Jul 19, 2013 [H]<Adventure Time> Recruiting all This is a newly founded guild (Level 20 but leveling fast) which is looking for social players and potential casual raiders. The guild leaders have raiding experience dating back to BC but don't have the time to raid more seriously any more, looking to start N 10 and 25 groups and see where we head from there. Why should you join us? Perhaps you as well have a busy schedule and can't be available for a heroic progression but still want to do Norms, perhaps you just want to hang out, do dungeons, dailys, etc with a friendly group that isn't going to try and push you. Either way, "/who adventure time" and ask one of use for an invite or more info :)Shadowave1 Jul 19, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 LF late night guild 500 i level enhance shaman LF late night guild that raids after midnight server if someone could point me in the right direction greatly appreciated or hit me up my battletag is cronstar#1269Cronstar0 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 17, 2013 Looking for MOP raiding guild Greetings Looking for friendly, casual raiding guild that raid on weekdays. (I am available everyday except Saturday).....will consider changing of realm but not race coz I like blood elf look, and that was the reason when I started to play WOW when Burning crusade come online 8 years ago.... Best regards 17 April 2013Blazingchaos7 Jul 17, 2013
Jul 15, 2013 Tastier Because we're Tastier than Tasty.Heartlily7 Jul 15, 2013
Jul 14, 2013 Now Casual ex hardcore looking for a guild I'm a casual gamer, I don't have the time to commit to a 3-5+ days/week guild but I would love to be a backup, benchwarmer type, and am available pretty much every weekend. I have zero experience in regs, but I'm no tard, r10 brawler, all golds, blah blah.. just dont really have the time to raid cept on weekends soo yea.. hit me back if you think Id be a good fit, thank youGrimbul2 Jul 14, 2013
Jul 14, 2013 [H] <Vanquish> Recruiting for 10 man raids Hi all! Vanquish is currently recruiting all roles for our casual 10 man raid team. We are a casual guild of players that don't take ourselves too seriously and can't commit to a full time raid schedule. As such we only have one raid day per week which is Saturday. While we are casual we would still like to progress through the content rather than just run LFR. we are seeking casual players of all roles particularly the following; * 1 off-tank (Shield pref) * 2 healers, and * 4-5 DPS of any variety If you would like more info please PST me in game or reply to this thread!Kette5 Jul 14, 2013
Jul 14, 2013 Inbound Heals and Tank Hows it going Saurfang Alliance, I recently relocated to the SE Asia area and being on a 12 hr difference from my old server just isnt working for me anymore. I also just recently got back into the game and am really looking forward to finding a good squad to spend a few drunken nights raiding and laughing with. I was out from about the beginning of Cata till about a month ago. I'm an old Vanilla raider and while skins, lvl's, and HP changes for raids, not standing in the fire has always been the general idea. Anyhow, I plan on bringing my Resto/Feral(crap awful OS gear) Druid ilvl 475, and a Prot Warrior (still to reach 90) over to this server in a few days and was looking to have somewhere to call home rather than shop around for a guild in trade chat for a week. I'm 21 working full time, I'm a pretty laid back guy, I can get along with just about anyone as long as someone isn't a royal pretentious !@# for no reason. I enjoy the social aspect of the game but am looking to raid ASAP, i understand GS needs to get a bit higher but iv done pretty well pretty quick so far. I can pull 2 days a week, maybe 3 if my schedule allows but i have some influence on it so any info asap and i should be able to make it work. As i do not have a toon on the server please send what info you can, an Officer/GM name attached and i will make a alt to get in some real chat time at your convenience. ~Slâinte~Slâinte0 Jul 14, 2013
Jul 13, 2013 Legacy recruiting for [Stay Classy] guild ach Legacy is recruiting 85+ Goblin Warrior, Undead Hunter, Troll Priest, Panda Mage & Hunter and an Orc Mage For the achivement [Stay Classy]. we are offering 1000g per class.Kathadus1 Jul 13, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 Competition War Games / Battlegrounds Hey all, I am currently seeking PVP players for competition War Games / Battlegrounds. Prizes will be set up at a later stage as we start to obtain interest among the community and as other guilds build their teams. This will be a ladder based tournament. From Ashes Rise currently being a PVE / PVP team consisting mostly of PUGs is working breath life into the server and provide guidance to its players, If you are interested please contact me via in game or head over to our website We will provide payed transfers for the right people.Risedruid10 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 [A]<NÖCTURNAL> GMT+8 LF core raider < NÖCTURNAL >is a 11/12 ToT GMT+8 raiding guild, we are looking for 1x pally/Shammy heal to fill out weekday team raid roster, all other class are also considered. Raid Schedules Wed ST 10:50pm - 2:00am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time) Thu ST 10:50pm - 2:00am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time) Mon ST 10:50pm - 2:0am (8:50pm - 12:00am Perth/HK/SG time) If interest please contact (Kazuya#1802 <-- Real ID) or Candy/Womikaka in-game for further discussion.Keitaro0 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 10, 2013 536 Holy Pally and 537 Boomkin lf guild Who we are: Two long time raiders are looking for a new home to prep for 5.4 and beyond. I (the holy pally) have been running a guild since the start of MoP of mostly friends and are currently 4/13h in progression. Most of our friends have stopped raiding and moved onto other things, so here we are looking for a new solid home. We are very experienced and solid players that have been raiding since wrath, and are very familiar with pushing heroic content. We do a good amount of research and prep before encountering new bosses and also have a good understanding on how to read and use logs. Also have logs available upon request. When we pull the boss we are serious and focused players but we also enjoy having a good time and remember that this is a game and a hobby. What we are looking for: 10M Guild only Core spots, we are not bench warmers :D Active guild, where we could do other activities with the guild, alt runs, cm's, flex raids etc Heroic progression guild Availability: We are open for any days, and not passed 12cst. btag: bajwa#1348Bajwa1 Jul 10, 2013
Jul 8, 2013 <<<MeRr Gaming>>> recruiting <<<MeRr gaming>>>lvl 25 is looking for a dedicated tank and ranged dps for core raid spots. min ilvl 505+. Raid times are 7.30 -10.30pm thurs 6.30-10.30 sundays. simply wisper me ingame for more info or head over to our website Jul 8, 2013
Jul 7, 2013 [H] Guild <TBA> being formed. Casual 10N A new guild is being formed on the Horde side at the US-Oceanic server Saurfang. The name of the guild is to be announced, but it’ll be something über cool. Or lame. You can never really tell until after, so there’s that. I really hope we don’t get stuck not finding a name that we like, or we might end up calling ourselves TBA indefinitely* Background The guild Nex Mortis is disbanding into two groups: one who wanted to go hardcore for 5.4 and then there were a few of us who wanted to take a more casual approach. We wish our hardcore friends led by Sarvoc all the best! Our mission This second group is now forming a guild to do 10N content, in preparation for 5.4. Once the new patch hits, we’ll be aiming at progression, but to’s not going to be the hardcore vibe when people get benched to the left, right & centre. We’re aiming to have fun, but to do steady progression. So we’ll all come reforged, gemmed and with the right consumables, simply because we respect the efforts of our fellow guild members by showing up prepared and on time. Raid times We’ll be running the following raid times (server time, East Australian Time): Wednesday: 7.30pm Sunday: 5pm Monday: 7.30pm (might be skipped if everything’s cleared) What we ask of you We’ll be starting ToT 10N as soon as possible, so prepare to be geared for that. Skill matters more (naturally) and if you feel that you’re a little “shy” on the iLvl-side, we can probably do some quick runs through HoF and ToES to gear up. That being said, we don’t require a specific iLvl to join and we do welcome social members who just like to hang out. Open spots Tank: DK or Monk Healer: Monk, Druid or Shammy DPS: All rDPS and either a Warrior or DK How to join Since we haven’t decided on a name, there’s no website yet. Please reply to this thread or reach out to the following people in-game: Jonotank, Jonolock (BattleTag: JonoSorum#2445) Tankwolf, Healindawolf * That was a stupid reference to my favorite TV show, Arrested Development Jul 7, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 Bushido Project 2/13H Recruiting The Bushido Project is recruiting for heroic progression. We're looking for skilled, reliable, positive, dedicated, talented, and above all, modest, players to join our 10 man team. We're an experienced bunch, mostly in our late 20's / early 30's, raiding three nights a week and looking to unlock content as it is released. We expect players to research strats, contribute to the bank, and attend all raids unless prior notice is given. Our schedule is: Mon, Wed & Thurs: 7.30 - 10.30 pm. We are primarily looking for: resto shaman, enhance shaman, windwalker monk Please visit for details and to apply, or contact me in game: Lyconah#1771Lyconah2 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 4, 2013 Tuesday Question: When I Started Playing... This authour is astonished that World of Warcraft has been going on for as long as it has, has been as successful as long as it has, and has been interesting and engaging as long as it has. Even someone like me, who has played most of those years, there are still undiscovered corners of this game that I will stumble upon occasionally, small gaps in my knowledge filled in like a paint-by-numbers image, an image with really tiny details occasionally requiring a very small brush and steady hands. And even with the characters that have vacuumed up a lot of my time, even with the frontier-less empire that has been constructed with my small army, and the mighty gold-making war machine that sustains and nourishes it, I consider I really have only explored marginally more than a third of this game. When I was the new guy, I had a hunter on Sargeras realm. I later moved to Turalyon, became a healer with a Paladin. BC came and went. During Lich King, I moved a character to Saurfang realm, wanting to join my Southern Hemisphere brethren in Azeroth. Over a span of months my other characters where transferred over. During Cataclysm and now Mists, I expanded my roster of characters to where I am today. And in the years to come, I will look back on this span of time and wonder if it was all worth it, I had fun then and I am still having fun now. Time does not permit me to commit myself to as much of the game as I would like, but that is how life goes, we as players change, our characters and our outlook on the game changes. Sometimes, life gets in the way, with relationships, work, family and other milestones in our lives. But I think I will look back on this time, and all the people I've met, all the stories I have to tell, and all the things that came and went like a neap tide across the years, both within World of Warcraft and my life in general, and I will be certain that this was never time wasted, because I have spent it in the company of great people, each and every one of you, even if our paths have never crossed. You are all truly great people. Thankyou. TL;DR. So how long have you been playing World of Warcraft? What were you like when you were just starting out? Do you like the game as much now as you did then? Tell us your story.Torchsong3 Jul 4, 2013
Jul 3, 2013 [H] <Nex Mortis> Recruiting for 10 man raids POST OBSOLETE NOWJonotank6 Jul 3, 2013
Jul 3, 2013 (H) Legacy - LF Core tank 8/12n We are currently having a slight tank issue we are looking to fix asap. We require a Warrior, DK, or Druid tank for ToT progression and upcoming 5.4 Currently 8/12 norm. We are looking for a tank that has likewise progression knowledge with at least a 515 ilvl. Our raid times/days are Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday from 5:45-8:30 pm ST (AEST) sharp! We need someone with a progression mentality, and able to make nearly all the raids. if interested please apply on our website @ http://Legacy-Saurfang.comKathadus0 Jul 3, 2013
Jul 2, 2013 [H] <CHRIS> 7/13H Recruiting Currently 7/13H ToT. CHRIS are looking to recruit a geared and skilled healer (Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk) for our main 5.4 progression team. If interested please submit an application via the website. FAQ What times do you raid? We set aside time for Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon from 7:15pm - 10:30pm server/AEST. We set aside 4 nights to allow flexibility with life, but generally only raid 3 of those (Wed, Thurs and Sun) What does CHRIS mean? Captain Harriet's Raiding Inspiration Sensation. WTF? Due to growing a little older we have time constraints, so while we're skilled players who take progression seriously we also enjoy having a laugh and putting our feet up. Considering us as 'semi-retired' hardcore raiders wouldn't be inaccurate. Where did you come from? Previously we were tucked away on Dath'Remar. A few of our players decided they wanted a break. No problems from CHRIS, it's a completely understandable desire. Given the server demographics and our want to remain as Horde we had trouble recruiting, we decided Saurfang is somewhere with potential to feed our insatiable thirst for progress.Deszilla0 Jul 2, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 Engineers Rejoice: Shredder Mount. (5.4) And it's about bloody time too. Been asking for one of these for years. And it can fly and hover too. Jun 30, 2013
Jun 30, 2013 Selling Ghost iron ore Selling ghost iron ore have good amount will cod cheaper then ah whisper me in game or reply on here if interestedBeastshot0 Jun 30, 2013
Jun 29, 2013 70 twinks Sheep The Druid - Is new twink guild looking for level 70 twinks to fill our ranks. Its hard enough for us to find people to run arena/rbgs as it is but if we all join together we can start running them everyday. All we need is a little help an we will be there in no time at all. Please if you're just looking for a partner or needing solid boomkin for rbs/arena or looking for invite to the guild hit me up in game names moonthrash.Moonadin5 Jun 29, 2013
Jun 28, 2013 The Glorious PUG - 6/12 normal pug (Sat 30th) Hey guys I'll be running a 6/12 normal ToT sometime this Saturday (I'll be on all day trying to make this happen) Basically we will clear 6/12 normal AT ALL COSTS, however there is 1 catch. The catch is we MUST do the jikun and durumu achieve (I will lead us to victory so DW about specifics for now)! -> Be decently geared (don't even care if its your 500 ilvl alt) -> Be online for Saturday -> Have a few hours invested as depending on how badly geared you guys are the jikun achieve may take awhile, durumu one is ezpz Note: I'm solely doing this for 2 previously mentioned achievements. Add me to realid: Locky#1534Locky1 Jun 28, 2013
Jun 28, 2013 derp I like turtles.Îshtar13 Jun 28, 2013
Jun 28, 2013 523/504 Guardian Resto LF Perm Home Hey guys, after an extended period of inactivity due to personal reasons, I have come back to WoW to find my original guild disbanded and myself homeless. For that reason I have decided to leave Blackrock and come to greener pastures here on the Oceanic side. I am looking for a Casual Raiding Scene perhaps 2 days in the week, any day preferable as I am available pretty much any of those days. Currently 4/12 exp 3/12 downed in ToT and 13/16 N, I wish the experience could have been more solid if not for the reasons that I had to stop with this xpac. If there are any guilds out there that require the services of a guardian / resto druid, drop us a line and I will get in touch with you ASAP. Thanks in advance Asys.Ãsys3 Jun 28, 2013
Jun 27, 2013 Who is best paladin? Who is the best "PVE" paladin on server and why? Pls tell me so can find new person to teach how to out heal 1 shot?Valdinxo44 Jun 27, 2013
Jun 26, 2013 Aussie LF Oceanic Raiding Guild! [A/H] Hi guys, I'm looking for an Australian raiding guild 10/25 normal/heroic @ tot. I've recently taken interest in raiding full time, I'm looking to move to an Oceanic Server horde or alliance for the purpose of raiding current content normal and to progress into heroic content. I have: Frost / Unholy Death knight 490~, MW / WW Monk 490~, Fire Mage 490~, Resto druid 480~, Shadow Priest 480~, BM / Surv Hunter 470~, resto / Ele shaman 480~, and low geared Rogue, warrior and Paladin, I'm most attuned to Ranged dps and healing. I'm looking to move one of these characters to a new server as alliance or horde, I'm a moderately skilled player (currently 9/9 x3 Gold Challenge mode as dps / tank) and have raiding exp dating back to TBC, I'm a fast learner in pve and i ask people to look past my gear and choose me for the player i am. I can raid Any day of the week 4pm - 1am~ (+0800 UTC), I have Vent, mumble and skype, Please leave a post if you're looking for a mature pve raider for full time and/or hardcore current and progression raiding.Nilhilus4 Jun 26, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 Who is the best DK on saurfang Tanking: DPS (pve) and ofcourse pvp:Dthwestcoast91 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 25, 2013 (H) Legacy 7/12N LF DPS/Heals core 25m We are almost at the numbers we need to progress as the servers 2nd horde side 25m guild. We require. 6 DPS (Ilvl 490+ able to sustain ATLEAST 80k dps on a target dummy) 3 Healers (Ilvl 490+) Our raid times/days are 5:45pm ST to 8:30pm ST Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. To be considered core you must be able to raid 3/4 days. We offer free raid food, raid repairs, and a permanent core progression spot assuming your attendance is acceptional. Apply at our website @ Or you can PST any of the following. Kathadus, Saico, Adelphia, SquishyKathadus4 Jun 25, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Selling Orb of Mystery Hey just xfered this past week and looking to recoup some gold. Selling 3 x Orb of Mystery for 17k each. Send me an ingame mail if interested or reply here.Minkage0 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 [A] Seeking Tank/Healer 3/13 Guild [A] <Ominous> Heroic 3/13 ToT Saurfang 10 man progression raiding guild Ominous is a 10 man guild on Saurfang. We were a 25 man guild that has downsized and are currently looking to fill our core ranks. We strive to be a heroic progression focused raiding guild. Having recently re-sized, we are slowly working on the current tier, as we are try to fill some core positions in our raid team. We are seeking like-minded dedicated raiders, who can raid at a high level. Our goal is kill all bosses the game has to offer in a timely manner with mature and reliable people. To achieve this all our raiders are expected to research and play to the highest standards. We keep a fairly tight roster to keep sitting to min while maintaining enough to maintain quality raids, for this reason we require high attendance and high performance. Recruiting: Tank Pally (Medium) Tank Warrior (Medium) Tank Monk (Medium) Tank Death Knight (Medium) Holy Pally (High) Monk Healer (High) Resto Druid (High) We are also performing weekend Alt raids for people that are able to make them. Raid Times : Monday - 7:30pm to 11pm Wednesday - 7:30pm to 11pm Thursday - 7:30pm to 11pm Sunday - 7:30pm to 11pm *Raiders expected on 10-15min early About us Ominous have a long steady history on Saurfang, we stay the journey! We are not totally anal about server first etc, but expect high commitment, performance and attendance. We look for mature committed players who enjoy the challenge, play serious but also enjoy a laugh. What we offer: * A guild that values your time and effort - We always look to better efficiency. * Skilled experienced raid members striving for excellence * Competitive and stable raid environment. * Fair and balanced loot system. We use EPGP (Effort Points / Gear Points) loot system. * Mature guild with a zero drama policy. * Alt runs with a friendly relaxed guild atmosphere. * 24/7 Guild Repairs Requirements: * Exceptional raid attendance * Stable, reliable internet & PC * Excellent raid awareness * Excellent class knowledge * Vent and working mic * Be team focused www.ominousguild.comChoppà33 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 21, 2013 Casual/benchwarmer LF guild Hey guys, I've recently xferred from gundrak, and am looking for an active guild to join. I have raided since vanilla, but no longer have the time to commit to this on a consistent basis. However I am keen to be a benchwarmer and fill in when needed/available. I love a challenge and would be very keen to do challenge mode dungeons as well What I will bring: -Team player -relaxed attitude -dry sense of humor Faction isn't an issue. CheersThejakkal3 Jun 21, 2013
Jun 20, 2013 Monk MW lf ToT guild Hi All! I'm currently seeking a 10m ToT guild, Preferably on +8 times or late server time (e.g 9 ST start) If anyone is looking for a Mistweaver reply below or pst in game! Thanks! Juni :) Edit: I'm free on Wednesday,Thursdays,Fridays and most Saturdays/Sundays.Juniper5 Jun 20, 2013
Jun 19, 2013 <Paratus>Recruiting a Tank and Heals 10m ToT Fresh Team, 2/12 tot prog atm just getting started and require a knowledgeable/skilled tank for our 10m raiding team. To be considered you must be 500+ ilvl and have a sound understanding of your class/role. Please do not hesitate in contacting me in regards to this forum.Midnightsin0 Jun 19, 2013
Jun 19, 2013 @Callendor So we run a dungeon, I was top dps by a landslide, then at the last boss, you roll for the DPS shoulders, and just because of my discontent, you and your buddies kick me from group? It wasn't that big of a deal to me until I was group kicked... I was just slightly twirked about it. But you had to take your douchebaggery to a whole nother level.. !#@$ youGutricius13 Jun 19, 2013
Jun 17, 2013 Alani mount for Sale. As the title Says, WTS the Alani mount, going price is 50k, pst me in game if interested.Dark4 Jun 17, 2013
Jun 15, 2013 [H] The Bushido Project 2/13H Recruiting The Bushido Project is looking for a resto shaman for our 10 man raiding team. We run Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 7.30 - 10.30. We are a mature, progression focused raid team (mostly late 20's, early 20's) with a long history together. We are looking for recruits with solid attendance, strong performance and a positive, dedicated attitude. More details and applications at www.thebushidoproject.comLyconah6 Jun 15, 2013
Jun 15, 2013 [H] Indef 10s -2/12H TOT - LF Casual! [H] Indef are currently seeking one Casual raid member to act as a fill-in. We would request that you be a strong Healer/DPS hybrid and capable (and confident) of performing either role. You would have full loot roll rights on the given evening that you fill in, but we could make no guarantee as to the frequency of those nights. This is a position best suited to someone who is only interested in raiding very casually and who keeps a relatively flexible schedule. We will never dangle the promise of "more" or a core position over your head, it is what it is - a flexible fill in position. Please take note of this before contacting us, so no miscommunication occurs :) Please also note that you would not be treated as a second-class citizen, but rather an extremely valuable member of the team. Every courtesy would be afforded to you, including consumables, guild repairs and most importantly, respect. In turn, we would expect you to keep up to date on class theory crafting, self-gearing and character maintenance outside of raid nights and fight mechanics. We host guild-wide LFRs on select nights to ease the pain of gearing yourself outside of raids. Who we are: The members of Indef have been raiding Heroic content together since it was available. We’re quiet achievers, having completed 2/12H TOT, 1/6H MSV,4/4 Terrace, 6/6 Heart of Fear, [/i], 6/7 HM Firelands + Glory of the Firelands Raider and 4/8 HM Dragonsoul (pre-nerf) before taking a break in January to explore Star Wars : The Old Republic, where we completed all available Hard and Nightmare mode raids before returning to WoW. We firmly believe that Heroic content can be explored and conquered in 6 hours per week while having heaps of fun and keeping things positive. Also, we want to be nice to you! Life is too short to be an !@#$%^-. Who you are: We’re looking for a super-keen raider who loves to excel at their class. A mature (18+, most of us are in our late 20’s and early 30’s) player who shows up well-researched and ready to raid. We love folks who have a voice and want to take part in strategy discussion and constructive criticism. We love a multi-tasker and really appreciate folks who understand the utility of their respective class. We also love people who can have a laugh and poke fun at themselves. We have no time for delicate flowers, internet tough guys or lazy folks. We raid Sundays & Mondays from 7-10PM AEST. Looking for more info? You can get in touch with Velly/Coffeepyre (Real ID: Velly#1791) or Valdezz/Manimaul in-game, or apply at Thanks for checking us out and happy adventuring!Velly20 Jun 15, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 <Storm Hammer> 11/12 casuals and benchers <Storm Hammer> has recently managed to pick our team up off the floor and push progression in normal ToT finally getting 11/12 ToT normal. We went from struggling on horridon to revamping the team and getting 5 progression bosses in 1 week, (3 of which were killed on the first attempt) we are beginning to plan how our heroic progression will go down after our inevitable Lei Shen kill in the coming weeks and have decided to open up recruitment of social members and bench-warmers. As we are not currently offering core raid spots I will post this as a standard guild recruitment post. We are looking for any members that are willing to follow our conduct and keep a healthy guild environment. We can offer a bank with alot of resources for all, A great community of helpful, knowledgeable, friendly raiders and a chance to be part of some great casual (flex raid) nights. we can also offer "benchwarmer" positions which means for those who mantain a high item level if you are available and someone dops from the raid team you're in! anyway, TL:DR Become a part of the Storm Today! www.stormhammer.netPhishtank0 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Tuesday Question: Bank Alts There is a perception amongst players that the earning of vast sums of gold in this game gets easier with every expansion, every player building his or her own mini empire, gathering or crafting professions, even dumb luck, allows the player to have ever larger reserves of currency to spend as they please. One of the big ironies of this game is the fact that you can store whatever you like in your character's personal bank except money, which is the reason why banks exist in the first place. This often leads players to create a character who has the sole purpose of a convenient and secure place to store collected non-soulbound junk and surplus cash, these are what I refer to as "bank alts". The bank alt practice has been around since World of Warcraft and other similar games like this started, and is usually wholeheartedly supported by the game's creators, or at least tolerated. With the advent of the Guild banking system we have seen the rise of the Superbank alt, where a guild is created with just a single member,and it allows that person loads of additional storage space through the purchase of guild bank tabs. The superbank toon is a practice I have only recently embraced, but is in widespread use by the more coin-savvy players amongst us and I must say it was something I should have taken up years ago, when the system first became available. Though Void Storage has taken the pressure off players as far as soulbound gear is concerned, the years of accumulated stuff is starting to take its toll on my regular bank space, and the superbank toon is a blessing indeed. HOW TO SPOT A BANK TOON They are usually well dressed. They usually carry a cane, or some other symbol of office. If they are wearing a monocle, you know they are serious business. They are usually in a guild you have never seen before. They never appear in the forums, except for trolling or Tuesday questions. They are seldom high level, or max level characters. TL;DR. Do you keep all your extra stuffs on a bank alt? Have you ever thought about rolling one up? Do monocles really make for a classier bank alt? Tell us your story.Cargocult5 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 The God Returns ( . V . )Tahkia2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 #fashion In light of my tenured position as most #fashionable bastard on Saurfang, I am ready to offer #fashion advices. Proof: Upload a shot of yourself, preferably showing full attire and explain your aims in life, as such as attaining more swag, or to get a specific type of girl and I'll advise with such ingenuity that you'll cry. Or if you see a product that you like, link to it, advise me of your current style or desired style and possible combinations found in your wardrobe and I'll tell you if it's going to work or not. Let the galore begin. The fine print: I am not responsible for your feelings nor the loss of swag.Raluk25 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 [A] Standard Nerds - LFM Raiders Greetings! <Standard Nerds> is a 10-man Alliance guild on Saurfang. The guild consists of people who have been friends in the game (and out) for many years and we’ve just recently banded together in order to continue our successes as we push ourselves to clear the current tier in preparation for 5.2. We’re currently seeking an additional Healer to join our raid team. In particular we would like – Resto Shaman Mistweaver Monk Resto Druid While we are specifically looking at the required class listed above, all other classes are more than welcome to apply and will be considered. Details about us – • Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday 8-11pm Server Time • Progression: 9/12 Throne of Thunder • Website: We are looking for the following qualities in our raiders – • Raiders with knowledge of their class, abilities and boss encounter mechanics. • Characters that are fully gemmed and enchanted as best as possible. • Committed members who are progression focused while not at the expense of having a good time. • Good punctuality and attendance to raids. Apply at or speak to Kelthos, Rebecca or Novera in game for more details.Kelthos11 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 [H] <Scion> Is recruiting! <Scion> of Saurfang Horde is recruiting 2 ranged dps for our main raid team! Possible Candidate classes are: Hunter Mage Warlock Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday 7:30pm to 11pm server time. Feel free to respond in this thread and/or message Alcatots, Alcapown, Pathorien, or Zyjiao on Saurfang!Pathorien2 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 [Antiquus] lvl25 Horde Guild LFRange DPS/Heal Interested in joining a raiding guild but don't want to raid every night? [Antiquus] lvl 25 casual guild currently 7/12 (Norm), currently looking for a range DPS with heals! (We also accept social, casual and leveling players). We raid Fri/Sun nights from 7pm - 10pm server. Experienced group but relaxed and friendly. Message Minskaya#1356 in game if interested!Minskaya0 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Legacy LF exp Tank for Core 25m progression Legacy (lvl25) currently 3/12 LF 1 main tank for our 25m core progression team (Warrior/Druid/DK preferred) with atleast a 502ilvl. We raid Wed, Thur, Fri, Mon from 5:45-8:30 pm ST. We are also seeking Healers and DPS with an iLvL of 500 our website is for more info, or add my btag @ Trust#1817Kathadus0 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 3, 2013 This is Why I Never Tank... Aside from the fact that I am a hunter... Jun 3, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 Looking for a raid group 503 disc priest looking to raid Thursday and Sunday . No real raid experience . Willing to learn and work hardButu1 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 [H] Vortacity 10 M - 12/12 PUG Group Name: Vortacity Faction: Horde Realm (US/EU): Oceanic Realm Type: PvE Realm Timezone: +10 GMT Battlegroup: ________________________________________________________________________ Progression ________________________________________________________________________ Mist of Pandaria Note: Our team consists of players from various guilds and teams whom have completed 12/12 clear working together for one common purpose to rebuild a team for next content release and provide a different level of game player towards our members. TOT: 12/12 (N) TOTE: 4/4 (N) MSV: 3/6 (H) HoF: 6/6 (N) ________________________________________________________________________ Recruiting ________________________________________________________________________ Mage - Medium Hunter - High Monk - Low Rogue - Low Warlock - Low Warrior - High Druid - Low Priest - Low Paladin - High Death Knight - Low Shaman - High ________________________________________________________________________ Our Vision ________________________________________________________________________ Vortacity gives the very best to all players within its ranks, Providing quality and guidance to its members whether it be PvE or PvP. Formed 4 years ago the guild has gone through much growth and seen many changes throughout its time. After breaking for some time Vortacity seeks to kick start back into both PvE / PvP and provide players with the guidance that many other guilds have failed to achieve and present forward much more to the WoW community. With a team of exceptional players under its wing in time Vortacity will rise to achieve excellence and respect amongst its peers and go beyond what is expected of them. ________________________________________________________________________ Schedule ________________________________________________________________________ PvE Wednesday: 7pm - 10 30pm Sunday: 7pm - 10 30pm Monday: 7pm - 10 30pm Thursday: 7pm - 10 30pm (Optional - and usually only used during progression) PvP Friday: 7pm - 10 30pm ________________________________________________________________________ We Offer ________________________________________________________________________ -Events -Guidance -Quality -Organization -Value -Competitions -Stability -Fun ________________________________________________________________________ Requirements ________________________________________________________________________ Requirements (Personal) -Reliability -Awareness -Communication -Maturity -Fun -Drive Requirements (In Game) -Stable Connection -Addons -Class Knowledge -Attendance (80%) -Ventrillo If you have any questions about Vortacity or recruitment in general, please feel free to contact: Pheonx (BT: Sando#1261)Pheonx7 Jun 2, 2013
Jun 2, 2013 [H] Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) Below are some guidelines that I expect to be met before thinking about signing up. So please, read below! That's stupid, why should I do a drake run each week? Well, think of it this way. You get to have a laugh in a non serious raid environment and enjoy old content. You also get a drake out of it, and for those of you like my self who LOVE to collect gear, there's always that added bonus. If not for any of those reasons, how about to just come along and smash mobs with no remorse? May I also please note, that just because you come one week. DOES NOT mean you have to come the next week, or the week after. You could come one week, take 3 weeks off, then come to week #4's run. Requirements As this is level 80 content, there are really only a few basic and simple requirements - As this is going to be a full pug run, people from different guilds across the server are going to be there, now. I understand there is tons of guild drama going on between certain guilds. However, in this run there will be NONE of that, keep it outside the raid. - Deadly Boss Mod (WOTLK addition) - The ability to follow basic instructions. (Not many instructions will be given, but for some achievements, a bit of organisation is required.) - Patience. (Sometimes we may wipe, especially when we have to do achievements like [Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player)], but please. Don't get your knickers in a knott, we will get the achievement, I will personally guarantee that by the end of the night you will have your drake if you stick around.) PATIENCE PAYS OFF - To pull your weight (A certain standard needs to be met here guys. I do not wish to carry people for this drake, and nor as I'm sure. Do others who are pulling their weight. So here are the guidelines for the run) Please refer to your role for requirements: Tanks: I will tank most of the fights, but second tank should have the ability to hold threat off an average geared player. Healers: Healing wise, it's hard to judge what your weight shuold be as there's not that much healing going on for most of the fights, but there are some which are intensive. So all I ask is you pull your weight, don't slack. DPS: The DPS minim is 10k, if you cannot pull this. Please do not bother, some achievements require a hard burn, and others are just sheer dps intense because of the achievement. What can you, as the player. Expect out of these runs? - A fun, and drama free environment to enjoy the old content. - The Drake of course. Dates / Times Dates: EVERY Friday Night Times: 8pm server time Sounds good, where do I sign up? There are three ways to sign up to this: 1. Leave a comment below, I will check this thread as much as I can. 2. Send in game mail to Tinaturna saying that you'd like to come. 3. Send tell me in game.Tinaturna11 Jun 2, 2013
May 31, 2013 Alli PVP guild? So is there any such thing as an active PVP guild on Saur atm? Or at least a PvE guild with a decent PVP interest? For Arena teams and so on. We cannot find much!Draenic0 May 31, 2013