Jan 29, 2016 715 fire mage LF casual heroic guild Hello, im currently looking for a active guild. I would prefer a more casual guild due to my work schedule being different every week and gf aggro, although on my days off im on alot. I Have been playing mage since BC and like to do a variety of things in wow like pvp and raids. I would prefer a small guild where i actually care who you are not one of the guilds that are member capped. I currently have a mix of raiding and pvp gear which puts me at ilvl 715, my ring is almost fully upgraded I have a ilvl of 740 in pvp I would prefer a guild that does heroic raids weekly and although i may not beable to make all of them i would beable to sub in if able Thx!!Magusburn5 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 [A] <Second Wind> 5/13M new weekend raid team Second Wind is starting a new raid group to raid on weekends! Our 5/13M RL is starting a second group to start fresh progress on mythic. Looking for anyone with the drive to to start mythics with our second raid team. Maybe you aren't free in the evenings during the week, maybe your current (or previous) guild was planning on stopping at heroics. Come check us out if you want: - A fun and competative raid environment - Weekend raiding! Friday and Saturday 8-11pm Central, Sunday 11am-2pm (subject to change) - An active and friendly guild - Mythic gear! All we ask is: legendary ring, item level 715, and 13/13H progress. Message me here or in-game (vanlear#1474 or direpriest#1378)Vanlear1 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 <Currently Online Gaming> Come Have Fun Again <Currently Online> US - Sargeras - Alliance - Is recruiting raiders for **ALL DIFFICULTIES**, and social/casual players of all levels! _________________________________________________________________ **About Us:** <Currently Online> Formed at the beginning of MoP by a core group of players that have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla, we are more than just a guild; We are a gaming community with our roots in World of Warcraft, take a look at what we can offer! _________________________________________________________________ **What We Offer:** Other than one of the most active World of Warcraft communities in the *WORLD*, with over 3,000 members in 4 different guilds, we offer a **HUGE** slate of activities to offer our players. *In WoW*: * 4 Raid Teams - ranging from normal to mythic difficulty * 10/13 Mythic Progression * 2 PvP RBG Teams * Room for advancement as a staff member * Always active guild chat - 4 guilds linked with "green-wall" * In-game activities and competitions: Mog contests, races, mythic dungeons, achievement runs[/ul] *Out of WoW:* * Minecraft Server w/ events and mod packs * Communities on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit * Awesome CoGuild merchandise like; Shirts, Hoodies, and more * BF4 Clan * Runescape Clan * CoD Clan * Destiny Clan * FFXIV Company * Game Marathon Weekends: Rust, Hurtworld, 7D2D, Rocket League, Tabletop Sim, and more * ALWAYS Active Teamspeak * DRINKING NIGHTS * Movie Nights __________________________________________________________________ **More Information:** <Currently Online> Has something to offer for everyone, if you are a hardcore raider or a hardcore casual, you can find a place her at Currently Online; leave your dying guild behind, and come have fun again! If you want more information about our group you can visit us at our website: . **Mythic Raid Times:** Tues/Thurs/Mon --- 10pm - 1am CST **Contact Us:** You can contact us a number of ways! Add one of the following officers to your Btag list: Coldcrow#1329 Swampage#1881 Alodar#1812 Amena#1308 Makinclouds#1752 **OR** Email us at: ____________________________________________________________________ We hope to see everyone in game!Coldcrow0 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 Holy/Ret 728 ilvl 13/13H LF Raiding Guild... Hi I'm an experienced paladin looking for a home. I'm available for raids Sun, Mon, Tues nights 8pm-12est. Possible Wed but that involves some extra work on my end. I have been a paladin main since Vanilla. End of vanilla I was leveling still when BC hit. Raided all content in BC as a Holy Paladin. For Wrath I went Ret / Holy and spent the majority of the content as a Ret paladin. Followed my friends to a new server where I went back to main spec Holy for all of Cata. I raided for a bit in Mist till my daughter was born at which time i went AFK. She is now 3 and I have time again to play. I came back to the game in Sept and found my old guild gone and friends scattered. Since then I have server hopped 3 times to join guilds who seemed to just go afk and die. I like this server and would rather not move again so I'm looking for a home for the rest of WoD and to prep for LEGION. I can be found at SH34D#1776 and would love to hear for a guild who is active and that my available times work for. Thanks! Cloudòudruler1 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 8/13M MW Monk LF raiding guild Mohn orc lock - Runetotem (original main) Pref looking to stay on Sargeras and preferably for a late night guild btag - Mohn117#1964Møhn2 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 closed not looking anymore.Destaric4 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 725 Boomkin alt lf guild Hi guys, My main is 13/13M and I'm looking for something during the weekdays for my boomkin! I can also play Resto and Guardian, but those two specs aren't as geared. You can contact me at Moonsetter#1801.Cenari4 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 712 Hunter LF Raiding guild Hello all, I was 4/13M on my Horde toon:, but my raid leader decided he was burnt out with raiding and decided to dismantle the raid team so I decided to revive my favorite class and move it over to Sargeras in hopes to get into some raiding Alliance side. My gear isn't the best atm, but I have been trying to gear up via PUGs which has been a bit rough tbh. I hope that I fit the bill for one of the great guilds on this server. Battletag is Voodoo92#1406 let me know in game if you're interested! - SylandraaSylandraa7 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 722 Marksman Hunter LF guild Looking for an active heroic raiding guild maybe starting out mythic. I do around 60k DPS on average, and have AoTC Btag is Tyman#1510Floppyloins6 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 2 LF Raid-731 MM Hunter & 729/722 R/Prot Paly We are looking for a FUN, FRIENDLY, POSTIVE RAID group with 2 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS. We are currently MM Hunter – 731 ilvl - 2/13 M Hfc, 13/13H Hfc, N 13/13 HFC R/P Paly – 729 Ret/722 Prot Ilvl - 2/13 M Hfc, 13/13H Hfc, N 13/13 HFC The hunter also has a resto druid 717 ilvl that is 12/13 H Hfc The 2 of us are very EXPERIENCED RAIDERS who formally raided in more hardcore guilds (top 100 to 200 guild in BC, WOLK & some CATA) doing mostly what is now called mythic content in the past but now we are looking for something more casual, FUN and FRIENDLY. We are far more focused on mechanics then numbers, we are team players and who are old enough and successful enough in life to worry more about the team and progression then in boosting our egos. Our Experience We have been RAIDING since VANILLA and have cleared almost all the content back when it was out & hard until Panda. Since Panda we raided more casually off & on. Days/Times Number of Days – 2 to 3 MAX. Days Available – will consider any schedule at this time day wise. Times Available – 6 CST to 11 CST, can't do earlier (7est -12 est or 4pst-9pst). Prefer 3 hour raids but would consider up to 4 hours. Ideal Times – 7 CST to 10 CST (this is equal to 8est – 11est or 5 pst to 8 pst). Faction We ARE Ally but for the RIGHT GUILD we would CONSIDER going Horde. What we are looking for - A semi casual guild (we are use to raiding Mythic content) with 2 core raid spots, that is FUN yet makes decent progress. We want to see the content, but a raid spot in a FUN, mature and FRIENDLY environment are what is most important to us. We are older players (both of us are over 40) so we want a place where we can RELAX and have FUN. The GUILD CULTURE and RAID ENVIRONMENT is what we care mostly about. We thrive in a ra ra type environment where everyone pulls as a team because they want to succeed. We want to RELAX NOT ADD STRESS to our lives. This is not to say we are uncomfortable with criticism. WE welcome constructive suggestions, if we are doing something wrong tell us about it so we can fix it. Fix the problems and move on. RAID SPOTS If you don't have 2 full time immediate raid spots then don't contact us. TO CONTACT US Feel free to contact Purlee – Pure#1885 (Don or Pure), or Dpeter#1949 (Peter). *** Note if you contact Dpeter there is a very good chance it could be his kids on his toons (they are more often then not on them more then he is) so ask if its Peter or not. [/u] [u]Hpeter5 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 726 (90%+ Parses) Hpally LF Mythic HFC/Legion Title says it. I'm looking for mythic progression. I'm currently averaging 90-99th percentile for hps on warcraftlogs. Please add me in game for further inquiries. My battle tag is Zevn#1166. Bellow are my last few logged raids. I'm flexible for raid times, but i would prefer a T/W/Th night schedule. I also have 724 ilvl ret gear but i'm currently upgrading my holy ring. Mythic assualt Attempts: (1/14/2016) - (1/13/2016) - Heroic HFC: (1/13/2016) - (1/6/2016) - Thank you for your time and consideration.Zvy1 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 [A] 730 F DK LF Mythic guild Thinking of transferring servers, looking for active mythic guild that is mature and stays out of forum and trade chat drama. I would like a guild still progressing rather than a full clear carry. Preferred raid times are weekdays 2 or 3 days a week 7p-1a eastern but am semi flexible there. I have 5/13 mythic experience and am familiar with strategies with all bosses. My btag is tj106#1661 if you would like to talk.Tee6 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 736 10/13M Holy/Disc Priest (736 MW) LF Guild I also play MW (Aless-Sargeras also 736). I am looking for a new guild, preferably one that has raid times start 8PM server or later and that is at least as progressed as I am. BTAG is Lordmudkip#1318.Ylisse1 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 [A] Ret Pally 714ilvl LF Heroic/Mythic Guild Looking for a good guild for the rest of this expansion and for legion my schedule earlier in the expansion started to get a bit crazy and I had to miss a couple weeks of raiding and in that time my current guild fell apart and wasn't able to get good raids going. Am looking for a good guild that is looking for solid members and is progressing onto mythic after heroic and attendances are solid pst if you are interested, am on most days and my battle tag is spike#1994Spîke3 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 735 5/13M Holy Pally looking for guild Armory: Some Logs: (90% parses on 4/5) Guild went casual until Legion, I'm still looking to raid weekday nights (no earlier than 7pm server). I am a smart, vocal, competent healer and a quick learner of mechanics.Genripper5 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 Mage LF Raiding Guild Looking for a decent raiding Guild that raids between 8PM and 12AM server time, 3 days a week, any day a week. I have extensive raiding experience, having begun on December 26, 2005 and raided just about everything while it was current. I recently took a break from raiding after a Guild I led fell apart. For more info, add me at Verhangnis#1455!Pracht3 Jan 29, 2016
Jan 29, 2016 Sargeras Dischord Server For anyone interested I have started a server for Sargeras. It is similar to irc but also has voice and is much nicer and much more user friendly. Click the link below to join. The Dischord app is available for PC and mobile phones at Click here to join! Jan 29, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 [A] <Ronin> 2/13M Looking for ranged DPS We are currently 2/13 Mythic we still need to fill our roster to 20 people. We are in need of ranged dps. Our Current Recruitment Needs: Tank: N/A Healer: N/A Melee Dps: N/A Ranged Dps: Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Shadow Priest Our raid times: Sunday/Monday 8pm -11pm cst. We are on Sargeras About us: We are a established guild looking to fill our ranks with equal minded players that want to down current content in a reasonable amount of time. We are currently 2/13 mythic. What we look for: -Attendance we would like you to show up at least 90% of the time the 10% including emergencys. -We want you to know the fights and know your role -Be able to accept constructive criticism, we want to help you become a better raider we wont just kick you out if you are struggling. -We want you to have the legendary ring or at least close to finishing it. Contact us at: Superbucket#1870Theologist1 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 Neversleeps Saturday HFC GDKP Hey all , PLEASE READ THIS ALL TO ENSURE YOU UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING I will be starting a GDKP run up every Saturday night from now until it fizzles out. We will be doing Heroic HFC 30m you must make sure you are not saved to any bosses going into this run. There will be a minimum amount of gold expected to bring will be 150k. . There will be a 20K buy in to enter the raid which will be refunded at the end of the run. This will ensure people stay for the whole run. List will be done Friday night. If signing up as a healer or tank you must have a dps spec ready to go and playable as those spots are taken with carriers for the most part. RUN IS SATURDAY AT 8 ST ( 9EST ) Invites start at 7:30ST ( 8:30EST ) The list will be done on friday night so check back on this forum to see if your on the list. Please email me at swinslow @ or post here on forums with the following : Btag : Toon name: Class / Spec : Ilvl : Amount of gold bringing to the run : Rules- This is a GDKP run. All items of value (Epics, BOE's, Enchant mats, ) that drop will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The combined Gold Pot from all Auction Sales will be split evenly to everyone at the end of the raid. Raid members will only receive their share of the gold pot if they are present in the raid when the final boss dies, no exceptions. You forfeit your share of the Pot if you have to leave early or need to be replaced. You may be replaced if: - MUST HAVE TS3 READY TO GO WHEN WE DO INVITES! - You AFK for more than 15 minutes without informing the Raid Leader - You DC for more than 15 minutes - You will also be kicked if you do not bid on anything, that is an ilvl increase. All Auctions and Bids will be in public raid chat. Items have minimum bids, but no maximum bid. No private tells for bids are accepted. No loot is reserved. Everyone must bring flasks to the raid. Prices- ALL ITEMS- 705 Gear- 5K 710 Gear- 8K 715 Gear- 10k 720 Gear- 15k Tier- 20k Tier/reroll- 10k Side grade/offspec- Half of the cost. Socket/WF is 5k added to the starting bid. Tank- Tank- Melee- Melee- Melee- Melee- Melee- Melee- melee- Melee- Melee- Range- Range- Range- Range- Range- Range- Range- Range Range Range- Range- Range- Range- Range- Healer- Healer Healer- Healer- healer- Thanks all and hope everyone's having a good week. Neversleeps Btag@ Synergy#1256Neversleeps24 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 <Endemic> is recruiting / Normal Heroic Guild Greetings folks! <Endemic> is a somewhat newly formed guild on Sargeras and is looking to fill the few remaining spots in our roster to progress in raiding and prep for Legion. We are a 100% NO DRAMA, stress free guild who focuses on having fun, creating a great community, and progressing together as guild mates and friends. We come from all backgrounds in WoW from hardcore Vanilla through current raiders to folks returning after breaks, etc. Our current raid schedule is Tuesday nights 8pm-11pm CST and Friday nights 8pm-11pm CST When we aren't raiding, we are continually doing things as a guild (mog runs, mount runs, Mythic dungeons, hanging out in TS, Achievements, etc) to continue to build a good solid foundation and HAVE FUN. Currently, we are quickly progressing through normal HFC and will be stepping into Heroic HFC within the next week or two. We are looking for a few good DPS to finish out our 20 man raid (which we hope to progress through Mythic with) Our current needs available for immediate openings include: Enhancement / Resto Shaman Unholy DK Sub Rogue Shadow Priest Demo Warlock Arcane Mage If you are interested in finding a good home with a relaxed environment with people who want to bring back community to WoW while progressing steadily, we may be the guild for you! We encourage you to visit our website and fill out an application under the Recruitment tab :) or feel free to add any of the officers via BattleTag for a chat. Reach out to any of the following folks Endemia: Gojira#1469 Ihealjoo: Rhyan#1558 Faeryne: lindsdesign#1416 Smials: leisabailey#1421 We look forward to talking with you! =DFaeryne1 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 Lock LF raiding guild Hello, roughly 690 lock, LF a raiding guild. I had to take a break due to my course load last semester was greater then expected. But it has lighten up and should stay lighten for a while. And I am looking for a guild to join for the remainder of this tier and through legion. I do not have logs, but I have a mic, and working headset, as well as reliable internet and computer. And When I join a guild, I stay and am very loyal.Ríléy5 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 28, 2016 Executie 3/13M is recruiting! <Executie> 3/13M 13/13H is recruiting all dedicated and exceptional players for our Mythic roster. Immediate spots open for Ele and Resto Sham, Boomy, Disc and Shadow priest 715+. Mythic team raids Tues/Wed 8-11 server. BTag Sparklefartz#1899Sparklefartz0 Jan 28, 2016
Jan 27, 2016 WTB Gold Challenge Mode Carry Post here or add me to negotiate price and time, TSmarine#1579. I have done 3/8 so far (Bloodmaul, Auchindoun, and Iron Docks).Thesmir0 Jan 27, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 9/13 M hunter and shaman and warrior/mage LF I wanted to say first off, thank you for taking the time to read this. I know there are lots of apps currently on this page. With legion coming in the few months ahead, my friends and I are looking for a new guild. We are looking to move guilds because the raid times no longer work and honestly, we are not enjoying raiding with our current guild. While we want to progress quickly and down mythic bosses, we also don’t want to be yelled at and criticized constantly during raid. We want an environment where it is fun and enjoyable while also being serious when it comes to progression. While we understand there will be frustration and arguments and criticism we don’t want that to be the main brute of raiding. We would rather there be helping and instructions during raid. Before reading on, the raid must start no earlier than 10:30 est in order for us to make raid so we are seeking a more late night raiding guild. If these times fit your guild, I will briefly go over our progressions and some info on us. We are looking for a guild 8/13 M but will consider all at least 6/13 M. Dracone (hunter) ilvl 732- 9/13 M HFC 10/10 M BRF Hacky (restro shaman, off spec ench) ilvl 726- 5/13 M HFC 10/10M HFC Hacky had to stop raiding because he took a new job, which didn’t allow him to progress with us any longer. He has experience on M Gorefiend and M soc as well. Rancor (can play warrior or mage)- 13/13 H HFC He is wanting to get back into raiding after taking some time off due to RL issues. Now that everything is settled he is ready to start raiding again. He has previous mythic experience in Pandaria. If you guys are interested in what you see and would like more info please feel free to contact me. My btag is Dractwo#1699. Hope to hear from everyone soon!Dracone0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 No Pressure 13/13H LF members for mythics We are currently in need of a Hpal, Enhance/Ele Shaman, Mage, and Priest to begin our mythic progression. Prefer 715+ but will work with new members to gear. Looking for skill over ilvl. Logs encouraged but not required. Please whisper Icymyth, Stabyo, Adrelorind, Spoilsport, Warshields, or Grimfel for more info.Icymyth6 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 Anyone have a Mythic HFC opening tonight ? Just as title says looking for a 11/13 or 12/13 Mythic opening for this Paladin , all gear of course. Thanks Synergy#1256Erradicate0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 717 Disc LF Mythic guild! Hi, I'm currently looking for a guild that raids anywhere between 7pm-2am EST, any days are welcome. A little about myself, I've been playing this game for about 8 years. In that time I've mained pretty much every class in the game and done 90 percentiles on them. I'm very competitive and try my hardest to do my best every attempt. Currently I'm in Stay Mad as a casual and attend their alt run on Monday. What I can bring to the guild, a competitive attitude that wants to succeed. Logs: if you're interested I'll recheck this thread every couple hours so leave your spam, or add my realid Kenny#1630Cinderellaxo3 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 DELETE Please delete.Blitzzer2 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 27, 2016 <Hijinx>Illidan Serv T,W,TH 7-10pm EST 5/13M <HIJINX> 5/13 Mythic ILLIDAN SERVER!! RAIDS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-10pm EST (6-9pm SERVER) We are a Horde guild located on the Illidan Server. SEEKING: Shadow Priest Mage Warlock Boomkin Hunter Ele Shaman ABOUT: Hijinx is a Semi - Hardcore Raiding guild that is seeking current and previous Server/US top players. Our focus is on high quality end game raiding in Mythic content. We have a detailed application process and interview to ensure only the best are accepted into our main raiding team. We were founded June 13th 2015 in Wildstar and migrated to World of Warcraft in late August when Free to Play was announced. With us we brought 8 raiders who helped build the guild from the ground up. Our goal is to build a solid team for Legion and maintain Server top 20; US top 300. In order to do so we have created 2 raiding groups. One being our main group with Mythic level raiders and the other being an open recruitment weekend run. We offer a unique opportunity for returning veteran players and new players alike to prove their worth to us and work their way into the main team if that is their desire. This being said, our recruitment process is stringent and detailed, as mentioned above. REQUIRMENTS: -715+ ilvl -Legendary ring (or within 1 week) -Clean UI (No Stock Unit/Ability frames unless you have a VERY good reason) -Must have DBM/BW at a minimum, other class specific addons are a + -Must have ALL (ALL) abilities key-bound to include trinkets, potions, and interrupts. -Must be willing to play the top spec for each fight, no one trick ponies -Must fully upgrade your gear before the end of your trial period(2 Weeks, LFR+ Mythics+ Daily/Weekly = over 8,000 a week. This is completely do-able even if you have absolutely nothing upgraded when you join the guild) - All gear needs to be gemmed/enchanted/etc -Desktop (No laptops unless it is a gaming laptop) -Land line (No Wifi) -Preferred but not auto deny: 12 button mouse, High end gaming PC, and more than 2 years exp raiding in your chosen role. -We look for proper Glyphs, Talents, and Specs. -We look you up on logs, those under performing for their brackets will be denied in most cases. -Absolutely no clickers, if you take your hand off of WASD to push buttons past 6 in your keyboard or you use your mouse to click the abilities on your bar, this is an automatic decline. WHAT WE OFFER: - The guild supplies weekly consumables to those of RAIDER Rank. -Modified LootCouncil: Performance/Rank/Attendance + BiS are all considered -Dual Main Spec Loot Priority -Guild Repairs during raids. -Guild Funded Gems/Enchants. -Great leadership and opportunity for advancement within the guild. - 3 Nights a week 3 hours a night raids with continuous progression. -A light but serious atmosphere for raiding and getting the job done, while still having a good time. -Competative spots for a constant improvement to the roster. -Female/Minority friendly guild. All raiders are respected and treated with dignity. TRIAL: Trial period lasts for 2 weeks starting on your first raid. You must maintain 100% attendance during this period, obviously emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis. Trials will have 0 priority to loot and are expected to be ready for raids no later than 6:45pm EST. Bring all consumables required, be gemmed, enchanted, etc. Once the trial period is complete, if you pass you will be granted the rank of Raider. You will then b e given access to our logs and all of the perks mentioned above. Trials are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions, and be part of the team. VALUES: Hijinx operates under strict values that were borrowed and molded based off of military values and common sense. Being that the GM, Raid Leader, and others in the guild are of a military background, those who are or were military will see many similarities. Integrity – Be truthful with others and do not manipulate or misleading. Morality – Be able to distinguish right from wrong and choose to do what is right, even when no one is looking. Modesty – Be unassuming or moderate in estimating your own abilities. Be humble and let others be the judge of your quality. Tolerant - Be willing to accept the existence of other opinions or behaviors that you yourself may not necessarily agree with. Perseverance – Be steadfast, do what is expected despite difficulty or delay. Dependable - Be where you say you will be. Do what you say you will do. Excellence – Excel in quality, be outstanding, be good at what you do and constantly practice and improve. CONTACT: GM: Yäz Yaz87#1800 Recruitment Officer: Dârkleaf Dark#12125 Raid Leader: Sownsu Other Officers: NewRarke & JackieCobraŸaz6 Jan 27, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 <Hardcore Fishing Guild> 13/13 N Recruiting Hardcore Fishing guild is a relatively new guild looking for miscellaneous DPS and possibly a few healers for Progression forward into Heroic Hellfire Citadel. Currently not too worried about Legendary rings, but it is needed to have you working on it while raiding. Requirements: 680 ilvl Able to meet raid times of Friday 9PM EST to Midnight EST and Saturday 9PM EST to Midnight EST. Teamspeak 3 installed and ready to use. Please message me in game as Tydroleron, or add battletag of Ithanthra#1237. Thank you. Note: Saturday 1/16/16, I will be out of town and we will postpone raid (not required) to Sunday to finish clearing at 1pm.Tydroleron4 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 [A] <Ronin> 1/13M Looking for ranged DPS We are currently 1/13 Mythic we still need to fill our roster to 20 people. We are in need of ranged dps. We are in high need of a warlock. Our raid times: Sunday/Monday 8pm -11pm cst. We are on Sargeras About us: We are a established guild looking to fill our ranks with equal minded players that want to down current content in a reasonable amount of time. We are currently 1/13 mythic with a 15% wipe on Iron Reaver. What we look for: -Attendance we would like you to show up at least 90% of the time the 10% including emergencys. -We want you to know the fights and know your role -Be able to accept constructive criticism, we want to help you become a better raider we wont just kick you out if you are struggling. -We want you to have the legendary ring or at least close to finishing it. Contact us at: Superbucket#1870Theologist8 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 0/13Mexp Under geared Hpally LFGuild I am an undergeared holy pally looking for a guild. Looking for a guild thats more close knit that likes to RBG and occasionally run through raids. Or even a 10ish man raiding guild. I have just started playing again after taking time off, but I actually have some really good experience with raiding and PVP. Just not recently. Shoot me a tell ingame or somethingZotakul0 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 <Currently Online> Come Have Fun Again! <Currently Online> US - Sargeras - Alliance - Is recruiting Raiders for ALL DIFFICULTIES, and social/casual players of all levels! _________________________________________________________________ About Us: <Currently Online> Formed at the beginning of MoP by a core group of players that have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla, we are more than just a guild; We are a gaming community with our roots in World of Warcraft, take a look at what we can offer! _________________________________________________________________ What We Offer: Other than one of the most active World of Warcraft communities in the WORLD, with over 3,500 members in 4 different guilds, we offer a HUGE slate of activities to offer our players. In WoW: 4 Raid Teams - ranging from normal to mythic difficulty 10/13 Mythic Progression 2 PvP RBG Teams Room for advancement as a staff member Always active guild chat - 4 guilds linked with "green-wall" In-game activities and competitions: Mog contests, races, mythic dungeons, achievement runs Out of WoW: Minecraft Server w/ events and mod packs Communities on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit Awesome CoGuild merchandise like; Shirts, Hoodies, and more BF4 Clan Runescape Clan CoD Clan Destiny Clan FFXIV Company Game Marathon Weekends: Rust, Hurtworld, 7D2D, Rocket League, Tabletop Sim, and more ALWAYS Active Teamspeak DRINKING NIGHTS Movie Nights __________________________________________________________________ More Information: <Currently Online> Has something to offer for everyone, if you are a hardcore raider or a hardcore casual, you can find a place here at Currently Online; leave your dying guild behind, and come have fun again! If you want more information about our teams you can visit us at our website: . Mythic Raid Times: Tues/Thurs/Mon --- 10pm - 1am Central Contact Us: You can contact us a number of ways! Add one of the following officers to your Btag list: Coldcrow#1329 Swampage#1881 Alodar#1812 Amena#1308 Makinclouds#1752 OR Email us at: ____________________________________________________________________Coldcrow1 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 Genesis is recruiting 12/13H ||Genesis|| - Burning Legion US is recruiting strong and dedicated players to push our Heroic HFC progressions. ***This is a cross server recruitment posting*** *****PAID SERVER TRANSFERS ARE POSSIBLE***** ==================================================================== We are located on Burning Legion - US and we are currently accepting applicants for a vent conference for strong and dedicated raider positions within our raiding family. We have been on Burning Legion - US for a better part of seven years. We are a very tightly organized, and well ran guild with a social atmosphere and a casual gaming experience. Current raid progression: 13/13N - 12/13H - We do Normal Archimonde every Sunday for ring upgrades and push our Heroic content Tue-Thur nights. All raids start promptly at 8ST and run until 10:30ST. Current Openings: Healing: 1. Restoration Druid. 2. Restoration Shammy. Melee DPS: - Current classes/spec's that will be considered. 1. Death-knight (Blood OS) 2. Monk 3. Retribution Paladin 4. Feral-Druid (Restoration/Guardian OS) preferable. Ranged DPS - Current classes/spec's that will be considered. 1. Warlock 2. Hunter 3. Shadow Priest (Holy/Disc OS) - preferable. 4. Mage 5. Boomkin 6. Elemental Shaman. (Restoration/Enhance OS) - preferable. If interested, please contact the following for more information: * You can also contact us directly by /who Genesis on Burning Legion-US* Guild Recruitment Officers: Perregal - Guild Master Battle-tag: Allanon#1842 Awakke - Guild Officer Battle-tag: mmurphy1908#1875 If you are interested in joining our relaxed and progressive atmosphere, please send an in-game mail to us directly on our server, or add Perregal on his battle-tag Allanon#1842 requesting more information, or leave a post down below. We will pull you into vent and discuss what we are looking for further at that time. Thank you for checking out ||Genesis|| - Burning Legion US.Perregal0 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 <Lifeless> is Recruiting !!!! <Lifeless> is a new home for intelligent raiding. Who we are and where we come from. The original members of Lifeless come from an extensive and diverse raiding career. Vanilla and Burning Crusade raiding are the true roots to the ideology and history of this guild. We represent the returning veteran players that seek an active intelligent environment to play competitively in. Lifeless has taken many different names throughout the years at different points in time throughout Wrath of The Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria. The endgame goal here is to build and maintain an active competitive raiding team all throughout the rest of Warlords of Draenor, and the entire duration of Legion and beyond. Raid Schedule Tuesday & Wednesday from 7p to 11p Server Time. The idea here is that while we operate at a highly skilled and intelligent level, the time spent raiding is more akin to that of a casual schedule, as opposed to a hardcore five days a week five hours a night guild. The original members have a Mid-Day schedule, thus the need for a late night time slot. Invites start around 6:30p Server time. typically, with heavy emphasis on starting before 8p. We believe that time spent raiding should be irrelevant to serious progression as long as the correct attitude and playstyle are used. Trial Period and the attitude expected of Trials The trial period here can last anywhere from 1 week (in a perfect scenario) to a month, depending on the attitude, skill, and teamwork observed throughout raiding. The attitude expected of trials is very Burning Crusade in nature. A trial should not concern themselves with the raid leading or composition of the group. Your focus should be to prove to us that you can consistently and efficiently play at the high skill level while keeping quiet and demonstrating that you are respectful to the leadership of the guild. In a raid encounter, typically DPS trials should not speak unless spoken to, unless otherwise instructed to call out a mechanic. Attendance is mandatory for any applicant. Playstyle and mechanical awareness. First and foremost, this is not a raid team that tolerates clicking of abilities, tunnel vision or late reaction time to mechanics. A healthy and efficient set of keybinds should be used along with at minimum of a modifier, or two. This is a test sentence designed to make sure people read this post, the test word is viktor. The ability to precisely and quickly move your character using a combination of mouse turning, move forward and strafe keys is expected of any core Gaming member. We focus on predictive reaction to mechanics, instead of reactive. A great example for this idea is the Reap mechanic on Council Hellfire Citadel. Reactive players wait until Reap is cast or DBM/BIgWigs screams at them to start moving towards the edges of room to drop said Reap, due to the nature and speed of Reap, it is hard, if not impossible, to get to the optimal location to drop it. Predictive raiders will always be keeping an eye on boss timers and know that Reap is coming up soon, will check their debuff bar for Mark of The Necromancer (the indication that Reap will be dropped under you) and create a gameplan for where to start moving a couple seconds before Reap gets cast. It's the difference in having a raid team that does alright, versus a raid team that does absolutely fantastic. Current recruitment needs and the state of the team. Healers are high in demand, and exceptional melee and ranged DPS are in need. No specific healing classes are being called for as it stands. <Lifeless> is more on the fresh side of forming a team. Quality over Quantity is heavily observed here and we are not scared to turn away sub-par players in order to build a team correctly. We have two exceptional tanks that have been raiding together for years. A handful of DPS here and there, and currently a couple healers. Raid nights currently consist of the Raiders and Trials we do have, and pugs to fill the rest. Contact me through this forum or in game (Froosh#1363) for more information on the guild or interest in applying.Turbox6 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 23, 2016 <Enigma>10/13 Mythic LF TANK + LOCK/ROGUE/SHA <Enigma> US Horde Mal'Ganis 13/13H, 10/13M HFC Guild Website: • Gazzuk - Gazzuk#1936 (GM) • Yochi - Madesca#1830 (Co-GM) • Jaiydia - Persephone#1793 (Recruitment Officer) -- ABOUT US -- Enigma is an awesome group of people with a dedicated core that wants to down mythic progression bosses but have fun while doing so. We are currently looking for a few more reliable raiders to round out our mythic core roster! We are currently working on mythic Hellfire Citadel progression and are looking for those who would like to join us in pushing our way up the ranks for not only just the end of this expansion, but for the upcoming expansion as well. We are striving to perfect our team to be ready for competitive progression in the upcoming Legion expansion. For simplicity sake I am trying to keep this post rather short so if you would like more in depth info or have any questions about our guild or its history we would prefer a more personal chat with any potential recruits via btag or mumble! Also, if you are applying and come from a different server and need help with your transfer please let us know and we will work something out with you. If our raid times and days fit your schedule and you are looking for a guild to see this expansion through and progress into the next feel free to add some of the battletags below so that we can further discuss the raid program, the environment, and why you should join us :). Some of us also play other games during off nights together so if you are looking for a community we are always happy to acquire people who enjoy playing other games on non-raid nights. -- CURRENT PROGRESSION -- • 13/13H HFC • 10/13M HFC -- RECRUITING -- • RANGED - Warlock • MELEE - Enhancement Shaman - Rogue • TANK (Preferable classes below) - Druid - Warrior -- SCHEDULE -- • Raid Days - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday • Raid times (All time zones listed for convenience) - 8-11:30PM PST - 10PM-1:30AM CST - 11PM-2:30AM ESTJaiydia0 Jan 23, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 WTB Heroic Arch kill WTB Heroic Arch kill w/ personal loot!!!Griswöld0 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 Lzuruha is recruiting! Lzuruha is recruitng! We are currently 2/13 M, and looking for pretty much any class/role. Our raid times are 5:45 PM to 9 PM Server time on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays. Goal is to eventually progress into mythic once we have enough people. FULL ON HUNTERS We're looking for capable people, as in, know your class, know how to play, know boss fights. You can talk to me here or add my battletag Rickykong#1122Rickykhong11 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 22, 2016 736 ilvl rsham 10/13 M exp LF raiding guild of similar progression to my experience, only available for late night raid times starting 9 pm pst or later sun-thurs or early hours friday saturday (ending before like 6-7ish pst), willing to server xfer. Baker# 1300 add me or reply to postSoggytotem0 Jan 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 For the Alliance! Achievement group. Polling the forums to see if anyone would be interested in this on the Alliance side. It would be a late night raid, preferably around 12-2AM server time. I know a lot of people have this achievement from when it was launched back in 2008, but I figured I would see if anyone was interested in doing this now. Post either here on the forums, or you can contact me in game. If I get enough responses I'll consider putting together a solid group and time. This cannot be across servers and should only be from those on this server (as my understanding is that xrealms will mess up the raids, however this could be changed as this is two year old information).Ound0 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 please Delete No longer with <Endemic>Cyrius20 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Tank and Healer LF normal/heroic guild New transfer from Tich here. After doing PVP for a couple seasons, me and my friend have decided to move back to PVE permanently. I have tons of raiding experience dating back to TotC/ICC. I was also a GM back when I had a ton of free time in MOP, of a normal (heroic now) raiding guild, so I can help out in many ways. I can play just about every class and spec needed, most recently my main was a Hpal (710ilvl). my friend is currently finishing gearing his blood DK (690ilvl), but can frost DPS if needed, and he has been raiding with me since dragon soul, and tanking since early MOP. We are looking for a guild running normal/heroic HFC two nights a week. would prefer one of those days be Friday night. best times would be 7-10 (week days) and 9-1am Fridays. We would really like a guild where my friend can get a tank spot (pending trial peroid of course). Thanks! ~fishBãdfish2 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 [A][Sargeras] 11/13M T/W/Th 6-9CST LFM! Hi there! I'm Arycys from <Adventure Time>. Excuse the cross-realm recruitment message. A quick note on our trial period for cross-realm recruits: We understand that server transferring is a big commitment; one that you may not be ready to make to find that you don't like the fit of a new guild. For that reason, we are more than willing to offer a 1-2 week transparent trial period with you staying on your "home" server. At the end of 1 week, if we agree that you and <Adventure Time> are a mutual fit, you'll be offered a raiding spot and asked to transfer. If you or our officers need more time to decide, we're willing to extend our trial period to 2 weeks. About us: <Adventure Time> is a "hardcore casual" 11/13m raiding guild on US-Sargeras. We are a group of skilled and progression driven players on a 9 hour a week schedule. We promote a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, however, when it comes to progression all of our raiders know how to buckle down and get serious in order to accomplish our goals. Our website is: We are primarily searching for another healer (preferably with a competent DPS offpsec), 1-2 melee *with* a tank offspec (backup tank style), and ranged DPS Your main spec's legendary ring and at least 715 equipped ilvl are heavily recommended to be considered. Current Recruitment Needs, up to date as of 19 JAN: Core spots available in the following positions: Deathknight - DPS (ability to play blood would be nice but not necessary) Mage - DPS Recruiting the following at normal priority levels: Shaman - Resto/Ele/Enh Druid - Resto Rogue - DPS Warrior - DPS Warlock - DPS Even if your class is not listed above, please remember that all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply even if you do not see your class or spec listed above. We are always looking for great players to add to our roster. Our logs are public and easily searchable; if you feel you're significantly better than one of our mains and have the logs to back it up, put in an app! Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Thursday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) We raid three times a week, and while we understand real life does happen, we expect 90% attendance or higher out of our raiders. In the event that you must miss a raid night, we expect for you to warn the officers ahead of time via our forums or an in-game whisper so that the guild can plan accordingly. What you can expect from <Adventure Time> Joining Adventure Time is not only joining a raiding guild, but joining a community and group of friends. On off-nights, we host achievement runs, alt raids, and other fun yet optional events. During raid, you can expect a professional and skilled environment that is not only fun to be apart of, but allows you to kill the bosses and experience all of the content for yourself, rather than just hearing about someone else doing it. Further, we offer repairs for raiders, and a supply of flasks, food, potions, and other necessary consumables for raiding. What we expect from you In order to maintain a successful raid on only 9 hours a week, as well as a fun atmosphere, we do have some expectations out of each and every one of our raiders. 1) We expect all of our raiders to come to raid prepared, having read the strategy we will be using for each boss beforehand, and equipped with all of the necessary gear and consumables to last the entire night. 2) We use ventrilo for communication during raid and we expect all raiders to be able to be on ventrilo, and we strongly prefer that our raiders have a microphone and are both able to and willing to talk. 3) We also expect you to put forth all of your effort in properly understanding not only the fights, but your own class and spec, so that we can maintain a high level of skill during our raids to continue our progression. Applying to the Guild If you would like to apply to our guild, please go to and click on recruitment at the top of the page to fill out an application. Once you submit an application, an officer will contact you shortly to discuss your potential membership. Contact Information If you have any further questions or you would like to speak with an officer directly, please feel free to contact via forum PM at our website, or at either of the battle tags listed below. Recruitment officers on the forums are Mina, Arycys, and Cas. Casayan#1119 Serival#1762 Mina#1850Arycys4 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Protection Paladin LF Mythic Rading Guild Currently 725 ilvl. I have multiple H Archimonde kills. I have a lot of raid experience as I have tanked on this character since Cata. I am available everyday of the week at night time.Zãmørãk5 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 11/13m Unholy DK LF Guild Currently looking for a new home. Can raid Tues/Wed/Thurs nights. Current ilvl is 736. Leave info so i can be in contact with you.Quaritch9 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Mage looking for a raiding guild Hi, I am currently looking for a guild for raid progression. I am 10/13 in hfc and looking for a guild that is farming hfc normal or starting heroic. I am looking for a midweek raiding schedule, preferably 9-12pm. My ilvl is 702 and am currently working on the legendary ring. If you have any questions you can reach me at MrArti#1159 Thanks!Artzilla1 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 WTB M 13/13 Carry Looking to get a M 13/13 with mount carry on this server. what are reliable guilds and their current prices for these carries?Amazondeals0 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 LF CM group to sell carries -Windwalker is for the majority BiS. Still need a multi - haste neck. -BrM Is more than capable of being played as well, and has majority bis (Full crit, have one Crit>Mastery piece, and no pure bonus armor jewelry), however I see little need to play it in a carry setting. -I sold carries in MoP on Disc priest, hunter, and a few on BrM. -I've done 8/8 multiple times with friends and I really enjoy CM's. I'm looking to get with a group and start selling. Time#1944 if you would like to talk.Esme0 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 703 Rogue & 697 R/BDruid LF raiding guild Hello I am looking for a raiding guild for my Druid, somewhere to start fresh and gear up from heroic hfc or mythic dungeons and have a full raid team going just to get going and gear up! my bt Masterage#1542 I will be willing to transferAladia0 Jan 19, 2016