Jul 6, 2015 Rogue LF Raiding Guild (Mythic XP) After taking a break from raiding since early this expansion, I am ready to get back into current content. My raiding background: I started raiding in Cata, clearing BWD, BoT, and FL on Normal. By DS, I started doing Heroic and full cleared. In MoP I took a break during MSV, ToES, and ToT. However, I returned to SoS and immediately dove into Mythic with no problems (full cleared). My Mythic team carried over into WoD, however broke up only a few weeks into the expansion before attempting Mythic. I have made no real attempts to find a new team until now. What I'm looking for: Mature guild that has serious Heroic/Mythic progression, and a goal to clear Mythic at some point. 3 or less raid nights - going no later than 11 PM CST (Friday daytime raids are a PLUS!) ALLIANCE ONLY Willing to xfer realms after a trial where we are comfortable with each other While I am a serious minded in progression, I do like a roster made up of relaxed, easy going players If your guild has no one online outside of raid times, please do not contact I will have to learn the new fights for trials, however I only make a mistake once, and am a very fast learner. >>>Please leave your guild website or contact information in a reply below. Thank you for your consideration!<<<Reblfleur1 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Luxin Tenebris-Recruiting 1/13h 7/13n Luxin Tenebris - US Sargeras – Alliance -Actively Recruiting- High Priority: Resto Druid Fury Warrior Brew Monk WW Monk Ret Pally Medium Priority: Enh Shaman Boomkin Druid All other classes and roles will be considered on a case by case basis. Warlords of Draenor Progression - Core: 1/13 Heroic - Hellfire Citadel 7/13 Normal - Hellfire Citadel 10/10 Heroic - Blackrock Foundry 7/7 Heroic - Highmaul Team Two: 7/7 Heroic - Highmaul 10/10 Normal - Blackrock Foundry Our raid times/days are - Tuesday - 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST Thursday - 7:00pm - 10:00pm CST Luxin Tenebris is an extremely friendly and active guild of friends that enjoy raiding together and have a tight knit community of members that are involved in all aspects of the game. We have a fun environment in the guild as a whole and so long as you don't come in trolling or begging for things without being active I'm sure anyone would find a home with us. We have members active in raiding, other pve content, achievement runs, pvp(arenas, rbgs, randoms, etc), and have a very approachable and helpful team of officers. We recently made a move from our former guild as a full guild due to wanting to improve the environment and quality of game and interaction that was being hindered by members of the former guild. We are currently in process of voting for a new guild name. Even though this is a new guild name for us the entire team and all members save for a few have moved, we already have a fully stocked guild bank, guild repairs, large seat ventrilo, and will have a full Facebook and Website coming very soon. Raid Loot: Masterloot MS>OS via AMR Addon We hand out loot based on the largest improvements for the guild as a whole, no one is favored over anyone to allow for the best improvement of the group based on the piece, current composition, etc. Under no circumstances will someone be bypassed for loot if it is the largest improvement so long as acceptable performance, attendance, etc are maintained. Raid Requirements Attendance: If you are unable to maintain a 90% attendance or higher this is not the team for you, we will not remove members from the guild for attendance issues however if you are unable to be on time and there for the full raid at this rate you may be demoted to team 2 or removed from the raid teams. We fully believe and stand behind the fact that real life events and family come over this game however you must be there to benefit the group. Skill: This one is fairly simple, can you maintain a reasonable high level of performance based on your class, role, and gear level? Can you avoid things that are avoidable and learn from mistakes that can ocasionally be made? If yes then you are fine, if no this may not be the team for you. Gear: Current gear will be considered on a case by case basis. While we are a firm believer that gear does not make a player it can greatly enhance the performance of a great player. Please keep in mind that while we will help get gear for the right player you must be at a reasonable level to run certain content, we are willing to help but not willing to carry. I.E. if you are 650 you won't be running any heroics. Experience: You need to have experience close to that of the guilds current progression, past raiding experience is also a plus. Attitude: We are a guild that is heavily driven by loyalty. The guild as a whole and myself as the GM do not tolerate raid hoppers, if you are hopping from guild to guild trying to eek you way to higher progression this is not the guild for you and the first sign of such behavior will result in immediate removal from raid, guild, etc on a permanant basis. If you are loyal to the guild, team, and people we will do all we can to help you and make your game time an enjoyable way to play. We are very helpful and provide just about anything you can imagine within reason once you have proven that you are here to stay and do not cause problems. General requirements include: -Be mature, this is not high school and drama of any kind will not be tolerated. This is also not a dating service, any relationships beyond friendship you develop in the game are not to be guild business. -Have ventrilo and a working mic and headset, communication in raids is critical. -Ability to maintain your own repairs, food, flasks,etc for a 2 week trial period. After that all raid consumables, enchants, gems, etc will be provided for you. -A solid computer, internet connection, and other needed hardware. While we don't expect you to run full settings at 10,000 fps and 1ms ping you need a solid and stable internet connection and machine, disconnects or instability due to poor hardware will only hinder the entire team. Feel free to contact any officer ingame with any questions! DaneGRTankRL - DaneGRClose#1766 Kimaru Hypervalve SabriyeDanegrtankrl8 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 692 ret paladin LF raiding guild I am looking for a guild that I can progress with and grow. A bit about my past raiding experience so far this expansion. Highmaul: 4/7M Black Rock: 2/10M Pretty much stopped raiding after that. But I do miss that environment. The guild I was in was in was on a low population server. And pretty much broke up. I transferred here and looking to raid again. I look forward to speaking to whom ever finds me a fit for their guild. My b-tag is: Rubow#1873Bôbby3 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Warrior dps 694 HFC 6/13h 12/13n BRF 10/10h 2/10m HM 7/7h 2/7m Can raid anyday pref later at night like 6-7 to 12or11Horl2 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 Experienced Hunter/Feral/Rogue LF Mythic Team Hi there! I am a currently 697 MM hunter LF a 2-3 weeknight Mythic team! I am available anytime during the evenings Mon-Thurs. I am an experienced DPS that has played since late Vanilla. I have gotten two Rank 1 parses as feral druid and a few top 10 as rogue. I recently went hunter to get a change from 9 years of melee. I am looking for an active guild with all intentions of maintaining a serious progression schedule and going far into Mythic. I have 2 years experience as a Heroic(mythic) raid leader and was able to lead my team to 9/14H(mythic) SoO before we decided to break and end on a good note. I recently went more casual but I have found that I can't stand raiding without prospects for Mythic level content. My current progression is 17/17H and 1/13H, 8/13N. I can provide casual recent logs in HFC. I will be able to transfer ASAP. I will always make raid times and always come prepared and extensively knowledgeable about my class(all specs included) and fights. i also enjoy theorycrafting with my fellow dps. Hunter MM/BM-697 Feral-686 Rogue-694 I will be around and possibly submitting applications to guilds posting on these forums You can reach me at Lynxx#1792. I look forward to hearing from you! =)Mïssdirect2 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 6, 2015 <Zodiac Braves> 9/13H HFC Recruiting!! <Zodiac Braves> raiding guild on Sargeras is currently looking for more Ranged Dps, and a few other specific classes to add to our roster for upcoming Mythic/Heroic Progression. Our guild was formed 8/15/2013, our best progression came during MoP in SoO when we peaked at 11th on the server. Back when we were a 10 man guild. Since then we've heavily recruited to join Mythic Raids during WoD. We pride our self on progression through current content, while maintaining a casual raid schedule of 9 hours / 3 days a week. We believe in a relax, fun atmosphere during raids while staying focused on progression. We require our raiders to be laid back, patient, and reliable. We do not tolerate any drama or fighting with others. You must be mature and able to work as a team. Being prepared whether its consumables, watching videos of the encounters, or anything else that may apply is a MUST. Any experienced and mature raiders are encouraged to apply. We will trial you during our raid times. Highest Needs: Any DPS with healer OS Boomkin Shadow Priest WW Monk DK Warlords of Draenor Progression: Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun at 7-10CST Loot Distribution: Loot Council Apply at or add Felco#1708 for more information. Contacts in game: Trueweltall, Tinyhotdot, Dubshocks, Honeybadja, Kilotech Thanks for looking!Jígglypuff2 Jul 6, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 [A] LF Heroic Blackhand and Imperator I know the AOTC achieve is gone, I am purely after the achievement for the kills. I am in a laid back casual guild and my group never got around to killing these 2 bosses on heroic+. I don't care about any other bosses in either raid although I am willing to run the whole raid. I keep finding the worst pugs and am sick of it. I just want to get my kills and get it over with! My battle tag is xploit#1919 if there are still people running these and have a spot I could fill for a night, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -IllIllicyt1 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 692 Hunter LF Weekend Casual Raid guild Former mythic raider looking for a casual weekend guild. I can raid Fri and Sat nights or weeknights between 6-9 server. 10/10H and 7/7H last tier. Looking for a heroic progression guild since I don't have time nor care for mythic raiding anymore. Battle tag is FriedChicken#1150 or reply here if interested. TyBownafide2 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 LFM Weekly Mythic BRF/Blackhand Run Seeking some exceptional players who are still looking to farm Mythic BRF for the Mount off Blackhand. We'll probably start off full clearing weekly because we want to make sure we get the right players who have enough brain cells to do the harder fights such as Blast Fur, Maidens, Kromog. Our main focus will be to clear Mythic Blackhand weekly to get people their mounts before the end of the expansion. Mainly interested in players 9/10 Mythic W/ Mythic BH pulls or 10/10 Mythic who only need mount. Best way to contact me is through an in-game mail sent to Moonlazer with your Class, Ilev, Exp, Spec, & Bnet ID. We'll most likely start this for Sundays @ 7PM EST.Moonlazer0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 5, 2015 <Currently Online> Recruiting for HFC <Currently Online> Is recruiting for our core Mythic (Heroic first, obviously) HFC team! Raids are Tues/Thurs 8-11 pm server time (Central time). We are currently recruiting: EVERYTHING We are 17/17 Heroic, 4/10 BRF Mythic, getting in to gear for 6.2 HFC. The move from Mythic back to Heroic Flex will allow us to bump our roster a little, so that's exactly what we are doing! At <Currently Online> you can expect: A solid foundation, leadership, and core raid group that has been established since the beginning of MoP A fun environment where progression is at the core of what we do, but we have a good time while doing it An unfiltered, adult community. No one cares what you say, just don't be an !@# Two raid teams, Mythic and Heroic, perfect for bringing alts An active Teamspeak server almost all the time Guild events like: Drinking nights, Minecraft, Rust, 7D2D, Reign of Kings, CS:GO, etc... If you're looking for an adult community to raid with on a semi-hardcore and progression oriented schedule, we are your guild. Come have fun again! For more information or a guild invite please add any of our officers in game with their Btags: Bighoss#1183 Swampage#1881 Elchuapo#1741 Nachowns4#1567 OR hit our guild website at where you can apply and learn more about us. Thank you for your interest!Coldcrow0 Jul 5, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 696blood/699unholy lfg mythic brf My guild has currently taken a hiatus from raiding and thus i'm looking for a group to raid with until hfc comes out. I'm currently 7/10 mythic with knowledge of how Iron Maidens works on mythic aswell. Currently my work schedule has me only available between 9am-1pm est, and 12am-3am est. However in the next few weeks hopefully this will change and i will be available for nights often times (not 100% sure yet). I would like to push for mythic blackhand down before hfc comes out if at all possible.Ostegoth3 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 US Top 9 Raiders LF Guild Hey, We are a group of three former US top 9 players in search of a guild on Sargeras. We are all 100%+ percentile players. Prefer a guild that is at least 12/13H+ The players: Myself (MW monk, or any healer class) Ama, Mage - Seruketo, Death Knight - Btag: Bootay#1130Swagsotrill1 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 4, 2015 Veteran Prot. Pally LF Guild! Hello all! I appreciate you checking out my post. I'm going to get right into it. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ALL OF MY RAID HISTORY AND THE ENTIRE STORY PLEASE READ THE LINK: Basically, I'm an ex-top 100 player. I was U.S. 55 Prot. Paladin in Cataclysm. I've recently come back to the game to a guild that I've learned over the past week has no clue what they are doing whatsoever. Things varying from half the team not showing up, to people showing up throughout the night EVERYNIGHT, to spending 3 hours on such a basic boss as Heroic: Iron Reaver. I'm not an elitist, I just know that I take my skills and put them into much better hands. Like it was stated in the link, I'm a very experience raid leader, as well as a main tank. If you are interested in speaking with me, please contact me at Grufal#1729 or comment below and I will add you.Kenny0 Jul 4, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 WTB full clear HBRF w/ loot Anyone selling this now that 6.2 is out? Not really looking to drop 200k since I'm just looking to do this to get some gear to get back into raiding, but if anyone is selling this for a reasonable price, then I would be interested. Feel free to post here or add my battletag, DEM#1584.Tuaan1 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 SERVER OFFLINE??? finally get into ashran and the server crashes? blizz please...Aldrad39 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 697 resto/enh (same for both) 7/13H exp Looking for late night raiding guild, currently on lightbringer but willing to move btag baker#1300 preferred time: beginning after 8:30 PST, any dayMøist0 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Experienced Mage LF guild I have been out of the raid scene in a serious manner since Highmaul. At that time I was the raid leader for my guild, and led them to a H Imp kill in February. Since then I just screwed around for a little while in BRF, during that I got several H Blackhand attempts to 3% or less, but failed to get a kill. These were just random groups here and there, nothing serious nor was I leading. Prior to WoD I have some other notable achievements/raid experience. My high point in raiding was most definitely WotLK at which point I was in a top 5 guild on the server I was on at the time, and one of the higher geared and better mages on this server as well. I'm looking to get back into raiding and if you are interested in talking more with me I would just like to know what raid times are to start. I need to find just the right fit. I am a 21 year old with a job as well as college classes kicking back up in August so finding the right fit is very important. I am also very serious about being the best player I can be and pushing myself to always get better. I have almost always played my mage as my main, with off time on my paladin alt. Retribution is the primary spec I play for that character, but it is currently way behind in gear. My mage is currently 690 and by far the best class I play but could look into leveling up other alts if needed.Jedrad6 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Rshaman LF Hellfire Citadel Raiding guild. Hello, ilvl is 690, HM 6/7H, 8/10H. I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids Tuesday-Thursday with the times of 8-11pm server. Looking for a Two night raiding guild prefer not to raid two days in a row and that uses Loot Master. Thank you.Silentvoodoo4 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 689 ilvl Fury Warrior LF raiding guild First off, I'm looking for a guild that starts at 8:30PM Mountain time or later. (Which is 10:30 Eastern, and 7:30 coastal). I'm a 7/7H 6/7M and 9/10H experienced warrior. I quit raiding after the first week of BRF release, and I've come back to raiding again. I have exp in Heroic Citidal from pugs, but I want to be in a raiding guild again. Please, if you think that I could be a valuable asset to your team, feel free to add my btag. Kronoes#1480. P.S. Only Alliance, not xferring to horde.Kronoez3 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 3, 2015 Warlock and Warrior lf guild 693 Warlock 8/10M brf and 687 warrior 4/7M HM 9/10H BRF lf a mythic guild. We both have xp in raiding. The warrior took a break when our guild had fallen apart. We are looking for a mythic raiding guild, doesn't have to be hardcore or anything. Also want an active guild too. One that does things outside of just logging in for raiding. Warlock: Warrior: Feel free to pm/add me: Roush#1971Avelaia1 Jul 3, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 So much for Midwinter getting world first. Just, take Sargeras offline. Constantly going down. Just end it.Gandune3 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Gold Sellers in Trade Chat It may just be me, but in the last 5-6 months it seems that the amount of gold sellers spamming trade chat and even LFG chat has tripled in activity. Normally I wouldn't give 2 shakes of a fist at it, I'd just report it as spam and be on with my day. But lately even that seems to not be doing a thing. I know it's hard to stop them, but maybe have a GM watch the chat for a few days or so. It's gotten pretty ridiculous.Daladorini2 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 And down goes Sarg! I think Sarg holds the title for most crashes. I remember back when ever tues. we would crash the server with so many at the world bosses. bahahahahahaVulkan0 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 ███►▬═ Phury Going Strong Into HFC ═▬◄███ Going in very stable and strong into 6.2 progression. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Now offering 1 month of game time for transfers ! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Guild - Phury Server - Stormrage (Very High Pop) Faction - Alliance Website: ▬▬╟Who we are Phury is mythic progression alliance guild located on Stormrage (PvE). We have a very low stress and drama-free raid environment filled with adults who like to have fun playing games. We have a fantastic community at Phury where people spend a lot of time playing together on off-nights. Many members play several other games with one another,as well as RBG/PVP often.On any given night you will find lots of people hanging out on our mumble server. We believe that success requires minimal drama and equal dedication from every member. To us, excellent raid attendance, comprehensive knowledge of your class, and being motivated to play the best of your ability day in and day out are not optional, but required. Non raid days we are still very active and have a great community of people in the guild! Off nights consist of CM's, Dungeons, PvP, Metas,Heroic alt clears,etc and open this to all alts & casuals so if you're looking to be in a active/no drama/friendly guild then you're welcome as well. ▬▬╟CURRENT PROGRESSION 1/10 Mythic BRF 10/10 Heroic BRF ▬▬╟SCHEDULE Tues, Wednesday,Thursday,Sunday Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST invites go out around 30 minutes prior and pulling at 8pm sharp. ▬▬What are are looking for Recruitment is currently open to all classes/specs other then disc/holy priests and retribution paladins. *Only a couple spots left open ! ▬▬╟What we Offer you: •A fun and competitive environment full of people that want the same as you: Progression! •Guild Repairs during raid hours •A core spot in a very stable guild that has been around since BC •A community of awesome people ▬▬╟Our Expectations and Requirements: • You are a team player who is reliable, mature, and a non negative attitude. • Punctual and present for raid. • Know your class, and how to make the most of it. (Off-Spec competency for hybrid classes is HIGHLY recommended.) • Experienced in Heroic/Mythic raid content • Item Level 680 or higher. • Able to run Mumble (and talk to us on it!). ▬▬╟Contact Information Tang#1917 (GM) Thekidfresh#1211Druidtank9 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Looking for PvP home 1900 plus warrior, all I do is pvp. I am looking for a steady group to push 2k. I am tired of leading just a few friends in pugs every season. I changed jobs and now have more time to play. I have exp leading, calling strat, and targets. I can also run Disc, Shadow, Boomie, and Dk in high lvl pvp content. I would just prefer to play warr this season if possible. I do not rage which is how I have made so many friends who pvp across multiple servers, but I am tired of starting groups all the time.Soulreapér1 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 <Echelon> Recruiting for HFC Progression <Echelón> is now recruiting experienced raiders for core spots. We are a 20 man alliance guild on Sargeras. Raid times are Tues/Weds/Thurs 8:00pm-11:00pm server time (CST). Our raid group is 9/13N and we're looking to fill core raid spots for heroic and mythic progression. Echelón has been raiding together for over 9 years. Our core group of players have played together through several tiers and expansions and are made up of skilled players that have the desire to push new content while keeping a friendly and constructive environment. Our raiders are dedicated, friendly, respectful, and skilled. We are in search of raiders that share the same passion for raiding and bring a positive attitude to the guild group. We raid only 9 hours a week, so we keep it drama-free and focused. What we offer: Echelón is a long-standing, stable guild that offers players a guild that focuses not only on raiding but on its people. Our primary focus is mythic mode raiding, but our raiders and community participate in many different guild events, including PVP. We believe that a positive, constructive and inclusive environment is critical in building a successful raiding team. If you have been looking for a mature guild that enjoys their community as much as downing bosses, we are the guild for you! We are looking for the type of player who: -knows the intricacies of his/her class and can play it well, -has great raid awareness and a quick learning curve, -enjoys pushing progression and learning fights, -and is excited to be part of a successful team environment. Our Immediate Needs: -Balance Druid (high) -Windwalker (high) -Feral Druid (high) -Disc priest (very high) -Warlock (high) -Spriest -Rogue (very high) If you'd like to learn more about our guild or are interested in joining us, please contact us in game: Crabcrusher#1245 Vinodolce#1197Vinodolce0 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 Re-Roll leveling partner? Just got back into WoW, I have the next four days off and I am looking for a leveling partner to make the leveling a bit less monotonous. I am looking to hit 90 in this timeframe with the next character. Let me know if you're interested. These four days will be long hours to hit the level cap.Skeatz0 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 [A]No Maam (7/13N HFC) LFM for N/H Raiding Who we are: Our core is made up of a group of long time raiders that have been raiding together since TBC. If you enjoy a laid back fun raiding atmosphere with seasoned raiders No Maam may be for you. Current goals Progress through HFC then move on to Mythic. No Maam's M.O.: 1. Respect - We expect each member to treat each other with respect, period! 2. Drama Free Zone - Most of our members are working adults with families and RL responsibilities, therefor we ask our members to keep the guild drama free. 3. Attendance - We only raid 2 nights a week, so we expect our members to have almost 100% attendance. Obviously things come up from time to time and in those cases we just ask for some heads up if possible. 4. Keep it Clean, LoL! - We are not a PG or even PG13 guild. All of our members are 18+ years old and vent/gchat can get out of control at times, in a fun way. We have both male and female raiders but that doesn't stop us from being completely inappropriate from time to time. We just ask our members to remember #1 of our M.O. while doing so! 5. Game Faces!- Know when to put your game face on and when not to. During progression we expect vent to be clear and we expect everyone to have runes/flasks/pots etc. During farm material we expect everyone to give 100% but we are much more relaxed about consumables and vent chatter. 6. Have Fun - We want our members to have fun while playing WoW. We understand that many people who play have limited time in game due to real life so the time that you are on is precious and we want each member to have fun while playing. If you are not having fun you shouldn't be here. WoD Progression: HFC - 7/13 N BRF - 10/10 H (AOTC), 10/10 N HM - 7/7 H (AOTC), 7/7 N Raid Times: Wed - Thurs 7:40 - 11:15 pm server (CST) Recruitment Needs: 1. Resto Shaman (High) 2. Warlock (High) 3. Windwalker Monk (High) 4. Feral Druid (High) 5. Rogue (High) 6. Balance Druid (High) 7. Hunter (Med) 8. Ret Pally (Med) 9. Holy Paladin (Low) If interested please contact Hellsbucket or myself in game or add my BTag Spanks#1861. You can also check us out at Jul 2, 2015
Jul 2, 2015 <RSC> 10/13N 1/13H (Heroic Progression) We're Rocketship Convoy and we're currently in need of DPS only. We prefer 685+ Item Level but can work with a little lower. We are progressing on Heroic content and wanting to begin Mythic content as soon as we're capable. We're full on Paladins, Hunters, Warriors and Mages but can use all other DPS classes especially Shadow Priests, Shamans and Rogues. We raid Tuesday through Thursday from 9-Midnight Central Time/Server time. We've cleared all raids fully on Heroic but lacked the 20 man in order to do Mythic, currently about 4 DPS away from being a solid 20 man raid. All experienced raiders are encouraged to join. We also have a very chill atmosphere, so if you're not a relaxed raider then we won't be the right team for you. If you have ANY questions feel free to add my Battletag Itachi#1290 and I can answer any questions you may have.Danarki3 Jul 2, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 694 ilvl Fury LF Raiding guild! Have logs! Hey everyone! Just looking for a guild maybe 2-4 nights a week, weekday nights maybe weekends if its the right time. I am looking to progress through heroic then eventually mythic when its available! Heres my logs We stopped raiding because we couldn't fill a mythic roster. I am looking for a guild that is striving towards this or already setting up towards mythic. Post here or add me Kresh#1630Windhammer6 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 Rerolling shaman looking for pve raiding I'm a lil low now obviously :P But i am looking for a fun place to level where I can have some friends and enjoy getting on to play with you guys.Anonamouse0 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 Fury warrior LF guild between 9pm-3am server Looking for a serious raiding guild to join that raids around 9pm-3am server time. I am in Alaska so I am 4 hours behind EST. Thank you for your time.Mythorial0 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 695 Hpally looking to Transfer My main is currently Hpally with 695 ilvl and I am looking to Transfer over and join the Alliance. I am looking for a raiding guild that raids past 9pm PST and any days. I am looking for a guild that is doing heroic or mythic. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you all :)Syphn0 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 Lock LF PvP Guild 1650 Last season, 1800 exp in MoP. Looking for fun and active guild to run arena's and rbg's. No drama please.Momentofzen0 Jul 1, 2015
Jul 1, 2015 <Merc> LFM <Merc> 4/13N HFC is looking for the following: Mistweaver monk, mage, shadow priest, and/or hunter. We are a laid back guild, however we expect everyone to carry their weight and be respectful guild members. Our raid days are Friday and Saturday 9pm-12am server. As we have a short raid schedule, I ask that you are someone that will contribute efficiently the raid team by being on time and being prepared. Please be at ilvl 675+ and perform appropriately for your item level. We use a loot council system. Any questions feel free to contact me in game skelm#1219.Oaknuts0 Jul 1, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Mage looking for new guild. I'm wanting to swap mains and start back raiding on my Mage. I raided mythic/ 10m heroic in SoO. Will to transfer for right group. I play all 3 specs great. Was top 3 Mage on realm last xpac. Add karasu533#1220Dinfos0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 688 Resto/Feral - 689 Balance LF Guild I recently transferred and I'm looking for a cool guild with cool people to raid and prepare for 6.2, the days they don't really matter, I've got a versatile schedule. I have 9/10 HC experience, never tried to push much further because of reasons. I'm a very versatile player and I have the ability to play most of the classes if needed Don't know what else to put here so feel free to add me and ask me any questions Johnnymhb#1136 or whisper me in-game to this toon or Wutaisauce Thanks for checking meWutaiprime8 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 683 DK looking for guild. Hello! Item level 683 frost death knight looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild. I've mostly pugged this whole expansion because I've had school but can raid now because I'm off for the summer. Have raided with a guild during WotLK and Cata. I'm looking to join a guild that is looking to progress through normal hfc and move to heroic. I'm 17, pretty laid back, and am willing to listen to any criticism/advice. During the summer I can raid at about anytime but once school starts Friday and Saturday night raiding times are preferred. Add me on real id if you are interested @xxnexx15#1533Dalthrom2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 Feral LF Raiding Guild 680 Feral Druid looking for a Heroic or Mythic raiding guild. Will have a guardian OS soon and just want a good guild to progress through content with and have a good time. Whisper me in game or add me on Btag: BlooKangaroo#1413 with raid days/times.Thalmane7 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 <Eat Sleep Raid Repeat> Late Night Raiding <Eat Sleep Raid Repeat> is celebrating its 1 year anniversary on Sargeras! We are a group of friends who have been playing WoW and other games together for years. Our leadership have led many successful raid teams and set a very positive raid environment for our players. We believe that being successful in raiding is great, but if you hate the people you raid with what is the point? It’s much better to down bosses with people you actually enjoy being with! Come join us! We are looking to fill both core raider and casual positions within our guild. We provide the following to our core raiders: -- Strong Leadership (Varian is busy looking in a mirror anyway.) -- Flasks, Potions, Food, and Repairs (You are not prepared…but we got you) -- Constructive Feedback (It’s much more insightful than proving grounds…we promise.) -- A Positive "No Drama" Learning Environment (We make no promises about male night elf deaths) -- Ready access to Warcraft Logs (You still have to find your own lumber in game though.) Currently we are looking for the following classes to fill core spots: -- Mages -- Hunters -- Shadow Priests -- Balance Druids -- Warlocks At this time we do not have core spots for Tanks, our tanks have close to 100% attendance. We are currently interested in absorbing another 10man raid team for our push to mythic. If you have a 10man and are looking to step it up for Mythic please contact Wubwubs at the realid posted below. Our raid times are Tues-Thurs 11pm-2am Server (CST), Mondays is an optional raid night as we push new content. We expect our core raiders to have strong attendance, but we do understand that real life comes first. We use a loot czar system. Our master looter takes things into account such as, Attendance, BiS, comparable ilvl to the rest of the raid. Our expectations of raiders looking for core spots are: -- Mumble with a working headset -- A positive attitude -- Close to perfect attendance -- Working knowledge of your class -- Willingness to try non-traditional strats -- Willing to use the in-game calendar to help schedule events -- A good follower – we are good on leaders and too many creates confusion Though we do not raid on the weekends, we are still active and generally push toward achievements to help each other with our mains and our alts. What to expect if you join up: We currently have an active raid roster of 14-16 players and we are looking to push to a full 30. We start the week with farm content, and we gradually sit players not pulling their weight or under-geared for certain content throughout the week. As soon as we have 20 players capable of Mythic raiding we will push that content. Currently our members have AotC Highmaul and we are pushing for AotC BRF with our overall goal being to get Bleeding Edge before the release of the next tier. Here is a clip of us getting AotC to give an example of what our raid team is like: If you are interested in joining our group of friends, please contact our only 2 officers Wubwubs and Gorgeouss via realid: Wubs#1753Wubwubs15 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 <Singularity>7/10M LF Lock/Hunter/Bomie/Rogue About Singularity: Singularity is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage US alliance. Most of our core members used to be in Top 100 guilds and have vast prior raiding experience dating back to Classic WoW. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. We are a talented group of players who wants to see all the game has to offer without raiding 5-7 days a week to do so. We all enjoy our lives outside the game and don't have to sacrifice anything from it to play here. If you enjoy playing with highly competitive, friendly people on a lighter schedule then this is the place for you! We are a tight knit group of old friends and you'd be hard pressed to find a more fun environment to play in with equally skilled players. There is always room to join our family and we would love to expand our roster a bit. While most of the core members have transferred with us, we are still short of couple of DPS and heals. We are currently the fastest progressing guild on Stormrage, we moved to the top 10 guilds on this huge server in no time. We intend to fill these spots in our roster and push Mythic HFC harder. Current Requirements: Warlock (High) Boomie (High) Feral (High) Hunter (High) Rogue (High) Resto Druid (High) Warrior (Medium) Mage (Medium) If you are looking for a much laid back raid atmosphere and a competitive guild who will get things done, then this might just be the new home for you. You can get all of that on a lighter & more relaxed schedule. What set us apart? We will have all of the progression without the feel of it being a 2nd job. We have the allure of the 25 man raid scene. The guild is very active outside of raid time. We sell buyer runs and split the payment with the players involved, rated BGs, old achievements, challenge modes and 2 different alt runs on weekends. We have a raid atmosphere that is a step above most you may have been part of. It is laid back and yet very focused. It is very much an open door policy here at Singularity that goes for leadership and raid etiquette. You expect to be and will be heard here. I know one of the biggest things for me when I was ever in a guild was I wanted the raid atmosphere to be something special and the people I played with to not be raid bots, and I also wanted to be able to go to the leadership if I needed to. I felt that made a guild strong. Well that is how I have always conducted my guild, and this will be no different. Expectations: Ability to attend all raid days on a regular basis, with no major repeated conflicts. Mumble and a working mic. Being able to actively participate in mumble to convey time sensitive information is of utmost importance. A good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have a fun, laid back atmosphere; our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively, and we expect you to be able to buckle down and focus when it is required. A sense of humor and thick skin. We often give out criticism here and call out mistakes. It can often be blunt and to the point, if that bothers you then you won't last long. Our core members are passionate about their class and roles and are constantly looking for ways to improve so we expect the same from any applicant joining our cause. One should be able to take constructive criticism objectively and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. They should be able to adapt to random situations which they may encounter and have no issues with being aware of their surroundings. Important Info: Raid times: Tuesday, Weds, Thurs (additional Mondays only if we are close to downing a boss) 08:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST Voice communication: Mumble Loot: Loot council Attendance: 95% or greater. App Process: Submit an app on our website [] or contact us on the below mentioned real id. Post that we will set up a Mumble interview. A decision will be made shortly after the interview. Contact Information: Real ID – Obskure#6264 or ImmortalChao#1996 In-game Characters – Majestyk, Murikk, Warradyne, Smirk, Kyross.Majestyk17 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 [H] Looking for pvp guild I know horde is pretty well dead on this server, but I don't feel like transferring servers. I can play Aff or Destro, doesn't really matter to me. I just want a group of people to play with... either Arena's or RBG's.Desireea0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 --paying well-- for GLACIAL VEST & ... Glacial Gloves! Note: I need the glacial VEST not the glacial robes. Leave your btag or msg me, thanks!Marsha2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 [A] Sargeras RBG Team Hi Sargeras! I'm setting up a comp I want to run for 6.2 and I will be experimenting with a few class changes. I want to push a team to 2k Minimum for the season wether it's on my warrior or paladin which are both ready for the new season. If you're interested, Please mail me in game. If I don't pick you, its due to wanting to run a specific comp or 2. Once this team is set up I will start a second team as I want to help more players become competitive in 6.2 so if you're not in first team stay tuned. I will be purchasing a vent server and if I get a good response I may even start up a guild but I don't want to add to list of so called pvp guilds. I want to work with different players regardless of guild and I want to work with people cross server if needed. To keep the players in contact I will be using a specific comm for players to easily interact with eachother and break ice. Looking for people who are good with using voice comm and have a mic and not shy to communicate. We are also expecting people to be in full wild combatant gear for the core team. Casual team is less strict. I am also open to running with a promising friendly RBG Team that's in need of a Full-Time Warrior. I'm VERY interested in rating push but am happy with running RBG consistanly as it's my favorite aspect of the game right now. I don't mind giving my 2 cents into advice on strats in games but I am still learning as much as I can from reading multiple articles considering my renewal in Feb. About myself, I was a competitive pvper back in Burning Crusade for seasons 2-4. I got Challenger in season 2 and got duelist in season 3 and 4 through my 5v5 team which we successfully achieved 2k both seasons. I went casual during wotlk and shortly quit for 5 years. I have been back since February this year and some of you may recognize me from building a team of new pvpers from ground up to very close to 1800 Cr in RBG in a cesspool guild. We put up good fights against 1900MMR teams. Other than that, I've mostly been running YOLO and made friends along the way. Looking forward to pushing 2k+ on Warrior and possibly my rogue and paladin as well but my focus will be my warrior until at least a 2k has been achieved. I am also looking to run arena 3v3 and 5v5. Please mail me in game to let me know if you're interested in playing RBGs for Arena and what bracket. Thanks! Warrior (Main) - Geared and enchanted in arms and fury Paladin - Geared for Holy and Ret Rogue - Geared for Assassination and CombatLionelius0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 BM monk lf serious progression guild Notable achieves: s5,6,7 gladiator Server first glory of the raider (Whatever Were Awesome) Server first glory of the ulduar raider (Whatever Were Awesome) Heroic rag pre-nerf (Obsidium) Tribute to insanity (Hold Fast) Notable top 100 world guilds: Whatever Were Awesome Obsidium Hold FastWhatitishoee0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 9/13H 13/13 normal XP LF Raiding guild LF a Core Spot you can contact me at Gamezero#1396Lumani0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 693 H Pally LF guild Hello i am a 693 Hpally looking for a raiding guild. I prefer 12-4am or 4pm-8pm server raid times. 7/7H 10/10H expForak2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 696 rogue LF guild 696 rogue 5/10 mythic brf exp LF 11pm est or later raiding guild that is looking to do mythic hfc content.Twisteez0 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 696 rogue lf "late night" guild 696 rogue 5/10 mythic brf exp LF 11pm est or later raiding guild that is looking to do mythic hfc content.Twisteez2 Jun 30, 2015
Jun 30, 2015 <Darkmoor> Recruiting We are recruiting all roles to form a weekend raid team. Currently we are 7/10N and 3/10H. We are looking to form a steady team so that we can progress much faster in the remainder of this tier and of course in HFC. Raid Times Saturday and Sunday 4-7pm Central Expectations Show up for raids. be 18+. Come with some skill. Due to our short raid times and because we are behind in progression, we are looking for competent people. Recruiting All DPS Contact Info Badwater#1622 If you are interested BattleTag me. I am usually on in the evenings and throughout the weekend.Badwater10 Jun 30, 2015