Jan 16, 2013 [H] Escendia - 6/6, 4/6 - Recruiting Hello fellow Saurfangers We're Escendia. We're 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF. We're friendly, relaxed and reasonably mature. We raid Monday and Wednesday, 8:30pm to 11:30pm server. We need damage dealer with a healing offspec. Preferrably a shaman or monk. Please get in touch if you're interested, either grab someone in game, or visit Thank you :) Official blurb below: Escendia are a 10man guild, established to discover all that Azeroth has to offer, providing resources for grouping and assistance to fellow members. Our prime goal is working towards progressing the guild in end-game activities, although we do dabble in all other manner of things. We want to do this with like-minded, mature people who have a passion for the game, although is not necessarily their highest priority - many of us have family, work and children to attend to. As many of us are entering our twilight years, overly enthusiastic kids tend to frighten us, and as such we ask only adults need apply. We raid Monday and Wednesday 8:30pm to 11:30pm server time and are currently 6/6 through Mogu'shan Vaults. If you would like more information, or would like to register your interest, please visit our website or get in touch in-game. Jan 16, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 [H] LF1M D Fri: MSV, Sat: HoF (guild run) Nox Eternus are looking for 1 more DPS, preferably Hunter, shadow priest or boomie for this week (and future raids) We raid: Friday, 22:00-finish, MSV10 6/6 clear Saturday, 22:00-late, HoF10 progression (1/6 currently) Must have vent (to listen) Must have raid experience and know all fights of MSV Must be come ready to raid, gear, gems, enchants, pots, etc If you're interested send an in-game mail to Zinrokh, Indomage, Rabiddots or Spenny or /who Nox eternus and ask for an officer. ThanksZinrokh0 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 i quit who wants my goldSassy8 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 [H] <Nox Eternus> (lvl25) recruiting Currently recruiting raiders and casuals. We currently raid Friday/Saturday nights, 22:00 - late (currently with 1 or 2 pugs per run) 6/6, 1/6, 0/4 Looking to progress through HoF and hit ToES, forming a stable team for 5.2 and beyond. If you're interested /who Nox and ask for an invite.Zinrokh0 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 [H] <Filthy Casuals> Recruiting <Filthy Casuals> Currently 6/6 MSV 1/6 HoF looking to recruit Mistweaver Monk, 1x Ele Shammy/Boomkin 1x S Priest/Warlock- Raid Times are Wed/Thurs/Mon 9:30pm ST-12am STRikäshi1 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 ignore ignoreMelisande0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 Transmoggers! Stormwind Guard set for sale. This is almost the entire Stormwind guard set of armor as depicted here: Components as listed below: Imperial Plate Helm Heavy Mithril Spaulders (Closer match in look to Guard outfit, YMMV with the colour) Imperial Plate Chest Imperial Plate Bracers Imperial Plate Belt Imperial Plate Leggings Imperial Plate Boots You will have to find your own choice of weapon and shield, see above link for a useful guide. Please note their is no gauntlets for this set. Send me an offer via whisper or in-game mail for this "ready to wear" set. OR Will craft the set for free if you provide all the materials. Whisper me or send me an in-game mail for the shopping list. Edited for clarity.Palisade0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 10, 2013 H<TBP> (6/6 6/6 1/4N) Recruiting Holy Paladin The Bushido Project is a progression guild looking for skilled players to help unlock content. We run a semi-hardcore 10 man group with a long history and strong group dynamic. Full details and applications at our website. Raid schedule: Monday 8-11pm Wednesday 8-11pm Thursday 8-11pm Officers: Lyconah, Fuleng, Ishya Website: Recruitment: Holy PaladinLyconah0 Jan 10, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 Cannot get into Saurfang I am getting stuck on loading screen Another realm was finePantagana10 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 Tuesday Question: Addicted to WoW? Transmogrification, a long word and one you cannot use in Scrabble, was going to be the subject of my gentle probing this week, having seen some brilliant examples around Saurfang, people clearly putting a lot of effort into looking awesome. Then this article appeared in my inbox. The BBC, usually a bastion of seriousness and sort of hipster grandad of the internet, have shared a story about a Mister Feng, who was gravely concerned about his 23 year old unemployed son spending too much time playing online games. So, being the caring parent he decided to do something about it. Did he sit down with his son and talk at length about the problem? No. Did he restrict access to his computer or his internets? No. Did he hire some fellow players to actively hunt the guy down and make his online gaming life a misery? Yes! I must admit that is a novel approach to the problem, and I could make a joke about because it was in China, I suspect the Father would have gotten a lot of bills for the bullets used, which would be quite lucrative for the players involved. However as this is a serious story about a serious issue, we Won't Go There. I commit mainly 1-3 hours a day to World of Warcraft, not to mention a few hours a week writing about it, mainly to keep my writing skills sharp. I like to write, and I like to spend many hours of my spare time converting caffeine to words, beyond these pages, scattered to the four winds of the Internet, are countless musings from yours truly about a variety of subjects, but I digress. Few people can commit that kind of time to a single game, the average PC gamer, I speculate, has more than one game on the go at any given time, and are rarely restricted to one genre. The average WoW player too, would also have an FPS game, or a click 'em up game installed and would divide their dwindling spare time between them. But Professor Mark Griffiths, quoting him from the above article, totally nailed it when he said "Most excessive game playing is usually a symptom of an underlying problem." But stops short of actually defining what "excessive" game playing actually is, because he knows that it is different things to different people, and what drives people to addictive behaviour is a deep variety bucket indeed. So, in the end, what happened to Mister Feng's online gaming addicted son? Well, to quote from the Kotaku blog the BBC was sourcing: Despite being sick of getting killed every time, Xiao Feng decided to stick up to his father and tell him how he felt. He was quoted as saying, "I can play or I can not play, it doesn't bother me. I'm not looking for any job—I want to take some time to find one that suits me." Hearing his son's earnest plea, Feng said that he was "relieved". It's unsure if Feng has called off his assassins or if Xiao Feng has found a job. One thing's for sure; Feng's way of deterring his son from playing games might be one of the best ideas to come out of China recently, particularly as reactions to "gaming and internet addiction" have been very extreme. So have you known anyone who was addicted to World of Warcraft? Have you ever been entangled in the web of game addiction? How did you break free of your addiction? If indeed you have broken free at all? Tell us your story.Torchsong6 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 9, 2013 LFM Raid and Social Hi guys, We are currently looking for: * RDPS - Ele Shaman or Warlock or * Healer - Shaman or Priest We raid Thurs & Sun, 8:00pm to 10:00pm ST. We are currently 2/6 MSV. For more info on what our Guild is like, please feel free to browse our website and check out our Sticky: If you are interested in raiding or joining us socially, please feel free to /w or send in-game mail to Vintar or myself, or email Cheers, MenorahMenorah0 Jan 9, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 [H] <In Another Castle> 10man recruiting In Another Castle is a focused 10 man Heroic raiding guild on Saurfang (Oceanic) running during New Zealand friendly times, 6-9pm ST Wed/Thurs/Sun (with a Monday option for progression) and we are looking to bolster our roster for Mists. IAC has a history of clearing all Heroic content while still current and we intend to continue this into Mists as we push for server first kills. During Cata cleared: T11 - 13/13 HM T12 - 7/7 HM T13 - 8/8 HM We are currently recruiting for a warlock, although any exceptional app will be considered. Our group contains a fairly even mix of Australian and New Zealand players (and unfortunately one from Canadia...) who have significant raiding skill and experience. Our officers Zuzum, Soul and Talvir have been running raids for years and are leading the charge in Mists. We have high standards for our raiders and expect people to learn quickly from mistakes. IAC accomplished server first T11, narrowly missed server first T12 (~3%) and were slightly delayed by class balance on spine and madness when finishing up T13. If you can make a positive contribution as we push hard for the top spot, talk to us straight away! Apply at, or pst an officer in-game for more info.Cheyu36 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 8, 2013 Farewell Bye lotion, Was nice knowing you. GL on Frostmourne! /waveCast14 Jan 8, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 {H}<Nox Eternus> Recruitment <Nox Eternus> (6/6 MSV, 1/6 HoF) are recruiting the following classes for core raid team positions: 1x: Ranged dps (preferably Hunter or Shadow Priest) though any exceptional applicant will be considered. We use EPGP loot system and raid 2 nights a week Friday and Saturday @ 10:00pm server time. If you believe this is the guild for you, and can comfortably make the designated times, please leave a response below or feel free to add my Battletag Spenny#1436. Cheers.Spenny5 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 7, 2013 Heroic Kill Videos Redone Thought I might redo this thread since Ezee has gotten a bit slack <3 + the other thread had a bit of trolling in it (though I don't expect this one to be different). <Ajantis:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: (Rogue PoV) (Balance Druid PoV) Feng the Accursed: (Balance Druid PoV) Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Rogue PoV) (Balance Druid PoV) The Spirit Kings: (Rogue PoV) Elegon: (Rogue PoV) Will of the Emperor: (Rogue PoV) Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier: Coming Soon Blade Lord: (Rogue PoV) Garalon: (Rouge PoV) Wind Lord: Coming Soon Amber Shaper: Coming Soon Grand Empress: Coming Soon - - - <Antiquus:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: (Warlock PoV) Feng the Accursed: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Warlock PoV) The Spirit Kings: (Warlock PoV) Elegon: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Will of the Emperor: (Warlock PoV) Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier: (Warlock PoV) Blade Lord: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) Garalon: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) - Great Music Wind Lord: (Ele Sham PoV) Amber Shaper: Coming Soon Grand Empress: (Warlock PoV) (Ele Sham PoV) (Prot Pally PoV) Terrace of the Endless Springs: Protectors: Coming Soon Tsulong: (Warlock PoV) Lei Shi: (Warlock PoV) Sha of Fear: Coming Soon - - - <In Another Castle:> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: Coming Soon Feng the Accursed: (Holy Priest PoV Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: (Guardian Druid PoV) The Spirit Kings: Coming Soon Elegon: (Holy Priest PoV) Will of the Emperor: (Holy Priest PoV) - - - <Lotion> Mogushan Vaults The Stone Guards: Probably not anytime soon :( Feng the Accursed: Probably not anytime soon :( Gara'jal the Spiritbinder: Probably not anytime soon :( The Spirit Kings: Probably not anytime soon :( Elegon: (Resto Sham PoV) - No Phase 3 (Prot Pally PoV) - First Kill Will of the Emperor: Maybe soon? Not sure Heart of Fear Imperial Vizier: (Warlock PoV) Blade Lord: Probably not anytime soon :( Garalon: Probably not anytime soon :( Wind Lord: Probably not anytime soon :( Amber Shaper: Coming Soon (I think) Grand Empress: (Warlock PoV) Terrace of the Endless Springs: Protectors: Coming Soon (I think) Tsulong: Coming Soon Lei Shi: Coming Soon Sha of Fear: Coming SoonJepsen11 Jan 7, 2013
Jan 6, 2013 Wat? [20:02:29] [Jepsen] has earned the achievement ! [20:02:29] [Jepsen] has earned the achievement ! [20:02:29] [Jepsen] has earned the achievement ! Congradumalations?Evils7 Jan 6, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 lookin for New Zealand pve guild so yer looking for new zealand pve guild on surfang pref for nz times. want to do raids and such in weekends mainly not weekdays wisper in game on most nightsHatethegame0 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 5, 2013 Wouldn't mind a battle buddy? Hey hey guys, full noob on this and half the time have nooo idea what to do yes yes noob guy on wow and have alot to learn, but i wouldn't make this thread for no reason if there is a intact soul to give me the ropes of this amazing game, i would pay them with hugs (not really but if ur willing for the hugs and ur in australia then maybe IDK lol) just wanna know and learn the full potential of this awsome game that i havn't seen or done :) dire starights here peeps hit me up guys and ill send me my id :) urs truly Marzoz - ur friendly draenei fury warrior :))))Marzoz3 Jan 5, 2013
Jan 3, 2013 Nex Mortis recruiting for core raid spots. Nex Mortis is recruiting for our 10 man runs. We are 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF currently working on Garalon. Raid times are Weds. Thurs. Fri. 7 pm to 10 pm server time. We are currently looking for Tanks for our primary group, and all positions for a secondary. With enough interest we will be fielding a second 10 man group to run at the same time as the primary group with a possibility of folding both raids together to run 25 man.Sarvoc1 Jan 3, 2013
Dec 28, 2012 [H] Lone Wolf Pack 10M, MSV:6/6, HoF:3/6 LFM <Lone Wolf Pack> Saurfang Horde About Us Lone Wolf Pack (LWP) is a 10 man raiding guild which was created during Wrath, and has progressed on through Cataclysm 8/8H. Currently we are MSV 6/6N and HoF 3/6N. We are a focused group of individuals who enjoy our chosen classes and specs and take great pride in being up to date with the latest news concerning our said roles, boss encounters and changes to the game. We have one core team of raiders who show up day in day out for progression and it is something that we greatly enjoy. What we are looking for: We are currently looking for a plate dps and a leather/mail healer (resto druid, resto shammy or monk healer would be preferred) to help wrap up normal modes and move to hard-mode progression raiding. Please DO NOT APPLY if: You are looking for a raid on an alt because you have cleared all content on your main Or if you are an elitest jerk, as we will not tollerate bad attitudes and it will be a waste of a server transfer and or faction change. What we expect from our applicants: - Have a extensive understanding of their class, spec and the mechanics of the game (we are not here to teach players what they should already know) - Be able to commit to our raid times of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30 to 11pm AEST. - Have a good attitude toward raiding especially learning new content with a high degree of difficulty. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be a part of I would love to hear from you via RealID communication, speak with one of our officers on Saurfang, or let us know of your interest via this thread, 30 mins before one of the raid times listed would be the best time to catch me online, but i have no issues being contacted outside of that either. Thank you for your time Zeb, Real Id: jehanzeb.khan@gmail.comDevah0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Lotion 13/16 HC LFM Lotion is a hardcore progression guild on Saurfang alliance, we are currently 6/6 H MSV, 6/6 H HoF and 1/4 ToES. We have high stakes in both PvE and PvP and are pushing for high progress in both. We are looking to add the following to our PvE Roster: Enh/Frost DK (low) Mage (Low) All exceptional apps We also are recruiting for Rated Battlegrounds in which we have over twenty 2200+ Players in which some have 2600+ RBG and Arena Experience. We are recruiting any class or spec for PvP to add to our ranks. Contact in game: Jepsen Uthred Kreyyn Duneyisaqt HysteJepsen83 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Inscriptions dream Hi im looking at selling my 4 tab guild bank with over 3000 Ink of dreams, over 50000g (Market value) of glyphs, 1 full tab of Pandaria herbs. Please send ingame mail if you have any interestIdonteven4 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 24, 2012 The Day of Tealc The Birth of Tealc was on the 25th of December in 2003 so the myth began He slayed many people many dragons Tell Us Your StorysTaylorswíft3 Dec 24, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 Heroic Encounter Vids! Hey guys, Feel free to put up any kill videos here, i will update it every time we have a new recording out. Good-luck too all the top guilds, raids tight as ever atm! :) Would love to see some 25man PoVs too! ... Chuck them up and i will keep editing this thread with what guild you're in and your video. P.S: Please do not troll this thread. I do not troll anyone or have tried not to offend anyone so please, lets have at least 1 decent thread :). <Antiquus> (Blizzard Mentor Horde). Heroics. The Stone Guards : Feng the Accursed : Gara'jal the Spiritbinder : The Spirit Kings : Elegon : Will of the Emperor : (Full video is out now). Heroic Imperial Vizier : Heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak : Heroic Garalon : Heroic Wind Lord : _ _ _ _ <Ajantis> 25m. The Stone Gaurds : Feng the Accursed : Gara'jal the Spiritbinder : Elegon : _ _ _ _ _ <Lotion>. Elegon : _ _ _ _ _ <In Another Castle>. Gara'jal the Spiritbinder : Elegon : -Thanks for the vids guys! Keep them coming!Ezeekiel82 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 [A] <Nobelium> Hello Everyone, Nobelium are recruiting like minded players of all levels, whether experienced or not :) We are looking for people who enjoy all aspects of the game so that we can do scenarios, 5 mans, 10 man raiding and PvP. We also love doing transmog runs and special runs to get achievements. We are pretty quiet at the moment and even though we would like to raid at some point, that is negotiable because there are so few of us. But with more in the guild, we could come up with some days that we would like to raid. We don't really want to raid more than 3 times a week as a lot of us have busy lives with work and families. The time frame we are looking at in the future for these kinds of things would be 8.30pm to 10.30pm. We do like the social aspect of this game so we would prefer active players who don't mind talking in guild chat and having a laugh. But we also respect that sometimes, you just want to have some peace and hang out without the constant need to talk. I wont lie, we are a little down in the dumps because we would love to have some people in the guild who enjoy the game, but it has been very hard to recruit. If you are patient and have a good sense of humor, then we would love to have you join us. If you would like to join us, /who Nobelium to see who is on (mostly at night during the week) and message anyone who is on and they can invite you. We look forward to having you join us :) <3 FlynnFlynn0 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 [H] RBG's with Burt, (Ajantis RBG Team) LFM Title says it all, I'm looking for more players for my RBG team. Taking over from nastre due to him not being available on a regular schedule anymore. Started strong this weekend pushing the team to 1700 in our first two days. Looking for any interest, healers fc's and dps. Requirements: - previous experiance (proof would be nice) - available on Saturday afternoons, and nights, and Sunday afternoon/early night. Possible Friday nights also, (these will be the days we will play, possible we might do other days as well but nothing is planned yet) - mumble is a 100% must, vent installed as well as a backup would be preferred. - the addon battleground targets - a working mic and the ability to communicate. If interested either hit me up with an ingame mail or post in this thread. BurtBurtreginald9 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 merry christmas everbody Dec 19, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Tuesday Question: I Can Hear Music. I missed doing a question last week, sorry about that, was stuck in hospital again. So I thought I could make it up to you by writing about one of the three topics that have the broadest appeal of any topic in any forum anywhere in cyberspace. In no particular order they are: 1. Music. 2. Food. 3. Sex. Food I could write about no problem, I could muse and pontificate about cooking and eating, both in game and in real life, until the bovines return to the domicile, but perhaps we can save that for another time. Same with sex, people who play World of Warcraft also enjoy healthy, vigorous sex lives with lots of variety and often have to log in to this game to prevent premature death from exhaustion. But I digress. Music, as I will often say to anyone who will listen, is the closest thing mankind has to real magic. It can motivate us to do incredible things, or to just do the housework. We can watch a movie and forget everything about it when the credits roll, but sometimes, the music will stay with us for a lifetime, to the point of being almost primal. Would we swim alone at night if the theme from "Jaws" was playing in our headphones? Do we walk a little faster, cycle with a little more enthusiasm if we played the theme from "Indiana Jones"? Both those pieces of music, oddly enough, written by the same guy, John Williams, who clearly knows his stuff. Getting around to what it means to the average WoW player of course, means asking every single one of them, of the however many millions of players this game has, everyone is going to have a different experience and a different reaction to music. For example, who amongst us shuns the rather brilliant in-game music, in favour of their own playlists? Who finds that their favourite music helps them to focus? And who is driven to distraction by it? There are as many different tastes in music, and responses to those tastes, as there are stars on a beach, or grains of sand in the sky. But let me provide a short list of the most common types I have encountered in the game. The Rhythm Soldier. Can be seen often playing PVP, Brawlers Guild etc, and are driven by the music they play. Will often make playlists for particular things, for example, some music to "get the blood up" so they can rule the honour kills charts in battlegrounds. The Sound Hound. Often heard in Ventrillo/Mumble playing their favourite tunes, either in their own channel or during a raid, will stay on for hours playing songs, usually taking requests from listeners. Can often be musicians themselves. The Listener. Seldom possesses any music of his/her own, but listens to a lot of netcasts, shoutcasts, streaming radio or even (heaven forbid) Soundcloud or Songfight. Might even have a friend or friends who work on one of the stations. There is one of these in my guild, who shall remain nameless. The Sound Snob. Will play music most of the time, but fails to keep an open mind as to the richness and variety that is out there. Loyal to one group or genre, they look down upon your musical tastes, claiming that techno or dubstep is "digital dysentery" and that folk music is "for soap dodgers" etc. So how does the music go 'round your head? Are you one who likes to share their love of music with the world? Do you play to a thunderous soundtrack? Or is silence the most beautiful sound of all? Tell us your story.Torchsong4 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Rank 8 Brawlers Any other rank 8 Brawler's managed to kill the rare brawl bosses yet? They are pretty gear/rng dependent for the most part and Zen'shar seems to be one of the easiest to take down. Disruptron can kiss my !@#.Deathswings13 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 alani mount i got the skycrystal. Looking to sell the mount for 150k send a tell orbingame mail to liltipsy. This is ally sideLiltipsy0 Dec 15, 2012
Dec 15, 2012 Weekly Convictfish thread Dec 15, 2012
Dec 14, 2012 [Horde] Paladin looking for a raiding group Hi Saurfang, Only recently moved to Saurfang and am looking for a Horde group who need a competent guy for their raids. I'm easy-going, happy to do old raids, new raids, heroics, PVP, and I know my class fairly well (been playing 3 years). I have a sense of humour and prefer to enjoy time raiding, rather than hardcore progression. Armory should be showing me in my Holy set, but I was Protection for all of Wrath and Cata, and my Retribution is my "for fun" and "PVP" spec. I can perform all roles, but would prefer healing. Will tank if required, but will require some time to get properly geared. I've been casual for all of Cataclysm and on a different realm entirely. My old guild cleared Dragon Soul before Mists of Pandaria came out. Prior to Cataclysm I was a raid leader for a year, but I'm not really considering doing that again. I live in QLD so my hours are all ex-DST. My available nights so far are Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I'm generally available to raid after 8pm, earliest I could possibly start is 7:30pm (that's 9pm and 8:30 pm for Sydney while DST is happening). Totally-not-looking-for-epics, DanqnaDanqna1 Dec 14, 2012
Dec 12, 2012 [A] <Ballistic> 1/6H, 3/6 Recruiting Ballistic team 1 Based mostly in Perth/SG Raid times: Mon, Wed, Thu 11.00 p.m to 1.30 a.m. Server Time (GMT+11.00) Looking for an exceptional DPS to fill a core spot. Applicants must posess raid awareness, reliable attendance, knowledge of their class (including proper gems, enchants and reforges as well rotation and cooldowns) Preferred class is shadow priest however all applications will be considred. If interested whisper or mail Stalias, Speero or DawnheartStalias0 Dec 12, 2012
Dec 11, 2012 [H] <The Bushido Project> 6/6 3/6N Recruiting The Bushido Project are a progression raid guild running three nights a week on Saurfang. We are a stable crew with a long history who enjoy raiding together and pushing through new content. Our raid schedule is: Mon, Wed, Thurs; 8pm - 11pm. We are looking to recruit a healing priest or warlock for our raid team. Full details can be found on our website:, or speak to Lyconah, Fuleng or Ishya in game. Looking forward to hearing from you.Lyconah8 Dec 11, 2012
Dec 8, 2012 Late Night Raiding Does anyone know if there are any guilds that raid late on this server? Something starting at least at 11:00 or 11:30 server time. If anyone can point me in their direction, it'd be very much appreciated. Battletag: Erchamion#1322Erchamion3 Dec 8, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 A <AIT> 2/6H, 6/6, 4/4 Recruitment Thread Our roster has currently been bolstered back to respectable numbers. However as you would expect we are always open to Apps and will consider any exceptional looking players. P.S You get Bonus points if you are a Dwarf and if you have the Fabulous haircut. No pressure.Vigilancé21 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 [A] Molotov - LFM Cataclysm 10 man raiding Molotov is a semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild. We aim to complete all raid content in the game for our raiders, including all hard modes and achievements. Our raid schedule is designed to be as undemanding as possible on raiders time, though extra time is designated during progression pushes. Molotov is looking for a very limited selection of classes / specs to fill out it's Cataclysm 10 man team. If you are interested, please: 1 - READ the information on our website (such as the Guild Charter and Information for Applicants) 2 - Have STABLE INTERNET 3 - Be able to maintain as close to 100% ATTENDANCE as is possible. Currently seeking: Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Shadow Priest Warlock Raid Times (Saurfang Server Time / AEST) Wednesday 9:30pm - 12:30am Thursday 9:30pm - 12:30am Sunday 9:30pm - 12:30am (Only during progression push.) Monday 9:30pm - 12:30amSelten7 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 7, 2012 Prot War Looking For Raid Team 479 Protection Warrior with Fury DPS offspec, looking for raiding guild to clear normal mode content. Some hardmodes are fine, but I'm not looking for anything hardcore. I can raid any times that do not conflict with my main's schedule. I raid with Lotion on Ambassador. I am 6/6 Heroic MSV, 6/6 Normal HoF w/ some heroic attempts. 4/4 Normal TES and 1/1 Elite Mode TES. I have been raiding as a warrior either full time or part time in every expansion, and I just want to smoke a little herb and lay back and relax in some normal content. Not looking for anything super progressed or super serious, but I do like to kill bosses. Please post here or contact me in game, Thanks. Here is my application. Part One: Part Two: (Also have a guildy / friend who has a shammy available - Same progression etc - Current Spec / Gear = 479 Elemental)Ambassador9 Dec 7, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Selling a lvl 25 Guild. Hey guys, obviously not the one i am in on this toon, but i am bringing over a guid that i don't need anymore and would prefer to sell it on saurfang rather then some random server. Please hit me up either here or in game if you are interested. Transferring this guild here will give me a free name change so you can call it what ever you like. I am not charging much cause i want to get rid of it quick, so 120k would be great, but if your really quick I'm sure ill drop it a little. tc all!Ezeekiel6 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 Horde RBG Team--Weekly Conquest Points Hello fellow Saurfang PVPers; I am looking to either join, or to help form, a Saurfang (Horde) RBG team. If possible, it would be nice to create a team with enough members to be able to do rated battle grounds daily, depending how many are on at the time. If you have a team I can join--or you are interested in starting & maintaining a (hopefully) long-lasting RBG team--please contact me in game. Thanks.Bockser2 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 6, 2012 White riding camel (TCG mount) soldBuffthis0 Dec 6, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 [H] <Chief> Recruiting for 10m! Hey everybody, Chief is a new guild on the Horde side of Saurfang. We're looking for intelligent and dedicated players to fill out our 10 man raiding roster. Our timetable is as follows: Wednesday 8 - 12pm server time Sunday 8 - 12pm server time We're not especially serious, especially when not raiding, but we do require a sensible attitude and a willingness to improve from our members. High attendance, ie above 90% is also a critical component of our member's continued rostering. Current positions include: - 1 x Tank ( Pally/Warrior pref ) - 2 x DPS ( Any MELEE considered ) In terms of gear, an average item level of 460 or higher would be an attractive feature in a new member, that being said proof-of-skill will always outweigh gear, so come show off to us! For more information please feel free to whisper Gazzehn in-game or send an in-game mail! Cheers, GazzGazzehn7 Dec 5, 2012
Dec 5, 2012 @Drupal & Natiouiom You two are my favorite X-treme Arena Naptime buddies EVER (Incidentally, this was the most fun arena of our evening) Dec 5, 2012
Dec 2, 2012 Tuesday Question: Confessions. Been leveling my Priest a bit lately, you might have seen her shadow, tearing around Valley of the Four Winds looking like she knows what she is doing. It's all a front of course, I am just as lost and confused as the rest of you. It doesn't help having the questing fatigue debuff after racing from 1 to 90 on my Monk, but in spite of that, It feels like progress is being made. One item that has landed on her lap, courtesy of my inscriber Shaman, is a Glyph of Confession. It's a fun little item that allows you to extract a "confession" from a friendly player, usually things like "I borrowed money from a friend to buy my first mount," "I went into Alterac Valley and did not help my team at all" etc. To me, this is fairly pedestrian stuff, all in good fun of course, but really lacks any of the soul laid bare kind of confession that is the stuff of electrifying gossip and sordid scandal, OK maybe not scandal or gossip per se, but you know...juicy. So for this week, I am after some confessions from you, gentle reader. Not interested in anything outside of World of Warcraft (but if you insist), nor anything incriminating, just want to hear something perhaps you've been wanting to get off your chest, dark secrets that you can now share with the world. Feel free to log in on an alt or unknown bank toon if you feel better doing it that way, we won't mind at all. And to get things started, here are my confessions: I enjoy killstealing from obvious goldfarming bots. I have always imagined whoever is running these bots would get savagely beaten by their boss when they don't make their quotas for the day, but I still do it anyway. I undercut guildies and friends all the time on the AH. The joys of unrestricted capitalism. And finally, squirrels, except the mechanical ones, just creep me out, they have the cold, dead eyes that bore into your soul, and they are watching everything you do...everything. So, have you something you feel you need to confess? Something bothering you that you can now finally tell the world? Tell us your story.Torchsong7 Dec 2, 2012
Nov 29, 2012 <filthy casuals> is recruiting! <Filthy casuals> Formally Antiquus' 2nd raid team. we remade guild for ease of guild bank permissions, to show up on WoL and wow progress. currently 5/6 MSV. and will be running a 13 man rotating roster. and we are currently recruiting : 1x rogue or 1x dk dps 1x resto shaman raid times are as follows Monday : 9:30pm - 12:20am Wednesday : 9:30pm - 12:20am Thursday : 9:30pm - 12:20am (all times are server time) we expect all raiders to bring all supplies they need for the raid nights (e.g any specific buff food that you cant get from banquets, we do supply banquets) gems and enchants will be supplied on availability (mat deposits are greatly appreciated)Masspower13 Nov 29, 2012
Nov 27, 2012 <Altera> 6/6 4/6 N <Altera> 6/6 4/6 N Altera 10man core progression team is looking for exceptional raid oriented players to join us as we start heroics. Seeking the following classes: - Warrior dps / prot offspec - Pally Tank /Ret offspec Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday – 8:30 till 11:30. Apply at Please contact Beaver, Kaeless or Mercho or Nazgoul in game.Beäver16 Nov 27, 2012
Nov 25, 2012 (H) Tranq - 10m Tranq (Level 25) is currently looking for a Hunter, and Enhancement Shaman or Rogue to join it's 10m raiding team. Raid nights are Wed, Thu, Mon 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm Server time/Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights from 12:30 am 3:30 am PST. Please contact Sakki, Nubmäge, or Drukqs for more details.Sakki0 Nov 25, 2012
Nov 24, 2012 Recruitment - Divine Fate - 3/6N - All Roles New Alliance casual raiding guild, 3/6N on first nights of raiding. LF3M for our raiding team - Thur and Sun - 8pm to 11pm. (Tank, Heals, DPS (pref hunter)) We are a bunch of hard core raiders starting a casual guild, so no raging and more killing. And a focus on a nice mix between fun and progression. Pst Slashandburn in game for more details.Calîgula1 Nov 24, 2012
Nov 23, 2012 Tuesday Question: Dumb Ways to Die. I was, honestly, going to write about fishing this week, as it is the topic of somewhat vibrant discussion in my guild. Until I saw this... (Note: Those of you who read the subject line and rolled their eyes are no doubt already familiar with that song, and quite possibly have avoided reading this post altogether. Those who are not familiar with the above video **EARWORM WARNING: SONG IS VERY CATCHY**) For those not familiar with this song currently going viral across the world, this is part of a safety campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, performed by Tangerine Kitty (Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange, and Ollie McGill from Cat Empire) and has now become a firm favourite during our daily Two Minutes Hate/Company Singalong here at Torchsong Towers. I have an American friend, who, while occasionally very blunt and outspoken, is one of the finest tanks I have ever worked with, and during a recent conversation with him regarding some aspect of the game, came out with this quote: "The content changes, the game can be different, but the stupid remains the same." Of which we in the group all nodded sagely, murmured our agreement, and then all died when the hunter pulled half a dozen trash mobs in Mogu'shan Vaults too many. (Not me of course, some other hunter, I was on my Monk). So there is one dumb way to die, the hunter in question, was an alt of someone who had a beef with the off tank, and thus engineered the groups demise, and his swift exit from the raid. There are other ways of course, this game offers you the player a virtual smorgasbord of silly and hilarious exits from this world, from a poorly timed jump off an elevator, to a keyboard battery dying just as you are running to catch up with the group, running straight past them into the waiting arms/jaws of the boss or his guards, wiping out the group. (As happened one night to a guildy in ICC with the Bonestorm boss, to much hilarity from us and profuse apologies from him). So, with all the /played time under your belt, have you ever killed yourself or unintentionally killed others in a way that, on reflection, was frikin hilarious? Tell us your story.Torchsong7 Nov 23, 2012