Jul 1, 2015 Newly transferred horde mage LF guild Hey I am hoping to find a horde guild that is mainly casual but does a little bit of casual raiding as well. What I am looking for: A relatively active guild with many 100 toons (not a massive guild over 500 people or whatnot). A guild that uses Vent and that likes to socialise in it sometimes. Can accommodate for my casual play as I can log on at random times :) No forced pvp of any kind, as I will not join any scheduled pvp events! You can message me if I am on my character or just reply here :) Hopefully there is something out there! :PFoxfoe3 Jul 1, 2015
Jun 29, 2015 WTB Swift Spectral Tiger mount WTB Swift Spectral Tiger mount - Add Typh#1842Typh0 Jun 29, 2015
Jun 25, 2015 <Peasant revolt> Alliance 6.2 Recruitment <Peasant revolt> Alliance 6.2 Recruitment Thread Raid details: Days: Wed/Thursday Times: 8:30 - 10:30 OCE ST Requirements: Stable connection, TeamSpeak Currently 4/13N, progressing quickly will be moving into heroic once we get the hang of things Specific classes we're currently recruiting: - Tank, any class welcome preferably not warrior All exceptional applicants of other classes welcome Whisper me in game for more details, etc. BetrayaBetraya0 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 19, 2015 WTB Heroic BH kill. H BH only. No loot. This week. Pst prices. My btag is sorrow#1769.Silhouettic0 Jun 19, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 <Lotion> Selling 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes! Our Challenge Mode team is looking for more buyers for our 8/8 Gold CM carries! Our group has had considerable experience running challenge modes. We currently hold the most World Record times (Grimrail and SMBG) and all 8 realm best times. Because of this we can assure you the quality of our service will not be met by anyone else on Saurfang. Unlike other CM sale groups, our runs are 100% self-play! Don't get scammed or let your account get compromised. (We do not accept Paypal or any other forms of payment that violate Blizzard's ToS) Our videos of CM speed runs: Rewards from 8/8 Gold: Unique transmog weapons Challenger's War Yeti mount (Account wide) Title : The Indomitable 8 Challenger's Path portals to dungeon entrances in Draenor 360 achievement points Requirements: 5 invisibility potions (if the character is on another server) 2-2.5 hours to complete the run Price: 8/8 Gold - 250k Individual Dungeons - 50k Schedule: Contact us in-game or add one of our members to set up a date for your run. Team: Zunnie#1521 - Resto Druid: Thrustbb#1120 - Blood Death Knight: Andy#1627 - Hunter: FrozenPie#1860 - Shaman: Jun 16, 2015
Jun 16, 2015 <Lotion> Heroic BRF Sales Hey guys, we've been doing these runs very successfully for quite a few weeks now but I just haven't gotten a chance to make a thread. <Lotion> is looking for more buyers for our weekly heroic BRF run. Our runs are SUNDAY starting at 8 server time. They usually last for around 2 hours. The price is 150k for the full run with loot priority on everything that drops for your spec. If you're not interested in loot, or just want to come in and coin the bosses, the price for a no-loot 10/10 run is 60k. We also sell Blackhand only kills for 30k. Come get your AOTC feat of strength achievement! This achievement will become unobtainable after 6.2! We only bring one class of each token/armor type per run to guarantee maximum loot for our buyers! Our previous buyers have all received 3-4 pieces of tier and 10+ pieces of gear. Some have even gone up over 60 ilvls after their run. A few logs of our past sale runs: We require a 30k deposit by THURSDAY to secure your spot! Contact me in-game or add me on btag jilliene#1512Jilliene6 Jun 16, 2015
Jun 14, 2015 (H) Antiquus Guild Recrtuitment Antiquus is currently looking for players to fill our raid team ready for 6.2 and hellfire citadel. Currently 7/7H and 8/10H We have a great group of people and are just looking for people to fill in some spots after a few leavers. Looking For 1 Tank 3 Heals (accepting most classes) Ranged DPS (mages, spriests, shammies, boomies, locks) Raid Times Friday and Sundays 1900 Server Time We are looking forward to hearing from anyone interested so please add Seano090#1218 to have a chat or ask any questions :)Owenlars0 Jun 14, 2015
Jun 13, 2015 LF Challenge Mode Group UH DK looking for challenge mode group. Have everything required, skype, flasks, etc. Previous experience only extends to MoP challenge modes, completed on two different characters. Leave a message here or in-game if keen!Kesomek0 Jun 13, 2015
Jun 12, 2015 <Lotion> Saurfang PvP Tournament Hey Saurfang! Lotion is interested in hosting a server wide pvp tournament. This will be a 3v3 arena tournament held via a series of wargames. Preliminary match ups will be held on the final Saturday afternoon before 6.2 starting at 7pm. The tournament will be held in the final week of this current Tier. It will be on the final Sunday before 6.2 starting at 12pm. We are looking at best case scenario of a total of 16 teams. Finals will be made up of the top 8 teams from preliminaries and will consist of an elimination bracket. (Think of Blizzcon) Tournament rules are as follows; 1) You must be an active Saurfang resident. This means that you have toons that are level 100 that you raid or pvp on that are on Saurfang. (Proof will be required) 2) No Account sharing. The players MUST be the owners of the accounts. 3) The team must consist of 1x Heals and 2x DPS. No tank specs are allowed (Gladiator stance accepted) 4) Tournament gear only. This can be purchased from Nagrand just outside Highmaul for 50g per piece. [] 5) If there are any change up to your team members you need to inform us at least 2 hours prior to the event. 6) If the turn out is higher than expected, then please be aware that we may need to cut teams from this competition (for which we apologize) If this happens, the teams that will make it through will be based off experience and composition.Match rules are as follows: 1) All preliminary and final rounds are best of 3 2) Grand Final is best of 5 3) If any teams have disconnections you will have 3 minutes to sort out your connection and get back into the game. If any members of a team continuously disconnect, your team will be disqualified and the opponents will win.4) In the result of a draw, the match will be replayed. 5) If there are any bugs during the match that stop a player from competing than the match will be reset. 4) The composition you are playing is allowed to be interchangeable. This even includes alts you have on another server. You can only choose to swap comps around once per match. If you decide to mix it up, your opposing team will be notified and they will have a chance to swap as well. 5) If you are found to be using an illegal add-on (eg. Kick Bot) you will be disqualified and removed from the tournament. Prize Pool ----------- 1st Place: 100,000g 2nd Place: 75,000g 3rd Place: 55,000g Total Pool: 230,000g If an alliance team wins, Lotion will cover the loss on the AH transfer. Entry Fee ------------- Loljks there are none. The only cost will come from you buying the tournament gear. The tournament will be streamed via: Please register at: [We are also looking for 2 competent commentators. Anyone interested please in-game mail Steveyó or whisper in game if I am online. You must have a solid internet connection. You must also have high knowledge of each class and their abilities in an arena match. Above all, you must have fun!] Good luck everyone and I'm hoping to see a good turn out!Steveyó4 Jun 12, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Alliance warlock looking to buy the services of an alliance warlock and a friend to summon me to warspear. Will trade a saucy battle pet for your services.Cinderino0 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 WTS nightsaber cub PM me for offersRainsford1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 Our official Blackhand kill video It's finally out after a long wait, Enjoy!Cpl12 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 Level 80 Account Capped Guilds Hi everyone and thanks for viewing my post. I'm looking for an Oceanic Horde or Alliance guild or Guilds that support 80 level capped accounts. I'm not looking for a Twink Guild I'm looking for a Guild who's players are focused only on WOTLK content. I guess I'm wanting to go back in time and enjoy again the excellent content that existed when level 80 was as far as we could go. If you know of such a guild please post as much info as you can Battle on...Krossbow0 Jun 4, 2015
Jun 1, 2015 Lotion - 10/10 M - Sales Thread Lotion is starting with sales for certain parts of current content, the thread will be updated as we progress more and we can offer more. However, for now, if you're interested in purchasing any of the content below, send myself or another officer a message in game and we can discuss it. Heroic Highmaul: - Not for Sale Mythic Highmaul: Individual Boss's - 25k 6/7M (All class specific loot) - 100K 7/7 M (All class specific loot) - 300k (negotiable) Imperator kill (Cutting Edge + Title + loot) - 200k Heroic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 H Clear (All class specific loot) - 150k 10/10 H Clear (No loot) - 60k Blackhand Kill (AOTC + Loot) - 50k Mythic Blackrock Foundry: Individual Kills: (Loot NOT Included) Mythic Beastlord Darmac - 40k Mythic Oregorger - 40k Mythic Gruul - 40k Mythic Hans/Frans - 40k Mythic Flamebender - 60k Mythic Kromog - 60k Mythic Operator Thogar - 60k Mythic Iron Maidens - 80k Mythic Blast Furnace - 100k Loot Pricing on Individual Kills (per piece): Jewellery/Bracers/Belts/Boots/Cloaks - 20k Non tier armor pieces - 25k Tier armor pieces - 30k Trinkets/Weapons/Offhands - 40k Bundles: ALL class specific loot NOT required by raiders included Kromog Wing (Hans/Flame/Kromog) - 200k Maidens Wing (Beastlord/Thogar/Maidens) - 250k Furnace Wing (Ore/Gruul/Furnace) - 250k Full 9/10 Clear - 550k Blackhand coming soon. If interested feel free to message us in game and we can work something out.Cpl48 Jun 1, 2015
May 29, 2015 [H] 'Retry' 2/10M recruiting Retry is a recently reformed raiding guild recruiting to complete a 20 man team to progress through Heroic and mythic. Our current progression: 7/7 N HM, 7/7 H HM, 4/ 7MHM, 10/10 N BRF, 10/10 HM, 2/10M. We raid Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays starting at 9:50pm server time and finishing up at 1am. Sunday is non-compulsory raiding night, whereby we clean up what we didn't have time for on Wed and Fri, do alts runs, and engage in a very relaxing session. Our aim is to form a very solid 20 man team, to have geared and ready for the release of the next tier so we can focus heavily on mythic progression. Whilst at the same time we want to build up a 30 man heroic team for HFC heroic progression. We would like to begin and complete as much mythic progression as we can before the start of 6.2. What we're looking for: - Healer - Caster dps - WW/Feral/Ret Add my battletag for a chat: davidt1995#1410Itouch5 May 29, 2015
May 27, 2015 [H] The Despot currently recruiting The Despot is currently recruiting all classes for Heroic raiding in 6.2 to casually clear content 2 nights per week on Wednesdays and Sundays 8pm-11pm server time.Nèz0 May 27, 2015
May 20, 2015 <Lotion> 10/10M LF Exceptional applicants <Lotion> is a newly reformed Saurfang PvE and PvP guild aiming at raiding Mythic for WoD. You may remember the old guild from early MoP <Lotion>, we represent the rebirth of that guild with many of the old raiders returning. Lotion achieved early success in MoP, with an Oceanic 7th Will of the Emperor and Oceanic 2nd Grand Empress Shek'zeer. At this point we guild merged with Avast for the remainder of tier 14 and all of tier 15, achieving several US 1st and 2nd kills. After skipping t16 we have returned looking for something more laid back but still fast progressing. Up until the 18/3/15 we have been a 3x3 guild, progressing at a fairly fast rate while doing these hours, however we've decided we'd like to push a bit harder and have opted to go 4x3.5 which has successfully aided us in obtaining the Realm First Mythic Blackhand guild and taking hold of the number 1 guild on Saurfang. We are currently recruiting anyone and everyone (including PvE, PvP and Casual), please note we are trying to keep high standards for raiders, you will have to prove yourself during the trial period to be guaranteed a spot. What you can expect from us in WoD: -A laid back yet efficient style of raiding -A relaxed environment of talented players looking to achieve decent rankings without pushing too hard. -A strong PvP environment within the guild with many PvP exclusive players. Openings: Balance Druid (High) Pally/DK/Monk Tank (High) Mage (High) ALL Exceptional players are encouraged to apply Raid Times: Wednesday - 8 - 11:30pm AEST Thursday - 8 - 11:30pm AEST Sunday - 8 - 11:30pm AEST Monday - 8 - 11:30pm AEST Apply on the Website today! If you are looking to just join the guild as a friend and join in with whatever is happening at the time, feel free to whisper anyone online for an invite. Feel free to contact our recruitment officer (Lanzy#6931 / Cpl) in game with any queries/concerns.Steveyó27 May 20, 2015
May 17, 2015 #rafsgayhat #rafsgayhatPopularize4 May 17, 2015
May 16, 2015 [H] All or Nothing - Seeking Raiders All or Nothing actively seeking new raiders to progress into Mythic Our current progression: 7/7 Normal/Heroic HM 1/7 Mythic HM 10/10 Normal BRF 10/10 Heroic BRF The basics: • Based on Saurfang • Raid times: Thursday to Saturday 7:00pm Server time We are looking for: • Raid awareness; • Punctuality and attendance; • Must have TeamSpeak3 • RC Loot Council addon for loot What we are looking for: • Skilled DPS and Ranged DPS • Healer (druid, pally, monk) viable DPS offspec a bonus • Back up tank Important links Will also look at other skilled classes/roles not listed above and accept applications from social members. May 16, 2015
May 13, 2015 GASM Recruiting Mythic Raiders 10/10 H, 3/7M <GASM> We are currently recruiting players for our mythic raid team. We are currently 10/10 heroic and 3/7 Mythic highmaul. Currently all DPS are encouraged to apply. Off spec tanks and healers will also be considered. We raid 3 nights a week: Wednesday : 8-11 ST Sunday: 6-9 ST Monday: 8-11 ST We have 2 ranks, Core Raider and Raider position, Core's are invited first and are expected to attend at least 5 in 6 raids. Please apply on our website: or contact either Laws#1946, aussie#1693 or madcowboy#1900. Thanks for the Consideration We will look forward to hearing from you soon, :DMadhellmonk1 May 13, 2015
May 13, 2015 [A] Darkness Within-Late Night 10/10H Darkness Within is an Alliance 20-man progression-focused raiding guild on US Aerie-Peak. We offer a diverse community of both veteran and new players and while at times we can be a little off center, we take progression raiding very seriously. We place high value on dependability, loyalty, and teamwork. Raid schedule: Tuesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Wednesday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) Thursday (9:30pm - 1:00am PST) We require you to Have an in-depth knowledge of your class which includes but not limited to, optimum talent specs, gear itemization, stat priorities. Come prepared, raid ready with consumables such as flasks, potions, food, etc. Have taken time to research fights before raid to help minimize the learning curve for new content. Have the patience and the endurance to wipe repeatedly on new content as part of a learning process. 90% minimum attendance Mumble with a working mic What classes / <specs> are we looking for? Hunter <Beast Master, Survival. Marksman> Monk <Windwalker/Mistweaver> Death Knight <Unholy, Frost, Blood, Blood> Shaman <Enhancement,> Mage <Fire, Frost, Arcane> Warlock <Affliction, Demonology, Destruction> Warrior <Arms, Fury> Paladin <Holy> These are the classes that we are looking for. However, we believe spots are earned; if you believe you have what it takes we would like to hear from you. Our Website! In Game Contacts Setlo-GM (Setlo#1250) Bocephuss-RL (Bocephuss#1932)Brbautoshot0 May 13, 2015
May 7, 2015 [A] Batibot - All Filipino casual guild c" ) [A] Batibot - All Filipino casual raiding guild Mabuhay! An all-Filipino casual raiding guild on Saurfang-Oceanic server, established November 19, 2008. Batibot is a friendly casual raiding guild and we use tagalog as our primary language (so ano pa hinihintay nyo? sali na!). If you are interested in joining our guild please visit For more information please feel free to contact Ulan, Xianuz, Janjalani, Shelborn, Pusanggayot, Kabalyero, & Dalisay or any officers in game. Mga pinoy sali na 10man Raid: - (In-Progress) Mogu'shan Vaults - 2/6 Time: (GMT +8 Manila / Singapore) - Start invite at 9:00PM to 9:30PM - Wednesday, Thursday, & Monday Loot Rules: - /ROLL Cheers!Ulan44 May 7, 2015
May 7, 2015 Looking for some transmog items So i am looking for some transmog items. I am looking for IRONHIDE items. I am looking for a chest, belt and boots. If you happen to come across any of these items then i would like to buy them off you. I am alliance so if your a horde then please hit me though my btag STORMSHADOW #1377 and we will work something out. Thank youSnipereye0 May 7, 2015
May 5, 2015 looking to join a socail and raiding guild Character name and server: character :Garnolaf / realm is :saurfang in oceanic Age: 25 Nationality: australian Main spec, and off spec? : main marksmanship, off survival Armory Link:: Are you willing to gear and play your offspec if the guild needs you to?: yes What was your last raiding guild, and why did you leave?: n/a im new to wow please read below before you dismiss my app Link to any logs available?: Previous PvE Experience: I started off doing questwith my hunter and rogue, to lvl 16, paladin to lvl 20 which I loved playing paladin and a warlock to lvl 17 which I enjoyed too I done a lot of quest with these characters and a few dungeons but my hunter was with a different server so Im concerntrating on levelling him atm because I want to raid with him asap, ive done a lot of questing, mining engineering and archaeology with him but love doing dungeons and have been doing heroic mode since lvl 60 Our current raid days are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 20-23 (GMT+1). Are you able to raid all 3 days?: yes Our raiders are required to have a minimum attendance of atleast 2 out of 3 raid nights. Can you live up to that?: Yes We use teamspeak for our raids, do you have a microphone?: Yes Are you able to understand and communicate in English (on Teamspeak) during raids? : yes In order to prevent having to cancel raids we run a roster bigger than the actual raid size. This means we sometimes have people sitting out. Do you understand and accept you will be asked to do the same from time to time?: Yes Anything else you think we should know?: I am new to wow this would be my second week and have already reached lvl 70. I however work well in since I hit lvl 60 heroic dungeons, I also have a lot of raiding experience in destiny even lead my own raids often in it and had my own clan, I do understand that yous want experienced players as I did too when I was playing destiny however ive had no help so far except youtube videos and would like to join your guild and hopefully get some friend to friend guidance I don't want yous to carry me and will do everything I can to pull my own weight. I would also like to play online with other players and be able to chat to them using team speak and hopefully my gaming experience get a lot more fun. I would like to raid withyous when im ready so please consider giving me a chance I have also changed my my hotkey tabs and bars I have a lot of hours logged for starcraft and guild wars 2 and diablo on pc platformGarnolaf1 May 5, 2015
May 2, 2015 Giving my account for free. Time is up! Giving my account for free, after five years is time to move on. You will get: Six 100 toons, one is 7/7H, 10/10H All professions: 4 tailors, 4 alchemist, 2 scribes, 79 heirlooms, including the ring. At least 5 months of playing time remaining. I have nearly 230 mounts if you are into it. Also includes Diablo® III: Reaper of Souls SE and StarCraft® II: Heart of the Swarm™ SE Only requirement is, take care my toons and keep enjoying the game. Replay this post with your xp and interest.Kulion4 May 2, 2015
May 2, 2015 Looking for Ironhide mail items As the title says I am looking for Ironhide mail items. To be a bit more precise I am looking for feet and chest to the set. If you have these items and would like to sale then please msg me in game or shoot me a letter. thank youSnipereye0 May 2, 2015
Apr 30, 2015 Out of date recruit message. Hello, 'Crimson Flight' is a casual raiding guild who want to progress steadily through Heroic content and then do Mythic when we think we're up to it. Currently we're 7/7N and 4/7H. We need range dps to fill up our raid spots, no experience required. Our core group are experienced raiders who due to real life reasons want to have a more relaxed approach to raiding this expansion. Our raid times are 9:30pm server time on Wed/Thurs. Add my battletag if interested. davidt1995#1410Itouch5 Apr 30, 2015
Apr 30, 2015 [A] Immaterial LF 10 man raid members Immaterial is recruiting for 10 man raid team. Experience preferred but not required. Will be running both Normal and Heroic BRF depending on what is required. Typical raid nights are Friday and Sunday starting at 8:30 server time. Add Kamo#6905 on or message Akatsuuki in game for more information.Akatsuuki0 Apr 30, 2015
Apr 27, 2015 689 RET PALLY LF GUILD. I'm gonna server transfer my character this may 15 as my work schedule changed so I could'nt raid with my guild anymore. Looking for an afternoon running guild with mythic progression that runs 12pm-4pm ST. I'm available at any day with those time schedule. :)Raphex1 Apr 27, 2015
Apr 27, 2015 [A] WTS - Heavy Junkboxes Pokêcenter now supplying Heavy Junkboxes to Saurfang Alliance: Contact in-game to Scythèr or alternatively add Battletag: Abadger#1239 Currently have a few hundred in surplus stock and will take any amount of order. Price is negotiable and will be discussed ingame.Preferred method of delivery will be CoD, however i do have a guild you can join to take out of the gbank.Pokèdollar0 Apr 27, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 [H] <Persephone> - Recruiting Raiders <Persephone> is currently recruiting to round out our team to move into Mythic raiding. We are a friendly guild who enjoy pushing progression two nights a week. We also have an alt run on Saturdays at the same time through either Highmaul or Blackrock. Progression: Highmaul: 7/7 Norm - 7/7 Heroic Blackrock: 10/10 Norm - 9/10 Heroic Currently Recruiting: Tanks: -none- Healers: -non- Melee DPS: Rogue, Monk, Shaman, Druid Ranged DPS: Shaman, Warlock, Druid We are looking for: Committed raiders Raid awareness 80% Attendance per month Knowledge of class played or willing to learn Fully gemmed & enchanted Must have TeamSpeak3 Raid Times: Friday: 8pm - 11pm Sunday: 8pm - 11pm Alt Run: Saturday 8pm - 11pm Loot Rules: We use Loot Council for loot - our Officers discuss and vote on who receives each piece of loot. We do prioritize Best in Slot and people gaining 2 or 4 set pieces - our main aim is to keep all our raiders equally geared to help with progession. Pst me in game to discuss or add me to btag: Sammy#1531 to discuss Casuals welcome to join if they wish to come for our alt runs or just hang out in an active guild.Waroona0 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 [H] LF Healers & DPS for Mythic, 10/10H INDEF is putting out a call to arms for multiple healers & DPS who are looking to begin an adventure into Mythic raiding. Monk - Mistweaver & Windwalker Paladin - Holy & Retribution Shaman - Restoration, Elemental & Enhancement Druid - Balance Mage Warrior Hunter [i]Exceptional DPS of any class will also be considered, however. We will be doing two super-efficient raids per week, with the goal of expanding our roster and moving back into Mythic raiding. We can offer you an excellent raiding record and heaps of experience doing Mythic (former Heroic) difficulty content on a very limited schedule. Our team’s Mythic SoO progress was 8/14, doing 6 hours per week before ceasing in December 2013. We also have a storied Hardmode raiding history as a group dating back to BC. We are currently 7/7H Highmaul and 10/10H Blackrock Foundry. We're committed to offering up the absolute best 2-day raiding experience around! Our guild is geared towards older (25+), personable, skilled and experienced raiders who want to get things done while having a fantastic time socialising. The qualities we’re looking for in raiders include: - Excellent verbal communication skills - Dedication and a high rate of attendance - Keenly honed skill in your chosen class and role - Able to handle criticism and suggestions - Ability to adapt quickly Our raids will be held each Thursday, from 8:00PM to 11:00PM AEST and Sunday 7:30-10:30PM AEST (Sydney time). Please contact Vel (Velly#1791) or Val (Valdez#1224) via our Battletags with any inquiries. Cheers! ****************** A long-time raiding guild full of hardmode raiders and friends. We are currently doing 2 days per week of Heroic raiding in Warlords of Draenor, and are expanding our roster to move back into Mythic with emphasis placed on skill and efficiency. Zero drama tolerance policy, most of our members are 25+, we are women, couples and LGBTQ friendly.Velum13 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 25, 2015 [H] All or Nothing LF Mythic Raiders All or Nothing actively seeking new raiders to progress into Mythic Our current progression: 7/7 Normal/Heroic Highmaul 10/10 Normal BRF 9/10 Heroic BRF The basics: • Based on Saurfang • Raid times: Thursday to Saturday 7:00pm Server time • English is a must We are looking for: • Skilled and committed players for WoD raiding; • Raid awareness; • Punctuality and attendance; • Knowledge of class played or willing to learn • Fully gemmed, enchanted • Must have TeamSpeak3 • RC Loot Council addon for loot What we are looking for: • Skilled DPS and Ranged DPS • Healer (druid, pally, monk) viable DPS offspec a bonus • Back up tank Important links Will also look at other skilled classes/roles not listed above and accept applications from social members. Apr 25, 2015
Apr 24, 2015 Calling ALL 19 Twinks! Hey Everyone, Next Sunday (03/05/2015), i would like to organise a event, were everyone with a 19 Twink to log on and join in, We will be queueing 3v3 Skirmishes because they are never open, there will be alot of war games at Goldshire Alliance on Frostmourne(Oceanic) But any twinks from all servers are more than welcome to join in, simply just que around the same time which there isnt a very specific time this event will be on, just around high population times, so it will be 10am-10pm (GMT+10) don't be too set on times it can run as long as you want This is just for fun, no rewards or bets for winning, its all about everyone enjoying themselves winning or losing, any and all 19 twinks are invited to join :) You can add our B-tag Tocool15#1284 Webshotz#1761 Murked#1900Oh0 Apr 24, 2015
Apr 21, 2015 Recipe to make the Saurfang forums aka cake Ingredients: 420 cups of banter 3 teaspoons of elitism 69 spoonfuls of neck-beards 10 kilos of salt 50g of memes (can be purchased at your local 9gag.) 4.5L of autism Carders Dubstep (Mage) Method: Step 1: You really just throw it all in a bowl (except Carders & Dubstep) and chuck it in the oven. Step 2: Burn it so bad that its darker than a starving Somalian child dying from malaria. Step 3: Once everything is burnt beyond recognition and the neck-beards & banter rise to the top, make sure to check if the lining of memes are dank enough. If not, add more autism. Step 4: Lather the entire "cake" in a thick layer of Carders. Make sure to mix before applying so the elitism really packs a PUNCH! Step 5: Sprinkle a few pinches of Dubstep here and there just to ensure that the "cake" is salty enough. Before serving, you need to conduct a taste test to make sure its cooked just right. You know when you have done it right when it tastes like a single spoonful could kill 10 fully grown adults. Enjoy!Buckshotx6 Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015 Horde mythic raiding - Athanasy Athanasy are currently recruiting more players that want to raid heroic and mythic content. We have cleared all current Heroic content (7/7 Highmaul and 10/10 Blackrock Foundry) and are currently 4/7 mythic. We raid Wednesday, Sunday & Monday from 19:30 - 23:00 server time. Athanasy is a laid back guild of mature players. We like to have fun during raid, however when it is time to kill a boss we have our game faces on. We are not after any minimum ilvl as we are looking for the right type of people to fit in with our team. All applications will be considered. If interested please contact: Tubs - cathjoda#1594 Armeddevil - armeddevil#1737 NKD - devcalais#1952 Turtler - Monobrow#1907Tubs0 Apr 21, 2015
Apr 21, 2015 LF Alliance Guild Recently transferred player from Dath where all my guilds I joined are dead. 90 Mistweaver Monk/90 Fire/Arcane Mage who's looking for a new home. Im there to eventually raid, 2's,3's. But I want to just have fun with people, playing this game solo is boring, the guild I join is one who has fun even just doing random stuff for members (achievements, mount farming, etc). I want a nice fun guild where it feels like home so I can login again and be excited to rock it with my guild! Long time MMO player, newer player to wow so would love to meet some people. Btag is Icchi#1944 or drop me a line here Hope to hear from some of you!Dwarfmon1 Apr 21, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 WTB 10/10H BRF run Just wondering if any guilds are selling a 10/10H run with loot and how much it'd cost?Quinne2 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 [H] <Athanasy> Athanasy are looking for a healer and a couple of dps to round out our mythic team. We are 10/10H, 7/7H and 4/7M. We raid Wed, Sun, Mon 20:00 - 23:00 server time We are looking for talented players that know how to play their class. High ilvl is not a must as gear is easy to come by but the right players are hard to find. Please pst any questions to: Monobrow#1907 cathjoda#1594 devcalais#1952 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 To Morge Apr 16, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 Fun + Raiding = Without Sympathy! LFM Without Sympathy is a community of mature gamers (18+) who are keen to progress through BRF. We have a small 10 man team and are keen to grow this team to include players who would like to have fun and be serious about progression. Also wanting to have a laugh is a necessity! We are currently 7/10N on BRF and would really like to move to Heroic. What are we looking for? We are looking for people who would like to join our team of misfits, who are open to having a laugh, and who are keen to try their hand at raiding. Without Sympathy is the kind of guild where we help each other out. We have a dedicated 'advisor' who is a well versed player of WoW and he will be more than happy to help you get the most out of your character. If you want to give us a try or you're convinced we could be the right fit for you, head to and fill in an application! :D We look forward to seeing you in Azeroth!Alixa0 Apr 16, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 ROB DRAGON IS NOT WORTH MY TIME hello friends ravindrannor here i once tried 2 carry robdragon to 2k for only 5k gold, after 3k games robdragon refused 2 unbind his S key and said warriors have a high skill cap i should know i have guarded the 1500 bracket for 3 expansions now and boy no1 has got past me. robdragon u used 2 look up to me and now u make me fee like this shame on u friendRavindrannor1 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 RP for Australia with these new Australian server use RPers should not be forced off our oceanic realms to rp so blizz please give us 1 rp realm blizzÈthân2 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 <Forgot to Wipe>(A) 10/10H (Frostmourne) <Forgot to Wipe> - Frostmourne (A) Highmaul: 2/7M Blackrock Foundry: 10/10H About Us We are a group of experienced players, who would like to push end-game content on a 2 day raiding schedule. As we have less time then other guilds operating on a 3 day raiding schedule, we aim to reduce wasted time and make the most of our 8 hours per week together. We are seeking exceptional raiders to strengthen our roster for mythic progression. Raid Information Raid Times: Thursday 8PM - 12am SVT Sunday 8PM - 12am SVT Optional Wednesday - Alt run Voice Communication We use a dedicated Teamspeak 3 server. Raiders are expected to have working speakers and microphone. Raid Info Flasks, pots and food are provided to raiders during progression nights. <Forgot to Wipe> uses a loot council to distribute loot using several different factors, ranging from attendance, performance, size of upgrade, and attitude of the raiders. We favor loot to those who demonstrate reliability and an eagerness to progress. Loot decisions are done transparently and fairly. Recruitment Currently focusing recruitment on all dps classes, 670+ and appropriately gemmed and enchanted. Exceptional tanks and heals may still apply. Contacts If you believe you're the right fit for us, please contact one of the following players in-game for a chat; Whyteshadow (ox0#1854), Wulf (Daniel#15975), Melonlord (MelonLord#6569)Whyteshadow0 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 [H] All or Nothing LF More 7/7, 10/10N 8/10 All or Nothing currently seeking Raiders The basics: • Based on Saurfang • Raid times: Thursday to Saturday 8:00pm Server time • Current Progression 7/7 Heroic HM, 10/10 Normal BRF and 8/10 Heroic BRF We are looking for: • Skilled and committed players for WoD raiding; • Raid awareness; • Punctuality and attendance; • Knowledge of class played or willing to learn • Fully gemmed, enchanted • Must have TeamSpeak3 • RC Loot Council addon for loot I have specific interest in the following roles: • Skilled DPS and Ranged DPS • Healer (druid, priest, pally, monk) viable DPS offspec a bonus Will also look at other skilled classes/roles not listed above and accept applications from social members. To apply please go to our website otherwise PST Paddo#6366 Syphadiaz#1111 Novichok#1995 Vestera#6655 Awesomeus#1646Vessy0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 A< NÖCTURNAL> @ Saurfang GMT+8 recruiting Class We needs: 1 x Tank (Druid , Monk, Pally or DK) 1xMelee with OS Tank (Druid , Monk, Pally or DK) 1x Holy Pally. Numbers of range needed; We are looking for members that run for a long term, so we would looking for people who are joining the guild with the class they enjoy the most, not the ones that temporarily fit our biggest needs. We do believe class balance is important and necessary but not a must. Player skill, knowledge, reaction, commitment and attitude are more important. Guild: NÖCTURNAL Server: Saurfang Raid time: Wednesday(current), Thursday(Current), Friday(planning to add) and Monday(planning to add). 23: 55 – 03:00 server time, GMT+8 times 8:55pm – 12:00am (if you are in SG HK TW Mala). If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to contact; Kazuya#1802Keitaro2 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 Why oh why Is Desraging the GM of Tasty such a baby?Carders23 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 Bye Kaz Just a moment to remember Kazgorath The paladin tank leading Amputation. Full of Kazuals and wiping to tanking issues 24/7. He left after his guild committed mutiny and made the guild Triggered. You wont be missed <3Dubstep6 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 Kazgorath Credit Report Hi Everyone Just wondering how much gold you are owed by the player Kazgorath/when you loaned it to him/what he claimed it was for? I was stupid enough to loan Kazgorath 35k about a month ago so that he could purchase a mythic belt, and is yet to repay that gold. Total Debts Reported for Player: Kazgorath-Saurfang Creditor Amount (Description) Carders: 35,000g (Mythic belt)* Bullindk: 4,500g (Mythic neck) Dubstep: 20,000g (Mythic item-miscellaneous) Exotichunter: 42,500 (Nok mount cut) Guild(Amputation): ~60,000g (Unauthorized transactions/Stolen BoEs) Total: 162,000g * Repaid by guild bank funds but separated for reference purposes. It is actually owed to the guild bank. Carders9 Apr 2, 2015