Oct 31, 2013 WTB Profession kits WTB Engi / LW 1-600 kits! reply here or mail me in game with pricing and stuffSennari4 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 31, 2013 I foresee a problem here, Saurfang. About 10 minutes ago I did a "/who troll druid 1-5" and there was 47 results! That's just level 1-5! It is well known that druids are the 3rd most played class, and with the INSANE rise in druids today I foresee that druids will become the second most played class, maybe even the first. I was going to roll a troll druid today, but after seeing the insane amount of them I don't think I will. I don't want to be the next Blood Elf Pally or Blood Elf Death Knight. I've also seen SEVERAL level 60-70 troll druids. It is impossible for someone to level them up that fast so that means people are race changing to trolls. I am dissapointed. I even saw a level 40 something troll druid and asked them how they leveled so fast, they replied with "Race change". We must do something to stop this. They ARE the next Blood Elf Death Knight.Belgathor14 Oct 31, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 549 DW Frost DK on Saurfang LF Guild Hi This is my main I am 549 Frost Dk I have pretty decent DPS and raid awarness I am 7/14 on Flex also I have a 539 Bear tank which I have tanked up to 7/14 on flex and I have 5 other toons including 2 healers so all up 7 level 90's all are are over Ilevel 500 I have all professions on toons and I prefer a friendly Mature Enviroment I am looking to do More Raiding and I am currently guildless PS I AM WILLING TO SWITCH FACTIONS AND BRING MY BEST 3 TOONS OVER IF THERE IS A POSITION AVAILABLE ON THE HORDE SIDE Cheers AnthonyButcherblade3 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 End Of The Snokey Cinder35 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 30, 2013 Elegant Destruction has arrived in Saurfang! Elegant Destruction (level 25) has moved from Barthilas to Saurfang (alliance). We are a well established guild with 2150 achievement points, and were the most active and populated guild on Barthilas alliance. We left Barthilas as the server is now over populated by Horde (about 10 to 1), and being a PVP server it was turning our WoW experience into an unenjoyable one. The lack of Alliance players also meant that we were struggling to find raiders for our core team, and struggling to get the most out of the Auction House. Our core raid team along with our GM are coming over, and we have a few spaces in our core team that need to be filled ASAP as we want to move into a more hard core mentality of raiding. We will also be looking to start a second raid team. We are a very friendly and mature group of people who have been playing together for quite a while, and we hope to meet some new great people in Saurfang =). Our GM Bodyshocks along with our Guild Elegant Destruction are already in Saufang, so PST Bodyshocks for an invite or with any questions. And our Co GM Angraa is to follow shortly, so you will be able to PST her very soon as well if needed. Say hi! Looking forward to meeting some of you very soon! - Angraa.Shaytoni10 Oct 30, 2013
Oct 29, 2013 Dark Phoenix Recruiting Dark Phoenix is an alliance guild seeking to recruit team focused players looking for a stable, mature and friendly environment in order to conquer High End Raid content. We have two 10 man Raid Teams Team Dark Phoenix 10/12 ToT 8/16 H Thurs - Sun - Mon 8pm to 11pm Server time 1 Rdps - High need for Lock Team Fire Phoenix 3/12 ToT 4/16 H Wed - Fri 8pm to 11pm Server time. 1 Rdps - High Need for Lock/Mage/Spriest Information about our guild. We have formed a solid group of players who have become good friends and it’s important for us to keep the good spirit of our group intact so we place a lot of importance on the ability for someone to mesh and fit in with the team. - All food, Flasks, repairs and to a degree enchanting items are provided by the guild bank for purpose of high end raiding. - Seek an 80%+ Attendance level - Strive to maintain a positive group environment so ability to co-exist in a nice social group is as important as the ability to move out of fire and do your role in a raid. - We use an EPGP raid loot system. - We focus on clearing content as quickly and efficient as we can, once we have achieved this we dial back on raid hours and even shed raid nights so to minimise player burnout and allow time to refresh prior to a new tier. Please apply online at or contact in game Istiah or Pollen. Thanks!Istiah22 Oct 29, 2013
Oct 26, 2013 [H] LF guild - NZ or OZ times Hey all. Looking for a place to hang out and hopefully get a bit 'o raiding in if possible with New Zealand or Eastern Australian friendly times. I have 6 90's (all about ~500 ilevel - thank you timless isle) and this guy coming through and can fill any role, but prefer Mdps or tanking (druid, warr, DK). My only ranged is an spriest (my hunter is my leather-making b!tch at 85 still ..) I am aware of a few guilds that raid at these times and they seem reasonably hardcore. As I am a slightly older gentleman (well, past 30) I have a lot going on IRL and cannot commit to a hardcore schedule but I am a decent player and can carry my own weight. I have maxed professions across all toons and spec, gem, enchant appropriately etc. I'm also not a douche. (felt I had to pop that in there) Cheers ^_^Ganthas2 Oct 26, 2013
Oct 26, 2013 [H] Legacy 11/14 norm LF Core tank We are recruiting for (Priority from top to bottom) Paladin Tank Warrior Tank DK Tank Our raid schedule is: Monday - 6pm to 9pm ST Wednesday - 6pm to 9pm ST Thursday - 6pm to 9pm ST We require 100% raid attendance unless informed prior to absence (aka let us know u cannot make it before hand) Please apply @ http://Legacy-Saurfang.comKathadus0 Oct 26, 2013
Oct 23, 2013 [A] <Storm Hammer> LFM for SoO Progression The basics: • 10 man Alliance guild; • Based on Saurfang; • Current progression 9/14 SoO • Level 25; • Raid times: Monday & Wednesday, 8-11pm EST (server time +11 GMT - currently observing DLST); • Website: We are looking for: • Skilled and committed DPS (viable tank/healing off-specs is a bonus!) – DK, Kitty, Rogue or Lock are highly desirable; • Exceptional raid awareness; • Maturity, punctuality and attendance; • Knowledge of class played; and • Fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged. We are primarily looking for the roles listed above, however, we do accept and consider applications from other classes/roles and also social members. We are a small, stable guild run by experienced officers, with a great group of mature, friendly raiders with a down to earth approach to raiding. If this sounds like you contact me (real id: Lilliaath#6649), Phishtank, Irridiae or Packkets in game or visit to apply.Lilliaath10 Oct 23, 2013
Oct 22, 2013 Dk, Pally, Hunter and Druid Looking to Xfer About us- We are four mature (for the most part) and experienced players looking for a new server and new guild. We are a group of easy going guys who enjoy turning mundane tasks into fun-filled catastrophies, we do old skool raids, dungeons, random chieves to fill the time, YET, research, perfect and understand our roles in all bosses we face and every change blizz throws at us. What we are looking for- We would prefer to stay Horde and to xfer to Barthilas or Saurfang. Dont mind either 10 or 25, but with us being almost half a 10m, 25 would probs be more ideal. We would like to be raiding Thursday Friday, Saturday and/or Sundays but are open to other days at reasonable times. Toons • Gravewyrm - DK tank/dps (off) • Holyhuhh - Pally heals/dps (off) • Pwntastic – Huntard • Shiftypete - Druid heals/questionable tank gear Please check our forum post for more info or message here, in-game or BattleTag Grave#1880Gravewyrm4 Oct 22, 2013
Oct 19, 2013 Looking to buy a guild. Hey, im looking to purchase a level 25 guild if anyone is selling one.Kavairuk0 Oct 19, 2013
Oct 18, 2013 anyone can't login atm? says login server is currently busy? really?Xies1 Oct 18, 2013
Oct 17, 2013 [A] LF Scryer Aligned LW I'm trying to track down some Enchanted Felscale Gloves for my xmog set, and wouldn't ya know it, it's a Scryers pattern and 1) I'm Aldor, 2) no one messes with Aldor/Scryer rep anymore. I have the mats and I'll pay on top of it.Bjornsvenson0 Oct 17, 2013
Oct 17, 2013 [H] 14 Man SoO Flex - LFM - Friday 11/10 Currently looking to fill some spots in an upcoming Flex. Looking for players with an ilvl of atleast 520. Preference will be given to those who know how to play their class including gear fully enchanted/gemmed and progression. Time: Friday 11/10 @ 7.30pm AEDST Tank: Filled Tank: Filled Healer: Filled Healer: Filled Healer (past 10): Healer (past 12): Melee DPS: Filled Melee DPS: Filled Melee DPS: Filled Melee DPS (past 12): Filled Ranged DPS: Filled Ranged DPS: Filled Ranged DPS: Pending Ranged DPS (past 10): Looking for 3 Ranged and 3 Healers. Will drop it to 2 healers and 4 ranged if healers are exceptional. The majority of the players currently on the list have cleared SoO Normal and working on heroic. Reply here with a link to the toons armory that you want to bring and your battle tag so I can chat to you.Gusgoeshonk4 Oct 17, 2013
Oct 15, 2013 Looking for Arena Teammates Hi there, I will be following my Guild to Saurfang soon and when i arrive I would like to get a arena team going. I'm a Semi-Skilled Under average pvper showcasing such amazingly average achievements as Hot Streak & Vengefully Dedicated. Never been able to develop potential as a slightly over average pvper due to always playing with casual team mates. Would be looking to play as one of the following: Rogue, Warrior, Paladin or Shaman (most have to build PvP gear). My paladin is the toon I will be transfuring for Guild reasons but I'll also bring one other toon accross. Looking for people who are fun, patient, willing to teach or capable of learning / developing with me. I live in Australia, so looking a AEST time zone. Talk to us via real ID Disconcur#1440 or Reply to post.Soultouched2 Oct 15, 2013
Oct 13, 2013 Blacksmithing:Fiery Plate Gauntlets hi, i am currently playing on Saurfang, and i am looking for a blacksmith who can craft Fiery Plate Gauntlets, it is an old recipe that has been removed from the game, but from what i've read about it on wowhead there are some players who can still craft this. Paying 10K gold to any blacksmith horde or alliance who can craft this item for me on Saurfang server, i want it for a transmog set i am makingZauffee3 Oct 13, 2013
Oct 12, 2013 <A> Hunter LF Casual Raiding Guild Howdy, just transferred this toon to the server and looking for a casual, laid back guild to join to raid with. I'd prefer one that doesn't have more than one raiding teams because my experience is first team gets all the preference (been on first and second teams on different toons). This is my original toon and want to make him my main again. I enjoy running old raids for transmog gear and especially PvP. I have full set of Season 14 Honor gear and am currently 510 ilvl for PvE. I'm 30-something, married w/kids, and stationed in Japan (why I server transferred here). Very Respectfully, BowazBowaz0 Oct 12, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 H<Burn> LF Core Raiders Burn - (US) Saurfang Horde - 10M Core Raiding Guild - Burn was formed in April 2013 by three World of Warcraft Veterans. These three friends have been raiding together since Wrath of the Lich King and decided to transfer/Re-roll on Saurfang and form a Core Raiding Guild with the intentions of being competitive in both server and world rankings. Raid Times: •Wednesday: 8:00-11:00pm [GMT+10] •Thursday: 8:00-11:00pm [GMT+10] •Monday 8:00-11:00pm [GMT+10] Currently Recruiting: •Warlock •Boomy •Spriest Exceptional players with previous heroic raiding experience will be considered as well. Requirements: •High Raid-Attendance •Working Microphone/Headset. •Positive Attitude. •Raid Awareness. •Able to handle constructive criticism from the Raid Leader and Officers. •Stable Internet Connection If you are interested or want more information you can go to or contact myself In-game or by Battle-Tag. Narie#1730Faerietale12 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Possible XferLF Stable Raid Grp Good Evening Saurfang, I'm a 543 Discipline priest currently looking for a home with a raiding community, preferably GMT+8. A bit about myself, I've been a player since late BC but only really got into raiding once I hit ICC in WotLK expansion. -MoP- SoO 4/14 cleared (N) ToT 12/12 cleared (N) I was away for the start of Mists and only came back 6 months before the current patch hit. I was a backup raider for my guild and only went back to proper 10 man raids 4 months ago. Due to some internal issues in my current guild, I'm currently searching for a new realm and guild to call home.Seraphic2 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 recruiting dps for raid team :) <collusion> are seeking 1 DPS, death knight/shadow priest/mage for as perm spot in our 10man raid team (SoO flex and norm) raid nights are wednesday friday nights 8-11pm ST, 10man raiding exp not nessessary but knowledge of class and a decent ilvl is requested. pst -splashy- in game or reply to this postHealingukgo1 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Timeless Champion - Golganarr, est spawn time So hes the last rare i need for the achieve and from what ive read he has a spawn timer between 10 and 12 hours, I was wondering when he was last seen on our server? just so i can get a good idea around when i should be camping for himArchyriel0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 [H] Casual Raiding - Sunday nights only I've done it all in WoW PvE wise ... been on the bleeding edge of content for several expansions, guild and raid lead a 4 night a week top 10 Oceanic guild and have been playing since open WoW Beta. I live by the catchcry "WoW peaked at Mu'ru and has done downhill ever since". But that is not what I want from the game anymore. I want to clear content - as far from the bleeding edge as I can. But I want to clear it, all of it, finish off all the achievements and meta mounts, including heroic modes. I want to start back in MSV and clear that place, normal and heroic, and move up from there. All one night a week - Sunday nights, 1930-2330 server time. I don't care how long it takes, but I need at least 9 other people to do it with me. If you are interested, hit me up in-game or via our guild forums: This will be a work in progress and will be updated regularly. I have developed this off my own back from my ideas, thoughts and dreams for the guild and where I want to take it ... but once we get a team together, this will be co-development with the members. It will provide a clear direction on where we want to take the guild, what we want to accomplish and how we plan on doing it. Vision To have a full team of friendly and capable players to be able to complete all raid content at our own pace - one night a week on a Sunday evening, 1930-2230 server time. Mission To complete ALL raid content available, including heroic modes and meta achievements for mounts/titles - starting back in Tier 14 (MSV, HoF, ToES) before moving onto Tier 15 (ToT) and so on. There will be some heroic mode encounters that will be beyond our capabilities, but skipping anything will have to be thought through and we will more than likely come back to it once we outgear it or Blizzard nerfs it in later patches (as they always do). Strategy Biggest hurdle we face in the setup is gathering numbers first, and the right people. I have a thread in the realm forums I keep up the top and have macro's which I hit whenever I am in a major city to see who is interested but apart from that, I do not know of any other way to get the word out. I do not expect everyone to be in-guild in the early days. People are unwilling to jump guilds on a whim and it would be unrealistic to expect people to do so until we prove we can put this together and make it viable. We will also need to PuG some in the early days - particularly tanks and healers as at the moment the only interest I have gotten is from one healer. This means people are also going to have to be patient. PuGs are hard to manage, so are people with limited raid experience.Xeî36 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Enigma 25m Guild arriving 27.10 Hello Saurfang, Enigma will be transferring to Saurfang Friday 27th Semptember '13. Enigma was founded 2007 on Nagrand Alliance and has shortly after been engaged in competitive Raid Progression. While the few remaining original players from Nagrand feel a bit melancholic about leaving our original home server, everyone is looking forward to be playing on an active server. There is no denying that the changes which affected Nagrand since the end of Wrath have put a massive strain on maintaining a progression focused 25man raiding guild. While Nagrand is considered a medium population server, it is predominately populated by casual players and Social guilds. It is depressing having to witness your server slowly decline into oblivion. 90% of our raiders are Cross Server Transfers most are originally from Horde. The decision to server transfer was difficult, but the response from my raiders was overwhelmingly positive. Some even donated funds to assist others to make the transfer. Our raiding team is a rich tapestry of people from all over the world, predominately Australian, but we also have the Kiwi, US, Canadian, Latin America, Lebanese and Asian buff as part of our Raid Makeup. Currently 35 players have confirmed their transfer on the 27. September, but I believe the total will be over 40 players. (that includes some Social Members who participate in flex raids) We are looking forward to becoming part of Saurfang's raiding community. As a guild we are pretty low key and most of our members are non elitist. (Feel free to say "Hi") We are not transferring in order to poach or destroy smaller guilds, but to engage in friendly competition. We are still recruiting a few classes to diversify our roster, predominately we are looking for (I will be placing a proper Recruitment thread on the forum the day we arrive): -Holy/Disc Priest -Resto Shaman -Elemental Shaman -Enhancement Shaman -Mage -Warlock Our Website: (will be updated soon) For any further information contact Kalanu in-game. (IDTag: Kalanu0007#1933 )Kalanu37 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 [H] Scìon (9/14) recruiting range DPS Scìon raids 10m norm/heroic content. We're currently in need of a range DPS to fill out our core team for Mon/Wed/Thurs nights, 8pm-11pm. Please be decently geared (520ilvl+) with some heroic experience. If interested shoot me a whisper in game (Btag: Alcapown#1189).Alcatots1 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 Battle of Orgrimmar apologie for poor english when were u when garrohs hellscrem dies i was sat at home drinking drinking cordial when eruptor ring 'garrohs is die' 'no' and you????????Convictfish137 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 What are you doing when the Shattering hits? 4.0.3a is rumored to hit this Tuesday (thanks to a GM leaking this information in some one's ticket). For those who don't know what the Shattering is? Here's a copy paste from MMO Champion. ... So the question is: What are you going to do when the Shattering hits? Azureprower24 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 2, 2013 What be crackin over here need I say moreEroka11 Oct 2, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Cant Touch This - LF an Experienced Raid Lead Hey, our guild "Cant Touch This" is putting together a raid team. The only problem is that most of us have none to little raid experience. We are looking for someone to hopefully join the guild, and if not at least raid with us a few times and help us to learn the fights.Kavairuk0 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 [H] CHRIS - 14/14N CHRIS - (US) Saurfang Horde - 10M - CHRIS are not actively recruiting at this point in time. Exceptional applicants will still be considered. If interested please submit an application via the website at Currently Recruiting CHRIS are not currently recruiting. FAQ What times do you raid? CHRIS raid 3 nights a week. We set aside time for Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon from 7:30pm - 10:30pm server/AEST. We set aside 4 nights to allow flexibility with life, however we only raid 3 of those. What does CHRIS mean? Captain Harriet's Raiding Inspiration Sensation. WTF? Due to growing a little older we have time constraints, so while we're skilled players who take progression seriously we also enjoy having a laugh and putting our feet up. Considering us as 'semi-retired' hardcore raiders wouldn't be inaccurate. Why join CHRIS? Since transferring to Saurfang CHRIS have successfully established ourselves as a solid and skilled 10M heroic progression team. We're looking forward to starting the next patch on even ground, kill some bosses and enjoy ourselves and each others company as we do it.Deszilla5 Oct 1, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 Skill Banner Sales Thread. <Skill Banner> are now selling Throne of Thunder along with full Challenge Mode: Gold. Prices are as follow. Pick and Choose which boss. H: Jin'rokh the Breaker = 20k. H: Horridon = 40k. H: Council of Elders = 50k. H: Tortos = 30k. H: Megaera = 50k. H: Ji-Kun = 30k. H: Durumu the Forgotten = 50k. H: Primordius = 50k. H: Dark Animus = 100k. H: Twin Consorts = 50k. H: Lei Shen = 150k which includes the 'Storms End' Title, the feat of strength being removed come 5.4. Ra-den - 200k, which includes the feat of strength being removed come 5.4. (One shot achievement is not guaranteed but high possibility of another feat of strength). Selling a bundle pack of 12/13 Heroic bosses for 450k. (Please note, any upgrades our raiders can use will go directly to the guild first unless passed upon, a discount in the price will be arranged). Full Challenge Mode: Gold = 300k (Individual Golds can be arranged, please whisper me in game or via skype - peabaz). Ezee.Ezeekiel42 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 [A] Carpe Jugulum-a drinking guild that raids Currently recruiting for 5.4 with a view to rolling our Saturday night 25 man raid into Flexi-Raid. We're a social raiding guild, currently 2/13H in ToT within our midweek raid. We try to recruit exclusively from within the guild Saturday raid for the midweek raid. Currently the Saturday raid is 12/16 tier 14 and 2/12 ToT, with each Saturday devoted to which ever instance people want to do. Depending on numbers we either shrink slightly to do a 10 or PuG slightly to do a 25. With 5.4 we'll be looking to exclusively Flexi-raid current content on Saturday nights. Does this suit you? If you've never raided normals and are willing to put in some prep time, yes. If you're burnt out a little from more serious raiding and want to get drunk-er, yes. If you're looking to try and push for a spot in the midweek team, yes. If you're interested, talk to me in game.Wumper4 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Veteran Unh DK DPS LF Guild Hi there, recently transferred a month ago and recently with the release of Flexible mode; raiding has peaked my interest again. The kind of guild I'm interested in joining is of a laid back casual nature; no huge commitments like the serious guilds require. I'm merely interested in the kinds of guilds that are doing Flexible modes weekly and maybe even Normal modes eventually providing my performance is up to par with the guild standard. I'm not asking to be put into the core positions; I understand how those work (Used to serious raid in Wrath) and will be willing to prove my worth if need be. If you are this kind of guild, please do post in here and send me details (Who to whisper to discuss things, website etc.) Or whisper, I'm online quite a bit. Thanks for reading! :)Nateus0 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Tuesday Question: The Future of WoW. There seems to be a growing consensus, to this authour at least, that World of Warcraft is in it's death throes. With ever more dire quarterly reports coming out of the Blizzard necropolis, hanging gloomily in the skies over Irvine, California, there seems to be an atmosphere of abandonment. Subscriber numbers are falling off every month, realms once heaving with players are now giving off a sense of shuttered dereliction to the players that remain, and there is even reports of things called "Connected realms", the server mergers you have when you are not having server mergers. So where have all the players gone? As far as I can see, no other MMORPG on the market, either now or in the immediate future, is going to be that elusive WoW Killer, though some would argue that you can't kill something that is already dead. Rival games of a similar genre have come and gone, and it's impact on WoW has been negligible to say the least. And the litany of other games across other platforms don't really add up to where the players are draining out to. And as much as the gaming pundits bloviate about the future of electronic gaming, and as much as the so called industry experts pore over the data sheets, examining every minutiae regarding subscriber demographics and wotnot, the truth is far simpler. Eight years, going on nine, is an awful long time for any game to be as hugely popular as World of Warcraft. Mainly because a lot can happen to a subscriber in eight years. Consider the case of a player, my nephew for instance, who first subscribed to the game at the age of 16, he joined WoW just 3 months after the game first went live, and is now 23. In that time he has gained a partner and married her and had two kids, made a solid career in the public service, been diagnosed with cancer, and has soundly thrashed said cancer into remission not once, but twice. A brave lad indeed, and somehow through all this managed to maintain 4 characters, make a lot of friends and even bought one of those Warcraft themed steins that were all the rage years ago. So in reality, the player base isn't really leaving for any reason other than they are simply getting on with their lives. So where are you going to be in a years time? Is this the end of the road for World of Warcraft? Or is there plenty of life in the old girl yet? Tell us your story.Torchsong4 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 BNC 13/14 SoO LF Ranged dps 9 hours/week Big Natural Crits is a 10 man progression guild with 1 10 man team. We are currently recruiting a good, well experienced ranged dps for our group. Raid times are 8 - 11pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We only raid 9 hours/week so efficiency is key. Minimum requirements: legendary cloak (or very close to it), appropriate gear and some heroic raiding experience. We are only looking for very good, reliable players with a passion for what they do. High Priority Recruitment: ranged dps (prefer Ele Shaman) For more information contact Aljini (Battletag: Aljini#1399) ingame. or visit www.bignaturalcritssaurfang.enjin.comAljini22 Sep 25, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Your Timeless Isle Playlist. What do you listen to when you are cracking heads and taking names* on Timeless Isle? Here is my always incomplete list, constantly in flux, like all good playlists. Otto Knows - Million Voices Fatboy Slim - Push and Shove Billy Bragg - Handyman Blues Midnight Oil - Hercules Underworld - Born Slippy Nancy Vandal - When I Squeeze My Nose I Sound Like Axl Rose Iggy Pop - Blah Blah Blah TISM - He'll Never Be An Old Man River Slade - Run Run Away Flight of the Conchords - Carol Brown MC Frontalot - Critical Hit Shriekback - Lined Up Chilly Gonzales - Bittersuite Xilent - Boss Wave Pulp - Common People The Clash - I Fought the Law KLF - Last Train to Trancentral (Live from the Lost Continent) ACDC - Who Made Who Queen - '39 There's lots more, and I am adding and taking away all the time. *Getting in over your head all the time and having to constantly run away from things. Share with us your Timeless Isle playlist.Torchsong0 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013 Profession Kits Hi all just wondering if there is anyone here that sells full profession kits, if so, which ones and prices please, TIABaconstein19 Sep 24, 2013
Sep 22, 2013 [A] Cross Realm Flex Raids Fri+Sat = 2 clears Greetings fellow forum dwellers, I will be running a full clear of flex raids on Saturday and Sunday nights and I cordially invite you! Who am I? I am an experienced raider - have been raiding every tier since Karazhan I was second assistant raid leader in Adapt US #102 last tier. When: One run on Friday, another one on Saturday Time: Invites start 8:00pm server time (or +10 UTC) Location: Siege of Orgimmar - Clearing backwards // starting with later wings first Raid size: I will be aiming for 25 - People who repeatedly perform poorly and/or do not follow directions will be removed and not replaced. Requirements: Ventrilo Character optimised for maximum performance in relevant role (this means gems / enchants / etc) My 'minimum ilvl' I am willingly to accept will vary person to person; dependent upon experience Stay for the whole run // every wing - This means you do not clear the 1st wing beforehand, then proceed to leave group after the second wing is clear. How do I get an invite? Add rapid#1919 to your battletag friends from 8:00pm server time on Friday or Saturday night. If you add me beforehand, I may delete you due to a full friends list. So if you don't see me online send me another request. If you have any questions feel free to add rapid#1919 to discuss. Happy Hunting!Flexiblez0 Sep 22, 2013
Sep 19, 2013 [A] <Verb> recruiting for casual play Hi Saurfang, <Verb> (L25) was established by a group of RL mates and long-time gamer friends from Saurfang horde and several other oceanic realms. Many in the group are burnt-out raiders from recent content, some of us are returning players (after breaks of up to seven years), whilst others are completely new to the game. We are an easy-going and chatty group and we’ve a lot of collective experience, which we’re happy to share with those who seek it. In terms of guild expectations, many of us have demanding jobs and growing families and these days WoW isn’t so much about long hours in raids as it is about keeping in touch and having a laugh together. The only requirement we make of members is that they behave like grown-ups and don’t act like a tool in trade or elsewhere. If you’ve any questions or would like an invite feel free to pm any member. Cheers SomSomantik5 Sep 19, 2013
Sep 19, 2013 Ranged dps LF raiding guild. 527 Arcane mage looking for Raiding guild to join, Happy to raid whenever. Pst me in game for more info. :)Thronyx0 Sep 19, 2013
Sep 18, 2013 [A] MARTELL or CHIVAS is Recruiting (GMT+8) MARTELL or CHIVAS is recruiting for our 10 man raiding team. However we are also interested in those that are just looking for the occasional chance to fill in on the raiding team, or a place to hang out with a great bunch of mature people - while you level or go about your daily routine. We also do a lot of random battlegrounds, LFR, dungeons, ect. together for fun (and points). Raid time: 9.30 - 12pm on Wednesday GMT+8 (12.30am Server time in summer, 11.30pm Server time in winter). 9.30 - 12pm on Thursday GMT+8 (12.30am Server Time in summer, 11.30pm Server Time in winter). How to apply: Apply at - click on the "Apply to Guild". Alternatively you can speak to myself or any of our members will happily point you in the direction of an officer. Who: We are looking to fill in the missing places in our current team. We are looking for more people to solidify our raiding group and ensure that the raids can run each week. We also have flexibility within our group so that we are open to anyone at present. However, we welcome anyone to apply, from people who just want to join in a raid every now and then, to 1st time players levelling. * Edit for change of times and website detailsJuhamer3 Sep 18, 2013
Sep 18, 2013 528 Rogue Looking for Guild Hi, Currently looking for a guild for 5.4 raiding. I've played a Warrior since 1.12 and took a break at 1/6HM MSV. I've been working on this Rogue to bring her up to speed for several months. My raiding history has been: AQ40 (Twin Emps) 1/6 Sunwell (Full clears of BT while current) 11/12HM ICC 25m (12/12HM on 10m) 6/7 FL and 8/8HM DS (20% buff for Madness, I believe) as 10m 1/6HM MSV Other notable achievements was farming the original Amani War Bear in 10m Zul'Aman, getting realm first ICC Frostbrood, and the DS achievement mount when DS was current content. While raiding I have always maintained high attendance and tried to give as much warning as possible if I am to miss a night. I understand that, especially in 25m guilds, you may get put on the bench to allow others in for specific bosses. I am capable of supplying my own food/flasks and I have already obtained the legendary cloak. Transfering faction would not be an issue.Kneesocks5 Sep 18, 2013
Sep 18, 2013 Very experienced tank LF Guild I'm an ex raider looking for a guild. Am looking to raid 1 or 2 nights per week. Started raiding in ICC and got upto the metas. Raided all of Cata with all normals as well as hardmode firelands and DS (inc. FL meta). Missed most of Pandas and am now looking for a new home. Would prefer Horde but would be willing to go Alliance.Antair3 Sep 18, 2013
Sep 16, 2013 Raiding guild looking for members to join. The basics: • <R I S I N G > • Level 25 guild • 64 member guild • Raid times are Monday & Thursday 7-10 pm (Australian time) and Sunday from 12pm onwards What we want: • 4 dps (ranged preferably) who are committed and on time for raids 1-2 healers who know what they're doing. • Ilv above 510 • Gemmed and reforged is preferable. • Knowledge of raids and of own class. • Has a mic and is able to use vent. For dps we need a elemental shaman who know what he is doing within the raid. Any other class we are easy and will take anyone who wants to join who fits criteria. For the healer a MW monk or a pally is preferred seeing but any class is accepted bar Druid. We will be starting SoO normal soon ad want to get on with it as soon as possible, so if you think you would like to join PST Thrashqt in game or blinnfinn or just reply to the post.Thrashqt0 Sep 16, 2013
Sep 13, 2013 Restarts during Oceanic peak raid times Thanks for this, Never a second win for the Oceanics.... And then I log on to find, your doing it a second night in a row... Thanks for your consideration, YdYdoajin2 Sep 13, 2013
Sep 13, 2013 [H] Academy - 1/14F Recruiting for 5.4 <Academy> 1/14 SoO Flex are recruiting 1 tank (paladin/druid/monk/warrior) 1 heals (druid/monk/shaman) 3 Range dps (mage/lock/boomie/hunter/spriest) for Core team, Normal and Flex, Raid nights Thur/Sun 8-11pm ST, pst for more info ilvl Req 500min feel free to pst me ingame, happy to answer any questions :)Greentornado3 Sep 13, 2013
Sep 12, 2013 Up late Does anyone have a raid team/group/whatever that starts past midnight? I have too many alts and want to kill dwagonz with all of them.Orrock0 Sep 12, 2013
Sep 11, 2013 Warning to the Horde. It has come to our attention that the horde forces have been harassing the following locations: Goldshire Stormwind Ironforge Deeprun Tram Shrine of Seven Stars As horde do not need to be here please leave now or punishment will commence. This is a warning. Please heed the warning. Failure to move the horde members away from those locations will result in war.Slashandburn57 Sep 11, 2013
Sep 10, 2013 520 Warlock lf Raiding Guild For 5.4 Hey guys, My name is Alex. I'm looking for a raiding guild for 5.4. I'm pretty flexible, available most days of the week and weekends. 100% attendance rate. My dps is over 100k. I have 5/12 xp in ToT, done all other raids but HoF. Thanks guys :PDemønhands1 Sep 10, 2013