Nov 14, 2014 A< NÖCTURNAL> @ Saurfang GMT+8 recruiting WOD Class we highly needs: 1 x Tank (Druid , Monk, Pally) 1 x DPS with Off spec healer (Druid/Shammy/Monk/Pally) Warlock Rouge Class we medium needs: DK – DPS Druid –DPS Warrior –DPS We are looking for members that run for a long term, so we would looking for people who are joining the guild with the class they enjoy the most, not the ones that temporarily fit our biggest needs. We do believe class balance is important and necessary but not a must. Player skill, knowledge, reaction, commitment and attitude are more important. Guild: NÖCTURNAL Server: Saurfang Raid time: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. 11:00 pm – 2:00am server time, GMT+8 times 9:00pm – 12:00am (if you are in SG HK TW Mala). < NÖCTURNAL > we were form in middle of MOP with a group of friend who been raid together for few years. We aim for raiding, end game and fun. We are recruiting players who looking for a long term run in WOW and the guild. We aim to provide a calm raiding environment, not a yelling game; we are all here to enjoy the game and to have fun not another unnecessary stress. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact; Kazyua#1802Keitaro2 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 i got disconnected from server? i already inside saurfang after few hour of playing, i got kicked out from the serverZarinil0 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 SMV broken on the realm? Been having Khagdar trying to take me to SMV to continue questing with no luck, any ETA on getting this fixed?Drooded1 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Saurfang Buy/Sell Names thread Copying this thread: Credits to Kitsu/Fluffy ...Dominacrits7 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Siege of Orgrimmar Experience. Since Saurfang hasn't had WoD released yet but we have the lvl 100 cap I want to know how much experience we are going to get from grinding SoO for another few months waiting for WoD.Thurggot2 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 Be wary of this player. Hey guys! Just had a mage "Progoth" leave our guild & take a lot of the mats from our bank. We have a few communal tabs for the casuals, he just took whatever sold for the most and left. Just a heads up. Cheers! [Just a general warning for anyone taking him on, don't be trusting like us - we've since unfortunately had to change the access permissions of the bank]Zinaria2 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 13, 2014 WoD Mini-Game The aim of the game is to see who can get rejected from logging in the quickest due to the crashed world server. Winner gets the prize of seeing the message first.Juuse1 Nov 13, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Looking for NZ based guild. Hi, Just transferred here from NA. Looking for a NZ (preferably) guild that is still active. Not looking to do hardcore raiding, just wanting a fairly casual raiding environment with self paced progression and emphasis on guild community. I've raided pretty hardcore during the end of TBC and WotLK, but left the game for several years due to school and other commitments. Returned only a month ago, wanting to experience the game again. I currently play a ret paladin with offspec holy (~550ilvl), but I also have a level 90 monk, warlock and priest (armory seems to be broken for Oceanic). If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me @ Tolerated#1605 Cheers.Hotsordots0 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 anyone wanna buy a tabard of lightbringer im wanting to sell mine for around 65k if anyone wants give me a shoutTineli0 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 Looking for horde raiding guild in Saurfang Hi I am looking for a raiding guild that raids about 2-3 times a week Weekday/weekend are okay. Prefers 7.30pm to 8.30pm GMT +8 Currently got a warrior/monk/pally (prefers monk dps) Can tank or DPS. Pls chat me up. From Singapore.Zips2 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 [H] Exit Wound - Barthilas - LFM for WoD Exit Wound has been active on the alliance side of Frostmourne for MoP and has now come home to horde for the new expansion. Having been active raiding wise since the beginning of Cata, it was only the past couple of months that it was decided to take a well earned break. However, now that we have a release date for Warlords of Draenor, Exit Wound is now opening its recruiting for a Mythic 20m team. Although we are mainly looking for subs, please note core positions may also open up as we progress into WoD. We are on the lookout for players who enjoy the game and are quite happy to put the time and effort into the game, and who know their class extensively well in order to be a successful raiding team. We also promote a mature and relaxed environment but having a good laugh while downing content. Raiding days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Times: 8pm - 11pm EST Roles: Would like another Mage and Holy Paladin, however open to exceptional players. If you're interested or would like a chat, feel free to contact me on: babydoll#1299Sweetwings1 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 11, 2014 [A] WTB Mythic garry kill. Howdy folks, just moved here from US realms. As title states, just want to purchase a mythic garry kill prior to release. 555 Prot pally. Leave a message here or PM me on battle ID: Sanitrix#1464 Fordred.Fordred0 Nov 11, 2014
Nov 10, 2014 Couple LF a new alliance guild. Hi All, we're a husband and wife couple that has been playing from Vanilla Beta to Wrath, we've come back to wow now and then since then but are back now that we have aussie local servers and ready to go for WoD. We just transferred to the server and are looking for a good bunch of people to join with in WoD dungeons, and raids. We've both had raid experience from vanilla, TBC and Wrath. I play a Mage and Druid bear/heals and the missus is a Shadow Priest with off spec heals if needed. Most important to us is a guild with a good bunch of people that wants to play together and have fun, reply here or contact us in game if you could use 2 more. Yapster - 90 Mage Stherra - 90 Druid Sarbella - 90 PriestStherra1 Nov 10, 2014
Nov 8, 2014 14/14 M raiders looking for raiding guild 584 resto shaman and 582 mage looking for mythic raiding guild for WoD, top end tier clearers but went more casual as of dec last year. looking for 2-3 raid nights per week. add btag if you want to discuss or pls post back. Demonic#1139Scórch1 Nov 8, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 [H] Dauntless, Looking for Raiders for WoD. Hi All, Dauntless is looking for heroic (eventually mythic) raiders for WoD. We are a newly established guild on horde Saurfang and come from a varied background of raiders ranging from Vanilla through to Mists. Currently we are seeking Healers and DPS , with a preference for Non-Plate wearing classes. Our raid times will be Wednesdays and Thursdays 7pm - 1030pm AEST. We also hope to establish a regular alt raiding run on Saturdays. We have ventrilo already set up and will be working over the weeks leading up to WoD to establish a website. For further information add us: Clanker#6521 or Iesha#1175 or you can email us at We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully raiding with you in the upcoming days. Tuvarian.Tsukami4 Nov 7, 2014
Nov 7, 2014 [A] Adversary – lf a couple casual raiders Hi guys, Adversary are currently looking for a couple of additional people to round out our 10 man casual raid team for WoD. We are comprised mostly of family and friends and have been playing on and off together for about 8 years now. Most of our team has extensive pre-mop raid experience with the exception of a couple of our newer players who are still learning the ropes. We’re looking to put together a casual team to try and tackle some 10 man content in WoD. We aim to run 1, maybe 2 nights a week for a couple of hours as people can make it with the possibility of extending if we have the manpower and desire to do so. We don’t take things too seriously and don’t expect anything other than a good attitude. We have a few people taking on new classes/roles for the exp so expect it to be a learning experience for us all. If you might be interested, please shoot me a message in game. We currently have about 9 members on the team, so with the great new invention that is flex raiding we are able to take on anyone who’d like to join us. We would love a hunter to make 10 if possible, and would be really happy with anyone who might be keen to dps/offspec into a healer or tank position if we need to fill roles as the group scales. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks Ish..Ishkala0 Nov 7, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 WTB Heroic / Mythic Garrosh Kill Hi folks. I have very limited time to play due to work and RL commitments. I'm looking to buy a heroic/mythic kill on my ilvl541 Hunter and ilvl522 Shaman (Resto) Alliance side. I've only ever been able to run LFR etc due to not being able to commit to a raid schedule :( Paying 5k each. CheersAmazons0 Nov 5, 2014
Nov 5, 2014 H Garrosh Kill Wtb H Garrosh kill, willing to pay up to 5k, Alliance sideGundhi0 Nov 5, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Battle net problem Is it because this realm is now AU cause im level 54 but it sais 46... Tell me if its a bug? The battlenet ever since it has gone to AU doesn't show my level properly in battlenetJaizaya2 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 4, 2014 Horde <PandaLand> Recruiting H <PandaLand> Is recruiting for our WoD raid team and are looking for very dedicated and serious players.The guild is a fun and laid back group of people but come raid progression we want people to be very serious. We are currently looking for: Tank: Warrior (Preferred) DK, Pally Dps: All Healers: Priest/Pally/Shaman Raid days will be on Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Times are TBC If you are interested you can add me on Bnet or reply to this post. Btag is PirateNinja#6405Grakbrez0 Nov 4, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 [H] Social Legion recruiting for WoD raiding Hi guys and girls! Social Legion is looking to start our raid team back up for WoD raiding. We are experienced raiders, having gone 10/14 Mythic (ex-Heroic) pre 6.0 We are currently seeking the following: - Resto Shaman - Hunter (any spec) - Shadow Priest w/ healy off spec of some kind Our raid times are: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights - 8.30pm til 11ish during DST (7.30 to 10.30ish after DST finishes) If interested either contact Myself (here or in game) or Rhavi in game. Ciao!Dazicals0 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 [H] Trio looking for Raiding Guild Hello, friends and I have just moved to Saurfang after the release of the Australian Servers (Ermagard 20ms). We are hoping to join a progressive raiding guild in which has a strong push for Mythic content, in addition an active social environment would be preferred. We've recently finished High School, so a relatively mature community would be amuse cakes. Characters, consistent Herioc (Pre-Patch Normal) Garry kills. - Retribution/Protection Paladin - Unholy/Blood DK - (Undecided currently)Kanyra2 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 3, 2014 Log In Issues - 01-05-2014 Hey guys... I still cant log in - I get past the select character and then everything freezes on the load screen!! HELP! I've been trying to get in for an hour now :(Squallacze2 Nov 3, 2014
Nov 2, 2014 Saurfang <3 Just gon say, I kind of love our realm, everyone is friendly enough and trade chat always has just the right amount of profanity and butt references. Hope everyone hangs around for WoD on Saurfang. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SORT OF AWESOMEBorisina2 Nov 2, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 574 Bear Tank LF Raiding Guild for WOD I am looking for new guild I had to take a break from raiding as family had to come first and now I am back and I just don't get the same vibe from my old guild I used to have when I left, I was their main tank. I want to start fresh and I wont leave Saurfang this has been my home from the start but I may consider moving my tank back to Alliance where I started. I am an experienced Gaurdian Tank, I do study fights and I take my raiding semi-serious but I like to enjoy myself in a No BS mature atmosphere I also have 7 other 90's but I mainly concentrate on my Tank (main) and my DK both melee classes and classes I am extremely comfortable in playing My Battletag is Antpugga#1656 PS between the hours of 8am to 5pm I'm at work I usually logon to BNET around 6 PM in the evening Cheers AnthonyAntpugga2 Oct 30, 2014
Oct 30, 2014 {H} Athanasy Athanasy are currently recruiting for WoD, we are 8/14 Mythic. We are currently searching for some new members for WoD Heroic and Mythic Raiding. We are an experienced group of WoW players who are quite laid back but know when to get stuck into raiding. We raid 8-11 PM server time sunday, monday, wednesday. We have a solid player base but are looking to recruit the right type of gamer to solidify our raiding group. We are willing to consider any class / role if you fit our group. If you are interested in joining or need more information feel free to add one of the following officers: Necotrucido#1848 cathjoda#1594 armeddevil#1737Tubs0 Oct 30, 2014
Oct 29, 2014 WTB Engerneering lvling kit 1-600 Add me in game Soulus#1918 to negotiate priceThermic0 Oct 29, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Garrosh Kill (Heroic) Hi there, I still don't have the BoA bow and am willing to pay ~15k per kill for the next few weeks leading up to the expansions release for a crack at it. Please send me an in-game mail or message if you can accommodate me. Much appreciated. (ps, Price is negotiable)Sighted1 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 28, 2014 Looking for Blacksmith Looking for a Blacksmith that can create Fiery Plate Gauntlets ( They are an old pattern from LBRS that no longer exist but they are a perfect match for an Xmog set I am looking at building. Horde or Alliance, it doesn't matter, just PM me in game and I'll arrange a meet.Elthzar0 Oct 28, 2014
Oct 27, 2014 LF social, active, raiding guild. Hi all, I've just come back after a 3 year hiatus. My wife has just started playing and she is having a blast so we are just casually levelling together at the moment, and then looking at raiding later on. I'm not looking at raiding just yet as I won't be able to fully commit until the end of the year. Ideally I'd like to find a large raiding guild with an active social element. Some people that like to run heroics, level toons and then hit the raids at night. I'd be happy to help out on the bench for any raid teams/alt runs once I'm geared. Then at the end of the year/beginning of next, we'll just slot in to any spare slots that are available, depending of course if we're worthy of said spots. My main toons are Prot Pally, Blood DK, Hunter, and likely Monk during the next expansion. My wife will be focusing on her Mage. I'm happy to bring whatever is necessary to fill out a raid team. Thanks!! - PrawnPrawnalder0 Oct 27, 2014
Oct 26, 2014 WTS Alani Mount 25k neg Get your Alani mount, that is the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, before WoD comes and no one wants to take the time to come back to Panda-land and farm it! Here's a copy and paste that explains the process! And please don't worry about a scam, I already have the mount so it's absolutely useless to me to try and take it from you. How selling this mount is possible: You have make the highest offer or were the only person willing to pay the minimum (25k) and we have established that you are getting the mount. We group up and find Alani floating around Vale and I use my Sky Crystal to dispel Nimbus Shroud and we beat Alani's 1.2mil HP face into a bloody pulp. Because we are grouped, it is able to be distributed via group/master loot. I will have master loot set (sorry, but I'm the one who farmed the shards, so I'm protecting myself here) and after Alani is killed you will open trade and pay me half of the agreed upon amount before I dis Add KillerDawN#1226Greentornado0 Oct 26, 2014
Oct 26, 2014 (H) Experienced Raider LF Mythic Guild Sup I'll be taking up blizz's kind free oceanic xfer offer and heading to Saurfang at the end of this month. I've raided since BC and am decicated to progressing my toon - even though I haven't been in a raiding guild in MoP I'm 574 tank and dps, and all throughout my raiding days I'd always be one of the best geared people in the raid due to my commitment outside raid times. So, what I'm looking for is a guild with Mythic Garrosh dead (or Heroic pre 6.0 its cool if you're still putting together your Mythic team), or at the very least 6+ bosses down on Mythic. I'm a fury warrior, but will put the same amount of effort into having a tank set ready to go if it's required (though not interested in being a full time tank). My availability is: Monday - Friday 6:00pm - 12:00am (can stretch an hour either side of that for the right guild) Sat & Sun: 2:00pm - 12:00am (willing to go up to 2:00am on Friday and Saturday night) Times are UTC +8 (Western Australia), if you're posting your guild's times please include UTC offset - "server time" or "Sydney time" means nothing to me and if you won't bother to put 1 extra number in your post I won't bother to convert it. What I offer: - 574/574 fury/prot warrior (main) - 564 destro lock (get legendary cloak next week) - 545 resto druid (has legendary) - 525 frost mage - 525 prot/ret pally - All professions maxed - Steady personal schedule - Always make time outside raids for personal progression - Fully self sufficient in terms of gold; I don't need to rely on g-bank - Very aware raider; if we keep wiping on something I will always think of something different (better yet, something productive) to try, which has always led to improvement if not a kill - Learn from my mistakes; if I cause a wipe to the same avoidable mechanic twice I will volunteer to sit out (never happened before, even with 4,000ms latency on Ultraxion one time) - A friendly person or whatever? I won't be a %@%%%*@* to others and will happily take input if I'm doing it wrong Only thing is, I will be away from the end of November to the beigning of Jan (7 or 8 weeks), although I'll bring my laptop and can probably level through that time I would have to wait until January to get into raids. If you guys are well into it by then I will quickly get myself raid ready to jump in (without needing to be carried). Happy to take part in some trial raids or join your alt team to start with if the prospects for progressing into the main team are good. So, post your details, or find me ingame Fendred#1149. Also got a friend coming across, DK, about 564 ilvl tank, but rerolling dps. He's probably good or whatever, if you've got room I'll let him speak for himself.Fendred0 Oct 26, 2014
Oct 24, 2014 [H] <Athanasy> Looking for raiders Currently Atanasy is recruiting for WoD, we are 8/14 Mythic. We will be doing mostly mythic with some heroic SoO until WoD to get heirlooms and such. We are seeing players who are quite laid back but know when to get stuck into raiding. We raid 8-11 PM server time sunday, monday, wednesday. Roles we are primarily seeking are: 3 healer (any class) 1 Rdps (no hunters, or warlocks) and a tank/healer (any class) If you are interested in joining or need more information feel free to add one of the following officers: Necotrucido#1848 cathjoda#1594 armeddevil#1737Legendary0 Oct 24, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 Any Groups Selling Normal Mode Garrosh Kill Interested in purchasing a couple of normal mode garrosh kills for my undergeared alts. Wondering if anyone is offering this service and how much. ThanksLutz3 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 23, 2014 LF +8 GMT raiding guild Hi all i am currently searching for a +8 Gmt guild i am based in Western Australia and have been playing wow since just before BC release. I can make any day except Friday, Saturday I have 4 main Characters i play but have everything at 90 except Paladin and Warlock. My 4 main character are My Prot Warrior Resto Shaman Resto Druid and Hunter. Raid experience wise. I didn't do much this Xpack as i didn't enjoy the content as much But previous expansions I was Resto druid for Cata were i got as far as Heroic Spine and in Wrath i got too Heroic Putricide. I am currently mostly playing my Prot Warrior but am flexible and happy to play anything to help the guild fill needed roles. If you are interested Please let me know as i am very keen to get back into the raid scene and do some progression raids again. or even if you know of a guild that is looking for raid members then let me know please I have posted this across a few servres and i am quite happy to jump to any server if you have any questions feel free to add my battle tag Alistare#1932Reaperofgods1 Oct 23, 2014
Oct 22, 2014 WTS Haunted Memento Selling a Haunted Memento on Saurfang Horde. Looking for 30k obo. Might consider trading for something of equal or greater value. Add 'Soturius' to your friends if im not online to field questions, deals or sale. Quote from WoWhead: ... ...Chronomancer0 Oct 22, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Gold Swap I got 44k on Alliance Saurfang and I want to swap it for the same ammount on Frostmourne HORDE. Any ammount will suffice for now though. Moved servers to play with friends. Battle tag is ljv13#1196 Thanks.Werejaguar0 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Experienced lock LF late night raid guild Experienced warlock looking for late night raiding guild on any oceanic server (willing to faction change) start time no earlier than 11:00pm server time. Been raiding since WotLK and currently looking for a permanent position for WoD raids. I would also like to note that I will be taking time off work for the release of the expansion to get to 100 as quickly as possible.Vyre0 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 21, 2014 Experienced Rogue coming back for WoD. I've been playing this rogue since TBC and spent most of WotLK in a progression raiding guild, and moved in to Cataclysm with them. We were midway through Hardmode BoT/ Blackwing Descent when I had to step away from the game. I've only played MoP casually, but I'm coming back for WoD. I love a challenge and push to be on top of my game (although possibly not backed up by the state of my toons at the moment). If you peruse my achievements, you'll see I'm an achievement *cough* fan as well. I'm looking for an active guild that wants to raid progressively in WoD and can back that up in past achievements, or player talent. I'm hoping for a guild that enjoys taking out achievements for the rewards, and just a group of people to play with so I'm not stuck in bad pugs. I also have a level 90 Holy/Prot paladin, 90 Disc Priest, 90 Rest/Boomkin druid, 90 Mage, and an 83 DK. My rogue is my preferred main though, but happy to play these other characters on occasion. Edit: Forgot to mention that I have a fair few friends who would probably consider joining/ applying as well.Nymaen1 Oct 21, 2014
Oct 19, 2014 573 Mage LF Raid Spot for WoD Hey guys, I'm looking to main this mage here in WoD, and I'd like to secure it a solid raid spot. Due to having a much better schedule for the forseeable future than I did back in MoP, I'd really appreciate finding a team to raid with. Available Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday nights Available any time between roughly 6:30PM and 12:30AM (GMT+10, AEST)Add Yamask#6406 to get in touch.Gliscor1 Oct 19, 2014
Oct 17, 2014 [H]Heroic Exp raider looking for mythic guild Hello, i'm looking for a Mythic progression guild going into WoD i have many toons on server and enough knowledge of all of them to competently raid on them, these classes are, warlock, mage, priest, rogue and warrior (not 90 yet) if your guild is in need of any of these classes, my Btag is asheru#1160 :) have a wonderful dayIlock0 Oct 17, 2014
Oct 16, 2014 WTB Garry Kill on normal. Contact me in game please horde side only. ThanksNooz0 Oct 16, 2014
Oct 13, 2014 (H) LF Raiding Guild WoD Sup People! I have not played for around a year. Coming back to this game with my Priest (who is not showing in my character list but is named NekMinnit). I am going to be playing Shadow/healz (not known what tree yet). with a side of Mage that I can use as a main if you need it or simply keep it as an alt (whatever is better for the guild). I am looking for a Guild that is focused on end game that starts their raids been 5pm - 7pm (realm time). I don't really care what size guild either but you need to be organized. Played since Vanilla, know what's up and also love to PvP. Let me know how to applyJurnbrentok1 Oct 13, 2014
Oct 13, 2014 [A] Selling 9/9 Gold Challenge modes Get in quick before 6.0, where they will be removing MoP challenge modes What you get from completing 9/9 Gold challenge modes: Class specific transmog set ( One of the four available Phoenix mounts (These mounts are character specific and are not BoA) Title "The Undaunted" 430 Achievement pointsWhat we require from you: 9/9 Heroic dungeons to be completed (This will not take you long prior to purchasing this service) Roughly 2-4 hours free time from start to finish (Depending on afks / intermissions etc etc.) Have Vent/Skype/Mumble, You do not need to have a working microphone That you turn up on the time we mutually agreed on, this is very important because of our tight schedule at times.Prices: 100k full 9/9 clear 12k if you buy individual instancesContact us: Unfriendly#1284Runeart21 Oct 13, 2014
Oct 13, 2014 Connected Realms Read recently that all of the connected realms were completed. What is Saurfang connected with? I tried googling it, but it said Terrokar and Darkspear... yet I make a new toon on Terrokar and can't group with someone on Saurfang. We show up phased in zone and city. What is Saurfang connected with?Lunareclipse17 Oct 13, 2014
Oct 11, 2014 WTB normal garrosh kill ally WTB N garry kill asap. Leave me a message here or add in game Boves#1822. Let me know your going price.Trololadin0 Oct 11, 2014
Oct 9, 2014 LF N Garrosh carry Might be a bit late, but I'm willing to pay for a normal Garrosh carry on Saurfang Horde. tag is Sovereign#1200Sovereign0 Oct 9, 2014
Oct 8, 2014 Looking for Guild on alliance I'm a former alliance player, always been apart of small guilds, looking for a home to head into WoD and beyond, I have current raiding exp upto 3/14H SoO on my DK as DPS, I've tanked 13/14 on DK aswell, I'm always helpful when I'm not busy doing other things. I'm planning on moving over to Alliance on the 18-19th of Sept. If you want to ask me anything my btag is Nate#1667Nate4 Oct 8, 2014
Oct 7, 2014 <Clockwork Dysfunction> LFM Players for WoD <Clockwork Dysfunction> is a U.S. based and owned Guild. We are a level 25 guild with all the perks and a fairly wide knowledge base in our current players. All players are welcome and accepted. Emphasis is pretty much placed on leveling, social, PVE of all levels, Instances, Scenarios, and some PVP mixed in for flavor. Alts and mains are all accepted with us and treated just like players, on an individual level as individuals. We would love to have all returning players and experienced players as well. To join us use the in game guild search, message any online member, or visit us at Oct 7, 2014
Oct 7, 2014 Oceanic servers Hi all! I've been wanting to transfer to Oceanic for a few years now, I am UTC +1. Mostly interested in raiding. I have many alts, most are 90. Alliance for the most part, two horde atm but may switch one or two from ally to horde to even it out. Trying to decide which server to go to, how does this server compare to the other Oceanic PvE servers? Khaz'goroth / Dath'Remar / Caelestrasz?Auropandaris10 Oct 7, 2014