Dec 5, 2014 634 resto sham LF raiding spot Looking for levelheaded raiding group doing 2-3 runs a week, evenings ~8-11pm realm time Raided as healer late wotlk, all cata and early mop Battletag is Phoenixx#1478 --- edit: found one, can't find a way to close/delete thread thoughPhoéñixx0 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 635 Resto Druid LF highmaul weekly slot Pm me for a discussionWhiskeymorgs0 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 4, 2014 [H] Tank Looking for Highmaul Group Hi all, I am looking to tank for a Highmaul group on my alt, currently 635 ilvl can be higher with BOEs. My availability is: Friday: 7pm - 2am Saturday: 12pm - 2am Sunday: 12pm - 6pm Real ID: Nayrahl#1659Igoslam1 Dec 4, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Tuesday Question: Most Valuable Player This is my last Tuesday Question for the year. Because next week I will be AFKChristmas and the week after that I will be AFKowmyheadhowmuchdidIdrinkbleeeeargh. That said I felt the need to wrap up the year with your nominees for The Most Valuable Player for Saurfang. These are the players that have gone the extra mile for their World of Warcraft fellow travellers, the guildies that put in a little extra effort, the fumbling newbie that went back and learned his class and came back a skilled player, the considerate and the kind whom you may have only ever met in passing, the patient player in your group who helped the struggling new guy with his spells and output. For myself, I would like to nominate the following... Triangleman, from whom I learned a lot about Shaman healing. Mscloud, and his many alts, for general awesomeness. Briedanfyre, best of all the fyres. Kattskills, my favourite student, for her ability to learn quickly and embrace her Katt-Fu. Decham, his "looking for WoW playing girlfriend" post in these forums wins Post of the Year. Nastre, for being awesome at writing and stuff. Snaj, for The Snaj Doctrine. Mentioned in Dispatches. During the American Civil War, the Confederate Army had no system of medals or recognition of valour or bravery, the highest accord a soldier could earn was to be "mentioned in dispatches" by senior officers in their communications back to headquarters. The following players have earned Mentioned In Dispatches status this year: Whiskeyjack, Dolan, Nixilas, Istiah, Evilthingy, Alriadne, Blankjb, Bootieboot, Tullelthor, the Batibot guild, Bronebeard, Misspliffy, Shadetree, All at Ajantis, Flenton, Grayce and countless others who have made this year fun, despite the doldrums the game seems to be in of late. Finally, thanks to Blizzard, for an awesome game. So who would you nominate as MVP? And why? Tell us your story.Torchsong29 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Stuck trying to load character I got booted an hour ago and I can log in to other servers but on Sarufang the loading bar gets stuck at 90% and i can't log in to any character!Dealage1 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 'Character not found' error I garrison hearthed from Gorgrond and was booted with a 'Character not found' message. I tried relogging with that character (showing no location on the char select screen) and get kicked back to the select screen with the same message. This happens with all of my characters on all realms, and has been going on for over 30 minutes now. Please help fix this Blizzard! I'm so sick of not being able to play this game.Kaalis4 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Looking to move to Alliance Hi All, I started playing again for WOD after LK, and currently Horde.... However with the exception of Ashran.. Horde suck at PVP! Wondering if anyone one on Ally can answer some questions for me, 1. as DPS how long do heroics take to pop? 2. how long to BG's take to pop? 3. Do you ever win a round of ASHRAN? Im fully geared PVP so ashran is not a huge deal, but id prefer to win Thanks for any adviceZolì2 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 [H] One night a week casual raiding in WoD TL:DR •One night a week raiding in WoD, Sunday night, 1930-2230 server time •Horde – Saurfang (Oceanic PvE server), though can be cross realm. •Initially, no requirement to join the guild (though preferred and likely to be required in the long term) •No strict attendance requirements •#Xei1632 For those who want a full explanation of where I want to take the guild, please read the below. Endless Fury – Saurfang Horde (Oceanic PvE) Vision To have a full team of friendly and capable players to be able to complete all raid content at our own pace - one night a week on a Sunday evening, approx 1930-2230 server time. Mission To complete ALL raid content available, including heroic modes and meta achievements for mounts/titles. There may be some heroic mode encounters that will be beyond our capabilities, but skipping anything will have to be thought through and we will more than likely come back to it once we outgear it or Blizzard nerfs it in later patches (as they always do). Strategy Biggest hurdle we face in the setup is gathering numbers first, and the right people. I would much rather have slow progression and enjoy the company I raid with than have great progression but have personnel issues. We need to first develop some strategies around recruitment. In these early stages we will likely accept anyone interested, as long as they fit in with our guild/raid group culture. The short trial period will determine the initiates suitability to be a part of our guild/raid group. I do not expect everyone to be in-guild in the early days. People are unwilling to jump guilds on a whim and it would be unrealistic to expect people to do so until we prove we can put this together and make it viable. We will also need to PuG some in the early days - usually tanks and healers. This means people are also going to have to be patient. PuGs are hard to manage, so are people with limited raid experience. I will have to maintain a spreadsheet of players, class/spec (primary and secondary) and battletags for those not in the guild or on the server. So those who haven’t give me those details could you please let me know – even if you are already my friend (in the event I am absent and someone else raid leads). Also those who have a few other friends that are interested please put them in contact with me. Personal loot will be used initially, though I would like to transition to Master Loot/Group Loot as soon as possible. Nothing worse than receiving an item you already have or don’t need through personal loot and not being able to give it to someone else. Raid scheduling and planning will be done via the in-game calendar invite and/or the guild website (www.endlessfury/ – please sign up. I have sourced a Teamspeak server for us to use – make sure you download and update your TS client. Important points to understand when signing on to this •It is likely to be frustrating and slow initially, and we will likely have to rely on PuGs. The better we do the more people will become interested, the more we recruit and the faster we can move away from using PuGs. •The reason we only raid one night a week is that we all have other commitments during the week that are far more important than WoW (work, family etc). Hence, during the week, there is likely to be very few players online from the guild. If you are after a big guild with loads of people online to do stuff with every night of the week, this isn’t the place for you. •Due to the non-guild and cross-realm nature of our early raiding endeavours, the only real way to keep in touch is the guild website. I use it a lot, but I am usually the only one. I will update everything on there, so keep it stored in your favourites and check it out at least once a week. What you can expect from Endless Fury •Strong and committed leadership. I have been guild and raid leading since WoW was born (I played open WoW beta all the way through to today). Hopefully this document gives you some sort of insight into how much time and effort I put into this. •Good communications around the intent and direction of the guild. Starting with this, but as things evolve and if our intent or direction shift, I will plaster it all over the forums and seek input from everyone. Whilst I am the Guild Leader, this is not a total dictatorship, and any future change of intent/direction of the guild needs to be discussed before a decision made. •The guild has a large sum of gold (300k), so guild repairs will be enabled for raid nights (for those in-guild). Depending on cash flow, we may be able to fully supply raiding consumables (food/flask/potions) and/or raid gear enchants/gems.Xeî6 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Any PVP guilds Horde on this server? Im after a Guild that does some PVE but mostly PVP, BG's and Arena Had experience in LK and loving it again in WOD, let me know cheersZolì0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 ilvl 637 Warrior Tank LF Guild Hello, since I basically skipped over actual raiding in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria to pursue a more casual approach to the game, I am very keen to get into WoD raiding. I haven't done proper raiding (excluding flex) since ICC Heroic and Normal mode, and during that period I was a dps and healer, but I believe I have become a fairly competent tank. As it stands I've managed to accrue an ilvl of 637, still trying to upgrade my engi goggles more, and make the inscription trinket. Unfortunately WoWArmory doesn't seem to be very up to date with my characters gear, hopefully that changes soon. I have a flexible schedule and am keen to progress through all tiers of raiding at a steady rate while improving on my skills.Itouch1 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Saurfang now the most balanced server. I just checked RealmPop and at level 90-100 there are 14772 Horde Characters & 14775 Alliance Characters. Start of Mists it was like 40% Horde. Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Poundfist Spawn Location + Time Thread I think we need one of these so we dont have to stress if we are away rushing home to get the spawn etc! Last I heard he spawned Monday morning at around 9.40am Would be great to keep this up to date (ill do as best as i can) just so we can have a record of his average spawn time over the upcoming weeks. Cheers! Spawn 1: 9:40am server time 24/11/14 Spawn 2: 4:35AM server time 30/11/14Discjockey7 Dec 1, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 looking for friendly raiding guild Add me or whisper. Finlay_storm@Yahoo.comMalevilent0 Dec 1, 2014
Nov 30, 2014 [H] Mage LF late(r) night raid guild As the title states, I'm trying to find a late night raiding guild. Most guilds posting on the forums are raiding about 8pm-11pm ST, but I'm looking for about 10pm at the earliest. Please leave a reply, or message me in-game on Wallivander#1278Wallivander0 Nov 30, 2014
Nov 28, 2014 [A] Escendia is recruiting Hello friends Escendia is gearing up for an exciting trip into the past! We'd love for you to join us and witness the majesty of Draenor before it was ravaged by climate change (97% of mages agree this is caused by Goblins). We raided 10M in MoP. We're aiming for Mythic raiding in Warlords, but we'll be starting out on Heroic/Flex while we bolster our ranks. We're an Australian guild of long-term WoW players. We strive to be a fun, safe and welcoming environment for all, and to be productive in raids without making it a second job. Raid times are Mon/Wed raids at 8pm-11pm server. Times are subject to change based on needs/availability of the group, so feel free to get in touch for a conversation. Our immediate needs are one tank and a couple of healers. However to round out the mythic group, we'll need a few warm bodies of all roles, so please get in touch. We can be reached in game, at, or on Twitter @escendia. If you'd like to add me directly for a chat, I'm Azazel#1894. We look forward to adventuring together. To Draenor!Azazel9 Nov 28, 2014
Nov 28, 2014 Dk:Blood Ilvl 632 Tank Hi Guys/Gals, I am looking for a guild who flexi raid twice a week and could use a semi proficient tank. Please feel free to msg me in game or on here. Regards, TitaniummnTitaniummn0 Nov 28, 2014
Nov 26, 2014 Calling All Engineers ok so accidently crafted the MAIL headpiece... so any mail wearing engis wanna make me the PLATE version of it and ill swap you let me know so i havent wasted the 100 gears No slamming or hate thanks honest mistake with the stat swap it all was int and !@#$ just a tired after work mistake lolNickki0 Nov 26, 2014
Nov 26, 2014 Tank LF regular CM group As the title says. LF regular CM dailies. 634iLVL Warr, armory hasn't updated of course.Pestilenceyo0 Nov 26, 2014
Nov 25, 2014 US Based 630 Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild Battlenet: Leau#1945 Hello all, I am a US based player just coming back to the game after a hiatus during Cata and MoP. During my 3 year break my life has changed a lot and I want to raid but am having issues finding a raiding guild that does that in the wee-hours of the morning in the US. I am wondering if anyone is looking for a 630 Holy Priest to roll with them a few times a week. I can raid 5am-8am Central... I believe this turns in to 10pm-1am in Sydney. I'll include some information about me below... I am willing to server and faction change... I believe that is possible because I believe these are still considered US based realms. Perhaps I am totally misguided and am screwed over. Character name: Eucharist Character Spec / Class: Priest – Holy, Current iLvl 631 Character server: Kirin Tor – Alliance Armory link (Please log out in your main spec and PvE gear): Relevant alts: No other 100s right now, no plans to level any alts at the moment. ____________________________ Personal Information Location: Texas, English speaker only Availability (Days / Hours): 4am-8am Central Time – Any Day, No More Than Four ____________________________ Raiding Information Raid experience: Vanilla – MC, BWL Full Clears, Onyxia (Priest Heals) BC – Karazaha, ZG, First 3 bosses in SSC (Mage and Resto Druid) WOTLK – Naxx 1-/25 Full Clear, Ulduar 10 man, up to Last Boss, TOC 10/25 Full Clear, ICC First 4 Bosses (Resto Druid, Holy Pally) Cata – Did not play MOP – Came back at the end, did not raid – Leveled Pally, Druid, Monk, Priest to try different healing classes, settled on Priest Previous guild(s) and reason for leaving: I don’t remember my previous guilds names, just some raiding guilds on my server, left because of RL commitments UI – ElvUI for Raid Frames, DBM, Zygor for Leveling, Recount, TellMeWhen I have Vent and a mic. ---On a side note, I have a kid on the way in May (first one, woot) so during that time I may be taking a hiatus. I also have at least one other person that is in a similar boat and may want to come along. They are a prot warrior. Battlenet: Leau#1945Eucharist2 Nov 25, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 WTS Leather Belt ilvl 665 Looking to sell leather belt for 140K. If interested whisper me in game or mail me.Lrr0 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 WTS Feldrake 210k Looking to sell Feldrake for 210k. Can sell to alliance over AH. Also looking to buy a Rooster/Swift Spectral Tiger. Add me Smithfield#6303Cptwonderful0 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 Ashran faction ratio Howdy, I'm not exactly sure how the Ashran pvp system works with regards to its faction ratio, but I was trying to farm my Orc kills which i discovered is impossible since ally have 15 people online whereas horde have a so many people they are standing at the ally 'zone in' area slaughtering us. I thought maybe I could go to Khaz'goroth and join that group where it was more even matched. I couldn't. Is there some kind of x-realm system coming into place? Because the one at the moment isn't working.Nudnud20 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 [H] The Despot recruiting Ranged DPS!! <The Despot> is currently recruiting Ranged DPS and 1 Melee DPS for its core raid group, we will be aiming for Mythic raiding. Raid times are Sun/Wed 8pm-11pm ST. Apply atànajuana0 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 H-Asura Nagrand LF Healers For Mythic Asura is a World of Warcraft Horde 20+-man raiding guild on the Nagrand (Oceanic) server. We are a GMT+8 based guild, with the majority of our members based in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and various other parts of Asia. We are a guild of mature adults who share an enjoyable gaming experience amongst members who work as a team and characterize politeness and mutual respect for one another and the general server population.&amp;lt;br/>Our core raiders are all working professionals who wish to give our best and push for progression, without sacrificing our working/family commitments.&amp;lt;br/>&amp;lt;br/>We raid 3 nights per week, for three to four hours per night.&amp;lt;br/>Our raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 9pm - 12am (GMT+8, SG time) [11pm-2am Nagrand server time].&amp;lt;br/>We do not observe daylight savings time and therefore during daylight savings our raid times will be 12am-3am Nagrand server time.&amp;lt;br/>&amp;lt;br/>We are currently looking for healer classes for WoD 20+ mystic progression&amp;lt;br/>If this sounds like the guild for you please check out and apply&amp;lt;br/>or contact me in game GETHY#1654Evilpumpkin1 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 23, 2014 8 people looking for pve guild 8 of us transferred to saurfang horde from US servers we are currently in mostly heroic gear and are looking for a guild before the raids start up. I would link armory but it is not currently showing our characters if you want to contact me you can whisper Neal-Saurfang in game or add me on Btag - Neal#6151Lilyaldridge1 Nov 23, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 (H) Frost DK looking for Guild Hi Saurfang. Frost DK with a Blood off spec looking for a guild. New to server and been playing for 9 years on US servers. Been raiding for 8 of those years including a hard core raiding guild during Lich King . Into raiding and all guild activities and would prefer a guild that is social and friendly in chat. Hard core raiding is not needed as long as some progression and fun is had. Available raid days currently are Mondays to Wednesday nights or any day before 3pm. Currently level 100 with a ilvl of 623. Please contact me in game or on here if you know of a good home or wish to know more about me to see if I suit ur guilds needs.. Thanks Toon name - Bloodfròst RealID - BigBlitz#1632Sonazra0 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 [A]<The Lions of Judah> LF Weekend Raiders The Lions of Judah is a family oriented casual guild looking for weekend raiders. We have vent, 5 bank tabs, and guild repairs. Raid days/times are Saturdays and Sundays starting at 1:30pm server time. Message Aashey or Occultus in game for an invite.Occultus1 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 Selling caster Off-hand Sold.Khandroma1 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 [H] Blood DK Tank/DPS Hello! I am currently looking for a guild. Am a 98 (almost 100) Blood Elf Death Knight whose mainspec is Tank but can also Dps if preferred. Did all of the endgame content for every expansion. Highlights include Alagon 10 and TOTC 50 attempts remaining, Free the whole day on weekends and weekdays from 11pm server time. Hit me up! (:Ariiellea0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 [H] Blood DK Tank/DPS Hello! I am currently looking for a guild. Am a Blood Elf Death Knight whose mainspec is Tank but can also Dps if preferred. Did all of the endgame content for every expansion. Highlights include Alagon 10 and TOTC 50 attempts remaining, Free the whole day on weekends and weekdays from 11pm server time. Hit me up! (: 99 Currently will be hundred by tmrAriiellea0 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Welcome to Siege Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Character Not Found error was in my Garrison trying to find the Ken for the "Lost Lumberjacks" quest when i couldn't see him where the (!) was on my map. logged out to see if that would fix it but now it wont load past around 80% and spits me back to character selection with a "Character Not Found" error anybody else get this?Sonrannis4 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 How are things Alliance side? Just wondering how things are on the Alliance.Katir7 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Horde - Bad Voodoo Recruiting We need some raiders to bench for us ;) and flex. Suit casual but still want progression. Nov 18, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 horde or alliance Heading your way to play with friends... this horde alliance or balanced server?Dishrag1 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 How's the server going? Stuck at work, and was never able to get on yesterday, because queue. I was wondering how the queue has been today?Bistra1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Server First Level 100's Momentkiller and Myself, achieved level 100 at 9:34am Server Time. Was wondering if any Alliance Players beat that time? Was good fun :)Obzolo16 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Alright! A day in queue, literally got in a minute before shutdown. Might do it again tomorrow, woooo!Taelar0 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 REALM IS FULL Since starting to play wow 5 years ago I have never had issues logging into wow except for the start of Cata and even then it was only a few minutes. I currently have a SAURFANG IS FULL sign on my screen, giving me an estimated time of 40 minutes to login. Either bliz has sold a LOT of WOD subs or the free character transfer when they moved the servers has been larger than they expected. If you are logged in ... don't log out!Zivoom36 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Saurfang wait time Hello Blizzard, I waited in the queue for more than 3 hours. When there were just 50 people in the queue, I was kicked out and when I logged in again, there are 2000 in the queue again. Can you please do something about it?Kirat0 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Cannot find realm Cannot connect to saurfang or find my main toon. Automatically tries to connect me to nagrand realm even though I have never played on it and when I select to change realm there is a blank server list with no other servers.Bloòdlust5 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Official Blue response about our servers. ...Wolvenkin8 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 all characters not found? Just hearthed to garrison, and it d/ced me. Toon is in limbo, and logging onto ANY of my saurfang toons now gives me 'character not found'. Server just crap itself, or is it a problem just for me?Kosmokoza0 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 A< NÖCTURNAL> @ Saurfang GMT+8 recruiting WOD Class we highly needs: 1 x Tank (Druid , Monk, Pally) 1 x DPS with Off spec healer (Druid/Shammy/Monk/Pally) Warlock Rouge Class we medium needs: DK – DPS Druid –DPS Warrior –DPS We are looking for members that run for a long term, so we would looking for people who are joining the guild with the class they enjoy the most, not the ones that temporarily fit our biggest needs. We do believe class balance is important and necessary but not a must. Player skill, knowledge, reaction, commitment and attitude are more important. Guild: NÖCTURNAL Server: Saurfang Raid time: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. 11:00 pm – 2:00am server time, GMT+8 times 9:00pm – 12:00am (if you are in SG HK TW Mala). < NÖCTURNAL > we were form in middle of MOP with a group of friend who been raid together for few years. We aim for raiding, end game and fun. We are recruiting players who looking for a long term run in WOW and the guild. We aim to provide a calm raiding environment, not a yelling game; we are all here to enjoy the game and to have fun not another unnecessary stress. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact; Kazyua#1802Keitaro2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 i got disconnected from server? i already inside saurfang after few hour of playing, i got kicked out from the serverZarinil0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 SMV broken on the realm? Been having Khagdar trying to take me to SMV to continue questing with no luck, any ETA on getting this fixed?Drooded1 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Saurfang Buy/Sell Names thread Copying this thread: Credits to Kitsu/Fluffy ...Dominacrits7 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Siege of Orgrimmar Experience. Since Saurfang hasn't had WoD released yet but we have the lvl 100 cap I want to know how much experience we are going to get from grinding SoO for another few months waiting for WoD.Thurggot2 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Be wary of this player. Hey guys! Just had a mage "Progoth" leave our guild & take a lot of the mats from our bank. We have a few communal tabs for the casuals, he just took whatever sold for the most and left. Just a heads up. Cheers! [Just a general warning for anyone taking him on, don't be trusting like us - we've since unfortunately had to change the access permissions of the bank]Zinaria2 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 WoD Mini-Game The aim of the game is to see who can get rejected from logging in the quickest due to the crashed world server. Winner gets the prize of seeing the message first.Juuse1 Nov 13, 2014