Mar 20, 2013 WTS Char name - Bubble What the title sais, selling the name "Bubble". Leave a reply here or mail Bubble in game!Kaze3 Mar 20, 2013
Mar 18, 2013 Hardcore 501 Feral Druid LFguild (not social) ^ pst me in game, recent transfer into the server, no socials or pvp, real raiding teams only, i know my !@#$Gonzman1 Mar 18, 2013
Mar 18, 2013 How much for a 1-600 alchemy kit See title. Since some people apparently make profession kits up, I wanted to see if anyone knew what the going rate is on this server (if any?).Gemknight1 Mar 18, 2013
Mar 17, 2013 25 man HoF/ToES pug/run, Friday Night. Time: Friday. Starting at 7pm, invites will start a few minutes earlier. Aim: To clear HoF then ToES as fast as possible, all normal modes, no achieves. Requirements: Proper spot - 480+ ilvl, HoF/ToES clear achieve on any toon, full enchants/gems/enhancements, food, flask, pots. 'Most likely a proper' spot - 470+ ilvl, HoF/ToES clear achieve on any toon, full enchants/gems/enhancements, food, flask, pots. 'I am just here to fill a space until a proper person logs on' - Level 90, a pulse. Loot Rules: MS>OS>DE for BoP upgrades, shards/spirits rolled for at end. MS>AH for BoE upgrades, must be used immediately if won for MS. Should be some entertainment for casuals/alts/friends/non-raiding mains. You'll get to use some of those piles of Elder Charms you get from the new questing area. Originally this was just a quick 10 man to gear up some aj alts for our ToT alt run, but with how much interest I've been getting it looks like we'd only need a few more good toons to make it 25. If you're interested in one of the pug spots, feel free to '/who jacob' anytime to see if I'm online and ask any questions - otherwise pm 'jacobsdeekay' at the appropriate time.Jacob4 Mar 17, 2013
Mar 17, 2013 [A] WTS lvl 25 Guild Selling a level 25 Alliance guild. 200+ members 1600+ achievement points 7 bank tabs Send me an in game mail if interested. Cheers.Datguild3 Mar 17, 2013
Mar 16, 2013 Tealc R Us Law Suit at Tealc we are currently trying to get money from our god leaving us here do you think blizzard will help us with our problem. our god has abandoned us who will i worship now Dolan or BillyTealcthemyth2 Mar 16, 2013
Mar 15, 2013 [A] Ballistic LF raiders. Ballistic, currently 1/12 TOT, stuck on Horridon, looking for a good dpser to unstuck us from Horridon. We've managed to break the third door, but die straight after. If you think you can do 100k+ dps on Horridon, have good raid awareness to stay out of ground effects, can interupt and able to raid at 11pm server time on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, or maybe one of the days let me know. PST me in-game or drop me a mail. I'll add you to the list of players to look for. You don't have to join us, just raid with us. Alts welcome, ranged and clothies (mage, warlock, shadow priest) preferred. No hunters unless ur Barnie.Thorzz0 Mar 15, 2013
Mar 14, 2013 <Vortacity> Merge, End of a era Hey guys, I am interested to see if any guilds are interested in a merge, Although I am leaving for better things within the real world for some time and other underlying factors which I won't relay as I wish to be strictly professional I cannot leave without finding my friends a new home. Coming from a hardcore background I wished to build Vortacity into top rated raiding guild, Going through many recruits and server changes along the way we never really picked up a consistent raid core and many players we geared left the game leaving us at many stages behind on progression. The players left are the players who have followed and been with the guild for 5 years, They are extremely dedicated and committed to working as a team and I can ensure you very skilled. If anyone is interested and has a home for these players please let me know. There comes a time when we must learn to let go to create something new and stronger, I thank my friends for standing by me and on behalf of Vortacity I wish all guilds good luck on their future progression and success. Take care of yourselves and continue to grow through life's learning curve. Regards, Pheonx <Guild Manager>Pheonx1 Mar 14, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Tuesday Question: Transports of Delight There are a lot of players, most of them sane, normal human beings, who would go to great lengths to get new mounts, some of them it's a one-off thing, a desire to gain what they think is the "koolest mount EVARRRR !!1! eleventy one!11!" as I once heard yelled in Stormwind. But for many others, this effort is simply so they can add it to their growing pile of mounts, players like this do not care what it looks like, nor really care how much resources they sink into gaining it, be it time, gold or raw materials, they simply must have it so they can move on to the next one. And I am certain sure we all know players like this. Since Blizzard have made players mount collections account-wide, catching many players with multiple copies of difficult to aquire mounts, and no ability to crate them up and sell them on the AH (25 thousand gold I will never see again because I had 3 motorbike mounts on 3 different characters) life for the mount collector has gotten a little easier. The character that does not get the achievements, does not do the dailies, will still get to ride/fly that awesome mount because of the efforts of the character that did. Yes their are some exceptions to that rule of course, but they are sparse compared to what Blizzard allow. And it has created a weird effect down in the low levels, as some struggling players, new to the game, can attest. For nothing screams "cashed up alt" like a level 20 character rushing around at breakneck speed on a Expedition Yak or a World Spinner. Nothing wrong with this behaviour of course, if you have got it, why not flaunt it? A new mount, especially a difficult or pricey one, is often a source of exuberance in a player. I remember my engineer warrior when she finally got her Turbocharged Flying Machine, back in the day when that turbo meant more than just the regular mount with fancy artwork on the cowling, I remember wanting to sling large loudspeakers to the landing skids and play "Ride of the Valkyries" at top volume every time she went out on a quest to kill something, you know, just to let them know she was on her way. I still wish you could do that now, it seemed to work so well in Battlefield Vietnam. I also remember the day I built my first Chopper, I think it was for my Priest, because anyone on a Chopper is automatically +20 to Badass. Most recently my joy in completing my new World Spinner mount was tempered somewhat by the fact that it did indeed cost me an awful lot of gold, and for that cost I gained a mount that could not carry passengers, got no achievement for it, and it could not be more phallic if it tried. Do not let these facts discourage you from building one, it is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. So, are you scaling the precipitous heights of that Mountain o' Mounts? Or are you happy with that one wolf or horse, or that lucky drop you got one day? Tell us your story.Torchsong3 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Behind the Patch Notes: 5.2 Thunder Thing Day one of the new patch content has bought with it the usual maelstrom of comment, praise and damnation from every player of every persuasion. Like every patch that has come before it, there are winners and losers, and probably millions of readers who don't read every single thing in the extensive and (Just lately) jargon-laden patch notes. Thankfully, here at Torchsong Towers, our dedicated team of patch note perusers have worked through the night, sifting through these extensive ch-ch-changes to bring you, the busy WoW player or forum troll, the most vital and pressing information YOU need to know NOW. Authours note: The following is satire, please don't dig for any meaning deeper than it's surface comedy value, for there is nothing to be found. General New Daily Quest Hub: The Isle of the Thunder King. As if all the rubbish we bought before wasn't grindy enough, here is a whole new area to get unenthusiastic about. Each faction's finest are spearheading the assault: the Kirin Tor Offensive led by Jaina Proudmoore and the Sunreaver Onslaught led by Lor'themar Theron. We dug up these forgotten factions from Wrath of the Glitch King, dusted them off and re-badged them as new and exciting. We're probably going to move Dalaran as well, less work for us! You can get transportation to this zone from portals located at a impractical distance from where you usually hearth to. We paid people good money to make us nice scenery in Pandaria, and you ARE going to enjoy it. New Raid: Throne of Thunder Lei Shen, the Thunder King, has returned to wreak his vengeance on Pandaria. This whole expansion has allowed us to take these new liberties with the game lore. Enjoy. Throne of Thunder is a sprawling citadel housing 12 new raid encounters, and players that defeat Emperor Lei Shen in Heroic mode can earn the opportunity to face an additional 13th foe. That way, it keeps the hardcore raiders happy, and no one can accuse us of pandering to casuals. They will accuse us all the same, but hey, we are making an effort here. The Raid Finder version of the Throne of Thunder is = divided into 4 different sections, Last Stand of Those Troll Guys We Had Way Back in BC But With New Models, Forgotten...Something Or Other, Halls of Some Vague Reference to Something Ghastly and Pinnacle of OMG Your Class is SO Overpowered. These 4 new sections will give you exciting new scenery in which to squabble about class imbalance and new places where you can ragequit. You're welcome. The Legendary Quest Continues: You put all that time and effort into this quest initially to learn its all about getting a legendary meta gem. Yeah, sorry about that. Classes General Like every other patch we have ever done, we will be unable to make all of the people happy all of the time. So once again your favorite class has been kneecapped, and the ones you hate the most continue to be scorchingly overpowered. See you on the battlegrounds. Quests Warlocks can now undertake a solo adventure that culminates with the ability to change the color of their Fire spells so they can appear to look like snot. You WILL be ridiculed extensively, and will be referred to as Snotlocks. If you are lucky, determined or are botting the new areas, you will eventually find a rare book to get you started. Pet Battles We're hoping people still do these things, so we bought out a bunch of stuff to make it less boring. However, we have nerfed ALL your favourite pet abilities, have fun. Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios Throne of Thunder raid bosses in Normal and Heroic difficulties have a chance of dropping items with the Thunderforged designation. Thunderforged items are 6 item levels higher than their Normal or Heroic counterparts and will drop more frequently for members of the opposite faction. LFR raiders...YOU GET NOTHING. To encourage Raid Finder groups to persevere, each time an Raid Finder group wipes on a boss fight all players in the group receives a stacking buff that increases health, damage dealt, and healing done by 5% (up to a maximum of 10 stacks). The function which auto-blocks all whining about class imbalance will be added in a future patch. PvP Season 13 has begun! All that terribly dreary grinding to get better gear can now be restarted anew. Another season fighting cheaters, bots and script kiddies! Hooray! Bug Fixes That really annoying bug that sapped your enthusiasm for this game has now been fixed, however, we have added new bugs for you to discover and tell us about in the forums, and one day we might fix them. Mwahahahaha.So that's it for another patch. If you have any more important patch notes your WoW fellow travellers ought to know about. Feel free to add them. See you in the world.Torchsong3 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 I am looking for the sea-worn alter. does anyone know where it is to be found. please reply if do know where.Tassiekiwi1 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 13, 2013 Boomkin LF Raiding Team Spot. Have been looking everywhere for the perfect guild...however still looking!. I am a 482ilvl Balanced Druid. i haven't had much of a chance to raid Mop at all...only have MSV10 3 Boss exp. I am extremely good with my class, however, as i have played this toon since BC. I am looking for a guild that raids early afternoons. I am available to raid any day from 12pm ST till about 7pm ST. If a horde opportunity opens, then I'm willing to transfer and try it out. =) If this sounds like you, then add my real ID to have a chat: P.S: I am also quite a good team player and social doing old content raids and Dungeon/heroic runs is ALSO my cup of tea. =p and have also got 7 90s that i could potentially use for raids also...will just need to gear them up first ThanksVolcanicrage4 Mar 13, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 [H] <The Bushido Project> Recruiting Warlock The Bushido Project is looking for a skilled warlock to join our 10 man team for progression raiding. We have a strong group of mature players who have been raiding together since Vanilla. Full details can be found on our website or by contacting an officer in-game. Raid Schedule Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8pm-11pm server time Website Officers Lyconah, Ydoajin, Fuleng, Ishya Thanks for reading :)Lyconah0 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 12, 2013 Looking to Raid in 5.2 Looking for a chance to raid weekday's around 11pm'ish server. Paladin - Holy 500 (2/16H, 2/12TOT) Shaman - Resto 498 / Ele 485 (6/6MV, 4/6HOF, 4/4TES) DK - Blood 496 / Frost 481 (6/6MV, 2/6HOF)Sëvan1 Mar 12, 2013
Mar 11, 2013 Dominant Faction? Hey, so I'm just returning, and I'm curious... What's currently the more dominant faction? I'm just curious cause I have high levels on both factions, and wanna know what to level 1st.Ãshmèntãl8 Mar 11, 2013
Mar 11, 2013 Ex Hm raider LF ~2 day a week raid team hey guys, Rap game fudzilla here. i am looking for a ~2 day a week raid team, i started mid wrath, cleared all content on normal. in cata, i played on caelstrasz and was part of a pre nerf defender team with a few heroic kills, 6/7 HM fl, 8/8 HM DS. but upon starting uni my availability times are less than what they used to be, so i am looking for something with less definite time commitments. That does not mean i do not take the raid sessions seriously. i strive to play my class to the best i can. back when i played a shadow priest i ranked among the top 10% of the world for multiple parses (that can be found here: i can be contacted via real ID at: Thank you for your time.Fudzilla0 Mar 11, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 IAC - NZ/East coast Aus times LFM 5.2 In Another Castle is a 10man raiding guild operating on New Zealand friendly raid times. We managed to clear all heroic content while it was current throughout the Cata expansion, however due to real life issues have struggled to keep a group of like minded individuals full enough to progress further than 6/6H and 3/6H this tier. We did manage to clear all content on normal the week it was released with no ptr/beta raiding experience however. This shows the level of raiding you can expect. High turn over of players sapped our raids gear level and knowledge of the fights, stalling our progress thought heroics. We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 6.00-9.00ST (8.00-11.00NZT) during progression. We are Currently Recruiting any ranged DPS, with a preference for Mages. Whisper one of our officers in game; Grizzlebaer, Cheyu or Myself. Or take a look at our website ( to find out more about us and what we are looking for, and post an application.Zuzum161 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 [H] Basic Campfire - LF 10m Raiders (Weds) G'day All Basic Campfire is an old school guild newly reformed with a couple of the original members and plenty new ones. BC consists of easy going, social players who want to begin some progression. Raid: Progression from the beginning (Normal Modes) Day: Wednesday Time: 7pm or 8pm Server Time (TBC) Searching for committed: - Tanks (x 2) - Healers (x 1) - DPS We want to form a team of focused individuals who want to progress at an easy pace and have a laugh in amongst it. We have some strong BG/Arena minded players too and would hope to, down the track, form a Rated BG team (if that tickles your fancy). Interested? Catch me via PM or whisper ingame: - Aphaea / Zevz - HyperianAphaea11 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 [H] <MeRr Gaming> - LFM raiders MeRr Gaming is currently looking for a few more committed raiders to get our progression back on track. We have been through so many dps since the start of the expansion it is becoming kind of annoying... We are a bunch of tight knit raiders that are very keen to progress through the rest of the normal content and push heroic MSV before 5.2 arrives. What we need from you is a good knowledge of your character and the commitment to turn up to raid nights knowing the fights we are working on and ready to go. At the moment we are 2/6 heroic MSV 2/6HoF and 3/4 ToES. Our raid times are as follows. Thursday - 7.30-10.30 Sunday - 6.30-10.30 Monday - 7.30-10.30 We are currently looking for. DPS Warrior (tank off spec would be great) Priest (will consider heals or dps) For more information or to apply please visit or whisper me in game.Goyil3 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 <Crimson Chaos> Looking for new guildies Crimson Chaos is a brand new level 1 guild. We are interested in recruiting new people from all classes and all levels with an eye towards raiding once we've got enough people. If anyone on Saurfang is interested in joining a friendly new start up guild please send a message to Tazzia in game, messages through the mail are fine too.Tazzia0 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 [H] <M Rated> - LF Raiders <M Rated> [H]-[Saurfang] M Rated is a 10man guild founded on old school raiding principles and like minded people, intended to be a guild engineered for those of us who don't mind the odd Non-PG rated banter. Having been playing since Vanilla the founding members have given up on guild hoping that have become abundant, instead making a guild and sticking with it whether it's successful or not! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our current raid times are: Sunday: 7:00pm - 10:30pm Tuesday: 7:00pm - 10:30pm (Times are server time to saurfang) Once the core group has been gathered a more suitable raid calendar will be devised depending on availability etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we want from you! All we ask from you is -Attendance Although this is "just a game" not attending means that 9 of your guild mates are now having their time wasted, which is not cool. -Maintenance Know your character, learn your rotation and enchant/gem/reforge/farm gear, accordingly That is all.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently recruiting all positions. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new guild, of which aspired to great things... and some friendly banter in between ;) For applications please visit: Or for more information, please feel free to leave a comment or feel free to contact us in-game. Thank you!Utilìty0 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 WTS lvl 25 guild (H) 7 bank tabs 1k guild achievement points pst offers to Dastspring or via ingame mail.Dastspring0 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Go for Gold Challenge Mode hi i have a Warrior tank and disc priest looking for a group to join for challenge mode run for gold if and one has a group going or would like to start one up with me you can whisper me in game on Sonic or zëro or leave a post tyZëro0 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Skill Banner just got realm first heroic Sha I see no threads about it. What is this sorcery?Kadi14 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Heroic Kill Vids and Streaming info Blatantly stealing the format from Jepsen seeing as we seem to be struggling with an updated thread. <Ajantis:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: (Rogue PoV) (Balance Druid PoV) Feng the Accursed: (Balance Druid PoV) Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Rogue PoV) (Balance Druid PoV) The Spirit Kings: (Rogue PoV) Elegon: (Rogue PoV) Will of the Emperor: (Rogue PoV) Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier: Blade Lord: (Rogue PoV) Garalon: (Rouge PoV) Wind Lord: Amber Shaper: Grand Empress: Terrace Lei Shei - - - <Antiquus:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: (Warlock PoV) Feng the Accursed: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Warlock PoV) The Spirit Kings: (Warlock PoV) Elegon: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Will of the Emperor: (Warlock PoV) Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier: (Warlock PoV) Blade Lord: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Garalon: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) - Great Music Wind Lord: (Ele Sham PoV) Amber Shaper: Grand Empress: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) (Prot Pally PoV) Terrace of the Endless Springs: Protectors: Coming Soon Tsulong: (Warlock PoV) Lei Shi: (Warlock PoV) Sha of Fear: Coming Soon - - - <In Another Castle:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: Coming Soon Feng the Accursed: (Holy Priest PoV Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Guardian Druid PoV) The Spirit Kings: Coming Soon [b]Elegon: (Holy Priest PoV) [b]Will of the Emperor: (Holy Priest PoV) - - -Mushin46 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 RBG team Hi Saurfang. I've been on Saurfang since early WotLK, and since then my priorities have changed. I recently moved to Bonechewer to do some arena, and now I am moving back. I'm curious as to see if this server has anyone doing a serious RBG team, or is interested in starting one with me.Waifoo6 Mar 1, 2013
Feb 26, 2013 [A] Rogue LF Raiding Guild For 5.2 Content Hit me up in-game. Looking for proper group for regular raid times! :)Jakatak1 Feb 26, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Hpally ilvl 492 LF raid team/guild 16/16 exp im currently looking for a new raid team/ guild . im pretty much open for any day of the week last group i was in fell apart due to attendace issues. my current progression its: MGV: 6/6H HOF: 6/6N TOES: 4/4N will transfer, i want to be in raid group before 5.2 if intrested u can also contact me by battletag Bluntadin#1983Bluntadin0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 dont read found groupBluntshock0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 2's cap Looking for one or more people who like myself have trouble finding someone to cap 2's each week i would say im a fairly skilled hunter and would prefer another dps to make it faster. Feel free to reply here or pst me in game on this guy or gallynda my dk. CheersPoncenberry0 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 22, 2013 Infámous Recruiting A TANK Infámous 1/4 Elite Mode TES 6/6 MSV (With access to heroics) 1/6 HOF About Us Infámous is a 10 man raiding guild which was created during Cataclysm, currently we are MSV 4/6N, HoF 1/6N & 1/4 Elite Mode ToES. We are a mature (18+) group of individuals who enjoy our chosen classes and specs and take great pride in being up to date with the latest news concerning our said roles, boss encounters and changes to the game. We have one core team of raiders who show up day in day out for progression and it is something that we greatly enjoy. What we are looking for :D We are currently looking for a geared Tank (ilvl 470) class (preferably a Paladin) to help us wrap up normal modes and move to hard-mode progression raiding. Raid leading skills is a bonus We raid 9pm-12pm server time every Wednesday, Sunday and occasionally Thursday We use Mumble and please have a mic If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of we would love to hear from you Just mail/whisper Thongs or Shraza and we will get a chance for us to get acquainted with one another Thanks for your time ShrazaShraza2 Feb 22, 2013
Feb 21, 2013 (H) LF WPvPers-The Trams are Delayed Hi, The Trams are Delayed are looking for WPvPers. At the moment, TTaD are doing events with a bunch of friends. Chuck an invite or mail me ingame and whatnot.Xytracool0 Feb 21, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Hi Saurfang /represent <3 you all qt'sXterminatz13 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Tuesday Question: Alts (*Posted on an alt) Here at Torchsong Towers, alts are serious business, because behind every great character, there is always an army of alts, working madly to either support the main character(s) with professions and wotnot, or to help generate gold to keep the main character(s) in consumables and nifty enchants. The more sterile definition of an alt, for those new to the MMORPG lingua franca, or just new to World of Warcraft, is provided courtesy of WoWWiki: "Alt is an abbreviation for alternate character, or alter-ego. Virtually all MMORPGs permit a player to create more than one player character on his or her account. An alt is a character to which a person devotes less time and effort than the person's main character. " And these alter-egos serve numerous functions, to hold all your stuffs, to be thrown headfirst into the exciting and bloodthirsty world of the PVP twink, to be heaved into the equally bloodthirsty world of Auction House speculating and so on. Some players are also just mad about creating alts, across classes and factions, either keeping their alts close to home, or scattered amongst other realms. I must admit, at this juncture, that I am frugal with my Alts, seldom is an alt created on a whim, most are created with a specific function in mind. Most of them I get to maximum level when it's possible, to get the full benefit of their class or profession. Over the span of years played, my alts, all of them on this realm, have built a perfectly functional and very smooth running war machine. All professions are covered, all resources and materials of war are managed and funneled to where they need to be, and every so often I even manage to make a profit, to either go into "hard savings" or for use in the operational budget. And I am oft to wonder if other players are doing the same. So are you alt-happy? Or are you a "main and nothing else" sort of person? What do you use your alts for? Tell us your story.Comets3 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 Farewell Deathswings. Good luck buddy. RIP in piece.Convictfish7 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 20, 2013 485 Ele shm lf raiding guild - mon tues wed Recently returned from a work induced afk, and moved here since people are on when I am awake. I have been raiding in digital worlds since 1999, and want to pick it back up now that work has settled down for good. I can be around for raids on mon tues wed from whenever to about 2am server. Edit - Am a trial in a guild on server now, disregard. =)Pscylo0 Feb 20, 2013
Feb 17, 2013 Cryptic's Red Team LF Mage & Holy Pally We are 6/6N MSV & 1/6N HoF. We are currently recruiting: -Holy Paladin OR Resto Druid -Mage OR Lock Red Team Raid Times: Saturday: 1:30pm-4:30pm SVT Sunday: 1:30pm-4:30pm SVT Requirements: -must be at least 6/6N MSV -minimum 480 item level -fully enchanted/gemmed/reforged -must join Cryptic Guild If interested please reply to this post OR contact Devilzim, Tygr, Aashey, or Colosseus in Game.Colosseus4 Feb 17, 2013
Feb 15, 2013 - sealed chest rewards up for grabs- basically Ive embarked on the shadowmourne /slash sealed chest rewards ( stupidly may i add) im looking for 4 honest law abiding citizens that will come with me to icc for mind numbing 50 shards guessing if we have 5 toons 490 and above 2 tanks 1 heals 2 deeps that we can get thru 25's ( plz correct me if im wrong ) the rewards are worth it imo. all i want is the tabard the rest of the gear ( mount, dwarf trinky, music box ,dal port ) can be divided amongst ourselves either by slash rolls or an agreement. im more than happy to grind this one out solo and get it a year from now but im willing to compromise to get things sped up . message me if ur keen in game. it will be a weekly run so dont bother if you cant be arsed. cheers all. p.s dont start on my speeling and grammar its 3 in the morning i just got home from work and im wrecked.Dimosthenis0 Feb 15, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 (H) The Trams are Delayed Hi, I'm recruiting for the guild "The Trams are Delayed". It's a WPvP horde guild. We also do BGs and arena as well as raiding old content. Send me a pst in game. I lost my life a while ago, and should be online.Xytracool1 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 14, 2013 H <TBP> 2/6H 6/6N 4/4N LF Mage/Ele Shaman The Bushido Project are looking to recruit a Mage or Eleemental Shaman for heroic progression. Raid times are Mon, Wed, Thurs 8pm - 11pm. Full details can be found on our website Hope to hear from you :)Lyconah3 Feb 14, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 Tuesday Question: To A Cinema Near You... Earlier on in the week, though you may not have noticed, Blizzard quietly announced this little detail about the oft speculated but never-anything-concrete Warcraft movie: (Penny Arcade's reaction: The brutally edited tl;dr version of the announcement is this: We are pleased to announce that Duncan Jones has signed on to direct the upcoming live-action film based on the Warcraft universe. This announcement, small in size but breathtaking in scope has given rise to questions amongst the many World of Warcraft fellow travelers whom speak to your humble authour from time to time. "Who the hell is Duncan Jones?" "Their is a Warcraft movie?" "No, seriously, who is Duncan Jones?" "Is it going to be three movies like Bored of the Rings was?" "Another video game to movie translation? Should have stopped at Mortal Kombat" And so on. Of course, the internet being the internet, this has led to an explosion of speculation, at the moment we are only seeing the initial flash and the fireball, but the sound and the shockwave will hit us soon enough. Bringing with it endless speculation threads in the fansite forums and "ZOMG leaked, totes real" fake screenshots. (You KNOW you want to do Sir Ian "Gandalf" McKellen as Medivh. Go on, go on, go on, go on.) And no doubt Blizzard will delight in this by making unassuming announcements all through the year, and/or a huge announcement come Blizzcon. I am in two minds about this, one the one hand, I am yet to see a video game transition well to the silver screen, though YMMV on this. And on the other, Blizzard have a reputation to uphold, as cut scenes from their history of successful franchises and their sequels (Lets not talk about Warcraft Adventures) have proven to be amazing to watch, but I worry that Blizzard could possibly maintain that kind of standard over 90 minutes, or three hours as the average fantasy movie tends to span nowadays. And of course, there is this overarching worry that Blizzard will make a complete Silent Hill of it. Because if Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that when you are onto a good thing, flog it to death. Are you excited about the upcoming Warcraft movie? Or are you indifferent? Who would you like to see star in it? Speculate please, I live for this stuff.Torchsong12 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 13, 2013 Tuesday Question: Radio Free Saurfang It would be nice, methinks, to one day open up a radio station for MMORPG players. For the dual purpose of giving players something to listen to while doing whatever they're doing online, and for giving an avenue for many WoW/MMORPG players, who are also musicians, a chance to get their stuff heard. Starting a netcast would be just the beginning of the journey though, you would have to have volunteer announcers, a pile of music you could play, inoffensive sponsors, and a vaguely recognisable format. All sort of co-ordinated from the houses of several people keen enough to broadcast around the clock. It would be rather like old timey pirate radio, but without the rusting ships, mountainous seas, or quirky English DJ's who lived in cramped, sometimes squalid conditions and secretly hated each others guts. I am getting ahead of myself here, what I am really interested in is finding out what people are listening to right now, be it on Poutube, their portable device of choice, or just something they hear from time to time and would like to share. Do you make your own music as part of a band or solo performer? Here is your chance to share it, be it via anything vaguely Soundcloud like, also keen to hear any new things you have discovered recently too, some act or band that may turn out to be the Next Big Thing. At the risk of sounding like the original Music Tragically Hipster, I will start by linking what is currently in high rotation at Torchsong Towers. You may have heard this one, called Million Voices by some Swedish fellow named Otto Knows. Kind of played to death on the radio over Christmas period last year. For those not into shameless "Me wub you long time" dubstep, may want to skip this one. From UK outfit Xilent, a rather excellent homage to the early days of video gaming called Boss Wave. I turned up for the song, but I stayed for the video, which has a great ending. Going back a few years now, and whenever the urge to get some funk strikes, I turn to the amazing voice of Lyrics Born, with two of his best songs. I Changed My Mind- I like It, I Love It- OK, that's enough from me. What are you listening to?Torchsong2 Feb 13, 2013
Feb 12, 2013 Tuesday Question: Character Quirks. Conversation with my well traveled, and still traveling, housemate the other night. "So what was the training like?" She asked. "Curious question about halfway through" I replied. "Go on". "Well the question they asked, quite out of the blue, was what cartoon character most resembles you?" "And what did you pick?" "Top Cat" "Top Cat?" "Top Cat" "Why did you choose Top Cat? He was more crooked than a nine dollar note!" "Yes, sure he paid lip service to authority, but ultimately, most, if not all of his motives were altruistic, he always thought of how he and his gang could get ahead, rather than purely selfish motives, how many episodes were him and the gang trying to right a wrong?" "So what did the trainer say?" "She looked at me and said I was more like Captain Caveman." "I would have said Gargamel from The Smurfs". The above conversation got me to thinking, what if it flowed in the opposite direction? How much of ourselves do we imprint on our characters? How do the characters we create and run around with mirror us and our personality? And after years of playing, meeting a lot of people, sometimes in real life, I have come to the conclusion that even the most passive player manifests their personality in some small way, like a tiny pixel makes up a complicated image. These are usually character quirks, things you do, sometimes without even knowing it, that makes your character an extension of yourself. And, during the Tuesday of the Dead, that long, dark vacation of the soul when the servers are offline, I compiled a short list of the quirks of my characters. My Warrior, whenever slaying a giant or anything that makes a thud when it hits the ground, will always jump in the air, as if in reaction to the heavy target making a shockwave. My Warlock is the Queen of disproportionate retribution, if slighted by a low level mob for example, will gleefully commit wholesale murder of that mob type, even of creatures innocent of that slight, to appease her desire for revenge. My Hunter loves to kill cultists, so does my Rogue, after she steals everything that is not nailed down of course. My Monk reflects my impulsive side. As a Fistweaver, I love wading into the big fights. As a Windwalker, will occasionly (while farming for leather) kill a different mob because "It looked at me funny" or "It spilled my pint" or "said something disparaging about your Mum".I really ought to see someone professional about this. Sheesh. So what quirks do your character or characters have? Are they a reflection of your personality or world view? Or do you do it for gits and shiggles? Tell us your story.Torchsong1 Feb 12, 2013
Feb 11, 2013 Casuals of Saurfang My fellow scum casuals of Saurfang, it is I Cinder, normally i do not post on the forums, but it pains me to see my bretheren getting all up in arms over this whole war against the horde and such. As the Grand Exalted High Emperor of casuals on Saurfang, your allegiance is to me, be you horde or alliance, so let us put and end to the bickering. If you want to succeed as casual scum on this realm, you have to be horde, alliance just doesn't cut it these days, Therefore I call my Banner men of saurfang to unite the clans of casual scum. Morge: Leader of the out heal the 1shot. Mooniee: King of the global. Colcannon: Overlord to the valley of pets. Cast: Hedontneednospiritshellcauseheisastrongindependentwhitemale from the village hidden in the smite. Together we will be a casual force to be reckoned with! Alliance casual scum you have but one offer to be one of us AND FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY! As casuals we have the high ground in WoW. Remember it doesn't matter, who we are as individuals, what matters is our plan!Cinder2 Feb 11, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 [H] WTB Storm Helm Plans As the title says, looking to buy the Blacksmith plans, 'Storm Helm'. Contact me in-game so we can negotiate a price, be it gold, or possibly Battle Pets -VolvidVolvid6 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 WTS TCG and Shadowmourne Items Hello Saurfang. I've recently transferred here from Proudmoore and had to resort to buying lots of items to bring with me to avoid the 50k gold transfer limit. Willing to sell on the Neutral AH if you want to pay the 15% premium. X-51 Nether-Rocket 150k Sack of Starfish 15k Sylvanas' Music Box 50k Muradin's Favor 50k Relic of Xuen x2 12k each Miniature Winter Veil Tree x3 19k each Orb of Mystery 17k each. 1k less than vendor cost! Most prices are negotiable aside from the Orb of Mystery.Kage5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 . Turns out this was not meant to be </3 Catch you later Saurfang.Quiana6 Feb 7, 2013