CST servers just like Sargeras. My theory is that we are linked by time zone for the invasion events that way the invasions are well populated by players that are all on the same server time. But, is there any chance this is permanent? Basically, if this is the new norm, you will have 2 high population servers and 1 solid medium population server on 1 tiny small continent (The broken Isles). That is a numbers nightmare and a crash waiting to happen. The raw numbers: Sargeras: 590k (95% Alliance) Illidan: 591k (95% Horde) Mal'Ganis: 402k (95% Horde) You can all do basic math. What it comes down to is 590k vs. 993k Horde. There are a few low pops thrown in on both sides plus the tiny populations of Illidan and Mal'Ganis Alliance and Sargeras Horde. But this is basically it. Most players (such as myself) play on Sargeras because it is an Alliance haven. Same reason the Horde play on 95% Horde servers. This huge imbalance could be catastrophic for Sargeras if this is how it actually is now. Does anyone know what is going on with this? Is the temporary for the invasions or permanent?Alimus6 Aug 29
Aug 29 Frozen runes for sale Greetings! I currently have 90 Frozen Runes for sale on the Laughing Skull realm (Alliance). I can also make the Icy Scale Bracers/Breastplate/Gauntlets and Polar Bracers/Gloves/Tunic on Laughing Skull (Alliance) Price for runes is negotiable, since you will need to come to my realm to obtain what you need. Please add me to battletag to discuss details if you are interested: huanjia#1207Offlinepk0 Aug 29
Aug 29 A <Validity> Recruiting Raiding <Validity> is a guild of four friends so far who want to create a serious raiding guild for legion of semi serious players and dank memers. We play often and want to find a good group of people to raid with and maybe PvP with in legion. Currently we're inviting all people to just increase the size of the guild and become more social, we will have a discord set up for raiding. Inside the actual game repairs and other benefits of being in the guild will be set up rather early in legion.Subtox2 Aug 29
Aug 29 <Stand in Fire> We are looking for Ranged DPS to fill out or Raiding Core for Legion, We have 13/13 H HFC, and much more previous experience, dating back to vanilla WOW. We are a very social guild that uses Curse for VOIP. We Raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm Central time (Server time). We are looking for +18 in age players that are serious about seeing end game content. Please Whisper me or find a member in game for invite or for more information. THANKS! Make a Name for yourself with us. Make us your home.Lívely3 Aug 29
Aug 28 (A) 3 Returning Raiders LF Guild Hey everybody, My friends and I decided to come back to WoW for Legion and we are looking for a place to call home. We are looking forward to finding a steady raiding guild, preferably one that raid late night. We all have past raiding experience especially during Wrath and some Cata. If you have any questions please feel free to add me on B-Tag - Serenity#12743. Oh and before I forget; roles that we can fill are 1 Healer (Paladin) 1 Deathknight (Blood) or Warrior (Prot) can also DPS or Heal depending on what is needed 1 Rogue, but can also DPS on a druid if needed Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to hear from you soon.Edenproject6 Aug 28
Aug 28 <Bara No Senshi> Recruiting Heroic Raids (A) <Bara No Senshi> is a Semi-casual - Semi-serious alliance raiding guild on Sargeras. Our main goal for our raids is to progress through all of the Heroic content and have a good time doing so. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm to 10 pm server time (which is 8pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time). We have been around since Vanilla World of Warcraft and have an extremely friendly and caring atmosphere. You aren't just another person with a name tag, when you join <Bara No Senshi> you are part of our family. Here is what you can expect from us: Friendly Atmosphere - We are a family here and would like for you to be part of our family. Even if you don't raid or do much PvP, we are always looking for friendly people that we can get along with. Helpful Advice - We are not going to throw you to the curb if you under-perform in raids. We will work with you and try to help you improve as a player. Consistent Raid Schedule that has not changed since Vanilla WoW - Tuesdays and Thursdays - 8:00pm -11:00pm EST Heroic Progression - We have cleared every raid in Warlords of Draenor on heroic, or better, and will continue to do so in Legion Mythic Dungeons - We are excited about the new mythic dungeons for Legion and are anxious to give them a try. Player vs Player - We have some dedicated PvPers in the guild that do all sorts of BGs and Arenas. We are also looking to start up an RBG group in Legion. Transmog Runs – There are many people in our guild that are loving the new transmog system that came in legion and they are constantly doing old content raids to get the piece of gear they are looking for.If this sounds like a guild that you would like to be part of, then please feel free to do one of 2 things. You can fill out an application on our website, which is required if you want to be part of our raid team, or you can contact an officer in-game and talk to them. To fill out an application, our website is: Our officers in game names are: Evolinn, Leneigh, Tonkie, and Shilvah. You can also add my battletag to talk to me, which is acezie#1401.Evolinn5 Aug 28
Aug 28 [A] Titanomachy is Recruiting! Looking for a raid team for the upcoming legion but don't have the experience, join Titanomachy. We are a raiding guild forming on Sargeras, raiding Tuesday/Thursday with Wednesday optional from 730-1130 Central. Discord required. Battletag Ccal#1676 for my info. or whisper LytharionColquhoun0 Aug 28
Aug 28 LF raiders and others Sunbros is new guild that just started in Sargeras for Legion. Are you looking for a nice casual guild to raid with that is free from toxicity? Sunbros is the perfect fit for you! Looking for anyone who wants to kick some demon !@#! Raiding will be on the Weekends from 8-12PM EST, times may vary. We might also be interested in doing some rated BGs and Arenas depending on the amount of players we can recruit. Praise the Sun!!Qahnaaris0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Boomkin Warlock & Resto Sham LF Mythic Guild As the title states two friends & I are looking for a mythic raiding guild for Legion. We all have raided on and off with one another for the past six years and have been itching to get raiding again after quitting early into Hell Fire Citadel after our raid group fell apart. Unfortunately the logs that we had for Hellfire have been deleted by whomever uploaded them in that team. Below are the logs that we do still have We are looking for preferably a 2-3 night raiding guild. My past mythic experience is as follows, 13/13 tot, 12/14 SOO, 4/7 Highmaul, 8/10 BRF, and 5/13 HFC. Both Miniflare, and Radioradio have very similar raiding experience. If you think that we might possibly be a good fit feel free to reply here or send me an in game mail!Missfajit5 Aug 28
Aug 28 4 players looking for casual raiding guild 4 players, multiple alts can play about every spec - some experienced players some new to wow (myself) looking for casual guild that hangs out and does heroic/mythic dungeons and looking to do raiding in Legion. All of us recently returned to wow after raiding in another game.Enchântress11 Aug 28
Aug 28 [A] Resto druid looking for heroic raiding I'm returning to the game after a bit of a break and am looking for a guild to move into legion with. I've been playing wow on and off for almost 12 years where my interests have shifted from pvp to pve over time. I'm looking to raid in legion, but I'm also interested in pursuing Mythic+ dungeons. My preferable raid schedule is 8-9 hours a week on weekdays somewhere between 7-12 EST. My battletag is Mogra#1769Moq4 Aug 28
Aug 28 (A) <Suit and Tie Financial> Recruiting <Suit and Tie Financial> is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild founded by a group of friends that have been raiding together since TBC. We are recently reforming after bouts of IRL responsibilities and getting back together for legion. We have a really relaxed raiding environment and are here to have fun but still expect players to understand their class and be prepared to down bosses. Raid Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 7-10:30 US Est. Recruitment priorities: Tanks: (Closed) Ranged Dps: Mage Warlocks Balance Druid Melee Dps: Enchance Shaman Survival Hunter Feral Druid Havoc DH Death Knight Healers: Druid Pally Monk Add Btag : DaiGurren#1712 for more informationMoxruby0 Aug 28
Aug 28 <Warmup Warriors> Weekend Raiding for Legion Raid Times: Fri/Sat, 8-11 PM EST (7-10 ST) Recruitment Needs -Healer: Resto Shaman -Ranged DPS: Cloth DPS, Balance Druid, Hunter -Melee DPS: Enh Shaman, Leather DPS, Plate DPS -Backups are also welcome <Warmup Warriors> is a newly formed weekend raiding guild with a semi-hardcore attitude for Legion. We have around 12 core raiders at the moment. The idea is to have a raid group that wants to have fun while downing bosses in a reasonable time frame. Currently, our plan is to get into Mythics as soon as possible. If any of this interests you, PM me on reddit or add me on battletag. Battletag: Synvictus#1698Synvictar3 Aug 28
Aug 28 LAST CHANCE M. ARCHI MOUNT FOR SALE <Good Talk> of Greymane has 1 last Felsteel Annihilator available before Legion hits. Our run is tomorrow (Sunday, 8/28) at 7:30 CST. Add Manglicious#11424 if you are interested in purchasing this slot.Homang0 Aug 28
Aug 28 Priest or Mage LF Day Raiding Guild Looking for cool people and a day time raiding guild any days between 11AM - 4PM CST. I'd prefer to push 5 man and raids heroic/mythic. Comfortable with all specs on Mage or Priest. Big fan of Disc, though Holy is easier/less frantic. I started casually playing during Vanilla, leading into progression raiding in BC and WoTLK. I'd say peak raiding was clearing hard modes in Ulduar and ICC. I hit Cata real hard first few months, but then left for bootcamp with Army. I've been off/on since, mostly doing casual LFR/pug raids and BGs. I've had multiple accounts since then, so this one only reflects end of MoP/WoD casual play. Other than that, lots of EQ1/2, DAoC, FF14, SWTOR, Rift, and random MMO's that didn't last. Feel free to hit me up brynx#1848, thanks. edit: found guild, thxBrynxs1 Aug 28
Aug 28 [A] Legacy - Recruiting for Legion. Legacy is an online community started by some friends in 2005 on the Malfurion server originally. We have played multiple games throughout the past few years and the founders all have experience in high-end World of Warcraft raiding and are active gamers in various genres. We are currently playing on the Sargeras server for World of Warcraft and want to add a few new faces to our group as we level and gear up to raid in the new expansion, Legion. Because of our long-standing community, you will find that it is an atmosphere where everyone knows each other and learns to play together as a well-oiled machine. Most of the below points are harsh but we want to get players who are loyal and we enjoy playing the game with. This is also important because we raid for such few hours that we have to perform. We feel as if applications are an outdated form of recruitment so we perform interviews via Discord. If the interview goes well, we will perform a trial run. Goals and Attitude : Our goal is to remain at the forefront of content while maintaining the close-knit "family" type atmosphere. Your passion in WoW must be to get top server first kills. You should always want what's best for the guild over personal benefit. This should be evident in your interactions with us. Atmosphere : Our guild is full of people with a sense of humor and the chat is not always PG-13, so if you are easily offended this may not be the best place for you. We expect you to make mistakes but learn from them. We work as a team and give each other constructive criticism. We enjoy raiding, pvping and just playing together outright. We are the type of people who will push ourselves to beat new encounters, and to be the best. Skill : You should be one of the best players you've ever met. You should know your class well because we will know it even if it is not what we play and will ask you about it. We want to make the most of the time we are in the raid. These are things we value in a player: A player looking for a place to raid long-term. Ability to follow directions Excellent execution such as good positioning, targeting, communication and understanding boss fights to reduce incoming damage taken. FlexibilityWorld Transfers : We expect you to transfer as soon as we decide to recruit you especially if you intend on raiding at the Mythic difficulty. Computer : Your computer must be able to handle the stress of the game. If you share a connection with nine other people or run a machine that locks up in major cities, please don't waste our time or your time. Discord will be required. This includes having a working microphone that doesn't sound like it's mounted somewhere in your nasal cavity or the middle of a hurricane. Desired Classes : With the new expansion approaching, we are accepting all classes. Schedule : We are looking for people who can commit to near 100% attendance. If you can't realistically commit to all of our typical raid times, then we can't realistically consider your interest in our guild. We raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from : 8PM - 11PM Central Time Zone 9PM - 12AM Eastern Time Zone 6PM - 9PM Pacific Time Zone Our website is If you are interested contact Kaolai, Faytful, Zujien, Multaya, or Leáfeon on the server or via Battlenet at Aeromu#1363, Faytful#1779, Zujien#1524, Multaya#1100 or Alremul#1849 if you have any questions.Kaolai7 Aug 28
Aug 27 [A]Bad Luck Recruiting Weekend Raiding!! Welcome To Bad Luck! Hello fellow World of Warcraft players! Bad Luck is recruiting for weekend raiding! I formed this guild with a real life friend and a few players in game! We are looking to push into heroic content as fast as possible! So lets see here's a few things about us....We play to have fun but at the same time being competitive, Attendance is a must if you want to raid with us! I'll drop the information below so you have a better understanding of what we require from our raiders! Raid Times Friday - 7:30ST-10:30ST Saturday - 7:30ST-10:30ST Sunday- 7:30ST-10:30ST Guild Loot Mainspec<Offspec (Tanks will have priority on tanking equipment for example) Guild Attendance Raiders are required to have 80% attendance to hold their raiding slot. Players without reason or fail to show up will be put on notice and have a lower priority over other players who are dedicated and ready to experience new content! this will be a Semi-Hardcore with minimal drama possible, I want to enjoy playing and I know you do as well. Any problems or concerns will be dealt with promptly. Guild Leader - Struggles BattleTag (Struggles#1373) Officer - Holzy Any questions feel free to add me on Battle net or reply on here! Thanks, StrugglesStrugglestv1 Aug 27
Aug 27 <A> Mango Bay needs awesome DPS! OVERVIEW [A] <Mango Bay> is a new raiding guild on US-Sargeras recruiting for Legion. We're a group of long-time friends coming back to the game for the expansion looking to make our way through Mythic content. Our focus is on progression but in a laidback environment on a casual 2-day, 6-8 hour schedule. We all have other things we want to play and do and WoW is just one of them so we don't expect you to commit all your time to the game (unless you want). However, we ultimately want to down bosses so our raiders are expected to come prepared and ready to raid each night. That means watching the fights, knowing your spec etc (the same stuff every guild expects of you). We'll provide flasks and food but would appreciate any help with the guild bank. All in all, we want to have fun over a good ol' evening of video games. But we want to get through the content at a good pace as well. If you have that casually serious mindset (and aren't easily triggered) then <Mango Bay> might be for you. NEEDS Hunter OR Boomkin DPS We'll consider all exceptional applicants, but this is our highest priority. RAID TIMES Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7:30-10:30PM PST (9:30-12:30 server time). Some nights we may extend this by 30-60 minutes if we're close on a boss or whatever. REQUIREMENTS -18 years or older -Solid raid experience (the more the better) -95% minimum attendance If you're a core raider in our guild we expect you to be there every night. Emergencies or sudden work schedule changes are fine, but if not showing up becomes a regular thing we'll have to replace you. We have zero tolerance for not showing without prior notice so always get in contact with us if you can't make it. This is all a no brainer but it has to be said because having a reliable raid team is our highest priority. LOOT Loot system still being decided. We'll be contacting our raiders to find out what loot works best for everyone. However, no matter what loot system we go with we expect our players to consider what's best for the raid and not just themselves. BACKGROUND This is a guild made up of long time friends who are all old school WoW veterans. Realizing how hard it would be to find a guild needing all of us and on our schedule we decided to make our own guild. It also meant we got to choose the atmosphere and having a place where we can kill bosses and trash talk each other for standing in the fire is something we all agreed on. This is not a "family friendly" guild. That is to say, your kids probably don't want to read guild chat or listen on Discord. We encourage all kinds of banter and general shenanigans so long as it is not malicious in nature. Have fun, but don't be a butthole. As for our experience, we've only dabbled in a few raids in the past few expansions, but have a lot of experience from TBC and WOTLK, including FULL CLEARS OF: SSC/TK, BT/Hyjal, Sunwell, Naxx, Ulduar, ICC and even 25H Lich King. So returning players hyped for Legion are especially welcome! Some of us will also be PvPing if you're into that. CONTACT If all of that sounds good to you please fill out our short application below and we'll contact you as soon as possible: Alternatively, you can contact me (the raid leader) at Mahebourg#1337 or the GM at Frost#1825.Xenophillia12 Aug 27
Aug 27 Ret Paladin/Rogue LF Raiding Guild Hello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding guild to get into the scene. I don't have much raiding experience, most I've ever went on are PUGs, but with the release of legion I'd like to get into it more seriously. I would prefer a guild with raid schedule of 2 days a week(doesn't matter what days it is) If you are a new guild looking to get into raiding or a guild in need of personnel, please don't hesitate to contact me either on this thread or on my FANY#11839 Thanks for readingUnwounded1 Aug 27
Aug 27 [Late night raiders] 10-2am (Disclaimer. We are a hardcore raiding guild we just approach it with a different attitude then most of the community. WE ARE NOT A CASUAL GUILD) Wanna participate in high level content in legion without the douche bag elitist attitude? Wanna join a tight knit guild that takes care of their own? We believe that we can tackle the HIGHEST level of content in legion while still having fun. Sound good? Then keep reading. <Late Night Raiders> Sargeras is recruiting all classes and specs for core spots in upcoming legion content! Currently have a great group of returning members from WOD, Looking for committed Raiders with mindset on mythic legion content no need to fill out a big application just add iperrymarkz#1141 to chat a little and arrange a quick trial run. Our raid times are 10-1am CST Tues-friday Add iperrymarkz#1141 for more infoIperrymarkz0 Aug 27
Aug 27 <Ataraxia> 13/13H Recruiting for Legion! <Ataraxia> is a 13/13 Heroic guild in HFC and looking to recruit more people going into Legion. We are a tight-knit guild of friends who come online to progress through content while having some laughs while we do so. The guild was founded on the Semi Hardcore mindset where we are serious about our progression, but we do not compete for realm first. Our Raid times are currently Tuesday/Thursday 9pm-12am CST (Currently in talk about adding an extra day or extending an extra hour or so per day) We are currently recruiting the following for our main team: -Rogue -Enhancement Shaman -Any Conqueror DPS We are always recruiting any exceptional players so feel free to apply Please apply at just to answer a couple easy questions about yourself and to keep track of applicants on our side If you have any questions please contact: GM: Noxxira#1724 Officer: Cmamms#1982 Look forward to hearing from you :)Raiosu10 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] 2 LF late night mythic raiding Me, an elemental shaman, and my friend, a rogue, are coming back to raiding looking for a late night 3 night a week mythic raiding guild. We took time off from raiding after early Mists and are looking to get back into raiding. We were in a server first guild throughout Wrath and Cataclysm. Chef#1539Foxez3 Aug 27
Aug 27 Tank LF Raiding Guild in Legion Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild in Legion. Raid days flexible but start times need to be 8:00 PM Central or later.Torxious7 Aug 27
Aug 27 [A] Friends LF Guild for Legion We are 5 friends who have been playing/raiding together since BC (and two of us since early vanilla). Each one of us has extensive end game raiding experience. One of us GM’d a guild through high end raiding (Vanilla Naxx all the way through to heroic WOTLK) and another who officered and raid led along with him through all but WOTLK. The others were integral members of the raiding team during that time. Most recently we have experience in Mythic raiding in Pandaria and Heroic raiding in WoD. Most of us have long since lost the ability or desire to raid 5-6 nights a week (though we play every day) and what we really would like to find is a good guild community. We are looking for a familial type guild that raids a bit more than casual (around 3 nights a week) that does its best to make good serious progress on those nights. But more important than that is that it is a friendly, mature, and active. We want to find that new home. We do not all expect to raid or expect that we will all get guaranteed spots, we know that you have to earn your raid spots and you have to put in your time but we are confident that we can. Classes: Warlock Prot/Holy Paladin Demon Hunter Warlock/Priest Protection Warrior If your guild is looking and you think we would be a good match, please add one of us: Leifmeister#1978 Brainirrigat#1703Leifmeister1 Aug 27
Aug 27 Late night raiders 10-2am cst (Disclaimer. We are a hardcore raiding guild we just approach it with a different attitude then most of the community. WE ARE NOT A CASUAL GUILD) Wanna participate in high level content in legion without the douche bag elitist attitude? Wanna join a tight knit guild that takes care of their own? We believe that we can tackle the HIGHEST level of content in legion while still having fun. Sound good? Then keep reading. <Late Night Raiders> Sargeras is recruiting all classes and specs for core spots in upcoming legion content! Currently have a great group of returning members from WOD, Looking for committed Raiders with mindset on mythic legion content no need to fill out a big application just add iperrymarkz#1141 to chat a little and arrange a quick trial run. Our raid times are 10-1am CST Tues-friday Add iperrymarkz#1141 for more infoIperrymarkz0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Dilemma[A] Open Recruitment Mythic Raiding Considering all applicants! Please visit for more information. Raiding times: 7:30pm - 10:30pm CST. Raid nights: Wednesday and Thursday. Raid nights are evaluated every 6 months. We hope you'll consider joining our team. For any questions please message us in game. Thanks everyone! Juicewine#1417 Bburnz#1200Juicewine1 Aug 27