Shattered Hand

Apr 6, 2015 Happy Easter SH! I know it's a little late in the day, but better late than never I guess! Happy Easter all!Yuaï0 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 689 Rogue looking for guild I have been playing since vanilla with the exception of MoP because it sucked. My old guild just died out with MoP and now I am looking for a 10/10 heroic possibly starting mythic content guild. I really do not want to server transfer if at all possible. If there are any horde guilds out there recruiting for 10/10 heroic or starting mythic content and your looking for a great rogue hit me up. Trraaxx - Shattered Hand Battletag - Traxman#1212Trraaxx1 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 <NSFW> Looking for more 9/10HBRF.<NSFW> Is a heroic raiding guild looking for experienced/determined players looking to get into mythic raiding. Classes needed are Mage/Hunter/Prot-holy pally.Raid times Mon, Tues, Thurs from 8-11 EST. 665+ilvl PM Gyth Calibrium or Reiran for more info.Chillcosby0 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 6, 690ilvl raiders LF Guild/Guild Merge!! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch, We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30-11:30 PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). We MAY be open to raiding Monday nights at the same time but Tues, Weds, and Friday is much preferred. Also, our group consists of 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 1 DPS. Or 1 tank, 4 healers, and 1 dps. (one of our tanks is an excellent healer and doesn't mind switching to resto if that role would be better suited for a merge). We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 690 Disc Priest - Sov 691 Holy Paladin - Shoddy 690 Resto Druid - Hotstepper 689 Feral Tank/Resto Druid - Linchborn 685 Blood Death Knight - Aaldarius 686 Beast Mastery Hunter -Ðeaddolly0 Apr 2, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Nightfall is Recruiting for Mythic Raiding I have been Leading Raiding Guilds for the past 10 years and usually very successful Lately the Struggle has been real to get to 20 people. However Nightfall is currently looking to Boost to 20 and do Mythic Competitively on the Shattered Hand Connected Realms. Myself as Lead currently sit at 10/10H 1/7M. The Current Core is sitting at 8/10H with Solid attempts on Blast Furnace. We did this in this past week with a new core. Progress will be quick but we need the Bodies. Average ilvl of the Core is 675+. We are looking for more dps to fill out right now. Currently in Desperate need of Ranged. We have no Warlocks, Mages or Hunters. The Goal of our New Core is to clear 17/17 Mythic and Continue to Clear Mythic and Attain Server Best by the end of the Expansion and to continue that Tradition into future Expansions. If clearing Mythic Content is something that interests you then I would recommend giving us a shout and coming in to tryout. We Raid Tue/Thur/Sun 8:30PM-12AM EST(5:30PM-9PM PST for you west coasters) and central you guys are sometime in between. If you have any questions you can speak to myself KØltira-ShatteredHand(the alt code for the o is 0216) or my other officer Moohtree-ShatteredHand. Or Add my Battle Tag (snoogins420#1936) I look forward to raiding Mythic with you all ShortlyKøltira2 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 31, 2015 Hi Shattered Hand Hello Shattered Hand! cheers!Schmidly0 Mar 31, 2015
Mar 30, 2015 655 Monk healer and/or Mage LF raiding guild Hey guys, I'm looking for a raiding guild on my alt monk and/or mage. I'm a central time zone raider with a 7am-4pm job (hooking on Cherry boss gives me terrible hours) I pretty much only have 2 requirements from a guild: -I don't want a guild that has to pug people....if it's a rare occasion I can understand that. -Can't be on Tues/Thurs I can raid most days of the week EXCEPT for Tues/Thurs. I'm able to raid between 3pm-9pm server time (PST) during the week....maybe 10pm given the situation. Friday & Saturday I can stay up all night. I'm not a slacker. I know fights, responsibilities, never late, good attitude, etc. Give me a holler! Thanks :)Cammyflage0 Mar 30, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 LF two drops from hellfire rares Hey guys, I'm looking to buy two specific items from two rare-spawns in hellfire peninsula, being: Legion Coif of Intellect - Demon-Forged Hauberk of Intellect - If you've happened to loot these while leveling an alt in hellfire, please post here and/or contact me in-game through my Btag: Bradsdead#1594 Thanks!Xod0 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 <Valár Morghulis> is now recruiting! We are an alliance guild looking for players interested in heroic and mythic raiding. We are currently 7/7 H Highmaul and 7/10 H Blackrock Foundry. Weekly raid times: Tues/Wed. - 8pm-11pm est. We are currently seeking a few ranged/plate dps and a priest healer, but anyone who is interested can apply. If you're interested or have any questions, please add Sohei44#1974Sohei0 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 17, 2015 LFM Raiding Guild <NSFW> LFM raiders. We would like to get into Mythic but we need more people. We are currently farming Heroic BF. 9/10 on Normal. 8\10 on Heroic. We are looking for Range DPS however, wil make exceptions for excellent players. PST if interested, or feel free to send me an in game mail. And I will do my best to get back to you. Obviously some people feel like their gear is an issue. But if it's obvious you can pull the numbers for your gear, we will know. We raid Mon, Tues, Thurs from 8-11 ESTRuut1 Mar 17, 2015
Mar 11, 2015 The pvp ques are soooo slow. Over 10 mins atm =(Amyas0 Mar 11, 2015
Mar 10, 2015 <> <Icon> (5/10H, Th/Su 9-12) Wants RDPS <> Realm: Thrall Faction: Horde Email: Twitter: @Icon_Guild Raid Days: (Alt-Friendly) NBRF Tues, HBRF Thurs/Sun 9 PM -12 AM EST VOIP: Mumble Loot System: Master Loot & roll MS>OS, Loot Council on Tier Pieces Current Raid Progress: 5/10 Heroic BRF Classes We Want: Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Holy Paladin, Boomkin Are you a veteran raider with a hardcore mentality? Do you find your playtime limited by real life responsibilities? If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding "YES" then <Icon> is the guild for you! We're all quality players who've been gaming for a long, long time. The passage of time has honed our skills but also rendered us... older. With age comes added responsibilities such as career and family and so while might still be badass raiders (we were the 5th most progressed guild on our sever in our heydey) we are forced to adopt a more casual schedule. For this reason we're labeling ourselves "semi-hardcore". We raid twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays from 9-12 PM EST) and are progressing quickly through Heroic Blackrock Foundry. As soon as we can we plan to dive head-first into Mythic! We're not about server firsts in <Icon> but when we do play we mean business. It's business time. The conditions are perfect... We do not have our Mythic team set in stone so if you prove yourself with your skill, availability, and attitude you can secure yourself a spot in Icon's first-ever Mythic Squad! Above all, though, we're about fun. If you have a good sense of humor and take your game seriously without taking yourself too seriously you'll fit in just fine! If you feel like we'd be a good fit send me a tell at Mahanaxar#1991. If I'm not online (which is most of the time during the day) shoot me an email at or hit me up on the Twitter machine @Icon_Guild. Hope to speak to you soon! -MahaMahanaxar0 Mar 10, 2015
Mar 10, 2015 Vindication 7/7N/H 1/7M (Horde&Alliance) LFM Hey there, My name is Feardread and I'm the raid lead for Vindication's Horde progression team. I am currently seeking an experienced: Resto Shaman Boomkin Mage/DK for Mythic progression in Highmaul as well as Heroic progression in Blackrock Foundry (starting Feb. 3rd). We raid Tues/Thurs/Sun 10-12 EST or 7-9 Server. PST me in-game (Feardread-ShatteredHand) or on BTag (Wilson#1573) if interested! All positions are needed for our Alliance progression team (Same contact info). Vindication is a full-featured raiding guild which calls Shattered Hand and her connected realms home. We are actually a collection of guilds, due to our history on Shattered Hand. There's a whole story there to be read on our site. Close to 1600 members proudly call Vindication home. We have multiple Horde guilds and an Alliance guild. We are also loosely associated with some sister guilds on Shattered Hand. Together we're connected to the same guild chat, the same community, and share the same goals, leadership, and vision. Visit us at!Feardread3 Mar 10, 2015
Feb 24, 2015 Transmog Gear For Sale! (Full Sets) $2,000g per set, pst or send in game mail to Warlockjen. These are the only sets I have. I do not farm sets. Don't ask for anything other than what is listed below. These are sets that are popular and/or looks interesting :P To see how the set looks, click item. Go to wowhead (link on right side of page) and then go to or hover over where it says "This item is part of the following transmog set" and the set name. Conqueror's Plate Conqueror's Breastplate Conqueror's Girdle Conqueror's Legplates Conqueror's Greaves Conqueror's Vambraces Conqueror's Gauntlets Arachnidian Regalia (Recolor) Eldr'naan Hood Eldr'naan Shoulderpads Eldr'naan Jerkin Eldr'naan Belt Eldr'naan Pants Eldr'naan Boots Eldr'naan Bracelets Eldr'naan Gloves Warlord's Plate Warlord's Iron-Breastplate Warmaul Belt Warlord's Iron-Legplates Warlord's Sabatons Warmaul Vambraces Warlord's Iron-Gauntlets Burnished Mail (Blue Recolor) Sundered Chestpiece Sundered Waistband Sundered Legguards Sundered Footwraps Tortured Bracer Sundered Gauntlets Grimscale Plate (Recolor) Shattered Hand Helmet Shattered Hand Epaulets Shattered Hand Breastplate Shattered Hand Belt Shattered Hand Legplates Shattered Hand Sabatons Shattered Hand Vambraces Shattered Hand Gauntlets ----------------------------------------------------- ~*PvP Shattered Hand/Horde*~ 90 Priest Morae ~ 90 Lock Warlockjen 90 Druid Parthenia ~ 90 Rogue Erissi 90 Mage Kaelye ~ 90 Warrior Princessjeni 90 Sham Princessjenn ~ 90 Pally Jeni 90 DK Persephoné ~ 90 Hunter Rainee 90 Monk KungFuJenny ~*PvE Bloodhoof/Alliance*~ 90 Priest Princessjen ~ 90 Druid Parthenia 90 DK Persephoné ~ 90 Lock Warlockjen 90 Pally Jeni ~ 90 Hunter Rainee 90 Monk KungFuJenny ~ 90 Magejen 90 Rogue Erissi ~ 52 Sham Sulaa 52 Warrior AeronwenWarlockjen43 Feb 24, 2015
Feb 23, 2015 (H)<The Myrmidons> BRF Raid Needs YOU! <The Myrmidons> is a laid back, drama-free, and progression minded guild looking for raiders for BRF. Our progression so far is 7/7 Heroic HM and 6/10 Normal BRF. We raid Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 8:30pm EST - 11:00pm EST. Currently we run 10 to 13 people but would like to expand our ranks. We are looking for: Alternate Tank (DPS MS with viable Tank OS) Alternate Healers (DPS MS with viable Healing OS) DPS -Hunters -Balance Druid -Mage -Rogue Message me or send me an ingame mail if you are interested or have questions. The Myrmidons 10 years strong!Okita0 Feb 23, 2015
Feb 19, 2015 Mistweaver, LF H BRF progression group. Hello, I'm looking for a Blackrock foundry progression group (horde), I am ilvl 670. I am available for most the week. would like to have the chance to raid with a solid group and have a good time while at it. if you have any questions feel free to message me in-game or send a mail. thanks for reading.Bubbliest1 Feb 19, 2015
Feb 18, 2015 Looking to buy Shadowfang WTB Shadowfang Send in-game mail to Scripts-DarkIron. <3Scripts0 Feb 18, 2015
Feb 14, 2015 <Shots Fired>- Demon Soul Guild Recruiting <Shots Fired> is a Horde guild recruiting all kinds of players. We currently have a casual raid team that raids Normal/Heroic BRF (5/10) and would like to build a PVP team. What you need to join us: 1. A good sense of humor. 2. A high alcohol tolerance. (Or just a high tolerance for alcohol induced shenanigans.) 3. A desire to be in a guild that communicates regularly and functions as a cohesive team. Our Raid team is recruiting: Everyone! We'd really love a Boomkin and some Melee Strength DPS but all are welcome. As we grow, we will also need another healer, ideally a Monk or Priest but we're not too picky. Our PVP team is recruiting: Everyone! Most especially, we need someone who wants to take the reigns and help form a PVP side to our guild. We would love someone with the initiative to set up PVP events and recruit like-minded PVP players. What if I don't like to PVP or PVE? I just stand in Warspear and run around the bonfire a lot. That's ok too. You can keep Moomala company. Contact Syneria, Moomala, Handicapp, or Mootoo.... or really just anyone in the guild for more info/invite. Visit us s h i (no spaces), follow us on twitter @shotsfiredwow or watch our shenanigans at Feb 14, 2015
Feb 13, 2015 Stuff For Sale (BUY ME BUY ME!) ***Post updated on our new merged forums. I will no longer be updating this thread. See you at our new home!!!*** Prices are nonnegotiable. PST, send in game mail or leave a message here for COD. The best way is to send in game mail to Warlockjen-Shatteredhand. Note: Prices apply to horde only. Alliance would have to pay AH fees in addition to the price listed. Level 25 Pets *Note: All blue quality* Sentinel's Companion 10,000g (1 available) Doom Bloom 10,000g (1 available) Level 1 Pets Toxic Wasteling 200g (5 available) Snowman Kit 150g (6 available) Rascal-Bot 5,000g (1 available) Imperial Moth 50g (6 available) Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling 300g (2 available) De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion 500g (2 available) Skunky Alemental 1,000g (1 available) Imperial Silkworm 20g (8 available) Pierre 5,000g (1 available) Terrible Turnip 100g (2 available) Direhorn Runt 150g (1 available) Strand Crawler 200g (1 available) Teroclaw Hatchling 200g (5 available) Brilliant Spore 200g (2 available) Ikky 200g (1 available) Red Helper Box 100g (1 available) Green Helper Box 100g (3 available) Nightshade Sproutling 2,000g (1 available) Hydraling 2,000g (1 available) Jingling Bell 100g (2 available) Everbloom Peachick 2,000g (2 available) Sentinel's Companion 200g (1 available) Leatherworking Supplies - Classic Core Leather 1g (55 available) Warbear Leather 2g (2 available) Devilsaur Leather 2g (1 available) Blue Dragonscale 2g (48 available) Red Dragonscale 2g (58 available) Green Dragonscale 2g (21 available) Turtle Scale 2g (14 available) Black Dragonscale 2g (16 available) Scale of Onyxia 5g (26 available) Worn Dragonscale 2g (55 available) Brilliant Chromatic Scale 10g (23 available) Primal Tiger Leather 15g (80 available) ***No longer obtainable in game*** Core of Earth 2g (22 available) Living Essence 5g (2 available) Essence of Fire 2g (6 available) Elemental Water 2g (9 available) Heart of Fire 50s (32 available) Deeprock Salt 1g (42 available) Refined Deeprock Salt 2g (40 available) Thick Murloc Scale 2g (2 available) Scorpid Scale 2g (4 available) Slimy Murloc Scale 2g (5 available) Raptor Hide 2g (10 available) Green Whelp Scale 2g (5 available) Powerful Mojo 5g (20 available) Cured Light Hide 1g (11 available) Cured Thick Hide 1g (53 available) Cured Rugged Hide 3g (13 available) Essence of Earth 2g (4 available) Breath of Wind 50s (10 available) Essence of Air 2g (5 available) Elemental Earth 1g (6 available) ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓SEE MORE BELOW↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ [i][/i]Warlockjen56 Feb 13, 2015
Feb 10, 2015 Selling Shadowmourne Bonus Items When the server comes back up I will finish my Shadowmourne quest. I have no use for the bonus items and will be looking to sell them. I would prefer to sell them in a big bundle, but will consider selling it in parts if people are interested. Just send me an in-game mail with any offers. Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger Tabard of the Lightbringer Muradin's Favor Sylvanas' Music Box Jaina's LocketOopsygiggles0 Feb 10, 2015
Feb 7, 2015 <Villified> Recruiting <Villified> is a relatively new guild comprised of players with many levels of raiding experience. Most of us have been around since Vanilla or TBC, and several officers have raided in top 100 guilds. We are looking to make a casual raid group for late night Normal and Heroic raiding. Raid times: Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-11:30 pm CST Our expectations are for people to show up to raid ready to go. Loot will be ML MS>OS rolls. PM myself or Shadowist for any other informationApplesteak0 Feb 7, 2015
Feb 6, 2015 {H} <Firetruck> <Firetruck> is a new raiding guild that is a reincarnation of several venerated US- Executus top guilds. Including, but are not limited to... Bareform, Dakor, Escape from Arcatraz, etc. We are looking forward to taking on the challenges that the Warlords of Draenor has to offer head on. We currently raid fridays 6-10 server time, and have a second (non-required) thursday night. If interested in bolstering our forces, check out and apply at... firetruck.guildlaunch.comGoodjobchamp2 Feb 6, 2015
Feb 6, 2015 <Axis> is recruiting! Axis is looking for a couple ranged DPS to round out our mythic roster. We're an adults only guild and have been kicking around Dark Iron since 2005. Most of our members are out in the real world with jobs and families, or in college, and are just looking to have some fun downing bosses. If a laid back raid environment is what you're looking for, message MrSbarro#1408 or check us out at Axis - Alliance - Dark Iron (and Coilfang, Dalvengyr, Demon Soul, and Shattered Hand) 2/7M T/W/Th 7PM-10PM PSTMagnusson0 Feb 6, 2015
Feb 4, 2015 <Areté> Currently recruiting My name is Divinè with Arete, I am raid leader and I'm trying to recruit for our Heroic and Mythic progression team. I am currently seeking experienced: Resto Shaman Resto Druid Holy Palandin Boomkin Warlock Mage Warrior Death Knight We raid Wen/Thurs/Sun 6- 8 Server/ 9-11 EST. PST me in-game (Divine#1552) if interested. Arete has been around for many years and we have a very dedicated team. But over time players have lost interest so we are looking to fill the group back up. Gear does not matter much to us as long as you are willing to learn and progress with us.Divinè5 Feb 4, 2015
Feb 3, 2015 Fran's Pokemon Daycare. hello shattered friends. i'm here to talk about battle pets. i'm currently offering to level your battle pets to 25 for a fee. the advantage of buying a level 25: cheaper than buying 25's off ah(i will go 1k lower than any on ah) (there are very limited supply) easier to start your adventure in wow pet battling very effective method to trade for gold if you decide to hop on different realms put it on the ah and sell it for gold(25's generally sell higher than 1's in some situations)leave your pet in my care, and the next day (or less)it shall be level 25! the fee will be around 4 to 5k each. this offer is available to horde and alliance. have no problem leveling multi pets. if this perks your interest you may add me to battletag: EmilyStrange#1287 just make sure you add "battle pet" when you add me. i will not accept otherwise.Hoofette6 Feb 3, 2015
Feb 1, 2015 Vinceypoo doesn't pay up I challenge anyone from the trashy guild <Enclave> to a duel for the money Vinceypoo owes me. Maybe you could win the duel if you had better heroic PVE gear bro, maybe come back for a reduel when you get garrosh killed. Hopefully its this patch huh?Vlvdimirovnv35 Feb 1, 2015
Jan 27, 2015 (H) RDps Hunter LF H/M raiding guild ilvl 670 SV hunter 7/7nm 7/7hm 1/7Mythic HM, know fights. 7/10 nm 4/10 hm BRF. LF a heroic/mythic raiding guild i be transferring to Dark Iron a connected realm group. anything from 5pm pst - 11pm pst Contact MrSpliff#1511Splìff0 Jan 27, 2015
Jan 24, 2015 Selling [Gutrender]! Rare/unobtainable sword! I've got a Gutrender sword I'm selling if anyone is interested. This is an extremely rare and unobtainable item from Vanilla that is insanely hard to get. The global market value on these things are hovering around 200k gold but I'll give a Shattered Hand discount since this has been my home since 2004. :) I'll sell to a SH player for 150k. Just PM me in game if you see me on, or send me in game mail. Thanks!Auctions2 Jan 24, 2015
Jan 23, 2015 <Knights of Arcadia> Mythic DPS Recruitment! Hello Dark Iron, Dalvengyr, Shattered Hand, and that one other server in our cluster... <KoA> is recruiting for Mythic Progression! 7/7H in Highmaul for several weeks now, we've made some big member acquisitions and started mythic this week, but we're still looking for more dedicated raiders to flex up our heroics and go hardcore on our mythics! We're a friendly group of mature raiders who raid Tuesdays / Thursdays from 6:00 P.M. server (PST) - 9:00 P.M., and on Saturdays from 3:00 P.M. - ??? (Usually ~7:00 P.M.) You do not need to submit a specific application; contact Pride (Dark Iron) or Arkanian (Dark Iron) in game or send an in-game mail or post here on the forum, and we'll discuss bringing you in to Show Me Your Moves!, as the Cap would say. Ilvl 655+ preferred at this point, but we're flexible! Also, special consideration will be given to Feral Druids, Balance Druids, and Windwalker Monks. :) Hope to see you all in game! -ArkanianArkanian2 Jan 23, 2015
Jan 21, 2015 6/7H Guild LFM Anatidaephobia of Shattered Hand Horde Mythic Raiding guild Schedule: Sunday - 8 pm til midnight EST Monday - 8 pm til midnight EST GOALS Anatidaephobia is a progression oriented raiding guild designed to experience mythic raid content on light raiding schedule. We aim to clear content in an efficient manner in a friendly guild atmosphere. Above all else we promote team work and brand loyalty. If these are things that you desire in a guild then this may be the place for you. History Our history here at Anatidaephobia is short. We were founded 2 weeks prior to the release of Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP and quickly found success with our small but dedicated team. In the brief time in ToT we managed to knock out a few heroic kills and then it was off to Seige of Orgrimmar! We continued with our small team until announcements of WoD dropped. With those we quickly changed gears and grew our small team into a 25 man raiding guild. As a 25 man team we hurriedly built team continuity and with some great team work managed to knockout everything but Garrosh on mythic difficulty. Of course we were greatly disappointed that we did not get our mythic Garry kill prior to the nerf, we did (like a lot of guilds) blow threw him with ease afterwards. We are now looking to the future and all of what WoD has to offer. Everyone is excited about this expansion and we look to carry that excitement into Highmaul and Blackrock! WHAT WE WANT Anatidaephobia is first and foremost about our community. We strive to provide an enviroment that will allow individuals to succeed and complete end game content without having to sacrifice work or family. We understand that everyone plays this game to have fun. We encourage people to laugh, joke, and give each other a hard time (just know where to draw the line). We look for players who share a similar mindset to ours, hardcore mindset but without the time to devout to that type of guild. So first off you will need to be skilled and know the ins and outs of your class. You will also be expected to perform while maintaining a standard of raid awareness. Yes we want our cake and will eat it to or pie, if that's your thing. You will also need to be the kind of player that will be ready to go once it is raid time. This means that you will need to look over (at minimum) a general overlay of boss strats, be here on time with all raid consumables. You will also need to be able to communicate, yes i know it is scary, but the better our team communicates the more success we will have. And above all else, YOU HAVE TO BE A TEAM PLAYER!! This means putting the teams needs above your own personal agenda. CURRENT NEEDS Enhancement shaman 1-2 healers prefer Priest Warlock Boomkin Ele shaman **as per usual if your class/spec is not listed do not let that discourage you from applying, we look for skilled players that we feel will mesh well with our group** HOW TO REACH US or you can us directly via btag for melee contact Moxie#1196 for ranged/healers contact Kleiger#1582Shasmic5 Jan 21, 2015
Jan 20, 2015 <Pyongyang> Recruiting For Mythic <Pyongyang> is looking for more active raiders to continue building our group raiding group. No application necessary, just let your skill do the talking. Our core is currently 7/7 Normal and 7/7 Heroic. We raid 5 pacific. Message Brockstar-Dalvengyr or add fenderstrat#1469 for informationBrualkri0 Jan 20, 2015
Jan 18, 2015 What realms can I join guilds on? My characters are all on Shattered-Hand. I am trying to make a forum post to all the relevant realms I could join guilds on without transferring. The problem, though, is I have no idea which realms are linked (Can't find a list anywhere except some outdated ones) and it seems like posting in the "Guild" forums is pointless since anyone from any realm could post in there. Any advice on searching eligible guilds?Beasty1 Jan 18, 2015
Jan 17, 2015 [H] Discipline priest looking for guild Looking to join a progressing raiding guild with a late night schedule. Current guild is social and has little group activity. Because of my work schedule, I wont be active most days until 8:30 server time(11:30 Eastern). As far as current Highmaul progression: 7/7 Normal, 6/7 Heroic. Solid understanding of current strats, and comfortable explaining them over voice. I am willing to dedicate 2 or 3 week nights for raiding. Trial runs are expected before I can commit to a guild. Any progressing Horde guilds looking for some top notch heals? Get ahold of me here or message me in game.Rampant3 Jan 17, 2015
Jan 17, 2015 <Ye Ole Hangmen> 6/7H LFM <Ye Ole Hangmen> is one of Shattered Hand's oldest guilds and currently 6/7 Heroic Highmaul. We are looking for more players to fill our raid group as we continue to progress and start getting ready for mythic. While we do welcome all who would like to join our guild there are several classes currently sought for to be in our raiding group. Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights starting at 5PM and ending at 8PM server (8PM to 11PM EST). We are currently looking for: DPS -Shaman(Enhance/Elemental)* -Rogue -Monk* *-Players of these classes with healing off specs are desirable. Message us in game if you'd like an invite or have any further questions.Solunais0 Jan 17, 2015
Jan 16, 2015 3/7 Mythic Horde Guild-Blackrock <Regicide> is an 3/7Mythic Horde guild on Blackrock that is focusing on Mythic progression. Our goal is to down bosses as fast as possible. We are a mature guild with experienced raiders and officers who have raided together for multiple years. We are interested in recruiting like minded individuals who want to be apart of a guild for long-term raiding. <Regicide> is currently recruiting: Trials- Shadow Priests Mages (any spec) Feral/Boomkin/Resti Druid WindWalker Monk Retribution Paladin Warlocks (Able to play all three specs) Resto/Enhance Shaman Backups - (May not raid full time but must show up and stay) Expectations: Dedication - Trials must have 100% attendance for the first two weeks. Once you reach raider you may miss one week a month of raiding (or 3 days) if you need to. We currently raid Tues/Wed/Thurs(Sometimes Mondays expected to be able to raid if asked) 6-10 PST. Attitude - We expect all of our trials and raiders to have a positive attitude when it comes to progression. You should be self-motivated and enthusiastic. We also expect that you have a passion for progression as we would like to kill 1+ new boss a week. It doesn't matter how good your are or how good you think you are, if you do not fit within the raid group or you have an atrocious attitude you will be removed or asked to sit out until you make adjustments. Awareness - Constantly avoid avoidable mechanics. Do not disengage off boats. Competitive DPS/HPS Obviously survival is more important than dps/hps but we require trials and raiders to compete against one another and achieve their maximum amount of dps/hps for their gear and class. What <Regicide> Can Offer You: Stability - We offer a stable guild that will provide you with a home all throughout the rest of MoP and WoD. Support - The last thing we want is for our raiders to be worried about their flasks or repairs on progression nights. During progression all flasks, repairs, and food will be provided for by the officers. Fair Loot Distribution - We use an EPGP loot system to provide all raiders with a fair chance at gear. Warforged, trinkets, and weapons are all loot-counciled based on performance, attendance, and betterment of the guild. Thriving Server - Blackrock is one of the higher populated servers and it offers a way to pug anything you need, a great market, and world pvp. For more info: Add Moo#1415 (Raid Leader Real ID) Add Neon#1450 (GM Real ID) Or our officers Arcemus#1446 Phuryum#1386 or apply here at Jan 16, 2015
Jan 16, 2015 Alliance. Is anybody out there?Plarenth0 Jan 16, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 [H] 7/7H ROME LFM Mythic Rome has gone HORDE! We've been raiding together since Firelands and have kept majority of our core along the way. We are currently 7/7H (17m Core atm) and are looking to fill our core roster with A few more dps to progress through Mythic raiding and BRF in Feb. Our Raid times are Tues / Wed / Thurs 530st - 830st - Have to be able to make all three nights. Our Needs : iLvl = at least 645 (no exceptions) Elemental Shaman (Resto OS needed) DPS DK (Blood OS pref) Warlock and or A Mage If Interested send a tell or In game mail to : Treefidý ý = alt 0253 MagpagalingTreefidý1 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 <Gank My Alt Get My Main> [H] 6/7 Heroic LFM <Gank My Alt Get My Main> is looking to add a few more to our core group of 11 and hopefully fill out to start Mythic content. We are currently 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic but hope to change that come Thursday (2% left on Imperator Mar'gok this past lockout). Raid times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-Midnight EST and food, flasks, pots, repairs are provided by the guild. Feel free to hit me up on at Gimpy#1524 or contact anyone online in the guild. Currently need All ranged DPS (we currently have no hunters or warlocks)Imagimp0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 duplicate duplicateImagimp0 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 14, 2015 631 Resto Shaman LF raiding guild Hello everyone, Currently at 631 equipped and looking to get into progression raiding for this current tier and beyond. Really digging this expansion so far and cant wait to see the raids! I have plenty of healer raiding experience on this toon and others, primarily as Resto with one class or another, dating back to Vanilla. Specifically on my Shaman, I have raided since Wrath with extensive progression time in Ulduar and ICC. In Mists, I spent a lot of time progressing in ToT. Have always been a great healer that stays up on optimal builds, enchants, min/maxing, etc and am eager to dive right back in. I have spent a good chunk of time gearing up since WOD launch and feel I am ready for raiding, mythic/heroic/normal all the above! This Shaman is my main, and I do not have interest in raiding with any of my other characters. I know what it takes to be a good guild member and healer (being punctual, dependable, coming to raids prepared, helping out where I can, can communicate on Vent or whatever chat client is required and have a good desktop build and stable Internet connection). My secondary spec is Enhancement, I love the spec and would not mind raiding with it but my heart will always be with Resto. My availability is flexible but I would prefer raid times to be M-Th anytime between 8PM - 12AM ST. I do not have a problem with being occasionally benched if its in the best interest of the guild but I obviously would prefer a guild that has a need for an active everyday Resto Shaman. Thanks for reading and feel free to message me in game anytime!Blumagik3 Jan 14, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 LFM People who want to raid! Window lickers anonymous is a fun laid back guild. We raid two days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12est. we are looking for people who want to have fun raiding while killing bosses. we have a vent server and are always on chatting. please add me for more info DatnagablueDatnagablue0 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 13, 2015 breakfast pecan wafflesDieselboy2 Jan 13, 2015
Jan 12, 2015 <Rated Baddie Grounds> LFM for Mythic Rated Baddie Grounds is currently looking for more people to join our core raiding group for Mythic Progression. Currently 7/7N 6/7 H. We need Ranged DPS, 1 Healer, 1 Rogue. Core Raid times are Sunday and Tuesday 5:30-9:30 Pacific. Alt/ Normal runs on Friday. We are a pretty unique guild compared to a lot of others. Most of the leadership has been playing together for many years. While raiding is serious to us, if you're doing your job, we're still all there to have fun. It's a hilarious and enjoyable raiding experience. If you're interested in trying out, PM or send in game mail to plugginholes-darkiron Thanks!Plugginholes0 Jan 12, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 <way she goes> (H) 7/7 Heroic LFM Mythic <way she goes> is a small group of strong men looking for more strong men (or women) to raid with in WOD. We have a core of 7-8 who have been playing together since BC and are looking for more to fill out a group to push content in WOD. As of 1/10 we are 7/7 heroics and we need to fill out a roster of 20 to push Mythics. Recruitment needs are below Raid times: Fri+Sat @6:30-9:30 pushing heroics, and normal on Tuesday at 6:30. Recruitment needs: As of 1/10/15: DPS: Mage, Boomkin, Enhancement sham, Ret Pally Heals: Mistweaver, Resto Sham, Holy Pally Good players of any class and spec will be considered Apply: is our website, drop an app there and we will review it. If you have any questions you may add my btag, Brozef#1762 Thanks for your timeTootufftony1 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 11, 2015 TBC Horde Any of you guys still around? ;o Relentless, Hellborn, etc.Sinerat85ABB6 Jan 11, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 <Dipsomania> recruiting Currently recruiting all ranged Dps/Healers for normal/heroic raiding. Once we have a set core of 20 we will begin switching into mythic. Raid times are 6-9 tues/thurs server time pst if interested. 6/7N 3/7H Contact: Totemstar Cammyflage Nephthyys Onoku ResorceResorce1 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 Archlight and Arnheims of <Iron Warriors> It's too bad I caught you botting today in Veil Terrok! I did send in two reports per player. Good luck with the law! Here they are! Stacked ontop of each other, not moving, not targetting ANYTHING until you hit them with one attack. Then.. They immediately go HAM on you. Some suspicious skill usage (mana tea at 70%, etc). Here I've dragged the monk and it's now attacking a warlocks voidwalker pet. Last but not least the DK bot has now bugged and can't reach me. He stood here while I sent BotMonk to the graveyard. As soon as I got back in melee range he started going HAM on me again. Edit: Just to add I repeatedly killed the bots over about 30 mins. They repeated all behaviors and always returned to the same spot. Let justice be served!Awto0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Moóhbear Good job getting your team wiped repeatedly with your !@#$ tanking. Welcome to ignore.Gorok0 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Spriest LF PvP love Started playing on this server again recently and I'm having a hard time finding people to PvP with. Looking for either a guild or an RBG group to get rolling with. Also LF a talented rdruid/rogue/feral/mage to run arena with. Either RPD or Godcomp, maybe rogue or feral for 2s. I have 2k+ exp in 2s/3s, not a whole lot in RBGs but I have BGT/headset with mic/i'm not retarded. Also have a warrior that I can play fairly ok. I usually play around 1:00 AM-4:00 AM or 10:00 AM-2:00 PM server time. Don't usually play at all on weekends. I have chiseled thighs and glutes as well as great abs. While this might not lend much to my PvP prowess, I feel like it's relevant.Morbent0 Jan 2, 2015
Dec 30, 2014 <Reactive> looking for more members Reactive is a newly formed guild by members transferring in from a few other realms. We're looking for all classes and levels to expand the guild and get into WoD raiding. We have several members ready to raid, just need a few more before we can get started. If you want to get in early with a guild led by experienced and determined raiders, give Reactive a shot.Arnakrus0 Dec 30, 2014