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15m Resto Druid & Rogue LF Guild Hello! Resto Druid & Rogue looking for an Alliance Raiding Guild on Stormrage to call home. We would prefer a 1-2-night guild that can clear 9/9 heroic ToS. We are looking to take a more casual approach to raiding for the rest of the tier, and want a guild to do heroic content with. We have both been raiding all expansion, but recently took a month-long break. We have full cleared Mythic EN / NH so we both have plenty of raid experience. We have also full cleared heroic ToS and 1/9M. Guild Wish-List - Community Feel (Active players) - On time and prepared to raid - Established guild that has been around for awhile Logs From 7.2.5 (we do have a few kills from this week in 7.3 as well) Roliah: Nethadora: (Resto Druid I would be raiding on) Nethereal: (My Priest as I just switched from priest to resto druid last week I want to raid on the resto druid) Please leave us a message here or message us in game: Battle Tag: Rolia#1430 and Neth#11121Nethadora2 15m
17m 2/9 H Reply Code Alpha recruiting DPS! LOOKING FOR ALL DPS 915iLvl+ <Reply Code Alpha> 7/9 H is a casual guild looking to progress through Heroic while building a community of friends. Our raid environment is laid back but still expects some results. We are currently recruiting DPS for our push into Tomb of Sargeras --- About us. We are a group of friends who decided to build a guild around a friendly laid back environment while still looking to progress through current content to the best of our abilities. --- Raiding schedule: Friday, 8pm – 11pm Server Time (EST) Sunday, 7pm – 10pm Server Time (EST) --- Loot: Loot is strictly Personal, we may switch to Master loot going forward if it becomes an issue. Raids: There are some Requirements to raid with us things that we are looking for: - Average Item Level Equipped over 915 - Experience is not required but appreciated - Willingness to learn and improve - The ability to come to both nights consistently - Casual attitude - Add-ons: DBM, Exorsus Raid tools --- If you're interested please contact Dawnblade#1302 --- Please contact me if you have any questions thanks!Galyhad4 17m
1h [A]<Nerv> 9/9H 4/9M Recruiting DPS & Healer Nerv is a semi-casual alliance guild made up of experienced raiders. We are looking for quality players for Tomb of Sargeras Progression. ... PST to Dagik#1527Dagik20 1h
1h [A]<TBTL> 5/9M Fri/Sat 8-11 LF 1 DPS 1 Heals **Curently looking for 2 Solid DPS** Touched by The Light> is a progressive, semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild on Alliance US-Stormrage. Formed at the beginning of The Nighthold and steadily climbing the ranks here on Stormrage, we are seeking a few more exceptional DPS and healers for our mythic NH progression. Two words: Cutting Edge our plan for TOS is to hit mythic the first Friday of release and begin pushing the tier. We are confident with the progress we have made during NH and the roster changes that have esued we will certainly make 9/9m beating guilds that raid alot longer than us. Currently 7/10 Mythic Nighthold with Krosus, Tichondrius, Spellblade and Botanist killed (in that order) after the first three. Our group is trying to finish out The Nighthold strong and move into the Tomb of Sargeras with the strong raid team we've built moving through mythic. Although we welcome any experienced players (melee dps included), we are placing special priority on obtaining any amazing healers or ranged dps. Raid time starts at 8:00 PM realm time and ends around 11:00 PM for both raids days: Friday and Saturday. ******** Although we consider ourselves to be a group that likes to have fun, we will NOT tolerate any lack of dedication when it comes to progression. We will expect each player to know their class thoroughly, pull acceptable numbers for their role, follow mechanics at the level of a mythic raider, and show dedication to fix any issues in the skills listed above. ********* Beyond being dedicated towards improvement, players will obtain higher consideration for our roster if they can impress us with: |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| • Gear—Would prefer closer to item level 900+ with plenty of artifact traits purchased; we don't take kindly to alts • Logs—Raid progress doesn’t always prove skill, and some skilled players don't have any mythic progress what so ever. • Strong Communication Skills—We use discord, Mic is not required but EARS ARE; special consideration given to those who can vocally call out mechanics and help synergize our team. • Good knowledge of Player’s Class—Know when to immune, stun, CC, Etc. • Teamwork skills—Synergy is very important for team success Discord: Tanksar#6362 Main Recruitment Officers: CitrusMagic#1841Tankstar107 1h
2h 934 Resto sham lf early morning/evening guild hey guys im a 934 resto sham with 65 traits almost 66 with 9/9 HC experience looking to progress into mythics im available m-friday prefere start times to be from 4-7 pm est to when ever .looking for a early morning raiding guild or a night raiding guild that starts at 7 pm est battle tag is mikeyz#1518 for any questions regarding current logs and ill give them too the right guildRùbmytotems5 2h
3h <Coalesce> Guild Recruitment Who we Are! <Coalesce> is a casual raiding guild on Stormrage, one of the highest populated Alliance servers. About us! We are a group of friends that decided to make our own guild.Those of us in the guild have experienced end game raiding since Vanilla WoW. With these feats themselves, we know what it takes to raid and to push content. With pushing content in mind, we would like to build a 20+ man team to not only tackle normal and heroic modes, but also push mythic content. When we are ready for mythic a 20 man raid team will be selected. All others will be able to set up a 2nd raid team and/or be able to sub for the core group. We have a casual/friendly atmosphere and mindset. With that in mind our goal is to down content. Raid Times: Friday: 7PM - 10PM Server Time Saturday: 7PM - 10PM Server Time Sunday: 7PM - Open Sunday will be an alt/optional raid night for any interested. *Note* Server Time is Eastern Standard Time! Recruitment: We are looking for most classes. The primary classes we are looking for are Healers: All Classes Dps: Preferably Ranged DPS but Melee DPS will be considered. We will consider any classes/rolls depending on skill level and needs of the guild. Many members run high level Mythic+ keys(including low keys and regular Mythics) along with running raids on alts, etc. We will also be setting up and RBG team for those interested. Casuals are also welcome. Loot System: We will be using MS>OS Why join Coalesce? We value many things in this guild. We consider the guild to be our second family: the part of the family with raid progression in mind. Although we are a laid back guild, we know when to get serious to get bosses down. When not raiding we just like to have fun. We love to do many different things outside of raiding; which allows us to connect and create friendships within the guild - making a great guild community. Want to Join? If you would like more information about the guild, please message an officer in the guild, leave a comment below or contact myself in game. Battle Tag: Ghost8928#1416 Daemagor#1708Atim31 3h
3h [A] <Turkeyism> (6/9M ToS)Fri/Sat Introdution: <Turkeyism> is a (6/9M ToS) weekend raiding guild on Stormrage US. Our guild was originally formed in early 2013 as a 10man Heroic raid team with the goal to have fun and get as far as possible. After having defeated Heroic Garrosh in Siege of Ogrimmar and ending the Mists of Pandaria expansion ranked 19th on Stormrage, our team decided to push forward into Warlords of Draenor. With the introduction of Mythic in 6.0, our team set out to expand our roster, overcome new challenges, and defeat the final boss on Mythic, all while maintaining a fun atmosphere to raid in. We finished Warlords of Draenor ranking 14th on Stormrage and managed to get 27 of our raiders the Felsteel Annihilator mount from Mythic Archimonde. We are now currently preparing for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras and looking for additional players (890 ilvl+) who seek a challenge and want to have fun. Raid Times: Friday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST Saturday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST <Turkeyism> is a weekend raiding guild that raids two nights a week from 7:30 – 11:30pm EST on Friday and Saturdays. In Demand Classes: Monk (Mistweaver) Paladin (HOLYYYY/Ret) Hunters (Marksmanship/Beastmaster) Priests (Shadow) Warlocks (Demonology) Rogues (Subtlety) Druids (Feral/Balance) Mages (Frost/Arcane) (We prefer the classes listed above but all exceptional applicants will be considered.) Notable Legion Progression: EN: 7/7M ToV 2/3M NH: 10/10M Guild Expectations: So as a guild there are a few things we expect our raiders and recruits to do/know. First, we expect our raiders/recruits to know their class fairly well. They should also have a good grasp of the encounters by either having first-hand experience, or by watching tutorials and kill videos online. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Second, we expect players who wish to be part of the core raid team to understand that attendance and showing up on time to raid is important to the success of the guild. We understand when real life issues come up, however it isn’t fair to the other 19 players who showed up if you continuously miss raid because of “reasons”. This is why we want to make sure that our raiders/recruits understand that by joining our raid team, you are making a commitment to the rest of the group to show up every week. Ultimately, we are all individuals working together towards a common goal and our success or failure as a group depends upon people committing to the team. Third, we expect our raiders/recruits to be able to take criticism from others. If we notice that you could improve in any manner, we won’t hesitate to point it out. We won't ever attack others for making mistakes, but we will politely let them know of their blunders and how they could improve. Fourth, raiders/recruits should be willing to sit out for certain encounters. We know it isn’t the most fun thing to have to sit out on a boss fight, especially if there is loot or if you’ve worked hard getting to that encounter. However, not all fights are created equal and sometimes we have to ask players to sit out in order to have the best group composition to complete the encounter. Your willingness to sit out won’t be forgotten and we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to kill the boss and get loot. Fifth, all recruits are expected to present WarcraftLogs in their applications. This will give us an idea of how you handle mechanics and how well you performed. We understand that your time is valuable and so is ours. By looking at your WarcraftLogs we can get an idea if you can perform within the required range were looking for before bringing you in to raid with us. Finally, our guild is made up of players in their early 20’s/mid-30’s and our chat can sometimes get spicy and very adult oriented. We can sometimes talk about off the wall stuff, some of which can get very “Rated R” very fast. Contact List: Patakra: Braxxas#1433 Tehproofter: Tehproofter#1990 Callmetheo: t455m#1373 Reji: Rejinald#11466 Where to Apply: Our Warcraftlogs: Our Wowprogress: (All guild policies can be found in the website under the section: Forums>Guild Discussion>Turkey Recruits.) Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!Karnthos14 3h
3h Evil Within : Rebuild- W/Th 9-12 Server [Evil Within] Recruiting for Raid Team. All spots available (915+) W/Th 9pm-12am server, Also recruiting for Mytic plus and pvp. pst. Also in need of Raid Leader bnet:kenny#13122Kénny1 3h
4h <Holy Knights Templar> building a raid team <Holy Knights Templar> is a fairly new guild recruiting any and all 17+ players. Feel free to join us as a casual guild to hang out and que for dungeons, level, or whatever with. We are more importantly looking for raiders to help us build up a raid team, our schedule will be open to changes but is currently planned for Fridays or Saturdays from 6-9PM server time (3-6PM PST), and we especially need more healers. If you are interested either ask anyone in the guild for an invite or leave a message here.Gamespùd0 4h
4h Imperium: Grown-ups AOTC Raiding Imperium is recruiting BOTH casuals and AOTC raiders. We have TWO AOTC Teams running. Raid Teams: 2 Team (Ohana): Fri, Sun 815pm-1130pm Server Team (Phoenix): Wed, Thu 815pm-1130pm Server Open Raid (all members welcome) Tuesday 830pm-1130pm Server Website: Current Raid Team Needs: Ohana (9/9H) - MDPS (DK, Warrior) - RDPS (Spriest. Mage, Shammy) Phoenix (9/9H) - MDPS (DK, Warrior) - RDPS (Balance, Shaman) We are always recruiting casual members who may be able to earn a spot on our progression teams when one becomes open through working in our open raids on Tuesdays. All members, raiders and casuals, must be a fit with our community. Progression raiders must meet our raiding requirements: 915+ ilvl, 60+ traits We are NOT an alt-guild for raiders. If your main raids elsewhere we suggest that is where you find your bliss. If your current raid team isn't interested in anything but raiding and you want more re-evaluate your priorities. To raid with us you must be dedicated to us. Successful, long-standing community of adult experienced raiders with many dating back to Vanilla. Consistent high achievement in downing raid AOTC content over the years. Medium-sized, active guild with most members on EDT - average 10+ members on most times peaking in the 30s or 40s on busy nights. We raid current content, run mythic plus dungeons, do the usual legacy raiding, achievement hunting, and professions as well. We are recruiting for our AOTC heroic teams but also accept casual players if they're a fit with our community. We are almost all adults with jobs, many with families and kids, and we try to have fun while playing in a mutually supportive, non-elitist environment. We are a 21+ community. We are sometimes pretty good at clicking buttons and try not to suck most of the time - although everyone sucks some of the time. We are not cutting edge mythic progression on content and that is not how we treat our members or run our raid team. We are fairly buttoned up and down to business in raiding but with a sense of humor. Actually trash pulls can be rather silly but we're working on that... We have a stable and reasonable guild leadership structure with a council representing the full spectrum of members of the community as well as in-depth raid team leadership including both raid leads and role leads who coordinate to optimize performance and success. We are neither chaotic nor authoritarian - trying to maintain a reasonable balance to what is, afterall, a leisure activity. We are a community that raids rather than a raid team with casual supplements. We prefer active players (3+ nights a week), who are relatively geared and seeking opportunities to raid and clear high level mythic plus as well as casual players who are seeking a home with like-minded adults. Experienced, adult, non-dickhead leadership. Well we try. We are run by a council of five that provides balanced and stable leadership that considers the entire community rather than focusing exclusively on current raid content and challenges. A fit with our community is critical. We will never recruit to a dps meter. We don't care how awesome someone is as a player if they are a toxic human being. Our recruiting process begins with an application on our website. If we like your application we will contact you to chat and if you are applying as a raider to schedule an interview in our voice-chat. Casuals that seem like a community fit based on their app and chat will be extended an invite. If a prospective raider's interview goes well we will extend you a trial membership so we can figure out together is there is a fit. If there is you're promoted to a raider, if not, no hard feelings. To learn more please whisper any of our members in game and ask for an officer or recruiter. We ask all prospective members to fill out an application - even casuals. We do this because we want to ensure a fit with our community and look for members that enjoy the same activities and share the same attitudes as we all do. Please visit our website at for further details and to applySussuration350 4h
5h [A] Vengeance DH LF Guild Ok, so first I wanna say this is the first tank I have played. I have been playing World of Warcraft since launch and I have always played a Mage. I have played all specs as well. But I recently wanted to find a change of pace, something new I could play and have fun with. And, lately I have been playing a Vengeance DH and I am trying to find a decent group of people to conquer content and so to clear the air I would like to say that I am more of focused on being a mythic raider, so if you have no plan on raiding mythics, please don't reply to this post. Now a little about me, I have never been like a top raider, just raided with a steady group till after cata, took a break during panda, came back for WoD but couldn't be very active due to me moving to Colorado. But for legion I have focused on trying to stay more active. Now as a raider what I am looking for, is like a guild with active members on it, so there is more guild groups for M+, Raids, and other stuff like mount runs, achievement runs, and just a nice community. Now I am a new tank so it would be helpful if you knew that I am still developing into this tank and stuff, but its definitely something I am focused on and enthusiastic about. So what you get when you recruit me is someone who is willing to put the time in to learn about facts and someone who does research on their class and someone who will always be on time to raids or whatever, and I always try to come prepared. Now if this sounds good to you, feel free to add me on BNET @ Nielic#1165 and as always I look forward to speaking with you further.Nielidan1 5h
5h Tank lf heroic/mythic raid team Hey all!! So I have every tank in the game at 110 and most are above 900. 920 bear 908 monk 905 dk 890+ dh/pally And 870+ warrior I'm well versed on all of them and have mained all of them in the past. I know how to research fights and do my homework when it comes to that also. As it sits right now I'm only 8/9 heroic due to me having taken a break from the game over the last month. I would like to find a group that is still progressing through the last few bosses of heroic or the first few bosses of mythic. Days don't really matter to me as long as the time is after 6 pm central time then I shouldn't miss (m)any raid time. My battle tag is Horek#1680 so hit me up if you are in need of a very well rounded tank. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.Horambear4 5h
6h LF Raiding Guild (Can play any class) Hello all, I'm a veteran player that has somewhat struggled finding my footing this expansion, i've been going from guild to guild but none of them seem like they can stick together, i've already been through several guilds disbanding this expansion. At this point i just want to get back to raiding and i'm pretty much willing to do just about anything, i've been playing the game for 10+ years and i've played everything at one point or another, tanking, healing, dps. I've done it all and feel like i can be proficient in anything i try to do. I have most classes already at 110 on stormrage so it will just be a matter of gearing the character up which isn't really an issue these days with all the catch up mechanics. Im looking for a guild that is mythic raiding minded but i don't need to step into mythic raids immediately, i don't mind working up through normal/heroic with a group. Im available to raid any day and basically any time but preferred times are in the evenings/nights. I'm a very versatile player, i'm a fast learner and i think i'd be a good asset to any group who would be willing to take me. Feel free to leave your spam, I'm around fairly often so i'll get back to you ASAP.Roflepwn3 6h
7h <Serendipity> 7/9M WTS ToS Heroic Carry! Dear Potential Buyer, Thanks for your interest in Serendipity's sales services. Below you will find information regarding us and what kind of services we can offer to you. About Us: We are a 10/10m raiding guild, ranked realm first during Nighthold tier and finished US 17th within the 2-Day progression scene. Currently 7/9 in mythic ToS, we strive to obtain another realm first and keep improving in our standings compared to groups with similar raiding schedules. We pride ourselves on efficiency and bring a similar mentality in our sales. Sales Information: 9/9 heroic tomb of sargeras full clear on personal loot : 650k . Date of Sale: 09/25/17 at 7:15pm CST / 8:15pm Eastern. Please log in a few minutes early as we pull the first boss at exactly 7:30pm central / 8:30pm eastern. Loot Distribution: Personal Loot Please be advised that the only guaranteed loot you'll get is the one you will loot yourself. Our raiders are very well-geared and may pass some loot to buyers. Benefits -Full clear of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras -Personal loot, possibly passed gear from raiders and bonus roll -Ahead of the curve achievement. Details : -25% non-refundable deposit required at time of scheduling your run. -Remaining 75% is to be paid before first pull on raid night -You may reschedule up to 48 hours before your scheduled run without penalty. -If technical issues arise, we allow 15 minutes to reconnect before continuing. -Gear that is an upgrade for our raiders may not be passed on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic +15 completion : 350k Mythic +10 completion : 200k -935 ilvl gear in your weekly cache -any non-needed gear passed on to you. -Will try to stack the group with the same armor class so you get more gearing oportunities. We accept gold from many servers, including but not limited to : Korgath, Sargeras, Stormrage, Proudmoore, Dalaran, Moonguard, etc... For further information regarding Tomb of Sargeras or Mythic Keystone sales, please contact me in game at rigby#1872 or on discord at rigby#0998.Lìv3 7h
9h <Progression> 5/9M LF DPS Hello! Progression recruiting all exceptional players to round out our roster for Tomb of Sargeras. High Priority: Disc/Holy Priest Hunter Rogue Warrior Low Priority: Death Knight DPS Blood DK/Bear Resto Shaman TLDR: Progression is a 9/9N, 9/9H, 5/9M guild that raids Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm-12 EST. We are looking for a few players to help round out our roster to move forward with. If you would like more information please message one of the following people or visit the guild website: Raid leader - Zarakì: Ripper#1987 Raid officer - Raddasan: Keling#1988 Raid Healing Officer - Xenius#1646 Community Activities: Tuesday - Heroic Raids 9pm Friday - Alt Mythic Raid 9pm Saturday - Team Choice Raid Night 9pm Sunday - Guild RBG Night 9pm T19 - 7/7M, 2/3M, 9/10M Emerald Nightmare has been about rebuilding for Progression. Our guild has been in the top 100 US since Cata but we had to take a step back after most of our raid team quit at the end of WoD. It has been a long process to get back to where we want to be as a guild as our first heroic kills as a team were as high as 195th on the server. We are proud to say that we have gained ground on every guild on this server, being the 40th guild to down mythic Xavius. Now that we have a strong core and bench together we are ready to hit the ground running when Nighthold is released and continue moving up in the rankings. Our raid promotes a competitive learning environment and we want to continue to build and expand our roster with like minded raiders who want to clear mythic content. Outside of raid we usually have 30+ people online to run mythic +’s, do transmog runs, play alts, pvp or whatever else you’re into. If this sounds like the type of guild you’d like to be a part of please add one of the people listed above and let us know!Zarakì269 9h
9h <Pick Up Group> LF a chilled mythic guild? <Pick Up Group> is a late-night raiding guild with a handful of dingdongs. <Raid Time> [Friday / Saturday] 1100 PM - 0200 AM server time (EST). <Recruiting> We are (15/20) at the moment and looking for 5 RDPS to start pushing for mythic. 90% of people are AOTC, with a few players with mythic TOS experience. All classes and levels of players are welcome as well. We are melee heavy right now and have enough tanks and heals, but oh well roster keeps changing as you know. So just let me know if you are interested. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- some important stuff below. No more Drama, Raging, etc... I have been a member of many different mythic groups that are just bit too serious about their progression. And, of course, I witnessed many of them falling apart because things get escalated or people easily get burnt out in hardcore environment. We are not aiming for server top, I am not ever going to sell carry runs. These are not my priorities, I just want to have fun. So to us, being chilled is the most important part. I mean, guild general rule #1 is minimum swearing and inappropriate language. There is absolutely no reason to start raiding with RL yelling something like 'less get dis fkin shat biaches' and ending the night with RL yelling 'you fk retarrd ni-beep- can't even get this easy shat'. Nono, it does not work with me. If we see an issue, we just fix it. No room for complaining, inappropriate language and extra stress. How can you be chilled and push for progression at the same time? We believe in smart and efficient raiding with the right personality and itching fever for further content. Also, all members including myself should be willing to openly discuss our performance without feeling offended. We believe that once we have the right IQ and mindset, DPS and HPS numbers would naturally follow. I understand being relaxed without progression is not fun at all. All under-performers will be monitored and will remain as good friends for heroic/normal runs until they can get numbers and mechanics right. Luckily, we have a lot of people who are good with their numbers and prefer the same environment in the group already. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let us know! Btag Patrol#11912 Contact Patrol in-game. Apply online at: Post here, leaving your battletag. Contact anyone from the guild for an invite.Patrol2 9h
9h 4/9M[A]Brannigans Raiders Stormrage 10-1EST Currently recruiting: 1-2 Healers prefer Pally/Priest/ All dps prefer Mage/Boomkin/Warlock but any please apply! Possibly one tank depending on logs About us: We are a laid-back, yet focused group of 20+ friends with a semi-hardcore raiding mindset working to push Mythic ToS. We strive to clear content in a reasonable time and better ourselves to get those sweet orange parses. Many of our members have extensive end-game raiding experience and are happy to help other members of the guild perform to the best of their ability in order to clear content more quickly and efficiently. Outside of raid, we have active members that run mythic+ and other content on a regular basis. Raid times: Sunday and Monday at 10:00PM-1:00AM server time (EST). There is a normal/heroic TOS run held on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday at the same time that is completely optional. Current progress: • 7/7 M EN • 2/3 M ToV • 5/10 M NH • 4/9 M ToS Expectations: We expect you to attend the full duration of raid on Sunday and Monday; this includes being in Discord and logging in about 15 minutes prior to raid time to help with summons and clearing trash so that we’re ready to go at 10:00. Addons should be updated to their latest versions. As we are trying to push mythic content with a consistent group of 20+ people, regular attendance is a priority! Raid materials (food/flasks/pots/enchants/vantus runes etc) are provided to full time raiders and you should have these ready prior to pulling. We do expect you to be able to pull numbers adequate for the current content, but we are more than happy to help you analyze your logs and suggest areas of improvement for progression. Addons: RCLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools, and WeakAuras are required. There is no setup necessary for the first two addons and only minimal setup necessary for WA. Communication: We use Discord for raid, hanging out, and posting pictures of our corgis. We encourage all players to reach out and contact. If interested please reply here or contact SHPanda#11157 or Inflection#11391 in game to discuss!Arthaxs3 9h
9h [A] Unwind with <Unwound> Social Guild <Unwound> is looking for fresh faces to join us on our quest for low-pressure leveling, dungeons, end-game content! We are a new Alliance guild on Stormrage, sponsored by the Hearth&Home Discord community. Our focus is on providing a home for those who are wanting to forge friendships and run content without the toxic environment that can be prevalent in online gaming. Although we are still growing, <Unwound> has players of all levels. So whether you join us with a level 110 or a freshly spawned level 1, you’re welcome among us. Best of all, you can use Hearth&Home to find like-minded players looking to do the same content as you on other servers! If you’d like an invite or want to chat more about <Unwound> contact, Jade#1948 or Maypul-Stormrage BlackFlag#12371 or BlackFlag-StormrageMaypul0 9h
9h Level 19/29 Twink Guilds? Are there any on Stormrage? Hit me up GUNZ#11506Owlbundyy1 9h
10h Moonkin Available this weeknd for Mythic ToS Ran my priest this week, looking for a Mythic ToS Run sometime this weekend to coin some bosses. Alirrath#1217Alirrath2 10h
11h <Observe> 4/9M Recruiting mythic raiders! Hey there! I'm Tristen, the main tank and Co-GM for the Stormrage guild Observe. We've been raiding as a guild for two years now, and began raiding on mythic difficulty in Legion. Currently, we're looking for more people to fill out our roster and bring more consistency to our raiding team. * Armory - * Wow Progress - * Warcraft Logs - We're accepting all applications for guild membership, but for our raid team, we're looking for players with 920+ ilvl and mythic raiding experience. We're currently recruiting both DPS and healers. Other activities we do include: * Mythic+ runs * Alt raid nights * Arenas and Brawls * Achievement runs * Overwatch * League of Legends We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00pm-12:00am EST! For more info, drop a line in this thread. If you want to reach out to me privately, add my blizzard handle at heyPancake#1790 !Dogtierjade3 11h
12h 929 Lock Whats up guys I'm looking for a weekend a.m raiding guild or two night a week guild 8-11 p.m i prefer Item Level:929 Experience: 2/9 Mythic TOS, 9/9 Heroic Age:34 Wow Progression: Hit me up if you need a lockOgboodirtty8 12h
12h 930 Unholy/Frost DK LFG Hey there reader! I'm currently looking for a guild on Stormrage! I got logs, and i'm 9/9 H 1/9M ToS.Vortuun13 12h
12h 930 Sub Rogue LF Mythic raiding guild 3/9 expWølfren4 12h
12h Elemental Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild. Howdy y'all. I'm transferring over to Stormrage to look for a raiding guild to push into mythic raiding with. I am: -9/9 heroic ( I pugged it fairly early into the tier) -around 935-939 equipped (depending on the set) -have BiS Leggos -have 64 points in my artifact -Have a resto OS with trinkets and legendaries, and am willing to heal if the raid needs it. Though I don't have any experience with mythic raiding, I am very much willing to learn, and have a decent amount of playtime to practice. Thanks in advance for any replies. My parses are here: 12h
13h [Tesseract] 8/9 Mythic Recruiting! Raid Times Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 8-11pm EST When Progression is finished raid times slim down to Tuesday/Thursday with Wednesday being the optional alt run! Server: Stormrage (A) Progression: 8/9M Tomb of Sargeras 10/10M Nighthold 3/3M Trial of Valor 7/7M Emerald Nightmare Recruiting: Tanks: N/A Melee DPS: Rogue, Warrior Ranged DPS: Balance Druid, Mage, Hunter and any Exceptional Players may apply. Healers: Closed Just because your class is not listed, does not mean we aren't interested in you. All skilled/exceptional players are encouraged to apply! ~WE WILL BE AIMING FOR TOP 50 US IN LEGION~ Guild website: (to apply click the "apply here" tab, no registration required.) Tesseract was formed at the very beginning of Highmaul and consistently took large strides in progression with the release of each new tier. We are the very definition of a semi-hardcore guild, in that we have an exceptional player base, strong leadership, and fast progression; all while maintaining a fun and relaxing atmosphere. To this day we have had ZERO members leave to join a "better" guild. All food, flasks, repairs, and potions are provided by the guild. If you feel you would be a good fit for the guild, please don't hesitate to apply on the guild website, or add Keldorn#1456 (GM) for more information.Sekkh3 13h
13h 918 MW LF Guild (9/9N 9/9H) 918 MistWeaver LF Very Active PvE/Raid Guild i have full normal and full heroic exp in ToS (not on this char spread around but i have healed both) mainly looking for a fun guild to run m+/raid weekly with btag is Winterwolf#1304 if you have any questions/commentsZenwulf3 13h
13h <Storm> 2-Day 7/9M - Recruiting DPS Storm is a Cutting Edge 2-Day Mythic Progression Guild founded in June-2016. While maintaining a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on killing the hardest content available. Our reduced schedule compared to other similarly progressed guilds allow us to spend time doing other things in game and out. We're hardcore Raiders on a casual schedule, we take our raid time very seriously and we expect all of our potential applicants to do the same. If you’re a highly skilled player and share our goals, you probably won’t find a better guild out there. Current Progression 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor 10/10 Mythic Nighthold 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Raid Times Wednesday-Thursday (Mythic Only) 8:00 - 11:30PM EST Tuesday (Optional Heroic Clears) We raid the Tuesday new Mythic content launches with extended hours. Our Goals Establish ourselves as the best US two nights/week Mythic Guild Progress as quickly and efficiently as possible through current content Emerald Nightmare - Obtain a US 600+ Kill - COMPLETEDMythic Xavius US-306 (US-30th for 2-Day Guilds) The Nighthold - Obtain a US 400+ Kill - COMPLETEDMythic Gul'dan US-162 (US-9th for 2-Day Guilds) Tomb of Sargeras - Obtain a US 200+ Kill These goals were set prior to Legion release Recruitment Needs The list below is only a general need of classes. If you play your class at an exceptionally well level, we highly encourage you to apply regardless of class. We recruit the player, not the class. Death Knight - DPS Druid - Resto Hunter - BM/MM Mage Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Holy Priest - Shadow Rogue Shaman - DPS/Heals Expectations of Raiders Previous Mythic raiding experience The desire to min/max your character(s) and stay on the forefront of theorycrafting The ability to play all roles for your class effectively Consistent TOP-TIER level of play. With a reduced schedule, we need intelligent and skilled players. Check guild website daily Ability to come to raid prepared, this includes, but not limited to, bringing enough consumables and having knowledge of fights we are working on. Understand the need for criticism. Learn and improve from mistakes. Active outside of raid times. 50+ traits in main spec weapon Other Information Near perfect attendance required to remain on our raid roster Loot is handled via loot council. We feel this is the best way to improve the guild as a whole. We are mature adults and as such, respect is mandatory to all players internally and externally of Storm Members are preferred to be the age of 21 or older, but exceptions can be made under the right circumstances. We also sell various forms of carries via Raids/Dungeons/M+, visit our website for more information Guild website is located at Please feel free to contact us with any questions via in game, ID, or discord. Cojo (GM/RL) Btag: Aalistor#1455 Discord: Cojo#3001 Easier to talk during the day via discord Nermelz (Core Officer) Nermel#1228 Rahzra (Healing Officer) Btag: Lokilok#1587 Discord: Rahzra#8952 Join our Discord: 13h
14h [A] ⚔️<|The Refuge|>⚔️Casual Raiding 9/9N LFM Greetings Alliance of Stormrage! UPDATE: LF PLAYERS FOR CASUAL RAIDS - ToS/Antorus (7pm EST Saturdays - possibly more dates) <|The Refuge|> is a newly formed guild looking to create a casual community for PVE and PVP focused players! We have multiple years of guild management under our collective belts, and we invite you to join, grow, participate and most importantly have fun together! Previously hailing from Emerald Dream, we intend to establish ourselves on Stormrage as a safe haven for players of the Alliance. Are you tired of solo queueing? Does your guild only log on for one specific activity? Want to explore the new content together? Looking for people with your same gameplay interests? Do you like to raid? Mythic +? PVP Premades? RBGS? Social Activities? Do you play other Blizzard games? WE DO TOO! Well look no further, we will be striving to bring all of these activities to the table, and make it easy for YOU to log in and PLAY with the COMMUNITY . We will be working hard to build over the coming months and invite you to come along for the ride! Disclaimer: The Refuge will seek to progression raid in the future, this will not happen for some time & until we have the numbers to do so. Casual Raiding will also be available for folks who wish to raid, but do not like the hardcore aspects of progression raiding. Contact Info: Btag - Mòónclaw isunami#1263 Btag - Gracie Beriana#11794 Primary VoIP: Discord! Website: Twitter: Coming Soon..! Thank you for taking the time to read our recruitment post and we hope to see you in game soon! -MòónclawMòónclaw11 14h
15h ✨[A] <Sedition> 7/9 Heroic Progression ✨ Sedition Extraordinary Individuals. Laid Back Schedule. Passion For Progress. Realm: Stormrage Faction: Alliance Raiding Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays 9pm-11:30pm server time Current Progression: 9/9 N, 7/9 HC Sedition is a progression-focused raiding guild with a two-night schedule that has experienced players who are always willing to help others perform. We are a semi-casual driven guild who would like to complete content without having the urge to slam our heads against the wall in despair. Whether you play casually by questing and doing dungeons, or hardcore by getting into M+ and raiding, we have an interest in you! Atmosphere Our philosophy is built around having fun, good communication, and getting things done. We juggle out-of-game responsibilities, and just like everyone else out there, when we log on, we like to relax, jump on Discord and have fun. Members are treated like family and we have a great relationship with each other. We are somewhat of a “mature” guild, granted we have some trouble-makers but it’s all in good fun. The guild is generally dead during the weekday mornings due to jobs, but is very lively past 5pm server time. Recruitment Needs We will never turn exceptional people away from joining us. We are slightly lacking in the DPS (ranged would be nice) department due to our members having real-life obligations and having an extra healer or tank would not hurt. We’re a very flexible guild and have no problem switching up roles in order to satisfy the preferences of others. Non-Raiding Recruitment is open to All Classes and All Roles. It’s also generally nice to have: • Knowledge of your class, its mechanics, and its roles. • Patience (we are currently progressing) • An easy-going personality • A desire to progress through content • Willfulness to fix mistakes and improve upon them What We Offer • Friendly and helpful players • Food, flasks, & free enchants • Free repairs • Definitely some entertainment • A great raiding environment. If <Sedition> sounds like a nice fit for you, feel free to get in contact with us in-game or leave a message here with your contact info. Diomedes#11499 (Guild Master) Annah#1517 (One of the only girls in guild please send help) Puntsgnomes#11990 ALargeFarva#11270 Morias#1436Alienemojii22 15h
15h Îndifference 9/9 HTOS Recruiting for Mythic <Îndifference> is a 9/9 HToS guild. We have recently rebuilt our guild and are recruiting all healing classes and DPS (monk/hunter/shaman/arms warr) for progression into mythic. We are looking for 925+ w/ 60 Traits, our raid time is Tues-Thurs 8:30-midnight server time with 5/9 Mythic ToS experienced raid leaders. We're a very active guild, with M+ groups (mostly KSMs) and have RBGS on Fridays at 9PM. If you have questions or are interested in joining please message wallyguitar2#1312, Dicker#1743 on BNet or in-game Ketyr, Kolduna or Zäyn (alt 132 for the 'a') All exceptional players welcome to tryout.Patronshield2 15h
16h [A] <Deviancy> 2/9M Recruiting Guild: Deviancy – Alliance Server: Stormrage – Normal Days and Hours: Tuesday/Sunday/Monday 8:30-1130 EST / 7:30-10:30 CST / 6:30-9:30 MST / 5:30-8:30 PST Progression: 5/10M NH 9/9H ToS 2/9M ToS Who Are We: Deviancy was an established guild on the Argent Dawn server that has recently moved to Stormrage. Many of the core members started together during BC and have continued to raid together off and on throughout the years. Our Discord chat is lively with many references to an unknown member named Dale along with various other topics from theorycrafting to topics appropriate for our name. We have pushed progression throughout the expansion and are looking to add more solid and committed raiders to our roster to continue our push through Mythic content. We are a tight knit group that enjoys poking fun at each other while doing mythic+ as well as other games such as Hearthstone and Overwatch. Raids are a fun and relatively laid back during trash and farm content but very serious and methodical when pushing progression fights. We are actively engaged in conversations to better ourselves, as well as each and every member of our raid team helping to foster a broader understanding of not only our individual classes but the raid as a whole For previous progression please see: Loot: We use a loot council system, assigning gear according to greatest need. Loot is given the following priority for progression raids is roughly as follows: DPS > Tanks > Heals. Applicant requirements: • A minimum of 80% attendance to stay on the active raid roster. • Logs of your previous raid experience, preferrably from the most current Tier. • A functioning headset with mic. (You may remain silent until it becomes necessary for you to call out over Discord as mechanics require). • A viable off-spec is a great bonus. • With this tier we will require that all applicants have Concordance of the Legionfall. The following mods are required for all raiders: WeakAura2, RCLootCouncil, GTFO, Exorsus Raid Tools, and any of the following: DBM/BigWigs Generally, you should be an active player with a willingness to engage other guild members and spend time outside of raid improving your character. Alts are permitted but will never receive a raid spot unless the class is critical to a fight and we lack it. You should have a decent attitude. We allow all sorts of humor, even inappropriate, but blatant Racism, Misogyny, Harassment, or homophobia (we have openly gay players) will result in either a reprimand or an immediate removal from the Raid and/or Guild. Failure to respect your fellow members is not acceptable. Roster needs: Tank: Medium (any) - We are in the market for a third tank that has a viable DPS off spec. Essentially you would be a DPSer until such time as we needed you based on encounter needs or other circumstances. Healer: High (Holy Paladin) - We currently have an opening for a strong Holy Paldin. Retribution or Protection off spec would be a bonus. Low (Restoration Druid) - Any restoration druid should have a balance off spec (feral may be okay but balance preferred). High (Priest) - Ideally able to play Holy and Disc as encounters dictate. Medium (Restoration Shaman) - Any Restoration Shaman candidate must have a viable Elemental or Enhancement Off Spec DPS: Very High - Warriors, Warlock, Rogues, Hunters High - Unholy Death Knight, Mages, Demon Hunters, Monk Medium - Druid Balance/Feral, Shaman Elemental/Enhancement Essentially all DPS positions are open to recruitment. That being said, any exceptional player regardless of class/role will be given due consideration. SERVER TRANSFERRING: <Deviancy> is willing to pay for a server transfer for players who are exceptional or are clearly going to make the raid roster. If you are interested or have any questions you may message any of the following officers or myself: • Ampeers – Shipmate#11867 • Daerrus - Noise#1913 • Còrgen - Corgen#1742 • Desanne - kalzaar#1453Ampeers7 16h
16h <Ante Meridiem> AM & PM Teams Recruiting Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have multiple raid teams that raid at entirely different times throughout the week. WEBSITE: ------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: All times are Stormrage Server Time (EST) AM Raid Team (Mornings) 6/9M Thursday/Friday/Monday 9:00am - 1:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Kermite (KermitDaFrog#1283) ------------------------------------------------------------------- PM Raid Team (Evenings) 5/9M Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524)Ravan54 16h
16h <Severed Ties> Heroic team Tues/Thurs The <Severed Ties> Heroic team is recruiting for H ToS! Currently we are 8/9 on heroic and are looking for more, competent players to join us! We are currently seeking ranged dps! We are looking for a shadow priest, ele sham and a mage! ilvl910+ is welcome to join us! Reply here or contact McSnuggle, our fearless leader, in game for any questions! Or add his btag Tymoney25#1598. Or myself, Aquachan#1940 and I'll be happy to talk to Snuggle for you! We are a friendly team who have active player's running keys and old raid content weekly to get in our +10's and help with the ap/leggo grind as much as they can be available for, you just have to ask around! We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm server time!Äqúa12 16h
17h <Hand of Fate>: 2 Nights - 9/9(H) ► Introduction:<Hand of Fate> is a group of adults who enjoy raiding on a light schedule and still see content cleared. Details of our raid team and atmosphere can be found below. We're looking for like minded individuals to join us in Tomb of Sargeras! ► The Details:Here are some of the direct details you are probably looking for concerning our team: Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Time: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) Invites: 8:30 PM - 8:45 PM EST Current Progression:10/10(H), 9/9(H) ► What We're Looking For:Above all else, we're looking for the person that simply enjoys to raid. We have a couple of different ranks; one that permits the casual raider who can only show up once or twice a month and one that is made for the more dedicated - the "serious" raider, if you will. Regardless of rank, however, we expect you to enjoy raiding and have fun playing the game. More details on the differences between these ranks, and their expectations, can e found on our website. ► Mythic+ Dungeon Farming:We are also recruiting folks that are interested in farming Mythic+ dungeons in addition to our raiding. ► Contact Information:Below you will find the information you need to get in contact with us should you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, you will find the link to our website so that you can read more about us. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you! Website: BattleTag Contacts: Sajakain (Guild Master): Sajakain#1683 Sanat (Guild Officer): KUEng#1553 Hikari (Guild Officer): Satonaka#1280Sajakain15 17h
18h Coming back to game My name is megatron-illidan horde im a 923 boomkin 58 traits off spec is tank 916 ilvl at 57 traits im 9/9N 5/9H TOS 5/10M during NH alt code for the A is alt160 for the O its alt162 i took a break 3 months prior b4 tos came out i only did 2 weeks of tos im a returning player also coming back to the game in a few weeks dont have a computer atm due to real life complications i recently just moved looking for a active dedicated guild in gchat and in discord and likes chatting and running stuff and has alt runs so if by any possibility you need a boomkin or tank please link discords so i can hop on and get to know guilds b4 i transfer so i know if i would like it b4 i come back to the game and transfer and waist moneyMegátrón0 18h
19h <Cairdeas> - 9/9H W/Th 8-11 adding DPS! Cairdeas is one of the oldest guilds in wow dating back to the initial alpha testing server. Our stability and longevity set us apart in WoW when so many other guilds come and go. Many of us have been raiding together since classic. Our guild is a mature laid back group. We are committed to successfully raiding and exploring the game together. Most of our group has been more hardcore at some point and wants to succeed and see the whole game with a more relaxed approach. We are 9/9 H ToS with a focus on clearing Heroic content. Though our focus is Heroic, we will do some heroic bosses as well - it just not the primary goal in our raids. We are looking to add quality players who fit into our culture, strive to play at a high level, share our goals and want to have fun raiding Legion. A good attitude, enthusiasm and commitment are more important to us than class and spec. Looking for a positive person - someone who likes to raid and have a good time. We are looking for players that want a guild home - someplace to set down roots to be a part of a family of players that work together and experience the raid content as a team. We have a committed core and we are looking for personalities and skillsets that add to that. We are especially interested in the following class/roles, but we always have room for someone who is an exceptionally good fit for our raid. DPS: Warlock Mage Shadow Priest Heals: Holy Priest Disc Priest Resto Druid Tank: Any will need to have an OS that you are good enough to raid on. Server: Stormrage Raiding schedule: Weds and Thurs 8 - 11:00PM EST. (7:45 login if possible) Loot: We use EPGP to distribute loot. (EPGP Lootmaster & EPGP DKP Reloaded) Voice Chat: We use Discord. What we are looking for in potential raiders: A strong desire to be the best that you can be. We want people that are doing everything between raids to improve their characters gear and play. Be the guy/girl who studies their class constantly looking for ways to improve. A love of raiding. Not just of getting gear - I mean who doesn't love getting fat loot? I mean a love of working together with a fun, committed group of people to overcome the different challenges that each new boss presents. A desire to be a part of a group of people that truly enjoy playing the game together. If you are the guy/girl that is going to log in 5 minutes before the raid and not be seen again until 5 minutes before the next raid we might not be the best fit for you. A commitment to be there every raid on time and ready to go. A positive attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. If we ask you to take your hunter and help heal the raid with a stack of linen bandages we want someone that is going to ask how many stacks to bring :p A laid back attitude and just a general desire to have fun. What we will provide: Flasks and food and repairs Constructive feedback - not angry rants or calling players out in a negative way. An opportunity to be a part of a great, active guild with fun and helpful people A respectful adult environment. We aren't saints and things slip occasionally and it's no big deal. We just as a rule expect members to be respectful to each other. We are also looking to adding fun, casual players that want an active fun guild that is low drama and fun to be a part of. Contacts: You can add me on BNET Real ID: Eventin#1487 On Discord: Sevenfold#7482 or you can talk to me in game: Sevenföld or EvenafterSevenföld92 19h
20h A.M. Weekend Raiding Guild About Bonus Stage: We are a weekend raiding guild with a well-established and diverse group of core members. Our raid times accommodate multiple types of people with school and jobs that don't have a lot of time to commit during the week but still want to raid at a decent progression level. Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday; 10 am to 2 pm (EST) Progession: 5/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 7/10 Mythic Nighthold 3/3 Mythic Trial of Valor 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Loot System: We use EPGP to distribute loot in a fair manner. We have a healthy decay system in place to help newer members catch up in PR to veteran raiders within the guild. Recruitment Needs: We are looking for motivated raiders who are able to play their respective class, not just one spec. Players that will play their class to their maximum potential while maintaining a positive attitude. Preferred/Need: Tank All DPS applicants are currently being considered. Minimum Requirements 915 ilvl+ with 52+ Talents in ms weapon Recent Mythic Experience Apply at: Contacts info: Ahloris#1613 - "Ahloris" - Guild Master Terrific#11936 - "Terrific" - Raid Leader Bigstoff#1891 - "Hypnotyk" - OfficerAhloris58 20h
20h <Realistic> 9/9H Recruiting Night Guild <Realistic> Is a serious Progression guild based on US Stormrage (PVE High Pop Realm) - We are serious about pushing top rankings and are currently looking to round out our roster. 9/9H (First night Raiding together) Recruitment Needs Tank DK/Pala/War DPS- All Classes Healers- All Classes RAID TIMES ARE LISTED (for anyone that gets confused about time zones) PST Tuesday – 8:00PM - 11AM Wednesday- 8:00PM - 11AM Thursday - 8:00PM - 11AM CST Tuesday – 10:00PM - 1AM Wednesday - 10:00PM - 1AM Thursday - 10:00PM - 1AM EST Tuesday – 11:00AM - 2AM Wednesday - 11:00AM - 2AM Thursday- 11:00AM - 2AM If you are looking at joining us you should desire 3 things above all else. 1) An unbiased, stable, drama-free raiding environment led by experienced top end raiders. 2) Raiders that are held accountable for constantly improving and being the best 3) Efficiency and attitude needed to push top rankings on a 3 day schedule. What we expect from you: -That you show up early, prepared with full consumables, knowledge of fights and strategies ahead of time. -That you are able to think analytically and understand that the mechanics of a fight are the most important thing not your numbers -That you can conduct yourself appropriately in a group of 25+ people -That you are able to review logs and improve yourself on a weekly basis -You are okay with sitting out on fights once in a while What you can expect from us: -Unbiased leadership -Raiders that have raided and led many different top US guilds -A long term home with people who are laid back and wish to progress with other like minded individuals -The best players will be the ones who get the most raid time for progression -Low drama, it goes a long way to keeping things running smoothly. Divinedpala#1802 Guild Master Honeycrisp#1965Vindictìve7 20h
20h 3/9M Late Night 1a-4a team recruiting! <At Midnight> of Stormrage is currently recruiting exceptional players to improve and fill our roster for Mythic Tomb! About <At Midnight> At Midnight is a late night Alliance raiding guild on the Stormrage Server. Our guilds focus is on raid progression, we want to clear the content while it is current. While we are not raiding, the guild does 5 mans, PVP, Transmog runs, we hang out on discord, and play other games with each other (LoL, Heroes, Overwatch, etc..) Raid Schedule: <At Midnight> Tues, Wed, Thur 12:00 am - 3:00am (CST) 1:00am - 4:00am (EST) --- This is the Server's time as well. 10:00pm - 1:00am(PST) Expectations: -Be on time. We pull the boss at 12:00AM, we expect you to be online and ready well before this. -Loot is a tool to help kill more bosses, not the reason we raid. -We expect you to have read up on any bosses that we will fight. Whether it's something we already have on farm, or our next progression bosses. -You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks. Upon Joining the Team: -You will be placed as a "Trial Raider" -You will be given a date that we will decide if you will be bumped from "Trial Raider" into "Raider". -During this time you will be evaluated by the raid leader and his raid officers, any corrections or improvements given to you by them will need to been seen prior to your bump into "Raider" status. All exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us as we are always looking for good players to join our roster! If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below! Katie#1178Squeekkerz0 20h
21h 9/9H, 3/9M BM Hunter Looking For Guild I'm a 930 BM hunter with 57 traits looking for a weekday mythic raiding guild. I prefer to raid either 2 nights, or 3 nights with each night being 2 hours each but will consider any other times. Just post your btag and what guild you're recruiting for and I will add you if I wish to consider your guild.Kipler6 21h
21h 3 Dps LFG Heroic Progression only 925 WW Monk, 915 Aff Warlock, 914 MM Hunter We are 3 friends not looking for anything hardcore. We are coming back to the game and just want to do basic Heroic Tos Progression. We would ideally like to fine a guild that raids Friday Saturday and Sunday during the night. TheGodbert#1617 (Warlock) zibbie#11181 (Monk) SenorSmoker#1216 (Hunter)Luffyxnaruto6 21h
22h 920 Prot warrior LF late night weekday raid Plenty of raiding experience over the years including mythic raiding in WoD. Just now returning to LegionKayldara0 22h
23h Feral druid 9/9H 9/9N Lf Late night guild Due to my work schedule, I am looking for a late night raiding guild to join :) I am off Tues and Thurs but I raid 8p - 11p CST already, so I was hoping to find a guild that does 12a or 1a to a time later than that. Other days of the week my times vary a little bit, but hit me up with the times and days your guild raids and I'll check them out. I may be willing to server transfer too.Fluffié0 23h
1d <Tyrannical> - 5/9M - 2 Day Recruiting <Tyrannical> is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild residing on US Stormrage. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds all with the shared goal of achieving Cutting Edge . We strive on our members' participation, friendliness, and laid-back energy. Each member must understand that they, as an individual, are a part of the team, and are responsible to the whole group to bring their best. We offer a raid environment where we treat pulls seriously, making the small amount of time we raid (2 days, 3 hours each day) as effective as possible. We offer a mature circle of skilled players to enjoy content with. We offer a leadership team that is experienced with the game, dedicated to advancing this guild, and easy to approach with questions and concerns. What we look for in our raiders: Great attendance Dedication and loyalty Friendliness Openness to improvement Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices Enthusiasm about raiding We require an attendance rate of at least 90%. We understand things do come up, but we expect you to respect us enough to post out through discord! What we provide to our raiders: Discord Mature and constructive criticism from our Officers A relaxed and social raiding environment Trial Period: Trial period will last roughly 2-3 weeks. In this time, we will be analyzing and gauging how you are doing within the group. Based on this information, trial periods may be increased or decreased depending on how the Officers' believe you are doing. During your trial period, we expect you to be on at least 15 minutes before raid with your food, flasks, and other consumables all ready to go. The most important thing we look at is your attendance; if you are constantly showing up late or are missing each week, expect your trial to be terminated. Required Addons and Programs: Discord RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools Loot: Loot will be distributed by Loot Council, which takes attendance, performance, degree of upgrade, and raider status into account. Current Progression: 9/9H 5/9M Raid Times: Tues/Wed 8:00 p.m - 11:00 p.m EST Legion Recruitment Needs: * Elemental Shaman (High Prio) * Boomkins * Any MS DPS with a strong/viable Healing OS (High Prio) If you aren't one of the classes or specs listed above, but are still interested, please apply! We look at every application and will always consider exceptional players. Legion Minimum Requirements: * 925+ ilvl * 60+ Traits in MS OR 55+ in ALL specs. * Current Mythic Raiding Experience (preferably in line with our current progression) For applications - please contact anyone of the following: Contact(s): * Grimcharm#1383 * Nem#1775 * FraunchToost#1207 * Zoral#1611Grimcharm67 1d
1d 924 WW MONK LF Mythic guild hi stormrage, i'm jsqueezy. i'm a 924 ilvl WW monk lf a guild that plans on clearing mythic content. i'm not looking to join a guild that's progressed through tos and clear cutting edge now, but i am looking for a guild that i can clear with in antorus and beyond. i haven't played for most of legion, so my current mythic xp is pretty lacking, but i'm a quick learner. the last time i raided current mythic content was in HFC, at the end of WoD. willing to reroll or w/e as long as i can be in a guild, and i am a competent player. i raid with a positive attitude and always come prepared with knowledge and consumables that i need. i am also a quick learner. i have logs, can answer questions etc. and anything you need. would definitely love to talk over btag before making any final decisions! feel free to contact me at: jsqueezy#11159Jsqueezy3 1d
1d <Acoustic Children> 9/9N 7/9H ToS LF Raiders <Acoustic Children> Newly formed guild looking for casual and hardcore raiders. We're currently 9/9N, 7/9H Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 8-11pm server. Recruiting : Shadow Priest Mage Warlock Holy Paladin Other DPS Classes will be considered Guild repairs included. Contact Dampnut, Micecream, or myself in game by whisper or mail for more information.Wraithworg2 1d
1d <Common> (A) 8/9H Casual Guild Common is a small guild of similarly minded folk that are just looking for a casual raid experience. We are a very laid back group that doesn't take things too seriously while still trying our best to progress and keep things fun. We use Discord as our voice communication of choice. We're actively trying to keep our core group at 15 people and have a rather high number of our core group online even outside of raid days. We also have a sizeable number of people routinely doing Mythic+ dungeons. Our current progression raids days are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00PM until 11:00PM server time (EST) with the focus being on Heroic until the release of Antorus. With the release of Antorus we'll be shifting all focus on progressing through Normal. We currently have an alt night for ToS Normal on Mondays at 6:30PM until 8:30PM server (EST). Currently, as of 9/21/2017, prioritizing a Mage but we're always willing to take anyone willing to work with us and be a good fit! If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact Gavryn (Jester#13280), Noelanie (DivineShadow#1356), or Eu (Hall#1111) in game. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!Gelvyn43 1d
1d [A] <Anger> ♦ 7/9M ♦ LF DPS & Healer WHO Founded in March 2010, Anger is an Alliance guild on US-Stormrage. The guild has a long history of end-game raiding spanning multiple games and raid groups. Our players are extremely experienced in end-game cutting edge content and have raided in every spectrum of progression including top world guilds. We are currently looking for exceptional players to build up our roster for Mythic raiding in Legion. Current Progression 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 Mythic Nighthold WHAT Balance Druid Havoc Demon Hunter Death Knight Rogue Mage Priest Warlock Warrior Please feel free to fill out an application even if your class is not listed. We maintain a competitive environment and will accept exceptional applications. WHEN Raid Times Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 8:45pm-12:30pm EST (server time) HOW 1.) You must be an active player and able to maintain 100% raid attendance during progression. We raid to clear content, and sacrifice other leisure activities to do so. 2.) Your goals should include being among the best at your chosen class and role. 3.) You will need to be tolerant of the fact that raiding is highly dependent on class balance and as such involves potential bench time. This encompasses new recruits as well as long standing raiders. 4.) You must be able to pay for your account and your internet connection without issue. 5.) Your computer and internet connection must be very stable. 6.) You must have and be able to speak on Discord. We're not asking for you to be a chatterbox, but it is incredibly important that you can speak up during a fight when it's needed. 7.) Anger is an adult guild. If you are offended easily, this is not the right guild for you. 8.) You will be provided with repairs, flasks, and food for raid. You must farm your own potions and use them for progression encounters. 9.) We want people who are social and interested in participating in our guild's culture as a whole. 10.) You should be a friendly player with a positive attitude. We require all applicants, raiders, and officers be able to cooperate as a team and treat each other with mutual respect. WHY If you're looking for a new home, and are serious about raiding Mythic with a group of players who are equally motivated to see progression and enjoy the game as well then Anger is a great place to do so. If you fit the description above, you have the basics we're looking for in raiders, please visit our website and apply: Please feel free to contact any of Anger's officers in-game with more questions: Lifebind (Kyle#11426), Sharc (Warrann#1690), Narkotics (Kamranh#1874), or Profit (Lightz#1210). E-mail us at admin@angerguild.comLifebind156 1d