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10m 11/11M LFM Range BFA 10:30-1am est T/W/Th Updated: 6/30/2018 ill try to keep it as simple as possible. Add me in Bnet if you would like to discuss some stuff, i rarely check the answers to this thread since its quite long. Bnet info is at the end of the post. <Continuum> Currently 11/11M Antorus, looking for players for BFA and the remainder of Legion/Antorus. If you are a competent player that like killing bosses without going 16 hours a week into a raid, this might be the place for you. Raid times: Late night 10:30pm-1:00am(EST) Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (7.5 hours a week). Recruitment Needs Top priority for us: RANGE DPS RESTO SHAMAN good logs Priest healer that is not afraid of playing both Disc and Holy Brewmaster Tank for M-Argus Blood DK for BFA Any healer to be considered must have good parses/experience/Viable Off-spec for Farm content Any Range dps must have competitive parses. Any competent players are welcome to apply, we will consider everyone. Trial 1. Trials for BFA start during the first week of Raiding in BFA, you can join us before that for leveling up and clear dungeons to prepare for the Raid release. 2. With barely more than a month left for Antorus if you want to join us in getting Cutting Edge you must have, one of two things, some experience in Argus or really good numbers in lower bosses in the raid. 3. If you didnt happen to raid during Antorus old logs also work if you are coming back to the game. We have an active group outside raiding, dont expect 24/7 activity but we do hangout a lot in discord and play other games like Path of Exile, League, Dota or any interesting game that comes out and help us pass the time when WoW gets a bit stale. We have been playing a bit of Dauntless as of late. If this has piqued your interest, please feel free to apply at Or contact: Ramix#11657 Pucho#1617 Have a nice day.Ascardio236 10m
53m [A] [No Gear No Life] LF All No Gear No Life is a brand new casual raiding guild recruiting for BfA. We are a group rebuilding from an 11/11 H raiding guild in Legion, and we aim to continue our trend of heroic aotc raiding into Battle for Azeroth. Officer positions We are currently looking for someone to fill the role of full time recruitment officer previous experience and interest in a raid spot is a plus. For this position please join our discord (link below) and message me (retroG) directly Raid positions Currently we're looking for players of all classes, experience, background, and roles to fill our roster whether you're new to raiding or are returning from a previous expansion we may have a spot for you. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 8pm-12am est/st. Raid members are expected to attend raids consistently and on time and prepared. Other positions We are always recruiting social or casual members for an invite simply join our discord (link below) or add me on bnet(retroG#1170) for an inviteRetrog0 53m
1h Free character transfers, when we getting em? ^^^ Would love a transfer off this dumpster fire of a launch please!Wulgår3 1h
1h BM/MM hunter LFG Yo, I main a BM/MM Hunter and just got back into wow when i heard of BFA I would like to get into raiding, so i am looking for a guild that is raiding 2 days a week. Times i am available: Friday and sat 800pm - 800am ESTNiiko0 1h
1h BM/MM Hunter LFG Yo, I main a BM/MM Hunter and just got back into wow when i heard of BFA I would like to get into raiding, so i am looking for a guild that is raiding 2 days a week. Times i am available: Friday and sat 800pm - 800am ESTNiiko0 1h
1h Work as Intended [A] 3D-6H Work as Intended [Alliance] is a progressive minded guild looking to build up its roster for raiding in Battle for Azeroth and beyond. Even though our core team are progressive focused players, we would be happy to have more players who do not want to commit to higher level content. As long as you enjoy the game, you’re welcome to join us. Altoholics are welcome too! If you want to have more characters in the guild, send an officer a PM and we’ll be glad to have you even more aboard. We currently do not have any focus on PvP. We would however be happy to recruit PvP’ers among our ranks and have PvP oriented events show up in our calendars. However attendance to raid, for raiders, will be expected to be prioritized over other types of in-game events. This include Mythic+, PvP, World Quests, General Questing, Island Expeditions, Warfronts, etc. Not conforming to this may result in losing your raider status. That being said, real life happens. We don’t and won’t hold grudges / lay down punishments if you have IMPORTANT real life matters to attend to. Don’t miss out on life, but still try to plan your gym time or groceries accordingly if you’re planning to raid. For raiding. Our current plans are to progress the expansion multiple raids in Mythic difficulty as well as being optimal (reward-wise) in our Mythic+ keystones (Weekly +10 for Uldir). Our planned raiding schedule is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm Server Time (EST). We are, right now, looking to recruit every roles. Prior raiding experience is a definite plus. This section will be updated when roles are going to fill up. We use Discord for voice chat. Just because reasons. Enough said. If you are interested to join our ranks, send a to either me Warthrend#1345 (Guild Master) at or Bendos#1440 (Officer) .Zatorina0 1h
1h [A] <Reckoning> Mythic guild lfm for BfA! Reckoning is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage (US). In Reckoning we enjoy a casual raid atmosphere with progression focus. We were founded just over a year ago by people who left a dying server to join one of the most populated servers in the game. We went five for five in regard to AoTC but we want more out of the game. We ended the expansion sitting at 4/11M in Burning Throne and that is why we need you! Recruitment We have immediate need for Ret Pally, Disc Priest, Hunters, and Warlocks! We're always looking for exceptional players of any class. Applicants should be serious about their main: fully gemmed and chanted, not lazy. We provide the chants and gems so there is no reason not to have them other than pure laziness, which we will not stand for. We clear heroic content to continue gearing new players, so don't worry about missing a couple pieces of gear if it wasn't for lack of effort. What can Reckoning offer you? Raiding: We will give you the opportunity to be the first to witness, participate in and down new raid bosses as they are released. We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players! Raids are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm EST (5-9pm PST)! Our officers won't leave you to fend for yourself or alone for most of the expansion! We can help you get to where you need to be. Mythic Keystones: We run mythics 15s as a guild to make sure no one misses out. I know some players hate them, but we see them as a way to make your toon and yourself better. We as a guild believe that raiding shouldn't be the only place you gear up. Farm raids: We do run raids on the weekend and mythic pluses during the week to help gear up new recruits or current raiders that switch toons to best suit the makeup of the team. Unless you are ready to raid current content, do not be surprised if you are told to hit the weekend team and/or mythic pluses. We do not carry people in current content unless on farm, so we don’t hurt our progression. This is a team-based game. We can’t hurt 15-18 other people due to one person being under geared. PvP: We recently have built a PvP team that all members can join in on. Who doesn't like smashing the Horde? Remember that it was they who started this war by invading Azeroth. You don't make friends with people who invade your land, kill your people, and want to bathe in your blood. You fight back! GLORY TO THE ALLIANCE! Transmog and mount runs: We have weekly transmog and mount runs that we do just to have some fun. Who doesn't like smashing old content that you spent hours wiping on back in the day? My personal favorite is killing the Lich King. We have so much health that his instant kill mechanic doesn't faze a max level toon! Community: Reckoning strives to bring back the glory days of WoW when the people you played with were not just strangers like they are now, but people you can be proud to call your friends. We host many social events, including random guild meet ups in real life! As the guild itself we offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself – killing bosses while having fun doing it! We all play the game to have fun! When it stops being fun, no one wants to play. Requirements Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. No one wants to raid with some guy being a jerk, and why should you? If you can’t have a good time I would suggest you seek a different guild. Criticism: You should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it's directed at you. Sometimes we do have to bench some people due to performance. We try to do this as discreetly as possible, so we don’t alienate the raider, but it happens. Learn from it and come back stronger the following week! Attendance: Three hours a night, three nights a week is not a lot to ask. We understand that life happens but if you can’t make those days or constantly miss raid, you simply will not be able to raid with us. Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is the utterly most important thing when raiding. Therefore, having a headset is a mandatory requirement for raiding! We use Discord for our voice chat. We are an English-speaking guild. For additional information or if you have any questions visit our website at 1h
2h <Tyrannical> 11/11M Recruiting for BFA <Tyrannical> is a 2 day, semi-hardcore guild that raids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8-11 pm EST with an optional heroic/alt run on Sundays at raid time. As a 6 hour a week guild with the goal of attaining Cutting Edge, we place a high value on player optimization and performance, but also seek to maintain a friendly, mature, and respectful atmosphere. Our ideal applicant is a player who is competent at his or her class, open to constructive feedback, and who adds to the positive raid environment. Upon review of your application, officers will conduct a brief interview in discord to get to know you and to learn more about your goals as a raider. The trial period lasts 3-4 weeks, during which performance and fit will be evaluated. Upon acceptance, all raiders are provided with pots, flasks, and partial repairs. Our most recent tier progression: 11/11 M CE Highest recruitment needs (all exceptional applicants are considered): * Ret pally Applicants are encouraged to have had previous Cutting Edge or high-level raiding experience in some previous raid tier. To apply, please visit Contact the following officers for more information: * Zoral#1611 * Nem#1775Nemhaen8 2h
3h Hunter LFG Hello! I am a hunter main but also play most other classes. I am looking for a new guild to play out BFA with. Cheers!Ozya3 3h
4h (A) Drama Free Company *Come Raid with Us* Our team is a group of friendly, casual yet progressive-minded players, hitting the ground running now that BFA is here! Raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday. Invites are sent at 7 PM Server (Eastern) and we run from 7:15 PM server until 10:15 PM server. The MASTER plan is... 1) Hit 120 2) Fly through Normal 3) Work on heroic content until that sexy AOTC 4) Move into Mythics to always be progressing in some capacity All that being said we are NOT a hard-core mythic raiding team. (We will not strive for world firsts.) BUT we will go as far as we can. We do require discord for voice, even if you do not speak (all we ask is listen). We do our best to provide feasts and flasks for all progression runs, but ask that you bring personal consumables as well. Currently our community is accepting all players... new, returning, those looking for a change. Our Open Raid team spots *but will always trial and work with proficient players* HEAL (HIGH) Monk DPS RANGED (HIGH) Warlock, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Mage DPS/HEAL OS (HIGH) DPS MELEE (HIGH) DH We expect any of our potential raid teammates to know your class and play to the best of your ability. But more importantly then that... we promote positive attitudes and friendly people who want to have fun together and gel. If you made it through this wall of text and are still interested, drop a line. Dreamiana- Ginkneebear#1522 Woknrol- PSUKARDI#1577 Or feel free to respond to this post with your info.Dreamiana0 4h
5h <Subtle> Fri/Sat 10 Man Heroic LF Warlock <Subtle> (Stormrage Alliance) is a new guild looking for more who are interested in being part of a semi-hardcore 10 man raid team and clearing Heroic every tier. We are looking for those who are willing to improve themselves each day, learn something new and have fun while doing so with mature players. What we expect from you: - Have Discord + Working Mic - Show up on time for raids - Look up guides for boss fights - Understand your class What you can expect from us: - Flasks / Potions / Food Buffs / Guild Repairs (All provided for free) - A chill environment, with no cliques or drama - All levels of mythic keystones done every week - Constructive criticism where you can learn and improve - Q&A - What are the Raid Times? - Friday/Saturday 6:30PM - 9PM EST What are you recruiting? - Melee DPS: Full (Read note below) - Ranged DPS: LF Warlock - Tanks: Full - Healers: Full Note: We will always look into exceptional players in any role. Do you have an application form? - Who can I contact? - Quickdraw#11655 (Guild Leader)Xirith14 5h
5h <Mars> Recruiting RDPS for Mythic in BFA <Mars> is a new guild with a focus on end game PvE content. We seek to clear all mythic content come BFA. Our leadership is comprised of prior mythic raiders. Who we are: We are a group of competent, like-minded, adept raiders. We focus on bettering ourselves with each boss attempt until we succeed. We understand mythic progression entails wipes, however, we seek to quickly understand the reason for the wipe and obtain a better result the next attempt until we accomplish our goal. If you do not have the mindset, or aptitude, to progress with a mythic raiding guild please do not apply. We have a solid core of players going into BFA and are only seeking individuals who want to primarily main a DPS role. We re-evaluate class/spec after each tier is complete to allow for alts/main swapping in the next tier, however, during progression in a tier no one will be allowed to change mains unless absolutely required by a boss mechanic. Raiders are encouraged to have a secondary toon mythic capable should a certain class/spec combination be more ideal for that particular boss. What we are: Server: Stormrage Faction: Alliance Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday: 8:00 pm - 12:00 am EST What we are Looking for: We have a high need for a Boomkin and a Mage. Other ranged DPS classes considered. What We Can Offer You: A guild full of competent, dedicated, and skilled raiders. We are not elitist; however, we do expect each player to perform proficiently in their assigned role. If you are not continuously seeking to improve yourself, please do not apply. What We Expect: 90% Attendance. While we know that life happens, raiders positions are determined not only on ability but accountability as well. Input. If there is something we could be doing better, we expect our raiders to tell us just as we would tell them Application Process: If we have not scared you away with the above, we would welcome your application. The application process allows us to carefully evaluate each raider to make sure we have the best lineup to push cutting edge content. Apply Here: AND Contact: Septu#11726 Jarux#11102 Zerker#1375Brewtangclan2 5h
5h <Observe> 11/11 M Recruiting FOR BFA <Observe> (Alliance-stormrage) 11/11M is looking for talented 960+ ilvl to join our team for mythic progression! We are an awesome friendly guild. Our Goal: to make everyone feel at home and have as much fun to help them relax after a long day of work/stress/etc while keeping a progression oriented mindset. ***We are now 11/11 M and are thus recruiting exceptional players for BFA*** We raid on Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9PM to 12AM EST. Qualities we are looking for: - Commited players for mythic progression during raid times mentioned above. This includes attendance, material contribution, knowledge of the mechanics - Open minded players willing to improve class mechanics to play at their best (this includes personal research, constructive criticism, etc) What we offer: - A warm environment for guildies to have fun. DRAMA FREE - Mythic plus carries (including selling keys for gold) mythic plus pushes, and mythic raiding - Awesome leaders and experts willing to offer advice and help one another improve - Stocked GB with flasks, food and pots Classes that we are looking for: Frost DK, WW monk or Enhance Shaman, Boomkin. Tank (DH or monk preferred) All exeptional players are taken into consideration! If you are intersted, please complete our application form and feel free to contact us via discord at Slis#0124 or Hedged#9210 5h
5h Arrowshark-1 Day Raiding For AOTC! <Arrowshark> US-STORMRAGE ALLIANCE guild We are a smaller guild of former heroic/mythic raiders from WOD, MOP, and Cata coming back to WOW again and wanting to grow; previous job commitments by some of our members kept us from raiding seriously during Legion. We are looking to recruit all roles/specs for a stable raid environment in BFA and onward. We are an adult-oriented guild with ages mostly in our upper 20's. Most of us have full time jobs. If you're coming back from a short (or long) hiatus and want to start over again raiding in BFA without the massive time commitment, we might just be the right guild for you! -Raid Schedule- Sundays 8pm-12am EST heroic progression starting first tier of BFA. We will not be progressing as a full guild until after the launch of next expansion. -Expectations- We expect all raiders to simply research encounters for raids and ask questions before raids so we can maximize our times with more pulls on each boss. Once we have more members and a stable team, raid spots will be earned and kept by attendance and raid performance. We are willing to be patient with you as long as you are patient with us as we grow. On our off nights we enjoy running mythic + dungeons, pvp, leveling alts, playing some other games such as Fortnite and Hearthstone, and just chillin' out in Discord. -Goal- We want to kill the last heroic boss of each tier on a limited schedule in a mature, relaxed, stable raid environment and have fun doing it! We are looking forward to having an active roster looking to always improve and tweak strategies in order to achieve our goal of clearing current content. We will likely delve into some mythic content once we have a stable group of raiders. Currently looking for officer roles as well to help with running the guild. If you are interested in joining please add Mystery#11896 Seetah#1299 or platypus#1563 and send us a tell anytime!Goodie18 5h
6h Havoc DH LF Semi-Hardcore for BFA As the title states I'm looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild for the new xpac just transferred back to Stormrage. I'm available every night after like 7pm ESTSöje10 6h
6h [A]Kings of Wanderlust for BFA! Kings of Wanderlust, formed at the beginning of Legion by past Mythic and Heroic raiders is currently recruiting. We are a guild of busy professionals / family people, whom in our free time still enjoy clearing each tiers raid content, at minimum heroic though we will dabble in Mythic from time to time, though that is not our priority. Even with our limited time availability we still strive to be the best that each raider can be. We are however willing to help people learn to raid, and become better at their chosen class and spec. All of our leadership have experience dating back to Vanilla with many heroic, and mythic kills under our belts. Main Raid Times / Schedule Wednesday/Thursday - 7:15 - 11:00 EST (server) Progression: 7 1/2 hours a week Legion Progression: Antorus: 11/11H EN: 2/7M ToV: 3/3H Nighthold: 3/10M ToS: 9/9H ToS: 1/9M What roles are we considering at the moment? Ranged DPS Limited melee DPS/ with a healing off spec DPS/ with a tanking off spec Current Recruiting Status: OPEN We will always consider additional applicants! So, if your desired role is not on this list, and you are still interested feel free to get in touch with one of our officers and we will discuss with you any options we may have. If you just want to come hang out and be a part of the guild that's great too! Please contact one of our officers if you are interested! Vesayne - GM/Raid Lead - Ves#11968 Airaln - Officer - Airaln#1816 Barthelio - Officer - Barthelo#1534 Worshipthis - Officer Telchines - Officer Keep in mind that we are working professionals, if you cannot get ahold of us outside of raid hours, please send us an in-game mail or leave a post here. Worst case - /who Kings of Wanderlust on Stormrage and send a tell to any of our members and they will point you in the right direction. Happy guild hunting!Vesayne1 6h
6h LF DPS + Holy pal mythic raiding Sat+Sun Tainted Legacy (Stormrage) is a semi-harcore guild from Illidan horde with players that have full heroic/mythic clears from wotlk to the end of mop or mythic raided until highmaul. We are looking for 11/11 heroic players or, mains or alts with legion mythic xp. Raid times Sat + Sunday 4-8 pm PST which is 7-11 pm EST we are flexible +1 hour We are looking for players: Preferably (but not required) who can play multiple specs of the same class. Who are always looking for ways to improve themselves. Who take raiding seriously but still know how to have a good time. Classes high in demand: BM hunter boomkin mage (non arcane) warlock (non demonology) All Melee DPS spots are currently full. Other classes with skilled players will still be considered. Classes we are not accepting: Demon hunter tank Arcane Mage Disc Priest Prot Warrior Feral druid Ele sham About the GM/RL: I was the raid leader in the old Tainted Lagacy on illidan horde and officer helping the RL in our guild blackblades on silvermoon in cataclysm. I have a lot of mythic raiding xp and so do our returning players. I was world rank 4 arms warrior in MOP and world rank 2 in CATA. Those of us returning typically parse in the 90 percentile of our class. Im not looking to play super hardcore anymore Im just looking to full clear mythics and have fun, we arent pushing to be the realm 1st or anything like that. Why you should raid with us: 1) We are a semi hardcore guild we want to have fun and still progress as much as possible (typically full mythic clear), a sense of humor is always welcome and we discourage raging. 2) We care about our raid comp and make sure to optimize our raid in such a way that the classes we choose fit well together. We like variations and we wont be stacking 5-6 mages but rather 2 of each of the mid to top specs while trying to avoid the worst performing. 3) We are serious about starting raid on time and we expect everyone to show up to raid and be on time unless they give advance notice of an absence. 4) Raiding 2 nights a week is better and more enjoyable than guilds that raid 3-4 nights a week. Usually the first day is progression and the other 2-3 days are straight wiping. We progress the same amount of bosses on average as guilds raiding 3-4 days a week because we have highly skilled players. 5) Most of us are interested in doing activities outside of raiding such as random bg's, and mythic+ but these are not required as our focus is raiding. if interested please fill out this short app on our website: or add Zaldar#1566Kummerspeck1 6h
7h [A] Justified Insanity Justified Insanity is a Semi-Hardcore guild that is looking to expand its raiding roster for BFA. While maintaining a laid back and stress free environment, we do focus on Efficiency and Discipline as our raid schedule is shorter compared to other guilds. Our reduced schedule allows for flexibility and a work\life balance while still being able to complete raid progression. Our goal is to clear Heroic content, earn the AOTC, and if there is time, to move into Mythic until next raid tier. We are looking for players that know how to play their class\spec, capable of holding their own on a short raid schedule, and would like to take a more methodical approach. We prefer to learn after each pull instead of throwing warm bodies until the light bulb turns on. Schedule: Wednesday/Thursday 8PM-11PM EST Invites are sent out at 7:45PM. Current recruiting needs: Tanks – Full Heals - Open MDPS - Open (Full - DK) RDPS – All All Exceptional raiders will be considered regardless of current recruitment needs. Recruitment Officers: Shivanii (Shivanii#1728) Vench (Leoncpa#1419)Shivanii41 7h
8h <A> The Nameless Community, now recruiting Website - Forums - Program - Discord - Twitter - Facebook - The Nameless is a multi-gaming community of gamers, for gamers. Our core has been gaming together since 2004, slowly expanding ourselves into the community we now are. We have a few core values that are highly important to us. Respect. Unity. Transparency. These values are never to be forgotten or ignored! Each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, the community can’t exist. The Nameless is a home for players of all skill levels. A place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself. Connect with us. Help us reach the potential that we know we can reach. The Nameless provides a great experience for its members, both in-game and outside. That’s only possible due to the awesome members we have so far, and the leadership structure we have in place to make sure everyone feels welcomed, and enjoys their time here. At the end of the day, it’s important that every member, from the newest recruit to the most veteran member, feel comfortable and stress free here. We believe we’ve managed to create this. While building a community is fun, the number of members isn’t everything. We are not striving to be the biggest community online, that’s an unrealistic goal. We are striving to be one of the best communities, an online home people are proud to be a part of for years to come. Our core is solid, our ideas are limitless. Now we need people who believe as we do to help us grow. Here at The Nameless, we want dedicated members who want to be part of our community above anything else. We want members who want to push The Nameless to bigger and better things, to achieve more than we ever thought possible. In a way, we’ve already done this, but we want more. Always more. Wear the insignia of The Nameless proudly, and help us become one of the best communities out there. We are supporting multiple games online. Interested in joining? That's awesome! Hop on over to our website for more information about us, and when you're ready, drop into our Discord so we can get you set up so you can meet everyone!Haedra2 8h
10h Looking For a Guild and New Scenery 3 raid heal team and seasoned tank looking for a new guild. Our group consists of a Pally tank (or any other tank that is needed), he has experience with tanking since BC. The experienced healing team consists of a holy priest and 2 druid healers, however 1 druid is willing to go to another healing spec if needed. Right now we are looking for a guild that we can be in for the long run with a health guild/raid environment that really respects one another. We are all okay with normal/heroic raiding and prefer casual/semi-hardcore. We prefer to raid Sunday through Thursday, we do work so we can not do a late night guild. We are all 30 and up so being part of a mature guild is preferred. Having fun is also as important to us we love to hang out on the weekends, do transmog runs, achievements, and other social activities (one of us used to be a social coordinator for a guild). If you are interested dm Morvis#1296Morv1 10h
10h 3x players for heroic raid Wed-Thur Evening Ret Paladin, Hunter (any spec) and Warrior (any spec) looking for the above. All in our 30s and chill people. Looking to raid through heroic.Turbomurder4 10h
10h <Zeroes to Heroes> Community, Raiding & More <Zeroes to Heroes> We are a community-focused guild located on the US-Stormrage server, since May 14, 2015. We have focused on a welcoming and friendly environment of like-minded people who play World of Warcraft. Our community has experienced massive growth over the past few years and we encourage you to come join in the fun! ZTH offers experiences for every level of player; pet collector to hardcore raider, we have just what you are looking for! We hold community events, guild contests, and field seven raid teams! We also offer two alt guilds and a Horde guild. A community this large always has something going on. We utilize guild chat, the guild calendar, and Discord to let everyone know what is going on. We encourage our members to engage with each other and play the game together. Raiding Several of our raid teams may sponsor an open raid during a specified night of the week. These runs are used to help our members see end-game content and foster a sense of community. It also helps get everyone AOTC and raid-specific mounts! These are open to all members with appropriate gear for the content. As always, these are first come, first serve. We have a total of seven raid teams within our community; we have a team raiding every single night of the week. Every level of progression is represented; whether you are looking for a group to do LFR with or Cutting Edge Mythic progression, we have a team. Our teams are always recruiting! Scroll down to the link below to view the raid teams and recruitment information. Even if your class or spec is not listed, feel free to reach out anyway! Mythic + Dungeons This highly popular content has been a big hit within our community. Come make some friends to run keys with, whether it’s getting your weekly 15’s done or pushing the boundaries of what is possible to complete! Recent Community Events Azeroth Awards: Act out your favorite movie scene in three shots for community vote and prizes! #Buddybirds: Raid teams helping others, who don’t have much time to play the game, get their Violet Spellwings from heroic Argus. Guild Survivor: Think you are the best of the best? Test yourself on a DJ vs ZtH competition using strategy, skill, and keeping yourself from being blown up by mines. Garment Games: Who has the best transmog sets from Death Jesters and Zeroes to Heroes! We will have multiple themes with prizes given for matching the theme. Come join us for the fun and may the transmogs be ever in your favor! 1st Place price 100k Gold and many other great prizes donated by the raid teams of both guilds. Upcoming Community Events ZtH 3-year Anniversary: Every year we celebrate the birth of our guild. The community sponsors several events and ends with a For the Alliance! achievement run. Glory of the Legion Raider: Weekly runs for people to achieve Glory of the Legion Raider and earn their mounts.Raid Teams and Guild Information How to Join We are always looking to add more players to our community and guild family. Contact one of our members in-game to join the community! Players ranked Veteran or higher can invite.Sparty17 10h
11h 11/11M, 13+ Yr - Death Jesters LF Melee DPS <Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to progress through Battle for Azeroth. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage and one of the oldest raiding guilds in the game! ************************************************************* Current Progression 11/11M Antorus 9/9M Tomb of Sargeras -- US #69 10/10M Nighthold --- US #52 10/10M Emerald Nightmare/Trial of Valor --- US #66 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Highmaul - 10/10M BRF - US#74th 14/14HM SoO - US #59th 13/13HM ToT ------ US #64 6/6 MSV HM, 6/6 HoF HM, 4/4 ToES HM ----- US #62 ************************************************************* Raid days: Mon-Weds (9:00pm-12:30am EST). Optional activities on Thursday. Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days. ------------- Currently Recruiting: Tank: Monk, DK, Druid Melee: Monk, Warrior, Rogue Ranged: Hunter, Priest, Druid Healer: Paladin, Shaman, Priest -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at About us: Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25 man and now 20 man Mythic guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. What we offer you: - A very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In nearly twelve years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We've always been the 'good guys' of the server. Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer, Sparty (Sparty#1780) or email We wish you the best in your guild search!Midgette229 11h
11h 3 Players LF Weekday AOTC Raid Group Catch is we can't raid past 10pm since we're all adults with jobs. Looking for any 2 days from Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday. We are Warrior (any spec) Hunter (any spec) and Paladin (ret only).Turbomurder0 11h
11h [A] <Ex Inferno> Community is LF You! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the budding Alliance side (Stormrage) and the thriving Horde side (Area 52). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, expeditions, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Kul Tiras while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like-minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Alliance and Horde side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. ... Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Head over to to see what we’re up to and, while you’re there, grab the link to our Discord server located on the bottom of the page! Everyone is welcome to come in and chat! Want some more information or are interested in joining? Join our Discord and ping us with an @Officer tag in #general. An officer will get back to you for chatting ASAP!Kirainne9 11h
11h Returning player (mage) LF raiding guild hello. i started playing WoW during the lich king and was able to clear content fairly easy. i decided to dedicate myself to full time raiding since then clearing all content until pandaria. i managed to clear pandaria heroic content fairly easy with a good guild, communication and excellent assistant for raiding days. what i offer: good assistance and only not showing up if theres an emergency reading before battles. im not the one who just yolo and dies. switching roles if needed contant reading on updates. highly experience in heroic pve stuff. flexible schedule atm due to working 20 hours a weekGabrigoracey4 11h
11h Rogue/Paladin/Warlock LF Mythic raiding guild Hello all, To be clear, this post is not about three different people, but one willing to play any or all of the above classes in a raiding environment. I'll be leveling and gearing all 3 regardless before raids/m+ launches on Sept. 4th, and will continue keeping all competitive through m+ going forward. In the last two expansions I've played all three roles (tank/heal/dps) in mythic progression raiding environments, most recently in Legion as main tank (druid). If I were to main my Paladin it would be as Prot. I can play any spec on the Rogue and Warlock. About me: I'm an older dude, have been playing wow off and on since vanilla closed beta, have a history in competitive gaming in different games, and am generally pretty laid back. I have no tolerance for drama or bull!@#$ and prefer to spend my time in raid as efficiently as possible and would like to find a guild that can offer that type of environment. I'll be checking this post often even while leveling tonight and on until I find a new home. If you have any questions I'll be glad to answer, if you're interested in a chat my tag is Nirak#1939. Thanks for reading.Layola5 11h
11h Mythic Fury Warrior - LF Guild Hi All, I Resumed my account a week ago and would like to join a semi/hc mythic raiding guild. I raided with NBD in WOD, clearing all mythic content and being top 5 on Stormrage server (I believe). I am free to play Sunday-Thursday from 6pm to 12:30am EDT. I contribute outside of raids just as much as in raids. About me: Active player both in raid and outside of raid, near perfect attendance, mature, always looking to get better each week, and quick learner. Please let me know if you're interested. I would like to get to know the grp prior to raid content! Thanks, Brawlz#1598Brawllick2 11h
16h Nieko I am looking for the person that has this name on Stormrage. You're a 75 Blood Elf Pally. You havent touched that toon in 2 years according to wowprogress. I would like the name.Nìeko0 16h
17h <Stay Calm> LFM For BFA! <Stay Calm> is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage. We are recruiting to fill a core raid team for progressing in bfa. Our goal is to progress through content as quickly as possible on a light schedule by raiding as efficiently as possible. Our focus is at least AotC every tier. RAID SCHEDULE: Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 pm Server Time We do require a high attendance for raids, we understand that life happens but for the most part you should be close to 100% attendance. RECRUITING: All Exceptional Players! As of right now all DPS/Healer spots are available, the main thing we are looking for is people with good attitudes and can take constructive criticism. We are a guild that focuses on quality not quantity, we aren't looking to be a 500 member guild where no one logs on. We want a tight knit group of players that will play together outside of raid nights as well whether it be keys or other games. About the leadership: The guild is ran by 2 people who met in a raiding guild on area 52 horde. We ran a guild that was successful in HFC attaining the goal of AotC for the tier. Once we hit Legion we had people who were just burnt out or not on the same page as what we wanted to get out of the guild. Since then we have been in multiple guilds but have been unable to find one with the atmosphere and progression pace we are looking for so we decided to make our own guild. Anyone who has more questions or wants to join add one of us! Segador#1790 Dani#1952Zyrika11 17h
17h <Ymirs Legion> Semi-Hardcore M Late night Don't want to wall of text you, i'll keep it short and sweet. Stormrage-Allliance We are looking for like minded seasoned players looking to form a cutting edge group, to push mythic content under a late night two day a week schedule. Mythic experience, or strong heroic parses are required. We will be skipping normal and going straight for heroic once raid is released. A third optional raiding day will be setup at a later date. Schedule PST: 10:30PM-1:30am pst Thursday, Saturday, and one optional raid day in the future Contact: Kingsh7t#1906 groose#1585 somilo#1542Sworcus0 17h
18h Returning WW Monk lf prog raiding guild. I am a returning player with extensive raiding experience in WotLK and WoD. I have had to take breaks from hardcore raiding in previous expansions, but I am back and dedicated to progression raiding in BfA. Skills -Dedication. -Good attitude. -Willingness to learn. My raid times are flexible, but I can not do super late night raiding at this time, due to my work schedule. Grimayze #1303 is my BNTheaufist4 18h
18h [A] Balance/Resto Druid LF PvE Guild! Hey, With the new expansion I've come to realize that I'd like to try the other aspect of the game out, I'd like to find a nice, small (somewhat casual) raiding guild that might have really, low tier mythic aspirations. I've been playing since the last 6 months of the WoD expansion, though on and off, I don't have much raid experience other than heroic clears of raid tiers when they were current. (Hellfire Citadel, Emerald Nightmare, Tomb of Sargeras, Antorus) That being said I'd like to find a nice guild to help me get more experience in the PvE aspect of the game. I can play restoration or balance, I wouldn't mind playing either specs for the guild. My availability is essentially wide-open, with a focus being on nighttime raiding. Thanks! Btag: Skymus#11333Skymus1 18h
18h why did the horde take down stormrage again god i hate the horde...why did u take it down again?? ill see u on the battlefield...Daffenprime3 18h
19h [A]<Moonlight Prophecy> LF Ranged DPS Moonlight Prophecy is a brand new guild, made up of a small group of officers looking to create a more serious Mythic progression environment than what they had previously put up with. We are looking to recruit as many serious dedicated raiders as possible who want to put in maximum effort into their class and slowly but surely build up our raid team to eventually achieve our goal of Cutting Edge. Lets get down to business. EDIT: Looking for Ranged DPS! Raid Times: Tues/Thurs 9-12EST (may extend or add a day) Goals: Grow our community and raid team and hit Cutting Edge by the end of the second tier of BfA. Create a serious but fun to be around raiding environment. Requirements: Put effort into your class. Do your research. Have your own logs. Research your own numbers and learn how you can do better. Be a smart player. Don't stand in the fire. Be willing to help us grow. Don't expect Cutting Edge first tier of BfA, we are BRAND NEW. If this sounds like a vision you want to be a part of, come help us make it a reality! We are looking for anyone serious about Mythic raiding and also looking to expand our leadership core. Contact: superxnovax#1919 spymysterium#1330 crispen#11338 blakef1990#1577Novarelio12 19h
20h <Wired> recruiting RDPS and heals <Wired> We are a semi-serious guild that wants to push mythic content in BFA. Currently were looking to field more ranged dps and are looking to fill some healing positions! -We expect anyone that wants to be a raider in the guild to be able to make every raid ready to go on time (gemmed/enchanted/pots etc.) with few absences. We do supply feasts and flasks during raid for all core raiders and we also help all core raiders with enchants and gems where we can. -It is also expected that for the weeks leading up to Uldir you will be capping your character at a reasonably quick pace and getting straight into heroic/mythic dungeons to make sure were as ready as possible for the start. -We also expect that, in the event that your class is no longer viable, you have a back up character ready to go that wont need much catching up -RAID SPOTS ARE COMPETETIVE. This means that if you are lagging behind and not pulling your weight we can and will replace you with someone if they can regularly outperform you. Its not 100% about numbers but it is about skill and effort. If you put in the effort and are doing well you wont be randomly sat. -We typically use RClootcouncil but it looks like that wont be a thing in BFA. -We will be doing mythic+ dungeons regularly to keep the group as geared to the teeth as we can be -Also we have a very active discord (which we use for raid) where people are often doing things in game or even on other games so its a good place to hang out! -Finally, all inquiries are welcome as we want to provide a good fun guild community for our members. Sometimes we PVP or sometimes loads of us play other games but either way if you are interested or have further questions please feel free to add my Btag and ask away cptmullen#1738Razgul0 20h
20h 120 Rogue LF Weeknight Raiding Guild Playing outlaw and sub. Rerolled to rogue this expansion. My ideal nights are T/W/Th. I have raided at least one tier of Mythic (formerly heroic) in at least one tier of every expansion, and I also raided at a high level in BC. I would be happy to fill out an application and discuss anything. Please contact me in game or add my Btag: Diabolical#1853 Thanks!Praetorians0 20h
20h Filthy casuals crashing the server, again. If you don't have but a few hours to play, then why even play? You're ruining the game for the rest of us. Take your family out, enjoy some friends company, go get drunk, just stay away from Stormrage. The server crashed because of you, I hope you feel good about your self.Noxas2 20h
21h Last Night's Issues Resurfacing As the title proclaims, having issues as i did last night. (Been playing all day) Black screen on character screen. Character not found when I'm able to pick my character. Heads up yall.Buräte4 21h
22h Warlock LF mature afternoon raiding guild I'm looking for an afternoon raiding guild of chill, mature, fun, goal-oriented people (1pm - 4 pm time frame). I've been wanting to get a taste of mythic raiding for a while since i've only raided heroics, and hoping to join a group with similar goals. I've been raiding since MoP on and off on my Warlock and Hunter and have a few AoTC chieves from there on my hunter. I strive to be the best I can with the job i'm given, come prepared with all required addons and items. I'm rather quiet on the mic normally but when coordination is required i'll do shout outs. I'm training to be a manager IRL if that means anything. If you think i'll be a good fit for your raid team leave me a post!Åkuma4 22h
23h que and timer not moving is stormrage fully broken?Dethgrip1 23h
23h Stormrage down again title^Ekzy39 23h
1d its up back in it!Cstain2 1d
1d Offline? rip serverJameschainz3 1d
1d Realm Offline 2.0 BfA Edition Yay for realm offline!Gawdsauce4 1d
1d here we go again with the crashes Figures it goes down again at the same time as yesterdayÅkuma2 1d
1d Compensation? Compensation? Maybe, something? Our server has been down for almost 2 hours now. I'm looking at Twitch streamers almost nearing 120 on some servers due them being up. Some of us have been on this server for almost 14 years... Why isn't this fixed?? I've lived through BWL, MC, the opening of Silithus etc. etc. and this is almost worse now because of the hardware, infrastructure, hypervisors, load balancers and processors with 28, 32 cores etc. What are we running Stormrage on??? Intel Duo Cores with 2 GB DDR2? Come on Blizzard!!!Daunte25 1d
1d Stormrage offline refund nowPòóter1 1d
1d [A] Primordial Malice - Casual/Social/Raiding <Primordial Malice> is looking to add new members for BfA (new and veterans players). Guild Focus: PvE, Social, leveling, running instances and raiding. Guild is casual and social. full of old school raiders (EQ, Vanilla WoW) and new to WoW players. We are a guild of adults (30+) who want to play and have fun. If you want to run instances, level or just PvP we have a place for you. If you want to raid without the hardcore progression orientation, we will have a place for that. We want to play with other players who just want to play WoW in a fun environment. Raiding style will be a smidgen more serious. Emphasis in raiding will be to work together as a group without drama. The expectations will be that players sign up and come on time with food and flasks and work together with the group to get bosses down. We are always looking for others who want to join us and come regularly to our raid. Tentative raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 -11:30pm EST server time I am told to mention squirrels. We like squirrels. We offer guild repairs, discord (not required), a tabard (with a squirrel on it!) and other things. If interested or wanting to find out more, add and message me at Bnet ID: Meadbh#1777Meadbh11 1d