Shattered Hand

Apr 13, 2011 Insane in the Membrane Looking to finish out my Insane achievement. Exalted with Darkmoon Faire - Currently 7288/21000 Revered *Updated* Exalted with Ravenholdt - Currently 10559/21000 Revered *Updated* Now that the faire is over, I'm going to focus on Ravenholdt, but I will still buy all 60-80 Decks for 400g each. Need approximately 35 more decks. Need approximately 600 more boxes counting the ones I farm on my rogue; Send them through Cash on Delivery. If I don't need anymore, I will simply send them back. I'll try to update this post every few days on progress so someone doesn't send me 200 boxes when I only need 60. Thanks for all help.Entyse11 Apr 13, 2011
Apr 12, 2011 Bored at work? You're not the only one!!! so why not hop into IRC to keep yourself busy during the day? Check out the IRC thread! Apr 12, 2011
Apr 11, 2011 DarkArmy Recruiting & Small Guild Alliance Hello Everyone, There are two parts to this post. A) Guild Recruitment B) Guild Alliance. A) Guild Recruitment DarkArmy is recruiting some people to run heroics and once we’re geared enough 10 man raids. Let me describe out guild and what we’re looking for then you can message me in game if you’re interested. 1) We are part-time players, we play after work for a bit and some on the weekends. 2) Current members know each other in real life and are very kind 3) We do Arena and some Battlegrounds. (We don’t fight in mid field or protect the roads lol) 4) We’re not trying to become the biggest or the best guild. We just want to play and have fun 5) I am a Pally tank so we will insta-queue for any heroics and I try to run at least one per day. 6) If you make mistakes we don’t get mad. This is a game and if it was super easy I would not have come back to it. I like that things are a little more difficult this time around. We are trying to recruit up to 8 or so people. Not really trying to get 20 people right away. If you’re interested please send me a message in-game or in-game mail. B) Small Guild Alliance We are looking for another small guild like us that may be interested in setting a common date to run a 10 man raid. This is not something we can do right away as we are looking to recruit some people right now but would like to make a small guild alliance so we team up and take on 10 man raids in a month or so. Please send me an in-game mail or message if you’re interested. Thank you for reading. Elizibeth0 Apr 11, 2011
Apr 11, 2011 <CoR> is recruiting! <CoR> is an up and coming guild on the US-Shattered Hand PVP Server. We are looking for players of all levels to help fill our roster. Our goal is to complete all of the content available in Cataclysm while it is still fresh and somewhat challenging. This includes both PvE and PvP. We seek any talented players who intend on succeeding in both PVP and PVE aspects of the game. Raid Times: TBA (more than likely late night Mon-Weds) Current Recruitment Needs: All * Skill > Gear. We understand that not everyone is going to be BiS geared. Good players are more important than their gear. This is a philosophy we will never abandon. Important Things to Know: * We are a Midwest based guild. [EST] * We use Officer Loot Council to distribute loot. * While we are a raiding guild, we understand life happens and you may miss a raid. * The guild is comprised mostly of working adults or young professionals, and is thus drama free. Contact either myself, Rhya, or Haidene in game for more info. Hoobler1 Apr 11, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 [A] Sassy Pink Dragonflight is Recruiting Hi there, Sassy Pink Dragonflight is a casual 10 man raiding guild that currently raids Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, starting at 8:30 PM (Server time) to 12 Midnight at the latest. We currently have 4/12 bosses down and progressing. We're a pretty laid back guild, and run heroics to gear our members up. We are currently looking for a Holy Paladin and a Priest that has either a shadow set and a healing set, preferably the latter though. If you're interested in raiding with us and can make the raid times, please feel free to send an in game message/mail to myself (Minatsu), Maieve, or Dingomir. Thanks!Minatsu14 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Hosting an alt raid for Heroic Raiders Hello! I am going to start running alt 19 full clearing raid from April 16th (every Saturday) and onwards. There will be some alts from Apophasis as well as Generation Chill thus far. Currently we are reaching out to other guilds who have some form/number of heroic contents done in raids, who would like to full clear normal + add in some heroics in a relaxed environment. If you wish to raid with us on your alt or main, know that you must be raid ready with every possible consumables, maximized gear/glyphs/specs. Currently, we are in need of DPS that have experience and can play their alts well. Remember, we are here to full clear on cruise control in a rather short amount of time spent, not to carry a freshly hit 85. Leave a comment on the character you wish to come with here or PST me ingame. Also, regular attendees will be preferred over those who can only make one Saturday per month.Ambitions3 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 Can I Tank For You? If you want to run something, I would love to tank it for you. :D Get at me.Tyreal3 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 9, 2011 @ Archdiocese :) It's your birthday!! Hope it's a happy one. :)Cassiopea0 Apr 9, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 [H] <Covenant of Titans> is recruiting! <Covenant of Titans> is a casual night raiding guild. We are both looking to expand our ranks with new leveling/social characters and with active raiders for our core raid group. We are currently looking for: DPS classes; Hunter, DK, Shaman, Priest, Warlock are in high demand. Healing classes; Priest, Holy Pally are needed. Even if we are not currently recruiting your class feel free to message an officer in game to join our social/backup ranks. We raid Thursday nights at 10 pm and are preparing to add Sunday as a second raid night at the same time. We have a very casual attitude and would like you to share that view!Ñomeanslater0 Apr 8, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 WTS 5 tab guild bank 3k As the title states, selling my 5 tab personal guild bank for 3000 gold as I no longer need it. Cost of the 5 tabs was 4350. If interested let me know in game on any of the following characters: Obscura Rescinder Obeliskus SempiternityObscura0 Apr 8, 2011
Apr 8, 2011 A Tol Barad PSA: Pansy Runners If you have spent anytime in Tol Barad, then Pen as I like to call it. You will begin to notice certain player trends. One such trend in the pen, is what we like to call; pansies. Pansies are people who jump on someone, then when they realize they cannot get the kill in 10 seconds, or if more enemies show up; They run like a woman at a shoe sale. Please stop the abundant amount of Tol Barad pansies who run at the first feeling of unease. This has been a Shattered Hand Public Service announcement.Amberga28 Apr 8, 2011
Apr 7, 2011 Thundercats,Rkings... I know you guys check the forums lookin' for some hordey to nerd rage it up, but I come here with a question. Why does Mangle claim TC owns TB, but I see more Rkings around? Also @Rkings, Tell that feral druid (white nelf kitty) that I want my spinal cord back or a phone number at least.Raikuz31 Apr 7, 2011
Apr 7, 2011 @ Genocidejack :) Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is a terrific one! :)Cassiopea0 Apr 7, 2011
Apr 7, 2011 Spriest Rogue Resto hey, im resto looking for a Geared + Exp Rogue and Spriest for some 3v3 action. I am 2200 Exp 2400 mmr last season, i am 4k resil, i CAN play whenever, So be active too I have a team that is 1800 atm, Plan to get it much much higher! -Papa BeefRawbeef3 Apr 7, 2011
Apr 7, 2011 Holy Pally LF Heroic Raiding Guild Armory Link: I have a 358 ilvl (helm never drops :[ ) and am 12/12 with experience on heroic halfus and heroic chimaeron, i know all heroic fights, and i'm looking for a heroic raiding guild that raids preferably on weekdays between 7-11:30 but anytime really works. Weekends are a possibility but i have a life on weekends so it's iffy.Feelforheal1 Apr 7, 2011
Apr 5, 2011 [H] WhiteScale is openly recruiting! A brand new guild sporting the name of WhiteScale is now created and looking for all active would be guildies! We're aiming to become a 10 man raiding guild, with no aspirations of taking it up to 25 mans at any point. We're also looking at getting involved in Ranked Battlegrounds, as well as having guild events to acquire yummy achievements. Once we start having more members, we'll be gearing up would be raiders in heroics! We're open to all players, whether you be a seasoned WoW veteran or a new face in the world of Azeroth. Feel free to send me a shout in game for more information or for an invite!Nanten1 Apr 5, 2011
Apr 5, 2011 Downtime recruiting holy pally for core We are looking for an exceptional and reliable holy pally. Who is dedicated to raid progression and maximizing his char. Your gear level doesn't mater if you think you fit the bill come talk to me or app at Raid times: Sunday - Thursday 6:45 - 12 We are also looking for a dps dk.Durga2 Apr 5, 2011
Apr 4, 2011 <Miscreant> L17 Recruiting We are in the process of revamping our raid group. We feel that we have a strong group ready, however we need some good heals. Our current need is a good priest or pally, also interested in a shaman. We are also considering to expand to 25 man content, so all classes are open for recruitment atm. Check the app on our website to see if this guild's style is a good fit for you. Feel free to contact w/ any questions. TY Meattloaf1 Apr 4, 2011
Apr 4, 2011 [H] <Vitality> 1/13 Recruiting 10m Vitality is recruiting members to fill core raid and casual play spots. Also, currently looking to start a second raid group. We are a laid back guild with ventrilo, guild bank tabs, nef and heroic raid boss kills, tabard, and many other guild perks. Raid times are: Friday 9pm-1am Saturday 12pm-3:30pm Our main group is looking for: Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Dps Death Knight As we gain more stable and consistent members, our heroic progress will be quick and fun while working toward the end game bosses. Contact Lucent or myself if you are looking to get into the main group and for more information on raiding with Vitality. If you are interested in the second raid group, days will be Tues-Thurs for this raid (times will be worked out based on schedules). Contact an officer in game or by mail for info on this group. Casual members looking for perks and Dark Phoenix are welcome so long as you don't out-troll an officer or harass other casuals.Ology17 Apr 4, 2011
Apr 4, 2011 Who the hell is Crabby? Why does his eyeballs float on top of his head>?Aoshie5 Apr 4, 2011
Apr 4, 2011 Whack a Gnome Recruiting - Lv 15 guild atm. - active. (kick after 20 days of inactivity) - alts are welcomed ~~~Bio~~~ We're a very social guild with a core that has been together for years. We've been on a couple of servers throughout our time on WoW. Currently on Shattered Hand and here to put our mark on it. We were VERY hardcore ganking/pvp guild during our BC days then went the complete opposite near the end of BC and throughout Lich King. We were 64th in the world at one point as a raiding guild. Now we've comeback to our roots as a pvp guild with casual raiding. I must say......our guild events, vent, and friendship is what makes this guild such a great WoW experience. We love to have a good time, cut up, but most of all get things done and progress. ~~~Focus~~~ With our current schedules we're hindered to limited raiding atm. We've only dabbled with BWD. Our current focus is on pvp and guild events! Just had one of our MarioKart Cups! We give away tons of gold, prices, items, mounts, etc. Post epic guild videos on youtube etc. So we're trying to recruit more for constant rated bg's & 10 man raids....possibly 25 man if it comes to that! We're mostly an active weekday guild. From Sunday evening thru Thursday or Friday night is when we we're mostly on. I like let everyone have a life on the weekend xD So if you're looking for a great WoW learning experience our guild would be the best for you! We're strong on pride, fun, teaching, and making the best out of the game! Very informative leadership. We get things done while having fun! haha. If you're looking for a top notch guild that makes this game work & serious business....then dont bother lol. We do things by ear and do w/e we want when we want. But Come give us a try. Everyone is welcomed to stay as long as they like! Send me, Cammyflage or any of our Obliterators (officers) an in-game pst/mail. Take care! Hope to see ya soon :)Cammyflage0 Apr 4, 2011
Apr 4, 2011 delete deleteGhostfaace20 Apr 4, 2011
Apr 3, 2011 "For The Alliance!" We should get one of these going guys.Nicktdude2 Apr 3, 2011
Apr 3, 2011 Beef and Scythe remember when they mooned everyone at prom?!Ghostfaace7 Apr 3, 2011
Apr 2, 2011 [A] <Misguided Angels> 9/12 10m Recruiting <Misguided Angels> was formed by a group of Lost Hellfires Angels from the realm Dentarg. Our main focus is to have fun, enjoy THE GAME while progressing our toons to their fullest potential. We consider ourselves to be a family style guild and accept members of all ages and levels. However we expect a certain level of maturity and respectability. Our goal is getting to 85 in Cataclysm followed by end game raiding and we are looking to fill out our ranks with experienced raiders who wish to do the same. We are currently recruiting filing in open spots and are looking for 85s who are knowledgeable about the mechanics and foundation of their class, and who will be dedicated and willing to work for their spot in raids. We Raid on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9p-12a EST with Mondays as an optional pick up night. You can go to to apply. Specific classes and roles are needed, but if you excel at your class we never turn down a good player and a good fit. **Edited 3-18-11** Current needs are Healers that are not priests (sorry guys, nothing against you, we already have more than you can shake a stick at) and select Ranged DPS classes.Downkykong16 Apr 2, 2011
Apr 2, 2011 [H]Deception LFM Hi. We're <Deception> and we're looking for more people for the current ten-man core, the upcoming second ten-man, and just to have more people. The current ten-man group is 9/12 in Cataclysm normal modes, with the current progression focus being Cho'gall. This group needs: 1 Tank, ideally a Death Knight or Bear with DPS offspec. 1 Healer, preferably a priest. The second group needs everything currently. Plus, if you're looking for a guild with reasonably active people, we're always recruiting more casual players and/or pvpers!Inexorable8 Apr 2, 2011
Apr 1, 2011 Recruiting for a 10m Raid group. Horde ~Reckless Activity~ Horde Is recruiting dedicated players for our 10m core raid group.Raid days and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm -10pm ST. These are the current raid spots that is open. 1 Off tank 1 Meele 2 Raid Heals If you are interested in joining our core group or need more information you can send game mail or Pst Azraels during game.Azraels0 Apr 1, 2011
Apr 1, 2011 Horde Is EasyMode So how can any person claim to be all about pvp and play horde. Why wouldn't you want 100s of red tags in any zone you enter if you like/love pvp so much. I've played on Shattered Hand since day 1 as horde. I was in Revered when Dave of the Horde informed Skyfang that Azuregos was up and even have SS of the Gms using Azuregos on screen emote to tell the Alliance they suck and then for the infamous Stronghorn ninja that came right after. There used to be a certain pride that went along with being Horde in those days that seems to be long gone. Pvp players were respected and admired. Now all it is is watered down boring Raid races for a single second of, "So and So is Sever first on Who Cares". So needless to say, the second I came back and learned that Horde was now the fotm famville faction, me and all my old school buddies up and faction changed. I mean why would I want to be on the zerg side when I spent so many years talking down about the Alliance for using numbers and not skill to win. So, to all the horde pvp players out there, why stay horde when it pretty much overshadows any skill you may have for the simple fact you play on the easier side? I don't brag to my friends when I beat a game on easy, so why do horde feel they've accomplished the same feat when everything down to AH mats are easier to obtain? TLDR: I miss the days when factions had pride and pvp actually meant something on a pvp server. When horde were the pvp underdogs that still seems to win. Now its just a pve mess of OMG looky looky who beat a scripted "yawn" encounter... Iz R SoS Leeetz! *I know it doesn't count for much, but another reminder is that me and two other horde beat 5 DNT members back when they had MC and most of BWL on farm. We simply had a mix of mc and dugeon set 1 gear. That was the REAL Horde. Wylinout17 Apr 1, 2011
Apr 1, 2011 {H} Ye Ole Hangmen is Recruiting Ye Ole hangmen is recruiting for progression into heroic 25 man cataclysm content. We are currently 12/12 in 25 man normals and 1/13 for heroic 25 mans. We are in need of: 1 assassination rouge 1 blood death knight 2 druids (1 feral dps, 1 balance) 1 mage 2 Paladins (1 prot, 1 ret) 1 Holy Priest 1 shaman (Enhance) Players may apply at If you are not one of these classes or specs, you may still apply. All apps. will be considered as we are always looking to improve our core. Voladis0 Apr 1, 2011
Apr 1, 2011 Haven't seen Any TC in Tol Barad. What gives guys ? BTW that picture you made is HILARIOUSRawbeef6 Apr 1, 2011
Mar 31, 2011 IRC for Shattered Hand? Does this server have one? and if not... why!!!!! :PKerbear5 Mar 31, 2011
Mar 31, 2011 High Rated Feral / Hunter Looking For Healer Hey, i just recently transferred here and me and my bro are looking for a competent healer who has been 2k+ at least and is looking to git 2200 ez mode we are looking for a disc priest / Resto shaman / or holy paladin be somewhat geared at least 3k + resCoolbear2 Mar 31, 2011
Mar 31, 2011 Horde World PvP Activity Alright, so yesturday <Snarf> and the usual others raided TB outside of BH when Horde had it controlled. It took about 20 mins before Horde guilds actually responded. I think it is time to get back on our toes and take back this realm like we had it on lock during pre tbc. So the question is ... who's down?Mxeronn63 Mar 31, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 Solid 5 looking for a guild. Hey there, just posting on here to see if we can find a compatible guild for 5 raiders, we all have 9/12 xp, with a bit of utility. Myself. (No alts) Lokimorph. (No alts) Binion, Binzor. Noxiousone, Bokhaki. Cruciarus, Ispreadstds, Syranthus. Times would preferably be 10:30-1:30 EST (that's our earliest and latest) We prefer to play our mains which are the first chars listed. Please post on here or contact either of us in game as we're relaying the info to each other. This is also depending on if our guild recruitment doesn't work out by the 4th of April, so next Monday. Thanks.Vindicator2 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 [H] (10) 2/13H 12/12N LF Warlock! Hey! We're currently looking to add a WARLOCK to our core group. We run with 14 raiders. Most of us have been playing together for several years and are looking to add some more chill people to our roster. We /roll for loot with some obvious restrictions, such as passing if you've already got some loot and limiting you to your armor type. We got a late start on raiding to allow some gobs to level but have been knocking bosses down ever since. We're looking for someone who always strives to improve their class and doesn't need to be told how to do it. This position is for a full time raid spot, where obviously you may have to sit a boss or 2 per night, though we bring people in for anything they need loot off of. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 8 - 11:30 EST and are looking for people who can make all 3. If you miss a raid occasionally it's not the end of the world. Ideally we wouldn't have to gear you up from scratch and you have some Cata raid experience! If interested or you would like more info please don't hesitate to contact me. I can usually be found on Whoamg or Beeftacular. If neither of those are online you can also message Mogki or Sluglips. Alternately you can make an informal app post on our site at Thanks for your time!Whoamg4 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 BG Queues ? Just got back into PvP and i cant understand why the Queues are so long. I have a couple friends in the same Battle Group that say there queues are instant, when queueing random or wait times are REDONKULOUS thanx for any infoHolygraile4 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 [H] Rated BGs If any horde are interested in being notified for them please type in "/join rbg" to join our channel . This will allow me(and other horde leaders) to easily notify everyone interested at the same time as well as figure out interest in rbgs at a particular time. Obviously the users base will be small at first but I am hoping that eventually this will be an effective way to get full groups. If you are interested in my group in particular we usually play 7ish -10/11pm on completely random days. we were 5-2 or 6-2 yesterday.Emopaladin6 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 H - Raids with Friends(10/12) LF dps Raids with Friends is a late night 10 man progression focused guild. We raid Sunday 10pm-1am st and Tuesday/Thursday 12am-3am. We are currently 10/12 but have been making solid progress on both Nef and Al'akir and should be working on HM in the very near future. We are currently seeking a dps or two to round out our roster, we need a : Mage Rogue Ret Pally Boomkin Enhance Shaman We are looking for skilled players that keep a positive attitude on progression fights. Please have 350 ilevel, experience with at least 6/12 and a basic understanding of all the fights. For more info or to apply please visit -MylozenMylozen2 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 30, 2011 [H]<Covenant of Titans> recruiting <Covenant of Titans> is recruiting players for night time raiding. We raid Thursday nights at 10pm. We are a casual raiding guild and like to have fun while clearing content. What we bring: A fun, relaxed guild focused on progressing through pve content at a leisurely but efficient pace. We not only raid, but bg, arena, and run heroics and are happy to run with someone. What we expect: We expect you to come to raids on time and prepared with the appropriate consumables to enhance your performance. We are currently recruiting: Mage Hunter Resto Shaman/Druid And other DPS. Even if we aren't specifically recruiting your class we're open to more members who perform well and show up on time. We're recruiting not only raid ready players but ones that need gear, we're happy to help run you through heroics to get you ready to raid. If you're interested please whisper Astrøy, Ñomeanslater, Unlyght, or Verien.Ñomeanslater1 Mar 30, 2011
Mar 29, 2011 [H] Meifumado Tues-Thurs 7-11 EST <Meifumado> on Shattered Hand, PVP EST server Forums: Webstats: Guildprogress: Currently seeking: Mage Holy Pally Boomkin Priests hunter TUES-THURS: 7pm - 11pm (EST) Previously a US top 200 guild, we've had some attendance issues with Cata. Seeking players with talent and consistent attendance. Requirements: Reliability - We are looking for honest, responsible and trustworthy players who will always let us know in advance when they are going to miss a raid night. We have a light raid schedule that requires committed players to make it work. Personality - We are looking for mature players who can take a joke and not be easily offended. The ideal applicant would be capable of receiving criticism without taking it personally. We stress a relaxed guild atmosphere. The ideal candidate would remain calm and collected even through tough progression. Gear - While we don't have any specific gear requirements, your gear is an indication of your competence and effort you've put into your character. We only expect you to have the best gear reasonably available at your current level of progress. Raiding achievements completed when content was current, are a plus. Skill - We are looking for players that know how to play in a team environment. Topping the healing and damage meters is great, but we're really looking for players that can stay alive during encounters and not be the cause of your own death or another player's death. Again I stress that we are looking for team players who will prioritize what is best for the raid over their individual numbers. Initiative - Our ideal applicant keeps up to date on their class and boss strategies and won't need to be told to enchant or gem their gear. They will be on time and prepared to raid. Intelligence - We are looking for individuals who can think for themselves and contribute to boss strategies in a meaningful way. Of course strategies will be given by the raid leader of the guild, but this individual should be able to ask questions and know how to fit into the strategy the guild has chosen to use. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact Mengke, Kestryn, Xauron or Budlofsky in-game or on our boards, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.Okaithul49 Mar 29, 2011
Mar 29, 2011 Looking for Rogues. Hey guys im lookin for some rogues for arena, love to play with mostly rogues. Im currently partnerless for arena. So im looking for a 2's, and 3's team. I play most evenings. Any partner will be considered, or any combination i just prefer to play all rogue teams. Cuz its fun, and fast games whether you win or lose. PST me in game, or mail me in game if you have any interest. Armory me if your interested in my gear, achieves and all that. Thanks for your time.Iga4 Mar 29, 2011
Mar 28, 2011 [H] Detritus 10/12 - Recruiting 1 healer 10m Detritus is looking to fill a few of spots in our 10 man raid. What we need: (Listed in order of priority) At least one Healer: Restoration Druid Restoration Shaman Who we are: Detritus is a small, casual guild that prides itself on being competent and able to progress efficiently with a "hardcore" mentality. Casual means that we raid 2 nights a week and help each other with heroics or PvP on any other night. Our schedule is 8pm-12am EST Wednesday and Sunday. We are an end-game PvE focused guild. Many of us also PvP and run arena teams on our own time. Our members are people with jobs, school, families, and other outside responsibilities and hobbies, so we are not "hardcore". We prioritize life over raiding. What we expect of you: You must have a strong desire to progress and win. We want to plow forwards and see the top areas. We expect that you fully understand your character's abilities, you bring consumables, and you have read boss strategies and watched videos prior to raid so we do not have to waste time explaining fights every night. Progression: 10 Man Blackwing Descent: 5/6 Bastion of Twilight: 4/4 & 1/4 Heroic Mode Throne of Four Winds: 1/2 If you are interested in joining, please fill an application out at: You may contact Weenorz or Bovinnie in-game if you have any questions or concerns.Xdot19 Mar 28, 2011
Mar 28, 2011 @ Bottles :) It's your Birthday!! Hope you have a great one! :)Cassiopea0 Mar 28, 2011
Mar 28, 2011 Nekoslol sighting? I was watching a live steam on of a Steetfighter 4 Tournament. The 1ST place winner of the Tournament was interviewed after he won. His handle was Nekos. They asked him what games has he played before streetfighter. He said he was a 3 time rank 1 warlock in world of warcraft but has not played in years due to lack of challenge. So im pretty sure this was the nekos from SH. Nice to see his is still no1 no matter what the game. hahahaHjkgjkgj0 Mar 28, 2011
Mar 27, 2011 [H] Remembrance 9/12 Needs Dedicated Raiders! <Remembrance> is a 10 man raiding guild that recently lost a few raiders to real life requirements, and is looking to fill its ranks once again. We are currently 9/12, having nearly killed Cho'gall (~15%) in our first (and only) hour of attempts! We currently need 1-2 solid DPS (15K+), 2 healers, and 1 non-DK tank. Join now and be a part of the raiding group that kills Nefarion, Cho'gall and Al Akir in the weeks to come! Raid times are MTW 10:30-12:30! Apply online at, or send Binion/ Binzor or Bins a tell in-game and we'll chat. Other officers to contact are Vinceypoo, Vincey, Vindicator and Noxiousone. Binion7 Mar 27, 2011
Mar 27, 2011 Horde Won I'd say that the horde undoubtedly won that one. Good fight guys, that was hella fun! P.S. We killed some guards hahaRawbeef52 Mar 27, 2011
Mar 27, 2011 10/12 Fri & Mon-10 man Need Moonkin Lost Destiny is a Horde guild made up of adults that are focused on 10 man raiding. We're a casual group that understands family & life MUST come before the game. Don't mistake our casual approach to the game in general for a lack of attention on raiding. When it's time to raid, we're looking for a serious approach with progression being the goal. Eventually, our raids will be something where you recognize everyone's voice and enjoy chatting. You'll have a great time and enjoy working as a team. Instead of posting a wall of text here, I'll quickly high-light some points. _________________________________________________________________ Raid Schedule: Friday: 10pm EST - 2am EST Monday: 10:00pm EST - 1:00am EST *(firm 1am stops - no exceptions!) __________________________________________________________________ • Guild for working adults/family people who like to raid but don't have time to live in the game • Progression minded, but on a light schedule - we do take the raiding time seriously & look to be competitive in Cata • Casual, but still expect people to be prepared (on time, flasked, gemmed, enchanted, and know the encounter) • 21+ only please Please feel free to contact us: - our site - whisper our GM, Mortigi on Shattered Hand US / Horde (or ask if an officer is on) - email: __________________________________________________________________ Current roster has 11 - we are looking to add 1 more to allow better flexibility. We don't recruit for the bench - on nights where 10+ show up to raid, we'll rotate people in & out to make sure everyone raids. The roster is kept small so that everyone can do what they enjoy, raid! Recruiting: We are currently taking apps for a reliable MoonkinTyconn13 Mar 27, 2011
Mar 27, 2011 lf experienced players for 5s We just looking for people who know their class and are geared to join our 5s team so we will have 5 people on at one time. going for AT LEAST 2.2k at the minimum if not higher reply back with highest exp (season) MM Hunter (active) Warrior (not active atm) Hpally (active) Dpriest (idk) Feral (active) need more exp and good players p.s. im not stating that im the best i just dont have downs and know how to click my buttons and how hard to click themCoolbear5 Mar 27, 2011
Mar 26, 2011 +22 "Mighty" Intellect (Heirloom Enchant) Anyone on Horde have this? Let me know. Preferably mail me in-game cause I'm not sure if I'm gonna check this thread again lol. Really would appreciate it.Achillés1 Mar 26, 2011
Mar 26, 2011 Priest LF rated BG group 3400 resil discipline or shadow priest looking for a serious rated battleground group. If anyone is interested you can PM or send me in in game mailDavyjonez0 Mar 26, 2011