Shattered Hand

Mar 12, 2011 Happy Birthday to me! Yes, it is the most historically fantastic day of the year!! But the real question is ... who actually knows how old I really am? :DCassiopea7 Mar 12, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 The Saxons now recruiting! Faction: Alliance Time Zone: EST Battlegroup: Ruin Raid Format: 10 man Raid Schedule: Tuesday - Thursday 7:30 PM to 11:30 AM EST <The Saxons> of 2005, are reforming and recruiting, currently looking for core raiders for our progression through Cataclysm 10 mans. We are currently a level 17 Guild and growing every day. We are both PvP and PvE friendly. We have our own vent server and guild tabs and repairs! Contact myself, Shockbox, Demonicary or Slapp in game for anymore information. Currently 9/12 Raid progression, and currently forming for our second 10man group. Currently looking for a raid ready Healers!Drayke3 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 Panther Moderns Looking for Serious World PvP We are recruiting Horde players looking for World PvP ;), BG's, and Arens. If you are Interested please send in-game mail or tells to Hemoglobin and Pentastar. All other Posts in this forum will be flagged as either spam or trolling. Thank you.Pentastar26 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 The Battle for Gilneas City bugged Well this quest is bugged it seems. Lord Darius just walks around in circles and nothing happens. just wondering if this happens a lot and also does it ever fix itself because its been doing this for a long time.Penancelawlz1 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 LF couple dps for 10 man Need a few warm bodies for 10 man raids. We raid casually about 3 days per week, usually Tues, Wed, Sun, around 9:30-midnight. Experience is nice but not required. We've downed all bosses except Nef but had a few raiders leave due to RL, etc. so have some DPS spots to fill pst/in-game mail to Radien, Eluzal, Dattelol, or Probar.Probar0 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 11, 2011 [H] Panther Moderns seeks b.a. pvp Healers Love to PvP? We are looking for somebody who's down to come and PvP when duty calls. We are trying to expand our core PvP group and are short on heals. [Also considering other classes.] Be dedicated, loyal and have a GREAT sense of humor :) Please send in game tell/mail. Chaos our method. Infamy our goal.Hemoglobin61 Mar 11, 2011
Mar 10, 2011 [H] <Sparkle Motion> Recruiting Late Night Sparkle Motion on Shattered Hand-US PVP realm is currently recruiting! We are looking to fill a few spots in our 10m Progression groups. Both groups run Tues-Thurs 1130p-230a server time. We are currently 11/12 and 25th on the server. 8/12 minimum raid experience required. We are looking to fill: - Assassination Rogue - Enhancement Shaman - Affliction/Demo Warlock - Shadow Priest - ANY amazing healer, minus Holy Paladin Of course all exceptional players of any class are welcome to apply! Please contact me via in-game or on our website with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Veliice2 Mar 10, 2011
Mar 10, 2011 LF raiding guild Due to the lack of players and organization in my former guild, I came here. I'm in search of a raiding guild that's doing atleast 6/12. I have vent, good internet/computer and can raid anytime from 5 o'clock p.m. to 10/11 p.m. (eastern). Thanks for any considerationDuddy0 Mar 10, 2011
Mar 10, 2011 lf warrior and resto (sham or druid) like title says, looking for an arms warrior and a resto druid or shaman to try out some mad op fotm comp ive been reading about. mail me in game if youre interested to mess around with this just have decent resil and some experience playing around 2k mmr in 3s. no ragers please, just looking to mess around and see what all the hype is about. if there is potential we can go from there otherwise its whateverAkkbaar0 Mar 10, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 [H] Dominant 11/12 LF Tank, Healer, and DPS. Dominant 10M on Shattered Hand Horde is a weekend raiding guild currently recruiting certain classes to fix the gaps in our raiding roster. We are seeking committed and competent players that play these classes/roles: Tank (Doesn't matter which class of the four) Healer: Paladin or Druid DPS: (only one of the four classes need) Paladin [Ret] Death Knight Rogue Warlock Site:[/b] Our Core We are a competent group of players dating back from Vanilla WoW and the Burning Crusade that have played along the same fields and guilds on the alliance side of the lore rich server, Shattered Hand. We have raided competitively through all endgame contents and have been in numerous top US 100 guilds contributing to server and faction firsts. While there were times some of us split and travelled back and across factions and servers, in the end our goals have intertwined and have settled down once and for all to playing the game for this core; the people who we can rely upon for the enjoyment of this game. With the opening of Cataclysm we have transferred, reactivated, faction changed back to Shattered Hand - Horde and are looking for few players to fill in the gaps. We have started raiding after the New Years and after 7 nights of raiding we have advanced to 11/12, but with majority of our guild members with careers and univerisity, we are continuing our search for dedicated few to construct a stronger and more efficient raiding core. The qualities we demand in our recruits: Dedication: we seek responsible players that show dedication. We want players that will show up to our raids prepared and ready. We are not looking for flake-outs or people who show up late to raids. Although we only raid 2 or 3 days a week, we make the best of that time by playing efficiently. Maturity: although age does not always specify a person’s maturity, we are seeking young and old players that are mature and can react/think with a calm and clear head. Quick learning: although in a perfect world a raiding core with massive endgame experience would be the standard, we welcome players that are willing to raid for their first time that know how to adapt, learn, and think quickly. With that being said, we want players that actually know their class thoroughly in every aspect (creative thinking) and willing to come up with weird strats. Our raiding days and hours in Eastern (server) time Friday or Saturday: 8PM-2AM Wed or Sunday: 7PM-11PM For further information please contact Ambitions or Stayasleep.Ambitions88 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 [H] <Iron Curtain> Recruiting for PvP Iron Curtain is back, and we are seeking a few more to fill our PvP roster. We are a raiding guild, but at this point in time we are looking for players that are interested in joining our PvP team. As of right now there are no requirements to join the guild other than obtaining level 85. If you want to join our rated BG team you must reach a minimum 2500 resilience. No rating or gear levels are necessary at this time. We are interested in friendly, but dedicated people that want to rank up in the Rated BG world. If PvP is not your thing, and you would be more interested in joining our raiding team you are more than welcome to apply on our website as well. We have a relaxed casual raiding schedule. We raid every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm – 11pm (server times). What we need: PvP: Recruitment is open for all classes, at the moment, but we do need a couple healers. PvE: We could possible use another healer and a couple dps. About IC: Iron Curtain is a 10 man casual raiding guild, comprised of hardcore raiders and PvP'ers alike. Most of us were part of progression teams during vanilla, BC and WOTLK. With Cataclysm, we will have a group focused on the 10 man raiding aspect, while another focuses on the PvP aspect of the game. Our members all have active lives and because of this we will only raid 3 nights a week. We enjoy learning new content and love to clear it quickly. PvP is something else we like to focus on. With the introduction of rated BGs, we would like to have a steady group ready for the challenge. While our focus maybe on content, our goal is to create a strong community of people that enjoy socializing with one another. Like any other guild, we expect you to research boss encounters, and to come prepared. We like people that are open to constructive criticism, and don’t mind being called out during a raid. We like to kill things, have fun, and loot is nice too. At Iron Curtain we will provide a strong guild that sets high PvE and PvP goals. We offer a fair and balanced loot system. We are a friendly and helpful group of people with a lot of laughter on vent both during raids and off days. Besides the 10 man runs and battlegrounds, we also run heroics, and go for achievements. If you are interested in joining IC, you can visit our website at If you have any questions feel free to contact Ciaraa, Lessya or Colenzo in game. Colenzo14 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 @ Zhendar/Vhekdar :) Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fun filled day. :)Cassiopea0 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 [H] WTB Dorian's Lost Necklace pst pleaseQizzy0 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 9, 2011 Free faction changes? lol its essentially a horde serverFrostê0 Mar 9, 2011
Mar 8, 2011 <Hellborn> Recruiting 25M (3/13 H) Hellborn is recruiting aware and effective DPS players. After clearing all normal 25man content, we are chiseling away at heroic 25man progression. We are currently 3/13 Heroic 25man and in need of DPS: High Need: -Great DPS: If you can pull competitive numbers while avoiding boss mechanics, we'd love to talk to you. Applicants need to have prior raiding experience, a functional and modern UI, as well as the awareness and ability to carry their weight in raids. Our raid times are 8pm - 12am (Server Time) Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you're interested toss up an application at: Please feel free to whisper Partywave or Draiden in game for more information. We hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Partywave Partywavë24 Mar 8, 2011
Mar 8, 2011 @ Sourjoe and Illusia :) Sourjoe - Happy belated birthday! Hope your day was a really good one! Illusia - Happy Birthday to you! Have a really awesome day. :)Cassiopea0 Mar 8, 2011
Mar 8, 2011 [H] <Order of WhiteScale> is recruiting. We're currently looking for one Shaman or Druid Healer, and one ranged DPS (Warlock/Boomkin/Elemental Shammy Preferred) for our Core group. We're also looking to bring in any and everyone else who wants to socialize and raid part time with us occasionally. We'll be backtracking content as well for guild achievements, and we'll be looking to help out guildies get to wherever they want to be in the game. We're taking this week to finish gearing for raids and do the necessary theorycrafting, and will start raiding the week following. PST me in game or post ITT for more information! Thanks!Nanten3 Mar 8, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 LF Late night Guild (H) 348ivl Fury warrior LF late night Guild. I am also willing to respec into w/e. ThanksKintaro0 Mar 7, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 [A] The Saxons 8/12 recruiting prot paladin We raid tues-thur 8-11pm server time. Need a decently raid geared and experienced prot paladin for our core group. Also recruiting all classes for a 2nd group to either run the same nights or on weekends. Pst Slapp, Drayke or Demonicary in game or contact one of us at Mar 7, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 Farming Windscythe Emotions learn more at Mar 7, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 [H] Late Night Guild LF Mage/Rogue <Raids with Friends> is currently in need of a mage or a rogue with a minimum ilvl of 346 to join its raid roster. We are currently 10/12 but we plan on working on heroic modes within the next few weeks. Please visit us at for more information or send a tell to any of our fine guildies :D Vendula0 Mar 7, 2011
Mar 7, 2011 LF tank Heroic Chimaeron With a recent event Outbreak currently is looking for a tank to fill in Monday March 7 for our heroic chimaeron and Nefarian kills we will start at 7 server and run till 1130 please send a tell to Teknik or Hammerstorm if you are interested!Teknik0 Mar 7, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 WTB: shadowmourne items,flag of ownership+tcg Tabard of the Lightbringer Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger The Flag of Ownership Imp in a Ball possibly other tcg items reply here if you have any of this for saleEscorter3 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 What did Blizzard do? I used to have more fun with my signature line than I did anything else in the forums...why take it away? I seems like such a waste to lose something so harmless. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I am on a drug..It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available. If you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."Dwaynephill5 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 RATED BGS I NEED THEM 2500+ rated as priest, mage, and a rogue. LF some people to run Rated BGs with. Does not have to be top of the line or anything like that idc, I just wanna hit up some rated wsGG. wow-mail me yo!Pérf1 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 @ Vendula :) Happy Leaping Birthday!! Do you celebrate on the 28th or the 1st on non-Leap year birthdays?Cassiopea2 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 [10M] <ragequit> looking for tank/dps+ 7/12 looking for an alternate tank who has no problem switching to dps as required. also looking for a good non holy paladin healer. (nearly level 9 guild - general recruiting is open if you just want to hang out and level and fill up any raid spots that are available. bring yo friends, bring yo wives, we recruiting errybody.) 350 ish ilevel gear. knowhow of the boss fights would be preferred, mag/omniron/maloriak/halfus/vali+therli/conclave at minimum. must be awesome, personality wise. preferrably accountable, considering we only raid twice (sometimes 3) times a week. we raid sundays (1pm EST) and wednesdays (9pm est), sometimes we have an optional WTFriday at midnight eastern to make up for missed bosses if we have enough people not doing anything at that time. currently 7/12 really having problems with people showing up/retaining interest in this expansion. have lost a ton of raid time due to this.Elohelle8 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 R.I.P. Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011. A soldier in the Air Force was shot in Frankfort, Germany.He didn't make it. His name was Nick Alden and as my first cousin, he was my closest relative. He raised me and influenced me in more ways than I've realized. In 2000 he introduced me to Starcraft. I loved the custom games on and the skirmishes held within the online community. I was only 12 years old at the time and I was hooked to this face paced RTS. Two years later he bought me Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos for my birthday. He explained the lore in elaborate depth and it seemed so intriguing. Throughout the following years he told me rumors of a release of another Blizzard game called World of Warcraft game he found on the internet. His anticipation made me anxious of what type of game it would be. He explained how it would have a monthly fee to fund all of the maintenance and game play greatness within it. I thought to myself how bogus that was. I refused to pay for a game repeatedly like that. "No game is that good." I thought to myself. Until he allowed me to create a Night Elf Rogue on his account. This new MMORPG world was something entirely new to me. Almost immediately afterwords I created an account and subscribed creating every possible race/class combination. I told all my friends about it and invited them to play on my server. We all made Alliance on Shadowmoon. It was incredible. We all quested together, played CTF and explored this new world of Azeroth. To this day, we ALL continue to play. After a couple character transfers and race changes, we've managed to unite an incredible amount of IRL friends within our guild. The majority of which, were influenced by me, through my cousin. Thank you Blizzard for your incredible game, giving my friends and I the opportunity to unite as one in this fantasy world. An in game funeral will be held tomorrow, March 3rd on Shattered Hand at noon. Shattrath, Lower City. Adjacent to Haggard the War Veteran. -Elaborate (Gabe)Elaborate7 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 6, 2011 LF Arena team Hey so basically I work 4pm - Midnight, Thursday to Monday ( I have tuesday, wednesday off) I usually play from 1am when i get home, to around 8-9 am or so. What I am looking for is some Night owls who are also up at this time. I would like to play with my rl friends, but due to my horrid schedule I never get to. So I am going to do the next best thing and just find some new people who I can play with all the time at the ridiculous hours. Been trying with a few people the past two days I randomly met, but there was no real chemistry. When i did get to play with my rl friends, we got the team to 2k. SO if anyone is interested, just post back hereZaf0 Mar 6, 2011
Mar 5, 2011 Lumberjack[A] recruiting healers <Lumberjack> is a level 11 alliance guild with 11/12 normal 10 man bosses down. We are recruiting non-shaman healers for our 10 man progression. Our raid times are 8:00-11:00 Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Pst to Solidmorph, Devildante, or myself for more information.Johntalbot0 Mar 5, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 Alt Run LF Ele Shaman for weekend raiding We're looking for an Elemental Shaman for a permanent raiding spot in our weekend alt raid. The alt run is currently 12/12 and will be doing heroic Halfus as well the next time we raid. The run consists of 8/10 of our main raider's alts who all have 5/13 heroic mode experience. We usually raid on Saturday at 1pm or 7pm server time until we've cleared the 3 zones. The raid schedule is posted a week in advance. Obviously you should have some decent gear suitable for raiding but you would be the only Shammy in the run so you will get geared very quickly. We clear all the zones in 2-3 hours so know all the fights up to Nef so we don't have to hold the raid up explaining fights. We do not want to waste time trialing scrubs just looking for gear. Even though its an alt run we still have high standards for our recruits. IF you are interested Appy at or message Jbizzle in gameJbizzle1 Mar 4, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 Apophasis 5/13H - Recruiting 1 Holy Pally Looking for a Holy Paladin for heroic modes. Currently 5/13, our 6th should be down this week. We raid 7-11 PM EST Tues Weds Thurs. We hold a crapload of DPS rankings, and our other two healers are amazing. Adding a top tier paladin will push us to even higher tiers of progression. Apply at Look at our sexy wol rankings here Mar 4, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 horde pvp typical 'im transferring' thread, tryin to find a decent server with med population to move to. whats up with bg queues horde side here? got a fresh 85 that needs gearing, 30+ minute queues on my current server arent cutting it. plus pvp is dominated by alliance on my current serverForrestchump0 Mar 4, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 LFM Positive Players EOL is looking for more adults with positive attitudes for our guild. We encourage a fun environment free of drama and poor behavior. We have raided in the past but are currently in a casual state while we recruit members to replace those lost during the pre-cata lull. Most members are online between the server hours of 6 p.m. and midnight. If you can bring a positive attitude and maturity, then please send an in-game mail or message for an invite. Individuals and groups of friends are encouraged to join.Merope0 Mar 4, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 [H] 10/12 10m group LF Holy Pally We are currently in need of the following classed for our 10m group: Holy Paladin Our raid times/days are: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday. 7-11 pm. Our progression currently is 10/12, downed : BoT : Cleared BWD : Nef left Tot4W : Al'Akir left Whisper me ingame or comment here if interested.Allawi3 Mar 4, 2011
Mar 4, 2011 H- RwF 9/12 LF late night ranged dps Raids w/ Friends is currently looking for one skilled, friendly, dedicated ranged dps to fill out our roster. We raid Sundays from 9pm-12am cst and Tuesday/Thursday from 12-3am cst. Please be able to make these times on a regular basis. Also please have at least a basic understanding of the first nine fights, we are currently working on Cho'gall and while you don't need to have killed all the previous fights I do expect you to at least have a basic idea of what is happening. Please be fully gemmed and enchanted and at least fully heroic geared 346+ ilevel. It is also important that you have vent and a working mic. For more information or to apply please visit www.raidswithfriends.comMylozen0 Mar 4, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 @ Rayocell :) Happy Birthday! Hope your day is awesome and the next year filled with laughter!Cassiopea0 Mar 3, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 LF non-idiot DPS for 3's Looking for a DPS who isn't garbage and doesn't drop 200 points in a night because they can't do any damage, please be able to get ATLEAST 2k minimum, most preferably 2.2+. Horde or alliance can respond or contact me in game, willing to help for transfer costs if necessary and if you don't blow.Pørkíês1 Mar 3, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 To All Shattered Hand level 70 Twinks hey guys. i'm looking for a level 70 twink guild that runs raids and stuff like that. if your in one or know of one please tell me the name and guild leader. Thanks!Âshßringer0 Mar 3, 2011
Mar 1, 2011 [H] Evade recruiting, 3/13H 25man Evade is looking for a few dedicated raiders to continue our 25 man heroic progression. We are recruiting: Resto Shaman Holy Paladin Mage Moonkin Frost DK and a few extra ranged/caster DPS We currently raid Mon-Thurs 7pm-11:30pm Server. If you are interested, please fill out an application at Please contact Vannitel in game for any questions you may have.Vannitel1 Mar 1, 2011
Mar 1, 2011 @ Gra pefruits and Jonsey :) Happy almost late Birthdays to you both!! Hope the day was awesome for you. :)Cassiopea2 Mar 1, 2011
Mar 1, 2011 @ Mei :) Happy Birthday!! Hope your day was beautiful !!Cassiopea3 Mar 1, 2011
Feb 28, 2011 Tol Barad is our Town Seems everytime i come online now days Alliance is in control of TB. Gone are the days of rarely seeing the raid in Wintergrasp. Hats off to everyone who was in last nights TB defense. Pretty intense game play. Best pvp battleground yet blizzard.Silverstreak5 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 28, 2011 Carpal Tunnel Recruiting for second 10 man. Carpal Tunnel is a guild dedicated to intelligent game play. We are home to top-notch raiders, gladiators, and people of Buddha-like humility, we are looking to grow our ranks, and fill our second 10 man roster, Currently we are 11/12 main raid with neff coming soon. our second raid went 9/11 this week with help from outside the guild ranks. We are looking to make that a full guild core for the second 10 man. Raid times - Main raid - thursday-thursday 8:15pm - 12:00pm EST Weekend raid times saturday/sunday 2:00pm-6:00pm EST. Contact : Buagghh , Reiter, Covet , Furballs Second raid team contact : Duganz , Druganz We want players whom take pride in their game play, We therefore are only considering applicants with an average item level greater than 345, every possible enchant, and a bag full of flask and personal buffs. Apart from raiding, we also have rated bg's and guild arena teams. Feel free to post any questions on the forum. GM - BuagghhBuagghh1 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 28, 2011 [A] 12/12 lvl. 14 Rampant Fronting LF You? Yes, I know there is another recruitment thread like right below mine, but it is both outdated and clumsily constructed. This is now the real jams. Our core 10 man raiding group has succeeded in bumping off the last of their opponents, Nefarian, using a relaxed 4-hours/3 days a week raiding schedule. No doubt a very talented group, they represent only a cross section of our body of raiders, what you may from now on refer to as the best of the best. What should not be forgotten is that we are also home to many other people, just as talented, who have helped in this 10 man struggle when the possibility arose but are not numerous or varied enough to form a second 10 man group. This is where you, dear readers, come into play. We're looking for a small number of capable and dependable (yes, it needs to be both) raiders to help us solidify a raiding schedule that can support two 10 man groups, with the ultimate intent a collaboration of 25 man proportions. We will be interspersing our experienced members with the new in order to help speed up mutual progression. What we are currently looking for include: A tank, either a Warrior or a Death Knight. The preference comes down to interrupts and a healthy variety of classes. A healer who is not a Paladin. We are lousy with them. Ranged DPS. Currently looking for a hunter, mage, or warlock. Our first group ran melee-heavy, I would like to round this out. To qualify for membership you must be able to: 1) play the game. We will work to gear people who may be under-geared, but we will not have a lot of patience for incompetence. It would be nice if you were at least wearing everything attainable through heroics and JP; a trivial task. 2) meet our schedule. Our raids begin at 6:30 pm and end 11:00 pm, server time. We raid on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays. You must be able to attend these three days, no exception. 3) take a joke. We're not the most serious guild around, and it will show immediately. If you have an actual personality and a satisfactory amount of confidence you will thrive here. If not, your soul will be devoured alive. If you're interested, get in touch with any Rampant Fronting officer. They include myself (Mzo), Dahvae, Eadgils, Kaku, Selkis, Vlos, Qotsage, and more. Feel free to visit our nearly abandoned website that we will probably start using any day now, located at Entire guilds looking to be absorbed are welcome, but know that when it comes to formulating the actual raid, package deals enforced through whining will not be tolerated. We are currently not using any loot system outside of free rolling with an eye towards the entire raid. Basically don't be a !@!*, and what will benefit the raid as a whole. No drama pls.Mzo17 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 28, 2011 Guildy Graveyard Camping. Fun times we had. Learn more at Panther Moderns ;OPentastar0 Feb 28, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H] 11/12N LF war/pally TANK and ROGUE! Hey! We're currently looking to add 2 members - a rogue and tank - to our core group. We run with 14 raiders. Most of us have been playing together for several years and are looking to add some more chill people to our roster. We /roll for loot with some obvious restrictions, such as passing if you've already got some loot and limiting you to your armor type. We got a late start on raiding to allow some gobs to level but have been knocking bosses down ever since. Nef will die early next lockout and then on to hardmodes! We're looking for someone who always strives to improve their class and doesn't need to be told how to do it. Both positions are full time raid spots, where obviously you may have to sit a boss or 2 per night, though we bring people in for anything they need loot off of. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 8 - 11:30 EST and are looking for people who can make all 3. If you miss a raid occasionally it's not the end of the world. Ideally we wouldn't have to gear you up from scratch and you have some Cata raid experience! If interested or you would like more info please don't hesitate to contact me. I can usually be found on Whoamg or Beeftacular. If neither of those are online you can also message Mogki or Sluglips. Alternately you can make an informal app post on our site at Thanks for your time! Whoamg0 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 27, 2011 [H] Seeds of Despair 10/12 Recruiting Currently raiding Tue-Wed-Mon 7pm->11pm. Looking for a Warlock and a Holy Paladin. Also seeking additional ranged dps and healers for our 2nd raid group. If interested, send an ingame mail to Proxus or apply @ .Proxus0 Feb 27, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 WTB Bulk Elementium Ore Hey, i'm looking to buy bulk amounts of elementium ore for around 38g per stack, if you could please C.O.D them to me or find me in game that would be great ;)Kasparaitis0 Feb 26, 2011
Feb 26, 2011 (H) 352 resto druid looking for guild currently looking for a guild that raids fri-sat-sun nights or days. Choclatebear0 Feb 26, 2011