Dec 20, 2013 i miss saurfang hey guys elite pvper ishoutalot here i recently moved to darkspear to join dara with my buds swifty and hotted and we pwn it up togethe evertyday thanks for watchingIshoutalot14 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 WTB tailoring kit WTB tailoring kit 1-500 asap battle tag cronstar#1269 Just send me a mesage if you can hook me up and with price pleaseDotuallover0 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 [A] Standard Nerds - Seeking Tank for SoO Howdy all, Standard Nerds is a 10-man Alliance raiding guild on Saurfang. Recently, the Attrition Boss has hit the Nerds pretty hard and we are looking at filling a fulltime TANK position for our core raid team. Current progression is 14/14. We are looking at kicking off Hard Modes right away so applicants must be geared and have suitable experience. In particular we are looking for - Protection Paladin Protection Warrior Brewmaster Monk Guardian Druid Details about us – • Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday 8-11pm Server Time • Progression: 14/14 Normal SoO • Website: We are looking for the following qualities in our raiders – • Raiders with knowledge of their class, abilities and boss encounter mechanics. • Characters that are fully gemmed and enchanted as best as possible. • Committed members who are progression focused while not at the expense of having a good time. • Good punctuality and attendance to raids. Apply at or speak to Kelthos, Rebecca or Novera in game for more details.Kelthos2 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 20, 2013 Hey there wtt 30 min skype call for a month of gametime - im a pro gamer have been over 1750 rated in the 2v2 bracket. I can teach and i can sing and i can do anything on skype only for the low price of one month of game times ive done many skype calls before. here are some reviews Sennari: Great call, taught me how to play a rogue A+++++ Alcatots: Very very entertaining call would recommend A++ Dean: This was a very nice experience for me i would recommend basedgod to everyone! A+++ Requiel: I first heard about Basedgod in trade. i decided to have a chat to him and i really enjoyed it! infact me and Based are now married with childrean (dont tell dean) Ishoutalot: basedgod is very good talker he is best mage on saurfang soz nubmage Ozdevil: diz iz rly gud fun thxBasedgód32 Dec 20, 2013
Dec 19, 2013 [H]<Guild in Progress> LF DPS & Healers 13/14 Norm progression, looking to fill our ranks. We are currently seeking any DPS class, all will be considered. We are also seeking Healers of any class. Experience is not necessary, just know how to play your class. We raid: Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm ST Sunday 6:30pm-11:30pm ST Please get in contact with Beartasm in game or Preed#1752 Btag.Beartasm3 Dec 19, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 547 Warlock lf Raiding guild 1/14 Exp Hi, I'm A destruction warlock looking for A raiding guild for normal SoO, experienced raider, flexible raiding times and geared.Demønhands1 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 WTS> Plans: Storm Helm Selling Plans: Storm Helm for 5k on alliance, whisper me in game or post here. Dec 17, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 WTB ENGI KIT (H) Looking to buy an Engineering kit to level 1-500 asap. Add my Btag to inquire in game or leave a message here. Convictfish#1889Convictfish3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 LFM Change of Command [A] im sure they are still people who need it done ? can we have those people post hereAlnimir2 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 looking for dungeon/raid guild as the title says, im looking for a dungeon/raid guild that does these often to help each other get gear, gold or mounts and actually includes people in their group.Challisonsta2 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 9, 2013 [H] - Brand new guild - Acclamation! Hey guys! Acclamation is a freshly started guild horde side that is looking to move into the late MoP and upcoming WoD raiding content! Currently looking for any roles and levels while we level the guild however we definitely want to get a core raid team sorted asap! Whisper or apply in game for an invite if you are interested in helping build a new guild from the ground up!Liquah2 Dec 9, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 557 RDPS lf fri/sat SoO Hi, I am looking for a friday/saturday night SoO runs for my alt(since the team I was running with is most likely moving to another server). My shadowpriest is 557 ilvl currently, with 10 normals done, strong knowledge of the class, got undergeared disc spec(situational). Knowledge of SoO-10 heroics. Nickname of the priest-Reloveution(Saurfang). Please post your suggestions here or mail me in game. Thanks!Revolution9 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 8, 2013 Heroic Lich King Solo 25 Dec 8, 2013
Dec 7, 2013 [H] Raid Team! <PandaLand> Are a new guild looking for player to join out raiding group, We are looking for most classes and are happy to hear from anyone, ThanksGarruth0 Dec 7, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Goats recruiting. Greetings Saurfang. Capra aegagrus hircus are currently recruiting a healer. We'd really like a healer that wants to see Garrosh die. We have a super amazing palalaladin healer and a very flirty shaman. So ideally we are looking at something cute and awesome like a disc priest, mistweaver monk or resto druid. We raid 8-11pm on Thursdays and Sundays. I will feed you amazing noodles of win and we might even give you flasks. In return we expect the following: * Punctual and regular attendance. * A relaxed attitude paired with outstanding knowledge of how to play your class. * The ability to compliment tanks, frequently. * The wisdom to research fights before you zone into an instance. If you find the above suitable and can have a reasonable argument re: Pirates Vs Ninjas, feel free to inbox our GM Inzerkka. In fact send him mail with cake. He loves that stuff!Ishidin6 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Pet Battlers! (and potential pet-battlers!) Dear Saurfang, You guys should try out pet battling. Trust me, it's going to be a thing! To help you guys out, I'm selling lvl25 battle pets at very reasonable prices. Check your local auction house or send me an ingame mail for more info. :) Also in stock are most Timeless isle pets + Pandarian Spirits + various other rare pets including: Spectral Tiger Cub Vengeful Porcupette Crawling Claw Darkmoon RabbitJilliene0 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 [H] Bad Voodoo. Recruiting Lock/Boomy Casual. Hey Guys & Gals, Bad Voodoo is recruiting a lock and boomy for some casual raiding on Sunday and Monday nights! We are going to start at MV and work our way up, therefore these positions would be suited for someone that has no recent raid exp or would like to just have some fun. So if you have a good attitude and would like to come along don't forget to say "Hi" in game or reply here. Thanks :) Camera P.S 18+ only (Sorry young'ens)Camera0 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 3, 2013 Hi Saurfang! You're my new home, this server is awesome!Elrock5 Dec 3, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Exp Raider Lf 10/25 man Guild 535 Surv Hunter Hi guys, Im looking to get back into serious raiding, about halfway through progression in heroic tot my wife unfortunately passed away, and since then I have being on hiatus. Before my Hiatus My progression was: H 6/6 MV H 6/6 HoF H 4/4 TeS H 7/13 ToT And looking at my raid history all heroic content is cleared all the way back to Wotlk. Im looking for a progression focused 10/25 man Guild aiming for heroic progression. I am happy to xfer to any server/faction. Raid times im looking for are7-11 ish 3 nights a week. All though I may be lacking in ilv these days since I last played ( sitting at 530 atm) I hold my own no problems. I have vast raiding exp dating all the way back to vanilla, and all roles of the game. I have being the raid leader for many progression guilds, and my proudest acievement was dowing heroic lk on 10 in only 10 man gear at only 10% debuff, getting a realm first. Look foward to raiding again. Thanks for your time. Btag: Lucas87#1674Cöheed1 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2, 2013 Horde Casual raiding guild, LFM <PandaLand> Is a new guild LF people to start a raiding team, We have a few dps so are looking mainly for tanks and heals. We are thinking of raiding Sunday-monday nights but are still discussing the time and day. Thanks - Garruth Post here or message ingame for more info! :)Garruth0 Dec 2, 2013
Dec 1, 2013 WTS alani WTS alani post offers here or pm me in gameIdntknow0 Dec 1, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 <A> LF LateNight Raiding Guild Hello. I'm stationed in Japan and looking for a guild that raids around 10PM server time. I've been told there are New Zealand based guilds that raid later due to the time difference; which probably would work since Japan is 2 hours ahead of Australia. Please send me in-game mail or whisper.Ahowl0 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 28, 2013 "Recruit A Friend" button not available!!!!!! I've been searching the forums and on the net for days now trying to figure out how to use the RAF program to start a second account, only to figure out that my problem is because the button isn't actually even showing up in the Referrals & Rewards page of my account. Can you please explain why this might be occuring so I can remedy this situation. 'Tank' you.Ceruendorn8 Nov 28, 2013
Nov 28, 2013 [H] The Bushido Project 2/14H LF mage The Bushido Project is looking to replace a DPS player in our 10 player team. We raid Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 8 pm to 11 pm on Saurfang and aim to progress through new content while having a good time along the way. We've raided together since Cata and meet up once a year to hang out. We know when to have fun, but expect all players to know their class and pull numbers where needed. All classes open for consideration, looking forwards to speaking with you. Contact us at or Lyconah#1771Lyconah1 Nov 28, 2013
Nov 27, 2013 Guild in Progress Chriswc7 Nov 27, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 [H] Legacy 25m Recruitment Thread Welcome to <Legacy> guild recruitment thread. A full description of the guild can be found on our website, but for now i'll keep this to the point. We have been going very strong as a 10m, and have decided to get our best players into 25m as we had alot of them sitting around. If you apply please understand that we are not going back to 10m and are pushing harder than ever for 25m norm/heroic with 20m mythic next xpac. Currently 13/14 We are currently in high demand of the following classes/specs for our 25m core roster: Healers: - [high] Mistweaver Monk - [med] Resto Shaman We are currently full on tanks and dps, if your class is not listed and you consider yourself an exceptional player and would like a chance at a core spot then please feel free to apply as we are >Always< recruiting If you would like to apply please visit : Before applying please note that you must provide logs from a current tier. If you have any questions and would like to chat with an officer those people are listed below: Guild Leader - Kathadus Raid Leader/Tank Officer - Saico Healing Officers - Talous, Squishy Melee Dps Officer - Arithena Ranged Dps Officer - Aphoration For General Recruitment add my battle tag: Adelphia#6133Aphoration2 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 24, 2013 Returning to WoW, LF a new guild Hey everyone, Thinking about coming back to wow and looking for a new home. Preferably a social/friendly guild which casually raids and does RBG's and arena together. I have somewhat high exp in arena and RBG'S + a decent raiding history, however not looking for anything too serious. ^_^ So if you think your guild would be suitable, hit me up! :) Cheers!Pànts1 Nov 24, 2013
Nov 23, 2013 <CHRIS> 6/14 Heroic 10m SoO are recruiting wtf is CHRIS? When the founding members of CHRIS were first deciding upon a name they had difficulty. One of the founding members was fortunate enough to have a profile of himself posted to a gay dating website by another member. The response from this 'search for love' was from someone named Chris who was just looking for a good time with no strings attached. And thus the name CHRIS was forced into having a !@#$ty acronym to suit the naming of the guild, along with the profile picture of Chris becoming CHRIS's logo (after some alteration). Captain Harriet's Raiding Inspiration Sensation (CHRIS) is a 10 man, 3 night a week progression raiding guild. We rely on our members to actively theory craft and engage in discussion about strats on our forums so when the boss pull happens, the boss dies shortly after. Many of our members are from high ranking guilds of past who are now looking for serious progression without the time constraints. We're highly skilled and take raiding seriously yet enjoy the fun and relaxed environment. We only ask the same of you. CHRIS is currently actively all ranged and healing classes for our 10m progression team. We require you to have a reasonable rate of attendance and a high level of skill with your class. To ensure flexibility with life we take attendance for 4 nights (Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday) however we only raid 3 nights per week from 7:30pm to 10:30pm server time/AEST. We raid on Saurfang Horde (obviously). Social members are always welcome, and exceptional applications will be considered for the raid team. Apply now at Nov 23, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Back to the future Hello! This toon is the first one I ever made and as you can see she is in dire need of better gear. When I made her, I had no clue how MMOs worked, what to do, or anything else. As we all do, I have since learned and I'm feeling sentimental about this one, and would like to improve her. So I was wondering whether any kind souls would be willing to help run me through a few dungeons to get better gear, because I'm not willing to put random people (specifically, a random healer) in LFD through the horribleness that will be my dpsing in this fine set of quest greens :D Unfortunately I can't ask anyone in my guild because they all seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, and my other toons are horde and on different servers. And if this fails and you get me in LFD, I sincerely apologize and offer many cookies.Eldatha4 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Rip in peice Dolan apology for poor english when were you when legend Dolan is unsub i was sat in ihatevaldin channal wen dolan say 'i am not resub' 'no' and you???????? Nov 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Saurfang vs Khaz'goroth I'm thinking of transferring and am wondering: Whats the Horde/Ally ratio like? Which side owns TB most? Whats progression like? Hows activity on the AH? Are there many crafters with FL patterns?Dexxshamy21 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 can I have a digital and physical version. Can I play world of warcraft mists of pandaria if i have on my account a world of warcraft digital version and a world of warcraft mists of pandaria physical version or do ineed to have both physical or do i need do have both digital?Oakwood2 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 [A] Escendia looking for a tank Hello Saurfang friends We're Escendia. We're a 10 man raiding guild. We're mainly long term WoW players, who try to progress through the game in friendly, mature environment. We're currently up to Siegecrafter Blackfuse (11/14). We're looking for a tank (preferrably a plate-wearer) to join us and share in the wipes, kills, laughs and loot. If you're interested, please get in touch with any member in game (look for Alarune, Azazel or Silhouettic), or visit Thank youAzazel3 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 555 Frost DK / 549 Bear Tank LF Raid Team My 555 Dk's Armory Link I also have a 549 Bear Tank and I am willing to bring both over Armory Link for my Bear I am currently 3/14 on my DK and I am 10/14 on my Tank I am willing to faction change as well I am a mature player and I know how to play both toons quite well and would prefer a semi serious mature enviroment Only nights I cant raid is Sundays from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Peace Anthony Battletag - Antpugga#1656Butcherblade8 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Selling 9/9 Gold Challenge Modes. Anyone who is interested can contact Absent#1589 in game or send an in game mail to character: Dean on Saurfang We'll respond asap and see if we can work out a time that suits. We can do full 9/9 or any specific dungeons you need. To make things easier please come prepared with consumables such as flask and food. We will provide invisibility potions, we'll explain what you need to do if your keen to help us but it's not a necessity. Price is in the 100k-150k ballpark depending on the level on help you provide and the number of dungeons you require. A dungeon by dungeon price can be negotiated if you are only missing a few. What do you get from 9/9 Gold? 400 Achievement Points #The Undaunted Title #Class Transmog Set #Pandaren Phoenix MountBeatus4 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Lock and priest looking for a home Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and as such our current raid team has called it quits. So we are on the hunt for a new guild. We are looking for a long term position in a raid group to complete current and future content with. We are interested in the success of the raid team but are patient and understand it may not all happen immediately/ sometimes things take time. More so it is important how we fit into a raid team. We believe in focus where it is needed but there is no reason raids can't be enjoyable with some light hearted entertainment at the right time. A husband and wife team, we understand that while we like to raid together, sometimes it can’t happen. However, take one of us, and you’ve got both of us. We are currently 9/14N SoO, but have the ability to catch up quickly. We are both fast learners, and keep up to date on class research. If your guild is socially active, can deal with an abundance of bad puns and dad jokes and is looking for two loyal and reliable raiders, my battletag is MartianTradr#6968. Oh. And I’m a big chicken… so not reaaallly keen on a PvP server.Popalong2 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 recruit a friend yo looking to recruit a new player to simply level up with and has paid for all expansions so you're new at wow give us a hollaFiveshotts0 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Ajantis is Oceanic 1st, World 47 for Achieves According to GuildOx, Ajantis is now World-47 for Guild Achievement points and an easy Oceanic number 1. Main trigger for a big jump this week was the return of our Sunwell-era hunter who got our Thori'dal, finishing all six legendaries. Combine that with two new hard-mode kills this week and we're up 55 points and deep into "Holy #^*#! It is hard to find achieves we're missing!" territory. World Top 50, baby! And that as a small guild that's missing most of the craft a bajillion things achieves. The end of this arena season will be interesting - we'll probably get some more points, but so will a ton of other guilds. Really long-term stability is the key. Ajantis has been raiding since vanilla, and there are still a couple of members cleft from that era. Quite a few still here from Level 70 (myself included) and abbot half the raiders from ICC Hero-LK are still with us.Knaughty93 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Legacy (13/14 10m 10/14 25m) LF healer monk Legacy is seeking a healer monk for our core 25man raid team. We raid Monday Wednesday Thursday from 6:30-9:30 server time. If this fits your schedule please apply @ http://Legacy-Saurfang.comKathadus0 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Snajfest 2013 Official Thread with guest performers Gary "Bausly the Wilderbeast" Wilder and Levi "I don't know what your wow character's name is" Lambs. Photos up next week, get keen.Snaj4 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 15, 2013 [A]<Ominous>8/14H - Recruitment Open Raid times are 7:30pm - 11pm server time Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon. We are currently looking to recruit the following roles for our 10man heroic progression team. Healer - Any class considered, Holy pally / Monk Preffered Dps - Elemental Shaman, Mage As we're approaching some of the more difficult heroic fights, we would like applicants to have 550 ilvl minimum please.Evovlol8 Nov 15, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Indifference 10 Man Normal Team Recruiting We are currently recruiting for our 10 man normals team which raids Monday and Wednesday from 8-11pm server time. We are looking for an experienced Disc, or Holy Priest, or a Holy paladin, or Mistweaver Monk. If you're interested please leave your battletag, ilvl and exp on this thread, or pst me in game. Thanks.Blinnfinn2 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Buying a Lvl 20-25 guild. Title says it all, I'm looking to purchase a guild preferably level 25, but anything from 18+ will do fine. Get back to me if you have one you may be interested in selling or if you know someone who may be.Kavairuk1 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 10m SoO - Pug raid Friday nights 7.30pm ST Hello I am Looking at starting a regular pug run on Friday nights for SoO Normal. We currently are in need of: Nothing Leave a message here or pm ingame thx Currently 9/14nm Currently coming: (1/11/2013) Tanks: Mt - Cinder - Skill Banner Ot - Sydiel - Antiquus Healer 1 - Zun - Skill Banner Healer 2 - Dolanlol - Skill Banner Healer 3 - Ezeekus - Skill Banner Dps 1 - Cerbion - Skill Banner Dps 2 - Hashhunt - Skill Banner (Back up Peacecraft - iGuild) Dps 3 - Deathswings - Skill Banner (Back Up Ghost - Skill Banner) Dps 4 - Rabiddog - Tastier Dps 5 - Reloveution - EnigmaCerbion39 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 549 Gaurdian Tank LF Progression Raid Team I'm giving up playing on my DK even thou better geared, refer to here 549 Bear Rage build looking for a Raid Progression Team I am currently 10/14 tanking SoO normals Refer to here I am 43 years old so I prefer a mature age enviroment also just getting back into tanking so I'm a little rusty but im working on that Only Nights I cannot Raid is "SUNDAY" from 7:30pm onwards I would prefer not to leave Saurfang especially with the up coming Realm connections Will Change factions thou Cheers AnthonyAntpugga2 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 hows the alliance population? I'm currently on Barth and we are so outnumbered I really hate it there. I'm thinking of transferring my restro druid to a pave server so I can actually level without horde attacking me every couple of mins. Do we a lot of alliance? I know its a low level, but I really can't start a new toon and if I did I would have no gold so at least I can bring some Will probs wait till 70 so I can buy all ruling and bring the full 5k with meSpicymcgee0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 {A}OoTA Wed/thur team 7/14 Looking for tank Looking for a geared tank prefer Druid, Pally or Monk to join team Currently raiding 8:30pm to 11:30 pm AEDT. Whisper me in game or catch me on Battletag Id :BigBadBessa#1834 .Lutz0 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 558 prot war 558 prot warrior looking for a Garrosh kill b4 reset, im locked to 13/14 i am 14/14 1/14hm exp wisp me via in-game tankorspank#1450 cheersTankorspank0 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Looking for an active social guild Took a fairly substantial break from the game and have been back for about a month. However I've come back to a very deserted guild and would like some folks to chat to, perhaps some casual achievement runs, raids, whatever. Reply here or PM in game, thanks!Kuranei3 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Frost Mage LF Casual Raiding Guild So throughout my WoW experience so far, I've basically just been chilling in Lv25 guilds for the perks, and the few I have found are all but dead now anyways. Are there are any active Saurfang guilds (Horde or Ally) that still raid on a casual weekly basis? Would be cool to have a more social aspect to the game while gearing up. Also, going Arcane is simply not an option.Yamask2 Nov 8, 2013